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Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 21
by | November 4, 2016 | 224 Comments

Hwa-shin gets a little ahead of himself in planning his future, and he’s like a little boy full of excitement because it’s one that he’s never imagined before. Miscommunication and stubbornness are obvious obstacles that challenge his relationships, but he’s faced with unexpected hindrances that are out of his control. His simple pursuit of normal happiness may not be so simple after all.


“Let’s get married,” Hwa-shin says with an earnest smile. He adds, “And get me that mul kimchi, too.” Hwa-shin clarifies that he’s officially proposing, but Na-ri looks confused. She asks if he’s really proposing and asking for mul kimchi at the same time, and he nods. Then, she asks, “Can I just do one and not the other?”

She gets up to get the mul kimchi, and Hwa-shin’s smile turns into a faΓ§ade. He gulps in panic and confusion, but Na-ri doesn’t clarify her actions. She delivers his requested mul kimchi and heads out.

When Hwa-shin returns to his rooftop, he watches Na-ri as she cryptically brushes her teeth without making eye contact. She glances at him briefly and heads inside, leaving Hwa-shin wondering if he’s just been rejected.

Na-ri and Hwa-shin toss and turn in bed, skeptical of what the other meant to say. Na-ri wonders of Hwa-shin just proposed to appease her anger, and Hwa-shin wonders if she really rejected his proposal. This miscommunication is delightful.

The next morning, Na-ri reports the news and transitions into the weather report. She looks at Joo-hee with endearment, but Joo-hee just looks at her with pouty envy.

Hwa-shin waits in the elevator, thinking about his proposal, when the doors open to Na-ri in a wedding gown. He’s freezes at her breathtaking look, but she breaks his trance when she clarifies that she’s dressed up for an announcers’ photoshoot.

Na-ri gets her glove stuck on her headband, so Hwa-shin reluctantly helps her. Their sweet conversation takes a turn when Na-ri continues to grill him about kissing Hye-won and his three-month dating limit. Their bickering is interrupted by the elevator doors opening to more bridal announcers, and Hwa-shin’s fearful eyes soften as he looks from the other brides to Na-ri.

The women board the elevator, and Na-ri glares at Hye-won, who glares back. The elevator doors open again, and it’s bridal Sung-sook. Hwa-shin jokingly wonders how many times he needs to get married with the flood of brides in this elevator. Ja-young calls him crazy and tells him, “What woman would want to marry you? Don’t drink the kimchi soup first.” (a phrase, meaning not to jump the gun or get ahead of himself.)

Jung-won gets ready for his day, and Secretary Cha shows him the photos from the shoot. He flips through the bridal announcers and stops at Na-ri’s photo. He looks at her photo with a longing gaze.

Hwa-shin pokes fun at bridal Sung-sook, who’s been excluded from the announcer group photos. At the news desk, she criticizes Hwa-shin for kicking Na-ri out of the live election broadcast and presumes that he’s been dumped. He responds that he proposed to Na-ri and hasn’t received a response, and he looks to Sung-sook for some form of advice. But Sung-sook seems fixated on his surprising desire to marry.

Na-ri walks past Hwa-shin as she enters the station, but she turns around to join him on his radiation appointment. Na-ri plays the role of patient again, and they try to force intimacy by awkwardly holding hands. When Na-ri’s name is called, a woman approaches them and asks if she’s an announcer. Na-ri instinctively shields Hwa-shin, but we see from the woman’s phone screen that she’s Announcer Park’s (Na-ri’s news partner) wife.

Doctor Geum notices the aloof dynamic between the couple and asks if they fought, to which Na-ri answers yes and Hwa-shin no. She congratulates Hwa-shin on his final radiation treatment and scolds him for not following the regular treatment schedule earlier (Nurse Oh gives him a killer glare for that). They’ll do some final tests before they let him leave, and both Hwa-shin and Na-ri seem relieved.

After his final tests, Hwa-shin excitedly tells Na-ri that he’ll be able to exercise and drink and dance in no time. In relief, Na-ri begins to cry and assures him (and herself) that he’ll stay healthy without relapse. Hwa-shin leans down in front of her to wipe away her tears and remembers when she first cried after learning of his diagnosis. He breaks out in dance moves to cheer her up and includes Doctor Geum and Nurse Oh in his dance party. Na-ri laughs at the ridiculous scene. Aww.

Pal-gang takes out an envelope of money from her drawer and hesitates before confessing to her moms. She tried to rip money off of the moms as well, but Hwa-shin was the only one to fall for her voice phishing. Ja-young slaps her back and tells her to spill who else helped her, knowing that it was a man’s voice who asked for money.

Of course, it’s the boys, and we see Pal-gang, Chi-yeol, and Dae-gu planking in punishment. Chef and Sung-sook chastise the boys for helping Pal-gang in the criminal act, and Ja-young looks for something to beat their asses. Pal-gang ends up crying in guilt and repentance, and she apologizes that it’s all her fault.

Sung-sook calls a contact in the police department and asks if there were any reports of reporters who recently suffered from voice phishing. Thankfully, it seems that Hwa-shin hasn’t reported the scam, and Sung-sook presumes that it’s because he was ashamed that he fell for the scam as a reporter. But Chef worries that Hwa-shin could change his mind at any moment.

Jung-won calls Na-ri to meet by her house, and she agrees to because she has something to say. When they meet up, Jung-won asks how she’s doing after the live election broadcast and tells her to lean on him if she’s having a hard time. Na-ri reveals that Hwa-shin proposed to her and says that she’ll say yes if he asks properly again. Jung-won shakes his head in denial and says that Hwa-shin vowed to never get married.

Hwa-shin notices the two and stops his car to intercept the conversation. Jung-won confronts him about the proposal, and Hwa-shin confirms that he’s sincere with it. Na-ri warns them not to fight again, but the tense air between them doesn’t assure her. She gives up and decides that she’ll remain as the woman who broke a friendship. She lets the fighting commence.

Jung-won tells Na-ri not to marry Hwa-shin and marry him instead, claiming that Hwa-shin’s workaholic habit will make her miserable. Hwa-shin accuses Jung-won of the same workaholic misery, but Jung-won says that he’ll just take Na-ri along on his business trips. Hwa-shin suggests that he just find a secretary to accompany him, rather than forcing Na-ri to quit her job to accompany him.

Tired of the arguments, Na-ri pleads that they stop, but Hwa-shin continues: “I acknowledge it. Up to this point, I haven’t met a woman that I was scared enough to break up with to change my mind and want to marry. But can’t I change my mind?” Jung-won accuses Hwa-shin of proposing in response to his looming pursuit of Na-ri, and Na-ri finally steps in to tell both guys to stop and hold back.

Hwa-shin admits that he must’ve learned from Jung-won, who always approached his relationships seriously to the point of marriage. Hwa-shin confesses that he doesn’t know what marriage, burden, and responsibility feels like, but he proposed to Na-ri because he doesn’t want to break up with her. Is that wrong? Jung-won walks away from the conversation, as does Na-ri, and we see Secretary Cha roll his eyes while watching this fight unfold. Same.

When Na-ri arrives home, she kicks a bucket in frustration, and Chi-yeol rushes out with his apologies. Unaware of Chi-yeol’s criminal deeds, Na-ri says he has no reason to apologize and praises him as the best man she knows. Ha, only if she really knew.

Their conversation is rudely interrupted by Hwa-shin at his rooftop, who orders Na-ri to stop meeting Jung-won. Chi-yeol gets defensive and accusingly asks why Hwa-shin is demanding such things. As Na-ri begins to stop him, Chi-yeol starts going off about his noona’s three-year-long crush on Hwa-shin, and she lets him go. Chi-yeol can’t understand why Hwa-shin didn’t like his noona, and even when Hwa-shin admits to liking her now, Chi-yeol doesn’t approve. He suggests that Na-ri date Jung-won, who seems to be the better choice, and Na-ri welcomes her brother’s judgment. Ha!

In the staff meeting the next morning, Ja-young and Sung-sook show cautious worry for Hwa-shin, and Sung-sook even offers to lend him 10,000,000 Won (the exact amount he lost in the scam). Just as Hwa-shin is about to agree, PD Oh starts the meeting. He asks if anyone is willing to report on site about the fine dust pollution, and Na-ri immediately volunteers. Hwa-shin doesn’t look to pleased, but Na-ri insists on taking on the report.

Na-ri reports the increasing fine dust pollution levels as she changes the height, imitating the size of children. She decides to stay on the ground for an hour to replicate the experience of young children, who breathe in fine dust during regular outings. She coughs through the hour, insisting that she experience the real thing without a mask.

Hwa-shin eats ice cream with Bum at the convenience store and calls out to Na-ri as she passes. It’s too cold for ice cream, and Na-ri hilariously knocks the ice cream on deadpan Bum as she tries to take it away.

After breathing in all the fine dust, Na-ri shivers and says that her body doesn’t feel like hers. Hwa-shin hugs her, joking that he’s hugging a different woman since her body isn’t hers, and they leave Bum to shiver on his own.

Na-ri pulls away from his embrace, since they’re out in the neighborhood, so Hwa-shin wraps his jacket around shivering Bum and gives him a loving kiss. Jealous of the love, Na-ri also claims to be cold and asks to be loved like Bum. Hwa-shin flatters her by saying that she’s the most beautiful living thing and insists that it’s a fact.

Hwa-shin goes back to hugging her, and she asks if he has anything to tell her officially. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so she lets it go. Hwa-shin holds Na-ri and Bum in his arms, and suddenly, Bum marvels at the sky. It’s the first snowfall of the season, and Bum adorably jumps around in glee.

Meanwhile, Chef and the moms argue about what to do with Hwa-shin’s money. Chef suggests that they just return the money to Hwa-shin with an explanation, but the moms fear that Hwa-shin will seek justice, even against Pal-gang. Faking a compromise among the suggestions, Ja-young stuffs the money in a bag and then proceeds to run out of the restaurant to deliver the money without Hwa-shin’s knowledge. But she’s captured by the snow, and she marvels with Chef, who’s followed her out.

Jung-won also experiences the first snowfall but thinks back to Na-ri’s finality in her decision be with Hwa-shin. Madam Kim asks why he’s alone during the first snowfall, and he remains silent.

Hwa-shin wraps a blanket around Na-ri, and she tells him that she always felt a bit disappointed when she missed the first snowfall in her weather forecast because she felt responsible for giving others the opportunity to experience it. Na-ri asks again if he anything to tell her, and she hints that this is the perfect time.

Hwa-shin doesn’t get the hint and offers her meat for her fine dust inhalation that day. Then, he offers to make a snowman and runs off to gather snow. He returns with two mini snowpeople and says, “Let’s live together.”

Na-ri smiles at the proposal but feigns ignorance. He tells her that he wants to live with her and have two children, but Na-ri remains blank-faced. She runs off — leaving Hwa-shin more confused — and returns with two smaller snowpeople. “Like this?” she asks. He takes that as a yes, and they snuggle as our hearts burst at this cute snow family of four.

Ja-young and Chef gain access to Hwa-shin’s room with the help of the building owner, and Sung-sook keeps watch. When Hwa-shin returns to his home, Sung-sook urgently calls Ja-young to get out of there, so they frantically stuff the bag of money in a cupboard and hide away in Hwa-shin’s room. Clueless Hwa-shin takes another moment to soak in the snow before entering his room, and he settles into bed while Ja-young and Chef crouch in his closet.

Sung-sook wakes up the next morning without Ja-young by her side and looks alarmed. Hwa-shin wake up to his alarm and gets in the shower, and Chef wakes Ja-young in the closet to escape at this moment. Chef practically needs to carry Ja-young out, after her legs lost feeling from crouching all night, and they don’t notice that her earring was left in the closet corner.

Chef helps Ja-young down the stairs in front of the building, and as soon as they’re down, he goes in for a kiss. Ja-young pulls away, shocked, and asks what he’s doing. He asks her out, and they proceed to kiss as fireworks go off in the window pane above them.

PD Oh and Hwa-shin watch Na-ri’s report and news sequence, generally impressed by her job. As Na-ri concludes the segment, she decides to end on a more somber note than the optimistic message on the teleprompter, and Hwa-shin gives her a thumbs down for that.

Hwa-shin receives a call from Doctor Geum, and he exits the news room to answer. She tells him to come alone to the hospital today, without Na-ri, and Hwa-shin can sense something is wrong with his exams. He refuses to come alone and anxiously looks at Na-ri.

Hwa-shin goes outside to call his mom and asks why his heart is beating so fast. She thinks he just had too much coffee and asks when he’s going to bring his girlfriend over. He promises to bring her tonight, and Mom quickly hangs up to get ready to finally meet Hwa-shin’s girlfriend.

After the news, Na-ri asks Hwa-shin why he gave her a thumbs down, and he explains that the excessive emotion into her statements may unnecessarily elevate the public’s fear. Na-ri acknowledges her fault and knows that reaching Hwa-shin’s standards would be much more difficult.

He then asks her to meet his mother that evening for dinner, but Na-ri is hesitant because his mother still knows her as Jung-won’s girlfriend. Hwa-shin admits that he’s afraid of losing her, and Na-ri agrees to meet his mother. She’s wary that Hwa-shin’s mother may kill her, but she figures she could just claim to love Hwa-shin even in death.

Hwa-shin arrives at the hospital alone and notices a fortune teller’s tent across the way. He ends up at the tent, and the grandma asks to see Na-ri. After mistakenly pulling up a picture of his mother (lol), he shows her pictures of Na-ri. He describes her, “She drinks well, cries often, and can’t take care of herself that well. She’s one to die with me if I die.” Grandma doesn’t believe him, but he says that she exists.

He’s curious if he has the ability to make a woman happy because now, he has someone he loves. Then, he asks the hard question of whether he’ll die early. He worries because he wants to live with Na-ri for a long time.

We don’t hear the response from fortune teller grandma, and after Hwa-shin leaves the tent, he calls Na-ri to tell her not to come to the hospital and meet him at the restaurant. Na-ri enters the restaurant room and takes a seat while Hwa-shin enters Doctor Geum’s office and asks if he’s relapsed.

The scenes are interchanged between Na-ri and Hwa-shin, as we watch the events unfold. Na-ri looks through Hwa-shin’s notes of encouragement. “Don’t be nervous.” Doctor Geum tells Hwa-shin that he hasn’t relapsed, and Hwa-shin sighs in relief. She still has a forced smile, so Hwa-shin asks why he was asked to come alone.

“You’re not alone.” Doctor Geum explains that he may need to keep this a secret from Na-ri. Hwa-shin doesn’t want to keep any secrets from Na-ri and asks Doctor Geum to tell him quickly.

“I’m here for you.” Doctor Geum says that they need to do more tests to be sure, but it’s highly probable that he’s infertile. Hwa-shin looks at her like a deer caught in headlights.

“I love you.” Na-ri smiles at her collection of notes, as Doctor Geum explains that his male hormone levels are abnormally low. Hwa-shin realizes that this is why he was asked to come alone. He asks why he got breast cancer and now is also infertile. Is this the end of him as a man?

Doctor Geum assures him that plenty of couples love each other happily without children. Hwa-shin tears up and says that he doesn’t want to do that. Raising his voice, he yells, “I don’t want to! Tell others to live like that! Why me? Was breast cancer not enough?” He looks up above, as if asking some greater power why this is happening to him.

Hwa-shin cries that he just wants a normal family with two children. He asks Doctor Geum and Nurse Oh if they would marry him, arguing that this diagnosis is a command to live alone. He desperately begs Doctor Geum to fix him and vows to be extra careful so that he doesn’t relapse with his breast cancer. He sobs in her office, as we get another glimpse of the now crying snow family.


Aha, so this is how they’re extending this story. While I’m not terribly worried about Hwa-shin overcoming this new reality, I can see how crushing this is to him. Having never imagined marriage and children in his future, he’s made a huge step in his change of heart. He’s adopting new elements — simple hopes of happiness with the person he loves — to his self-centered asshole persona with ambitions solely for work. Hwa-shin’s devastation about his infertility has some relevance to his pride as a “man,” but it’s definitely different from his reaction to when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was simply emasculated when he received the breast cancer diagnosis, and while the infertility diagnosis is along the same lines, we see his devastation in the context of his desire for a family.

The snow family was an adorable metaphor for this desire, and it also felt poignantly fitting by the end of the episode, considering the transience of snow. Hwa-shin’s hopes for family were shut down, as if the snow family melted out of existence. I don’t want to get too practical with solutions for his family dilemma because Hwa-shin’s meltdown was an emotional moment, an instinctive reaction to his inability to create the family he so intimately imagined with Na-ri, but this really isn’t the end of the world. Honestly, I’m just glad Hwa-shin is healthy and alive to cry over a snow family.

Continuing with these snow metaphors, Jung-won seems to be melting out of relevance because he’s just frozen in time, stuck in the time of his denial. I’m over his whining and insistence that Na-ri won’t be happy without him — his attachment is turning obsessive. The trite arguments between him and Hwa-shin continue to be enraging, since they both treat Na-ri as an object in their aggressive disagreement, and I am done tolerating that. I’m hoping that Secretary Cha’s eye roll signaled the end of such arguments because the show must know that it’s beating a dead horse at this point.

It’s sad that the show keeps exacerbating Jung-won’s character, making him a distraction and plot device to cause conflict for our couple. He doesn’t even pose a serious threat anymore, and he’s more of a boring annoyance compared to the entertaining pathetic rival that Hwa-shin was when the situation was flipped. I hate to admit it, but I think Jung-won is better left forgotten than brought back on screen to incite conflict. Unless the show is willing to let Jung-won grow as a character, he needs to take a break.

There was a nice flow and theme to this episode, and I’m once again in admiration of how this show manages tell the story. Even with the introduction of this new conflict, it doesn’t feel forced; rather, it feels like a new opportunity for Hwa-shin to redeem himself. It’s a way for Hwa-shin to embrace himself and the changes in his life, without making everything about his pride. It could get ugly and sad, but I think it will complete Hwa-shin’s growth.

I enjoy how our side characters are getting their few moments to shine again. From our moms and Chef, to lil’ Bum, to our delinquent teenagers, we’re finally seeing how our unconventional family is coming together. It’s never perfect and often quite messy, but I think it’s a kind of fitting that Na-ri and Hwa-shin are going to be a part of it.


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  1. gadis

    It was hard watching Hwa-shin struggled with the fact that he has high possibility of being infertile. His seemingly obliviousness that he wasn’t alone in that doctor room when he has his emotional breakdown just broke my heart. Separately, stage-one breast cancer and impotency might not be a source of such grief, but put together… and on top of that, he heard it right after he realized just how much he wants to have his own family, it’s downright devastating. We know that Na-ri wouldn’t hold it against him and that they can still have their happy marriage life, but for someone who always has a low self-esteem whenever it has something to do with his BFF, it must be the worst news for him.

    Speaking of Jung-won, I practically yelled at my screen for him to just shut up. Somehow he always managed to make things worse by speaking and I desperately wanted him to step back and think it through with a cool head. I don’t think his latest outburst was out of character because actually we could see a glimpse of it from his early relationship with Na-ri. I just wish the writer introduce it to us a bit earlier so that he can have enough time to recognize his flaws and learn from it and become a better guy. But since Hwa-shin’s speech about people’s ability to change seemed to strike a chord with him, I still have high hope that we’ll get our nice and sweet Jung-won back sooner rather than later.

    Now that all the heavy stuff is out of the way, let’s squeal at that proposal. This drama seriously has the most beautiful and touching proposal scene. It was so ordinary, yet so special for those two. I love the fact that both proposals happened in their memorable and private places. It holds more meaning than doing it in some fancy restaurant or popular dating venue. And the way Hwa-shin’s face lit up when Na-ri answered it with her two cutie snowkids… I’m still recovering from it.

    Lee Hwa-shin in love sure is LOVE. ;-D;-D;-D

    • 1.1 suegarbaby

      I confess that I consider Jealousy Incarnate = The Jo Jung Suk Show.

      He really breathed life into the character of Lee Hwa Shin. His ability to emote the different emotions Hwa Shin goes through in each circumstance and scene is beautifully done and he has a natural ability for comedic timing. Also, his ability to deadpan his lines and keep a straight-face in the midst of comedic going-ons only adds to the hilarity of certain situations. Throw in some showmanship which is surprisingly in line with his drama profession and character, and you have a main lead who is difficult to hate, especially as the drama progresses and we un-peel more and more layers to his character.

      On the other hand, I feel sorry for Jung Won in these past few episodes. His character has really faded into the background and seems to be there more as a plot-device than a plot-driver. As a character, I feel that he has been somewhat short-changed and hard-done by the writer. It would have been nice to be able to see Jung Won grow into maturity by accepting Na Ri’s choice and finding his own piece of happiness elsewhere. I really hope the writer will not forget him over the last few episodes and give him a character arc that finishes well. After all, he started off with a bang, it would be sad to see him go out with a whimper…

      • 1.1.1 junny

        It totally is the Jo Jung-seok show. Gong Hyo-jin has been wonderful too, but I confess my attention is on full alert every time Jo Jung-seok appears on screen. He’s just so mesmerising to watch – every action, every little gesture is not wasted and there’s just something very… complete, for want of a better word, to describe his acting. It just draws you in, hook line and sinker, how immersed he is in his character, how he IS Hwa-shin, how relatable he makes Hwa-shin become. It’s been a while since I’ve liked a k-drama rom-com male lead that much, and hats off to Jo Jung-seok. I hope he wins an award for this role.

        • suegarbaby

          Yes, Gong Hyo Jin is doing a great job as Na Ri, but Jo Jung Suk is the real scene stealer.

          Na Ri and Jung Won act as great foils to Hwa Shin’s character. Actually, everyone act as great foils to Hwa Shin. Which makes Jo Jung Suk simply shine as Hwa Shin in practically every scene he is in.

        • gadis

          I’m totally amazed by his total potrayal of Hwa-shin. He isn’t just acting as Hwa-shin, he becomes that character through and through. I watched JI and his variety show “Youth over Flower” at the same time, and the way he walk, talk, smile, laugh, everything is so different that it seems like a completely different person.

          • Quinze

            Yup, at first I felt like this might just be a variation of his previous characters but going through this show, I honestly forget JJS is acting. He becomes Hwa shin so well down to sarcasm, facial expressions, walk, everything. It’s great to see that measure of talent on screen. I’m totally sold on his story and growth and find ways in which I relate to him.

          • Chandler


            Honestly, I thought the same. Not sure why, maybe because all his drama roles as first leads (YTBLSS, OMG) have him playing insecure, prickly hot-shots with lots of bravado. Both those characters felt different from each other too, partially because his OMG character is better-written & provided him with more endearing, thoughtful material. He really developed his improv skills there, which led to a thoroughly engaging performance.

            But, having already been impressed to a certain degree, you begin to wonder whether him playing a role that sounds so similar on paper will allow you to see anything you haven’t before. From the very first episode, there were already facets to his character that intrigued me in wholly new ways (particularly brought out by his performance). I just didn’t know at the time how fully these different aspects would get fleshed out by both the performance and character-writing as the show went on.

            Now, because of the amazing consistency in his portrayal, I can go back to any moment, of any episode and actually feel as though every expression & movement, every exclamation, every lament, every antic & shenanigan is a product of Hwa-shin’s mind. Not Jo Jung-seok’s acting. Hwa-shin’s thoughts guided every thing this guy ever did on my screen. Or at least that’s how I seriously feel when watching. Witnessing him bring this character to life so fully is making it increasingly difficult to accept the reality that every performance must come to an end, including this one.

          • Quinze

            @ Chandler

            Yeah with YTBLSS, I loved his character but felt he was severely underused in that drama. So definitely his OMG character was better written but yeah like you said the similarity of playing a chef that in essence teaches his gf the ropes vs a news announcer that teaches his coworker gf the ropes basically had me wondering if you could really bring something new to the story. I wouldn’t have minded watching it if it was just a redo of his OMG character because it’s such a fun person to play but the feel of Hwa shin is entirely different and I love it.
            I feel you about how it really feels like Hwa shin is real as we watch. I think it’s amazing how I forget JJS when I watch down to the emotions he expresses and how he does so. That’s why I feel like we can write a million words on his character and how he operates. It’s really sad to see the end coming. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

        • Oshi

          Two words:

          Dance Sequence!

          • Chandler

            I tear up a bit whenever I watch it, it’s so fantastic.

      • 1.1.2 mundaliv

        Can’t agree more with you! It is The Jo Jung Suk show. This episode really shows the transition of him, from feeling completely in love, being puzzle, scared and hurt.
        I like that he gulps after Nari only choosed to take kimchi and not answering his proposal. His expression and gulp are so funny!! The drama gives so much detail!

    • 1.2 Amelyia

      It’s very eloquent, Gadis.. πŸ™‚

      Agree with almost everything you say. But to me, it was not a self esteem thing with JW. So far, anything he is envious with JW is his sweetness for NR and wealth.
      In my opinion, it is more a portrayal a big frustation that he is forced to stop his nicest dream immediately. His pain is so obvious that you want to cry with him.

      • 1.2.1 Db

        Jung won will move on for sure,just give the boy some time..it hasn’t been that long.

        • BlaBlaBla

          It’s quite normal for him to still be in love with her.. That’s not at all a problem.. What’s pathetic is how he is still trying to convince her to come back to him and he even said “Marry me” when there is absolutely no logical reason why she should even be inclined to..

          She has told him so many time (in harsh words and very gently as well) that she doesn’t even like him and that she loves Hwa-shin, but he is still clinging onto the hope that she will come back to him, and that’s a bit pathetic..:/

  2. rentenmann

    These characters, honestly! I love (most of) them! I admit to being very confused and amused at Chef’s sudden romantic gesture, and I’m puzzled at Jung-won’s insistence on being loved by Ma-ri after so many direct rebuffs. The teens getting in trouble for voice phishing is a great comedic relief, as was Beom’s little scene. We needed it to carry us through the end, and JJS is another master of his craft. His portrayal was moving in how we were taken with him as he went through all five stages of grief at warp speed. Wow!

    • 2.1 kit

      Yeah, I’m also confused about Chef. I hope that gets explained, in a way that’s not super dodgy.

      I’m wondering what that exact amount of money will be used for. There must be a reason for it, especially because the scene about the scam seemed to come out of nowhere.

    • 2.2 suegarbaby

      I was confused by Chef’s turnaround too. Those French pills must have really done their work (but then, where did all that winking go?).

      Ppal Gang’s voice-phishing stunt with the boys is LOL! I did not see that coming! What was even funnier was how both her moms tried to handle the whole situation. First, by buttering up Hwa Shin (“have you had breakfast?” “do you need some money?”) to scheming on how to return the money. I can understand their paranoia that if Hwa Shin could have sold out his own brother in a beef scandal, he would have no qualms chucking his niece into jail. So that furtive attempt to return the money was hilarity in spades!

    • 2.3 gadis

      Is it possible that there was some mixed-up when they (the team behind this drama) labeled Chef’s condition as asexual? I don’t know much about asexual, but from what I read, it’s not something you need to overcome or cure. But all along in this drama, they treated that as a problem that can be cured when he found the perfect partner. I hope they clear this misunderstanding so that it doesn’t misrepresent people with this condition in real life.

      That voice phishing though, so hilarious and at the same time showed us just how deep the misunderstanding those two Moms have about Hwa-shin.

      • 2.3.1 Newbie

        His lack in sexual desire was explained in the beginning as his doctor’s assumption, that he was too active with the ladies while being young. That doesn’t sound like real asexuality to me. But as it is not the main theme of this show I can live with a little vagueness.

        By the way the background music during chef’s kiss scene was Gone With The Wind. Epic. πŸ˜€ As was the background music in the elevator scene with the brides. When the four entered it was threatening and aggressive, looking at Na Ri it was sweet and calming.

        This show does the details so well.

    • 2.4 Quinze

      Yeah that whole thing with Chef and Ja Young was out of left field. Especially without an explanation.

      JW…I’m actually not surprised. I called it last week. Boy isn’t quite as mature as he portrays himself to be.

    • 2.5 es

      Yeah I agree about Chef’s storyline. It’s one of the biggest flaws about the drama for me, along with Jung Won. Asexuality isn’t something to be???….cured??? lol. And the turnaround was so sudden and weird. I really enjoyed the voice phishing plot otherwise though.

    • 2.6 mojarikin

      Chef’s kiss with Ja Young didn’t puzzle me at all. I remember them saying it in the beginning that it was just psychological. It was like he just lost interest.

      So the fact that his mind got interested with dating the two moms from earlier, then fixating more of that interest to Ja Young (because Sung Sook didn’t actually give chance), and that bonding over in the closet holding hands might’ve sparked that.

      Though I admit I was surprised with the scene that Sung Sook saw… not sure if it was just them kissing or it was something much more. That would just have to be so soon if it’s the latter. But oh well. πŸ˜€

      • 2.6.1 gabobobobo

        The one that said Chef problem is psychological was her sister, right? And when chef confessed to the women, the way he explained it sounds like asexuality to me.
        It’s seems like I was lost in translation. Probably he’s not saying he’s asexual? More like he practiced celibacy or sexual abstinence? Or he got low/no libido problem? Well, sexual preference could be very confusing, so…

  3. Emmy


    That picture is so adorable. Little Bum and the snow family. So much cuteness.

    • 3.1 Kumiko Shin

      Indeed! Bum is so cute!

      I don’t know, but looking at HS’s interactions with Bum just makes that revelation at the end so heart-wrenching. He’s probably imagined having a kid just like Bum with NR, but now it seems like an impossible dream. T_T

      • 3.1.1 Amelyia

        Agree. Daddy instinct in his age. He has been very affectionate with Beom, that Beom mum urges him to soon tie the knot.

        • gadis

          That scene when Na-ri’s stepmom told him that it’s time for him to make his own family seemed to be one of the reason he made up his mind that he did want to have his own family. And when it clashed with the fact that he can’t have kids. Uufff…

          • yanange

            I never realised the lady was Na-ri’s step mum, does it mean Beom is Na-ri’s and Chi Rul’s half brother?

          • Amelyia

            Agree. Possibly, long before, haha.

      • 3.1.2 Chandler

        The revelation actually really got to me too, for exactly the same reasons. I have to give credit to the writer for so effectively gutting me with this conflict. Ever since the drama started throwing in scenes of Hwa-shin and Beom, I’ve been thinking about how wonderful he is with children (partially because he identifies so well with them? lol). Even when all his flaws were being called out and dissected, I kept thinking to myself, “But look at him with Beom! He’ll be such a great dad!”. So when the show surprised us at the end with infertility instead of a relapse, it really threw me into a complicated whirlpool of emotions. Intense relief, but also a devastating sense of loss because I’d spent a surprising amount of time thinking about Hwa-shin’s potential as a family-man, even before this episode.

        Obviously, his wonderful interactions with Beom indicate that he does not need to be biologically-related to his children in order to have a close & loving relationship with them. And I sincerely hope that he will realize this soon, but it’s still such a hard reality for anyone to accept. The faceless snow-family + his words about creating the eyes, lips, etc. together hones in on exactly what makes conceiving a child so precious & it must be so unbelievably hard to let go of that.

    • 3.2 Quinze

      He was such a cutie pie from the ice cream to dancing in the snow. I would kiss those cheeks every chance I got like HS did if this little cupcake was on my commute home.

      That picture makes such a cute family picture.

    • 3.3 es

      Jo Jung-seok’s every scene with little Beom kills me askjk. The way he tried to secretly offer Beom his ice cream when Na-ri took Beom’s away – AAAHHHHH they’re the cutest family unit, it’s too much. πŸ™

      • 3.3.1 Icel

        Yeah, it shows how they will be if they have kids. Nari will be a strict mom while HS will spoil their kids.

        • Amelyia

          Hihi… I d love it, Icel.

  4. kit

    This pair of episodes hit me right in the heart. It also made me wonder if the writer has seen male breast cancer close by in real life. The middle episodes of the drama were hilarious due to the pettiness, but it also managed to bring out longstanding unsaid problems with the best friends.

    And I actually thought a lot of it was more realistic than it seemed on the surface:
    1. no matter how dumb guys get, the choice is really up to the girl; it’s not a question of who loved ‘longer’ or more ‘faithfully ……… it’s up to the girl. nari had the power the whole way through, and all three parties knew that.
    2. both sexes can be stuck presumably liking two people, in different ways. that’s not particularly a problem – unless you want to start a relationship with them. then you have to be 100% sure, and anything less is an affront to both persons.

    But these episodes towards the end. They’ve been so real. I thought the difficulty of communication was portrayed so well in the last pair, and this week’s picked up the constant strand to do with masculinity and just nailed it to the coffin.

    It is so utterly heartbreaking and miserable in such circumstances (especially in Korea) to be pronounced sterile, and yes there are options (good options), but that doesn’t take away the shame, fear, embarrassment, and knowledge that you may never be able to have your own child in your arms. And as you’ve pointed out – this is so much more than the emasculation of breast cancer, showing that Nari has made him want to get married, and have children of his own, and it’s something that not only breaks him but her too.

    I thought this drama did a wonderful job in Ep 22 of dealing with the issue in a very faithfully Hwashin sort of manner, but that’s for later I guess.

    All the scenes this episode were so great \o/

    • 4.1 UmbrellaMan

      I agree 100%. Watching Hwa-shin break down in tears as his dream of a perfect family was heartbreaking. He finally came to the realization that he wants a family – including children with Na-ri. His sterility doesn’t just affect him, but Na-ri as well and what she expects, and what he thinks she expects, from their relationship. Of course there are other options, but the initial realization that you can never hold your own biological child, that Na-ri will never carry your baby is very sad indeed. I was reminded of the movie Juno and the pain Jennifer Garner’s character goes theough from not being able to have a baby. I hope he comes to realize that Na-ri loves him no matter what, and that him being sterile isn’t the end. I guess it’s silly to say that cuz we know they are gonna live happily ever after by the final episode!

      • 4.1.1 Amelyia

        ” I hope he comes to realize that Na-ri loves him no matter what, and that him being sterile isn’t the end. I guess it’s silly to say that cuz we know they are gonna live happily ever after by the final episode!”

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ silly..

      • 4.1.2 gadis

        It showed us just how great this drama is. We know they’ll overcome it and live happily in the end, but we still felt their every pain.

    • 4.2 Newbie

      Na Ri really always had the power. I like how they show it by placing her flat higher than his and using a different camera angle. In some scenes it is almost not noticeable and in some scenes he is way down (and begging).

      • 4.2.1 Amelyia

        Wow, even camera position is telling. Thanks Newbie.. πŸ™‚

    • 4.3 Dramalava

      It’s been days and I still haven’t watched ep 22. This ending gutted me and I too scared to watch the next one πŸ™ˆπŸ˜±πŸ˜­

      • 4.3.1 Newbie

        Do yourself a favor and go and watch it now as long as your are still unspoiled. It is a great yet difficult to watch episode with a wonderful ending. It aches, but then … comes this epilogue. πŸ˜€

        • Strawberry

          YES, the epilogue! πŸ˜„

          Give it a go @Dramalava, you’ll need a box of Kleenex, true, but it’s another great episode. You certainly don’t want to miss it before final episodes next week.

        • SaRang

          I’m waiting for ep 22 recap to gush about the epilogue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • gadis

            That epilogue is epic. That’s how you do a fan service right: make sure they stay in character but let them do something fun and unexpected.

  5. Pebble

    Most of the time, what beats us up the most is the dream life we sought after. The happily ever after perfect picture we envisage in our minds of what ought to be often times mess with our life at the present moment and cause us to lose sight of the things that are really precious to us.

    I think HS should be thankful that he is staying alive, at least this in itself is already the greatest gift for Na-ri. He can wallow in self-pity and grieve over the loss of his dreams and thwarted hopes, but still, he has to come to terms with it and be honest with NR. The fear of losing NR is causing him to act unilaterally and impetuously which may bring greater heartache to both of them. Even chef could overcome his asexuality with Ja-young, nothing is really absolute.

    • 5.1 Amelyia

      “Most of the time, what beats us up the most is the dream life we sought after. The happily ever after perfect picture we envisage in our minds of what ought to be often times mess with our life at the present moment and cause us to lose sight of the things that are really precious to us.”

      Really love it Peeble..

      • 5.1.1 Pebble

        Thanks @Amelyia. seeing his reaction, I wanted to shout “Jeong-Sin-Cha-Ryeo” to wake him up. Though I could understand why he reacted so strongly, as his ego as a man was punctured, and he was very afraid of losing NR. But still, given that he had been through so much in life, he should be more resilient and be able to control his fears and despair rather than to let the emotions take over his mind.

        • Amelyia

          Like you said it, he should be able to control his fear and despair. (Love it!)
          And today we are allowed to see his inner battles. Guess, I begin to see men differently from now on, xixi..

    • 5.2 Newbie

      We’ll see if and how Hwa Shin will cope with this devastating news. I liked that we were allowed to see the reaction to possible childlessness through a man’s eyes, as it can be devastating for a man too. And like everybody affected by such news he needs time to find a solution, see other options, deal with it.

      JJS nailed it. One might even say, he nailed it as he always does. What a brilliant and talented actor. My heart ached with Hwa Shin.

      • 5.2.1 Amelyia

        Well phrase, Newbie.. πŸ™‚

    • 5.3 Strawberry

      I agree with you @Pebble that HS should be thankful that he is staying alive, that it’s not the cancer relapsing and might be life-threatening.

      But I think it’s in the timing of hearing that bad news, that makes it extra devastating for him. Hearing that he’s infertile due to the low amount of male hormones in his body, right after he’s recovering from *breast* cancer, no less, which is usually associated with women, made him feel so emasculated. Having breast cancer must have felt so humiliating for him already (even though we all know it’s really nothing to be ashamed about), and now on top of that, he heard that he could not have children (or in other word, impregnate his future wife). I think men have certain notions on what makes a man, a man. And that was why he kept asking over and over again, to Na Ri (when he was first diagnosed), to doctor Geum (then and now), whether he could still be considered a man in his condition. So, I don’t think it’s merely his thwarted dream of having a family with Na Ri that made him so crushed. I think, for him, it must feel like losing his identity.

      • 5.3.1 Amelyia

        Strawberry, in my society, getting serious illness is like getting God punishment. And, people still consider marriages as a way to have offspring. Sadly, often no kids couples got pain from how people around treat them, like people are curious which party carries the mistake, what a waste to live without kids, etc.

      • 5.3.2 Newbie

        Also he had a far more visceral reaction towards the infertility news than his cancer diagnosis. That’s how far he has come. In the beginning he thought he deserved death as a punishment for what he did to his brother and being an unlikeable a**hole in general. But now, after his redemption and journey towards Na Ri, when he finally allows himself to dream, learning about this problem was so much more painful for him.

        JJS exceeded in showing how different Hwa Shin felt in both situations. I can’t stop gushing about his skills.

        • Strawberry

          I think you were both right, @Amelyia @Newbie. I’m not denying that part (a big part) of what makes HS so devastated is his thwarted dream to have a family, not at all.

          What I said in my previous comment was actually meant as a response to what @Pebble stated: “But still, given that he had been through so much in life, he should be more resilient and be able to control his fears and despair rather than to let the emotions take over his mind.”

          I was just trying to say (perhaps not so eloquently) that I *get* why HS reacted so strongly upon hearing the bad news. I *get* why he crumbled, it must have felt like the end of the world for him, the end of life. The man is not only losing his dream, a hard-earned dream, after a long journey of redemption as @Newbie put it so well, but to him it must also feel like he’s losing his identity as a man. That’s just double heart-ache, and that’s the impression I got from HS’s reaction. The man had just received double-stabs to the heart, so I think he should be allowed to lose his mind for a while, to despair for a while, to be gripped by fear for a while, he doesn’t need to be strong and resilient all the time. At the end of the day, he did pick himself up and stand back strong again (I’m being kinda spoiler-y here πŸ˜ͺ oh well…)

          And true, I live in Asia as well, so I know all too well how the society pressures married couple to have children, and how most people always try to give “well-meant”, and often unsolicited advises when a couple seem to have the slightest trouble of having one. Even when a couple already have one child, the pressure will continue for them to have more. It’s a neverending story.

          Fortunately ‘though, the view on people getting serious illnesses has shifted quite to the positive side in my country over the last few decades, meaning that it’s no longer seen as God’s punishment, but rather as what it is, an ailment of the body. Mental illnesses on the other hand, is still another matter. But I won’t discuss it here, otherwise it would be too long πŸ˜„

          • Amelyia

            πŸ™‚ I am always amazed how well you are with words, Strawberry. Indeed, I am looking forward each week for your thoughts.
            What you said are gold to me. Just like now.. πŸ™‚

  6. junny

    Love the snow scenes, I must have giggled and rewatched countless times, cuz Hwa-shin and Na-ri were so adorable together. I love how both times the proposals weren’t some swoony grand gesture, but something simple yet meaningful that came from Hwa-shin’s heart, and it means more than anything that he wants to build a family with Na-ri. I can understand why the infertility news would be crushing, but I hope the show will allow the couple to explore options such as adoption.

    I confess to being a little confused about Chef’s sudden kiss with Ja-young and how the drama has dealt with the asexuality angle so far. It felt kind of tacked on as and when a time filler was needed or something.

    Jung-won has become a waste of space and I cringe just seeing him on my screen. I think it’s a missed thread that the drama focused (maybe too much) on the jealousy bit instead of him trying to actually be a proper friend to Hwa-shin after discovering the latter has breast cancer. I find it incredibly distasteful that at every point possible, Jung-won keeps putting down his friend’s character and Hwa-shin’s feelings for Na-ri. When can Nurse Oh dropkick Jung-won to Timbuctoo?

    • 6.1 Amelyia

      JW seems to have a lot of thought after the street fight. May be he begins to realise that HS is sincere to bring NR happiness.

      • 6.1.1 junny

        I dunno. Jung-won is fast becoming irrelevant, and while the writing is mostly to blame, I find the actor does nothing in terms of helping to elevate the character above irritating.

        • gadis

          Go Kyung-pyo is a good actor, but acting alongside Jo Jung-seok and Gong Hyo-jin showed us his limitation as an actor. I think he only needs more experience. I hope this drama will launch his career and give him lots of things to learn from.

        • Amelyia

          I think the writing asks him to act irritating. His character is a kind of challenging our common belief. As far as I understand it, in the surface level, he is the typical leadman that kdramas and the society prefer. However, our show indicates, that everyone has flaws. And there’s another guy who might be unlikable on the surface, but he could be a potential preference too.
          If we find him irritating, probably he does his job well. Just my thought. πŸ™‚

          • Newbie

            Like everybody else I’m waiting for Jung Won to get over Na Ri and return to being a real and understanding friend for his sick (!) best friend. Him being still nagging and petty as a challenge for the viewers’ belief is great idea and supported by the hilarious eye roll of Cha. The show seems to feel like we do about Jung Won.

    • 6.2 kit

      We have to remember on JW’s side, there’s a lot of history. He’s seen HS drop girls, lots of them, over the years. He has, also, dealt with the pain of those supposedly ‘left behind’. And I think JW over these long years has only supported HS 100%. He’s had things he felt uncomfortable about, but he squashed them as well as he possibly could.

      It’s not surprising that many of these uglier emotions are rearing it’s head, especially in a misplaced sense of ‘I can be better to her, thus, I am the better man’.

      JW was still there for HS at hospital when it mattered, and he was still giving clothes to HS and promising he was going to be just as good to him (and also getting the girl).

      We’ve seen HS’s growth throughout the series, but JW hasn’t. I think it makes sense. And I like how the drama showed how desperate and needy he became. He doesn’t know how to cope with losing something.

      I also trust in the character of JW, and the writers, enough to believe that there will be a good ending for these characters. Not tied up perfectly with a ribbon, but with space for all of them to grow, and giving JW the ending he needs.

      • 6.2.1 Newbie

        Actually I doubt Hwa Shin dated as many girls as Jung Won always insinuates. JW also said, that HS never dated longer than three months, but we know, that he dated Soo Young for a year as it was mentioned in an earlier episode. And both dated her at the same time and only learned about that in one of the early episodes.
        They are good friends, but it seems, that they are not really in the know about their relationships.

        HS knew that JW always considered marriage, which seems to be an almost inflationary idea to him then, while HS just never met the right person until now and therefore appeared to be uninterested in a commitment. It seems that they never revealed more to each other which is natural to me as even your very best friend still doesn’t know everything about you and your inner feelings.

        And we know about HS, that he doesn’t correct wrong assumptions immediately. He tries to let his actions talk for himself. Na Ri is still in doubt about his self-proclaimed office wife and repeatedly asked him about HW. It would have been easy for HS to correct her and say it was just this one kiss which was forced upon him. He could tell NR that HW scares him like he said to his mother. But somehow he is unable to do it. He wants to be ‘seen’ by her, he doesn’t want to explain himself.

        • suegarbaby

          I share the same sentiments, @Newbie. Although it is clear that the boys are good friends to each other, the show has taken pains to indicate that they don’t always know everything about one another.

          I get the impression that on Jung Won’s side, he tries to be the person who supports Hwa Shin even though he may not necessarily approve or agree with Hwa Shin’s actions e.g. the beef scandal.

          It is also quite telling that Jung Won said that he and Hwa Shin had never fought before – I’m sure both of the them may have differing opinions on issues but they just choose not to air them in front of the other, and to try and accept the other’s individuality and decisions. This probably leads to personal inferences and ideas which are not corrected, and can easily result in misunderstandings about a person’s character and preferences because by not talking it out, they lose the other’s perspective and rationale behind their decisions.

          So, it seems to me that their friendship is not so much based on their understanding of one another, but more on their forbearance, tolerance and acceptance of each other, faults and all.

          Hwa Shin seems to have a better grip or understanding of Jung Won though – seen in several instances where he knows Jung Won’s detailed food preferences and also his general personality and behavioural quirks. But then, Hwa Shin is a very sharp and observant guy – that reporter mind-set coupled with his natural intelligence makes for a strong combo.

          • mojarikin

            Yes. That’s the problem. JW just tolerated everything. He never clarified things with HS. Now, I don’t know if that’s even just being a good friend or rather a bad friend. It seems like the tables have turned up.

            One thing also that had never made me jump ship to JW ever throughout the 22 episodes was that it seemed that everything was about him. Yeah, actually it’s funny because we all associated that trait with HS – that he was selfish, etc. But this episode proved that theory. It was actually JW who was living as if everything was about him. Na Ri would be better with me. Would be comfortable with me. Was that even considering how Na Ri felt at all?

            In fact, he didn’t change at all because he had that same personality during their Soo Young days. How could he have not noticed that she liked HS more than him? Yeah, because he felt he was above HS. That’s the scary part.

          • suegarbaby

            Hm… I’m not sure if Jung Won being tolerant, accepting and doesn’t ask questions necessarily makes him a bad friend. I guess this depends largely on Hwa Shin to decide that.

            Some people might want friends whom they can discuss stuff and obtain advice, or someone who will call them out and challenge them if they think they’re doing something wrong. But some people might not appreciate that sort of personality or attitude in amongst their friends.

            Some people may actually want a friend who simply accepts them for who they are without question.

            This may be true for Hwa Shin whom, when we first met him in the earliest episodes, was not the nicest of people to hang around with. Hwa Shin’s abrupt, blunt, bordering on abrasive attitude may rub a lot of people the wrong way, or he may have had more than his fair share of criticisms on his character, that Jung Won’s quiet acceptance might actually be a breath of fresh air for him.

            I think Hwa Shin’s mistake was in thinking that Jung Won’s quiet, non-questioning stance signalled or implied that Jung Won understood Hwa Shin’s heart and motives, which, unfortunately, was not the case.

            As for Jung Won… I personally would like to give him a bit more credit on being Hwa Shin’s friend. He certainly cares for Hwa Shin and is happy to sometimes be inconvenienced by Hwa Shin just to keep up the friendship. I mean, his flying all the way to Bangkok on economy class just to meet Hwa Shin for coffee and tom yum; and him going to see Hwa Shin in the SBC men’s dorms and sharing that cramped bunk bed with Hwa Shin because he knew Hwa Shin was probably hurting from the death of his elder brother and from being thrown out of the house by his mother, are just a few instances of Jung Won’s caring heart towards his friend. He also wants Hwa Shin to have all the best clothes from his company, above everyone else, regardless of whether that is the best or most profitable move.

            I also liked how Jung Won used to be calm and unfazed whenever Hwa Shin started shouting or throwing tantrums. Most people including Na Ri would find Hwa Shin in that state to be intimidating and off-putting. But Jung Won’s calm, accepting handling of such outbursts appeared to come from a certain confident knowledge that they were dear friends and so there was no need to be afraid.

            Jung Won, prior to jealousy and uncertainty colouring him ugly, did seem to me to be a friend Hwa Shin needed and treasured. And if that was good enough for Hwa Shin, that’s good enough for me.

          • suegarbaby

            Re: Jung Won’s presumptuous and presumably selfish attitude regarding Na Ri

            I’m not in any way condoning Jung Won’s narrow presumption that Na Ri would be fine and happy following him wherever he goes, but I’d like to offer a perspective in his defence.

            The show has not really given us too much insight on Jung Won’s treatment of his girlfriends except via Soo Yeong’s short summary. But from that account, Jung Won seemed to be a considerate, chivalrous boyfriend – hardly bad boyfriend material. As to why he didn’t notice that Soo Yeong preferred Hwa Shin, well, to be honest, he didn’t even know she was two-timing them. Even Hwa Shin, who tends to be quite sharp and observant about things, did not have a clue so Soo Yeong must have been pretty darn adept at her two-timing business.

            The only other significant female in Jung Won’s life is his mother. And that, I think, should itself explain why Jung Won reacts and behaves the way he does when it comes to girlfriends. His mom clearly suffered and is deeply hurt by Jung Won’s father’s persistent and prolonged absence. Jung Won personally witnessed and has to deal with his mother’s unhappiness frequently for many years.

            We, ourselves, often behave and apply or project our judgements/ assumptions on other people using the lens of our own experience, so is it any surprise that Jung Won also does the same?

            He has seen how his mother hates the loneliness and the absence of her husband, and how badly it affects her, so I can easily understand why Jung Won would jump to the conclusion that his wife’s primary happiness depends on his being able to be present with her. And so it follows that if his business and his work requires him to be away from the country for prolonged periods of time like his dad, Jung Won’s assumption from his seeing his mother is that his future wife would prefer to follow him and be with him, than do without.

            So, in such a light, I hope we can cut Jung Won a bit of slack for his presumptuous attitude in assuming that Na Ri would happily give up her job and just follow him wherever. While perhaps a part of that could stem from an inner selfishness to want her near him always, I’d like to think that a large part of it was also out of a mistaken assumption that she would also prefer to be with him the way his own mother did for his father, and so also shows some level of consideration and care, however misplaced or mistaken it is.

          • Chandler

            Wow @suegarbaby

            You put everything I feel about Jung-won into words. Especially in how you explained the complexity of his friendship with Hwa-shin. Sometimes, even when you stay loyal to a friend, you don’t always understand them through everything. And, if you’ve been friends for long enough to accept that kind of mentality as normal, you can forget how important it is to at least try and understand one another.

            I literally can’t think of anything to add, you explained it all so wonderfully.

          • Amelyia

            With his personality, I also doubt HS has dated many girls. (Like I know how guys are, Lol..)

          • Amelyia

            @Newbie, @Majorikin, @Suegarbaby, @Chandler
            Love love love love love

        • Amelyia

          @Newbie, @Suegarbaby

      • 6.2.2 junny

        Jung-won was at the hospital because he was tailing Na-ri, and only happened to stumble onto Hwa-shin’s cancer secret. Otherwise he would never have known. Since then, he’s done nothing in support of Hwa-shin. As for the clothes, it’s just another way of Jung-won to burden people – look at how that evolved with Na-ri.

        I agree with @Newbie and @suegarbaby that the boys tend to make assumptions about each other that are not corrected, but surely the revelation of Hwa-shin’s cancer should at least get Jung-won to wake up a little. Instead he’s just gone from irritating to irrelevant. I’m not sure just how much support Jung-won has provided Hwa-shin over the years, and while that is mostly the fault of the writing since as you’ve pointed out we aren’t shown Jung-won’s growth, even with the weight of history it just feels Hwa-shin would have succeeded regardless of whether he had Jung-won around.

    • 6.3 es

      Jung-won really just feels like an afterthought now that his character’s achieved its purpose of triggering Hwa-shin’s realisation of his feelings for Na-ri. I was never drawn to his character or his dynamic with Na-ri, but now everything he says just grates on my nerves. It’s definitely a miss on the writer’s part that more isn’t being done with his character, but Go Kyung-pyo’s acting definitely isn’t helping either LOL.

  7. Rin

    As much as I dislike how the character of Jung Won is acting, I appreciate what I think the writers are going for. It is the same type of behavior always saved for the witchy, female, second lead, who just wont let go of the relationship for selfish reasons. By switching the gender, it has a slightly different flavor than the trope normally does, but is still just as horrible. In a show as great as this, I would be really disappointed if Jung Won fell into the trope of quiet, pining, morose, male, second lead, who when they see they wont get the girl, decide to begrudgingly wish her well. But I still don’t like either trope to be honest, and wish Jung Won’s response was something that felt both new and more realistic.

    • 7.1 Amelyia

      I find JW as an interesting character as many Beanies have deconstructed him here. He is a gentleman man type with unseen flaws. We love him and hate him.

  8. Killing Time

    [1] The big revelation in this episode threw me. Totally unexpected and at first watch I didn’t quite know what to made of it. What was the writer’s intention for this last minute bombshell? Was it just to add some late conflict for the sake of drama and everything will be neatly tied up with a happy ending? If that’s the case than I think that it’s rather distasteful to use such a loaded issue when there it’s no time left to really explore its complexity – particularly as it pertain to the relationship between couples. POTENTIAL SPOILER STOP READING NOW Episode 22 seems to suggest that the intention is something else, but we’ll need to see the final 2 episodes to see if they handled it satisfactorily. END SPOILER

    [2] NaRi non-reply to Hwa-shin proposal seemed to come from uncertainty about whether he seriously wants to marry her, or if he was using it to appease her hurt/anger. I still think there is trust issue on her part and wish that they would have address it further, but with the latest development it doesn’t look like it’s high on the list of priorities for the OTP.

    [2] Jung Won needs to back off. That is all. Can’t even defend any of his actions in this episode.

    • 8.1 Amelyia

      I also thought about the scene. I assume that NR is being emotional at that time rather than logical. She was in a rage, remember…
      But, she feels bad afterward by avoiding him. See, even the door refuses to open when she heads out. In the next day, in the elevator, she flirts and sends hints that she wants HS proposes her again.

      • 8.1.1 Killing Time

        NaRi definitely want to marry him. She dropped so many hints throughout the rest of the episode that she want him to ask her properly. She even said as much to Jung Wong, that if Hwa Shin propose properly, she would say yes.

        • Amelyia

          Hehe, it should be simple. But here we are, they have it very complicated.

      • 8.1.2 Newbie

        The door was hilarious! And her words in the elevator. Talking about more kimchi she prepared for him. And that he could have made it better. She was clearly not talking about the fumbling with the diadem then.
        So well done!

        • Amelyia

          Lol, I caught it. Kimchi is used as a hint for his proposal. To its humor, later he buys her pork to accompany kimchi. Haha..

      • 8.1.3 suegarbaby

        My personal impression of that scene was that Na Ri was too taken aback by Hwa Shin’s sudden proposal (it did come from out of nowhere!), that she didn’t know what to think.
        So, first is: deflection (“I’ll get the kimchi”), then, after she got the kimchi, things got a bit awkward especially since she had no idea if Hwa Shin was serious.
        So, next: flee/ escape (hence the grappling with the door, lol).

        • Amelyia

          πŸ™‚ it makes sense..

        • Chandler

          Your impression is completely in line with mine. She was just overwhelmed and unsure of how to evaluate his motivations for the proposal. It sent her into a complete tizzy.

    • 8.2 Selaine

      For me, i think Nari’s non reply to Hwashin’s proposal is a rejection of the proposal circumstances. Who proposes over ramyun? It’s so un-romantic! Even Hwashin himself said so at the start of last episode but he ended up proposing over ramyun at the end of the same episode. Anyway, we already knew that Nari wants to marryHwashin because last episode,, she put too much thought into Hwashin’s casual remark of cooking 1000 ramyuns for her and thoughthe was proposing to her.

      • 8.2.1 Killing Time

        Hmm, I didn’t think her rejection was because it wasn’t romantic enough. Although it might be because I personally found the way he did it to be romantic. It’s the spontaneity of that scene – from the fight to his realisation of how much he loves her leading to the proposal – that I thought was heartfelt. It just felt genuine. And any a man who offers to cook for me (even if it’s just ramyun) gets two thumbs up.

        • Amelyia

          πŸ™‚ me toooo..

  9. suegarbaby

    I don’t know how this show does it but it somehow manages to have comedy juxtapositioned against serious, heartfelt moments, like a switch, back-and-forth back-and-forth. Quite brilliant writing and directing in process, and it’s all the more amazing when you consider that they’re doing this fine balancing act against the demands and time constraints of the live-shoot.

    That first proposal scene which ended the previous episode with huge emotional impact was expanded here and it’s quite hilarious and yet true-to-life how both Hwa Shin and Na Ri reacted, lol. One questioning whether he was rejected and the other wondering whether he did it just to placate her was sadly comedic (is that an oxymoron or what!).

    And then that whole scene where Na Ri appears in a wedding dress when the elevator doors open?
    My first reaction was “Hwa Shin must be dreaming!” to “wow, this is one long dream!” to “you’ve got to be kidding me, this ISNT a dream? Hahahaha!”

    Then you have Hwa Shin adorably trying to get Na Ri to smile after she inexplicably tears up at the hospital, probably in relief over Hwa Shin’s last treatment, by breaking into dance! And inviting Nurse Oh and Doctor Geum to join in? Drama gold, that one!

    That 2nd proposal scene with the first snowfall was a lovely touch. Simple, heartfelt, meaningful. The little snowmen family was such a cute touch!

    Which made poor Hwa Shin’s news that he was likely to be infertile fall with greater impact. I think it doesn’t take someone who has lived in a society who values family and children to understand the shock and disappointment Hwa Shim must have felt at that moment when he realised that the one dream he had started to dream may not materialise. I think all of us can identify with that first sense of shock and despair we feel when a big hopeful dream which we’ve started to believe in seems to have shattered into pieces.

    I really hope Hwa Shin and Na Ri can work it out together openly and actively. We don’t have that many episodes left to milk this particular arc so I am hopeful for a sensible and swift resolution.

    • 9.1 Amelyia

      Yes, that dancing.. πŸ™‚
      NR is crying hard out of happiness. No need of console. Yet, HS does not want her to cry. Then he is burst into excited dancing.

    • 9.2 Imbuk

      Ha ha.. I thought that the weddimg dress sequence was a dream, too. But when it wasn’t, I realized so far in this drama, we have not gotten one dream sequence (except for hwa shin’s brother’s dance sequence dreaming) no matter how wacky or unbelievable the scene was, so I guess there Is nothing this show can not do. πŸ˜‰

      • 9.2.1 suegarbaby

        HAHA! Joong Shin’s dream dance sequence at the hospital was the epitome of bizarre! I had absolutely no idea what was going on when I first saw it! I thought he must have had too much cocaine or some other medical drug in his system that caused strange hallucinations, haha!

        This show is just fabulous in pulling out the wacky, and I just love it that the actors and actresses themselves don’t seem fazed by it and throw themselves right into the scenes with gusto! Humiliation on national tv? Bah! As long as it makes great drama! LOL.

    • 9.3 es

      YESS, I had the same reaction in the elevator scene!! I was all “haha Hwa-shin’s so secretly whipped he’s actually hallucinating now” to “why’s she still in that wedding dress” to “wait this ISN’T a daydream?!?!” And then it got EVEN BETTER when the doors opened again to reveal the rest of the announcers in wedding dresses, complete with the same dramatic windblown effect LOL.

      • 9.3.1 Imbuk

        Your comment made me smile so much. Agree about the actors, I have always wondered whether they ever felt embarrassed doing most scenes in this drama. πŸ˜›

    • 9.4 Lexy_K

      Definitely, we have to give it to the writers: it’s really amazing the way we can go from a heart-wrenching, tissue box-needing scene to literally a LOL, hilarious scene the next. I just love it! And I just have to mention Nurse Oh! love her! I hope she will be casted in future dramas!

  10. 10 Chandler

    When Hwa-shin started dancing for Nari in the hospital…ahhhhhhhhh. My hearrrrrt. It was just the sweetest thing. And then it became the most fantastic, most awesome thing when the Nurse and Doc joined in. His relationship with them has been one of my favorite parts of the drama so I loved seeing him get all wacky & ridiculous with them just to cheer Nari up. It’s such a shift from his earlier attitude and definitely what has me believing in his ability to overcome his next obstacle, even if he’ll falter a bit in the process (as he does).

    No time to write much right now, but I’m sure I’ll be back to discuss because my obsession for this show is unreal and I figure I might as well revel in it since it’s the last week. Who knows when a show as deliciously zany as this one will come along again. You’ve got to enjoy them while they last ♥

    • 10.1 suegarbaby

      I have to say… Nurse Oh can really shake it up! I felt like wolf-whistling when I saw her break out into her moves!

    • 10.2 Saema

      Exactly! I loooooove the relationship between HS and the doctor + nurse <3 It feels like they have been through so much together.
      "Who knows when a show as deliciously zany will come along? "
      Soon, I hope. But it's more Jo jung seok than anyone else. Luff him so much πŸ’œ
      Recently, I have been unable to think about other shows thanks to this one.

      • 10.2.1 Strawberry

        “Recently, I have been unable to think about other shows thanks to this one.”

        +1… πŸ˜„

        I picked up The K2 to fill the time, even though the reviews I heard/read are not exactly positive, simply ‘cos it’s from an entirely different genre…. LOL. Cannot make myself watch another rom-com at the moment, because I keep comparing it to JI, and the others seem pale in comparison.

        • MyGirl2016

          ha ha.. I feel you Strawberry.
          Save King of High School for much later then. Once you have moved on from JI (If that was ever possible!)

    • 10.3 Quinze

      I love how this show has portrayed the doctors and nurses. Most of the time, the knowledgeable doctor either only plays the role of exposition fairy with terrible bedside manner or the arrogant unfeeling doctor.

      Here the doctor (and also Nurse Oh!) is 1. female, 2. not swooning or ridiculous 3. actually very competent and 4. super caring with a backbone and heart of gold.

      Like you said the relationship between them and HS is super sweet and they are a big part of his growth as a person.

      Nurse Oh has some serious moves damn haha. And doctor geum dancing in heels looking super cute! I rewatched it like 10 times!

      • 10.3.1 Db

        So true! In one of the previous episodes,Dr.Geum scolds Hwashin for being careless and “neglecting the doctor’s orders to see who’ll win”(or words to that effect). Lol it was so true to life where long-suffering doctors and nurses yell at their patients for their carelessness! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • Quinze

          lol right? And then karma’s a bitch because HS gets a seroma and she totally gets her I told you so moment. I will never be over Nurse Oh’s deadpan stare and no-nonsense tone. And her making JW massage HS’s butt!

          • Andrea

            I wish the show would pair up Nurse Oh and Secretary Cha. I love how they’re both just so. over. all the histrionics of the main love triangle. Their collective eye-rolls give me liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.

  11. 11 Addicted to JJS' acting

    My 2 cents. The argument between JW and HS might feel like the same thing again, but this episode it let Nari hear that HS’s proposal was not just to appease her, but something that came form the bottom of his heart. And it also hit a chord with JW somewhere, so we might see him re-evaluating things on his end.

    Absolutely love this drama! Writing, direction, casting, acting everything on point. And JJS outshines among the group of brilliant actors.

    • 11.1 gadis

      Yeah, seems like after such a long time, finally Hwa-shin said the right words that can pierce into Jung-won’s mind. Maybe it was the realization that this friend whom he always think of as a selfish and too-prideful jerk could actually learned something from him. I hope it will be the wake-up call he need to come back as the sweet Jung-won we all love.

      • 11.1.1 Amelyia

        And we also learn that JW is always serious in his relationship, not suddenly it came up when he was with NR.

    • 11.2 Quinze

      lol great username!

      It was a little heartbreaking to watch the fight scene. HS was on cloud 9 thinking his BFF was back while trying to give him space to heal. Only to watch your oldest friend accuse you of being the worst and using intimate parts of you that he’s been privy to try to break your relationship up. It has to hurt to see him be this petty.

      The fact that he tries to say that HS won’t and can’t change? How do you say that about someone you’ve supposedly loved like a brother? Even in their competition, HS didn’t go around badmouthing JW to this extent. He’s always said that JW is the better man.

      But the way HS turns to him to ask if he’s not allowed to change? I felt like if JW didn’t see it then, he’ll never recognize it.

      • 11.2.1 Newbie

        So true. I’m impatiently waiting for Jung Won to come around.

    • 11.3 suegarbaby

      Good point. I hope the writer will build on this and show us a more mature and grown up Jung Won who finally realises that Hwa Shin is dead serious about his relationship with Na Ri, respects his friend’s and Na Ri’s choice, and supports them the way a good friend of theirs would and should.

  12. 12 Dani

    Jungwon has been treading the lines of unlikable these past few episodes and this episode he’s finally crossed over. I honestly think Hwasin is the open-minded one and Jungwon is the narrow-minded one, the fact that he thinks his friend is stuck in his old ways and is unable to change is extremely close-minded. I’m so so so proud that Hwasin is standing up to him but during that fight I really wanted Nari to go, “hey, it’s over stop moping around and get your life together” lol maybe not in that fashion but saying it Nari style. I feel like the reality of their friendship is getting revealed, it’s absolutely ridiculous and I genuinely feel like only Jung Won sees it as a competition. Jungwon has been a terrible friend to Hwasin and this fight just reveals how little he knows and thinks of Hwasin. Jo jung suk did an amazing job during that last scene, I actually cried a bit because of how well executed that entire scene was. With Nari setting out Hwasin’s notes of encouragement in parallel with the reveal, amazingly done. The second proposal was just as sweet and candid as the first one, that entire scene with Bom really made them seem as a family. Hwasin is really showing his soft and vulnerable side and it’s getting to me, the way he just looks and talks to Nari shows so much love that it’s so swoony and unbearable at the same time.

    • 12.1 Dani

      Just to soapbox a little more…

      Hwasin is actually one of the greatest characters I’ve landed upon in the Kdrama world. He’s been stripped of his pride since day 1 and still proved himself to be better than other characters. He’s made tough decisions and understood the consequences that came with those decisions, he regrets how he treated Nari and is now the most vulnerable, loving boyfriend I have ever seen in dramaland. We’ve all seen Hwasin grow as a person and it’s great. It also parallels with Jungwon’s character who’s traits and characteristics are more reminiscent of the typical main character. Hwasin is great and I don’t think anybody but Jo Jung Seok can play him just right. Thank you, Jo Jung Seok for breathing life into one of the most frustrating, loving, actually intelligent character I’ve ever seen and thank you to the writer for being so creative. THIS SHOW IS GREAT

      • 12.1.1 Quinze

        I love this point. It’s so true. He’s so overtly unlikeable to people that many of us jumped out of the show early but if you just take a peek into his character you realize how good he actually is and is continuing to improve by each week.

      • 12.1.2 Amelyia

        Love it..

      • 12.1.3 Amelyia

        “Jungwon has been a terrible friend to Hwasin and this fight just reveals how little he knows and thinks of Hwasin.”

        Their friendship is being tested. It is indicated, that he has problem in understanding people while on the surface he looks thoughtful.

        The message to me is representative to what I read somewhere, a best friend is not one without flaws.

      • 12.1.4 Newbie

        Now I’m starting to wonder if we will see Jung Won see redeem himself at all. Just as we learned the true character of seemingly arrogant Hwa Shin will we learn that seemingly perfect Jung Won is the real jerk for good?

        *whimpers* I loved the bromance! I want Hwa Shin to have one more friend. *sobs*

    • 12.2 es

      Yessss I love the way this show handles the marriage proposals. No need for extravagant balloons and sweeping OST ballads to artificially inject romance into the moment; in here, both proposals have been so understated and ordinary, but twice as touching because they always mean something to the couple.

    • 12.3 mary

      Reading your comment makes me think Jealousy Incarnate is a bit like Dream High.

      We start with a lead who’s 90% mean, 10% misunderstood. And a friend who’s been 100% supportive and nice. Things happen to them both. The unlikable person suffers so many setbacks and strives to get better. Meanwhile, the “nice” one experiences being on top for the first time and becomes greedy and selfish about it. To the point that she loses herself.

      I hope the writer has something better in store for JW’s character.

  13. 13 mady

    I feel like we need an entire post to just talk about how great Jo Jung Suk is.

    • 13.1 gadis

      Ikr? That guy killing it in this drama. I can’t imagine Hwa-shin being played by another actor. Jo Jung-seok totally own that character.

    • 13.2 suegarbaby

      LOL. Jo Jung Suk is just phenomenal.

    • 13.3 blnmom

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • 13.4 gabobobobo

      After this show, his career will skyrocket. Well, he already got the recognition from Chungmuro from all the movies (and musical performance) he played, though. But, this will raised his popularity more.

    • 13.5 Amelyia


    • 13.6 kit

      Yes, yes, yes.

    • 13.7 nian

      JO JUNG SEOK!! JO JUNG SEOK!!! lol but seriously he is the finest actor I have seen in K-dramas that becomes the character (Ru Jun Yeol being my second bias) and is so versatile. This show wouldn’t be this amazing without him!

    • 13.8 Quinze

      lol would that even be enough for us? it’d have to be a permanent stickied thread where we just pop in everytime the JJS feels strike us.

      • 13.8.1 gadis

        Ha! So true…

        Jo jung-seok doing drama -> pop in
        Jo jung-seok doing movies -> pop in
        Jo jung-seok doing musical -> pop in
        Jo jung seok taking a break -> pop in, because otherwise the withdrawal would be too severe.

        • Quinze

          Right? Like a What’s JJS doing today? Is he well? Is he happy? When and where do I get to find a link to his movies? moment.

    • 13.9 es

      YEEEESS jo jung-seok is amazing.

    • 13.10 mundaliv

      Yeap!! Count me in for that!!

    • 13.11 MyGirl2016

      Yes, please!

      It will be fascinating to track this year’s SBS drama awards. Esp the the Best Actor category. I imagine it’s going to be Jo Jung Suk Vs Lee Jun Ki (seeing how Moon Lovers and Jun Ki, both were such a phenomenon internationally). I have a clear favourite based on who I think is the more versatile, gifted actor (and I will be devastated if he doesn’t win any awards this year) – but it will be interesting to see what SBS and other drama award judging committee decide. I hope it doesn’t turn out like what happened to that poor Kill Me Heal Me actor. (Though eventually he did get one of the Best Actor awards.)

      • 13.11.1 mady

        Legends of the Blue Sea is airing after JI ends, so that’s def going to be in the running.

    • 13.12 Chandler

      It wouldn’t be enough.

      We’d just have to create another, and another, and another….

      I could just talk about him all day.

  14. 14 Rose

    Infertility is the ultimate hit for Hwa Shin’s self esteem and his pride as a man couple with his new found love. Here is a man that is desperately in love with his lover, never thinking about marriage nor a family, but because he met “the one”, he finally come to embrace the idea earnestly. How devastating is that? The question that Hwa Shin always ask is do he have the ability to bring happiness to Na Ri? Does he have what it takes? And knowing the fact that Na Ri chose him over his amazing friend, who have everything, and now he have nothing to offer her. Besides being sick with cancer, now he can’t even give her a family. Oh boy, how could he not bawling like a kid? The juxtaposition ending scene when Na Ri arranging his notes and when he in the Dr office is so touching and telling at the same time. ” Don’t worry” because everything will be okay, “You are not alone”, because you have me now, “I’m here for you” and we well conquer this storm together because “I love you” . How could this show go from showing us this jerk who we hate for mistreating the girl, then see him realize he a minute too late, how petty he become when he jealous, how he fight to get her, and how he prove that he worthy of her. Such glorious thing to watch!! *run around in imaginary snow making snowmen!*

    • 14.1 gadis

      I never felt jealous with people who live in a country that has snow. But now, I want my own snowfield to make 4 mini snowmans and squeal over it.

      • 14.1.1 Imbuk

        Lol! Me too! I have never seen snow as well.

      • 14.1.2 Damianna

        LOL. I went to South Korea on 2014 during winter. Never seen snow for my entire and then was greeted by it once I landed. It was super cold but pretty nonetheless. A kind girl who showed us to our guesthouse couldn’t help but wonder why did we decide to go there in winter while the Koreans themselves wish to be somewhere warm. Well…

    • 14.2 Amelyia

      “The question that Hwa Shin always ask is do he have the ability to bring happiness to Na Ri? Does he have what it takes?”

      It caught me too. He wants her to have a full full happiness. He is desperate and desperate into thinking that there would be a part in their future where she will miss. All are about his consideration for a happy NR.

    • 14.3 nian

      100% agree with you! You know a guy really loves a girl when he is more worried about her happiness with him that his happiness with her!

  15. 15 gabobobobo

    I’m a little sad with the way they resolved Chef asexuality issue. As far as I know, asexuality doesn’t equal impotency. It’s just they don’t get attracted sexually. It’s more like sexual preference rather than disease or mental disorder. But then again, sexual preferences have grey area and they can be fluid. So, it’s possible to change. I was hoping the writer could handle it better without sending wrong message like asexuality is a disease that can be cured. But, well, this topic is quite complicated that it could be explored into its own drama/movie.

    No need to gush more about how JJS continued to slay as HS.

    Many ppl are more eloquent than me in dissecting the main plot, so I’ll leave it to them, LOL. Small things that i love in this episode beside the main issues:

    – HS little loving glance to NR when he saw other “brides” getting on the elevator. He must be thinking NR is the most beautiful bride.

    – When NR can’t suppress her relieved cry in the hospital. Props to GHJ! She made it feel real and sincere.

    – When secretary Cha rolled his eyes like, “I’m so done with this…”

    – HS gave honest and constructive criticism to NR and she took it like adult. The actually match well as professional partner, too! Love how they show NR’s career growth process. She didn’t automatically become good when she got the job and still learning from it.

    • 15.1 Rose

      it’s amazing how the writer got the side characters to react to our main couple the way we viewer feel sometimes lol, just like the death glare nurse OH give HS with his treatment, or the Beom wide mouth with the ice cream throw, and now with the eye rolling with the 3 bicker. I feel like this show is never seriously wanted us to feel there actual real tension btw the arguments btw these friends, deep down they were all great friends, just need to smooth things out!

      • 15.1.1 Amelyia

        Well said, Rose..

      • 15.1.2 Saema

        Wow, I hadn’t thought about that!

    • 15.2 junny

      I love how Hwa-shin gives Na-ri constructive pointers about her work. He’s brusque but means well and always manages to offer her stuff for her to mull over and improve on. I love that he sees her as an anchor for the long term and genuinely wants to help her do well at her job, which is awesome.

      Secretary Cha’s eye-rolling was gold.

      • 15.2.1 Amelyia

        Yes, yes.. How beautiful it is that he considers everything about her.
        To the fortune teller, he says he has not taught her everything he knows.
        How much love is he trying to convey in the show?

      • 15.2.2 kit

        Yup. Defnitely. And I love how Nari is able to take the critique on board, because she knows it’s not simply criticism. He doesn’t just tell her what she did wrong, he tells her how to improve. This, more than anything else, shows me this relationship could be great.

      • 15.2.3 Quinze

        I feel like this is why I could trust their relationship to work vs. JW. JW’s reply to being a workaholic is that she’ll just follow him around when he travels completely skipping over the fact that she’s trying to be a full-time anchor. HS on the other hand, is 100% committed to making sure NR gets the dream she wants but without acting above her or for her. He gives her agency and also space when she needs it (he didn’t push or whine about her vague response to the proposal-just let her decide when she wants to bring it up).

        • Newbie

          Just a little remark from a mother: having two kids AND both parents working in a full-time demanding news business job is a quite difficult achievement. Even when there is a babysitting grandma or extended family in stand-by mode. The realist in me doubts that Na Ri would be able to do the job as Hwa Shin’s wife too. Unless they find another solution like HS working less or make them really childless.

          • Amelyia

            Since you mention it, hehe… Children if they ever have them, would become no. 1 over aanythin else

          • Quinze

            Oh for sure I know it wouldn’t be easy at all (both my parents worked full-time jobs when I was growing up). But I’m not talking about kids at this point. Just the two of them married. If the right attitude isn’t there from the start, kids would just end the marriage.

    • 15.3 gadis

      That scene when Hwa-shin said to PD Oh that Na-ri is doing great and then gave her a thumb-down while smiling was the reason I love him as an anchor. He acknowledged her fellow anchor’s effort and good work, and pointed out what they can do to make it better without mocking or belittling them. LOve, love, love.

      Secretary Cha though, I was right there with him, rolling my eyes at the never-ending petty fights.

      • 15.3.1 Quinze


        I loved the casual thumbs down haha.

        I love their professional relationship so much. I think it’s partly why I ship them so much. She can trust him completely when he gives his opinion because no matter what he’ll be honest with her and be clear about it without judgement. But at the same time, he’ll acknowledge her best assets and make them known to the people that matter.

        It’s kind of swoony…

        • Strawberry

          To tell you the truth, I was initially a bit confused about that casual thumb-down. I get the thumb-down part, I just didn’t get the casual way it was done. How should I interpret it? What did the writer want to convey? Glad to read your take on it.

    • 15.4 Amelyia

      “– HS little loving glance to NR when he saw other β€œbrides” getting on the elevator. He must be thinking NR is the most beautiful bride.”

      He is amazed and has things to say. NR reads him. But all he said, no body asked. LOL..

    • 15.5 laladaisical

      NR’s reaction at the hospital was lovely. It felt like a scene from a documentary. GHJ is one of those actors who is a genius at conveying the subtleties of an emotion with just a blink.

    • 15.6 Amelyia

      A scene I cannot digest well is the cheff and JY. Is the kiss necessary? Chi Yeol cs are supposed to apologize to HS, not only to parents. May be later?

    • 15.7 ahKid

      Haha, the elevator brides scene –> the music was dead on. Another reason why this drama is gold – the BG sound/music! They make the scene so much more fun and telling! I really really appreciate these details!

      BTW: The original soundtrack will be out! 2 discs too! Can’t wait! I hope it comes with a nice photo album too!

      • 15.7.1 Chandler

        HAHA, yes the BGM was so freakin’ perfect in that scene. That rendition of the Wedding March made it sound like they were going off to battle (which, well, we all know just how fitting that is).

  16. 16 Rose

    Best brother awards goes to Chi Yul please!!!!!! *squeal* Are you blind?? Do you think she an easy woman? Without my permission, you CANT DO NOTHING! *laugh hysterically*. OMG this is the first time I seen Hwa Shin so demure folding in his hands and said I’m a good person also, and that kicking at the bucket is the reply. OWN HS, you just got OWNED! bahahahhaha

    • 16.1 Amelyia

      Thats one of my best moment. I have a brother like chi yeol, who supports me fully. It is very nice sibling moment, I swear..
      HS, don’t mess around!!!!

    • 16.2 gabobobobo

      Yup! and IMO the actor playing Chi Yeol was doing good for his role.

    • 16.3 gadis

      That scene was brilliant. He made Hwa-shin look thoroughly chastised in no time. I want a brother like him too.

    • 16.4 Quinze

      Hah the scene right before it was gold too. NR has no idea about the voice phishing so she’s praising him and he just goes with it haha.

      And it was so cute to see him getting egged on and how he gets so into it he starts posturing as if he’s going to jump over.

      So cute!

    • 16.5 toodles

      I couldn’t help but laugh at Chi Yeol. He stepped up so fast to protect his noona out of love and maybe just a little bit of desperation since Nari doesn’t know about the voice phishing stunt for which he just got punished. He is truly the best brother and the actor playing him is really getting my attention.

    • 16.6 es

      I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT EVER SINCE HWA-SHIN AND NA-RI GOT TOGETHER OMG. Hwa-shin looked so suitably chastised and sheepish HAHAHA. I need more of these two.

      • 16.6.1 Chandler

        LOL, I’d been waiting for it too and, boy, was it good!!!

        If anything, I just hope the more serious turns in the story don’t take away from HS’s attempts to get into his good graces. Because THAT I have to see.

  17. 17 Amelyia

    After watching and rewatching, I have no complaints at all. I just enjoy the ride. I am thankful that the show allows me to see their live beyond discovering the great love.
    In their relationship, there are usual male-female miscommunication, usual pettiness, jealousy fighting (HS says in the snowy night that NR does not have to believe him if she feels she does not (whuut?) ), NR cooks kimchi and HS brings a side dish for it (was not kimchi a bad memory), children talk.

    He must be very very happy in love and how lucky NR is! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • 17.1 suegarbaby

      Me too! I usually over-analyse the dramas that I watch and like but for this one, I’m just sitting back and enjoying where the show chooses to take me. It’s refreshing and exhilarating at the same time!

  18. 18 Vijaya

    Please Stop tormenting him

    • 18.1 Ahe gottoomelyia

      Guess, no other ways, Vijaya. He ll be the real winner after winning the extra ordinary battles.

      It seems, life has no everlasting peace. However, he has too many in a short time.

      Mum says it is men who like the women more to make a happy marriage. After this week, may be, it will be NR’s part to show him her (grand) affection. The show has been like that hasn’t it?

  19. 19 Imbuk

    Thanks for the recap, dramallama. one of ja young’s earrings fell in the closet? I didn’t notice that at all.

    I loved this episode! I was smiling throughout for the first 50 minutes (except during jung won – hwa shin arguing scenes where I couldn’t help but react like Secretary cha and roll my eyes at jung won, you have to let her go, buddy). Nurse oh’s killer dance and glare was just awesome. I swooned at the snowman proposal, they both were adorable and add beom to the scene, it just becomes 100 times more adorable. When chi yeol shouted at hwa shin, haha, where can I get a brother like him? During the end credits, when the animated aliens made too many little snowman, lol, so cute.

    Now for the last 10 minutes, I was one of those people who didn’t want the show to bring back the cancer card and make us fear for hwa shin’s life. That would have been disappointing for me, Because this show has consistently suprised me. But, the show did suprise me in this case as well but not in a good way, THIS was heart wrenching, especially when hwa shin was full blown crying and begging the doctor to do something, I felt like crying too. The way he had always treated beom made me think that he would be good to kids. Since his proposal included kids, I can imagine how much of a huge blow this was to him. Also, I loved the way how the camera cut between hwa shin and na ri when she was reading hwa shin’s post it notes, because of what the notes said, it was like both of them were there for each other without them physically being there. I swear for a couple who started with so much baggage and also opted for two timing to boot, they sure are making me swoon right now.

    Also, did anybody else notice that there was a shooting star befote hwa shin saw the fortune teller?

    • 19.1 gabobobobo

      I also found this episode was suuuuper sweet in the beginning. Usually in K-drama, super sweet period foreshadows the angst coming in the way. I thought the angst would never come and the show will keep it light coz this writer continues to surprise and delight me in term of plot development.
      The angst still came after all, in a surprising way, but not delightful. It’s heartbreaking to see what happened to HS when finally he’s sure he wanted a family with NR.

      To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the infertility issue. It seems like deus ex machina, for me. But, how it was written and executed plus JJS’s wonderful acting were enough to make me cry with HS.

      I will trust the writer for the next upcoming episodes. I hope there won’t be nobel idiocy from HS. Or it could be there in very minimum amount only.

      • 19.1.1 kit

        Yeah, I’m grateful for the way HS dealt with the subject in the next episode! Thanks to the writers for being able to keep HS’s personality in tact while giving us a breath of fresh air.

        Just wondering what makes you think the issue of infertility was a deus ex machina though?

        Chemo can cause infertility in men, and may be exacerbated by smoking and drinking, as the drama pointed out (both points which are true).

        Deus ex machinas describe when supposedly unsolvable plots are suddenly made better through the intervention of a god-like character or scenario. I would feel as if infertility actually makes things worse, but it’s a realistic and heartbreaking sort of worse.

        • gabobobobo

          @kit: Radiotherapy can cause infertility if the treatment was done to whole body or abdomen and pelvic area, if I’m not wrong. Isn’t the one HS receive only on chest area? I’d like to think it’s not because of radiotherapy, but he was already in that state (probably because of smoking and drinking, like the doctor said).

          In this episode, IMHO, I just feel it’s like the writer didn’t want to choose the relapsing cancer as the obstacle (thanks writer) and choose this one as plot device, either to give the remaining episodes more dramatic conflict or to show their love is true love after facing this obstacle.

    • 19.2 Amelyia

      I didnt either..

    • 19.3 Quinze

      I had to brace myself for the last few minutes because I was seriously worried that the doc was going to say he had a relapse. So my initial reaction was Oh my, thank goodness! followed immediately by Noooooooo, Hwa shin!! Poor guy!. I know some people were saying it isn’t the end of the world and he needs to get over it but a. it’s still bad news especially for a guy who just found the woman of his dreams and wants to start a family with her and b. he literally just got the news, allow him a moment to process it.

      Seriously JJS nailed that scene so well. It was so heartbreaking. His voice breaking, the most heartwrenching tantrum I’ve seen in a long time.

      • 19.3.1 Newbie


    • 19.4 suegarbaby

      Re: Ja Young’s dropped earring (why is she always dropping them??)
      Yes, I wonder what they are planning to do with it?
      My imagination is running wild conjuring up scenes where:

      1. Na Ri finds it and gets into a huff thinking that Hwa Shin brought back a girl and jumping to the conclusion that it is Hye Won, which leads to a direct confrontation with Hye Won at the SBC station. Cat-fight complete with hair-pulling until Ja Young comes and find out and sheepishly admits it’s hers, leading to dropped jaws. Just as Ja Young confesses that it’s with Chef, Sung Suk comes round, overhears and throws a pity-me fit for being left out again.

      2. Hwa Shin’s mom finds it and starts getting excited thinking that her son has brought his girlfriend over, it’s truly serious. She brings it with her when she visits Ppal Gang’s flat, bumps into Ja Young, gleefully shows it to her and is shocked to find that it’s Ja Young’s. Cue wrong thinking and mommy fainting fits before the whole issue is cleared.

      3. Hwa Shin’s mom find its, bumps into Na Ri on her way out, gleefully informs Na Ri about her son’s girlfriend staying over and brandishing said earring. Misunderstanding hijinks ensue (only for a short bit before things get cleared up, but enough to give us belly-aching laughs!).

      4. Imagine Jung Won’s mom’s delight at the news of her brother’s “revival”, lol.

      • 19.4.1 gadis

        Ooohh… The possibilty is endless.

        Though I reckon we’ll definitely get to see Jung-won’s mom delight at her brother’s revival followed by long and eloquent “I told you so” speech to Jung-won regarding Na-ri no matter what kind of scenario being played out at the end. Bring all the hilarious hijinks.

      • 19.4.2 Amelyia


      • 19.4.3 Imbuk

        Ha ha.. Loved all your scenarios. But with this drama, anything can happen.

    • 19.5 Icel

      Yeah, I noticed the shooting star too and I am thinking that the wish that will come true is what HS said to the fortune teller that he want to live for a long time with Nari.

      Anyway, I am also curious what the fortune teller actually told him. Maybe it will be revealed soon.

  20. 20 goldeng

    Secretary Cha is life!! his eye roll was so epic! He can be paired with sassy nurse oh! Im sad that everytime theres a scene with jungwon, I just roll my eyes.. what happened?? I was never on his side but he didnt cause me this level of discomfort… this is the drama of flawed characters that do the best they can to survive and find happiness but JW… I doubt he’ll move forward and thats a shame… even if they do make him understand NR already decided, it would feel rushed to me!

    • 20.1 Quinze

      Hah yeah poor Secretary Cha. Honestly, the man has to follow JW around doing inane things like helping him pick what band to use for his watch…no I’m sorry holding up the bands for his boss to pick. Then he has to drive the guy around while he continues to be butthurt about not getting picked by a girl. That fight…like guys you’re grown adults.

      • 20.1.1 Strawberry

        I feel like taking Secretary Cha out for a drink…. wonder how much he would pour out, if given the chance heeee…. lol

        • junny

          Secretary Cha needs to join Nurse Oh for some groovy times~

          • Strawberry

            YES!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • Chandler

            Lol, barely any scenes together, but we’re already shipping them so hard. They end up together even if the drama doesn’t show it. πŸ˜›

        • MyGirl2016


    • 20.2 gabobobobo

      Well, after the first snow, it seems like he finally accept the sad truth. We’ll see next week what JW will do.

  21. 21 Quinze

    This show continues to hit all the right points for me. I feel like I’ve really been enjoying this last leg of the drama.
    This episode was another win for me. I loved the ambiguity of NR’s answer, the confusion HS spent much of the episode in, how much HS has changed in his love for NR.
    The hospital dance was so many things. Hilarious, cute, heartwarming. I love how much NR feels for HS and how happy they were that this nightmare might be ending for them. (It was really sweet when HS kneels in front of her to wipe her tears.) They spent the better part of the day withdrawn from each other but absolutely melt in concern for one another.

    JW is pretty much exactly as I figured he’d be. He’s never really had a moment where he didn’t quite get what he wanted and it shows. He can’t grasp the idea that sometimes no matter how perfect you think you’re being, some women aren’t just going to fall in love with you. And if they decide that you’re not the one they want, you have only yourself to blame if you assume otherwise. The fact that he just assumes that NR would want to follow him around the world because he has work just shows how little he really truly understands about her. JW walks around dangling the word marriage as if it makes him a better man. But if you don’t even know how much the lady you’re trying to marry values her brother and her career, what is the idea of marriage worth?

    HS has his fair share of flaws. He’s petty and stupidly competitive and has a laundry list of flaws. But one thing I give him credit for is self-awareness of his own imperfections. It’s what drives his insecurities. But HS will at least admit to that and acknowledge that he can be problematic.

    Anywho, I love Chef but I’m really confused about how confused he seems to be. But at least the parenting trio was hilarious.

    • 21.1 Imbuk

      Perfect analysis about jung won. Its not that we, the audience thought of him as perfect during the beginning episodes, he himself believes that of him as well. Hence, his inability to accept the fact that someone will choose an apparently flawed person over him. But jung won thinking that about himself as perfect and better than hwa shin is his major flaw. Also, the way he kept using marriage to show na ri that he is serious about her (even when she told she liked the both of them) without thinking about the consequences said marriage will have on both their lives shows that he only used it for namesake, to make sure she chooses him. I have always thought hwa shin is the egoistic one because he prides everything about himself blatantly, but maybe its jung won who is more egoistic in a subtle way?
      Also, I hope in the final episodes he starts realizing this and understand his flaws and moves on.

    • 21.2 junny

      Good read on Jung-won. I also think he doesn’t really understand the value of marriage and what it takes to make it work. It could be that he sees it as a form of escape from his domineering mother. He doesn’t understand Na-ri at all, not her job, not her family, not what makes her the person she is. I was pretty aghast that he just expected her to keep him company while he works (not that he even works much, bah), like how it panned out on one of their dates.

      I respect Hwa-shin for at least trying to understand Na-ri’s likes and dislikes – he wants to get even a small thing like cooking ramyun done just the way she likes it and will go all out to protect her job and dreams. That tells me a lot about how he will value the person he gives his heart to.

  22. 22 Vijaya

    Thank God! there are only two eposodes left for nobel idiocy if he wants to run away again. I hope this writer and Reply 1988 writer are not friends. Still haven’t seen last two episodes of Reply 88.

  23. 23 Amelyia

    Some older friend told me not to marry a sick person. There will be a lot of problems you ll never expected, though you love one another and you are kind hearted. Financial issues are among the most trouble.

    • 23.1 gabobobobo

      If you’re interested with the topic, there’s a good and realistic webtoon (with surreal dream/fantasy touch) call “Amanza” in spotoon about how a terminally cancer patient suffering affects people who are closest to him (family, lover, friends). It’s indeed sorrowful and not easy. But giving up will never be easy if you love him/her.

      • 23.1.1 Amelyia

        I don’t like sad stories, hehe. Thank you..

    • 23.2 Amelyia

      In real life you ll never know the ending of your life story. Thus, I am thinking that the writer intentionally gives HS and NR a lot of troubles for good reasons. If they survive now, there is a greater chance for happily ever after. Well, I am thinking that way about the writer.

    • 23.3 Strawberry

      There is truth in that. In some cases in real life, love just doesn’t miraculously conquer all. It really depends on the person’s endurance and persevering ability. It was actually an advice also given by the mother of GHJ’s character in It’s Okay, It’s Love. Interesting that your friend mentioned the same thing.

      • 23.3.1 Amelyia

        Sadly, it is her own story, Strawberry..

        • Strawberry

          πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” so sorry to hear it. She must be one strong woman, your friend.

  24. 24 es

    I was fully expecting the writer to use cancer relapse as the plot device that’d draw out the conflict in these last few episodes, but infertility?? That was completely unexpected, and yet still felt thoroughly organic to the story. It really served to double the emotional impact, because infertility in a partner is such a coldly practical obstacle – emotional attachment and chemistry is one thing, but when you physically cannot overcome such a limitation, I think there’s a natural tendency to feel an overwhelming amount of guilt for your partner, and what this brings to the relationship.

    On the other hand, in reality there are a lot of really good options (not alternatives!! options!!) out there, but seeing Hwa-shin be hit with this discovery just moments after having the realisation that he might want a family and kids after all is heartwrenching to watch.

    • 24.1 Amelyia

      Thanks. As you mention it, I have better understanding now on infertility point.
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      So HS again shows us how selfless he is. He is getting much attractive, haha..

  25. 25 Yoyo

    Last week I talked about the show in its entirety, this week I’d like to focus my feedback on the central characters. We’re at the final stretch of this magnificent show and I continue to be fed various amounts of the incredible Jo Jung Seok in his portrayal of the infamous Hwashin. This entire episode culminated the finality of Hwashin’s chase for love and what a journey it has been for him, for everyone, including us! It took him over 4 years, a serendipitous encounter in Bangkok, a misconstrued chest groping, stage one breast cancer, several slaps on the face, several punches, a selfless giveaway, one karaoke version of “Wrong Encounter”, a transient moment of reflection, craving for cup noodles post drunken stupor, a kids drawing, mud wrestling, a helicopter ride, a stairwell conversation, a long awaited confession and acceptance to get him to finally listen to his heart and follow its calling.

    At this point, no one should even question his sincerity for Nari’s affections. The entire episode showcased how these two, no matter how fate or anyone tries or attempts to pull them apart, these two always finds their way back into each other’s arms. I believe it’s still what’s going to get them to remain together despite and in spite of Hwashin’s personal tribulations. Nari came to terms with her own feelings and that took her sometime to realize that as well. This show was never about jealousy alone, it’s about the intricacies of love and the many layers of it. Maybe the entire Jung Won phase was to teach both Nari and Hwashin that rushing into things doesn’t speed up the process of forgetting the past, but rather teaching them that everyone is capable of making rash decisions and later dealing with its consequences. Maybe Jung Won himself can realize that he himself lacked in providing Nari what she needed. There’s always a lesson to be learned when one goes through heart break. Jung Won was the catalyst to his own heart break, Hwashin just happened to be the trigger and Nari the target.

    I’m just one out of the many who released a breath of sigh and relief knowing he wasn’t going to die because of that cancer. I’m still happy he isn’t dying. Let’s stick with that okay, show?
    But even with that momentary happiness comes with the heaviness of learning such devastating news about his infertility. That was his last thread of manliness pulled out of him and I personally felt the anguish and distraught of one Lee Hwashin, when he came face to face with that news. This is something he can’t face alone and I hope he doesn’t. Cue, total Hwashin breakdown!

    Lastly, I’m still holding on to that shooting star! I hope it gives Hwashin the happiness he desires and deserves. I really want to see what the fortune teller told him and hopefully we can all have a well deserving happy ending from SBS. Whether we get to see miraculous little snowmen by the finale or just our happy couple being happy, I’ll be…

    • 25.1 Yoyo

      ….I’ll be okay with that. Just no more deaths, ok, show?

      • 25.1.1 Amelyia

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love all you said, Yoyo.

      • 25.1.2 Imbuk

        Loved your analysis, yoyo! Also glad that you noticed the shooting star too. Hope It gets used in the final episodes.

        >>Jung Won was the catalyst to his own heart break, Hwashin just happened to be the trigger and Nari the target.

        This was on point.

      • 25.1.3 Amelyia

        I am also waiting for NR’s part to give him support and heal, Yoyo. Based on experienced, both sides show their growth, alternatingly.

      • 25.1.4 Strawberry

        Definitely with you, @Yoyo!

      • 25.1.5 kumoiwa

        I’m still holding out for that shooting star as well! Hwa-shin has more than redeemed himself and shown so much growth in my eyes, a happy ending has to be in order.

      • 25.1.6 MyGirl2016

        ❀❀❀ Yoyo

  26. 26 Strawberry

    Everything have been said by all of you here, I have nothing more to add. Love reading your comments as usual β™₯ These 2 episodes were just 😭😭😭, thank goodness for some comedic relief scenes here and there.

    JW’s jealousy has just crossed to ugly, it’s so painful to watch. Dude, you just don’t throw someone who has been your best friend for years under a bus just like that, such a low blow. Moreover, he dealt that blow with the full intention to hurt. Oh, JW… what has become of you? Even though I was never quite taken by all his smooth act since the beginning, I genuinely think, or thought, that he was quite a decent guy. His earlier relationship with HS was just one the greatest bromance I’ve seen in K-dramas.

    But at this point, he just won’t learn to grow to be a better man. Such a pity. I’m so exasperated with him during that arguing scene, and rolled my eyes along with Secretary Cha.

    I kinda feel this episode and the next one is like one long cohesive story, that just happened to be divided into “part 1” and “part 2”, if you know what I mean, unlike the previous episodes. And doctor Geum posed some questions to HS that were really needed to be considered in the next episode (this isn’t spoiler, rite?), but we’ll talk about that later.

    The little snowmen family, the first snow fall, oh my… made me miss winter so bad, now I’m living in the tropics πŸ˜„

    • 26.1 gabobobobo

      Yup, I still remember JW hugged HS in the company’s dorm and telling him he will treat HS well like a brother, so he should treat his mother well, too. It was touching and sincere gesture.
      I hope the last episodes will redeem his actions this past weeks.

      • 26.1.1 Strawberry

        Yes, that was such a memorable scene. Me, too @gabobobo, I definitely hope the final week will redeem JW.

      • 26.1.2 suegarbaby

        Aww, that scene gave me feels. Jung Won before jealousy coloured him ugly was such an adorable darling. I too hope the last episodes will redeem him as a character, and give us back the Jung Won we all liked in the beginning.

  27. 27 Lizzie

    Still love this drama. πŸ™‚ My only complaint is what the drama is trying to say with Chef.. I am not sure what they are trying to convey but so far I am pretty pessimistic.. Like someone else said a person’s sexuality can be fluid so maybe that’s what they are going for..but I really doubt it.

    • 27.1 es

      Yeah I really doubt that that’s what the show’s going for, and I’d rather people not make excuses for it lol. I mean, at this point, there’s still two episodes for the show to redeem this particular storyline, but if they do continue down this direction, it’s just going to be even more disappointing than it already is. πŸ™ I had such high hopes at the beginning for Chef Rak’s character, but the way they’re handling his story now is thoroughly problematic, and admittedly does sour my liking for the rest of the show.

  28. 28 Janecole

    Tq dramallama,

    Secretary CHA ! no matter what happens in the future you have to be sticky with JW – roll your eyes AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE ! but NEVER ! leave him alone. You have to CHA CHA CHA with JW ! AND do have courage to date the rude nurse (hurting JW with the wheeled trolley) !.

    Ahem ! the snowman and the minis – it could MELT anytime when the temperature rises.

    HS should had prayed in the temple instead of visiting the fortune teller

    HS infertile does it affect his manhood ? Also Dysfunction ? Oh poor Nari you go girl ! live with it or think selfish like what HS did before.

    The scriptwriter portray JW character unreasonably miserable but we understood why it has to be written as unfavored character for 2nd lead plot and she might also follow the kdrama “fantastic” finale !

    So chaeyeol didn’t like HS – he has soft spot for JW because he observe without failed very early in the morning JW has been fetching his sister to work until she had a car.

    • 28.1 gabobobobo

      As far as I know, the doctor only mentioned HS got high chance of infertility. There’s nothing said about erectile dysfunction or anything like that, yet.

  29. 29 Imbuk

    This is one of those threads where I love to read all the comments. Because you guys deconstruct each character and find reasons for why they do the things they did. Also, there is so much relationship analysis too and i get to see both the for and against perspective. Also this is such a detailed show I always miss something but once I get here, I ll know what I missed. So, thank you beanies, dramallama and saya. You guys make this show even more incredible for me!

  30. 30 Athena

    Anyone know what song it is in ep 21 when hwa shin dances to stop na ri from crying in the hospital?

    • 30.1 Chandler

      I’m still eagerly waiting for its release. It seems they’re saving it for last so we probably won’t get it until Wednesday.

  31. 31 miu

    i think it would have been more interesting for JW’s character to have accepted that NR is now with HS. He should have comforted NR but defended and explained HS’s character since he is/was his bro rather than the fight again about how he is a better choice. i missed the bromance and wish it would come back.

    cannn’t wait for tmrrrrr~

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