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Rising film stars Ryu Joon-yeol and Kim Tae-ri up for Little Forest
by | November 19, 2016 | 114 Comments


Well-loved actor Ryu Joon-yeol (Lucky Romance) may be matching talents with this year’s Chungmuro breakout actress Kim Tae-ri (The Handmaiden) in a manga adaptation film called Little Forest. She has confirmed, while he is still reviewing the offer. Award-winning director Im Soon-rye, who has created hit movies like Informant and Waikiki Brothers, is taking the lead on this new project.

The original source material for the upcoming project Little Forest is a slice-of-life Japanese manga by the same name. It is about a girl who escapes big city life after some heartbreaking disappointments. She finds peace again back at her sleepy hometown, by becoming one with nature. The manga artist, Igarashi Daisuke, was nominated for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for his work. Little Forest received so much love in Japan that it was adapted into a two-part movie. Kim Tae-ri will play the main character, and Ryu Joon-yeol has been offered the part of her childhood friend.

Kim Tae-ri has been attached to the film since it was first announced because the director singled her out for it. Kim originally rose to fame for beating out 1500 other competitors during the fierce audition process for the long-awaited Park Chan-wook film, The Handmaiden. Director Im became enchanted with the indie actress’s healthy looks and natural acting after seeing her perform in that movie.

Meanwhile, Ryu Joon-yeol already has three films pending release soon: mystery crime movie Silence, period film Taxi Driver, and legal thriller The King. If he ends up joining Kim Tae-ri, he won’t have much of a holiday break because filming starts in early January of next year.

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114 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    Thanks for that intro about Kim Tae-ri! I keep hearing about her from Chungmuro friends. I didn’t know she had so much competition for her role in Handmaiden. That’s impressive. Hope I can watch her in something one day.

    • 1.1 themugen

      Watch The Handmaiden if you can. It was amazing as was she.

    • 1.2 Daphnep

      I was really hoping he would be paired with Kang So Ra in a romcom by next year. I think they would look good together. If they could date in real life that would be great, too. Yea, I’m asking for too much. Ok, just a romcom with them as leads.

      • 1.2.1 efef

        i just want to see KSR in a drama right now.. and I love RJY too,want to see them together in a project maybe someday.

      • 1.2.2 yh

        strongly agrrr

  2. glopo

    i hope the two characters are just friends because i’m really over the whole age-gap difference between actors and their counter-part because it’s really awkward and uncomfortable, especially if one of them is underage.

    • 2.1 news

      She’s 26 and he’s 30.

      • 2.1.1 anon


      • 2.1.2 mel

        Wow. She looks like she’s 14 in that picture.

      • 2.1.3 pigsnout


    • 2.2 CurryBuns

      Ummmm, you must be in the wrong thread. Yoo Seungho + Kim Sohyun’s drama is over there >>> and Park Bogum + Kim Yoojung’s drama is there <<<

      • 2.2.1 An

        haha I see what you did there…

        The recent trend must’ve made everyone weary of any age gap..

    • 2.3 pogo

      wow, I didn’t know an age gap of a whole FOUR YEARS was so “awkward and uncomfortable”.

      • 2.3.1 Chandler

        Especially when both are over 25. I mean, really, dude?! This pairing is much more acceptable than most nowadays.

      • 2.3.2 vkook

        Kim Tae-ri must be looking that young to glopo’s eyes that he’s/she’s assuming she’s a teenager. LOL. That’s why it’s important to always check the facts beforehand…

        • Ck1Oz

          Yeah it’s dangerous making unsubstantiated facts on DB. The funniest thing now would be if they end up datinv BECAUSE of the close age gap. Hahaha.

    • 2.4 yukari

      Don’t worry (a bit spoiler here)

      if they really follow the original source, they will not become as couple. They are goodfriend and remain friend till the end. They don’t even have romantic relationship and marry another person.

      • 2.4.1 maryxiah

        You just ruined it for me. Lol j/k.

      • 2.4.2 mary

        I’m squinting. The temptation is real…

    • 2.5 hjw

      I SO agree. Anything more than ten days in difference between two sexual partners is just so yucky and should punished severely. At least by strongly worded, anonymous opprobrium on the internet.

      • 2.5.1 Kiara

        Ten days? 100% of all K dramas and movies would be inappropriate.

        • hjw


    • 2.6 jadine

      Lee Jun Ki is 34 and IU is 23, I didn’t see the age gap.

  3. drivebyknitting

    Can we make 2017 The Year that Ryu Joon Yeol is in everything? Because my 2016 has sucked and 12 months of Joon Yeol is the first step to making everything all better.

    • 3.1 SwoosieDerkins

      hear hear!

    • 3.2 Am

      Because I also do not wish for him to die of exhaustion, I say we clone him!

      It will be like star wars. All the actors in the industry fighting an army of Ryu Junyeol clones to get a lead role.

      Now that is a future I would like to see!

    • 3.3 Giggs

      THIS. My 2016 sucks too so let 2017 be awesome with Ryu Jun Yeol.

  4. junny

    She’s 26, while he’s 30. I don’t see a problem…?

    • 4.1 junny

      Oops, this was meant as a reply to @glopo.

      Anyway, the manga premise sounds lovely. I might hunt for the Japanese live action.

      • 4.1.1 Katie

        Go watch it, you won’t regret it! It’s two films, one for spring/summer and another for autunm/winter.

        I loved both but autunm/winter has a special place on my heart due to the food (exploring food in winter is quite different than summer, and I was surprised on many ways, while the movie summer was also pretty good I was expecting somehow the food because I have a garden and I only cultivate on summer so I knew her struggles and what food you cultivate in summer).

        I LOVE Kim Tae-ri, she was gold on Handmaiden, so I was really happy with this cast. As for Ryu Joon-yeol, I don’t know him particulary well but I’m looking forward to it.

        HOWEVER, it makes me wonder about this live action main leads. In the japanese version, the main character was the girl and her childhood friend was not lead but a supporting role. The japanese movies were centered only around the girl. That’s why the movies don’t have romance. I wonder if the korean version will not follow that premise and make it different, because with Ryu Joon-yeol casting, he will be a lead instead of being a supportive character…

        This movie needs to have a great director instead of writer, because it’s all about nature, and what you get from nature, your relationship with nature and what you learn from it, all in the main lead’s perspective and how she copes with it while being conscious of her childhood there and what her mother taught. It’s really a slice of life purely on human-nature connections, and on my opinion, it’s one of those movies you don’t need romance at all…so please, don’t disappoint me korean version!

        • Karuna

          Little Forest is so so amazing. And while I love Kim Tae-ri in The Handmaiden and Ryu Joon-yeol seems a promising actor I I honestly do not see how well it will translate in Korean. Would be interesting to see the seasons play out in Korea but yes afraid of romance being injected Katie!! Please please no. Also Little Forest’s supporting characters are subdued and real whereas Koreans seem to have a lot of louder colorful supporting characters who are definitely in “drama mode”. Which can disturb the mood evoked by the film. And agree about the director being important. All in all mixed feelings.

          • Hannah

            Same. Little Forest was all about the female lead, her hometown and her self-sufficiency. No other character stand out rather than nature itself. Kim Tae-ri’s co-lead should be the environment and not some romantic interest, that would defeat the essence of the film altogether.

          • Karuna

            Precisely. The environment as a co-star would be interesting with a Korean setting.

            Takahiro Miura did a pretty decent turn though and I can imagine RJY bringing something similar to the support role. As long as they stick to the spirit and philosophy of the original.

          • Sky

            I wanted to see the movie as the original one seemed quite promising ..much like our little sister. I think the Japanese has a special talent for making these small town indie vibe movies which evoke one kind of mood. But coming back to the pint I agree with you too. I think there are still lot of Korean film actors who are still not a big name but can do justice as this friend character who won’t outshine the main role but would be there giving support as required.

        • mikgoo

          I haven’t read the manga but based from the description, it’s really all about the girl and her commune with nature so I’m not so sure if they will try to insert some romance here since they are billing these two as the lead.

          • Yoo

            I don’t see Junyeol being billed co-lead because if you watch the 4-hour film, his character hardly appeared for 30 minutes. I mean, if we’re submitting Junyeol in an award show, he’ll be supporting actor for sure.

          • risaeri

            i doubt this veteran director would ruin it. the beauty of the japanese films was how quiet and beautifully filmed they were. there’s never much going on so having romance in the background would just ruin it.

            i never watched anything with RJY but i think he was cast just so they could bring in extra viewers since the film has only like 5 characters max. it’s not uncommon to see well known actors cast as very minor roles, look at jo seungwoo in assassination

        • twinkledot

          ” This movie needs to have a great director instead of writer, because it’s all about nature, and what you get from nature, your relationship with nature and what you learn from it..”

          This sounds like 3MAD, being self-sufficient and how you appreciate the beauty of nature. Can I recommend Na-PD? He can make the relationship between yoon kyun sang’s cat and lee seo jin so belieavable haha

      • 4.1.2 junny

        Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and views on Little Forest. It sounds like a great watch. I’ll definitely give it a go!

        • yukari

          @junny, you should!

          The way she live is how I want my life to be. Just spending my time peacefully close to nature in peace. And the food you grow yourself definitely taste better than the one you buy.

    • 4.2 lolabeans

      I was about to make the same comment. Good thing I scrolled. I don’t think it’s wrong to question the large age differences that are often shoved down our throats, but five years in either direction doesn’t bother me.

      I loved her in the Handmaiden and have only heard good things about him, so I would be happy if this casting was finalized. Will keep an eye out for this movie.

  5. Chi

    When I first see her picture, i thought she’s same age with KYJ or something. I have to google her, ok she’s 1990, 5 years younger than RJY. But she looks really young which make the year gap seem bigger. Hope its a charming drama, people will pay attention to their acting than the looks.

    The thing I like is the pair is new, different, edgy and cute. Its not typical flower boys and idols girls. It could be an actual adult drama.

    • 5.1 Yap

      The original is far from an adult drama. More like coming-of-age or self-discovery… kind of like Eat Pray Love.

      *prays to film gods that no romance is involved as that will ruin the whole concept of it*

  6. blu_blu_skye

    The premise sounds fresh and different.

    I hope Ryu Jun-Yeol accepts the role. These 2 actors are natural actors, it’ll be nice to see them working alongside each other!

  7. sana

    i watched the japanese movie adaptations of the manga and there is 0 romance involved so to the people worried about the ‘4 year age-gap’ can be probably rest assured lol..

    the story is incredibly simple, we follow the main lead, the girl, on her journey to make a couple of dishes in all four seasons with some very vague hints of backstory. if anyone watched the na pd variety show, 3 meals a day, it’s almost like watching a movie version of that. very relaxing and laid-back

  8. bbstl

    oh, FILM again. pfffttttt ☹️

    Glad for them, sad for us.

  9. Azteca

    Wow . another movie offer from a “called,,” ugly and cursed reply hahahaha. 4 movie offer after one year of the drama reply and all of them from award winning director s really something right.

    I guess the movie will be more about cinematography and acting. No need over techno or action. One mistake the drama will be very boring. I’m not worry about the actor as my junyeol is a guarantee in acting amd kim taeri is a big newcomer. I just hope the female PD will create nice cute and memorable movie. That if junyeol decide to take the offer. Well I hope he will, though he must double filming with Silence.

    • 9.1 Shiela

      Well, compared to other Reply series actors, he didn’t really do well this year with Lucky Romance. No need to be salty. And yes, he is being cast here and there in films but they’re mostly supporting roles and the films aren’t even released yet to say that they’ll be successful and worth bragging about.

      Little Forest is about the female lead, nature and food. Nothing about the male lead characters stand out. And I don’t see it working well if the Korean version deviate from that.

      • 9.1.1 May

        Agree. I’m a fan but they’re not even “mostly supporting roles” because they are ALL supporting roles and some are even bit parts. He is really lucky to have C-Jes as agency. His very enthusiastic fanbase love him to bits (I do!) but the general public don’t really care much.

        • bloop

          I thought ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Silence’ were leading roles though? (not trying to start an argument btw just genuinely confused!) He’s listed as μ£Όμ—° for both and prev. dramabeans article for taxi said the story revolved around him and SKH’s character… so I was under the impression that he wasn’t a supporting role, or is ‘leading role’ used more loosely in Korean? regardless, I’m just happy he’s still getting roles despite the flop ( πŸ™ ) drama

          • Celina

            Where are you basing this because if it’s Naver Movies that’s not accurate as it’s not controlled by the production.

            Taxi is about a taxi driver (Song Kang-ho) and German reporter covering an uprising. Junyeol is just a citizen militia and the other name-cast citizen militia is Yu Hae-jin. I think people are just confused because veteran actor Yu Hae-jin has an even bigger supporting role than Junyeol.

            Silence is all about Choi Min-sik and Park Shin-hye. Even the first stills will tell you as such.

            All roles he got this year are supporting. That’s also why he was cast in four, because he doesn’t need a long time to film his scenes.

          • bloop

            ^Dunno, a k-fansite of his posted about it a while back so I’m not sure about the exact source but it’s also what most of his k-fans who follow everything about him have been saying (it does say that on naver too but who knows about the accuracy). I’m not sure about citizen militia though, cause I’m pretty sure his character’s name is Jae-Sik and he’s a student that is auditioning for a singing competition… but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter too much to me

          • guerilla


            in taxi driver, The king and Silenced he’s 2nd lead.

            in taxi Driver his role is a student who happens passing by the incident while he is going to singing competition. based on the schedule, he filming untill 5 days before it ended. so that means his character is not just appear 2 minutes then killed. he probably supporting role, but give impact to the whole story.

            In The king, he’s JIS friends who’s siding with the opposite. his name mentioned as 4th name. sure it’s supporting role, but same with TD, he’s not just appear 2 minutes then killed. he also filmed untill 7 days before it wrapped up. that means he filmed a lot of scene. and have you heard that A LOT of actor want to be Jaesik because of Jaesik character is very dreamable for every actor ? the PD even adjust the schedule to adjust Junyeol schedule with LR. I know, haters will say “ah thats the rumour that bragged by Junyeol fans “…
            But let them be…haters is just haters…no positive mind in them.

            But Junyeol fans know better …he only confirmed after 2 months receiving the offer because he’s worry a lot about the schedule. and in this 2 months, no other name mentioned by the PD.

            Silenced is not yet filming, but his name is mentioned third in the chart and even above the prosecutor (in the original movie). the PD said that his character is not on the original movie.

            Junyeol fans doesnt care what haters said, we even joke what the haters is going to say. like “ohhh he only got the role because of C-jes”…yeah right…ahahahahahah…this gives us good laugh. thank you…

            the funniest comment was that someone said C-jes is the same with Cj, the distributor company. when they hate someone, they do care to check others but still, you need to check further like..checking what kind of company CJ E&M is…lol.

          • bloop

            ^ok cmon… I agree that he’s definitely not a side character as some are insinuating, but can we not be smug and make his role sound any bigger than it will be (i’m sure he does play a central role though but cmon)… I’m his fan too, hence why i’m so updated on all his movies, but lets not get carried away lol

          • haha

            @guerilla I’m not his fan nor hater but it’s quite obvious he is benefit with his agency whether it’s drama ( most his drama main cast is from CJes or movies like they make a role for him that only smaller than the 2 main leads)
            It’s the same with PBG with his luck with SJK-DOTS/KBS and his agency as well
            I’m not saying they aren’t talented but they are luckier than other actors… And there is nothing wrong with that. Good for them!

          • Tina

            (LOL! azteca is really worki hard defending his oppa’s honor)

            I don’t know why the SJK connection was even included because even before DOTS aired, PBG was the “It” boy because of Reply and had been in a handful of KBS shows. I agree tho that Blossom is proving to be great in managing their actors.

        • cheekbones

          RJY probably puts more importance on whom he’ll be working with rather than on whether his roles are leads or supporting.

          I think he’s that kind of actor, one that wants to learn more and expand his horizon. And I’m fine with it.

          • Helga

            He just screams charactor actor. I don’t doubt he will be a respected, veteran supporting actor in Chungmuro.

          • Karuna

            Amen Helga. Given all the stupid “most handsome ugly”* comments about him he should aim for a film career. If he is a good actor he will succeed whereas drama world is shallow and is only going to reward the basic hot guy.

            * I find him more charming than the usual suspects πŸ™‚

          • reddish

            Yes i agree,, i believe Junyeol wants to learn from these veteran actors. He want to improve his skills by acting along with them. He doesnt need popularity, he choose quality instead.

          • Helga

            @Karuna: Well, I was in no way looking down drama actors because there are a lot of handsome drama stars who are doing great in Chungmuro as well. They have fame, marketability and respect (ie Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Kim Soohyun and the next generation would likely include Yoo Seungho and Park Bogum).

            But hey, some are just fit to be character actors and that’s great too.

          • Cynthia

            @reddish: “He doesn’t need popularity, he choose quality instead.”

            Really?! Is that why he chose Lucky Romance right after his breakout role? Let’s be real, CJes wanted him to be their next leading man (after Park Yoochun’s scandal). But that backfired. So now he’s in film again, like how he started (Socialphobia) in the first place. And good thing he’s picking up projects.

          • azteca


            even in LR he learned quality from Hwang Jeungeum. just because it failed in ratings doesnt mean he didnt learn. good ratings doesnt mean that you succesfull in learning.

            And in the movie where he acted alongside Song Kangho, Jung woosung, CHoi Minshik he will learn alot. back to movie like Socialphobia ? you are talking as if that movie is a trash. I dont know, but the way you talked as if you’re haters who spend more time to watch over him and got jealous over his offer.

            I am his fans who’s proud that he’s choosen to act alongside great Chungmoro where he can learn alot. he dont need to be the lead. enough with good Director, good actor and he already starting his path. he’s not going to be the next Song kangho or Ha jungwoo. He’s the new Ryu Junyeol.

        • Archer

          I would rather see him in many non typical supporting roles with great chungmuro actors than a typical cold leading role in a romcom drama. He is a new actor and he can learn a lot from those actors. If he says yes to Little Forest, it may be because of the opportunity to work with the director.

          • bd5

            RJY always struck me as more of a film actor than a drama actor.

            That’s where he got his start (in way indie films) and he seems to be the type who wants to be challenged by varied roles in films and not the typical leading male role in K-dramas, along w/ having the usual better writing/directing in films.

          • guerilla


            if being the lead is all you care about, you will never learn especialy in a drama where all you care is rating and pps.

            movie casting are different. you can be as cute or handsome, but without talent you will not even get the role.

        • bd5

          Some people have way too much expectations for Reply/AM alums.

          RJY is just starting out in his career and 1 lead role in a drama (even if an average drama; well-written dramas are hard to come by) and roles (even if supporting) in numerous well-regarded films is a good year.

          Before AM88, RJY was a struggling actor – now he makes more than a comfortable living.

          Along the same lines, Son Ho-jun was a struggling actor before AM94 and now he makes enough to have moved next door to his best bud, Yoo Yeon-seok.

          It’s difficult enough for an actor/actress to be in one big hit and even more difficult to be in 2 or more (esp. for dramas; in film, a few actors/actresses repeatedly get the top roles).

          Look at Jeon Ji-hyun.
          No one was bigger after MSG – where as a result, JJH was the reigning “CF Queen” for years.

          It took another 11 yrs before JJH was in another hit (and an overrated one at that) “The Thieves” and that was an ensemble film.

          It took a dozen years before JJH was in another major hit, MLftS (also a bit overrated) where she was in a lead role.

          Since AM94, Yoo Yeon-seok has starred in a string of smaller films which have done OK in the box office and a beyond mediocre Hong sisters drama.

          “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” seems to be YYS’s best shot at another hit since AM94 – rising in the ratings and with a shot to hit the 20% viewership mark before the end of its run.

          Since AM97, Seo In-guk was the 2nd male lead in “Master’s Sun” and the lead in OK dramas like “High School King of Savvy.”

          It took SIG 4 years before starring in another hit, PU 38, which ended up being the highest rated OCN series.

          It’s really difficult to be in hits (everything has to come together, esp. the writing, and even if the writing isn’t great, has to have that soapy-appeal to a broad spectrum of the Korean audience).

          But while it took time for YYS and SIG to get their 2nd hit, they undeniably have established themselves as leading man actors.

          Go Ara’s acting career before AM94 had been in a long tailspin – since then, her career has totally been resuscitated.

          Park Bo-gum was lucky in that his next project after AM88, but it was AM88 that cemented his stardom and vastly increased his rates for CFs.

          Speaking of CFs, say what you want about Hyeri’s acting since AM88, but she was basically the CF queen for 2016 and doesn’t have to worry about $$ anymore.

          All in all, RJY had a good year and should have a long and successful career as an actor.

          Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Sae-ron and Kim So-hyun each had their 1st adult role this year with KYJ having the highest ratings by far (even taking into account that the other 2 were on cable).

          In other years, KSR or KSH will end up being in a show with the highest rating among the 3.

        • azteca

          Iam sorry..what is the meaning lucky to have C-jes as agency? all agency is the same if you have talent.

          You know joowon came from small agency, Yoo ahin came from small agency. just because C-jes owned by JYJ doesnt guarantee anything if the actor is not talented.

          this is movie we’re talking about not drama where you can be lead easily when you’re the trend.

          and i doubt that you’re a fans because when you said that the general public dont really care much it’s wrong. they do care talent.

          • haha

            @ azteca JW and YAI are from small agencies? lol Are you sure?
            And CJes have a lot of movie actors. That’s where the connection and package deals come with them from.

          • lol

            “all agency is the same if you have talent”


      • 9.1.2 Kim

        The only character that should stand out in this film other than Kim Tae-ri should be nature. It would be irritating if they will fill Junyeol’s screen time because of fan noise.

      • 9.1.3 guerilla

        I dont understand why RJY fans cant be bragged about him being to be cast in 4 movie …two movies with the great chungmoro Song Kangho and CHoi Minshik. also with the winning award director.

        is that being the lead is all you care about? well, he’s not the lead, but he’s also not an commoner who’s appear in 2 minutes and then killed. his name is the 4th in The king, the 2nd in Silenced and Taxi Driver.

        when others said their idol is the next A or the next B, RJY already start his path as the new RJY. he doesnt need to be the next won bin or anyone….And no one cant stop us for being bragging that he’s been cast in 4 great movie, with great PD. because i tell you my dear, let us be worry about him, while you can worry about yours.

        • jikki

          He’s being dubbed as the next Yoo Hae-jin tho. There were a couple of articles about that.

        • Sheena

          RJY fans are so worked up proving their oppa is choosing supporting roles for art and here they are obsessed about the billing. If he didn’t get any spotlight in Reply, he wouldn’t even be in the poster of “One Way Trip”. Don’t you guys know that his name is being used to drum up publicity in the web (where his fans usually dwell)? Good PR strategy but it’s still the veterans who will carry the film hard in and for the wider public.

        • Timtim

          Gosh, where did all the RJY fans get this misplaced and annoying smugness that they have repeatedly displayed in the comments? Nobody is attacking your oppa, these commenters are basing their observations on facts (ratings, CF deals, polls, etc). It was a fair assessment of the Reply alums. You guys can be proud and all but don’t include rational commenters in your pretend play that RJY had a highly-successful year by industry standards.

    • 9.2 Kiara

      “Silence” started filming in October. He is playing a supporting role. Choi Min-sik will carry the bulk of it like most of his movies.
      I don’t think he’d have any problem with the filming schedule.

      • 9.2.1 Honey

        Exactly the reason why he can accept so many films this year, he only has supporting roles in them. He only needs a short amount of time to film.

        • guerilla

          for your info my dear…he’s not appear in just 2 minutes and then get killed.

          for THE KING he filmed starting March and finished early of June. Taxi Driver he start on July and finish on October.

          that month of filming speaks that his character gives impact to the whole story. like Hwang jungmin in the village. he’s 2nd lead and appear 30 minutes after the movie starting..but he gives you more impact than the lead.

          • Kiara

            I know you are his fan but you need to relax. Honey never said anything about him appearing for 2mins.

            What do you mean like Hwang Jung-min in the village? Are you talking about The Wailing?
            I think Hwang Jung-min is a great role model for young actors. He has been a great talent since early in his career but it took a long time for Chungmuro to acknowledge his talents. Now he is sitting pretty at the top where he belongs with the likes of Song Kang-ho, Choi Min-shik, Ha Jung-woo etc.

            Good luck to Ryu, it’s not easy to make it in the film industry.

        • guerilla


          she didnt, but the way she said it as if he can receive all the offer only because he has so many freetime on his hands and that is just a small role where he can filmed it like two weeks and then finish.

          for non fans, this is what it looks like. thats why i told you for non fans, that his character is not someone that’s not just two minutes and then get killed.

          and sorry for the title..yes, it should be the wailing i/o the village. Iam a fans of Hwang jungmin…and kwak dowon. but HJM surely more scene stealer because everyone need to know which side he was in the end.

          • Kiara

            I don’t think there was anything wrong with the way she said it. She didn’t state anything specific time because supporting roles can range anywhere from 10% screen time to almost as much as the lead.
            She didn’t say anything about Ryu having many free time. That’s your own interpretation.

            I like him alot but I don’t consider myself a fan and I don’t look at his supporting roles the way you are describing it. I’m a fan of cinemas and broadway shows. I’m very much interested in what goes on in Chungmuro, the film actors,directors,producers,writers, production companies etc.

            We do have something in common, we are both fans of Hwang Jung-min and Kwak Do-won. They are both film and stage actors, my kind of actors.

    • 9.3 Sam

      Well I may only be a casual fan but I can totally see why a forgettable flop drama and four supporting roles in films isn’t considered a successful year especially when he’s being predicted to be the biggest thing that will come out of Reply 1988.

      • 9.3.1 Celine

        Yeah. RJY is good but 2016 doesn’t seem to be his year even after Reply 1988 which ended in January. His drama LR did not do well. Though he did good in it, even he couldn’t save it (and even with a good partner). I’m glad he got movie offers but they are mostly supporting roles instead of indisputably lead ones.

        A Korean article came out about the Reply alums who made it big this year and they listed SIG, PBG, GGP, and YYS. I hope we get to see RJY’s name next year. And hopefully he comes across a good project where he is the lead.

        • guerilla

          they’re talking about drama.
          the four you mentioned is not great in chungmoro as well…drama is all about trend and ratings.

          • hahah

            They are talking about general…
            RJY isn’t hitting big in movies this year either…
            I don’t see why are are so offended by this… It’s just his luck hasn’t come yet…

          • kaye

            GGP and PBG had a lot of support roles in chungmuro but they don’t consider that as small as they learn a lot from those. Their fans don’t get offended when others describe their roles in movies as just small or they only have little airing time. I think the same goes for RJY so I think there is no need to be defensive for it.

          • Smh

            PBG and GKP both have a great body of work in film. They’re even both in Admiral Roaring Currents (highest grossing Korean film of all time) and Chinatown which screened in Cannes. They were both nominated for Best New Actor at Baeksang for that too.

            People can look down on Korean dramas but it’s one of the ways to get Chungmuro people to notice an actor’s skills and boxoffice draw/public recognition. GKP and PBG are having the best of both worlds.

      • 9.3.2 Sam_1

        Well, I’m sure RJY will shine in his own time. A big plus factor for him is that he has already served the military before debut so I know that he can still grab a good project while most actors are away..hehehehe

        • Heya

          Well, we’re not talking about Yoo Seungho here. Junyeol is 30. There are a lot of bigger stars in his age bracket that have already served the military. I just don’t see it as an advantage.

          • Kiara

            Well, he is on a roll with opportunities in Chungmuro that newly established actors don’t normally get so it is an advantage for him that he doesn’t need to disrupt that with a 2yr military service.

            Chungmuro is not like drama land. It takes a long time to be an established movie actor. You don’t get to the top in your 30s unless you are Ha Jung-woo.

  10. 10 Archer

    I am glad that RJY is getting another offer for a movie, yet also dissapointed because I may not be able to see him soon. My selfish wish for 2017 is that he will consider to return to a drama after filming Little Forest. But, if he wants to stay in movieland, I know I will still support him.

  11. 11 Kiara

    Yim Soonrye’s “Waikiki Brothers” introduced me to Hwang Jung-min and Park Hae-il, 2 of my favorite movie actors.

    I’m sure Yim Soonrye will also be the writer and producer here from the sound of it. I’m also happy to see more young female talents getting recognition early in their career and making a smooth transition from short films to critical acclaim.
    Rock on Kim Tae-ri!

    • 11.1 Karuna

      Amen. Rock on Kim Tae-ri.

      • 11.1.1 Helga

        I’m here for KIM TAE-RI!

    • 11.2 alua

      That it’s Yim Soonrye is the most appealing bit for me. Her films are lovely – not big blockbusters, but finely crafted stories with sensitivity. I haven’t read the manga or seen the Japanese film adaptation (it’s on my to-watch list) but from what I know about Little Forest it’s definitely the sort of story that fits well with Him Soonrye’s directing style.

      If I were Ryu Joon-yeol, I’d definitely take this.

      • 11.2.1 Kiara

        Same here, Yim Soonrye is the main draw for me too. I’m also rooting for Kim Tae-ri. I’m familiar more with Yim Soonrye ‘s work. I’ve only seen two of Tae-ri’s short films. She was playing a mute girl “Moon-young” and that was my favorite.

  12. 12 bloop

    From what people have been saying this sounds more like an ~artsy movie, I can def. see RJY accepting it. KTR and RJY are both talented, but they’re also relatively new faces so I’m somewhat worried about them being able to pull in an audience… I hope it does well though :(!

  13. 13 Livii

    Wow, totally loved her bold and confident performance in The Handmaiden. I love slice of life and introspective movies, so Ill be looking out for this.

  14. 14 Aki

    The four seasons is central to this film so I guess the release date is 2018? The most intriguing character apart from the Kim Tae-ri’s is her character’s mother. I hope a great actress would be cast. Junyeol will play Yuta, no? I wonder who the female friend will be. But Yuta didn’t leave much of an impression tho, both in the manga and the Japanese film. It’s definitely a supporting role. I can’t wait to see Kim Tae-ri own this project!

  15. 15 miroufleur

    Ryu Jun Yeol is love ! i’m so happy that he got cast with kim tae ri πŸ™‚

  16. 16 pororo

    I just glad that Ryu Jun Yeol get to act with a-lister actor in korea. I mean he’ll act with jo in sung, jung woo sung, song kang hoo, yoo hae jin, choi min shik, and kim tae ri (thou she is new). He will learn something even with just watching them sit. Also, I’m happy that he choose different kind of role in every of his project.

    • 16.1 queenjihyun

      Agree with you, although I wouldn’t say Kim Tae-Ri is an a-list actor yet. She is a new comer, more of an indie actress (talented nevertheless) and only time can tell if she will be considered an a-list actor, which she will be if her consecutive works do well and acting is versatile.
      Ryu Jun Yeol did good by staying in chungmuro and doing side roles because he can learn a lot from his sunbaes and work his way up from there. I mean, not everyone can get a role in a remake movie, whose character wasn’t in the original film and work with sunbaes like Choi Min-Shik and Park Shin-Hye. I’d rather him to be a critically acclaimed than have momentary popularity…

      • 16.1.1 Hon

        He already had momentary popularity in Reply.

  17. 17 tasya

    Wow, that is impressive line of partner! He is sure racking up movies this year. Theater will full with his face. But sad news for me, international fan, i can’t see him in my laptop screen. This is one of these day when i hope i am a korean.

    • 17.1 tasya

      woops, this was meant as reply to @pororo

  18. 18 agoodheart

    Oooh, I watched this Japanese two-part movie recently this year and I’m curious how the Koreans will do it. Hopefully no unnecessary romance. Would be interesting to see Korean nature, village food, and a girl coming to focus.

  19. 19 CurryBuns

    Looks like 2017 will be RJY’s year with so many movies being lined up despite not being lead roles. I’d rather he build up a stream of steady supporting roles like Ma Dong Suk, Lee Sung Min and Jo Jinwoong. Movies aren’t mostly about the leads anyway but the ensemble of the cast along with the plot.

    Hopefully this remake will stay true to its original, female dominant and nature-centered. I’ve only heard good things about Kim Taeri but I don’t think Handmaiden is a good way for me to start to know her x) I really love her fresh and youthful look though.

  20. 20 canxi

    I love Kim Tae Ri already. She’s great. I’m glad she signed on early because I’m already thinking how I’d love to see her in this.

  21. 21 Lin_K

    I loved both the movies of Little Forest. I loved the farm life and how the heroine lived a quiet life in the village. The nature, the plants, rain, snow, and the beauty of it all was so appealing. I want to go live in Komori someday πŸ™‚

  22. 22 Kororo

    Little forest is really good !!!! I recommend it to everybody ! I hope they can make a good remake out of it, though I somehow find that the slice of life and introspective style in J drama/movie tend to somehow not translate as well in k drama/movie. Fingers crossed !

  23. 23 pickledplumtree

    I’m always so excited to see my all time favorite fella in a new role! The plot sounds lovely. I’m going to have to check out the manga and Japanese film as well!

    • 23.1 yukari

      If you want to check the manga, be prepared that the art may not everyone cup of tea. But it has very heartwarming story so just stick with it so you’ll get used to the art.

  24. 24 yukari

    Since it’s movie not drama, I hope they will follow the original and don’t add unnecessary loveline. As mentioned by other above, the beauty of the story is her interaction with nature (and the cinematography !). Some people may find it boring since it mostly about her cooking or growing crop. Plotwise, it flat with barely no climac nor anticlimac. So I salute the director on being so close to the source manga, each page is beautifully translate to the screen.

    I wonder, the title “Little Forest” is her village name right (Komori), so will they translate it to korean as well?

  25. 25 faith

    aigoo..the guy is NEWBIE guys!! why are you guys nitpicking his choice in kdrama or Chungmuro? that is his choice if he want to take supporting roles. so what, he has a lot of time in his hand?

    btw…good luck with new film. and dont worry, he is not Kim rae won level that he can have the production team alter his character to have more impact than female lead.

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