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by | November 26, 2016 | 194 Comments

I didn’t think I was watching that many dramas, but when you line them all up like that, the list has a tendency to feel overwhelming. The problem is, even if I’m not in love with a show, whenever the time comes to actually decide to cut it, I often find myself hanging in there out of hope or pure curiosity. As long as it’s got just that one thread of interest to string me along… It’s a sickness, I tell you! —javabeans



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I love jealous Yoo Yeon-seok! I rolled my eyes at some of the medical situations (some of which are starting to feel repetitive), but the solid acting and quirky characterizations keep me tuning in every week. Generally I zone out whenever a medical drama gets into hospital politics, so there’s a chance I’ll just miss a whole upcoming chunk of this drama—I mean, I’ll be watching it, but I won’t be watching it—which is fine by me as long as the performances keep doing what they’re doing.

The Man Living in Our House: I’m still watching this every week, and it’s cute, but after every episode ends I just don’t have any thoughts about it.

Night Light: Apparently Netflix got the streaming rights to this and now nobody can watch it, is that right? Well, it’s not right, since the show will end up with no international audience, and that’s too bad. I do wish MBC’s melodramas were prettier, visually; they have a tendency to look lower-budget than the other stuff airing these days. I’m not sure how I feel about UEE or Jin Gu’s characters yet, but so far Lee Yo-won is carrying the show with her icy, hardass mastermind character—she certainly pushes buttons like a boss.

1% of Anything: Ahh, contented sigh. It was such a low-key show, but I’ve never seen a dramaland couple look so into each other, and happy just to be together. I loved how Jeon So-min just buried herself in his arms all the time, in such a familiar way, and Ha Suk-jin’s unabashed beaming was adorable, like he was just too happy to care about being cool.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: This drama is doing a great job capturing the moment-by-moment moods and whimsies of youth, and it gives me warm fuzzies (and major secondhand embarrassment at her foibles). It was very, very strange, though, to see Bok-ju sneered at for being “ugly” and “not even a woman.” And while I can accept that she’s a tomboy who doesn’t know fashion, I can’t believe they’re asking us to believe she’s trying to lose weight. I know it’s acting, and it’s dramatic license, but when you ask me to believe that a stick-skinny model is being medically advised on losing weight, I no longer believe the show’s reality is my reality.

Entourage: There’s a strange dissonance between the sweet, naive-in-love personality that Young-bin shows most of the time (I find him likable, generally) and the irresponsible, capricious star tantrums he throws, like refusing to go to script readings just because he doesn’t wanna. (And after all he went through to get the movie in the first place!) I know that it’s how the American character was, but it just doesn’t work when you give the star a nice-boy, soft-hearted personality and then make him act like a diva.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: The Jung Yumi cameo was a nice touch; I’d expected it to be a cheeky reference and little more, but the show used it thoughtfully to move plot: We, like him, thought she’d represent a slice of bygone romance, a nod to rosier times, only to have her deliver the smackdown reality check he needed to hear. I can recognize that Lee Seon-kyun has been far from a perfect husband, but Song Ji-hyo’s frustrating repression has made it really hard to feel that sympathetic for her. Whenever they get me too exasperated, however, I remember to be grateful for Boa and Lee Sang-yub, whose dorky flirtations continue to make my day.



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Okay, this is weirding me out, but I kind of like Nam Joo-hyuk in this. It must have something to do with him flopping around with his gangly arms and pulling on Bok-ju’s pigtails like a two-week-old puppy. I hope he stays this way, because if his character grows up, my temporary amnesia about his past roles won’t last.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: One of the things I like about this bizarre hospital in the middle of nowhere is the feeling of isolation, like the doctors hidden away there are our little secret; so I’m wary of what’s to come with all these new people invading our world. Plus, our couple hardly has time for romance as it is, and if these new interlopers get in the way of kisses, I will be very, very angry!

The Man Living in Our House: The cliffhanger this week was such a classic cop-out. Of course, I was still yelling at my screen, so it had the desired effect. The cute scenes keep me watching, but does anyone else watch this show and think: A real lawyer would’ve solved all of your problems by now?

Entourage: I want things to get tougher for the boys, and soon, because watching them just enjoy the high life is starting to wear thin when nothing of consequence happens. I do see some tough times ahead for Jo Jin-woong, so that’s something. Yay, hard times…?



Legend of the Blue Sea: I feel like I can normally judge whether a drama will be a crack drama by my mother’s reaction to it. Like most mothers, mine is a huge fan of Lee Min-ho, and since we were all in town for Thanksgiving, I watched the first two weeks with her. She’ll watch it, but she’s not bugging me to conjure up more episodes when there aren’t any. This is a woman who’s never used Hulu in her life, but who managed to find a way so she could finish Descended From the Sun without me (I have no regrets). So it does make me wonder what’s missing, and no matter which way I look at it, I can’t quite put my finger on it. I do wish we could just stay in the Joseon part of the story, though.

Oh My Geum-bi: Now here’s a drama I wasn’t expecting to be crack, but here we are. It makes me a little sad to see Oh Ji-ho hamming it up so much (General Tae-ha, where are you?), but he’s actually doing a bit better here. Or is it just that Heo Jung-eun is adorable enough to make up for everything? I want to know what happens to everyone in this story as of yesterday, and we haven’t even made it to the true tearjerking part of the show yet. I kind of wish we didn’t ever have to.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: This show reached a new level of pathos this past weekend, and I can’t help but wish that BoA would be in all the things. I absolutely adore Lee Sang-yub as an over-emotional wreck and love the side pairing, but I’m not sure what to think about the others. The visual gags involving Kim Hee-won’s utterly despicable character can be really funny, but at this point, they’re starting to wear out their welcome. (Also, I might scream to hear “La Promesa” again.) He’s the one puzzle piece that doesn’t seem to fit in this show, but maybe there’s a grander plan at play. I don’t think there is, but one can hope.

1% of Anything: I’m so sad this is over, because this show made me so happy. I also refuse to believe that Ha Suk-jin and Jeon So-min aren’t dating in real life. With chemistry like that, they have to be. Get on this, Dispatch!



Legend of the Blue Sea: I like it. It hasn’t quite hit the vein of crack for me yet, but with that absorbing combination of wistful and dreamlike, crossed with a wide streak of deliciously ridiculous, I know I’ll be here to whatever end. I think it hasn’t quite settled into itself yet—I found the narrative a little less cohesive in the first week, and the tonal shifts a bit jagged, but it’s drawing itself together pretty fast. I laughed out loud when I realized that in this universe too, kissing has consequences. I guess amnesia’s better than nearly dying?

Entertainer: I have a whole crop of shows I paused watching during a midsummer drama hiatus, but I’m trying to finish them now. But this shoooowww omg. I’ve been stuck on episode 15 FOREVER and I don’t even know if I’ve watched it already and it was that forgettable, or if it’s new and still forgettable. The show really kicked itself in the nuts when it traded in its bromance for the most unconvincing romance in dramaland this year. Or ever. Just, why? It is so bland, so terrible, that it almost ruined Ji Sung for me, with the visceral and incomparable pain of watching him romance a plank of wood. Shoulda paired Hyeri with Min-hyuk, that was cute, he was cute, they actually had chemistry! But she had anti-chemistry with Ji Sung. It is a chemistrical BLACK HOLE.

Master—God of Noodles: This one I did finish. Cryyyy. It was frustrating that this show lost its way in the middle when it dragged out the old people’s convoluted politicking, and the shift away from Myung really hurt the pace. But ultimately, what was weirder was that the show more or less stopped being about Myung—and you stopped caring about him—and focused on Tae-ha (Lee Sang-yeob) instead. He became far more compelling and heartbreaking, and if I was a little drippy blob of cryingness (lies, all lies!), it was because of him. That said, the show pulled off a satisfying, fitting end for villains, demi-villains, and anti-heroes alike—as bitter, dark and cynical as its beginning.

The K2: I can’t decide if I should give up and just drop this…does it get better? I thought Episode 6 was reeeally good, but then…Episode 7. I was so bored I was practically crying. With how much I love Healer, I so want this show to be good, but I can trick my brain only so much. Abs do not distract me!



Currently recapping: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Legend of the Blue Sea: Now I want all my dramas to look as beautiful as this one does. I always feel a strong sense of wanderlust after each episode. I also kind of want us to move past the whole Ocean’s Eleven phase entirely, but I’m dreading the family angst slowly rising to the forefront. Sometimes I worry how much the show is leaning on Jeon Ji-hyun’s talent, but it’s probably best not to linger too long on those kind of thoughts. Let’s just spend the next sixteen episodes on mermaid land acclimation and kisses (the non-amnesic kind, please).

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: I can’t decide who is cuter: Bok-ju with a crush, or Joon-hyung. I just want to watch them bickering forever. That or more Dad and Bok-ju time.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I love how emotionally messy and tangled this drama is. I love how fearlessly the stories are diving into very complex psychological territories, and layering the character’s relationships with so much relatable hypocrisy, and human weaknesses. I love that this show illustrates that so many of our limits in life are drawn and conceived by our pride, and sometimes we can be helpless against it. I love that this show explores how difficult it is to be vulnerable and honest to the people that hurt us, or have the ability to hurt us, so we rather hurt ourselves instead.



Currently recapping: 1% of Anything

Legend of the Blue Sea: I started out very underwhelmed by this show, especially by Lee Min-ho’s character and his acting. The So Cool Women Swoon and Wallets Fall Open When He Passes, Amen routine really wasn’t working for me. But then again, I’ve never seen Lee Min-ho’s appeal personally. But Jeon Ji-hyun is weird and adorable, and while there isn’t much plot movement, the directing is lively, and the little moments between our two main characters are engaging enough to make this an enjoyable, if ridiculous, watch. (Seriously, the hypnosis gets more unbelievable each time I see it.)

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I started this for Lee Seon-kyun (who is predictably amazing in this), and in the hopes that the the titular assumption was a misunderstanding on his part. Alas, for both him and me, such was not the case. Even though the show is executed very well, and seems to have some interesting things to say about marriage and relationships, I alternate between soul-crushing despair, hair-pulling frustration, and killing rage when I’m watching this, so I’ve decided to leave it to those with stronger constitutions.

Shopping King Louis: I binge-watched this when I was feeling sick these last couple of weeks, and it was absolutely the perfect medicine. How can you not fall in love with these adorable, naive, selfless puppies? The cuteness was cracktastic, but what I loved the most about this drama was its message about how love creates a family, even among those who at first seem to have nothing to bind them together. (Also, where can I get a Louis of my own?)



Oh My Geum-bi: Geum-bi is the most precious little muffin. If she wanted to, she’d make a better con man than him. I don’t notice Oh Ji-ho’s acting because I’m too busy cooing and clapping at how sassy and self-sufficient Geum-bi is. Even if I know this show will make me cry during the holidays, the tears are worth it just to watch her being a boss at life.


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  1. wapz

    And I was surprised why I didn’t see Night Light anywhere. I totally agree on the low budget MBC shows. It looks like they rae not even competing with the other channels and just going with the flow.

    • 1.1 wapz

      I’m enjoying Weightlifting Fairy more that LOBS because there is definitely something lacking in the contemporary/modern setting and I think that the YFAS formula is used which doesn’t make the show unique and stand out on its own but most of it is still because the plot isn’t going anywhere yet. Plus, I like Sassy JJH more than her fish out of water antics, I love her in the Joseon era setting. Wish she gets a little serious in the modern one too.

    • 1.2 BlueCat

      I truly wish there are 36 hours in a day – 12 to work and get a life, 12 hours of sleep and 12 hours solely dedicated for watching Korean dramas coz there’s just a lot of them. And I still have a backlog from 2015 but nevermind that now. I want to watch them all but time is of the consequence. Of course, we can be picky nowadays, that we can just drop a show and not care anymore. But there are good ones that I can’t even start coz I don’t have time anymore. How many shows do you watch in a day? Me, on the average 4 or 5, sometimes it’s the same ep, first raw then the subbed one.

      • 1.2.1 Imbuk

        Ha ha.. Your 36 hours theory reminds me of myself before exams where I will be cramming everything in the last minute and would wish “if only I had one more day to prepare, I would have totally covered everything”. But subconsciously I know that, even if I had 1 more day, i would still be studying only in the last minute, lol.

        But if you want to watch more dramas, i would say its better to watch it once it gets subbed (unless you are extremely excited and just need to know what happens next) to save time. I watch around 1-3 episodes of different or same shows (depends on the amount of free time i have that day) everyday and the maximum dramas i could keep up with while airing is 4.

    • 1.3 RLD

      ref: NIGHTLIGHT

      Confused how NETFLIX got their hands on this. So where can it be seen, only on NETFLIX, if so, when? I’m assuming the NETFLIX angle screwed things up for VIKI or DRAMAFEVER?

      Anyone have any solid answers?

    • 1.4 Islander_58North

      So, can someone explain the Netflix connection with Night Light? Will it be shown on Netflix? When? Thx.

      • 1.4.1 kanz

        So from what I heard Netflix buy the exclusive license rights to MBC, kinda like few dramas that only exclusively subbed by Dramafever. That’s why Viki/Dramafever/VIU can’t get the subbing license and we’re screwed up.

        But the problem is… Netflix won’t stream and sub the show now. I heard they’ll have new Korean dramas category next January 2017, which means we can only watch Night Light by January-ish.

        • Lulu

          January!? :O I hope this Netflix nonsense doesn’t catch on.

          • RLD

            Very mixed feelings about such a big streaming power house getting involved in KDrama streaming/viewing. I can understand their interest, I just hope their joining the party doesn’t mess things up for DF and VIKI, or us, the dedicated viewers. DF and VIKI have reasonable membership rates and, even though they have occasional glitches and mis-steps, they do a very good job satisfying our lust for alternate viewing entertainment. I’ve been sick of US programming for more than a decade, so finding KDrama’s was like OMG, THIS IS SO COOL!

            What we could benefit from is if NETFLIX would offer quick access to new release, popular, Korean movies. VIKI and DF don’t have much to offer in that area. They may just be too expensive to acquire. But, NETFLIX probably has the deep pockets for that. I read about my favorite stars making movies and I know, the way things are now, it’ll be a few years before VIKI or DF can offer them. I still can’t find VETERAN, accept on a very badly subbed YouTube version.

            Soooo, I hope, as NETFLIX tests the waters on KDRAMA’S they don’t try to re-configure our viewing habits to what works for them. Well, we can only hope.

          • mary

            @RLD that’s a great idea about the movies.

          • hella

            @RLD I can’t leave you suffering through life without watching Veteran, it’s such a funny movie! I’ve seen it a few times now and each time I just about bust a gut. It’s subbed pretty well on kissasian dot com.

            Netflix has quite a few Korean movies, and some of them fairly new (like Beauty Inside and some recent releases that I’m currently forgetting. I was surprised to see them though). I just don’t want to wait until January for Night Light, I want it now 🙁

            ps – Canadian netflix has Descendants of the Sun! I hated that drama but I was curiously happy to see it there lol

        • mary

          Someone tell them how kdrama fandoms work…

        • blnmom

          Oh. I was thinking it was a good thing that Netflix got the rights, but I didn’t know about the January thing. Definitely not good.

      • 1.4.2 cha

        Netflix??? Oh no!! What if this became the new norm???? I am scared that we won’t be able to watch the sub versions of our kdramas within hours of its korean broadcast!! I am afraid very afraid!!

        • Nanoo


        • Mohammed

          I dont see the problem of bingwatching a good drama on Netflix even if it is not weekly viewing. Netflix is much better quality than illegal subsites that people watch.

          I can wait a month or two if Netflix buys 5-10 kdramas that are brand new. Just like waiting for their Daredevil,marvel shows, House of Card, Orange is new black etc

          Good for Korean tv companies, production companies,actors, creators to actually make money on their huge international fanbase outside East Asia by selling the right to Netflix….

          • mary

            I don’t see what advantage Netflix is bringing to the table to compensate for their 2 month delay. :/

            I thought Dramafever and Viki already serve the same regions as Netflix? And those two sites can sub their shows within the week. (LOL who am I kidding, they can sub within 24 hours usually)

          • Elle

            But Dramafever and Viki are legal streaming/subbing sites, and they’re both perfectly capable of delivering subs within 24 hours of the episode’s airing. Like mary, I don’t see why two-month delay is justifiable at this day and age.

          • Alessar

            I think Netflix is a little too wedded to their model of dumping all episodes at once. They have actually co-produced some shows in English that were simultaneously aired on Canadian TV and released on US Netflix on an ongoing basis.

            However, with Good Morning Call the J-Drama they threw money at, I believe it showed up in their catalog only when all episodes were available.

            If you’re a Netflix subscriber and don’t like this model, it would be best to contact them and succinctly express your opinion. It would, for instance, be reasonable for them to drop the 2 weekly episodes as a pair a few days after they air in Korea (in my opinion).

          • nomad

            I’m a netflix subscriber, and related to them our fears.

      • 1.4.3 Baek

        I did saw it on kissasian (of course, thats not the “licensed”distribution channel..)

    • 1.5 Elle

      I read that there are rumors about MBC having an exclusive contract with Netflix next year. I hope this isn’t true and Night Light is just a one-off deal. Otherwise, this would mean dramas like Ruler and Rebel Hong Gil-dong are off the live-watching table.

    • 1.6 Reba Wechoki

      There is a site streaming the show but the subs are hilarious,you can sort of use them to figure out what is going on within the show, if you can stop laughing at the weird translating going on.

    • 1.7 Naomi

      I saw episode 1 subbed and 2-3 not subbed on dramacool.to

      I didn’t watch; so, I am unsure of the quality.

      • 1.7.1 Lord Cobol

        Dramanice too. No surprise, they and Dramacool usually have all the same stuff at the same time, I just like the Dramanice site a little better.
        I’m about 10 minutes into ep 1. No too impressed by the show (yet) but at least the subtitles are ok.

  2. Oppaslayer

    I’m so sad 1% of Anything ended. That drama was just the perfect low-key romcom for me to de-stress at the end of the week. The chemistry between the two leads are no joke. They delivered several (yes there were several!) best drama kisses in my opinion.

    I’m now watching Weightlifter Fairy and I’m enjoying it’s bright slice of life vibe so far. Although I’m finding it hard to believe that Bok Ju is willing to jeopardize her weightlifting career just so she can pursue her puppy crush. For a competitive athlete it’s bit of a stretch for me to believe that she does not see that enrolling in a weight loss program would not affect her performance. However I’m happy to overlook this with all the other good things this drama has been delivering.

    • 2.1 Dee Em

      I think that’s where the age factor comes in… Bok joo is at the age where she has puppy crushes that seem like a big deal and wants to chase after a guy whom she thinks of as her whole world atm.
      Although yes, she is a competitive athlete, but I don’t think she’s begun to notice how it’s going to affect her weightlifting yet.

  3. SLVR

    Hi guys, is there any possibility you will be recapping Night Light? I’m eager to know more but nowhere can I find subs.

    • 3.1 Imbuk

      Yeah, Its not subbed anywhere. I wanted to check it out because it had a different premise. But I can’t, when its not subbed. I can’t sit through 1 hour of not understanding anything especially for a pilot episode and where I am not familiar with the actors. Now, after what javabeans said, I guess we just won’t get to watch it subbed?

    • 3.2 JGNM

      DarkSmurf is starting to sub the drama. They need our help to translate this. Go to their site. If I have a Netflix account, I could rip it for you guys.

      • 3.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes but I read the the translation are quite confusing… Still better than nothing.

        Maybe we kdrama addicts can take this chance to just learn Korean more. I cannot give up on this drama, so I am willing to watch this drama even with raw. So far I am just assuming here and there based on my little knowledge on korean and go to soompi forum to read the discussion there.

        • mary

          @Sera, maybe the subs are being taken from darksmurf without it being at 100% yet. DS subs are usually good once they reach 100%. But they may take a long time to get there, especially for non-popular shows because it’s volunteer-based subbing unlike other subbing sites that have a paid component.

          Note 100% machine-translated is NOT yet okay for release. It still has to go through editing, then quality-control, and a final pass by a higher level QCer, if I remember correctly. I helped out at DSS when no one else was subbing Yoona’s Street. It’s actually fun and you don’t need to know Korean! You can help with editing grammar and readability. 🙂

          • Ck1Oz

            Gosh is it that dire that only DSS is subbing now? I remember using the QC quality subs a few years ago. It was really good.

            I am a bit miffed lately with the way I have had to hunt for raw episodes and what not. For awhile there 1% of anything was impossible to find. I will be frank- I hate it when DF subs omit stuff and made up American slang in it.

            Between that and watching When a snail falls in love raw; and having Jealousy Incarnate on DF with mediocre subs and no song lyrics; thinking what the heck is happening here.

            I must have hit a run of dramas where I don’t have access. And oh yes Laurel House Tailors as well. And now apparently I have to look for the raw for Night Light and watch it unsubbed as well? Well darn it.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Hi mary, thanks for info 😊

  4. pogo

    I’m only capable of rewatching old stuff right now. Mainly, revisiting the older work of actors I like.

    Sassy Go Go: Still as awesome and adorable and full of heart as it was when it ended around this time last year (only 12 episodes! /sob). The OTP are still the cutest couple ever, and I will continue to pester the drama gods for that Ji-soo/Eunji lead pairing until I give up the ghost.

    Also Chae Soo-bin is fantastic and I’m really happy she’s booking a weekday drama lead role at last. Also she and Yoon Kyun-sang are not as random a pairing as I initially thought – they’ve worked together before and they were ADORABLE in that music video for Uniqnote, he gives great hugs 😉

    Pinocchio: I wasn’t retroactively exaggerating it – Lee Jong-seok and Park Shin-hye really do have great chemistry (please drama gods, save us from having a PHR role wasted on Suzy!). And Yoon Kyun-sang still makes me cry.

    I didn’t actually go into rewatching these dramas for YKS or CSB, but the similarity of them both playing antiheroes is uncanny. I’m looking forward to their drama together, I hope it’s good.

    • 4.1 fab

      Just the mention of SASSY gives me the warm fuzzies. I occasionally rewatch an episode or two and marvel at the perfection of the cast. I wish Eunji and LWG were just as active in dramas as Jisoo and CSB.

    • 4.2 WishfulToki

      Ok, I may watch Sassy Go Go after reading this. I enjoyed Pinnochio though it’s not on my list of all-time favourites.

      I thought I would end the year catching up on older works by actors I like… but then I started the C-drama Princess Wei Young and it’s all I look forward to now. It has a certain Moon Lovers vibe, or I should say, a Bu Bu Jing Xin vibe.

  5. leleyleley

    This Week, My Wife Wilk Having An Affair: I can’t get enough of Writer Kwon and PD Ahn moments. They’re just perfect for each other. I want a separate 16 episode drama of them bickering cutely. I will definitely watch it.

    Weightliftinh Kim Bok Ju: How cute is this drama. It makes me feel all things again. Bok Ju reminds me of my college days self, the awkward girl who had a big crush on her senior. I still shiver everytime I remember all embarassing things I did on the name of love back then. I’m rooting for you, Kim Bok Ju!

  6. Shirleen

    May I know is Oh Ji-ho’s acting really quite bad? I noticed some comments on other sites saying that his acting is bad and they do not understand why he got lead roles. Some even said they wanted to watch Oh My Geum-bi but they are not sure if they can watch his acting.

    Personally, I never heard of him much actually, but I watched the first 2 episodes of OMGB and I didn’t really notice any major flaws, but then again I was too tired to scrutinize anything.

    Just want to know the opinions of other drama watchers, thanks!

    • 6.1 aafa83

      When I was watching this week’s eps I thought, if it wasn’t for the little girl being such a great actress, I’d have dropped it. She’s what’s holding my interest in this story.

      I can finally see why Oh Ji-ho is criticized for his acting; when he was crying, I just didn’t feel his sadness. His bad acting wasn’t so noticeable in the beginning, but I cringe for him when he’s onscreen now. Not saying he’s horrible, just that the daughter is so, so, so much better!

    • 6.2 mk

      I wouldn’t say that he’s bad, but he tends to be a bit stiff and overblow emotions. I find him best in serious roles like the aforementioned General Tae Ha, where he murdered me with feelings pretty much every episode (there’s a flashback of his past that he nailed so freaking hard. I can’t think about it without getting emotional).

    • 6.3 Kiara

      It’s all about the dimbles.

    • 6.4 Michykdrama

      He’s ok. Not great, not cringe-worthy, just ok.

      Like @mary said, it’s all about the little girl, so it isn’t that bad, you don’t really notice it.

      That being said, I’m having trouble connecting with his character, such that it’s really all about the little girl, to a point that I’m a bit apprehensive because of her story arc (dementia). And I wish I could connect more with his character since his story should be the uplifting one to balance the little girl’s tragic diagnosis.

    • 6.5 Enrique

      Production company knows what their doing in terms of casting so they’re confident when they cast their lead roles.

  7. Imbuk

    Sadly, The k2 only goes downhill from there, Saya.

    I liked weightlifting fairy more this week than legend of the blue sea. Though its enjoyable while watching, I feel like it lacks depth. Like I am not sure about the characters and their motivations except that they are fated to be together. I hope we get to see them fall in love In a way that makes us feel like they are fated to be together instead of us accepting they love each other because its fate (like they have no other choice).

    Enjoyed the ending of 1% of anything. I am glad they included a scene where dada’s music taste was looked down upon but her mother in law supported her. It showed us that its not a bed of roses – especially since our couple are from different backgrounds – after a couple gets married (albeit in a small way) as well as that jae in’s mom has accepted her.

    Also watching signal. Yes, finally! Have to say, the show is perfect all around (except sometimes I find it too long). But so far so good and have teared up more than once. The best thing is, they somehow connect each case to one of our leads so that we can emotionally connect with the drama as well get to know more about our leads which is a brilliant tactic!

    • 7.1 Cool Girl

      re Signal: I can see why it can seem too long (70 min per episode requires a lot of free time) but i personally loved this show so much, that i still consider months after watching it that the episodes weren’t long enough. In fact i wish to have never finished the drama and to live here for the rest of my life.

  8. Enny

    How can you say lobts is relying on jjh talent that is a big lie both lmh and jjh are doing great …the story is okay too I can see people are overlooking lmh acting because they can believe he is doing great

    • 8.1 Mindy

      It’s amazing how offended people get when someone has a different opinion lmao

      Just because you think they are doing equally well doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you.

  9. Lisa_wackycashew

    Legend of the Blue Sea: JJH is such a winner in this show. She really does these weird, unique characters so well, and I love her portrayal at the novel experiences of a mermaid coming into contact with humans and the modern world. I’m kinda neutral when it comes to LMH, but he is fine here, so I don’t have any major qualms about him since I’m really watching this show for JJH. Love love love the Joseon times and wish we could focus a little more on those scenes. The child and adolescent stars are great as well. LOL at CTH and HKJ’s cameos this week.

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: A great coming-of-age show and I’m really liking both NJH and LSK in this. NJH has always been good in this type of role, and it’s fun to just watch JH tease BJ and follow her around like a puppy. What BJ is going through with her crush is completely relatable, and though the romance part of the show might play out fairly predictably, it’s still nice to see her going through this first-time experiences.

    Now watching Love Through A Millennium II C-drama. Only had time to watch the first two ep’s so far since it premiered the same time as the above two shows and has four ep’s per week. Will catch up soon. I like the cast and plot so far. Really wasn’t expecting this part 2, though there’s no relevance to part 1, which was a remake of Queen Inhyun’s Man.

    • 9.1 Imbuk

      Hi! Can you tell me where you are watching that c-drama with subs? Except viki. I know puff guo is starring in it, but I am unable to find it anywhere.

      • 9.1.1 Lisa_wackycashew

        I know Chinese, so I don’t watch with subs. I did a search and also didn’t find it anywhere besides viki. Is watching on viki problematic for you?

        • Imbuk

          Yeah, it doesn’t stream here. Not available for your location or something. anyway, thanks. 🙂

          • thatstp

            Try KissAsian .

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Imbuk, watch from dramacool, or kissasian. These sites have quite a lot Chinese drama. But I’m not sure if the drama you are looking for is there or not.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            So far only the first part in dramacool. Not the second part.


          • Lisa_wackycashew

            Oh, I see. =( Only way around that is to have VPN so that your default location is not detected?

            Already tried kissasian and other sites. Really strange that it’s not being picked up by other sites for subbing. Usually, there would be at least one or two besides Viki or DramaFever.

  10. 10 jenny

    it pains me how people are saying jjh carries LOBTS without giving credit to lee min ho.the both of them are the reason i am watching LOTBS.i wonder if some people will even bother to watch the drama if Lee min ho is not the male lead.everyone is acting as if jjh is the best actress in the world.rofl. There are so many actresses better than her.

    • 10.1 pogo

      lol this comment contains more salt than the sea the mermaid came out of.

      • 10.1.1 Jenny

        @pogo,yes, my comment contains salt.At least it is not poison. btw you don’t have to comment.That’s my opinion.

        • pogo

          No one’s making you comment on what other people say about this drama either, it was your choice to complain about the fact that people appreciate JJH.

          You put the comment out there, don’t get mad when people respond.

    • 10.2 Madame Kim

      Yeah, a lot of ppl wouldve watched this drama if lee minho wasnt in it. Cos jeon jihyun is one of THE biggest actors in korea. Prolly not the best, but certainly one of the most bankable.

      • 10.2.1 jenny

        yes,jjh is a big star,and so is Lmh.
        And many of my friends are watching the drama for him.
        we have to stop acting as if she is the only one in the drama.I agree that she is a better actress than lmh.After all she has been in the industry for long and far older than him.But Lmh is not invisible.He is acting his own part well.
        lead actor+lead actress make up a drama.

        • Kaybee

          “lead actor+lead actress make up a drama.”

          But then, aren’t you ignoring a lot of people yourself? What about the writer, the PD, the people in charge of cinematography, the secondary and tertiary characters/actors, stylists, scenographers, editors, sound mixers, music directors, artists contributing to the OST etc? They are all a part of what makes or breaks a show.

          I get that you’re annoyed that everyone seems to be focusing their attention on JJH and giving her all the credit, but it’s their personal opinion which they have a right to voice and even with your own comments, you’re only mentioning the two main actors and none of the other actors. Not trying to criticize or anything, just a thought 🙂

          • jenny

            You are right.I’m really annoyed that people are only giving credit to jjh.
            I guess we have to recognize both the actors and crew since they make up a drama and not only jjh.

          • Ck1Oz

            I am not watching it because the plot doesn’t interest me. So there you go. And I don’t love LMH but have watched 3 of his previous dramas. And do watch JJH. But the plot… not interested. So the writer does make a difference for me.

          • Andechi

            @Kaybee, this reminds me of Jealousy Incarnate!!

            My kudos to all the crew, beautiful color and cinematography, eclectic fashion choices, super funny and befitting background song, music and timing, and of course almost all around actors that keep me in my seat for each of their storyline. Great team altogether!!!

      • 10.2.2 jasmine

        The only entertaining part about LOBS is Jun Ji Hyun’s acting. The story and lead actor are quite blah to be honest.

        • jenny

          Only entertaining part is jjh? and you are still watching it? Won’t it be better to drop it?
          How can you be watching a drama for the lead actress only.
          I really can’t watch a drama if I don’t like the lead actor.
          You have a weird taste but then again,I’m not going to judge you about it.
          Well,no one cares if you are watching or not.You don’t make up the Korean audience who are boosting the ratings.

          • jasmine

            Thank you for not judging my weird taste and caring whether I choose to continue to watch this drama or not for the lead actress.

            Honestly if it wasn’t for Jun Ji Hyun, this drama wouldn’t be getting the ratings it is getting, which is good but not outstanding.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            It is not something strange if we just staying for any drama because of one particular actor. I have done it a lot before and I guess many if us still do the same. Dr Stranger was one of the good eg when people still watch it because of Lee Jong Suk although his leading actress was terrible and the second lead was better. UF was also another example when some people stayed until the end because of Kim Woo Bin’s action g alone although cannot stand with Suzy’s acting.

            This is definitely not something weird.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            *Kim Woo Bin’s acting

          • pogo

            @jenny – your comment says ‘I’m not going to judge’….. while judging @jasmine’s taste the entire time because you don’t understand it.

            People have different tastes, and a lot of them might not be the same as yours. That doesn’t make them “weird”, and you certainly don’t have to be rude by saying “no one cares” if another viewer is watching or not. I hope you understand that.

          • Hye Mi

            It’s amusing to see how some people can get so butthurt over others’ opinions of a show or an actor/ actress.

            @jasmine and anyone else watching Lobsters are doing so for their own reasons, and it means they’re finding something interesting out of it. They don’t have to share the same approach to liking a show as yours to be ‘eligible’ to continue watching.

            @jasmine and anyone else watching Lobsters and even criticising certain aspects of it are as entitled to continue watching it as anyone else. You’re in no place to tell people to drop a show. If you have problem with other differing opinions (and very civil ones at that) then it’s your own problem not their own.

  11. 11 Martin J Simwaba

    Okey, to those looking down on BLUE SEA please stop that, let the story unfold on it’s own, let’s not judge the drama before it began. Wait for the finale, then you can criticise it as much as you want.

    To those saying they will miss 1% of Anything, serriously guys! I totally agree!!! This really is a great show, i love every scene of it (well, more or less) but it’ll be missed.

    • 11.1 mk

      Before it began? It’s had four episodes.

      • 11.1.1 Martin J Simwaba

        Yes! And there’s 16 more, which is 80% of the show. So how can you judge it based on 20%?
        Not fair!

  12. 12 Dorotka

    So that’s why there are no subs available for Night Light… pity… or less drama on my plate?

    Watched this week Weightlifters, but not Mermaid…yet..or will I ever? Visually it’s great, but somehow I’m not pulled into the story..

    Snail was so sad this/last week….

    1% on the other hand… plus the cousin’s love story had me in stiches :–)))

  13. 13 lunaticandra

    Can we really put Heo Joon Jae together with Danny Ocean in Eleven Ocean-ish manner? Because I am sorry, he really has to get in line. Yang Jung Do is still a much better candidate.

    How I wish… How I wish… Jung Joon Hyung wouldn’t have to expand his range of emotion beyond being geeky, cheeky, a Kim Bok Joo teaser specialist. Because I couldn’t let my poor heart to jolt everytime Nam Joo Hyuk fall in cringeworthy acting borderline. I still couldn’t see the scenes when He got headache and mental attack without cringing. It is so bad that it is so painful to see.

    • 13.1 Super Foxy

      @lunaticandra I can’t help but agreed to this. You see, I have watched LOTBS up until episode 4 but I am still unable to find the charms of the genius swindler that Joon Jae was supposed to have. That lighter clicking hypnosis thing doesn’t help either. I wish LMH can be more expressive about his character as the genius swindler, because its all about reading about peoples right? I wish there is more to Joon Jae other than strutting around looking pretty in suits and fancy cars. I want to see more scheming to accentuates the swindler persona from this Joon Jae character, yet so far i am getting none and LMH doesn’t make it any better. I loved Leverage show and currently, 38 Task Force. Mianhae chingus, I can’t help but to compared Joon Jae with Yang Jung Do, which the latter has Seo Inguk portrayed it so well that it feels so Yang Jung Do, not Seo Inguk acting as Yang Jung Do. As for LOTBS, it is JJH whom kept me glued to it for her comic and melo antics, yes it is because of JJH. Peace.

      • 13.1.1 jenny

        Why are comparing Lee min ho and Seo in guk?
        38 task force and LOTBS are not the same show.They may be shows about con artists but they are not written by the same writer.Lee min ho is acting out a script.How can you expect him to act like Seo in guk who was in another show.
        He is not the best actor but then again he is not actually the worst.
        Besides,you can like your bias all you like but don’t bring down another actor to praise him.
        Besides,if you don’t like the show up to ep4.Then its time to drop it.No one will notice

        • Andechi

          Why so much hate towards others comments?

          Honestly LMH is very popular in my country but I have only watched him on Personal Taste. Enjoyable drama as I like the plot, but his acting.. Well it’s personal opinion and hope to see him in better production. But great actor can turn a so-so script into gold.

  14. 14 Jleehada

    Is anyone watching Catt Chef with Lee Ki Woo?! Loving all of the Vietnamese dishes he prepares.

    • 14.1 Madame Kim

      I tried the first ep. Its like lets eat except without the interesting personalities and crazy shenannigans. Its more like a cooking ad with lee kiwoo’s killer smile as a bonus.

  15. 15 Bili Bala Pabo Bara

    After so many years of drama watching, 1% of Anything is kind of the first show that made me feel lost and down when it ends. Really? There’s not gonna be anymore of Dada and Jae-in’s cute bickerings and cuddles anymore??? *Sobs.

    Watched 2 episodes of Legend of the Blue Seas and I don’t think I’m gonna continue anymore. It’s not BAD bad but somehow, I just don’t feel the motivation to continue anymore. Instead, it just made me went back and watch– rewatch– You Who Came From the Stars and My Sassy Girl. Too bad about LotBS(for me). Hopefully the Goblin show with Gong Yoo will be more interesting.

    Just started watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju. I’m liking it thus far and will continue watching it. Kyung Soo Jin ( the actress who plays Shi Ho) reminds me of Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu as well as Lee Ha Na. Also, Lee Sung Kyung really has very beautiful eyes.

  16. 16 MapleSilver

    Saya, you cracked me up with your description of Entertainer.

    So glad so many are watching This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair. I agree 100% with Murasakimi on how realistically it paints the messiness of human emotions. One of the best shows this year for sure.

  17. 17 Sancheezy

    so The Princess Wei Young?

    I just hope Wei Young and Tuoba Jun get together, such a pretty show

    • 17.1 LingLing

      This is the drama I have been crazy about! The cast is amazing and love the costumes 🙂

      Are you watching this with subs or raws?

      • 17.1.1 Sancheezy

        I am watching both,

        good god I can’t divert my attention between catching the sub or learn mandarin again.
        Love the voice actor too… tangyan just so mesmerizing.
        She is one actress that I find more beautiful on cinema than pictorial and I knew why the guys love her

    • 17.2 jichangwooklover

      This show gives me life these days. Watched up to episode 20 in just 3 days. Still can’t get enough of it. I don’t know why but the show reminds me of Empress Ki.

      • 17.2.1 Sancheezy

        on the other hand, I think empress Ki is kdrama that resemble Chinese palace drama,
        I think it because “the female revenge story that would end with sacrificing her love and the love of her life” kind of story

    • 17.3 WishfulToki

      YES! Watched it with subtitles until episode 21, and even tried raw until episode 24 (I was that desperate…)

      Princess Wei Young has an Empress Ki feel because of the revenge setup, but I like Wei Young much more than I liked Seung-Nyang… Wei Young’s revenge is not the only thing that drives her. She’s also found people she loves in her new people dysfunctional family. I found Empress Ki’s insistence on revenge and power as her ultimate aim that the show became hard to watch after episode 30ish. I’m intrigued how Wei Young will end up as empress and I have no doubt she’ll accomplish her revenge on certain good-looking villains, but she’s still a very human character (while I lost all ability to emphasise with Seung-Nyang).

      • 17.3.1 Sancheezy

        Since I didn’t finish Empress Ki, I find it’s too exaggerating imo so I agree that Wei Young is way more clear on her purpose and direction than seung nyang.

        Wei Young is admirable and I can see how people attracted to her. The decision of revenge also comes off with price.

        I also really like the 2 guys, the braided and the straight hair/tuoba jun. They just different but still have their own dignity.

        I think this is exactly how I thought the princes in Moon Lovers would feel, like prince-ly no matter how silly or how evil they would be, at least I hope they show their aura. Even if they are the bad irrational logic guy like the one who framed wei young

    • 17.4 Sera The Ms Temper

      I am watching this drama too and I’m loving it!

      I heard that Wei Young and Tuoba Jun are real life partner. I hope it is right.

      • 17.4.1 Sancheezy

        right, I heard tangyan/weiyoung and luo jin/tuoba jun is a couple too

  18. 18 fangirl sy

    1% of anything – so so sad it is ending and wish they had at least one more episode naturally acting the part of a newlywed. or maybe a season 2? imagine the kissing scenes when they’re actually a married couple!

    LOTBS – still watching this and I don’t know why I felt so happy seeing the CTH and JJH reunion! My Sassy Girl was my first K obsession and must be the reason I would watch anything related to JJH. I still don’t feel emotionally invested in the characters or their love story but it is a fun watch – LMH is an eye candy and JJH’s antics were funny.

    Romantic Teacher – I agree with the comment on how the emergency cases had started to feel repetitive. I hope they go back to the whimsical feel again and skip the almost makjang aura I was getting this past week.

  19. 19 ObsessedMuch

    Also, where can I get a Louis of my own?

    Laica, that is exactly what almost everyone asked while watching Shopping King Louis! 😛 I miss Louis so so much!

  20. 20 dany

    I. The man living in our house: I love the three main leads and that small town- I wish I could have a house there.
    II Golden Pouch- I haven’t seen it mentioned on this site- It has Kim Ji han as the main lead and I just love him. The female lead is cute too, she reminds me of Lee Young ae.

  21. 21 saranga

    i thought i’d be swamped with dramas around now, but i’m only watching legend of the blue sea and entourage. which is well, since i recently subscribed to netflix and am looking to get updated on some american shows. gilmore girls revival is on top of that list!

    i first watched gilmore girls last summer, and MARATHONED all the seasons in 3 weeks. it was a journey, and an amazing one. that theme song makes me as nostalgic as if i’d watched it from its original airdate.

    oh, and watching three meals a day. i like this current season, although yoon kyun-sang is starting to annoy me with how boring/dull he is. i swear, all he knows how to say is “this is really good!” how original. honestly, he doesn’t seem all that bright, but his cats are really, really cute. still, this is an example of why actors should be so careful about going on varieties. some of them don’t have the personalities or brains or character for it.

    i guess the only buzz drama left of this year is goblin? my hopes have died quite a bit considering how disappointing legend of the blue sea has been for me, but looking forward to a new show nevertheless.

    • 21.1 Kaybee

      I kind of grew up with Gilmore Girls and it has such a special place in my heart. It’s not often you find such a gathering of sassy, smart, unique and independent female characters in one show. I haven’t been able to see the new stuff, is it any good?

      Lol at your comments on actors in variety. I agree, too many of them are extremely boring on variety, maybe it’s got something to do with the more serious image they’re often expected to portray?
      Haven’t seen Three Meals a Day, but I’m not surprised to hear that YKS is a bit dull. I like him as an actor, but he doesn’t seem like the most energetic or enigmatic guy.

      • 21.1.1 saranga

        the gilmore girls reboot was just released yesterday (nov 25th)—haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch it yet. i did see the trailers, and i’m not sure if it’s going to be good. i’m certainly interested to see it.

        however, as much as i love gilmore girls, and no doubt i’ll watch it over and over again for years to come and grow to love it even more… i haven’t lived with it long enough yet to be crushed if the reboot is bad. it’s still easy to ignore the reboot altogether if it turns out to be bad. if i could do it with harry potter and the cursed child (it doesn’t exist! doesn’t exist!), i can do it with gilmore girls. haha. still, i want to savor the original series for a few more days before i decide to leap into the new episodes.

        yoon kyun-sang was charismatic in pinocchio. i liked him there and thought he was fresh. but when he resurfaced again in doctors, i didn’t even recognize him right away because he’d put on so much weight. he didn’t look overweight by any means—maybe he was just very thin for pinocchio—but it was certainly jarring. and i preferred his pinocchio look.

        he seems nice enough, just bland on variety. no doubt he’s probably trying to be careful too—they all know they’re being filmed, and god knows korean viewers watch like hawks and nitpick everything… oh wait, is that me? haha. but it’s just annoying how i can predict almost EXACTLY what he’s going to say: “this is good/this is so good/i really like this.” please change it up!

        • Baek

          I agree it can be boring.. haha.. but for this type of variety its pretty common.. i mean they arent scripted where everyone had their own lines, probably only had rough plans of activities and simple planning and majority of it are really day-to-day interactions and plan as how it goes..

          I find this type of variety show to be extremely difficult or easy to do.. (Easy if u are easy-going and able to act all natural since nothing can be caught on camera thats undesirable.. Difficult if u are acting trying to portray certain image, purposely plan ways to increase screentime or trying to be a different person instead of being yourself in reality..)

          I find him very true though.. Maybe he’s not that eloquent or cheeky/sunny, but that’s what i like in these type of real variety where they dont hide themselves behind another mask..

    • 21.2 Sara Lèe

      Why? Kyun Sang babo_ness is the one that makes him to be chosen by Na PD and I think he’s cute. And his bromance with Eric is one thing I really like in this season.

  22. 22 aafa83

    1% of Anything is probably the only show I wish could’ve been extended. It would’ve been nice to see in depth how the MIL changed her mind and the meeting of the chairman and Dada.
    I sincerely believe this would’ve been more popular if it had been shown on a larger network!

  23. 23 Star

    Hai Heads! I am with you with this: “I also refuse to believe that Ha Suk-jin and Jeon So-min aren’t dating in real life. With chemistry like that, they have to be. Get on this, Dispatch!”

    At some points, I believe they are dating.

    • 23.1 Sancheezy

      I think they are in-love…

    • 23.2 green

      If they aren’t together then,damn,they are truly great actors

    • 23.3 Ck1Oz

      Couldn’t they just date? They don’t have to end up married.

      But yeah they had unbelievable chemistry. And just so comfortable around each other. It didn’t even feel like acting. They also had some of the most believable kissing scenes I’ve ever seen.

  24. 24 risa

    I’m really enjoying Weightlifting Fairy and I think Lee Sung-kyung is adorable in it… but I still think she was miscast. The thing is, we saw what her body looks like in the competition scene, but Show keeps pretending like we didn’t. Let’s dress her in lots of layers and have a doctor declare that she’s a candidate for an expensive weight loss program– no one will know that she’s thin and not nearly muscular enough to be a champion weightlifter! As for “ugly”– pffft!

    The show is so endearing though, I decided to just love it anyway. I did have a good laugh when they showed the weightlifters struggling to carry six plastic chairs– realism isn’t this show’s strong suit, but that’s okay. Just keep making me go “awww”, Show, and I’ll cheer you on!

    • 24.1 Boomboompow

      I totally adore Fairy’s writer’s past works in TVN (Oh My Ghostess, High School King of Savvy) and I was super impressed by the overall casts of both shows including all the side characters. But Fairy’s casts are quite sub-par when compared with talents like Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Suk, Seo In Guk etc.

      I wonder if it’s because this is broadcasted in public (non-cable) stations and large agencies like YG have so much influence in casting that the production team has to give in.

      I mean it could also be for other reasons and it might be too quick to judge now that we are only 1/3 of the show, but so far, Fairy lacks the magic that OMG and Savvy had.

      • 24.1.1 Andy Pandy

        Well, I think one thing you’re missing out is the fact that WF was slotted to compete against Legend of the Blue Sea. It’s not a big project, and it’s clear the MBC didn’t really bother to compete with SBS this time around. I don’t think that bigger names would want to go up against LMH and JJH and risk adding a ratings flop to their resumé.

        • Boomboompow

          That is definitely one valid reason.

          However, giving the script to a well-capable actors can multiply the charm of the show, and who knows, be a good contender to Blue Sea.

          Closest example would be Park Bo Gum who knocks out all the pretty princes of Moon Lovers. Not saying that the victory of Moonlight over ML was only because of PBG (because we know the PD team of Moonlight >>> Moon Lover) but without PBG , the show will not be as big as it is now (and I am not undermining the charm of Kim Yoo Jung as well).

          Fairy is not a bad show but I am just a bit underwhelmed because Savvy and OMG are one of my favorite shows of all times (thus my love for this writer), and Fairy has not captured my heart. Not for now at least.

    • 24.2 Starswillshine

      Her weight in the drama was revealed when she was receiving the treatment for her weight loss programme. It was 56kg for her height. That’s not even borderline overweight. It is already leaning on the underweight side. I found it jarring when the doctor told her that she still has some fats around the waist area because how much weight does she want to lose?

    • 24.3 gabobobobo

      IKR. The plot is cute and light. But, calling Lee Sung-Kyung fat, not pretty, scary, manly, etc was hard to believe. When the doctor tell her that her belly’s overweight, I am shaking my head. If she’s overweight, than what am I? super overweight? I would have believe it if they swapped her with the one who plays her chubby friend with pigtails. Although, the chubby friend is not even overweight, at least she’s not sticky thin.

      • 24.3.1 Baek

        She’s suppose to be “fatter” in the role.. So u should forget who she is or even what she looks like and accept her for being fat.. They are not being weird for calling her fat, not pretty, scary or manly..

        I find it funny when the show keep emphasizing on those scene. i thought there’s weightlifter thats not necessarily to be overweight, cant she be in that category and at least make her suit more?

        ok maybe there’s a obesity doctor.. so we cant run away from it as much as we want to.. but everytime such scenes appear, it seems to tell me, i got to forget who she is and accept her for what she is in the role, though im still not so bought over by what the doctors/others tell..

        • Baek

          Maybe like what others said, realism is not something u should expect in this show..

          Anyway im enjoying the show.. Its light and the story appeal me

  25. 25 gailt

    1% of anything was my first completed drama in a long long time. it is also the first drama in a long time that I’m rewatching. I love how it felt honest and real even if we’ve seen all the plot points in many other dramas. The reason for this is Jeon Somin and Ha Sukjin. These two… man.

    My favorite scene was before Dada left for the bazaar. Jae In was so concerned about her comfort and well being, and Dada knew this so she ran back to his arms and gave him a hug before she could drive away (She really achieved her driving goal!) And then Ha Sukjin gave her an adorable smile. I thought it was a real honest-to-goodness smile from the real HSJ himself. And he gave her a goodbye kiss. And they just smiled and held each other for a beat. These two… man. Then! Jae In came by to support the bazaar and pick her up resulting in two confused random ajummas. kkk. (I wonder if just got himself a driver so he can ride off with Dada.)

    We worry about many other couples whether they would actually last after the drama ends. I really believe Jae In and Dada will make it. They will be loving and honest to each other and support each other and never divorce and be good to each other especially when they are old. I just wish all other drama couples from here on out will give us the same kind of satisfied feeling about their futures.

    • 25.1 Satsuki92

      That hug was so adorable! We had loads of awesome kisses in the drama but that hug did me in. The affection displayed was just so pure and sincere. Like the actors said, they were in love during the filming. It is REALLY just during that period? It has to be after too right??! Sadly we may never find out because HSJ said that he prefers to keep his relationship away from the public eye.

      I totally agree with what you said about worrying about the other drama couples after their marriage. Jae In and Dada will obviously have some rough times from the different expectations of them. However, I really believe that they will pull through with their usual candid communication.

      • 25.1.1 Cabana

        Yeah, i also sad that HSJ said that he prefer not to go public in relationship. But, after watch JSM in Runningman, i feel that Dada’s character is close to JSM in real life. If that right, may be we still can hope that someday we’ll see (and hear) a happy news ’bout them.

        I never ship any-OTP in kdrama, but this couple make me really hope that they will ending together. I’ve been fans of HSJ for many years, and this project is the best from many drama that he is done before.

    • 25.2 fangirl sy

      OMG yes! my fave scene too, maybe because it is the most normal yet sweet moment there was. Just a married couple doing something mundane without losing the affection. ahhh. will really miss this OTP so much.

  26. 26 dini

    thanks dramabeans for introducing me 1% of anything. the story was simple and I love HSJ and JSM. it reminds me about queen in hyun’s man. the leads chemistry is no joke, and it end up with dating in real life, I hope my instict is rigth this time too. just love seeing ha suk jin and jeon so mi together, I want more and more about tae ha and hyun jin too. I just found tae ha was so handsome amd cool in last two episodes especially with hyun jin, and I definitely have a crush on jae in and tae ha already. and becos of it I search all about ha suk jin 😀

    weighlifting fairy bok joo was my ‘sad’ wrecker this week. I love nan hee so much especially for ‘do you like messi’ momment nan hee was so adorable .how cute she is!
    and I totally adore nam ju hyuk acting in this drama i’ll continue to watch this drama

    and goblin is my waiting list drama next week 🙂 😀

  27. 27 Jean

    Wow I’m feeling a bit lost right now kdrama-wise. Nothing much is grabbing my attention and I’ve started dropping and erasing shows from my computer. I was actually hoping that 2016 would end the same as how it started, with fun quality memorable dramas.

    Still enjoying Weightlifting Fairy and This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair. I hope they continue to deliver. Totally disappointed with LoTBS. The first few episodes left me feeling ..nothing. I felt a disconnect from the characters and I don’t understand where the story is going. I know people are saying to wait, the story is just starting. But if a story doesn’t grip me at the start, why would I even hang around and waste time. I usually give 4 episodes for dramas but I think I’ll pass on this one and wait for reviews. I do hope that Goblin will be the one to end this year with a bang!!! So far the teasers got me really excited. Until then, I am exploring cdrama-land.

  28. 28 CatoCat

    Dropped almost all the kdramas. I was just watching them out of curiosity. I wanted to know what happens next in story and this curiosity lead me to complete most of dramas. I didn’t much cared about most of drama characters well being. That emotional attachment you feel towards characters, not many kdramas were able to generate in me. So health issues actually helped me get out of this circle. I’m still interested and curious about relationship of Writer Kwon and PD Ahn jun, Cute geum bi and ofcourse whole of Father I’ll take care of you Family.

    I’m just watching all youtube vidoes,interviews and anything related to We Married as a Job Nigeru is a big hit and twitter Japan is quite buzzing with it.

    • 28.1 wapz

      Glad that “We married as a job” as a success. That show is actually good and I like how it somewhat has the same format as kdramas rather than the usual new episode new characters and thing/case/situation etc in j doramas.

      Plus I Ryohei Otani is way better here than he was in Soulmate. But that is 10 years ago and I just watched that a few months ago and I remember him as being a little bland. He had to improve in 10 years I guess.

    • 28.2 bluecereal

      Came here last week (or was it to the open thread?) and saw this drama title come out and I had to try it because I haven’t watched a good rom com jdorama in such a long time! I’m loving it SO MUCH. ALSO WATCHING ALL THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS and the ending song by Gen Hoshino is stuck in my head! The dance even became addictingly cute! Did you see the videos of kids and students dancing to it? Hahahaha

      The scene on the train was such a tearjerker, I was crying with her and felt all that frustration too… BUT THEN!!!! He has some explaining to do next week!

  29. 29 Andee

    Ahhh, I read the recap for Oh My Geum Bi and I must say that it sounds so sweet yet sad at the same time. I was hoping that I could see more recaps of it (college prevents me from committing more time to k-dramas, I’m sorry!), but I’m definitely putting that on my watchlist (especially for the girl, she seems super adorable!)

    Only thing I have the time for is Weightlifting Fairy, and it doesn’t disappoint. I just hope that Joon Hyung learns that it isn’t nice to bully your childhood friend if you like them and that Shi Ho doesn’t go down the mean second lead route (come on, you and Bok Ju are roommates, let the potential friendship happen!)

  30. 30 immawish

    It’s sad that I have 3 dramas per week that I follow now, from monday to saturday (what will I do with life?) But sadly, from all those dramas, not even one could get me crazy like how moonlight, oh haeyoung, or any other drama does.
    I watched Romatic Doctor for Seo Hyunjin and Yoo Yeonsuk + Jinkyung and teacher kim, Geumbi is almost perfect if it weren’t for Oh Jiho exaggerating almost everything, and my wife will have an affair….. I probably ended up watching this only for BoA and Lee Sangyub because they are AHDORABURLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I still need smth that make me go nuts…… idk Goblin maybe?

  31. 31 ilchul

    The Man Living In Our House: I want Na Ri to stand by Nan Gil’s side in the cort because I really don’t want the bad guys to win against him and make him look like a con artist and I don’t want them to lose the land to them too but that means that our OTP will have to be separated since they can’t date as long as Nan Gil is still planning in remaining Na Ri’s stepfather and I hate that!! how can we get them to be together but without loosing the land?!! and her father better show up or I’ll make him die for real so Nan Gil’s guilt wouldn’t be for nothing, though he have nothing to feel guilty about to beging with since the man jumped on his own will but Nan Gil is just a really nice guy to feel guilty for that and that breaks my heart for him!!
    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: Bok Joo’s crush is SO cute, we all can see our selves in her, working hard to look good in front of him and impress him and doing everything at any cost to be around him but now her secret crush got exposed to non other than Joon Hyung and that means ALOT of fun ahead of us!! LOL and she’ll have to make an important choice between her crush and career which is a really bad thing but I can’t really say that I’m sad since I’m already shiping her with Joon Hyung who is SUPER cute that watching him digging his grave with her makes me want to strangle him but I can’t help but laugh and squee at his cute smile and happy grin he’s showing us whenever he’s teasing her!! ^__^ and I felt really sad for him when he remembered his mother leaving him as a kid and his aunt being the one who’s actually sending him those postcards not his mother!! that was so sweet and caring from her to want to give him even a small happiness that his mothers till cared and loved him though she left him and he was a caring kid himself for letting her believe that but now he needs to start allowing people to see his true feelings without masing them behind his cute smile!!
    The Legend Of The Blue Sea: I’m really sad that I can’t feel this show!! I really wanted to enjoy watching it but it didn’t touch me!! I’ll let it end and then decide if I’ll continue watching it or not but for now I’m out!!
    Cesur ve Güzel: Cesur’s armor started cracking in front of Sühan’s beauty and caring nature that she have behind her arrogant act!! he had a perfect plan but fate always have his own plans and he opened a door he can’t close now after kissing her!! I loved how it started with a kiss to distract her (from acting his friend stealing or better saying taking what already belonged to Cesur but her father stole from his family) only to find himself unable to nullifie what he did and she replied to his sorry words with another kiss which he couldn’t resist!! SQUEEEEEE I’m sure he’ll regret kissing her but now he’s traped with his growing feelings for her which he can do nothing about or push away!! 😀

  32. 32 Salmos

    I am watching oh my geum bi solely for geum bi,that child is fantastic child actress heo Jung eun is. The drama will make me cry but am up for it

  33. 33 agoodheart

    The only Korean drama I’ve watched this week (so far) is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. It has its ups and downs but thanks to Lee Sung-kyung’s portrayal of Bok-joo, I still enjoy it a lot. Bok-joo is seriously so adorable, she’s a ray of sunlight! She makes me smile and thinking about this show makes me happy.

    I will try to watch Legend of the Blue Sea before I fall behind with this.

    Another drama I started watching was When A Snail Falls In Love. Done 3 eps already.

    And since I’m feeling festive mood in the air, I’ve been watching some old animations and movies to enhance it, e.g. The Little Mermaid and It’s A Wonderful Life. Will continue on with this.

    • 33.1 fab

      Currently on a high of a Snail binge. Cannot stop watching, not even to watch new episodes of all of the Kdramas I’ve started this month. I’m just glad it’s not finished airing yet because at this pace I’ll be catching up in no time. My only complaint is that I wish it was a little more like the novel.

      • 33.1.1 agoodheart

        I haven’t read the novel; maybe I should do that after finish watching this show. 😀

    • 33.2 delurked

      @agoodheart Haha, you’re so cute – The Little Mermaid is my favourite feel-good classic so 👐👐

      • 33.2.1 agoodheart

        Hi hi thank you ~ :”) The Little Mermaid is part of my childhood, it’s dear to my heart. I plan to watch other Disney animations again too, like 101 Dalmatians. And Harry Potter binge watch, and old movies that bring me Christmas feel.

  34. 34 Denali

    This version of 1% of anything is precious and to be treasured.

    In the meantime, The man living in our house has got to be the least eco-friendly k-drama ever, what with all these drives back and forth to and fro Seoul just for meaningless chats? C’me on, haven’t you ever heard of KKT?

  35. 35 gadis

    Still no new shows for me. Hopefully, Solomon’s Perjury will lift me from this withdrawal.

    -Miss Korea: I caught up to eps 6 this week. Now that the story finally begin in earnest, things started to look more interesting. It’s a perfect depiction of desperate people living in a desperate time. Thankfully, it’s still peppered with enough humor to prevent it from being a totally bleak drama.

    -Knowing Brother: Checked this one for SHINee. I forgot just how funny and witty they are. Why is it so hard to watch my oppadeul in variety shows these days??

    Other than that, I also watched tons of movie “Hyung” promo material. See?? This Jo Jung-seok obsession is just as insatiable as ever.

    • 35.1 Kaybee

      That ep of Knowing Brother is so funny. I wish 2nd gen idols in general would be more on variety again, they do it so well!

      • 35.1.1 WishfulToki

        Miss Korea is a show with real heart, in spite of the name. I remember the financial bust of 1997 and thought the show handled it very well. I also really liked the OST. Finally – the female lead was a character I could actually root for, which is rare to come by in my drama-viewing experience.

    • 35.2 Boomboompow

      Jo Jung Suk on Running Man tonight! Or tomorrow with subs – regardless, I’m psyched!

      • 35.2.1 gadis

        I’m super excited as well. From Hyung’s promo, it seems like he is really close with Kyungsoo. They are so cute together.

  36. 36 Sweet&Sour

    The dramas I’m watching, are:

    k-drama: “Legend of the Blue Sea”, the show is cute and entertaining so far, but nothing great or outstanding.

    TW-drama: “Behind Your Smile”, this show is only 2 eps in but I am thoroughly intrigued and am looking forward to see where this will go.

  37. 37 Kaybee

    Javabeans, are you me?? That intro perfectly sums up why I always, frustratingly and sometimes idiotically, complete the shows I start. And live-watching is the worst offender, because there’s just no way of knowing whether a show will be good or not.
    Right now I’m even finishing She’s So Lovable…. It’s so bad, but I can’t help but feel the need to finish, even if I have to do a lot of ff’ing lol. Only 6 eps to go!

    ….she had anti-chemistry with Ji Sung. It is a chemistrical BLACK HOLE.
    Made laugh so hard lol! 😀 It’s so true and I completely agree with you on everything you said about Entertainer, Saya. I wish there’d either been no romance at all or that she’d fallen for Minhyuk’s character and Ji Sung’s hadn’t been interested in her. It just felt so off and wrong. I really liked the show, but by the end I just couldn’t care less. Mostly because of the romance, but also partly because of things like a rookie band being able to play live on a music show. Not even 10+ years of experience will give you that opportunity. It’s simply logistically and, more importantly, literally technically impossible.

    My advice on The K2, if you don’t like it by ep 7, might as well give up. The quality goes up and down so much, it’s like the worst rollercoaster ride ever. And the ending was so unsatisfying and made the show feel rather pointless. I personally wish I hadn’t wasted my time on it.

    Pretty much agree with everything you guys said about Entourage. It’s just not managing to strike the right balance in so many areas.

    • 37.1 bbstl

      Yah, Kaybee! I thought we settled this yesterday! STOP
      with you-know-what. I’m watching you 👀

      • 37.1.1 Kaybee

        Lol I know, bad Kaybee, bad Kaybee! *hangs head in shame*

        I’m such a completist it’s verging on unhealthy lol. I try my best to drop bad shows, but I tend to fail most of the time *sigh* At least I’ve learned that ff isn’t the same as cheating ha, so I’ve managed to watch at triple speed and now I only have three eps to go!

  38. 38 Cool Girl

    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – I’m really happy to not have give up after the 1st episode. Not because the show is good: it’s still a mess, but it would have been a shame to miss Han Seok Kyu and his fantastic voice. His voice deserves its own show.

    I’m watching because i’m sucker for mentor/mentee’s relationship and i had a lot of hope, after it was revealed how influential teacher Kim was for our two other leads at the worst time of their lives, that the show will deliver on this point.

    So far i’got only crumbs: RTDK is far from being Misaeng, the show is wasting its potential by being overdramatic when a slice of life approach mixing the complex processus of learning for our heroes with the lives of the patients would have been so much more rewarding.
    Teacher Kim himself is hard to understand: he’s everything that you can expect from a mentor, but he’s is acting so reluctant that you wonder sometimes what’s his real goal, even though it should make no sense for us to doubt him.

    However the acting (the 3 leads) is excellent, I’ m really really fond of all of the characters in Doldam. That’s why I hate the entire DO family after last episode, and would rather have them stay away from everyone: father and son are so unlikable and played by the worst actors ever.

    The last twist was so unconvincing and it’s yet so early in the drama, i wonder how the show will sustain its 20 episodes…

    Heartless City – Episode 10 was packed with twists, tension and shocking revelations and renew a little my faith for this drama though i hated the ending and hope that there’s more to it because i ‘m fed up with the writer ruining all my favourite characters (why can’t bad guys stay bad?)

    However it also rubbed salt in my wound when it came to Kyung Mi. She’s in everyone’s mind but nowhere to be seen. I can’t get over how a character that was so central to the plot just disappeared.

    Especially when there’s no other female character strong enough to compensate. I hate how the writer’s choices for the “real” female lead (did he dislike the actress?): not only she got sidelined during the 1st half of the drama, but the male leads characters treated her in this episode like an object, attractive enough to be used in a sexual way or as a bait in their plans but not to be recognized fully as a person or as woman with her own feelings. 🙁

    Anyway i’m too far now to stop…

    • 38.1 Kiara

      “Han Seok Kyu and his fantastic voice. His voice deserves its own show”

      I second third fourth and fifth this lol. I love him, his voice his acting more than this show. I watched Shiri and Tree With Deep Rooting this week because there is just not enough of Han Suk-lyu in drama land or Chungmuro.

      • 38.1.1 Cool Girl

        I didn’t know he was in Tree With Deep Rooting! This drama is already on my to watch list because of Jo Jin Woong, i have now a double reason to push it to the top of my list.

        I was hesitating because i never watched sageuk before and don’t feel particularly attracted by this genre, but it could be a nice addition to my very diverse year of k-drama.

        • Kiara

          He is totally amazing in TWDR. His bromance with Jo Jin-woong was the highlight of show.

  39. 39 Nanda

    I totally agree on what Javabeans words on Kim Bokju character losing weight issue. I’m totally okay with LSK being weightlifting because I’ve seen skinny girls can lift and overweight people outrun anyone. It actually something I’ve seen.

    But the medical part made no sense. The dr himself says her BMI is normal! What weight is there to lose? Might as well LSK don a fat suit like.Oh My Venus Shin Min Ah.

    • 39.1 bbstl

      That is really driving me a bit nuts, it borders on malpractice on the part of the clinic for me. Taking $600 from a healthy girl to ultrasound what and track what? That feels so wrong.

  40. 40 fan

    Among what I have watched this week-
    The Man Living in Our House, Romantic Doctor Teacher, Night light, Oh My Geum-bi, Weightlifting Fairy, Legend of the Blue Sea,1% of Anything,Laurel Tree Tailor,My Wife Will Have an Affair,Entourage, Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu,When a Snail Falls in Love,
    my favorite was TWMWWHAA: Had shocking reveal(Beanies are so smart again). Love Joon-young and writer Kwon couple. ep10 almost felt like the final episode except last 1 min.

    • 40.1 Kiara

      What’s your secret fan? I must have ADD cause I wouldn’t be able to keep track of that many shows in one week lol.

      • 40.1.1 fan

        It is possible if you don’t have life. 🙂

        In addition to dramas, I also enjoyed ‘Immortal Songs/ With my friends’.
        This episode had many familiar faces including the queen actress from Moonlight, Lee Yoo-ri of Jang Bori, and Kim Jung-hwon (I need romance). Another great couple was Yoon Hyun-min (Beautiful Mind) and Lee Tae-sung (2 outs 9 innings). They knew each other from middle school and were baseball players. Wow I didn’t know Yoon Hyun-min was Pro baseball player.

        • Kiara

          Oh I do enjoy “Immortal Songs.” I really like The One and Eunji. The One’s rendition of some English songs are quite good. I love it when he moves the crowd, either to tears or make them dance. He’d make a good actors I think. So much emotion.

  41. 41 kanz

    Currently watching LOBTS and Man Living In Our House. Will try watching Weighlifting Fairy.. Sad there’s no subs for Night Light.. at least for now 🙁

    LOBTS: I must say I want Joseon parts to be a bit longer! I want to stay in Joseon because Lee Min Ho looks and acts better in sageuk garb. Jun Ji Hyun is awesome as always. And people, I hope you’re all understand if we always praise JJH and rarely praise LMH doesn’t mean we dislike or even hate LMH. It could be because we can’t or don’t connect to his character and our actors’ preference are so diverse that 1 person could be die-hard LMH fan while the other hail other actor/actress.

    Man Living In Our House: the first 4 eps are so funny but the rest hasn’t quite up the par of romantic comedy. I still hope it works out for the best though because I love Soo Ae and Kim Young Kwang together.

    Because my newfound love for Song Yoon Ah, I’m currently watching Mama.. And so far so good. Some parts are annoying and frustrating but it’s compensated by seeing Song Yoon Ah and her son’s great acting! It breaks my heart thinking she would die (again after K2!) and never get the chance to be a good mother for her son (they fix their relationship a bit though). Her dying acting is sooo good and she’s stick-thin at the time that it’s believable she’ll die soon.
    No wonder Song Yoon Ah got the Best Actress Award and nominated for Daesang at MBC DA 2014.

    • 41.1 Sam_1

      Hi there chingu! I love love love Mama:Nothing to Fear…Trust me when I say that it ends so beautifully for me. I was skeptical at first too..But then when I was finally able to watch it (final ep), damn! Nothing like the death in K2..I hope you can finish it 🙂

      • 41.1.1 kanz

        Hi Sam_1 thank you for the encouragement!
        Yeah I will finish it soon.. Currently on ep 19 and I try to binge-watching since it’s weekend and the only time I can catch up many episodes at once.

      • 41.1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        Mama Nothing To Fear was among the best melodrama I have ever seen, the relationship between mother-son was well written. And I love the friendship as well.

        Hope SYA will back with another project soon.

  42. 42 joonbug

    I totally agree with you guys about 1% it caught me unawares. It is beautifully acted and beautifully wrapped. This will be my therapy drama. Lee Jae-in I love you. I love how Tae-ha was also not evil and the mother in law was actually pretty chill. AND YESSS the lead couple chemistry had me questioning whether something’s up irl cause that kinda chemistry is hard to act on. I hope they’re together <3

  43. 43 Hana

    “The cute scenes keep me watching, but does anyone else watch this show and think: A real lawyer would’ve solved all of your problems by now?”

    YESSSS! I have thought this since the beginning. I think it’s completely ridiculous the main angst is two different companies are fighting over the same land albeit for different reasons but still. Do some real lawyer work Duk bong haha Dada finance can’t demand that Nari pay the debt that she isn’t responsible for, if its even real or a legal debt since it seems like gambling. The uncle has no claim on the land it would go to Nari and he’s a gambler too so he’s only in it for money.

  44. 44 Gaeina Lee

    ..I do wish we could just stay in the Joseon part of the story, though.. ~ HeadsNo2

    My sentiment exactly. *triplesighs*

  45. 45 Min

    After having dropped K2 and Entourage, I am watching 4 ongoing dramas at the moment (plus some old drama like “Remember” and Bad Guys):

    “This Week my wife…” and Weighlifting are the ones that I’m more excited to watch every week. I love how realistic the first one is, how much debate it provokes in people. Weighlifting is such a a breeze of fresh air in kdramaland. Finally a woman not weak and pitiful (not that common in kdramas). I love how it mixes funny moments with some drama without being excesive or making it too serious. The type of light comedy I love and which is difficult to find in Korea.

    Lobster is fine plus funny so far for me. I love especially the visuals and Ji Hyun performance. Mino and their lack of chemistry not so much but the show has just started so it can always get better. I love the idea of the end of the world in the plot and the legend of the Tower of Hercules, linking it to another legend (mermaid one), to Mino past and to Joseon times, but in my opinion fantasy should stop just there. The mind controlling thing with the lighter… I don’t buy it and it’s a bit too much for me to believe it.

    The Man Living… is sad to say but I started excited watching it and expecting the new episodes and right now I just keep watching to see if it gets better but not feeling attached to the story or characters anymore or at least like not the first weeks.

  46. 46 AidaZen

    Loved Saya’s take on Master: God of Noodles (one of my fave shows of 2016) and The K2 which I’m still watching and planning to finish. Because really, isn’t JCW worth it and so much more? Yes and yes!

  47. 47 Dramafansg

    Just finished 1 % of anything and I love it. After mdbc, I didnt find any dramas that got me vested but this show gave me a pleasant surprise. Their chemistry is just off the charts. I think their kisses were so swoony too but its probably only possible as the drama isnt screened on major networks. I really hope they date in real life as they look so good together. I will miss this otp. Hope they act together in more projects.

    I love 3 meals a day too and Eric makes cooking korean food seem like a breeze. Their chemistry and bromance is so amazing. Its my go to variety show for some “therapeutic” feel good moments.

    oh my geumbi- watching it for the little girl. Shes one amazing actress. Super talented!

    I have yet to catch up on the rest. Somewhat not as vested in legend of the blue sea yet. Too many dramas and too little time!

  48. 48 aimi

    1% of anything-currently at episode 14- Love this drama nuff said.
    Shopaholic Louis– Stopped immediately the moment when SIG seems to lost his memory, AGAIN!. I can’t even remember which episode. I just can’t stand multiple amnesia in one drama. will pick this up again next year.
    Blue Sea– I seriously think JJH overacted in this drama. I love her acting on Star but this way acting feel awkward and cringey. On the positive side, directing and cinematography so far are top notch. I hope this drama will improve. It look like proper plot will be revealed next episode. About LMH- no comment.
    Blue Sea– Very good drama. I love the child actress.
    Romantic Doctor KIM– Nice medical setup with better accuracy which is one of best medical Kdramas I have seen. I like it a lot.

    • 48.1 aimi

      Sorry typo**my Geum Bi– Very good drama. I love the child actress.

    • 48.2 newgirl

      If you’ve stopped Shopping King Louis because of the amnesia trope replay, never fear. (I felt the same way.) Go back to watching it because the next episode cleverly turns that trope on its’ head. I can’t say anymore, but you won’t regret returning to complete the whole show!

    • 48.3 Lillies

      Well Louis didn’t actually lose his memory for the second time. He faked it. No worries.

  49. 49 Sam_1

    Legend of the Blue Sea – I liked the 3rd and 4th Episodes more than 1&2. I loved the Joseon parts more than the modern day story but they complement each other so I’m still in 🙂
    I love JJH in her serious roles in movies so I’m excited when the mermaid won’t have those comedic scenes, learn the life of humans and focus on the story development..

    Oh My Geum Bi – Episodes 1 & 2 were better than 3 and 4 but the ending of the fourth Episode got me completely. When the child walked into the doctor’s room all alone and explained to him that she knew all about her sickness, what would all happen to her later and why her aunt left her after knowing that she’s sick, I was on the verge of tears. How can this little child handle this so bravely? I’ll watch the next episodes for sure.

    This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair – I just love Lee Sang Yeob and BoA together. After watching Episode 9, I can say that they will definitely be good parents (Just get married, you two!). I LOLed at Ara when she just blew out seawater and emerged just like that. Is she one of Miss Peregrines’ Peculiar Children? I want revenge from this lady.

  50. 50 Trina

    I guess being Netflix member is a good thing for me. However, will Night Light have subs. I have heard good things of Black Mirror. Therefore, I can always watch that or other dramas then Night Light if they do not have subs. ☺️

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