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by | November 5, 2016 | 193 Comments

The weeks sure fly by, don’t they? It’s almost next year, people! *represses minor freakout* And it feels like there’s a very fine line between being on top of all your shows and getting behind a few days and suddenly feeling like you’re buried in an avalanche of unwatched episodes. I think I’d better get crackin’. —javabeans



Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Was there anybody who watched this finale and thought, ”Oh hey, that was a pretty good way to finish that story, I really enjoyed that”? Despite the show being frequently messy and flaw-ridden, I have found it very watchable, so I was hoping for an ending that, even if not perfectly satisfying, would provide a measure of closure and resolution. What we got, though? A finale that felt so pointless that it negated value retroactively from the rest of the series. I don’t care if there was extra footage filmed or more logical reasoning in the book or better intentions elsewhere: In the end, what is shown onscreen is the only story that truly happens in this drama. Who actually thought this was an acceptable finale episode to put on the air and put their names on?

The Man Living in Our House: I was pleasantly surprised when I started this up with few expectations and found it amusing and zippy. It’s not the world’s most subtle humor, but the show feels good-natured and I love Su Ae showing the lighter side of her range.

1% of Anything: This show is so cute and feel-good that I like to save it up and enjoy it as a pick-me-up or a warm-and-fuzzy way to cap off my day. They naturalness of this couple’s rapport is what sucks me in, and because the relationship is so rooted in the everyday, it makes every little smile and interaction feel tinged with romance.

Shopping King Louis: Last week’s episodes felt like they were heading into unnecessarily mopey territory, and girlfriday assured me that I could skip them without missing anything I didn’t already know was going to happen. While it’s a bit discombobulating to jump in two episodes later, I’m glad I did because in my world, Louis stayed cute and funny and never strayed down the path of noble sacrifices and tearful separations.

Entourage: The premiere felt like it was everything a show titled Entourage should be, with glitzy celebrity parties, star cameos, raunchy guy talk, blaring hip-hop, and big egos. It felt a bit choppy and the pacing hasn’t hit its stride yet, but I do think this version will have more heart than the original; already I can feel that the central love story will be the two best friends, Mr. Star Actor and Sidekick Manager. Jo Jin-woong is manic and funny, and Kwang-soo’s desperation is brilliant.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: There’s an interesting vibe that I find very appealing about this show, and it’s all to do with Lee Seon-kyun’s uptight, neurotic inner crisis that I know must be very upsetting to him, but is hilarious to me for its morbidly dry delivery. The show has a quirky directing style, and once I realized that it’s written and directed by the Awl team (which I really loved), it all made sense. The drama also reminds me a bit of last year’s Bubblegum in its interesting, cool modern characters and the mood that’s at once humorous and contemplative.



Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Life’s a bitch and then you die.

The Man Living in Our House: This is turning out to be more of a traditional rom-com than the strange family relationships would have you think, but I’m good with that since I like the leads together, and I find their relationship really sweet. Basically, whatever Su Ae wants is what I want, because I’m with her all the way.

Shopping King Louis: The show was much more watchable this week without a dark cloud hanging over everyone, though in all honesty I’m kind of bored by it now because it seems like we’re just checking off boxes for a happy resolution too far in advance. There was just a fun little magic to amnesiac Louis and his rooftop life with Bok-shil, and I miss that early stage of the story.

On the Way to the Airport: The shit hit the fan pretty hard this week, but am I a masochist for wishing there were more drama that came out of it? I want these people to be happy in the end, but I don’t want to skate over the monumental pain they’re causing other people, because that would seem like a copout. I’m starting to think they didn’t leave enough time to deal with the fallout of the affair.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I only caught the first episode, but Lee Seon-kyun is so good at being this nervous wreck of a husband that I might stick around just to watch him dig his own grave of stupidity. Muahaha.

Jealousy Incarnate: Did anyone else have a heart-flutter-attack when Little Bro got all protective of his noona and told Jo Jung-seok off? This week Jo Jung-seok got all of my tears, but Gong Hyo-jin’s little brother got all of my love.

Entourage: It was slick and star-studded as expected, and the five guys are well-cast for the roles. It still feels very American though, and I’m not sure the show has found its own rhythm or its own skin. The premiere felt hurried, like it was attempting to give us ALL of the exposition in one go instead of easing us in. But the bromance is there, and that’s what I came for.



Currently recapping: The K2

This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair: This show wasn’t originally on my watch list, but I decided to tune in on a whim. Lee Seon-kyun’s deep voice is unmistakable, and after two episodes, we’re just on the cusp of D-Day. Still, my favorite moments have to be with Lee Sang-yeob as Ahn Joon-young, the hoobae who wears his heart on his sleeve for his sunbae and hyung.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: It saddens me when I think about the hours upon hours I wasted watching this show and wishing that the execution was just a tad different here or there. So here are my parting words: Walking until the show’s edge, I sat and watched as my brain cells rose up and disappeared. My… Sanity.



Currently recapping: Shopping King Louis, The Man Living in Our House

1% of Anything: I waited until after Drinking Solo to start this, so I’ve spent this week catching up. I have to say, I love this version of Ha Suk-jin a lot better, because he’s just more emotionally accessible and I love his boyish sense of humor. It’s nice to see an adult couple discuss adult topics (like sex) instead of pretending virginal horror at the idea of just touching hands, and I particularly appreciate how open and honest Jae-in and Da-hyun are with each other. Sure, the show is a bit dated topic-wise, but that doesn’t stop it from being a breezy, fun watch.

Ice Fantasy: This Chinese wuxia drama is a hot mess, and I love every minute of it. A fantastical story about a Fire Tribe and an Ice Tribe racing each other for an item that will allow them to control the world, it’s got wonderful magical characters, some pretty amazing action scenes, decent CG, and more pretty elfin people that you can shake a magic wand at. I’m still only about ten episodes into this 62-episode epic fantasy, but once I started, I just can’t stop watching.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I’m still way behind, and sadly, I’ve been hearing enough about the second half of the show that I’m seriously considering dropping it.



The Man Living In Our House: Ahhhhh, it’s so cute and weird and wonderful — I love it! Su Ae is a gem, and I’m having a blast watching best-friends-irl Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Young-kwang annoying each other via their characters (plus they’re not too shabby to look at, either).

Fantastic: The ending was a little too perfect for me, but I’m just content that everyone is friends and happy together, so no real complaints. Overall, the drama was a pleasant surprise with the humanity it gave all its characters while tackling the serious issue of cancer (instead of just using it as a convenient plot-point). I’ll miss seeing them each week, especially Joon-ki and his dimples. *sob*

Monster: I’ve been taking advantage of a little extra free time to finally finish those dramas that I dropped for whatever reason, and first on the list was this behemoth. It was a struggle, though, because while I liked much of the first thirty-some episodes, I did not care about any of the old dudes’ political shenanigans in the later episodes. If it weren’t for my undying loyalty to Park Ki-woong and my devout faith in Lee El, I would have definitely given up long ago. It wasn’t a terrible drama, but it wasn’t what I was expecting, especially from this production team. I’ve already forgotten more than I’ll ever remember about this drama, but alas I fear I will never be able to forget Park Ki-woong’s terrible hair extensions.

Police Unit 38: I’d started this drama when it first aired, but due to time constraints I dropped it six episodes in, and only now have marathoned my way through the rest of it. I’m thinking that’s the best way to do it, though, since it meant I didn’t have to wait a week to see the resolution of all those cliffhanger endings. Ma Dong-seok can do no wrong in my eyes, and now I’m expecting a new drama from this production team where Sung-il and Bad Guys Woong-chul have doppelgänger shenanigans. I’m just sayin’.



Currently recapping: 1% of Anything

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I knew I was going to regret getting sucked into this drama from the moment I watched the teasers — I hate sad stories. I couldn’t help it though, the first few episodes pulled me in and now here I am, bemoaning all the ways that these inevitable deaths and separations could have been avoided, considering they weren’t really all that inevitable. From the time skips to the irrational logic to the questionable premise (is anyone still wondering what happened to the real Su?), there were so many things that just could’ve been better, but I suppose it’s worth something to say that I actually cared about the characters. It’s so tragic that So went from being the lonely outcast that everyone feared and no one cared about, to being the lonely king that everyone fears and no one is willing to stand by. In the end, it’s almost like he was doomed to live a life of loneliness and misery.


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  1. gadis

    If there is one thing I learned from Moon Lovers, it’s to always be grateful if future dramas give me a mandatory time jump (at least it would only happen once, because I’ve lost count how many times it happened with no purpose whatsoever in MLSHR), or even an unsatisfactory ending (at least I know what to complain about, because when my sister asked me about MLSHR ending, I didn’t have words to describe it or my feeling about it). At least this drama has ended now, so I can scrub it clean from my memory.

    • 1.1 Persian Rose

      “Was there anybody who watched this finale and thought, ”Oh hey, that was a pretty good way to finish that story, I really enjoyed that”?”
      I actually liked the tragic ending and specially like they didn’t go through the stupid path of reincarnating WS in future…yes the ending was bitter but very realistic at the same time…

      • 1.1.1 NY Cynuc

        The whole series was a missed opportunity. The body incarnate was an after thought that would have been better left out. If you’re gonna mess with time, at least put some thought into it. If Ha Seo was so unhappy with the time period and suspected someone else suspected her plight she would and shpuld have sought to find a way back or least demonstrate some struggle with her predicament. The ending as lame. Closure? Not really. So it may not have been a dream. The so what question was not answered so who cares. I was also really disappointed with the character arcs. Either carelessly underdeveloped or WTF!? Eye candy it was, but hardly a well written teleplay that certainly needed more cohesion.

        • Juan

          Who r you?

      • 1.1.2 Tim

        I love me some tragic ending as long as it tied all the loose ends and it’s satisfying. Moon Lovers’ ending was just empty, it’s as if they ended it that way for tragedy’s sake.

  2. Hiro

    Actually i loved Entourage so much, Kwang Soo was brilliant like always.

    • 2.1 UmbrellaMan

      Where were you able to watch it (subtitled)? I was hoping it would be on Dramafever or Viki, but alas nothing!! Wasn’t this show supposed to be simulcast in like 9 countries? I just assumed the US was one of them…I need my Entourage shenanigans!

  3. royal

    I’m enjoying 1% of Anything so much. It’s so adorable. I’m happy that this show is just full of Jaein and Dahyun, and very little of others. Please continue to do so, drama. You’re the only drama making me happy right now.

    3 Meals In A Day is so good. Eric has turned Na PD in to a food thief! The staff running away with the pan of vongole still makes me laugh. And then this Friday’s episode, Na PD was so shameless in eating that jjajangbap. (I miss jjajangbap. I can’t find a decent one in my country.)

    • 3.1 wapz

      Are english subs available for 3MAD?

      • 3.1.1 madame kim

        Yep, check out fishingsubs blogspot!

        1% of Anything is my current fav. It’s so so so enjoyable and totally rewatchable.

        • Rose

          1% of anything is surprisingly, given the basic storyframe, a wonderful Superwonderful hyperWonderful drama! I started Watching it after reading beanies gushing about it, thank u beanies!!!
          Its strenght is that this drama is not a pretentious one. It is the Story of two people falling in love, under very special circumstances, but even so they are not cartoon-live characters.

          Dada and jae-in feel real and their acting is so on point, that sometimes I am asking myself if I am not watching a real love story unveils in front of my eyes. Just saying if these tWo actors marry one day, well I would not be surprised. First time seeing a couple of actors being so in sync With each other.

          This drama is warm and cozy! Hong sisters take some notes, would you!

      • 3.1.2 Emma

        FishingSubs made it available to kshowonline. That’s where I’ve been watching it. It loads later than you might be used to watching shows and by that I mean that the episode that aired Friday is available by Monday or Tuesday.

    • 3.2 Agree

      1% of anything: this actually gives a hope for all remake dramas & per-produced drama’s that they may still have a chance.

      3 meals a day : is my first verity show & I’m so much in love with Eric.. If he wasn’t there we would have 4 lost kittens.

      A man living in our house: Somehow I find the casting perfect… KJH & LSH are lead material but if anyone less of an actor had played these wacky characters It would have been a disaster.

      Jealousy incarnate: Well It was a fun ride but 24 episodes are too long I just want a happy ending.

      Shopping king Louie: don’t know about bok shil I wanted to beat the crap out Louie for his memory prank.. I wasted a whole week thinking pointless things..

      How is K2 ..? I dropped after ep 4 but I’m thinking of giving it another chance…

      • 3.2.1 Sam

        As for K2, just wait for it to end (airing) before thinking of going back to it so that you won’t regret the time lost if ever you decided to watch it again.

      • 3.2.2 mary_of_bethany

        K2? it wasnt the second highest mount.
        its just a CG made Mount thru laptop skill, all appearances of grandeur, and casting in few super skilled climbers (JCW and SYA… etc). yet the substances is lacking.

        its sad that it shall become the show that send JCW off to his army. (given that the newest not filmed yet called 6 Times First Kiss whatever, he wasnt the Main-Main lead).

        what a let down! don’t trust my word… i am just one single fan ranting. but scroll right to the top and look thru from Javabeans to HappilyEverAfter, you will find none of them mention ever watch or even one single sentence praising K2. and Dramabeans is known to be favouring a Certain Ji Chang Wook so much that you constantly find him gracing their banner atop.
        well, the Silent speaks & thunders Loud!

        • Taosl

          K2 was doing well initially, but it all fell apart after Im Yoona got more screen time, as she has no chemistry with JCW, and has no screen presence, unlike SYA.

    • 3.3 Gean

      3MAD this season is officially Eric as a professional maid lol. He cooks, drives, fishing, washing dishes, carpenting plus nanny of two cute kitties lol. The guy is so good looking in ordinary outfit. I like him more than all his characters in drama. But mannnn… he’s so slow for preparing the food though according to Mr. Grumpy, Giant Baby and Narupang his cooks are sooooooo delicious lol.

      • 3.3.1 royal

        I’m sooooo curious how good his food is. Because Lee Seojin’s dimples are always on full display and the staff… omg, the staff stealing his food is so funny. Eric’s so shy, it’s adorable. He’s always embarrassed when they comment on his food and always say the hyung and magnae helped. I really like how considerate he is. I love their little ladder when preparing food, so cute.

    • 3.4 cheekbones

      I watched 1% of Anyting ep 1 – 10 in one sitting this Friday. I was a bit stressed and decided to watch it to escape reality.

      I’m glad I did. My Friday wasn’t too crappy after all. It’s a very easy, breezy watch with two very likable lead characters. It helps that the drama is less than 40-minute long each episode.

      I also enjoy The Man Living In Our House. Kim Young-kwang is surprisingly good, and he looks gorgeous.

      • 3.4.1 aegi_omma

        Me too, I marathoned 1% and it was so sweet it cheered me up so much.

      • 3.4.2 Summer

        Oh gosh, i marathon it within 24 hrs as well.. (because i started in the evening and watched till midnight to episode 7). has to do something the next morning and managed to catch the 3 remaining episodes in the afternoon.

        I have seen 1% KDW version and it is true that i also prefer HSJ version… He is just like a cute little puppy when he falls in love and when he knew that DH likes him too. Now i regret watching this drama before the drama ends it’s run (with 6episodes more to go).

        HSJ is not the typical handsome kind, but he definitely draws you into his character he portrayed in the drama.

        (I was still pondering which drama to watch after MDBC, i was not interested in any drama after this… but i’m glad i picked 1%.. i like both because it is focus on the main leads)..

  4. Karuna

    I feel like OTWTTA was 20 eps and was meant to delve more into Hye-won, Jin-suk and the dilemma that Hyo-eun is going to face once she is dragged in. The 16 episodes is not enough for this particular drama.

    Still it maintains it’s subtle sophistication combined with traditional drama elements, on the whole I think it is a well done drama in being subtle and honest instead of skirting around the affair.

    I often read negative comments about HW and JS but I found myself nodding with agreement on the hancinema take that often situations in the drama are ethically ambiguous.

    Other than that I finally got around to seeing Comrades Almost a Love Story. Maggie Cheung is amazing as ever and I felt nostalgic for the late 90s and early 2000s East Asian films which were my first introduction to cinema of that part of the world.

    • 4.1 korfan

      Karuna –

      May I ask if in fact it’s been confirmed that On The Way To The Airport is 16 episodes and not 20?

      I’m not kidding, for the past three weeks certain posts/sites indicate 16, while others indicate 20 ……. but no one can confirm which is correct!

      The drama is up to ep 14 and I still don’t know.

      • 4.1.1 Karuna

        I am confused too. I believe it is 16 because it seems to be ending 10 November according to asianwiki and is to be followed by another drama. I guess that will be correct. But initially some sites indicated 20 – wikipedia still does – so I was wondering if they had to adjust the script. But there is very little information on it.

      • 4.1.2 sal

        Hey there 🙂
        This is what the admin of KBS World facebook page said before this week airing of On the way to the airport: “4 episodes left till the end…Will they..?”
        so only 2 episode left and thats make it 16 episode… wonder how things gonna pan out for the final week.

        • Karuna

          Ah thanks! From the horse’s mouth then:)

          Thinking it will be a DW+SA and not status quo….

  5. MapleSilver

    Ha…ha… As a long time follower of Dramabeans I just knew that once Javabeans and Girlfriday see Lee Seon-kyun in his new role they would be enjoying his performance for all the wrong reasons. LOL! But seriously, the show is doing a good job of portraying adultry from various angles. And Lee San Yeob can’t be anymore adorable as the devoted hobae.

  6. Mindy

    I’m happy you guys are enjoying This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair! I’ve found it thoroughly enjoyable and it already has me hooked. I NEED TO KNOW IF SHE IS REALLY HAVING AN AFFAIR.

    • 6.1 Mindy

      Anyway, this is what I’m busy watching this week. Not much because the end of the semester is quickly approaching and I need to limit my drama intake:

      This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I’m really, really enjoying this one. I’m young and have zero knowledge and marriage or divorce or infidelity, but I find it an engrossing watch. I love how they tackle the issue of adultery from so many different angles and I can’t wait to see how everything develops. The characters are a hoot and the acting is so on-point.

      Answer Me 1997 (rewatch): Decided to rewatch one of my all-time faves again. I’ve seen every episode probably 4 or 5 times now but I can’t help it, I love it so much! Plus, rewatching a show instead of starting something new is better because I am less likely to use it to procrastinate.

      In terms of American shows, I finally started Stranger Things with my friend! I think we have watched 4 episodes and I am really enjoying it. The kid actors are surprisingly great!

    • 6.2 Archer

      I am watching this drama too and I just felt so bad for him. I wish I could join the toycrane forum, but then again I don’t think I can give him any good advices. In a way I understand why he did what he did, but at the same time I am also frustated by his actions. Good job so far, show… I think I am curious enough to follow this drama. I don’t even care about what kind of ending this show will have.

  7. CatoCat

    Sweet Stranger and Me – Fun watch. Strange Side characters. That’s it.

    Woman with a suitcase – Boring. That lollipop villain is the comedian here.

    Entourage – Boring. Camaraderie among the 4 guys looked quite fake with all the insults thrown at each other every few seconds.

    This Week, my wife will have an Affair – JTBC. no need to mention anything anymore.

    The K2 – Nonsense Comedy. It is more of Yoo Jin the emotionally and mentally Ill woman than about Je Ha.

    1% of something – Everyone is praising it but i won’t. Bickering,Teasing and Taunts are all good for a short period of time but become quite an annoyance after a period. Repetitive dialogues in 1st 3 episodes. Dragged Scenes. Forced skinship and more forced interactions. Show is good but i always felt that they dragged many scenes for too long. If you feel that way in 30min show then there must be some problem with direction. Good 1st time watch.

    We Married as a Job aka Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu – 1st min itself raises all the flags that this one is a Japanese show. Yui Aragaki is the star of the show and this show is generating top ratings. Thankfully this manga is Josei so aimed at adult audience which is easily viewable the way Writer and mangaka address the social issues regarding marriage life and present Work environment.

    Show is simple and fast paced. I liked all the characters even annoying office staff of Himakasa.

    Music is apt and not interferes with your visual experience. Overall My show of the Month.

    I Consider We Married as a Job better than 1% of Something.

    Family Drama – Gap Soon and Tailors dropped. Father, I’ll Take care of You in Top View List.

    Pending Order in Motion – Yoo Na’s street, Potato Star, My Daughter Seo Young and Pinacchio

    Weekly – That Sun in the Sky and The unusual Family put on hold.

    • 7.1 kanz

      Yeah right… Even though the title is The K2, K2 in fact hasn’t done much except fighting the baddies and romancing Anna. On the other hand, Choi Yoo Jin basically always able to outmaneuvre her opponents swiftly and makes everyone and everything under her thumb.
      I must say Song Yoon Ah always command my attention whenever she’s on screen, Ji Chang Wook&Yoona too also seems to be better acting with SYA than with anyone else.

      • 7.1.1 An

        I concur!

      • 7.1.2 Sun

        Based on this drama and Yongpal, it seems the writer has a tendency of naming his drama after the male main character but make his female main character the much more compelling one.

    • 7.2 feignedreality

      yes to everything about We Married as a Job!

      p.s. the oh so “kawaii” end credit sealed the deal for me. 😊

    • 7.3 aranea

      Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu and 1% of Something are two almost totally different dramas. They are both romantic comedies and both deal with contract relationships, but have so little else in common. It is very misleading that they are part of the same genre. I believe it to be an apples to oranges comparison. I am very glad that you are also enjoying Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, my only frustration is that the subtitles seem to take forever to be posted. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT, all volunteer subtitles are special people who deserve our thanks and respect.

      • 7.3.1 CatoCat

        Shows can be compared irrespective of their genre or story.

        The base upon which whole structure is constructed is same for the both shows.

        Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu aka We Married as a Job is a slice of life social commentary whereas 1% of something is typical rom-com. I agree that it is unfair to categorize both shows into the same category.

        We Married as a Job is funsubbed and the one doing it was quite busy with exams and all. But now He/she is free and will provide updates earlier compare to the previous updates.

        • aranea


          I complete stand behind my statement.

          • aranea


          • Ema

            To all of them out there..
            Thank you so much

    • 7.4 mary_of_bethany

      Kanz, and An,
      well, someone already died scaling that K2 Second highest mount, now mid show.
      the humanity of Choi YJ,
      the producer and writer suddenly blatantly wrote her into an evil to the core 100% schemely woman,
      because K2 rating does not go expectedly low, and worst is seeing two ships arising, and seems the second lead symdrome is taking on momentum and they fail to expect CYJ garner such great followers that make the First Lead fans very sad and angry. that they make they suddenly turn bad.
      YJ turned bad suddenly by ep12, (or 11). before that she was written as a human-villain with hearts, now she is just an cold-blooded animal that ate devour anything comes into her path. if she was written such from the beginning, no one should have stand by her and rooted for her, now her YJ fans were feeling betrayed. i for one, is admiring SJA acting while i do not shout for Jeha to romance CYJ, because JH obviously already fallen deep for Anna, and Anna has done nothing wrong to deserve JH betrayal. but can’t YJ be written with some remorse and repentance at the end, and that JH will accept her as a noona friend to visit her oft in jail.. rather than now i see her impending death at ending?

      (not that we do not know she was schemely, but she was once written for past 10 eps with some human feels and sympathy and emptiess mixed into her chilling hates and bitterness) hte production crew of K2 truly owe Song JunAh an apology to tricking her into acting such an amazing role with layers and depth, then killing her humanity just 4 eps before finale.

      what a shame!

      • 7.4.1 aranea

        K2 has “jumped the shark”.

  8. Sancheezy

    apart from 1% of anything, Nigeru and rental kyushitsu , I didn’t watch anything.
    My stomach hurt like cramps and my cold still hugs me tightly but then I find out Happy Together : MOONLIGHT version come out and I love it!!
    It’s nice seeing them appears in talk show even if they touched bogum and yoojong topic but that’s mandatory, I mean that couple haf so much screen time and popularity to be ignored, but I think they managed tp show the actors story too, also god-byeong yeon looks so good, eunuch jjang with the queen is superb.

    I need more…

    • 8.1 aranea

      I hope you feel better soon, fighting! 💊

      • 8.1.1 Sancheezy

        thank you . . . I hope myself feeling better too (lol)

        • aranea

          You might try that 10,000 times method that Oska’s mother uses or may be cold medicine…

    • 8.2 ricenoodle

      Hi. I was finally able to enjoy a show after Moonlight. It’s Nigeru. Thanks again for recommendation. Hope you feel better. Now off to find Happy Together. hehehe

  9. kanz

    If you have watched C-BBJX, SH:R ending shouldn’t come as a surprise, no? And it’s still a little bit better than C-BBJX ending.. I was heartbroken for two days because of it. Anyway.. this is maybe a rare case of an ending that’s better than the beginning. The 1st and 2nd episode is just a mess!!! It’s a miracle the producer out there just put together a show with messy music, editing, and story and broadcast it on Big 3! And even more a miracle we’re all bewitched by Scarlet Heart:Ryeo!

    • 9.1 Sancheezy

      I think I like the Chinese ending better,
      it basically about her getting a second chance in life after what she’s been through and her choices to move on from the 4th, hence she didn’t say anything to his reincarnation and leave the museum as herself, xiao-xiao and not mertai ruoxi

    • 9.2 Meix2

      I haven’t watched C-BBJX but I did wikisearch the ending after about 4 episodes of SH:R aired, just so that I know what I’m getting myself in for. I really should have dropped it then as I’m no good with tragic endings, but I found it just sooooooo addictive. Plus then I read the PD said something like it would be ‘a sad journey with a happy ending’ so I persevered with optimism. Now I’m angry and depressed.

      Still I prefer this ending to the chinese drama, but it’s taken days for me to calm down enough to accept it. With that ending, it’s not a drama I’m going to rewatch anytime soon… as it life wasn’t hard/ depressing enough…

      Similar to what HappilyEverAfter wrote, IDK what makes this flawed drama, the one drama whose main characters I really care for. I actually cried and that never happens.

      • 9.2.1 dena

        it’s the cliffhanger in Kdrama version,
        so we can made up bunch up assumption that never proven to be true, but at least it makes people who curious enough stay watching

  10. 10 Imbuk

    I was eagerly waiting for your description about jealousy incarnate, girlfriday. And I am not disappointed. I so want a brother like chi yeol! Also considering your love for noona romances, no wonder he got all your love. 😉

    The other drama I am watching is the k2 and I can understand why none of you are watching it, lol. But its ok. 1 percent of anything is also really fun and super entertaining and a breezy watch. I tried watching my wife is having an affair, 40 minutes into the first episode and I was unable to get hooked. May give it a try again though.

    Also happy to see many recappers chipping in this week. 🙂

    • 10.1 Imbuk

      I meant the drama the k2 is ok. It has some good parts but lots of plot holes.

    • 10.2 wapz

      I wait for girlfriday’s remarks on JI on what we’re watching and how I wish more recappers and generally more people were watching it. But Saya’s, dramallama’s and girlfriday’s and all commenters views are good enough for me too.

      • 10.2.1 Imbuk

        Me too! I enjoy that drama so much with all its details, symbolisms and wacky concepts and its ability to make us tear up one minute and laugh out loud the next. But I guess its not everybody’s cup of tea, Some people find It frustating. Also, I am not sure how many people will check It out after it ends considering it has 24 episodes. But, I am super happy that I didn’t miss it and decided to watch it!

        • Chandler

          I’m with you guys. There’s just so much to enjoy about this show. It’s precisely because I feel like I could spend hours talking about every little thing that I have such a hard time writing comments about it. While I’m disappointed that some weren’t hooked enough to brave the 24-episode count, I’m just going to be happy that GF, the recappers and several other beanies are feeling so gratified by their decision to continue with it.

  11. 11 feignedreality

    On my list:
    + My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week
    + Entourage – I have a feeling the bromance and Lee Kwang-soo’s character will make me cry.
    + We Married As Job
    + Marvel’s Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage

    • 11.1 aranea

      Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu [We Married As Job] – excellent choice!

      Marvel’s Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage – have you ever noticed that as the series progresses the hero gets weaker, the villains get much strong and the general population gets much more gullible.

      • 11.1.1 msspookymuffin

        I don’t know how Luke Cage is weaker than Daredevil, the man is impenetrable. 😅😅😅 Think you got it backwards or maybe understood you wrong? I definitely feel like Killgrave is the toughest villain so far, or at least the most messed up one. Either way I love these Marvel shows.

  12. 12 Makoto

    I watched the chinese version of scarlet heart. I think the korean version is better. At least we get the clearer explanation why anyone doing anything. In the original version everything happens suddenly and unexpectedly. As a viewer I am not ready for things like… when the 8th prince’s wife dead (she looks okay to me and then suddenly sick and died, otherwise lady hae is described as ill since the beginning) why and since when does ruoxi and 8th prince develops their feeling (I believe 8th prince loves his wife sincerely and considers ruoxi as a sister). We get fair info about each prince in their personal lives, too. etc.
    I just started ep 13 though but already got spoilers from here and there. Hehe…

    • 12.1 ET

      I watched the chinese version of scarlet heart. I think the korean version is better. At least we get the clearer explanation why anyone doing anything.

      Really? It was the total opposite for me. Most of the time, I was like “WT*” when I was watching Moon Lovers.

    • 12.2 Samantha

      The exact opposite for me. I liked the Chinese version more.

    • 12.3 Meix2

      From the 5 episodes of C-scarlet heart which I dropped because I couldn’t get into it, I think the K version is better overall. The cinematography is superb, the OST is superb (but not the music editing) and the lead is great.

      However, the K version seems to be telling the story to an audience that has already read the novel/ seen the C version because alot of plot points were not explained properly which left many of us scratching our head (until we went online to discuss it, which brought forth the ‘Aha, I see’ moments).

      For example, when Jung rewrote the envelopes because Su and So’s handwriting were too similar… nothing was explained in the drama to why he did this. I think he said ‘it will look strange’… ugh, what the hell does that mean?? (Somebody later told me that to have identical writing to the Kings could amount to charges of Treason.) * Aha, I see*

      • 12.3.1 dena

        tbh the C-drama is a different genre than the K-drama,
        you’ll not get it from the cliffhanger shock to know what happen after or understand what happen after 2 pilot episode,

        but they tend to just tell the stories and make us familiar with the setting then you’ll realised you remember all the names and all things they did,

        they sucked at episodes ending cause it’s not all about that,

        imo the kdrama only good at making the cliffhanger but always fail at deliver the episode after

        • agoodheart

          I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Bu Bu Jing Xin the original novel is literally translated as Startling by Each Step. It has a very special way of telling the story in a way that nothing seems significant at the time, but then gradually tears coming from your eyes and you just feel very sad, for all the beauty and bonds between them getting shattered.

          Among many other things, I actually got annoyed from all the cliffhangers of Moon Lovers, that they had to make everything so dramatic and I just couldn’t feel it. The essence of what made Bu Bu Jing Xin so special, Moon Lovers didn’t have. I liked Moon Lovers for how visually stunning it was and its OSTs, but it’s simply a different entity.

    • 12.4 Sancheezy

      wait… 8th wife’s hasn’t died in ep 13, like she alive and kicking, he still helps minghui to get the 10th…
      I think by ep 8, it’s clear how Ruolan and 8th love is, he loved her but she didn’t then he moved on, accepted the situation.

      I don’t want to judge you but I think the chinese version gives more thought on explaining people’s decision more than the korean version ever been, what the chinese showed is far greater,
      and the reason many people including me understand the korean ver without reading many comments (likie understanding what they gonna do right after watching the episode) is because I watch the chinese version and early ep of shine or go crazy

      then there’s no lady hae or 4th prince like wang so in the chinese version
      the feeling between ruoxi and 4th is clearly bloomed after the snow, the early bracelet scene, the promised to take her out in the maiden selection and all the letter he gave her when she enters the palace,
      they don’t say I loved you there but the special treatment that gets accepted is the symbolism,

      so did the 1st wife really died?
      he only has 2 wife? minghui’s sister and ruoxi’s sister

    • 12.5 Anneakemi

      I agree with Makoto. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge in Chinese history, but I also felt some events in the Cdrama version were very unexplained. Also, the acting style was more subtle, so sometimes I wasn’t quite sure about some of the characters’ feelings. I think the events in the Kdrama version were better explained (for the most part). There were some things that could have used more though, but I think it was due to editing to get it to fit in 20 episodes.

    • 12.6 kanz

      I like the Chinese version more, although SH:R also has its distinctive charm.

      The Chinese version is better at developing relationships, give us clear background why anyone doing anything. I felt like the bonding between 8th and female lead is stronger in C-version too than in K-version. Well eventhough 8th is ambitious, he’s not a jerk like Wook. On the other hand, K-version does a good job handling 4th-female lead relationship. In C-ver I was like “WTH how could you fall in love with that guy?” but in K-ver we get proper beginning and end to Su-So’s relationship.

      Probably because they only have 20 eps, they couldn’t show us much more from the original and a lot of plot points gone unexplained. However, I see this is not copy-paste drama from the C-drama or novel, but a drama that seek its own color and style.

      • 12.6.1 Ema

        I Blame the early episodes..every bull#@## can stop at 5th episode.

    • 12.7 Kendi

      Everthing else but the ending and the main male lead, I prefer the C version.

      I never like doppelganger ending as if it’s that convenient for love to be transferred to a stranger with the same face.

      My perfect ending would be Su to get into accident and met her daughter and So so viewer can guess whether its only her imagination, afterlife or she did get back into thr past though I don’t think her character deserve a hapy ending for all the mess she caused.

    • 12.8 Bwear

      I think it’s going to be pretty hard for you to like and enjoy BBJX though because it seems like you are pretty biased towards K-version from the get-go. You are on episode 13 and Ruo-lan dies in episode 25+ yet you are able to judge that she dies too suddenly and unexpectedly??

  13. 13 Upptownsala

    The one and only: Jealousy Incarnate
    Never expected that I’d love this drama so much, I enjoy the story in every single episode. 2 more episodes, hope for the best for the adorable couple, Hwashin-Nari.

    • 13.1 Chandler

      Ya know, there are quite a few adorable couples right now with great chemistry so you would think a pair as dysfunctional as them wouldn’t provide the cutest scenes of the week. But Hwa-shin cheering up Na-ri at the hospital with his dance moves + all those scenes with Beom? They warm my heart in ways the others can’t even compare to and that is quite a feat considering how I find the HSK & 1% couples to be all sorts of adorable.

      • 13.1.1 Upptownsala

        Agreed. Also, I watch over and over again the snowman family scene. I freaking love that scene.

  14. 14 BlessingWind

    Entourage pilot episode was seriously boring. I just did not much connect to the characters and too much zooming -out- the -scenery- had me feeling so dizzy.

    It did not give typical korean drama direction and writing. It just feels so out of the place. At the end , i was like ‘What the hell did i just watch?’

  15. 15 Blue

    I caught the premiere of Entourage and it felt neither here nor there. The first half especially came off chaotic, OTT and not particularly interesting, with not enough synergy between the cast (last thing I watched was Reply ’88 and the cast chemistry was strong from the first 5 minutes, so I had that fresh in my mind as a term of comparison). Another issue was the constant music blaring in the background, so loud you could barely hear some of the actors talking. They had something play in the background all the time, it was a bit distracting.

    The second half of the episode was a lot better tho, the music relaxed a bit and the manager character stood out as really sympathetic. The scenes fleshing out his character were the most memorable for me so far. But I don’t really understand the point of all those cameos, they added literally nothing to the episode, they were rather more of a disservice to the show what with the let’s say “questionable” acting of most of them (especially those IOI girls or whatever they’re called). Are people really compelled to check out a drama just to see a 1-min cameo of some idol? Seems pretty pointless to me, but to each their own.

    • 15.1 Blue

      I still need to find the motivation to watch the last 3 episodes of Reply ’88. First half was so strong, but after that it started feeling a bit filler-ish. Sometimes the family hijinks got stale and it was harder to enjoy them when I knew in the back of my mind there were characters and relationships that were still not developed or just kept on-hold for episodes on end. Why so little Dong Ryong? He is my 2nd favorite character and I wish they did more with him. The intention to drag that love triangle as much as possible was too obvious. I couldn’t understand the Deok Sun-Jung Pal mania, they have so little development, so little connection (all due to writing, nothing to do with the acting). I didn’t get it at all. Hope I don’t get proverbial pitchforks thrown at me for saying that, we all interpret dramas differently and there’s still 3 episodes left to potentially change my mind. My biggest takeaway from the drama is that I love Choi Taek, both character and acting. He is the clear standout for me. And Jung Pal’s dad from the parents, he is amazing.

      • 15.1.1 Bao

        You must watch the last three episode. You can always fast forward if you want to. But I’m like you. I’m was always on Team Taek. I never understood why everyone thought Jong Pal and Deok Sun belonged together.

        • Blue

          I’ll watch them eventually, but I’ll have to push myself to do it so that’s a good indication the drama has lost steam for me. I am not necessarily rooting for one or the other, I usually just let the story take me to where it wants since what’s important is who Deok Sun likes. I actually enjoy both individual characters and I’m also disappointed Jung Pal was sidelined too and given so little to do, when Ryu Jun Yeol is such a capable actor. I wanted to see more of him as well. But as far as relationships go, so far their potential coupling is not very well constructed.

      • 15.1.2 fangirl sy

        Loved Taek in 88 too! I actually feel that if it wasn’t for Park Bo gum’s acting, the character may have felt underdeveloped. I like him and his relationship with his dad and also with Sun Woo.

  16. 16 BlessingWind

    Top on my list is The man who lives in my house.
    So fresh, weird, crazy, mysterious, warm and light at the same time dark. So much emotions, and loving the OST. It is funny how Kim Jong Kook sang the title song, and he has a huge crush on Soo Ae.

    The one i am dropping like a hot potato is K2.
    Enough. I am done with it. So much potential gone to waste with underdeveloped characters.

    The one i watch after its aired, in a relaxing manner is On the Way to the airport.
    This show should not be watched in a rushed manner. Take your time and absorb in to the story and live the lives of the characters through their eyes. A simple, sweet, yet a bit mysterious on the side, a show which is deep beyond words.

    • 16.1 Missowlhead

      I’m with you on the Man in Our House. I’m not sure why I picked it up (Moon Lovers trauma perhaps), but I’ve really enjoyed the first four episodes. Looking forward to more development of our side characters. I love our heroine.

      K2. Every week I promise myself that I’ll drop it, and every week I watch the new episodes. Sometimes I think I just watch for Song Yoona’s clothes. As a woman of a certain age, I’m really drawn to her conservative First Lady meets Bond villain style.

      • 16.1.1 Sea

        I dropped it at ep 3 or so, but Song Yoo Jin’s wardrobe is so on point.

      • 16.1.2 ds

        Ahahahahaha.I’ve never seen someone watch a drama continously just for the sake of the fashion style of a certain character. I’m watching k2 too just because of SYA although I can’t even pinpoint what I see in her that makes me still watch the show. Although I agree, She dresses elegantly beautiful.

      • 16.1.3 Tin

        Agree on Song Yoon Ah clothes! I even like her clothing styles in some of her past dramas that’s why I think she somehow has a say to what she wants to wear in her projects. I can certainly go on a tour of her house just to see her wardrobe.

        • missowlhead

          You’ve all made me fel so much better! 🙂

          Seriously, I’m going to follow SY from now on — this was the first time I saw her. Has anyone seen Assembly? Is it good? I missed it when it aired, but I’ve added it to my queue just for her.

          • faith

            Mama: Nothing to Fear.I love her clothes there.

          • Sojuboy

            Try Hotelier. It’s the show that made her famous. You’ll also get to see Yonsama at his finest.


        • mary_of_bethany

          of cause! dear Tin, Missowlhead, faith…etc.
          anything is better than none stop recycle scenes of white sleeping gown, white dresses, white bathing robe, again white sweater, white bridal gown (fashion show), white turtle neck with wings…
          (while there are occasion of other colors mixed in, yet it is loud and clear throwing into your face, kind of enphazies the theme of “pure, innocent, goodness” in crafting a lead’s image.) too glaring White.

          while SYA characters has mature charms, and hahaha. if i am not mistaken, she was never made to wear white, and she will don more black in coming eps. well, in her,
          Black is the New Gold.

      • 16.1.4 kanz

        I’m still in my twenties but I like Song Yoon Ah’s clothes too!! All of them! Well, idk if it’s because the actor or the role, but it seems the clothes become 1 with her, a part of her identity. And if anyone notes anything from the first ep, Song Yoon Ah almost always wear black/dark clothes, while Yoona always wear white and pastel colors like pink and the likes. Probably to drive home SYA=evil, Yoona=angel.

  17. 17 Mady

    – JI 😍
    – My Wife is Having an Affair This Week
    – Oh Hae Young Again (I just started this and am intrigued enough to keep watching it but I keep wondering how they’re gonna get past the whole he RUINED HER LIFE thing)

    • 17.1 crystal

      Oh Hae Young Again – started out fantastic and turned out to be just an ok show. Unfortunately, the extension bloated the drama.

  18. 18 Ammy

    Used to watch Shopping King Louie, K2 but this week din’t as I found my interest being dead.

    Jealousy Incarnate is the one which has become more interesting.

    My this week’s drama watching was filled by Go Ho’s Starry Night and Pride. I loved both these dramas.

    Nobuta Wo Produce is my present watch.

    • 18.1 mary


  19. 19 ET

    1% of Anything Dada and Jae In is LOVE

    I tried The Man Living In Our House but just can’t get into it.

    I totally forgot that Entourage started 🙁 Reading the comments above, maybe I should wait till it settles down.

    Started and binge watched When A Snail Falls In Love. I’m probably going back to pick up Love Me If You Dare.

    Not looking forward to any of the new kdrama offerings. But I’m going to try Legend Of The Blue Sea to see if it can cure my allergy to Lee Min Ho. Hwarang looks like a comedy fusion saeguk, tell me it isn’t. Probably my hope for new cracks lies in cable.

  20. 20 saraha

    Hi beanies, can you suggest me a good drama that is light to watch, probably a good romcom where i don’t need to overthink about the plot and just enjoy it. Just simple and fun drama and hopefully a romcom in which it is romcom until the end since most drama started fun and switch to different genre in the secondhalf of the drama.

    • 20.1 Sam

      The Man Living in Our House aka Sweet Stranger and Me. It’s an ongoing drama though.

    • 20.2 Imbuk

      1% of anything so far (10 episodes) is really fun and each episode is between 35- 45 minutes, so its an easy watch. 70% of each episode’s screentime has the leads together and they are absolutely cute together. I am hoping it stays that way for 6 more episodes and that they won’t prolong the angst.

      • 20.2.1 aranea

        EXCELLENT SUGGESTION! : 1% of Anything and SKL have been my consistent one-two punch of drama goodness for many weeks now. It has been a kind of romcom heaven. However, I am a little concerned about Jae-In’s mother’s marriage comment. If it is made in Korea there is always a possibility of future mother-in-law makjang!

        • Sancheezy

          oh Jae In’s mum is not the 1st one that released a complaint statement,,
          Dada’s mum also not fond of chaebol,

          we got no permission then . . . T.T

          • aranea

            DaDa has already partially trained Jae-In, couple that with the fact that she completely owns his heart and DaDa’s mother and father are a non-issue. How long do you think it will be until DaDa’s parents find out her apartment was broken into? Jae-In protected their daughter, he had her apartment fixed and installed an expensive security system connected directly to the police department. A hardworking, successful young man that protected his precious daughter. Plus someone to finally scrub his back at the jjimjilbang. DaDa’s father will give his approval. Jae-In in full “customer service mode” is uber charming, the perfect son-in-law. DaDa’s mother certainly has a circle of lady friends that sometimes meet at hotel restaurants. Picture Jae-In giving DaDa’s mother and her friends the VVIP treatment at his hotel. DaDa’s mother will give her approval. She will have already figured out that DaDa loves him from how she looks at him and how he looks at her. The VVIP treatment just helps show that he is sincere.

      • 20.2.2 maya

        Yassh! 1% is perfect for rainy or sunny days, totally fitting as a moodbooster after a depressed ending of a certain drama.

    • 20.3 MapleSilver

      If you haven’t seen Pasta then you might want to give it a try. I promise you no angst, just fun, light, easy to watch drama. The chemistry between the leads is awesome.

    • 20.4 AJK

      Marriage Not Dating.

      • 20.4.1 aranea

        +1, excellent suggestion.

    • 20.5 kanz

      1. Flower Boy Next Door
      My favorite amongst other Flower Boy series. Don’t worry it stays a romcom till the end. Even the love triangle is funny and you won’t meet Evil MIL, chaebol, truck of doom or amnesia. Perfect for binge-watching on rainy days.

      2. Let’s Eat
      Well technically not a romcom, but foodie drama. But it’s fun and easy to watch. Just make sure you have enough food in your house to avoid being hungry after numerous food-porn in one episode!

    • 20.6 Namu

      My suggestions :
      – shopping king louis (still airing, but really recommended)
      – marriage without dating
      – let’s eat series

      Jealousy incarnate and oh my ghostess –> maybe not 100% fit with your description but imo still good romcom drama

  21. 21 Sam

    Started watching SKL but might stop it for a while for the fear of being to much into dreamy romcoms.
    Finished watching From 5 to 9 and I can say that I loved it. I love it when the two leads make effort for the relationship to work in the end.
    As for the K2, still watching and will stick until the end just to know what happens to Song Yoon Ah’s character. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it just for feeding my curiosity out of a character in a drama.

  22. 22 LYN

    -Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Life’s a bitch and then you die.-

    LMAO could not have said it any better!!

    • 22.1 Sam

      HAHA..HUHU..I was drinking water during that time and when I read girlfriday’s line, I accidentally laughed and it made me choke halfway through…

    • 22.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      I agree. Life’s a bitch n then you die. For me “it is work till die n don’t know why”.

  23. 23 pogo

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

    oh show, why couldn’t I quit you? (easy answer: Lee Jun-ki)

    It started a mess and ended a mess, and yet there was still enough of the epic nature of the original showing through, that I wanted to wring Kim Kyu-tae’s neck for messing this up so badly. It maddened me and consumed my life, and now it’s left me with an unsatisfactory half-assed ending and a dire urge to wail about how great it could have been, if the production hadn’t decided to half-ass everything.

    Still no regrets about having watched it, though. Lee Jun-ki as Wang So was the performance of a lifetime, and I loved seeing him as the antihero.

    • 23.1 Meix2

      I hear you. I’ve given myself up to the end of Tuesday to rant and rave about it and then life goes on. A one week limit to when I first fell into numbed shock at the ending.

      Do I regret watching it? Yes and No. Yes, because it took up 2 months of my life on obsessing about it, waiting for the weekend to be over so I could watch it on Monday and the biggest post drama heartbreak I can remember. And No, well obviously it’s the Lee Jun-ki effect. I haven’t seen him in anything since Iljimae and as Wang So, he’s was just… just… WOW.

      • 23.1.1 maya

        I gotta agree with you. Moonlovers is a big letdown for me because I was distracted from my real life by this hot mess, those hours of obsessing. Gosh, i feel cheated.

        But then I remember LJG as Wang So, how he graced my screen with such presence and enigmatic acting, and I got wavered all over again.

        Dang it.

    • 23.2 Lemon Meringue



      • 23.2.1 aranea

        And Lemon Meringue wins the award for shortest, most powerful post…

    • 23.3 LYN

      At one point at the end they could have given us a guy in a black coat handing Soo a handkerchief . I would have settled for a glimpse of a hand, hell just a voice!….We couldn’t even get that much

  24. 24 Livii

    In middle of my exams, but still checking out dramas.
    Currently watching The man who lives in my house. Chemistry b/w them is building up and crackling.
    Waiting so bad for Legend of Blue Sea, even though it will air during my final exams T_T
    Also, glad I skipped out on the moon fiasco.

  25. 25 CS

    Where is everyone watching Entourage? I can’t seem to find it 😕

  26. 26 DarcyLove

    LollyPip….. Drop Moon Lovers…. DONT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME…… Except you wanna see LJKs performance all the way through…..

    Jealousy Incarnate is really good…. Jo jung seok is Daebak…. Love every bit of him in the drama…..

  27. 27 KDramaWatcher2609

    Still onto Shopping King Louie and The Man Living In Our House. Both are rom-com with slight mystery in them. Not into Entourage which had just premiered, their storyplot doesn’t appeal to me. Awaiting for Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin. I kind of like fantasy dramas.

  28. 28 Cocoboo

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Argh. So frustrating. The finale was unsatisfactory. This show had some good and bad parts overall, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a big fan of LJK. His acting was a pleasure to watch.

    This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair – Watched the first 2 episode so far, but I’m liking it. Lee Seon Kyun is awesome in this role. I like seeing the characters discuss the topic of infidelity and seeing the different views.

    Entourage – I didn’t know they had a “beginning” episode so I watched/skimmed over that before watching the first episode. It helped me know a bit more bout the main characters and see their chemistry. I really enjoyed the first episode. It was very fast paced. It had humor…gave me a few laughs. I hope there is a recap because I’m sure I missed out on a few puns and things. I didn’t recognize some of the famous cameos. Jo Jin Woong and the entourage guys were perfectly cast. I’m excited to see the heartfelt moments and the bromance.

    Secret – Still chugging along with this. But it hasn’t impressed me…. :\

    • 28.1 Amber

      Where did you watch the “beginning” episode?

  29. 29 Mary

    I am really enjoying something about 1perccent,i was holding myself back by not watching any of the dramas for the past few months and i was really excited for k2,although i like it i think 1%took my heart with it,it has been so long-i guess since my lover from another star that a drama made me feel this good. and it has been long since i am sooo desperately waiting for the next episode of a drama

  30. 30 klm

    Life’s a bitch and then you die.

    Perfect way to use that Garbage lyric, girlfriday!

  31. 31 bmore

    If someone would shoot the camera operator on K2 I MIGHT like it a bit more. The overuse of shaky cam on this drama is insane.

    Absolutely adore Jealousy Incarnate. The PSA for men’s breast cancer is well done. I think there must be a real life back story for this. Jo Jung Suk is a brilliant and amazing actor. His emotional range and ability to tear out your heart first captured me in King 2 Hearts…it’s on steroids in this one.

    Also absolutely adore the new 1%. I don’t care to compare. I love the chemistry of this couple…it is so incredibly natural compared to 99% of other kdramas. One wonders if it could be real???

    On the Way to the Airport has been a huge and wonderful surprise. And adult drama for adults. Gorgeous cinematography really sets the mood for this show. I’m disappointed the show might be 16 instead of 20 episodes. It’s my ‘curl up under the blanket with a hot cup of something’ show.

    Both King Louis and Suitcase are dragging for me. Ok shows, but I’m losing interest fast.

    Sweet Stanger is still questionable for me. Not sure I like it.

    Just started When a Snail Falls in Love. Very Good! Surprisingly so! Great cinematography too. Only 6 half hour episodes in, but so far, so good.

  32. 32 Gem

    I know that Shin Sung Rok chose the script and obviously liked it but I honestly don’t know why?? I feel for Soo-Ah and Do-Woo but it was pretty easy to do that, I mean their better halves are horrible human trash. That’s the easy way out, that’s the only way to make an affair drama work and I feel disappointed. For a drama that was about couples having affair, that’s the biggest cheating method used by the writers. I mean Jin Suk is being played by Sung Rok, this guy can deliver, what’s the point of casting him to turn him into a irredeemable rat bastard who is gong extra lengths to make his wife miserable. I am a bit angry show, you cheated and that is so not cool.

    • 32.1 toodles

      Maybe Shin Sung Rock likes playing bad guys. This time he’s the cheating, narcissistic husband. The only show I’ve seen him in as a good guy was Trot Lovers and they just sidelined him there. Playing bad guys can be a much bigger challenge to portray different layers and levels of badness. He’s doing a great job in that case.

  33. 33 dabbs

    @gummimochi “Walking until the show’s edge, I sat and watched as my brain cells rose up and disappeared. My… Sanity.”

    Your walk must have led you to ljk’s cliff…I know my reasoning for watching the show and trying to understand it jumped off that cliff xp

  34. 34 Kay

    Ooooo Lollypip, you’re watching Ice Fantasy….I debated starting that however ended up starting Legend of Zhen Huan. Shall add Ice Fantasy to my list after reading your review

    • 34.1 jichangwooklover

      Ice fantasy is very entertaining and fast moving. Overall an addictive show but not necessarily the best in terms of other things. You should definitely watch it. It’s the longest drama that I’m still watching without dropping it as usual.

    • 34.2 eclipse

      Ice Fantasy,, one particular character that i really like is Ying Kong Shi..he`s more interesting than the lead. His love for his brother even greater than his romance with the Fire Tribe princess. I only watch the series just to follow his story arch.

  35. 35 Lexicon

    Women with a Suitcase – Still find it watchable though I wish they would move away from the whole puppy love storyline.

    Sweet Stranger and Me – Entertaining nothing spectacular…hopefully does not lose momentum.

    Laurel House Tailors – First time actually watching a 50 episode K-dramas. Has been fun so far, though I still do not feel the SungJoon-DongSook pairing 🤔.

    1% of Anything – lightweight, but mature and I loved the female lead even when she acted in Jtbc’s Maids.

    When a Snail Falls in Love – Good so far reminds me lot of Love me if you Dare and there’s Wang Kai 😄.

    Been enjoying the Jdramas though it is still early days with most of them: Career, IQ246, Cold Case and We Married as a Job.

  36. 36 tatertots

    I agree with Girlfriday that I miss the pre-finding Louie part of the show.

    I think they found him too early. He was JUST slowly starting to learn how to stand on his own two feet by getting a job and being more physically fit. But then they brought him back into pampered prince world and the show hasn’t been the same since. They should have found him at ep 13 or so, not ep 9.

    • 36.1 aranea

      Louis did not go back to being a pampered prince. Louis has continued to mature and has become worthy of Bok-Sil’s love and trust.

      Louis went everyday to Bok-Sil’s apartment and cleaned it while she was away at work. He scrubbed her floor on his hands and knees. He waited outside until she went to bed to make sure she was safe. He also enlisted others to make Bok-Sil’s life better. He purchased her building and gave it to In-Sung’s mother insisting that a dozen new locks be installed. He may have seemed to have gone back to his old ways, but that was because he now had dual roles. Precious grandson and Bok-Sil’s secret protector. He had to make Grandma happy by seeming to resume his old position, while secretly supporting Bok-Sil from behind the scenes.

      Your statement is essentially true, the post-finding Louis is not the same. He has continued to grow as a character beyond what I had originally considered possible. I also think the very soon we are going to learn that Louis is much smarter than anyone has ever given him credit for. He just needed the right motivation to prove himself. For Louis that motivation is a woman named Bok-Sil.

      • 36.1.1 tatertots

        He has matured, but he’s still in that pampered prince world.

        He’s able to do things like buying the building for In Sung’s family, buy a ring for Bok Shil, go to Busan, rent a yacht and so on with his grandma’s money, not his own money that he earned. Being generous with someone else’s money isn’t that interesting to me.

        Also, I was looking forward to Louie bringing his shopping genius to the marketing department job he had before he was found and developing his skills in that job. That would have been plausible and interesting. But now, they randomly have him “drawing a big picture” for the company’s organization and opening new business lines. That’s so absurd and ridiculous. A sheltered guy who has done nothing but shopping his whole life does not have the skills or experience to reorganize an entire company. Not happening.

        • aranea

          Just going to have to agree to disagree with you on this.

  37. 37 lilyalana

    i picked up ‘Just A Smile is Very Alluring” while waiting for MBDC to finish airing and man, i was shoooked~~~ it was sooooo good, it is still soooo good and i think i will continue to be so since i’m not able to pick up any new drama after watching it eversince. it set the bar so high i find myself dropping dramas just from the first episode. maybe i finally found my calling, my type of drama, fluffy and dramaless drama.

    this week though i started on “When A Snail Falls in Love”, a crime investigation drama. so far so good, hopefully it stay that way till the end.

    • 37.1 jichangwooklover

      Lol I also recently saw this show and I’m obsessed with Yang Yang now 💖

      • 37.1.1 BellaMafia

        I think everybody is obsessed with yang yang after watch Love o2o..

        • crystal

          not good

    • 37.2 Noona

      Me too! Just loved it so much I have watched it 3x and couldn’t move on back to K-dramas for quite some time! Recommended to my aunts and friends and they are now even more obsessed than I am with Yang Yang! Just wish that they could do a K version with PBG as the lead and hopefully don’t botch it like Scarlet Heart.
      If u like Just One Smile, i recommend My Sunshine as it is written by the same author. Loved it too although the lead actor is not as cute as Yang Yang.

      • 37.2.1 lilyalana

        i actually did! i looked up and found out that the same author has two other novels that were adapted into dramas, My Sunshine and Shan Shan Comes to Eat. too bad i watched One Smile first cuz as much as i love the other two, they didn’t top the feeling i had when watching One Smile.

        nooo i hope they do not made a K-adaption cuz i don’t think it will work with K-Drama. though, we do need more heroines like Wei Wei in Kdrama Land.

        • Noona

          I read somewhere that the rights for My Sunshine has already been sold to the Koreans so I think we can expect an adaption in the near future.

  38. 38 jichangwooklover

    I’m really enjoying SKL. Despite it being near its end, the show hasnt lost its storytelling pace and the humour and serious stuff are still well balanced. Louie is still so adorable. The ahjummas especially Mari’s mom are hilarious. Shipping her with the detective. Even the second lead knows that he’s the second lead and doesn’t waste time interfering 😂

  39. 39 Kujaichi

    I watched the last episodes of Moon Lovers yesterday, and the whole time I was like “Okay, you have 15 minutes to wrap this up nicely. Kinda short, but you can make it.”
    “Hm, 10 minutes. You better hurry up.”
    “5 minutes now. I’m beginning to get nervous here…”
    “3 minutes! What are you waiting for?!”

    After it was done I was just sitting there like “What…? What did I just watch…?”
    I know that the show had a lot of flaws, but I was really drawn in and totally invested and everything. But that ending was just crap, seriously.

    Coincidentally a friend of mine who I infected with the kdrama virus just recently had watched the Chinese version before and assures me it’s really good, so I’m seriously considering watching it.

    I’m also watching Jealousy Incarnate (JJS oppa…! <3) and K2, although I'm not really that enamored with the last one anymore…

    So, anyone got any suggestions for me? Preferably something I can marathon, but I'm not too picky…

    • 39.1 agoodheart

      Please do watch the C-version, it’s very different but it’s a lot more logical and satisfying! 🙂

    • 39.2 aranea

      Twenty Again – Ha No-ra once dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she unexpectedly became pregnant at age 19 and had to quit school and get married. For the next two decades, her life revolved around being a housewife and mother. Now 38 years old and on the brink of divorce, No-ra is mistakenly diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given a six-month prognosis. So she decides to go back to school and experience college life for the first time. Among the incoming freshmen are her own 20-year-old son Kim Min-soo and his girlfriend Oh Hye-mi, who are horrified to have No-ra as their classmate. Unbeknownst to No-ra, her intellectual snob husband Kim Woo-chul recently accepted a job teaching psychology at the same university, and her prickly theater arts professor turns out to be Cha Hyun-seok, who had a crush on No-ra in high school.


    • 39.3 Kay

      I second @agoodheart….do check out BBJX (c-version of Moon Lovers). It’s pretty awesome, with a well constructed story and all the arcs very well explored. Also, more episodes!

  40. 40 WishfulToki

    Yay, I love ‘What we’re watching’, especially when several recappers chip in (Where is Heads though? Still recovering from Moon Lovers?’). My week:

    Last weekend marathoned Dream High: was reminded of the power of Kim Soo Hyun to even make stones feel sorry for him. IU was great, cute and feisty. I think she was ok in Moon Lovers, but she may consider sticking to rom-coms. Which brings me to…

    Moon Lovers: A stern reminder of why I usually wait for shows to finish airing before watching. I actually found it an interesting watch, more so because the discussions were really fascinating. I may enjoy the show more on a second watch, but for now ‘I just want to forget everything’.

    Horse Doctor: A friend recommended it when I was wailing about bad sageuks these days, and so far it’s amazing (if I ignore the squishy needle sounds, omg). I’m getting serious Queen Seon Deok and Dae Jang Geum nostalgia.

    • 40.1 Meix2

      The one most important thing that watching SH:R has taught me? Wait till the show is finished before you start.

      (And for those of us with a more sensitive disposition… skim the ending first. It might somewhat spoil the drama for you but that sure as hell beats the emotional craziness I’m going through at the moment!)

      Tried watching Monster last week but gave up at about episode 10. Is it me or does Kang Ji Hwan seems to be always in the same type of drama roles lately?

      Just finished Return of Iljimae, which I watched and loved when it first aired. On marathon rewatching after all this time, I found it quite boring even though my love for Jung Il Woo hasn’t diminished.

      But honestly, I need something light and fun before I venture back into sageuk territory, (I’ve been meaning to watch Empress Ki or Warrior Baek Dong Soo).

      • 40.1.1 WishfulToki

        Haha, my mother and I have this ongoing argument over watching endings… she always checks out the ending of a show to see ‘if she’ll like it’, while that is mortal sin/treason/spoiler hell for me.

        My love of Jung Il Woo also led me to Return of Iljimae…but..I…just…couldn’t bear the annoying narrator’s voice.

      • 40.1.2 Katherine

        I’d like to warn you about “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” ending though. I can rationalise the ending for MLSHR after a few days of emotional whirlwind, but it’s been years and I still could not understand why WBDS writers decided to pen down that horrible ending …

      • 40.1.3 DaDa

        Need something light and fun? Watch 1% of anything. OTP chesmistry off the roof. Ha sukjin – Jeon somin killed their roles. Very recommended.

  41. 41 ilchul

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: what’s worst than sad endings is illogical-unsatisfying-nonsense-sad ending!! I started this drama knowing that I’d cry my eyes out but I couldn’t turn my eyes away from it because of Lee Jun Ki but what I got was worst than that since I cryed my eyes out for a unsatisfying story with multiple-useless time jumps and an ending that made no sense for me (Soo Hae’s death in the past only to be alive in the present after a year in a coma that equals living years in Goryeo?!! yes that was a nonsense ending that I didn’t see coming) but with that it still managed to give Wang So a lonely sad ending with no slight of happiness whatsoever not in the past nor in the future!! *facepalm* the only thing holding me from regretting watching this drama is Lee Jun Ki’s GREAT portrayal of Wang So’s character!! and I have OSTs that I loved and MVs that I can use them to make a more satisfying/nonsense-free drama in my head!!
    Moonlight Lover: it’s too late but I had to make sure that I’ll have a happy ending before starting watching it and I’m happy that it did (don’t care about history accuracy I only care that my Bo Gum-ie is alive and happy) and I’m happy that Hyung-nim stayed alive too, I cryed my eyes out when I thought he died and cryed again when I saw him alive but this time of relieve!! 😀
    The Man Living In Our House: a drama I didn’t care much about and wasn’t planning in watching only to end up loving it and loving it more with each new episode!! I love Na Ri, she’s a strong and capable woman who can be too childish especially around Nan Gil who is the sweetest and most caring handsome and young “father” to his 3 years older than him “daughter”!! LOL and we have a mystery to think ovr as well, that’s double th fun!! 😀
    K2: I’m still hoping that it get’s better writing wise for me the pick it up and watch it!! they have a really good cast namely Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah but there is something missing in the writing that I can’t feel engaged with the characters and their story as I’m ought to which is sad!!

  42. 42 windsun33

    OK, with all the piggyback rides in k-dramas, I just could not wait to post this http://imgur.com/gallery/rSBSEBB

    • 42.1 no name #6

      Well that’s way cuter than any kdrama piggyback I’ve ever seen, at least 🙂

  43. 43 SweetPurple

    Moon Lover is a mess, yes but i kept watching because of Wang So (LJK) and now that its over I am rewatching another Wang So in Shine or Go Crazy. Just so I could get rid of this “undefinable” feeling that i have in my head / heart….. so unsatisfactory it was for me 😢
    *Ice Fantasy is a great help too 😂😂

    • 43.1 WishfulToki

      Good luck with Shine or Go Crazy I love Jang Hyuk but the actress playing Yeon Hwa stole the show there. Just a heads up that the ending may not be all that satisfying…

      Ice Fantasy looks like something I might like if I could commit to 60ish episodes. I did enjoy the fantasy in Prince of Lan Ling lol

      • 43.1.1 Meix2

        I loved Prince of Lan Ling. Maybe I just have a preference for that time period in Chinese / Korean history. (Incidentally, that has a sad end also but I was at peace with that…)

        I think LJK has spoiled it for me for Wang So. Can’t even think to watch Shine or Go Crazy even though I definitely have love for JH!

        • SweetPurple

          Oh soooo true!! I can’t help but keep thinking of LJK’s Wang So when rewatching Jang Hyuk’s Wang So. Now I’m seriously thinking of abandoning Shine or Go Crazy and instead do a-fast-forward viewing of Moon Lover: Ryeo for LJk’s Wang So/Hae Soo Moments. Hhmmm…..

      • 43.1.2 SweetPurple

        I’m just into ep 15 of Ice Fantasy and i can foresee myself staying with its 60 ep…. just to watch Prince Ying Kong Shi and Princess Yan Da….. forgive me Prince Ka Suo for rooting for your brother instead heeee…

  44. 44 barbjean424

    Love 1% of Anything. Jae In has turned it around and gaining some insight to self.

    Love The Man Living in Our House- true so odd but so funny. Like the mystery piece.

    Like Jealousy Incarnate- like the ground its covering and topics but sometimes a little odd in tone.

  45. 45 saranga

    this month is packed in terms of new offerings. we’ve still got legend of the blue sea + goblin coming up. in terms of american cinema, there’s fantastic beasts to look forward to. i rarely like going to movie theaters for various reasons, so i only go when there’s something i really want to see. this is definitely one i want to see.

    but in terms of k-entertainment…

    the K2- everything besides song yoon-ah seems so shallow and superficial. i could also do without the corny, cheesy bits. but song yoon-ah’s yoo-jin is so good, so fascinating that i still find myself looking forward to this each week. i also love watching lee jung-jin too. i used to have such a crush on him back when he filmed love story in harvard with kim rae-won and kim tae-hee—that was the drama that inspired me to go into law!

    three meals a day- i really like this cast. i like watching eric cook and for the first time i’m actively salivating over the dishes he puts out. and i want all of lee seo-jin’s rock shirts! he always wears rock tees and i love them all.

    entourage- reserving full judgment. i’ve only seen episode 1. i DID love jo jin-woong though. he’s really come a long way. i remember disliking him so much in sons of sol pharmacy, where i found him obnoxious and annoying. i thought he was a korean-american foreigner, because his speech seemed so odd. but then he started popping up here and there, and was in lee seon-kyun’s movie, and then of course he made a huge splash in signal. one of my favorite actors now.

    i checked out the man living in our house last week, but i just didn’t like su-ae. i found her acting a bit aggressive and just generally unlikable. i had no desire to watch any of the episodes this week, so i guess this one’s off my list.

    woman with a suitcase is boring, with cheesy bits here and there. i’m not sure why i started this.

    my wife will have an affair- is this worth it? i tried the first two episodes and i was so bored. IS the wife really having an affair?

  46. 46 Anh

    Misaeng I know I’m late on this amazing discovery but still, it was sooo good. So relatable mundane life of office workers. Jang Geu Rae x Chief Oh OTP, maybe Dong Sik as well. I will miss the newbies and hope for season 2. The drama is soo good that I even search up the original webtoon to read. And so glad that Yoon Tae Ho already started writing Misaeng season 2 webtoon, I will be reading that 🙂

    W Watched up to ep 8, because that where most people said the drama stay amazing, then goes down hill from there on. I will watch the rest soon though. Couldn’t get into the drama first 2 episodes, but after that, I was hooked.

    My Wife Having An Affair Will she or will she not, is it all misunderstanding from his side? Is Joonyoung really married because his wife seemed like a mystery and he has some crush on Boyoung for sure.

    Man Living In Our House Nan Gil has anxiety disorder? What happen years ago, did he fight the gangs to death or something that caused trauma? One thing for sure, he loves Nari from childhood, and he gives up his love to protect her by marrying her mother.

    The Genius I loved season 1, it was competitive and battle of brain/wit but it also a bit heartwarming whereas season 2 is just betrayal upon betrayal and no one really has moral. Season 1 was make negotiation and staying true to the deal, but season 2, people just get used and discarded even if they were the major that help the team to survive. My bias from both season is Hong Jin Ho. Haven’t finish season 2 yet, but I will just watch up to ep 6 and watch season 3 and 4 instead.

    Society Game Things are simmering as members in both teams begin to conspire.

    3 Meals A Day I didn’t know just watching people struggle to make 3 meals a day can be that entertaining. Started to watch this show for Eric (Im a Shinhwa Changjo) but now, I’m loving the interaction between the 3 guys. And the cats are so adorable.

    Any recommendation for any drama? I like rom-com, thriller, crime, slice of life. I have watched all of OCN crime drama.

    • 46.1 WishfulToki

      I’ve had Misaeng on my list for a while… seems like one of those that doesn’t disappoint. Yay!

      Slice of life: I really enjoyed Drinking Solo (and really need to watch Misaeng to understand the No Geu Rae joke)
      Rom-com: Beautiful Gong Shim
      Thriller: I have Signal on my to-watch list.

      Sigh. So many dramas. So little time.

      • 46.1.1 aranea

        Beautiful Gong Shim has the little publicized alternate title of Birth Secret from Hell

      • 46.1.2 Anh

        Misaeng is very relatable that almost anyone can connect, unlike romance drama, misaeng shows real life situations, just more dramatic way that touches viewers’ heart.

        Geu Rae means that’s right or yes in korean.

        I also watched Signal, it’s good!

      • 46.1.3 KDramaWatcher2609

        Signal is one of the best crime kdramas imho!! And it has fantasy genre in it too !!! Best recommended for anyone who love crime/police dramas !! 😄👍👍👍

  47. 47 enkeys

    November is my study month, for I have exams in December so I am partly relieved there are currently not much eye catching kdramas to distract me.

    Dropped shows (might pick them up later):
    Woman with a Suitcase, On The Way To The Airport and Fantastic.

    Currently watching:
    Shopping King Louise – I marathoned 9 episodes in two days. It’s a breezy watch, but I can see angst coming in at episode 10…so I decided to stop watching first. I need to keep a healthy state of mind and cute dramas to quickly browse thru during this study week, so I will avoid the Angst.

    3 Meals A Day – I am constantly holding my breath when Lee SeoJin and Yoon KyunSang take their first bite of anything Eric cooked and I am always looking forward to when they would say that the food is not to their liking but alas, Eric is just an amazing cook (I know I am a devil). His mum must be so proud of him, especially since he’s been independent at 20 years old. He really grew up well even without his mum. I think SeoJin had proposed going into food business twice to Eric XD Even on the latest episode, when he was grumbling about having dinner at 12am, he had to say “I can’t even complain about having late dinner because (the noodles) is sooo good” and of course, we have Na PD the food thief lol. I love the contrast in character of the cook of 3MAD – Eric and Cha SeungWon are both excellent cook, but one is slow and one is naggy like a mother lol.

    • 47.1 Fay

      Eric is super slow for food preparation. It’s funny how he made the size exactly the same like he wants to make a restaurant food lol. He can cook very well but it’s the level of single man. We know from the speedity he’s not someone who usually cook but he’s definitely can cook delicious food. This is the first time I saw all staff and PD become food thief XD. Anyway glad to see the humble Eric. I’m so touched he really take care Kyun Sang and shield him from grumpy ahjussi 🙂

  48. 48 Katherine

    Well, what a week! I have been following 3 dramas, so here goes:

    Moon Lovers (finale): Oh boy, I still have mixed feeling about this. At first, I was as absolutely shocked and horrified at this thing they called an ending as about mostly anyone. But there are still a few consolation prizes: at least it didn’t go the C-drama route, for one. I absolutely hated the C-drama ending: it was gross to think RX could get together with the reincarnation of 4th, which is NOT 4th at all on the inside, the only similarity is the face! Secondly, after I have calmed down, I actually saw some of the reason why it ended like that. It is a tragedy after all (and no, WS’s cryptic remarks at the end doesn’t count as hope, not really). It was extremely heartbreaking and tragic to see HS/GHJ realise that not only could she not change history at all, she might have left the only man she loved alone, thinking that she didnt love him at all (T.T) And maybe, just maybe, we are meant to feel shocked and cheated at the end, exactly like GHJ did.

    Of course, since MLSHR, I have a LJK-shaped hole in my heart, so I have to fill it with his previous work. I was at first doubtful of what I would feel towards “Time between Dog and Wolf” since it’s been so long and a lot of Kdramas trope just cannot survive the test of time. But TBDW was insanely good! Sure, there was not that much entertaining spying going around, but the simple, and kinda realistic actually, tricks that characters pull off once in a while are certainly delightful. Not jaw-dropping ‘wow’, but delightful nonetheless. And I love it when the characters are so flawed! I mean I love LJK to death, but I just wanted to punch Lee Soo Huyn so many times (lol). The ‘good’ guys in the show are just soo soo sooo morally ambiguous, and our main lead nearly tops that chart. I am endlessly fascinated at how his alternative self came to be. 4 more eps to go, but I don’t wanna let go!

    Last one that I watched and the one that I would drop like a sack of (bland) hot potatoes is “Just one smile is very alluring/Love O2O.” I am (now ‘was’) biased towards YY ‘cos I enjoyed his performance in “Tomb Raider”. And I am such a fangirl that I am willing to excuse/explain away a lot of faults if the characters really hooked me (see: MLSHR). Sadly, Love O2O was just bad. Characters are sketchy, main leads’ acting are wooden, romace is dumped upon my head, college setting is unrealistic to say the least, plot … what plot?? The only good thing is the supporting cast, but there is only so much I can watch them (5 eps in 3 weeks is a new record low). And yep, it has totally turned me off YY: I’m starting to doubt that it’s not stoic acting that I’m seeing, but just stoic.

    Ok, I admit it’s unfair watching TBDW and Love O2O at the same tme but you’d have to be blind not to notice the chasm of difference in acting abilities between 25 y.o LJK and YY. And boy, was it painful. I guess sometimes a pretty face…

    • 48.1 Katherine

      … just doesn’t go along with good acting.

      • 48.1.1 Meix2

        After a few days, I’m finally able to somewhat accept the ending of SH:R. I know it was bad but it would have been worse if they met and he didn’t remember her. It reminds me of those awful endings of Gu Family Book and Rooftop Prince… Wang So would not be the same person without his memories, as we are all shaped by our past and experiences.
        So let’s just be thankful that the Kdrama ending didn’t show that.

        I’m at the point that I don’t even want to watch the deleted modern day ending if it comes out, just in case they screw it up (again). TBH, I’m exhausted after watching this. There has been a lot of intelligent analysis of the drama here at DB, it sometimes feels like we are in a literary/ film studies forum here! But I’m just a simple ajumma who wants, but doesn’t need, something to be deep and meaningful and thought- provoking, just something that doesn’t make me feel like crap afterwards.

    • 48.2 Sancheezy

      >> it was gross to think RX could get together with the reincarnation of 4th, which is NOT 4th at all on the inside<<
      wait she didn't get together with him,
      she chooses to leave…

      • 48.2.1 Katherine

        By the time I (skimmed through) watched BBJX the sequel is already a thing (despite how fervently fans wish it didn’t happen, it did) So when I watched the ending the BBJX the fact that they would get together later is already heavily implied in my mind. Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

        I’m just glad MLSHR didn’t even give a chance for that to happen (and also since there most likely won’t be a sequel) by not showing So reincarnated or amnesiac or whatever.

        • Bwear

          But why blame what is heavily implied in your mind on BBJX though? The fact that his reincarnation is not 4th Prince himself was the whole point of that ending. He asked her: do you know me? And he left while she let him go. She took off her glasses 1). A last chance to see if he could recognize her without the glasses. 2). Let her tears blur her sight when he left, because she is about to let him go, forget about 4th Prince and move on with her life. It’s pretty clear that Bu Bu Jing Xin ended with her not getting together with his reincarnation.

          • Katherine

            The fact that the sequel exists undermine the (originally intended) ending of BBJX. I’m not blaming BBJX for anything, just saying that for me I can’t watch it without thinking that it opened a huge can of worms/tropes that I dislike very much. And also that I’m glad MLSHR didn’t leave that detail in.

        • Bwear

          I wouldn’t really call it a sequel though, more like a sister series (same cast, similiar set-up and relation chart even with same names but different characters, copy of the rain scene and magnolia pin.. And that’s it). Time-traveling was banned in China, so they edited out all the references to BBJX. Everything what had happened in BBJX turned out to be a historical television drama of which the main girl (LSS) in Bu Bu Jing Qing was a fan of. So no memories of BBJX for the main girl either, just that she loved the drama to pieces, and was therefore emotionally attached to it (Yes. Ridiculous and lame as it sounds..). So IMO, it can be viewed separately from BBJX, because it IS a new story after all the re-editing.

  49. 49 inxomnia

    Not having the greatest luck with my drama viewing right now – nothing that really strikes a chord so open to any suggestions.

    Woman with a Suitcase: So far, very watchable. I like the main cast and they’re all bringing it acting-wise.

    Love at the Aegean Sea: Really old, but there’s something about travel romances that get me… and nice scenery is always a plus.

    OTWTTA: Watched the first 1-2 eps and I love the tone and feel of the drama, but it is a bit heavy for what I’m after right now. Will probs revisit once it’s complete.

    SKL: I liked the first 4 eps so far, and it is a breezy watch, but it’s not really suspenseful enough for me to watch while its airing so waiting to marathon this one too.

    My Wife’s…Affair: Just finished ep 4 and totally didn’t expect the affair to be real. I like the drama but also not what I’m after right now.

    TMLIOH: I like the tone of the drama so far, but I’m not really into the whole falling for faux step-dad thing… and for some reason, I’m not that attracted to KYK. So gonna stick to reading recaps and skimming the drama to LSH’s parts because his voice is a blessing. Oh gosh, this reminds me of a blind dating variety show he was on… maybe I’ll dig that up for a weekend watch instead.

    Eagerly awaiting the new batch of shows to start, maybe I’ll find a crack drama from that batch!

  50. 50 Biankoy

    That “Life’s a bitch and then you die” is so on point it’s making me cry-laugh like a crazy person. People should at least have some hope in life, right? That despite all the hardships we are experiencing, it’s going to get better. Now, how do I keep this faith when the show not only robbed it from their leads (twice because they were both miserable in Goryeo and even in the after life Hae Soo is miserable) and it even robbed it from the viewers who have been faithfully supporting the show despite its flaws and imperfections. I don’t know who’s the crazy sadistic bastard behind that ending but what’s wrong with you??? It’s utterly ridiculous but I’ll be dry-sobbing for at least the rest of the year no thanks to you. 🙁

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