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The wind gets taunting in This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair
by | October 3, 2016 | 18 Comments

They’re really running with the “wind” wordplay for This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair, given that the Korean phrase for “have an affair” sounds like the word for “wind” (baram). First a wind swept through and scrambled Lee Seon-kyun’s papers, and then the wind machine went into overdrive with all three of the drama’s main couples.

In this fourth teaser, the wind plays a more puckish role; Lee Seon-kyun starts asking the internet for advice about his wife’s impending affair, only to have the cafe blare a song, “The Wind Blows” (an Lee Sora song). Feeling the sting, he asks the cafe owner to switch songs, only to be hit with Kim Gwang-seok’s “Where the Wind Blows.” Double ouch.

A little impatiently, he asks for another song switch, and barely gets back to his question-asking when the song switches to Cho Yong-pil’s “That Winter Tea Shop” (whose first line goes, “Into the wind…”). So he tamps down his temper to ask for yet another song switch, returning to his serious mood, only out blares “Your name is Wind, Wind, Wind…” (by Kim Bum-ryong). That’s when he loses it, bolts out of his chair, and bellows.

Aw, poor buddy. It’s not your fault your wife is potentially cheating and the world is rubbing it in. I promise it’ll get better! I mean, I’m mostly sure it’s supposed to get better. This is a comedy/dramedy, right? So we can laugh at painful things like marital spats and affairs? Ha… ha?

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair follows Fantastic as JTBC’s next Friday-Saturday drama, and premieres on October 28.



18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    In the last post, someone commented that LSK and Kwangsoo are a bit similar but I didn’t see it.

    Now we’ve seen him be pitiful and unlucky here, it really drove home the feeling! Now I can see them being brothers. XD

    • 1.1 Kangchuls'

      Finally! I’m not the only one!! I feel like whenever I comment or even think that, everyone else is like, “NO! Get it right! They look totally different!”
      And here I am in my corner, “Ugh. Maybe I need glasses, but they look really similar to me! I thought they were the same person until recently.” Then I searched to see if anyone thought the same as me, and I didn’t find anything.. How can this not be a headline to an article somewhere?!

      I’m going crazy…

      • 1.1.1 MapleSilver

        There was such article, my dear. Here it is:

        I myself don’t see the similarities too much but others have obviously.

        Anyway, I agree with with whoever said LSK is already so awesome in this short teaser. Can’t wait for the drama to start already.

        • Kangchuls'

          No, way.. Really?!?! You are totally my hero!
          Hee, this is just making me grin all over again..
          Thank you for this! I don’t feel so crazy anymore!
          He is pretty awesome in this teaser.. Especially with the music.. 😜

    • 1.2 cloudynyte

      i think the similarities are their voices >.< oh god! i just cant for this drama to be aired.

  2. Indigo

    You can try to convince me as much as you want, drama, but I don’t buy the ‘it’s not gonna be angsty, it’s super funny, for realz’ theme you’re getting at. I know all your tricks. Been there, done that.

    • 2.1 MapleSilver

      Have faith. Like Girlfriday said in her last article on this drama LSK can make a pitiful character somehow hilarious. I just hope they don’t make him into an idiot, that is all.

      Another teaser is promised before the end of the week and I am curious to see if they continue with the comedy there or if they will start showing us more serious stuff.

  3. Kreyon

    Aww Lee Seon-Kyun, tough luck that Spotify’s featured playlist of the week was “Autumn Winds.”
    (For real tho, their Autumn Leaves playlist is my jam right now, however goofy the title may be!)

  4. vongole

    I have missed LSK on my screen … oh so very much. Can’t wait!! This time slot on JTBC is turning out to be a winner, at least as far as I am concerned!

  5. jellybine

    Oh my schedule’s already packed. Too many good dramas left and right.

  6. Thursdaynexxt

    Since they’re taking it this far … are they gonna cast “Wind” as an official role, like the “Truck of Doom”?!

    • 6.1 Purple Owl

      Please! I’ve been good this year. Well mostly. Can I have it?!

      • 6.1.1 MapleSilver

        🙂 You want this? As in you want an actual affair to be taking place?

  7. Annnna

    Hahha I love the teasers. Excited for this!

  8. zappy

    hahaha.. very funny. I like this drama teasers so far. just hope that the drama is at least, as interesting as the teaser. give me a true comedy. no angst whatsoever ..

  9. hyanggi

    LSK is already so awesome in this one minute teaser

  10. 10 Flightey Gazelles

    For me, its Lee Seon Kyun and Kim Tae Woo.
    Lee Sun Kyun of Coffee Prince era with the hair and glasses, and Kim Tae Woo of Naked Kitchen/God’s Gift…even down to their voices!
    I immediately went to google to see if anyone else thinks so but theres only mention of Lee Kwan Soo. I feel like the only one who’s seeing this resemblance its driving me crazy!

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