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Shopping King Louis: Episode 16 (Final)
by | November 12, 2016 | 110 Comments

If there’s anything that Shopping King Louis has taught us, it’s that in this life, nothing is more important than love. Love brings people together, heals broken hearts, and forms families where once there were only strangers. This drama shone because of its relationships, be they romantic, familial, or friendly, proving that even the oddest, quirkiest person can find their soulmate if they only look. Love transcends every boundary and makes better people of us all, if only we can be fearless enough to let it into our hearts.

EPISODE 16: “When You Wish Upon a Star”

One day, Butler Kim asks Bok-nam why he ran away from home. Bok-nam says that people from Seoul came to their house to film a documentary, which made him curious about city life. Butler Kim suddenly remembers seeing that documentary, and how Louis had been struck dumb by Bok-shil’s smile.

He shows Louis the documentary again, and Louis realizes that this is why Bok-shil looked so familiar to him. Butler Kim teases that Louis fell in love at first sight, and though Louis denies it, his goofy grin when he looks at Bok-shil on the TV screen proves otherwise.

With Director Baek in jail, Joong-won becomes the new director of Gold Group. His charisma seems to have increased, and all the ladies swoon when he arrives at work. Even Ma-ri goes a little starstruck when she runs into him at the elevator, and realizes with horror that she still likes him.

Louis and Bok-shil have some coffee in the office, in the same place they sat while hiding out when they were homeless. Louis remembers that night, when Bok-shil had told him that the blue dress she wore was her mother’s, but that she doesn’t even remember her mother’s face. Now he’s sad that he remembered his parents and got to see their pictures, but Bok-shil still can’t do that.

Louis passes out cups of coffee to the Goldline team, while Joong-won is already regretting taking his new position. He’s bored and dying to know how everyone on his old team is doing, and jumps up to go check on them.

Louis is holding a meeting very similar to the one we saw Joong-won holding when we first met him, going over the team’s proposals. But while Louis is noticing the same things, he thinks the team is doing well and freely compliments them. Louis worries Mr. Lee when he starts asking the same questions Joong-won asked, but instead of wondering if Mr. Lee will keep his job long enough for his kids to go to college, Louis decides to make sure that he stays.

Louis whines when Joong-won interrupts and tells everyone to get back to work. He complains even louder when Joong-won asks Bok-shil about “our Singsingline,” but Joong-won is still the main investor.

The team asks how many stars Joong-won got that time that Louis left them all notes grading their performance. Joong-won takes out the note he’s kept (while Louis hilariously cringes, hee), and shows them that his note was a big heart and a “Thanks!” HAHA, he thinks that’s a good thing, but the truth is that he got zero stars, and the team dissolves into giggle fits.

Joong-won talks to Bok-shil privately about Singsingline, which is performing far beyond expectations. He compliments her on her hard work, then surprises her by asking her to go on a date with him tomorrow.

They go for lunch, and afterward, Joong-won says that that was the last time they’ll be able to have lunch alone since Louis will insist on tagging along. Bok-shil complains that Louis gets jealous whenever she spends time with other people, even her brother. Joong-won defends him, saying that he lived without any family for a long time and needs more love and care than most people.

Joong-won gives Bok-shil a bag full of books, so she can get her high school equivalency and go to college. Bok-shil says that he’s a good person, and he promises to always be a good person to her and nothing more.

Jung-ran is feeling ill from her pregnancy, and Butler Kim leads her to the table where a covered plate sits. He tells her to just try it and has her remove the cover, to reveal a diamond ring. Whoa, that thing is massive. He slides the ring on her finger and kisses her hand, and asks her to marry him. Jung-ran can only nod, overcome, and she forgives him for proposing so late.

Joong-won’s mom and dad show up at his house with suitcases, having decided to move in with him until he gets married. What, what now?? Joong-won vehemently objects, but his mother trills that if he wants them gone, he should get married sooner rather than later.

She starts to make ramyun, but when she pours in the plum syrup, Dad yells, “STOP!!” He’s had just about enough of her odd cooking habits, and he grabs the bottle away from her and claims the kitchen as his domain. He throws away the plum syrup, banning it from his kitchen forever, leaving Joong-won and Young-ae gaping at him.

Young-ae recovers her wits, and says defiantly that he can have the kitchen. She storms out, refusing to stay here at all, leaving Dad worried about where she’ll go. Joong-won washes his hands of them both.

At the Baek house, Ma-ri can’t stop thinking about Joong-won. The doorbell rings — it’s Young-ae, and Ma-ri remembers that she’s Joong-won’s mother and primps. She’s on her very best behavior with Young-ae, so good in fact that even her mother looks at her like she’s lost her damn mind.

Jae-sook is happy to have her friend for the night, and even suggests they call In-sung’s mom and have a sleepover. The three friends discuss the property they own all over the world, but heh, they’re only talking about the Monopoly game they’re playing.

Eventually In-sung’s mom asks why Young-ae and her husband fought. She tells them, and her friends give her the side-eye for making a big deal out of nothing. They tell her she’s lucky to have a husband who isn’t either dead or in jail like theirs, then talk turns to preparations for tomorrow’s wedding.

Bok-shil sits next to a white dress, nervous about tomorrow. Louis says that he is too, and watches as Bok-shil digs into a giant piece of cake. He tells her not to eat too much since her dress is pretty tight, then tells her to eat more when she seems to enjoy the cake so much.

In the morning, Louis’s home is decked out in wedding finery. He stands on the stairs in his tuxedo, thinking about Grandma’s belief that what a person buys can tell you a lot about them.

The three moms help set up and talk about their kids. Louis watches them and sees herbal tonics above Young-ae’s head, as her wedding gift to the happy couple. In-sung’s mom is giving money, and Jae-sook’s gift is a fancy tea set.

Joong-won’s dad arrives, and Young-ae aims a disdainful sniff in his direction. Her friends say she should make up with him, and his adorably shy apology melts her heart.

Always the businessman, Joong-won talks to In-sung about working with the Goldline team. Louis guesses that Joong-won’s wedding gift is a pair of stylish sunglasses, while In-sung’s contribution is a nice lamp. Joo-hyuk shows up with a plant, representing his resemblance to a strong tree (and awww, he pouts when he admits to Joong-won that he hasn’t got a girlfriend).

In-sung MC’s the ceremony, and he introduces the bride. Bok-shil descends the staircase… with Ma-ri, as the flower girls. Awww, they tricked us! Jung-ran makes a luminous bride, and Butler Kim looks like the happiest man on earth.

Louis tells us that Ma-ri gave the couple a scented diffuser, while Bok-shil gifted them with a lifetime free pass to Singsingline. As for Louis, the King of Shopping, he gave the newlyweds a car. He narrates that the thing more important than any gift is the earnest heart that a person gives to another.

That night, Ma-ri thinks back to the wedding, when Louis had asked her privately if she likes Joong-won. She hadn’t denied it, but admitted that he rejected her already. Louis said that she should be honest about her feelings, and to just be herself.

She takes his advice, and texts Joong-won a little heart. Joong-won asks what it means, and she says, “It’s my heart.” He asks why she would send that, and when she says she just wants to, he tells her to go to sleep. Ma-ri takes that as a sign that he’s not rejecting her, at least.

Louis also had a talk with In-sung at the wedding, about his crush on Ma-ri. He’d been honest with his friend and told him that Ma-ri likes Joong-won, and advises him to end his crush if he can’t handle knowing she likes someone else. In-sung wilts, and he cries alone that night, but he decides that his love for Ma-ri is worth any pain.

Louis snuggles his Bok-shil dog in bed, imagining the real Bok-shil in a wedding dress with himself as her groom. The thought makes him grin hard enough to split his face, and he giggles into his pillow and thinks that maybe he should propose.

He jumps up and pulls out a bunch of outfits, holding each one up and practicing proposals. None of them seem quite right (and a few are downright cringe-worthy), and he despairs of being able to do it right.

Joong-won is still arguing with his mother about setting him up on blind dates, and he walks into the Gold Group building and right into a girl dressed in simple country clothing (cameo by Chae Soo-bin, who looks freaking adorable). She’s holding a briefcase, and when Joong-won tries to sidestep her, she places herself right back in front of him.

With a smile, she grabs his arm and plunks him down at a nearby table. Angry, Joong-won jumps up to leave, but stops in shock as she cries out, “Buy some ginseng!” The moment is eerily similar to his first meeting with Bok-shil, and Joong-won turns back to give the girl a second look. She shows him her ginseng, her words a close echo of Bok-shil’s words that day at the train station. Joong-won asks the girl if her bag was stolen too, confusing her.

This girl’s ginseng isn’t wild like Bok-shil’s was, but cultivated, and Joong-won asks why she wants him to buy it. Bok-shil’s answer had been that her ginseng was one of a kind, but this girl says she needs money for her sick parents. Joong-won pulls out his checkbook, but the girl doesn’t want to sell it to him — she wants to sell it through Singsingline.

As she explains her plans, Joong-won realizes that the girl is one smart cookie. She gives him a bright smile, and suddenly Joong-won sees her in a haze of backlit glory. She introduces herself as Wang Mong-shil, and in his head, Joong-won wishes Bok-shil farewell.

We go back to the day that Louis showed up at Bok-shil and Bok-nam’s place for ramyun, and had received a call from Jae-sook saying she has a gift for him. He watches the video at home, and while we don’t see the video, whatever it is has Louis gasping and smiling tearfully.

Later he texts Bok-shil and says that he’s excited, because he wants to watch a movie with her. She remembers their one movie experience, which had turned out hilariously badly, but Louis promises that this movie is a sweet one. He rents out an entire theater, and takes Bok-shil’s hand before starting the film.

They see a video recording of Gold Department Store’s thirtieth anniversary celebration, where they’d held a raffle to win one of the limited-edition penguin music boxes. Bok-shil is confused, but Louis tells her to keep watching.

He watches Bok-shil as the film continues, more interested in her reaction than the movie itself. The final winning number is called, and a young couple move forward to collect their prize. They have a small girl with them, and the mother is obviously pregnant.

Bok-shil’s eyes grow wide, and she recognizes the blue dress the mother is wearing. Oh… ohnygoodness, it’s her mother and father, and the little girl is Bok-shil.

Grandma gives little Bok-shil the music box, and asks Bok-shil’s mom what her unborn baby’s name will be. She says it’s “Bok-nam,” and Grandma wishes the baby a lucky life.

Bok-shil is overcome to see her parents’ faces for the first time in her memory, and Louis pulls her close to cry on his shoulder. As she looks at the video of her parents holding her in their arms, Bok-shil gasps out, “My mom and dad are smiling. They’re smiling at me.“ *tears*

Louis softly tells Bok-shil that she looks like her mother. But he says for her to keep watching, because there’s something even more important coming up.

The video continues, and we see little Louis being cared for by Jae-sook after the ceremony. He cries that he wants a music box too, and not to be outdone, a jealous little Ma-ri shoves Louis and says that she wants a music box, too. Bok-shil and her parents happen to be sitting nearby, watching the commotion.

Little Bok-shil toddles over to the crying boy and gives him her music box, with a tiny little, “Oppa, don’t cry.” He asks her name, but she’s so young that her words are a little unclear, and he hears her say, “Koboshi.” Her parents lead her away, and the two children wave goodbye to each other.

In the theater, Louis says that Bok-shil must be surprised, and all she can do is nod. Louis pulls the music box out of his coat, and shows Bok-shil that he wrote “Koboshi” on the bottom of it. Softly, he says to her, “Don’t cry, Koboshi.” They sit together for a long time, just absorbing the fact that they’ve known each other all their lives.

Louis walks Bok-shil home, unable to take his eyes off of her. He thinks that his Koboshi, that he’s kept enshrined for so long, is now right in front of him. Bok-shil thinks how Louis never forgot about her and cherished her for years, and that thanks to his great heart, they were able to find each other again.

They lie down on the floor of the rooftop apartment, and Louis says he feels like he’s come home. He asks Bok-shil why she trusted him when nobody else believed in him, and she grows serious.

She says that she had nobody to lean on growing up, since she always had to take care of her grandmother and Bok-nam. Louis was the first person to ever say, “Trust me,” and it gave her peace. Louis smiles humbly, and squeezes her hand.

He says to her, “Bok-shil, I will say those words to you for the rest of our lives. Trust me.” Bok-shil breathes a soft thank you, and Louis holds her close. He tells her, “Bok-shil, I love you.” And she replies, “I love you, too.”

Louis closes his eyes as if every dream he’s ever had is coming true. He pulls back to look into Bok-shil’s eyes, and they smile at each other. No more words are needed as they seal their love with a kiss.


What a beautiful, simple ending to a beautiful, simple love story. Louis and Bok-shil’s relationship was never complicated, and they’ve never doubted each other’s feelings. Even when they were separated, it had nothing to do with misunderstandings or lack of love — loving each other has been as natural as breathing since the day they met. I don’t think we needed to see a proposal to know that Louis and Bok-shil will be together for the rest of their lives.

I love how the overriding theme of the show carried through all the way to the end — that every moment in life has meaning and a purpose. No event was ever wasted in this show, and everything that happened affected events later on. Everything I’d forgotten about, such as Bok-nam’s reason for running away from home in the first place, and Joong-won’s stars (or lack thereof), were addressed in this finale. Even Louis’s habit of telling Bok-shil to trust him had a deep, meaningful purpose, and was a major reason that Bok-shil fell in love with him. Bok-shil giving Louis the penguin statue when they were children was such a lovely way to top that off, and remind us that it’s good to live life with an open, generous heart.

Normally I don’t care for stories that tell us a couple was fated just because they met as children, but in this case, it wasn’t fate that brought them together again, but kindness. Bok-shil’s act of generosity affected little Louis so much, that his soul somehow remembered her even when his memory was gone, and because of that, they will live a life full of love. Her loving gift to him as children — giving the music box to a little boy grieving for his parents — was eventually returned by that same boy giving her back her parents’ faces as adults. It’s not Fate, it’s simply the fact that doing good things will bring good things back to yourself. A lesson we would all do well to remember.

I’ve talked about how much I love the trope-flipping this show gave us from start to finish, but I’m also impressed by how incredibly detailed the storytelling was. Not one single moment was dropped or lost, such as the note that Louis left for Joong-won after his first day working at Goldline. Another great example I already mentioned was how the murderer was caught because of Louis’s love for Maxim coffee and his light saber. I appreciate the small character details that made the people inhabiting Louis’s world so unique.

I also loved watching Bok-shil’s fashion sense develop, though no attention was ever called to it — she just slowly became more modern, while still retaining her focus on comfort and ease when choosing her clothing. And speaking of clothing, how sweet was it that Bok-shil’s mother’s blue dress, that Bok-shil loved, showed up being worn by her mother in the videotape from the anniversary party? I could list such details about every character, even the smaller ones like Do-jin, who always copied everything Joong-won did, and Mr. Lee, who was a continuous nervous wreck. These really served to make the characters seem real and fully realized.

Generally by the end of a drama, I’m ready to wrap things up, send our characters away to live their lives, and move on to new shows. But for probably the first time ever, with Shopping King Louis, I don’t want to let go. I’ll miss the light tone of the drama that still managed to appropriately deliver nuance and great emotional moments, the humor and the sadness, and most of all the wonderful characters that made this show something unique. Our loving, hapless hero, the capable and big-hearted heroine, their close circle of family and friends, even the bumbling villains that still made us adore them were something we may not see again for quite some time. I hope I’m wrong about that, because I could watch dramas like this one forever, and never get tired of them.

What I loved most about Louis as a character was that, even though he was a chaebol, and even though his experiences gained him a lot of maturity and worldliness, his core innocence, goodness, and generosity never faltered for one moment. He was one of the most down-to-earth chaebols I’ve ever seen in Dramaland. No matter what happened to him or how much he learned about the world, even through complete memory loss and homelessness, he remained the same Louis he was from the very beginning. In a genre where we expect the hero to completely change into a different person by the end of the show, Louis was steadfast and constant, and rather than making him boring, that only served to make viewers love him all the more. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’ll miss Louis and Bok-shil and their unconventional, insane, and utterly lovable family.


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  1. sleeplessinwgtn

    I was smiling as I watched the last scene …

    What a lovely drama!

    • 1.1 rentenmann

      I actually cried once the credits rolled; I don’t want it to be the last episode! But I suppose we should let it end so that we can see what’ll be next from this amazing writer. What a great first drama!

    • 1.2 AL

      Yea! Cuteness overload! I can’t stop smiling watching this drama 😊😘

  2. redfox

    it was no fairy tale ending, it felt real. Cha Joong Won wins with his words to Bok Shil that she should also pursue her own dreams.
    also, where do I have to send a CV to work for Louis? I don´t mind a younger boss, when he is so nice!
    drat that I have to work right now…

    • 2.1 redfox

      and Louis & Bok Shil are two of the most precious puppies ever in Dramaland. The world doesnt change them, they change the world around them! I like that they are going into the future of possibilities and being giddy about it. The most adorable pure love!

      everyone is left open-ended, Ma Ri, in Sung, how will their crushes evolve, how will all of them find themselves, there is nothing certain. just like we cant predict our own future.

      (popping in when there are no clients … I am so naughty)

      • 2.1.1 Arhazivory

        I also loved and appreciated that. We don’t know how Ma Ri will end up. Will In Sung ever get it together? Is the new ‘Bok Sil’ actually married? Haha.

        That’s life. We really can’t conclude every relationship so neatly.

    • 2.2 Lord Cobol

      Don’t bother with conventional CV. Just get some ginseng to sell…..

  3. omiki

    Thanks for your warm recap. I share your love for the drama. One thing I was puzzled about was who Butler Kim was talking to on the phone when he was standing beside his car. The manner with which he was speaking did not sound like he was reporting to Grandma.

    • 3.1 omiki

      To add on, I mean in the much much earlier episode when they were still searching for Louis.

      • 3.1.1 JuSo

        He could have been talking to Butler Heo. Wasn’t she supposed to help him with the search?

  4. JuSo

    The show was great! I went in with not much expectation, but soon I found myself drawn into this wonderful drama.

    I never thought I would shed a tear for this drama, since it was much lighter than the dramas, which bring me to tears. But seeing the video tape and what it means for Bok Shil was so touching that I couldn’t help myself.
    All these feelings and characters in the story were so genuine and no one felt unreal or one-dimensional.

    This ending made me truly happy.

    • 4.1 Dramakichi

      I, too, wasn’t sure about this drama when it was first announced, but gave it a shot because of SIG. And was I so pleasantly surprised. SIG just proves how versatile he is, by playing such different characters back-to-back, in I Remember You to Police Unit 38 to SKL. I also really loved how they let him sing in this drama. Up until SKL, I had no idea SIG started in the entertainment industry as a singer. So it was really great they had him incorporate his “original” talent into the story in such a natural way to showcase his singing ability.

      I also cried in the movie theater scene where they showed Bok-Shil’s parents. What a precious, priceless gift Louis was able to give his Koboshil. I think I even remember reading in one of the earliest recaps how someone pointed out how close “Ko Bok-Shil” and “Koboshil” were, and how maybe that was a clue to something down the road. And here we are at the end and everything is revealed, and we find out how true those words were. Writernim did such an amazing job tying up the loose ends and connecting all the dots at the end. Even some of the most minute details that many of us had forgotten were brought 360 at the close. This is one of the most heartwarming and sweetest stories I’ve ever seen in dramaland.

      Lollypip – thank you so very much for doing such a great job with your recaps. Your summary of SKL was perfect and so spot-on! Thank you for taking the time to write them, as I’m sure it must be difficult and very time-consuming – but I’m sure it’s also a labor of love for you! Your hard work and dedication is truly, truly, appreciated! Lollypip 화이팅! 👊💪 (I hope I got that right… 😊) 감사합니다!!! 💜💐

  5. Bongsookie

    This is such a beautiful and heartwarming drama, I’m going to miss this show!! ❤

  6. mmm

    i felt sad after watched the last episode yesterday. And now i feel even more sad when i read lollypip’s comment. because i can’t let go of this show.

    • 6.1 Gidget

      I felt sad after the finale but for very different reasons. The last episode was such a letdown. The show promised us an enjoyable and happy ride with characters that were as unrealistic as they were delightful. To switch from the fantasy to a comparatively ugly ‘realism’ at the very end left me feeling cheated. Would it have been so bad to let these two soulmates rush to the altar? I think not. Would it have been far more satisfying to have the last scene represent where Louis wanted to spend their honeymoon; and have the last line be ‘now what do I do?’ before the lights turn out? That would have been both delightful and in-character.

      It would have been far better than what we got. Seeing them suddenly disconnect from their cuteness, commitment, and their values. And do it in a way that communicates newfound distance while they pursue a path that invariably – in real life – leads to some form of heartache. How is that even remotely consistent with the corpus of the show?

      I still love you show. But you left me feeling sad. Now I can’t imagine all of you happily living life after the camera turns off.

      • 6.1.1 riarallahssi

        I actually like the idea of the drama tuning into the realistic undertone, because although this is an ESCAPE drama, we know that Louie and Bok Sil truly still have plenty of growing up to do. BUT I wish they did all that “realism”, or at least the realization that reality has to sink in, in the episode 13-14 pairing and then got back to fantasy land by episode 15-16. By going back to fantasy land I mean that I wish 15-16 would have been about assurances that although reality is coming, childlike innocence can still stay, as well as our couple and all the magical sweetness surrounding them…. and that they’ll be with each other and that’s all that matters.

        I’m all for the funny and the sweetness but I admit that I needed a bit of reality to have it as my ultimate cup of tea. I think the sprinkle of reality would have added contrast and good depth to a very pastel-colored drama. Regardless, it turned out to be a drama that’s great for watching at the airport when flights are getting delayed. It’s all good.

      • 6.1.2 redfox

        I am really sorry, but what you describe would be a total cliché. I love that the drama doesnt give us anything predictable. that would have been too Disney cartoon

  7. Baek

    This show is wonderful.. especially the cast, everyone just feels so suitable for their role.. good job to the writer too, the story is simple but so sweet and refreshing!!

    SIG got to be a Ditto (on top of being our cute puppy of course).. and hats off to him for being able to play different roles so well everytime though they are of different nature.. Is he good at picking dramas, but i think he’s just talented..

    Sometime im just bored with the same old actors taking role that its just best fit for them (what they play most of the time or very close to their real life personality, thats completely not challenging at all..).. Instead SIG fit in to the role and really making great breakthrough every dramas..

    Normally i wouldnt watch a show all over again the second time or more, since i would know how it goes and its just boring.. But this is definitely a drama that i wouldnt mind watching again and again.. Its really cute, warm & refreshing..

  8. Kels

    I’m just upset that I missed the part when Louis and Bok Sil got married. It must’ve happened when I got up….cause while this is a kdrama and they hardly end with a wedding (between the LEADS (tease)), Bok Sil and Louis are totally the two that should’ve been married at the end. So yea, I’m sad I missed that part 😑

    • 8.1 redfox

      they didnt have a wedding and it makes sence since Bok Shil wants to go to University first. they have no hurry though.

  9. Mary D

    Thank you for really defining why this show worked so well. It was pitch perfect, and I’m still choked 12 hours later. Congrats to all involved with a great production!

  10. 10 Taeki's horse-riding Teacher

    Because Chae Soo Bin failed in getting Bogum (Min), she decided to go all the way to his hyung’s (Hyun) world. I Remember You, Soo Bin-ah.

    • 10.1 voice

      haha i thought exactly the same thing!

    • 10.2 FrabbyCrabsis

      You’ve connected three of my favourite dramas. Respect.

    • 10.3 Flightey Gazelles

      Lol this is perfect! #respect!!

  11. 11 Imzadi

    What a perfect show. I don’t think I initially would have watched it, because story wise it didn’t appeal to me, if it wasn’t for SiG. But I am so glad I did because it’s such a unique, simple and happy drama. It gave us everything from memory loss, chaebol heirs, evil scheming relatives and so much more we have seen so many times in countless dramas, and put it all on its head. More please.

    I am going to miss SiG so much after absolutely loving almost every drama he did. Others said it before, he doesn’t repeat himself and boy can he act. He really does give everything. And delivering three dramas in a row like I remember you, squad 38 and now this, will make me miss him even more. I think this is the first in my almost 5 years of drama watching, that I will really take note and miss when an actor leaves for his military service.

  12. 12 omy3maxz

    thanks for the recap…..
    Aww i’m gonna miss this show….So sweet so cute warm and touching….

  13. 13 Mikgoo

    Thank you for the recaps!
    I’m happy that Mr.Cha became the President and I’m a bit sad that Mari still hasn’t nabbed Mr.Cha when Louis even rooted for her. I guess the “Bok-Shil” effect is really that strong for Mr. Cha.

    This drama is fun and fluffy, it wasn’t a bit stressful, and it’s a good example that even there’s not much villains, the story will go on.

    • 13.1 redfox

      Mari was actually adorable daddys´ girl. they could have strayed off to pure villain category but didn´t both weren´t really acting as themselves. I am still willing to adopt Mari at least temporarily, until she finds a permanent home.
      her lines like “I was reading poetry” and “I am going to do some cross-stitching” – the show got back to its´ sassy humor. I LOLed so hard at how Mrs Hong looked at her daughter.

      • 13.1.1 tsinita

        I love Ma Ri!! I LOL in every silly scene she is in!

    • 13.2 Lord Cobol

      90% sure Ma-ri is going to end up with In-sung (holds nose).

      If mean, face it, she has no chance with Jong-won, not with Ginseng Girl 2.0 in the picture.

      • 13.2.1 karin

        Lol. Now, imagine if there is Amnesiac Chaebol 2.0 popped out. Then maybe Jong Woon will finally learn not to fall in love with random girl who sells you ginseng. Hahahaha

      • 13.2.2 Flightey Gazelles

        lol so hard @ holds nose! Yeah, their couple-y moments have not exactly been sanitary.

  14. 14 kdnoob

    This has been a wonderful ride and it is definitely a keeper!

    I loved the characters in it and I loved how they were treated by the writers. The villains were not caricatures, but plausible real people that commited mistakes, and, more importantly, recognized them for the most part. The leads were as cute as they can be while not being too saccharine or over the top. And the secondary characters were as varied as real people are.

    I adored many moments in it, and particularly Joong-won’s inner drama queen and fashionista (I mean, in the last chapter alone we got THAT bow and THAT pink fur coat!) appeared in some of the moments that will make me smile or chuckle again when I remember them. I just want to pinch their collective cheeks and coo over them. Good job show!

    Now, where do I get a pocket-sized Seo In Guk? My two dogs might be jelous, but I swear there has never been a more adorkable puppy!

  15. 15 Martin J Simwaba

    “Louis and Bok Shil” you can say that a thousand times. Can love like this exit in life? I find that had to believe, the love Louis has for Bok Shil is so pure that even those who tried to come between them couldn’t keep up the charade because they were able to recognise the love between the two. That aside, i love how this show ended, all characters became like one family, no jealous tantrums, no evil ‘moms’, ‘dads’ so smooth, this show. I think this is the show of year 2016 for me. And fourth in my entire kdrama list.(ranking as follows: Do Min Joo, Cha Dae Woong, Seo Jung Woo and Louis)
    just saying.

  16. 16 Mal

    One of the best of the year in my book. Seo In-guk is an outstanding actor. Louis was purely good, a giant puppy who grew up toward the end but would always retain that charming, heart-melting puppiness. I absolutely loved this show, am so sad it’s over, and I look forward to the day I rewatch it. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s sweet. Applause to the entire team, but especially this (rookie? That’s what I’ve heard) writer. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

    A few thoughts on the finale, though:

    +Where the heck was Bok-nam? He wasn’t at the wedding, which I thought he would be surely be at…
    + I cried like a baby at young Louis and Bok-shil. I knew whatever was on the video tape would be sad/joyful, but I was sobbing just like Bok-shil, only I didn’t have my own Louis to hold my hand.
    + Aaaaaand… I KNEW that was Chae Soo-bin! That was an hilarious scene. I died when “She” started playing and Joong-won said in voiceover, “Goodbye, Ko Bok-shil, goodbye.” I had a fit.

    • 16.1 redfox

      that Joong Won! Changing crushes like he changes the bow-ties! A-khmmmm!

      • 16.1.1 Shalini

        Love his signature growl! Joong-won just has a thing for business-savvy country girls. Such a great 2nd lead and Daddy-Long-Legs!

  17. 17 Anisss

    Thanks for the recaps! This show became one of my favourites. I’ll miss Louie and everyone else so much.

  18. 18 Rosee70

    I never thought I would watch this drama or any, after ML bitterness. Thanks to Dramabeans, I decided to give it a try and I loved it a lot. So soothing to the heart, their sweet love and goodness brings hope again. I was crying buckets of tears when I envisioned the two dears suffering their entire childhood deprived of their parents. And it pains my heart because it happens around me these days. Happiness might seem out of reach now, but we should always be hopeful for a better tomorrow.

    • 18.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Awwww that’s so swret . Am glad this drama was able to touch you in that way.

  19. 19 La Plume

    I’m probably among the minority here. I found the show pretty cute but 3 freaking filler episodes is just too much. I wish they had wrapped things up by episode 14 instead of adding fillers everywhere.

    I’m not saying it wasn’t cute but it was definitely boring and I could have done without.
    Seo In Gook was wonderful but the end just dragged too much even for such a lovable character which spoiled the fun for me.

    I do agree though, that it’s nice for once, to have a show where even the villains are not “evil”. It makes for a nice change and sometimes you just need a feel-good show to bear your stressful life.

    Still, warm, cute and heartwarming moments could have been better placed plotwise. It’s a problem with the whole show as far as I’m concerned but it was especially obvious during the last three episodes.

    Glad I watched it, but I’m not sure I could rewatch it without getting bored senseless.

    • 19.1 Emi warling

      I agree that the last three episodes were filler. All that could have been put into one episode. But to be honest I didn’t mind at the same time, because we got to keep Louis and Bok Shil a bit longer. 😀

      • 19.1.1 mitchielicious

        I definitely second the motion

    • 19.2 Kiki

      I totally disagree. One thing this drama did to me was that I became able to enjoy filler episodes and even like them better than plot development episodes. The characters are so fun that I can watch them fool around interact with each other without major plot development for 10 more eps. It’s just so hilarious and heartwarming that make my day much better

  20. 20 Divyrus

    Am not big fan of fated from childhood line, so when she was watching the video I thought the editing messed up, why is she not recognizing her parents or herself. I was rolling my eyes and then it hit. She has never seen them, has no pictures. Man, I was not prepared for the feels. I was sobbing. Open sobbing.

    Bok Shil is and will be one of my favorite very unconventional rom com heroine. From distant, it might look like another candy but her character was so heart warming from start. And that she gave away her gift even as a little girl says a lot!

    This show was My happy pill ! I did not know 3 episodes are airing back to back ! What will I do next week ! 🙁
    Of 5-6 dramas I was watching, real life intervened for a week and then I simply could not pick up anything else other than this. And it kept me happy for couple of hours every week.

    I will miss you Show, thank you!! <3

    • 20.1 redfox

      yes, she mentioned it before to Louis, that she doesnt remember her parents´ faces at all. it is when she saw the dress that she connected it.

  21. 21 Oh Beans

    Actually there’s one thing the drama forgot to address. Is Bok Shil’s blue dress still with Mari? She disposed it but got it back.. but she never got to return it to Bok Shil. Nevertheless, I love this drama, love it’s details and definitely love the OTP. This is one of the few rare gems of K-drama that stayed consistently good from the start to end. I’ll miss this drama so much.

    • 21.1 Mayday❤️

      Mari brought her dress back, and ran into In Sung… and she stopped driving after that day…

  22. 22 blnmom

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, LollyPip, for the fast recaps and the lovely comments!

    I agree with everything you said, except for one — Louis and Bokshil were not brought together by Fate or kindness, but by a spectacularly bad bad guy, Scarface, who could not get ONE THING right. Even his backing up the USB, which I am constantly yelling at drama protagonists to do, backfired on him, hee.

    I think someone needs to make a montage of the horrible outfits Oska wore throughout the drama, including this fluffy pink fur coat. They were so horrible that I loved them. 🙂

    Good-bye, Gukkie. Sniff. See you in a few years. 😢

    • 22.1 kdnoob

      I second the need for a montage of all the horrible outfits! And the sunglasses!! XDD

    • 22.2 LouisIsloveSIGIsLife

      Agh, I was sad enough that SKL ended but then you had to go on and remind me that Seo In Guk would be enlisting soon *cries a freakin’ ocean*
      He’s easily my fave Korean actor and now I’m just gonna have to re-watch his old dramas till he gets back to us. Hope he serves healthily and stays safe.
      SKL was a pleasure to watch and I’ll miss Louis and his world so badly. Trust me.

    • 22.3 Flightey Gazelles

      I agree about the montage!

      I noticed his fashion outfits getting more absurd but OMG, this pink, fluffy….thing takes the cake!! And he just wore it with much gusto!

  23. 23 UmbrellaMan

    What a sweet and wonderful show! I felt like we got a whole extra episode just to send everyone off properly, cuz really, the story wrapped up with episode 15.

    I think my three favorite things, besides our main duo’s awesomeness, is that there really was no bad guy in the truest Machiavellian sense, both Ma-ri and dad weren’t out to take over the world by any means necessary, they were just flawed humans that each made some poor choices (of obviously varying degrees). And how I loved Ma-ri’s mom!! Such a surprise in the beginning. I assumed she was going to be classist and catty. But, no! She was sweet and caring. I loved how proud she was of finding Louis, even to the detriment of her husband. Lol. Lastly, I love that there was never any crazy love triangle. Joong-won never tried any crazy methods to steal her away, he respected and understood the love she had with Louis. He might have grumbled a little along the way, as grumpypants are bound to do, but he never came across as manipulative or vindictive. He genuinely cared for her and wanted the best for her. He turned his role in her life into that of a mentor, which she definitely needs! Thanks show for giving us, and Bok-shil, such an awesome daddy long legs.

    And I have to give a little shout out to our insightful Manager Lee (you deserved all those stars Louis gave you!).

    • 23.1 CQB

      I loved Ma-ri’s mom too. She was a character I didn’t take much notice of at first but became one of my favorites by the end.

    • 23.2 redfox

      Jae-Sook was a gem. Without her, uncle´s deeds would have had a lot more severe results. she was like a pebble between the door and the frame that always left an opening to make things right. a clueless pebble who doesn´t realize its´ worth for the hero.

      • 23.2.1 Flightey Gazelles

        Nice analogy @redfox. I love Jae Sook, she’s just so clueless and adorable!

  24. 24 CQB

    One of my favorite dramas and favorite OTP’s.

    The ending was simple yet beautiful.

    I love that Louis matured but was still a puppy who hugged his stuffed animal and giggled into his pillow.

    I too was impressed with the level of detail, especially from a new writer. I’d forgotten about JW’s ranking, but I loved the reveal, and I especially loved that JW carried it around in his wallet.

    I loved how everything came together in the video. I also loved that Louis presented it as a movie considering their attempt at seeing a movie for the first time went so wrong.

  25. 25 Namu

    I reached at the point where I cannot describe in words how much I love this drama ❤❤❤

    I love you Shopping King Louis. Period

    Thank you so much for existing
    Thank you to all actors, writer-nim, pd-nim, music director-nim, effect/animator-nim(?), and all staff

    Thank you Lollypip and dramabeans’s team too

    I’ll remember this precious drama for a long long time 😊

    Thank you very kamsa

    • 25.1 Namu

      P’s. I cried when watching cinema scene and bokshil’s real reason why she trust Louis, then I cried again when reading the recaps, and still crying (in happiness) as I read your comment, Lollypip
      You write it so beautifully, that’s give me a warm feeling

      Ah there is one thing that make me wonder. Since episode 14 (from my observation, correct me if I’m wrong), the comments section never surpass 100+, why is it like that? Because we had 3 episodes in one week so people watched it in marathon mode or… ?
      Haha I’m really curious

    • 25.2 kdnoob

      You are right! I forgot to mention how much I loved the use of music in this drama. It was another element interwoven in the episodes and mirrored the plot

  26. 26 E

    How is what Louis said to Bok-shil at the end *not* a proposal? Proposing marriage is not merely a question-and-answer effort, it’s really a promise, from the one asking for lifelong commitment, and from the other agreeing to reciprocate.

    • 26.1 LarryMimosa

      Exactly. Frankly his promise to be with her forever was more meaningful to me than a ‘marry me’ event with a ring and balloons. Very sweet and so appropriate for this couple.

    • 26.2 ObsessedMuch

      True. Plus hadn’t he already messaged her one or two episodes back: “Should we get married” just because he wanted to stay with her. I don’t think we needed a big romantic proposal because every move that Louis spent adoring Bok SHil was a proposal.

  27. 27 LarryMimosa

    Haha, when he brought out his carefully saved note with the big heart and “Thanks!” and everbody tittering. I totally missed that it had no stars, lol ok.

    I agree there was a lot of filler at the end and wonder if previous events could have been paced better to make those later episodes a bit meatier. Still, I adore this drama — so heartfelt, funny, sweet, so clever in turning tropes upside down.

    Like so many I was wondering if the drama would be worth it, whether SIG has finally chosen the wrong vehicle. Was he the perfect Louis or what? The gestures, the sweetness, the endearing haplessness combined with some real marketing and people smarts. I think Jsvabeans said it early on, that she couldn’t have imagined anyone else playing Louie and how winsome the portrayal was–exactly right.

    I so appreciated the childhood connection that didn’t scream fate but underscored kindness as Lollypip described. How refreshing. I also was touched and cried a bit at the theater scene as I can fully appreciate Bok-Shil’s feelings. I lost my parents when I was a kid but while I remember my mother, I don’t have any memory of my father being just four. I know a lot of stories about him and our family and have pictures but none with him. How wonderful to see in video how much your parents loved you. That is a precious gift that deserves renting out the theatre.

    Great job, show and cast–will miss this a lot. And yes to whoever said it it’s the first time they feel like they’ll really miss an actor going away to military service. Feels like I’ll be rewatching a lot of SIG dramas for the next couple years.

  28. 28 Lord Cobol

    Bok-Shil, marry me
    Bok-Shil, let’s live together
    Bok-Shil, let’s eat together for the rest of our lives
    Bok-Shil, stay by my side forever
    Bok-Shil, help me put all these clothes away

  29. 29 missminty

    Thanks so much for your hardwork in recapping this drama from start to finish, Lollypip! It’s all thanks to your recaps that I picked up this drama in the first place 😄😄

    Mukyaaa~~ I never thought that SKL would turns out to be my favorite drama of 2016. Hands down to the solid cast, writer-nim (totaly looking forward for her next projects 👍), crew, and all the people behind this drama, oh and a special shoutout for the music director that has made me create my own Spotify playlist for all the oldie-but-goodie songs from the episode titles.

    SKL is what I’ve dreamed of off a romcom K-drama. There’s no major complicated conflicts, no super evil villains, no stupid fragile heroine, and every side characters are so fun to watch. From the start to finish, this show had never forgot its core, a story about finding one’s true self, out of one’s own comfort zone, in order to find the joyful things in life. I felt like reading a children’s bedtime story through this show.

    I gotta admit though, for me, the humor was at its finest during the first half of the show, but nonetheless the later episodes were still very entertaining to watch, and the filler episodes were actually very fun. I was kinda sad that we didn’t get to see Louie-BS get married, but it’s S-okay since it’s more realistic that they get to move on with their life and continuing their journey together. Oh, and am so happy for our Daddy Long Legs, meeting Mong Shil is a new start for him to move on from Bok Shil LOL.

    Now, is there anyone who can tell me where can I get a kind-hearted, naive, man (child) who never afraid to show his sincerity to his lover, like Louie? He doesn’t have to be a chaebol though. Oh, it’d be better if he looks like SIG, HA HA. (a la CJW the Daddy Long Legs).

    Such a pity that we won’t get to see SIG in dramaland for the next 2 years.. 😢

    • 29.1 blnmom

      “SKL is what I’ve dreamed of off a romcom K-drama.”

      YES, exactly! Why is it so hard to make a rom-com? Everything else goes rom-com-melo. The last one I had high hopes for was One More Happy Ending, which has the actual word “Happy” in the title! Turned into a sobfest (not a good one) for like 7 episodes. Grrrr. OK, end rant, sorry.

  30. 30 asmara

    So sad that this wonderful drama must end. I will forever miss Louis and Bok Shil world. How I would remember them everytime I see orange rose, red carpet, maxim gold, blue jotter, gold imitation crown, and pinguin, because Louis does run like a super adorable pinguin.

    LollyPip, you have said it all so BEAUTIFULLY. Your words make my heart flutter and pretty butterflies suddenly pops up around me just like when I watch our dearest puppy couple.

    Oh now I’m sad because I couldn’t see them again. It’s like leaving your hometown because you have to move and you know that you can’t coming back.

    My greatest salute to the rookie writer for giving birth to this heart warming drama that feels like a cure to a hard real life. Seo In Guk, once again, thank you for giving us such a memorable endearing character. How can I not love you more. Nam Ji Hyun, great acting! And what a lucky girl you are, SIG kissed you a lot, in a very romantic scene, awww this fangirl is jealous lol.

    • 30.1 ObsessedMuch

      Lol. There really were a lot of kisses in this show. And I loved the return of “na ottokhaji” in the hospital!

  31. 31 heliotrope

    I’m so sad to say goodbye to this show. It was refreshing and new and I loved it. I loved how Louis wasn’t your typical K-drama chaebol. He was kind and adorable throughout the show. He grew to be more mature but he never gave up any of those things that made him a good person.

    Bok-Shil was also a great character. I loved how she took in Louis at the beginning of the series and took care of him. She was patient and kind to him throughout and that speaks volumes about her character.

    I was feeling sad for Joong Won the last few episodes. Especially that scene where they sang with masks. After it was all over, it seemed like everyone had someone else to cheer on them except him. So, I’m glad he found someone at the end 🙂 Also, I like that the second leads in this drama didn’t drive any wedges between our leads. Joong Won loved her but kept his distance and didn’t try to drive them apart (expect physically pushing them away, hehe). Even Mari just bumbled about and never really felt like a threat. It’s refreshing to have second leads like that.

    Even the minor characters were written and acted well and that added to the beauty of the show. My favourite was Jae-Sook. She was so adorably clueless and was a imprtant factor in both Bok-Shil and Louis finding their families.

    I loved the friendship between the three moms. It was absolutely endearing. They just become friends without any consideration for things like money or class and it felt so good. That’s another thing about this drama, it never made money or status issue. Everyone accepted everyone else despite of it. I’m gonna totally miss Audrey, Vivian and Cleopatra. I wish they had another scene of them all fangirling over Joo Hyuk, hehe 🙂

    Also, In Sunggg! I’m so glad Oh-Dae Wan and Seo In Gook reunited in this drama. They’re scenes at the end of Police Unit 38 was soo cute.

    This and Jealousy Incarnate made my Wednesdays and Thursday better. I was experiencing drama withdrawal symptoms yesterday.

    Goodbye to a great show!

  32. 32 ObsessedMuch

    Thanks for all your hard work LollyPip. You have been awesome!

    This show is exactly the reason why I started watching kdramas. It was everything I ever wanted from a show and then some more! I am gonna be looking forward to the next project of this writer. And this is the first show where I loved all the mothers, all the villains, all the secondary characters- basically just about everyone! I will remember this show for so so many reasons and I am sure i am gonna re- watch it many a times.

    I didn’t have any opinion on Nam Ji Hyun before this show (having just seen a little of her in Angle Eyes) but she really impressed me with her acting. Plus her smile is wonderfully beautiful. (It still reminds me of Park Bo Gum’s smile).

    Now on to Seo In Guk. I am in love- IN LOVE- with him! He can do no wrong! I would actually sit through the stupidest of stupidest things for him but I also trust him enough to never chose a stupid project. Yes, SKL seemed like a stereotypical chaebol drama, but it was SO not. And all that was possible because of his portrayal of Louis. I have said this many a times but I will say it again- I am gonna miss him so so much in the next two years, and I am definitely gonna re-watch all his shows (and watch the few I haven’t seen). Now I just want our puppy to rest for a while before he goes to army but it seems he is off to do a concert now. Will this guy ever rest!

    And a shout out to all the lovely beanies for the comments. SKL threads felt like a close warm support group of like- minded people.

    Also, can we make this thread a Gukkie thread eventually? I mean I would love to get updates from you guys if you are rewatching an old SIG show, or if you find out anything new about SIG? I wish dramabeans had dedicated hangout pages for the famous actors but we can squee enough in recap threads.

    • 32.1 Mal

      Gukkie is love. My first show with him was Squad 38 (fell in love at first sight) and I’m currently trying to marathon I Remember You (dear god, he can morph into any character he wants). Shopping King Louis worked perfectly because of him. This man is a fabulous actor, one of the best in my opinion, and I’m so sad he’ll be out of the loop for the next two years… Sniffle.

    • 32.2 Flightey Gazelles

      this was my first Nam Ji Hyun viewing also. And I loved the recall of the first time Louie saw her on TV . That megawatt smile just shone through the screen and got you in the heart. She’s very beautiful!!

  33. 33 lunatic4kd

    The thing I loved most about Louie’s and Bok-shil’s kiss scenes (and ESPECIALLY the last one) is that, for the first time in k-drama land, I can imagine the couple consummating their love while looking into each other’s eyes, filled with the wonder of finally being together. These two really, really love each other 100% in every single way. It gave me those feel-good goosebumps and sighs that are reserved for only a very few love stories. It will take me awhile to recover from losing my three favorite shows all in one day. SKL, JI and OTWTTA were the perfect k-drama triumvirate for me.

    • 33.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Yeah, you can totally see their first time being intimate, full of tender discovery and adoration.

  34. 34 Aigoooo

    For a second there I thought my sister was watching Shopping King Louis because I saw a scene with SIG and Mr. Baek together but actually it was I Remember You. Didn’t know they had work together before. That was a surprise for me.

    I love this drama. From Louis and Bok Shil’s uncomplicated love to the silly villains. It’s just so refreshing to so see inept villains. It’s definitely much better than seeing pure evil get away with everything until the very last episodes. This is one of the few times I actually felt bad that Mr. Baek had to go to jail.

    The best casting had to be Oh Dae Wan. He is such a staple villain in Kdramas that seeing him in this role was really delightful and a bit unnerving (Raise you hand if you thought he would turn evil later in the drama lol).

    SIG really is an amazing actor. He embodies his characters better than most actors of his generation. This is the first time I have watched Nam Ji Hyun and I’d have to say she is one fine young actress. I wouldn’t hesitate to put her in the same level as Shim Eun Kyung.

    This was really a one of a kind rom-com. No misunderstandings, no lover’s quarrel, no real separation caused by noble idiocy, no second lead syndrome, no disapproving parents and no one to really hate. It was a light love-fest of a drama and I loved every minute of it.

  35. 35 Ania

    I never post anything although I’ve been reading Dramabeans for a few years now.

    Seeing that this drama has so few comments, I decided to write something. This drama is so worth watching. It has such unexpected characters. In the end everyone managed to become my favourite. No character was redundant here. Every persons added something important to the plot.

    Thanks to all the actors and the recapper!

  36. 36 PegKfan

    I think there was a proposal. It was subtle, but it was definitely a proposal. When he said “Bok-shil, I will say those words to you for the rest of our lives. Trust me.” that was his way of proposing. Remember when he was practicing how to ask her, and nothing felt right? And, remember how everything in the show seemed tied together? I think that’s why we got the practice scene, because in the end he said it just how Bok-Shil needed to hear it. And, I believe she understood what those words really meant.

    • 36.1 Mal

      I took that as a proposal as well. I love how subtle it was, and how it was also a promise. There didn’t need to be a big flashy proposal scene, the red carpet scene earlier on was enough to blow us all away!

    • 36.2 mary

      Ooooh that sounds cool!

  37. 37 blnmom

    Also would like to say that I liked this show’s PPL. I ended up wanting:

    1. Ramen
    2. Maxim Gold
    3. Lightsaber
    4. Super cool watch phone (hopefully non-explodey)
    5. Food umbrella
    6. Ginseng

    • 37.1 Mal

      The Maxim Gold PPL integration was perfect. Catching a serial killer all because of some spilled instant coffee? Brilliant.

    • 37.2 LarryMimosa

      “Super cool watch phone (hopefully non-explodey)”

      HAHA, that was great! Still laughing….

    • 37.3 Cookienoona

      agreed! I’d take maxim gold over seeing subway all the time in dramas! Lol The PPL here actually fit the character and is funny since at the beginning he had really expensive taste in coffee but still drank maxim after gaining his memory. Cheap coffee FTW!

  38. 38 Garrdan

    Thank you very much, LollyPip, for your wonderful recaps! 🙂

    My enjoyment of this show is totally due to SIG and the cast of characters and personalities!! What a talented group of folks…such great chemistry between the couplings and as an ensemble—sizzling vibes all around!!

    Kudos also to the amazingly talented newbie writer and the director!

    I will truly miss hearing Louis’s squeaks of surprise, fear, joy and mischeviousness…

  39. 39 Gaeina Lee

    ..that every moment in life has meaning and a purpose..
    ..and remind us that it’s good to live life with an open, generous heart..

    I love the conclusion you made, LollyPip. Best quotes of the week!

    Thanks for the recaps of this fluffy-funny-lovely drama!

  40. 40 leila

    this drama was amazing.
    its been a good ride.
    filled with laughter.
    you’ll be surely missed!

  41. 41 NN

    It’s a refreshing, delightful rom com. Very enjoyable. I hope more beanies will check it out. Tks for the wonderful recaps, Lollypips!

  42. 42 Vanptc

    I love this show. It deserves more ratings, no? I like it more than Moonlight Drawn By Cloud which has far higher ratings. not a fan of either Nam Ji Hyun or Seo In Guk until i watched this show, now i love them both.

    In comparison, I am a huge fan of Bo Gum, and really like Yoo Jung, but i couldn’t finished MDBC because of bad writing with far too boring plot. Actually, I enjoyed the show until ep 7 or 8, tried my best to continue until ep 13, and ended up reading recaps here to cach up with what the hell is going on.

    Chae Soo Bin’s character is under-used in that show. What a shame. I am delighted that she’s got a cameo in this show, and it turned out a really good thing!

  43. 43 Cookienoona

    Man, there’s such a void in my heart cause this show is done. I don’t know how people watch currently airing dramas and not feel so empty when its over. I echo what everyone has already shared, of course. SIG is a great kisser(lol) and a great actor. He really becomes the character. That’s what I love about him. Nam ji hyun is great too! It was nice to see her character grow and transform, I hope to see more of her! This was a breath of fresh air kind of drama. Plus, I’ll be rewatching the first kiss scene (in that green sweater) whenever “I need romance”. Lol

  44. 44 Kk

    Oh my gooood. Im so in love with this drama. Glad I was stick with them from the first episode. Everything was so PERFECT. Reading everyone’s comment here make me happy and in love all over again. How can i moved on from their world???

  45. 45 hyunn

    Love this drama so much. The biggest reason is as I am girl, This is not the average Chaebols that we have met in Kdramas before. I love how Louies is not arrogant and irritating like mostly chaelbols are. I miss my precious Louie hahaha♡♡

  46. 46 selle

    SKL has truly been a gem – perfect casting, solid writing and excellent soundtrack. Congratulations to the cast and crew. I recall what the PD said during the first script reading – that he hopes the cast can pull it off and make a drama that lives in the viewers’ hearts for a long time. In my opinion, that was achieved if not more. Seo In Guk really killed the role of Louis and I would agree with what a lot of people have already said – I couldn’t imagine any other actor who could have pulled off the role.

    This drama would definitely be on my rewatch list.

    And thank you for all the superbly written recaps Lollypip, as well as to the wonderful comments from SKL and SIG fans.

  47. 47 bd5

    Been watching SKL in bits and pieces (it’s FB season and have a couple of American shows to catch up on) and even fast forwarding on the boring/paint by nos. K-drama stuff, SKL is a mediocre romcom at best.

    1st off, the premise is so K-drama-land and let’s face it, more than a bit ridiculous, but that wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the whole chaebol shenanigans were written better.

    And even that wouldn’t be so bad if the dialogue and scenes/moments were written better.

    Case in point, the writer for “My Princess” didn’t do a good job w/ the backdrop story about the whole reviving the Korean royalty thing (a press conference being at the center of importance!), but the writer did a great job w/ the dialogue (esp. btwn the leads) and in writing a bunch of fun/entertaining/cute scenes (the kind of stuff that makes a romcom enjoyable).

    Here, we don’t get enough of that and it is SIG and NJH making the most of the material that they are given (uplifting it to something better than it is – like what Seo Hyun-jin did for OHYA.

    After PU38, felt like a waste of SIG’s talents; first time seeing Nam Ji-hyun in a lead (and non child) role and she impressed despite the material.

    This is the 3rd romcom w/ Yoon Sang-hyun as the lead or 2nd lead and increasingly wonder what the appeal is to PDs.

    YSH is an OK actor, but not someone one would watch for his/her acting skills.

    And not exactly convincing as a “handsome” romantic rival, esp. w/ that ridiculous peach fuzz on his upper lip, his bowl cut w/ a middle part and the so not stylish get-ups (what was up w/ the costume director?

    Cha is supposed to be a stylish director of a merchandising dept./online sales, but instead, looked like a goofball.

    Aside from Louis and Bo-shil, there weren’t really any characters that were of much interest and even that was due to the talents/appeal of the 2 actors.

    What a waste of Kim Young-ok (who will always be the “Coffee Prince” halmoni) and Oh Dae Hwan (for him and SIG to go from PU38 to this).

    Wanted to like it more due to the 2 leads and a couple of other actors, but can’t overlook that the writing was nothing more than standard K-drama/soap fare, if that.

    • 47.1 redfox

      I am just relying cause I feel a little sorry towards you cause nobody seems to care at all about your criticizm.

      I don´t agree but you have your right to not like the drama. actually, I am glad, cause someone so whiney doesnt even deserve to enjoy ia feel-good healing drama like this. good luck for future dramas then. hope you find a drama to grace with your presence if SKL is not it.

      • 47.1.1 bizzybody

        redfox, I second your comment.
        My teenage daughter and I enjoyed this series immensely and we laughed so much throughout even though we keep scolding Bok Shil for being too kind/naive/gullible and Louis for being such a softie – he even runs like a sissy and gets beaten up by girls.
        Anyway, I thought the scriptwriter was brilliant for tying up loose ends and every encounter has a meaning/connection. The second leads are charming and even the villains don’t seem too intelligent/evil.
        Overall, a feel-good drama which warms one’s heart.

  48. 48 BlessingWind

    This drama is like a dessert. Sweetness, cuteness, loveliness and full of adorableness.

    This show makes u go all giggly, happy, and just takes away your stress. What an enjoyable ride.

    The finale episode was sweet, with a twist at the ending, just was icing on the cake. Those two were really fated to be together. Who knew that they would have met ages ago, and the music box was originally Ko Bok Shil’s?

    I was sad that grandma died,nevertheless ,she died peacefully leaving Louise be with the person he wanted in his whole life and those people who care about Louise.

    Seo-In-Guk’s acting is top-notch. He just created a real person called Louise. You can’t say Louise is SIG, or SIG is Louise. Owning that character,living like a that character truly exists, is just sheer brilliance.

    Loved the whole cast. I am so going to miss the cute scene of Ko bok shil and Louise, Mr. Cha’s clearing his throat when he is embarrassed, Jo in Sung’s goofiness, job seeking being the highest paid job, Ma Ri’s nonstop questioning within a minute, Handsome detective’s dazzling smile, Mr. Cha’s parents, and their plum juice, Jaesook’s clumsiness etc.

    Just a few lines for this adorable show

    Sweet as honey
    Precious than money
    Ended in a hurry
    Will miss you like crazy

  49. 49 AJ Dee

    Best drama for 2016, the script and acting are excellent. Drama that I will be re watching in the future if I’m sad or stress at work.
    SIG is an excellent actor and I will surely miss him, I will be waiting for his comeback after his military service.

  50. 50 BlessingWind

    So i just made a poem , a very silly one, on Ko Bok Shil and Louise.

    From Louise’s POV
    You were born just for me
    Through a music box, you came to me
    Unknown for all of this time
    We met again due to someone’s crime

    All my memories forgotten
    In this world so rotten
    You were the only one
    Helped me when there were none

    You did not own a place
    But found one for my sake
    You brought me home
    To not to make feel alone

    Together we started to live
    Working every day to survive
    While she went to work
    All I did was sleep and snore

    Living in the shabby room
    There was not even a broom
    But I had an eye for things
    Which made her to buy those and bring

    I started to enjoy with her
    As if I have never lived like this before
    Outside every day I paced
    Waiting to see a wide smile upon her face

    Soon she became a part of my life
    Addicted to her I was by her side
    Never wanting to leave this place
    However fate made us separate

    I found out who I was
    The world stopped and pause
    This was making my head turn
    For her, my heart yearned

    Lot of twists and turn
    I got my memory in return
    Fate brought us together again
    I am not letting her go again

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