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Shopping King Louis: Episode 13
by | November 4, 2016 | 176 Comments

The most important lesson that Louis has learned in his recent adventures is the importance of family. He grew up without much of a family, but losing his memory allowed him to create one of his own, crazy and unconventional though it may be. What defines a family more than anything else is love, and if there’s anything Louis has to give in abundance, it’s his great capacity to love others just the way they are.

EPISODE 13: “This is the Moment”

On the night that Louis and Joong-won had stayed over at Bok-shil’s mountain home, Louis had woken up in the middle of the night urgently needing the outhouse. Scared to go alone, he’d whined Joong-won awake and begged him to take him, so the two had traipsed outside in their ajumma pants.

Joong-won had guessed the outhouse was probably haunted, freaking Louis right out. Louis had asked Joong-won to sing for him, then bravely ventured into the nasty outhouse. Joong-won had sung “This is the Moment,” getting into it like he was on stage (damn, I love his voice).

The lyrics had reminded of when Louis asked Bok-shil her most memorable moment, and she’d answered, “This moment,” leading to their first kiss. He’d thought that there was a moment when someone cared for him when he had nothing, and a moment when someone else, Jae-sook, had been proud of herself for finding him. “Such a moment awaits my grandmother, Choi Il-soon.”

We head back to the present, when Louis answers the phone call from Scarface. Director Baek comes running in like his hair is on fire, and looks like he wants to grab the phone away when Louis tells him who is on the line. But Scarface hangs up, and Director Baek breathes a sigh of relief.

Director Baek lies that he came to see Grandma, but she’s gone to bed. Relieved, he turns to go, but Louis invites him to stay for ramyun. Director Baek lets down his guard as they eat, and when Louis mentions Bok-shil, he asks if things are over between them.

He chuckles that he was surprised to see Louis only days after he supposedly went to France, and Louis casually tells him that his memory is back. Still playing it cool, Louis asks why Director Baek lied to him about being best friends with Ma-ri, when he remembers her bullying him when they were children. Director Baek stammers that he thought they were close, and Louis affably lets the subject drop, though the gleam in his eye tells me this is far from over.

Director Baek thinks he’s home free when he finally gets out of there, but he finds Scarface waiting for him by his car. Scarface wants money so he can flee the country, now that the police are onto him. He shows Director Baek a USB file where he’s recorded him giving Scarface orders, letting Director Baek know that he has the upper hand now.

Grandma has a dream that chestnuts are raining onto her as she lies in bed. The chestnuts are big and healthy, and in the dream, Grandma is thrilled. It’s such a strange dream that when she wakes, she wonders if it could be a conception dream.

Bok-shil makes Bok-nam a simple breakfast, but In-sung and his mom show up with a lavish meal, courtesy of Lou- whoops, I mean leftovers. In-sung says that it’s his job to drive Bok-shil to work from now on.

At her office later, Bok-shil is still reeling from finding Bok-nam alive and well. Joong-won asks if he’ll be going to school, but Bok-shil says he’s not a good student so he needs some tutoring first. Joong-won urges Bok-shil to study also, and take the college entrance exam. Bok-shil smiles at him, and he squirms adorably.

Louis dresses for the day, with a little watch PPL included. He goes to Bok-shil’s office to find her grinning at Joong-won, and demands to know why Joong-won is uncomfortable. Joong-won snaps that it’s none of his business.

Louis pitches another fit when he sees Joong-won’s “Daddy Long Legs” nameplate (the movie “Daddy Long Legs” is about a girl who falls in love with her benefactor). When Bok-shil refuses to change it, Louis cutely asks to be called “Oppa Long Legs.” Ha, he’s such a child.

Louis tells Bok-shil that he’s hatching a new plan — oh yay, I love his plans. He says he’s hungry, and Bok-shil teases him for still eating like a horse even after he’s gotten his memories back. They order jjajangmyun, and Louis almost immediately asks for more.

Joong-won barks at him, saying that he’s rich and can eat whatever he wants, and Louis pouts that Butler Kim won’t let him have delivery food. But when Bok-shil also asks for more, Joong-won happily places another order. Louis asks Bok-shil to dinner at his home after work, saying that Grandma wants to see her.

Director Baek hands the cash over to Scarface and gets the USB with his voice on it, though I wouldn’t trust Scarface when he says he didn’t make a copy. Director Baek is unhappy that Scarface isn’t leaving the country for another week, but there’s not much he can do about it but assert that he and Scarface are strangers now.

Louis wants to take Bok-shil for dessert after lunch, against Joong-won’s protests that it will ruin her teeth. But Louis promised to pay her back for the red bean sherbet she brought him that time, and drags her out for a massive bowl of sherbet.

After eating they fetch Bok-nam, and go see Detective Joo-hyuk to fill him on on the events of the night of Louis’s accident. Bok-nam tells how he gave Louis’s car and belongings to the gang leader, then heard the explosion soon after he drove off. By then it was too late to save the man, and Bok-nam ran away out of fear. He sincerely apologizes to Louis, but Louis has long since forgiven him.

In-sung waylays Ma-ri in the Gold Group building lobby, and chases her around asking her to lunch. She loses her temper and shoves him, then topples backwards off her heels. In true drama-hero fashion, he catches her before she falls. But this is clumsy In-sung we’re talking about, and he accidentally grabs Ma-ri’s butt.

Ma-ri screams and slaps him, but In-sung’s mom comes flying over to scream at her for hitting her son. She recognizes Ma-ri from the time she almost hit Louis with her car and screams some more, but Jae-sook arrives and runs over to defend her daughter.

In-sung’s mom turns her fury on Jae-sook, ordering her to make Ma-ri apologize. Ma-ri wails that he touched her butt, and all three pairs of female eyes turn to accuse In-sung, who swears it was an accident. He explains, and his mom is immediately back on his side.

She fusses at Jae-sook and Ma-ri for freaking out over an accident, when in reality he was helping Ma-ri. She scares them so badly that In-sung apologizes for his mother, promising them that she doesn’t hit people, which is her cue to turn and smack him repeatedly, ha.

Joong-won’s mom Young-ae comes running in, here to meet with Jae-sook, and immediately recognizes In-sung’s mom. They share a dramatic moment when they realize that In-sung’s mom is wearing the same designer scarf as the other two moms. It’s so emotional, In-sung gets caught up and slings an arm around Ma-ri, and she even lets him for a second before jerking away (then shooting him an interested glance, hee).

The three moms go for a drink, and In-sung’s mom tells the other two that the scarf was a gift from Louis. She notices the other two call each other Vivian and Audrey, and they decide that she needs a nickname, too. In-sung’s mom suggests Cleopatra because her son calls her that, and they toast to their new friendship.

Bok-shil and Louis go to Grandma’s for dinner, bringing her a gift of Asian pears. The farm owner’s name is “Im Shin-joong,” which means “pregnant,” and Grandma gets excited. She practically goes starry-eyed when Bok-shil runs off to the restroom looking nauseated, sure that Bok-shil is expecting.

Of course she isn’t, she just ate way too much at lunch, and she tells Louis that she’ll be fine. Grandma is all smiles when Louis asks if they can eat some other time, and she even says they should bring In-sung and his mother for dinner.

Joong-won’s dad tells his son that he and his mom went to see Bok-shil, and how they heard that she and Louis are very close. Dad says it’s too bad Bok-shil is taken, and Joong-won tells him that actually, he met her first. Then a stronger candidate appeared, “and tore us apart.”

Louis and Bok-shil go back to her place, where In-sung’s mom is helping Bok-nam study. Louis asks for some soda for Bok-shil’s upset stomach, and In-sung’s mom leaps to the same conclusion as Grandma.

Louis sits to help Bok-nam, and nearly bursts into tears at how little Bok-nam knows. In-sung’s mom teases that Louis can’t even spell, but he says he studied hard and spells perfectly now. That gives him the idea to have Butler Kim tutor Bok-nam. In-sung’s mom fusses at him again, saying that he’s never even gotten Bok-shil’s money back, and Louis promises that he will.

Over at Grandma’s house, Butler Kim tells Jung-ran that he’s planning to propose soon. He says he’s analyzing movies and dramas for good ideas, but she snaps for him to stop analyzing and just do the thing. He grabs her hand, and Louis skips in and shrieks at their skinship, then gives Butler Kim a cheeky grin.

Louis tells the two that it’s fine, and stage-whispers to Jung-ran that she’s Butler Kim’s first love. HA. He offers to help if Butler Kim needs advice, then asks Jung-ran for a favor — he needs her help getting Bok-shil’s money back from those scary high school girls.

Jung-ran calls a friend, and soon she’s sauntering into a noraebang escorted by several burly thugs. With a cheerful grin and her baseball bat slung over her shoulder, she finds the girls and invites them outside for a little chat.

Jung-ran watches, amused, as the girls prepare to rumble. They scream and run at her, and Jung-ran roars like a lioness. Soon the girls are on their knees, arms in the air, looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backward. Of course, Jung-ran hasn’t got a hair out of place.

Jung-ran takes the girls to Grandma’s house, and put them to work paying back the money they stole from Bok-shil by peeling garlic. Sooo much garlic. Butler Kim instructs them not to swear or use slang in the house, and Louis arrives to say that for every swear word, they have to peel ten more kilos of garlic.

The girls recognize Louis as the guy they shook down a few months ago, and he tells them the rate at which they’ll be paying Bok-shil back. He even generously offers to knock off a few bucks if they finish within two weeks, and the girls earn themselves another twenty kilos by swearing, heh. Once they’re finished, Jung-ran hands out the girls’ pay, which they immediately have to give back to Butler Kim to pay off their debt. Love it.

Office gossip Hye-joo excitedly tells the Goldline team that Bok-shil is now the president of her own company. Even better, Joong-won is the director of her company. Mr. Lee’s shipper heart guesses that Joong-won followed Bok-shil because he likes her, but Ma-ri snaps at everyone to get back to work.

Butler Kim tutors Bok-nam who, I’m sorry to say, really is a slow toad when it comes to schoolwork. Poor Butler Kim can hardly keep from crying in despair. Before Bok-nam goes, Butler Kim says that he always thought Bok-shil looked familiar and he feels the same way about Bok-nam, but Bok-nam doesn’t think they’ve met before.

Louis goes back to Bok-shil’s office, this time for business. He tells them that Goldline is restructuring, and they need a company that delivers vegetables direct from the growers. So he’s here to offer Singsingline a contract to be a branch of Goldline, though they’ll still be able to operate independently.

Louis wonders what’s wrong when Joong-won and Bok-shil don’t answer right away, and Bok-shil says they need to think about it. Since Singsingline is getting off the ground well on its own, they have to discuss whether working with Goldline is a good idea.

Joong-won asks some questions about the contract, and decides that it’s not a bad deal. He tells Bok-shil that he thinks they should accept Louis’s offer, and she says she’ll do it so long as they don’t have to raise their prices. Louis agrees, and they shake on it.

Joong-won grouchily breaks them apart and refuses to shake on the deal as well, since he’s on sabbatical this year. He says he’ll just stay home, so Louis offers to give Joong-won his old office with its bed and fully-stocked pantry.

Remembering his nearly-identical offer for Louis to live with him when he was homeless, Joong-won thinks Louis is making fun of him, but Louis just grabs Joong-won in a big hug and says he likes him. Aww, that makes Joong-won blush, and he agrees to participate.

They all head over to the Goldline office, where the Goldline team is (mostly) thrilled to have Louis back. Louis introduces them as the new Singsingline branch managers, and he assigns them the meeting room as their office. Louis has a plain little table brought in for his desk, which seems strange to everyone.

Bok-nam is back at Grandma’s for another tutoring session, while the high school girls peel garlic on the steps. Louis and Bok-shil bring In-sung and his mom for dinner as they promised, and Grandma joins them.

Louis offers to play a song to help the girls with their hard work, and he sits at the piano and sings “This is the Moment.” He has a lovely voice, and soon everyone stops what they’re doing to listen. Bok-shil moves to sit with Louis, love shining in her eyes, and Grandma looks around at her house filled with the people whose lives Louis has touched.

Later, Grandma talks to Butler Kim about how busy her home has been since Louis came back. She says sadly that she’s always lived alone in this big house, and even sent Louis away, but she doesn’t think Louis will make her same mistakes. She thinks that losing his memory taught Louis an important lesson about how to live with others.

She asks if Butler Kim looked into “that matter,” and he says that he doesn’t think there will be a baby Louis any time soon. Grandma is confused, sure her dream was a conception dream, and Butler Kim smiles then seems to realize something. Heeey… is it Butler Kim and Jung-ran who are expecting? Butler Kim, you old dog!

Grandma also asks about Louis’s treasure box, and Butler Kim says that Louis finally remembered that he hid it in the attic of the Busan house. Grandma sends him to Busan to look for it right away.

On his way out, Butler Kim asks Jung-ran if she could be pregnant. He tells her about Grandma’s conception dream, but she frantically shushes him and tells him to get out.

Louis arranges for Bok-nam to stay with Grandma so that he can spend more time studying. He walks Bok-shil home, wrapping her up in his coat with him just for the extra snuggles. They walk in the door to see a covered dish waiting, which Louis says In-sung prepared for them.

Bok-shil lifts the cover to reveal a diamond ring. Ohmygoodness, he’s proposing! Louis tells her that this one is real, and Bok-shil realizes that it’s an exact replica of the fake ring she admired on their first trip to Busan. Louis had promised to get her a real ring one day, and now he’s making good on that promise.

Bok-shil is struck speechless as Louis slides the ring onto her finger. He says softly that this is his sincere heart, and that if he’d had the money that day in Busan, he would have bought her that ring. Bok-shil can only thank him, and her simple words seem to encompass everything he’s done for her.

Louis looks down and kisses the ring on Bok-shil’s hand, then pulls her close. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him and says it’s hot in the room. He pouts a little at her evasiveness, and when she says they should go out for coffee, he says he’ll make some so they can stay in.

He goes to the kitchen for the coffee mix, and Bok-shil asks how he knew where it was, since she reorganized after he moved out. He grows serious, and confesses that he came here every day while they were apart. He tells her that he would watch her go to work every day, and stay until she turned her lights out at night.

Ashamed, Louis apologizes for watching her when she told him to stay away. But instead of being angry, Bok-shil gives Louis a backhug, and thanks him. Louis turns around in her arms, and leans down to give Bok-shil a kiss. Their fingers entwine as they reaffirm their love for each other.

Louis leans back to kiss Bok-shil’s forehead, then holds her tightly in his arms. He says softly, “Let’s never be apart again.”

Butler Kim travels to Busan, but when he looks in the Busan house attic, in Louis’s hiding place under the floor, there’s no treasure box. He calls Grandma and tells her the treasure box isn’t there, and they think Louis must have forgotten where it is. But he didn’t forget — somehow, Director Baek now has possession of the box.

Louis goes to see Jae-sook at her bookstore, and she gives him a box of his favorite chocolates. He remembers that she brought him the same chocolates when he was a little boy crying for his parents, even though Grandma forbid those kinds of treats. They’d thought the chocolates had been a secret, but Butler Kim had known all about them.

Jae-sook cheerily says that ever since Louis came home, Grandma has been much happier. She asks him to visit the bookstore often, then they’re interrupted by a visitor.

Uh oh, it’s Scarface, and he tells Jae-sook that he’s the one who spoke to her on the phone the other day. He looks a bit nervous when he spots Louis, and Louis also remembers speaking to him.


That’s a bit of a strange place to leave off, but I’m chalking it up to the fact that the airing order has been off since the pre-emption a few weeks back. This is really the first time I’ve thought a cliffhanger seemed awkward, though, and it does leave me concerned about what Scarface is doing in jae-sook’s bookstore. I don’t trust him not to have made a copy of the USB he gave to Director Baek, and it was suspicious that he was staying in the country for a whole week before leaving, but I can’t figure out what he wants. He just got a huge chunk of change to leave quietly, so what else could be possibly be after?

But on to the big moment of this episode – holy cats, Louis proposed! Well, he pretty much proposed, that gorgeous ring did the deed for him. His surprise was so sweet and simple, and I love that he made good on his promise to get her a ring like the one she saw on the street cart, but real this time. I’m equally happy that he confessed to taking care of Bok-shil when they were separated — it was the last secret between them, and now they can share their life together with no more obstacles. But mostly I’m just excited that they will be spending the rest of their lives together, because I just can’t imagine anything else.

I’m glad that Joong-won has graciously stepped back from pursuing Bok-shil, but I also appreciate that the show hasn’t forgotten that he likes her. Often when it becomes clear that the main couple are together early-ish in a drama’s run, the second lead’s feelings just disappear like they never existed, which always seems too convenient for me that the conflict goes away once it’s not needed for the narrative anymore. So I find it more true-to-life that Joong-won still acknowledges his feelings, he just knows that Bok-shil and Louis are meant for each other, so he’s choosing to support her in a different way. But he doesn’t forget that he has feelings for her, and it feels real to watch him struggle with his lingering jealousy. Plus, it maintains that fun tension between Louis and Joong-won, where they’re jealous of each other’s feelings for Bok-shil, but deep down they actually like each other. Their frenemy relationship is the cutest thing ever, and I’ll never get tired of Louis’s pouty faces or Joong-won’s annoyed grumpy growl.

Another trope-twist I’m glad of is that from early on, I’ve been fully expecting Louis to get his original memory back, but lose his memories of his time with Bok-shil. I’m so happy the show didn’t even go there other than to troll us a bit, and that as I’d hoped, regaining his memory hasn’t changed Louis in the slightest. The writer has cleverly been integrating the new Louis and the old for several weeks now, having Louis grow up slowly under Bok-shil’s care, so that when he got his memory back there was virtually no change in him, personality-wise — the two Louis’s integrated so seamlessly that I wasn’t sure he’d gotten his entire memory back until he said so. He’s even still retained some of his mannerisms that cropped up when he lost his memory, like the way he walks, his splayed hands, and the blinking he does when he’s nervous or excited. Which is wonderful, because I don’t want Louis to change one single bit!

Louis can be very cagey when he wants to be — he’s proven that well enough with his little schemes in the past. But I’ve wondered for a while if he’s playing a long game with Director Baek, the way he asks him questions like why he didn’t say he knew Louis when they met in the hotel. This episode pretty much clinched my theory, when Louis asked Director Baek to stay for ramyun then nailed him with the news that he’s recovered his memory. Louis may not know exactly what Director Baek is up to — or maybe he does? It’s so hard to tell — but at the very least he knows that something strange is going on with this guy.

And I’m really starting to think that Louis and Bok-shil met as children, and that possibly their parents were killed by the same landslide. It makes sense that that would be why Louis named his dog and his penguin statue “Koboshi,” which sounds so much like Bok-shil’s name. Even Butler Kim thinks that Bok-shil and Bok-nam look familiar, which would seem to suggest that he was there when the children all met each other. We know that Bok-shil’s grandmother took the children when she was called to the accident site, and if Butler Kim and Louis were there too, it would explain a lot. But there are still so many questions… Was the accident not really an accident, and did little Louis see something that he then hid in his treasure box? Is that why Butler Kim and Grandma have been looking for the box, because they suspect there’s a clue in there? Was Director Baek involved, and that’s why he’s stolen the box now? It’s so refreshing to have a show give us mysteries that remain true mysteries until the end, but I’m dying to know!


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    Ahhhh I love this show so much!!! I’m so sad it ends next week. 🙁

    • 1.1 Apluszee

      I looooove it too!! I watch is as soon as I wake up in the morning, no matter how sleepy I am. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

    • 1.2 @simwabajmartin

      You’re not alone, i feel you.

    • 1.3 missminty

      I know that feels. I’m gonna have a SKL withdrawal syndrome when this drama ends </3

      Seriously, watching SKL has became my favorite stress therapy for the week. Where can I get my own Louie??? 🙁

      • 1.3.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Me too. When will we get another fluffy fun drama like this? This show is a good destress-er. And also Louis. When will we get another Louis like him ??

  2. ObsessedMuch

    Woah this recap was fast LollyPip! Thanks 🙂

    Another cute episode. I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left now! Where will I get my weekly SIG fix now!

    • 2.1 FrabbyCrabsis

      Hopefully he’ll sign on to a new project in rapid time like he did after ‘Police Unit 38’!

      • 2.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        Sadly I don’t think that is going to happen now. It’s November already and he is supposed to go for his 2 year military service this year so I don’t think any new drama is on the cards now. And frankly, I just want this boy to take some rest. He has had a busy year!

        • Imzadi

          What, this year already? I somehow thought sometime next year? Noooo. But at least he goes with two awsome dramas back to back.

          • ObsessedMuch

            That’s true! Also I would call it 3 awesome dramas back to back because IRY ended around October last year and then he chose these projects with a filler variety show in between each interval- Mari and me, and Law of Jungle.

    • 2.2 acacia

      We’ll just have to watch reruns of all our favorite SIG dramas 😉

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        That is definitely on the cards for the next two years. And by favourite SIG dramas do you mean all of his dramas? 😛 cuz I have loved him in everything I have seen of his!

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          You read my mind! 😜 There’s a couple I havent watched yet so they’re on my list too!!

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            King’s Face and Love Rain? And that 50 episode drama? These are the only 3 SIG shows I haven’t seen yet!

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            Have you watched King’s Face? I’m planning to watch it for SIG since I’ve finished Reply ( now i know why everyone loves Yoon Yoon Jae <3), but I'm still not sure.. saeguk isn't really my cup of tea, unless it's fusion saeguk 😞

          • blnmom

            I tried the King’s Face, but couldn’t get through it, I’m just not a sageuk person. And I watched the first half of Love Rain recently. SIG was so cute in it, though very, very green in his acting. He’s grown miles since then.

  3. sayyaiux

    as always louie never dissapoint me…but i feel some kind of atmosphere on last scene, when louie n bok shil alone….like louie suddenly become more manly n mature…is it just me….? btw thank you very kamsa for the recaps…

    • 3.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I think so too though I’ve haven’t watch this epi but the Instagram already posted some of the clips (a little spoiler for me)….he seemed so manly n no longer like a kid when he is with BS, especially when he is going to kiss her….LOL

      LollyPip is fast in her recaps 🙂

    • 3.2 Emsel

      When he was in France, he had knowledge about how girls and romance worked. That scene where he talked about orange rose representing first love to Mr.Kim and another scene where the butler discussed about Ma ri’s crush on Louie, imply he is not naive when it comes to those things.

      That tension after the ring scene made me think, Grandma’s dream is going to come true after all.

      • 3.2.1 aranea

        For may be more than one couple. Grandma’s house may become a little daycare center.

      • 3.2.2 ObsessedMuch

        I instantly guessed that Grandma’s conception dream would come true as a result of Butler Kim and Jung Ran’s Busan escapades 😛

        But at the end of that kiss, I really wondered whether Grandmo’s dream would actually come true through Louis and Bok Shil! I could sense the sexual tension!

        We would then be saying, Louis you old dog (read: still a puppy though) 😛

        • aranea

          How about both? Add a drunk scene with Ma-Ri and In-Sung and you could add a third child. Thus far their romance has been a series of “destined” accidents.

          • Lessa

            OMO! Imagine three kids!

            Shopping Princess Lulu, (or Prince Louis Jr, ..or both??)

            One silent, cutey kid in a butler uniform and

            One wacky, messy, playful bestie.

            If I could draw, this would be fantabulous.

          • aranea

            Ma-Ri and In-Sung could have a reverse shotgun wedding with In-Sung’s mother holding the shotgun.

            In-Sung needs a daughter so he is completely surrounded by women: mother, mother-in-law, Ma-Ri and his princess. Probably the only way to guarantee that he is a productive member of society.

            Louis and Bok-Sil need a boy, the prince.

            Butler Kim needs to have twins, poetic justice.

          • Lord Cobol

            I’ve go to see the cute kid in the butler’s uniform.

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            OMG, I’m dying to see this! Could somebody draw some fanarts?

            I bet Louis-Bokshil’s child will be the prince/princess in the gang. She/he will make Ma Ri’s and Butler Kim’s children do anything she/he wants.It’s in her/his blood, inherited from Louie LOL.

    • 3.3 Namu

      Yesss he looks so HOT when he is going to kiss bokshil after the ring scene.. ohmygosssh… I already like melted mozzarella cheese

      I can’t wait to see louis’s junior hihi.. Imagine when Louis’s become appa and Mr. Cha become grumpy samchoon

  4. redfox

    ah honestly speaking the episode was sweet but lacked some spark. I do love how Grannyś house is now like a community center thanks to Louis.

    How amazingly did Seo In Guk change his acting again – Louis gained his memories and now he is like the Louis from ep 1 but still maintaining the puppiness. His manners are different but his nature is the same.

    • 4.1 redfox

      the company matters felt a little excess, I don´t care much about those. What I love most now is what an adorable bond Louis has formed with Bok Nam, too!

      now, how the heck did Uncle get his hands on the treasure box? so it is something everyone knows about? I had the impression only Louis knew and Butler Kim (I miss his cyborgness, btw) somehow sniffed it out…

      it is heading into the direction that they met at the site of accident where Bok Shils´ parents died. but I dont think they were in the same space as Louis´parents cause one was mountainside other was a road in the city apparently (from the first flashback)

      I would like to have more intrigue and more Bok Shil + Louis and more Rooftop Trio scenes.
      Too bad drama lost 1st spot, I hope they rise on top again next week.

      • 4.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I wonder if evil Director Baek has a hand in causing the death of both BS’ and Louis’ parents ?? Maybe not directly, indirectly? Then little Louis has some evidence to prove this, Director Baek accidentally knew about his and stole the treasure box (the evidence in it)??? As if grandma know this, he is sure to be chased out of the company and such… Just my speculations for now…

      • 4.1.2 acacia

        SIG’s acting is seriously genius… I rewatched the episode just to rewatch all the faces he makes in every scene 😍

        Louis just gets along with EVERYONE hehe making even Oska blush!!

        I agree the company matters felt a bit too much but I think it may be necessary for what’s to unfold in the future. We just have to wait until next week 🙂

      • 4.1.3 ObsessedMuch

        SKL lost the first spot? To JI? That’s sad to hear. Do you know the ratings too?

        • redfox

          10%. I really hope the last week will bring the ratings up to at least 11,5% again! Or 12%! Let´s repeat that 10000 times (but I need a device that counts all the times, since I am bad with numbers)

          • ObsessedMuch

            I am all for it! Don’t count, just keep saying it on repeat whenever you are free and by next week we might have reached 10000 each. Then it would definitely come true.

            Btw I heard that next week we will have all 3 episodes together! I dunno if that is a good thing or bad. I think its both cuz I would love to see all 3 episodes asap, but it might affect ratings and then after next week I would have nothing to look forward to!

          • redfox

            a no, we´ll get 1 on wed and 2 on thur not all 3 together

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            I’ve been observing the ratings too. Really hope that it will go up up up…….. And really? 3 episodes next week ? One on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday??

          • LarryMimosa

            So is Neilsen Korea the most respected/reliable one? I thought the difference is they were surveying different viewers.

            Guess I’m just not understanding the general view of both rating systems, nor how the audience share is calculated. TNmS seems to be steady or climbing.

            TNmS Nielsen
            Ep 10: 10.9 / 11.9 10.2 / 10.4
            Ep 11 11.1 / 11.2 10.5 / 10.9

            Ep 12 11.4 / 11.4 11.0 / 11.4
            Ep 13 11.4 / 12.8 10.0 / 10.6

            SKL’s drop seemed to be on Thursday this week for Nielsen Korea:

            Jealousy Incarnate:
            TNmS Nielsen
            Ep 19: 8.8 / 11.7 10.2 / 11.5
            Ep 20: 10.0 / 12.1 10.2 / 11.4

            Ep 21: 9.1 / 11.3 9.7 / 11.7
            Ep 22: 10.0 / 12.1 10.6 / 11.7

          • Namu

            ObsessedMuch :
            I am not sure if you still back here to read this
            But how do you know if they will air 3 episodes for next week?
            And IMO it’s really a good thing
            If they only air 2 episodes, so the final episode will be head to head with the legend of the blue sea.. And it’s really worriesome for the ratings wise..
            So it’s a good things for the ratings but bad news for me because JI and SKL will end at the same week, and what should I do next?? 😉😉

          • ObsessedMuch

            @Namu I saw a post about it on a SIG fanpage on facebook.. and yes you are right, I want our babies to end on a high note and that might not happen if the competition is legend of blue Sea

          • Baek

            Hopefully!! this show deserves even better rating, really enjoyed the show 🙂

            It’s good that they are finishing up, sadly due to pre-empt weeks back thus got to squeeze the ep in.. but I think in a way it’s good for for both shopping king and the upcoming drama, if not the new weightlifting fairy starting one ep later as compared to both competitor, it is going to be even tougher to get ratings without that head start (especially if the momentum is strong in either of the SBS/KBS drama)

    • 4.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Haha what a community centre. It was so lively n grandma love it too. Finally she don’t have to live alone in that big mansion.

  5. rentenmann

    Wow, Lollypip, you’re fast! Thank you for the recap! This show is too cute. Bok-nam’s learning (or lack thereof) helped solidify my thoughts that he was tricked into joining the motorcycle gang. How they found and punished the three rotten girls was great (and that Louie gave them googles, HA). In-sung’s rescue of Ma-ri from falling and the fall-out was a great scene. The families meeting each other and misunderstandings all around had me grinning and laughing with anticipation of how they will all be set straight again. And Louie’s proposal and his confession that he watched over Bok-nam was touching. Her response was great, too! While I think this episode might be another filler one, it’s one I still thoroughly enjoyed. It may even be set-up for the next hurdle they have to address.

    Okay, that’s about all I can put together in a coherent manner at 6AM. I’d better get started on my real-life routine and get to work. Happy Friday, y’all!

  6. Etrenelle

    “Butler Kim, you old dog!” OMG I DIED!!! XD

    thanks for the fast recap!

  7. Lessa

    I absolutely love Bok Shil and Louis! <3 I want their bubble of love protected from all evil people!

    Also, I wish for a shopping scene with little Shopping Princess Lulu or a Shopping Prince Louis Junior by the end of the series… Where the expensive toys start talking to them.


    Ktnxbye. 😀

    • 7.1 SaRang

      YES!! +1 I am here for that! I wish they would make a one episode special to cover the gap for the last week

  8. sue

    These two episodes felt like a fluffy interlude.

  9. elf

    That theory about the childhood meeting seems very plausible. But Butler Kim might also remember Bok-shil from that documentary she was in, back when she still lived in the mountains. He was watching it along with Louis… although I can’t remember whether Bok-nam was in it. Anyway, I was wondering if Louis would remember that he’d seen Bok-shil in that documentary. If the childhood theory is true, maybe he was so captivated because he subconsciously recognised her?

    • 9.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      No. Bok Nam was not in that documentary…only Bok Shil and her grandma…

      • 9.1.1 O_o

        Actually he might have been in the documentary. Because it was the broadcasting company people from Seoul who came to shoot this documentary that somehow filled BN with ideas of leaving home and running off to Seoul.

        Also, one thing that doesn’t quite fit the idea of both Louis’s and BS’s parents dying in the same landslide/accident is the ages of the child actors playing. BS in the earlier episode remembering the landslide that took her parents’ life seemed older than the kid playing Louis. And Louis in real life is 4 years older than BS. So if Louis lost his parents at an age much younger than BS, their parents couldn’t have died at the same time.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          Yup I also noticed about the age difference in Little Louis and Little Bok Shih. It doesn’t matched that he should be 4 years older than her if their parents died at the same time.

  10. 10 Emsel

    Ep 12 was a bit off the mark for me inspite of the sweet romantic reunion, but this episode made up for it. Love! Love <3

    Mr. Cha and Louie should be BFF. They balance each other perfectly similar to Bok Sil/Louie relationship. I have a gay couple here 😂

    The friendship of the mothers is also warm and funny. Nothing unites the women like fashion and gossip 😝Now it would be perfect if those handsome detectives joined them and the ladies started swooning.

    I disliked the Gangster Gals for mugging Louie/Bok Sil, but I liked them once again when they started peeling garlic. They started showing signs of maturity like how Louie stated. Louie is a genius in fact 😂

    For a second I thought Louie and Bok Sil would "DO" it after the ring scene, fulfilling Ms.Choi's dream 😌

    Coming to the mystery, I guess Mr.Baek plotted with Scarface to kill Louie's parents so he could inherit Goldline. Scarface being the smartass he is, recorded the messages and hid the USB in Louie's treasure box.

    • 10.1 lunatic4kd

      Yes – THIS! I too was waiting for the tall gorgeous detective to walk into that meeting of the three ladies! In many ways, the lusting after the detective reminds me of how much I admire so many male k-drama and k-pop celebrities, despite knowing I am decades too old for them. My 34-year old daughter laughs at me all the time!

      • 10.1.1 heo jung ran

        but Mr. Chas mother Young Ae didnt fall for him. Hahaha. Only maris mother… shes one of the best characters in this episode for me. The latest eps showed how shes a persistent woman lol at her 10000 wishes as per joong wons narrative. And she also made the Shalala style group hahaha (i read the subs but i cant forget how she said it in their language?) With the bg sfx Destiny lol. Second to Ms. HEO busan double axe… hahaha. Though many of you may think Louie is the most amazing this ep. Im amazed at Ms. Heo’s personality hahaha. Shes a gal gangster with a heart of gold.

        Can they pls add ms heo jung ran to their fashion group? Bet shes got some style tips but not from Louie hahaha. She and Young Ae should meet…

        • kitkat

          also I totally love the nods to audrey hepburn and vivien leigh in the form of nicknames.

    • 10.2 Sea

      The three moms are so freaking cute. I could seriously watch a whole show with just the three moms.

      “I’ll be Cleopatra…my son says at home I lay like this…”

      And then the random moments of hilarity, like when Louis is at the piano singing an emotional song and the three gangster girls throw the garlic peel in the air.

      What makes this show work is that it never takes itself too seriously. It knows that it’s fluff and it goes about in a tongue in cheek way. Love it.

  11. 11 lakshmi

    Louis really keeps up with the cuteness doesnt he?! I love pretty much all the relationships in this show. From the friendship of the older mothers.. the butler and louis, louis and in sung, louis and joong won.. it feel refereshing to have such sweet friendships in a show. 🙂 And of course all the shipping between couples as well!! The relationships range from the painfully awkward cutesy, to just delightfully cute.. like everyone’s been saying- its nice to have a drama not fall for the typical drama tropes.
    thank you for the quick recap lollypip!!

    • 11.1 LarryMimosa

      Yes the relationships are a breath of fresh air. I always dread the emergence of the evil mother in law, the conniving second lead trying to break apart the couple, the misunderstandings among the main coupe that go on for sometimes several episodes. Gaah.

      I know these are staples of Korean dramas but my patience for them has all but disappeared–it just smacks of lazy writing now. Especially when you see the new crop of dramas coming out on TVN, OCN, etc that use some of these conflicts sparingly or not at all.

      It also makes me appreciate Seo In Guk’s choices–he does not dissapoint. When news of this drama came out I thought that, incredibly, he had gone to the dark side–possibly choosing a standard fare drama to secure a leading role on one of the big three other than KBS? But true to form he and whoever advises him on projects has given us another memorable character, completely different than his previous roles, and a sweet, laugh out loud story with twists on the expected that are delightful. I too watch these episodes with a big smile on my face. I will miss his presence on the drama and music scene over the next couple years.

      • 11.1.1 missminty

        I couldn’t agree more! SIG really does have a good hunch in picking projects. I was just talking with my friend the other day about how smart SIG is in choosing his roles. He could’ve easily fallen into typecasting right after Reply, but instead, he picked various roles with different charms for his subsequent projects.

        I’m hoping for him to take on more movie roles after he finished his military service. I think he can broaden his acting spectrum more and experiment with different roles in movies, though I don’t want him to stop from doing drama altogether. I just hope ge could get more recognition for his acting chops. I saw him in No Breathing and boy, that hot sexy back was LYFE.

  12. 12 aranea

    OSKA the BEST second lead ever!

    • 12.1 Heo Jung Ran

      I was waiting for this! His voice really is swoooon. Cheers to Secret Garden fans!

      • 12.1.1 LarryMimosa

        His voice is wonderful–swoon indeed.

        There is a seriously funny BTS on Soompi with SIG and Yoon Sang-hyun strategizing how sing that song outside the haunted outhouse. They’re having such a good time with it–seems like they’ve gotten pretty close.

  13. 13 tsinita

    I love that the kissed happened not after the ring was given… Initially I was disappointed with BokShil for evading a kiss but then the kiss happened after Louise’s confession and that to me points out something more significant.

    At the end of the episode my jaw and cheeks hurt, I don’t even realize that I’ve been smiling for the most part of the show. I love it!

    • 13.1 Heo Jung Ran

      When bok shil evaded that kiss. I thought that something might really happen… its not like Louie to stop insisting hahaha. Then I’m like grandma thinking.

      Did you see those pears? At first I was like oh Mr. Pregnant thats One sign! Then the gagging. Two signs! But then i watched the scene again and the pears looked like pregnant bellies!!! OH my gosh… hahaha

    • 13.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      I’m not quite sure why she evaded that kiss at first. It’s not as if it is their first kiss nor she didn’t like him or something…

      • 13.2.1 Namu

        I think she just feel shy.. Because now, she is fully aware that Louis is a MAN

        • tsinita

          she feels embarrassed for herself for thinking and feeling that… unlike you and me @Namu hahaha! We have no shame!

      • 13.2.2 riarallahssi

        On the contrary, i think she had the hots for him and was fighting against temptation. Oddly, albeit nervously, she gave in on his second try anyway– and then he goes kissing on the forehead.

        Would it be too much to think of a morning-after scene for these two?

      • 13.2.3 tsinita

        perhaps modesty? it’s cute. It’s what makes this show heart fluttering and enjoyable.

  14. 14 lunatacandra

    No flower petal as confetti, no worries.. We can have sacks of garlick peeled skin thrown into the air and would still have the same majestic effect as the usual flower did. With terms and condition that seo inguk have to sing a song and play piano, looking ten times extra swoony while on it.

    • 14.1 Busan Double Axe

      I noticed that too!!! and are those three girls all Songs? It was like Song yeon ah, Song seug ri, Song… hahaha. song sisters… hahah

  15. 15 blnmom

    My heart nearly stopped when SIG started singing. Lucky Bokshil!

    I loved the 3 ahjummas scene. Cleopatra, lol!

    • 15.1 nds.cookie

      I was flailing around my room the moment I see Gukkie sitting at the piano and started to play This Is The Moment. The moment he started singing, all the memories of his Fall In Guk fan meeting came back crashing into my head and heart. Yeap, he sang This Is The Moment during his birthday fan meeting. Now, I’m not sure if he sang this song during the fan meet because he had filmed the scene already or the other way around.

      Here is the audio of the song during the fan meet,


      Oh my heart…. be still.

      • 15.1.1 lunatic4kd

        Thank you for posting this! Wow, The true test of a good singer is singing acapella. What a beautiful voice SIG has!

        • LarryMimosa

          Agreed. Great voice. I hadn’t heard this one only the one on YouTube at another fan meet where he’s joking around for the first part of it. Thanks for posting this.

          SIG has so much talent, and can pull off so many genres of music.

          • nds.cookie

            This is my own recording. Have not posted this anywhere else. I think there are lots of video of his latest fan meeting on youtube. He sang decent amount of songs, showing off his amazing vocal with different music genres. My fav would be his Broken song and Brian McKnight’s Still cover. Totally swoon worthy!

          • blnmom

            @LarryMimosa I saw that other one too, and I’m wondering if the writer saw it and incorporated it into the script. It seems like she might be a SIG fan.

            @nds.cookie Did you actually go to the fanmeet? SO LUCKY

          • nds.cookie

            Yes, I did! Though I had to gladly sell one of my kidneys to go there. XD

            Gukkie had two events on that day. His fansigning and fanmeeting later in the day. I went to both. Though I wasnt able to get the ballot ticket for the fansigning. Had to watch him from behind the massive crowd. Fanmeeting was an awesome experience due to my seating arrangement coz he went off stage (twice actually) and walked past by my seat. Managed to touch him and exchange look with each other. He knows I exist!! Hahaha *delulu fangirl*

            Gukkie is truly an awesome entertainer. Incredible vocal with great with stage present. Totally worth selling one of my kidneys. *Heeee*

          • ObsessedMuch

            @nds.cookie You are so lucky to have seen him up close, plus watching him sing! It must have been an awesome experience! Sitting in India, I can’t even think of attending his fanmeets.. the cost alone could buy me a car!

  16. 16 Emeline

    I love this drama. I almost dropped it earlier on because of how much Louis frustrated me when he spent and lost BS ‘s money like it was nothing. I would’ve thrown his ass the first time he did but I’m happy I still watched it it’s so warm and fluffy! There’s no arrogant chaebol no evil step-parents or in-laws and the baddies are so inefficient they’re almost endearing. I just love it.

    • 16.1 Kethy-chan

      yay to a show with actually nice Chaebols and step-family !
      the baddies are a disgrace to all baddies in how inefficient they are, lol.
      I actually agree with you in terms of how frustrated I was with Louis and his mindless spending of Bok Shil’s money. I’m glad that he’s learned a LOT since then ! <3

  17. 17 nabilah othman

    i know its a romcom…. BUT I DIDNT EXPECT A SUDDEN SUPER ROMANCE FROM LOUIS. like… i was like…. gaddem tht was romantic as hell. n the kiss scene. i love how inguk knows how to built moment for his kiss scene.. n when the link fingers kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. nobody mess with my puppies. i love how the drama didnt push the whole second lead looks pitiful n not getting main lead but the characters are well laces. n support each other. yay yyay!

    • 17.1 acacia

      I agree!!! The sweet proposal was TOTALLY unexpected but felt SO RIGHT! GAHHHH The fingers linking especially makes the kisses so much more innocent even if they aren’t dead fish pecks like most drama kisses 😉 and SIG’s gaze is no joke right before kisses 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      • 17.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I agree. Oh my that charming gaze before he kissed her. 😘😘😘💜❤💚

  18. 18 aishaa

    Thank you for the recap n_n
    Eventhough i already watch the drama, but its nice to see it from your poin of view and read all the comment here >.<

    Well, i really happy and suprised that the tension of the kiss really heavy. Its because bok shil already aware of louie as a man. NAMJA. Not a puppy or a baby again.
    I squeal so hard when louie look at bok shil in the kiss scene. That eyes really killer. And i think louie is know what he wants from bok shil…he lived in france, he must be aware of what would entails after hug and kiss…hehe…upss…
    And please, we have to understand bok shil hehistation. She is 21 still years old, cames from mountain and never know man before louie…hehehe…please, make halmoni dreams come true, chebal…lets repeat it 10.000x to become reality everyone, hehe.

  19. 19 Namu

    Love Louis and mr. Cha bromance
    Love their toilet-singing scene
    I watched the making film for that scene and based on what I see (i dont understand korean) I impressed how in guk gave the idea about several action in mr. Cha’s musical stage hahahaha
    I think he is really detailed-type person

    And the pd nim really ‘utilize’ oska and inguk singing talent.. Sometimes I forgot they are a singer

    Theme song this episode is live singing (and live instruments, inguk played the piano).. Daebak!

    • 19.1 CQB

      I enjoy watching the making film and seeing the input that often goes into the scenes. My favorite moments in the red carpet scene were suggestions from SIG and Nam Ji-hyun.

      • 19.1.1 Namu

        Thats my favorite too!…ah wait.. I think everything about this drama are my favorite 😅😅

    • 19.2 blnmom

      Look who else can sing:

      If they did a whole ensemble musical number in the last episode, I would die of happiness.

      • 19.2.1 Namu

        Omg!! Officer Nam can sing!
        Yes for the idea!

      • 19.2.2 LarryMimosa

        No way! He has a beautiful voice. So impressed how many Korean entertainers can sing, act and dance do well.
        Thanks for posting this.

      • 19.2.3 rentenmann

        I know he’s not part of the cast, but I think JJS would be awesome with these three. Stage show, before SIG goes to military! Can this happen? Can we get a petition going or something?

      • 19.2.4 Sigislove

        Wow..I love that song & Its also the same song tht sang by seo in guk too…

  20. 20 FrabbyCrabsis

    Lollypip, slow down! Isn’t this the fourth recap you’ve written this week?! Your health comes first!

    • 20.1 rentenmann

      But now that it’s already done, thank you so much for your hard work!

    • 20.2 blnmom

      I’m pretty sure LollyPip’s been doing 4 per week for quite a while now. She’s got it down. We’re super lucky to have her on the DB team!

      • 20.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        If I’m not wrong , Lollypip has been doing the recaps of The Man Living In Our House and Shopping King Louie. Both coincidentally are the two shows I’m currently obsessed in. Haha. 😄😄😄

  21. 21 acacia


    There were so many but I’m narrowing it down as much as I can

    1. Getting back at the three teen girls with garlic peeling? INGENIOUS!
    2. Audrey, Vivian, and Cleopatra LOL enough said
    3. “Just trust me,” “When have I not trusted you?” THIS IS LOVE
    4. Did I see a smile come out of Mari’s after InSung put down his hand from her shoulder??? When did that happen?
    5. “You don’t know ____?!?!” face from Louis HEHE
    6. That proposal! It melted my heart… so simple yet so heart warming
    7. Maxim leading to the reveal of Louis’ days cleaning and waiting at BokShil’s place (Maxim wins again)
    8. All of Louis’ faces… ALL… A L L

    I have to admit, Louis’ babo character made me totally disregard the fact that Louis IS smart. I was secretly in disagreement with LollyPip when she says in her recaps that Louis has a distrusting, I-know-you-more-than-you-think-I do look at President Choi, but maybe she is right? He may not have the best street smarts or social tact or spelling but the man speaks 10 different languages and the way he planned out the reunion with BokShil and revenge on the teen girls seals the deal. I’m excited for the next episodes and how things will play out with President Choi.

    I really wanted Louis to say “What should I do” before the kiss again… but alas…. I’ll be waiting for that line again Louis! For now, the hand kiss, regular kiss, and forehead kiss was more than enough 😍😍😍😍

    And… Oska, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I’m now 100% sure that BokShil and Louis have met before you had BokShil have met. Butler Kim has confirmed it when he thought BokNam looked familiar. I’m sure others have called it but our writer has now confirmed it!

    Redfox, get the balloons ready. We can go to Korea now with all the fluffy puppies of this episode

    • 21.1 mitchielicious

      I think butler Kim first saw bokshil in a documentary film that Louie was watching when they were in France.. That was in the first episode if i am not mistaken

      • 21.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Yes but Bok Nam was not in that documentary yet he find him more familiar. If I’m not wrong they just have met during childhood time or smth like tat (Butler Kim has been taking care of Louis since his childhood so he might have saw the 2 siblings before too.)

    • 21.2 ObsessedMuch

      I loved each one of your points with the addition of Louis singing. That was just so sudden but beautiful.

      And Louis is smart. Don’t you remember his favourite phrase (no not that one which came to your mind :P)- “Trust me”- nal mideo. That’s what Louis has been asking us to do all throughout. He has brains and I think he definitely knows. He is just waiting for more clarity or more evidence.

      • 21.2.1 acacia

        The singing was pretty random but no complaints there! Louis and SIG are always welcome to sing for us viewers hehe and the garlic peel snow throwing was a nice touch too 😉

        LOL you’re right… I trust you Louis!! Just like BokShil does!!

    • 21.3 redfox

      I am already dizzy blowing up all the balloons *whirls around like a ballerina* we can go like this lady:


      • 21.3.1 redfox

        oops, wrong link:

      • 21.3.2 redfox

        also, I feel like the writer is having a laugh on the account of fan girls with imaginative usernames who lead double lives, who they are in real life and who they are in their spirit. or maybe it is not a joke but paying respect to the community?

        • acacia

          Or she is part of the community hehehe

          • redfox

            I have a suspicion that she is

          • ObsessedMuch

            Ooh.. it would be so cool if the writer turned out to be a Beanie! 💓

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            Doing incognito work in DB. Lol.

    • 21.4 lunaticandra

      I’m actually pretty happy that he’s not using “what should I do?” line again…
      It’s like he finally grown up and taking lead and charge on every move. Looking so manly and adult-like (God! I’m squeeing again,, remembering the stare gaze after the ring scene!). Is this the slight difference version of Louis because he had regained his full memories? If yes, then I am more than happy to accept it.

  22. 22 Alessar

    This show has really turned out to be an unexpected treasure. The musical numbers this week, omo! So good, both of them. The guys should sing some kind of duet version of that song or something. Maybe a musical epilogue.

  23. 23 Arhazivory

    I love this drama so much. Last night I dreamt that kiss. What a beautiful scenery that was. My heart melted at the real version of the ring. This writer is so detailed. A rookie writer at that but an absolute genius.

    This show has so much heart that as a knetizen pointed out, it feels like a healing drama. I was so depressed and sad yesterday after being forced to euthanize my terribly sick cat, but for 58 minutes I could forget and just smile happily thanks to Louie. And then in the middle of my nightmares, the kiss scene came into my subconscious.

    • 23.1 rentenmann

      Aww, so sorry for your loss. I’ve been there with horses, dogs, and cats. You’ll see them again, just waiting is hard. It has to be that way, it HAS to!

      This show is a highlight of my week, and I’m glad it’s helping you. 😊

      • 23.1.1 Arhazivory

        *hugs beanie* Thanks dear.

    • 23.2 blnmom

      So sorry about your cat. Took me forever to get over mine, but escape via kdramas definitely helped. I’m glad at least there was a little light in your day.

    • 23.3 acacia

      My condolences

      My dog is also going through a hard time and we are going to have to make a decision soon for him too. Aren’t we all blessed to have Louis take us briefly away from the grim parts of our lives


      • 23.3.1 rentenmann

        Hwaiting all around! SKL will guard our hearts with army lightsaber special unit!

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          Special Task Force 38 with light saber n Maxim Gold !!

  24. 24 DramaMama

    This show makes my heart so happy. I enjoyed both songs – Oska’s made me laugh and SIG’s melted my heart. (Although I did laugh because SIG even sang like Louis.)

    I sincerely hope this writer has a long and successful career. I’ve enjoyed this drama so much and have my fingers crossed that all subsequent drama’s are this good.

    • 24.1 Namu

      Aaa I noticed that too.. The way Inguk singing is so Louis hahaha..

  25. 25 KDramaWatcher2609

    In Sung and Mari’s scenes are amusing. First was pooping accidentally, 2nd was farting n the 3rd was accidental butt ‘molesting’ ! ! All have smth to do with butts !!! I actually like Mari’s mum. She’s innocently kind n not scheming like her hubby or daughter. She consoled Little Louis with a box of chocolates when he cried. I wish her hubby would treat her better.

    • 25.1 acacia

      Mari’s mom is definitely awesome! And she doesn’t easily get deterred by the negativity *ahem President Choi ahem* around her. Perhaps she deserves better… like Detective Nam???? 😉

      • 25.1.1 Kethy-chan

        lol @ Detective & MaRi’s mum shipping…

    • 25.2 Kethy-chan

      I really like Ma Ri’s mum too ! At 1st, I thought she was just a foolish naive lady, but after watching that scene with child Louis, my heart honestly went out to her !
      I wonder what’s going to happen to her if/when her husband gets caught in all his schemes. I really hope she’s not going to be blamed in the least ! 🙁

      • 25.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Yeah I hope she won’t get blamed too.

  26. 26 CQB

    I enjoyed the three bullies, gangster Jung Ran, and garlic peeling complete with the goggles. I do love how the writer brings little details together.

    Audrey, Vivian and Cleopatra are great.

    Louis is more manly and carries himself with more confidence while still having a lot of the amnesiac Louis mannerisms. BS definitely has noticed the manliness. “It’s hot in here” heh.

  27. 27 Garrdan

    Thanks very much, Lollypip, for your wonderful recaps!

    I’m smiling and also tearing nonstop when watching this show…though there were moments when I couldn’t contain flat out laughing during certain scenes!

    This show is precious— as are all the personalities. Each character is unique and clearly “drawn”…each one is wonderfully played as well—such a talented cast and such a creative writer! I read that she’s a new writer—COULD HAVE FOOLED ME!! Brilliant writing…and awesome Director, who pulls such amazing performances from each actor/actress!

    Inasmuch as I love our sweet OTP of Louis and Bok-Shil, with their amazing chemistry and unbelievable connection…I’m enjoying the match-up of the butlers and In Sung and Ma-Ri as well! What hilarious pairings…great balance of personalities…which offers us viewers delightful moments of hilarity.

    The scenes of Butler Jung-ran and the gangsta gals were epic! I laughed so hard that I keeled over on my chair and whooped until I was crying … could not stop laughing…IT WAS THAT GOOD-OF-A-SCENE! …so curious of how a former fiesta gangsta lead ended up tenderly guarding Louis’s Grandmama…

    THEN came the “proposal”scene and I was MUSH! sigh…
    Can SIG as Louis be any more sweeter and romantic?!!?

    Such simplicity and quiet dignity with his proposal—heartfelt to the core…W-O-W was my reaction…

    I had no idea that SIG sings and plays piano so well…his voice is amazing! …the ease with how he played the piano shows that he’s well trained and accomplished…W-O-W again…

    Three episodes to go…sure hope there’ll be no hiccups with this writers creativity…looking forward to what other surprises she’ll present…

    As with some of you, I’ve noticed Louis’s teeny changes of expressions during his encounters with Pres. Baek and others …he’s experienced much during his amnesia phase and I’m bettin’ that he’s become smarter at judging characters…look at how he rehabilitated the gangsta gals…

    • 27.1 Nyai

      SIG was originally a singer, he won the first season of one of those shows ala X factor and started a musical career, then started acting…. he does both now.

  28. 28 O_o

    When Grandma had that dropping chestnut dream, who thought that Mr. Poopypants was levitating above her bed and at his usual business again? Just me?

    • 28.1 rentenmann

      LOL. It never crossed my mind. But now that it’s out there, I can’t unthink it. Hee! Also, eww… 😜

    • 28.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Oh nooooooopop !!!!!!!!
      *puts on horrified look like Mari*

  29. 29 @simwabajmartin

    Wow! I don’t know what to say ’bout this drama except that i love it by the day and, oh wait, am also angry that it’s ending by next week, is it?
    And ‘Lollypip’ you…… What was it again? Oh yeah, thank you so much, kamusamunida.?

  30. 30 Lord Cobol

    Re trip-and-butt-grab scene: imagine how much simpler better different kdrama land would be if guys just let the clumsy girls fall.

    Re how many children to expect from who and how quickly: I’ve always thought kdrama babies must come from kissing, wrist-yanks and/or back-hugs, since that’s all anyone ever does in kdrama-land.

    • 30.1 redfox

      LOL back-hug babies! Backhugs do not produce babies, they produce koalas! So many koalas!!! But Louis and Bok Shil will have Maxim Gold babies. They are bron with a lightsaber in one hand and pain relief patches stamped on their chest.

  31. 31 Kethy-chan

    am I the only one who appreciated the fact that the Chaebol mothers almost instantly got along with In-sung’s mom ? I found that to be really endearing, the way this show just goes against the grain and says, “Well, WHY can’t chaebol moms just be normal human beings and just get along with less-rich moms? WE’LL DO IT!” and it worked !

    • 31.1 aishaa

      Hehe, you are right, i really get that vibe. I think she is also a lonely person because her husband. I ship her with the detectiv. n_n

  32. 32 Kethy-chan

    there were comments last week about how ep 12 felt a little like a filler. well, in as much as I very much enjoyed ep 13, it really was ep 13 that WAS the filler… oh well…

  33. 33 acacia

    +100 it’s what I adore about this writer!!! This writer knows how to use and break tropes so well 🙂 moms are people! Why not let them get along????

    • 33.1 acacia

      Oops! This should’ve been a response to @Kethy-chan!!!

      • 33.1.1 Kethy-chan

        got it !! <3 @acacia

    • 33.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      I guessed this is the first time in kdramaland that chaebol mums get along well with poorer-mum. How awesome !! 👍👍👍

  34. 34 ObsessedMuch

    @blnmom this is the video that I mentioned in Ep 12 thread. Hope you see this comment here.

    • 34.1 LarryMimosa

      This comparison is hilarious when you come to Louis with his hand flailing out and falling over the fence. And BokNam just watching him and going back over the other way, LOL.

      I’ve been surprised when I’ve seen people assuming SIG is as fit as his character Louis…he’s very athletic actually. Loved his back flip on the Go Show oh so long ago, his multiple flips in Reply 1997, his win at the celebrity wrestling. When I first started learning about him, I figured he probably wasn’t athletic since he was overweight when he debuted.

      • 34.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        What is the Go show? I have never heard of it!
        Has anyone seen SIG on Running Man? I loved him there! His smile seriously lights up everything around him! OT- any RM fans here? I am so sad about Gary leaving! RM won’t be the same again.. his last episode will air tomorrow.

    • 34.2 redfox

      ah I was just going to ask you on OT if you found it!!! greaaaaaaat!

    • 34.3 blnmom

      Oh that is the best thing EVER. Ma Dongseok got his revenge for when SIG laughed at him for falling over the bench — Louis fell over that (3-foot-tall) fence, hee hee.

      • 34.3.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I love your comment 😉

    • 34.4 rentenmann

      aaaaah, I love it! Thanks for the share of the link!

      • 34.4.1 ObsessedMuch

        😁.. were you able to watch SIG’s fan meeting videos? I remember you asking for the link.. I didn’t know how to link instagram videos at that time so I had just mentioned the profile name of the person posting those videos..

  35. 35 brian

    I know this is fictional, but the two mains are selling it so well, especially SIG. So much so that if it’s true that they were childhood friends it gives me that warm feeling of knowing that it was destiny all the time 🙂

  36. 36 redfox

    You know, the piano singing scene and how Louis and Bok Shil just “float off” when they are together not seeing anyone else around them, it reminds me of the Sojuzmultfilm version of Cinderella, and this scene specifically:


    it just gives me the same vibe.

  37. 37 yhang

    I really thought that the conception dream is about Bok Nam. Isn’t he now the baby of this series? I can relate with his maths skills though. I’m not judging that area lmao

    • 37.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Is it just me? When Louis said that he will get a very GOOD tutor for BN, I knew a that he must be talking about Butler Kim. Butler Kim was like Louis’ father, nurse, servant, teacher, counsellor etc !!

      • 37.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I must add that I really hate Maths too ! 😝

  38. 38 bubblefairy

    This drama has become one of my best k-drama ever, like OH MY GHOSTESS, the male leads are so awkward, clumsy and actually nice, the romance between the OTP is sooo sweet and beautiful.
    I love everything about this drama, especially because there was no bickering, or aggresive wrist-grab, or jerk-like attitude of the male lead.

  39. 39 cookienoona

    I’m so sad, what will I watch that’s as cute and fluffy once SKL is over? haha Any suggestions, please? The garlic peels thrown in the air while he was singing was a real LOL moment. I would not have kept a straight face while filming that. hehe And I totally understood Bok-shil during the proposal…I would have been ‘hot’ too. I love reading recaps on this site, glad I stopped lurking and commented. 🙂

    • 39.1 rentenmann

      Nothing so easy! We just watch it again and then we can marathon it! Woo!

    • 39.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      You can try out The Man Living In Our House aka Sweet Stranger & Me. It’s not bad for now (aired till epi 4)…it is also a rom-com with a little mystery.

      • 39.2.1 Cookienoona

        Thanks! I’ll check it out, seems to be popular on the drama sites so far.

  40. 40 Mary .

    I loved the opening scene; it seemed to be such an inversion of the outhouse scene from Dream High…..still one of my favorite scenes.

    • 40.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Any going-to-the-toilet scene at the countryside/mountain area is always not very pleasant as the toilets are always shabby n dirty n looked eerie at night. Haha.

    • 40.2 Nifah

      I also love the opening of every episode in this drama ^^
      And how they fit the song

  41. 41 Super Foxy

    Better make it in points to better express myself, haha;
    1. I’m totally love Louie gestures when he is picking a fight with In Sung Omma. Haha that tiny squeak while hiding behind Bok Nam’s back is totally cute and heart tugging, and I do feel that Bok Sil totally laugh at that.
    2. I am truly, madly love it when SIG is singing while playing the piano, and even after watching the scene so many times, I still couldn’t get it over my head. SIG truly has surpassed his peers, because I couldn’t see anyone capable of playing Louie, Lee Min Suk, Yang Jung Do, and Yoon Yun Jae. Its like these characters have SIG imprint on them!
    3. May I say a word about the kissing scene? I totally feel how Bok Sil have felt at that moment. What is it with SIG kisses and his eyes? I thought I was burned alive while watching that kissing scene; it seems innocent, but the moment they linked their fingers together, it doesn’t seemhat innocent to me anymore. SIG lips after the kiss seemed so hot and those crazy sizzling eyes, oh omono I don’t know what to write anymore. Can I make petition to make those eyes and lips as illegal and SIG should be banned from kissing anyone in SK. Because it never enough for me, and it make my poor heart to have so many stupid delusions haha.
    4. I believe SKL will fare well until the end, and somehow I have a feeling that we will get more from our Mungshil Couple. Love you Louie-ya!

    • 41.1 Namu

      Number 3 : I thought I was burned alive while watching that kissing scene
      ON POINT!! 🔥🔥🔥

      • 41.1.1 redfox

        well some of our thoughts definitely deserve an inquisition.

        • Super Foxy

          Second to that!

  42. 42 Mikgoo

    I love this episode! Mr. Cha and Louis singing in one episode can’t be too good for my heart. I also love the mamas and their english names.haha.

  43. 43 howforwardsale

    Can I just say that although Louis and Bok Sil’s kisses are innocently played and not very “involved” they still look natural and heartfelt? Like both actors aren’t trying to kiss for the camera but are having a real connection in the moment. And all without a passionate make out scene. Why can’t all K-drama kisses be this simple?

  44. 44 saladdressing

    I lurrrrve love it when dramas surprise me with so much more oomph than I was expecting!! I put off the thought of watching Shopping Louis for awhile as it seems like a cute, fluffy rom com with not much of a storyline going on. Well, it’s still oozing fluffiness but there was also the present of conflicts and struggles that I genuinely care about.

    And I love puppy Louis. So cute. So cute!!

  45. 45 Chi

    That “Do you want some ramyun”-question is such a hook-up-line, haha.

    • 45.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      And Louis have learned how to cook one (remember before that he doesn’t have to lift a finger to do anything except to shop)…

  46. 46 Nifah

    Thumbs up for he music / sound director. It makes every scene get the feeling.. love the song and the ost, especially for the last kissing scene.. sweet and lovely..

  47. 47 KDramaWatcher2609

    We have another 3 episodes to go for …. to sort out the mystery of the treasure box of Little Louis. Hmm….what could be in there that everybody are looking for it ??? What is the link between GoBoShi and Ko Bok Shil ??

  48. 48 Miky

    That Hyde,Jekyll and I parody at the beginning made me laugh so much! Love this show so much,i want a Louie for myself!Curious what that hidden box contains,maybe memories of his parents…Not gonna lie,felt so good seeing those three bullies get their punishment

  49. 49 Baek

    This show is really good at using flashback.. Not only those we had seen, but also some unseen one from previous ep, which seems to enrich the story even better and made us feel more and connected..

    And i like how the show guides us through from time to time.. There’s information happening from time to time and i like how the show organize them and constantly bringing them to the picture (Like Louis blue puppy notebook from previous ep, it does help me to recollect the important clues too.. ) I really like the little little things this show does and those awesome graphic animation/effects haha..

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