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Shopping King Louis: Episode 12
by | November 3, 2016 | 200 Comments

Let go of your pet theories and suspicions, because this episode’s a shocker. Whatever you thought was happening, the reality is 180 degrees different. You’d think we’d know by now not to underestimate the cleverness of this show, yet it still manages to surprise me. One thing is certain, our Louis will never be predictable!

EPISODE 12: “A Dream Becomes Reality”

Joong-won narrates that there’s a Native American proverb that says that if you repeat a wish more than ten thousand times, it comes true. We see a young girl waiting anxiously, and when a handsome deliveryman walks up her street, she says, “I’ll marry that man.”

He walks right past her without looking at her, but she remains determined. That was Joong-won’s parents, and Young-ae’s often-repeated wish eventually got her the man she wanted.

In-sung tells the Gold Group team all about Louis and Bok-shil, how she found him with no memory and cared for him. He tells how Louis was robbed by a motorcycle gang, and that Bok-shil’s brother stole his car and died in a terrible accident. He says that’s why they broke up, because being together was too painful.

Louis lies in bed, wishing that Bok-shil and he could get back together. We hear Joong-won’s voice saying that Louis had never heard the Native American proverb, but his repeated wishes to be with Bok-shil again numbered over ten thousand. Joong-won tells us, “The wish that he repeated ten thousand times was about to come true.”

Down in Busan, while finishing up her business trip, Bok-shil sees a familiar figure sitting at the base of a staircase. It’s Louis, looking exactly as he did when they first met, grubby and wearing Bok-nam’s tracksuit. She runs to him and kneels, calling his name.

Louis looks at her blankly, and she asks why he’s here instead of in France. “Am I… Louis?” he asks haltingly. “Do you know me?”

Bok-shil nods, and tells him her name. His eyes well up as if something inside him recognizes it, and he looks away, saying his chest hurts. Bok-shil takes Louis’s face in her hands, and tears start to run down his face as he asks if they were close. Her answer is to hug him, and they both cry.

Bok-shil calls Butler Kim, who says that he’ll come meet them at the docks. Louis is clutching Bok-shil’s sleeve like he did when they first met, and she takes his hand in hers. She smiles at him and he smiles back, seeming comforted to have someone close.

Bok-shil takes Louis to meet with Butler Kim, and he asks for coffee. She tells him there’s another kind he likes better, and Louis asks if she knows him very well.

Before she can answer more than “of course,” Butler Kim shows up, screaming Louis’s name. Louis is startled and makes a run for it, with Butler Kim and Bok-shil hot on his heels, determined not to lose him again.

He flails down the dock and onto a yacht, and Bok-shil jumps aboard right behind him. Louis manages to sneak off the boat behind her back, and the yacht pulls away, stranding Bok-shik on board while Louis makes his escape. Oh no, they can’t lose him again!

Bok-shil runs up to the driver, but he says it’s too late to turn back. She calls Butler Kim, who says that he found Louis, thank goodness. Bok-shil sits to wait for the ride to end, mind reeling at the day’s surprises.

But they’re not over yet — Detective Joo-hyuk calls Bok-shil, and excitedly tells her that Bok-nam has been found alive. Not only is he not dead, but he’s in Busan, and Joo-hyuk asks where in Busan Bok-shil is right now. She says she’s on the ocean, near Gwangan Bridge, and Joo-hyuk asks if there’s another yacht near her.

There is, and Joo-hyuk says that Bok-nam is on that yacht right now. Bok-shil starts yelling Bok-nam’s name, frantic to see him again, and behind her, Bok-nam’s head pops up from the staircase. He calls, “Noona!” and she whirls around, and Bok-nam grabs her in a hug. But… how did he get on her boat?

Bok-shil doesn’t even care, she’s just so relieved and grateful that her little brother is alive. She asks why he didn’t come find her, and he says that he went to their old house but nobody was there. Bok-shil hugs him again, and they exchange apologies and happy tears.

Later, Bok-shil makes Bok-nam promise never to run away again, and he agrees. She finally thinks to ask how he got on the yacht, and he pulls her old phone from his pocket. On it is a video of Louis, asking, “Bok-shil, are you surprised?”

Wait, this was all a setup to bring Bok-nam back to Bok-shil? Louis, you little troll! On the video, Louis says that he promised he’d find Bok-nam, and now he’s keeping his word.

We’re taken back to three days ago, the day that Louis saw Bok-nam, and Bok-nam had run from him. Louis had been knocked over by a bike and hit his head, but he didn’t actually lose his memory — instead, he’d remembered everything that happened the night he first met Bok-nam.

Louis had been driving to his grandmother’s house from the airport, and had made a sudden turn, right into the path of Bok-nam’s motorcycle gang. They’d followed him, taunting him, and he’d nervously tried to change lanes. He’d accidentally bumped one rider, causing their leader to lose his temper and demand that Louis pull over.

One rider had popped a reverse wheelie in front of Louis’s car, and he’d jerked the wheel so hard he’d spin in a circle, causing another rider to hit his car and fall to the pavement. That had infuriated the leader, and he’d made Louis get out of the car and punched him, hard.

The leader had started to hit Louis again, but Bok-nam had stepped between them. He’d said he’d take care of this and catch up with them later, and the gang had left the two of them alone.

Bok-nam had made Louis give him his belongings, even his clothes, saying that the guys he hangs with will kill him if he doesn’t bring them everything. He’d given Louis his knockoff tracksuit to wear before driving away with his car.

Bok-nam had promised to come back for him in an hour, but when he hadn’t showed, Louis had started walking. While he was crossing a street, another motorcycle had swerved near him, and he’d tripped on the curb and smacked his head on a fire hydrant.

Louis sits up as he remembers this, and sees that Bok-nam hasn’t run far, having stayed to make sure Louis wasn’t hurt badly. Realizing that Bok-shil’s brother is the kid who saved him, Louis calls out to him. Bok-nam takes off, and the silly chase is on again.

Bok-nam jumps into a tram car, and Louis takes the stairs, racing to the top of the steep staircase. Louis tries to keep up but he has zero stamina, and has to stop and catch his breath. But he remembers all the times he climbed the stairs to his and Bok-shil’s rooftop apartment, and with a mighty battle squeak, rushes up to beat Bok-nam to the top.

Louis drags Bok-nam out of the car and hugs him, while Bok-nam apologizes for stealing his car and possessions. Louis waves all that away, gasping for breath, and hugs Bok-nam again. He thanks him for being alive, crying unashamedly, “Now I can see Bok-shil.” Awww, sweet thing.

Once everyone has calmed down, Louis tells Bok-nam that he doesn’t have to run from him. He says that he knows Bok-shil, even lived with her, and Bok-nam asks if they got married. Louis gets the cutest mischievous look on his face at the idea, and says they haven’t gotten married yet.

He asks how Bok-nam ended up in Busan, and Bok-nam tells him that he brought Louis’s car, clothes, and watch to the gang leader. It was the leader who’d been killed in the accident, and Bok-nam had been scared and gone home. When nobody was there, he decided to get as far from Seoul as possible, and came to Busan.

Louis understands, having come here for the same reason. He promises to protect Bok-nam from now on, and Bok-nam tentatively returns his hug this time. So freaking cute.

Louis had called In-sung to tell him that he found Bok-nam, and instructed him bring everyone to Busan. He sent a video of him and Bok-nam to Butler Kim, Jung-ran, Detective Joo-hyuk, and even Joong-won to give them the good news, and asked them all to come help him reunite the siblings. I love this so much.

It was Joong-won’s job to get Bok-shil to Busan, so he’d made up a fake business trip. Even his mentioning Louis at their lunch had been part of Louis’s plan, to get Bok-shil thinking about him. After, Joong-won had made sure Bok-shil walked past the building where Louis waited.

In-sung had watched from a short distance as Bok-shil saw Louis and approached him, and Louis had only betrayed a tiny hopeful smile when he’d first seen her. Awww, his tears when she’d said they were close had been real, as Louis realized that she still cared for him.

Butler Kim’s arranging to meet Bok-shil at the dock had been calculated to get her close to the yacht. Meanwhile, Jung-ran made sure Bok-nam got on the yacht and had hidden him belowdecks, then given the yacht captain his instructions to pull away as soon as Louis jumped off.

Louis had run to the yacht and deliberately left Bok-shil stranded there, and Joo-hyuk had called her to tell her that Bok-nam was alive just before he came out. He’d gotten so into his role that he drew stares from his fellow cops, hee.

We back up a bit again, to see the group planning out the operation. Joong-won had been the only one to argue, worried that Bok-shil will be too shocked. In-sung countered that it’s called a “surprise” for a reason, and this is an awesome double surprise for Bok-shil to see both Louis and Bok-nam.

Butler Kim had also objected on the grounds that Louis is too precious to pretend to be penniless, but Louis whined that he actually was penniless when he met Bok-shil. He’s trying to recreate the day they met, and by producing Bok-nam, he’s proving that it was a blessing that they met ( then he and In-sung both do Joong-won’s little “whoo!” motion, while Joong-won reflexively joins in looking surprised, hee).

Eventually everyone agrees, even grumpy Joong-won. After a couple of false starts, Louis records the message that Bok-nam shows her on the yacht, saying that he went to a lot of trouble to keep his word and find her brother. He adorably complains about all the stairs he had to climb, then shows her that he’s dressed warmly under the tracksuit.

In the video, Louis says that the day he met her was the luckiest day of his life. He thanks her for meeting him again today, and gives her a heartbreaking smile. Bok-shil also smiles, and hugs the phone to her chest.

When the yacht makes it back to shore, Bok-shil sees everyone standing there, waiting for her. They wave excitedly, but Bok-shil only has eyes for Louis. She remembers all the times he was there for her, protecting and supporting her. She steps off the boat and sees Louis holding his arms out wide, and she runs and leaps into them.

After huggint Bok-shil tightly, Louis leans back and says that he promised he’d find Bok-nam, and Bok-shil thanks him. She hugs him again, and their audience claps and cheers (all except Bok-nam, who rolls his eyes… little brothers).

Back in Seoul, Joong-won’s parents attempt to visit Bok-shil, who they’re convinced is their son’s girlfriend. Young-ae is determined to turn Bok-shil into an Oriental medicine doctor, but Dad just shakes his head at her.

They let themselves into Bok-shil’s place, but before they can take a look around, In-sung’s mom comes in (brandishing Louis’s light saber, hee) and demands to know who they are. Young-ae says they know Bok-shil, so everyone sits to talk.

In-sung’s mom fibs that she’s Bok-shil’s mother, then amends it to kinda-stepmother when Young-ae already knows Bok-shil’s mother died. Young-ae says she’s Bok-shil’s future mother-in-law, surprising In-sung’s mom, who knows that Louis’s parents are dead.

Young-ae says she’s Joong-won’s mother, not Louis’s, and In-sung’s mom is completely confused. She tells Joong-won’s parents that Bok-shil and Louis used to live together, scandalizing them both.

Ma-ri is also in Busan on a blind date, which her mother set up after pointing out that neither Joong-won nor Louis are interested in her. Her date is handsome, but he honestly tells Ma-ri that he already has a girlfriend, and she barely reins in her temper to ask why he didn’t say something before she came all the way from Seoul. She prepares to throw her water in his face, then remembers that he’s the son of her mother’s friend, and instead just takes the angriest drink of water ever.

In-sung decides to stay in Busan for a while longer, and he spots Ma-ri looking out at the ocean. He scares ten years off her life, and she smacks him when he tries to follow her, but he trails after as she stomps away, worried that she was crying. He cheerfully invites her to a movie, and though she’s not really interested, Ma-ri goes with him.

Louis pouts when Joong-won insists that Bok-nam ride in the backseat with Bok-shil on the ride back to Seoul (which Bok-shil finds hilarious). Louis needles him, calling him his driver, and the four set off back to the city.

Butler Kim and Jung-ran also stay in Busan for a bit, and they go to see a lighthouse shaped like a baby bottle. Butler Kim recalls a legend saying that women conceive babies after visiting the lighthouse, then ruins his groove when he tells Jung-ran she should have a baby before she’s too old. Oops. She screams at him for jumping straight to babies without even proposing marriage, especially since he’s got the romantic Louis as an example.

Ma-ri complains about her aching feet as she and In-sung walk, so he gallantly offers her his shoes. Ma-ri huffs that her heels match her outfit, but In-sung just bends down and stuffs her feet into his shoes. Then he steals her heels and trots off grinning in his socky feet, hee. Annoyed, Ma-ri is forced to clomp after him in his huge shoes.

He takes her to a movie showing on a rooftop, a really romantic setting, but she makes him stay several feet from her and squeals any time he comes close. In-sung tries to apologize for pooping his pants in Ma-ri’s car, but she stops him from discussing it, and keeps scooting further away every time In-sung tries to talk to her.

Finally the movie starts, and In-sung sits behind Ma-ri so he can smile at the back of her head. Her stomach starts to gurgle and she shifts uncomfortably, and In-sung thinks she’s cold and drapes his jacket over her shoulders. Ma-ri gasps and whispers at him to go away, but I notice she leaves his jacket on.

Her stomach is really bothering her by now, and she wonders if she should just “let it out.” She clears her throat and In-sung brings her a drink, startling her again, and again she tells him to go away. Her intestinal distress becomes too much to hold in, so Ma-ri stands to leave.

Unfortunately, as soon as she stands, she lets out a really loud, stinky fart. The other audience members grumble, and In-sung, realizing her problem, stands and loudly apologizing for passing gas. He grins at Ma-ri, who looks like she can’t decide whether to be embarrassed or grateful.

Bok-shil, Bok-nam, Louis, and In-sung’s mom sit to dinner at Bok-shil’s old place, and Bok-shil can’t stop grinning at her brother. In-sung’s mom tells Bok-nam to be good to Bok-shil after everything she went through for him, and he obediently agrees. In-sung’s mom marvels that not one, but two men in Bok-shil’s life have come back from the dead.

Louis angles for a sleepover invite, and Bok-nam wants his new hyung to stay. In-sung’s mom sends Louis back to his place for the night, reminding him that the siblings have a lot to catch up on, and Louis cutely tells Bok-shil that he’ll let Bok-nam have his place for tonight.

As they lay in bed later, Bok-shil tells Bok-nam that their grandmother passed away. He says that he heard, and Bok-shil says that she promised Grandmother’s spirit that she would find him. Bok-nam quickly nods off and Bok-shil tucks him in, as she thinks that their Grandmother needn’t worry about them anymore.

Alone at his house, Joong-won thinks to himself that, though Louis initially seemed gullible and inept, he turned out to be a man with a pure heart. His sincerity turned Bok-shil’s sadness into happiness, and made a miracle happen.

At the hospital, after being in a coma for about a month, Director Baek’s minion Scarface opens his eyes. Detective Joo-hyuk gets a call that he’s awake, and he and his partner rush over to question him. But on the way out, his partner stops and makes a call to Director Baek, alerting him that Scarface is awake. Is he a mole? Aww, don’t be a mole!

Director Baek worries that Scarface might tell them about him, but by the time the detectives make it to the hospital, Scarface is gone. Detective Joo-hyuk checks in with the chief, and his partner calls Director Baek again to report that Scarface has fled. Judging by Director Baek’s shock, it looks like he wasn’t involved in the escape.

Sure enough, Scarface calls Director Baek’s house later from a phone booth (they still have those?), and Jae-sook answers the office phone. Director Baek angrily grabs the phone and sends her out, then asks Scarface to meet him to talk.

Scarface knows that Louis went back to Gold Group while he was in a coma, and Director Baek interprets his evil laugh as a threat. Scarface says of course it’s not, since he didn’t even go see Grandma, and tells Director Baek to watch his defensive attitude before hanging up. Well, that’s worrisome.

The phone rings over at Grandma’s place, and Louis picks up just as Director Baek runs in the door. It’s Scarface on the other end of the line, and Louis looks at Director Baek curiously.


I knew I could trust Louis, and my trust was not misplaced! I had a weird feeling that something just wasn’t right when I saw him sitting there looking exactly the way he did when he and Bok-shil met, but once again I dismissed what seemed a minor inconsistency and figured it wasn’t important when it was actually a big clue. I was assuming that Bok-nam took pity on him again or something. Louis is such a little brat! The best troll in the whole wide world.

Of all the possible scenarios that have run through my (very worried) mind in the past week, the idea that Louis’s apparent second round of amnesia was actually a huge romantic multi-person surprise plan to bring Bok-nam back to Bok-shil never even occurred to me. But leave it to Louis to turn his finding Bok-shil’s brother into a grand romantic gesture, and pull everyone they know into his plans. It was awesome, and brilliant, and perfect, and just so utterly Louis. Bok-shil is a very lucky girl.

Speaking of romantic, when did In-sung become such a ladykiller? I nearly swooned when he gave Ma-ri his shoes and refused to leave her alone wandering the city. It cracks me up how horrified Ma-ri is at In-sung just existing in her presence, but he’s got some smooth moves going on — I mean, who wouldn’t love a guy who takes the blame for your farts? Someone’s been taking a page from Louis’s book of tricks, and though I would never have imagined them together a few episodes ago, I suddenly find myself shipping In-sung and Ma-ri together pretty hard. He could use a bit of classing up, and Ma-ri would do well to find someone to help her relax and just enjoy life a little bit.

I’m so happy that we got so many questions answered in this episode — we’d already guessed much of what led to Louis’s head injury and amnesia, such as it being a different gang member who died in the car crash, though it’s nice to know for sure. But there are still so many mysteries, such as the significance of the penguin statue and the bookstore, why Louis named his childhood dog Koboshi (which sounds so much like “Go Bok-shil”), and why Butler Kim is so intent on finding Louis’s hidden treasure box.

I kept forgetting that Scarface would be waking up soon, and I think he’s the key to uncovering Director Baek’s involvement in Louis’s issues. I think it’s really strange that Scarface seems different than before he was attacked — before his coma, I thought he seemed like a relatively non-threatening guy other than the skulking around he did for Director Baek. I mean, obviously he’s not a good guy, but he never struck me as dangerous. He never actually harmed anyone, and I recall thinking that he was mostly just an informant willing to go to extreme levels for information. But in that call to Director Baek, Scarface seemed actually menacing for the first time, and now I’m scared about what he may do or say.

I have a feeling that Louis’s family secrets go way back, and that possibly his and Bok-shil’s parents’ deaths are somehow related to each other. Didn’t Louis’s parents also die in a car accident? Right now, my best guess is that both of their parents died in the same landslide, and that Louis and Bok-shil met that night at the accident site. It would explain the dog’s name, and why Louis seemed to be drawn to Bok-shil after seeing her on that documentary, if he somehow subconsciously recognized her. But that still doesn’t explain all the secrets that Butler Kim seems to be either hiding, or trying to discover. I have a feeling that the roller coaster of twists is just getting started.


200 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ObsessedMuch

    Thumbs up to the show that keeps surprising us with its simplicity and beauty!

    • 1.1 meta

      I’m expecting to read lots of comments from fellow beanies, but by the time i get to comment section there is just one comment from ObsessedMuch whose name resemble my feeling for this drama. I’ve been impatiently wait this wednesday to come from last wednesday, because of louis.
      This episode is great as usual, but ever since eps 9 i feel unsatisfied?it’s not because of the plot or the twist or the story itself, but for the lack of “Bhok Shil&Louis being together scene”. I like to see both of them laughing, cuddling, bickering, anything,as long as they together. And i’m the type to rewind otp’s scene, only otp’s scene, of my favourite dramas😆. So there are not much scene i could rewind from eps 9, and it’s kind of bothering me.😊
      sorry for my bad english, i’m from southeast asia. Nice to see you all, beanis.
      i keep scrolling down but there’s no other comment. bad wifi connection. It’s the first time i want to read comments from korean drama recap so badly. Usually i just skip them. Oh, the effect of Loui- ya.

      • 1.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        Welcome to the commenting world @meta.. Seo In Guk usually has that effect on people. He makes us crawl out of our holes and sing his praises along with other fangirls!

        And I know what you mean. There is definitely less of adorable Bok Shil- Louie scenes since the last few episodes. But i am sure the show-makers will not go along with this for longer. They know what sells and our OTP really do sell well 🙂

        • @simwabajmartin1

          You’re all right, i too miss those scenes because i’ve been swayed into thinking this drama featured only the two of them, do you think?

      • 1.1.2 acacia

        welcome meta! I totally agree with you on your comment! I’m just waiting patiently for the upcoming episodes to be filled with our adorable couple once again 🙂 we’re all with you on wanting more of our couple!

      • 1.1.3 Gidget

        I’ve been missing them too! But what’s been getting me through is simply pure delight in the show’s freaking hilarious use of meta and tropes. It’s like they’re turning them into characters.

        This week we see them poke fun at story devices used mid series to catch new viewers up. Usually they’ll be super-awkward.

        So in this episode we get introduced to ‘the exposition fairy’ . But instead of random awkward dialogue this show hangs a lantern on it by having time freeze while one of the characters gives a lecture on where we are now and addresses the most commonly asked questions from the audience. LOL. The only thing better would have been if they drew little wings on him.

        We also meet the exposition fairy’s best friend ‘the flashback.’ But they make almost the whole first half of the episode a multilayered flashback. Right at first I wondered whether the writing had just gotten lazy. (Which also often happens mid-series and they start using a lot of random filler to stretch the story out). But then it became obvious that they were actually accelerating the plot while poking fun at the trope. Genius.

        And this episode answered one of my long held questions about dramas. Why do they waste precious air time showing a character drinking a glass of water? It’s so random. Finally ‘got it’ here…it’s a trope saying the character needs to cool down (from anger). Thanks show!

        I thought I’d never love a drama as much as YFAS for its brilliant use of these things. Then SKL happened. 😍

        • rentenmann

          And the animation that went with the water drinking was various! Her devil horns shrank and then popped out of existence as she finished her water. Hahahaha, so fun!

          • rentenmann

            That first line was supposed to hilarious, NOT various. Auto-correct strikes again.

        • ObsessedMuch

          In Sung’s exposition fairy reminded me of Phoebe and Joey from the earlier seasons of FRIENDS. Before the beginning of a new season, they caught viewers up with what had happened in the previous season.

          And I didn’t realize it when I saw the episode but the drinking water and horns receding does explain why people drink water to calm themselves in shows! 😛

          The writers and PDs are geniuses!

    • 1.2 adelaide

      Seo In Guk gives the best hugs, like I’m Bok shil right there heehee, And Bok Shil, you’re a gem, for being just the right amount of sweet and naive. just so glad that they have a good rapport and she is not like so timid and aloof, like some actresses who are like wooden dolls when it comes to scenes like this. nam ji hyun knows how to reciprocate.

  2. rentenmann

    I love this show. The surprises are actually that. What a fun watch! The extension of the chase scene was the best thing ever. Daebak!

    • 2.1 Kethy-chan

      that chase scene was the lamest and funniest at the same time. lol

      • 2.1.1 redfox

        I lost count how many times Louis hugged his newly found Brother-in-Law. it seemed more than he ever hugged Bok Shil before. hah. they are too cute and Bok Nam, you little monkey! You need to become a commercial model for Louis´ s company.

        • Mel

          You mean sister-in-law heh.

    • 2.2 Lessa

      I will love that battle squeak forever. It was so ridiculous, but adorable. I dont know who else can pull off that dorkiness.

      • 2.2.1 rentenmann

        When Lollypip described it as a battle squeak, I laughed so much. Thank you for the recap on such a tightly-woven show! Five gold stars!

        • BossyPixie

          +1 on the mighty battle squeak!

          I nominate LollyPip for best recap comment of the year.

        • Carrie

          “with a mighty battle squeak” – so perfect! Love how hapless and helpless but determined Louis is. He doesn’t always know what to do, but he just keeps trying! So cute. It doesn’t hurt to have Seo In-Guk playing him – pretty faces are always appreciated. 😉

  3. aranea

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. From episode 9 comments:

    Bok-Sil’s brother became involved with a motorcycle gang upon arriving in Seoul. The detective found video evidence that he was present around the time Louis was carjacked and left at the side of the road. Someone drove off in Louis’s car and was subsequently killed by a truck. The collision was presented as if it was deliberate. Therefore, Bok-Sil’s brother was the carjacker and was killed as he drove off. However, we are talking about Bok-Sil’s brother here. She is saving total strangers and he is committing felonies. It is much more likely that he was present, but not a willing participant. He probably even helped Louis somehow. Which would explain why he had gone into hiding. He had angered the gang leader. The gang leader was the one who had driven off in Louis’s car. Being a motorcycle gang leader can be a dangerous occupation. May be he was the intended victim all along. A rival had observed him driving off and called in the hit. In the “accident”, his body was so severely burnt that identification was impossible. Louis’s watch made it seem like he was the victim.

    After about a thousands incorrect plot predictions, I finally got one kind of correct!

    • 3.1 ObsessedMuch

      Congratulations! That was a perfect guess and I remember loving this line: “However, we are talking about Bok-Sil’s brother here. She is saving total strangers and he is committing felonies. It is much more likely that he was present, but not a willing participant.” This is so true. Bok Shil’s bro could never be completely bad!

      I also want to beat my bugle here. I was right yet again (along with many others). I knew this show could not go down a double amnesia track! It was just not it’s style! One just has to trust the people who made this show (and trust SIG for choosing awesome stories always).

    • 3.2 ObsessedMuch

      Off topic- How do you do the orange quoting bit? I have just learnt how to type things in bold and italic finally!

      • 3.2.1 aranea

        As you already know:
        b – bold
        i – italics
        blockquote – orange bar (i.e. block quotation)

        so replace the letter b with the word blockquote, np

        • ObsessedMuch

          Thanks 🙂 Trying it out-

          Even a broken clock is correct twice a day

          • ObsessedMuch

            Yayee it worked 🙂

      • 3.2.2 aranea

        b – bold
        i – italics
        blockquote – block quotation (i.e. orange bar)

        del – strikethrough
        so replace the letter b with the word del, np

        Even a broken clock is wrong correct twice a day

        • ObsessedMuch

          I love how dramabeans is a place that we haunt for our love of kdramas but then we also randomly start learning new and interesting things like these! 🙂

    • 3.3 cookiecuttr

      Yes! I remember reading your comment and thinking that something was definitely off with the way Bok Nam was presented and that you were right that it wasn’t consistent with characters presented already. I don’t remember if I commented or not, but the weirdest thing to me was that Bok Nam gave his clothes to Louie – why would someone stealing everything from someone have the sincerity and thoughtfulness to give them something to wear in return??

      Great prediction!

  4. omy3maxz

    Thanks for the recap….woah your theories about the car accident their parent had scared me.But it maybe the truth.

  5. Kethy-chan

    Me too ! I was sooooooo surprised by the fake amnesia!

    honestly, I was surprised and uber happy! for ONCE, there is a show that acknowledges how ridiculous it is for people to lose their memory ALL THE TIME, like it’s a game of ping pong. I mean, our heads are a lot stronger than that. come on!

    I was very impressed with Louie’s big romantic gesture, but, like Butler Kim, I also wondered out loud as to why all the shenanigans were necessary in the 1st place. Then Louie whined in response and I laughed to myself, saying “Fiiiiiiiiiine! Have it your way !

    As for the newly recovered bad guy, I`m not surprised he`s turned down right evil. I mean, if I woke up from a coma after trying to steal from Bok Shil`s place, under orders from a very shaddy Director, I`d be pissed off too. Let`s see how far this blackmailing scheme is gonna go !

  6. don'tknow

    I love Louis!

    • 6.1 Miranda

      I’m amazed at how consistently SIG retains Louis’s physicality. I’ve been watching some old “I Remember You”/”Hello Monster” episodes and they’re night and day, but I think you could take 5-second muted clips from each and STILL know they’re two incredibly different characters, because SIG completely changes the way he walks, talks, looks at people, etc.

      Louis in particular has that little-boy flail thing happening with his arms or hands. He’s also a little blinky. But where SIG is doing such an amazing job is that he NEVER forgets those habits and just dials them up or down within a scenario. It’s very impressive.

      • 6.1.1 leila

        yas!!!! the flailing arms and the blinky-ness! he’s so blinky in this drama but it just makes up his character!

      • 6.1.2 Peach

        I was just about to comment on this as well. I love his little “Louis waddle” 😂 hehe. It’s almost like watching an overexcited toddler try to run. I’ll never not laugh when the show reminds us of his utter lack of stamina as well.

        I was thinking though, even the way SIG cries as Louis is different, in a way that you can tell it’s Louis crying. I was wondering how I would be able to buy this character coming right off of watching him in Police Unit 38, but SIG makes them feel like such different people that I don’t have any trouble disconnecting them in my head.

        It’s made me realize how many actors don’t consider how important physicality is going between role and role.

        • LouisIsloveSIGIsLife

          Couldn’t agree more. SIG lives in every role he portrays. There are a lot of talented actors in Korea but sometimes I feel like I’ve seen way too many dramas with guys that only act up to their chins. Or even worse, I find similarities with all the characters an actor has played.
          SIG is totally different. He acts from the tips of his hair down to his pale toes. For SKL, he talks Louis, walks Louis and even breathes Louis-like. I could sing his praises all day, that’s how talented this guy is.
          What the heck am I gonna watch when he’s away at military? Just thinking about it saddens me :’-(
          And also love “Louis waddle”… so cute and accurate he he

          • Kethy-chan

            lol @ pale toes

      • 6.1.3 KDramaWatcher2609

        Yeah the chase scene was so funny, the way he “flap” his arms when he run etc…..In the end he was faster than the monorail. And Louis yah….maybe you should consider building up your stamina too. Haha .

        • redfox

          oh my god….what if it ends with Louis having to go to the army… just like SIG…

          • Namu

            Omg it will be funny! it can be a new drama material
            Shopping King Louis Goes to Army!

          • Lord Cobol

            He would buy them the best weapons ever.

          • rentenmann

            Or he’d buy them a bunch of light sabers. It could go either way with that kid. Hee!

          • redfox

            @ rentenmann: hahahaa and form a special Lightsaber Unit in Korean Army who all wear Louis Ssatton trainers.

          • ObsessedMuch

            With the uniforms made up of patches? Patch Man to the rescue literally?

          • Crysta

            He would spread Maxim around their camp to determine if anyone tried to sneak up on them throughout the night.

          • mexmax

            I want to see how many soldiers and commanders he magically transforms into butlers and maids.

          • redfox

            he would probably even get a general to accompany him to the toilet and sing.

          • rentenmann

            OMG, he’d have the biggest family ever, all doing his bidding!

      • 6.1.4 ObsessedMuch

        Word. I can tell from which SIG show is which by just looking at stills from random episodes. This is because he completely embodies his characters. For those 16 or so episodes, he lives as the characters so what you see is not Seo In Guk but Jung Do, Hyun, Yoon Jae, etc.

        A case in point being IRY. Hyun’s hair and dressing style there is quite similar to the rich Louis hairstyle here, but one can see maturity vs innocence clearly played out in his eyes and facial expressions.

        I already can’t wait for what all he is going to do after army! Imagine- I am excited about something that will happen only after 2.5 years at least!

      • 6.1.5 cookiecuttr

        I whole-heartedly agree!! I posted this in a previous episode, but I thought I’d add to it as a sort of tribute to him and his amazing portrayal of different characters 🙂

        I have watched this at least 20 times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8dQklDb5U

        Reply 1997:

        Squad 38:

        Cameo in Oh my Ghostess:

        Master’s Sun:

        okay I admit it, I’m a bit obsessed

        • mitchielicious

          Hey its incomplete. Please add a clip from HSKOS. And that will surely justify that you’re obsessed.. Like me.. Hahaha 😍

      • 6.1.6 rentenmann

        Such is the work that comes from a master at his craft. More, please!

      • 6.1.7 Maripaz

        Yes! I remember being amazed in High School King of Savvy at the few scenes where SIG played both brothers. Mentally I knew it was the same actor, but the feel of both was so different it felt like two completely different people.

        • Jemerald

          Yeah.I agree.You can differentiate Hyung and Min Suk.

          And also when he played Jung Do, where he pretend different character to conned people, you still see the differences. He’s really a great actor.

  7. Lessa

    This show is like medicine. Seo In Guk revived my scarred heart. Louis-yaaaah. <3

  8. redfox

    So Louis has a new team of conmen. Let´s just hope he won´t go throwing all his money from a rooftop. Even though money carpet would probably top the red carpet.

    hot dammit. They got me again. Gotta hand it to everyone who were convinced he was pretending last week. It wasn´t just pretending though, it was re-creating an emotion, re-connecting the bond and re-setting the relationship. And restoring our love for the show, of course.

    Seo In Guk, King Of Bromance. Louis hugging Bok nam and crying was out of this world. they are so much alike, too, these “foo´s!”

    and how exasperated Joong Won is. His load of responsibility is increasing, he is starting to remind me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop. Or a single dad with 4 kids.

    Louis is the sweetest, most open-hearted, warmest, sincerest chabol EVER, and slowly building and expanding his family. Now all we need to discover is what´s in the treasure box, what´s the ecret for Koboshi, how will Evil Uncle end up (maybe a cell mate to Lex Luthor and other cartoon villains?), and will Joong Won´s parents succeed in finding him any bride at all… or will he stay single dad to Bok Shil, Bok Nam, Louis and adoptee In Sung.

    Thank you, show!

    • 8.1 redfox

      favorite moments:

      Tears of joy when Louis hugged Bok Nam
      “Kids” picking up “Daddys´” manners aka Louis and In Sung copyding Joong Wons´ move
      “YOU don´t get to control MY body and MY biological clock!” – moment
      Louis showing his warm clothing (such a simple yet genius detail!)
      Mr. Lee The Shipper (should we give him a fan badge or smth?)

    • 8.2 Miranda

      Joong Won’s old-man throat-clearing grumble has been one of my favourite long-running gags on this show, so to hear him grumble-speak “oh-kaaaaaaaaay” during Louis’s planning session had me rolling.

      I love he’s somehow ended up with this weirdo little family who include him in spite of his efforts to stay aloof.

      • 8.2.1 acacia

        He was aiming for BokShil as a potential significant other but ended up with a whole family package instead 😉

        • redfox

          so true. it is like the Greek Wedding without the wedding. No wife, but a whole lot of family

      • 8.2.2 BossyPixie

        That was one of my favorite moments as well.

      • 8.2.3 KDramaWatcher2609

        Joong Won is now officially their Daddy Long Legs. Hahaha.

        • rentenmann

          His name plate was prophetic!

    • 8.3 Lord Cobol

      “So Louis has a new team of conmen.”
      I’ve been waiting for that…. thought he was more likely to use the team to unmask some dark plot than this, though.

      • 8.3.1 redfox

        he still has time to do that, as well.

      • 8.3.2 KDramaWatcher2609

        Me too…I thought maybe he plan this out to lure the real culprit behind the conspiracy out or something like tat, but it became a plan of surprise-reveal-that-Bok Nam-is-alive to Bok Shil…

    • 8.4 KDramaWatcher2609

      Maybe he can consider buying all the tracksuits and throw them down from the top floor instead (he can afford this too since he is so rich….hahaha)….the tracksuit is a VERY important thing as to how they met each other and how he was a clue on Bok Shil finding her brother….how they live together becos he was wearing her bro’s tracksuit and how their romance blossomed….

  9. aranea

    Scarface setup the hit on Louis without the evil CEO’s permission. It is a win-win for Scarface. If Louis is killed, evil CEO gets control of the company. However, Scarface gets control of evil CEO. He has probably recorded enough conversations to prove evil CEO was “in charge” of schemes against Louis and Grandma. Evil CEO is bad, but he is not a killer. This way all of the main characters are redeemable and a fairy tail ending is still possible.

    • 9.1 Gidget

      Like it!

  10. 10 LarryMimosa

    I adore this show–so cute, silly, romantic along with clever twists. This from a rookie writer? Sign me up for her next projects!

    A couple highlights:

    In Sungs “school” with the Gold Group team sitting like grade school students being taught the tragic story of Louis and Bokshil…In Sung even fielding a question to “yes, you in the red” LOL!

    Louis, In-Sung doing Joo Wons “whoo” motion with him belatedly joining in — comic gold!

    Bok Nam and Louis silly chase and great hug, ending in Bok Nam teaching Louis to call him “sister in law”! Lol. I can’t figure out if he’s messing with him or is really just dim, but hilarious nonetheless!

    Love this show. Would never have imagined when I first heard about it that this would be one of my favorite SIG characters! He and NJH are fantastic and I’m loving the supporting cast.

    • 10.1 rentenmann

      At first I laughed a lot at the sister-in-law mistake. Now that I think about it, it’s proving again that Bok-nam isn’t a meanie at all, and probably got into the bike gang by mistake. These characters are so freaking awesome! I love this show!

    • 10.2 acacia

      The “sister-in-law” moments were GOLD

    • 10.3 blnmom

      Yup, this writer is super clever, and snarky. Love her!

  11. 11 ria

    LOL. Wasn’th the “whooh” motion a parody from King of High School? When Lee Min Seok did these presentations with a bang, he used to do that with his hand. Haha and now JW.

    • 11.1 LarryMimosa

      I think the KOHS motion is Usain Bolt’s ‘lightening’ motion, isn’t it? This seems more of a ba dum tss after a lame joke.

      But speaking of parodies, did anyone catch the “go-go-go” in this and another recent episode? I think that’s a parody of Lee Hana in KOHS! The meta is this show is so clever.

      • 11.1.1 Goo

        Another one I picked up was In Seong calling BS a couple of times “Shil-i Shil-i Bokshil-i” like KOH’s “piri piri kopiri”

        • LarryMimosa

          Oh, I’m not placing that one In lKOHS. What’s the context?

          • riarallahssi

            I remember all those in KOHS. I think LHN said those but I can’t specifically remember which scene (when she waters her moss?). JW’s meta is being associated to KOHS and it’s very consistent since he got a poster of himself in a hockey uniform on the walls of his house

          • Goo


            Ah now that makes so much more sense. I didn’t even associate that hockey picture, just thought it was a random sport of JW lol.

    • 11.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Yeah from High School King of Savvy. Lol.

    • 11.3 Peach

      I literally thought the “whooh” motion was the three of them trying to dab and failing miserably.

      Also, this is apparently a running thing Joong Won has been doing during the whole show?? How come I’ve never noticed it before?

      • 11.3.1 LarryMimosa

        Yes it’s been several times through the show. So random lol. I think one was when Louis and Bok Shil were staying at his place.

    • 11.4 mitchielicious

      Hahaha after reading these comments regarding the meta to HSKOS, i think i need to rewatch this episode.

  12. 12 Mel

    I loved Joong Won this episode! It really cemented for me his complete heart of gold. He treats Bok Shil like his favorite niece, but only now does he understand what she sees in Louis. I love, love, love the little family they made for themselves.

    I think it’s pretty clear that the bad guy is so pissed off because he assumes Director Baek tried to have him killed. It’s much more plausible than being a random victim of a serial killer. He’s out for revenge now.

    • 12.1 DramaMama

      +1 to your Joong Won comment. I have to admit I was not very fond of his character early on – he was just so awkward and always yelling in a rather monotone way. But the more the show has progressed, the more I’ve grown to love his character and he makes me laugh so often now.

      Gah – this show is just the goofiest, silliest, bestest!

  13. 13 JoyCB

    Great episode!

    I’m really curious whats in that treasure box. I think its something big coz we know that in this drama, nothing happens without a reason.

    • 13.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Maybe some evidence or connection to why Louis’ parents died ?? Don’t tell me it was another planned murder ??

  14. 14 Garrdan

    How I love this show! I absolutely adore SIG as Louis!!

    He has been consistently good in the roles he’s taken, but his “Louis” is now my fav…so natural and believable…he makes me smile and chuckle at his naïveté — with tears in my eyes… I find myself smiling broadly during certain scenes, but also tearing at how the scene clutches my heart!

    Brilliant writer and director!

    Yes, he’s been too sheltered that he’d become such a “simpleton”—too naive, “stupidly” trusting too many times, but always with a sincere heart and mind—so how could we not love him?!!?

    It’s just so fortunate that he encountered the right people—most especially Bok-Shil, then In-Sung and Jong-won… the “baddies” are there, but his adorable troop of supporters are unitedly strong—he’ll eventually learn to be more “street smart”.

    Thank goodness In-Sung turned out to be a good guy! I worried that he was going to be a thug-like scammer…

    Bok-Shil is another gem character—no surprise here…that fellas quickly fall for her! As with Louis, there’s no better appeal than true sincerity…she glows with it!!

  15. 15 sky

    Mmm I’m maybe the only one who thinks that ep 12 was full of filler moments :S. There were too much toilet humors going on, [ which I don’t find funny at all], and probably mari and in sung hyung got too much screen time. I thought the last half hour had almost nothing going on, except jung won’s parents and butler kim got their usual moments, as if because they have to. May be the editing is to blame, but I do feel the show had best going on when bok shil and loui were living together in their roof top apartment with money problems and louis’s extravagant buying sprees. Every day we got to know the new quirks of louis, and how he thinks differently and act differently to the average common people lol. The title of the drama which is ‘shopping king louis’.. it’s not there anymore serving the purpose of the drama :S. And which is such a downer. I wish by now that louis got his memory back a bit later than he did, as those times were the best for the drama. Bok Shil and Louis were two people in the two opposite poles and their difference but the innocence made them click, and we saw those hilarious moments come to life. Now it’s all hug and kiss, so that charm is missing 🙁 .

  16. 16 DarcyLove

    Well… I could not see a bit of SeoInGuk in Louis…. He s purely Louis…. I am really amazed at his acting skills….. Could not help myself from falling in love wiṭh him over and over…..

    In the beginning, he was living in solidarity with no friends watsoever…. with only maids and butler… that was his whole worls….

    Now he cant stay away from his friends or should i call it his new family…. I am going with family….. He just cant be without ṭhem…

    I love this reaaallyy cuuuttteeee little family…. With just love… Not a single drop of evilness in them… I would love them living under the same roof….

    Just love this show so much….. 😍😍😍😍😍

  17. 17 Grapes

    This episode was the best episode so far, i was surprised, happy, laughing, i love all the characters in this show. And the plan was so fungun to watch.

    In Sung ans Ma Ri romance is another level it’s so funny, this show is really unpredictable I didn’t have slight thought that the romance is going to be between Ma Ri and In Sung.

    The writer of this show is brilliant, i looked her/him up but didn’t find anything under his/her name.

    • 17.1 Grapes

      Oh forgot to say congrats for hitting 11%, and become the first place in the ratings battle this week, happy for the show.

      • 17.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        Yay for 11%! My wish is for the ratings to rise by a little every episode and somehow touch 15%. That would be great! Obviously, ratings don’t matter to us international viewers but I want the cast and crew to be rewarded for their hard work.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          Yeah the ratings have gone up again. Fighting !! 😁

      • 17.1.2 Arashi_lover

        11%? That’s super impressive considering how the competition is almost ending too. SKL totally deserves it, hope it ends up with amazing ratings by the time it reaches the finale. There’s something so satisfying about watching a show start of slowly and then pick up viewers and love. It’s like I’m raising a puppy… named Louis!

    • 17.2 acacia

      This is the writer’s first drama!! We have a lot to look forward to with this writer for sure!

      And YAY for 11% this show definitely deserves it 🙂

      • 17.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Really? Ommo.. didn’t know about this, it was awesome and a great try….fighting, writer-nim !!!

      • 17.2.2 KDramaWatcher2609

        what a good try and daebak !! fighting, writer-nim !!!

  18. 18 CQB

    Last week, I couldn’t figure out why Louis would be pretending, but I kind of love that he wanted to recreate their first meeting as part of his ridiculous, but sweet BS and BN reunion project.

    Louis’ video message to BS got me straight in the heart. So sincere. So Louis. “I climbed 168 stairs.”

    I love the little random touches like In-sung’s mom with the lightsaber.

    I also liked how the episode was presented like a fairytale with JW’s narration.

    In-sung and Ma-ri might be the strangest couple ever, but I kind of dig them.

    • 18.1 rentenmann

      OMG, that lightsaber! Louie rubs off on everyone he meets! This is such a funny, endearing show. 😂

  19. 19 acacia

    Hello everyone!!!

    I will say, even though everything was figured out in this episode, I couldn’t help but feel like this was more of a filler, PPL driven, slow episode rather than a full-on episode that we all hoped for. Maybe I had too high of an expectation for this drama?? I just don’t know if the right way to present BokNam back to BokShil was really THAT romantic like all the characters were trying to convince us it was. And it made the heart-wrenching tears during the beginning hug almost meaningless… 🙁

    Maybe I just need more Louis-BokShil time and I’ll be ok. PLEASE we only have a couple more episodes!!! Fill them with our favorite couple!!!

    That being said, I still loved our Louis and BokShil and are ridiculously happy that they are back together again. I love that Louis is still his childish self and Louis and BokNam have this weird babo bond (BokNam told Louis to call him sister-in-law?? LOL)

    Mari really shined in this episode though! Mari’s insistence on InSung not touching him was really on point LOL InSung’s bashful romantic gestures were kind of adorable but it also get me to think of how many of the romantic gestures if not done in a mutually romantic relationship can be really creepy

    P.S. Another meta easter egg for everyone is the part where BokNam enters the scene after BokShil cries out his name. There used to be an old variety show in Korea where celebrities would look for people they lost contact with (i.e. a first love, a favorite teacher, a long lost friend) and after a series of tests to figure who the person was, the celebrity would call out the person’s name a couple times before that same soundtrack would be played for the long lost someone to enter the stage to reunite with the celebrity.

    • 19.1 acacia

      Just wanted to add, did anyone else genuinely laugh out loud at the slow motion scene where Louis avoids crashing into the motorcycle and mouths “OH MY GAWD”? Even in the most serious of flashbacks, our Louis is still our adorable Louis hehe

      • 19.1.1 lunaticandra

        Me too! Me too!
        I almost abused my backward button just to play this very scene. It is so funny that I can’t take the robbing things seriously.

        • Namu

          Me too hahaha
          Somehow this show make me not take everything seriously because of the bgm, the sound effect and the animation haha..

          • acacia

            They really know how to hit the laughter button on us! I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud this many times for a drama 😂😂😂

    • 19.2 ObsessedMuch

      I completely agree with you. I was just typing out a long comment about how I felt a little underwhelmed, or just “whelmed” by this episode when I saw your comment. I loved the episode but I thought a little extra bit of magic was missing. It seemed like they were showing us opportunities to laugh. Like look we did something funny *cue laugh*, and we did something cute *cue awwwwws*.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still loved this episode, but I just wanted a little more of the natural cuteness. Plus, this was the first episode where I found Nam Ji Hyun a little awkward while acting. maybe it’s because she was just supposed to emote in this episode and was given almost no lines, but she felt a little off somehow.

      Seo In Guk however was in- character throughout!

      • 19.2.1 ObsessedMuch

        I love this show so much that I feel guilty about writing even one little negative comment about it even though I just had to write it. And so now I am rationalizing why I felt this way about this episode- and the conclusion I came to?- i am at fault! I did not watch the episode in one go. I watched it cut up in 10 minutes interval because I was doing it when my boss wasn’t around! Maybe I would have loved this episode as much as I have loved others. Or not. Someone, anyone, help my mind stop thinking so much!

        • acacia

          No worries ObsessedMuch!

          While I was writing my comment I second-guessed myself about a million times! Reading the recap and the comments made me second-guess myself another million times as well… but I’ve come to the conclusion that we may need this filler episode to set us up for better episodes to come! The separation in itself was a hard thing to overcome and we have to give props to the writer because I’m not sure how else it could have panned out this smoothly

          I also agree about how NJH felt a little lost in the episode… she gets to find her brother AND reunites with Louis yet she gets close to no lines??

          SIG was definitely in character the whole time and I SO appreciate him for it 🙂 168 steps!!! 168 steps!!!!! (smooth PPL… smooooooooth)

          • ObsessedMuch

            This show does PPLs right! They are in your face yet somehow not jarring in the narrative! Thank God they haven’t suddenly started craving Subway and gone and ordered sandwich (which are then not eaten!). I guess with Louis being Shopping Wang, he has better standards? He would rather have omelet-bread from a roadside stall! 😛

          • LarryMimosa

            So I’m a little clueless here…what’s with the 168 steps?

          • acacia

            @ObsessedMuch shhhhhhhh don’t let the PPL-that-shall-not-be-named hear you!!! We still have 4 episodes for them to realized they missed a drama!!!!

            @LarryMimosa I’m not 100% certain but with the Busan Tourism logo shown as a sponsor I’m almost certain the elevator thing that BokNam took is certain to be a tourist thing in Busan now newly available for people…. as is probably Mari and InSung’s fart-movie-date site and the yacht rides and the baby bottle lighthouse and…. lol

    • 19.3 CQB

      I liked the episode a lot, but I get what you mean. We had Louis’ plan and the BS and BN reunion and then it switched to Ma-ri and Insung and JW’s parents and the Butlers, all of which I liked, but it did feel like filler.

      I didn’t really find Louis’ plan for the BS and BN reunion romantic like they presented but it was so ridiculous and so Louis that it did make me awww.

    • 19.4 redfox

      It was ABSOLUTELY a filler episode. It filled me with so much warmth, delite, realization, giggles, gratefulness, awe, reborn love, appreciation and inner peace that I can´t contain it. If I could stuff all of that fluff into my pillow, it would float off out the window.

      • 19.4.1 acacia

        “If I could stuff all of that fluff into my pillow, it would float off out the window.”

        You are awesome @redfox!

        The glorious warmth and fluff of puppiness in this whole drama can fill all the balloons to fly like the UP house. Want to join?

        • redfox

          yeah, let´s fill around 500 balloons and fly off to South Korea! The whole drama is a filler in this sense!

      • 19.4.2 ObsessedMuch

        Aww.. now you are talking like Louis and making me all bubbly and happy inside. 5 stars and 15 + alpha to you.

        • acacia

          YES! Another 15 + alpha comment!! LOL I need to start collecting these and add them to power our UP house to Korea now

    • 19.5 Lord Cobol

      Yes, filler. There have got to be about 8000 ways to give Bok-shil the happy surprise without spending half the episode showing it to us two different ways. Come to think of it, is there *any* way to tell her that her brother is alive without it being a wonderful surprise?

      • 19.5.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I guessed they want to make it unique and not just straightaway telling her that “hey u know what?! your younger brother is not dead and is alive and well ! I will bring him to you now!!”

        • riarallahssi

          With Louie, everything, including confessions and information surprises, has to be over the top, special, one-of-a-kind, limited edition, top-of-the-line (cue: diamond-studded underwear)…

  20. 20 FrabbyCrabsis

    I can’t get over Seo In-guk and how he always manages to choose projects which are not only always widely different from the last, but always good. ‘Shopping King Louie’ has just solidified the fact that I can always trust Seo In-guk to choose something I’ll wholeheartedly enjoy. So many actors always manage to pick roles that resemble the ones they’ve taken on before – always plucky and hot-tempered, or always arrogant. But I’ve seen Seo In-guk successfully put on a dozen different faces, and I love that about him.

    Excuse me, whilst I go and watch clips from ‘Hello Monster’.

  21. 21 leila

    honestly my favorite part was when he was running and trying to chase the brother on the tram LOL

    • 21.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Me too. The chase scene was so amusing. Poor Louis being out of breath.

      • 21.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        And Bok Nam is not slow toad at all too !

        • rentenmann

          It’s all relative. Bok-nam’s a friggin’ cheetah with Louie chasing him!

          • ObsessedMuch

            Hehhehe.. So true! Louis runs so cutely, a little kid might run faster than him!

          • blnmom

            Somebody needs to make a video compilation of chase scenes from Squad 38 and Shopping King Louis. So we can compare them, for science.

          • Arashi_lover

            @blnmom Even though Jung Do was much better than Louis, I don’t remember him being that good of a runner either. LOL, maybe it’s the actor and not the characters. SIG should avoid action dramas XD

          • rentenmann

            @ blnmom: Yes! For science! Someone with tech sense needs to get on this, pronto!

          • redfox

            Lee Hyun went jogging just fine though and ran elegantly. and Yoon Jae was athletic.

          • ObsessedMuch

            @blnmom Its funny you mention that because such a video actually exists.. I will post the link if I find it! The vid is a compilation of SIG’s running skills from King of High School, then 38 Task Force, and then SKL! It is hilarious!

          • blnmom

            @ObsessedMuch Seriously? That sounds awesome!

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            Reminds me of how Ice Hockey Min Suk ran (so fast) and so much for his double identity life in High School King of Savvy….now Louis here ran like a small kid with arms flapping on his side….hahaha

          • ObsessedMuch

            @blnmom Yeah! It was a compilation of Min Suk running and jumping over the school gate (from an early ep of KOHS), then Jung Do running from Ma Deong Suk (which would then lead to the nipple- biting fight in 38TF) and then Louis chasing after Bok Nam in ep 11 and jumping that tiny fence/ railing (?) and looking dejected when Bok Nam jumped on the other side.

            I don’t know why I can’t find it on YouTube. Will keep searching!

  22. 22 elric

    Damn it drama, the was the perfect scene for a kiss! I felt robbed 😂

    Other than that, kudos again to the writer who clearly knows the drama strengths and know how to play with them. Time and time again we are presented with cliches and tropes, and the writer manages to put a spin to it that is satisfying and entertaining.

    Though I agree that this feels like a filler episode before we dive into more meaty parts of the drama, I’m just happy to see our puppies together again. Louis crying in front of the station. Louis crying while hugging Bok-nam. Bok-sil and Louis’s reunion. Those scenes just show us how much they care for each other. Their love is just so pure and ugh like cotton candy, I can’t help but scream through out the episode.

    This episode also showed how much I like Joong-won as the second lead or “the other guy”. He knows his place. He knows he can’t get the girl. Yet, he cares for Bok-sil’s happiness and that’s what matters.

    Theory abour Butler Kim. I feel that he knows something about the death of Louis’s parents. Can it be that he’s playing detective? Looking for clues to solve a deeper mystery?

    • 22.1 Namu

      Yes, I am waiting for kiss too buuut… I think I should be more patient

    • 22.2 DramaMama

      I saw the episode not so much as a “filler” but as a “wrap-up” to the finding Bok-Nam storyline and establishment of relationships. Bok-Nam is alive and found, our love triangle is settled, and we have the In-Sung/Ma-RI and Butlers ships sailing. So now onto discovering our big bad’s evil plan (if there is such a thing in Louis world) and the truth behind the death of the parents.

    • 22.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      I think so that Butler Kim may be trying to find out smth about Louis’ parents’ death too…not a villain but playing detective too….he’s so comical that I don’t think he is a villain here..

  23. 23 Sancheezy

    so I didn’t watch this drama from start to finish which is my lost (T.T)
    but the feels is really different,
    I like how Jong Won didn’t agree with his red shirt that blazed through the day about the 1st love meeting plan at 1st and then force to help it, his argument does make sense.

    I love that they had Insung take 3 different videos for Bok Shil,

    I like how Boknam is afraid and Louis had that confused moment and choose the staircase with a super power energy

    I like the power ranger walking through the bay with different colour suit

    it’s small moments but they managed to capture the feels,
    the director, the bgm and the scriptwriter feel like acknowledging the casting potential and let them give their best on the small moment,

    PD : Louis get confuses before running the stair
    random commentator : he had to run the stair? just make them meet faster? it saved time
    bgm guy : I think the music gonna be funny
    writer : it makes the hug better’
    pd : and we need a high angle, it’s pretty….
    random commentator : it’s like 200 step, it’s hard
    writer : emm it’s 168
    PD : and look the elevator is there too, let’s aim for high angle
    random commentator : did it moved the plot? it takes time
    bgm : yeah it’s memorable and in the video later, we need to make the viewer see him running,

    Seo In Guk ; I can run

    • 23.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      It was Seo In Guk’s training for his pre-military service. Lol 😛

      • 23.1.1 acacia


        Don’t remind me!!!!!

        What are we going to do without our puppy for 2 years now???????

        Thank God for reruns of awesome dramas……

        • elric

          I’m planning on watching all of his dramas that I haven’t watch. But the list is so short, I might finish everything even before he is discharge :((((((( Two years without Seo In-guk, how do we live?

          • acacia

            SKL will be one of the SIG dramas that will be on a continuous rerun loop for me until our puppy returns to dramaland…. sighs

      • 23.1.2 rentenmann

        Waaaaah, when is that happening? 😭

        • acacia

          That’s the scary part!!! All I know is that our puppy is due for army conscription sometime this year 😭😭😭😭😭 if anyone knows anything I know it’ll be sure to pop up somewhere on this thread….. sighsssss

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            Just put “puppy is not applicable for any military service”…hahaha

  24. 24 Kafiyah

    Words can’t how much i love this show. It has healed and mended my broken heart. ( I’m looking at you Scarlet Ryeo). I can’t say enough good things about Seo In Guk, he is superbly sublime. He embodies every character so naturally that you forget Seo In Guk. Love Lurve him.

  25. 25 KDramaWatcher2609

    Very creative episode to enact out when they first met each other. When did Louie became so sly (oops…I mean smart)? Maybe he has learn from Yung Do from Squad 38? I did think that it was NOT a 2nd amnesia but I never thought that it was a plan of his to give a nice surprise to Bok Shi. I thought maybe he plan this out to lure the real culprit behind the conspiracy out or something like tat. I really love SIG’s acting here. Not only his facial expression but also his body language when he run, walk etc. Such an adorable man-kid.

    • 25.1 blnmom

      Well, I’m one of the ones who said Louis wasn’t faking the amnesia. My exact words were — he isn’t Jungdo, lol.

      So, I was 100% wrong, he IS Jungdo, only he runs like a 5-year-old girl.

      I will forgive Louis for faking it because he’s so sweet and charming, but if anybody in my life fakes amnesia and delays telling me that my relative that I thought was dead is actually alive, I will give them a very stern scolding, to say the least.

      • 25.1.1 acacia

        I was truthfully wanting BokShil to do exactly that! A scolding for Louis and another scolding for our handsome Nam Detective! If he did his job right, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place!!! But we have no choice but to forgive them because…. storyline…. sighs

        • blnmom

          Oh, yeah, I forgot about the detective. Bad, bad, bad detective. But, pretty. So, forgiven.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            haha didn’t realised that the hot detective can be so tricky as well…he became part of the “conman gang”…hahaha squad 38 2nd group of scammers have been formed !!! 😛

  26. 26 BossyPixie

    Well Louis’ surprise sure caught me by surprise. Should have trusted the show…

    In-sung and Ma-RI are so unexpected, and weird, and great!

    • 26.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I have a little hunch that maybe at the end of the drama , Mari will date In Sung. 😛

    • 26.2 aranea

      Only the writer, PD and cast of SKL could turn a FART into the perfect declaration of love!

    • 26.3 toodles

      Since Ma-ri, as second lead, was set up to be the slightly evil daughter of the slightly evil Directer, I think the unfortunate accidents with In Sung have been her punishment. She had to go thru some shit to be redeemed. And I think In Sung will be perfect for her.

      • 26.3.1 Baek

        literal “shit” she been through there too :-)..

        She needs to be real sincere to people like what Joong-won tells her when he reject her confession

  27. 27 redfox

    I have a suspicion though…how does the writer know this well what drama fans hate and wish for – the understanding and non-intrusive second lead, wonderful “made” family, likable mothers, realistic fandoms of hot side characters, villains who shoot themselves in the foot all the time, an Alfred-like support person, metareferences to other dramas… must be one of some fan community. totally suspicious.

    • 27.1 Sancheezy

      probably because the writer get burn a lot before,

    • 27.2 acacia

      Not suspicious at all…. This writer is definitely a kdrama fan LOL I suspect Oh JiYoung (writer’s name) was one of us and got so tired of all these drama tropes being used wrong, villains being absurdly only villainous, second leads being annoying, side characters not shining, and such unlikeable female characters that she decided she would make a drama to show the drama community that dramas can be tropey and fun with likeable characters all around 😉

  28. 28 Namu

    First, I feel like a pabo, this show successfully cons me and surprises me

    Second, I am really happy for all reunion, when louis-bokshil met in front of train station (his eyes, I can’t 😳), louis-boknam (I can meet bokshil now.. Awww), and in the dock reunion after bokshil found out boknam is alive (I will be happiest if they kissed, haha)

    Third, I’m sorry but I cannot feel the emotion between bokshil-boknam reunion, maybe because I LoL so hard because of the bgm “cause I am your ladyyyyy… ” when boknam showed up.. Ahahahaha

    Fourth, yes after the reunion, this episode feels like filter for supporting cast, but still funny and I’m not complaint

    Fifth, me : standing ovation for Seo In Guk as a Louis 👏👏👏 Bravo, I am a proud and happy fan

    And the last, congrats for the ratings yeay 🙌🙆

  29. 29 asmara

    Awww, LollyPip, I love you I love you. Your recap truly made me comprehend this ep so much better. I really should have put faith in Louis just like you. How shameful I am. And Busan ppl, if you can call it ppl, was so ooobvious that it was quite distracting for me. Sooo glad to have this awesome recap.

    Louis oh Louis, how can I not love you more. I wholeheartedly agreed with Mr.Cha on this ep. Louis has such a pure non judgmental heart with boundless sincerity. It feels sooo sweet because it’s Mr.Cha who said that. Bok Shil is indeed a very very lucky girl to have Louis, just as much Louis is lucky to have Bok Shil.

    And Seo In Guk oh my love Seo In Guk, how many times have I paused and replied all your scenes??? One time, two times, three times is not enough to capture all of your magnificent facial expressions and body gestures. I feel like a super old analog camera with the lowest definition that will never be able to catch all the beauty in you, Seo In Guk. I will SORELY miss you so much Gukkieyaaa.

  30. 30 Alessar

    I knew something was up since he was back in the track suit but the whole setup that played out was hilarious. I mean I was laughing so loudly the cat ran to the back room. Well-played show, well-played.

    • 30.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I also feel puzzled on how the tracksuit can be on him suddenly….I realised that Kdramas nowdays like to “trick” viewers by showing scenes that made us scratch our heads and then flashback to 3 days/a few hours before to show us what actually happened that made this particular scene happened….

      • 30.1.1 Baek

        It’s good, the ending is like a preview/teaser yet it sums up this ep and a continuity is there.. It piques viewer interest in looking forward to the next ep too..

        Shows in my country are so boring, they just end and continue exactly where it left.. or starting off with a totally different scene the next ep and cont..

  31. 31 JessA

    Show, please forgive me for my hasty judgement last week. I… Was wrong. 😔

    Of course Shopping King Louis had a reason for the “amnesia” plot. In my heart I knew it but my head just couldn’t figure it out.

    Louis is seriously the best. I love his very elaborate but sweet plan to reunite the siblings. It was so sweet!

    And I love In-sung! He may be a bit unpolished but Ma-ri couldn’t do better.

  32. 32 koremom

    no matter what happens all i need is a mega watt smile from sig and i am sure everything will be all right again. no matter what he will make it ok. he brings us the happy bug

    • 32.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Furthermore he always fulfill his promises to Bok Shil, how many guys can do that to their loved ones??? And also as JW has mentioned, Louis is full of sincerity…not hypocrite like most ppl of nowadays…..he is straightforward, speaks whatever he mean (speak the truth like a kid) and doesn’t lie yet doesn’t make empty promises …. he is like an adorable simple kid while slowly maturing like a man as well….

  33. 33 O_o

    I am rooting for Ms. Fart & Mr. Poopypants.

    • 33.1 DramaMama

      OMG…I just can’t even…

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • 33.1.1 DramaMama

        Lol – I was laughing so hard at O_o’s nicknames, I typed the wrong emoticons!

        I meant 😂😂😂😂

    • 33.2 blnmom


    • 33.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      So now their scenes are either poop or fart….I wonder what’s next??? But actually he was kind of sweet to take the blame for the fart knowing how “face-conscious” and embarassed MaRi is…..

  34. 34 CQB

    Shoutout to Ma-ri’s mom for not being a K-drama mom who encourages scheming when men aren’t interested.

    • 34.1 redfox

      shout-out to all women being strong and capable and all men not being afraid to show their weaker or more embarrassing side.

      • 34.1.1 acacia

        An additional shoutout to all of the female characters of this drama! The females in this drama really stand for what they believe in and do what the do best without being discouraged by the people around them. Hip hip hooray!!!

        • elric

          YAAASSS!! I love all the female characters, actually I love all of them. They are not your typical predictable kdrama characters. Except probably for Baek who I feel is like the only one stuck in a makjang drama HAHAHA

    • 34.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      finally we have non-scheming mothers in kdramaland !

  35. 35 mitchielicious

    I am always having goosebumps when i hear the english background music. Never encountered a kdrama as SKL.

  36. 36 elric

    Does anybody know who played the young version of Young-ae?

  37. 37 tsinita

    This drama mends my heart from the trauma brought about scarlet heart..

    Onto Louise. I was so sure it was all a dream.. So much so that I fast forwarded it only to be pleasantly surprised with the twist. Good one Louise, good one!

    To me this drama already ended with a happy ending. I was in a celebratory mood too when they all met at the dock. Bok Nam is alive, Louise regained his memory and Bok Shil and Louise are hugging it out and smiling at each other…. I have forgotten that other problems haven’t been solved. Ha! I had to check Google how many episodes this drama has and was pleasantly surprised to find we have 3 more to go.

    There are dramas which you worry as it nears its end.. It’s been going so well and you worry that towards the last leg of the show they fumble and screw up.. This is NOT one of them. I am confident that this show will deliver… Louise will deliver and bring out more surprises from his bag of tricks.

  38. 38 experimentation

    blockquote g
    b hi
    i fefe

    • 38.1 aranea

      It appears that you are trying to use HTML tags to create formatted text. However, you are missing two vital pieces of information. There are two tags, the start tag and end tag. The bold start tag is the letter b surrounded by two special characters. The bold end tag is /b surrounded by the same two special characters. The problem is that special characters are not normally printable, so it is difficult to create an example.

      The left and right special characters are as follows: <>

      b – bold
      i – italic
      del – strikethrough
      blockquote –

      block quotation

      The above tags are the only ones that work at DB.

    • 38.2 ObsessedMuch

      You have to add brackets before and after, and put the commands within these brackets:
      So if you need something in bold add b within brackets before the text which you want in bold and end it with /b .
      Similarly i for italics, and so on.

      • 38.2.1 aranea

        The left special character is “less than symbol” which is the SHIFT character on the comma key.

        The right special character is “greater than symbol” which is the SHIFT character on the period key.

        NOTE: Not brackets, but math symbols.

        • acacia

          WOWWWW /b thank you so much!!! I always wondered how font changing worked on db!

          • acacia

            dang it…./b still got it wrong going to try one more time

          • acacia

            I’m hopeless guys….

          • ObsessedMuch


          • aranea

            You are actually very close. Do not give up…

            For the purposes of the example, I am going to use only the bold tag which consists of the letter b.

            The left special character is “less than symbol” which is the SHIFT character on the comma key, but I will substitute [ so that the tag remains visible.

            The right special character is “greater than symbol” which is the SHIFT character on the period key, but I will substitute ] so that the tag remains visible.

            [b]bolded text[\b]

            TEXT IS NORMAL
            [b] – turns ON bold
            TEXT IS BOLD
            [\b] – turns OFF bold
            TEXT IS NORMAL

            just replace [b] with <b>

          • aranea

            and replace [\b] with </b>

          • aranea

            Major brain fart!

            Corrected Example:
            [b]bolded text[/b]

            TEXT IS NORMAL
            [b] – turns ON bold
            TEXT IS BOLD
            [/b] – turns OFF bold
            TEXT IS NORMAL

        • ObsessedMuch

          Yup! I don’t know why I have been calling it brackets for a while! Maybe because I have not had to face maths for a while now. Also, because someone on the Open Thread called it pointy brackets and that has stayed with me! 😛

  39. 39 Kakakash

    Dawww Louis-ah! Such a sweetie ^-^. I so did not expect this turnaround from Louis after watching the ending of episode 11 last week. Its not so much that I thought Louis lacked intellect but that deceiving someone to such extent really takes…guts and determination. Really glad the writers incorporated this clever twist. It makes the story more interesting by demonstrating that there is a lot more going on inside Louis’s mind than would appear to people. It seems we can’t put it past Louis to also play with his own appearance as someone innocent and uncomprehending to distract people from his true intentions. Kind of reminds me of Prince Yi Yeong from MDBC. I think we saw hints of this side of Louis in previous episodes, especially where Louis was playing coy with Bok Shil when he first admitted his feelings to her a couple episodes back. Glad to see it in action and full force (*coughcoughspoileralertepisode13*)

  40. 40 Mikgoo

    This episode is so heartwarming and squeal-worthy. I love SIG so much!

  41. 41 Lord Cobol

    Alternate dialogue game:
    Louie: “Am I… Louis? Do you know me?”
    Bok-shil: “No, my mistake no way am I going thru all that again I don’t know you. Sorry.”

    • 41.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      LMAO……That will be evil Bok Shil and not the kind-hearted Bok Shil he once knew….

  42. 42 Super Foxy

    Seo Ingukkkk! Seo Ingukkk! Seo Ingukkk! Its just that I totally ran out of words on how to describe you Inguk-yaa. Off the screen, you seem like the next door regular guy ever, but on screen you emitted those charisma that made me went blind towards the other Korean actors. Considering how short your acting life span start since 2012, I dare say that we will see much bigger and talent from you Ingguk-ya after you are done with your MS. I’m pretty much love everyone in this drama, except the villains oh not so villains I must say, haha. Especially Baek Mari as the second lead, she looked so much like the typical female lead to me, with all her reactions and comical gestures. I will wait painfully for your return from the army Inguk-ya, because I have Louie, Yang Jung Do, Lee Hyeon, Gwanghae, Lee Min Suk, Lee Hyung Suk, Kang Woo, and Yoon Yun Jae to accompany me to go through with those pain stakingly 2 years of your absence in KDramaland. Oppaaaa.

  43. 43 KDramaWatcher2609

    I thought about this last night but forgot to comment on this :

    Director Baek’s minion Scarface has been in coma for more than a month or so right? (maybe 2 months)… But the speed of how he just woke up, sneaked out of the hospital before the detectives arrived, and looking all fine calling Director Baek to threaten him really surprise me too…..LMAO….what a miracle for him too…. 😛

  44. 44 Martin J Simwaba


  45. 45 Cozybooks

    Thank the beautiful heavens. Now marry her! Quickly! Before anything else can get in your way!

  46. 46 Michelle LaLonde

    I just love Louie’s baby penguin walk!

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