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by | November 19, 2016 | 166 Comments

Another weekend, another check-in. How’s your week of drama-watching been? Just when I feel like I’ve cleared my plate and can breathe again, a new wave comes rolling in, and just like that I’m drowning in more episodes. I mean, it’s a happy sort of drowning, but sometimes I wish we could hit the pause button and take a little breather. I know that’s always an option, technically, and I could just take that break myself… but then what would I do with all the shows I’ve missed?! Ah, the life of a drama addict. —javabeans



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea

The K2: I tuned in to the last two episodes expecting a mess or a joke, but I actually found them to be pretty exciting, with a finale full of action, twists, character moments, and even poignancy. Of course, some plot points veered on absurd, and the politics and the shadowy consortium felt cartoonish. But because it was packed with character motivations, I was still pulled along as we came to the big climax. It made me disappointed that the rest of the show wasn’t like that; the first and last several episodes felt a cut above the rest. I do feel like there was a good drama in The K2… somewhere… It just suffocated under tons of filler, excess, and Subway ads.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I’d thought our Teacher Kim would be a benevolent, eccentric genius, but I’m happier having him be irascible, hot-tempered, and just as in need of growth and attitude adjustment as our two younger doctors. I like that every character is emotional and messy, and it makes me eager to see them clash and fight and push each other into being better versions of themselves. Also, the chemistry between Yoo Yeon-seok and Seo Hyun-jin is sizzling and that’s fun.

The Man Living in Our House: I can’t for the life of me understand why this couple can’t just be together, and why there’s all this angst about not being together. They should really just be together. Why aren’t they together again?

1% of Anything: I loved his reaction to Dada being in danger, because it was gratifying to see a hero take no nonsense from a second lead for once, and be so determined to get justice for the wronged. Things did slow down a bit with the ending of the contract, but for once I completely agreed with the reasons, and appreciated the time we got to see the two living their lives, missing each other. It just feels so true to life and natural, which is this drama’s charm (and probably why I keep thinking Ha Suk-jin and Jeon So-min must be secretly dating, because they make the characters’ connection feel so lived-in and true).

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: It’s too bad it’s up against such stiff competition, because this is a charming little coming-of-age show, and I think it’ll continue to be both charming and little. I can’t begrudge Legend of the Blue Sea for taking most of the attention and ratings (I really enjoyed that show too, and thought it was deserving of its ratings), but it just means Bok-ju will be our scrappy underdog fighter, which seems fitting.

Entourage: This show suffers from a fundamental flaw of format: It’s just too darn long. The American show clocked in at half an hour, so it was easy to follow the breezy, meandering pace of the boys as they flitted from one adventure or mishap to the next, and it all got resolved (or blew up in their faces) in thirty minutes. By dragging episodes on to an unnecessary 75 minutes, what should be simple, light conflicts (Will Young-bin do the movie? Will he convince the director to cast him? Will So-hee call him back?) become dire and momentous in a way that feels blown out of proportion or, worse, tiresome.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: This show snuck up on me, because I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do. It’s heading in a direction I didn’t anticipate, but it handles its characters smartly and interestingly, and I’m really responding to its dryly dark sense of humor—sometimes it’s outright funny, sometimes it’s cutting. But the big question on my mind is: Were we even meant to like Song Ji-hyo, even a little? (That isn’t to say her character isn’t layered or going through things or painted with realism. That’s all fine and good. But she’s frustration times twenty.)



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I love it when Han Seok-kyu and Yoo Yeon-seok fight! And I love it when Yoo Yeon-seok and Seo Hyun-jin fight! And I love it when Seo Hyun-jin and Han Seok-kyu fight! Okay, so that’s everybody. But there’s just a lot of good antagonistic chemistry here. At least I only want one of those couples to fight and then kiss?

The Man Living in Our House: I was happy about the romance progressing, but the decision to finally move on their feelings had the side effect of making me wonder why they weren’t already together—the logic in this show is flimsy at best, but I overlook a lot because of the cute couple. It’s a good thing they were extra cute this week.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: I’m always happy to have another feel-good campus drama in my life, and this one is buoyed by a very cute heroine and some great friendships, and driven by a classic underdog theme. I like Lee Sung-kyung as this character, even though she still looks like a model to me, and while I have yet to really warm to Nam Joo-hyuk in anything, I much prefer his lighter side in roles like this than his attempt to be dramatic in Moon Lovers. *shudder*

Entourage: I’m frankly okay with just watching the boys hang out and shoot the breeze to some degree without a strong plot, because that’s pretty much how the original series went. But I would like to care more about the romance storyline in this remake, because it could be decent, except they cast Ahn So-hee and she’s so uninteresting that I don’t understand why Kang Haneul and Seo Kang-joon would be fighting over her.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I’m still catching up on this show, but I was thrown to realize that it was an adultery drama after all. I fully expected Lee Seon-kyun to have overreacted and be the cause of his own downward imaginary spiral, not actually discover his wife’s affair! I came here for the comedy, but now I’m scared there will be tears. Are there tears? Is it safe?



The Man Living in Our House: I’m still enjoying this cute show, but for some reason it was a struggle to get through the past couple of episodes. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, or maybe the angsty back-story and kisses aren’t as interesting to me as the fun bickering and banter from the earlier episodes.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Each episode so far feels like it’s been directed by a completely different person, which makes it hard to settle on exactly what kind of vibe it’s going for. Is it a classic melodrama, filled with tragic backstories, revenge, and big-city egos? Or is a quirky fish-out-of-water dramedy, filled with a lovable cast of misfits? I dunno, but provided the show continues to give me that delightfully weird small-town vibe (with the bonus of the always-amazing Han Seok-kyu), I’ll continue to watch.

Legend of the Blue Sea: JEON JI-HYUN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



Currently recapping: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Hallelujah~ a sports youth drama with a funny plot and a cast of competent actors. This is an absolute gem! For the first time, I’m totally digging Lee Sung-kyung and her band of weightlifting musketeers. The whole gymnastics vs. weightlifting feud, I get it. It’s like the traditional schoolwide rivalry between the cheerleaders and math nerds except on an Olympic scale (and yes I was a math nerd so I get to say we’re nerdy). I was surprised to find the drama so likable. It’s airing at the same time as Legend of the Blue Sea (which is the heavily promoted blockbuster fantasy-romance drama by SBS), so I don’t expect the ratings to be amazing, but watchability-wise and plot-wise it seems like Weightlifting Fairy is off to a solid start.

1% of Anything: Finally, I’m caught up on this show. The whole turning Tae-ha to Jae-in’s side—that was a good move. It stayed consistent with Tae-ha’s character from the original, and it side-stepped the commonly used Evil Cousin-Love Quadrangle trope. Now, I’m wondering what else there is to explore. They’ve already resolved most of the biggest conflicts: Jae-in and Da-da falling in love, Tae-ha and his schemes foiled, and Joo-hee rejected by Jae-in. There are still two more episodes left… please don’t be filler!

Father, I’ll Take Care of You: Definitely better than Gap-soon, but then again, the contents of a get-well fruit basket would probably be more interesting than Gap-soon. It’s not what I expected though. Lee Soo-kyung, who I thought was the main actress, has yet to make her appearance, and things have taken a sinister turn with Kim Jae-won’s sauna of death. But Park Eun-bin and Lee Tae-hwan are lighting up the screen with their respective cute, if a tad formulaic, characters. Go FITCY!



Legend of the Blue Sea: I’ve had very little time for dramas lately (*single tear*), but you better believe I made time for this. I shamelessly foam at the mouth for anything that has to do with mermaid folklore, so Legend of the Blue Sea seemed like a real treat. The first episode didn’t blow me away like I wanted it to, but I immediately fell in love with Jeon Ji-hyun as this giddy little mermaid. And thankfully, the next episode picked up and even showed some signs of a potential crack drama. It was zippy and fun, and full of great little moments with our couple (I died from that bicycle chase scene, ha). I just hope we only go up from here… I’m giving up precious sleep for you, Show, so don’t let me down.


166 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Purple

    Nobody watching Oh my Geum-bi?

    • 1.1 Mish16

      I’m watching it along with Weightlifting Fairy. Both shows are good.

      Anyway Geumbi is so cute! Heo Jeongeun’s acting got me in awe (and she’s only 9/10 years old!! omg). Her chemistry with Oh Jiho is amazing. 2 episodes and I ugly-cried. Geumbi totally wins my heart

    • 1.2 Gaeina Lee

      I’m interested to it. Should I dive and watch it?

      • 1.2.1 Purple

        I liked the first two episodes, the child actress is really good. But you should know you’re in for a tear-jerker if you decide to watch.

        • Gaeina Lee

          Thanks, dear. I’ll dive head first.. I’m so ready to weep.. ^^

      • 1.2.2 Martin J Simwaba

        No!! Don’t watch it. Please just recap it. Will you?

      • 1.2.3 windsun33

        if you made it through “1000 liters of tears” then you can handle this one. Otherwise.. buy extra Kleenex.

    • 1.3 Ahn Heyjin

      My first thought as I was reading this. I really like oh my geum bi and was hopping it would get recap

      • 1.3.1 Purple

        Yeah, me too.

      • 1.3.2 nomad

        I was hoping for that (recap) too…since my heart can’t seem to handle anything sad right now. The real world is too depressing…

    • 1.4 Immawish

      Exactly what’s on my mind. I mean hello y’all missing on smth awesome??? But kbs totally lied when they said it ain’t a tearjerking drama

      • 1.4.1 Anonimosity

        Uh huh, I already cried twice. One, scene at the restaurant when OJH was forcing her to act sick & she went around finding table to read tarot cards. Second was when they were arguing and he said mean things to her. But there were funny moments too. I’m so happy I have this drama to look forward to after MDBC is over. It’s quite rare to see a kid as the main character

    • 1.5 ofdustandstarlight

      Sadly, seems like no one on the team is watching it (yet?). But it’s the only Wed-Thur drama I’m watching and it’s such a gem <3

      • 1.5.1 windsun33

        I normally hate child actors in k-dramas – they just seem so fake, and half the time the “acting” is just close ups of fake crying.

        But this little girl is a real gem. I am not sure how I missed her before – has she been in any previous dramas?

        • Purple

          Yeah, she was the lead actor’s daughter in Neighbourhood Lawyer and the little princess in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. She’s one amazing child actress.

        • manquant

          Watch Oh My Geumbi~!

          I’ve watched a handful of works she’s in:
          1. Hwajung as young Princess Jeongmyeong – she was so tiny in it but her scenes with Cha Seungwon were both a delight and heartrending
          2. Neighborhood Lawyer as Jo Deulho’s daughter Jo Soobin – a literal ball of sunshine
          3. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds as Lee Young’s half-sister Princess Youngeun – she was mute because of trauma but gosh, what a darling
          and last but not the least…
          A Hard Day as Lee Sunkyun’s young daughter Mina – this precious cupcake doesn’t appear much but you might appreciate seeing her in a role younger than the one in Hwajung (and because this movie’s a must-see)

          • Kiara

            She is a little Kim Yoo-jung. Hope she’d be as successful.

          • Anonimosity

            Now that you have kindly listed her dramas down, wow, she’s been in 3 KBS dramas this year and two enjoyed a high rating, while OMGB looks promising. Its slight increase in rating hopefully signifies good thing too.

        • vkook

          But shows with child actor as one of the lead characters (the ones i can think of now are Two Weeks, Superdaddy Yeol, and this drama) usually cast child actors who are actually good… Maybe you’re thinking of child actors who just appeared for a few scenes? I think most production team don’t care about casting a good child actor if only for a few scenes.

        • bd5

          There are bad child actors (but a lot of the blame goes to an insipid script and bad directing), but there are more good child actors than you may think.

          The previous generation had a whole slew of talented actors who are now moving on to more adult roles.

      • 1.5.2 mary

        Not all the minions weigh in on WWW every week so it’s possible that someone watched it. They just didn’t write a blurb this week. 😀

    • 1.6 windsun33

      I am. So far looks like one of the best shows of the new season. Just not sure if I can make past the upcoming heartbreak 🙁

    • 1.7 Sam_1

      I’m watching it too and I know that I’ll stick to it for my Wed-Thurs drama..

    • 1.8 hellocam

      *raises two hands* ME! ME! ME!

      I am watching all three currently airing dramas on the Wed-Thurs slot. I can’t help it. All three dramas gave a solid start. I know, I know, my social life is dead.

    • 1.9 lovekdrama

      I’m watching it too, and am really loving it so far. So sad that no is recapping this (for now).

  2. Apluszee

    I have exams next week, so I have to slow down the dramas and resisted on watching the new ones! So Man Living in My House is the only drama I’m watching now… and 3 shows – 2D1N, Running Man and 3MAD. I need my weekly Siyoon, Kwang Soo and Eric Mun dose, even during exams period!

  3. Sam_1

    I can certainly feel Yoon Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin’s chemistry too..So electrifying!

  4. bips99

    Just finished the web series – starry night …. and what a charming little show it was .. it could have done with a little bit more depth and character development but overall a fun, breezy watch .. can anyone suggest any of the recent web series ????

    LOTBS is finally here ……..

    …. and i’m not sure what to think of it. Both the actors are doing fine but the whole show has me scratching my head … One scene we get the mermaid gaping at the new world, the next second she is spouting fluent korean. .. the gangster chase was just way too long and cringy .. the “cons” so far are not interesting and i want to throw that damn lighter in the deep blue sea .. in fact the joseon storyline is far more captivating

    .. what is with the recent trend of writers messing up their job and expecting the actors to carry the entire show all the way – moonlover, UF, k2 ??… i hope that these are just teething troubles and the show finds its feet when they land in Seoul bec i love JJH and i’m adoring LMH after a long time (since CH) .. pick up show!!

  5. Oshi

    I’m honestly not liking any of the shows on tap at the moment. I’ve replaced them with American television and the Canadian show Kim’s Convenience. Has anyone seen it?

    • 5.1 Puck

      Your comment reminded me that I saw an ad for Kim’s Convenience awhile back and wanted to watch it. Luckily they have all the episodes on the CBC website. Tried watching it and I think I averaged laughing out loud once every minute or two. Good comedy writing!

      • 5.1.1 Marine

        Wasn’t Kim’s convenience turned into a play ? I think I saw some ads when I was going grocery shopping today. I did wondered what it was but then by the time I went back home I had forgotten. I might go and check if it’s worth it, I know that the theatre who host the play sometimes does those “pay what you can” that are quite convienent if you can’t really afford to pay a 50CAD$ to enjoy a play.

  6. blo

    Trying to make up my mind between the mermaid and the affair. I also became interested in Bok-ju as Kim Jong-wan composed a song for it. If I don’t start on one of them soon, I’ll never get around to it. 😭

  7. BA

    Heartwarming tale about a 10 yr spunky girl who is very wise dealing with any hardship thrown her way. My curr fav Wed/Thur. Watching with box of tissues.

    Diff athletes competing to get ahead with their own shortcomings. I like it so far.

    Not sure if JJH antics will keep me interested enough to keep watching. We shall see.

  8. Dorotka

    I’m surprising myself these days…. I dropped Stranger, I’m still watching Affair (mainly for the side characters) and Entourage…and I watch Weightlifters first before Mermaid…

    • 8.1 Sue

      I watch weightlifting fairy before mermaid too.

  9. Dorotka

    Girlfriday, I thought exactly the same about Affair! I was sooooo surprised that when they met at the elevator it really was just the affair….

    Lee Sang Yeob is gold…as usual…

    • 9.1 wapz

      I had so much hope that it won’t be an affair and actually a drama where he’d keep thinking there is one and trying to settle down his marriage in the process. Still the show doesn’t disappoint me. It’s still pretty good and I guess it will still go through the stages of how an almost broken marriage can be recovered. Plus the second pair is gold- writer and pd are the main draw.

  10. 10 Dorotka

    Oh, and 1% is still pure joy… despite the break up…
    I was so touched when Jae In was giving the lawyer friend his reasons for letting Dada go….

    • 10.1 bbstl

      Me, too … no noble idiocy, just plain cold sad facts of how it would be for her, and how his love for her won’t let that happen. Auughh!! This show has an amazing ability to make my hard feel full and then rip it out! I’m just dying for them right now.

      • 10.1.1 maryse

        Yes, Jae him made an excellent case for no marriage.
        If it was not Korean I would suggest they be lovers, unofficially

  11. 11 pogo

    Just jumping in to say, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju is ADORABLE. It made for a good opening week, I’ll probably come back to it when more episodes have aired/it’s mostly over.

    But it’s a good thing in more ways than one that it’s heroine-centric – Lee Sung-kyung is much better able to hold the line there than Nam Joo-hyuk would be if he was the lead. And I say this despite liking him in Moon Lovers. He’s naturally very likable onscreen but falters when it comes to deeper/heavy emotion. While in her case, I’m kind of bombed that this is the same girl who played Baek In-ha, because she’s just that different in this role.

    Currently rewatching> Sassy Go Go (underrated gem of 2015 🙁 )

    • 11.1 Dramaninja

      Hello from a fellow fan. I’m so glad that Weightlifting Fairy is getting all the love from DB. It is so lighthearted and warm. After watching ep 1of LOTBS I’m glad that i started this show with some scepticism i must say.But for me this is much more refreshing a watch that LOTBS, and hopefully it keeps going uphill like Sassy did.

      In-ha in all her craziness was awesome and here LSK is just so impressively portraying Bok Ju as a awkward yet cool character that i’m totally on board.

      Unapologetic foodie + Sporty + Self-assured + Kind
      What’s not to like about this girl ! Kim Bok Joo you go girl!!

  12. 12 Imbuk

    You know you are a bean-aholic when you kept refreshing the page, to see whether this weekly feature was uploaded yet. I am watching three wednesday-thursday shows! One percent, weightlifting fairy and blue sea. So far, I like both weightlifting fairy and blue sea equally. They both have their distinct charms.

    As for one percent, Jae in and dada aching and longing for each other in episode 14 made my heart feel heavy. I watched it today, I was not exactly happy when I started watching that episode, but usually I am ok watching angst episodes when I am depressed. Because I ll be more susceptible to crying and that will relieve me slightly. But somehow this episode didn’t make me cry instead it amplified my sadness. Now I wish I had watched it later since previous episode’s preview clearly pointed to angst territory.

    As javabeans succinctly put it, aahh.. the life of a drama addict.

  13. 13 Min

    Oh my Guem Bi seems like a good show !! Might try to watch it soon. Also , anyone with me when i really wished that there was a big reversal with k2 and Je Ha is actually the main villian who killed the people and was actually aiming to be president? 😣

    • 13.1 Wag_a_Muffin

      ACK! I haven’t watched it yet. (Rats!)

  14. 14 Cynthia

    I’m loving Romantic Doctor! Still not my crack but almost there. Also, I’m liking more Weightlifting Fairy than LOTBS. I really thought it was going to be the other way around, maybe because I had zero expectation about a drama with weightlifting in it…

  15. 15 Chi

    Out of all drama this week, the best one for me is oh my geum bi. The little girl is so good, the story is heart warming.

    – entourage: well, nothing going on really. lee kwang soo is the star of the show.

    – wife: its decent, i was expecting worse, hope somehow they can reach 4%

    – blue sea: JJH only, everything else blah

    – weighlifting, doctor kim: skip. i did skim though but there has been too many doctors or coming of age lately. i want something different

    – sweet neighbour: actors are good but the storyline somehow becomes uncomfortable.

    • 15.1 Chi

      – Wife: at first we thought its a drama about cheating. actually it becomes a drama about fixing relationship. its a good direction to go. its funny sometimes when go to naver, the trending article says: song ji hyo cheats, song ji hyo cries…

      – the k2: watch the few firsts and the last two, the last two epis are nice, and seem everyone complaining about the middle so i think im fine with just that

      – entourage: im this close to drop it. i so hope it becomes funny or SOMETHING. the show has nothing, it feels like an india drama that use the whole episode just to zoom faces.

      everyone got to watch oh my geum bi. because its good. and its different. every other show is about love, romance. this show is about family. you feel warm watching it.

      • 15.1.1 cat

        An Indian drama that ise the whole episode to zoom faces. Haha i feel u i cant even read the recaps nowdays much less watching

  16. 16 MapleSilver

    This Week has real affair, yes, but the comedy keeps the tears in check, at least mine. Like you get this close to shedding a tear but the scene quickly changes, like to some ridiculous thing Lee Sang Yeob does.

  17. 17 Hyades

    Legend of the Blue Sea: I think I am not in the mood to like this show. Many people say the show is funny and they love it. So I think I will drop it for time being until I fix my mood!

    The K2: did anyone notice that when actors or actresses laugh they do this for long period of time?. The way of their laughing remind me of devil characters in Japanese anime. Anyway I drop it as the story is over-realistic!

    Love under the moon light: it is lovely and I’m enjoying the show.

    1% of Anything: I need to catch the episodes of this week

  18. 18 Peeps

    It’s been a crazy month for me, what with THREE work exams (750+ pages to read, understand and memorise in three weeks!!!) and Driving Exam (that I passed, YAY) but amazingly, I’m not out of the loop at all. I credit this to DB and their recaps.

    So though I’ve been a little dry on the drama side (I only really watched 1% and this week’s Dr Kim), I’m still in the water with 1 Night 2 Days and Three Meals a Day since I do recaps for them (and so far nothing else, sobs). 1 Night 2 Days releases all the tension I built up from reading by making me laugh while Three Meals is just is that usual Friday Healing Time.

    But a bit sad now because I drove my instructor’s car like a pro but today, I drove my dad’s car like a toad. 😓 So terrible.

    • 18.1 BellaMafia

      That’s probably because subconsciously you realize it’s your dad’s car. You don’t want something happen to his car. On the other hand, you feel safe using your instructor’s car. He is there to guide you and make you feel safe.

  19. 19 redfox

    I really should pick up music shows again. But my eyes are too tired putting together the information and tutorials for my workshops, so more time behind the screen really gets me too dizzy right now

    • 19.1 redfox

      oh, tomorrow I´ll see Silent Dream with Park So Dam in the cinema.

      • 19.1.1 redfox

        oh, sorry, I got mixed up: it is with Han Ye Ri of course

        • Kiara

          Lucky you, I don’t have it at my local theatre.

          • redfox

            Quite Dream
            Black Nights Film Festival main competition program. International premiere of the movie. Director Zhang Lu present answering questions. Answered mine, too (why was Han Ye Ri the best for the main role? – he said she is from the same region and has a similar mentality so she connected with the emotions he wanted to create. )

            the movie is very good. like one in billions of obscure normalities, microsocieties… the bblack-and-white picture and the background sounds were like two parallel dimensions sometimes where you are deeply concentrated on looking at a picture or reading a story and some sounds wakes you from daydreaming. what was it? a memory of a person who died recently? or about to die? were the men ghosts perhaps? was it in her fathers´ mind? was it her memory? there are so many ways to interpret this, but in the end it is just people somewhere, living. that´s it. living in their obscure but in their own way a normal life. padded with a light shower of brief chuckles.

    • 19.2 redfox

      also, here is a list of guests in Black Nights Film Festival. There is an “organizer” and the program director from the Busan International Film Festival team here… a lot of filipinos and chinese folks, too…


  20. 20 Kk

    While everyone is raving about JJH who I think is seriously overacting,I’m watching LOBTS for Lee min ho.if he is not the male lead, I won’t watch the drama.
    There are some actors and actresses who I think are mediocre actors but people here consider them good.
    Different strokes for different folks,I guess.

    • 20.1 Sirey

      LMH is mediocre too

      • 20.1.1 Sojuboy

        I wish the poor guy can learn how to act.

  21. 21 ET

    Am I the only one?

    I watched first episode ofLOTBS expecting it to be good but I found myself watching the clock instead.

    I read about how funny and great the visuals are but the show left me cold on both counts. I thought the CGI of under the sea and mermaid swimming were pretty unimpressive. Lee Min Ho didn’t make me laugh but I expected that. What I did not expect was how unfunny I found Jeon Ji Hyun to be. Maybe I should rephrase it, I didn’t find JJH funny and it’s weird. I like JJH quite a fair bit as Cheon Song Yi in YCFAS. It’s probably not her fault. I found the humor to be too slapstick or there’s just too much of the mermaid being comical.

    is the only Korean drama which I am crazy over at the moment. I don’t know what I’ll do after it ends this week aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

    Perhaps I should pick up more C dramas especially those which were recommended to me. Kdramas which I am planning to try are Oh My Geum Bi, Romantic Doctor Kim and Weightlifting Fairy

    • 21.1 Hyades

      Me either. I space out while I’m watching LOTBS. I didn’t find Jeon Ji Hyun funny here. LMH’s magic trick is silly but,seriously, Korean mermaid is Spain! if they met in jeju island it would be more realistic to the show.

      She behaves good in Joseon period time but becomes silly in the modern world why is that? I like the scenes where in Joseon period time.

      • 21.1.1 Sirey

        An Asian mermaid in Spain

      • 21.1.2 Purple Owl

        It makes sense for an Asian mermaid to be there. All surviving mermaids live here. It’s a global pod.

        It would be cool if an African, Alaskan, Australian, German, Russian etc mermaid shows up

        • Hyades

          @Purple Owl:OK.Did they mention this in the show? it would make sense if they said this.

          • Purple Owl

            @Hyades yeah, it was mentioned in the drama.

            Krystal told him about the legends of that particular ocean on the plane. That old men said it was the last ocean with mermaids.

    • 21.2 Heol

      Im liking weightlifter waaay more than lotbs (though i do enjoy it) and trust me you’ll love oh my geum bi (might as well cry)

      • 21.2.1 ET

        I was far less hyped up about LOTBS anyway. It’s just that I had to try it first because of the hype, LOL.

        I don’t have the compulsion to watch JJH unlike most here. I enjoy her more in movies. On the other hand, I am compelled to watch LMH but not for reasons you’d think. I wanted to see if he has anything to offer as an actor in my books. One episode in, there was nothing very good or bad in his performance which can let me decide. So most likely, I will continue watching until I give up or it might surprise me yet.

        I much prefer the premise of Weightlifting Fairy so I will very likely try this. I am the type whose preferences tend towards underrated than hyped or popular dramas.

        I just discovered here that Oh My Geum Bi’s premise is terminal illness 🙁 And it’s a kid this time! Double NO! I said that when I was considering Marriage Contract and Fantastic but I ended up watching and crying buckets especially for Marriage Contract, hahaha. *sigh*

        I read the synopsis on DB previously but I must have selectively forgotten about the illness part. Maybe I should watch Weightlifting Fairy and OMGB to balance things out? 😀

    • 21.3 Hye Mi

      @ET: You’re not the only one. With the promising stills and trailers and the presence of JJH I expect something gripping, but Lobsters fails to impress me after 2 eps. The humour is not my type of humour either. Having said that, I’ll continue watching a couple more to see whether the story will pick up because I like JJH and (still) have faith in her choice of project.

      I’m enjoying Fairy. IMO Nam Joo Huyk is rather weak (but he has improved from his School 2015 days) but if you find LSK’s acting and portrayal of Bok Joo to your liking then maybe you can give him an easy pass. Just give the series a shot after next week when ep 3&4 are done airing so you can have better judgement.

      • 21.3.1 ET

        Hi @Hye Mi, I actually liked Nam Joo Hyuk 🙂 in CITT. Moon Lovers showed his limitations but then his character and story did him no favors either. Maybe if they had written forbidden love story between him and Lady Hae, it would have been better! Woo Hee was woeful!

        I found LSK quite hilarious in CITT. I got to give it to an actress who doesn’t care about going all out crazy and she looked cute in Fairy’s teasers 😀

        • Hye Mi

          Ah don’t get me wrong. I like NJH too, but only as side characters so far (Surplus Princess, CITT). He’s endearing in them. However I don’t think he’s ready for lead roles yet. He’s charming in Fairy, of course, just when it calls for more emotional intensity than being cute and charming and a puppy he’s not quite there yet. Not sure if boy is meek/ gentle in real life but I tend to see that in almost all characters he’s been playing. Not a bad thing, but sometimes I think he needs to get beyond himself more to immerse in the characters.

          Bok-Joo is really a darling. I love her so far, especially when she and her best friends eat. I have seldom seen any Kdrama characters that genuinely enjoy their food like them XD

      • 21.3.2 pogo


        This is officially my favourite autocorrect mangling of a drama name, ever.

        Also agreed on Weightlifting Fairy. The show is Lee Sung-kyung’s to carry, and of the two leads she’s the one who I have more faith in to actually pull it off.

        • ET

          Hi @pogo

          Lee Sung-kyung’s to carry

          I had this mental picture of Lee Sung Kyung lifting Nam Joo Hyuk! Don’t tell me she’s done it already in the drama 😀

          • Hye Mi

            @ET: She didn’t lift him, but she does princess-carry him in a split second XD

        • Purple Owl

          Yeah. Lobster started in the promo comments, I think off of a misreading of LotBS. There was a lot of joking about it.

          And then I couldn’t get it out of my head so I used it for episode 1 recap and called us fans Lobs. Then in OT too.

          Thank you whoever mentioned it first. It has snowballed into something great.

          P.S. looking forward to seeing Ji Hyun eat a cooked, human/land people prepared lobster. Oh wait, would she be eating us then? Even if it’s just symbolically, I’m not so cool with that.

          • Hye Mi

            @pogo: Purple Owl pretty much said what I wanted to say XD. I did it on purpose because I can’t seem to get the name off my head haha.

    • 21.4 Zoë

      same with me. I’ll watch another 2 episodes to decide whether to continue or to drop it.

      ps. I like the previous LMH drama (yeah, even the heirs) and the previous JJH project (movies & drama).

    • 21.5 Kiara

      You are not alone. Over-hyped and overrated. Hope it’ll get better for the fans.

    • 21.6 es

      Nope, Legend of the Blue Sea didn’t really impress me either, haha. I wasn’t crazy about You Who Came From the Stars either, so I didn’t actually have high hopes for LotBS, but I’m easily swayed by hype, and mermaid folklore is always appealing as a premise, so I went in with very little expectations anyway. And those expectations weren’t too far off. Lee Min-ho is predictably underwhelming, and while I loved Jeon Ji-hyun in the first episode, her charm wore off a bit for me in the second episode and I was actually really bored halfway through LOL. There’s still enough curiosity left in me to keep watching though, although I doubt I’ll make it to the finale HAHA.

    • 21.7 sesame

      Same here. I found the trailers interesting and was so hyped to watch but when I did, I felt so meh. The visuals were not breathtaking as I’d expected and the humor was overacted IMO. JJH was much better as MLFAS…I don’t understand why she needed to act so weird in this role. It almost look too false in some scenes like the one in the church.

      As for LMH, I liked him so much in BOF and City Hunter. But since watching JCW, I fell out of love with LMH. Sorry…not sorry.

      But I did like the Joseon bit. I felt drawn to their love story there.

  22. 22 WizWearsCoolPants

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bo Joo :

    “The whole story seems to be about girls who don’t really fit in and they cast a literal model to be the lead. Then she’s snatching 115kg and no way in hell is LSK snatching 115kg, pad her pants as much as you like the girl is way too skinny” and also Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee sung Kyung are really not that good at acting.

    Entourage: One word “messy”

    Oh my Geumbi:
    I think we have a real winner here but I am not going to continue watching it, I am really not in the mood for tear jerkers

  23. 23 CatoCat

    feeling good today. Because of health issues my mind almost rejected all shows and i was close to end my career as a kdrama viewer. Thankfully at that time i watched

    We Married as a Job and now i’m full of positive energy.

    Woman with a suitcase – on ep 15 – Meh – want to complete it

    Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim – dramatic and entertaining. interested in it.

    Sweet Stranger and Me – Ep 08 felt long because nothing much happened.

    My Fair Lady – is too adorable.

    1% of something – meh – just wanto complete it.

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju – It was chitter chatter of 2 episodes. I want something strong. My 1 week of food they ate in 1 go. Seriously, drama characters like to eat a lot.

    Father I’ll Take care of You – Real story starts from today onwards. I like Eun Bin’s voice. and contract work is coming up in future episodes.

    Entourage – I’m enjoying this another chitter-chatter of a show. Its just that you don’t invest in any of the characters except Ho Jin.

    My Wife is having affair, This week – Comedy is keeping the show watchable. Writer Bo Young and Ahn Jun’s relationship is much more appealing and entertaining.

    Thumping Spike 2 – Better Translations required.

    When a snail falls in love – far better action than K2.

    Kuroi 10-nin no onna – main strength of the show is its women and the way director preents their inner views to audience


    Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu – ahh let’s hug. That Ending dance song has

    over 29 million views. wow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhOVibLEDhA&list=RDjhOVibLEDhA

    • 23.1 CatoCat

      Legend of the Blue Sea – visually beautiful. Comedy is ok ok. Story of govt employee is better than present timeline events. I’m watching it.

      Pinocchio – Picked up from ep 6 after putting on hold in June and now stuck at episode 09. wow hug and kiss already happened. wow

      Yoona’s Street – Picked up from ep 25 – stuck at ep 27

      Blood – yeah. After watchin 1 youtube video picked up the show. 2 episodes dropped. Story is c grade and seems like taken from a c grade hollywood movie but the show isn’t half bad.

    • 23.2 Yuki

      Is Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu that good? I love Aragaki Yui so guess I have to check. Damn, I do not have time for more dramas these days!! Maybe I will reserve it for Christmas 🙂

      • 23.2.1 CatoCat

        I keep slice of life and family stuff for 25 december and now gonna watch atleast 1

        episode of Nigeru on christmas. Many things have happened in manga and it was able to make me fight fever so yeah it is that good.

      • 23.2.2 feignedreality

        yes, it’s very good!!! 👍 and I keep repeating their closing credits 🎶mune no naka ni aru mono, itsuka mie naku naru mono…🎶

      • 23.2.3 Knom

        Despite the raving reviews of Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga yaku Ni tatsu, I found the drama very simple and lackluster. It’s just one of those dramas where I’ll watch it if there is nothing to watch. It’s not interesting enough to hook me. I’m not crazy about it. I actually forgot about it but because “Shopping King Louie” ended and I had nothing to watch to replace Louie, I went back. But I stopped again because it wasn’t as fun and special like Louie.

    • 23.3 QQ

      Other than 1% of Anything, I’m jumping off the Kdrama bandwagon and am enjoying the Jdrama ride.

      Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu is just so precious for me. Tuesday is now officially Hug Day for me. Thanks to this story, I’m finally going to give Densha Otoko a chance. Been avoiding like a plague when I was younger for the simple reason that the guy is not attractive. My, my, I’m all grown up. Was so shallow back then.

      Oh, who am I kidding? Still am. I’m all hearts for Ryu Ryosei, right now. He’s so damn cute in Koe Koi and Orange.

      Other than that, there’s a sequel for Ishii no Mayu. My brain is already to be intrigued. Shuninnnnn!!!!

      • 23.3.1 QQ

        Oopsie. Should be Ryo Ryusei. Mixed up his name.

  24. 24 Nanoo

    Currently watching Legend of the blue sea, I think it’s not that funny or something big that I expected to be, but it’s fine as long as Lee Min Hoo and Jun Ji Hyun were there.
    And the rest of the week I felt goddamn bored after my fav show on the way to the airport and k2 ended.

  25. 25 Cool Girl

    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim:
    “Each episode so far feels like it’s been directed by a completely different person, which makes it hard to settle on exactly what kind of vibe it’s going for. Is it a classic melodrama, filled with tragic backstories, revenge, and big-city egos? Or is a quirky fish-out-of-water dramedy, filled with a lovable cast of misfits? I dunno, but provided the show continues to give me that delightfully weird small-town vibe (with the bonus of the always-amazing Han Seok-kyu), I’ll continue to watch.”
    – Odilettante

    I watched only the 1st episode and got the same feeling that the writer doesn’t know where this drama is heading
    and it’s really puzzling for me. I’m not comforted by the fact after 4 episodes, and it’s not getting clearer on this front.

    This drama is a mix of a lot of things but it’s essentially badly written, overreacted, too much campy even for a show that doesn’t take itself seriously

    Maybe i wasn’t prepared or looking for this kind of fantasy/escape, maybe i misread the reviews.

    I don’t really know, so i’ll wait to have seen the first four episodes before making a definitive opinion.

  26. 26 Enny

    I am not a fan of cheon song yi in yfst because she was overacting but yet she saved the show but here her role is so natural both her and lmh are doing a great job nobody is mediocre they are wonderful lobts fighting …oh my geumbi is okay too and weightlifting is fun

  27. 27 Soetan Adejoke

    Legend of the blue sea is Daebak
    Jeon Ji Hyun is amazing,i laughed all through episode 2

  28. 28 Me

    I am not watching anything apart from We got married Jota and Jinkyung parts, it is my bday and here I am, single, no friends, no job and seems like nothing good in the future, I am depressed, tho not suicidal and that is a plus, I am too scared of death and that I am gonna miss something good in my life,lol, tho till date nothing good has happened, if it was drama it is a point when sudden good thing happens to heroine, but we live in real world and all I have is bitterness and just a wish to lie down and never wake up

    • 28.1 WishfulToki

      Happy birthday, even if I am a total stranger to you! Last year I spent my birthday alone and without cake, feeling alone and empty. I’ve decided that good things are not going to come to me like in kdramas, so I try and live my life doing good things for others if I can – however, I am much too lazy and usually end up sleeping or watching dramas instead. :/

      • 28.1.1 me

        Hi, thank you for your reply, I was a bit ashamed to come back cause it is not right to bring my sadness to DB, which is a site about dramas and happinness and it probably makes people uncomfortable to read people complaining and I hope good things will still happen to us both

    • 28.2 BellaMafia

      Happy birthday, stranger! Hang in there… Count your blessings. I want to do something good in life too, but I end up become a drama addict! Hey, at least I do something good for all those korean actors since I watch their dramas..lols.

      • 28.2.1 Me

        Thank youuu, dramas often have the power to make us feel better, so it is mutually beneficial ))

    • 28.3 Hey Me, it's your Day

      Happy Birthday, Me! And many happy returns of the day, although this year it might seem like that’s not the right thing to say. Some people have crazy wild bdays and some people have quiet reflective bdays. I echo WishfulToki that doing helpful things for others is a great way to take the focus off negative feelings about yourself. Stacking groceries at a food pantry, cleaning up at an animal shelter – it doesn’t have to be a high level commitment and it’s a big help.

      And for today, please think about giving yourself the gift of a simple walk outside if you can. Sunshine and some exercise are now being shown by research to literally fight depression! I hope at the end of the day you can say, for my birthday this year I had time to reflect, watched dramas, took a nice walk and talked to DB friends. Happy Day, Happy Year 🎁 All the best.

    • 28.4 Codie

      Happy birthday!!
      Lots of love and hugs from a stranger (probably) across the world <3

    • 28.5 knom

      Happy Birthday. Real world isn’t always beautiful but you are what makes the world beautiful.

      I was like that last year. No friends, no job, and nothing positive was coming into my life. But you know what kept me going? Myself and my happiness. Find something you love and just keep doing that. “Do what you love. Love what you do”. That’s what motivates me. My job isn’t paying alot but I love it and my happiness is what made me appreciate my life and my choices. 🙂

    • 28.6 newgirl

      Happy Birthday to you,
      Happy Birthday to you,
      Happy Birthday dear Me-ee,
      Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

      And here’s a big birthday hug (((((( )))))) !

      I second what others said here. Take care of yourself without waiting for someone else to see your value. To have a friend, be a friend. To get a job, live as though your life IS your job. That means keep to a regular schedule and eat, sleep and exercise in the sunshine as though your life depends on it. (It does!) Every person has something of value to share with the world, and your job is to figure out what yours is.
      Oh, and take your vitamin D and multi-B vitamins every day. Baby steps every day!

      Okay, this old ajumma will stop lecturing you. I wish you the best in your coming year!

    • 28.7 vivi rose

      Happy B Day, dear you (me).
      Your not alone.its ok to not feel ok.sometimes envy seeing everyone moving forward and you just stuck in the misery box. Whatever.other grass greener.
      Life maybe suck,but you gonna love it ~ monica to rachel,friends~
      May the best will came to you.

    • 28.8 Ema

      Happy birthday to you..
      Wish you a healty and happy life.
      Soon every thing will be fine..just don’t give up and don’t stay alone in the room, go out walk around just don’t let your brain blank but don’t talk your self
      Love u

    • 28.9 Purple Owl

      Omo, it’s 4 am, I need to be up in 4 hours and I’m going so far into my YouTube history, it’s crazy:

      For Me: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8IPG6fSE8qPV7IU9fZRLDqA6llPFv3Cq

      Wrote this towards the end but it needed to go to the top.

      This is going to get stuck in moderation because of the links. However, the Mental Health call was made and I must answer. So let’s do this.

      Hi @Me,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been depressed. I have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts since I was a toddler. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. Lately I’ve been having an extra difficult time remembering why I choose not to do anything to end my life. Mainly kdrama and music is there to help.

      I know it’s hard to feel any love. But trust me, someone will be affected if you don’t wake up. I’ve had people close to me attempt suicide, some multiple times. Someoe will be moved. It might even be a neighbor you’ve never spoke to. Someone will miss your presence even if it doesn’t feel like it.

      My main point:

      I just start on this playlist recently -Seasonal Affective Disorder: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXHzJQGEY1nMdfU7KfC87bUQBt8g93BWg

      This is my angry/upset playlist:
      %: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8IPG6fSE8qN2JDQPSh17-TvPKucfywMN

      Not to self-promotion but I have a few mental health accounts.
      Hangouts: Purple Owl

      You can message me whenever on IG, Pinterest & Hangouts. I might not answer right away but I will answer. If there’s one thing I can promise, it’s being there for the mental health community.

      Oh, almost forgot. If possible, you should try to meet with a professional to talk to. Don’t let any stigma stop you. You are more important. Even if it’s just a few times, try to talk to a professional. I’m much stronger going once a week than I thought I’d ever be. When I was 15, I told my first therapist I’d be homeless or dead in 5 years. Now, I’m 21.

      Ugh, I’m probably running out of characters but this is such an important topic to me *and it’s been coming up a lot on DB*, I have even more to say than usual and I already talk a bunch. I don’t really know. I had to use Note to write this because I was hiding DB too much and my comment erased. Note is 5000 to DB’s 3000

      Last thoughts, I promise! 2 of my original poems –

      My Daily Fight:
      Every day I survive
      Is a success
      No, that’s what they say
      But I know it’s a lie
      Every day that still contains me
      Is really a failure
      No matter what they believe

      Poem to Me:
      Please forgive me
      I’ve been so broken
      Please forgive me
      For the words I’ve spoken

      I don’t know how
      To prevent your cry
      I don’t know how
      To not live a lie


      • 28.9.1 Purple Owl

        Whoa, it fit within 3000. I’m shocked.

        Goodnight beanies! Well, morning because it’s past 4 where I am and it’s the world wide web….. 😞

        I need sleep

    • 28.10 DramaMama

      I hope you ended up having a good birthday, Me.

      Life doesn’t always work out the way we want/hoped but I pray you don’t let this temporary low get the best of you. We live a life of peaks and valleys, and each one makes us better and stronger. So hang in there. It may not feel like it, but you do have things to be thankful for. Count those blessings and hang on to them while you wait for the next good thing that is coming your way. You may have to make it happen but either way, things WILL get better

      Depression is a tough nut to crack but the best way to beat it back is to be active. Get out, do something that will make you feel a little better, then tomorrow do something else. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for years. Medication helps but I still have days where I have to force myself to do things. In those times, it is just one day (sometimes one hour) at a time. As Dory from “Finding Nemo” says, “Just keep swimming…”

      Love and hugs to you, Me. ❤️

    • 28.11 sharreb

      Happy birthday.
      It’s good to just watch anything we fancy or makes us happy.
      Sometimes at some point in our lovws things feel meaningless and you felt like you are on the outside looking in. Alone and not part of anything. Just a short paragraph from you i cant hazard whats going on it your life, much less what is your mind. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonyt. Just rem even if you put on an anonymous comment, you are part of dramabeans commenter, so u r part of something. How you feel can be tweaked just a tad with a willingness to be part of something, to do something meaningful or to feel just a lil connected to others.

  29. 29 WishfulToki

    I’m in a kdrama slump and there is no epicness on offer among the current shows… so I have turned to C-dramas. My week:

    Horse Doctor I’m loyally sticking with this one because I’m at that point when the baddies have won everything and the hero is forced to leave and rethink his life. I like that.

    Princess Wei Young: my cure for that epic craving. I should have waited until at least 30 episodes were out because I watched 8 in one go. So, I decided to start…

    Nirvana in Fire: I finally gave in and tried this, and it’s filling all my epic sweet spots.

  30. 30 agoodheart

    After Age of Youth I didn’t manage to watch any more dramas, and it would be understated to say I was more than glad when this week rolled around.

    I only watched two, Legend of the Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

    LoBS was a bit melancholic with the sageuk part and it was the part that I liked the most. I also liked Jeon Ji-hyun being an out-of-the-water mermaid and the drama’s lightness. The first episode did more for me than the second one, I felt it more. And the music, oh dear the background music was so wonderful it did things to my heart.

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo was such a joy to watch! I so needed a show that is lighthearted, cute, beautiful, heartwarming, uplifting like this! Lee Sung-kyung is so adorable in this show that I want to say she’s my favorite, but all the cast is doing such a great job that I would be a bit hesitate to claim so. The cinematography is really beautiful. This show is shedding sunlight to my life. Looking forward to more!

  31. 31 V

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju is so cute! 😊 It makes me sad about the ratings but I agree with javabeans about LOTBS deserving its ratings so underdog here we go!

  32. 32 halfmoon

    Maybe I’m in the minority or have misunderstood the storylines, but I instead get why the OTP is having trouble to be together in the Man Living in Our House. But j dont get why the OTP can’t be together in 1% of Anything.

    In the MLIOH, the OTP was going to give it a shot at dating but the reveal (at the end of the latest episode) will probably put a stop at it. If I were NanGil, I’d feel conflicted too.

    In 1% of Anything, why didn’t the OTP discuss their true feelings to each other as well as their fears of problems if they were to stay together? I felt it was a lot of letting go for the sake of the other , without telling the other about it. That frustrated me in the last episode.

    • 32.1 halfmoon

      Or did you gals mean the storyline in the MlOH is too slow , that it introduced an unnecessary angst to the storyline, and that you can’t wait for the OTP to be finally together?

    • 32.2 lindl

      I agree! I completely get what’s keeping Nan-gil and Na-ri apart. And that’s even before the revelation in Episode 8.

    • 32.3 mexmax

      I was also thinking the same thing. I get MLIOH but not 1%…

  33. 33 JA


    1% of Anything: I loved his reaction to Dada being in danger, because it was gratifying to see a hero take no nonsense from a second lead for once, and be so determined to get justice for the wronged. Things did slow down a bit with the ending of the contract, but for once I completely agreed with the reasons, and appreciated the time we got to see the two living their lives, missing each other. It just feels so true to life and natural, which is this drama’s charm (and probably why I keep thinking Ha Suk-jin and Jeon So-min must be secretly dating, because they make the characters’ connection feel so lived-in and true).

    So glad to read that some of the DB staff here are still loving and enjoying this wonderful and underrated little gem that is 1% of Anything as much as I do, especially @Javabeans. I totally agreed with everything you said including the parenthesis one. I’d like to think they are secretly too. 😉

    Speaking of 1% of Anything (remake, of course), this is the only K-Drama I’ve been watching weekly (Weds/Thurs) since it premiered and I’m still loving and enjoying watching it more and more every week. Can’t believe there’s only two more episodes left! I love this series so much (which I never expected to love it this much, it’s my top favorite K-Drama series of 2016!). I don’t want it to end. I WANT TO SEE MOREEEE!!! 😀

    Having said that, I previously loved and enjoyed watching these (less hype, but surprisingly very good) little gems: Fantastic, Drinking Solo, Marriage Contract as well as these popular ones: W: Two Worlds, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, and Descendants of the Sun. 🙂

    I did try watching two new dramas that premiered this week (on same days/times lot of my sole fave, 1%): Legends of the Blue Sea – I’ve only seen Episode 1 and a little bit of Episode 2. I liked both leads and liked it thus far, but I’m not so into it (yet) like others here are nor did it impressed me on first viewing as it did on me with DotS, W, and MDBC. Will try to finished Ep 2 first and watch a couple more episodes to see if I’ll stick watching to this one. And then, I tried watching Oh My Geum Bi – I didn’t really like the premise of this series, only because it includes terminal illness and it looks like a tearjerker, but I was curious since it seemed to have a great cast (like Fantastic and Marriage Contract) that drew me in…so, I watched it and was pleasantly surprised how I actually loved and enjoyed watching the first episode. That little girl (from MDBC) was so amazing that she got me watching. Not too mention the actor (from Couple Fantasy) who plays her father is so handsome (with those dimples too)! I’m liking this more than I expected and even more than Legends of the Blue Sea (which like everyone said, the cinematography is stunningly beautiful, but there’s no story there…yet…on the…

    • 33.1 JA

      Cont. ^ —> *first two episodes! whereas OMGB, it was only Ep 1 and it got my full, undivided attention, lol. I’ll see about episode 2. OMGB reminds me a bit of both Marriage Contract and Fantastic. They both have the typical terminal illness synopsis, but both were very we’ll-written shows with outstanding ensemble cast. Hopefully, OMGB will be like these two, which I loved and enjoyed watching. Episode 1’s great so far. Guess, I love watching more of these little, under the radar type of shows (with less buzz and hype) that came out of nowhere and I didn’t expect I’d be watching, but did anyway, and ended up loving them like 1%, DS, and Fantastic to name a few.

      • 33.1.1 JA

        Btw, all this talk about Legends of the Blue Sea makes me want to watch the Splash movie with Daryl Hannah & Tom Hanks (which I haven’t seen in years). 😀

        • vkook

          I’ve just read on another site that K-netizens found a lot of similar scenes between the first 2 eps of LotBS and the movie Splash. I’ve never seen that movie though. Is it really that similar?

        • Kiara

          Disney is remaking Splash with Channing Tatum ಠ_ಠ in the lead role. Magic Mike to Disney lol.

  34. 34 JessA

    This pretty much sums up my list of shows. I’m watching a couple others as well.

    And I am loving Legend of the Blue Sea because of Jeon Ji-hyun! Don’t get me wrong, I love Lee Min-ho but if he is the cherry on top, Jeon Ji-hyun is the entire fudge sundae, ok?! She is the Queen of everything right now.

    • 34.1 hellocam


  35. 35 Lisa_wackycashew

    Only had time for Legend this week and finally caught up with the first two eps last night. Looooove it!! JJH is killing this role as expected and I’m enjoying LMH in this as well. Had some really hearty laughs. XD

    Hope to catch up on Weightlifting before the weekend is over. I love feel-good, coming-of-age shows.

  36. 36 sumi

    My RL is pretty stressful these days, and I was so grateful to LotBS for making me LOL and for entertaining me so well. It’s just what the doctor ordered. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but so far, it seems like it’ll be the perfect lure for a couple of friends of mine who’ve never tried a kdrama. Here’s hoping it makes lotbs and lotbs of converts!

  37. 37 Kaybee

    I feel like I’ve been burnt by too many live-watched dramas of 2016 (Neighborhood Hero, C+4K, The K2, Madame Antoine, MDBC (*cue screaming fangirls foaming with anger*) etc) to like live-watching that much anymore. I tried picking up Entourage, but I really agree with both gf and jb’s comments on the show. I just can’t be brought to care about the story and since each ep is even longer than an hour, I just can’t be bothered, because it’s suddenly not even light and breezy. The format seems all wrong for this kind of non-plot plot.

    It’s still fun to read the comments though and this way I’ll know which shows to avoid when they’re completed 😉

    Right now I’m sticking to Heirs to finally check it off my list and only three episodes to go! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Although to be fair I’ve enjoyed it more than my minus 145 expectation level (the first ep was just so terribly bad), which isn’t a huge feat, but still something.

  38. 38 Nicolette

    Currently watching Legend of the Blue Sea, Weight Lifting Fairy, and Doctor teacher Kim. I’m enjoying all 3 but I’m not completely hooked on any of them yet. I’m just so glad that theres so many light hearted rom coms lately because that is exactly my taste. This is also the first time I’ve been interested enough to watch a medical drama. But it’s thanks to the cast that I find it so intriguing.

  39. 39 Arhazivory

    Planned to start Blue Sea and Geum Bi this week. I’ve been so swamped though so only managed to catch the start of Geum Bi episode 1, which was absolutely delightful.

    I won the nonexistent bet with my mom for Unexpected You; they did find out in episode 10. Now I’m looking forward to how the stories develop for these characters. Heading off on vacation and I this will be the drama I load up on my tablet to take with me.

  40. 40 Yaya

    I had been waiting for Nov 16 to come for the premier of Legend of the Blue Sea, but it was Weightlifting Fairy who won me over!

    After reading LolliPip’s ep 1 recap, I watched it and it is what I’ve looking for in a drama -fluffy & cute.

  41. 41 Luna

    Oh My GeumBi is soooo good.

  42. 42 feignedreality

    ▪ We Married as a Job – Tuesday is hug day!!!

    ▪ Entourage – I’m one of the few who likes this show, the friendship the guys share specially between Young-bin & Ho-jin is adorbs.

    ▪ Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – “Do you like Messi?” hahaha… maybe I’ll try that line out sometime.

    ▪ plus my regular dose of variety from 3MAD: Fishing Village 3 and 1N2D

    + How To Get Away With Murder and Criminal Minds [the only American shows I still watch regularly]

    • 42.1 fan

      I also enjoy Entourage. My favorite in the show is Jo Jin-woong.

      • 42.1.1 Nessie

        Yay add me into the mix as well! Entourage is fun especially with all the meta and the cameos too.

  43. 43 maryse

    Not much to watch these days .. LOTBS, 1% and the C-drama When a snail falls in love
    Chinese ‘sageuks’ (wuxia?): 3 heroes and 5 gallants .. I will give a try to Princess Wei Jung

    But I don’t want 1% to end …

  44. 44 Nanda

    My internet is down tor 2 weeks so I spent time catching up on dramas. A lot

    Drinking Solo : love the student stories but not so much on the main lead. It doesn’t give me a full closure that I would prefer.

    Jealousy Incarnate : I miss this ddorai drama! Love everything about this drama, only wished Go Jung won and Hong Hye Won found theit love….somehow.

    The man living in our house : either be fighting all the time (it is kinda funny) or be in passionately in love. This push and pull thingy is exhausting. I don’t like the siblings.. especially the sister.. I think the mystery about the secretary is kinda predictable. I won’t be shock. Kim Ji Hoon deserved more!

    RDK : Love the vibe. Will continue to watch it. Han Suk kyu voice is calming even when his angry. Haha am I weird?

    Weightlifting Fairy : LOVE LOVE. My choice of wed-thu. Ahn Gil Kang looks like a patient in my mom ward.. so surprise that his character also does dialysis!

    1% : no Ha Suk Jin withdrawal! The OTP is adorable, I want to see Dada in a wedding dress. PLEASE.

    My wife will have affair this week: seen 2 episode. Not sure if I like this. But will decide after episode 4

    • 44.1 Cool Girl

      About RDK, i managed to watch 3 more episodes between my comment yesterday and today and i can confirm that you’re not weird: his voice has the same effect on me. I feel like have been wrapped in a soft and warm blanket each time he talks, and whatever he says.

      It’s soothing and relaxing to the point of being hypnotic and i must shake myself regularly to stay focused on the plot.

      You can easily guess that i’m watching essentially for him….

      • 44.1.1 Nanda

        Couldn’t say it any better than you did.

        Han Seok Kyu voice reminds me of James Earl Jones voice. I want him to comfort me when I feel scared or read book for me to sleep.

        Even when he shouted.. I was amazed at his voice.

  45. 45 Lame

    The shows that I’m watching:
    – Oh My Geumbi : This is definitely underrated drama. The chemistry and the acting is top notch. That child actress rocks his role. Go Geumbi, Go! I hope the ratings will increase again next week.

    -1% of Anything: Watch it just for fun and I’m hooked. Ha Suk Jin is one of the king of chemistry.

    -Sweet Stranger and Me: Just started watch episode 1 and it is so cute story. Don’t know whether it will stay cute or plot twisted later on tho.

    -Three Meals A Day : Chemistry between Eric and Yoon Gyun Sang is so cute. Like whenever there’s Eric, you will see Gyun Sang too. The three brothers seem getting along well and Eric’s cooking skill is no joke.

    The show I stop watching:
    – Entourage : don’t know, I just feel bored. Such a waste of Seo Kang Joon and Kwang Soo. I watched the first epsiodes just for them tho.
    -Romantic Doctor : Too noisy and overacted like every minutes they start to fight and argue. Some medical scenes also ridiculous.

    Planning to watch:
    -Mermaid : I just wanna see Jun Ji Hyun antics.
    -Drinking Solo : Because my love for Ha Suk Jin

    • 45.1 kirri

      Eric is like a little brothers’ collector. xD He is generally shy around strangers but when people get opportunity to work with him he treats them really well that they all end up adoring him! It’s cute seeing Kyunsang clinging to Eric, his body is huge but he’s such a big baby.

  46. 46 Maria

    I watch:
    When a snail fall in love
    Romantic Teacher Dr. Kim
    Already download and planning to watch: Oh My Geum Bi

    Still wishing someone to sub Memory Lost (from the novel’s writer of Love me if u dare and when a snail fall in love)
    From the preview the action is better than K2
    I’m into C drama these days.
    Should I watch Legend of the Blue Sea and weighing?
    Are these dramas good?

    • 46.1 ET

      I didn’t want to say it but I also found myself comparing recent C dramas I’ve watched with K2.

      Most probably the ones like Memory and When A Snail Falls In Love are the cream of the crop whereas K2 is nowhere the best of kdramas in the same genre. So it’s not really fair to compare.

      The production quality for these C dramas are way better than Korean ones. I wouldn’t pick K2 as an example of good Korean action. Yes there were a lot of action scenes but most of it were senseless and if anyone is an action buff, you would not be impressed with the choreography nor the cinematography.

      I also prefer how C dramas weave romance into the plot. K2 is a good example of how NOT TO when it comes to romance.

      • 46.1.1 sharreb

        I read production is at their best for When a snail falls in love. And Memory Lost has a romance at the heart of the show with the background of Xiao Bai and Han Chen’s forgotten history and rekindled attraction and love. And cause both is from a novel- it kinda has a laid out plot to begin with so its hard to compare that to K2. But for production wise K2 invested alot for the action, fight scenes and filming abroad- just that the romance and politics plot wasnt thought out well- at least in my opinion.

  47. 47 hellocam

    Currently watching:

    Sweet Stranger and Me – Ahhhh they were extra cute this week so I’d forgive the things I don’t like that happened and what’s about to come next week. I’ll continue to stay in tune since I’m Kim Young Kwang and writer Kim Eun Jung’s fangirl. Well, maybe. Can we just let them be together next week? Please?

    Oh My Geum Bi – I know it’s going to be a tear-jerker when I read the synopsis but I can’t help it! The child actress is such a gem and I’m like the story so far. I watch it first so I can cleanse my heart with laughs afterwards which brings me to..

    Legend of the Blue Sea – I lol’ed so much with the first two episodes. There’s a reason why Jeon Ji Hyun is a star. She definitely can deliver acting-wise and her beautiful face and figure – AGELESS! Ahhh, excuse me while I fan girl in the corner.

    Weightlifting Fair Kim Bok Ju – I love coming-of-age stories! When I read the synopsis, I said to myself, “Girl you have to watch this! You know you do.” So, I did, and I love it. If this was not competing with Legend of the Blue Sea, this will definitely get a higher rating. I’m just so happy I do not live in Korea now because I do not have to choose which one I need to watch in the given timeslot.

    Entourage – Same sentiments with girlfriday. I don’t get why Kang Ha Neul and Cha Young Bin are fighting over Ahn So Hee. And yes, the format is too long for the shallow conflicts and almost non-existent plot.

    This Week, My Wife is Having an Affair – I usually don’t watch dramas about cheating and adultery but this one is an exception. It’s so entertaining and the realism is on point. Song Ji Hyo is frustrating to the 1000th power. I can’t bring myself to like her character but I do understand why she acted that way. All the characters are flawed which I like and I think the casting is perfect.

    Jimi Ni Sugoi – The only Japanese drama I’m watching at the moment. When I saw the casts, I couldn’t just ignore this one. Especially, Satomi Ishihara- she was brilliant in 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made! I just started this today and I’m already loving it. The fashion is great and the drama semi reminds me of She Was Pretty because of the story setting.

    I know, I know. I bid farewell to my social life.

    • 47.1 bila

      im also watching jimi ni sugoi i also like the actress and i didnt expect to like it so much. at first i thought it was going to be the pretty proofreader x mr handsome/model guy but i wasnt expecting to love the octopus editor and her together. i totally love there push and pull dynamic, constant banter and their weird comfortableness around each other. also its fun to watch the rest of the workers around them constantly eyeing, kinda enjoying their antics together unbeknownst to them lol.

  48. 48 Catz

    SOTUS – Wanted to try a drama outside of what I usually watch, and boy is this different! Quite interesting it’s my first time watching a Thai BL drama.

    Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu – I love it! It’s a rare occasion to have a male lead who suffers from low self esteem. You have to be patient with this one, since it doesn’t pick up until a few episodes in. Theme song is entertaining 🙂

    Entourage – Dropped it after watching a few episodes. Was hoping the Korean remake would have the same vibes as either Age of Youth or A gentlemen’s dignity. Unfortunately now I want it to finish as soon as possible so there’s a new drama to look forward to.

    Blue Sea – I dunno, it was sort of fun in the beginning but now it’s ….. wait and see.

    Weightlifting Fairy – Well well I am so surprised, I really like it. It’s the only Korean drama that I’m looking forward to lately.

  49. 49 Anonimosity

    I’m happy to read that many Beanies are watching Oh My Geum Bi too. Main girl is really adorable & smart. Her interactions with her father, Oh Ji Ho, and her newly found noona, Kang Hee, make me smile, laugh & cry. Did you guys see how sweet she smiles at Kang Hee? Both of them are smitten with each other. That girl is more mature than most adults in the drama. I rewatched Episode 2 cos can’t get enough of it, hehe… But the accident.. Sob sob.. They were looking at each other.. Next week will be a sobfest for me.

    • 49.1 Anonimosity

      Lobster – they are serving us appetizer, not yet main course. But these appetizers, I’m not feeling it. Not really delicious. Ordinary food. JJH’s character really gives a familiar feelings. And then I realised, it’s not because it reminds me of MLFTS, but because she has never changed her appearance. That badass look, that long hair, that look in her eyes.. it’s all very familiar. But hey, at least she is still very pretty.

  50. 50 Sam_1

    I started watching This Week, My Wife Will Have a Affair (Thanks for the recommendation Sera!) and We Married as a Job yesterday and I’ve been loving them both.

    I just found out that Ji Sung just currently confirmed his role on Defendant and I just don’t know what to say. I guess we’ll just all find out once the drama starts..

    • 50.1 Sam_1

      * This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair ~sorry for the typo

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