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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 20 (Final)
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We must not have wished hard enough for an ending that would magically solve the issues endemic to this production, since I can think of no other reason why this happened. It could’ve been worse (they all can be worse), but it’s certainly not what we would’ve hoped to see at the end of this sometimes rewarding, sometimes grueling journey through a modern girl’s integration into a time far from her own. Which leaves us to wonder, was it all about love? Altering history? Fate working in very mysterious ways? Who knows.

…No, really, does anyone know?


Su arrives at Jung’s secondary home, and finds herself thinking of So when Jung outstretches his hand to help her out of her palanquin. But since they’ve been forbidden from marrying by the king, Jung’s prepared a more secret ceremony, though he tells her not to worry—even married, he’ll just consider them as friends.

He explains how she’ll be set up nicely in this house, and that he’ll come to visit her often. She’s all smiles until he gives her back the hairpin she’d given him as a symbol of her desire to leave the palace, which carries with it the memories of So, who had given it to her.

The small box of belongings she brought with her contain the multiple copies of the poem she had So write, and she looks at them with tears in her eyes. We then cut to her married life with Jung, as Su etches a likeness of So on a stone, and Jung practices his swordsmanship.

But Jung gets the eerie feeling that they’re being watched, and suddenly leans forward as though to receive a kiss from his wife. She just smiles and dabs his sweaty forehead instead, which is when Jung gently takes her hand and tells her that he’s arranged for the recently retired royal doctor to pay her a visit.

It’s clear that Jung’s putting on a husbandly show for whoever it is that’s spying on them, but we can’t see who. Inside, the doctor feels her pulse to check on the baby in her womb—apparently this is something Su’s known about, but when the doctor first checked her, it was too early for him to tell.

However, he warns that her already shaky health will be tested with the baby, but Su is adamant that she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the health of the child. Jung is taken by surprise with the news, and orders that the doctor stay with them for a time, since they can’t risk this secret getting out.

So receives an account of events from his spy, detailing how affectionate Jung and Su are. He’s livid since Baek-ah said the marriage would only be a formality, but this report claims anything but.

While completing her rock drawing of So, Su is suddenly overtaken by heart trouble, and So gets there in time to see Jung fret over her and carry her inside.

Adorably, Jung sleeps in a separate bed only feet away so that he can at least look at his wife. “Do you remember when we first met?” he asks. She wonders whether it was when she ran into the forest to save him, and the two reminisce over fond memories.

So can hear the two of them laughing from outside, and returns to his throne in a daze as he tells Astronomer Choi that he never wants to hear a single word spoken about Jung or Su ever again.

Meanwhile, Su imagines sitting across a table from So, both of them smiling at each other. “We have finally left the palace, and are alone together. You and I… we are the only ones left. We can forget the truths, lies, misunderstandings, and jealousy… the restless bickering over the throne and the many deaths. It is a time meant only for us, and I can love you to my heart’s content.”

Six months later.

Jung paces nervously outside the birthing room, the sounds of a crying baby coming from inside. The midwife comes out with a perfectly healthy baby girl, though Jung instructs the midwife to claim that the baby was stillborn to anyone who asks.

He goes in to find Su in a sorry state, though he reassures her that the baby’s in good hands—now all she needs to do is worry about herself. A tear snakes down Su’s cheek as she weakly hands him a letter to be delivered to So, though it’s not news of the baby. “I… want to see him,” she explains, and Jung readily agrees (though he changes the calligraphy on the front, claiming that his wife’s writing is too identical to the king’s).

Su holds her infant daughter in her arms, but is suddenly stricken by an illness that has her swaying on her feet. We don’t hear what the doctor has to say, and Su doesn’t seem to notice the letter she wrote to the king sitting on the table nearby. Or is it another letter? I can’t tell.

After discussing matters of state with Astronomer Choi regarding a plan to cut off supplies to the most powerful clans to silence their voice, So is given another letter from Su.

But since the envelope is in Jung’s handwriting, he believes it to be from his half-brother and throws it into a pile of other unread letters, all of them from Su.

Looking sicker than ever, Su wonders why So hasn’t come yet, considering how she’s sent him so many messages: “Does he hate me that much?” Jung stops himself from saying that he’s already sent messengers, instead claiming that he forgot while promising to get on that immediately. Aww. Just live happily ever after, you two.

In an effort to cheer her, he brings her outside, where he’s gathered musicians from the capital to sing for her. Su is too weak to speak, so Jung ushers the singer to sing anything she wants, and the singer opts for a song that a court lady sang which made the king fall in love with her.

Su’s eyes open a little wider at that, and the singer commences with her song. Su recognizes it as the song she did, in fact, sing at Eun’s birthday. So had overheard from a distance.

This sparks more memories to come flooding forth as Su murmurs, “Long ago, you promised that you would treat my life as if it were your own. Do you remember that?” Then she turns to Jung as she weakly tells him to protect her daughter in her stead, and to never let her go to the palace.

Jung looks like he’s trying to hold it together, but Su’s given up all hope on So ever coming to see her before she leaves this world. He pulls her in so her head rests on his shoulder, saying, “Su-ya, in your next life, you will remember me, won’t you?”

Instead, Su whispers, “I’m going to forget you. I will forget everything. Even in my dreams… I will forget all of you.” She dies in his arms, and Jung can only cry as he holds her to him.

So receives news of her death in utter shock, only now coming to realize that all those letters he ignored were from Su. He tears them open one by one and reads them, and in them, she explains that she loved him completely. She knew that she left him with hate rather than love, and wondered if he resented her for it.

He clutches the letter in his hands and sobs, only now realizing the depth of Su’s feelings for him. And too late, at that. We flash back to her writing more letters of her love for him, recognizing each time he was there for her, and each time he was there to save her.

The voiceover continues as So spurs his horse to Jung’s house as fast as he can:

“I still love you. In the rain, when you tossed everything aside and stood at my side, when you threw yourself in the path of a flying arrow for me, I became unable to forget you for the rest of my life. The opposite of ‘to love’ isn’t ‘to hate’ — it’s to throw away. That I threw you away, and that you threw me away… I’m afraid [we’ll] think that. I miss you, but I cannot be close to you. Hoping we will meet again inside a winding fence, I wait for you every day.”

Baek-ah finds Jung in mourning clothes, caressing Su’s urn. He hands him a letter, which Baek-ah begins to read with tears in his eyes. They’re interrupted by a frantic So, who comes in crying for Su to show herself.

But when his eyes come to rest on the urn, devastation hits. Jung blames him for waiting too long, but So blames him for writing his own name on the letters—he had no idea they were from Su. Jung says he did it only because her handwriting was so similar to his (again, what and why?), but he can’t believe that So wouldn’t have known Su was dying when he knows So was tracking them with spies.

Baek-ah is the one to tell Jung that So stopped receiving reports once he learned that they were getting on so well, leaving that realization to hit as So grasps Su’s urn and sobs his heart out. “Su-ya, let’s go,” he says, clutching it. “Let’s go.” Ouch.

Jung refuses to let him pass, reminding So that she was his wife. “Su may be dead, but she is still mine,” So cries, and it’s only with Baek-ah’s intervention that Jung allows So to take the urn. Baek-ah laments that Su spent her life caught between all of them, and urges Jung not to make it any harder on her, even now.

But poor Jung can only take out the hairpin he originally took from Su as he cries pitifully. Only then does Baek-ah realize that Jung actually loved Su, and embraces his half-brother in solidarity. Aww.

So takes Su’s ashes to the spot where she’d once stacked her prayer stones, thinking back to his memories of her, and how she promised she wouldn’t leave.

After what Won only describes as “a long time” has passed, he’s given a ceremonial cup of poison with which to kill himself. But before he does, Baek-ah hands him the letter Chae-ryung wrote in blood to Su, which Su had wanted delivered to Won.

While the soundtrack transports us to The Lord of the Rings, Won reads Chae-ryung’s letter and thinks back to their few scenes together. He feels a shred of remorse as the chyron tells us that he was put to death for treason. (He’s not worth the screencap, guys.)

Baek-ah finds himself shadowed by a small girl, who he recognizes as Wook’s daughter. He tells her that he’s her uncle, and is momentarily off-put by her name being Bok-soon, since that’s name Woo-hee tried to give him once (before she was promptly outed for lying). Even stranger, he recognizes the ornament that Woo-hee favored on the little girl, who claims to not know where it came from.

But in the time it takes him to flash back to his memories with Woo-hee, the little girl disappears.

An older, bearded, and seemingly ill Wook takes a walk with Baek-ah, mentioning the changes So has made since becoming king. Rather than have any aspirations for the throne himself, Wook only says that he wants to see the kind of king So becomes. “I wonder if perhaps Goryeo has its most powerful king in history,” Wook adds thoughtfully.

Baek-ah asks if he still misses Su, prompting a rueful smile from Wook. “I don’t know,” he answers. “I was always giving my heart, but I was always making mistakes. I’ve only come to realize that now.” He coughs, and you know what that means—it’s time for Wook’s obligatory flashback to the past, though he surprisingly thinks of his first wife, Lady Hae.

Yeonhwa tears into her husband for not going to see his firstborn son, Wang Ju (future King Gyeongjong), even on his birthday. She thinks he only sees his son as competition, reminding So of the royal nephews he’s killed in order to keep his reign secure. The least he can do is trust his own son.

But So basically says that he doesn’t trust Ju because he doesn’t trust Yeonhwa, and he knows the two of them will turn against him one day. Yeonhwa blames his thinking on Su, since she was the only person who ever said that all people should be treated as equals. That’s why she believes So passed a law emancipating slaves (this was a reform Gwangjong was well known for).

Claiming that she now understands why Su left, Yeonhwa is all too happy to bring that up just to hurt So. He says nothing, and goes instead to the spot where Su once set up her prayer stones.

A little girl bumps into him and makes a big fuss about it, which reminds So of how Su once did the same thing. And lo and behold, the little girl runs to the man she calls “Father.” It’s Jung, of course—and oh God, his sideburns have only gotten bigger.

Jung apologizes for breaking his exile to come to the palace, claiming that it was only because today is the anniversary of Su’s death. When So asks if the child is his, Jung says yes, though So notes that the child is too old to be from his recent marriage.

Taking this as his cue to leave, Jung turns with the girl in his arms, which is when So notices that she’s wearing the same hairpin he’d once given to Su. He orders Jung to leave the girl with him, and Jung drops to his knees to give his firmest “No.”

He confirms So’s suspicions when he says that Su never wanted her daughter to live in the palace, leaving the poor little girl clueless as to what the adults are talking about. She looks over to her real father as So looks to Jung, officially releasing him from his exile. In fact, he wants him to come visit the palace as often as he wants. Aw, that’s going to be the only way he’ll ever see his daughter, isn’t it?

Astronomer Choi decides to retire from his position, but doesn’t leave without telling So to forget Su, who was never of this world anyway. Now it’s time—wait for it—for Astronomer Choi to get his own flashback to happier times. Has anyone not gotten a flashback yet? No?

The sky darkens suddenly with an eclipse, and So looks to the sky as the light disappears. A rider rides against the darkening horizon as we get a flashback montage of Su falling into the water and ending up in Goryeo under an eclipsing sky…

…And then, Su wakes in her own bed, in her own time, with tears running down her cheeks over the mysterious man haunting her dreams. Oh no. No no no no. You are not pulling the Dream Card on us. Anything but that!

While working at her cosmetics job, Su tells her coworker that she’s been having dreams about a man dressed in ye olde clothes with a scar on his face for nearly a year. Her coworker says it’s because she almost died from drowning, spent a year in a coma, and then woke up. Thanks, Exposition Fairy.

Su overhears snippets of a presentation being given on cosmetics in the Goryeo era (which she may have had a hand in helping along?), and is approached by the presenter afterward. It’s Astronomer Choi, although, not him, and he gives her an enigmatic smile as he reads her name tag.

Seeing her name as “Go Ha-jin,” he tells her that in the Goryeo era, “Go” was known as “Hae.” She notes that it’s a funny coincidence since she’s selling makeup inspired by the era, to which Choi says, “There is no such thing as coincidence. Things only return to their rightful place.”

But when she introduces the line of makeup to him, she remembers Baek-ah’s voice mentioning Bulgarian rose oil to her—though she’s confused as to where she remembers hearing that. Choi seems to study her knowingly, though Su does her best to shake it off and introduce some BB cream, which she claims was invented in Goryeo as well.

Saying that prompts her to think of So and his scar, leaving her severely shaken and confused. She leaves work early, but finds herself drawn to an exhibit of Goryeo paintings, each reminding her of scenes she doesn’t know how she remembers.

The paintings show the rain ritual, which she remembers in vivid detail, and King Gwangjong. “It wasn’t a dream,” she thinks, as some honestly random images are put forth in paint form—scenes that literally no one would have thought to paint, like her bowing deeply to the king on their first meeting, her saving Jung in the forest, etc. But we’ll just have to go with it.

Su looks around the gallery with tears in her eyes, seeing herself in every painting. Only then does she stop at a portrait of King Gwangjong, remembering So in detail. The biography accompanying the portrait tells of his legacy as a good king, which makes Su think of the day she’d been sure that So wouldn’t go down in history as a tyrant.

“I’m sorry,” she cries. “I’m sorry for leaving you alone.”

As she cries, the painting before her slowly comes into focus as we return to Goryeo during the eclipse. So looks up as though he’s heard her voice, which is when Baek-ah tells him that Wook has died, and he’ll be leaving the palace as well.

Standing alone like he was in the painting, So looks back over his shoulder, as though expecting someone. But he’s alone, and comments, “Life is fleeting.” It was the same thing his father said before he died.

He’d related what his father said to Su once, and had worried over her lost facial expression. He’d wondered what she was hiding, but Su only said that she felt anxious every day she was there.

“If we had met in another world, and in another time, I can’t help but think how great that would have been,” she said. “If only that were so, I wouldn’t fear anything. I could freely, truly, love you all I wanted.” The flashback fades, and So is left in the present (of the past) to rub the makeup off the scarred side of his face with a shaking hand.

“If you and I are not of the same world,” he thinks, “then I will find you, my Su-ya.”

Cut to: The two of them walking together in flashback, with So offering to carry Su on his back due to her hurting knees. Together and laughing, they run forward.


Really, Moon Lovers? Not one hint that Su would find her present day So? Not even after that line? You chose to show a piece of flashback footage instead? That’s how you wanted to end this, by having So look to the future, but think of the past instead? That’s your big message?

I admit it would’ve been a cheap fix to have So appear in the present day, but I was willing to take anything. It’s not as if the show established any kind of rules when it came to Su’s time-traveling, but this ending gave me horrible Dr. Jin vibes, in that both were adaptations of much more successful foreign dramas, both protagonists woke up in the present day remembering the past, and no questions were ever answered. Ever.

While we can point to failures on many levels, it was really the execution that bogged this show down, and that was never more apparent than in the episodes leading up to this finale. Su gradually lost any sense of self she may have possessed, and we lost our eyes and ears into the strange world she’d entered into. Nothing solidified that more than when we found out she was pregnant this episode, which was something she already knew. There’s a cardinal rule for protagonists in TV, especially those whose point of view we’re seeing the show through: You can keep secrets from everybody else, but you can’t keep them from the audience.

Because at that point, we’ve lost our point of entry into the events happening on screen. At the point where Su had her own agenda that we weren’t privy to, why keep trying? Who were we following? Why did it matter? I hate how bad finales bring up existential questions, but I sat for a good five minutes after this show ended just trying to think of the why of it all. What were the resonant themes? Where was the dramatic clarity, or tension? How did Su hope to solve anything by leaving?

If her main reason was her pregnancy, then we were really cheated when it came to her realization happening off-screen. The reason why it sucks to have protagonists keep secrets is because we can’t follow them, and it would’ve been a great help for us to know whether Su was playing the noble idiot and leaving the palace because of the baby. But instead it felt like she left because she just had to, but she missed So every day because she left. So why? Why anything?

By the time we reached the end, I realized that what was missing was a central conflict. I still don’t know what we were supposed to want for this show and its characters, because I couldn’t buy into the love story between Su and So despite desperately wanting to. Unfortunately for So, he was virtually nonexistent for much too long, and we only knew he would be important later on by virtue of him being played by Lee Jun-ki. But were he a total unknown, and were this not an adaptation, we would’ve been sorely misled in the beginning with the Su/Wook loveline, the development of which seemed to outweigh the thought put in to the development of the Su/So pairing.

Which isn’t to say that they made a mistake in focusing on that loveline first, but they did make one in not laying down a better foundation for us to jump to the So ship later. It’s entirely possible that these two lovelines worked out great in the much longer original version, but there’s really no excuse for this show’s inability to tell the story it wanted to tell in the time allotted to it—and with it being pre-produced, it’s even worse. It’s not like that twentieth episode just snuck up on the writer, or that the writer didn’t have time to plan out how to adapt a longer drama into a shorter format. That’s the whole point of pre-production!

Going back to the episode, and bypassing all the WTF-ery surrounding Su’s return to the present, her year in a coma, presumably another year having dreams about the past, Astronomer Choi being back in the future (but not as a homeless man), the eclipse that somehow blurred the lines between both worlds, the paintings of scenes no one else would’ve seen or thought to paint, the fact that Su spent years in the past while only a year or so passed in the present, the fact that Su physically died in the past and all the questions that raises about whatever happened to the girl who used to inhabit Su’s body, what were we left with?

We’re left with Lee Jun-ki putting on a one-man show. And, okay, Ji-soo got his moment to shine this week, which made me desperately wish we’d focused on his love for Su rather than the tenth prince’s crush. But that’s neither here nor there at this juncture. I guess it’s the same as with any show that limps its way to its finale: I wish it had been better, because there was a good drama underneath all the nonsensicality and noise. But we can’t win ’em all.


1,247 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Miky

    I’ll confess without any shame that I cried more than once during this final episode and the music especially “Will Be Back” didn’t help at all…I really cried when all three were at Jung house after Soo died,the utter pain of Soo and Jung as well was too much,also I found myself crying as well at the end when Hae Soo/Ha Jin saw his portret and read about him ending with the portet of him all alone,that felt soo sad and lonely…I was expecting the sad ending as i knew the concusion of the original one but damn it hit it really hard,at least there the 13th Prince stayed by the Emperior side till his death while Soo was all alone,everyone he cared for left him…I felt so much sadness for Wang So,in the end being all alone,my heart cried when he saw and realized that the little girl is his and Soo’s yet he let Jung raise her as her Dad,how sad can that be,the little girl being the fruit of the only women he ever loved in his entire life,I also felt sad for Hae So,no matter how many bad decisions she might done I still find it utterly tragic loosing So and her daughter and being forced to live her whole life with those memories along not knowing he didn’t hate her…I for one would have totally changed the ending scene with another one…After Wang So said that he will find her i would have made a transition somehow to the modern time were the present one would have found Ha Jin while crying and handled her a handkerchief and on the note said something like i found you,giving the couple and us a sense of hope…I usually hate reincarnation troupes because the person is not the same but i think in this case it would have worked and would end it better than it did…Can’t remember when I last saw a drama were all,almost all of them end up tragically(wait,Empress Ki)…I think Jung has the happiest ending among them all i must say…My heart cried for Wang So,he had such a tragic life with way too little happy moments…Lee Joon Gi was terrific here,hands down,I’m really gonna miss Wang So…Don’t know about u guys but I don’t regret Lee Joon Gi taking this role because no one else could be as amazing as his Wang So,amazing performance…Hope he will come soon again and not make us wait for him 1 year and hope for a better project…Using my mental mojo to hope that the writer behind Signal would give him a love call to star in her next historical drama,or at least JG choose one with a happy ending!!!

    • 1.1 aversive

      Lee Jun Ki announced in a fan meeting of his that there was more to the end than that and there are pictures of him shooting scenes in present day.

      I guess we’ll never know.

      Although I was disappointed the emotional quotient was really high in this I agree I bawled so much. I think I started when that singer announced that she was going to sing a song that made the king fall in love with a court lady.

      I knew what was going to happen and I was like… Oh hell no. And there started the waterworks.

      And when So ‘s daughter bumped into him just like Su did…. Shit. If nothing this show manages its parallels perfectly.

      And that last shot of them laughing I don’t know why but it hurt so much as if they could be happy but they never had the chance.

      Here is to seeing Lee Jun Ki in many more dramas.

      • 1.1.1 Miky

        In the original she actually sees him at the exposition yet she chooses to take her glasses off and only sees him blury as she knows the man isin’t the one she loved yet the scene is there…Don’t see why make him film all this scenes and even more for the final if they don’t show them…The SBS edited only one scene from the original version and that is were Queen Mom tells Wook she wants to ake his son to the palace and make him king

        All in all nwo i wish LJG doesn’t take another year to return,too long!!!

        • aversive

          Agreed. I’m contemplating whether I’m desperate enough to watch the Chinese Scarlet heart season two just to get some closure. But then no LJK so I’m pretty sure ill last about two minutes before giving up.

          And that queen mother scene made me go like, stop already.

          *Sighs* I really don’t know what to do about this drama

          • Kay

            I heard the sequel to Scarlet Heart 2 c-version is really bad and will ruin everything amazing about Scarlet Heart 1 c-version so I left it at that and was just happy to hear Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu got married – they had their happy ending in real life!

          • aversive

            @KayIs the Chinese version of Scarlet heart better?

          • Mermaid Scribbler

            Sadly, I watched the drama Scarlett Heart 2 before 1. It was long and good until halfway when it went makjang crazy and had a few gotchas and a very unsatisfactory ending. It was depressing to invest that much time into a show without getting any satisfying closure, so I wouldn’t watch it.

            After that, I started Scarlett Heart 1, and it was so magnificent and compelling, but when the angst started halfway, I had to stop watching. I just couldn’t watch the sad after the long tragic sequel that sort of ended happy…****SPOILER ALERT******are they blind? Are they dead? Was that just a fake out? Are they really going to be friends with the guy who tried to kill them? END OF SPOILER.

            Anyway, if you watch Scarlett Heart 1, I am sure you’ll be presently surprised and it will probably cure the heartache for this show, except that it also ends sadly, with only a bit of hope. IMHO, I think you can only watch it if you are willing to go through the angst again. I couldn’t do it.

          • wemimoda

            Scarlet Heart 2 was a mess, because after they were done filming, the Chinese Censor Board, banned time-travel as a drama theme/plot. So they had to cut and paste the drama in post-editing to remove the time-travel bit, and ended up with a nonsensical mess.

            The good thing was the leads fell in love while filming and got married shortly after 🙂

          • Alila

            the conversation between Wook and his mother can be made as a sequel. how wook’s son avenge his father and in the process reaveling the truth about Yeon Hwa.

            i want to see Yeon Hwa got punished (in anyway). she is the first trouble maker, if she didn’t set up Soo as the culprit when So is poisened, Soo will never get sick like that.

          • Killing Time

            Please stay away from Scarlet Heart 2. It’s bloody awful not only as a sequel to Scarlet Heart, but as a general series. That thing was a cash grab and got screwed over even further by the censorship. It added nothing to Scarlet Heart and was only tangibly link to the original ( in the dumbest, wackiest ways).

          • Ck1Oz

            Don’t. If anything that is worse than ML. I have now followed BBJX 1 and 2. And watched most of ML.

            I never want to go near this series again. I kept hoping the ending would make more sense. All 3 freaking dramas didn’t. I am so angry with myself for watching all 3.

          • Shuerei

            What a makjang ending! No LJK in modern times. That’s weird. Hopefully they will have an additional or alternative ending in the DVD or online version just to pacify the viewers.

            For a pre production drama this is a pretty bad finale. I hope LJK picks up a better drama in the future coz he deserves better than this messy plot and melodramatic end.

          • jellybine

            I was quite mentally prepared that I can’t get a satisfying ending with the things I went through in Moon Lovers just to get to this point. And yet, I am still as speechless as to how this ended. I’m on the 70% mark that I’ll be watching the Chinese version because I need my closure.

            I’m already laughing when HeadsNo2 mentioned the “obligatory flashback.” Whoo. Can’t believed I made it up to this point. I just love the cast too much.

          • DramaQueen

            Definitely worth watching the original C-drama. The plot was better and because it was much longer than 20 episodes you get full character development without so many ‘huh’ moments.

            The reason why Jung replaced the envelop which Su wrote was because it was considered ‘treason’ to have the ‘same’ handwriting as the king…. then again if it came from Su, So would have read it and it won’t be an issue. The missing bit here was that the letters would be vetted before being passed to the King and in this case, you get the impression that letters are passed to So directly so Jung’s action didn’t make sense.

          • Alessar

            I started to watch the S2 C version just to see what the setup was and RUN RUN FAR DO NOT GO THERE it is so bad. Five minutes and I was out.

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            @DramaQueen But the letter wasn’t passed directly from Jung to So if you meant physically passing from one to the other. It was Jung –> messenger –> eunuch –> So at the very least. And if that eunuch was the head eunuch, there were probably more “layers” of people involved to go from one level to the next…

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            @aversive I highly recommend the C-series season 1!! The characters are flushed out and you get to see how Ruoxi developed such a deep bond with the various princes. Don’t wanna give too much away, but it is a worthwhile watch in my opinion. Season 2 was something that seemed forced just so there can be a sequel. The plot and character development are flimsy though I do like the cast–they kept the two leads plus some side characters, but switched up some other characters. There’s also a lot more PPL since it’s modern day. =P

          • Lucina Hentges-Mendez

            Don’t watch the Chinese one. It is fucking stupid. Don’t worry, this one is sad, but the next one will end up happy.

          • jh

            No. I couldn’t finish it. end it with C – Scarlet Heart season 1 and be happy. The second season started out okay but it quickly devolved into nonsense.

        • NutellaFitzgerald

          AND the original has a 2nd series set in the present…which HAD to have been the plan here, right?

          All that has probably gone off the rails because of the low ratings, but I bet that the original expectation was for:

          a) BIG rating$
          b) a follow up series

          And if you think of it like that, all the shortcomings and problems we’ve seen become almost inevitable.

          This wasn’t a tightly crafted telling of a self-contained story; this was 20 episodes of prologue, meant to set up the next 20 modern day episodes.

          Of course there’s not going to be a full story with some sort of actual conclusion, because then what would everyone do when the action moves to 2017?

          I loved all the actors in this so much and I wanted to love the show as a whole…but I don’t think I was given a whole show to love. I don’t get the impression that this was ever its own thing – somebody got greedy and wanted a franchise-starter.😟

          • crapatata

            OMG you’ve explained the entire drama! I did love the entire show as a beautifully told prologue. And the last episode was definitely setting itself up as a sequel premise:

            -LJG saying he’ll find her
            -IU finally remembering the past
            -Wook focusing on Lady Hae (they prolly want his s2 loveline to focus more on that)
            -Won finally feeling some remorse towards guiltless CR (altho i dont buy it one bit that fucker)

            Ugh damnit @production team. Stop the greed. This drama couldve been so much more

          • Midnightwatcher

            Agree with u 100 percent!
            An ending must suffer because of the production team is planning on thr next sequel

          • aversive

            I felt like that too. They could have edited the SBS version though because They have shot scenes with LJK in the present but I suppose since theyd already edited the international version they couldn’t make such a high difference in the end.

          • lilyleftthevalley

            If this is true, then I am aggravated as all get out.

            I’ve watched a lot of dramas now where it’s obvious they thought they’d have an extension, and when they don’t get it, the end always feels ridiculously rushed. Then you get the flip side where dramas get an extension, and then it’s just whatever mess too. *sighs*

            So if the Chinese Censors banned time travel, does that mean if there is to be a ML2, they will refuse money from China investors so as to not have a similar mess, or we are all going to be ready to burn SBS down?


          • paroles

            Not at all. The book only lasted till the present day after she woke up, and the drama is adapted from the book so it’s not meant to be a set up for another series. The only reason why a second series spawned was because the first was a mega mega hit and they wanted to milk it. And the sequel was always going to be shit, disregarding the censorship issues.

          • Gidget

            I’m sure that’s what they were expecting. But I don’t think that’s what messed it up. From my viewpoint it started with the show’s concept and the problems flowed from there.

            By trying for a youth sageuk they incorporated actors that needed special handling. Which made the show disconnected. To suit that concept they oriented the soundtrack toward the youth market; but it ended up disrupting the mood of the scenes. (Who in their right mind would think rap is a good theme for scenes of budding romance?).

            Eventually, the plot seemed to do little more than bounce back and forth erratically between attempts to reference the original drama and attempts to maintain historical accuracy. But there was only a threadbare effort to tie them together. Like making time jumps to keep the dates right but giving no plot justification for it. Or coronations, marriages and deaths that occured with little buildup and even less fanfare. Or a transition of romantic interest, responses to deaths and decisions to leave the palace that made sense in the original but not in this drama.

            Sigh. It’s a shame.

          • Alluna

            Paroles I don’t remember her waking up in the book…. from what I remember she died in the past and that was it… did I read it wrong?
            Yes in SC1 Chinese version she does wake up in the present but that doesn’t happen in the novel.

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            @paroles From what I recall, the book never had the present day. Ruoxi died and that was it. The C-drama changed the ending to make it more hopeful for viewers with the added present day portion plus museum reunion. That, in turn, paved the way for the sequel, which ended up being bad since it wasn’t penned by the original author and they just wanted to milk the series as you said. XD

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            @NutellaFitzgerald Totally agree! This open ending is obvious that there would be plans for a sequel. Just that this show ended up being a domestic flop in terms of ratings, so now I don’t know if they will or can proceed with a season 2. It did receive a lot of love in other countries though… But the thing is, the source and the C-series are so rich in content that you can never condense that into 20 ep’s. It would naturually mean that you begin cutting out so many things that the original intent became lost and distorted. That’s why there was no fluidity with the storytelling; not to mention, having to watch 3 versions of the same show is just a headache.

          • Eli

            I think this is exactly right. The way they spent so much time after Soo-Hee’s death, giving updates on all the brothers (even awful Won)…. that was totally a set-up for a season 2 that was intended, but probably won’t happen.

            I wondered why Baek Ah met the girl with the name Bok-soon and the familiar jewelry. Would that have been the name, or a clue, to season 2? Otherwise, why emphasize it?

            Wook had to start “loving” his first wife more in his flashback, because he can’t be a contender in a season 2. This way he’ll be in the future atoning for the way he treated his first wife, not manipulating to get Hae Soo.

            Thinking back through the final episode, and the whole series, this makes so much sense.

      • 1.1.2 Gateaudeplotte

        This drama was such a mess but I LOVED IT SO MUCHHHHHHHH.

        They loved each other but it couldn’t work ;___;

        Why am I still crying

        • aversive

          I don’t think I’ve been addicted to any other Kdrama as much as this one…

          The second that Baekhyun song started playing I was shouting at the screen, oh hell no don’t you dare stop here not without giving us some closure.

          In hindsight though as sad as the ending was I suppose in a way it was far more powerful than the trope of them meeting in the future.

          That flashback piggy back scene… I suppose I finally understood why Su kept on going back and forth with So it’s because she never loved him that much even though she knew how much he loved her. And I suppose it was some sort of redemption for her character to say that if I get a second chance at this on my home turf I will make sure to love you with my whole heart.

          Thanks Su, we watched twenty episodes just for you to promise that you’d love him completley only if you meet in the future.

          Which you didn’t.

          • aversive

            Ugh I’m so confused.

            In hindsight I don’t think any ending would have made me happy unless So magically transported to 21st century Korea.

          • Jamie

            @aversive: “In hindsight though as sad as the ending was I suppose in a way it was far more powerful than the trope of them meeting in the future. Thanks Su, we watched twenty episodes just for you to promise that you’d love him completley only if you meet in the future. Which you didn’t.”

            I’m strangely ok with not seeing them meet up in the future. I was sure they would meet, but I kind of like ending it this way…sad, but good.

            Not saying I wouldn’t watch a season 2, though.

          • SBC

            I’m in good company. 🙂

            I can see all that is wrong with the editing and production choices, yet of everything airing, this is what I looked forward to all these weeks.

            I thought the ending was as good as they might have done, linking history through art and the present day without too much bubblegum. I was even okay if she honestly, as she said she would, forgot everything., but then I like ‘spiritual’ open ended endings… just not open endings without that element.

          • wandaraiju

            I think she do love him very much… those 2 years waiting… but when he decide to choose to be a king …. she just like lady Oh… cannot ask all Wang so’s (body and soul) for herself. Afraid to dream to give him a child since he become so untouchable for her. I think chae ryong thing is already being forgiven since she see the faults of her friend, but it is sad nevertheless of loosing a best friend in such tragic way and Wang so being so distant when he act as a King… they always have different opinion and she cannot even talk with him anymore. She’s tired and afraid of the palace… and she doesn’t want to give burden to Wang so. For me, that is why she choose to leave and love him from afar… scarlet heart ryeo… daebak… thanks for the good chemistries and filled these 2 months with excitement of longing for Monday and tuesday

          • channel

            @jamie me too! I’m okay with them not meeting in the future. I know a lot of fans wanted to have at least a hopefull ending where Wang So meets Go Ha Jin in the future, come on we stuck 20 eps (not to mention the research, watching all the versions, discussing with everyone just to set straight the confusing story) with it might as well get a happy ending since this is kdrama but them not meeting in the future is also a satisfying one. Go Ha Jin waking up in the the present after a year in a coma presumably with her memories of the past haunting her should be her punishment for leaving So alone. Your past lover lived alone for so long, longing for you yet she dare to pull a “dream card” on all of those people who loved her. All they ever wanted is to be remembered by her and so now she will only remember. She kept wavering into wanting to changing the history and being a bystander in all of it, now she gets to only read them in the history books, see it in art gallerys, longing for them.

            Never mind that she got all the love of those princes what about the original Hae soo? Did she just disappeared because her spirit had nowhere to go to? At least the suffering was well distributed to all of them. Nobody got a happy ending, not even us, audience.

            Ji Mong ang Go Ha Jin meets in the present, lol, the ridiculousness of it. Am I the only one misinformed??? I thought our OTP is Wang so and Hae Soo? Writer-nim, do you have something against your OTP? even in the present you wouldn’t develop their loveline, wouldn’t even give them even an extension of a min. in our screen? Lol kidding aside, not meeting in the future and only remembering what you had and knowing well too late what could have been is the most poignantly realistic the drama can get. After all the set-ups, the betrayals, the killings, true to Hae Soo manner of words “there’s just too much blood in our relationship”. There’s just no going back.

          • nij.sfs

            @Jamie I’m with you on this one. The ending is kind of perfect for the lot they’ve been (we’ve been too) through. The promise So made to find her even though they don’t share the same world (century) is good enough (for me) to conclude their love story. It is sad….but good and beautiful.

        • Alila

          yes it’s quite a mess 😅 found many plotholes, some unnecessary secene and thepace is too fast in some episodes. and yet i still love this drama, hasn’t move on from the finale cause it really break my heart 😢

          • DramaQueen

            I agree with you totally – the editing was bad and the story and characters did not make sense – the characters appeared to be schizophrenic at times even but I enjoyed watching every episode and couldn’t wait for new episodes each week. Gonna be sad now that it has ended.

        • lilyleftthevalley

          Despite the hot mess this drama was overall, I still adored it.

        • luvnlife

          I’m not sure if I missed it but all those portraits she drew of So on the rocks, did So see them? I thought he might find them in their garden. Or she might see them in present day but didn’t. Also, a few episodes back So was firm that he wanted a “real looking” portrait of himself.

          • channel

            I think the portrait in the modern gallery is the photo being drawn of him when Jung entered unceremoniously on the king’s chamber because if not, then what’s the point of planting that scene? But then this drama is notorious in planting plot points and not having a pay-off in the end or somehow there is but they lost it in the editing room.

      • 1.1.3 Kay


        I personally LOVED the c-version. Some will say it had it’s flaws as well, however the story, production, writing and direction was handled with so much thought and organization. Also, with more episodes (35 I believe) – we were given a lot more background with each story arc and side stories. I would highly recommend it!

        • Miky

          When Jimong told Ha the name Go meant Hae in Goryeo i was for a moment thinking,don’t tell me they hint a major twist and that she is the descendent of her child

          • pogo

            Does that make Su her own great-great-great-great (however many greats) grandmother?!

            Damn, and I thought the incestuous marriages were hard to untangle in the family tree lol.

          • FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

            this concept you were presenting is a lot like “kamisama hajimemashita” (anime) where the hero (fox demon who lived for 500 years) waited for the same girl. The girl goes back in time, help her ancestor survived, thus solidify her existence in the future. And girl meets fox demon in the future; both gaining the memories they have of each other.

            Now, this one works coz the guy is a Fox Demon who has eons of lifespan.
            Gwangjong, on the other hand… argh i cannot brain, head hurts.

            she’d be romancing someone else completely (similar face, coz genetics), since gwangjong is a history.

          • banini

            Does that make Su her own great-great-great-great (however many greats) grandmother?!

            @pogo This will finally answer the question Which came first, the chicken or the egg? – it was the egg! 😀

          • Maui

            @Miky, I think that that is exactly what they are implying….

        • happybi

          I personally LOVE the cversion (season 1) that is. It was long but there was character development and the production was beautiful. I feel really cheated watching this one as I had high expectation with LJK rocked as the 4th prince. IU was good too but then from episode 12 on, it lost its focus. Everything was so rushed and the ending suck! It suck not because they didn’t meet each other in the future.. it suck because I was really looking forward to the letter reading scene as that was an amazing scene with Nicky Wu but we didn’t get that with from LJK as that part was cut short.. I feel cheated and I have no closure. I was not allowed to grieved with the 4th prince when he found out she died. In cversion after 4th prince took the urn, he had his time himself to go over their relationship and their death. We don’t have that here. we have nothing!!! Hae Soo was such a disappointing character in this version. Her reason to leave could have been validated if we know she left due to the fact she was pregnant and not just because of the death of CR. Her character was such a flip flop that it make absolutely no sense. Just a huge disappointment. I blame everything on the director/writer! For a preproduction drama, what were they thinking!!!

          • Yukie

            Me too!!! I loved loved loved e Chinese version (no. 1)

            The story is nice the progression and even all the why’s.
            I find that there’s n villain in the Chinese Versini as each have their own ambitions and friends and therefore it is inevitable that there are clashes between the prince

            Lastly the love story between main girl and prince no. 4 is so epic and true. And despite the angst and heartache it gives me. I still ask ppl to go n watch it. Hahaha

            I cried for 3 days after the ending. Every time I think of their unfortunate love story I’m a mess!

            I can’t recommend it enough. Go n watch it ppl!

          • happybi

            @Yukie : The CVersion was worth all the headache as at the end of the day, you can say it was just a very sad love story! But this one.. sigh.. I can’t even say what’s wrong with it except HS doesn’t deserve WS love. Just very disappointed. It could have been so good but it ended very flat and it’s all the damn director/write fault! What were they thinking!!!!

          • Noona

            Same here. I feel totally cheated! I was expecting to cry buckets at the epic death scene when Rouxi/Su explained why she wants to be cremated and not buried… where she doesn’t want her flesh to rot and earthworms to eat her up! And the emotions and anger displayed when 4th couldn’t even say goodbye to her body. Instead they gave us a 10 second scene of IU just asking Jung to protect her daughter!
            The only part i like about the entire K script is Su having a daughter and not a miscarriage.

          • Celia Tan

            I also felt disappointed with the ending. 🙁
            I found this online though. It’s a game that helps us choose our own Moon Lovers Ending:

          • QAS

            @happybi; to add to your very valid comment, “Her reason to leave could have been validated if we know she left due to the fact she was pregnant …”

            Lady Oh forewarned Soo not to suffer as she did, for her love of Taejo. I believe that Lady Oh told Soo about her miscarriage, and she named the culprit. Soo knew that she was pregnant, and became afraid that Yeonhwa would murder her fetus. Soo had to leave the palace before anyone could discover the pregnancy. Jung stepped in, with the escape clause. In the end, Jung told So, that Soo did not want the child to live in the palace. Why? Yeonhwa would kill the child. So also realized that, so he did not enforce his imperial parental rights.

            These omissions, among others, plagued the drama, leaving the viewers skeptical and frustrated. A simple voice-over declaration by Soo, at each pivotal stage, would have been embraced by the viewers, who would have sympathized with her plight. Instead, they scratched and shook their heads in disbelief, that she had ditched her dearly beloved, So.

            The final episode was edited like a jigsaw puzzle. All the Goryeo scenes should be strung together, with So making his “I will find you” soliloquy, at the end. Then the customary k-drama time jump (1,000 years), with the Ha Jin scenes strung together. The very last scene should be Soo kneeling and crying at So’s portrait, and THE hand reaching out with a silk handkerchief, and then, full eye-contact. THE END! Viewers on every continent, would have wailed like banshees. That final 60 seconds of film could have increased the ratings by 1,000%.

      • 1.1.4 Alila

        yes, it hurts sooo much seeing that piggyback scene. i did cry. seeing how happy they were 😢😢

      • 1.1.5 Maui

        @aversive, here,here..

      • 1.1.6 Sass

        So, it’s not the finale… there will be two more epidodes airing Monday and Tuesday. Drama fever has announced it that there will be two more I believe so hope is not yet lost! 🙂

    • 1.2 Persian Rose

      I actually loved the tragic ending. True love stories had always a tragic end in history and that is what makes them eternal and impactful…yes I cried for WS but the moment he decide to sleep with YH their love turned to be doomed

      • 1.2.1 aversive

        I agree. I feel like yeonhwa isn’t given enough credit. She presumably got pregnant after so slept with her once.

        It was only once right?

        • EZ

          No not even once..
          They called the shaman from Mirror of the Witch.. well her ancestors!

        • Annie

          When was it? I mean him sleeping with yeonhwa?? I totally missed that scene :3

          • JoyBells

            I think it was episode 19. Yeonhwa reminds him that one of her duties as a Queen is to give him an heir.
            Later,i think it was after Baek-ah leaves and Su says she wants to leave the palace and they have an argument he goes to YH’s room. He says he is willing to give her what she wants and the camera pans behind the sexy red curtains with them looking intensely at each other. Safe to say,they slept then.

        • JoyBells

          Historically they had 5 kids together. So they definitely slept more than once. lol.

          • darkheart

            maybe other than the BB cream, HS also introduced WS to the wonders of IVF 😀

          • annie

            Ah. I had thought that scene was confirmation that Yeonhwa was okay with his brother being punished. May be that was the payback for an heir. :3
            I also missed when did ever So and Soo slept together? I mean, Soo had herself said they were not even married when So talked about kids.
            Soo was so selfish at times. :3 I can’t get over this drama.

          • pogo

            @annie – it’s strongly implied that they first slept together on the night she left the Damiwon to go after him when he was injured after he took the arrow in her place.

            Also they visit each other’s beds in the palace once he becomes the king, it’s a regular thing. I assume their daughter was conceived during that time. (though yes, a little less ambiguity about the fact that they were sleeping together, would have been nice)

      • 1.2.2 Laksa

        I think the ending is appropriate too. They went for a poetic and poignant finish. I think what So meant when he said “I will find you in another life” or something along those lines were in reference to him leaving the painting for her (recall episode 19 before Jung tells So he got permission from Yo to marry Su.

        I’m a guy and I totally get most of Su’s choices. I wouldn’t say she acted out of character. Maybe all the time hops worked against creating an empathy link with what seems to be the majority of audience. Su’s character has always been anti-bloodshed. Her humanitarian views and innocent naivety is what garnered the affections of the princes. I find it ironic that commenters, most of whom are female (I can tell from all the drooling over LJK) are upset when she chose to leave the palace.
        She realized she couldn’t tame him after he ascended the throne. His obsessive controlling nature became more pronounced. That and the easy nonchalant way he discarded (talked of) chae ryungs life distanced further the compassion gap between the otp. Shouldn’t one love themself before loving others in a healthy relationship. Even without the baby, I find the decision completely justified. She would have been pulled apart to shreds by her own nature and conscience. Humanity values before sacrificial love.

        One question I have is what was Su planning to do with the phrase (when a river runs dry..bla..bla..)she made So rewrite a dozen or so times?

        • Meg

          YES. Finally someone else understands. I completely understand Hae Soo’s choices as well. I feel like most viewers forget that she is from the 21st century. We have very different values than societies did in the past and ultimately her present day mindset was what caused her so much suffering. But honestly I would have made many of the same decisions she did if I were thrown into the past like that.

          I find it interesting that people think she shouldn’t be upset about Chae Ryung, of course she betrayed Soo, but she was also her closest friend for years. I would be extremely upset if my best friend was killed by someone else that I loved, even if she turned out to have ulterior motives. In the end Soo chose to not compromise on her values and that’s commendable in my opinion.

          I feel like Soo and So’s love was pretty doomed from the start because they were such different people. It didn’t help that she knew he would become the king and tried to make a positive impact on history. She was just a good person trapped in the wrong time.

          • pogo

            Just to be absolutely clear – what pissed people off about Su in the Chae-ryung situation was NOT that she was upset about it, it was that she (to all appearances, and going by her own words) chose to believe that an unrepentant traitor who’d been lying to her, working to undermine her and ruin her life since practically the first day they met and admitted to it, was ‘genuine’ in her friendship and that therefore the punishment meted out to her for regicide was too harsh – not because So was cruel, but because Chae-ryung was her friend.

            (a “friendship” that isn’t even developed as much as Mu and Ji-mong, btw, and has zero basis other than Su suddenly declaring her to be like a younger sister)

            I think what really pissed people off was that Su has been first in line, post-visions, to revoke her trust in/condemn So for doing nothing, while Chae-ryung gets a free pass because plot convenience I suppose.

        • Eli

          I was wondering about all the poem calligraphy, too.

          All we end up knowing was that Su loved his writing (how pretty it was), and that in the end Su’s writing was almost identical to So’s. Did she copy it so many times so her calligraphy would be like his? Why? What does it mean? Why did he need to make more copies? Why did she take them with her?

          So many questions.

          Maybe something they intended to explain in a season 2? They sure emphasized it enough.

        • Kittycat

          Yes…. one should love themself before loving someone/anybody else … and not losing her/him self in the process. Totally agree with you, if its become torture when you’re loving someone its really unhealthy relationship, perhaps the right choice is took another path of life even if u still love her/him

        • Jamie


          It was definitely good that Hae Soo left the palace, whether she was dying or not, whether she was pregnant or not, whether she was in love with So or not. Knowing she was pregnant, though, it would have been insane to stay, if she valued the life of her child at all.

          “One question I have is what was Su planning to do with the phrase (when a river runs dry..bla..bla..)she made So rewrite a dozen or so times?”

          I expected this to have a bigger payoff than for her calligraphy to end up looking exactly like his, too. So did ask her why she wanted it, when she was copying it out for her again, and I think she said something like “It’s a secret, you’ll have to wait.” (My memory is a little hazy here.) Maybe it was supposed to play out in the sequel? Or maybe her intentions got edited out, and she died before it made an appearance? Who knows?

        • Annie

          Yeah. But even in the modern days, if one is found guilty of murdering someone or plotting a murder, then they too are punished..be it jail or execution.
          Her excuse for saving wook,chae (I agree, she should not have been such harsh punishment. Should have been banished instead.) was ridiculous.
          So was the king. His elder and younger brothers were killed by those people and Soo wanted to save them just because she was friends with them once. She could have been just upset because of So’s decision, not leave him. He was doing his job as the King like any other Prosecutor/President would do in today’s world.
          Soo understood everyone’s actions but So’s

    • 1.3 justsaying

      ‘ After Wang So said that he will find her i would have made a transition somehow to the modern time were the present one would have found Ha Jin while crying and handled her a handkerchief and on the note said something like i found you,giving the couple and us a sense of hope…I usually hate reincarnation troupes because the person is not the same but i think in this case it would have worked and would end it better than it did…’

      I have the exact same thought. At least, it gives us some solid closure. It is so frustrating – all the 20 hours watching time (not to mention the countless hours of waiting time) and this is the best they can do? Argggghhhhh tuwa chuseyo…

      • 1.3.1 Maricelis welsh

        i completely agree with you! That would have been great!

    • 1.4 Alila

      soooo agree with you. i am a mother and i can not imagine how does it feels remembering the child that you gave birth but loosing her. those memory surely will effect her

      • 1.4.1 Islander_58North

        Ep. 20 left me with the distinct impression that a 2nd series should follow…one that doesn’t waste the first half.

    • 1.5 Blargh

      I was actually pretty much done since two episodes ago. Just want to say thank you to Headsno2 for the recap and just to add something.

      You were wondering why Jung covered Soo’s handwriting because it is resemble the king, at that time to imitate the king is not a highest form of flattery but it is considered mockery thus treason (like anything in this drama and that period seemed to be) so that is the reason for Jung to cover Soo’s letters.

      And there are speculating rumors that the director was the one that butchered the series and the writers hate Hae Soo’s character, which bring me to this, SUCK IT UP and make it better, whiner.

      I’m out.

      • 1.5.1 EZ

        If an actor acts badly, and when audience has paid to watch their project.. they have all the right to comment, show contempt of the work if it is nto at pat… BECAUSE its an actor’s job to deliver his character well.. if he cant do it..he may as well quit acting..he needs to show sincerity and a progressive graph

        If a cook can’t make half decent food that universally doesn’t suit anybody’s tastebuds… then he is no cook and deserves the verbal thrashing..

        Similarly, if a director can’t do his job well he is responsible..

        More than whiner, those arguments align to blind fanatism

      • 1.5.2 PakalanaPikake


        You were wondering why Jung covered Soo’s handwriting because it is resemble the king, at that time to imitate the king is not a highest form of flattery but it is considered mockery thus treason

        Thanks for explaining that. It makes sense to me. Jung didn’t want Hae-Su busted for forgery.

      • 1.5.3 channel

        So Hae Soo practically had the same writing as Wang So because she re wrote his poems for years? That’s it? That’s the whole point of it all? Why is there a scene of Hae Soo making Wang So re write it for her over and over? I thought the letters would have a big pay off later. Like, Wang So will find it years later or it would find its way to the gallery where Go Ha Jin is.

        • Ryeo

          I think Hae Soo just loves watching So writing them. Remember the first time Soo read So’s letter and how happy she was seeing that nice, beautiful writing? I wouldn’t take it too far, thinking there are hidden meanings. I would just take it as Soo’s love towards So and that she was so happy just by looking at So’s writing. Maybe Soo feels closer to Wang So by having the same writing and probably her love grows even more everytime she sees all the poems written by him.

          I’m just saying. Who knows better other than the director tho? 😂

    • 1.6 dramalover

      Miky if you cry this much then you should watch the original chinese version. The scene when 14th asked Su to go see the flowers? Then the next scene it show the two small vase of blooms makes me laugh so hard. Sorry! But in the original version, it was a beautiful scene with lots of magnolia flowers bloom and as she watched and reminiscing her past with 4th then pass away. All the scene after that makes me cried my eyes out and I had watch the Chinese version for the 6th times and I still cried. The original was better because it has more episodes so each of the character had more time to developed. The ending was even more sad. I like this version but I love the original. I don’t normally watch Chinese drama but I’d recommend this one.

      • 1.6.1 purplefall

        I really admire that you got the strength to watch the drama for the 6th time. I couldn’t bring myself to rewatch it at all! It has such a tragic and sad ending that I remember myself taking weeks to get over. I still feel the pain every time I think of the drama. I love it to death but obviously couldn’t handle the heartbreak ;(

    • 1.7 Nicjumma


      “…I for one would have totally changed the ending scene with another one…After Wang So said that he will find her i would have made a transition somehow to the modern time were the present one would have found Ha Jin while crying and handled her a handkerchief and on the note said something like i found you,giving the couple and us a sense of hope…”

      Now THAT would have been a satisfying enough ending for me. Even if there wasn’t a sequel, that would have given me hope and been enough for me to happily imagine what happens after that.

    • 1.8 MaryAnn

      I was so excited for this drama…watching episode 1 was like X’mas morning for me only to realized I got punked.

      And went downhill from there, straight to the black hole.

      Thanks DB for the recaps and all the fun comments of this community.

      Until next time.

      • 1.8.1 EZ

        And then from the black hole,

        You time travel!

      • 1.8.2 just me

        spent 20hours and more for this end…. now, i know why this show was suck. bc it was a dream! a dream always ridiculous, that’s why!

        • banini

          I think it wasn’t a dream. She only remembered by piecing together her dreams and the museum photos, and the suggestions of the future Jimong.

        • JC

          At first, Su thought that it was all a dream after a year coma. But after future Jimong hinted her and after seeing the paintings, and knew the history of Wang So changed from a bloody monarchy to a wise king. She is convinced that it wasn’t a dream but a reality, then that’s why she said sorry to So for leaving him alone.

          Imma cry again now. T.T

          • just me

            that are call dejavu, ladies…

            It was a dream. the only logic explanation for baaaaaad, ridiculous, and crazy plot.

            if otherwise, just give me taco roll with writernim inside.. that’s will up rise my mood..

      • 1.8.3 DramaLea

        Couldn’t agree more! The best thing about this drama were the recaps and hilarious comments thereafter.

        Seriously, 20 eps of WTF-ery to end up with this hot mess.

    • 1.9 EZ

      Even if he chooses oen with better editing , I am good!

      Just anything but this..

      ** its unfair.. i desperately want public apology from the director and the editing team for this immense goof up!!!.. Owe up to your mistakes damn it!**

    • 1.10 Spi

      “Don’t know about u guys but I don’t regret Lee Joon Gi taking this role because no one else could be as amazing as his Wang So,amazing performance”

      The Wang So withdrawal started and it hit me hard… The problem is that it was not just that I fell in love with Lee Jun Ki (which I also did) but I also fell the hardest in love with the character Wang So. I wanted so badly for him just to have one person left beside him. But even Baek Ah left in the end. It hurts immensely to see him like that.
      Before seeing episode 20 I had already resigned to the idea that Su and So would have a tragic ending and this show is a hot mess through and through. I thought I would just move on and watch another drama of Lee Jun Ki and I would be fine. But, because Wang So is forever lonely and hurt, I just cannot move on!! Oh my god, the PD and writer of show are ruthless.

      • 1.10.1 wandaraiju

        Agreed. Wang So characters on this Korea version is too good… despite his jealousy to jung and wook, he still loyal to hae soo by not kill wook and let her and jung in peace

      • 1.10.2 wandaraiju

        I think the director really done a really good job on every dramatic scene… especially on the last Episode, when Wang So scraped the concealer and reveal his scar, when he said “my… soo-ya”….. what a face and good take!!!!!!! Omg I still goose bump. I’Lloyd have to re-watched. So many touching, heart warming, and funny scenes. The one with “Pegasus stars” … and another scene of watching the stars when hae soo forbid Wang so to kiss her if she did not give him the permission… wkwkkwkwk WHT a childish face of wang so when he said ” I won’t…. ” ….

      • 1.10.3 skelly

        The PD and the writers are not ruthless, they are dunderheads. Scarlet Heart is one huge steaming pile of cow dung with one large flawless diamond on top: Lee Jun Ki’s amazing performance.

    • 1.11 DramaQueen

      Can someone explain if little Bak Soon is Beak-Ah’s daughter with Woon Hee? I didn’t understand that scene.

      • 1.11.1 happybi

        No Bak Soon is Wook daughter. People think she may be a reincarnation of WH. In Korean history, BH actually have an affair with Wook daughter who is Bak Soon! Yes, there’s a huge age gap!

    • 1.12 Hanakoxiao

      Very disappointed with this drama. TT What could have been! I loved the Chinese series and was so looking forward to an awesome k-drama spin! I think had the series been longer, then they would have had more time to do development of the characters… and perhaps in the hands of a more experienced adaptations writer, it would have been better(?)

      In other news, if you guys are interested in getting more closure, watch the Chinese version =)

    • 1.13 Maui

      @Miky, I like how you summed up the feelings in this episode…

    • 1.14 Sojuboy

      Unfortunately, this show has been horribly botched, but, I still want to see that show about Yeon-hwa (Queen Daemok).

      I don’t believe there has been a show based on her life, but I do hope some smart writer in Korea will do justice to her life’s story.

      • 1.14.1 Nae

        Me too. I would like to see a drama about Yeonhwa(Queen Daemok). Unfortunately in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Yeonhwa(Queen Daemok) was wasted and basically a typical jealous female.
        No there has not been a drama based on her. I have seen three dramas with her either mentioned or a secondary character in them. The dramas are Iron Empress/Empress Cheonchu, Shine or Go Crazy, and Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

        • banini

          Would you recommend Shine or Go Crazy? I’m curious about that one. I liked Jang Hyuk in Gaekju and Beautiful Mind.

    • 1.15 Halu garci

      I need to see a shrink. I think I’ll be scarred for life. :'(

    • 1.16 Ammy

      The plot might have big plot-holes worthy of digging a well but still Wang So is such a character which would move us to tears. Lee Joon Gi once again played his part with perfection. I’ll remember this drama singly for him.

  2. cali

    i think it’s safe to say that the application of mustaches is the true kiss of death of everyone in the show. within a couple episodes of donning the 소 stache any character is inflicted with madness and bull-shittery until they die in a weak sauce way (or, if you’re extra pathetic like wook, you die off screen).

    moon lovers should really be called DEATH NOTE: mustache edition.
    dick king dad
    dick king yariru

    the only men who survive are clean shaven. moral of the story? DON’T GROW A MUSTACHE. EVEN IF IT’S FOR CHARITY FOR NOVEMBER. YOU WILL BECOME KING OF GORYEO, GO CRAZY, AND DIE.

    ok. that’s what i got out of this series. any further remarks?

    • 2.1 cali


    • 2.2 rentenmann

      HAHAHAHA, yes! So much yes!

    • 2.3 becap

      “i think it’s safe to say that the application of mustaches is the true kiss of death of everyone in the show”
      LOL I couldn’t help but laugh with your comment xD

    • 2.4 Ira

      And stay away from any girl who time travel to your era. She may look cute and kind, but her stupidity will be the downfall of your lot. She’s a harbinger of doom. Stay away!

    • 2.5 Lessa

      This is why Jung only grew sideburns as he became older.

      Sure he looks weird but hey, he’s alive.

      • 2.5.1 rentenmann

        HE saw the pattern of events and said no way, man. Good!

      • 2.5.2 aversive

        I felt like Jung’s concession prize was Su’s daughter.So got her “love” which consisted of abandoning, not trusting, etc and was left all alone while Jung got a mini Su as a souvenirr

        I think Jung is the only one who got a happy ending.

        • aversive

          The power of the ugly sideburns is real.

        • Lisa_wackycashew

          I’m really happy that Jung got Mini Su as consolation–the one person who can protect her from entering the palace.

      • 2.5.3 Lisa_wackycashew

        Pwahahahaha!!! Jung has amazing intuition!!

    • 2.6 aversive

      You say clean shaven but we have Eun…

      But then againim still confused. Was he a man? Or was he a boy?
      Or was he somewhere in the middle like a boy-man.

      Damn. That’s probably the worst superhero name ever.

      • 2.6.1 cali

        baekhyun man, baekhyun man,
        does whatever an exo can.
        kills a bird
        folds a cloth
        then gets stabbed
        his mouth froths

        LOOK OUT
        it’s baekhyun man

        • aversive

          Just sanng this out loud to the tune of spider pig from the Simpsons.

          I’m still laughing

          • cali

            when your super power is you getting stabbed because you don’t know how to fight and your wife does all the bad assery for you and dies in the process….
            WHY did this prince get the time of day over jung again? why was this royal pain in the ass given so much screen time?

          • aversive

            Baekhyun who plays Eun is a big deal back in Korea. He’s probably the most famous exo member and a lot of the advertising solely revolved around his star power. A lot of people around the world who don’t usually watch Kdrama’s but are kpop fans tuned in to watch him.

            That’s probably why.

          • aversive

            @cali if he could only act as well as he could sing…

            I mean the Moonlovers song he sang with the other 2 exo members is ridiculously catchy.

          • skelly

            Well they had to be sure and fulfil the recipe for a bad drama:
            Idol who cant act – check
            Idol who can sortof act but not well enough – check
            Illogical, unexplained behavior – check and mate
            Cringeworthy OST – yup
            Editing by gang of drunken monkeys – definitely yes
            Direction by Magic 8 ball – check
            Just Plain Bad Writing – oh yes
            Ending courtesy of WTF – bingo

            A much shorter list would be, ‘What did they get right?’

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            @cali Completely agree! I couldn’t for the life of me understand how Eun got more screen time than Jung, knowing that the source and C-drama had 14th prince as end game, so to speak. The 10th prince didn’t have much importance to the original plot, unlike 14th. So, I was excited when Jisoo got cast as Jung. Then, reality hit and Eun had twice as much screen time, sacrificing the Su-Jung friendship development in the process. Not to mention, Jung scenes in international version were the first ones to end up on the cutting room floor in the edited SBS version, which frustrated me to no end.

        • Martha

          OMG lol

          • reuyka

            He was so awkward and unnecessary at the beginning, glad at least his death was memorable. His acting was actually decent there. Also helps that Z Hera’s character is cute enough to make his screen time tolerable.

            Seohyun’s death scene on the other hand…well I bursted out laughing for doing the same face she made throughout the show, like someone farted in front of her or something.

      • 2.6.2 cali

        is yo nuts?
        listen bud
        he’s spilled everybody’s blood
        can he have
        an awful death?
        he fell over
        and lost his breath

        LOOK OUT
        it’s goryeo men

        this is fun. way more fun than watching whatever the hell i watched for 20 hours

      • 2.6.3 Jamie

        LOL @aversive: “…boy-man.

        Damn. That’s probably the worst superhero name ever.”

        I’m dying! Thanks, aversive. I needed a laugh.

    • 2.7 aversive

      Superhero/ Villain names for everybody.

      Jung: Shady Sideburns
      Wook: The Dead Hawk
      Won: Greedy Sidey
      Eun: It’s Bakehyun-Man!
      Chae Ryung:Torture Taco
      Yo: Guyliner Dude
      Moo: Mercuric-Man
      So:The One Man Army
      Su: Wrong Generation Girl
      Wo Hee:Correct Generation Girl (My puns are so crappy.)
      Baek Ah: The Bulgarian Rose

      Who else am I missing?

      • 2.7.1 cali

        queen yoo: *@&#$^*&@#%^*@&#$*#@($&(@*#%&(*@#$&(*@#$

      • 2.7.2 Jamie

        @aversive: STAAAHP, you’re killing me!

        Or don’t stop, actually, ’cause THIS IS WONDERFUL.

      • 2.7.3 momon

        oh my god i’m laughing so hard xD xD

      • 2.7.4 orchidsoleil

        Roses are my favorite flowers and Baek Ah is my favorite Moon Lovers prince, coincidence? I think not!

        Wook, Chae Ryung, and Jung’s villain names are my favorite. I also loved your Girls Generation pun… I see what you did there!

      • 2.7.5 Mintberry

        I died at Torture Taco…

      • 2.7.6 Zie

        So funny…you make my day…:-) 🙂 🙂

      • 2.7.7 Ank

        Hahaha thanks for this. I need a good laugh after the moon lovers roller coaster ride.

      • 2.7.8 banini

        Haha, crappy but funny! Thanks for the laugh @aversive 😀

        I’m doing laundry while reading, one moment I’m crying and then laughing by myself the next. I’m afraid my neighbors would think I’m crazy ^_^

      • 2.7.9 shiningdream


        actually i think Bacon-man kinda suits baekhyun too since that was what EXO fans nicknamed him when they debuted (not sure about now, havent followed exo in a while haha)

      • 2.7.10 rentenmann

        PLEASE let this make it to BoW! More people need to see this!

      • 2.7.11 eponymous

        This is priceless! hahahaha I was crying after watching ep20 but then laughed so hard reading this…my mother thinks am going crazy.

      • 2.7.12 Aaliya

        Actually i have a good one for Beakhyun

        Beakhyun: -It’s Baek”Eun”-Man!

      • 2.7.13 Laksa

        Hahahahahaha…. Mercuric-Man… Damn….

      • 2.7.14 Lisa_wackycashew

        Hahahahaha! Good names!!

        My fave is Jung!! The actual prince… Not his sideburns. XD

      • 2.7.15 AP

        you got me at torture taco. lol

    • 2.8 Alila

      haha i laugh seeing this moustache comment 😂😂😂

      thank you for giving me something to laugh at. i still can’t move on from the ending. still makes me sad everytime i remember it

    • 2.9 EZ

      M gonna repeat myself

      My aha! (Eureka) moment of ep 20 was:

      It was a love story of bulgarian rose scent with honey based BB cream.. FROM the very beginning..

      The show was always about makeup.. enough to make
      1. JM alter timeline, leave the king and change his future from beggar to makeup professor

      2. WS to reveal his scar again and announce on behlaf of his BB cream that I renounce myself unless I find you rose scent

      • 2.9.1 aversive

        I can’t believe nobody talked about the excessive eyeliner used in goryeo.

        • EZ

          Because eye liner did not make it to the future, only true love make it to future (let me assume this) .. and basically was trying to come between the oTP.. following BB cream everywhere..

    • 2.10 pogo

      @cali I feel like with your comment, we’ve really come full circle on this.

      Forget Truck of Doom, you have Moustache of Doom instead (Jung should be safe, he only has what looks like a moustache on the sides of his face, it’s not an actual moustache)

    • 2.11 maryxiah


    • 2.12 Quinze

      Hah that pretty much sums it up.

      The only thing I learned from this drama.

      I didn’t even watch these last 2 episodes. Figured if the recaps showed some promise I would….but nope I saved myself the grief.

      @Lessa…so he basically cut his ‘stache in half and stuck ’em by his ears. Terrible sight for us but life-saving at least!

    • 2.13 AM

      Sigh … I am SO LATE to this WTF-ery MESS of a makjang (the ONLY REDEEMING grace is the MOST AWESOME Lee Jun Ki!)
      Yes, REALLY cried my eyes out and almost smashed my ipad in disgust over the ending!
      But your comment made me LAUGH SO HARD!! Hahahaha!
      Thanks for the respite from the tears … (Ok, am gonna go back to sobbing …)

  3. FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

    I prepared a stack of tissue.

    First minute flashback when Wang So extends his hand for her: *I cried*
    The wedding, when Jung returned the hairpin to her: can I even watch this? *I cried*
    She sat alone in the room, and is that the poems?: Gaaash, noooo *I cried*
    Next: she’s pregnant? NOOOOO~ WHY NOW???*I cried*
    So received the report and gets super jealous. *I cried*
    So stalked the couple. Saw them together. *Sh*t show, I can’t. *I cried*
    Jung the devoted husband. They share cute moments together. Poor guy. Argh. *I cried*
    So refused to hear any news about Jung-Soo because he thought she’d moved on.*Nooooooo*
    She imagined him next to him, spending time together. *I cried*
    She delivered her baby. She knew her ending is near.
    She sends him a letter. Jung did something (because he knew So knew she can’t write, but now she can write and her writing is like the King’s so it might look like something suspicious). *Noooooooo*
    She waited and waited.
    She heard the song, the one where he fell for her (basically everyone’s entranced by the modern song). *Noooooooo* *I cried*
    Jung-ahhhhhhhh~ Soo-yaaaa *I cried*
    She didn’t even get to see So at her deathbed…*I cried so hard*
    So finally reads her later *too late, bruh. Too late.*
    The three men cries together, fighting over what she would have wanted. *I cried too*
    Pause the video and cries a lot.
    So meets his daughter.
    He knows.
    Wook has his ending in solitary. He got sick, but the mom is as ambitious as ever.
    Baek-Ah’s meeting the little girl is weird. Wook is a changed man.
    Everyone’s leaving So.
    Waaaait. Did her soul stayed back for a while in the past and teleported to the future? Why isn’t the time frame similar?
    She forgets everything. And then remembers everything. And the explanation…I cried again… The ajusshi is still mysterious.
    She finally gets her memory back.
    And she’s sorry for leaving him alone. I know!!! Why did you do that before??? Why didn’t you say yes when he proposed to you???
    He had a flashback, and starts considering what she said. Ji mong confirms she’s from someplace else. He removed his makeup and is determined to find her (in the future?)
    I cried too much.

    Season 2 please? With butt load of cutes. I got so emotionally drained crying.

    • 3.1 kcwoo

      Ji Mong is a time traveler. When the eclipse happened as soon as he walked out of the palace, he was transported back to the future.

      That would explain how, he got from looking like a beggar in episode 1 to looking like an educated person 1 year later in the last episode. He’s a bridge between the past and current.

      PS: Ji Mong once said he almost died as a kid and he’d seen flying things before he woke up. Time traveler confimed!

      • 3.1.1 shelly

        i decided it’s all ji mong’s fault. he goes into the future, finds the most useless pretty girl to throw to the wolves, er, princes – who also can’t resist a pretty face at all, all except yo, more power to him! – THEN spends all his time making said girl doubt her – poor – knowledge of history, THEN he starts throwing stops in their way, because why not…

        and when it all goes to s**t, hey, it’s HER fault, she’s the one who couldn’t stay away from the bag of princes and turned everything into mush.

        i wanna tar and feather ji mong so much at this moment.

        how come he’s a time traveler though, if he grew up with moo and so?!

        • banini

          My take is that kid Ji Mong swapped souls with somebody from the future when he drowned as a boy. The man from the future could be the homeless guy, though they didn’t show exactly what happened to that man. I’m not inclined to think he went back during the eclipse, I don’t think he knows how to get back and forth. He probably just live the rest of his retirement in Goryeo until he died and went back to his future body. Since Hae Su changed the course of history by making So a better king, Ji Mong’s descendants may have had a chance at a better life which carried on to the future. This luck made the homeless guy a salaried guy in the present time. Too bad HaeSu’s line didn’t change much since she is still working as a make up sales rep.

          But yes, maybe it was all about JiMong. He nudged HaJin into going back to the past so he could have a better future, bad JiMong!!! 😀

    • 3.2 crapatata

      SAME. Except with probably more crying. Idk how that’s possible.

      The show had its flaws, but I loved it overall.


    • 3.3 Hanakoxiao

      The reason why the writing shouldn’t be the same as So in the original Chinese version was because no one was suppose to have the same writing as the king. It was a crime, and thus punishable, and it made sense in the context of ancient China. In the original story, Su had the same writing as So because she loved him, and they were that close. They unfortunately didnt explain that here.

      • 3.3.1 Noona

        And because the king taught her to write traditional chinese instead of what she knows as a modern 21st century person, hence her writing is similar.

    • 3.4 Maui

      @FanofLeeJunki’s…LOL…thank u for this…LOL……

      • 3.4.1 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

        You’re welcome 😀

        I do love his mane, So very much.

  4. Marimari

    This show will be my last kdrama for a long long time. It’s got me emotionally spent without much of a reward. Just like Soo, I thought if I endured long enough, hold on tight enough, it will be rewarded by a chance at happiness in the end. Boy was I wrong, so wrong. Just like Soo, I’ve been too naive but I was not strong enough to leave. I stuck til the very end and paid the price. To close this I wanted to say: Show, if i never watched you, I would not have all this unnecessary angst, if I didn’t click the play button, my heart would not have palpitate so much, if you’ve given that happy ending like you promised, I wouldn’t need this much therapy from dramabeans.

    But I am naive and will most likely do it all over again if there’s a chance of season 2 ever happening. I will sink with my IU-LJK ship

    • 4.1 Sinjuma

      Totally agreed.

      I adore LJK so much that I have pulled through 50 man-hours to:

      1) watch the International Live Broadcast,
      2) Read Dramabeans Recap,
      3) Watch Internet Version.

      My one-sided love was futile because the show tell me we do not need to live happily ever; just some happy memories to endure the pain of loneliness will suffice (-_-;)

      • 4.1.1 Marimari

        @Sinjuma, painful memories to live out your days is such a sad notion, but something the drama seem to have enjoyed dishing out 🙁

      • 4.1.2 shelly

        memories of LJK killing the role: priceless.

        too bad nobody much saw him do it in korea – seriously, this might be his best adult role yet.

        i live to hope – next role he’ll be great AND the story will make sense, AND the girl will be up to par with his scene presence.

        seriously, why bother employing LJK if no more effort was spent into making it a good tale, or in having the rest of the cast invest themselves fully into it? this will be remembered as LJK and the rest, not MLSHR…

    • 4.2 anggi

      @mari-mari OMIGODDDDD!!! You just sum up everything that I feel. And yes, I will too sink with my IU-LJK ship

    • 4.3 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

      I shall sink with you three~

      totally gonna watch it. regardless.

      • 4.3.1 Marimari

        @FanOfLeeJunKi’sMane @anggi Good to have company in this ship! A lot of people may not see the chemistry between these two but they are seriously good looking together. I’ve never seen anyone match Lee Jun Ki’s visuals (Shi Min Ah was close) except IU. She’s radiant and charismatic onscreen despite her badly written character

        My consolation for this mess of an ending was they looked chummy in their after party photos. Ship, sail on!


    • 4.4 pogo

      @Marimari – you could have taken the words right off my own keyboard.

      And I’m another believer in the fact that LJK and IU did have chemistry – like you, I think she’s the best match he’s had onscreen since Shin Mina, even if she’s imperfect and the drama went out of its way to neutralise them at times by constantly making Su reluctant/fearful. If only the script and PD had been even a little better and less hung up on keeping So/Su looking ‘pure’ even when we KNOW they’re sharing a bedroom, IU could have pulled it off too.

      • 4.4.1 Marimari

        @pogo A hundred times YES! It’s almost as if the director/writer think we won’t be able to handle team SoSu if they had done it right so they stuck us with a haphazard portrayal of this epic love affair.

        That makeup scene where she was taking off his mask and tracing his scar? That took the cake out of all romantic kdrama scenes I have seen.

        The infinite possibilities of what could have beens….

        • pogo

          I dare anyone to look at that scene and tell me they didn’t have chemistry.

          Just because the writer and PD chickened out of showing So and Su coupled-up in any mode other than cutesy or ‘pure’ emotional love…. it sucks to think they could have had explosive sparks flying everywhere if the drama only let them.

          • AM

            Ok, so I am a KDrama newbie, but what the hell is this talk about no chemistry between LJK & IU?? They SIZZLED … Sigh … and WHY or WHY do KDramas (especially sageuks) have to keep lovers ‘pure’?? For instance, the first night when they slept together, they were all freaking COVERED UP! Not a hint of skin … sigh …

      • 4.4.2 banini

        Do you know if IU has some sort of clause the she should always look wholesome? I heard she was like little sister of Korea so I thought that was the reason the drama was careful about showing more sexual tension between her and LJG.

        • skelly

          Ugh. THIS is why you dont cast idols.

          • pogo

            @skelly – that’s rather unfair, and inaccurate to boot.

            If she was really so bent on being ‘wholesome’, I doubt she’d have taken the role of a rude bratty diva in Producer just last year. But sure, it’s easier to blame the actress for the image of her character, than the ones who write and conceive the part that way.

          • banini

            I liked her as well in Producers, I followed her story more in that drama than the other characters. I was just thinking if her managers had limitations for her, not really blaming her or thinkinking of her as a bad actress which she is not.

            Come to think of it, when she said in the flashback that if only they are in another time where they can love freely she would love him to her hearts content, then her character was written to be holding back the whole time, only just revealing it in the end which is like why, show?. If that was the case I think even if were given more episodes if they will keep a lot of Su’s feelings and motivations from us, it would just make our agony longer.

          • pogo

            @banini – I feel like that line about if only they could have met in another time and loved freely, is supposed to be more about them being together in ways that they couldn’t be in Goryeo – like not having to be separated for long periods of time, being able to marry for love instead of having to reject that long-awaited proposal for the throne, her not getting bound in service to the palace for so long.

            The fact that it’s also applicable to Su’s apparent emotional holding back from So, is entirely unintentional – because the implication then becomes that she didn’t love him as fully as she could have in their present-day (Goryeo). Which is the way things have come across for a while now.

        • Marimari

          I think IU is no longer Korea’s “little sister” and after her dating life went public, doubt she’ll insist on this wholesome image. The director, writer and editor just didn’t know what the heck they were doing with this pair.

          Ill suffer through a sequel just to see if we get some kind of redemption.

          • banini

            Thanks for clarifying @Marimari it was so frustrating how So/YeonHwa didn’t even kiss but has that tension going while So/Su kissed and hugged but still seemed in puppy love level of passion.

    • 4.5 Quinze

      I actually really like IU’s acting. It’s not perfect but she’s got good chemistry with her stars. This one was no exception.

      But unfortunately, they butchered her character so badly I have no idea who the heck she was meant to be.

      I’m so annoyed.

    • 4.6 cherryelix

      @Marimari just my exact feelings about this drama. I got emotionally involved, I devoted so many hours in viewing the different versions and readings recaps that I really need therapy to get over that ending.

  5. Christina

    So it finally ended…
    I think this episode showed that Jung was the most respectful of Haesoo and her decisions out of her 3 suitors. He always put her first without getting his feelings reciprocated :/

    Haesoo being pregnant could explain why she wanted to leave the palace so bad; she didn’t want her baby to grow up in a toxic environment.

    As for Wang So, in the end it was kinda hard to feel sorry for him. I think it was his own pettiness and jealousy that lost him his chance to say goodbye to Haesoo. It is also implied that he’s a horrible, fear inducing father to his son Ju. He always cried about having horrible parents so why become one yourself?

    The final episode left much to be desired but I guess the drama as a whole was that way. I hope Lee Joonki has better luck picking his next drama

    • 5.1 rentenmann

      Agree with you on Jung being the best of the suitors. Too bad she didn’t see it that way enough to reciprocate the kindness.

    • 5.2 Evelyn

      Yup, Jung was the best of her suitors. He put her needs and feelings above his feelings for her and didnt even try to touch her or anything. Too bad she didn’t feel that way for him at all cause i’d have chosen him in a heartbeat!

    • 5.3 paramount

      i also thought her wanting to leave the palace because of the baby made sense but the only way they implied that was her not being surprised that she was pregnant. even in her voiceover leaving the palace, they kept trying to push the idea that she was leaving so her love for So wouldn’t completely disappear?

      it’s just so frustrating that the chae ryung situation was the catalyst for the ending when the baby aspect makes much more sense from an emotional standpoint.

    • 5.4 Miky

      Can also be as wanting to actually keep her child safe,doubt she didn’t find out the story of Lady Oh being poisioned and loosing her child

    • 5.5 gdansk19

      I think the only reason I teared up in this episode was for Jung and Baek Ah. Poor Jung was so honestly pure in his love it kind of hurt. He was happy just to be with her and never expecting anything from her and yet hardly anyone acknowledged/knew it. That hug from Baek Ah….ooof. Several episodes ago I was so ready for Soo to leave So and go to Jung…he was so much better than the rest. She kept saying she wanted this happy, simple life with no fight for the throne…a man who would just love her and make a life together. Honey…that was Jung. And while I tried, I never could quite get sold of Soo/So…there were moments but it didn’t prove itself quite enough.

      That ending though….more questions than answers. Feel like we’re missing a couple episodes…but I don’t think I could bring myself to watch them.

      • 5.5.1 Lisa_wackycashew

        Isn’t it ironic how we tend to miss the one thing that we desire the most even when it’s right in front of us? I think Soo would’ve been very happy living with Jung. But alas, her health didn’t allow her to live very long and she had already given her heart to So, with no room for anyone else. =( The hug from BA was so heartbreaking!! Jung ah!!! *sobs*

    • 5.6 Barbrey

      I always think of Jung as who So would have been if his mother had loved him. So’s harsh upbringing did give him two advantages, though:
      1) he’s smarter at politics and makes for a better king in that time;
      2) his loneliness and vulnerability are what drew Su to him, and why she loves him the most of the princes.

    • 5.7 ohnodaisuki

      Like LJK’s acting and all, but yes, the main protagonists’ characters are flawed and may have contributed to their bittersweet ending…

      Agree with your comment @Christina 1,000%! ^_^

    • 5.8 Lisa_wackycashew

      That was why I love Jung! He respected Soo and put her above all else. He never once asked her to cater to him or yield to his requests. What she wants matters the most to him, not what he personally wants. He kept his promises and loved her wholeheartedly, no strings attached.

  6. endo

    Hae Soo managed to cause heartaches to almost all Royal Family. And to us. Her character is poorly written. She’s always a liability.

    Why is she acting as if it was So who threw her away? She failed So in so many ways and until the end, by not telling him that they have a child. Those letters were again, one selfish act. She just want to see him. Maybe to wipe all the guilt before she go.

    And the what the heck was that “i will forget all of you”? It’s quite brutal for people who cared for you so much. Poor Jung that he have to hear all of this and then have to take care of the child Soo left behind.

    • 6.1 Jubiemon

      I totally agree with you that Soo caused a lot of heartache for us and to almost all the family! Her character hasn’t grown much throughout the whole chapter, sadly.

      Yes, Poor Jung…I feel like Soo should have taken more responsibility for the child. She just said she wanted to see So. What about So potentially wanting to see the baby?

      I have to say, Lee Junki, really is a superb actor. May he choose better written and edited dramas in the future.

      Anyway, my friend and I have more thoughts on some of these issues in our blog: http://thedramafilesblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/file-no-moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-ep-20-final/

    • 6.2 Ira

      I cried like a baby during the letter scene in the original version. Here?! I was practically rolling my eyes and raging a lil bit. After all you’ve done you still want to give him heartache even from your grave?! If the content of the letter is great and heartfelt maybe that could remedy it a lil bit, but this?! THIS?! I love LJK, but I laughed during his crying scene for the letter. Because the poor guy had to act so heartbroken over that crappy letter, heh.

    • 6.3 nomad

      Yes, Jung surely is the saddest written third lead (fourth, fifth, I lost count…) ever. They lived together, he cared so much for her…and yet, what? She said she’ll forget all of you? I’d have dropped her head the moment I heard her say that.

    • 6.4 shelly

      if she spent that much time writing to him, why not just GO to their special place one day and wait?? if she loved him so much, why not risk him finding her defying his wish never to see her again??

      hae soo, why so literal?…

  7. Thatgirl

    Finally it’s over. And just like dramas that came before it it started out really good and then went to shit. I’m more sad about the lost potential.

  8. Blue bean

    *tries to string up some words to make a comment.
    Tries harder……gives up.*
    I have no words for this drama.

    • 8.1 april

      You and me both!

      • 8.1.1 rilkegirl

        I raged all day yesterday. Raged with my best friend on the phone. The rage is STILL not gone. That is all I have to say about the final episode because, once I start raging the actual details… it’s just… it’s not going to end. -_-

  9. Puni

    A big Shout Out to HeadsNo2 for working so hard on these 20 MLSHR recaps!!! You did all the dirty work for us and put up with so much craziness in this drama. Much appreciated!!

    I have loved and hated this drama at times, but the journey has been intriguing. This ending feels wrong on so many levels. The drama had the potential to be truly epic and it was squandered. Thrown away purposely. A disservice to the many cast and crew that worked so hard.

    Director, Writer, & Producers:

    Question 1: Why the two edited versions? This started the disjointed story telling from Episode 2. Why wasn’t there an effort to get it right from the beginning? The missing uncut scenes were important to storylines and emotional investment. These were not useless moments that were added in to compel SK viewers and hike ratings. Tell the truth.

    Question 2: Why deliberately waste precious time on storylines that could have used less time and had the same character development? Yes, I’m talking about the earlier episodes with Eun (remember bird catching? stupid) and the later ones with Won and Chae Ryung. That time saved could have been best spent on Soo and So, Soo and Wook, So and Wook, So and Baek ah, Baek ah and Soo, Jung and So… for the FINALE So, Soo and their Child!!!!! So many opportunities wasted. WASTED!!!!!

    Question 3: Why the future scenes? For PPL? Those brands should ask for their money back. A So and Soo reunion would have boosted brand sentiment.(I’m being sarcastic and truthful)

    Question 4: A happy ending? Was Soo happy remembering her love and her child were left behind? NO!!! Was So happy he was now all alone with no one to trust and love? NO!!! What was the point of Soo stating, “If we had met in another time, another world, I wonder how nice that would have been. If that were possible I would fear nothing and love you. Really love you with all my heart!” So promising, “If we are in different worlds, I will find you! My dear Sooyah”

    Question 5: If you have the investment, the story (3 versions to go by), and a pretty good cast, why squander the potential? I will forever wonder what really went wrong…

    Points that I will treasure and miss: The locations used in many of the scenes were beautiful. Outstanding visuals. I will miss Soo and So’s meeting places. Truly miss the relationship So and Soo were building. Their talks, friendship, playfulness, affection, their happy moments. I loved the relationship Baek ah, So and Soo built as well. Chemistry like that is hard to replicate. They were the family So needed. So much more… I regret that we didn’t see their child become a part of that family, but I think Papa Jung will do a fine job raising her.

    Disappointed I will look back with more regret than happiness. I will miss these characters.

    • 9.1 Ira

      Continuing on question time:

      Question 6: how did ji mong go from homeless to this well-dressed man? Did he steal some precious vase of goryeo (cookies for people who can get this reference) to sell?

      Question 7: similar to 6, how did Soo managed to pay the debt that was forced onto her by awful ex?

      Question 8: why did you fail me so much, drama?!!

      • 9.1.1 Kayak

        ” Did he steal some precious vase of goryeo (cookies for people who can get this reference) to sell?”

        Are you talking about “Faith”? If so, chocolate chip cookies please!

        • Ira

          Spot on! Here’s my huge stack of choco chip cookies for you!!!

          • Moment

            Oh my god, Faith was another one of those dramas I spent so much time and emotion on… I feel like my imagination did a way better job of the story than the actual drama.

            Feeling the same way about Moon Lovers – I’m just itching to rewrite this whole thing as a fanfic of what could have been.

        • Foxtoo

          If that is correct, we deserve a lot of cookies for our suffering.

          • Kayak

            Yesssss, Ira! And Foxtoo, some cookies and bourbon cause milk isn’t going to cut it here. 🙂

      • 9.1.2 darkheart

        i was wondering if JM and HS somehow went back to another future? so JM is no longer a hobo and if you compare, HS has different hair from the first ep – though this might be due to her year long coma…

      • 9.1.3 Ram

        #6: Queen In-hyun’s Man, right? Where’s my cookie?

        • lilyleftthevalley

          If it was In-hyun, it would be a family sword given by a king, not a vase.

          • Sancheezy

            I hesitated but here’s my take on the cookie
            Yoo Eun Soo – Faith- 2012

      • 9.1.4 Alila

        about ji mong,

        maybe he wakes up again in the future with memory of Goryeo and become a goryeo expert. and he makes money with that

      • 9.1.5 Barbrey

        My interpretation of Ji Mong going from homeless man to professor is that Su actually changed things in the past. We’re told she influenced Wang So to free the slaves (this was way ahead of its time) and this kind of thinking – helping the helpless- means that Su’s new Korea looks after its people better. So instead of homeless man, JiMong had better chances in life and became a professor instead.

        • kcwoo

          holy. omg. that makes sense too. damnnnn

        • EZ

          Hmm.. But there is Joseon in between.. and lee bang.. and then the japanese invasion..

          Nothing WS could do.. that would give HS the world she wanted..

          She just tortured all of us with her idealisms for nothing..

          WS would have made a wise king anyway.. fearsome but wise

          • Barbrey

            Except they make a point of telling us this episode that it was Hae Su that influenced Wang So to free the slaves. As I said, this was way ahead of its time, and once you introduce ideas like this they tend to grow.

            Moreover, when Hae Su reads that placard she realizes that Wang So did change.

            So this was not a causal loop after all. The history she knew in modern Korea changed, as she saw from the placard, and Ji Mong no longer being homeless but a professor is proof that her actions also had an impact on modern Korea.

            Hae Su inadvertently solves the homelessness problem in modern Korea by timetravelling to the past. Yay Hae Su!

          • EZ


            But that’s exactly what I am saying..

            Had he not freed slaves then what? Once imperialism ended, democracy and modern public administration would have naturally happened..

            And HS would have got the world that she is in..

            Even if WS did what he did.. Goryeo had a downfall.. and some other kings had their own rules..

            Tribals/ clans treated themselves equal.. that was way before monarchy system came into practice..

            And the path is same across the world..

            If you are making the case for improved living under GJ’s rule then i agree..(or maybe.. because WS was no common man hater.. so i am tempted to believe that he would have done this eventually.. HS existed or not)

          • Kiara

            Freeing the slaves was all part of politics. This is King Gwangjong we are talking about. Public sentiments = win win. His real goal was to get rid of the powerful clans and strengthen the monarch’s power.

        • Maui

          @Barbrey,brilliant….” Su actually changed things in the past. “…agree with you, this new present Soo comes back to is influenced by her…..Ji Mong (the professor talks about all the things Soo changed from past to future….)…we see her use of rose oil (Baekah gift) in cosmetics, her soaps, her masks…it’s all Soo’s influence…and now the homeless Ji Mong is a professor of ancient Goryeo….he says to her “there are no coincidences, it all goes back to what it was intentionally meant to be….”I think Ji Mong is saying this is what the future should have looked like, and Soo was able to go back and right the path for it to become the present future…it is the reason when Soo enters the picture exhibit, that we see only and mostly pictures of Soo and moments with the prince’s, in the c-version Roxi is in the museum but her influence is barely felt, there where big changes that happened because of her but they are not really recorded, a woman’s influence in history is not recorded and thus easier to forget….but Soo has left changes that are actually recorded and remembered…it’s not just her appearing in one little scene serving tea(c-version in the museum)…but she is all over in her interactions with the Prince’s…she was the catalyst that changed history…..

          • Maui

            one more thing..she occupies a place in recorded history too….

      • 9.1.6 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

        If not a vase; he could be doing the 3 times selling le similar sword to same merchant~ ^_^

        • lunaticandra

          Don’t forget to torn and burn the time travel talisman to reset the timeline and make the repeating sword sale possible.

        • FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

          High 5 to tearing and burning the talisman! Apart from that, let’s burn an incense or two in the process too; yunno, for good aromatheraphy~ But remember, we only have 9 sticks!

      • 9.1.7 Ellen

        For 8- I think they stick to the original story… it means season 2 is possible, where in the set up is in the present world as if the guys from goryeo were reincarnated.

    • 9.2 Ellen

      It’s pretty funny that girls who wants to die in another mans arms ends up dying in their arms (Queen Yoo to So and Su to Jung). Queen Yoo keeps on asking for Jung and Su is the same but Jung’s situation is way better than So.

  10. 10 rentenmann

    Why did we spend so much time in the past once Soon died there? So we could see Jung’s sideburns get even longer? And then in the present it started to get interesting, and we just END??? I think this might be a worse ending than the other drama which shall not be named from earlier this year. I didn’t think that was possible.

  11. 11 spazmo

    i cried thru the whole episode…
    : (

  12. 12 Kang Maru

    Jung is the kind of guy who loves Hae Soo quietly but protects her bravely. JUNG IS THE TRUE MVP 💪🙌🙌 I’m so glad he matured throughout the episodes. Baby Jung fighting 👊

    • 12.1 rentenmann

      But seriously, the facial hair needs to stop. He was the MVP, I concur.

    • 12.2 endo

      YES. YES. YES.

      I was surprised how Jung’s character turned out well in the end.

    • 12.3 Lessa

      IKR. I wish we focused on him instead of Eun, too. He was adorable with Kiddie Hae Soo.

    • 12.4 ohnodaisuki

      So so true!! Love how Jung turned out! He actually kept his promise to Hae Soo after she saved him… the promise to grow up as a great man! <3

      I kinda ship them around 5% more than the main OTP… Just because Jung has always been sincere and looking after Hae Soo… hope in another lifetime, Hae Soo chooses the character of Jung! Fighting! <3

      • 12.4.1 Maui

        @ohnodaisuki, “Love how Jung turned out! He actually kept his promise to Hae Soo after she saved him… the promise to grow up as a great man!”….agree, so this is what an emotionally mature Prince would look like, 1. Doesn’t expect to control HS or force her to be with him to meet his needs 2. Perfectly content to just be together, and gives her even her own house (space) to be herself 3. Does not throw a fit or get jealous when he finds out she’s pregnant with another man’s baby, is ok to send a letter for her to meet with the King again , and actually asks her what she wants instead of assuming…Do you want him to see the baby? 4. Takes action by speaking up for her and making sure she is protected staying one step ahead of the game (a general’s mind at work), keeps nurse from saying the baby is alive and well, keeps the physician in his home. 5. First makes sure Soo sees a doctor right away…I always felt so upset that Soo didn’t see a physician about her knees after the torture it would have prevented her knees setting the wrong way and that horrible limp… but Jung doesn’t just assume Soo is ok, he makes sure the physician is there to give him facts first. OMG so muc more…but basically Jung always puts her ahead of himself and the audience doesn’t have to second guess that…

      • 12.4.2 Lisa_wackycashew

        @ohnodaisuki @Maui Completely agree with you both and that’s why I’ve always had a soft spot for Jung. Good reminder of his promise to become a great man. He also promised to put his life on the line for her and he did so twice–bringing up the marriage decree and protecting her little girl. This mirrored the two times Soo put her life on the line for him–fighting the baddies with the stick and hiding him in her room. I think it’s so pure and honest to see Jung selflessly giving his heart and his love was unconditional. It was never: Soo, can you do this for me instead? Or Soo, can’t you understand why I need to do this? It was always: Soo, is this what you want? Tell me what you want and I will do it. That’s what set Jung apart from Wook and So.

    • 12.5 Lisa_wackycashew

      Totally agree with you!! He did everything for her and never asked for anything back!! MVP indeed!!

  13. 13 Kay


    Why show…why? I seriously thought I’d be rewarded with 21st century So through all of this but what the heck was THIS ending!?!?!?!?

    I will admit, I did cry during the scene when Hae Soo died and my god did LJK kills it with the crying scenes of despair but I’m still so mad about the way they fudged up this ending. It would have been SO MUCH more poigant had So found Soo in 21st century. All their destiny, fate and the line she says at the end about loving him in another time period would have come to full close but with this, I don’t get it.

    At the end, I’m happy I watched because I got to see the spectacular performance of LJK *claps hands*. This man deserves it all.

    LJK needs an award.
    Jung’s sideburns should get best supporting role.

    • 13.1 rentenmann

      Both suggested awards are pperfect! Though I did not cry at all (was more in a state of disbelief the whole way), LJK’s reaction when he finally finds Soon too late was pretty heart-rending. He’s so good! Sad that this show wasn’t handled better behind the cameras.

    • 13.2 Kay

      To piggyback (or maybe I shouldn’t use that word) my own comment….I read somewhere the LJK actually filmed a modern scene with a suit and everything….except our lovely writers decided they wanted a more “unpredictable” ending and chose not to include it.

      • 13.2.1 Kayak

        LJK in a suit is on the cutting room floor? Way to flip the bird at all the long-suffering viewers.

        • darkheart

          both LJK and Ji Soo said that the future scenes with WS and HS were edited out

          • pogo

            #%@&*@*!$#!#^@#*@!$%&%*(*#*()(!!!^%^&*!%^!$#% !&!^%!$%@&(*@$%!#&(#^@#&*&(@*% @^&*$

      • 13.2.2 endo


        they said it’s this one but i don’t think so. This looks recent. Probably a CF shoot. But LJG in a suit with a sportscar? I want.

        • rilkegirl

          I want this suit ending. Seriously. Someone please photoshop the ending scene we want. Please!!

  14. 14 Sancheezy

    so yeah I finally comment here again,

    IMO the whole drama is a logical reaction to a whole lot of off-screen action,
    therefore it’s hard to follow everyone’s journey or believe what they said,

    sorry to come up with this motion again,
    I think the Korean version should follow Korean’s history in means all of the truth and the characterisation cause yinzhen is no wang so and yinti is no wang wook,
    they just need to retain the heroine, it doesn’t matter who she’ll end up with as long as the journey is believable,
    why I want them to make the same-natured heroine?
    it because the story is about a girl who finds herself with a power that doesn’t exist in the era,
    the acceptance that people are born the same, the endurance of a mature soul,
    the realisation of 1st love and last love, the heroine that has a responsibility in her job,
    and above all: the power that we still hold great as today : information…

    even with a male-centric story, we can always appreciate the heroine who know what she wants and knows WHY she wants it in a reasonable state,
    then I also let down by the kings’ journey, I feel like we need to know why someone worthed than the other if we gonna have a different king,
    why one works and why other doesn’t work , Wang So so far is not the kings the people’s need or the people’s deserve,
    why? cause it’s not explained,

    so Moon lovers: SCARRED HEART

    ps: I really want soo to say that she is not from the same era to wang so and said her name, that’s her biggest secret and that moment is the moment that she became who she originally was, ha jin,

  15. 15 Go HoHo

    I am glad that Hae Soo was not alone during her last moments. I was kinda disappointed with the ending tho. Sadly, it was only a flashback of So and Hae Soo’s happy and sweet conversation 😞

  16. 16 Ira

    Lee Jun Ki, you owe me 4 good dramas, one each for these last two dramas you have forced me to sit through + some interests.

    ….Wait! Scratch that. I will be content with just one, ONE, bloody good drama. #SaveLJKfromBadDrama

    To the production team: *one big fat middle finger*

    • 16.1 Iluljk

      Yes totally agree! Why lee jun ki you do this to me again??please choose if not a happy ending at least reasonable ending drama oppa… Superb acting but shitty drama.. #SaveLJKfromBadDrama
      I like 2 weeks n joseon gunman though..

    • 16.2 Jaglaine

      That is precious! I guess LJK only owes me half a bloody good drama because I stopped watching after episode 13. This is the first time ever that I stopped watching a KDrama…I just couldn’t take it! And it’s a LJK drama…it hurts me more. My only consolation is that he got more international exposure, more fans out of it.

      @ HeadsNo2, thank you for keeping up with this insanity called Moon Lovers. Your recaps ensured the good state of my mental health (because I didn’t have to watch the bloody thing).

  17. 17 Lorelai

    RIP Moon Lovers.

    If I should describe it as a trip, it would be tropical-island hopping which ended up on sunset watch, but…… the boat diesel stank, so bad almost gouge my eyes out (I dunno if anyone can relate to this). Downing the whole bottle of prosecco makes it easier to finish the last episodes. When alcohol kicked in I will fall asleep and get over it quickly.

    I still love some screen moments though, but most of the actors are screwed by bad story-writing. Once I got confused with the story, I will visit Dramabeans to read recaps and comments, to get better understanding. And then I thought I understand everything, then I will read more beanies’ comments, then I’ll go ooh… aah… in the end too much analysis I am totally lost. It’s very difficult to defend my opinion about certain characters POV per episode, because in the next episode they will crush it with their inconsistency.

    Thank you beanies for some funny comments which lighten up the comments sections.
    Thank you “Drinking Solo” for providing me an excuse to drink on monday and tuesday.
    Annyeong Moon Lovers, thanks for the watch but I hope you will never be revived or remake.

    • 17.1 AM

      Ok, like I said, I am so damn late arriving at this totally maxed out crazy emotional Makjang Mess Party – siiiiigggh!! But I just have to reply to your comment to tell you that I SO GET your analogy!!
      HAHAHAHA!! “Tropical island sunset watch in a boat that stank of diesel”!!!
      Sigh – and having to drown your sorrows in alcohol … ANOTHER sigh …
      AWMAHHHHGAWWWD!! I’m a KDrama newbie and now I totally understand what kind of damage some KDramas can do to people … AAAAAAARRRRGGH!!
      Lee Jun Ki, PLEASE COME BACK in a saguek, PLEASE … and with a BETTER writer and director, PLEASE …
      I would REALLY LOVE to see him in a saguek with Jun Ji Hyun!!

  18. 18 Killing Time

    [1] The finale was an epic fail. Was it the fault with directing/acting or is it because I’ve emotionally checked out, but Soo death scene just falls flat and even the usually reliable Lee Joon Gi failed to move me with his grief.

    [2} What was the point of introducing Soo/So’s daughter when it doesn’t seems to serve any purpose whatsoever? For Hae Soo to keep So’s daughter existence from him is just wrong to both him and the child. If the child was a son then I can maybe understand it on the ground of her wanting to keep him save from people (Yeon Hwa) who want to eliminate him to prevent another rival for the throne, but because it’s a daughter I don’t see why she would separate them like that. If she doesn’t want her daughter to be trap in the palace then at least let So come by to see her.

    [3] The scene in the museum with all those painting depicting the “hightlights” of Soo time in Goryeo was a total trip. Did Soo have a personal artist followed her around all those time to captured all the intimate, private moments that history wouldn’t have given a toss about?

    [4] And that ending! What the hell is with that ending? Man, I feel bad for the loyal fans who have stuck by this series in the hope of a happy or at least hopeful ending only to end up with that.

    To sum up this show in 5 words: hot mess of missed opportunity. Failure in writing, directing and editing squandered what could have been a solid cast and a potentially intriguing story line. Lee Joon Gi pretty much single handedly saved this series from total floppage. Without him there to give the audience something to engage with, I think more people would have tuned out. Kang Ha Neul was underutilized and that’s a damn shame because he could have been an excellent foil to LJG. IU was hampered by an incomprehensible heroine, but her lack of experience and limitations as an actress didn’t help. She tendency to default to the O_O mode of acting when trying to depict strong emotions bugs after a while. Shock = O_O, scared = O_O, please forgive me = O_O. I don’t hate her by any means, but I couldn’t help but wish for a more experience actress with maturity and gravitas particularly for the final stretch of the drama.

    The biggest failure for me as that I couldn’t buy into the supposedly epic love story between So and Soo. Mainly because: 1) the so call love comes across as obsessive neediness on So part rather than healthy feeling and 2) Hae Soo never seems to be total committed to the relationship. It always seems like her visions of him as Gwagjong is always in the back of her mind and she always have one foot out the door ready to skedaddle when he show signs of changing.

    • 18.1 Ira


      This drama is supposed to be about the larger-than-life-star-crossed romance between the 4th and HS. But, good lord, how they failed this one is giving me rage. Part of the miscaculation, I guess, the very bad decision to spend too much time on inconsequential narrative (such as Eun and his cutesy moments) and detailed treatment of wook-soo. By episode 12, the production team suddenly realized that the main romance hasnt been developed and we have six episodes trying to cram their story towards the downfall. And we see how great that has been. After all of our suffering, they cdnt even give us coherent ending. I should not have been surprised, sigh…

      • 18.1.1 Iluljk

        This comment is spot on! I really feel cheated..i always defend this drama all along hoping it will get better in the end..but in the end i feel cheated..
        If not for lee jun ki i would never watch this..

    • 18.2 justsaying

      ‘[2} What was the point of introducing Soo/So’s daughter when it doesn’t seems to serve any purpose whatsoever?’

      Thank you… I’m still trying to find the reason.

      ‘[4] And that ending! What the hell is with that ending? Man, I feel bad for the loyal fans who have stuck by this series in the hope of a happy or at least hopeful ending only to end up with that. ‘

      As one of the faithful viewer. I can’t decide whether to be angry, or angry or angry…

      ‘To sum up this show in 5 words: hot mess of missed opportunity. Failure in writing, directing and editing squandered what could have been a solid cast and a potentially intriguing story line.’

      – So so true… This drama could have been so far BETTER and GREATER…

      • 18.2.1 Killing Time

        You have my sympathy. I have to admit that I’m not a loyal fan. I went from denial to anger and straight to acceptance (more like resignation) and emotionally checked out half a dozen episodes back. But I’ve been there with other dramas and understand the disappointment.

        “This drama could have been far BETTER and GREATER”

        And that’s the thing isn’t it. Fan wouldn’t have been so upset if they didn’t see the potential for what could have been a good/great series.

    • 18.3 Del

      You forgotten a few more
      [5] Jimong!!! What’s his function and purpose? He did not moved any plot or motivation, he did nothing significant. For the entire 20 episodes, I was hoping and waiting for an explanation why is he there? Why? Whey? Whey?

      [6] Why they made the gorgeous LJK worn that fugly headpiece just for that one particular scene with Yeonhwa? It looked like something Dr.Emmett Brown from Back To The Future wore in the first installment, something to help him with brainstorming when talking to his super conniving wife?

      [7] 10 millions investment from Universal Studio and all they could afford were 2 vases of peonies? Where did the money go? I demand the money-trail here?

      • 18.3.1 Killing Time

        If I list out all the WTF choices this show make, we’ll be here until next week. One pet peeves is the way that plot point get added only to go absolutely no where. You already mentioned the Ji Mong came from the future thing, but the worse one was Hae Soo’s ” visions”. They seems to held no purpose other than to make Soo distrust So. If that was the intention of the writer then all I can say is that it’s a really, really bad choice because her one-foot- out-the door attitude with him drives me absolutely bonkers. How the hell I’m I suppose to get invested in the romance when one half of the pairing looks like she’s gonna bail at any moment.

    • 18.4 Ijaymia

      I’m telling u!!! Kang Ha neul was seriously underutilized!! For a character who was depicted as being crafty and intelligent, imagine all the shenanigans that could be had. Speaking of shenanigans, i know that in the preview at the end of episode 18, wang wook was set up for committing treason…dead bird and all, and he also confessed that he was supposed to marry HS, and WS got really pissed at that, so how come I didn’t see any of this in episodes 19&20? Or did i watch the wrong drama with the same characters in it?

      • 18.4.1 Killing Time

        Lol. Maybe trying to make sense of this crazy drama have made you lost your marbles. Jokes asides I’m fairly certain that those scenes are there in episodes 19 and 20. I’m watching SBS version so don’t know if the international version is different.

        I though KHN was wasted. Towards the end he was relegated to 5 minutes of screen time sitting there thinking evil thoughts and plotting evil things. And while he does it well – and looking all kinds of pretty doing it – I wanted more.

        • Yvonne

          Yes, KHN deserved more airtime (I’m biased). From the 1st to the 7th episode, I watched and re-watched multiple times. KHN & IU’s chemistry was amazing. I didn’t feel that between LJK & IU.

          This show started with too many characters, too few episodes, too many unnecessary scenes resulting in the last episode with so many questions unanswered. Even if I try to understand that the K version has to follow the C version, the former had more characters added such as 8th prince mum, the astronomer, the concubine who died on behalf of Hae Soo.

          The choice of cast for a few characters are also queer. 10th prince looks much younger than 13th & 14th prince. 3rd prince looks younger than 4th and 8th prince. 8th prince’s wife looks older than him. Why is 4th prince and 8th prince supposed to be the same age?

          All fight scenes had to have blood splattered across the face? All dying cast had to have so much blood oozing out of the mouth.

          I must say despite all the negative points, the individual performance by most characters were outstanding and they grew on me after a while. LJK was almost perfect, KHN was my favourite. I enjoyed IU’S performance when she was still immature but when she started being terrified of 4th prince, her acting plateaued.

          It’s really so sad that the cast had acted as well as they could with a modified script but the production team delivered below par editing skills resulting in below mediocre drama.

          • Sun

            “Why is 4th prince and 8th prince supposed to be the same age?”

            I guess that’s because there were four queens/concubines of Taejo giving birth in the same year.

          • SY

            the princes can be of the same age regardless of their ranking because they have different mothers. King Taejo had about 20+ wives (?) and so some can be pregnant about the same time and give birth around the same time as well, hence 4th Prince and 8th Prince may be born in the same year but just a few months difference.

          • Nae

            Kang Hanna was wasted as well. From Yeonhwa’s character description she was suppose to be the King maker and making all the political moves necessary to achieve all that. In the drama, none of that really happened. Yeah Yeonhwa became Queen but her character was wasted. They made Yeonhwa jealous. We barely saw Yeonhwa and when we did it was to be the typical jealous female.

    • 18.5 skelly

      YES. Well stated, @Killing Time. ITA!

    • 18.6 Hye Mi

      The addition of the daughter was a tricky move.

      On the one hand, I understand it as an attempt to veer history, which has been diverged from its main course for narrative purposes, back to its original path and provides some setup for what was to come, such as the reconciliation of the two brothers and Jung’s return to the palace. In a way it might have been used to augment WS’s suffering. to give the writer credit, one of the things she has been consistent with is her fetish for emotional abuse for WS’s character. The daughter and her foreshadowed future encounters with her biological father & her hairpin too might suggest that she remains a constant reminder for WS about HS, to romanticise his character a little bit more and to lessen the hard fact that he was going to have even more children with his queen.

      On the other hand, I personally feel that this introduction of the kid undermines the ending to some certain extent. Having a child means HS is a mother besides a woman in love, and the show depicting HS’s and then Hajin’s pining for the father and not the child doesn’t sit 100% well with me. Ofc viewers are (again) expected to understand that Hajin will supposedly think about and hurt for her child afterwards, but with the show ending exactly where Hajin was sorry for WS and her relentless effort to get in touch with WS before her death are evidence to what the show prioritises and wants to emphasise more (which is, romance). It feels weird because motherhood is introduced and left undeveloped. The daughter is the fruit of their romance after all so I don’t really understand why a mother near the brink of death who fails to see the man she loves would not desperately want to see the child she bears with and for him one last time.

      So I think the show didn’t use the pregnancy plot very wisely. It leaves more to be answered than what it resolves.

      • 18.6.1 banini

        I agree, although I have come to be contended with HaeSu thinking about her child and entrusting her to Jung in her dying moment. In the future she hasn’t remembered having a child yet, how painful would that be once she does?

        I just wish that as a happy ending, they showed So secretly visiting his child and clearly showing us how the child, the living memory of HaeSu, was his inspiration to become a good king. That instead of the miserable So we were given and the possibly miserable Ha Jin of the future.

        • Hye Mi

          Yes, some kind of closure for the kid would have been nice. From my personal experience, I think that loving parents often put the well-being of their children first before their personal feelings. Only when they are assured that their children are living well will they find time to mourn for their lost love. I understand that the show wants to end on a regretful note to retain the spirit of the novel and the C-drama. I’d be fine with the couple pining for each other, separated by time and space, but a slight mentioning of WS’s and Hajin’s knowing that their daughter was well cared for/ ended up living a happy life before mourning for their lost love would have been perfect.

          Heck, that’s why I’m so bitter about the inclusion of Jimong. They didn’t even have to bring up BaekAh & that little kid the daughter of Wook either. All that at the sacrifice of possible WS’s scene in the future? Ha.

  19. 19 Felicity

    why why why did this show get so bad, halfway through i really thought this was going to become one of my favorites, but it just kept getting worse and worse, ugh I’m so disappointed by this show:(

  20. 20 lilyleftthevalley

    I think when Soo copied his poem that she eventually began to mimic his handwriting style as she wrote in the characters of that time period.

    It matters because identifying authenticity of decrees and such is almost wholly based on handwriting style.

    Soo had already been accused of such much which put her in danger each time.

    If anyone at the palace who knew So’s handwriting saw even the envelope, and somehow got their hands on it, they could use that as a means to say that Soo had been writing decrees (and might still be) long before she left the palace, causing another stir.

    I also think Jung should have written that the notes were sent by him for her, but his lingering anger at So caused him to give less reason for So to open them. Also, Jung feared if Soo knew they were from So, there was a chance that despite their non0ceremonied marriage, So might wind up back with Soo.

    • 20.1 Midnightwatcher

      Oh thank u. Now I understand the importance of not have a similar handwriting with the King, hee hee

      • 20.1.1 lilyleftthevalley

        It’s not an overly common trope for politics in the past, but if you watch enough historicals, you’ll see it pop up from time to time.

        Spoiler Trivia: This is also a plot point in the movie King and the Clown that LJK also starred in–his partner in the troupe has identical handwriting, and thus convinces the king that everything is his fault even though it’s neither of them–it was a frame job.

        • PakalanaPikake


          Spoiler Trivia: This is also a plot point in the movie King and the Clown that LJK also starred in–his partner in the troupe has identical handwriting, and thus convinces the king that everything is his fault even though it’s neither of them–it was a frame job.

          Great catch! Thanks for reminding me of one of my all time favorite LJG performances. 😉

          IIRC, Jang-Sang learned to write from Gong-Gil. Before that, GG basically took dictation from JS.

    • 20.2 hades.red

      Nice. I kept wondering about the handwriting issue.

  21. 21 kumoiwa

    I just… will be forever impressed at the way MLSHR had such good source material and managed to fuck it up all the same. Props to you Kim Kyu-tae.

    I legitimately have NO WORDS except that I’m more than grossed out at the fact they managed to romanticise Baek-ah’s first meeting with his niece. Yes, THAT niece that he eventually ends up having an affair with later on in his life, and the niece/niece-in-law that ends up bearing a child for him (who goes on to become Hyeonjong). Because it’s cool to romanticise incest and also who cares that the girl is all of six years old, right? It must be fate that she has Woo-hee’s fake name and ornament! Because fuck you, that’s why.

    How on earth did Kim Kyu-tae manage to completely obliterate the significance of Su’s calligraphy being the same as So’s? She was supposed to have practiced so much that her handwriting was one and the same–THAT’S WHY SHE WANTED THOSE POEMS FROM HIM. Ugh, and where was her box of mementoes from So? Her arrow? Her hairpin? Nowhere to be seen, because fuck you, that’s why.

    UuuuuuuUuuuuuuuUuUuuuugh. Lastly, the only good thing that we got out of this episode was #TeamPreggers. To everyone who said she couldn’t be pregnant, #WeToldYouSo. Allow me to bask in the shallow glory of being right, because fuck, MLSHR got everything else wrong.

    • 21.1 Killing Time

      I asked in my comment above what was the point in introducing So and Soo daughter. Looks like yyou’re given me the answer. Not being familiar with the history, I totally missed the significance of her meeting with Baek Ah. Eeek! That’s totally unnecessary to include this hint to history.

      • 21.1.1 kumoiwa

        It isn’t So and Su’s daughter Baek-ah has his affair with, it’s Wook’s daughter which is all sorts of WTF in itself 😐 I still don’t know why they introduced the So/Su daughter at all, because MLSHR doesn’t want to share.

        • Killing Time

          Damn it. All the kids popping up left me confused. I thought introducing So and Soo kids was pointless, but Wook”s kid is even more unnecessary. Did they do that just to make this particular nod to history? Because, why?

      • 21.1.2 Miky

        That was Wook Daughter not Soo’s

    • 21.2 Lessa

      OH MY GOD.

      I was wondering the same thing about Kiddie Bok Soon, like what was that about? And I remembered now that he marries his niece.

      At least in Game of Thrones everyone are adults (even though family dynamics there are still weird) BUT OMG, I HATE THESE PRODUCER-WRITERS EVEN MORE.

      • 21.2.1 kumoiwa

        He doesn’t even marry her: they have an affair, a fire starts at his place when she’s staying over, they get found out, he gets exiled, she dies in labour. Worst story of romantic incest EVER.

        • Lessa


          *Table Flip*

          • darkheart

            not to mention, wook’s daughter was married to so’s son and then cheated on her husband with baek ah. her lovechild with baek ah became king though

          • kumoiwa

            @darkheart: Technically she wasn’t cheating–Gyeongjong had already died by then, but still. Gross.

          • darkheart

            @kumoiwa hahaha yes looks like baek ah’s title as the most beautiful man in goryeo was rather unchallenged even in his ahjussi days

        • Noona

          Oh noooooo! Can i unread this? I like Baek Ah!

      • 21.2.2 gabobobobo

        May I know where you get those historical information? Coz, I’ve been looking for it and can’t found them.

        • kumoiwa

          The National Institute of Korean History runs an online database for the Goryeo-sa. You can read up on everyone who appeared in MLSHR there if you can understand Classical Chinese!

          • gabobobobo

            Wow! Thanks Kumoiwa!

          • Kiara

            You and my history teacher are the only people I known who can read and write Classical Chinese. Impressive!

          • Lisa_wackycashew

            Thanks for this info!!!

    • 21.3 cherryarrow

      I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW. Kim PD screwed up MLSHR big time. Wow, YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE JOB. He ruined a masterpiece’s adaption big time.

      I ABSOLUTELY HATE HOW THE CALLIGRAPHY PART HAD LITTLE SIGNIFICANCE. She’s suppose to love him so much that she keeps on practicing his poems SO THAT HER HANDWRITING IS EXACTLY LIKE HIS. We’re suppose to see So crying over Soo’s belongings which had her stuff that she got from him like the friggin hairpin and arrow. WHERE IS IT KIM PD.

      Lol @ the people who were in denial and say “oh no, she CAN’T BE pregnant that makes no sense at all”. And after they found out she’s pregnant they’re all agreeing to it. Like, what?

      • 21.3.1 Ren

        To be fair I still think it’s ridiculous, this whole thing is ridiculous. This she left because of bubs thing came out of left field, but in the words of So himself, ‘It’s all futile’ anyway.

        • cherryarrow

          I absolutely did not like how MLSHR dealt with her pregnancy. The production team totally missed a good opportunity of making Soo pregnant and miscarry around episode 19 when Yeonhwa told Soo it was all her for fault for making Wook turn against So. But nope, our dear Kim PD didn’t.

          I expected Soo to be pregnant but not in this way in the slightest. Miscarriage plays a better role in this drama IMO. Giving birth to a baby served no purpose. Ugh

    • 21.4 banini

      Hahaha, congratulations #TeamPreggers, you won! And I have never been so glad to be wrong, haha! 🙂

    • 21.5 Jamie

      @kumoiwa: “I legitimately have NO WORDS except that I’m more than grossed out at the fact they managed to romanticise Baek-ah’s first meeting with his niece. Yes, THAT niece that he eventually ends up having an affair with later on in his life, and the niece/niece-in-law that ends up bearing a child for him (who goes on to become Hyeonjong). Because it’s cool to romanticise incest and also who cares that the girl is all of six years old, right? It must be fate that she has Woo-hee’s fake name and ornament! Because fuck you, that’s why.”

      WHAT. I thought Baek Ah was somehow hallucinating this little girl, because

      1) why would Wook ever name his daughter after Woo Hee’s fake name (weren’t there generational names back then and what not?) and

      2) why would Wook’s daughter ever have Woo Hee’s ornament unless

      3) Wook somehow had a secret relationship and backstory with Woo Hee but no (I decided), that’s too crazy and

      4) she disappeared in a split second AS THOUGH SHE HAD NEVER EXISTED.

      Hence my conclusion she was Baek Ah’s love-guilt hallucination.

      No? Ok, I believe you, kumoiwa…but I don’t have to like it, lol.

      • 21.5.1 kumoiwa

        I like your idea Jamie but ugh it’s likely not because history is gross and MLSHR is equally gross.

        1) There were generation names, but girls were not included so they weren’t named like that. Most of the time they were given “lucky” names, like Bok-soon–literally lucky and smooth-sailing. I can see why Wook would have wanted to name her that. Or it could always just be her childhood name before she attained a courtesy one when she grew older.

        2) and 3) Ornament–NO FUCKING IDEA UGH. Because MLSHR hates us.

        4) Kids are fast. They’re like super quick lol.

        But yeah if only everything could be a hallucination. IF ONLY.

        • Jamie

          Ugh. Why give us this, show?

    • 21.6 nmaxx

      I didn’t comment regularly on these recaps but I always enjoyed reading your historical info, thank you! Oh how I wish they had made the history justice, there was plenty of material there to make an amazing drama.

  22. 22 endo

    I’m a minority here but i’m satisfied with the ending no matter how tragic it was. Maybe because since the beginning i feel that It was meant to be a tragedy.

    What i don’t get is, how come So is just calm after he found out that he had a daughter with Soo? He didn’t even shed a tear of happiness that somehow a displaced Soo left something behind? He was supposed to be over the moon right (pun intended)? I get that he doesn’t want to be identified as the father because of HS wishes to keep away the kid from the palace but how about just one big hug?

    • 22.1 april

      Felt the same way, it seemed underwhelming. As he was passing by her, I was expecting something to happen. Like a hug or something at least.

      • 22.1.1 banini

        Yes, they should have made a more emotional moment with the kid and So. The meeting was cute at first and I was expecting an emotional acknowledgement then he just walked away. They should have at least lingered more on the longing face of So (since they love close ups so much), if not a hug. We would understand that he was concerned about her safety if others learn of the truth but still it felt half-baked.

    • 22.2 Midnightwatcher

      I think this is the same case with mothers who decide to give their babies for adoption. Some refuses to hold the baby in fear that they will fall in love with the babies, and it will make it harder to let go

    • 22.3 lilyleftthevalley

      I was secretly hoping she would call Jung uncle instead of dad as the initial tip-off, then the hair pin would be the clincher for So.

      I guess the writers thought that would be harder to cover up un-seen story wise if she called him uncle. Yet the idea of Jung being the dad didn’t make sense to me because he wanted everyone to think the kid was still born.

      Given how much the Queen hated everything about Soo, I think So realized when Jung explained that if he had the daughter stay at the palace, she would be in danger. But if she just visited from time to time as a neice, she’d be safe.

    • 22.4 Chocopie

      I guess bcs its dangerous if anyone else finds out, especially yeonhwa…..

    • 22.5 Iluljk

      Correct right?? At one moment i thought So does not realize it is his child because of the lack of emotion.. I dont think it is LJK fault as he always nailed scenes like this..it must be because of the script..
      the writter should be banned after this..please i will never watch anything with pd kim kyu tae and the writers project ever again..

  23. 23 berries

    jung’s sideburns OMGGG

    • 23.1 rentenmann


    • 23.2 Evelyn

      Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse….it was all the way to his jaw! gosh.

      • 23.2.1 rentenmann

        Actually, almost to his chin, whoa…

        • Evelyn

          oops yes i meant chin. LOLL. esp in that scene with haesoo’s daughter o.O

        • YY

          Chinburns were the rage then.

          • Jamie


  24. 24 pickledplumtree

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the worst I have ever felt while watching a piggyback ride scene.


    Because I knew it was the last we’d ever see of them together. And it wasn’t in the future/present.

    • 24.1 endo

      There’s talk somewhere that they saw LJG and IU filmed a present time scene but they just didn’t include it in the end.

      • 24.1.1 rentenmann

        Maybe it’s part of the other version that’s likely to be out there?

        • Miky

          China ver. ends the same way 🙁

          • rentenmann

            Welp, there goes my hope that somewhere out there is a better final episode for this train wreck. 😭

      • 24.1.2 darkheart

        both LJK and Ji Soo said that the future scenes with WS and HS were edited out

        • Midnightwatcher

          There IS a future scene? *Throws tantrum*

          • darkheart

            there WAS… and for some reason it was edited out in favour in JM’s future scenes… -_-

        • cherryarrow

          I’m so mad at this. Like why would they cut out something this important????? It seems they love to toy with our emotions and make us suffer.

      • 24.1.3 pickledplumtree

        So frustrating!!! And now that I think of it Ji Mong’s deal is a little confusing, too. From homeless person, to sage, to history lecturer. I’m all, “????”

    • 24.2 Jamie

      @pickledplumtree: “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the worst I have ever felt while watching a piggyback ride scene.


      I actually really liked it. *ducks*

      No wait, let me explain why: I’ve been thinking for a long time how you can let the idea of a bad death taint the whole life of a person–as though that was all there was to their life.

      But it’s not. You can let go of the idea of the bad ending, all the sadness and violence, and know that any moment you choose to focus on can give a life a beautiful meaning that is as valid as any tragic meaning.

      Life is fleeting, So repeats at the end. The happiness and the love they shared for a short while is worth remembering.

  25. 25 Callie

    And that is why I could never bring myself to watch this drama at all~ First, it was a huge disappointment since the first episode. Maybe the C-BBJX set the bar too high, or maybe it’s because I could not take IU seriously… Whatever it is, I’m glad this show has come to an end. Thank you very much for the recap. I could feel the pain you went thru while recapping this show. I deeply appreciate your endurance!

    • 25.1 Jancy

      Lol, my sentiments exactly. It was just painful from the beginning. And I’ve been burned by dramas before. I know the pain. I’m just glad for EVERYONE that the drama’s done already. Hope the next dramas will be much more satisfying! Please give LJK an awesome drama with an awesome cast and team!!

    • 25.2 Maui

      just my two cents but it’s pretty obvious from all the hints in the last episode that there is a missing scene at the end where So goes back to the future and meets Soo…it doesn’t surprise me…this ending scene was a choice the production team made to end it there or cut the scene there…maybe they needed more time to fully develop the modern time scenes of So/ Soo and probably the rest of the princes etc in the future ….I hope we get to see those scenes at some point…since they seem to have been filmed already…

  26. 26 V

    I liked it, I can’t help it. 😩 I think the point is Wang So said he would find her, so rest assured he will. The Chinese version had a sad ending, even though she saw him she chose not to approach him out of guilt. Do we really want Soo to do the same if she saw his modern version? No, I think not. The point is he will find her and they’ll finally be happy. That’s what the show is trying to say, I think. We don’t need to see him, because they’ll find each other regardless. I mean, I would have loved to see his modern version that’s for sure. But I also think there would have been naysayers regardless, saying that’s too cliche, reincarnations and all that. I actually like the ending scene of them in their happier moment, because it was a hint of what their next life together would be like. At least to me. I liked it a lot.

    • 26.1 V

      And can I have HALLELUJAH for them NOT having Hae Soo miscarry her and Wang So’s child?! That’s a plot point I definitely didn’t like from the Chinese version, and I’m happy the Korean version didn’t go that route. This was not a perfect show by any standards but I was actually really satisfied with the ending. The finale hit all the right beats for me.

      • 26.1.1 Kay

        I actually thought the miscarriage played an important role in c-version and was surprised they didn’t include that because it felt necessary. In the c-version, the miscarriage is literally was does in Ruoxi, it’s the final straw and somewhere along the line, she knows this child isn’t going to survive (and neither is she).

        The miscarriage is important because she leaves no remanent of herself behind that the time period. Hence, when she comes back to present time, Ruoxi questions whether or not what happened to her was a dream or real. She starts searching for her name but historically she’s no where to be found (had she had the child, it could possibly prove she was there). The best part is when she see’s the painting of the princes drinking tea and in the foreground, she recognizes her hair pin and bracelet and confirms that she was indeed there (just undocumented). And then 4th prince modern version walks in and it just seals the deal.

      • 26.1.2 UmbrellaMan

        I surprisingly liked the ending as well. It wrapped up a very uneven show rather nicely considering.

        This episode cemented my love of Ji Soo and Lee Jun-ki. Their scenes this episode tore at my pour heart. I cried buckets of tears. The scene where they were fighting over Soo’s ashes was devastating to watch, their acting was on fire. I really do love Ji Soo ❤️

        I am glad they didn’t show So in modern day Korea. We don’t need it to understand that he is going to be with her somehow, whether in his life or the next.

        My only concern was poor Soo living back in the present after essentially living a whole previous life. She left behind not only her love, but her baby!! To me, that is the true tragedy of her return to present day Korea. She has to live with these, lets face it, pretty devastating memories. To not know what happened to your child? So sad. I can only hope she is able to adjust and not suffer some sort of PTSD -cuz I know I would be!

        A definitely rocky show with major MAJOR flaws, that I was surprisingly able to look past. I kinda really liked this train wreck of a show. Weird right?

        • Iluljk

          Well in my version and imagination..if i to accept this kind of ending..i automatically pictured ko ha jin in a mental instituition..no normal human being can surpass this kind of confusion and heartbroken.. To be confused of whether it was real..and then realizing its real and with no way of going back..the baby she abandon..i would totally go insane..i act borderline insane last night after watching the ending

        • banini

          Instead of torturing her into remembering, Prof JiMong should instead give her some sort of debriefing since he would be the only one to understand what happened to her. Consider it payback for Su/HaJin making his future self a more well off man.

      • 26.1.3 Jamie

        Yessss, I am really glad Hae Soo had a child that survived and didn’t go into that nest of snakes, the palace!

        • Maui

          @Jamie agree….any mother realizing she is pregnant, would think of her future childs safety..the palace is a toxic environment. Yeonwha also would not allow a baby to compete against her children’s right to the throne….poison for breakfast anyone?….leaving the palace was the only sane choice. Jung would protect both HS and her child with his life, and marrying him would ensure her child had a legal father and protector.

          • Nae

            She wouldn’t have been competition for Yeonhwa’s son right to the throne. Now having Wang So’s affection I agree Hae Soo’s daughter would have been his competition. Wang So hated his son as we saw in the drama.

      • 26.1.4 Maui

        @V…I like your interpretation….allowing Jung to keep Soo’s baby girl as his daughter was so much more satisfying to me than a miscarriage…it was probably a good plot device in the c-version but this little girl represents so much more and adds so much richness to the k-version …not to mention she is one adorable munchkin…Why it works to tie loose ends 1. It explains why HS leaves the Palace and marries Jung, not as her only reason but her most compelling (she needs to protect this new life from the Palace) 2. Jung can be a father/family and protector outside the palace for her and her daughter. 3.She is able to give something back to Jung (not his biological daughter, but a daughter and a piece of HS is left behind. Jung will never be alone. He has a similar faith to the general and father of Eun’s wife. We got to see how happy together those two where. 4. It proves how much HS trusts Jung (There relationship was based not on passionate love but trust) 5.So gets to see his daughter now fully understands why Soo left the palace with Jung. 6. So reconciles with Jung thru their daughter. 7. So is not alone anymore he has a daughter he actually wants to fight for…a better nation for HS daughter even if he doesn’t care for his son (Yeonwha’s )…Plus just the way So caresses his daughter’s face…OMG…this scene is worth a thousand words…and he knows that is his daughter, the pin is the giveaway…it’s the unexpected gift Soo leaves behind for So and Jung…

        • banini

          I also liked that So and Su had a daughter. It could have ended in that too – So knowing his daughter, visiting her secretly, and showing how she became his inspiration to be a better king. That for me is a better happy ending, closure for everyone. Sadly they didn’t linger more on the So-daughter scene.

          Imagine how HaJin would feel once she remembers she had a daugther in addition to her pain for So. It would feel like both of So and Su are trapped at the opposite ends of a portal both wanting to be where the other is but can’t. So tragic.

        • Lisa_wackycashew

          I really love what you said and one reason I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pregnancy and non-miscarriage was all those points you mentioned. I was anticipating the miscarriage until we passed that point in the plot of the original C-series and thought perhaps this version decided to just cut out this part. Then, it came after and I realized that they will let the child live in this adaptation. I thought it was good consolation for Jung and So.

    • 26.2 molla

      Same here, I liked the ending hahaha… maybe because normally the ending to this kind of ‘impossible’ love line would be ‘reincarnation’ sth sth, so perhaps a more ‘realistic’ we-cannot-be-together-anyway ending is suitable. i dunno lol… maybe because i finally found some sort of ‘closure’ to my personal biggest ‘huh’ to Hae Soo i.e. her love towards Wang So- and maybe that’s her ‘mission’: seemingly not an epic, nobel prize worthy mission to save the kingdom from falling but to ‘make’ a more humane king Gwang Jong possibly could.

      the show could’ve been better, for sure. but I’m still happy I watched it… also happy that its rating was the highest last night. such a treat for Lee Junki and everybody.

    • 26.3 Jamie

      “I actually like the ending scene of them in their happier moment, because it was a hint of what their next life together would be like. At least to me. I liked it a lot.”

      Me, too, V: for a slightly different reason. 🙂

  27. 27 Lessa

    Hello, Post Traumatic Scarred Hearts Support Group!

    I cried when Su died. I expected it, but it made it more sad because of all the WTF-ery that happened throughout the series. Im not sure if I cried because of sadness or frustration. or BOTH? I don’t even blame Hae Su anymore, I just feel exhausted.

    I totally agree that we could have focused on Jung instead of Eun. Despite the sideburns, I really felt for him in this episode. I cried when he cried. Although I was laughing when I saw Daddy Sideburns-got-even-longer during the scene with Kiddie Hae Soo. WAT.

    Non-Hobo JiMong, now Make-up Historian of Goryeo. I. CANNOT.

    Also, make up PPL. They just had to bring up the BB cream. Now…. If Kiddie HaeSoo inherited her momma’s talents and established Soo Skin Solution’s incorporated…. LOL.

    Not even a single sliver of her meeting present day Wang So. Or even his back at the museum. NOTHING. Even the past WangSo, all alone. NOTHING. NO ONE.

    *GROUP HUG* guys

    • 27.1 Kay

      Can someone make a trajectory graph of the length of Jung’s sideburn growing with each episode passing.

      I find those sideburns so fascinating. It needs a drama of it’s own.

      • 27.1.1 rentenmann

        I’m cackling at this thread. Pretty sure I have gone ’round the bend, but it’s okay. Looks like I have company.

      • 27.1.2 Lessa

        “Loving You from the Side, Burns.”

        • Kay


      • 27.1.3 lessa

        I couldnt make a graph, but here:


    • 27.2 Marizel

      Yes i came here for the support group… I rewatch it 4x already just to understand the ending and i am still crying everytime… Invested too much time and emotion with this drama… i think this will be the last drama that i will watch weekly , i will just wait until the drama is done… i felt so obsess with this one … did not even went to work today so I can watch it … i need to heal my heart … i have to rewatch something else … love 020… moonlight covered by clouds … waaah my heart is really aching …. 😭💔💔💔💔

  28. 28 Bingetherapy

    I agree with your observation that had Wang So not been Lee Junki, we would not have known his role would become relevant later. The Chinese version was better at balancing and showing a natural chemistry between the 4th prince and Hae So’s character. And yes, they should have given us something at least like them seeing each other in present but instead they gave us the fortune teller. Sigh. Oh well, I was only here for Lee Jun Ki’s superb acting. 🙂

  29. 29 Jomo

    Thanks for slogging through this mess with us.
    Maybe not totally worth it from a viewer’s enjoyment, but at least it was from a reader’s one.

    Best line that sums up both the show AND the love line:
    “and we only knew he would be important later on by virtue of him being played by Lee Jun-ki.”

    Too too bad.
    I did cry watching him in the last few of the episode, but I am SOOOOO pissed we didn’t get to see him beautiful and not scarred in the present.
    F^ck you, too, Show.

  30. 30 Abha

    Is there a second season? Everyone meets everyone in this era and only HaeSoo does not remember this time?
    Please please please!!!
    So and his daughter😍😭😩
    Atleast Jung kept her safe. God know what hell YeonHwa would unleash on So’s first born if only she knew her parentage.
    Drama Gods roll out season 2.

  31. 31 paramount

    i’m just going to ignore how horrendously unsatisfying this ending was & tell everyone to read lee jun ki’s adorable instagram post thanking us for watching.


    • 31.1 april

      aww…that’s adorable! thanks for sharing that

      • 31.1.1 paramount

        anytime~! even tho this drama was a mess in many ways, i still do like all the actors. so i’m happy they felt the appreciation of their hard work from around the world, despite not so great ratings. at least the last episode exceeded 10%!

    • 31.2 lilyleftthevalley

      Thank you for sharing it. The post from the day before with the remember video is sweet too.

      • 31.2.1 paramount

        no problem 🙂 it is so funny to me that even tho i do not consider this a great drama in any way, i still feel quite sentimental about it! the flashbacks & lee jun ki’s posts like the remember video have me like “wait, aw…” LOL

  32. 32 kz

    So they pulled out the pregnancy card after all, but what a twist, no miscarriage.

    The finale was 5/10 for me. It was satisfying but also leaves you wanting. Here’s the dilemma (or regrets) I had with it. Both Hae Soo and So had so many things left unsaid between them. They never got to clear out any of the ‘confusion’ or the misunderstanding between them. Yes, she explains in the letters that she was longing for him. That she loves him through and through. But she died anyway thinking he was mad at her until her last breath. Because he never came. And So lived on with the big WHY. He recalled that moment Hae Soo said she would never leave. She did. Maybe physically, but in her heart, she never left. She always was with him. But it was one-sided. Why? Only she knew of her reasons. Why hadn’t he read those letters if they were coming so often? Why did he believe Hae Soo was happy when he knew her? He knew she loved him only. And so Hae soo lived her time loving him but So lived it out alone, thinking she had left him completely.

    I find that really regretful. Their love was supposed to be EPIC and I really just want to root for them and have their great moment, even unto death. So many regrets.
    That part with Won reading Chae Ryung’s letter –forced. Sorry, I don’t feel it. Regret? Even his death didn’t seem powerful or even necessary on-screen. It was such an emotionless scene.

    Also, I wish the scene with So and his daughter was given more emotions. I found LJK’s reaction a little lacking. He finally met her love daughter, and the way he walked past her after lifting Jung’s exile, seemed like he was nonchalant. Or I don’t know. Maybe it was just the way that scene was handled. I’m sure it was emotional to know you have a daughter with the girl you loved. So why didn’t I feel like it was such a great, deep revelation?
    That he ended up alone was really sad. Everyone had left. There was nobody else to whom he can pour his heart out. We seem to get the impression that in order to be a great monarch, you must be isolated and really experience deep loneliness. But don’t we often hear that statement “Your benevolence is great, your majesty?” That comes from the heart of a king. But what if he loses his heart in the process of owning the throne? There’s a disconnect. You can be a great king without losing your heart in the process, because it if were all politics and no emotions, how can a king extend graces, then? The heart is what feeds the soul, the life of a person. I wish they had shown that he would carry the love of Hae Soo with him throughout his lifetime. That he knew deep in his heart their love was real and was going to stand the test of time. But we don’t get that, here. We just see him all alone. It’s so sad.

    • 32.1 kz

      I didn’t know whether I wanted them to meet in present time, because come on, she time traveled many thousand years back. She wouldn’t meet him in her lifetime and even if it was someone who looked like him, it isn’t him, still. She went back and later on realized that she lived another life, but would Gwangjong actually be present in the present time? So it’s pretty useless, the idea of him showing up. That’s just me.

      I feel that the ending was supposed to be a prequel to season 2 IF the show had gone on with great ratings. Because it was open-ended. But sadly, the poor writing and editing and characterization left viewers feeling short changed. For the most part, I liked Moon lovers. Maybe I’d give it a 5.

      • 32.1.1 rentenmann

        It definitely felt like they were saying, “That’s right; we’ll end here. Here’s a hint that we could do a season 2. Enjoy your wait, like Soo.”

        • justsaying

          Agreeeeee… that’s what I thought as well.

          “That’s right; we’ll end here. Here’s a hint that we could do a season 2. We may or we may not continue with season 2 – Enjoy your wait, like Soo.”

          • SY

            but usually a sequel comes after a drama with super good rating, thus doubt they will have one for this drama since the rating was pretty bad in korea itself **CRIES**

      • 32.1.2 SY

        “She went back and later on realized that she lived another life, but would Gwangjong actually be present in the present time? So it’s pretty useless, the idea of him showing up. That’s just me.”

        hmm… WHAT IF there’s a modern guy with the memories of wang so and hae soo.. sounds crazy but i hope it’s true haha, at least ha jin won’t be so upset to meet someone who looked like him but is not him (and don’t remember her)

        • justsaying

          ‘hmm… WHAT IF there’s a modern guy with the memories of wang so and hae soo.. sounds crazy but i hope it’s true haha, at least ha jin won’t be so upset to meet someone who looked like him but is not him (and don’t remember her)’

          We don’t even need to go that further… just let the actual WS to travel through time to HS. Why wasting time thinking – will it be believable? is it okay? is it plausible?

          Duh… HS traveled back and lived in Goryeo for like yearrrrrsssss and in the 21st century, she ‘lost’ about 1, 2 years only. So, why can’t WS do the same. After his reign is over, he managed to find Su. Both remembered the past, they smiled, they hug, they kiss and they live happily ever after. It’ll only take like 1 or 2 minutes for WS/HS to portray these. To hell with logic…

          I need to know that WS is not alone in Goryeo, I need to know that WS is happy so I can sleep at night smiling, thinking how happy WS is. (LOL)

          If I want sad/open ended endings, I wouldn’t be wasting countless hours watching MLSHR. I did it because we were promised that there’s gonna be a twist and a happy ending. H.A.P.P.Y.

          Did I miss it in the final ep or, are there different definitions for happy in different countries?


    • 32.2 Cute Tigero

      Kz, if you watching the sbs version actually, the sequence there is quite better explaining your question regarding why WS reaction. Before he met his daughter with HS, he always wondering why HS want to leave him eventhough she loves him and promised never leave him before. And just before that scene, he was having confrontation with YW about his cold attitude towards his son, Ju. And YW said this line “now she knew the reason why HS left him.”

      So WS went there to the place stone tower prayer thinking about this when he bumped into his daughter. You can see his smile after such long time because this girl remind him of HS even before he know she is his daughter.

      We all knew he smart and when he saw the hairpin and WJ face he knew for sure it was his daughter and HS. But WJ said about HS last wishes and if you saw the emotion on his face, he is sad but resigned to HS final wish because he loves her and their daughter so much. He knew she will be in danger if she grew up in palace because of YW hates everything about HS.

      That’s why he release WJ from exile and tell him to come to palace from time to time. Because that’s will be his chance to see his daughter. 😥 I bet after he reached his room he will cry just like when he told HS, he dont love her anymore after WE death.

  33. 33 darcyM

    Thanks HeadsNo2 for your great recapping. I gave up in the end and just read the recaps for the last 2 episodes. But thank you for sticking it out and writing!

  34. 34 Ratea

    I’ve watched so many kdramas for years.. only few drama could made me cry. Most of them only gave me teary eyes or goosebumps. But this drama took my tears out so much like a river.

    i’ve got goosebumps from the beginning when Jung thrusted his hand to HS and there was a flashback that wang so done the same to HS. The show gave me so much emotional feeling, butterfly effect in my stomach, goosebumps and then the peak is when hae soo died while waiting for Wang So. It’s so heartbreaking, made me cry a river. I never imagined before that i could cry a river because of the drama.

    i’m totally emotionally invested on this drama. Hopefully the show gives us special episode to explain what happen next with hae soo and wang so in the 21st century.

    It’s time to say goodbye to MLSHR, thanks the show, all of cast and all of you guys who had been together invested on this drama.

    Cant wait for the LJG’s next project 😉

  35. 35 Ed

    Somewhere beneath all this, is a truly GREAT story. I’ll hang onto that, and love you, show. Because my love is not rational. Oh and thanks for casting Kang Hanna.

  36. 36 inna

    My first watch K-Drama… Me against Netizen lol.. Keep going to watch without thinking too much about rating or ending. However we can’t pleased everybody and no matter it is Soo & So are living in different world. I don’t expect them to be couple at the end (Okay, please don’t throw rocks on me lol) The morale story just like another sad love story. Beautiful love but sand ending..

    Soo & So have such beautiful love which is I admired a lot. I still feel Wook’s painful heart. He’s forgiven but not forgotten. Talking about how he’s poisoning Kings but Soo kills priest too. So I don’t have such explanation about those killing bath since probably in Goryeo those blue bloods have to kill or being killed.

    Lee Jun Ki! Please accept my humble bow. He made me speechless in every episodes. He’s the best! The aura is soooooo irresistible. His voice, the tones, the glance and even he don’t speak he’s still give such feel. Kang Haneul also shine on. He’s broken smile and awkward just awkward adorable.

    I don’t know… I have no complaints for production which is I believe that they have such reason how to execute this drama or choose what kind of ending. I think I’m to lazy to argue since right now a lot of new drama to watch haha… Still, Moon Lovers is one of my favorite drama ever.

    Lastly thank you to HeadsNo2 for recaps..

  37. 37 amisyka77


  38. 38 Nessie

    I refreshed the site the whole day waiting for this recap. Thank you HeadsNo2 and everyone else who have made this journey much more bearable than what it should’ve been.

    I’m so so disappointed with how they handled the pregnancy it’s like the last screw up I could take with this series. So glad it ended like wtf how could you just shove a Woohee child in front of Baekha after all these years?? I mean wouldn’t he have been able to tell Woohee was pregnant if she had the kid? Pregnancy in Goryeo defies logic it seems.

    Don’t even get me started on the whole Haesoo pregnancy, I can’t help comparing it to the C-drama where the child situation was used so well. Sure Ruoxi lost her child but the 13th prince’s daughter saw a surrogate mother within her. We were able to feel her connection to children and know her pain which was even deeper when she miscarried. Whereas this one makes it that she has the kid and its like wow you pop the child and die and we’re left with this little interaction between So and his kid? I can’t wrap my head around this. It just feels like a last trick used to show that So and Su loved eachother. I think if they stuck with the original and she lost the kid, or even NOT have the kid then the parting would have been more effective.

    One thing I did enjoy was seeing Yeonwha seethe as her kid got ignored by So. Child is innocent but the way she handled her relationship with So is what you’ll get for the poor kid.

    The PPL scene in the end just made me laugh. Many kdramas have PPL but this one takes the cake so far for being one of the weirdest till the end. Goryeo BB Cream will now join the ranks of Subway in my hall of fame for Korean PPL

    I feel so dissatisfied with this series and ugh I’m gonna go eat out all my anger lol

  39. 39 Gehrel

    Well, that’s a plot twist I didn’t anticipate! 

    Scarlet Heart is really a makjang drama who stole his brother’s sageuk costumes, copied his sister’s romance novel and hired his favourite pretty boys and pretty girls to act in it. 

    Bravo, show! You really did well for a makjang masquerading as a sageuk drama. You really fooled me. It makes sense all the ‘want to pull your hair’ scenes we’ve been given for the last 20 episodes. 

    Side note, I’m okay with the ending. Wasn’t perfect or as good as I wanted it to be but hey, it was an ending of some sort.

    • 39.1 rentenmann

      Well, when you put it like that, it starts to make a twisted kind of sense… Hmmmm…

    • 39.2 Kiara

      Never felt like a sageuk. Just a bunch of people dressing up as Halloween characters from Goryeo.

      • 39.2.1 Gehrel

        I sadly have to agree with you.

        For what it’s worth, I am just glad I was introduced to Kang Han-na in this drama and her character Yeon-hwa. I mean, among the (minor) female leads, she’s the strongest since she has prior experience in sageuk.

      • 39.2.2 banini

        The drama needed the costumes and the set to help Lee Jun Gi hold on to the viewers, the poor guy needed reinforcement! 😉

      • 39.2.3 nmaxx

        That’s very true.

  40. 40 Del

    I planned to write a lot but I am exhausted.

    In the end, all we have is Wang So returning to the exact position he was when we first met him. An abandoned son, a forsaken brother, a misunderstood prince, a misrepresented king and finally a desolated lover. All the people he loved and longed for left him and all he has is loneliness. The so-called love of his life returned back to her timeline only to have totally no recollection of their love, or him for that matter. How sad that Wang So is the only one suffering while Haesoo being 1000+years away, walked away unscratched, feeling all brand new. The only win for him is he eventually fulfilled his destiny and became a king he was meant to be.

    The final episode sucks big time but I like that there is no reincarnation. Thank goodness. Haesoo has done enough damage to Wang So in this life, please don’t let him go through another misery imparted by her in his next life. That poor boy had enough. And I really like that final scene where he revealed his scar with that deep haunting voice. It’s is SCARRED HEART after all.

    • 40.1 banini

      In the end HaJin started to remember through the paintings. The pain of knowing she hurt and left her beloved alone and couldn’t go back would probably be her part in sharing in the suffering (im trying not to say punishment here). Once she remembers about her daughter, her pain would probably double knowing she left her behind and not knowng what happened to her.

  41. 41 Wag_a_Muffin

    Thanks for the recaps. Yeah. It could have been worse. But what irks me so much is it could have been so much better.
    I am not sorry I watched it. The good in it was excellent. The bad in it was inane and made no sense. But I’m still glad I watched it.

    • 41.1 Wag_a_Muffin

      Oh, but one thing I did like was the juxtaposition of Jung’s treatment of his sickly wife and Wook’s treatment of his sickly wife. Jung turned out to be a very sympathetic character.

      • 41.1.1 Wag_a_Muffin

        I have decided to “fix” this drama in cartoon form.
        I am working on it right now. (If I use some of your ideas I hope you won’t hate me. I’m not getting paid for this any longer, so it will just be for fun–or for my sanity. I need ANSWERS!)

  42. 42 Flo

    Is it bad that my heart broke more during the scene where Ji Soo was crying than any other scene. I mean don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Lee Joon Gi, but it’s just something about Ji Soo that pulls your heartstring. I mean the man can really act. I have yet to find a drama where I absolutely

    • 42.1 soonkship

      me too, exactly!! I have never cried watching any LJK crying scenes (and LJK’s micro expressions kill me), but I started crying when Ji Soo did. I don’t know what about him did it, maybe it’s the subtlety of it all

      • 42.1.1 kz

        I’m opposite. I didn’t feel he showed enough grief when Soo died in his arms. I wanted to feel more pain. I was thinking back on kang ha neul, because man, the way he emotes and cries, even his eyes, speak of so much grief. I found Ji soo lacking in this part.

        LJK crying out for Su when he entered the house was also lacking to me.

        • Evelyn

          i enjoyed Ji-soo’s performance this episode but i too felt his crying could be better done when Soo died. I felt he held back a little. It’s an extremely saddening thing to have someone you love literally die in your arms anyway. But i thought he nailed his crying when he showed baekah Haesoo’s pin later on. I sobbed so hard at that one.

        • Del

          The lack of resonance with regards to the crying done by both actors imo are not the problem with the actors. The fault came with everything feeling so rushed. It’s just like they dropped the bomb on us, we were attacked left and right until we could not know how to feel or act. All I could say, the actors themselves seems to have thrown in the towels knowing that their characters would be treated like shit in the end. I could tell from that nonchalant look LJK gave when he was forced to wear that hideous headpiece.

    • 42.2 Kira

      Jisoo almost redeemed himself with that scene at the end with NJH. But it doesn’t make up for all the horribly flat acting he’s done in this drama. I think he should avoid sageuks from now on.

  43. 43 soonkship

    what can I say? I didn’t cry at all for the 19 eps but in this last ep I couldn’t stop the tears. LJK is a brilliant actor, I daresay the best Korean actor I’ve ever watched (even better than YAI in JOJ). this was a really sad ending, but I think it was better than them meeting irl and wang so not remembering her, that would be heartbreaking

    • 43.1 Unknown

      Yoo Ah In is a LOT BETTER

  44. 44 Hye Mi

    I couldn’t help bursting out laughing at the scenes where Jung said he bought some peonies and then the camera panned to Haesoo’s tired face, which makes it look like she was disdained at the sight of the lame peony vases. Well Jung might be poorer now that he’s exiled, but there are better ways to arrange the scene so that the whole thing wouldn’t look so empty and pitiful. The weird abrupt combination of the two scenes didn’t help either.

    I also hate to say this but I found So’s barging into Jung’s house and his following grief a little bit over the top, as if the PD said: ‘we’re short on time so let’s get it done in 3 minutes’, so the acting had to be made overly dramatic to make up for the lack of screen time. The result is a lack of emotional resonance for me. Yet I’ve got no prob with LJG so far and after that scene (erm apart from that hideous headpiece he wore in the scene with YH) so it’s just a minor distraction.

    I kind of guess & understand the writer’s intention for the ending, but I must say it’s redundant and pointless to have Jimong included. W/o him Hajin’s memory can still be triggered in one way or another. But oh well, what major addition has he made to the whole story anyway other than being cryptic? Well, talk about speaking in riddles and possessing special ability and knowledge and foresight Gandalf is like 10,000 times better so why do we need a Gandalf wannabe here? Another unnecessary plot device and a waste of screen time at that too.

    Anyway, congratz on breaking 10% rating for the final eps and the cast deserves big applause for their effort, though acting-wise this has been quite a hit-and-miss for many of them. Same with the production team.

    • 44.1 Eveyn

      LOL I was cringing at the peony vases too. i initially thought there were some peony trees in the garden or something that they were going to sit under. instead we got those lame peony vases gosh. no wonder Soo couldn’t bare to watch any longer.

      I actually laughed when So barged in with that relatively OTT grief cause just a sec before Baekah/jung were grieving quietly. it’s like someone just shoved So into the room from behind and told him to get on with it.

      • 44.1.1 Hye Mi

        Considering they had to build the whole set from scratch and Jung was confined in his country house I wouldn’t expect anything grand such as a garden of blooming peonies, though that would indeed be my dream garden and would elevate the death of Haesoo to a whole new level! That I agree with you.

        Thing is, even with minimal props the scene would look much better had more thought put into the arrangement. The two vases didn’t have to be placed so far away, as if they were for the singer to admire rather than for HS. The scene felt empty because objects & subjects were scantily placed. Then the director decided on a wide shot, and you can also notice how 95% of the shots are done at eye level, which magnified its flatness. Heck, if they didn’t have so many peonies to begin with, they should have had them all in one big vase, which was placed on a low table in front of HS, a little to her side, and the musician and the singer/ gisaeng could have just performed on the veranda, with enough distance to show the prince and his wife respect. HS’s face could have been filmed at different angles too. Her pose on screen & the way her neck was craned awkwardly forward was very uncomfortable I actually felt sorry for the girl. The whole scene wasn’t aesthetically done at all, which made her death less impactful than the deaths of those who were gone before her (Lady Hae, Lady Oh & Soon-Deuk).

      • 44.1.2 banini

        Lol at being shoved into the room… it really looked like that. Even the “where are you Su, don’t hide” made me cringe. Props to the other two actors for not laughing. Fortunantely LJG salvaged it upon holding the urn (at least for me).

      • 44.1.3 Baek

        You made me laughed so badly over the peony vase..

    • 44.2 banini

      So’s initial hysterics were too much, I guess he was supposed to be rushing to Su from a frantic horse ride. But the moment he held the urn and cried, I sobbed.

      • 44.2.1 Hye Mi

        I completely understand where he’s coming from. One can always argue that HS is the person he loves most and losing her is like losing more than half of his soul, so it’s reasonable that he lost it. Yet having seen his other emotional scenes in the same show I must say I prefer when he tones down his emotions a little bit. I actually like him more in the scenes involving Eun and his Queen mother’s deaths. The scene among the three princes after HS’s death didn’t deliver the ‘punch’ to jerk my tears. It’s okay though, the scene was able to move many others nonetheless. It’s more important that you feel satisfied, connected & emotionally rewarded 🙂 What I or others feel wouldn’t and shouldn’t take away from your own emotional experience of the scene or the show ^^

        • banini

          I understand and I agree. In that scene, it was only when he held the urn and said “let’s go” that got me crying. LJG has a tendency to overact at times in angry scenes requiring body movements (at least in this drama), just like when he staggers – feels like an act on a stage play. He is best at quiet dramatic moments, action scenes, being mysterious and nonchalant. (Please fans, dont hate me, Im a fan too and I love him). Maybe it’s what they call technical(?) acting like Cha Seung Won as oppose to natural acting like Gong Hyo Jin – heard this from CSW during Best Love interview. I hope he gets the balance and continue being better.

          • Hye Mi

            Yeah I noticed his staggering too. At that time I also thought he overdid it a bit but it didn’t take away my emotional engagement with the scene so I just overlooked it. Overall LJK’s acting is reliable so I have no complain. I just find it to be a shame that the latter half of the drama is actually very very heavy and intense but cast and crew ran out of time so there is this vague feel that many scenes weren’t acted to the actors’ and actresses’ best potential. Many of those impactful scenes might not have been shot several times until there was more satisfying result. I also agree with you that some of the acting in the latter half looks more like technical acting (not pertaining to LJK). I hope if the cast met again in the future in another historical project they will work under a more capable hand to bring even more out of them.

    • 44.3 nmaxx

      Oh yeah about So in the urn scene, that was so over the top I couldn’t take it seriously. lmao

      • 44.3.1 Hye Mi

        Yeah, I was wondering what if WS entered the scene first with BA following his. It’s more like the C-drama but perhaps I won’t feel WS a little bit out of place as in here.

        I liked his later scenes though, the one with the kid and him standing alone in the wide palace court, so I just conveniently shoved the 3-prince scene out of my head.

  45. 45 Cheliwel

    Soo gave birth to a really big baby. The baby looked it could be a few months old. It’s too bad the pregnancy plot became a plot point. It would added more of an emotional layer to why Soo wanted to leave the palace.

    Ummmm did Ji Mong/homeless man of the future win the lottery or find out that he was a chaebol? After a year, he cleaned up really well.

    I heard they did shoot a scene with So in the future but for cut. Maybe the director wanted the ending to be different from the original version.

    • 45.1 rentenmann

      So the huge newborn is the true culprit for Soo’s death! AHA!

    • 45.2 Kiara

      I think the baby time traveled somewhere and got bigger.

  46. 46 Evelyn

    OMG I cried throughout this entire episode. I felt so, so bad for Jung; to love someone and be “married” to her technically whilst she’s pining for someone all the while.

    Nobody had a good ending here i felt.

    • 46.1 Evelyn

      – jung has to live with the memory of haesoo through her daughter for a long time, and also the memory of him loving her and she never returning it. though apparently he did get married in the end?
      – I felt really sorry for so in the end. to have all the power but to technically not have anybody on his side…not even ji mong. and baekah…seems to want to do his own thing and isnt even in the palace much
      – Baekah. went back to his wandering ways and hasn’t seemed to have gotten over woohee

      Some questions/things that left me scratching my head
      1. So… Soo was in a coma for a year and then had dreams for a year and only NOW does she recall her other life as haesoo? huh??

      2. Did ji mong suddenly hit the jackpot and got a new job/cleaned up despite being homeless 2 years ago? hmm. he seems to also know something about haesoo/hajin’s past.

      3. Wook saying that he always gave his heart but makes mistakes. And he thought of lady hae… does that mean he regretted not loving lady hae or that he regretted loving hae soo? Cause he didnt really answer baek ah’s question when he asked if Wook missed Soo.

      4. Jung saying that Soo’s writing resembled So’s and put her letter in an envelope with his writing…what was that about? Was it to prevent So actually reading it and coming to take Soo away?? He didn’t want them to meet up?

      5. How on earth did random scenes get painted and hung up in the museum? Was there some painter hiding in the trees when soo saved jung or when she went with Wook to visit the Queens?

      6. The piggyback scene at the end was such an anticlimax really.

      7. Why are they suddenly telling us that Soo is pregnant??? Only in the final episode?!?

      8. Jung’s sideburns. It just gets worse doesn’t it. I almost burst out laughing in that scene with haesoo’s daughter. How does someone’s sideburns sweep all the way to one’s jaw in that fashion?! On another note, i really wished they had focused on his lovestory with haesoo, rather than eun’s and developed it properly. Soo/Jung have so much more going on in that he really loved her and was very sacrificial/giving towards her.

      • 46.1.1 Ram

        It’s actually worse for Baekah. That child he meets at the end? He has an affair with her.

        • Evelyn

          I was thinking that!

          And also wondering why was she named Bok soon and why did she have that talisman thing with her??

      • 46.1.2 banini

        Paintings: Goryeo paparazis? How about Baek Ah, he loved to draw and was privy to events related those scenes?

        • Iluljk

          They can just make the paintings at the museum as baek ah’s paintings..it can be a significant plot to prove to ha jin that she was not dreaming…but yada yada the writer-nim go and make the paintings illogical like there were goryeo era paparazzi

      • 46.1.3 Sarai

        “The paintings show the rain ritual, which she remembers in vivid detail, and King Gwangjong […] as some honestly random images are put forth in paint form—scenes that literally no one would have thought to paint, like her bowing deeply to the king on their first meeting, her saving Jung in the forest, etc.”

        I’d like to believe that Baek-ah did the artwork preserved in the exhibit. That’s how he knew about so many, seemingly random, private moments ended up preserved. Wasn’t Baek-ah an artist, as well as, a musician? I’d like to believe his friendship with Su, love for his brothers, desire to keep the good memories alive, led him to leave the palace and political life for good and instead spend the rest of his life telling their story through music and art.

      • 46.1.4 hasna

        The only believable explanation I can think for the random paintings is that they were drawn by Baek ah. Maybe he drew all those paintings in loving remembrance of happier days…

        • Evelyn

          @hasna @sarai @banini

          Baekah painting those makes no sense imo. He wasn’t present at all in any of those scenes. I don’t think he had nothing better to do than follow Soo around and paint her random daily life with random princes.

          • Nee

            There s this discussion elsewhere : Baek ah had visited all the brothers to get their stories, memories of Soo and drawn them. This was hinted at the final scene when Baek Ah told So that 8th prince is dead and there s no more brothers to visit. It s time for him to leave. So might have commisioned him to do this and probably this was what he meant by “i will find you in another era”. Not physically finding her but letting the memories find her

            I somehow would have prefer if the poems and the potrait stones or the hairpin were displayed in the museum instead. The poems triggerring her memory would be much more meaningful.

            Bad character development, editing, and some bad acting from inexperience actors and actresses are the major flop of the drama. But we keep on coming for more and more like addiction. This is like another Twilight movie, isnt it?

      • 46.1.5 Hye Mi

        Thanks for bringing the paintings up. Now that I’ve thought more about it. I’ve got an even bigger question.

        If HS was featured in so many paintings with important figures as the princes and the king, that means her name & story must have been recorded in history. I don’t think any diligent historians or even children of later generations would let slide the glaring fact that there was this mysterious lady who shared so many intimate moments with so many princes (at least 8th & 14th as I can recalled) that was featured in all those paintings. If the exhibition is all about GJ, why features her at all? That means she must share a connection of some sort with the King and she must be recorded in those historical texts. If the exhibition is about Goryeo in general, there is even more reason for HS’s existence to be questioned or mentioned in some manner.

        The existence of those paintings therefore defies the very intention of the writer reg. HS’s involvement in history; that is, it acknowledges HS’s existence in the past while hers has always meant to be unimportant & invisible from a historical viewpoint (i.e. she didn’t have any official title when involved romantically with the King, she didn’t have a proper wedding with the 14th prince, which means she wasn’t officially recorded as his wife either. She was meant to be a no-name that was forgotten with the flow of time). The writer sure did a very poor copy & paste job from the C-drama without even understanding the significance of the painting in that version, completely unaware that her effort to add romantic & emotional impact on the scene betrays her own story’s concept lol.

        • Evelyn

          @hye mi
          exactly. thought she did a really poor copy and paste job from the c-version re the paintings. in the c-version there was only one painting where ruoxi spotted herself and it completely made sense in that context. here? i’m left scratching my head.

          im sure they had historians painting some of those events. but those only made sense if it were big royal/national celebrations ie: painting of so in the rain ritual. but others that were super private? ie: soo and wook walking in the snow, soo and jung in the forest. like what? i dont think soo was that important a person for any historian to stalk and paint random pics of her daily life. Also, it made no sense to me that so many pictures of soo managed to survive compared to the other princes, when at most she was merely a court lady and a former lover of the king.

        • Nee

          This drama makes us use all our logical thinking and imaginative juice to think, think and think. No wonder I am always so tired after watching it. Why HS was not recorded by historian? My guess is after Gwangjong died, the jealous Queen Daemok (Yeon Hwa) will have use all her power to erase her from history. Her jealousy and efficiency to display hatred is no joke. I am sure she will be capable of this.

          Or as mentioned in the drama, GJ never loves his son. YH will have planted the idea of hating HS since young age and upon ascending the throne, deleted her mentioning in the history.

          What he didn’t know will be the drawings by Baek Ah are memories of HS too, and probably Baek Ah brought the painting with him to travel. Hence, the drawing were saved from being destroyed.

  47. 47 Okdramas

    Jung is the real hero of this story. Honestly, the only one who managed to selflessly love Su and not become greedy for the stupid deathtrap throne. Anyone who can survive that crazy royal family while still remaining half as sincere as Jung is AMAZING.

    On a different note, will not miss this drama after this disaster of an ending. Will miss LJK’s face on my screen Mon and Tues.

    • 47.1 Nil

      Its the power of jisoo. He did too in sassy gogo and angry mom (although all his characters are sort of similar: big soft marshmallow covered with nasty bad boy antics due to family circumtances)

    • 47.2 lilyleftthevalley

      If I ever have a punk cover band, the name will be Stupid Deathtrap Throne.

      In all seriousness, that really is a good name for it for this series. Whether you die for sitting on it, die for wanting it, or are living like a soul less dead thing for sitting on it.

      • 47.2.1 Diana

        “If I ever have a punk cover band, the name will be Stupid Deathtrap Throne.”
        😂😂😂😂 I was on the train when I read this and I had to contain myself from LOL so that I didn’t look like a crazy person. So hilarious!!!!! That was genius @lilyleftthevalley

    • 47.3 Sarai

      I agree with you that Jung is the true, selfless hero here. He loved, supported, protected, and cared for Su unconditionally, never asking for anything in return. I’m glad he is the one raising her and So’s daughter. That little girl will be strong, but caring. She will be treated like a princess, but be able to live her life with the freedom to choose her own path.

      I admit, as Su was dying I really wanted her just to thank Jung for being there for her through it all. For loving her despite knowing she loved someone else. He deserved far more than a thank you… but I think a thank you from Su, or some kind of acknowledgement of his faithfulness and devotion, would have meant the world to him.

      You’re the best, Jung!

    • 47.4 Lisa_wackycashew

      My sentiments exactly!! Jung showed us what real love is like.

  48. 48 Rosa

    I’ve made it to the end. I watched every episode twice. Where is my medal. I feel exhausted.

    • 48.1 Kendi


      Where is my medal, cookie, heck I even deserve a certificate for completing this drama!

    • 48.2 Gaeina Lee

      We are all entitled of a medal and a bottle of champagne to cheer: Yayy!! The end! Finally!

      Time to drink and attend the Post Traumatic Scarred Hearts Support Group meeting @Lessa formed.. *gulps*

  49. 49 Ahri

    So Su was in a coma for 1 year, then was having dreams of Goryeo for another? And Ji Mong, is there two versions of him in 2016 now, the homeless man and the museum guy? Also, nobody would be wasting paper painting a random court lady. Now if they’d used some of that cosmetic advertisement time on the actual plot….

    Whatever. Positive thoughts: I’d like to imagine So would do all he can to see his daughter frequently. We got him as a hot unbearded king to the last scene. Lee Jun Ki said there was additional footage, and hoping to god they’d release the damn thing. And good on LJK for being bombarded now with endorsement offers and fanmeets all over, the drama might be a mess but he’s walking away with something.

    • 49.1 lilyleftthevalley

      The way my brain wants to see the astronomer/cosmetology historian is that when they show the eclipse at the end, he goes back to his now body. It’s why he left the palace when he did.

      I think the homeless guy we see in ep. 1 is whomever he replaced in Goryeo, and they apparently never acclimated well.

      So when astronomer returned, he cleaned himself up and put himself in a position to meet with Soo in the present, who he meets post coma because she’s returned at that time as well.

      • 49.1.1 toodles

        I agree you regarding Jimon.
        He had to book it out of the palace at that moment in order to catch the 2 o’clock Eclipse Express back to the future since eclipse travel can be so finicky.

      • 49.1.2 PakalanaPikake

        Astronomer Ji-Mong says at some point that everyone returns to their proper places, like in a contra dance or square dance. His leaving the palace as the eclipse neared was him doing a “promenade home” to the future.

        As for Hae-Su, she do-si-dos around with a bunch of princes in Goryeo and then croaks, only to sashay back to her own time after being comatose for a year, and then dreams about her time in Goryeo for another year.

        Dang! We got double-teamed with both the Coma Trope and the It-Was-All-A-Dream Trope… Amazingly, I didn’t realize I’d been Jinned until I read HeadsNo2’s recap. I guess it’s because there was no brain fetus… Ooo, shiny!

        At one point, I was so pissed at Hae-Su for abandoning So (even as I could understand her leaving the snakepit as long-overdue self-preservation), I hated the idea of her meeting him in the future… I loathed the idea of So falling in love with this dame in two lifetimes.

        I felt even worse for Jung, who not only loved Hae-Su unrequitedly from the friendzone, but was the only one to plan years in advance and implement a surefire Get-Out-Of-Jail card for her. When he hopefully asked to be remembered in the next life, it felt as if she kicked him in the gut when she said she didn’t want to remember any of them. In the picture gallery, we only see her horrified realization of how she abandoned So… but no sense of remorse towards Jung. I hope she gets to stew in her own juice for a good long time. Hrmmph!

        Thanks, Heads, for lighting the way with your recaps! So it really wasn’t just my faulty understanding of the show after all… There was plenty of factory-installed non-sense and non-sequiturs mixed in with fine performances by LJG and KHN, among others. It has been quite a ride, and I’m glad to have been in such good company with Beanies from around the globe. I’m left with a serious case of The Show That Might Have Been…

  50. 50 Jamie

    Mondays will never be the same again : mad dash to watch raw episode than anxiously waiting for the subbed version to come out to satisfy my addiction. I cried like a baby , I was sobbing the entire episode.I still have a massive headache, ran out of tissues but still am not satisfied with how it ended.At least, give us a clear answer. We still do not know what happened to the real HS.How and why did she travel back in time, can other people travel back in time too.I feel WS pain, he has been through so much and ends up alone.He says at the end that he will go find HS even in the other world. That leaves us hope.But this show belongs to LJK,hands down.He did an amazing job. I was hooked on this drama since ep 1.When he sweeps her off her feet and onto his horse, that was grand.His charisma has kept fans tuning in every week despite bad editing and plot holes.Kudos to him and ensemble cast, I think NJH really shines as his only true friend

    • 50.1 Cocoboo

      I feel the same way! Mondays & Tuesdays were always exciting and exhausting at the same time when I would scramble to watch the episodes after I got home from work (or after I finished dinner+dishes) and before the recaps were posted.

      I cried a lot during this episode… It was tragic that So did not see Su before she died. All that regret and heartbreak. /sighs/

    • 50.2 endo

      Yes. Next monday will be kindof weird. This show made the start of my week bearable. I will miss Joon Gi and his sageuk garb SO SO much.

      It has sank in to me yet tho. I will still rewatch this with my SO this weekend. I don’t know what to do after.

      I hope in the next LJG drama we can still have forums like this and let’s keep our nicknames. 😍

    • 50.3 Ren

      Oh! No Paragraph Breaks Jamie, you’re back! Thank god, what would my Moon Lovers journey without this identity feud in the recaps. Now everything can come to a proper close.

      Except not really, I’m still waiting out for the extended ending hinted at by Lee Jun-ki because I’m an addict.

    • 50.4 cherryarrow

      Oh my gosh is that you no paragraph Jamie?? You need to meet the other two Jamies

    • 50.5 Jamie


      Dammit, are you serious? You’re here again! You cannot be Jamie because I’m Jamie, (and possibly Miamiloveskdrama is, too, in Hangouts)…you’re definitely not!

      Pick another user name!

      • 50.5.1 endo

        So there’s 3 Jaimes? WTH?!

        • Jamie

          It’s sheer wtf-ery, endo. WILL NO ONE UNMASK THIS IMPOSTER?

      • 50.5.2 cherryarrow

        LOL I missed you Jamie PB, you made my day last time.

        I don’t think Jamie-no-paragraph-break knows there’s more than 1 Jamie though, she didn’t comment back last time it seems.

        • Jamie

          I know! I was waiting and waiting for her to show up so I could have it out with her!

          I was peacefully enjoying these finale comments and, like a bad penny, she turns up. DAMMIT! >.<

          • cherryarrow

            The more I read non paragraph break Jamie’s comments, the funnier it gets. -dead-

          • Yoyo


            Thank you! You never fail to make us laugh!

          • Jamie


            She shows up, drops a comment, and sails on, magnificently oblivious…

          • cherryarrow

            @Jamie (da real one)

            I’m thinking maybe she doesn’t know we can reply to comments.

          • Jamie

            She’s like a graffiti artist, then…makes her mark and fades out into the night.

            Speaking of which…it’s almost 2 a.m. where I am. Good night, y’all! You have been wonderful! Enjoy the comment party!

            I hope somebody answers my questions about why Hae Soo paints rocks in her pregsile–I’m checking back tomorrow. Won’t someone answer?

          • endo

            So how can you tell one from the other?

          • cherryarrow


            LOL the Jamie saga continues, we all hope the other Jamie replies! You have no idea how much me and @Yoyo laughed over that business last week.

            I saw your comment about the rock drawing, I was pondering this myself too, hope somebody replies to your comment!


            The Jamie from comment 50 doesn’t use spacing and paragraph breaks, that’s how we’re able to tell!

          • JoyBells


            Looks like you are in a time-travelling of your own. You probably f-ed somewhere along the line and now there are multiple Jamies running around just like there is hobo-Jimong and Professor jimong at the same timeline in the drama.
            Tip- just stay away from any of princes you come across
            . Your life will be miserable.

      • 50.5.3 Yoyo

        How many Jamie’s does it really take to screw a lightbulb?


        • Jamie

          Hey, that’s not nice, Yoyo!

          • Yoyo

            Ok, fine, I take it back. Hopefully Not-Jamie would respond and this Jamie chapter can find closure too. Happy Endings all the way! Cheers!

          • Jamie

            FINE. But I’m not having a baby with her!

            …You know, like Hae Soo did…in the show…for a happy ending.

            Oh, whatever.

          • Yoyo

            Don’t worry, there are no candles in sight. You’re safe! 😍

          • Jamie

            Well, thank goodness for that, or I’d have some ‘splainin’ to do in my house.

            Cheers to you, too, Yoyo!

          • Gaeina Lee

            Oh my… I LOLed so hard reading you two bickering at each other. In my head I heard 1 lighter playful voice for Yoyo and 1 firmer for Jamie (this Jamie).

          • Jamie

            @Gaeina Lee

            That’s because Yoyo is totally mocking my pain. TT_TT

            What’s funniest and simultaneously most exasperating about this situation to me is that imposter-Jamie refuses to engage.

        • mary

          I don’t want to be a party-pooper, but… please be a bit more careful when “playing” with the non-regulars with similar names. We know we’re all joking because we’ve been here too long and already know each other, but it might not look like that way to them. (ie Make them feel unwelcome or something)

          -the applebutt mary

          • Jamie

            Thanks for reminding us, mary. You’re a kind person. 🙂

            The reason for all the joking (and my complaints), I think, is that the other Jamie doesn’t appear to read the comments.

            It would be my hope that if she ever does, she would play, the way Miamiloveskdrama Jamie did…but you’re right, she might not find it funny. I’ll try not to cross the line (and I don’t think we have, honestly).

            I’m guessing you’ve gone through this before, mary?

      • 50.5.4 pogo

        what the………

        @Jamie PB I’m kind of dying at the triple identities here.

        • Jamie

          And I’m kind of feeling a cross between peevish and absurd, pogo…lol.

          • Barbrey

            Wait, I’m confused. Are you MY Jamie, that I’ve been reading and talking to, or is it the other one? How do I know which one is the imposter, and which one my forum friend?

          • cherryarrow


            That’s Miami Jamie hehe.

          • Jamie


            There’s 3 of us:

            1) me–I’m the one who posts here at the Dramabean recaps;

            2) Miamiloveskdrama, who uses Jamie as her name in Hangouts; and

            3) this imposter, who occasionally shows and drops a comment with no paragraph breaks and no spacing between sentences. Then she mysteriously vanishes, leaving confusion in her wake.

            I’m the one who has sometimes been talking to you about water imagery and the Little Mermaid here. So who have you been talking to? 😛

          • YY

            This is kind of creepy; there was a YY too sometime back, who would come and post stuff, and funnily, everyone would say, Are you YY? You don’t sound like YY…LOL one day she just disappeared, it was kind of creepy, but heartwarming, too, that friends here somehow knew that she wasn’t me.

          • Jamie


            I wondered in an earlier episode’s comments about you and Yoyo, but Yoyo explained you both have an affinity for the letter y. I know there’s a “y” commenter as well, lol…but no “x” here at Dramabeans.

            I agree, it is heartening when folks here know that someone else’s style doesn’t match yours–thanks Ren and cherryarrow! Thanks, Yoyo!

            YY, I’m glad your imposter went away: It would be too confusing if there were multiple doubles around here!

          • YY

            @ Jamie Yes, it was unsettling, having someone be me, and people replying to her posts thinking it’s me…that was a weird episode. Your imposter, though, seems oblivious, she comes, she posts, and she’s on her way LOL. I went and scrolled up and read her no paragraph post, and I giggled. Reminds me of the time pogo’s laptop went beserk…LOL she wrote a lengthy post about some vhale, I think, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was laughing so much. I’m so sorry, pogo!!!

      • 50.5.5 Hye Mi

        Sorry for chiming in but I dropped dead laughing like a loon over this whole identity issue. This is so EPIC lol. Thanks for the stress relief that is much needed.

        • Jamie

          @ Hye Mi

          Glad you are enjoying! 😉

          aversive got me good with her super-villain and superhero names in comment 2.7, so I understand the power of a good laugh for stress relief.

          On the other hand, my stress level shot right up when I came across my name on a comment I didn’t write–again: it’s like, are you KIDDING me with this shizz? 😛

          • Hye Mi

            @Jamie: Haha, I know that feeling. I guess your business with this no-para-break Jamie will remain unsettled until your next kdrama-lifetime though, if you guys ever cross path again. Maybe until the next eclipse? XD

            In the meantime, let’s stay healthy. I don’t want anyone to have heart palpitations like HS did XD

    • 50.6 pogo

      I know, my Mondays are going to feel so empty without the scramble to find raws, subs, then subs of the SBS version….. this drama really gave us all the runaround, but despite my disappointment at the ending, I don’t regret watching it.

      and Lee Jun-ki really did a tremendous job against all odds. I’ve never been prouder as a fan, even if I’m really hacked off on his behalf that the production failed him and the cast like this. (and seconded on Nam Joo-hyuk too, he did so, so much better than I expected)

      • 50.6.1 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

        Totally. Monday will never be the same again…

      • 50.6.2 IvoryLight

        @Pogo the struggle is real. On one hand I am happy to have my life back. On the other, it’s slightly empty now. On the OTHER OTHER hand I have discovered the gloriousness that is Lee Jun Ki and have developed massive soft spots for the cast (IU you did well, I look forward to your next project, Kang Ha Neul you are an adorable ray of sunshine, excited to see you again, Nam Joo Hyuk you will always be my precious baby Baek Ah to me etc etc.) too.

        Am desperately hoping that an uncut version with all the scenes we didn’t get to see is released.

        Hell, if they release a version where each episode is 1.5 hours long, they can have ALL MY MONEY.

        • justsaying

          I wish I have your positive attitude to watch the extended 1.5 hours per episode (hope your wish came true) but with the endings that they have given us, I can’t imagine going through the heartache, the anger, the thought that WS is alone at the end… again…. LOL…

      • 50.6.3 Baek

        Nam Joo Hyuk seems suitable for saeguk.. He seems very natural in here.. looking forward to see him more in dramas 😀

        Whereas his modern role, especially those cheeky and playful type like WAY2015 & Cheese, i always get a weird unnatural feeling that it seems forced and he’s not really relaxed for those bubbly character.. (he seems more suitable for those classy cold icy flower boy..)

        • pogo

          wow, really? I’ve always felt the opposite, re: Nam Joo-hyuk – to me, he’s at his most natural when he plays the sweet, good-natured friend roles like Big in Surplus Princess, Eun-taek in Cheese, and even Baek-ah here.

          It’s when he tries to do serious emotion/typical kdrama male lead angst that he totally falls flat. He does take well to sageuk though, he suits teh look and even his speech isn’t bad (better than Ji-soo’s, anyway).

          • Baek

            I agree on the serious emotion/typical kdrama male lead angst that he totally falls flat especially in who are you school (but maybe thats cause of the script, so we see him doing that same old actions over many ep in that drama.. but yea he’s not suitable for those scene)

            Cause i dont understand korean (so im unable to fully judge on the acting, since delivering of lines can make quite a difference too)

            Maybe is his body language or the awkwardness that made me feel that way whenever he tries a light/bubbly scene.. (the same as lee kwang soo in drama, whenever he acts bubbly, its weird and sort of funny..) Maybe being a model or having a tall, fit, lean, long hands/legs physique dont quite buy me with those scenes.. (imagine him doing the scene that eun did while soo was celebrating and singing his birthday song for him..)

            He got the stiff cold prince vibe.. elegant, classsy type, like well-mannered, serious, soldier feel.. i cant really relate him to cute puppy type of acting..

          • pogo

            (imagine him doing the scene that eun did while soo was celebrating and singing his birthday song for him..)

            yeah lol even Baekhyun couldn’t pull that one off without coming across as annoyingly forced. I can’t imagine NJH that way, ever.

        • Evelyn

          @baek: I kinda agree actually. i think he suits sageuks the best and should try out more roles like this. in modern day type dramas, i think he does well when it’s a playful type of character (ie: citt). but i still sense some awkwardness and stiffness from him. he most certainly cant do emotional/serious roles.

          i think sageuk may suit him more precisely cause of his stiffness actually! the speech/body language tend to be pretty formal and/or stiff anyways

          • pogo

            @Evelyn – I think you hit it right-on about why sageuks suit NJH. I remember hearing about Im Joo-hwan once saying that he actually found sageuk easier than modern-day roles because as long as you got it right, the speech would cover for a lot of things that would otherwise be flaws in a performance.

            And given how mannered and careful sageuk diction is, I think it definitely can help actors who are a bit on the stiffer side naturally. That’s if they do it properly, of course.

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