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Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 23
by | November 11, 2016 | 88 Comments

Our couple faces the reality of their obstacles, which may not be as complicated and mortifying as it seems. Or maybe it is for a fragile ego. It’s a good thing that Na-ri is so incredibly patient with her counterpart, but her patience doesn’t exist without a couple of petty fights, persistent nagging, and affirmation of love.


Hwa-shin concludes his personal breast cancer report and walks past an unsatisfied PD Oh to Na-ri, who watched his report in tears. Jung-won also saw the report, and we see his somber look as he hangs his head.

Na-ri asks Hwa-shin if he’s crazy, and he pulls her into a comforting embrace. He pulls away and wipes away her tears. “This is fact, nothing is incorrect. This is right,” he tells her. He vows to deliver news in this manner and tells her to wait for him at home.

Hwa-shin confidently walks onto the elevator, where Announcer Park looks at his with fear and flinches when Hwa-shin adjusts his cuffs. In the lobby, Hwa-shin turns around and backs Announcer Park onto the wall. Then, he takes out a pack of cigarettes and stuffs it in Announcer Park’s pocket to settle their debt.

Once Hwa-shin sits in his car, his façade wears off and he cringes in mortification. He’s thoroughly embarrassed and calls him crazy for outing himself. Ha, this is the Hwa-shin we know.

When Hwa-shin stops at an intersection, Jung-won spots him and turns his car around to follow him. But Jung-won’s car gets stuck at a light, and he worries about where Hwa-shin is headed, since he wasn’t driving home.

Hwa-shin calls Mom and apologizes for missing dinner. Mom watched his report despite his attempt to decoy her to make him dinner, and she orders him to hold tightly onto his girlfriend who stayed by his side through his treatment. Crying, she says that he’ll never get married if he loses her. She weeps at the possibility that he’ll never get married, and Hwa-shin tries to soothe her.

Na-ri calls Hwa-shin in worry, but he doesn’t pick up. He just continues to drive through a tunnel, which reads in parody: No fleeing while dating.

The next morning, the station is buzzing with Hwa-shin’s report, and PD Oh finds a leave request from Hwa-shin on his desk. Na-ri comes into his office, and this is news to her, since he disappeared without telling anyone.

In the following days, Na-ri continues to call Hwa-shin and seeks Jung-won for help. Jung-won assures her that he’ll find Hwa-shin and admits defeat with an encouraging smile. The days continue with no word from Hwa-shin, and his absence consumes Na-ri, as she calls and cries.

Na-ri ends up at the hospital after absentmindedly closing the rice cooker on her hand, and she drops by Doctor Geum’s office to update them about Hwa-shin. They’re surprised and worried by his disappearance, and Na-ri asks them about his test results. They keep his secret and claim that he’s fine.

One early morning, Hwa-shin returns to the station and finds his face blown up on the building in a banner that quotes: “I hope for our country to be a place where minorities can also be happy.” He’s amused.

Before he walks into the set, he practices in his head, “Let’s break up.” He walks in as Na-ri delivers the news, and she pauses briefly before finishing her lines. Hwa-shin walks up to her after she redirects the news to a report, and he nonchalantly tells her that it seems like she’s been waiting for him. She stays expressionless.

Before Hwa-shin can deliver his practiced lines, PD Oh and Announcer Uhm acknowledge that they’ve been waiting and drag him out of the set. Hwa-shin asks for his warning, since he hasn’t shown up to work all week. PD Oh tells him to get right on camera, but Hwa-shin has no intention to.

Hwa-shin returns to the set after the broadcast, and Na-ri hinds her injured fingers from him. She maintains her composure as Hwa-shin tries to make casual conversation before dropping his bomb. He practices again in his head, but his words come out jumbled as, “Let’s no—t break up.” Hee.

As they eat at the cafeteria, Na-ri asks what he’s been doing, and he doesn’t give her a clear answer. He just explains that he was embarrassed but returned in a week only because of her. She asks what conclusion he drew after disappearing for a week, and he prepares in his head again — “Let’s break up!” — but his words come out clearly as the opposite: “Let’s not break up.” Ha.

She ignores his statement and asks if he watched her on TV. He says that he didn’t have a TV, and he practices in his head again. Trying to get it right, he says with more conviction: “Let’s not break up.” HA. Na-ri responds this time and confirms that they’re not breaking up. Then, she proceeds to eat with her injured hand and ignores his worried questions.

Frustrated with himself, Hwa-shin screams on the roof, “LET’S BREAK UP!” He squirms in anger and calls himself selfish for not being able to get the words out.

PD Oh runs into Announcer Park in the bathroom and delivers some great news: Announcer Park has been issued a transfer to Kenya. Announcer Park yells in complaint, but PD Oh shrugs that it’s simply orders from the company. Good riddance.

Hwa-shin boards the elevator with Sung-sook, and she stares at his chest. He reminds her to stop staring and that his chest isn’t hers. But she gently place her hand on his right chest to ask if he’s alright. He clarifies that it’s the wrong side, and he grabs her hand before she can violate him again.

Sung-sook smirks that he seems okay, seeing that he’s rebelling. She knows that he requested a warning for his absence, but Sung-sook updates him on the past week. Viewers called in for him, not because they were curious or sympathetic, but to request that Hwa-shin report at his place every day. On top of that, his relationship with Na-ri has been all the buzz. They’ve been the talk of the week, but Hwa-shin is skeptical.

While preparing for the news, Hye-won tells Hwa-shin that she’s given up on him. He assumes that he found a better man, but she continues with her parting words. She still thinks his chest is sexy and wants to anchor the news beside him for a while, so she tells him to stay healthy. He looks touched by her words.

Na-ri watches Hwa-shin on the news and thinks back to his repeated statements to not break up. She imagines him saying it over the news, and then she imagines what he really wants to say, seemingly aware of his intent.

At home, Hwa-shin reads the newspaper and looks to Mom. He calls her to her and says, “Let’s break up.” She scolds him, saying that they can’t break up because they’re mother and son. Hwa-shin shakes his head, wondering why it’s so easy to say these words to his mother.

At the end of the next day, Na-ri approaches Hwa-shin and asks him out to dinner. His mind says no, but his mouth says yes, so they end up eating at the pojangmacha. Hwa-shin asks if he can order a soju, and Na-ri reminds him that he never asked her permission before and orders for him.

As he drinks, Na-ri tells Hwa-shin that he should officially meet Chi-yeol as her boyfriend. She acknowledges that Chi-yeol doesn’t like him, but she says that he’ll act with the contempt of a mother-in-law to whoever her boyfriend is (true that). She laughs that Bum will also be his brother-in-law. Then, Hwa-shin says it, “Let’s break up.”

He seems a little shocked that he finally said it, and Na-ri jokingly asks if it’s because he’s scared of his future brother-in-laws. Then, she casually asks if it’s because of his infertility. Hwa-shin’s face falls, and he accusingly asks when she found out. She admits that she found out soon after he disappeared, and Hwa-shin takes another swig of soju.

He repeats that they should break up, now that everything’s out in the open, but Na-ri refuses to. She says that she doesn’t need to have children — Hwa-shin is enough. He calls her out on her lie and says that she’s making him feel shameful. Na-ri insists that she’s okay, but Hwa-shin says that he’s not. He’s confident that he can love her forever, but he questions whether he can make her happy. Na-ri says that she can’t break up, but Hwa-shin asserts that they break up and leaves.

Alone at the pojangmacha, Na-ri thinks back to her conversation with Doctor Geum. She caught Doctor Geum in her lies and asked for the truth. Doctor Geum warns her that Hwa-shin will be unstable and encourages her to wait for him. At home, she thinks back to building the snowbaby and cries into the baby items that Hwa-shin bought for her in bulk.

Announcer Uhm tells PD Oh that he needs to fly to England because his mom is in critical condition and requests that Hwa-shin take over for a week. PD Oh warns him that he may not get his anchor position back, but Announcer Uhm is desperate for coverage. PD Oh speaks to the president, who orders him to put Na-ri and Hwa-shin together as a replacement pair, but PD Oh doesn’t support the idea of the two of them reporting together.

Na-ri knocks on Hwa-shin’s door and pulls him outside. She asks to think of the situation in reverse — would he break up with her if she was infertile? He ignores the question and tells her to get lost, but Na-ri continues. She acknowledges that a marriage without a child could get tiring, but she can’t imagine a marriage without him. She warns him not to break up with her again, but he says it again.

He says it again and again with a straight face, even when Na-ri tells him to shut up. She swallows the bitter words and optimistically says that it’s just subfertility and technology has advanced. She suggests that they do it every day, eat all the good food, and take sexy naps.

She insists that they just need to keep trying, but Hwa-shin isn’t hopeful. She says that they’ll take naps every time they eat ramyun and buy more ramyun to keep trying. Na-ri’s “Let’s get married” is countered with Hwa-shin’s “Let’s break up,” and she finally gives up. She lets him have his way, and walks off in defeat.

She sits on his patio, and Hwa-shin tells her to go home. She refuses and lies down. She gives him a thumbs up for his stubborn pride and says that she’s done enough. She held on long enough and yells that they should give up everything. She gets up and suggests that they eat ramyun one last time, but he doesn’t want to.

Chi-yeol discovers Na-ri there and asks what she’s doing. Hwa-shin tells Chi-yeol that his drunk noona is having a drunken fit and tells him to remove her from his patio. And of course, mother-in-law Chi-yeol gets defensive and almost jumps over to the roof.

The next morning, Chef greets Ja-young and Sung-sook in a well-fitted suit and seems to glow in Sung-sook’s eyes. He reminds Ja-young to meet him at the hotel later and drives off to his appointment. Sung-sook pouts that she doesn’t want to eat dinner alone and says that she doesn’t want Ja-young to date anyone because she feels abandoned. As she walks away, Sung-sook turns to Ja-young and asks, “How can people change so easily?” Heh.

PD Oh tells Na-ri and Hwa-shin that they’ll be taking over the 9 o’clock news for the week, and Hwa-shin refuses the offer. Sung-sook decided that she didn’t want to anchor the news with Hwa-shin, so they’re filling in for the week under the president’s orders. Na-ri gratefully accepts the opportunity while Hwa-shin fumes.

As they walk down the hall, Hwa-shin warns Na-ri that she won’t be able to marry anyone else if the station continues to milk this PR opportunity by pairing them on the air. She questions if he’s doubting her skill to anchor beside him, but Hwa-shin continues to assert that this is a premature opportunity that could make her more vulnerable, because she could lose her morning anchor position.

Na-ri says that she’s never worked safely, so this danger doesn’t pose a threat to her. He reminds her that they’ve broken up, but Na-ri criticizes him for breaking up with her and discouraging her from this opportunity under the guise of having her best interest at heart. She refuses to stand down and calls Hwa-shin a coward.

Hwa-shin finds Sung-sook looking a bit defeated on set, and he knows that she refused to anchor the news with him because he’ll always be a high-schooler in her eyes. She knows that he’s trying to use this opportunity for personal gain, and he says that everyone would do the same in this situation.

The air is still awkward between Hwa-shin and Na-ri, but Sung-sook and PD Oh look upon with approval as they open the 9 o’clock news.

Chef meets with his sister, Madam Kim, who’s elated at the news of someone who “cured” Chef’s low arousal (note: we translated Chef’s low arousal as asexuality in previous episodes, and it seems that was incorrect, as asexuality is not something to be “cured”). They’re at the hotel restaurant, and Ja-young nervously approaches them to introduce herself to Madam Kim. Chef introduces her as the sexiest woman in the world to him, and Madam Kim looks to her with her mouth agape.

Back on set, Na-ri continues reporting about a company’s president facing a penalty, and Hwa-shin interrupts her with his editorialized statements about the source of the president’s wealth. Dong-gi freaks out in the control room and orders Na-ri to cut in with their prepared lines. But Hwa-shin wraps up with another inflammatory statement directed to the president, and Na-ri tries to reach over to him under the table to make him stop. Dong-gi complains that he’ll get blamed for this, and luckily they conclude the news before Hwa-shin can continue.

After they’re off the air, Hwa-shin turns to Na-ri and asks if he’s still a coward. Oh, so you did that to prove that you weren’t? Sung-sook and PD Oh tell him to take it easy, but they both know how reckless Hwa-shin can be.

Later that night, Na-ri picks up a blanket from the cleaners and brings it to Hwa-shin’s house. She’s also brought a rice cooker and iron for them to use together, calling it her dowry. Hwa-shin reminds her that they broke up, but Na-ri reminds him that she suffered through unrequited love for three years. So after dating, it may take up to 30 years to break up. She agrees to break up with him in 30 years and leaves him with her dowry.

In the next news segment, Hwa-shin continues to call out the wealthy company presidents for their corruption, and Dong-gi shakes his head that Hwa-shin is only jeopardizing himself. After the conclusion, Hwa-shin asks Na-ri if he’s still a coward, and PD Oh storms onto the set to warn him about taking responsibility for all the investors that back out after his accusatory statements.

As Hwa-shin walks home, he finds Bum at the corner convenience store and asks for a bite of his bread. Bum refuses, and Hwa-shin calls him petty. But the King of Petty cannot be beat, as we see that Hwa-shin won first place on the arcade game just to beat out Bum.

As Hwa-shin walks out of the convenience store with his bag of snacks, he turns to Bum one more time and asks for a bite, calling him “brother-in-law.” This time, Bum readily agrees, and Hwa-shin happily takes a bite. Aww, so cute.

Na-ri joins them and asks Hwa-shin where he went during that week he disappeared. In a flashback, we see that he visited his brother’s grave, spending his days with his brother and nights sleeping in his car. As he napped by his brother, Jung-won approached him.

Jung-won admitted to finding him only after looking everywhere else, and they shared a drink. Jung-won said that he must like Hwa-shin more than Na-ri, and Hwa-shin laughed at his confession. Jung-won explained that he saw how lonely Hwa-shin looked leaving the station after his public confession, and realized that he was no longer the Hwa-shin he knew. He saw how sincere Hwa-shin’s love was and learned to give up, and said that he decided to see Hwa-shin as a new friend from now on.

Back at the convenience store, Hwa-shin just tells Na-ri that he spent time with his brother and a new friend. Na-ri then suggests that they have dinner together as colleagues, so that they can build a better rapport as news partners. Bum looks at them back and forth as they argue whether or not to have dinner.

The president calls PD Oh and complains about how many commercials they lost thanks to Hwa-shin. He orders that Hwa-shin give up his position and for his banner to be taken down.

Na-ri gets her way, and she ends up making dinner for Hwa-shin. She makes the stew to fit his taste (thanks to Mom’s tip), and she says that they don’t need children because she has Child Hwa-shin. She asks again if they’re really breaking up, and he confirms.

Hwa-shin tells Na-ri to watch her expressions during broadcast because she’ll lose her audience, and Na-ri calls him annoying. He says that she used to admire him wholeheartedly whenever he said these things in the past, and Na-ri marvels at how blind she was.

Na-ri feeds Hwa-shin anchovies because it’s good for his chest, but he spits it out because he’s a child. She tells Mr. I-don’t-even-listen-to-my-mom to listen to both her and his mother, and complains that he always interrupts her during her lines. She warns him that he’ll cause a huge incident being too reckless and accuses him of being worse than Announcer Park.

Hwa-shin is offended to be compared to Announcer Park, but Na-ri justifies her comparison by saying that he makes her way more anxious during broadcast. Hwa-shin claims that he warned her, but Na-ri wants him to collaborate, not dictate. She continues to goad him until he shuts her mouth with a kiss.

Na-ri looks shocked, but she closes her eyes just as Chi-yeol calls for her. She pulls apart from him and quickly rushes him to her bed. She closes the curtains and hides the extra food as Chi-yeol walks in to grab his keys. Na-ri pretends to be eating and drinking alone, but as Chi-yeol leaves, he notices the extra shoes. But Chi-yeol is a merciful mother-in-law today and leaves without mentioning it.

Na-ri rushes over to Hwa-shin and apologizes for pushing him into hiding. She sits down and asks why he kissed her. Can they still kiss while they’re broken up, she asks. Hwa-shin doesn’t know. Then, Na-ri asks if he wants to sleep with her.

Hwa-shin hesitates and asks if she’s really okay with him and not having children. She insists that she’s okay, but Hwa-shin tries to deny it. Na-ri holds his face and says that she’ll take responsibility for him, but Hwa-shin refuses. Na-ri clumsily takes off her sweater with the help of Hwa-shin, and Hwa-shin begins to have second thoughts again.

Na-ri kisses Hwa-shin, but he’s still doubtful that he’ll be able to make her happy. She tells him to raise his hands and tries to take off his sweater for him, and he eventually takes it off himself. They tuck themselves into bed, and Hwa-shin tells her not to wear turtlenecks because they’re hard to take off.

In bed, Hwa-shin asks if Na-ri won or if he lost, and she says that it’s a draw. They begin to kiss, and Na-ri intermittently nags, “No more disappearing.” More kisses. “And eat anchovies.” More kisses. “And sleep well.” More and more kisses.

As they roll over in bed, they knock the TV remote on the ground and turn it on. The TV shows their bed scene but with a new 19+ rating in the corner. And because this show is 15+, this is where we stop.


We’re nearing the end, and it certainly feels like it. Though not the most compelling conflict, I found myself sympathetic to Hwa-shin’s infertility (or subfertility?) as the first real obstacle as a couple. I found his stubborn denial of love and reality sort of endearing, kind of the way Na-ri treats him like a child. Not that infertility is insignificant and petty — but his reasons for his embarrassment are due to his immense pride that he still can’t seem to temper. He’s always been an empty inflated bubble of ego with no substance, and that’s what is so endearing and frustrating about him. And luckily, Na-ri knows how to burst his bubble and genuinely get him, even if she needs to stoop to his level of petty to translate her love.

I love Hwa-shin as a character and Jo Jung-seok as Hwa-shin because his ability to express Hwa-shin’s minute changes in expression was incredible. I joked that I could make a quilt out of the many faces of Jo Jung-seok as Hwa-shin, and with the length of this drama, I could probably make one for each episode. Jokes aside, I think that Hwa-shin was filled with life thanks to the actor that really brought heart and humanity to a character that would otherwise be pretty unlikable. There were problematic things about Hwa-shin as a character, especially when he was pitted against Jung-won as his romantic rival. But there was always a level of sympathy for this character, who slowly recognized the pitfalls of his fragile ego as he fell in love.

While Hwa-shin may get all the credit for his faces and hilarity, I think Na-ri deserves the credit for making him shine. She’s the brave one who’s not afraid to speak with brutal honesty, take risks, and fail. She’s the one who humanized Hwa-shin and made him likable, even in his petty cowardly days. Her growth from the three-year-long crush to now was quite an arc, but I wish I could have seen her grow without the context of these two men revolving around her. I don’t doubt that she would be an awesome human, but there really was no sidekick or other significant relationships that were highlighted with Na-ri. Sure, she had Chi-yeol (who is my favorite dramaland mother-in-law now), but the depiction of that relationship was often truncated. I don’t know who Na-ri is really outside of her relationship with her brother and the boys.

In that sense, I do feel like I’ve been robbed of an aspect of character development in Na-ri. While she took risks in love and her career, I can’t say that I would want to be her friend. I just don’t know who she is outside of love and her career. She’s personable in different ways — as a woman who is very honest and real with her vulnerabilities — but she wasn’t necessarily the most relatable friend-like character. Perhaps, this is not the way Na-ri was supposed to be perceived, and maybe it was just too complicated to add more dimension to Na-ri’s character. But I just wish we had a Jung-won equivalent (as in a best friend) for Na-ri that would give us more insight into her thoughts and relationships.

I do enjoy where we are at this point in the show. Hwa-shin and Na-ri have figured out their dynamic through multiple petty arguments, an incredibly awkward and charged share house, and definitely through their relationship with Bum. Seeing those two with Bum does create an image of a family, and I think the show will make that image a reality. I can’t see the writers making karma work against Hwa-shin again, and the least they can do is give him happiness.

I’m not sure how much the finale will be able to cover, in terms of the world around our couple that really faded away in these last couple of episodes, but I can’t argue with the creativity of this show. There was an element of fun in each episode, and I enjoyed the thought and cheekiness of the production. The background music, the cues for the “No no no no nooo~,” and the incredible manifestation of jealousy in pettiness were just a few details that really added to my enjoyment of this series. My last words for the pettiest couple of the year: Long live ramyun and sexy naps.


88 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cocolychee

    The best part of this episode? When they were both struggling to take off their turtlenecks!! It was so natural and cute and real! I watched the scene too many times, and every time they both struggled I started laughing. Their kissing wasn’t too bad either… 😉
    It’s the small things that really make me love and enjoy this drama!

    • 1.1 es

      YES. it’s the small details in these kinds of interactions that really get me in this drama. love it.

      • 1.1.1 Le

        that Was the most hilarious Bed scene Ever.

    • 1.2 gadis

      It’s amazing that even with only clothes style changes, everything become so different. Remember when Hwa-shin tried to seduce Na-ri in Jung-won’s house? He wore a shirt then, and him popping open his buttons gave that scene a hot, sexy, and slightly dangerous tone. But here when they finally did sleep together, those turtleneck made that scene looks cute, sweet, hilarious, but still sexy at the same time.

      • 1.2.1 gabobobobo

        Now, I need to rewatch HS popping his button again just because JJS is hot.

        • Chandler

          Honestly, I’m not surprised they made a whole deal out of HS and his shirt unbuttoning. Ever since OMG, I’ve noticed JJS is particularly sexy when he does that. Haha, still, I’m glad they went with the turtleneck this time. So cute.

      • 1.2.2 Newbie

        And his shirt and his chest were soooo important to him. One of the first scenes with him was this bar brawl in Thailand bitching over a special shirt and how only real men could wear them. Then they give us the great seduction in a winterly turtleneck (and Na Ri looking away from his naked chest!). 😀

        This show! <3

    • 1.3 Quinze

      +1000 yes!!

      @gadis, that’s a really good point. I love the comparison. It says so much about these two and what the right time really meant to them.

    • 1.4 Chandler

      I know!!! I adored the build-up to the kisses even more than the kisses themselves (lol, only barely though)! The way he hilariously flinches away when she starts attempting to take her turtleneck off, only to help her just a second later. And then he can’t keep his hands from stroking her hair.

      The best part, though, was undoubtably, “Lee Hwa-sin, manse!!!”

      • 1.4.1 gadis

        Now I can’t hear that particular word without picturing certain someone being cute and sexy at the same time. Ah, Jo Jung-seok… This is so not healthy for my heart.

        • Chandler

          Haha, I know. Now whenever I hear “manse” in any other drama, I’ll just be picturing sexy times. Also, whenever I see turtlenecks, hehehe.

          This show, even until the last episode, has so many specific, (&, often, meaning-laden) objects that make me think of it: ramen, umbrellas, ice cream, snowmen, squid/octopus, now turtlenecks, the list goes on and on. How exactly am I supposed to let it go when so many things remind me of it?

  2. gadis

    Cookies for beanies who said Announcer Park would be the one who get send to Kenya for a year in the last post. Ha! Serves him right.

    This drama is great at turning the usual trope on its head. That scene when Hwa-shin kept thinking that he should say “Let’s break up” but always ended up say “Let’s not break up” was gold. Especially when Na-ri smirked the first time he said it, all I-know-you-will-say-that. He called himself a self-centered jerk, but in my eyes he is the sane kdrama male lead I’ve wanted to watch for years. So his attempts at noble idiocy later on was mostly moot and turned into a perfect way for Na-ri to confront his too-much-pride and stubbornness head on.

    There was a lovely tie-in between Hwashin-Nari-Jungwon and Jayoung-Chef-Sungsook triangles. At first I thought it was all about ugly jealousy and hurt because of losing love interest to a friend. But turns out, it’s more similar to what kids felt when they suddenly have a new sibling. Those people might have many colleagues, but they only have each other as a friend. I think the hurt they felt when they have to share that one friend with other people far outweight their jealousy over the loveline. And that’s why I love how Hwa-shin and Jung-won tried to built their friendship anew, to let go of their previous judgment and relearn about each other from the very beginning. I hope that’s also what will happen to our two moms.

    Also, that last scene!! OMG!!! I laughed, got seconhand embarrasment, shed some tears, swooned, felt hot and bothered, and definitely didn’t make much sense. Hufff… *fan self*

    • 2.1 Imbuk

      This drama is so clever. It made us expect that hwa shin will be the one to go to kenya (especially when he asked PD Oh whether people will forget everything in a year) and I thought there will be a jump in timeline but then it has to surprise us by sending announcer park to kenya. Yay!

    • 2.2 junny

      I felt a bit sad for Sung-sook when she moaned about Ja-young changing. It’s an indication of how far Sung-sook has come when she’s sadder about Ja-young not having time for her now that Ja-young’s got Chef on the side. Aww, I wish the moms would have a ladies’ night out together and just have some fantastic good times all on their own.

      I like how the Jung-won bit was done in this episode and how they decided to start afresh as friends. I still don’t like him as a character but the patching up was well done and interestingly at the cemetery, where Joong-shin would be able to “watch over” this set of new friends.

      And bye bye Announcer Park! Enjoy your Kenya AA coffee! I legit laughed out loud when PD Oh said that, hehe.

      • 2.2.1 gadis

        And PD Oh delivered that news so nonchalantly like it was no biggie, when in fact no one in the entire office wanted to volunteer for that position. Just like what Dramallama said, Good riddance.

      • 2.2.2 Chandler

        I really applauded the writer there. I mean, she definitely put that whole Kenya thing out there to make us fear separation, but then did the exact thing we fervently wished for!!! So well-played.

  3. redfox

    I don´t even watch it but that sweater in the picture looks like she has snakes on her chest

    • 3.1 Imbuk

      I agree, redfox. That was one funny costume. Looked too big for her as well.

    • 3.2 mexmax

      That whole outfit made it seem like she was walking around wearing a comforter.

  4. kit

    The first half of this episode was comedy gold, with the upturning of the noble idiocy cliche. The second half hurt my heart and kept me laughing. This was really Nari’s episode to shine, and I love how she keeps hanging on, and how she knows just how to deal with Hwashin.

    I really liked how the other plotlines came to a close in this episode, with the second leads ‘giving up’ in line with their characters. Sungsook especially was adorable.

    I would argue that we’ve seen Nari as a character without the boys too, though. She keeps odd hours because of her job, so it’s not a surprise that the people she hangs out with are those from work. We saw how she dealt with the other weather newscasters, how she wasn’t cowed in front of Hyewon and used friendly language even though she’s a sunbae, how she dealt with her superiors turned protective mums, how she even invited her future mother in law over for food. I don’t think her world is much larger than this.

  5. es

    I feel like this drama really shines when the writing just lets itself focus on the relationships of the characters and their day-to-day lives. It gives it a very endearing family sitcom kind of charm, and I feel like that’s why it’s been one of the very (very very) few kdramas that has still managed to hold my interest until the very end, despite its 24 episode length.

    It’s also one of the very few kdramas that has actually let its secondary characters shine and add to the drama in their own ways (minus Chef Rak lmao), instead of relegating them to the usual stale secondary character tropes. The Sung-sook/Ja-young friendship is everything I ever wanted from them – Sung-sook throwing a jealous tantrum about Ja-young dating was one of my favourite moments from this episode. And I will never get sick of Bum being Hwa-shin and Na-ri’s constant third wheel omg – I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: they are THE most adorable family unit ever. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙁 And Chi-yeol!!! Practically leaping off the roof in indignation at Hwa-shin!! Half of me hopes Chi-yeol hates Hwa-shin forever, because I will never get sick of seeing his mother-in-law hackles rise.

    Also!! That last scene!!! I’m sure at one point I was questioning the logic behind Na-ri’s intentions, but then I kind of just…..forgot?? Around the time they started taking off each other’s turtlenecks. No idea why. LOL.

    • 5.1 gabobobobo

      I also found Sung-Sook adorable when she was jealous that Ja-Young got stolen from her, not because she stole chef. I remember HS’ brother imagination when all people dance happily together. His wish was starting to be fulfilled when they all came to the funeral. Now, they are one big loving family (with complex relationship, LOL).

    • 5.2 Mady

      “I feel like this drama really shines when the writing just lets itself focus on the relationships of the characters and their day-to-day lives.”

      I definitely agree! I think that’s why this drama has been so compelling and interesting to watch (also Hwa-shin), and these are definitely the writer’s strengths. It was the same way with Miss Korea, imo

  6. Chandler

    Yay! I thought I wouldn’t be able to comment on this recap until later tomorrow. I still don’t technically have a huge window of time right now so I’m probably going to cheat and post some of my thoughts from Open Thread for those who don’t really frequent there. Haha, those who’ve already come across my more melodramatic version of this comment can skip the following 😛

    What I loved about this episode:

    1. Finally, we have a realistic ‘attempt’ at noble idiocy (which we all know is bound to fail when a couple actually knows & understands each other). I couldn’t even get mad at Hwa-shin because we were shown his constant failed attempts at breaking up whenever he would think the words, only to come out with “Let’s never break up!” instead, lol. JJS’s delivery…just, ahhh, this guy. I savor every ridiculous, hopeless line he utters.

    2. And we have a heroine who actually knows him enough to sense an issue and figure it out for herself! Uh, thank you, Pyo Na-ri. You get all the stars. Lol, she even saw through his “Let’s never break up” and knew exactly what words he was trying, but failing to say to her before he finally succeeded in saying them. Love that she confronted the issue head-on & didn’t let him get away with his BS. But, even more, I love that she was patient enough with him to let him come to terms with his issues.

    3. What I love most of all, though? That after being patient with his half-assed attempt at noble idiocy, she finally just went and seduced it allll out of his system. Seriously, why has no k-drama character ever attempted this before (lol, no one really needs to answer that)? I finally figured it out! Noble idiocy exists in dramaland because of the constant restriction placed on any form of skin-ship beyond hand-holding and chaste kisses. Haha, Na-ri knew full well Hwa-shin would be a goner as soon as she turned his “sleep with me” back around on him. He never stood a chance.

    4. And, lastly, thank you, Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jung-seok for the most hilarious, sweet, and passionate love scene I’ve seen in a drama in years. This may seem shallow, but hey, it was well-acted & just lovely to see sex portrayed as something natural and joyous and beautiful. And for the girl to initiate it so boldly too! I mean, JJS always burns it up, but GHJ was seriously hot in this scene. I’m pretty sure she had me swooning just as much as him.

    • 6.1 Chandler

      Also, just want to mention, @Quinze @Ren @gobobobobo, I enjoyed reading your comments on OT 🙂 I completely agree with everything, especially this:

      “I love though that by this point NR is just rolling her eyes at her dumb boyfriend being dumb again. Like she’s essentially like I’ll make my own decisions for myself thankyouverymuch.”

      -Hahaha, pretty much this. He has put her through way too much already for her to give up that easily. I loved when she was all like “It’ll take 30 years for us to break up!”, lol.

      • 6.1.1 Quinze

        Aww thanks!
        Haha yeah, I loved how she pauses for half a second as if she’s calculating just how much she’ll cling to him before they break up before she throws out 30 years. Like, Hon, that is some serious dedication!

    • 6.2 UmbrellaMan

      Don’t have much to add. Just a yes yes yes yes yes to everything you said! Loved every minute of this episode.

      Hell, loved every minute of this show! I thought they were bonkers at first for making a rom com that was 24 episodes long. Ha, did they prove me wrong.

    • 6.3 junny

      I love how Na-ri turned his “Sleep with me” on Hwa-shin! That whole bit was so well done, and they were so so adorable together. The kisses were yummy too. It was beautiful, that moment Hwa-shin realised Na-ri wasn’t ever leaving him and that she accepted him as he is. I wish more k-dramas had couples who actually want to talk things out and would work at it until the issues were thrashed out and cleared up. Hats off to Na-ri’s perseverance.

      And Chi-yeol’s look when he realised what happened… haha, priceless. I look forward to seeing how he’ll confront his noona about this.

      • 6.3.1 Chandler

        I was so amazed Chi-yeol left after seeing the shoes! In any other drama, that would have been the end of it, but he actually respected his noona’s decision. Considering how protective he is, I was surprised by how ‘chill’ he was about it. Haha, this doesn’t mean he won’t punish HS later though.

    • 6.4 Dramakichi

      “Haha, Na-ri knew full well Hwa-shin would be a goner as soon as she turned his “sleep with me” back around on him. He never stood a chance.”

      Priceless!!! Could not have said it any better!!! 😂👍

    • 6.5 MyGirl2016

      Chandler, Your first line in the open thread –

      Oh, Jealousy Incarnate. Maybe if I list the ways I love you, I’ll be able to let you go (someday?)

      I cannot explain what I’m feeling reading it. All my sad feels are coming back. I…Just..can’t forget, … can’t move on… *inconsolable tears

      • 6.5.1 rentenmann

        Maybe that’s why I’m dragging my feet in watching the last two episodes: I don’t want to say goodbye to another fabulous drama. Ack! 😭😭😭😭

    • 6.6 Andrea

      And, lastly, thank you, Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jung-seok for the most hilarious, sweet, and passionate love scene I’ve seen in a drama in years. This may seem shallow, but hey, it was well-acted & just lovely to see sex portrayed as something natural and joyous and beautiful. And for the girl to initiate it so boldly too! I mean, JJS always burns it up, but GHJ was seriously hot in this scene. I’m pretty sure she had me swooning just as much as him.

      Yes! I LOVED this sex scene! This is the first time I have seen a woman take such an active/aggressive role in a love scene in a k-drama (I mean, she was ON TOP for a whole handful of seconds! Now I’ve seen everything. 😉 ).

      THIS is what sexy, consensual sex looks like; not their previous sex scene where he tried to browbeat her into sex by referencing Plato. Both parties were so into this: they both wanted it to happen, and they’re both enjoying themselves. I am so satisfied with this scene, and I can only hope that we start to see more like it in drama land.

  7. Imbuk

    Thank you dramallama for all your wonderful recaps of this drama. This episode’s comments were awesome. Until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize that we didn’t get to see na ri outside of her love and career and it would have been nice to see that. But we got that with hwa shin whom I am sure if not for jo jung seok wouldn’t be this memorable a character. So true about the show’s creativity. No matter what the show did wrong, no other show can beat it in terms of creativity. Its a truly unique show with its wacky plots, petty characters, details, symbolisms and the cute weather aliens which always made us expect something but cleverly subverts it. Its one show I enjoyed so much every week and even after I finish watching it, I ll be just smiling for 10 minutes shaking my head at its absurdity and pettiness. It kept true to that premise until the end.

    I love this drama. I thought it will be like all other rom com dramas out there. But it kept suprising me week after week. This episode was no exception, it delivered angst without making it feel like angst.

    This episode just reinstated the fact why hwa shin and na ri are perfect for each other. Na ri is the only woman after hwa shin’s mom who can accept all his tantrums as a part of him, accept him and never give up on him. When she told “na ri will rise hwa shin”, how apt was that? Lol.

    I am in awe at how the drama kept all its characters true to themselves but still showed that they have changed.

    Like, How adorable it was when sung sook was sad about losing ja young to chef instead of losing chef to ja young? I mean, she still has her competitive spirit, but its no longer against ja young, its against chef for ja young’s companionship.

    Also, loved the way in which hye won and jung won accepted that they have no place between hwa shin and na ri. When hye won told hwa shin that she has stopped liking him but that doesn’t mean she no longer finds his chest sexy, she was still badass and assertive as always but she was also being kind in letting hwa shin know that its not because of his breast cancer that she has decided to move on.

    I believe that’s how people change in real life, not like one day you are evil and then you become a saint, but in subtle ways in which their core characteristics remain intact.

    • 7.1 Quinze

      >>”I believe that’s how people change in real life, not like one day you are evil and then you become a saint, but in subtle ways in which their core characteristics remain intact.”

      Perfect conclusion Imbuk!

      Also yes, when NR says she’ll raise child HS that was both hilarious and so accurate lol.

    • 7.2 gadis

      One of the greatest thing about this drama is the way they keep all characters’ personality intact till the end. They all change into a better person (or not, if we are talking about Jung-won’s mom and Announcer Park), but the writer never resort to instant personality fix. Not even for tertiary characters that only got several seconds screen time per episode. And I really love that.

  8. gabobobobo

    From the last preview I thought this episodes would be filled with tears and melo. It turned out to be hilarious, LOL. While it’s true HS want to break up with NR partly because of his pride. IMO, he was also genuinely concerned about NR happiness. Good for him, he can’t seem to let her go completely and NR saw through him and not giving up.

    Bits of parts I love in this episode:

    – When HS finally came back to the station and tell NR, “It seems like you are waiting for me?”, Manager Oh and Announcer Uhm just dragged him with those funny commentaries, LOL. Oh how I love the supporting characters and casts.

    – Every time he told NR to break up in his head and helplessly said the opposite. But, my favourite scene is when HS screamed in frustration on the roof “Let’s break up!” over and over. JJS flawlessly pulled this off.

    – NR noodle-like dress is so cute, I want that!

    – NR flashback, when she cried over the toys and baby stuffs HS bought. It showed lot of emotion. NR’s grieves over the possibilities of not having children, her realisation of HS throwing fit and buying those things was because he was devastated. JJS got enough credits, but I think GHJ’s performance was equally wonderful. So natural and blends in well with the other actors/actress.

    – HS insisted to break up. But, when NR (pretended to) agree to break up and forget it all, he looked hurt and the BGM was so fitting to the petty situation. The conflicted look when NR said “Let’s eat ramyun for the LAST time.” oh how I love JJS, the writer, and the sound director.

    – JW was finally back to his old sincere and loyal friend to HS.

    – Poor Chi-Yeol, he knew his noona was gonna spend the night with HS and begrudgingly let them have their quality time.

    – HS expression when he halfheartedly tried to refuse NR advance. He continuously chanted, “I’m not going to marry you!” with tortured face. Until he finally gave in. Arghh JJS! You make me laugh and swoon in the same time!

    – JJS ears turned real red in the last scene, LOL! How adorable!

    – The last scene was pretty hot for non-cable station, right? I’m not surprised if cables like TVN or JTBC do this kind of scene. It seems like they knew they wouldn’t be able to compete with the cable if they insisted keeping the romance pure and prudish between the mature leads. But, well this show has been unconventional since the beginning.

    – I cheered when the annoying jerk Park was sent to Kenya. YASSSS! Never come back!

    Waiting to gush more about the ending in the next recap!

    • 8.1 Quinze

      Yes! Credit to GHJ for being so endearing. I have such a crush on her. Not just beautiful but really talented and endearing. I really feel like I have a hard time hating on any of her characters because her personality shines through so naturally.
      She does a mix of unconventional and conventional so well. She’s free but reserved, adorable and quiet but also hot and vibrant. I swear she pulls it off so seamlessly.

      Haha yeah, I love the last scene. HS being tortured is right!

      • 8.1.1 jaesukisourgod

        JJS is the star of this show, but gong hyojin was as consistent as she always is. she handles these more “mature”/realistic romcom characters in such a natural way that we don’t usually see around… other actresses do a good job, but I always feel the separation of the actress and the character, but with GHJ, I can’t see it. I’m super happy for all the love JJS is getting (he’s THE MOST underrated actor out there), but it wouldn’t be as good as it was without gong hyojin. these two are already on my list of leading partners that I want to see again together.

        • rentenmann

          Yes about both leads! +1000000

    • 8.2 gadis

      They are geniuses for showing us that bed scene without the usual hot and sexy tone we used to watch on cable. I think that helped them convinced SBS that it’s okay to be aired, but at the same time also made that scene wonderfully apt for Hwa-shin and Na-ri. Triple thumbs up!!!

    • 8.3 Imbuk

      Na ri crying over the toys teared me up too. She had to deal with two losses then like you said. But it just shows how much she loves hwa shin when she says there is no wedding for her without him.

      • 8.3.1 gadis

        For once, there is a kdrama that use time jump effectively. I’m glad that in that one week jump, Na-ri used their temporary separation to come to term with that loss and realize what’s really important in her relationship. It’s refreshing to see that she was ready to talk about it with Hwa-shin when they met up again after his disappearance. I guess I just too used to watch tons of misunderstanding happened after separation in kdrama, that it caught me by surprise.

    • 8.4 MyGirl2016

      – JJS ears turned real red in the last scene

      It happened during the last kiss of Oh My Ghostess too! Ha ha..
      Oh Jo Jung Suk, you shy, adorable creature… mmmmuahhhh!

    • 8.5 rentenmann

      This. Everything you wrote is everything I want to say, only far more coherently than I could have done. Good on you! Especially HS on the roof. That seems to be the only place he’s open with himself and anyone else who might be up there, no holds barred.

  9. Quinze

    Gosh I’ve been itching to squeal about this episode all week. Thank you dramallama! I love your comments on each of our characters.
    Totally agree with you about making several quilts out of JJS’s expressions as Lee Hwa shin. This really was a show where his personality is so incredibly vibrant and loud and reckless and in-your-face that you can’t help but be like Na Ri and be drawn to him like a magnet. He’s just one of those people that I feel like everyone just can’t help but love and want to be in his presence. That’s not saying he never had flaws because oh my Lord, he has a truckload of them. But he’s got so much heart and emotion that you forgive him for it.
    Na Ri I think has always been this type of wallflower that probably spent her whole life molding to the personality of her peers in order to keep chugging along to make it. You get the feeling she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers especially working in a field where everyone seems to have an ego. So in that sense, I can understand why her personality doesn’t shine as much as her resilience and perseverance. But yeah, it would have been nice to see that from a totally unrelated perspective. I think we saw some of that when she was with her fellow weather ladies but when she moved to the anchor position she got further isolated. Hell, I would have loved a scene between her and Hye Won too.
    I really liked the moments between our bromantic pair and our soulmate moms. SS was so adorable with her tantrum against JY’s dating. It was really cute to see how far they’ve come that she’s upset about not having her bestie around. And for all that I’m sad that JW seemed to fade away a lot these last few episodes, I’m happy with their closure. It bears noting that as much as JW notes that HS has changed, I feel as if JW has as well. More somber, more serious, I know he’s hurting himself from having lost his love to his BFF but I think it extends past that too even if technically we don’t get to see it much.
    MIL CY is seriously so cute! Credit to the actor playing him that he really does boyish overprotective mother hen really well!
    I love how the twist to our angst fest confession trope was that everyone totally loves HS more after it. That ginormous poster was awesome lol. The other twist of HS’s break up was perfection to because you get the feeling NR is rolling her eyes at her bf being an idiot again. I love how she knows just how to play him like he did her and get a rise out of him and get her way. This is totally going to be their thing forever, isn’t it? They’ll be 80 and still fight like this, won’t they? And then go take naps together<_<…
    Seriously I love their jokey chemistry. It seriously looks like they're having so much fun together that you can't help but cheer them on.
    Can't forget BIL Beommie! Seriously, HS can't even compete with this cute little pumpkin. I will miss my weekly Beommie fix!

    • 9.1 gadis

      They’re the cutest brother in-laws pairing I’ve watched.

      Beom is one smart kid. As young as he is, he knows he needs to have some leverage again Hwa-shin. Love him when he refused to share his bread until Hwa-shin called him brother in-law.

    • 9.2 giegie

      Indeed. I’ll miss Beom too! His expressions during Na Ri and Hwa Shin’s banter was gold!

    • 9.3 Imbuk

      Agree with everything you said, Quizne. Your analysis about hwa shin and na ri’s characters was on point. There is something about hwa shin that draws you in despite his million flaws. They already feel like a married couple to me, they get each other so well. Beom is so adorable. His presence itself elevates a scene, he didn’t even have to act.

  10. 10 Mrs, Kim

    is it just me who become the fan of Chi Yeol and wish he can get more screen time with his two buddies?

    • 10.1 gabobobobo

      Chi-Yeol actor has some potential in him. Pretty memorable considering he only got few screentimes to showcase his acting chops.

      • 10.1.1 Amelyia

        Love all his scenes.

      • 10.1.2 rentenmann

        Yup, Chi-yeol is awesome! Descriptors of him being a mother-in-law is spot-on! I about died laughing when he started climbing over the railing.

  11. 11 Mady

    Would I object to a webseries of Chi-yeol hating Hwa-shin? NOPE.

    • 11.1 es

      Definitely wouldn’t be complaining either.

  12. 12 Newbie

    I can’t praise this show enough, love it so so much.

    I could write a whole book on this episode alone, but I’ll just say, that it became obvious during those last two eps under how much pressure they were shooting due to time restrictions. Both leads are promoting their next movie and in scenes with JJS we saw tons of editing mistakes (wrong placements of hands, one huge micro seen in the picture etc.) and how tired he was, swollen eyes etc.
    Kudos to all of the team for still delivering, acting so perfectly and giving this show a worthy finale. (Thinking especially of this one scene in the 24th ep. Filming that must have been hell.)

    The love scene must have been the best I’ve seen in Kdrama. It was intimate, very sexy and funny. Lee Hwa Shin – Manse! 😀

    JJS you know what you are doing to women all over the world right now?

    • 12.1 gabobobobo

      Ah, right, I also noticed JJS looked so tired since episode 20. I thought he spotted the look to match the devastating infertility issue and melodramatic tone. On second thought, it must be really tiring for him, all the casts and staffs.

    • 12.2 jaesukisourgod

      yeah, we can see hard live shooting schedule on JJS and GHJ faces… they look really tired.

  13. 13 dls

    Awww … Bum is the cutest brother in law
    Thanks for the recap!

  14. 14 strawberry

    i just love this drama so much,i love every character in this drama..
    am i the only one who always pay attention with the extras like Mr.Oh,Dongji and the expressionless face nurse.. hahaha.. they are just so funny and adorable.
    i love the scene between Hwashin and Mr Oh and when HS with his mother especially when he always fight with them and end up get beating from them..LOL
    This drama is a GOLD because of the actors and actress,every single things in this drama is precious to be skipped.

    no one can handle hwashin except nari and no one can be perfect for nari except hwashin. love them both..

    • 14.1 Amelyia

      Oh, I have noticed that Mr Oh has been always very caring to HS through his beatings. That’s why I felt it that HS is actually loved by more people in the station.

      Strawberry, yes you right. I see it, the intention of the whole show in telling us that they are just perfect for each other.

  15. 15 Lime Chilli

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps Dramallama, this has been one of my favourite dramas ever and I could happily watch 50 episodes of this and not get bored, just give us another 26 episodes of Hwa Shin and Nari bickering, getting jeaous, singing, dancing, crying, kissing, I’d be a happy girl.

    “But I just wish we had a Jung-won equivalent (as in a best friend) for Na-ri that would give us more insight into her thoughts and relationships.”

    I have to say that as much as I love watching strong best friend relationships in kdrama, in real life people don’t have to have close girl friend relationships to be awesome. I am nowhere as awesome as Na-ri, but I for one have always felt more comfortable hanging out with the boys, and my friendship with girls have not ever been the exclusive bestie types. Less *itchiness, second guessing moods, petty fights and stress. I feel that Na-ri has had a more “practical” type of life since she lost her Mum who was her bff. Anyway, we have the Ppalgang’s 2 Mums who have taken care of the “frenemy-bestie” story line! Just my 2 cents worth!

    • 15.1 mundaliv

      +1 here, I also do not mind to have 50 episodes of JI! 24 episodes are not enough to portray Nari and HwaShin!

    • 15.2 Chandler

      Yeah, it’s weird, but I actually didn’t really feel like Na-ri’s lack of a best friend kept me from connecting with her. And I think it comes down to feeling a lot for her deceased mom truly being her only best friend in the world. She was a unique sort of character, in that she seemed so family-oriented and yet had such an established, strong relationship with all of them at the start so the show just didn’t give those relationships much attention. But I still feel that JI had a way of selling its relationships in the small moments and dialogues.

      I completely agree that the show should have shown more of these relationships to flesh out other aspects of her character. But I personally enjoyed the attention the show gave to her bond with Bang Ja-young, who has become a sort of advocate/mentor over the course of the series. While Hwa-shin was someone who needed that focus on family relationships, Na-ri was a character who already had those things going for her. That’s why I didn’t mind that most of her growth came in the workplace.

      Also, I know we weren’t shown too many scenes of her brother and her, but, for some reason, it didn’t make me feel like she wasn’t involved. It just felt to me like they had an established rhythm to their lives. Because she has taken care of him on her own for quite some time now, it makes complete sense to me that Chi-yeol would naturally become independent and responsible from a young age in order to make her life easier. I’ve always gotten the sense that they both just adapted to that.

      It’s no secret that the two leads and the love triangle hijinks kind of ran away with the show at some point, but I actually think this is very true to life. We all have periods when we get so caught up in our own inner lives and everything else just takes a backseat. I always got the sense that this doesn’t happen to Na-ri often and that we were witnessing her life at its craziest point. I personally grew to love her as I watched her try and deal with all the crazy situations she came across, both in work and in love.

  16. 16 miroufleur

    I can’t get enough of JJS and GHJ natural chemistry ! the last scene was major squeee mixed funny giggling

    • 16.1 miroufleur

      the last scene was a major squeee moment mixed with funny giggling 😀

  17. 17 Luiza Mota

    This episode was a bombshell of cuteness. That said, I wish Na-ri had discover Hwa-shin’s infertility in another way. Doctor Geum telling her was so, so unprofessional. Doctor-patient confidentiality, anyone? I get that she was worried about Hwa-shin, but it doesn’t excuse her attitude.

    • 17.1 junny

      I wanted Hwa-shin to tell Na-ri himself. I understand it’d be incredibly difficult for him, but this is between them and she shouldn’t have to find out from a third party. Ah well.

      • 17.1.1 Luiza Mota

        I wanted that to. They really wasted a nice opportunity to show character growth and maturity. Guess we can’t have everything.

        • Amelyia


    • 17.2 jaesukisourgod

      THANK YOU!
      I love this drama and I love the doctor and her concern for our main couple, but this bothered me so much. the doctor was the one telling the news when she shouldn’t be. not only because doctor-patient confidentiality, but also because HS asked her not to tell anything to na-ri.

  18. 18 juya

    The turtle necks reminded me of “something’s gotta give” when Jack Nicholson had to use scissors to cut it off Diane Keaton.

  19. 19 mundaliv

    I’ve noticed actually in the middle of the show, perhaps around episode 15-16, that the major lack of NaRi as a female adult is she doesn’t have BFF. I rarely found a girl who doesn’t need a best friend. Normally also in kdrama, the heroine has a female best friend, whom she would talk to if she has problems, especially on relationships. Perhaps it’s too crowded to add more characters in the show that the writers don’t give her a BFF.
    But the advantages from this situation is that NaRi really communicate her feelings with HwaShin. What she thinks their relationship should be. Sometimes noble idiocy becomes worse because the heroine does not want to confront the hero. In JI, it gives different angle for noble idiocy. JI is lovable as a drama because it doesn’t take the usual path. All of the act towards noble idiocy in this episode is treated so different and even becomes hilarious. I laughed a lot when HwaShin always says Let’s not break up! Hahaha.
    Even the romantic scene is hilarious!! Can’t stop giggling while enjoying the most romantic and enjoyable bed scene of kdramas.
    Dramallama is so funny in her comment that she could make a quilt out of Jo Jung Seok’s faces as HwaShin. He is really making the character becomes lovable with many faces of him!! I do not know how to praise him anymore. GHJ also
    shines beside him. They are very natural as if we are not watching a drama, but real life.

  20. 20 MyGirl2016

    Thanks dramallama for the JI recaps! Thank you for providing a platform to gush about what I now consider to be the best rom-com ever in Kdrama universe.

    Stay healthy and happy!

    • 20.1 Amelyia


  21. 21 Y

    I love episode 23. It’s so unexpected. I though it’s going to be mellow but it turns out to be warm, hillarious and cuteee!! I love the way they portray the bed scene – funny, cute, sweet, and sexy. I found some of the bed scene in US movie to be disgusting but I like this one and I have replayed it several times hahahaha. Despite the small mistakes here and there, I found the movie to be VERY entertaining. Kudos to GHJ and JJS for your acting. I’m waiting for the ep 24 recap because I want to know what everyone thinks about that one…:)

    • 21.1 Amelyia

      I felt the quality of the story was a bit down from the usual. So not only me. Probably because of the tight schedule. But they are still a great team.

  22. 22 Y

    I was wondering what it means by “Pyo Na Ri will raise Hwa Shin” note about in the preview text because it doesn’t make sense since HS is an adult hahahah now it makes sense…HS – you’re indeed a kid inside a 36 year old body. Lol

    • 22.1 Chandler

      Haha, actually…I feel like I could have seen that note in episode 1 and it would have already made sense to me.

    • 22.2 Amelyia

      And she is more than happy to be his mum..

  23. 23 Mady

    let me be so bold as to say that Jo Jung Suk is the best part of the 2016 drama season. I know there are a lot of contenders but. Jo Jung Suk.

    • 23.1 Amelyia

      I decide not to love actors very much because if you do then you ll getting a little crazy about them which is not healthy for me. I prefer to love their role instead. HS is the best portrayed character I could remember. Yet, I don’t know about JJS. He is really something. May be I shouldn’t love him much in order to save my future life haha..

  24. 24 blnmom

    Thanks for the recaps, dramallama! I agree with your comments, JJS was stellar, and I couldn’t quite connect with Nari in this drama. I don’t know why, I’ve loved Gong Hyojin’s characters in everything else I’ve seen of hers.

    And yes, between this and SKL, I’m so tempted to buy a case of Neoguri ramen and chow down for a week. If only my stomach could handle it.

    • 24.1 Amelyia

      Hehe, particularly when NR confronted HS, telling him not to give up and suggested that would do many things to have children, I expected more from her expressions. I meant, at that time, she was saying very very important things about their future picturing. While HS expressions were very convincing in telling his struggling heart upon hearing those from her.

  25. 25 Dani

    Man, I am so glad I watched this show.

    I absolutely love the way they handled the bed scene, it was so adorable and sexy at the same time. God, I could write a trilogy on how great this show really is but I’m tired and I’m sad that this show is gonna end soon.

  26. 26 merin

    I hope Kdrama heroines learned something useful from this episode. If your man is being a noble idiot, jump his bones! <btw, it works in real life, too. Men are such simple creatures sometimes. (・ωー)~☆
    As for Nari, she is exactly someone I want to have as a friend. The girl is loyal and selfless, up to a fault. Even with the other weather forecasters being mean to her, she never held grudges and still helped them, even the conniving one. She knew she loves Hwashin more from episode 15, but she didn't want to break the friendship so she chose to remain mum. She could have raised up a fuss when she heard about the news of Jungwon being engaged to that other announcer while they were dating but nope, she's too good-hearted for that. And of course, there is her endless patience with Hwashin's antics. Why would I not want to have a friend like her? Someone who can accept my faults and still be my friend. The girl is pure gold and the boys knew that.
    Ahhh, and GHJ was totally owning that love scene. There was something really alluring in the way she was looking at him. And it feels like JJS was feeling shy in that scene. At last, a drama showing us that "a woman taking charge" does not mean wearing lingerie and a come-hither smile. Seduction is not always about physical sensuality but mental and emotional attraction. Tsk, Hwashin, you didn't stand a chance at all.
    (~ ̄³ ̄)~

    • 26.1 Le

      i completely agree with you. Nari Is such a kind, selfless, strong person, a Great friend. Even in pasta her character Didn’t haVe A bff, just coworker friends But not a bFf. The writer should make a buff in her next drama.

      • 26.1.1 Le

        Bff, autocorrect Stinks

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