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Park Hye-soo, Yoon Park for tvN rom-com Introverted Boss
by | November 8, 2016 | 53 Comments

This is a bit of a surprise: Rookie actress Park Hye-soo (Age of Youth, Yong-pal) has already nabbed her first leading role in the new tvN romantic comedy Introverted Boss, opposite Yeon Woo-jin (Divorce Lawyer in Love). The new drama from the PD-writer team behind Marriage Not Dating has confirmed that the two actors have signed on to headline as the introverted boss and his suspicious extroverted employee. And it looks like we’ll be getting an Age of Youth reunion right away, because Yoon Park is also in talks to join the cast in an unspecified supporting role. Judging from his past characters, I’m sure he’s up to play Mr. Perfect second lead.

The rom-com stars Yeon Woo-jin as the “silent monster” CEO of a public relations firm who is steeped in mystery. People believe him to be cold and prickly, when he is in fact so extremely introverted and sensitive that he hides out in his room all the time and avoids people whenever possible. The drama is about his personal growth as he slowly takes steps to come out of his shell.

Park Hye-soo has been cast as an outgoing rookie employee who runs around meeting clients and reporters all day long, parsing press releases and shuttling materials back and forth from the moment she wakes up each day. Her specialty is giving presentations in front of people, but when she’s at home by herself, she becomes silent and lethargic. At work she’s acknowledged for her energy and job performance, but she only cares about one thing: getting revenge on her boss. We’re not told why she wants revenge, but the drama is about what happens when the sensitive boss meets this suspicious new employee.

The setup is quirky and fun, and I’m excited about Yeon Woo-jin reuniting with the Marriage Not Dating team. Park Hye-soo is totally unexpected, to be honest—she’s so new and her image is so young that I have a hard time picturing her as a romantic lead opposite Yeon Woo-jin. She does fit the rookie employee part of the character, so as long as she can pull off the extroverted personality and be the total opposite of her doormat character in Age of Youth, maybe it’ll be an unexpectedly fresh pairing?

Introverted Boss airs on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning in January, following Rude Miss Young-ae 15.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Finally, Park Hye Soo have a lead roles. That girl will shining soo, I can see her will great in near future.

  2. Moonlight

    You have a hard time picturing her in this role because it’s just plain wrong. She is a great actress, and I believe the guy is great too, but Korea has a sick obsession with age differences in media. Simply tired of this. I would forgive if it was in an open channel, in which the interest on alienating people is bigger, but seeing this on tvN makes me sad. First Kim Go Eun has a high school student with a guy who is much older than her, now this? This kind of stuff has to stop. And Kim So Hyun with Taecyeon? Ugh, just terrible and distasteful.

    Yesterday, a friend of my 13 year old cousin (both are the same age) asked me to recommend her some dramas, since she started to be into kpop, and I had to spend a long time thinking, because I don’t want to see 13 year olds thinking that couples with a 10 year old age difference involving girls who are, are intended to be or look like minors is normal. That’s why the world is so lost nowadays. This whole thing of girls mature faster is a lie created by old men to fulfill their own interests and keeping this sick circle of domination. And I’m not even saying it on a feminist point of view or anything.

    Best of luck for the actors, because is their job and they have nothing to do with it anyways.

    • 2.1 Moonlight

      *as a high school student
      Ignore other typos, please.

    • 2.2 Mindy

      I don’t have as much of an issue with this one as other recent dramas. There is an age gap, yes, but Park Hye-soo is almost 22. She isn’t a minor and she isn’t playing a minor, which is when I really get miffed.

      I do agree that the general trend is a problem, though. But in comparison to other recent drama castings, I feel weird complaining about this one.

      • 2.2.1 amie

        She’s 22 but she looks so young for her age that is one of the problems here and she’s also petite. So opposite Yeon Woo Jin she would look like a kid sister.

        But no matter how we fret about this, we can’t do anything about it. Do we watch or not? Maybe it’s better if we just start decluttering our room, chanel all of these frustrations we have over these stuff.

    • 2.3 vivian

      I soo agree with you, it almost as if they have no older female actresses in korea. It’s extra repulsive when the actress is a minor

      • 2.3.1 Ning

        I agree with you. I definitely feel like it’s part of an especially ageist industry for actresses as well.

    • 2.4 Jazz

      “couples with a 10 year old age difference involving girls who are, are intended to be or look like minors is normal.”

      Look like minors? What if they naturally have a baby face like most asians?

      I agree that casting minors against older actors or having characters who are minors that get together with adults is problematic. But as others have pointed out, the actress is already an adult and she is playing a character who is also an adult.

      RE: 10 year age gaps. I have a friend who is currently dating a guy 10 years older than her and she is in a happy and healthy relationship. I also have a friend whose parents have 10 years in between them, and they have been married for 25 years.

      I’m pretty sure they would both be saddened by people thinking that their relationship or their parents relationship is abnormal just because of the age gap.

      • 2.4.1 Midnightwatcher

        I think what she meant is when the actress is a teenager. A 10 years gap is no problem if the woman is an adult.

        • stedens

          the lead actress in this drama is 22, though, so she isn’t a minor. OP was complaining about the 10 year age gap. plus, “looking like minors” could be directed at adult female actresses in their twenties that look younger than they are.

          i don’t particularly like big age gaps. i’m the same age as the actress and i can’t imagine being with a man 10 years older than me. that said, there is nothing immoral about this particular scenario because both leads are adults. age gap is still weird (to me), but not something to be offended by, imo.

          pairing underage actors/actresses with adults and/or portraying underage characters with adult ones is nasty, though. dunno why this year has given us so many dramas that incorporate this nonsense..

        • Chandler

          If that was the case then I don’t think she would have called out this particular pairing as inappropriate. Park Hye-soo is nearly 22 years-old. She may be young, but she is not underage and she isn’t portraying an underage character. I think there’s nothing wrong with a 10-year age gap between actors/characters, as long as that issue is taken out of the equation. That’s why equating the pairing in this drama with the pairings from Bring it on, Ghost or the upcoming Goblin is just not fair. I could have completely understood this comment in response to those dramas.

          That said, I get Moonlight’s concerns in light of the sheer amount of controversial underage castings dramaland has had lately. Still, I think that we should take issue with those particular castings and not ones that actually don’t cross the line.

    • 2.5 Michykdrama

      I’m a bit confused. Is your point about protecting minors in the acting industry? Or expressing frustration at castings where the actors have a 10 years difference in age gap in real life? Or that dramas portray couples who have large age gaps?

      If it’s the first, then I 100% agree with you that minors must be protected and not be in roles that are inappropriate for their age.

      However, As long as actors are not minors, it’s also unfair I feel to complain about having an age gap in the leads- where do you draw the line? 5 years? 8? 9? Does that mean that a 22 year old actress cannot audition for a role for a older character? And likewise, a older actor cannot audition to play a younger one?

      And to complain that dramas show couples with large age gaps or power differences- well that happens in real life too! And I think they should never stop because prejudice against such relationships exists (your point has highlighted this) and I’ve often seen that dramas take a balanced approach and don’t brush it all under the rug and give them their happily ever after without lots of grief first. Take Doctors- the drama itself highlighted the fact that a relationship between a student and teacher while in school was wrong- but it didn’t make light of their feelings for one another too. Which is how it should be. Falling in love is something you can’t choose- but one must be ready to face the consequences and make sensible decisions if the situation is not ideal.

      And I’m always puzzled when people complain about kdramas- there is so much worse out there- especially in the western media, movies and shows. Of all kdramas seem really so much better since they often show the leads falling in love, and it’s an exclusive relationship, one they are willing to sacrifice a lot for since it’s True Love. There can be worse lessons to learn than Love Conquers All. I’m sure the more knowledgeable Beanies here can come up with a list for your cousin and friend to watch 😋 Try You’re Beautiful?

    • 2.6 Keishira

      My father has a 10 years age gap with my mother. And they still have a very happy marriage life for 32 years. If you put it like that, it seems like my father was like an abnormal creepy person who only searched for a younger woman, but it didn’t happen like that. They just met and clicked, and you can’t judge other ppl relationship based on their age gaps. I’m sorry if you saw it weird, but i just think you should think about other’s feeling first before mention that age gaps.
      *english isn’t my 1st language*

    • 2.7 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      Park Hye Soo doesn’t look like a student, at least, and her roles also a woman, not a child.
      Some loveline really annoying:
      – Ji Sung & Hyeri (gap: 17)
      – Kim Rae Won & Park Shin Hye (gap: 9) [the part when she stills is a student]
      – Kim Yoo Jung & Park Bo Gum (She stills a teenager!)
      – Kim So Hyun & Teacyeon (She stills a teenager!)
      – Kim Sea Ron & Yoon Shi Yoon (at least, they don’t have too much romance scene)
      – Kim Go Eun & Gong Yoo
      – …

    • 2.8 ny

      I think an age gap doesn’t matter if the actor or actress isn’t minor. There are so many different types of couples in the world and drama is a reflection of society.
      For example, there are a lot of Korean shows where the woman is the older of the couple:
      High School King of Savvy, Personal Taste(5)
      I Remember You, Jang Ok-Jung,Live By Love, The Moon That Embraces the Sun(6)
      Remember-Son’s War, Let’s Eat, You From Another Star, My Name Is Kim Sam-soon(7)
      The Man Living in Our House(8)
      Madam Antoine, The King 2 Hearts(9)
      I Hear Your Voice, I Need Romance 3, Level 7 Civil Servant(10)
      Secret Love Affair, Witch’s Romance(19)

    • 2.9 bd5

      How would they know unless they researched the ages of the actors?

      And having a spread in age btwn a male lead and his romantic interest is an age-old problem in the entertainment industry, no matter where located.

      Cary Grant was a quarter of a CENTURY older than Audrey Hepburn when they starred in “Charade.”

      Grant had the good sense to tell the director/script writer to change the script so that Hepburn’s character was chasing after him and not the other way around.

      Many of Grant’s leading ladies were a good bit younger than him (esp. as he got older)…

      Grant – 1905 (date of birth)

      Sophia Loren – 1934
      Audrey Hepburn – 1929
      Grace Kelly – 1929
      Jean Simmons – 1929
      Marilyn Monroe – 1926
      Jeanne Crain – 1925
      Eva Marie Saint – 1924
      Betsy Drake – 1923 (Grant’s 3rd wife)
      Deborah Kerr – 1921
      Rita Hayworth – 1918
      Joan Fontaine – 1917
      Ingrid Bergman – 1915

      Loretta Young – 1913

      Dyan Cannon – 1937 (4th wife – 33 yrs younger)
      Barbara Harris – (5th wife – 47 yrs younger)

      And one of Grant’s biggest box office hits – “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer” was about a “bobby-soxer” (Shirley Temple – 1928) who had a crush on Grant’s character.

      In the film, Temple played (and was a teen), but she ended up being older than a no. of actresses who ended up playing Grant’s romantic interests, much less 2 of his wives.

      10 yrs is nothing, esp. when the actor is in his 30s and 40s.

      Not saying it’s right, but that’s the way the entertainment industry works.

      • 2.9.1 Purple Owl

        My own BoW of the week!

        Thank you so much for this list. It’s just 1 actor and yet it shows the range of diversity and acceptance that old time Hollywood was powered by. Idk about other countries but this was common. The point about his 3-5 wives was nice, while the Shirley Temple and 4/5 wife comparison was mind blowing.

        What makes for an acceptable romance?

        Youths of similar age or better, two consenting adults.

        That’s it!

        In plot writing nothing would accepted. This is the same age difference as Elizabeth and Darcy. But it’s no Romeo and Juliet, which isn’t a bad age gap but rather bad timing.

        I don’t know the actor’s age. I didn’t guess that he was in his 30s. I only have a hard time picturing her working because last I saw her she was entering college, lol. But I think this could be an excellent couple.

    • 2.10 FrabbyCrabsis

      I have no problem with age gaps. My Mother, for example, is seven years older than my Father. My favourite drama is ‘I Hear Your Voice’, where the leads are eleven years apart. I also love ‘Last Cinderella’, a japanese drama about a man and woman fifteen years apart in age who heal eachother’s wounds – it was fantastic. I find something really endearing about noona romance.
      However, I draw the line when minors are paired with people vastly older than them, like in ‘High Shool: Love On!’ and ‘Let’s Fight, Ghost’. Both of these shows were adorable, but there was something unsettling about what that casting suggested.
      Regarding this case, I’m absolutely fine. Ten years is perfectly acceptable in my opinion, and I imagine Park Hye-soo is an established and mature actress more than capable enough of tackling this gap.

  3. potatodrama

    This is really Good News! I love them both , Age of Youth was just amazing.

  4. sky


  5. Blue

    She did a pretty good job in Age of Youth, but I wasn’t expecting her to level up so fast.
    When is Ryu Hwa Young getting a lead role too?

    • 5.1 canxi

      Riiiight??? Thinking about it, Ryu Hwa Young and Yeon Woo Jin would be a dream come true.

      • 5.1.1 Chandler

        That was actually my first thought when I read this news.

        But I’m interested to see Park Hye-soo & Yeon Woo-jin. They could actually be quite cute together in these particular roles?

        Not really sure whether she’s ready, but I’m glad that tvN is getting back to casting up-and-comers in lead roles.

        • canxi

          I’m not too worried about Park Hye Soo for some reason. If anything I liked what I saw of her comedic chops in Age of Youth. I think she has this deadpan delivery that I like.

          I think they would be cute side by side. I’ve never pictured the two together, so I’m having a hard time doing so. Plus since I only know Park Hye Soo from her one other drama role, I feel that she is not clearly established in my mind to picture at all, you know?

          I’m just gonna trust the PD and team.

          • Chandler

            See, I actually appreciated her comedic chops too, whenever she got a chance to show them. Like when she was crushing and crying over Yool Sunbae!

            I’m still worried about the chemistry because, while I think they could be cute, I don’t see them having the kind of chemistry to rival MnD, which is pretty much my favorite Rom com of recent years. It’s like….I trust this team, but I also definitely think they could have picked someone better suited, like Park Eun-bin (another AoY alum I would rather see here).

            Still, I think this casting is much better than what we could have ended up with so I’m going to be optimistic.

          • canxi

            MnD set a high bar in chemistry. They just worked so well together. Not even Another Oh Hae Young made me feel like MnD did tbh. It was really a one of a kind rom-com.

            There is always someone better! Like, I’d love to see Lim Joo Eun being spunky and funny again like in What’s Up! and Wild Romance, too. Just another person I always tend to think about whenever rom-coms pop up.

          • sky

            @Chandler You know when han groo was selected for MND she was also quite a green actress at that time, so may be the production are also searching for fresh faces for this drama, considering they have done this before. And about chemistry, I did want YDJ to play the role, but I don’t have any idea how these two would look together on page, though I individually like them enough. But still YJW’s last drama the divorce lawyer one was a bit pedestrian, so nothing to talk home about. May be this one would be better..and work for his favor.

  6. canxi

    I missed the news of Yeon Woo Jin being cast for this so I thought the leads were Park Hye Soo and Yoon Park and was really happy??? I thought it would be so cute, if not an unexpected Age of Youth reunion.

    I like Park Hye Soo. Yeon Woo Jin always kills it. I’ll wait for the teasers.

  7. sky

    That’s a total 180 degree though from an introvert to an extrovert. But I always wanted her to get a lead role, so this is a good news for me hehe. I do think she has the potential to carry the role in her shoulder,as she acts quite great for her age.

  8. Spi

    What? So Eun Jae will be the love interest of Jin Myung’s boyfriend? I don’t think I like this reunion.
    I do really like Park Hye Soo in Age of Youth but yeah from that role to leading role right away does sound like quite a big jump for her.

    • 8.1 fab

      UGH no way. TOO SOON. Jin Myung is love, we still NEED a continuation of their story in AoY 2.

  9. eterire

    Park Hye-soo is adorable ! ! !

    and I’m still pretty iffy about her taking up a lead role so soon and she still seems pretty green but i think it could be a good move to take a role that is sooooo different from the one she played in Age of Youth, especially since its created such a strong impression on the public.

  10. 10 Iris

    Very happy with the casting. I hope Yoon Park accepts too

  11. 11 Jia

    Nope. I like Park Hye Soo and I love Yeon Woo Jin, but I dislike this casting because of the age gap. Yeah she’s not a minor anymore but she’s still just 21 (turning 22 later this month), while he’s well into adulthood at 32. That coupled with the already icky power dynamics of him being her boss makes this pairing completely unromantic to me.

    There is no dearth of talented Korean actresses in their late 20’s – 30’s, so there’s no excuse for this casting.

    • 11.1 Confused

      May I ask why you find it so repulsive? I mean, she’s already 21 (almost 22) and is an adult now. Plenty of people at age 22 date older people.

    • 11.2 Adal

      I’m confused myself to see why there are so many comments against a pairing with a 10 year age gap. It’s not like she’s a minor. If anything, I was mostly surprised at how positively Moonlight was received because the lead actress is very definitely a minor and had two kiss scenes with a guy who was 6 – 7 year older. I love them both, but ick!

      Also, this constant complaints about a 10 year age difference can be offensive to real life relationships with that age gap. I am one prime example. My husband is nine years older than me and we’ve been happily married for 16 years. I met him when I was 22 years old. There’s really nothing icky about our relationship. I understand that people have their preferences but please allow for the fact that these things do happen in real life.

  12. 12 Juliesean

    I’m out. The pairing is not working for me. I don’t get any romantic vibe, she looks more like his younger sister or Niece.

  13. 13 fab

    WHAT?! She was lovely in Aof(the group worked), but as the lead opposite YWJ is a big let down, he deserves someone of his level. Some castings make me SIIIIIIIGH.

  14. 14 angieya

    Aww, of all the AoY girls I’d actually have loved to see Park Eun-bin in this as the female lead (I know she’s in another weekend(?) drama already), she and YWJ would look totally compatible and cute together and it’d be like her continuing her role from AoY. I like PHS but am also wary about how green she is but so was Han Groo back in MnD so who knows….

  15. 15 Sera The Ms Temper

    I’m not sure. I love her, but I am thinking it is pretty fast for her to land lead role. She kinda give me Baek Jin Hee’s vibe, but she seems softer than BJH. The twe men are quite older than her😅😅 if it is up to me, I’ll make her play supporting / secondary roles at least until next year to gain more experience. You know someone like Kim Seul GI, Jo Boa, Kim So Eun, Park Eun Bin deserve this leading role but too bad they are occupied with another drama except KSG. I hope her agency will not be so greedy and end up give more pressure to her.

    Who knows she will surprise us. Anyway I’ll take her rather than some actresses or idols who cannot act.

    • 15.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      Kim Seul Gi now filming for a MBC short-drama.

  16. 16 Zah

    Yoon Park sure has an eye for good dramas. What’s with this Family > Come Back Mister > Age of Youth. Hopefully this works out for him too.

    I also think Park Hye Soo is a bit green for this role but I’m ready to give her a chance. I never knew Park Bo Young could do that until I saw OMG, and Han Groo in MND, and Kim Young Kwang in Gogh’s Starry Night and Man Living in our House. Also Nana, Key and Hwayoung in their drama roles this year.

    The age difference is a bit excessive, but I shouldn’t be talking because I watched and enjoyed Mirror of the Witch, Moonlight, SHR and DOTS (wolf couple) this year. I wish the trend would die though.

  17. 17 Irma

    Whaaa Park Hye Soo from KPop Star, she has beautiful voice, I just know that she also become an actress…I should check her dramas

    • 17.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      She has acted as Joo Won’s sister in Yong Pal, among the main casts in Age of Youth and she will the the young Lee Young Ae in uopcoming sageuk Saimdang Lights Diary. For a rookie actress, she has pretty good roles so far.

      And agree she has lovely voice.

      • 17.1.1 Irma

        Tq for the info, happy for her… I rooted for her in KPop star. I’ll start to watch Age of Youth 😀

      • 17.1.2 stedens

        ahhh, so that’s where i recognize her from. didn’t watch Age of Youth, but i did watch Yong Pal (and regret it).

  18. 18 Kim Hyung

    I rooted for her in kpop star 4

    Glad shes doing well

    park hyesoo fighting !!!!!

  19. 19 Nanoo

    Oh yeasss for Yoon Park and Yeon Woo Jin but I’m not sure with the female lead, I want this drama becomes something like Another Oh Haeyoung in 2017.

  20. 20 NomNom

    I loove Park Hye Soo.. She was so adorable in AoY.. and i love the ‘Mr. Perfect second lead’ either, but i still want her to end up with the main lead.. ottokeee -_-‘

  21. 21 DeeGee

    SQUEE!!! This brings back all the Age of Youth feels (and now I’m missing Han Ye Ri).

    I’m so happy that Yeon Woo Jin has confirmed! It was so nice seeing him cameo in Oh Hae Young Again.

    I’m wondering how his pairing with Park Hye Soo will look like. I can’t imagine it now, but I hope the show shows us how awesome they are together.

  22. 22 Makoto

    Such a cute pairing, but give yoon park girlfriend, too.

  23. 23 Adal

    I like Park Hye-soo, but funnily enough, I’m not too sure about Yeon Woo-jin whose likability for me dropped sharply after starring in that hideous drama, Divorce Lawyer in Love. I would’ve preferred it if she was paired with Yoon Park as I see the potential for them to be a sweet couple.

    I’m getting really sick of tsundere, prickly and rich male leads, Ha Suk Jin in two dramas have cured me of that!

  24. 24 nostarie

    I support all Age of Youth actors/actresses. I miss this show so much and I’ll be happy seeing them in another roles.
    (But I want season 2 in 2017!!)

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