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Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 24 (Final)
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Here we are at journey’s end, and hasn’t Jealousy Incarnate been a full meal? It’s time for dessert, a sweet finish with some salty crunch and a secret center—exactly as we’ve come to expect from a show that delights in subverting subversions. I’ve had a great time sharing this show with you all, and thank you guys for showing up every week with such interesting comments and perspectives! Shall we hold our fingers to the wind one last time and see which way the jealousy blows? All together now: ♫ No no, no no no nooOOoo…


With Na-ri in his arms, Hwa-shin asks her if she won or if he lost. “We drew,” Na-ri replies. Kissing, they disappear under the covers.

Aww no, outside, Chi-yeol sits on the porch all night, shivering…and he’s still there in the morning, when Hwa-shin comes out. He leaps up to confront him, although both of them just stare at each other until Hwa-shin greets him, addressing him as “brother-in-law.” Chi-yeol is so outraged that his fist just flies out, getting Hwa-shin in the mouth. He rages at Hwa-shin in banmal, asking what the hell he’s doing leaving at this time.

He tells Hwa-shin he never liked him ever since he gave Na-ri a hard time for her crush on him, and threatens to kill Hwa-shin himself if he puts a toe out of line now. But Hwa-shin barks at the kid for talking down to an elder—which cows Chi-yeol not a bit.

“The person Noona cherishes and loves the most in this world is me,” Chi-yeol tells him. But Hwa-shin rejoins that actually, it’s him, and he plans to live every second remembering that. “I don’t like you,” Chi-yeol retorts, and Hwa-shin shoots back that he doesn’t like Chi-yeol either. Hahaha, this utterly puerile yet simultaneously complex posturing confrontation. But as he walks off, Hwa-shin keeps looking back and breaking into little giggles.

Back at his own place, Hwa-shin finds Ja-young’s earring in his wardrobe, but doesn’t think anything of it. Instead, warm with the memory of Na-ri’s attempt to move in, he goes off to make reservations for a wedding. Lucky for him, there’s been a cancellation for Christmas Eve and he takes it.

But when he goes into work, PD Oh tells him that he’s been reassigned to the company kindergarten. Announcer Uhm and Sung-sook tell him that that’s what he gets for running his mouth. Balking, Hwa-shin slaps a hastily scribbled resignation in front of PD Oh, who furiously tears it into pieces. Hotly reproaching them for not taking his side, Hwa-shin stalks out.

Meanwhile, Ja-young breaks it to Na-ri that she’s lost her morning news spot, as part of money-saving restructuring by management, but encourages her to think about what she would enjoy doing in the meantime. She also tells her about Hwa-shin’s reassignment, much to Na-ri’s distress.

After crying for him in the bathroom, Na-ri bumps into Hwa-shin leaving the men’s. He stops her, but she denies that she’s crying because of him. She asks why he’s not angry. Brushing his thumb across her cheek, he replies, “Because you’re crying and getting angry on my behalf.”

He takes her away for lunch, which turns out to be testing wedding menus. Na-ri sks how he can think of getting married at a time like this, and he dryly answers that’s he’s worried she won’t marry him now he’s unemployed. He refuses to cancel, and Na-ri upbraids him for setting a date without even getting his mom’s approval.

“It’s the first time I’m getting married!” Hwa-shin whines. Lol is that even an excuse. Na-ri yells that it’s her first time too, but she still knows the order of things. He makes her sit back down, and gruffly asks who they should have officiate. Na-ri suggests PD Oh, and on the screen above them, the scenario plays out, with Oh giving a backhanded congratulation. Imagining it, Na-ri shakes her head.

Similar sequences play out with all their potential candidates: Dr. Geum talking about how they were fated since farting in front of each other, and then even letting slip about Hwa-shin’s infertility. Next, Sung-sook’s special message to the bride and groom, as a divorced woman, is to break up if things aren’t working out. “Divorce…is being true to your feelings,” she says, and offers to officiate their next wedding. Hahaha.

As for who should host the ceremony, they imagine Dong-gi dissing Hwa-shin, before breaking off to demand money. On the other hand, Jung-won rails at them for daring to ask him. Na-ri hangs her head guiltily, and tells Hwa-shin they can’t ask him. Hwa-shin groans that they won’t be able to get married at all, and doesn’t answer when Na-ri asks if he resigned.

Hwa-shin tries to resign, but PD Oh tears the envelope to shreds without even looking up. Hwa-shin begs for some different punishment, but Oh just tells him to go away.

Hwa-shin slaps down another envelope, and Oh is about to tear it up when he realizes it’s a wedding invitation. He shakes his head nervously when Hwa-shin asks if he’s ever officiated a wedding.

At home, Hwa-shin asks his mom for wedding money, and she scolds him for not even introducing his girl. He holds out the earring he found, but Mom says it’s Ja-young’s. He finds that weird, but is full-on suspicious when he finds the bag full of cash in his cupboard, along with the voice-phishing apology-note.

He confronts Sung-sook and Ja-young, who bow their heads. The story comes out and Pal-gang kneels in contrition. He tells her to get up, and stepping closer, he wraps his arms around her. She says sorry, crying into his shoulder. “I’m sorry to you first,” Hwa-shin replies quietly.

After Pal-gang goes, the women tell him off for being the only one to fall for the trick. He replies by asking if they’ve ever officiated a wedding. Haha.

Hwa-shin pops in to Na-ri’s that night, warily asking Chi-yeol’s whereabouts. He gives Na-ri the packet of money and tells her to use it for the wedding. She’s shocked that he’s going through with it. Settling into her bed, he tells her he wants to live with her asap.

She entreats him not to resign, and he’s sardonic about how she was okay with male breast cancer and infertility, only to be stumped by this. Thinking of her own joblessness, she asks if he really can’t do the kindergarten job. He looks at her all offended.

The next day, Hwa-shin gets his resignation torn up again, and this time he counters with a proposal for a new show, “Whistleblower.” Tearing that up, too, Oh tells him that the three sunbaes he looked down on (Oh, Sung-sook, and Announcer Uhm) for not having a journalistic conscience went and begged the President’s office for a new assignment for “our beloved Lee Hwa-shin,” and tells him to get his butt there.

In a radio studio, Hwa-shin squirms in embarrassment at his name on the script for a new show, “Health Diary: Talking About Bodies.” It doesn’t help that Dong-gi finds this endlessly hilarious. The day’s topic is uterine fibroids, and Hwa-shin cringes talking about dreaded lady-things like menstruation.

Afterwards, Hwa-shin hangs out at Stepmom’s store with Na-ri and Beom, eating steamed buns. Na-ri asks him what she’d be good at, and he tells her that he really enjoyed her weather reports. She leans into him, laughing that he’s biased, and he puts his arm around her.

But he’s dismayed to hear that she listened to his radio show, although she tells him he’s good at everything. Everything like what, Hwa-shin asks. “Just eeeeverything,” Na-ri giggles. Hahahaha. He kisses them both, first Beom, then Na-ri, just as his mom arrives to see.

Horrified, she smacks Hwa-shin, yelling at him for stealing his best friend’s girlfriend. He concentrates on his bun and Na-ri tries to intervene, but Mom rounds on her, too. Hwa-shin can’t let this pass, and tells Mom he’s marrying her.

“Absolutely not!” yells Mom. Hwa-shin tells Mom that Na-ri already broke up with Jung-won, and finally yells that she was seeing both of them, “But she said she likes me more! I won!” He grumbles that he tried to tell Mom but she wouldn’t listen.

A short time later: Mom sits between the couple, chewing them out. Hwa-shin grumps at her not to come to the wedding then, which sets her off again.

After their broadcast, Sung-sook agrees to a drink with Announcer Uhm, who gets adorably excited. They share a drink right there, and after a bit, Sung-sook asks him if he’s got money saved up. She says she’s thinking of being just a tiny bit interested in him. She also asks about illnesses, but exclaims when he reels off a bunch. He points out that he’s honest and won’t cheat, though, although Sung-sook pettishly notes that it’s more like he can’t cheat.

He immediately obliges when she asks if he’d part his hair the other way, but she doesn’t like it and makes him change it back. He looks increasingly henpecked as she tells him to tone his face and look after his skin and wear better clothes. But then he brightens up, saying that her fussiness means she’s interested.

Elsewhere, Madam Kim slides an envelope over to Ja-young, and tells her to quit seeing Chef. Looking inside, Ja-young says it’s too little, but laughs that it doesn’t feel bad to receive such an envelope at her age, and says she’ll think it over. Surprised and pleased, Madam Kim smirks.

In the empty news studio, Na-ri stands on the weather side, thinking about her days doing weather. She goes to meet with PD Oh and Ja-young, and PD Oh asks her if she’d like to renew her contract as a weathercaster. Na-ri agrees, but on the condition that they acknowledge her as a weather expert. She promises to stamp her work with her own fun style. The seniors agree, and PD Oh is pretty stoked. “I’ll do the weather until I die,” Na-ri says, beaming.

Hwa-shin has Dr. Geum and Nurse Oh guest on his radio show. They’re here to talk about breastfeeding, and they discuss how being a mom lowers a woman’s risk of cancer due to rising prolactin. Dr. Geum guesses Hwa-shin’s thoughts, and encouragingly adds that not breastfeeding doesn’t mean you will get cancer. During the break, Hwa-shin asks what they’re doing on Christmas Eve, and if Dr. Geum’s ever officiated a wedding.

That night, Hwa-shin asks Na-ri to cook him rice in her dowry-rice-cooker and hands her a gift box, too. Inside is a flower necklace, and she loves it. But she wants to delay the wedding, worried about his mom’s opposition. “I don’t want to,” says Hwa-shin, and suddenly worried, asks, “You don’t want to marry me?”

Coming close, Na-ri tells him he can quit if he wants to, and find a job that gives him freedom, instead of just earning a wage for her sake. She tells him about her new job, and as if it’s too good to be true, Hwa-shin asks if it’s really okay for him to quit. She orders him to do it right away. He refuses to eat at her place, though, for fear of Chi-yeol, but he follows her when she stomps cutely off, and corners her for kisses. Why are you so cute?!

Ja-young passes Madam Kim’s envelope on to Chef, and says they should spend it all on dates. He’s shocked at how much it is, but Ja-young grins that it would have been way more if she’d been just five years younger. “Let’s just date,” she tells him, “Let’s not get married.” Smiling at him, she confides that she’d rather not get married when there’s opposition.

Back in the house, Ja-young, Sung-sook, and Pal-gang have tea together. Taking a breath, Ja-young announces, “Let’s the three of us live together.” She asks for a vote, and Sung-sook raises her hand right away. Pal-gang eventually says she’ll have to think about it, but grins once she’s out of sight. The moms whisper excitedly that Pal-gang’s mouth definitely turned up, and they clink teacups in victory. Why so cuuuute.

The next morning on Na-ri’s rooftop, Hwa-shin holds out the voice-phishing apology note at Chi-yeol like a talisman. With the utmost pain, Chi-yeol cracks a minimal bow, and respectfully asks Hwa-shin not to tell Na-ri.

“Is that it?” Hwa-shin asks. Oh you’re enjoying this. Looking constipated, Chi-yeol apologizes with a ninety-degree bow, and Hwa-shin smugly tells him he’d better treat him well now. “Only if you treat my sister well,” Chi-yeol replies, quick as a flash.

Na-ri goes to Jung-won’s store to deliver his wedding invitation personally. She tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t want to come. As she stands up to go, Jung-won gives her a hug, and asks her to make Hwa-shin happy and make sure he’s not lonely. Touched, she agrees.

Christmas Eve. Na-ri finishes off a cheerful weather broadcast, dressed in a Santa outfit. Outside the station, Jung-won waits to pick her up (don’t you clean up nice!). He smiles at the sight of her in her wedding dress, bouquet in hand. She runs up to him in happy surprise, having expected Hwa-shin.

In the car, Hwa-shin texts her saying that he’s giving her one last chance to pick Jung-won. She snorts. Smiling, Jung-won tells her she looks pretty in her dress.

At the wedding hall, Stepmom bows to Hwa-shin’s grumpy mom across the aisle, and everybody we know is there. Jung-won emcees after all, and announces the groom to whoops and cheers. Hye-won smiles at Hwa-shin strutting down that aisle. He nods at Mom (who’s proud of him after all), exchanges smiles with Jung-won.

Next, Jung-won announces Na-ri: “Loving the groom through snow, rain or storm, the most beautiful bride in the world.” The crowd is even louder as Na-ri enters on Chi-yeol’s arm (and don’t you clean up even nicer?). The weathergirls hoot and everyone beams. Even Mom claps for her, if unenthusiastically.

As Hwa-shin steps forward to receive her hand, Chi-yeol lets go super-unwillingly, glaring at Hwa-shin. As the couple give each other the wedding bows, Na-ri whispers that he looks cool, and he replies, “Isn’t that obvious?” Her smile drops and she asks why he’s not telling her she’s pretty. “Isn’t that obvious?” he replies again, voice warm.

Aw, Dr. Geum is officiating after all. She tells them she’s more nervous than before a surgery, and wonders if she was chosen because she witnessed their first kiss. She tells them how Hwa-shin’s first name was “Grandma”, and then “Pyo Na-ri-nim”, and now at last he’s claiming his real name as male breast cancer reporter, Lee Hwa-shin.

She says that his trial proved what a fine man he was, and now she can answer the question he asked of her, whether she could marry someone like him. “My answer is, ‘absolutely YES.’ If the opportunity should arise again, make sure you propose to me,” she says, to a chorus of laughs. Of Na-ri, she says that although anyone can love, it’s not everyone who can keep that love burning.

MC Jung-won announces a congratulatory song next. Guys, I can’t recap this awesome. Watch it. It involves Dong-gi, singing, Nurse Oh hopping onto the stage, dancing Dr. Geum and of course, the star of it all, Hwa-shin. The song sounds almost like it was written for the show, like a vow from Hwa-shin to Na-ri. Aw.

The bride and groom make their grand exit. Jung-won steps down from the podium and dances with Hwa-shin’s mom, while Chi-yeol dashes to Pal-gang. Holding out flowers he grabbed from the decoration, he says, “Let’s date.” Taking the flowers, Pal-gang happily agrees, and he kisses her head. Dae-goo looks ready to cry.

One year later. Hwa-shin is anchor beside Sung-sook, but for a twist, he’s in the female anchor seat on the right. He cuts off her closing and to PD Oh’s eternal alarm, they argue back and forth with further comments.

Ten years later. A balding Dong-gi cues a pregnant Na-ri, who tells him to hold it a sec while she tells off her husband who hasn’t dressed or fed their baby right. Omg this baby. “Do you only see the baby?” Hwa-shin asks grimly. “Are you jealous of a baby right now?” Na-ri retorts.

Christmas Eve in the year 2056, where people seem to need to walk around with respirators: A greying Na-ri shows off hula-hooping as exercise in her broadcast, and tells the audience she’s off to enjoy a ramyun by the river with her man while she can still manage it.

Back to the present. Still in their wedding clothes, Hwa-shin sets up his own video camera at the news studio and joins Na-ri at the desk. She wonders why they’re there and he tells her that it’s in place of a wedding shoot.

Bushed, Na-ri says she couldn’t do a wedding a second time, it’s too exhausting. Lightly, Hwa-shin tells her she should, if he dies early. Nooooo don’t say that! Rising angrily, she asks if he brought her here to say that. Smiling, he says that until he dies, he’s sticking to her like an octopus and she’d better not oil him off or salt him dead. She grins scarily at him like she’s about to, though.

She says there’s something she’s curious about, and asks him if he’d have started liking her if he hadn’t become jealous of Jung-won. “I don’t know,” he answers. “When I was in Thailand, I thought of you from time to time,” he confesses. That provokes a cascade of questions from Na-ri, and she complains when he answers them all with, “I don’t know.”

He says that it’s because of all the things he doesn’t know that he ended up here, next to her, being her little octopus. Smiling at his thoughts, he says that because of her crush, maybe he was always destined to go make a fool of himself at those mudflats.

He tells her that the fortuneteller told him that he’d always be curious about her: “Forever curious about you, I will love you. Forever curious about you, I will live with you.” But in classic Hwa-shin style he adds that she’d better not treat him badly because he said that.

The screen closes with a quote from Pal-gang: “Being more jealous means you love [someone] more.”

Sort-of Epilogue: Na-ri and Hwa-shin sign off the show like it’s a news program, and true to form, Hwa-shin cuts over Na-ri’s closing and tells viewers not to have a peaceful evening (“That’s no fun!”), but to have a hot, sultry one. Snorrrt. Hwa-shin keeps on talking, and Na-ri finally shuts him up by kissing him.


I didn’t think we’d really see a wedding in this show, but I’m so glad we did. It was such a great way to send off the characters and give us our last glimpses of everyone, and there was such a lot to like about the way many characters’ arcs were concluded. There were plenty of pairings-off, what with Ja-young and Chef, Sung-sook and Announcer Uhm, but hey, this show is letting us have our cake and eat it, because they totally put the momance first—and long may it live!

It’s true that a lot of the tertiary storylines got neat endings, but though they were neat, they were not perfunctory, like the Pal-gang love triangle, or her reconciliation with Hwa-shin. I admit I’m somewhat…intellectually dissatisfied with the whole Pal-gang storyline, which I feel did not fulfil its setup, and I wish it had because there was a lot to mine there, but I understand viewer feedback made the production cut it back (note: I have only read this as hearsay).

The secondary storylines got more justice, and I’m satisfied with those. I’ve become oddly fond of Announcer Uhm, who randomly appeared one day and I didn’t even know he’d be a recurring character. He’s good-natured and straight-shooting, and strikes me as just right for Sung-sook, not only because he likes her so much. He clearly enjoys a little browbeating, and wouldn’t have her any other way. Sung-sook has really become a character I genuinely like: She’s prickly, driven, and often selfish, but she’s also honest and has a steady temperament, which is such an interesting mix.

She’s not like Ja-young, who’s much closer to the traditional image of genteel womanhood—sweet, elegant and nurturing. In a way, it’s as if Ja-young became even Sung-sook’s mentor for how to be a mother. Not your usual drama-stepmother, Ja-young seems to quietly collect lost hearts, and proves a willing mentor for anyone who needs her. That’s a lot of love. It’s actually been pretty fantastic to see both of these women flourish, professionally and personally, with their different personalities giving them different strengths yet similar successes. They’re capable and confident and know their own minds, to the extent they can’t even hate each other, even though they try. It’s so gooood.

Also so good: Jung-won does not get a token consolation-prize pairing. Instead, the boys get to renegotiate and reclaim their friendship, both of them wiser to their own hearts, and to each other’s. I’m so glad Jung-won is not left to be a tragic figure, but actually gets to play fairy godfather to the couple, and prove at the same time that one love doesn’t end them all. He was the perfect MC, and I think Dr. Geum was exactly the right person to officiate, too, as the person who bore witness to the evolution of the couple’s whole relationship, especially its most agonizing lows. Also, she was most intimately acquainted with their bosoms. (Yes! I laughed writing that.)

But what of our central couple? We talked about relationship equality last week, and I enjoyed the way it played out this hour by levelling EVERYTHING, as they both spend a large portion of the episode effectively jobless. Na-ri not telling Hwa-shin about hers really stood out as just being something she didn’t need to do—she was handling it and didn’t need rescuing. But I really liked that their struggle with the reassignments showed how they recognized that their choices would sometimes be contingent on practicalities like putting food on the table. I also like how they’re agents of their own fates, and in this instance, Na-ri especially, negotiating a job for herself, with a rock-solid conviction in her own abilities. And with that, she’s able to give Hwa-shin back the freedom he sacrificed for their sake, and I think this is what best defines their relationship to me at this moment: the mutual consideration they have towards each other.

There’s a healthy space between them, with things they share and things they keep to themselves, but they’ve put their hearts into each other’s hands. And damn if it isn’t beautiful. Everything about them is so grounded and natural, and the show doesn’t offer a world of idealizations—not in friendship, parenthood, work, romance or even life in general. Instead, it extends a gentle authenticity that encompasses the spectrum of daily life, be it the good and the sweet, the painful or the broken, the cheerless or the absurd. Realizing complex characters is practically par for the course for Gong Hyo-jin, so I feel like she lived up to my expectations, but the real surprise has been Jo Jung-seok. Of course I know how funny and affecting he can be, from What’s Up all the way to Oh My Ghostess, but he tapped a new level of emotional torsion for Jealousy that I think we haven’t seen before, and I hope we see again really, really soon.

What I love most about Jealousy is that while characters changed and evolved over the course of the show, they always remain fundamentally themselves (even in 2056). They’re allowed to be flawed and stay flawed, and that’s a quality that kept the show really anchored not only in its own reality, but also in ours. From early on, I felt some tonal similarities between this show, and It’s Okay, It’s Love (which I love), and both shows also constantly put me in mind of Jane Austen’s Emma, in how that character was born from Austen’s desire to create an unlikeable heroine.

But here’s the problem inherent in that, especially from a sensitive writer: No matter what those characters do, as long as they had even a modicum of self-awareness, it’s very difficult not to sympathize with them. Emma is like that, It’s Okay’s Hae-soo is like that, and everyone in Jealousy is like that. Perhaps that’s why the only character in this show that I couldn’t connect with was Madam Kim, but that itself is the tragedy of her character. That kind of layering, intentional or otherwise, captures so many degrees of everyday human complexity and caprice, and that’s what makes this show so rich for dissection.


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  1. aweebit

    Love, love, love!!! Top to bottom, head to toe!
    What a great pairing!

    But please tell me no real news organizations run their business like a game of musical chairs! Better not get up to go to the bathroom anchors. ..or you are giving up your seat forever to the next person! (At least until they have to go to the potty too.)

    • 1.1 wdwgfh

      The added a lot of nonsense for the sake of drama. This is a show that should have been no more than 16 episodes. The extra 8 episodes sapped the show of momentum and interest. It definitively lost a lot of steam in the middle.

      Also Gong Hyo-Jin needs to be concerned about type casting, cause a lot of her recent roles are very similar – quirky, average looking girl, pulling the interest of a guy who initially finds her annoying – Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, It’s Okay That’s Love and now Jealousy Incarnate.

      • 1.1.1 Mady

        Gong Hyo Jin said in the pre-show press conference that the writer had specifically asked her to come back to her “Gongvley” type for this show. And I think you can probably make that quirky, pulling interest of guy who initially finds her annoying claim for pretty much every drama out there. GHJ elevates them though.

      • 1.1.2 merin

        IOTL’s character was pretty different though as she was a confident woman who’s secure in her career. Producer was also different. But still though, GHJ has a certain charm that makes it seem like these characters are easy to pull off. They’re not. I, for one, don’t like quirky, almost naive characters as I can’t relate to them. I prefer characters like Hyewon. But for some weird reason that I’m still trying to wrap my head around, GHJ makes me like her characters and connect to them. If these characters were portrayed by another actress, it wouldn’t have been as successful. And GHJ can build awesome chemistry with all her leads. Seriously, the girl can build chemistry with even a potato or an octopus.

        • junny

          Well, she had amazing chemistry with her personal octopus for this show, hehe

          • MyGirl2016


        • Wayer

          I agree with you on the GHJ and chemistry. Give him an ajusshi or grandpa as love partner. I think she can kill it as well.. great actress!

          • ellie

            agree! she has an impeccable chemistry with all his lead actors! damn great actress. i am a super fan.

            and also, thanks saya for this wonderful recap. I enjoyed your comments very much. GHJ definitely can make any character, even the boring ones, really interesting!

      • 1.1.3 PYC

        JI is one rom com masterpiece!

        Love it so much that I will be very happy to watch another 24 episodes of this bunch of flawed but relatable characters on their journey of struggles and triumphs. Hats down to the writer, director, cast and crew as well as the music director (whose wonderful works were detailed by some lovely soul at Open Thread a couple of months ago).

        It’s wonderful to read how everyone here deconstructs the brilliance of this one of its kind drama, satiring the usual kdrama troupes yet never off the course from its central characters and their stories. LHS and PNR, how I love thee – and the subject of my lifelong curiosity is simply wow and wow.

        Sad to see the drama go but I am sure this one will stick and can be rewatched and rewatched in the years to come.

      • 1.1.4 Bugspray

        I LOVE GHJ, but I honestly agree with you. She’s always typecast into those roles and she should branch out more. Funny thing is though, it’s because of those roles that I fell in love with her. No one can portray such characters as she can. I don’t detest those characters, but I don’t like them either. I like my female leads strong. However, GHJ is so natural in those roles that she makes them likable and interesting. She makes the character attractive and makes me feel like yeah it’s understandable the men like her. There are plenty of characters similar to hers that I just find plain annoying and don’t understand how any one can like them because they’re portrayed by someone else.

        Good thing is she did step away from those roles as per one of her interviews where she said she didn’t want that image of a weak, average, naive girl. She rocked Haesoo and it doesn’t seem like her role in Producer was bad either. I hope her next role is someone tough and sexy…okay maybe not sexy. Lol.

        • snailshell

          About typecasting, I don’t know. GHJ has a track record for taking complicated, interesting and unusual characters, and then OWNING them. To say she should quit the quirk sounds a lot like saying she needs to approach her acting differently, or at least, needs to take more stock roles…and that ain’t no good thing. She has a way of making cringe less cringey, unlikeable more lovable, wishy-washy-ness sympathetic, and that’s why I’m always excited to watch her. And I LOVE knowing that she openly admits that she falls at least a little in love with her co-stars. I mean, it’s scary to let yourself love like that (so scary!), but my goodness, it shows. Like others have said, it’s not that she CAN have chemistry with a potato, she DID have it.

          • gabobobobo

            She has this quirky persona and aura in real life, so it’s a given we could see some of it in her characters that she played. She said it herself that she prefers choosing unusual role / script. She often discussed with the directors / writers about what part of her role in the script that need to be changed to give a more distinctive personality. IMHO, we saw bits of her own thought and soul in each roles she acted. That’s why they feel familiar.

          • suegarbaby

            Agree with you, @snailshell. Gong Hyo Jin has an incredible knack for taking characters that on-paper can come across weird, tacky, kooky and bizarre, and under a less winsome and accomplished actress, the role could easily descend into something clownish and farcical. But GHJ transforms them into funny, quirky and loveable characters with her own brand of natural easy acting. She not only breathes life into them but also imbues them with spirit and heart. I believe she is the actress whose k-dramas I’ve watched almost consistently year in year out. She’s just outright brilliant.

      • 1.1.5 sammi

        Yeah, the last four episodes lost the momentum for me and dragged. I only read the recaps, which I’m grateful for, to wrap it up. The show just lost its suspense and well, despite the cute, it couldn’t keep me watching for a full hour. When the drama began focusing entirely on the two leads, it became repetitive. I wouldn’t have more seeing more of the side character develop their own stories. I’d be interested in seeing how the crazy courtship between Jung-won’s fiance and himself panned out.

      • 1.1.6 Le

        her that’s okay it’s love character and producer character were very different from her usual rom com characters. I hope she plays a super cold, rich and glamorous character next, like a female version of her usual male rom com co Stars’ characters. I hope the hong sisters or pasta writer come up with a very different character for her.

      • 1.1.7 Le

        i am re watching episodes, and I noticed a lot of things I didn’t before. Like the actors’ movements and facial expressions that helped emphasize certain things and scenes that mirror past scenes. I think with 24 episodes they were able to tell a better story, 16 episodes would feel rushed, and I don’t think we’d get all the great comedy and emotional scenes. The bed scene and wedding scene were well done, and also scenes that included many of the cast, the police station scene, the birthday cake, the work dinner and karaoke.

    • 1.2 aweebit

      Also, I saw on Infinite Challenge that Jo Jung-seok did this version of a wedding song “mob” in real life for the actor who plays Dong-gi’s wedding. Only it involved a bunch more people popping out of the crowd and random places singing and performing a choreographed dance while the couple watched! So cute to put a nod to that in! Of course in drama world Hwa-shin was going to need his time in the spot light, hee.
      I feel like this is what having 24 eps gets you-all these great moments that would be lost otherwise. It helps that ‘Jealousy ‘ was strong every episode and never lagged, for me at least.

      • 1.2.1 aweebit

        One other beat I loved was in the epilogue with Hwa-shin holding the baby and being all, “Babe, don’t you see I’m wearing my ‘super sexy’ glasses?!” HA!

        • Imbuk

          OMG! he was wearing glasses? I didn’t notice that at all. No wonder he felt jealous of his own baby! lol. 😀

          • Chandler

            LOL, I bet he wears them all the time now in an attempt to get attention! I’m glad to see he’s still desperate for her love 10 years later. Like the quote at the end, the one who loves more is the one that gets more jealous…and only Hwa-shin would get jealous over his own baby.

            Can we also take a moment to appreciate the baby’s adorable victorious expression paired with HS’s pouty jealous one!? Ahhhhh, just priceless.

          • Imbuk

            Ha ha.. So true! 😀

            I just scrolled up to see the screenshot of of that scene and ha ha ha.. So cute! 😛

          • snailshell

            @Chandler, noooo that would wear out their magical mystical power! Glasses are only to be used as a weapon of last resort! But I bet HS didn’t figure that out and overused it, and now NR is desensitised to it. That’s a very Hwa-shinny thing to do.

            That baby, though, so adorbs, and look at the little thing just laughing! My ovaries are crying.

          • Chandler


            Haha! I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he did. He was good about not spoiling her in the beginning, much to my disappointment. I would have loved to see him glasses a lot more so I’m glad we got a glimpse of him in them again at the end, hehe.

        • Mady

          Lmaoooo you know HS was like desperate times calls for desperate measures!!!

          • MyGirl2016

            HA HA!
            Nari’s attention no longer exclusively on me? Lemme take my Super Glasses out. Ok, glasses not enough, I need the pacifier too.

            Oh, Baby Hwashin, you can’t win! Your daddy is the KING of petty.

        • merin

          Haha. Now that you’ve said it, I can totally imagine Hwashin saying something like that! ヽ(^Д^)ノ Gosh, how petty and we all totally love it.

          • Quinze

            I’m guessing that’s supposed to be him wearing glasses but all I’m seeing and hearing is his ‘Manse!’ pose from the previous episode! My fave forever!

        • aweebit

          And Girl in her 60’s talkin bout gettin some “ramyun!” We know what that means! Woot woot!

        • es

          Omg I didn’t even notice the glasses!! I was too busy laughing over how petty a father Hwa-shin was being – because HOW Hwa-shin is it to get jealous over his own freaking son HAHAHA.

      • 1.2.2 aweebit

        Last one…. Super well done Saya! Thanks a million! 🙂

      • 1.2.3 Wayer

        Ohhh please do share which Infinite Challenge episode is that? I saw JJS with SH in Youth Over Flowers and they have this loving bromance. I wish I cld watch them in a musical together tho

        • aweebit

          It was ep. 125 on March 25th. The first wedding singers episode. They start talking about it at about the 40 minute mark. So cute!

      • 1.2.4 Melleit

        It never lagged for me either, JJS and GHJ never failed to keep me on my toes. I loved everything, EVERYTHING, about this drama. Sad to see it end…

      • 1.2.5 Le

        what eps was that. I haven’t watched IC in a long time.

  2. wapz

    JI has easily made up to one of the best shows in my list. I actually went into this show with least expectations because of the vague premise but I had trust in the leads and no doubt JI made a great combo of good writing, directing and acting. Even the side characters were such great actors that you didn’t feel like skipping their scenes. Plus, I liked how NR became the weathercaster in the end. You should try to pursue your dreams but that may not be your destination.

    Does anyone know of the Ppal gang thing that Saya mentioned. What is it? I did think that they were giving very less time to the trio in the show. Didn’t know there was/might be another reason to it.

    • 2.1 Quinze

      Same! Started this drama because I love both GHJ and JJS from their previous works but wasn’t really sold on the show much at the beginning. I liked it but didn’t really understand what direction it would go (cancerous angstfest? cliché heaven? trope-y hell?).
      But it turned out to be a show I am so glad exists! Here’s to the few hidden gems of 2016!


      There were a lot of viewer complaints about the high school love triangle in the first of couple of episodes. People found those scenes jarring due to the acting of Ppal Gang. I’m personally glad they did cut down that story line. The actress didn’t do a good job of playing bratty but likable. If they had casted a more capable young actress that story line could have brought more of the younger viewers in and it might have boosted the ratings.

      • 2.2.1 suegarbaby

        Hm, yes, I can understand the comments regarding the actress playing Ppal Gang. Ppal Gang’s attitude and personality was a bit difficult to like, same as Hwa Shin from the beginning (they really are blood-related, lol), but JJS plays Hwa Shin so well and the show also took more time to flesh him out that he became likeable and understandable as the show got on.

        A pity Ppal Gang was not given the same treatment in terms of character arc growth – there were spurts of likability and relatability here and there e.g. during the scene where she blew up at her moms for criticising her for not cutting her nails and cried because she missed her dad and the things he did for her, I thought that there was a moment of vulnerability and insight into her then.

        Perhaps if the show had taken greater pains to flesh her out, and perhaps if the director had taken more time to draw out of the actress a more nuanced performance, we could have identified with her and liked her more. While I think the director did a good job in this show, I think he also relied a lot on JJS’s and GHJ’s (and the other senior actors’) veteran acting and ad-libbing abilities to make the show crackle and pop the way it does.

        The actor playing Chi Yeol is a standout amongst the youngsters though. I wished we had more of him in this show whether it was more of his interactions with Na Ri, or his interactions with Hwa Shin, or with Dae Goo and Ppal Gang. Or even with Beom (who is supposed to be his half-brother after all! There went a potentially great interaction, gone begging!). Anyway, he’s certainly one to watch out for in future!

    • 2.3 es

      I came into this show with literally zero expectations too LOL, and the only reason I started it was because Jo Jung-seok and Gong Hyo-jin were the leads. I wasn’t even convinced going into the show that I’d even like it because the premise didn’t sound promising. And to think that now it’s become one of my favourite dramas of the year.

  3. Barbrey

    Thanks for the recap! I so enjoyed all your comments, and your own last recap is a fitting send off for a drama that’s become one of my favorites.

    I did find the ending satisfactory but choppy – to me that’s a bit unfortunate only because it didn’t live up to every single one of the prior episodes. But it wrapped everything up and had some fun moments, stayed true to the characters, and put a grin on my face. A bit of bumpiness is okay by me in this otherwise terrific production.

    • 3.1 Lime Chilli

      I super loved the ending to this journey! I think it only felt choppy because they actually showed us the Hwa-shin and Na-ri did in the future, very briefly and quickly in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way. After all, don’t we all want to see the OTP in our dramas get married and have babies and happily ever after? Most dramas give us resolution and reunion in the last 5 minutes, but no, no, no, JI does it their way and I for one loved it! I’ve said this before but I can totally watch another 24 episodes of Hwa-shin and Na-ri bicker, fight, get jealous, make-up and just do their usual thing and it would not be boring. Honestly I think the last few episodes were super good because we had just the 2 of them interacting (yes in bed and out!) in many scenes! Thanks for the recaps and thanks Beanies for sharing this amazing drama with me!

      • 3.1.1 es

        “I can totally watch another 24 episodes of Hwa-shin and Na-ri bicker, fight, get jealous, make-up and just do their usual thing”

        YESS ME TOO. The chemistry of the two leads definitely elevates all their interactions and scenes to the next level, but credit also needs to be given to the writing that lets these ordinary, warm, homey scenes unfold between them.

  4. gadis

    For the first time in my 6 years as Kdrama lover, I experience severe withdrawal. (I should thank Jo Jung-seok for this) So I spend my free time rewatching all the episodes, or rereading recaps and beanies’ comments. It amazed me how far we go from hating Hwa-shin’s guts and dubbing him as the most jerk of all kdrama jerk lead male to loving him with all our hearts and hoping for his happiness.

    This is a drama that I love in all its entirety, right down to the most perfect wedding scene, the cheeky use of mandatory time-jump, all the lovely conclusion without any abrupt pairing or personality change, the very ShiNari-like news epilogue, to that cute alien montages. Citing Hwa-shin’s favorite phrase, I don’t know why I love this drama so much. I just do and I’m grateful I found it on that fateful day.

    I hate to let this wonderful drama go. It’s rare to have a drama that can stand on its own under all the scrutinize it got. And it’s a treat to be a part of you all who love this drama as much as I am. I enjoyed dissecting this drama with you all: discussing about serious stuff like plot development, character motivation, and messy relationship depicted inside, enjoying the quirky side character and the fabulous acting performance, talking about the not-so-subtle symbolism, background music, and the fashion, or simply gushing over Jo Jung-seok, Gong Hyo-jin, and Go Kyung-pyo.

    Many thanks to recappers and all lovely beanies here. *waving hand* Let’s meet in another thread…

    • 4.1 Quinze

      Petition to make a support group for all of our poor deprived souls looking for more JI!

    • 4.2 mundaliv

      +1 here! Yes and agree for what you’ve written. I also experienced severe withdrawal for the first time because of JI.

  5. Mady

    Guys. Jo Jung Suk is the best part of 2016.

    • 5.1 Boomboompow

      Him and Jo Jin Woong would be my vote for best actor in 2016 in DB’s awards (because this award matters the most y’all!)

      Urgh, how is he so good. His micro expressions, his eyes that tells all, his comedic timing, his chemistry with GHJ – and I quote Hye Won – wow this rat is so hot!

      Off to rewatch Ghostess.

      • 5.1.1 Chandler

        I’m torn between these two also! Best performances of the year so far, and it’s nearly impossible to stack them against each other because their roles/dramas each required very different sets of skills.

        Off to re(skim)watch K2H. I haven’t seen him as Earnest Bot in a while.

        • es

          HAHA I did this halfway through Jealousy Incarnate too, and he broke my heart all over again. 🙁

          • Chandler

            Honestly, when Hwa-shin started the camera for their closing at the end, it totally brought me back to the moment when Earnest Bot recorded his message for the princess. Haha, for some reason, this made me feel especially happy to see Hwa-shin happily filming together with Nari. It makes me feel like I can go back to K2H and handle him breaking my heart one more time!

    • 5.2 Quinze

      He truly is! I’m so glad he did this drama so we could watch him do justice to such a well-written character. I don’t know if any other actor could have pulled it off like he did!

      • 5.2.1 MyGirl2016

        Hear, hear..

    • 5.3 mundaliv

      +1 here!

    • 5.4 Ren

      I love how the show milked his dancing skills for all they were worth. Hwa-shin would have been an unmitigated tool if not for Jo Jung-seok, he elevated that character by leaps and bounds.

      • 5.4.1 suegarbaby

        Yes, I loved how the director and writer made good use of JJS’s musical and play-acting abilities to maximum effect here. I’ve always felt that this aspect of JJS was under-utilised in his previous dramas (Oh My Ghostess being one!). JJS’s dancing, singing and comedic acting is drama gold.

      • 5.4.2 Boomboompow

        If not for Jo Jung Suk, I would hate Lee Hwa Shin so much (I cannot stand how condescending he is) and piled up in worst male character of dramaland along with Kim Tan.

        • Chandler

          Haha, I don’t know if Hwa-shin would be Kim Tan levels without JJS (uh, unless he was played my someone at Lee Min-ho’s level) because there were so many written aspects to the character that keep him more sympathetic and interesting. But I definitely wouldn’t be considering Lee Hwa-shin as one of my favorite male leads ever if it weren’t for JJS, that’s for sure.

    • 5.5 es

      Never read a more accurate sentence in my life LOL.

  6. tru2u

    So, would you all recommend this drama? I’ve been crazy busy with nursing school and just saw that this was finish and would like to ask if it is recommend or should i skip it?Although I would have to wait until Christmas break to watch it (No time to watch it right now).

    • 6.1 CZ

      Yea you should! When you have the time. The shots are beautifully framed, Gong Hyo Jin is beyond lovely with the lighting, and there isn’t weepy angst. I mean, there is drama, but not episodes of draggy crying. Somehow, when characters are crying, the circumstances still make it comedic. (Except for one occasion when moms cry, those are for sympathetic)

      But omg, each frame is so beautiful shot! Each shot is beautifully framed (?)

    • 6.2 Imbuk

      The truth is, if you ask this in this thread, everybody will recommend it, because most of us love this show, lol. But, you have to hang on till after the first two episodes. Also, there were some comments I read where people didn’t like this kind of comedy and found it frustrating or nonsensical. So, I recommend you give it 6 or 8 episodes and see whether you are able to enjoy its wackiness, if so, its an awesome drama and it will be an rewarding experience. It will make you cry one minute and laugh the next. Also, if you are either a fan of jo jung seok or gong hyo jin, then just go all the way. They both are incredible in this drama.

    • 6.3 MyGirl2016

      @tru2u, Everything that Imbuk and CZ said. I’d like to add, it will also help if you are not TOO invested in the second lead ship! A lot of the negative comments I’ve read online for this drama are from miffed second lead shippers. 😛

    • 6.4 gabobobobo

      I’m personally addicted to this show. I found this show refreshing with how they managed to turn potential cliche plot lines into unpredictable and zany ones.

      However, I did found people who LOATHE this show since the beginning or in the middle.

      While you can find plenty of reason why we love this show here, I’d like to help laying some reasons why ppl didn’t enjoy it. I found them in various forums and blog. Yes, I’m that obsessed with this show, that I tried to find explanation why people don’t like my favorite show (since I’m crazy with it and my opinion might be biased).

      – Some are turned off with NaRi groping Hwashin’s chest in the first episode, the considered it sexual harassment or cheap move (while her intention actually not unpure).
      – Some hate NR’s crush to HS, calling her having low self-esteem or stalker. They also found HS attitude jerky and his idea of masculinity annoying.
      – Some hate NR who seems indecisive with both guys.
      – Some caught Second lead syndrome and believed NR should end up with JW (JW is a real gentleman and hard to resist, I understand). They dropped it like hot potato when NR leaned towards HS.

      – Some don’t like the comedy (while I LOLed every time).
      – Some find GHJ and JJS being typecasted (I watch every single works of JJS including movie. No, he’s definitely not typecasted.)
      – etc.

      Different folks, different strokes, I guess. Better watch this show with lower expectation and open-mindedly, because the issues might be considered a bit unconventional / taboo for some viewers.

      • 6.4.1 MyGirl2016

        That’s an exhaustive list gabobobobo! I think I’ve seen some form of the above in almost every JI forum I’ve visited! Like you, I also did try at one point to figure out why everyone wasn’t madly in love with this show that I was so crazy about! Ha, as you said – different folks, different strokes!

        And expectations play a HUGE role too. I recommended this drama so much to someone but after watching they were like ‘Meh, this is it? Is this what you’ve been building up so much? It’s watchable. It’s not bad.’

        IT’S NOT BAD??!

        So lesson learnt – No more giving sky high expectations. From now on I will be recommending this drama to friends with the same attitude Hwashin had for Nari in ep 19, rooftop. You know the ‘Wait or Don’t wait, whatever’ line.

        I’ll also be like “Oh, Jealousy Incarnate? It’s Ok.. Or not Ok. whatever.”
        And they will watch it with low expectations and then BOOOM.. *Mind exploding* And then I can go full on ‘SEE, WHAT DID I TELL YOU!! WASN’T IT AWESOME! THE MUSIC, THE STORY, THE KISS, JO JUNG SUK – HIS EYES, HIS SWAGGER, HIS SHIRTS, HIS SMILE…. (continue gushing)

        • Imbuk

          Ha ha.. love your comment, MyGirl2016.

          • Chandler

            LOL, me too. Cracked me up 😛

          • Boomboompow

            @chandler @bugspray

            I love their height difference too, in some other dramas they would probably have JJS standing on a stool or sth to create a taller (manlier?) illusion but really, JJS needs nothing like that.

            He has this hobby of talking so closely to people (girls) that I just find so hot, like to Nari during early episodes when they’re not close yet, or even when talking to Hye Won. Then he would speak with low voice and those mesmerizing eyes – no wonder the girls are heads over heels.

            I am not really sure why does these skinship made my heart race – is it because of his self-confidence?

        • Bugspray

          Lol! I concur!
          I came into this show with no expectations at all. I loved my Jungsuk and Hyojin separately, but couldn’t imagine the two standing side by side at all. All is down the drain though because they proved to me that height doesn’t matter it’s the chemistry that is most important. It struck me, these two are a match made in heaven. I thought the other Mr. Jo was Hyojinnie’s OTP, but I was wrong. She found her true Mr. Jo and I thank the casting directors for it.

          • Chandler

            You know, they actually made me realize how hot it can be when you share a similar height. JJS is taller than her, but just barely and they had all of these moments that showed off their matching eye-level.

            I keep thinking of the scene in ep 18 when they were at each other’s throats. All of a sudden they came up really close to each other and glared right into each other’s eyes and there was just something so hot about them being on each other’s level like that. Haha, I can’t quite explain it.

            Also, the way he kissed her in ep 14 (the 2nd time). He kind of has to do this thing where he dips down and up again to catch her lips. I have no clue why I find that so sexy, but I do.

          • Bugspray

            My thoughts exactly! I’ve come to embrace and love their little height difference. It makes their relationship that much more realistic! I wouldln’t mind seeing him with another taller actress. And yes I find it so hot when he approaches her and stares right into her eyes in such close proximity. Like wtf! I can die and go to heaven and come back again. Lol. I thought Jungsuk was lucky to have Gummy, but I think Gummy is effin lucky to have him. He’s so humble, gentle and…uhhhg…he can sing. I wish he can serenade to me all night every night. Lmao.

          • snailshell

            @Chandler, I really noticed the height-closeness too! It reminded me of this series I used to read years ago where the female protag was tiny – just over 5 foot? – but a badass fighty kind of girl, and she had a lot of men, but one of her boyfriends (after an undead hunk after a werewolf hunk) was exactly her height, and she wrote about how she could look him straight in the eye like that, and how comfortably they could hug. I thought of that when I watched this, and it’s so cute! (Also lets shorties live in hope, lol)

          • Chandler


            It’s funny that you mention this because I’m pretty short myself. All my boyfriends have been taller than me, even the relatively ‘short’ ones. And, hey, that’s been enjoyable in its own way. There are certain height differences that work really well. But, I admit, watching these two together had me a bit jealous. There’s just something satisfying about that kind of eye-contact and several of their embraces really did look very comfortable.

        • Bugspray

          I understand their sentiments because I almost skipped out too when Nari dropped the bomb on us saying she liked them both. I was like “no, no…no, no, no, no, noooo~” Lol. Of course I didn’t have that background music, but that was exactly how I felt. I told my mom I was quitting it and was gonna wait til the finale just for the sake of finishing. That didn’t go well because when Wednesday came around I found myself stuck to the show like an octopus. Lmao.

        • Quinze

          LOL this seems like the most accurate scenario I can think of haha.

      • 6.4.2 suegarbaby

        ROFL! @gabobobobo and @MyGirl2016, you called it right!

      • 6.4.3 Amelyia

        @gabobobo, @MyGirl2016, @Imbuk, @Chandler, @Bugsparay, @Quinze
        Haha.. very crazy. In my own syndrome case, I couldn’t sleep well, like getting awake in the middle night, around 3 am and then had a lot of thinking about them.
        Oh God, help us…..

  7. MinaBoom

    Hey Beanies,
    Last Thursday, I wished that they would not air the finale so I would have something to watch and anticipate next week.

    Also can I have a brother like Chi Yeol ❤️, I cringed when HS had the upper hand bcuz of the voice fishing. 😂
    I felt butterflies, every time HS couldn’t utter the words “Break Up”. ❤️A lead whose noble idiocy (also, it is not total idiocy) doesn’t get on my nerves.
    I didn’t like the stint HS pulled while co-anchring with NR, I found patronizing and out of character for a highly professional anchor (Which the show, made a point to crave it in our head) also it was a position he was dying to get but he wasted it 👿.
    And I blame him for putting NR in jeopardy.

    JW, would it have killed the drama to fix their friendship sooner and for him to act as a friend and support him after his cancer revelation in ep 15 if my memory serves me, regardless of their fight for NR heart.

    Regardless, JI had my heart. It’s the love of my drama life 😁
    Finally, a Finale that doesn’t leave a better taste in my mouth.
    I dread the many dramas I can’t rewatch because their lousy ending.

    Can we have a mandatory Workshop where all the team behind JI teach PDs, Writers and Producer how to execute a nearly perfect drama. ❤️❤️❤️

    • 7.1 MyGirl2016

      The love of my drama life… mmm.. I like the sound of that. JI is that to me.

  8. lola

    I was a bit confused by the part where they fast forwarded to one year later, ten years later, etc.

    Was that fast forward misplaced? It felt a little.. out-of-place to me :/

    • 8.1 CZ

      No, I saw the flash forwards as a mini epilogue, to show they will be fine 1, 10, 40 years down the line. Nari found her happiness with weathercasting, Hwashin will always be jealous of Nari”s affections, they do get a baby n the end.

      Then they show the actual closing, with them filming their meta closing ending.

      I really liked that touch of extra sugary happy ending they gave us with the flash forwards

      • 8.1.1 MyGirl2016


  9. CZ

    Such a satisfying and sweet ending! It was always beautifully shot, music too and I love the whole “money to stop seeing my son” move was made on Jayoung. Jungwon”s mom would be the type to resort to such things, but to try that move with a 40-something professional career anchor/dept head like Jayoung::: hilarious!

    So many great details, especially the wedding imagined officiaters and the walk down with all the characters in the drama… a moving speech by Dr. Geum, dance party surprise with nurse and Donggi, and conclusion momance!!!!

    • 9.1 Amelyia

      I too find it hilarious. A cliche but turned out very good. I did imagine if she had been 5 years younger, would she get another digit, lol. Thanks to the voice pishing brats..
      🙂 🙂

  10. 10 Imbuk

    You know you love this show, when reading the recap makes you smile so much! Thank you for all your awesome recaps, Saya! Your comments were always thoughtful and this episode’s is no exception, they are incredible. I will truly miss this show. It was an unique as well as courageous show that went all out on wackiness without caring about the conventional.

    I loved their wedding so much, it looked so happy and fun. I would have loved to attend it.

    What I love most about Jealousy is that while characters changed and evolved over the course of the show, they always remain fundamentally themselves (even in 2056). They’re allowed to be flawed and stay flawed, and that’s a quality that kept the show really anchored not only in its own reality, but also in ours.

    This is what I loved about this show too. I didn’t know that viewers didn’t like ppal gang’s story line, I like all the characters in this show except for madam kim and announcer park. Maybe because they are shown underage and people didn’t want their kids to get influenced? Either way I liked what we did get to see of her story line.

    don’t you clean up nice!
    and don’t you clean up even nicer?

    ha ha.. they both looked good and it was nice to see go kyung pyo’s hair all grown back too, lol. Gong hyo jin looked gorgeous in wedding dress as well.

    Loved the time skip too which showed us they had babies as well as that hwa shin lived for a long time and also that they are still as much in love with each other as they are now. ♥

    Also, thanks to all beanies who provided me with new perspectives, character deconstruction and relationship analysis, reading your comments were truly an enriching experience! 🙂

    • 10.1 MyGirl2016

      “What I love most about Jealousy is that while characters changed and evolved over the course of the show, they always remain fundamentally themselves (even in 2056). They’re allowed to be flawed and stay flawed, and that’s a quality that kept the show really anchored not only in its own reality, but also in ours.”


      • 10.1.1 Imbuk

        Saya is an awesome writer, isn’t she? Glad you decided to recap this series, Saya. Thoroughly enjoyed all your recaps. 🙂

        • blnmom

          Agree! Saya is always excellent but this was a particularly difficult drama to recap, so extra kudos to her and dramallama. Thank you both!

  11. 11 lunaticandra

    That moment when Hwashin treat his steamed bun more importantly than his mom’s wrath. I lost it.

    • 11.1 Imbuk

      ha ha.. me too! When he still kept eating not minding that his mother is hitting him, that was hilarious.

    • 11.2 kit

      HA. YES.

    • 11.3 Quinze

      Hah, the stubbornness of Hwashin is that even when Mom’s hitting you, the bun is what’s important. Oh man, I have sympathy for mom. Can you imagine him as a boy? He must have driven her up the wall!

      • 11.3.1 Juliesean

        That cracked me up. N the best is “then don’t come to the wedding”.

        And of course he gleefully told Mom that “She was dating us both. But she likes me more. I won”

        I’m gonna miss HS pettiness, jealousy and bickering with his Mom n NR. Whatever he sprouts are gold.

        JJS – he is crowned the romcom king. He made HS from a dislikeable jerk into a humanized but still insecure and petty baffoon.

        • Chandler

          ROFL, and him acting like that explanation cleared everything up! All, “why didn’t you give me the chance to explain?” as if what he just confessed was so much better, hahaha.

        • Quinze

          OMG yes! HS the pettiest of them all! My jaw dropped when he said that! Like duuuuuuude you outed your girlfriend in front of mom! Do you want to get married?? But then he’s so stubborn he goes and gets married anyways!

          Where was Hwashin when al the other kdrama leads were breaking up with their one true love because their family disapproves?? He’d have been like “Here’s a steamed bun, now go get married you fool.”

          • MyGirl2016

            “Here’s a steamed bun, Now go get married you fool”

          • Dramaninja

            +1 Haha..on point

      • 11.3.2 Ren

        You know that elbow from the sky that she had going on was well practised.

      • 11.3.3 MyGirl2016


    • 11.4 Lexy_K

      That scene cracked me up 😂😂

    • 11.5 snailshell

      @lunaticandra: same here! It reminded me of this time I was on a bus eating a sandwich. The bus braked suddenly I went flying to the floor and crumpled into a heap in the corner. But I finished my sandwich before I got up.

      Didn’t want to get it dirty, you know?

      • 11.5.1 MyGirl2016

        Bus suddenly brakes- went flying- ha ha.. Reminds me of Kim Sam Soon. “Ajusshi, I haven’t even married yet!”

    • 11.6 Amelyia

      Mum hit him very hard. After mum’s nagging he hugged mum tightly. There are things where words cannot represent. I was touched.

      • 11.6.1 Chandler

        Lol, I LOVE when he hugged her close to get her to stop. And she was just too exasperated to fight it anymore. Haha, already knew in that moment that she would end up at that wedding whether she liked it or not.

    • 11.7 es

      YES oh my god. He just keeps chewing on that steamed bun while his mum yells at him – and then tells Na-ri that he’ll “explain everything” – AND THEN goes onto “explain everything” by telling his mum that he won and she “likes me more”, as if that makes things so much better. I can’t deal omg.

  12. 12 kit

    Genuinely think this is one of my top 5 dramas of all time. I loved it. I especially have to cheer on the perfect soundtrack and the perfect use of it. It really elevated the silent beats Jo Jung Seok does so well, and gave a moodiness to the right scenes.

    There are things I wish this drama could have tackled at a constant rate: Ppalgang and her gang really deserved more, and I wish we could have seen one last conversation between Jungseok and his mum, because there was a lot of beautiful, heartbreaking tension there. (And for kicks, a conversation between the mums hehehehe).

    But I loved each and every one of the characters, and how the writing and acting gave them life – they had lives outside the main characters, and stuck to their guns.

    Gong Hyo Jin acts effortlessly, and she really has an ability to make others shine. The whole cast, honestly, was so damn great. But Jo Jung Seok, w o w. As Lee Mi Sook (who acted as Sung Sook) said on radio (to the actress who plays Jungwon’s mum!) said, I’m especially grateful that JJS has shown that not a typical male lead type can do it, and can do it well.

    Thanks for the recaps, and thanks for all the fun we’ve had in the comments!

    • 12.1 Amelyia

      If you really like watching a show then you should attempt to reading other viewers comments. Lol

    • 12.2 snailshell

      I was reading on soompi about how people wished Mom approved of the marriage and welcomed Na-ri with open arms. But I actually thought it was great and so much truer to life that she was crabby about it but still turned up. This was not Secret Garden. Mom is there to stay in her son’s life, and she doesn’t have to approve of everything and honestly, Hwa-shin doesn’t need her to. I LOVED that he didn’t let her disapproval stop him, even though Na-ri advocated for it. That’s a man who knows how to do things. Your marriage and your mom are separate things that don’t mix and shouldn’t be contingent on each other in any but the broadest way (i.e. ‘is she decent to my mom’ ‘is my mom decent to her’ etc).

      • 12.2.1 suegarbaby

        I was hoping Hwa Shin’s mom would welcome Na Ri with open arms too, but the way she found out about Hwa Shin and Na Ri warranted such a reaction. I mean, poor mom was oblivious to the fact that Na Ri had broken up with Jung Won for a while and was dating Hwa Shin so when she saw them canoodling together outside that convenience store, I knew things were going to blow up. And so it did. It didn’t help either that Hwa Shin ‘explained’ the whole situation in such a rubbish way, lol.

        In fact, her anger and disappointment in what appears to be two-timing on Hwa Shin’s and Na Ri’s part made me like mom more because you can see that she’s got a firm set of principles and values in her, and that gives way to nothing and to nobody, not even to her own precious son. The fact that she wants her son to live by good and proper values is commendable.

        Her subsequent grumpiness about the whole marriage thing was all kinds of funny, but also in character to her gruff nature. I’m sure she eventually came round to accept and embrace the whole situation after the wedding. After all, she did say that she liked Na Ri, and this was before she knew Na Ri was Hwa Shin’s saviour and companion through difficult times. Babies afterwards probably helped a lot too, haha!

        • Chandler

          “You can see that she’s got a firm set of principles and values in her, and that gives way to nothing and to nobody, not even to her own precious son.”

          – Actually, this is what really drives in how much Hwa-shin is his mother’s son. She definitely has that ‘tough love’ aspect to her that Hwa-shin has upheld for most of his relationships. It’s just that he’s upheld it in ways she doesn’t always agree with at times.

        • Quinze

          Yes to everything!

          The lovely part of that anger was in how she worded it when she turned to snap at Na Ri. It wasn’t meant to shame Na Ri more than Hwa shin. It was more like, how’d you let my idiot son seduce you? You’re smarter than that! She wasn’t necessarily vilifying Na Ri as an evil temptress (like most kdramas do!). It was…affectionate anger. As in, I like you and respect you as a Mom figure and I’m mad at you for not being as principled as I gave you credit for being.

          Made me love Mom more because like you said, she found out on her own instead of being told in a controlled situation. So her anger was justified and Hwashin’s delivery is so terrible (lol this guy!) that he deserves that beating for all that cheek. Don’t mess with Mama Lee!

  13. 13 merin

    Do you have a friend who’s quirky and unpredictable, who sometimes doesn’t make sense and kinda annoys you but who always keeps you interested and curious and entertained, and you can’t help but love that friend? Yep, that’s JI for me. And it’s especially painful to say goodbye to a special friend like JI. Even now, I’m crying typing this because who knew when I would find something as good as this drama again.(⋟﹏⋞)
    For someone who doesn’t even like romcoms, I’m well and truly whipped. I’m now learning Korean and even booked a ticket to go there. Just how whipped am I going to get?
    Although I was disappointed with how they chose to resolve Nari’s career issues, I’m still grateful for the roller coaster of emotions they had me experienced.
    If you love this drama like me, please support the artists and the production as much as you can. Some of the OST songs are now out in itunes and googleplay.

  14. 14 Quinze

    Ahhh, man I’m going to miss this show so much!! I have so thoroughly enjoyed every little moment! The number of times I’ve said, Wow, that was a good scene!, I’ve lost count!

    Seriously, I’m with everyone on here! This show was so much fun!! I’ve gotten so used to expecting a show to disappoint or lag in the middle but this drama managed to circumvent every expectation I had. Every character came out just how I wanted them. Masters of their own fate with all their quirks intact but wiser and more heartfelt towards one another.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful recap Saya. Your commentary is so incredibly on point I want to quote everything and say +1000! Especially about our central couple and their dynamic.

    I don’t even know what remains to be said. We got a wonderful episode that managed to keep the conflicts from being sad or overly done. We got imperfect perfect resolutions that leave us satisfied enough knowing that life isn’t perfect but it can be pretty nice when you stay true to yourself and to the people you love and love you back.

    I’m seriously missing our couple already!!

    Jo Jung Seok finally hit that sweet spot of a drama that gave me everything I ever wanted for him since I first saw him grace my screen. And true to form, he delivered an amazing, memorable performance that delivered a level of complexity in his character of which I’m in awe while also giving him levity in the midst of a somber topic of cancer. This is truly the drama I’ve been waiting for and I’m happy I get to cherish it. He’s seriously topping my list of faves right now. I’m still amazed that he managed to be the guy I watched getting humiliated at his brother’s funeral wearing a pink hospital bra while his mother beats him while simultaneously being the man that gave us so many swoony moments from our ramyun proposal, our hospital make out, our million dance numbers, and sexy times at Na Ri’s.
    Likewise, Gong Hyo Jin held her own and gave us this natural and relatable character that never made waves but still moved the heart of the most stubborn man on the planet. She made a woman we would normally dismiss as being an overly fixated, spineless girl with a dream into this admirably strong, steady, sensible woman that manages to keep her integrity intact while she fights for her love.

    And credit to the amazing cast of supporting actors both experienced and new for giving us such endearing characters to love that managed to have dimensions and layers without being the center of attention.

    And finally, kudos to this show for also spreading such a positive message about cancer. I dunno if anyone saw this but I stumbled on it a couple of weeks ago and thought it was such a nice turn of events: http://www.koogle.tv/media/news/incarnation-of-jealousy-drama-miraculously-saves-life-of-viewer/
    It’s a good way to see how sometimes even a tv show can make an impact depending on the message you send to your audience.

    • 14.1 aweebit

      Wow, what an amazing story! See I knew watching dramas was good for you!
      Just this last drama-cycle alone I have learned how to avoid all sorts of terrible deaths in Moon Lovers, not the least of which is when you see someone struggling in the water, throw them a life preserver instead of going in yourself. Also, that one should avoid fire hydrants if you’re not wearing a helmet. Thanks King Louie! 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Quinze

        Haha, never marry a royal! It’ll get you killed!
        Don’t drink their tea! It’s always poisoned!

        @MyGirl2016 cry away, girl! We all need it after saying goodbye to this show!

        @gabobobobo yeah, seriously good timing!

        I don’t know where you live but in the States, the mammogram screening for women isn’t till 50 but every time you go to the OBGYN or your primary care doctor for an annual check-up, they should be doing a breast exam as part of your exam.
        If there’s a family history, or if you ever feel a mass or any kind of abnormal feeling (the skin looks puckered, bleeding, etc) definitely get it checked out.
        All women above 21 should also get a pap smear done by their family doctor or gynecologist. That’s my PSA!

    • 14.2 MyGirl2016

      Aww.. Quinze, you’re gonna make me cry… 😭

    • 14.3 gabobobobo

      It really helps that JI aired around October, the breast cancer awareness month (“Fantastic” also did). Because of both dramas, I’m seriously considering to have breast cancer check up, although I don’t have the symptoms. Just to stay safe.

    • 14.4 Amelyia

      “We got imperfect perfect resolutions that leave us satisfied enough knowing that life isn’t perfect but it can be pretty nice when you stay true to yourself and to the people you love and love you back.”

      Quinze, it’s very nice..

  15. 15 bd5

    Have had JI on my to give it a shot list due to liking the 3 leads, but seems like JI was executed pretty well.

    Guess that I’m going to have to move it up on my to-watch list (another reason being that now really like Seo Ji-hye from her appearance on RM).

  16. 16 Flightey Gazelles

    Was just passing by and I read the opening paragraph of the recap, and just had to pop in and say, what a wonderful introduction! @Saya, because of what you wrote, am tempted to start right now( school *wails*)

    Am not watching Jealousy Incarnate right now but when I DO( and I surely will) watch it, am sure it will be a heartwarming and fulfilling ride. I can tell from the recap openings.

  17. 17 MyGirl2016

    I teared up reading this final recap Saya. This really is goodbye to JI, isn’t it? Thank you so much for your hard work doing all the recaps.

    YOU, JI, after messing with my heart, my mind, my feelings for these two months, I’m now supposed to just let go of you and move on with my life?? Ok.. I’m a big girl. I can do that. *Puts Don’t explain babe on and cries into a pillow *

    Shout out to all the people who have been incredibly supportive of the show all the way through, especially during its ‘confusing’ times ha ha.. Off the top of my head – Strawberry, Chandler, newbie, Quinze, Amelyia, Imbuk, Y… among many others. Your fond words about the show and characters were a delight for this hopeless JI fangirl’s heart. Made the whole experience of this drama truly enjoyable. (In other words, I blame you guys in part for how obsessed I was with this show. 🙂 )

    A special shout out to Yoyo as well – I truly enjoyed reading your wholesome analyses. As someone who adored this drama, reading your analyses I always thought – Man, I would have loved to read Yoyo’s version of JI’s recaps (No offense db recappers! I am ever grateful to you guys too!) Coz I felt you were among those of us who really got the show and you put it into eloquent words. You were onboard with the way the show was handling things, you had always said trust the writer – and lo and behold the writer/crew didn’t let us down.

    Since we all seem to have kind of similar taste in dramas please do recommend any current/old dramas that any of you guys are enjoying/ enjoyed. I might not pick it up straight away – too much leftover feelings from JI to even think about anything else right now – but will get around to them eventually. Thank you in advance for fueling my drama addiction. 🙂

    • 17.1 shail

      If you liked this drama, then you will also like “city hall,” It also has a lot of wacky humor, romance, and great acting! 🙂

      • 17.1.1 MyGirl2016

        Thank you shail!

        • PYC

          +1 on City Hall. It’s my all time rom com favorite, now together with JI.

    • 17.2 Boomboompow

      High School King of Savvy has similar tone – dark comedy with romance and a side of wacky side characters. It was no 1 in my book as the best k-comedy but JI kinda beat it now. Still, I adore that show and you should give it a try!

      • 17.2.1 MyGirl2016

        YOU!!! Are you my long lost Kdrama twin? King of High School was MY favourite drama too till JI pushed it down to the second spot!! And InGuk was my Kdrama guy till Jo Jung Seok decided to swing by with his Hwashin eccentricities (Mianhe InGuk~ssi)

        Thanks Boomboompow!☺

        • Boomboompow

          We must be really twins because Seo In Guk was (is) my favorite actor!

          I cannot choose favorites between the two – I’ll just admit that I have two hearts and live with it.

          • Chandler

            I can’t choose between them either. SKL and JI competing has been hell for me. Lol, that’s why I was okay with them taking turns in the top ratings spot (even though, deep down, I wanted JI to win)!

          • MyGirl2016

            even though, deep down, I wanted JI to win..

            Me too Chandler!

          • Boomboompow

            I havent watched SKL because I like to marathon a drama after it ends – and I am so excited to watch puppy Guk-ie!

    • 17.3 Amelyia

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 just very close to what I have thought

    • 17.4 Imbuk

      Thanks for the shout out, MyGirl2016. There, there.. *pats on back* we will get through this together! 🙂

      Love the community we created here through our love for this drama. Sadly, I don’t have any dramas to recommend to you similar to this. This is the first of its kind of drama I have watched, hence its very special to me.

      But, If you are up for some strong female friendships and character growth, check out age of youth. It was the most recent drama I watched and I loved it.

      • 17.4.1 MyGirl2016

        Age of Youth noted down. Thanks Imbuk! ☺👍

    • 17.5 Newbie

      It was a fun ride indeed commenting here and reading all those interesting comments. I really liked that the atmosphere was predominantly peaceful and the different oppinions and feelings were respected.


      • 17.5.1 Imbuk

        True about this thread being peaceful. There was just so many different perspectives but no one kind of blindly hated or blatantly put down this drama just to get a rise out of people who enjoy the show. So, it was really fun reading the comments.

    • 17.6 Strawberry

      Thank you for the shout out @MyGirl2016 ♥♥♥

      JI was an awesome ride, and the discussions in the comment sections had been such a great part of the watching experience.

      I didn’t comment in the last recap nor post a separate comment for this finale ’cause I run out of words to describe JI’s awesomeness 😄 Just love, love, love this drama in its entirety.

      Hope we’ll meet again in another threat , fellow beanies @Amelyia @Newbie @gabobobobo @Imbuk @Quinze @Chandler @suegarbaby @Yoyo

      P.S: unfortunately, I cannot give you any recommendation for something similar @MyGirl2016, JI is one of its kind from all the romcoms I’ve watched so far. I still have to check out High School King, of course 😉 But City Hall, as already mentioned, is also a good drama worth watching. The same mature romance, great acting and good story line as well.

      • 17.6.1 Strawberry

        *threat –> thread. Damn typos lol 😛

        • MyGirl2016

          Ha ha.. Strawberry, Once the JI feels have settled down, do watch King of HS. Reminder – the key to enjoying a drama is keeping expectations really, really low! 🙂

          I am thinking of not following any new dramas for a while – JI withdrawal plus I have some major exams just round the corner, So if I don’t get a grip on myself soon I will be found writing about Lee Hwashin’s glasses, mudflats, octopuses and ramyun proposals in my answer sheet.

          Hope to see you around!

          • Amelyia

            Same here haha. I wish study is more interesting..

            Good luck for student beanies..

      • 17.6.2 Imbuk

        Thanks for the shout out, Strawberry. Hope to meet in another drama thread! 🙂

      • 17.6.3 Quinze

        Thanks, Strawberry! Yes, I’m going to be busy with school for a while but I may pop in if another drama comes along that really catches my eye. Hope we meet in another drama recap!

        haha I wasn’t going to make a separate comment because I’ve already talked so much about it but then I found myself writing thanks and it just snowballed into a massive comment lol. Save yourself the trouble!

      • 17.6.4 suegarbaby

        Thanks for the shoutout, @Strawberry! It was a such a fun ride together here with JI beanies indeed, and like you, I hope we can all meet up again in another fabulous drama thread! <3

      • 17.6.5 Amelyia

        It is my first experience joining a drama forum for a drama watching. However, you guys here really made it like a series of nutritious meals for my small thought. I was waiting your comments each week.

        ThAnks Strawberry (and many other Beanies)

      • 17.6.6 Chandler

        @MyGirl2016 @Strawberry

        Thanks so much, you guys! I’m still in denial this wonderful gem is over 🙂 Hopefully another amazing drama will come along soon and we’ll all meet again there. Still, it’s rare that a whole community of beanies all end up this invested in the same shows again. I’ll miss the JI community a lot, as I feel like I only really came out and commented at the half-way point. Wish I could have been more involved from the beginning!

    • 17.7 webby

      For oddball comedy, try Evasive Inquiry Agency ( recapped by db as Mixed-Up Investigation Agency), another rare gem…

      • 17.7.1 Chandler

        Yessssssss ♥

        I second this recommendation. It’s an all-time favorite of mine. If there are any Age of Youth fans out there, this is from the same writer 🙂

      • 17.7.2 MyGirl2016

        Thanks webby, Chandler. Noted!

    • 17.8 Quinze

      Thanks for the shoutout!
      Honestly, as far as romcoms go I can’t think of any that I feel like this show stayed consistently good all the way. One of my faves from way back in 2005 though is My Lovely Sam Soon. It was actually really good, hilarious with a sassy heroine paired with an equally sassy male lead.
      @shail, I concur, City Hall is also really good! (Kim Sun Ah is the lead in both so I may be biased but she’s amazing).

      • 17.8.1 MyGirl2016

        Yes.. I LOVED Kim Sam Soon. Every bit! ❤

    • 17.9 suegarbaby


      The only oddball, quirky k-drama rom-com that I can think of that comes fairly close to JI is The Greatest Love, also starring Gong Hyo Jin, and Cha Seong Won. If you have not seen it yet, it is worth checking it out.

      It is set in the entertainment industry (kind of how JI is focussed on the broadcasting industry). GHJ plays a down and out actress to CSW’s top-actor character (kind of how Na Ri is the second-class weather caster to Hwa Shin’s prime time anchor/ announcer status). There is romantic hijinks galore, slap stick situations, brilliant usage of metaphors and word play, and since the main male lead falls in love first there is also the one-sided love and jealousy hijinks to be had. Yoon Kye Sang is no small potato as the 2nd lead either. All 3 leads are veteran actors and so bring lots of goodies to the table. This drama is a huge favourite of mine even until today.

      • 17.9.1 Quinze

        Ooh that’s a good recommendation. I remember following the recaps but never got around to watching it.

        • suegarbaby


          Oh, you’ve absolutely got to watch it! The recaps are great but they don’t really do the drama justice as you’re missing out on the acting, the vocal nuances and the background music and OST. 🙂

          • Quinze

            Okay, on my list to watch! Probably try to binge watch it this thanksgiving!

          • suegarbaby

            @Quinze and @MyGirl2016

            I really hope the both of you will enjoy The Greatest Love because, really, it’s fantastic and funny with sweet heart-wrenching moments too. The parallels with Jealousy Incarnate are surprisingly more than I realised after thinking more about it, and I hope you’ll see that for yourselves too when you do get to watch it! I look forward to reading what you all think about it one day!

          • Chandler

            I just have to jump in here to say…

            AHHHHHHHHH. I love The Greatest Love!!!!! It’s definitely a drama you have to watch. Like JI, there are so many wonderfully hilarious & heartfelt scenes you don’t want to miss out on. I love the recaps here, but even they can’t capture how cracktastic this show is!

      • 17.9.2 MyGirl2016

        Recommendation noted, suegarbaby!
        Thank you for showing JI so much love. ❤😙

  18. 18 miroufleur

    I freaking love this drama from the beginning to the end ! I will miss the cast especially the leads 😉 Jealousy Incarnate made it to one of my favorite drama this year ! the ending was perfect for me ❤

  19. 19 Elgarmummy

    I really enjoyed this show from beginning to end! There are many shows that I liked in the beginning but lost interest along the way, and this show is definitely not one of those.

    I can really imagine them as a real couple who just keep talking and quibbling. The other characters were OTT but just as fun to watch.

    I also like watching how they just shine at their craft.

  20. 20 junny

    Echoing what everyone said, it’s been a great drama and the leads’ chemistry was off the charts! Really enjoyed the wonderful performances from Gong Hyo-jin and Jo Jung-seok, loved the mums and Chef, and Chi-yeol does clean up nice! The wedding dance was a riot and I loved that Dr Geum and Nurse Oh got in on the act again. Also, that “I’ll always be curious about you” as a way of expressing his love was so Hwa-shin, and was incredibly beautiful. I loved the tenderness in his eyes when he said that.

    Just gonna repaste what I wrote in soompi on Na-ri’s career path:
    Initially I was surprised that Na-ri went back to being a weathercaster and thought it was a bit of a step backwards for her since she’d always wanted to be an anchor. And then there were comments that said her anchor dream represented Hwa-shin and weathercaster job was Jung-won, which I had also thought was plausible. But after watching the last episode, I think the weathercaster job was always Hwa-shin all along, and anchor job Jung-won. The anchor job proved a bridge too far for Na-ri even if some of the things that happened were not her fault, and although given time she may have become good at it and reached Hwa-shin’s level, sometimes things are just not meant to be. She wanted to be an anchor to break out of her routine and try something new, like how she wanted to move on from her crush on Hwa-shin and date Jung-won. Yet she still ended up being the weathercaster (or rather, expert) because it’s something she enjoys doing and is good at, and there’s no shame in doing something you love even if it’s for lower pay or a lower rank at work. Besides, she met Hwa-shin while she was a weathercaster, and it was his words that encouraged her to relook at her old job with a fresh perspective, just like how she discovered a new side to Hwa-shin after what they went through. Also, she’s now married to a walking thundercloud, which is rather appropriate! So in that vein, I can come to terms with Na-ri being a weather expert and am glad she’s happy professionally and personally.

    All in all, a lovely drama, and beanies’ comments gave the viewing experience an extra zing.

    • 20.1 mexmax

      Wow this is great! I totally forgot about the comparisons between the guys and the jobs. You’re so right.

    • 20.2 Newbie

      My secret hope during the show was to see a finale with Hwa Shin and Na Ri doing the 9pm news and her finally having this blue ribbon.
      After seeing Na Ri going back to do the weather therefore only felt good after a second thought, but like you said, it is what she really likes. She never was truly happy being an announcer. Reasons being jerky Park or herself being inexperienced.
      And at the same time Hwa Shin, too, let go of his ambitions. True to his character facts and the truth were far more important to him than his position.
      He came a long way and it was wonderful to remove layer after layer to see the real him. Once he allowed himself to love and get loved he could let go of most of his pride. Hands down best male character in a Kdrama ever.

      • 20.2.1 junny

        Yeah, she always had to keep a straight face when doing the news (and I get why she needs to do that), but was so lively and smiley during her weather reports. And it’s telling she never found a fixed anchor partner – first it was Announcer Park, then she got Hwa-shin – both of whom were troublemakers in their own way, so she never got to settle into a proper rhythm like how Hwa-shin did with Hye-won.

        Hwa-shin was written well and I have enjoyed seeing his growth. Jo Jung-seok added his own flair and zing to the character, and totally owned it.

    • 20.3 Imbuk

      I remember this comparison from a few weeks back. But back then, we all thought na ri becoming announcer was end game, so it made sense that hwa shin was compared to announcer then.

      But, truthfully I never thought na ri deciding to become a weather expert was because she thought herself incompetent as an announcer or that she could never become better in it. Its just she enjoys being a weather forecaster more and is passionate about it (we got to see that when the jo hee got appendicitis and had to leave, na ri was adamant on doing it herself). If she never had a chance to be an announcer, then I would have felt disappointed too, that she decided to settle for being a weather forecaster until the end. But she did become an announcer but in the end decided that she liked being a weather forecaster more and instead of lamenting about not being able to be an announcer, this time she is happy and confident in her position as a weather forecaster.

      This was also one of the things I never expected from this drama because from episode 1, I believed that na ri will become an announcer in the end and we can accept that as she becoming confident in herself and as character growth for her. But, instead this drama made her an announcer in the middle of its run and In the end decided to make her choose to do something she loves to do and feel secure in it, which is just as much character growth. This is why this drama is just brilliant.

      • 20.3.1 junny

        I like how Na-ri made lemonade out of lemons and it’s been quite consistently portrayed over the course of the drama. Sure, she sometimes needed a helping hand, but she did always try to come up with a solution of her own, which shows she’s not quite the damsel in distress the boys think her to be. And I do like how the drama showed the different ways in which she and Hwa-shin handled workplace conflicts. I don’t think the announcer thing was ever about incompetency, more a lack of experience showing her up – which was why the scenes of Ja-young and Hwa-shin giving her pointers were awesome because they believed in her abilities. Ultimately, she made the choice with her eyes open to the realities of the situation, was at peace with it and managed to still grow professionally. It was a pretty nice character arc.

    • 20.4 suegarbaby

      “I’ll always be curious about you.”

      This line is actually quite amazing if you think about it. Being in love and experiencing the excitement and passion of feeling in love will fade as the years go by when familiarity sets in, but always being curious about your partner? That speaks of so many things!

      It speaks of how your partner will always be interesting to you. Things will always be new, different and fresh because there is always something new to discover or uncover. There won’t be staleness or dullness in the relationship.

      It also speaks of how the relationship won’t fall into the indifference trap. Indifference is the silent killer, really. I think it’s quite telling how from the start, Na Ri told Jung Won how she hated apathy and indifference, that she would prefer someone to hate and complain, than to be indifferent and not bothered. This is the biggest compliment and assurance to Na Ri which Hwa Shin could ever give to her.

      More than declarations of undying love, to say that she will always keep him curious about her, speaks of consistent interest and consistent attention from Hwa Shin. And that’s just absolutely beautiful and probably the best and happiest thing for Na Ri to know. <3

      • 20.4.1 junny

        Beautifully said, and you’ve expressed that sentiment so well. That’s exactly why I love that Hwa-shin said it to Na-ri, because it came from his heart. I’m really glad the drama left it right until the end to give us this wonderful scene of them at the anchor desk and Hwa-shin gazing at his bride with love and wonder in his eyes. And that kiss! Woooo, you go girl!

      • 20.4.2 es

        Yesss, I love that line too, for all the exact reasons you listed. Perfectly said. 😀

      • 20.4.3 MyGirl2016


      • 20.4.4 merin

        That was the most romantic thing I’ve heard in a drama. I have the attention span of a fish so for me, this is quite a commitment if I say this to another person.

      • 20.4.5 Chandler

        It is a wonderful line! Probably one I’m going to keep close in mind & heart for all my relationships in life. Because constantly being curious about someone allows you to fall in love with them again, again, and again ♥

    • 20.5 es

      I didn’t love the weathercaster resolution at first, although I did expect it because the show had been dropping hints about it for a while – like Na-ri returning to the weathercaster office when she was drunk and saying how nice it felt to be there, and also when she risked her announcer job to report the news when the other weathercaster girl fell sick – but I feel like I’ve come to terms with it now. I was really rooting for Na-ri’s career success during her announcer stint, and just really wanted to see her earn that blue tag and prove to everyone how competent she could be at her job, but I guess seeing her make a conscious choice to choose what she loves over an objectively ‘better’ job isn’t a bad resolution either. When she’s an announcer, she’ll always be a step below Hwa-shin professionally, but a ‘weather expert’ suggests that she’s made a place for herself at the top of her field, which is kind of nice imo, haha.

  21. 21 mexmax

    To me, this show was like a sticky octopus. I considered dropping it like 3 times, but it just wouldn’t let me go. And I’m so glad it didn’t. Speaking of octopus, let it be clear that I’m down for a mud fight with JJS anytime.

    • 21.1 Bugspray

      Count me in!

      • 21.1.1 mexmax

        “Love isn’t meant to be shared.”

        Jk this isn’t K2. You’re totally welcome to join 🙂

  22. 22 Lulu

    First of all, let me say I did enjoy JI, especially its ability to always be funny no matter what and the great chemistry and performances of Go Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok. They made this show so fun to watch.

    Even though I’ve enjoyed JI, I’m not willing to give it as much credit as most of you did. I think the show did a poor job with the secondary characthers (all of them), espeacilly considering this is a 24 episode drama with aa storyline that was far from being so complex that should eat up everything around it. The way they handled Jung Won was such a fiasco, he slowly faded into nothing since the OTP got together.

    The finale was nice, but I just have to get this out of the way: I really dislike Na-ri’s career resolution. For starters, I doubt that being a “weather especialist” is a viable career path within journalism. I don’t know about other places in the world, but in my country the weather is always delivered buy young attractive women. It’s often just a step in their careers; it’s common for a succesfull female journalist to have been a weather girl at some point in her career. What I want to say is: being a weather girl until the end of your days is not a viable option in most places. This might vary in other parts of the world, but in general it’s a job position that gets you elsewhere. Not to mention that the show’s idea of a “weather expert” is to do it while doing silly things, like being in a costume or playing with a hula hoop.

    Moreover, Nari’s lifelong dream was to be an anchor and she sacrificed so much to get there. I’m okay with her deciding not to be an anchor anymore, we often change our minds about what we want. But instead of moving forward, in my point of view they took a huge step back with her. I see the show has been building up to this resolution for a while, since every now and then someone would bring up how great Na-ri was when doing the weather and having Nari defending the segment from time to time. There is a lot of options within journalism besides being an anchor or a weathercaster.

    Yes, I know it’s just a drama, that this is “drama logic”, but it bothered me anyway. In my point of view, Nari settled for what was safe to her, which is quite the opposite of her entire history arc.

    • 22.1 gabobobobo

      I agree that this show could have handled JW story much better than this. He was practically relegated from a second lead to a supporting cast in the few last episodes. They could have also shown better development between PG and two boys; PG and HS; chef Rak and his asexuality/impotency/or whatever his problem was; HS and JW mother after knowing HS and NR relationship, etc. So much possibilities remain unexplored.

      I personally thought the plot could be explored more even without the infertility issue (although I don’t hate this issue). But, I understand maybe the writer wanted to bring more dramatic obstacle on the plate.

      I was disappointed, too, with how they resolve NR’s career. Mainly because, for almost the entire show, we know how much efforts NR invested in order to become announcer and how much she wanted to improve herself through HS’s and Bang Announcer’s help and advices. Her revelation of wanting to become weather caster again, seems too sudden and wasn’t given enough time to develop. Only very few vague hints was scattered here and there on the last two or three episodes.

    • 22.2 snailshell

      “The finale was nice, but I just have to get this out of the way: I really dislike Na-ri’s career resolution.”

      Aw no, I really liked it because I felt she created her own job, on her own terms. For her, success was doing what she loved most and being recognised for her skill at it, not by following a preset course. She showed she COULD succeed in a traditional career progression, but she chose to carve her own path, and that’s pretty admirable. As someone whose own career path is highly untraditional, that really spoke to me.

      I felt like achieving the dream doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. She got there, and she realised she was missing something, and I think it was deliberately foreshadowed last week when she subbed in for Joo-hee and then later admitted to the weather girls that she had missed it.

      My point is, it didn’t come from left field, I think her uncertainty’s been simmering under the surface for a little while, maybe since the election broadcast failure. But push just came to shove – if she hadn’t lost her position in the first place, she might not have returned to weather. But she did lose her job, and that left everything in the air. She didn’t *downgrade* from announcer to weather expert, she clawed back a job from basically being made redundant BUT she forced them to recognise her value and give her better terms. That’s carpe-ing the diem, and it’s badass. Progression not retrogression.

      In view of all that, to me, her return to weather didn’t just make sense, it was the result of a slow build-up. Ultimately, the message was that the dream can change. People change – the whole of this show is a calculated 24-episode testimony to that. People change, and their dreams change with them, and that’s part of the journey, too.

      • 22.2.1 MyGirl2016

        Excellent points!

      • 22.2.2 suegarbaby

        Well-said, @snailshell.

        Also, like quite a few others here in DB (@junny, @Newbie and @Imbuk), I do believe that Na Ri was happiest when she was doing the weather. She probably idolised the announcer role because of its status and also because she had never really properly experienced what it was like sitting in the announcer seat before.

        There’s nothing wrong in aiming for something, and later finding out that it was not really your cup of tea. The fact that she is able to decide on what she really wanted, and to be able to actually pursue it and still find pleasure in it even after many years, is no small blessing at all. I think it is hugely to her credit that we are able to see her in 2056, greying at the temples, but still passionate and excited about presenting the weather to her viewers. How many of us can say the same of our jobs come that time, eh?

        • Chandler

          Exactly! Weather had become something special to her, probably because, over the years, she had found such unique & fun ways to keep it interesting for viewers. It allowed her to take something seemingly small and make it distinctive. This may not seem fulfilling to many, but some people get a lot of enjoyment out of making the little things in life more beautiful and note-worthy. Na-ri has always had this really sentimental side to her that I’ve really enjoyed & identified with. She truly believes in the importance of delivering enjoyable, accurate reports to her viewers. And, for that reason, people seem to genuinely love her as a forecaster. It only makes me wonder how they could have taken her for granted so much at the start.

          I actually admire the writer’s boldness because she must know that so many were expecting Na-ri to thrive in her announcer spot. She could have easily written it that way, but she didn’t. This, to me, drives in how the writer wasn’t trying to sell the idea that job-level has anything to do with self-worth. If I remember correctly, this show even got some negative response in the beginning precisely because weather-casters didn’t enjoy watching their profession being demeaned. A part of me wonders if the writer altered the story for this reason, though I suspect she probably had it planned this way from the beginning.

          • suegarbaby

            Good point about the writer being bold and giving us that twist to Na Ri’s career right at the end of the series. We are quite used to having ‘happy endings’ that show our heroine overcoming her trials and struggles and emerging triumphant, so this is a nice roundabout turn on a message that says “it’s ok to give your all in going for something, but if you find that it’s not as fulfilling as you thought, it’s also ok to go back to doing something you really like”.

  23. 23 Nasus

    I’d love to see the guy playing Chi-Yeol working with Jo Jeung-Seok again. They are hillarious together. Chi-Yeol has great acting skills. He could be the next Jo Jeung-Seok!

    • 23.1 Mill123

      I think there are a lot of rising actors who wants to be like the “Great Jo Jung Suk”. I hear D.O., JJS’s co-star in their upcoming film would like to model his acting with JJS’s.

    • 23.2 Amelyia

      So true!!!!!!!!!
      The morning CY confronted HS was a lot of emotion. CY’s lines delivering and gestures were gold. I can feel how complicated his feeling to HS to finding out he was with her all night.

      Love to see his scene in the ending. His relation with PG, friends turns out lovers is always my interest.

      • 23.2.1 snailshell

        He didn’t find out HS was with her all night in the morning though – he knew from the night before when he saw Hwa-shin’s shoes at the door. It’s totally fascinating – the fact that he didn’t call HS out then and there means he’s already okay with it. But he’s a protective brother to Nari, so he has to keep her man squirming in proper brother-style.

        AT THE SAME TIME, Chi-yeol totally doesn’t like octopus Hwa-shin BUT he adores and respects his sister – and subsequently, her choices. The only reason HS is not out on his butt is because Chi-yeol can see that Na-ri truly likes him, and that’s what seals the deal. Chi-yeol doesn’t ‘approve’ and he’s not called to (and it’s not his place to), but he makes sure that this little octopus knows Na-ri has someone who’s got her back. But he’s totally already accepted him, despite his huffing and puffing. He has to do that, though, it’s sibling law.

        • Amelyia

          Thank you @ snailshell. 🙂

          In my interpretation, CY stayed outside on the evening, didnt came inside the house because he suspected HS might be inside. If it was true, he would not want to catch his noona with a man, because she would feel shy if he found out. So he chose being outside while crazily thinking the possibilities until morning came.

          However, from CY’s lines he is surprised and frustated and angry seeing HS coming out the house. He is speechless at first. Again, to me, no caring brother would ever like it.

          Yes, I agree with you. He adores and loves his noona. Thus, he forced himself to respect her choice. That’s why he could not do anything but sending him a straight punch as a sign of his frustrating feeling.

          Though he says he doesn’t like CY, but he tries to tell him that he never belittles NR onward. Man to man talk. I am sure inside he should be grateful that NR has CY, haha..

          • mary

            I thought he was mad at Hwa-shin for leaving at that hour because he should’ve stayed in until Nari woke up. I dunno, it seems like an issue for some couples when it’s their first time to sleep together and then one person suddenly ups and escapes in the morning.

            I could be wrong though XD It could be just Chi-yeol trying but not able to 100% accept Hwa-shin. Hehe

          • Imbuk

            @ mary
            Lol. That’s an interesting perspective.

            But I thought he stayed out all night to confront hwa shin when he leaves so that na ri doesn’t get to see it and warn hwa shin indirectly that if he hurts his sister, he has him to answer for.

          • gabobobobo

            LOL, and I thought the words “brother-in-law” that HS said made him explode.

      • 23.2.2 Juliesean

        Not forgetting their argument over who NR loves more.

        Seriously I’m gonna miss this show. I like every side character. I will gladly watch another 20 episodes of this. Just wine you think it’s something angst filled when the scene turned into comedic.

        Also the previews are always trolling us. I forgot how many times that I got so worried and paranoid that they were gonna break up. Even the way HS wanted to break up was hilarious.

  24. 24 AllPhryne

    Saya, how are your recaps still getting better? Wow, that was thorough. Btw I also remembered Emma after watching the last episode, but failed to make that connection. That is a special kind of insight, ty.
    There will be a special box on a special shelf just for Hwa-shin in my brain. I plan to revisit it offen.

  25. 25 Amelyia

    Millions thanks to beloved Db recappers and Beanies who have made my watching experience never same again ever. I cannot put my feelings into proper words, though. (I wish I could give appropriate credit to your names as MyGirl2016 did, but I don’t have much time lately)

    Only God knows how much lessons I got from your generous thoughts spilled here.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you show. Thank you, thank you, thank you fellas.

  26. 26 mundaliv

    Thanks a lot for the recap, Saya! It’s quite difficult I think to recap such show, especially the wedding scene. I like all the comments you wrote. This drama shows daily life with its complexity and not perfect life really makes the drama “perfect” as enjoyable show!

  27. 27 Newbie

    A little trivia: The wedding song is Psy’s Entertainer, which he apparently wrote to propose to his now wife. 😉

    It is hard to let this show go and to not being able see JJS every week on my screen. It will be a long time waiting for his next drama, but it will be worth it. His talent is sheer endless and I hope he’ll have the bright future he deserves.

    A big thank you to the whole team which gave us this fantasic, quirky and funny show. Best drama of 2016.

    To all the commenters here, you know who you are, thank you for your insight.

    And many, many thanks for the recaps!

  28. 28 gabobobobo

    It’s the end… No No No No No~

    I was looking for lighter show because I was tired of drama with heavy conflicts. Life hadn’t been great back then. I was a bit hesitant because the cancer storyline, but decided to try it for GHJ and JJS. I’m glad I did. It exceeded my expectation and bring laughter every weeks. I never thought that this would become one of the shows that have special place in my heart!

    I could totally relate to NR since myself had experienced 4 years of one-sided love (not in stalkerish way). I know I was stupid! If I could go back to the past, I’d beat my past self until she come to her sense, so she wouldn’t waste those precious 4 years for someone who didn’t care about her at all. I knew NR would eventually get HS fall hard for her and get her happy ending, so I cheer for her all along.

    I wasn’t really active in DB discussion even though I am a long time reader. So, I am thankful for all the commenters who tempted me to interact and share my ravings here.

    I especially love the small details that I found one by one every time I rewatched the older episodes. Also love the fact that HS actually cared about NR long before he realised JW’s feeling to her. It was shown by his actions and nags. It will be too long if I list all of them down.

    Many commenters have written on why they love this drama. So, I’ll leave it to them.

    Bits of things that I adore in this last episode :

    – PD Oh who ripped out every HS’S resign letters. He, Sung-Sook and Announcer Uhm also begged to give HS better job. HS is like this annoying, stubborn, but competent maknae that the sunbaes can’t help but begrudgingly adore, LOL. I suspect, PD Oh deliberately sent announcer Park to Kenya out of spite. Since he started the gossip that causes HS to out his cancer.

    – Imaginary angry Jung Won MCing their wedding. LOL! “Hwashin! You really don’t have a friend, Huh!?”

    – HS’s banter with mom. “She two-timed us! I win! She likes me more!” You brat! How embarrassing for NR. I LOLed while wanting to go inside the screen and hit the back of his head.

    – HS’s “whistleblower” proposal. You still haven’t learned your lesson, huh?

    – That wedding dance! UGH JJS! HOT DAMN! The trio was also fantastic!

    – HS and Sung Sook arguing non-stop on news broadcast. PD OH could only sigh in frustration.

    – Silly HS jealous with his own baby.

    – The last closing statement from HS that he will always be curious about NR and always love her. How romantic.

    I’m disappointed with NR sudden realization that she wanted to be weather caster after all. The drama shows how eager she was to become announcer and all the hard work she gave. But, I guess it’s very possible to change your mind after experiencing the dream job.

    This is not a show without flaw. But, it has been a fun roller coaster ride! Good bye JI! I am sure I will meet better shows who could snatch your place in my heart some day! Always use exclamation mark instead of…

    • 28.1 gabobobobo

      Also thanks a lot to the recappers who write amazing thoughts and analysis of this show.

    • 28.2 suegarbaby

      LOL! Liked your little comments on this episode.

      PD Oh! This guy really grew on me through the show and has become one of my favourite characters (added to the plethora of faves that already exist, lol). Him tearing up all of Hwa Shin’s resignation letters was hilarious and quite touching in terms of showing his support and care of Hwa Shin in his own gruff teddy bear way. Luff him. And I, too, suspect that he deliberately chose to send Announcer Park off to Kenya. Loved his matter-of-fact delivery of the news, and sliver lining of the good coffee in Kenya (Announcer Park likes to have coffee before his broadcasts – he told Na Ri to get it for him once, remember?).

      Hwa Shin and Sung Suk arguing over live tv and causing PD Oh to roll his eyes was ROFL. Hwa Shin still being Hwa Shin, while the indomitable Sung Suk still refuses to be cowed into submission and secondary anchor status. Those 2 bickering over live news broadcasts would make for hilarious watching! I’ll bet the ratings on their timeslot will make for interesting statistics!

      • 28.2.1 Amelyia

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Looking back episodes, I thought the show was about HS where NR as an important part of his story. So it makes sense if some complained there was not enough story on NR’s part.

  29. 29 conan

    Reading back on the finale made me both wide-smiled and teary-eyed. Gong Hyo-jin is really the golden standard for me when it comes to drama choices as hers of the past 6 years. It’s Okay That’s Love have been my chosen favorite drama ever since it aired 2 years ago, but now with Jealousy Incarnate, I’m tempted to boost it right up on top. It kept its pace going for a massive 24 episodes and provided multiple complex story lines that were worthy of their time.

    And of course I love Jo Jung-suk. He get lovelier and lovelier the more I see him. He was just amazing in this and I couldn’t imagine anyone else suffering as Hwa-shin aside from him. Looking forward to more performances – preferably in romcoms!- from him.

    But really Saya you’ve said all the things I love about this show. The OTP, the non-suffering second lead, the ultimate bromance, the momance to beat all (or any?) momance, the dance sequences of a lifetime.

    Oh one thing you didn’t mention is the technical aspect of the drama which can’t be missed. Watching Jealousy alongside On the Way to the Airport, also another well-directed drama, has really highlighted the editing and directing of dramas for me. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but the directing style definitely enhanced the zippy plot and magnetic performance. I need to learn more technical jargon so I can explain what I’m thinking, ha.

    • 29.1 merin

      I agree with you regarding OTWTTA and JI. I don’t usually watch these genres but the directing and the editing hooked me right in. I can’t explain either but even though the themes and the treatment of both dramas are different, both production teams did brilliantly. My Wed-Thurs will never be the same without these dramas

      • 29.1.1 Chandler

        I agree! JI, especially, is a show that got a bit of criticism for its directorial style because of some of the choices, like the swirling camera and the bright, yellow-hued filter. And in the first 2 episodes or so, I felt like I really understood where those concerns were coming from.

        However, as the show went on, I’m not sure if the director toned down those aspects or whether they just began to fit the quirky tone of the show, but, at a certain point, I began to love everything. All the fun, zippy camera-work that allowed us to get new perspectives on the scenes! One of the directorial touches I loved the most is when they wouldn’t rely on the typical flashbacks to show what a lead was thinking about, but would instead cleverly use the broadcast station TVs to replay the moment in the background. This way the scenes in the present could continue without being interrupted. I just thought that was such a wonderful touch, especially for a show centered in the newsroom.

  30. 30 Chandler

    Aw, thank you so much for this wonderful recap, Saya. Really, your commentary captures so much of what I loved about this show and its final episode. I loved seeing how involved you were with this show btw, interacting with some of the more difficult to address perspectives in the comments and giving us more insight into your views. This show was definitely hard to recap, but you got involved in a way I haven’t seen many of the other recappers do before. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that and I look forward to you recapping more of my favorite shows in the future 🙂 (Lol, the only flaw is that your recaps often comes out when I’m sleeping so I’m always late to the party, hehe)

    I adored so much about this drama. I mean, damn, for some reason, it makes me feel really emotional, maybe because there are so many others here responding to it in exactly the same way. It’s lovely to know that we’re all missing this drama together, even going so far as to wish that new episodes would miraculously come out next week.

    So many wonderful comments on the performances and overall awesomeness of the show have already been written so I’ll just right a bit about what I loved about this resolution.

    1. I was honestly shocked when Na-ri made the choice to return to weather-casting, but more because of how right it felt than anything else. Especially since she went back to it with a considerable increase in power & control, getting the chance to expand her weather program into something more. You can tell she isn’t going to be taken for granted like she was at the start & I think this was the true purpose of her journey. In the 10 year flash-forward, she was clearly very much in charge, yelling out orders, which is such a contrast to her work environment at the start of the show.

    Sure, if you go back to some of her struggles over the course of the series, it makes you think that this show was always building up to her joining Hwa-shin at the 9 pm slot, having finally developed her skills as an anchor enough to do so. But I like that this show didn’t make achieving her “dream” easy and even acknowledged that once you get your dream, you could just realize that the job you had in the interim was the most fulfilling and return to it. I think she proved that she could become an amazing anchor if she wanted to, and while there is a little bit of disappointment that she never got to develop her full potential in that profession, I think that this is very true to life.

    • 30.1 Chandler

      2. I LOVE THAT SUNG-SOOK & HWA-SHIN BECAME CO-ANCHORS (and that she was in the position of main anchor like she always wanted, rofl). Sorry, that needed caps because I was so excited by this development. Their elevator conversations were some of my favorites. Director Oh probably has his work cut out for him now, hehehe.

      3. I love that they picked Entertainer as the song at the end!!! Why? Because it reminded me so much of that scene in episode 10 when he’s trying to convince her to date him by singing, dancing, rapping & making her laugh! I call that my “point of no return” scene because that was the moment I shipped them so hard that I knew there was no going back. So I love that this song captured everything lovely about that moment.

      4. And, lastly, the words from the fortune-teller were revealed and how wonderful they were! I love how her words about Hwa-shin constantly being curious about Na-ri tie in to all his frustrating “I don’t knows”. He acknowledges that he doesn’t exactly know when his feelings started, but because he didn’t know, he came all the way here (this probably also explains why he could be such an idiot along the way).

      More than anything, I loved his promise that he would always be curious about her in the future, no matter how used to each other they become. I think we can all agree how important this is to nurturing and protecting a loving relationship. Na-ri had already proven herself countless times so it was gratifying to see Hwa-shin recognizing the importance of this and vowing to uphold it. He may be one of the most flawed leads I’ve ever adored, but I have a lot of faith in this guy once he sets his mind to something. I’m sure he went on to treasure Na-ri, just as much as he frustrated her. And if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. ♥

      • 30.1.1 suegarbaby

        Loved your comments, @Chandler. <3

      • 30.1.2 Amelyia

        Love it Chandler. I would love to make my list too since I have a tons of thoughts about the show. But, life is hectic (though I keep coming here 🙂 cant help it)

      • 30.1.3 Le

        Entertainer was a great song choice, it really was meaningful. I’m re watching this drama, and in ep 2 or 3 nari said Hwashin was never curious about her, but hwashin’s face was like he was but didn’t want to admit it. I wonder if nari never saw bum’s drawings would Hwashin had never told her or not. Also nari is such a liar, she said she wouldn’t like him again and wouldn’t tell say who she liked more.

    • 30.2 Newbie

      But Na Ri fulfilled her dream. She won Hwa Shin. That’s the jackpot! 😀

      • 30.2.1 snailshell

        nooooo no no that’s not the dream! I mean, it is part of it, but she got the WHOLE dream, which is to have a fulfilling life even outside of a romance. THAT’S the dream: a full, brimming, well-lived life.

      • 30.2.2 Amelyia

        @Newbie, I remember ep 1. She said to CY she had vowed to visit him in Thai n made him fall for her at any means.

        @snailshell, she fulfilled other dreams but the biggest one she (almost) never let go was winning HS.

  31. 31 Hi there

    The only kdrama that I didn’t fast forward any part of it!!!
    Absolutely loved every episode and every character except for reporter Park 😉
    The only kdrama that claimed to be a comedy and stuck to its premise till the end of the show; most of them are comedic for about 5 to 6 episodes then they start to throw childhood trauma, birth secrets, evil moms, terminal disease or fated-to-be together-from-a-thousand-years-ago at us.
    I know everyone is so excited about JJS acting but I feel I must mention how much I enjoyed GHJ acting, she is a true actress who can cry without fake tears and who can make you fall in love with every character she portrays.
    Anyway, GREAT DRAMA

    • 31.1 Amelyia

      @Hi there..

    • 31.2 Boomboompow


      It’s really a rarity that I don’t use FF button in a drama.

  32. 32 Martin J Simwaba

    I……have nothing to complain about, this really is a great show. I’ll miss it so much.

    Oh Hwa Shin, what a great character, i love you, it pains me to say goodbye but what can i do? I wish you a very long and happy life with Na Ri, may you have as many children as you can.

  33. 33 Dani

    I can’t believe it’s over.

    I’m assuming we all went into this show with low expectations but boy, were we all blown away or what? Jealousy Incarnate has a special place in my heart. Everything from the writing to the acting to the directing just flowed and hit the right beats. The foreshadowing was amazing too, there’s so much I could write about this show but all you lovely beanies have wrote it much more eloquently than me.

    Jo Jung Seok better get an award for Hwasin, HE BETTER!

  34. 34 Karuna

    I like both GHJ and JJS a lot but wasn’t sure how the combo would work, especially coming on the heels of GHJ-SJS and GHJ-JIS. But wow they delivered and more.

    JJS was terrific on his own no doubt, unlike with SJS and JIS I expected him to be good based on previous work. Still I also think that GHJ did it again in not only bringing her A-game to a role but as always creating so much depth to the drama relationship with her co-star (tbf in the case of JI I think it worked both ways).

  35. 35 azzo

    I couldn’t comment on the episodes of last couple of weeks, was too busy with life but I couldn’t send this show off without saying that this was one crazy fun ride and I loved every bit of it, yes, even the frustrating bits. I love a show that can make me laugh and Jealousy literally made me roll on the floor laughing.

    I’m so happy for the moms, I’ve always been team Ja-young but I’m glad things worked out the way the did for them, they are the best really when they are together, so YAY for the Momance!

    I would’ve complained if they didn’t make Jung-won a sweetheart again but they did so I’ve got nothing to complain about. I’m gonna miss this show and will definitely be rewatching it some time soon!

    Thank you both Saya and dramallama for the wonderful recaps and thank you all for making the comment section fun.

  36. 36 Kay

    Wahh!!! I’m so sad! ~~ No no no….

    Everyone has pretty much said everything I want to say about this show – it was all kinds of wonderful and beautiful.

    Yes, there were flaws, but the moments of brilliance balanced them out in my opinion. JJS, I do not have enough words of praise of this man, he’s just pure gold.

    Thank you recappers for 3 amazing months, thanks to all the fellow beanies for being on the same roller coaster ride – with all the peaks and drops, loops and coasting – I feel like we’re all coming out with our hair messed up and the wind knocked out of us but we know we’d take this ride all over again =)

  37. 37 Chandler

    “MC Jung-won announces a congratulatory song next. Guys, I can’t recap this awesome. Watch it. It involves Dong-gi, singing, Nurse Oh hopping onto the stage, dancing Dr. Geum and of course, the star of it all, Hwa-shin. The song sounds almost like it was written for the show, like a vow from Hwa-shin to Na-ri. Aw.”

    – Yessssss. This glorious moment can’t even be captured in words. The song was so perfect for their relationship.

    Haha! This and the screen-cap right below it are my favorite parts of the recap.

  38. 38 Ren

    I am so sad to let Jealousy Incarnate go, even with the amazing send off that was the wedding dance. I just have so many feels about the OTP that can’t be put into coherent thoughts. To be forever curious about someone is such a lovely sentiment and I’m happy that in 2057 Na-ri is heading off to eat some raymeon by the Han River with Hwa-shin. I love how this show excels in the big public displays of affection like the wedding dance as well as the more quiet gestures of love like when Na-ri without any drama, tells Hwa-shin to quit the job he hates, which is equally poignant. And *squee* Babies!

    On the work front, I’m glad Na-ri had the conviction to do something she loves even if it was seemingly a regressive move for her career and she had so ferevently pursued being an announcer. It’s a harder decision to accept as a viewer because you’ve become invested in Na-ri gradually improving as an announcer and getting a full time contract but sometime dream jobs aren’t all they turn out to be and I’m glad the show had the opportunity to explore that perspective in a realistic manner.

    The resolution of the second leads is probably my favourite in kdramaland, which is probably a low threshold, since they’re generally promptly shoved aside once the OTP is together. When Na-ri hands the wedding invitation to Jung-won personally, and gently notes that she’d understand if he didn’t attend and he compels her to take care of his friend, I really got the sense that these were two characters who had shared a history who now just wish nothing but the best for one another. It’s a bittersweet resolution that come across in Hye-won’s bright smile at the reception too.

    I adore Ja-young and Sung-sook’s together and individually and can only hope that I will grow up to be as fabulous and content as these two ladies. For these two it’s all open endings; let’s just live together indeterminately, let’s not get married, lose some weight and I’ll open my heart and see if feelings grow etc. But when they clinked their little tea cups and smiled in satisfaction I knew it was all going to be okay.

    In the formulaic world that is kdramas it’s a credit to the show that I never got a single prediction right; Na-ri didn’t break up with Jung-won after the locker room kiss, Hye-won and the other announcer never complicated the love triangle, Hwa-shin’s cancer didn’t relapse, (thank god) and neither of our leads got sent to Kenya.

    I loved Jealousy Incarnate to bits, all 24 episodes of it. I’ll miss my weekly dose of swooning and laughter and will keenly be on the watch out for Jo Jung-seok new dramas. Thank you so much to Dramallama and Saya for all their thoughtful recaps and comments. Lastly, if anyone finds a Hwa-shin please mail it my way.

    • 38.1 MyGirl2016

      Lastly, if anyone finds a Hwa-shin please mail it my way.

      Ha, good luck with that! If I find one I will be raising him myself, thankyouverymuch.

      • 38.1.1 Ren

        Eh, if we find one we can have a showdown in a mud plain.

  39. 39 Vijaya

    Don’t want to follow k dramas for while….I can’t because of JI. I know I will be disappointing whichever k drama i see, for now. But winter is the best season to watch dramas…ottuke. Thanks saya.

  40. 40 Y

    I LOVE this drama! This drama is awesome and the rating doesn’t do justice (for example: another drama that I watched had better rating but story and acting wise was not as good as this one). I thought of quitting this drama after ep 15-16 since the plot twisted unexpectedly and I thought it was absurd to live with 2 guys. However, the writer proved me wrong. Episodes 17-24 are gold – they made me laugh, cry, worried, thinking, frustrated, surprised, then cry and laugh again. Daebak!! 🙂
    Episode 24 is a wacky ending befitting JI. When I first watched it, I was happy that it ended well but quite unsettled regarding the career ending for both NR and HS. I felt worried and sad for them – for HS, I felt like screaming – dudeee, can you please be more careful with what you say next time??? You have so much potential!! For NR, I felt like screaming also – omggg, NR, you said that weather caster pay is really low. Are you sure???? Nevertheless, after calming down and rewatching some of the scenes, I came to realize that these 2 silly couple will survive the challenge again and they will be alright at the end. NR will lecture HS for me and being a stubborn herself, I think NR will find a way to meet her financial needs. Sickness, kid/lack of it, and finance are several top reasons for marriage failure. We saw that both HS & NR managed to handle both sickness and kid issue well in the last few episodes and through ep 24, I saw glimpses that they will be able to weather finance problem as well because they react correctly:
    1. When HS said that he wants to quit in front of the store, NR encouraged him and said that he is good at everything. I think this is the right response. HS is already living the bitter consequence of his reckless behavior and he needs support to go through this phase. Not rubbing salt to the wound and saying “I told you so” is actually a difficult thing to do in a marriage.
    2. NR said that HS can quit his radio job because she already got a contract now. Excellent response! You are giving wings to HS to fly higher.
    On a reflective note, through this movie, I’m reminded again just how fortunate I am to have found my own love (my hubby sang too in our wedding). I’ve been together with my husband for 14 years (6 years marriage with 1 kid) and after a while, marriage life becomes mundane and the stress of working life and having a young kid complicate matter, but seeing how good this couple to each other, making me want to become a better wife. Furthermore, the cute scenes, kisses, and bed scene make me wanting to have more intimate moments with my husband (hahaha, in the past sometimes, I was too lazy/tired). Thank you Saya and all beanies for the insights and thoughts. It was a great journey with you all. As HS would say, here’s to a fun, hot, exciting, and exhilarating life!

  41. 41 suegarbaby

    Thank you, Saya and Dramallama, for the Jealousy Incarnate recaps each week, which has provided all of us with interesting insights and a space to share and comment on this great show.

    And big thank yous to the Jealousy Incarnate Beanies here! Reading everyone’s thoughts and comments has been so insightful and fun, it’s been a fantastic ride! Small little shoutouts to @Chandler, @Imbuk, @Quinze, @junny, @Newbie, @Amelyia, @gabobobo, @Strawberry, @Ren, @MyGirl2016, @gadis, @Y, @Yoyo, @es, @kit and @risa, for sharing your views and thoughts and encouragements in the past recaps.

    What a great show JI has been, and am so sorry to say goodbye to it. JJS as Lee Hwa Shin has been simply outstanding from start to finish and really stole the entire show, for me. GHJ as Pyo Na Ri is her usual wonderful, loveable and natural self. She has been a fantastic foil to Hwa Shin’s flamboyant antics, it really elevated JJS’s performance into something quite unforgettable. I’ve not seen a drama hero quite like his, seriously. Lee Hwa Shin/Pyo Na Ri power pairing for the win!

    Am glad to see Jung Won’s character redeemed to his wonderful best friend glory at the beginning of the series, and the growth arcs of the 2 moms from petty, bitchy cat-fighting ahjummas to warm, supportive and cooperative moms was a thing of beauty to behold.

    Am a wee bit disappointed we did not get a chance to see much of the Ppal Gang/ Chi Yeol/ Dae Goo dynamic (Chi Yeol’s “shall we date?” question kinda came out of nowhere…); or Madam Kim’s and Chef Rak’s dynamic; or even get a chance to understand Na Ri’s relationship with her stepmom (where has Na Ri’s dad been all this time and how did this family get on?). But these are small niggles which can easily be swept aside because there is just so much goodness in this show to enjoy as it is.

    How funny that when I heard JI was going to be 24 episodes long, I was thinking to myself that it was just too long for a rom-com and wondered if it was going to drag or get too ridiculously dramatic/ makjang in an attempt to fill the time. It is to the entire production team’s credit that this show has been a highly entertaining show from start to finish, delivering almost consistently in terms of quality from episode to episode. Well done to the cast and crew – it was a great and fun ride which I will not forget! <3

    • 41.1 junny

      Thanks for the shout-out! It’s been a pleasure reading your insightful posts, and those of many others in the various JI recap threads and OT. Hwa-shin is an unexpectedly well-written k-drama rom-com male lead, and brilliantly brought to life by Jo Jung-seok.

      I still think certain storylines could have been tightened and that the writer was a little too ambitious dealing with so many characters – evident in some of the characters not getting enough development or dropped by the wayside. But well, the drama is over and the ride was enjoyable, so I’ll just be happy that finally, after such a long while, there’s a k-drama rom-com couple who made sense in the ultimate scheme of things.

    • 41.2 Quinze

      Thanks for the mention! I loved your feedback and insight as well!

      I definitely agree that they did leave a lot of background details about Na Ri’s background unanswered and missed on the teens and their storyline. But overall I think it was a solid show and like you said, to pull off a 24 episode romcom deserves some props!

    • 41.3 es

      Aw, thanks for the shoutout! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and insights too. <3

      The 24 episode count was hugely discouraging for me at first too, and at every turn I was waiting for the plot to drag and the emotional investment to dip and eventually disappear. But here we are at the final episode, and I can't believe I'm actually still left wanting more. 🙁

    • 41.4 Imbuk

      Thanks for the shout out, suegarbaby! 🙂
      Loved reading your comments, they were always thoughtful and on point. Your analysis of ecah character like hwa shin, jung won, hwa shin’s mom were all so interesting to read. I agree this show had its flaws, but we were all able to love it despite that and I believe that’s what makes any show a great show.

      • 41.4.1 Strawberry

        😘😘😘 @suegarbaby

    • 41.5 Newbie

      Thanks for the shout-out. Hope we’ll read each other again. All we need is another show that will capture our hearts as JI did. Piece of cake. 😉

    • 41.6 Chandler

      Thanks so much for the shout-out, seugarbaby!

      I’m going to miss dissecting this gem of a show with you. There will always be some disappointments in a drama and I’m just glad this show gave us so many wonderfully interesting things to discuss so that we never had much time to dwell on all these flaws. I enjoyed every episode immensely and that, in and of itself, is amazing. I dearly hope more shows like this come along in the future and that we’ll get to meet again on the recaps there 🙂

  42. 42 Lexy_K

    Am going to repeat lots of what other beanies have said but I just have to say it: I LOVED JI! GHS is one my fave actress so I decided to watch it just because of her. I also loved JJS from “oh my ghostess”. But I just expected a typical rom-com. How great was it that It wasn’t at all the “typical rom-com”. Seriously, congrats to the writers, the cast, the production. I think it’s definitely going to be one of the best of 2016 and I want them to have so many awards! Am seriously going to miss this drama. Definitely now on my number 1 list, replacing another one of my fave “marriage not dating”. Thanks to the Db community: I loved this drama so much that watching it, reading the recap and the comments were my end of the work week favorite ritual.

  43. 43 es

    What a ride it’s been. I’ll be the first to admit that Jealousy Incarnate isn’t perfect – in fact, it’s very flawed in a way that doesn’t quite allow me to wholeheartedly recommend it (Chef Rak’s storyline in particular) – but I just can’t help myself from loving this show anyway. It’s been one of roughly two kdramas this year that I’ve been emotionally invested in until the very end, and that in itself makes it a gem of a drama for me. Gong Hyo-jin has been consistently charming as always, but Jo Jung-seok – who I’ve always really liked – has somehow managed to amplify my love for him to another level, and now the only thing I can say is that I’m really really really glad that he was the one who acted Hwa-shin. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else who’d do a better job, and I really don’t think I’d love the drama as much if we’d had a different male lead. <3

    • 43.1 Imbuk

      I agree, jealousy incarnate is flawed, the way its characters are flawed but similar to how we loved the characters despite their flaws, I feel the same way about the show too.

  44. 44 Heegun

    I love the drama as a whole, though at parts it does feel a bit draggy. The realism in the way the characters handled issues was the biggest winner for me. If Nari didn’t like what HS did, Nari told HS (recall the breakup situation in ep 23) and tried to resolve it. Other kdramas had the protagonists go by episodes suffering in silence which is painful to watch.

    What I was less happy about, was the final episode. I know this will get me a lot of disagreements, since I see that everyone loved the entire episode. I wished this episode delivered everything with a bit more punch, structure and coherence.

    I appreciated the baby scene, where we were assured that they fixed the fertility issue (albeit ten years later), and also emphasize that this show is all about a jealous HS. HS in his glasses trying so hard to get Nari’s affection is tooooo cute!

    However, I saw no reason for the old granny Nari scene beyond reiterating that weather forecasting is her true passion and she continues to excel at it despite her age. To me, once she made the choice to go back to weather forecasting, it is affirmation enough.

    The secondary characters had a rushed finish. Pal Gang and CY suddenly getting together (what about the other guy!?) and Sung Sook and Announcer Uhm. Much of their story could be developed further during the show.

    Awkward moment of the episode: When CY squats outside the door while our couple … erm.. gets it going inside the apartment. It just feels weird on so many levels.

    Best moment of the episode: when HS told Nari he will continue to be curious about her forever. *Heart melts*

    Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this show and now I can’t wait for the next Jo Jung Seok drama!

    • 44.1 Fam

      The granny Nari scene showed that the main couple are together 50 years later. That’s the main point of that scene imo.

      • 44.1.1 Chandler

        Yeah, I liked it. I also thought it was just supposed to be a sort of cheeky addition to the episode, hinting that they’re still “eating ramen” (we all know what that really means right? 😉 ) together to that day.

        Haha, maybe I like it because, way down the line, in 2056, I’ll get to think back on this pair and be happy that I have a little tiny glimpse into their lives at that time.

  45. 45 juliesean

    I was trying to wrap my mind around the breast cancer issue in the earlier episodes, but I continued watching cos of GHJ. Never would I have imagined that this drama had me hooked like an octopus. I didn’t expect it to delve into such serious angst themes with a comedic hand.

    It pushes the envelope when NR decided on a cohabitation with 2 guys. Many dropped out because of this, but this drama is so much more. It’s not a happy ever after even after they get together. They dealt with real life issues in work, family and relationships.

    JJS needs an award for this. He is the heart and soul of the drama. I’m afraid he’s also the scene stealer although GHJ still held her own. It’s just that his character is just so out there, full of flaws and pride. But as the drama moves along, we started to care about him, wanted him to be happy, wanted him to win NR, wanted him to sleep with NR, etc.

    How awesome is that?!? NR jumped on his bones instead. What does it say about him? LOL. She can just resolve any issues by just kissing him to shut him up, and to sleep with him for bigger issues.

    I’ll really miss this drama. I would have loved watching more of their bickering and fights, and making out for another 20 episodes.

    JJS – come back on screen soon with another awesome drama, but I don’t know if any role can beat this.

    GHJ – you never disappoint in your drama selection. just pair up with another awesome actor, or even with JJS again in another romcom.

  46. 46 nian

    WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! I am sad to see it go but cheers to this team of actors and writers for a masterpiece. Thank you team for adding so much laughter and heart-tugging emotions into my week. Also, Thank you Saya and dramallama for perfectly articulating moments and details of this show, and for dissecting scenes in a way that I could completely relate to. I already miss this show. JO JUNG SEOK and GO HONG JIN, please be back soon! They both better win awards for this!!
    Btw, where can I get my Hwashin, people?!

    • 46.1 nian


  47. 47 rochinipark

    I love the wedding scene and it is so funny to use JJS known singing and play acting skills for this. What a gem.

    The ending they growing old and reporting from the desk too was lovely. JJS winner in this drama.

  48. 48 Ren

    Guys, according to Soompi, there was actually a broadcasting glitch during the flashback and this was the intended ending that was meant to air: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=incarnationjealousy&no=87052&page=8

    • 48.1 junny

      Awww man, that felt much more complete! Thanks for sharing, Ren!

    • 48.2 suegarbaby

      Aargh! What a shame! 🙁

      Still, it’s good to know that there was supposed to be something more. Thanks for sharing, @Ren.

    • 48.3 gabobobobo

      Wow thanks! I wonder why the editing in the last part was so abrupt. And GHJ did mention broadcast mistake in her IG. So this was it!

    • 48.4 Imbuk

      Thank you for sharing this, Ren. Loced the whole flashback, a trip down memory lane. The animated aliens are so cute. There were two more i have not seen before, an elephant-like alien (hye won?) and an octopus too!

      • 48.4.1 Chandler

        Omg, that octopus DJing! LOL, love that touch.

    • 48.5 Chandler

      Ah, well, yay! I’m glad to see it was a broadcasting glitch (while also being disappointed that it happened), because the editing did feel weird at the end. I was watching live & I could somehow sense that something was more off than usual.

      This means that they’ll probably have it fixed up nicely for the DVD/Bluray release though 🙂 This is one of the few dramas I’m definitely planning on buying so I can rewatch it again and again.

    • 48.6 Newbie

      Thank you! That’s much better now. Seeing the scenes cut like this, one could think that Hwa Shin started to fall for her way earlier than he himself thought. 😉

      And I like that Na Ri sits on the team leader position after their wedding. He really became putty in her hands.

    • 48.7 Kristine

      What is it? I can’t open the link anymore huhuhu I’m dying of curiosity.. My withdrawal syndrome of this drama is sooo real…

  49. 49 miki

    it was an amazing Journey. i’ll miss this drama T_T

  50. 50 Anisa

    @Saya thank u for recap btw you chose a bad picture for the last episode of this beautiful drama. there are much better photoes 🙂

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