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Meaningful stares in character posters for Solomon’s Perjury
by | November 30, 2016 | 13 Comments

Last minute promo for upcoming JTBC school mystery drama Solomon’s Perjury shows the three main characters looking straight forward, eyes glinting with complicated motivations. These three individual character posters feature Jo Jae-hyun (Master–God of Noodle), Kim Hyun-soo (Joseon Gunman), and Jang Dong-yoon (Female Employees at a Game Company) rearranged in different positions.

Solomon’s Perjury take place in the middle of winter, when a student discovers his classmate’s dead body, covered in the snow. An investigation into his death reveals nothing. All of the school officials and grown-ups seem to be covering something up. Fearful and suspicious, the students decide to pursue their own justice by looking into the case themselves.

At the forefront of this effort is Kim Hyun-soo’s character, model student Go So-yeon. Jo Jae-hyun plays legal counsel for the school board, who tries to keep matters hush-hush and limit bad publicity. Up-and-coming actor Jang Dong-yoon plays his son, a fellow student with a deep hidden pain who becomes entangled in this case. All three character posters show this tag line: “Adults who can’t be honest. We will find out the truth.”

After watching Jo Jae-hyun’s stint as a crazy psycho murderer in Master–God of Noodle, I can’t wait to see his chilling morally ambiguous side again. JTBC Friday-Saturday drama Solomon’s Perjury will begin on December 9.

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13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bambi

    trying to keep the hype on the dl but honestly i have no chill. i am SO excited for this drama.

  2. Callie

    I love posters like this that have the same pose but rotate which character the perspective from. I don’t why, but it looks so ~dramatic~ 😂

    • 2.1 Sam_1

      Me too!

    • 2.2 knom

      It’s posters like this when you know things are about to get ‘serious’ or “this is going to get interesting” (cue CSI Horatio meme) lol

      And i do like posters like this. It’s just fun and dramatic. 😀

    • 2.3 paroles

      Me too! Really looking forward to this.

  3. mimoz

    i cant wait. i already know i will like it ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  4. gadis

    I can’t wait. So excited that finally there is a new drama that makes me interested again. Those posters look gorgeous and intriguing.

  5. Cocoboo

    Oohh I like these posters. The different perspectives are shown simply, but still piquing my interest.

  6. Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Posters really amazing. Unlike low quailty posters of Goblin.

  7. lovedongyeon

    Ain’t Heard It Through Grapevine has this kind of poster too?

    Loving Kim Hyesoo 😍.

  8. Loolu

    Kim Hyun Soo is growing up! 😭

  9. Sera The Ms Temper

    I am sad that My Wife’s Affair going to end this week, but at the same time i cannot wait for this drama to start.

  10. 10 Aisha

    This drama is seriously giving me “white christmas” feels. Which is not a bad thing considering how much i love “white christmas “.

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