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The K2: Episode 14
by | November 6, 2016 | 229 Comments

More than one life will hang by a narrative thread this hour when the battle over one object drives the fight to the gates of Yoo-jin’s fortress. Even if her enemies aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, their persistence and relentlessness will still require her to put up a strong defense to give her some time to think of a better offense.


Seeing the memory drive in Seok-han’s hand, Je-ha makes a move. He’s held back though, giving Seok-han a head start. Je-ha frees himself and immediately gives chase down the hospital corridors.

He’s soon thrown backwards by more men, and lands some punches while they get in a few kicks. Je-ha is held back by a bodyguard and spots Burn Mark smirk and head down to the parking garage. So Je-ha flips the bodyguard over, then kicks another man down and follows Representative Park’s men.

Burn Mark catches up to Seok-han in his car, tapping on the window and identifying himself as the police. When Seok-han doesn’t comply, Burn Mark’s partner points a gun at him.

Seok-han is instructed to get out of the car and while he’s being searched, he asks who they’re with: Representative Park or Yoo-jin. He takes an opportune moment to attack and escape, breaking into a run.

More men appear as he descends into a lower level, which is when Je-ha suddenly appears and kicks them away. He deals with a few more before chasing Seok-han again, and Burn Mark and his partner remain on Seok-han’s tail as he dashes back up the ramp.

They catch him before he can climb into his car, however, and Seok-han backs into a railing. Je-ha arrives just as Seok-han lose his footing and flips over the railing. He grabs Seok-han’s arm just in time, but now they’re both dangling from the railing.

Thinking fast, Je-ha swings him into the level below, and now he has the memory drive. Burn Mark breathes a relieved sigh when he sees that Je-ha is still alive. He demands that Je-ha hand over the drive, but Je-ha responds by jumping off the railing, landing on a moving truck, then rolling onto the ground.

But Je-ha doesn’t get far before getting shot in his side. He crashes into the sidewalk’s railing and hides the memory drive in the grass before painfully getting to his feet. A car drives up just then—it’s Chief Joo, who ushers him in.

Chief Joo tries to staunch the bleeding and urges a wounded Je-ha to stay with him while the police cars remain hot on their tail. Yoo-jin’s eyes grow wide when she hears about Je-ha’s injury while Anna is woken up to hear the news.

It turns out that Chief Joo’s car isn’t the only JSS vehicle on the road—at the agent’s signal, the JSS cars behind them block the police cars. Anna earnestly prays for Je-ha’s safe return before being called downstairs to watch the news report on how the president’s son is injured and the unknown assailant is still at large.

Representative Park is also watching this broadcast and decides to take this opportunity to attack the JSS headquarters. He calls the police commissioner and instructs him to gather his men and strike Cloud Nine by collecting all the secret intel Yoo-jin has and delete the data on the main server. Because it’s just that easy?

We see that the politician isn’t alone—Sung-won’s father-in-law chuckles beside him. But Representative Park feels they still have reason to worry should the memory drive falls into Yoo-jin’s hands.

Upon their arrival at the JSS headquarters, Chief Joo is instructed to wheel Je-ha down to the Cloud Nine sublevel instead of the infirmary. Yoo-jin gasps when she sees Je-ha injured and unconscious and orders Chief Joo to bring all the supplies required for surgery.

She inducts Doctor Kim into Cloud Nine on the spot and commands her to save Je-ha no matter what.

CEO Gook is present when the police commissioner arrives with his men. He has no choice but to let the police in because they have a search warrant, but of course Je-ha isn’t in the infirmary.

Je-ha is down in the Cloud Nine conference room which now serves as a makeshift operating room. Yoo-jin paces back and forth as Doctor Kim removes the bullet, but then Je-ha goes into sudden cardiac arrest.

Yoo-jin rushes inside as Chief Joo begins administering chest compressions. She cries, “No, Je-ha. Don’t die.” She too prays for Je-ha’s life, and moments later, there’s a faint pulse. Doctor Kim preps the defibrillator, then induces a shock into Je-ha’s body over and over again.

We enter Je-ha’s subconscious as he dreams of an idyllic time with Anna at… a Subway? Really? You’re choosing this life-or-death moment to feature a sponsor? The guy barely has a heartbeat!

He and Anna have a picnic in the park which is followed by a stroll and some games. He imagines Anna waiting for him back at the house so they can catch their flight. She heads upstairs when he doesn’t come right away, and we see that Je-ha is still injured in his dreams.

She’s shocked when she sees the wound and calls out to him as he collapses to the ground. (Quick, somebody wave a sandwich under his nose to bring him back from the dead!) And then Anna wakes up in her room. Did they just have the same dream?

Over at the JSS headquarters, CEO Gook accompanies the police commissioner and his men into the elevator. However, the elevator doesn’t move when the police commissioner presses the button, but a threat to have CEO Gook arrested forces the latter to use his access card.

CEO Gook leads the men into the server room and the technicians immediately get to work on the main server. Down in Cloud Nine, Yoo-jin watches the men through the CCTV feed and checks in with her computer that their most sensitive data will remain intact.

Representative Park is delighted when he hears the technicians have succeeded in hacking into the JSS database. Elsewhere, Sung-won’s father-in-law reassures the other men that he’s deployed his own technicians for the job, so there’s no way Representative Park will get a hold of the Cloud Nine data.

However the others believe it’s too early to celebrate because there’s still a chance the memory drive can still end up in Yoo-jin’s hands. They can neither be certain that the drive was actually taken from Seok-han until he comes to.

Speaking of whom, Seok-han wakes in the hospital and the first thing he asks is about what happened to the man who took the USB. Upon being told that the thief is currently hiding in JSS, Seok-han tells his bodyguard not to go after him because he helped him escape earlier.

The police commissioner is flabbergasted when he learns that the database the technicians hacked into doesn’t contain highly confidential information. He’s annoyed when he and his men receive orders from the Blue House to pull out, and CEO Gook escorts them out with a hearty laugh.

Once Representative Park hears about the presidential orders, he realizes that the memory drive has been stolen from Seok-han after all. Over at Cloud Nine, Yoo-jin arrives at the same conclusion—Seok-han has called off the search on Je-ha upon realizing that he now has the USB.

Now Seok-han must tread with caution lest Je-ha disclose the USB’s contents to the public. She’s positive that her theory is correct, so while Chief Joo searches for the USB, the rest of them will put on their best poker face and act as if the USB is in their possession.

Sung-won swings by to see Seok-han, who plays dumb about the stolen USB. But then Seok-han is taken aback when Sung-won pinpoints Je-ha as the thief. Elsewhere, Se-joon asks his driver if “it” (meaning, the USB) is truly in Yoo-jin’s possession now.

Chief Joo, meanwhile, conducts a not-so-covert search for the USB around the hospital parking garage. He joins Se-joon in his car and freezes when Se-joon asks if he’s looking for the USB Je-ha has lost.

Se-joon explains that Je-ha had stolen the USB for him so that he could use it to bring down both Representative Park and Yoo-jin. He knows that Chief Joo is more loyal to Yoo-jin, but he asks that Chief Joo give him the USB once it’s found. If it falls into Yoo-jin’s hands, he’ll be nothing more than a puppet president.

Chief Joo advises Se-joon to choose his words carefully because he can’t even guarantee that he can recover the USB yet.

As Doctor Kim grabs more medical supplies, Anna rushes into the JSS infirmary looking for Je-ha. Master Song guesses that Je-ha is probably on the ninth floor because he’s a Cloud Nine member, and Anna ignores Mi-ran telling her that’s a restricted area.

Sure enough when pressing the elevator button doesn’t work, Anna opts for the stairs instead. Yoo-jin sees her on the CCTV feed and orders her prompt removal. She then looks upon Je-ha (who’s now asleep in a crisp white shirt) and is relieved to hear that his condition has stabilized.

She arrives at the lobby in time to see Anna pleading with the JSS agents to allow her to see Je-ha. She’s offended when Anna addresses her as “Ajumma” and instructs her to call her “Mom” instead. “Isn’t a stepmother a mother as well?” she sneers.

So Anna gathers her voice and once again asks to see Je-ha. Yoo-jin swiftly denies the request, and that’s when Anna says it: “Mom.”

Yoo-jin is taken aback even though she was the one who told Anna to call her as such. “Mom,” Anna repeats, then gets on her knees. “I beg of you. Please let me see Je-ha… Mom.”

Aware of all the eyes on them, Yoo-jin asks what she’s doing. Biting her lip, Yoo-jin then bends down to scoop Anna into her arms. Her concerned expression hardens as she decides that she also needs to consider what may happen after Je-ha comes to.

So Yoo-jin leads Anna down to the Cloud Nine sublevel and informs her that Je-ha is still in critical condition. But before Anna can step inside, Yoo-jin asks, “Are you really not going to leave? Wouldn’t it be difficult for Je-ha to protect you in his current condition?”

Anna turns to her and replies that she’ll leave once Je-ha is all right, but Yoo-jin isn’t so sure that Anna will keep her end of the bargain. Je-ha can’t even receive proper medical treatment at a hospital because he’ll end up facing an attempted murder charge for harming the president’s son.

She’s putting everything on the line to protect Je-ha, Yoo-jin argues. “Anna, it’s time for you to protect Je-ha too.” Je-ha won’t be able to leave as long as Anna is by his side, and plus, he’ll eventually get caught.

“I’ll save Je-ha, so just leave,” Yoo-jin adds. “That’s the best thing you could do for him.” She once again offers Anna the opportunity to leave and live her own life. If fate is on her side, Anna may cross paths with Je-ha in the future.

Anna needs to think about the other employees tasked to protect her too, Yoo-jin says. Looking back at Je-ha, Anna tearfully agrees to leave—in exchange, Yoo-jin must save Je-ha. Yoo-jin nods.

Anna steps inside the conference room as fresh tears replace the old ones. She sobs over him and places a hand on his cheek. She tells him not to die and softly kisses him. On the other side of the glass, Yoo-jin looks away.

Her face still inches to his, Anna whispers, “Je-ha… I love you. You cannot die.”

The next day, Yoo-jin informs Se-joon of her plans to send Anna away to designer Jean-Paul Lafelt. Anna won’t be hidden away this time since the entire world knows who she is, and the negative public opinion about Anna and her mother won’t matter once she lives in another country.

Yoo-jin will treat her so well that Anna won’t even want to return to Korea. She’ll be so kind that Anna won’t even remember her own mother, which prompts her to tell Se-joon of how Anna called her “Mom” for the very first time yesterday.

She uses the same taunting voice to repeat the term of endearment at Se-joon’s face, then breaks into a cackle. At the very least, Se-joon is relieved to hear that even though their plans are different, they’re both hoping for a happy ending.

Things aren’t looking good for Sung-won and his father-in-law, especially when everyone in the dark conference room receives a greeting text from Yoo-jin. That’s enough reason for the other men to switch loyalties and invite Yoo-jin into their secret circle.

As the housekeeper packs Anna’s things, Mi-ran wonders if this means they’ll be discarded. Anna reassures them that that won’t happen because Yoo-jin gave her word. Haven’t you realized that you can never trust your stepmother?

A tear falls from Anna’s eye as she thinks back to Yoo-jin’s promise to save Je-ha and everyone else here if she leaves.

Sung-won flags CEO Gook down on his way to work, hoping that they can chat. He then pays a visit to Representative Park and suggests that they join forces. Nothing has gone well for Representative Park after teaming up with his father-in-law whereas Sung-won helped him find success in Iraq.

He chuckles that he’ll take Cloud Nine while Representative Park recovers the USB. He lets out a hearty laugh when Representative Park says to come back once he’s gotten everything from the ninth floor. Sung-won: “Why does everyone keep thinking that Cloud Nine is on the ninth floor?”

While Chief Joo tells CEO Gook that Je-ha needs to wake up before their enemies find out that they’ve been bluffing about the USB, Je-ha finally comes to. Doctor Kim informs Yoo-jin of the good news, then instructs him to stay put.

Doctor Kim tells him that Anna came by last night, and he asks how she’s doing. Upon being told that Anna is holding up fine, Je-ha asks Magic Mirror to show him what happened in this room last night.

His heart breaks as he watches the video feed of Anna sobbing over his unconscious body. A tear escapes from his eyes as he listens to Anna telling him that she loves him.

Yoo-jin runs in with elated steps, but then stops short when she sees Je-ha watching Anna onscreen. She recalls the last words she spoke to Anna’s mother, about how love wasn’t meant to be shared. Omo.

Representative Park is on the literal edge of his seat when he hears that they have an opportunity to take Cloud Nine and Yoo-jin if they strike now. Sung-won believes that Je-ha won’t stick around for long even if he does wake up, and they can trust the one they’ve got on the inside.

Yoo-jin goes in to see Je-ha with the other Cloud Nine members in tow. She smiles, then asks if Je-ha succeeded in stealing the USB. He says nothing, so she asks where he hid it. “I didn’t steal that memory drive to give to you,” Je-ha answers.

Emotions well up within Yoo-jin, but she stops CEO Gook from ripping into Je-ha. When she asks why he stole it then, Je-ha tells her the half-truth that he wanted to destroy Representative Park with it.

Furthermore, Je-ha won’t give up the USB because he knows Yoo-jin wouldn’t dare to reveal its contents. Doing so would implicate JB Group because Sung-won is also embroiled in Representative Park’s corrupt activities, so unless Yoo-jin wants to see the end to JB Group, she won’t do anything with the information.

He didn’t steal that memory drive to protect Yoo-jin either. Much like the incriminating e-mail, this USB is now his ticket to protect himself and Anna.

CEO Gook gets worked up by the time he and Chief Joo return to his office. He believes Yoo-jin’s soft spot for Je-ha has hindered her judgment because she normally would’ve extracted the USB out of anyone else one way or another.

He scolds Chief Joo for being so blind to Yoo-jin’s affection for Je-ha, then asks if Chief Joo plans to remain here at JSS instead of pursuing his dreams to serve the future president at the Blue House.

Picking up on the oddity of these queries, Chief Joo chooses his words wisely. He confirms that he’s on duty to act as Se-joon’s security detail tonight.

Back in the Cloud Nine sublevel, Yoo-jin asks, “Then… did you do it to bring me down?” She interprets Je-ha’s silence as a yes, then asks why he did it: “You’re my friend, after all.”

When Je-ha asks if she ever shed a tear out of pity, Yoo-jin says her entire life is tragic. “No, not self-pity,” Je-ha clarifies—has she ever cried for someone else? Je-ha guesses that she hasn’t because people like her tend to be sensitive to their own pain but ignore the pain of others.

But everybody feels pain regardless of their age, class, or nationality. “All those people seek to be happy, just like you do.”

She acknowledges that people want to be happy within their own place in life, but Je-ha retorts that it’s people like her who can easily kill if it means maintaining their station in life.

“That’s why I can’t be your friend,” Je-ha tells her. Rather than a friend, what Yoo-jin needs is someone to either worship her, such as Secretary Kim, or someone for her to idolize, such as Se-joon all those years ago. Unfortunately for her, neither of those options work for him.

Sung-won checks in with CEO Gook to find out where his loyalties lie now. He grows smug when CEO Gook is on board, and Burn Mark leads the men to the JSS headquarters. CEO Gook creates a mess to distract the last of the JSS security team while Burn Mark’s squad rushes into the building.

Down in the sublevel, Yoo-jin tells Je-ha that she doesn’t want him to worship her. She starts, “I… just…”

But he cuts her off: “You probably wanted to own me… and just make me into another one of your slaves.”

Sung-won arrives at the JSS headquarters in time to be entertained by the ongoing fight. He greets CEO Gook with a smile, and the group descends to the Cloud Nine sublevel.


And then do what? Even if all those men were to confront Yoo-jin in Cloud Nine, they still wouldn’t have access to Magic Mirror’s database which Representative Park just has to have this hour. A more likely reason would be to speak with Je-ha since he definitely knows where the USB drive is.

Speaking of which, I really do have to wonder if anybody in this dramaverse truly knows what sort of intel is contained in that drive. Everyone wants their hands on it but no one has been able to confirm its contents and whether or not it does give details that implicates Representative Park and JB Group’s corrupt business activities. We’re working on blind faith that this USB is an important narrative plot device, but then again we’ve been given so many false third-party claims in this series that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually took a closer look at the drive and found nothing. And when an item is surrounded in vague mystery, it’s difficult to feel the threat of its exposure to the public.

So it’s rather puzzling to listen to Representative Park and the men in their secretive conference room worry about the USB falling into Yoo-jin’s hands if, in fact, there is information that could bring JB Group to ruin. Her enemies are well aware of her bitter resentment over being passed over as heiress to the conglomerate and her desire to take the company for herself. Even in the tiny likelihood that she didn’t want the company anymore, they should’ve known what Je-ha does know: that she wouldn’t risk destroying the company her father worked so hard to build.

This week’s episodes felt like an odd attempt on the show’s part to stall for time before one final conflict and showdown by rushing to pad the hour with naive baddies pursuing even sillier schemes. Why Representative Park and Sung-won’s father-in-law thought that they even had a chance at overtly hacking into the JSS and Cloud Nine database is beyond me, because surely they couldn’t have believed that it would be as easy as waving around one search warrant and a threat of arrest. I feel like they shouldn’t have been surprised that the tactic didn’t work, but by this point, these characters are no more than low-level, harmless, incompetent baddies.

But the character who stays on my mind the most is Yoo-jin, who faced some tough criticisms from Je-ha in the final few minutes of this episode. Given the complicated relationship between Je-ha and Yoo-jin in this series, I expected there to be a fallout sooner or later, but somehow keeping Je-ha unconscious for most of the hour and then tearing into Yoo-jin soon after he woke up seemed like an odd choice to place this conflict. Unless he thought that she was only thinking about herself in regards to The One USB. At the very least, his points are valid since they question Yoo-jin’s level of compassion and how her closest relationships are people whom she orders around or puts on a pedestal.

She’s built false walls of affection out of emotional manipulation and romanticized ideas of closeness while justifying her wrongdoings as her way of protecting either herself or those she cares for most. Whether her deep fondness for Je-ha has romantic roots or not may never be confirmed since once again, we only have what we can interpret onscreen and whatever a third-party (CEO Gook) tells us. It’s too late for Yoo-jin to be romantic competition for Je-ha’s heart when the main pairing has been solidified for weeks now.

But hey—if Je-ha can dream about sharing a footlong with Anna on the brink of death, then maybe anything is still possible for this show.


229 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Cindy

    My lifelong dream has jus been fulfilled: Seeing Subway-PPL in a dream sequence or even better in a near-death experience. This scene is bursting at the seams with creativity and is the ultimate life savior for any drama, even if the rest of the plot goes down the drain. Now I have seen everything there is to see and can rest in peace! Amen

    • 1.1 Miranda

      The thematic association of Subway and death continues.

      • 1.1.1 Adam

        Subway HAD to be resurrected after the HUGE mistake a few episodes ago. Subway was about to create a catastrophe – mind you, never eat two subs at one. Subway HAD to bring people back to life, just to get back in balance. (Otherwise the producers would have had to pay the penalties for a broken contract – for more details see comment 1.6 from episode 6).
        How awesome must it be on the brink of death and to have a clear vision of the cheapest date possible with loads and loads of Subway sandwiches?!
        And Cindy, I apologise, but I must disagree. I still have to see an afterlife/ time travelling scene with Subway. Unfortunately Hae Soo missed her chance to open a sandwich shop in Goryeo. I have just realised that this may have saved so many princess from their tragic and pointless death.
        It leaves me with one question only. After his vivid vision, if he died, would we count Je Ha as dead with a full or an empty stomach?

        • Cindy

          Ah yeah, time travelling PPL in Goryeo might have been the magic trick to save them all. Why fight for the throne, if there´s a whole sandwich empire to inherit. We have BB Cream from Goryeo, why not also sandwiches. Each prince could have created a footlong to his own taste. What better way to leave a legacy behind, than having concocted your own princely sandwich that has transcended time and space and is still “enjoyed” nowadays. Oh, the possibilities!!

      • 1.1.2 Antha

        Can’t believe Je Ha was thinking about food right before he is about to die.

        Subway be like — Our footlongs so good you will think about them and drool on your deathbed.

    • 1.2 Xxvxx

      Omg I laughed at this comment. Cindy you made my day!

    • 1.3 Gaeina Lee


    • 1.4 Sojuboy

      What is the going rate for PPL in Kdrama? Subway stuff is just relentless. It’s beyond Opera.

    • 1.5 Lin_K

      Lol. The PPL reminded me of King of Dramas.There is even one scene where the frustrated Jung Ryeo Won throws a bucket of the sponsored orange juice on Kim Myung Min, the PD.

      And Subway seems to be sponsoring every drama in Korea now. Yoona’s PM and I also had Subway and that was three years ago.

      • 1.5.1 Lin_K

        The product placement makes me laugh coz of the hilarious contexts in which they are used but I don’t blame PDs for using them. They need funding for the dramas.

      • 1.5.2 Mashimomo

        Quiznos is giving Subway a run for their money in Jealousy Incarnate. I’m willing to bet Legend of the Blue Sea will have random Quiznos tuna melt sandwiches on theirs.

  2. HD

    I found it absurd that Chief Joo assisted Doctor Kim in the surgery. LOL.
    Was he an army surgeon? But I thought he trained Je Ha previously in the army. Ok did I miss something in the early episodes which could explain this?

    • 2.1 Imbuk

      This. I was not shre whether it was chief joo at first. But then when he said “wake up, you punk”. I was like ‘wait, what is he doing here?’

    • 2.2 KTo288

      I don’t know what the practise in Korea is, but in a special operations team a minimum of one man in four is trained as a combat medic, they are not full surgeons, but are trained to help keep a man alive from the most common wounds encountered on the battlefield, e.g. bullet wounds. Some countries will have an even higher percentage, in the JW Grom (Polish specia forces) 75% of the personnel (basically everyone but team commanders) are trained as medics.

      As part of their training British SAS troopers have worked in hospitals in accident and emergency and intensive care in order to prepare them for combat.

  3. kanz

    The K2 has finally entered the realm of incomprehensible story and even more f*cked up the characters and the drama itself.
    1. I almost choke myself when I see them have a date at none other than Subway outlet and have a picnic date nearby. Lord Subway truly has reached the new height that no other PPL even dare to dream! Who would have thought to “creatively” insert a PPL on a dream? Either Subway or the production team is an evil genius.. And thanks to Subway Je Ha is conscious. After Subway-filled hospital in Doctors, this is the best worst use of Subway PPL this year.

    2. Where’s Yongpal when you need him??? But seriously the Cloud Nine is just like KTH’s room in Yongpal. And why CYJ could enter the operating room just like that? Your beloved Je Ha will get an infection at unsanitized room, Madam.

    3. Ha.. even CEO Gook knows Madam has a thing for Je Ha.. And Je Ha singlehandedly crushed Yoo Jin’s hope for him.. I wonder what Yoo Jin will do next to Je Ha? I just hope she won’t throw him away or worst, she’d kill him and Anna. But then Je Ha&Anna is the OTP and it seems they won’t die easily. Probably they’ll have their happy ending in Barcelona.

    • 3.1 Jenn

      Yes, subway brought him back to life…it was the red onions, very strong scent. A little goes a long way, and in this case it raise the dead!

    • 3.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      They will have their happy ending at Barcelona and get 100 Subway coupons.

    • 3.3 eva

      Maybe Yoo-jin will have them killed, so they can go to Subway heaven.

    • 3.4 AsianDrama16

      Lol. Yeah, the shift in mood and cinematography was startling. But that’s exactly what a dream is like. Surreal and out of sync. My take is that Jeha’s most cherished dream is to be just like any other guy on an ordinary date with Anna. His life, as is, is so dramatic that the everyday and commonplace seems like heaven. The fact that he chooses such a simple date ironically suggests that he envies couples in the audience who don’t have to live with so much danger and pain as he does. The writers are cool. They provide these comic reliefs now and then to relieve the viewers’ tension.

  4. K2s toto

    OMG subway scene had me dying! They might as well had called the thing an ad brought to u by: SUBWAY

  5. Lord Cobol

    The USB probably contains the Subway contract.

    • 5.1 windsun33

      And probably full of pizza porn.

      • 5.1.1 rentenmann

        Pizza porn? Hahahaha, HAHAHAHA, this! I love this!

    • 5.2 Sera The Ms Temper


    • 5.3 jaesukisourgod


    • 5.4 nannah

      O my gosh..I am cackling wildly at all the Subway comments..I actually thought we had cut to a commercial when they showed that scene..sponsors are ruthless !

    • 5.5 kanz

      And all the Kumargate deal is because of Subway…

    • 5.6 Sera The Ms Temper

      I will die laughing if the content of the USB is actually some nude movies. lmao.

      Oh no i don’t want to die.. I should prepare my subway beforehand.

      • 5.6.1 Adam

        Sera, I would die laughing only if the nude movies from the USB are shot in a Subway or contain clear images of Subway sandwiches. Regular porn has just lost it’s impact after the threads above.

        • Sera The Ms Temper


      • 5.6.2 Sam


    • 5.7 rikai

      LOL! nice one

    • 5.8 Hillary

      Unlimited amount of BDSM (bacon dominated subway Mac&cheese)

      • 5.8.1 Gaeina Lee

        Oh. ROTFL.

        Now if I hear/read BDSM, I won’t think of 50 Shades anymore, but Subway. Poor Grey. ^^

    • 5.9 Arhazivory

      Hahahaha. Hilarious!

  6. Miranda

    I swear, if in the moments I hover between life and death I see a vision of the afterlife and it involves a Subway, I will know that I have led the life of a wicked woman and am destined for hell.

    • 6.1 ptcharge

      @Miranda, the 7th circle of hell is reserved for Subway sandwiches all day long . 😛

      • 6.1.1 aranea

        @ptcharge, Miranda The 7th circle of hell is reserved for one-week-old Subway sandwiches, served all day long. ☠️

  7. windsun33

    One of the worst (of many) bad things about this show is just how freaking incompetent the bad guys are. Spent more time scratching head than watching.

    • 7.1 Heroonthebeach

      @windsun33 I second your opinion completely! Aside from Je Ha and Yoo Jin, the rest of the characters in k2 are incredibly incompetent. not just all the villains but also Se Joon who has just become even more useless in recent episodes. why exactly would anyone be rooting for him to be president?? let’s not even start about park kwan soo..

    • 7.2 Mashimomo

      YES, this! What makes them all think they can outsmart Yoo-jin anyway?! I’m already thinking that the show will ultimately make Yoo-jin pay for all her sins anyway, but I will be so ragey if these incompetent people will get out scot-free since they’re so inept.

    • 7.3 AsianDrama16

      Agree. Park Gwansoo, Choi Sungwon, and Dongmi are pretty one-dimensional. Yoojin, though, is a little smarter. It’s the end of episode 14, and she still thinks she’s top dog. Her stupidity is to underestimate Jeha and Anna. Jeha is smarter than she is and is one step ahead of her. Anna is stronger than she is and forces her to make bad decisions that, I predict, will return to haunt her in episodes 15 and 16. I don’t think Sejoon, Anna’s dad, is a bad guy. He’s probably going to be part of the plan to take down Yoojin.

  8. Lord Cobol

    So they dressed Je-ha in a clean white shirt while he was unconscious and still in critical condition???

    I don’t think so. I think the shirt is the magic PPL self-cleaning, bullet-hole-mending kind. Louis knows where to order them.

    • 8.1 BossyPixie

      Obviously the main Subway sandwich that brought him back from the brink of death also cleaned his shirt!

    • 8.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      In the next episode of SKL, we will get to see Louis order this shirt. LMAO

      • 8.2.1 rentenmann


    • 8.3 Dean

      Seriously, what is the brand of that white shirt?

      It looks really good and doesnt wrinkle quickly.

    • 8.4 mary_of_bethany

      ommo… u r all wrong… Louis while watching K2 this ep14 with Bok shil, proceed to order Subway Home delivery.
      Box arrived, GEE!!! Its a new box cover, showing “Barcelona Angel” eating her footlongs, while showing her finger-hearts.

  9. Emanresu


    Thanks for the recap!

    Today’s episode was full of interesting items. I’ll hit my favorite highlights:

    First, the Evil Villains’ Plotting Committee. Today’s episode gave us another amusing scene of the gathering of nefarious evil doers in the dark. I’ll be honest, I laughed out loud when the scene started. In the dark? Again? Really? Yes, the show hasn’t exactly been the poster child for subtlety, but this was a little much, even for the show. I couldn’t help but think to myself that no one at the table actually realizes the light is off given the collective poor eyesight, old men and all. Sung-won’s attendance kinda ruins this imagined scenario, but I chuckled nonetheless.

    Second, Anna’s struggle to see the wounded Je-ha. Today’s episode reinforces my belief that Anna is the proper choice for our hero as romantic partner. Say what you will about Anna’s character. Call her weak. Call her naive. Call her stupid. Think her a child. Think her pathetic. See her as nothing but a damsel-in-distress. (I’ll disagree with you on a good number, but that’s a separate issue) But what you must accept is that her love for Je-ha is real and pure. She fights to see Je-ha and even sacrifices her pride to do so. Even when mocked and rebuffed by Yoo-jin, Anna disregards her own disgust towards Yoo-jin and forgoes her pride to appease Yoo-jin by referring to her as “Mother”, even falling to her knees in front of her, all so that she may see Je-ha. The pubic scene she makes forces Yoo-jin’s hand and Anna is allowed to see the wounded Je-ha. Yoo-jin convinces Anna that she should leave to best protect Je-ha. She also gives an implied threat that if Anna doesn’t exit from Je-ha’s life, the female bodyguard and chef will be “taken care of”. Although one could argue this is an example of noble idiocy, it doesn’t change the fact that Anna’s actions are selfless in motivation. Whether true or not, Anna believes she must leave to keep Je-ha and the others safe. She is willing to forgo her happiness in an attempt to save others. This action exhibits that Anna is, to her core, selfless and kind. Someone worthy of being “championed” in my eyes.

    (Cont’d Below)

    • 9.1 Emanresu


      Finally, this leads into discussion of the flip-side of the coin. Yoo-jin’s (deficient) character and lack of suitability for Je-ha. Notice how her “love” for Je-ha is inwardly focused and ultimately a selfish, possessive affection. Despite knowing Anna’s importance to Je-ha, she initially denies Anna entrance to see Je-ha. She is focuses on her feelings, not his. Further, while Je-ha is incapacitated, she is discussing whether his body was “searched” for signs of the memory card. Yoo-jin never truly allows anything to usurp her quest to attain and maintain her power. She covets it. She is singularly preoccupied with it. All else, including all personal relationships and affections are secondary. Yes, she is concerned for Je-ha’s safety, but it is born more of her selfish need to possess Je-ha rather than from a place of true romantic love. She may truly care for him in her own way, but this affection will forever be tainted by her lust for and coveting of power.

      I know many watching are very much taken with Yoo-jin’s character. I am too to some extent. Song Yoon-ah’s tremendous performance has played a major role in that appeal. Yes, her character is intelligent. Yes, she is strong. Yes, she is independent. Yes, she is interesting. Yes, she and Je-ha have chemistry. But exhibiting these attributes does not forgive her other flaws. Where Anna is kind, Yoo-jin is cruel. Where Anna is selfless, Yoo-jin is selfish. Where Anna exhibits true love, Yoo-jin exhibits a possessive, destructive type of affection. Argue all you want that Yoo-jin is a fascinating, interesting, strong, brilliant, powerful woman. I’ll agree with you. But that in of itself does not a prudent match make. Neither does it make a character who I feel comfortable championing. She is a villain. A tragic and fascinating one, to be sure, but a villain nonetheless.

      For more The K2 musings please see my blog (http://emanresukdrama.wordpress.com).

      See you next week for the finale!

      • 9.1.1 gogo

        despite my reservations towards Anna’s character and the way she is written your points about her being a positive romantic counterpart for Je-Ha is true. If only their relationship was written in a more interesting way they could have at least be recognised as a couple we could at least show some interest or care enough for.

      • 9.1.2 Karoline2

        Agree with you, i like main couple and Yoojin too but she ir our main evil character! people tends to forget that. That doesn´t erase the amazing performance given by Song Yoonah (Sorry if its bad written)

      • 9.1.3 ravenndei

        Dear Emanresu,

        It is always your comments that I look for in the K2 recaps coz they entertain me to no end xD I especially love the fact that you are such a huge Yoona fanboy, and it is truly a breath of fresh air in the comments section full of Ji Changwook fangirls (not that I have anything against JCW fangirls–it just feels refreshing to see a fanboy here! Hehe). So before we all get to the finale week, I would just like to thank you for being a great source of entertainment for me. xD Your presence also assured me that I’m not the only one who’s crazy for Go Anna. 😛

        Yours sincerely,
        A Yoona fangirl

        • Emanresu

          Thank you for the kind words!

          At least, I think they are kind. Right?

          I guess it depends on how you interpret being “entertaining” doesn’t it!

          Like, do you see my comments as entertaining in the sense “Hey, I enjoy reading these.” Or are they entertaining in the sense “God this guy is such a dumb—. The idiot is so entertaining!”

          Either way, I guess, it’s something! 😉

          Also, good to see a Yoona fangirl! We’ve got to stick together you know!

      • 9.1.4 AsianDrama16

        > [Yoojin] may truly care for [Jeha] in her own way, but this affection will forever be tainted by her lust for and coveting of power.

        Agree, but I’d go even further and say that Yoojin is incapable of caring for or feeling affection for anyone. What some are seeing as caring or affection is a ploy that she uses throughout this drama to wheedle or entice others to become her “slave” (Jeha’s word). She uses the same wet-eyed sultry pose with many other characters — not just Jeha. Her so-called acts of “kindness” to Anna and Jeha can all be interpreted as ploys to control them.

        > [Yoojin] and Je-ha have chemistry.

        I can see how many are interpreting their relationship as “chemistry,” but I don’t see it that way. For me, “chemistry” requires the interaction of 2 substances and a combined result, a 3rd substance. In all their encounters, Yoojin is the seductive snake and Jeha is the wary adversary who wears a detached look. They remain discrete.

        However, Jeha and Yoojin share a chemistry that’s palpable. The result of their interaction is a 3rd substance, love.

        For me, the word that best describes the Jeha-Yoojin relationship is “tension.”

    • 9.2 windsun33

      I assume this was a typo, or I missed something interesting while fast forwarding 😀 “..The pubic scene she makes..”

      • 9.2.1 Emanresu

        Yes! TYPO! :/


        *public scene (PUBLIC scene!!)

        *She is focused on her feelings

        My bad!

        • rentenmann

          Or maybe that’s on the USB with the Subway contract and pizza porn (see comments above)…hee!

    • 9.3 AsianDrama16

      > Today’s episode reinforces my belief that Anna is the proper choice for our hero as romantic partner…. She is willing to forgo her happiness in an attempt to save others.

      Totally agree. Anna’s altruism is in stark contrast to Yoojin’s selfishness.

    • 9.4 AsianDrama16

      Btw, cool semi-palindrome.

  10. 10 HeadsNo2

    That Subway scene was the best unintentional comedy we’ve had all week.

    • 10.1 Fivedollar

      Subway, “You the the real MVP”

    • 10.2 Imbuk

      When I saw the subway dream sequence, I was sure that there would be some funny comments In dramabeans tomorrow, lol. Its like the show was asking for it. 😛

      • 10.2.1 rentenmann

        I was so excited to see a Subway PPL,only because I knew there was hilarity to be had in the comments. I have not been disappointed yet. 😜

    • 10.3 visitor

      It’s llike they finally gave up on the weak-a** writing and went all-in on the ridiculous and crazy to keep the viewers interested. At this point the the Subway discourse is more entertaining than half the dramas I watched this summer/fall 😀

    • 10.4 AsianDrama16

      Agree. And it’s even cooler when we realize that it’s actually intentional, too.

  11. 11 Sera The Ms Temper

    In this episode, I am more than convinced that Seok-Han looks like Kang Ha Neul lol 😛 A new good looking guy to look for.

    I am nervous to see how this ending. More accurately to see the ending of Choi Yoo Jin. Yes she did wrongs but.. I don’t know between her, her good-for-nothing husband, Chairman Choi and Representative Park, I want her to win among them and I want her to pay the price for her wrongdoings too.

    Jae-ha ya.. You know you are such ungrateful person. Not even a single thank to Yoo Jin and the team for saving him? sigh. I was not really moved with the supposed to be touching moment from the kiss by Angel to Sleeping Prince to Jae Ha’s dream, and it turn out to be funny because of very obvious Subway PPL LOL

    I read the test preview for epi 15, not sure its correctness. I am not sure Jae Ha’s plan though. I am done with imagining how the next episode, will wait patiently for next episode. Seems like Anna will be out of picture for a while and I think that’s the best thing that she can do, rather than being having pull & push here and there.

    • 11.1 Pam

      Really jeha is ungrateful? I don’t think he owes Yo Jin anything. Let me remind you my dear Je Ha saved her life even though she asked him to be killled.

      • 11.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        “Jae-ha ya.. You know you are such ungrateful person. Not even a single thank to Yoo Jin and the team for saving him..”

        This was intended not to be something serious, unfortunately it went the other way around.

    • 11.2 Sam

      Hi there again Sera! 🙂
      Let me mention that I never got to finish Yong Pal and decided to see the recaps of the last two episodes to have even a tiniest glimpse of what could be the ending here. I’ve seen that the magical water there gave Kim Tae Hee cancer in a span of 6 months from a woman who weirdly revenged for the husband she never seemed to care for when he was alive.

      As for this drama, I’m okay with Yoo Jin being in jail for paying for her crimes and all but the writer should never ever INSERT that cancer machine in this drama because although I’ve seen her lose consciousness, gving her cancer would make this drama into a huge ball of makjang nothingness.

      • 11.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I don’t know if jail will be her ending, because I don’t believe this writer will write this type of ending.

        But that cancer thingy, he better don’t put this again. It went all ridiculous in Yong Pal lmao and please not again. We are running out of time with two more episodes.

      • 11.2.2 Sam

        I think Episode 15 = Uhm Hye Rin’s death revelation
        Episode 16 = Presidential Election

        As for Yoo Jin, anything memorable will do but not DEATH..

        • AsianDrama16

          > As for Yoo Jin, anything memorable will do but not DEATH

          I agree. I don’t think Yoojin will die. The writers have kept Anna squeaky clean to make sure that she can grant Yoojin grace at the end. Anna will be Yoojin’s amazing grace.

      • 11.2.3 Gidget

        Well, my first choice would have been for JH and YJ to truly work something out. Since that’s obviously not going to happen…

        Second choice is to play off an odd line they built into an earlier episode. YJ said “I’ve been thinking, what is the least painful way to die?” The obvious answer for her character seems to be “without regrets.” So I hope the show ends with her doing the first altruistic deed in her life: saving JH’s life at the expense of her own.

        • AsianDrama16

          > So I hope the show ends with her doing the first altruistic deed in her life: saving JH’s life at the expense of her own.

          Wow. An interesting possibility. I never thought of that. But I’m pessimistic about Yoojin. I don’t see anything in the previous 14 episodes that would justify redemption for her. There are a lot of “hints” that she may have a glimmer of altruism in her, but I think all of those can also be interpreted as ultimately selfish.

          If it does happen, though, I would consider it contradictory to her character development and, thus, poor writing.

    • 11.3 amy

      test preview for ep 15???? where did you read it?

  12. 12 aimi

    wow… everybody is talking about subway PPL. I must watch this episode just for that particular scene lmao!

  13. 13 Dean

    This USB has been mentioned by Yoo Jin in earlier episodes that all politician keep their receipts as to use against another.

    And at this point we know the importance of this USB given that even the President’s son has to always keep it guarded as it allows him to control even Assemblyman Park.

    The USB probably contains documents and facts about the Kumar scandal and the players involved, and given he was a medical doctor assisting there, he probably has pictures and documents revealing the scandal.

    I do like that all the players are not moving and getting engaged. I actually didn’t think that Chairman Choi was involved as well and so JB Group would collapse with it’s reveal.

    This is a great point that holds all these people together in a network that binds them to one another. As much as they might hate each other, they are all on the same boat.

    • 13.1 Dean

      “I do like that all the players are moving and getting engaged with one another”

      Sorry typo

  14. 14 Dean

    Jeha and Yoo Jin’s confrontation is really a highlight here. We have always know something was up with Yoo Jin affection with Jeha.

    It is like the big pink elephant in the room. And the I like that Jeha called her out, because it really seems that Yoo Jin does not know what she is doing, and her environment is always in her control.

    And here comes Je ha that she wants in her control, but cannot. And for the person she probably cares the most to say to her the truth, she can’t handle it.

  15. 15 Kay

    The true MVP of this drama is Subway.

  16. 16 Dean

    This is probably the best use of sponsors EVER. LOL! I love this show even more for it.

    • 16.1 Dean

      Every TV show has to showcase their sponsors (Samsung in always all dramas, Kia in City Hunter, LG and Coffeebay in Healer, etc), but we don’t really talk about it.

      So HANDS DOWN Subway gets the crown for the most effective use of sponsorship.

  17. 17 Zer

    1. Jae Ha faded in earlier episodes when writer made superhero into clueless doofus, lied to by a dumb woman puppet of sociopath, no reason but bad writing at expense of character.
    2. Goon Jin just received character transplant into Fatal Attraction Meryl Streep. Why? script gods can. Whstysgonnadoaboutit.
    3. Show has problem of Jealousy. An actress so good saves bad scripts but result is plot makes less sense.

  18. 18 Sera The Ms Temper

    In the last recap few people commented that many of us always talking about Yoo Jin. Chingu, don’t blame us. Blame the writer if you want, because he is the one who write this drama and in his writing, he only write Yoo Jin’s character with full effort and neglect the rest character. We cannot talk about Anna or Jae Ha with full interest if there are not many things to talk about them.

    No one has any right to ask anyone to stop watching by assuming we are hating this show.

    Just because we understand Yoo Jin the most and makes some jokes on some scenes do not mean we are hating this show.

    Just because we question some plots, it does not mean we are hating this show.

    Just because some of us dislike Anna’s character, it does not mean we are hating the show.

    Just because we understand Yoo Jin’s point of view, it doesn’t necessarily make hers wrongdoings justified.

    Just because we cannot really sympathy with Anna, it is not because we are blind to see the correct things.


    • 18.1 Heroonthebeach

      Totally agree that the writer only seems keen on developing Yoo Jin’s character and even so, there’s so much more that can be done.. am so disappointed that even our main character Kim Je Ha gets such little character development and is such a bland hero… Anna is even worse… I don’t hate her but there really is so little done with her character – it’s depressing really.

      • 18.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes, and I cannot help to compare with Yong Pal, at least hero in Yong Pal got better development. We all knew his past story and some closure on his family compared to K2.

    • 18.2 Imbuk

      Totally true, Sera. Agree with your comment.

      This show is not that bad, it has some great parts like this episode’s anna calling yoo jin omma and je ha’s conversation with yoo jin in the end which was just so on point, I loved it. But the show as a whole has no focus. A show is called so because of its ability to show things but regarding anna and je ha’s past we were mostly told stuff with no details.

      Take anna, whom we are told was shut down from the world. Does that mean she was shut inside a room and was given food and water at regular intervals or was she allowed to move inside the chapel and interact with the people who are more compassionate than most people, so they would have helped her overcome her trauma or atleast helped her come to terms with it, right? Also, the fact that she spoke spanish seems to point that she did have some interaction with people there or was she given some kind of schooling? It would have been nice even if we were told these things.

      Then je ha whose original name itself we are not privy to. We were told he was betrayed by his nation. Yeah, how? There was this conversation between him and chief joo in the beginning where he seemed to imply chief joo did nothing to help him and in the end the chief himself got ousted too, so what happened back then? Also raniya who was mostly treated as a plot device for je ha to work with yoo jin and the reason for je ha not able to kill anyone.

      I don’t want to even get into se joon, kwan soo or sung won as characters since our so called leads themselves were underdeveloped.

      This is why yoo jin as a character shines when compared to other characters and also because song yoo na brings her alive.

      But for trying to make a political thriller and for the action scenes and showing grey characters and corruption, we can applaud this show.

      • 18.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        “But for trying to make a political thriller and for the action scenes and showing grey characters and corruption, we can applaud this show.”

        Yes I like how this drama actually goes darker. This drama is different, of course to intro new concept will have many loopholes, that cannot be helped. I want to hope with the criticisms towards the drama will give more room for improvement in the future.

        I really wanted to see all characters being equally developed, or at least Kim Je Ha aside from Yoo Jin since these two are the centre of the drama anyway. Yoo Jin shines more cannot be helped, with Song Yoon Ah playing her,it is definitely outshine the rest.

    • 18.3 Piggy

      Thumbs up!
      Well said

      • 18.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper


    • 18.4 kanz

      Well said, Sera.. couldn’t agree more…
      I see some fans labeled Song Yoon Ah’s fans are Yoona’s antis that hate Yoona’s character thoroughly.
      Well.. if there’s one person to blame, it should be the writer for writing the incompetent characters.
      As others pointed out, only Je Ha and Yoo Jin who are capable doing something in this drama and only Yoo Jin that the writer develop more, in the expense of other characters’ development.

      This drama has many issues, characters development, uneven plot, plot holes, overly long fighting scenes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t or we can’t love the show. I still love the characters despite their flaws. I still love the show eventhough everything is so silly and only makes me bald trying to make some sense.

      And even when we praise Song Yoon Ah and root for Yoo Jin, doesn’t mean we automatically hate Anna, vice versa. I want Anna to be happy too.. it breaks my heart when she calls Yoo Jin “Mom” because that’s the hardest thing to do for her. But I want Anna to actually stand on her ground and do something useful, not relying on people around her. Be independent, be awesome, and if so, Anna probably would stand a chance against Yoo Jin.

      • 18.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        It is a serious joke if hating Anna means hating Yoona in person. I have encountered these fans too. And I was alleged as anti-Yoona too lmao. Yes part of myself still want a better actress for Anna but I acknowledged Yoona is not that bad. It is more on self-conflict want some underrated and more talented actress get chance to shine. This is not sufficient to label me as anti Yoona, i just laughed when someone pointed this at me.

        We have many characters that we hate, and a villain is not necessarily that we will hate.

    • 18.5 Sam

      100 Agree chingu!

      Liking a character like Yoo Jin doesn’t mean we are justifying the things she has done. In no way will we also be blinded that she hasn’t done bad things. And I’m sure most of the YJ fans are like that. I don’t get why we get judged for being on her team.

      This SHOW is a fictional one. She doesn’t exist in real life. Liking an antihero doesn’t make us bad people. Jeez..It’s just a drama. Don’t take things seriously.

    • 18.6 Ram

      Totally agree with you Sera! I honestly wish this show isn’t centered on Jeha/K2, but on Yoojin only. Heck, a show with just her, and no Jeha and Anna, sounds like a winner to me.

      • 18.6.1 eva

        Would totally watch it! And right from the beginning, childhood, falling in love with Je-hoon, going against her dad – everything! 50 ep at least:D

  19. 19 Koreanconvert

    I loved the dream sequence. Still not sure if JH and Anna had the same dream or what. I was thinking the Subway/picnic one was his and the going away together was her’s. They looked soooo happy in the picnic one. I could see them getting together for real!

  20. 20 Heroonthebeach

    Thanks gummimochi for pointing out all the loopholes in the Kumar gate scandal and the subsequent happenings so well. I have basically lost interest in the political machinations of the show because everyone seems so worthless and keeps doing useless things. did we really think cloud 9 was in danger when Park Kwan so sent his team in? What a waste of time! the group of men seated in the dark are even more useless.

    Looks like the subway ad captured people’s attention the most this time round! It was so so ridiculous and totally detracted from the supposed touching nature of the scene.

    I’ve given up trying to make sense of the show’s “plot” and so for this episode, I chose instead to focus on its positives and that would be Song Yoon Ah’s performance and actually even Secretary Kim who is actually one of my favorite characters in the show right now, just because she’s the only one who has displayed some kind of loyalty. My review of this week’s episode is thus focused on that: https://kdramaanalysis.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/the-k2-episode-14-the-yoo-jin-show/

    Don’t have much hope for the final 2 episodes… we will finally get the answer about whether Yoo Jin actually did kill Anna’s mother… a mystery that never seems to get resolved.

  21. 21 Al'sBevy

    I’ve thoroughly given up on this show. It’s gotten completely silly,

  22. 22 Growingbeautifully

    Thanks @ gummimochi for your patient endurance in recapping this show LOL. Against all odds, I’m enjoying it, but perhaps for the wrong reasons.

    I think I enjoy eye-rolls and cringes because I had a field day when Je Ha’s unconsciousness gave us the perfect time to do a slow, lengthly Subway PPL. I couldn’t believe what I was watching and dissolved into giggles.

    It beats the long, slow dream sequence walks of Yong Pal under similar circumstances, but The K2 joy at the Subway picnic was beyond all imagining! 😀

  23. 23 Min

    Wow i …. feel like eating some subway already ?? Well done ppl !!

  24. 24 Jaegerjaques

    It’s really rare that an actress is that good that she changes then bends the plot and narrative to her will. Continuing the raving about Song Yoon Ah (therefore angering all the Yoona fans) but I must say even if she’s 100% written as the villain and all Je Ha said in their conversation was true. Still on her side. I’m probably like the crazy secretary. Song Yoon Ah defied script, directing and heaven’s will in turning K2 from love story of a former soldier in the chronicles of Yoo Jin’s tragic life.

    I seriously felt angry with Je Ha in that scene and wanted him to shut up and stop making Yoo Jin sad. Watching Yoo Jin is like watching one of those american tv anti heroes where you know they’re awful human beings but it’s exactly that aura of darkness and wickedness that draws you in. The mature dominating sexiness coming from her is too strong for me to not being enamored with her.

    You could say that’s because the writing is developed best for her characters but looking on paper it was clear that they wanted to turn her into ‘evil jealous stepmother’ who you hate in contrast to ‘pure princess Snow White’. She was meant as a tool to bring in the couple together but instead she used them as a tool to tell her story to the audiences. Not Song Yoon Ah’s fault but I get what the writer means when he says that her character is one big reason why not as many people care for the OTP as expected.

    • 24.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      We all maybe like Secretary Kim, obsessed with Madam. Maybe we should get glasses like Secretary Kim, and yes, her lipstick. Her lipstick made her looks bolder, and more confident.

      That’s the power of top, experienced, and veteran actress like Song Yoon Ah. Choi Yoo Jin in the hand of Song Yoon Ah looks this magnificent, but if in in the hand of some inexperience and talentless actress, it might not give us this kind of impact.

    • 24.2 kanz

      “Song Yoon Ah defied script, directing and heaven’s will in turning K2 from love story of a former soldier in the chronicles of Yoo Jin’s tragic life. ”

      Agree with you…

      But then again there are two kinds of people, first, the ones who see The K2 as action-romance drama centered around the love story of bodyguard and Snow White. Second, the ones who see The K2 as psychological study of Yoo Jin’s life and the people around her.

      If time could be turned back, I want Yoo Jin as the main lead.. An antihero(ine) who control male-dominated world and seek to protect herself from enemies around her. If so many dramas portrayed the hero wronged in the past is hell-bent on revenge and get both love and revenge, it should be possible to see this kind of heroine in the drama more. It could be another female-centered drama like Empress Ki or Queen of Ambition.

      • 24.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I’ll strongly suggest this writer to write the female centred drama next time. Maybe he should try to write sageuk.

        • Sam

          I agree..He should think about his titles thoroughly too..It should’ve been female-based.. Because from what I observe,

          Yongpal = 30% Sleeping beauty+ 10% Medical Action+ 60% Female Revenge
          K2= 20% Snow White Romance + 20% Political Action + 60% Female Revenge

          Maybe he can write about Cinderella next time..

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            A new tale of Cinderella? Lets made the stepmother as the main character. I am all in for it.

            Or a villain Cinderella? started as nice and innocent but later turn to villain, maybe for revenge?

          • mary_of_bethany

            @Sam, @Sera… other than having fun with watching the show, i think i hav more fun lookinf forward to lurking and reading all your comments, which show that next time TvN or SBS should employ one of you gals to be script writer… anyone want to do career change? Sera, Lord Cobol., Kanz, Imbul? haha.

            Sam, love your Princess analysis:
            Yongpal = 30% Sleeping beauty+ 10% Medical Action+ 60% Female Revenge
            K2= 20% Snow White Romance + 20% Political Action + 60% Female Revenge.
            right on, Writernim loved Princess tale mixed with Angelic theme, catholic style. (nothing against Catholic, am a christian myself). just that he overly used Convent, nuns, girls seeking refuge in convents, walking around in long flowing dress bare footed, angelic voices… (Anna even be given a pair of Angelic wings and named exactly “Barcelonia Angel”)…
            and they even used the Theme music of Angel and Demon, where Ewan McGregor’s character Father Patrick McKenna fly the antimatter bomb to mid-air athigest attitude to allow it to explode.. that was the music used during that epic scene, which was wantonly used right here at K2… beside your princess theme they loved using, they totally ‘abused’ the catholic theme too… nothing against it. just that they keep drawing the line beside Anna being the Angel, and CYJ being the Demon… others, human all are sacrifice to be written lame.

          • aranea

            Barcelonia isn’t that a kind of Subway sandwich?

          • kanz

            Well, first of all the writer needs to attend writing classes again since his writing is messy with lots of plot holes. Other than that, I agree with you that he should write female-centered drama next. Don’t give us false hope by luring those handsome men in action if by mid-drama the female characters got developed the most.

            PS: He is probably the reverse Kim Eun Sook, while KES usually writes male characters with more depth than the female ones, JHR writes female characters better.

            @mary_of_bethany Since I always want to be a writer myself, being a scriptwriter doesn’t sound too bad and I’ll get tons of money too. Hahaha. Just don’t make me lose my face like Yeon Joo’s dad if something’s going wrong!

          • Lord Cobol

            “anyone want to do career change? Sera, Lord Cobol…”

            Hanging around here kinda *IS* my career change. With my new semi-retired free time I can mock and “debug” shows instead of writing and debugging Cobol programs — lots more opportunities for humor & snarkasm now than before.

          • mary_of_bethany

            haha. talking about distracting us : “Don’t give us false hope by luring those handsome men in action if by mid-drama the female characters got developed the most.” Yes.
            they start the show, with the controversy that infamous shower scene, see, K2 has lots of Loud, dramatic effects, but very shallow when you peel off the layers>
            see the article on censor board:
            just the thoughts that JJS can place CCTV in the bathing rooms, isn’t it a bit off (pervy in the wrong direction). if all the men are inside the bathroom bathing stark naked, who else can defend them when enemies attack? hahaha. creepy to know there are always ‘people’ watching men bathing.
            and the repeatedly vivid hint about lesbian love in both Yongpal and here by Sec Kim…
            and yet they can find fault with saying they are not into CYJ’s adulterated cougar love towards JH from the beginning to begin with. and right after 12 eps of awesome feels about the wavering thoughts and temptation of a married woman in late 30s or early 40s feeling love for the first time in life… although we know the direction will never goes that way into having a JH and YJ love, (it should not be anyway). but since they dare to throw in lesbian loves hinting, and almost nudity… why at last mins declare there was never any intention for a late spring love for even a married but spurned woman.

            if it is a Cinderella story.. .let it be, a Cinderella part 2.
            when Cinderella grew up married her prince and found her prince love another in the first place, or maybe her prince died and left behind baby Cinderella II who grew up into a super spoilt brad teen, and she fought among the sharks over her crown…… Yes, give me a tale about a noona romance story, than those Kpop Idol love…

    • 24.3 crystal

      really totally on the writer to balance out the characters…but yes, i started the show for je ha but continued watching for yoo jin

    • 24.4 Emanresu

      “Continuing the raving about Song Yoon Ah (therefore angering all the Yoona fans)”

      I’m not angry. (That makes one at least!) 🙂

      H-ll, I rave about Song Yoon-ah too!

      • 24.4.1 may2day

        I think it’s important to make a distinction between the actors and the characters they play.

        I absolutely love Song Yoonah as an actress, but as a character, I currently despise Yoojin. I also don’t forgive Yoojin’s actions and choices in the drama just because Song Yoonah is a stellar performer.

        In the same way, I defend Anna’s character not because I like Yoona, but because I see that her character has heart and inner strength.

        So saying that raving about Song Yoonah will anger Yoona fans is not true, at least, not in my case either.

        I do want to mention something else… If Song Yoonah’a acting has altered the K2 universe, pushing Yoojin in the forefront even though it was not the drama’s intention…purely from the writer and director’s standpoint, that is not a good thing. While actors and actress get freedom to portray their roles, there are also boundaries they should stay within because they didn’t create the story. They’re just the vessel in which the story is told through, so they need to make sure the story is told in the best way possible, in the way it was MEANT TO BE TOLD. It is a big deal when the villain becomes too much of a protagonist because it negates the purpose of the hero and heroine. I’m not blaming Song Yoonah for this, but I’m just saying… acting more than what the character’s role demands is problematic. I also believe its the writer and director’s job to reign this in when it happens, but I think they stepped in too late when it comes to Yoojin’s character.

        • may2day

          (Note: This is actually more of a reply to Jaegerjacques’ post, but I replied on you, Emanresu, because you quoted the part I wanted to reply too lol.)

        • Taylor

          I’m just expanding a bit more on your final point. On a film/TV set, it is not possible for an actor to hijack a story. Unless, the production and creative team don’t uphold professionalism. The director is responsible for telling the actor to tone down or dig deeper with their acting. The actor’s job is to fulfill the director’s vision. Shooting doesn’t wrap unless the director is satisfied with the shots.

          Going off the fact that the production team for The K2 should be professionals at their job, there is no way SYA can “act more than her character demands” if the director didn’t steer her that way or is content with it. There is no way she can change the course of the story. If for two seconds she does something that the director disproves of, it’s his duty to yell cut and do another take after giving her notes. Yes, actors are allowed some leniency to explore character choices but at the end of the day, the director can dismiss anything he doesn’t think is honest to the character/moment/storyline/arc.

          An actor certainly can’t change the script without permission. It’s the script supervisor’s job to make sure the actor says the words that are written. They follow along on book as shooting is taking place. Of course this is not a hard and fast rule, because writers may change some words or a phrase after hearing it while present on set. Directors may even invite some improvisation from the actors if he judges it appropriate for the scene.

          I seen many comments about SYA acting in relation to the storyline (which is non-existent because of the sporadic nature of the writing in my opinion) and the other characters. I just want to make it clear that, an actor’s performance can’t just shift the development of a show without the production/creative team allowing that. If anyone feels like show has changed in order to propel SYA’s character, its probably because of two reasons:

          1. This was what the writer intended for the story all along.
          3. The entire production/creative team is very unprofessional and unable to do their jobs properly. Therefore, they are issuing episodes based off what performances the actors give.

          Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I highly doubt that its the latter.

          • Taylor


          • may2day

            Hmm, great points. I take back what I said about SYA acting beyond what her role demands…

            …but isn’t there another factor at play here, namely, the audience? What if the audience’s perception of a character can hijack a story? Because most Korean dramas are filmed and aired in real time, the audience response and ratings are closely monitored, and oftentimes, can affect the direction of the story or character development.

            Let’s say that SYA and the production crew were on the same page regarding the portrayal of Yoojin. Isn’t possible that the director approved SYA’s acting during filming, and later once the episodes aired, learned that the viewer’s response to the character was not exactly what they had in mind? I wish I was Korean so I could dig deeper into what Korean netizens think of Yoojin, but from the international standpoint, it’s obvious that many saw romantic chemistry between Jeha and Yoojin… even though this was not intended in the drama. (The K2 PD made it clear in a statement that there’s no love line between Yoojin and Jeha).

            As a viewer, I believe that SYA’s facial expressions and delivery gave more to Yoojin’s character even though she was not supposed to have a) a romance with Jeha and b) we’re not supposed to root for her this much. Just that hint of an alternate romance made a lot of us play closer attention to Yoojin’s character, and is what sparked so many to root for her especially in the earlier episodes. But if there’s any fault to be given, it’s not on SYA. As you said, she acted in a certain way and it was approved by the production crew.

            My guess is that after being aware of the increased interest in Yoojin, the production crew didn’t feel the need to curb the character since it wasn’t detrimental to the progression of the plotline…until a certain point. I think we’re at that point now.

            The portrayal of Yoojin has shifted quite a bit if you compare episodes 11/12 and episodes 13/14. Yoojin has shown us her vulnerability and redeemable qualities until… episode 13/14, when she’s shown as heartless, conniving, possessive, and almost a little crazy. (Her scene with Sejoon and the way she laughs when she describes how Anna called her “mom”… that scene made me think she was legit loopy.) Even Jeha’s final remarks to Yoojin at episode 14 is an obvious cue to the audience not to root for Yoojin anymore. While I believe there was an intended falling out at some point between Jeha and Yoojin, I do think the writer and production crew used these last few episodes to keep Yoojin’s character in check and steer the story back into the right direction. Yoojin has become more of a protagonist in this drama than Jeha or Anna, and I don’t think that was the writer’s intention all along.

          • Taylor

            “Because most Korean dramas are filmed and aired in real time, the audience response and ratings are closely monitored, and oftentimes, can affect the direction of the story or character development.”

            Unless the producers admit this openly or you have spoken with a member of the production team, you don’t have proof that this is happening. This is just mere speculation.

            *Saying that the production team is changing their plans to suit international fans who see chemistry between the actors is a wild theory. It could be possible perhaps. But it could also just be that they wrote the story how it is purposefully. The show (imo) is a badly written show. So maybe the ambiguity about who is lead, who is inlove, who should be pitied, who is strong, who is weak, and all the other questions lies within the amateur writing and iffy directing.

            “I believe that SYA’s facial expressions and delivery gave more to Yoojin’s character even though she was not supposed to have a) a romance with Jeha and b) we’re not supposed to root for her this much. ”

            Apart from acting, there is cinematography, lighting, sound, music, and editing that makes the scene what it is. SYA’s acting is not the only thing making hints of subtext. All the other factors that I stated aid to imply a certain tone or message to the audience. If the director doesn’t want the audience to think she’s keen to JeHa, the scenes could’ve been edited in multiple ways to negate that idea. Also, in the latest episode, one of the Cloud Nine members stated that Yoojin does hold affection for him. Why would the writer write that line if he doesn’t intend for the audience to hear it and acknowledge it?

            “….I do think the writer and production crew used these last few episodes to keep Yoojin’s character in check and steer the story back into the right direction. Yoojin has become more of a protagonist in this drama than Jeha or Anna, and I don’t think that was the writer’s intention all along.”

            As audience members we don’t know what was the intended “right direction.” All we can do is speculate since none of us have inside knowledge. A premise for the drama was given during promotions, but not every single detail of the story. Naturally, watchers will make assumptions about the story, but still we aren’t sure of anything. It’s unfair to say that Yoojin’s progression into the “protagonist” was not apart of the writer’s intention. The audience is not present in the writer’s room. We only know what appears on our screen and the little revealed via press.

            As a side note. Why is it unbelievable to some that people can empathize with Yoojin? She is a full complicated human being. Even if she is “evil.” A person is made up of many things. You can’t blame viewers who tune in (for whatever reason) to see her scenes when so far she has proven to be the most dynamic character in the show. It is what is it.

        • AsianDrama16

          > I’m not blaming Song Yoonah for this, but I’m just saying… acting more than what the character’s role demands is problematic. I also believe its the writer and director’s job to reign this in when it happens, but I think they stepped in too late when it comes to Yoojin’s character.

          may2day, I agree with you. Song Yunah is overplaying her role. She’s sending messages that are unintentional, e.g., the vibes that Yoojin is sexually (or otherwise) attracted to Jeha. There is obviously no chemistry between the two, yet her smoldering performance whenever they interact sends this message. The audience would understand that this is just her ploy if they notice that it is not reserved solely for Jeha.

          My guess is that Song Yunah intends her gestures to be interpreted as seductive in the manipulative sense and not the affectionate sense. The directors probably caught it only after the early episodes were completed and thought it best to keep her character consistent and, thus, risk misleading the audience.

          Their rationale, I think, is that the audience will quickly see through Yoojin’s seductive facade and realize that she’s incapable of loving and feeling for anyone other than herself.

          The other side of this coin is the belief that Anna’s character is poorly developed or that Im Yoona is a poor choice for this role. Nothing could be further from the truth.

          Anna’s character has been meticulously developed from the first episode on. The challenge for the audience is to be able to observe her actions (almost entirely nonverbal) and connect the dots, to extrapolate the fact that she is extremely resourceful, bright, brave, good, and full of joy de vivre.

          In other words, Yoona has had to “show” rather than “tell” the audience about who she is. This is extremely difficult to do, and the fact that she’s succeeding says a lot about her acting prowess.

          Anna alone represents the power of goodness, truth, and hope in this dark drama full of violence, hate, greed, and murder. Think of it. She’s one young woman against Yoojin and JSS/Cloud9, JB Group, Park Gwansoo, and Jinhan Group with all their goons and weapons and corrupt officials.

          Anna is also the grace that will redeem Jeha and Sejoon, her dad.

          The fact that she not only survives but thrives and moves the plot along, including saving Jeha’s life twice and defying Yoojin to the point where she forces her to take drastic measures all argue for an Anna that’s not only well developed but worthy of our respect and admiration.

          Im Yoona’s acting is flawless. I can’t think of a single K-pop or K-drama actor playing this role better. It’s obvious that this role was written with Yoona in mind. Yoona is Anna. Without her natural beauty and dancer’s movement and presence, this drama would be a flop.

          These are my personal views, of course, and I don’t expect anyone to accept them. If some of you are upset because it differs from yours, then please accept my sincerest…

    • 24.5 paramount

      i also felt angry with je ha in that moment & had to remind myself yoo jin is bad LOL then i just kept thinking song yoon ah is truly an amazing actress to make me feel that way about a character who is, by all counts, evil!
      there’s really only two kinds of villains that require amazing acting to play – the kinds we despise so much that we can’t wait for their demise (ramsey bolton anyone?) & the kind we hate but also pity (like klaus for any TVD/the originals fans). yoo jin falls in the second category for me. i think je ha’s analysis of her only pitying herself & not others is spot on, but i pity her too… there are reasons she is the way she is…

    • 24.6 Dean

      I don’t think she was meant to be just “evil”, because we get points of sympathy about her childhood and her husband not loyal to her.

      Actors aside (because they are all doing a great job, with JCW and Song Yoon Ah both exceptional with their characters), Yoo Jin deserves what will happen to her as retribution for the many evils she has done.

      Now, I agree that I would rather her win compared to Chairman Choi and Assemblyman Park, but I am glad Jeha told her the truth because NO ONE has told her what she has done to people and that it isn’t right what she has done.

      She can’t go around life, killing people for her own benefit and using them for her.

      I am glad the Jeha can tell it like it is to her and that Jeha is NO slave the way she wants him to be.

    • 24.7 Mai Tran

      Well said, totally agree with you.

  25. 25 lessa

    i feel like the usb is like mission impossible’s rabbit foot. like its all powerful but no one knows what the heck exactly it can do.

    i thought i saw it all with the lengthy ramyun cfs in this show…. until… the sandwiches of mortality.

    SUBWAY: Traverse the realm between life and death with just one bite.

  26. 26 lunatic4kd

    This drama has reached the level of farce and I don’t think I can do it anymore. Despite how much I love Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah, I. Just. Can’t.
    The subway dream sequence was one of the worst and most disturbingly ridiculous product placement scenes I have ever witnessed and I cringed in embarrassment for the actors.
    And the miraculously clean shirt…..jeez. It’s like there isn’t even any effort to do things correctly.
    Why, PD and crew…why? This is cruelty beyond measure to screw up something that could have been great. It makes me sad.
    I’ll keep reading the recaps and decide at the end, depending upon all of you, if it’s worth watching the rest. Never in the my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever quit a JCW drama. I guess there’s a first time for everything.
    Y’all have fun. Catch ya later!

    • 26.1 lunatic4kd

      The K2 is making me miss Scarlet Heart!

      • 26.1.1 Kendi


        • lunatic4kd

          Because The K2 is making Scarlet Heart look good. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed SH too but it fell apart so much it was hard to love it as a whole. Now I’m regretting criticizing it at all because K2 is now downright BAD in comparison. I just feel so sorry for the actors….*sigh*

    • 26.2 paramount

      lmao but if you made it this far… theres only 2 more episodes!

    • 26.3 Dean

      Let us not talk about Scarlet Heart because I can’t believe what they did to that ending.

      Subway must paid millions to have that, and it was effective given the reactions here. LOL. But seriously, production teams, TV networks, Cable networks, and actors have to give in to their sponsors because they did pay a lot.

      I really found that section fun. It was so unexpected and usually these are at a Cafe or at a Park or at an Island or at a Beach, etc and this one is at Subway LOL. I really love it.

      I actually want to get that white shirt, but to be fair, it was done after the operation and cleaning up the patient. And JCW looked really good in it that I want it.

    • 26.4 Imbuk

      This drama made me realize how despite their good looks, the character actors’ portray plays a big part in me becoming their fan. If this had been the first drama of Ji chang wook that I am watching, then I definitely wouldn’t start watching another drama just for him. Not that his acting is not good in this drama, its just that his character fails to impress me the way healer did. But, I ll probably start looking out for song yoo na’s projects after this drama. Would love to see her playing a flawed but inherently good person next time and living life like an ordinary person instead of an evil villainess. 😉

    • 26.5 Momoflag

      I gave up watching too. Only reading recaps and comments at this point. Such a waste of JCW’s talents. This writer! Wasted Joo Won and KTH, wasting JCW. I’d never seen Song Yoon Ah in a drama before and she is the only character worth watching in this show.

    • 26.6 tsinita

      omg yes! The white top remained white despite the emergency procedure! If that was in the ER they would have ripped it open. If they just did that in this episode that would have been my favorite scene since the shower scene in the earlier episodes.. but alas they failed me again.

  27. 27 En Car Nacion

    Seriously.. they could have said “This show is brought to you by SUBWAY!”

  28. 28 JessA

    The plot is virtually nonexistent but Yoo-jin is why I stick around. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who empathize with her. She is a deeply flawed character but I understand her. She has been striving for love her whole life. With her Dad. With Se-joon. And then she meets Je-ha with whom she feels a real connection to only to find out he doesn’t feel the same. But I get Je-ha too. He is a protector. His core beliefs don’t mesh with Yoo-jin’s at all. She will trample over anyone to achieve her goals and he is the type to save people. So I get why he can’t be friends with her even though that makes me sad for her. I really believe that Yoo-jin needs someone like Je-ha. Someone that will call her out on her BS and not give into her every whim. But I think she is into deep. She feels like she is the victim and she is only doing what she needs to do to avenge herself. And in a way she is a victim but in her quest for vengeance, she is making others victims just like her and that’s not right.

  29. 29 saranga

    that had to be the most RIDICULOUS subway PPL ever. i wonder how ji chang-wook and yoona felt filming that. it was pure advertisement, and a super cringey one at that—i mean, hell, all that for a SANDWICH. i think i’d have thrown a diva tantrum if i had to put my image on the line to film something like that.

    up till now all the subway PPLs in various dramas have just made me laugh or shake my head, but i swore like a pirate at this one. just how much money are they throwing at these production companies if it makes a writer insert such ridiculous stuff into dramas? an ice cream PPL would have felt more natural.

    whew. i think i was in a bad mood when i watched this episode. it’s funnier now, but at the same time i’m still frustrated.

    i want yoo-jin to win this war. i’d love to see her get JB Group and ruin se-joon’s dream of the presidency. actually, if i were her, i’d ruin his career and join forces with representative park. initially i thought being first lady was her dream, but it’s obviously JB group she wants to recover. though she’s the evil queen in the snow white story, in a way she’s also snow white. she’s the lost princess seeking to recover her kingdom, her birthright.

    and if she can’t have JB, then wouldn’t she rather see the group destroyed, rather than watch her hated stepmother + half brother in possession of something rightfully hers?

    • 29.1 lunatic4kd

      @saranga – your comments 1000%…I, too, was “swearing like a pirate”. The K2 almost squeaked by in a forgivable way but that Subway sequence was unforgivable —despite the wonderful fan service of making all of us laugh.

  30. 30 Sera The Ms Temper

    Subway shall consider to produce webdrama with 90% of its contents all about Subway. Maybe the heroine is a worker at Subway, and the hero is obsessed with Subway and eventually fall in love with heroine. Something like this. Their kissing scene also probably while eating subway though.

  31. 31 An

    Many of you here are talking about the Subway dream sequence but what I’ve been mostly bothered in this show is the flashbacks of eternity. Seriously! I feel so bad to the kviewers watching the tv coz they can’t even fast forward those flashbacks. I could cook a meal and finish eating my food and the flashbacks are still going on.

  32. 32 may2day

    It’s probably against popular opinion, but I’m going to defend Anna (the character, not Yoona, the actress- who, as a sidenote, I believe did a great job with her role).

    I keep reading comments on how Anna is weak and can’t do anything to defend herself, compared to Yoojin who’s such a strong, formidable character.

    The thing is, I don’t think Anna and Yoojin are fair to compare against each other. Anna and Yoojin are both female with crappy fathers, and had tragic pasts. That’s it. Similarities over.

    I want to remind everyone about the HUGE difference between the two characters.

    Yoojin was a chaebol’s daughter who gained an inheritance of money, status, prestige, and a company: JSS. All of this gave Yoojin automatic power. She doesn’t need to rely on anyone to help her because she already has the tools she needs to complete her agenda. She didn’t work for that either. She got those things the moment her father died, as her birthright. Money, people to do her bidding, and a company to hide behind… and yet people praise her for what? The fact that she has access to it and uses it mercilessly for her purposes? If you had all of that too, wouldn’t you? Using unlimited resources doesn’t necessarily make you a stronger character, it just means you’re a privileged one.

    Meanwhile, Anna has such few resourcss. She was a top model’s daughter who may have some sort of wealth, but generally not enough to do much good. That’s about it. Until Lafelt, she didn’t even have the reputation of Barcelona Angel. She was just a girl hidden away at a convent. We know she tried to run away MANY times from Yoojin’s guards, and have tried to defy their control as often she could, and yet she’s criticized for being a weak character? Why? Because compared to Yoojin who had 100X more in resources than Anna does, Anna has no backbone? But what can Anna even use that will magically allow her to stand on her own without help? She has no money, no influence, no company, no status…nothing. Yet she’s supposed to come up with something good against Yoojin, otherwise, she’s just a weak, spineless character?

    Here’s another difference to consider: their age. Yoojin is in her 40s and Anna in her 20s. In Korean culture where elders are meant to be respected above the younger, Anna already lost that battle. Examine any conversation between those two. Yoojin speaks to Anna condescendingly because she can. She treats Anna like a child, because she can. You know what would be a fairer comparison? An older Anna with unlimited resources, and Yoojin right now. If that older Anna had so much and still couldn’t protect herself Yoojin, then I’d agree with calling her weak. But the Anna we know right now IS younger, with few opportunities/tools to truly stand against Yoojin.

    To me, Anna did the best she could with what she had. I don’t see her as weak. If anything, I think she’s strong for making sacrifices for the people she loves, even…

    • 32.1 may2day

      …even promising to leave so she can protect them. Strength can be measured in so many ways, and it doesn’t always have to be so obviously in your face. Anna has a quiet, resilient strength that perseveres even after so much tragedy and conflict. So no, I definitely don’t agree that she’s weak.

    • 32.2 Emanresu

      Thank you so much for this comment.

      This is an extremely articulate take.

      +100 🙂

    • 32.3 Emanresu

      P.S. You know I’ve heard interviews with various film directors who when talking about another person’s film, reveal that they wish they had made that person’s film. They like it so much. This is how I feel regarding your comment. I wish I had made this comment lol.

      • 32.3.1 may2day

        Aww, thanks! I’m flattered you like my comment that much hehe.

        I’ve just been so frustrated when people mention how weak Anna is compared to Yoojin, as if somehow their characters can be examined from the same lens when they shouldn’t be. I’m relieved there’s others who agree with me about Anna!

        (P.S. You’re a Yoona fan, right? I’ve always liked SNSD since their debut, but never really liked one member more than the other. The K2 has made me a huge Yoona fan though, so add me to the list of people who support her!)

        • Emanresu

          “You’re a Yoona fan, right? […] The K2 has made me a huge Yoona fan though, so add me to the list of people who support her!”

          Welcome to her fan club!

          Yes, I’m quite the unabashed Yoona fanboy. 😉

          I know many rag on her, arguing that she’s not a great actress, not a good singer, etc. and don’t see what all the fuss it over.

          That fine. They’re entitled to that assessment. However, I think this view sells her short.

          Yoona’s fans don’t like her because she’s some ace actress or because she’s some phenomenal singer. They love her for the combination of virtues she represents (not only beautiful, but talented, charming, kind, etc.) If you dig deeper into interviews with her and her variety show appearances (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI6Omc-L2_U as one example), you’ll find her personality to be extremely endearing and intoxicating. She’s got a wonderful charm that wins a lot of people over.

          I could go on and on (and on and on…), but I’ll cut it short here. I know people don’t come to this board to hear plugs for idols. (Some are probably already groaning lol.)

          Anyway, I’m glad you like her and hope you’ll continue to support her.


    • 32.4 koreandramalover / kay


      Thank you for posting your insightful and accurate analysis of the character ‘Anna’! I love reading every word and I absolutely agree with everything you said! 😉

      • 32.4.1 may2day

        Phew, I’m glad! 😉 I thought no one was going to agree with me since so many have written Anna off as an inferior character.

        • lunatic4kd

          Yeah – and I think that Yoona, the idol/actress, is actually doing a great job with the character as written for her.

  33. 33 aranea

    This drama “jumped the shark”.

    • 33.1 Ram

      Correction, it “jumped the Subway!”

    • 33.2 Emanresu

      On October 30th, 2016 at 8:09 PM, @aranea said:

      “This show has ‘jumped the shark’.”

      On November 6th, 2016 at 11:39 AM, @aranea said:

      “This drama ‘jumped the shark’.”

      You just deja vu-ed the **** out of me! TWICE! ;D

      • 33.2.1 aranea

        This drama has several times set new standards for “shark jumping”.

      • 33.2.2 aranea

        @Emanresu do you know the origins and meaning of the phrase “jumped the shark”?

        • Growingbeautifully

          I found a nice explanation of ‘jumped the shark”


        • Emanresu

          “[D]o you know the origins and meaning of the phrase ‘jumped the shark’?”

          Happy Days. Yes.

          I just find it humorous that you chime in each episode with the same comment, offering no further commentary or elaboration.

          It makes me smile. (No really I’m actually smiling) 😀

          • Emanresu

            I’m starting to look forward to your comment each episode. It’s kinda becoming a highlight of comment participation.

            I can count on it.

            I need a little stability in my life.

          • aranea

            I find that post to be very cathartic. It helps me deal with the hot mess that K2 has become. Now that I know it helps someone else too, I feel even better. Since you are such a prolific poster at DB, you might appreciate the following information.

            DB HTML Tags
            b – <b>text</b> – text – bold tag
            i – <i>text</i> – text – italic tag
            q – <q>text</q> – text – short quote tag
            s – <s>text</s> – text – strikethrough tag

            blockquote – <blockquote>text</blockquote> – block quote tag


          • aranea

            What is most bothersome to me about this drama is if you are going to turn it into a hot mess, at least be original about it. The writer had the perfect vehicle for that Skynet Korea Mirror, an uber powerful AI computer. Just think what might happen if it ever became self-aware and saw people as a threat to its existence. All of humanity could be terminated!

          • Emanresu


            “Since you are such a prolific poster at DB”

            This is a polite way of telling me I talk too much. Yes?

            Also, thanks for the sweet HTML wisdom!

            Now all my comments can be both insufferable insightful and annoyingly loud aesthetically pleasing.

          • aranea

            The short quote inside the block quote, nice…

            Since your blog is also HTML based, these tags should work there also.

        • amy

          thankuu for those HTML tags…..i wanted to ask how u all do this for a long time. thankuuuuu so much.

          • aranea

            np 🤓

  34. 34 Tricia

    Besides all the things that others have already observed during this episode, has anyone not notice the change in Choi Yoo Jin’s outfit?

    She has always been in neutral colors but in the last part, she was wearing a celestial blue colored dress.
    Blue clothing colors indicate freshness, peace and loyalty. Wearing this color often wish to portray an air of mystery along with intense appeal and when you want show you are ‘in control’ while portraying calm, truth, confidence and security.

    • 34.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I noticed the change of colour too. 😉

    • 34.2 Sam

      I noticed it too. For me it resembles the last part between her and Je Ha. The coldness of him to her and the painfully heartrending lines she heard from none other than his own two lips.

  35. 35 SilentSquee



  36. 36 the-basketcase


    Is this show secretly a comedy because that was the hardest I’ve laughed in a year.

    Let’s just dream about Subway, and eat Subway sandwiches on a imaginary romantic picnic.

    Please bury me with a Subway sandwich.

    Make sure there’s a Subway logo on my grave.

    Honestly I’m just surprised that one of Je-ha’s tattoos isn’t the Subway logo.

    Now, we no longer have to worry about what will happen to us after we die. We know we’re ~~all~~ going to end up at Subway.

  37. 37 SadforYooJin


    “I’m sorry but love is a luxury that neither of us can afford”. </3


  38. 38 Growingbeautifully

    I’ve been thinking (and I believe others have said the same) that The K2 is a misnomer. It struck me how much better this would have been if entitled “The Woman Scorned: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Go One Evil-ler” and just concentrated on our anti-villainness, because as it is, the show is 50% or more about Yoo JIn already, whose wonderful rendition by Song Yoon Ah has made me care for her evil character so much.

    I believe it would have benefitted from taking a leaf from the 1% about Anything book ie from focussing and developing one main plot and character and forgetting the rest, at least, if it could not manage to develope them as well.

    The show would also not be so patchy if it just concentrated on being an action-suspense show focused on political intrigue. I find the battle-of-the-scheming brains quite entertaining and if the writer wrote nothing else well, at least the conspiracies and schemes, though sometimes laughable, were not boring.

    It would have been a compelling tale, given the depth that Song Yoon Ah has been able to engender in her character, to have got the full story of Yoo Jin: how she joined ’em and beat ’em and became worse than ’em. How she might have been different if her love had been returned and how she was scorned by father, step brother, husband and bodyguard.

    Until today, evil though she is, I still want to see her overturn all the guys who are arrayed against her, not just because she’s a woman and a worthy opponent, but because with her ability and brains, I really want to see her do one better than the men.

    I would want to watch ‘that’ show, just to see how Yoo Jin might either prevail or fail, be condemned or redeemed in a logical way, or even to die as long as it made sense.

    I will continue to watch and enjoy what I can of this show, while I bemoan what it could have been. All the best to the actors and crew. May they get a better vehicle for their talents after this.

    • 38.1 Sam


      Just sticking out to see how the writer wraps this drama up.
      ~sigh..On what could have been~~

  39. 39 Vodka kisses

    This episode just proved to me more that choi yoo Jin just want everything to herself. She wants JB group, JSS, the presidency, je ha & now Anna’s love as well. That scene between the two Yoona’s was the highlight for me, the way she was taken aback seeing Anna putting aside her hatred & pride & calling her “mom” just to see someone she loves was perfect. She seems so strong on the outside but she’s just an insecure woman who wants love as well. Can’t say I pity her character, I just don’t understand her….cause from the get go we got shown this woman who was vile & could do anything to get what she wants, we don’t know how she got to the place she is now.
    I know she had to fight her father, brother & stepmom & was raised in that hostile environment, & I guess that’s what differentiates her from Anna who had no social interactions & was raised with nuns half her life. I think that’s why yoo Jin says she sees herself in Anna cause once she was also helpless & wanted revenge on her own stepmom but had no way to do that,it would have been great if we got a background of how she got the power & altitude she has now.

    2 episodes to go, can’t wait to see what they have in store for us….still loving this drama to bits

  40. 40 Fi

    One day you will kiss the wrong person hello because you are eager not to feel alone. The kiss will be plastic and there will be no spark but you will stay anyway. A hand held remains warm for a while, even if there is no fire. You are tired of being cold. You will wake everyday wishing you could take it all back, but what’s done is done. Find comfort in the fact that there will be a time when you will leave the ‘wrong one’ for the right reasons.

    One day you will bleed from the pain caused by someone you care for. May the offense be little or large, your blood will spill the same way tears fall: slowly at first and then faster and faster until there is nothing left for you to offer. From the middle of the pool you will cry out, but no one will hear yourself but you. There you will sit until you learn to stand on your own two feet once more. When you stand again, you are stronger but not immune.

    ——————— YOO JIN ———————–

  41. 41 Phoenix

    A long time reader but a first time commenter here, so, hi all 🙂

    The show can be very stupid and inconsistent, but the cast keeps me tuned in every week (even Yoona) and I have to say that I actually enjoy the show so far, despite the very obvious flaws in practically every episode.

    That said, two things really bothered me in ep14.

    The first is the white shirt thing. I know it’s nitpicking, but I don’t care.
    Je-Ha was severely injured to the point of almost dying and a surgeon had to practically fight for his life in field conditions. And the first thing that the surgeon did after the hours long operation was over, was to dress him in a button down shirt? An ironed button down shirt! And changed his pants too, because why not. I didn’t notice if he had socks and shoes too, but I will not be happy if he did…

    The second thing that stood out to me was the end talk with Yoo-Jin. Especially the part about how she doesn’t know what pity is and how the people she’s hurting want to be happy too.
    Ehm, excuse me Mr. Mercenary, but really? Really?
    Didn’t we establish that he’s a wanted man for war crimes? That he committed for money? And that if not for that pesky ptsd he would probably still be doing that, pretty fiance or not?
    I was NOT impressed with Je-Ha in that scene..

    On a side note, the subway dream was really funny and it even makes sense if you’re looking at from the production point of view.
    I would take that over the Ramen scene any day.

    • 41.1 koreandramalover / kay


      NOT impressed with Je-Ha?

      Blame it on the tired and unimaginative writing.

      And directing too, come to think of it.

      • 41.1.1 faith

        isn’t this the same situation with joo won in Yongpal??

        he do ALL the hardwork in the beginning, then faded in the background + PPL that annoy the hell of people.

        • koreandramalover / kay


          Yup! You’re right! Looks like another Yongpal in the making…


          • faith

            but can we laugh at the irony of this two drama LOL

            usually kdrama writer will make the female lead faded in the background, but here we have two MALE LEAD from different drama , JOO WON and JI CHANG WOOK, which both of them doesn’t get proper sleep 6 days straight and too much action scene in the beginning sort of faded while the female lead have the confrontation.

          • koreandramalover / kay


            Yes you’re right! Haha!! Poor Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook!

            Maybe the writers just want to showcase WOMEN power??!! Haha!!

    • 41.2 Dean

      But Je Ha was framed for those murders. As we saw, he did not commit it and Korea used him as the escape goat.

      That is why he was betrayed by his own country and on the run.

      Also, he has killed people before and can’t do it again, because he has “learned his lesson” and is a changed man.

      That is the big difference. He knows what he did was wrong and to be frank, knows how it has affected people and trying to do good.

      Something that Yoo Jin is not. She still kills and betrays and has not learned a single thing. She will get what she wants, no matter if it kills people or not. She does not care.

      • 41.2.1 Phoenix

        That’s not what I got from the show so far.

        As I understood it, he was framed for ONE murder only and not ALL of them.
        Also he was a mercenary which means he wasn’t part of any official army and therefore couldn’t “betray his country”, at least not in the literal sense.

        As far as him being a “changed man who learned his lesson” and his ptsd-
        I’m not an expert but I think you can have ptsd in some form simply from being in a warzone. I mean, soldiers who were with the “good guys” get it and even the supporting (non fighting) staff are known to suffer from it.
        His ptsd doesn’t necessary indicate that it was from a moral crisis and I’d like to also point out that according to the (messy) timeline, he was still with the balckstone group even after he had ptsd, assumingly, taking a non fighting role (otherwise, his ptsd wouldn’t be on balckstone’s files).

        Again, not an expert, but “war crimes” doesn’t necessary indicate that there was a malicious intent in the murder of women and children. I don’t think the mercenaries were specifically hired to kill entire villages, but there could have been civilian causalities during some of their operations.
        So while he might have sympathy to people, that sympathy extends only towards people he personally knows and cares about, like the old people in the farm and Anna.

        Like I said before, I do enjoy the show and I’m willing to gloss over a lot for that, but there are other career paths with stronger moral ground the writers could have chosen that would have placed him in Iraq, in a similar position, that would have had the same result (betrayal, imprisonment etc.) but they didn’t.
        If they wanted to have a redeeming arc, they failed at delivering and any moral discussions and comparisons to Yoo-Jin are just annoying, especially since it’s so late in the season.

        • Dean

          What other murders are you talking about? It is only 1, so what are the others you ar etlaking about?

          Also, he is in an official gov’t work in Iraq given the many Korean politician involved in the undertaking (the current president, his son, Assemblyman Park, etc). Then after he was framed for murder that is how he was betrayed by his country.

          So his PTSD is more of an indication of his moral stands and how he is doing good given the horrors he faced, so he is a much better person than Yoo Jin (in terms of morals).

          But he does not know the people from the farm —– he just met them while he was on the road? That is extending his morals to people he DOES NOT know. Also the cleaning lady —- he just met her and in 1 min conversation, and decided to help her out. Again, a person he DOES NOT know.

          This is compared to Yoo Jin, he has NEVER met these people, and just want to kill them both because they were just there and need to make sure it is clean.

  42. 42 koreandramalover / kay

    It has happened.

    Song Yoon-ah is an awesome actress and she is really kicking ass in the role of Yoo Jin but there is only so much of :




    that a person can take before it becomes utterly, totally TIRING and REPETITIVE that it can DRIVE ONE UP THE WALL!!

    In fact, I am beginning to feel that ALL Yoo Jin is capable of emoting is hatred, disdain and happiness-knowing-someone-else-is-CRUSHED-from-her-never-ending-quest-to-crush-those-standing-in-her-way-to-the-Blue-House.

    And the only words that come out of her mouth are full of venom and spite, especially at someone who is her romantic competition for Je Ha’s attention.

    It has happened. Song Yoon-ah as Yoo Jin has made me feel that an outstanding actress can be brought down by the tired and unimaginative writing.

    She is a truly a great talent wasted.

    Another wasted talent – Ji Chang Wook.

    I just can’t shake off the ‘Healer’ vibes off him,
    especially whenever he starts panting and breathing heavily.
    SO MUCH like Healer!!

    Makes me want to marathon-watch Healer all over again.


    Utterly sad turn of events!

    • 42.1 jomo

      I agree.
      It would have been less noticeable with less filler scenes.
      It is too bad the writers couldn’t make this a shorter series.

      I also don’t like the sickly sweet voice she does when she threatens. I gotta say, the condescension would rile me up more than anything. The way she treats her husband, I cannot see how she could survive his retaliatory wrath if he ever gains the upper hand. I mean, if he wins the election, does she still have power? Could he have her locked up?

      I keep picturing Kim Hee-ae in the role. She is a lot scarier with her tight control over her facial expressions.

      • 42.1.1 koreandramalover / kay


        You’re right! Her voice really grates of my nerves too!!
        Each time she attacked Anna, she will deliberately draaaag her voice out to enunciate her words that sound so sickly and vomit-inducing to me!! Uurrrrggghh!!!

        And I agree with your questions too. What exactly will she gain from being the wife of a President if her husband wins?
        She will only be the First Lady, right?

        And what CAN her husband do to her if he does become the President?

        It would be different if she herself becomes the President.

        I’ve not watched Kim Hee-Ae before so I can’t compare her with Song Yoon-ah but Song Yoon-ah’s acting here really makes my blood run cold…

  43. 43 kyle

    I have to compliment Yoona in this weeks episode. Her acting was really amazing, she made me teary eyes. Even if Anna lacks a lot from a writing perspective, Yoona still made her somehow likable and made me side with her against my Queen YooJin.

  44. 44 jesicca

    Let me see….oh,ok…what I want to ask is what anna does to make she doesn’t deserve HAPPINESS,which mean why she doesn’t deserve JEHA??? I know! Becuz she was kept hidden at Spain by her NICEST stepmother,she was abandon by her father who really care about her that he SEE her everyday…and the fact she was a CHILD when she give her mom the sleeping medicine,and that she was USE by her uncle for his own benefit that’s a very nice uncle to do…and of course that she willingly LEAVE korea,for everyone sakes!!! Yes that’s what make she doesn’t deserve happiness!!! Well that just mean,cold hearted,selfish and cruel for all of you to say and comment about anna character. What did yoo jin do to deserve jeha(happiness)???!!!! Even though she was hurt doesn’t mean that she has the right to punish them!!! All she want was her own happiness,like she’s the only one who has a HEART,i love her character and the actress who play this role,but I just can’t see what make she deserve jeha??? and hell to you to told jeha to said thank you to yoo jin for saving his life,nu…huh,i don’t think so! jeha already save her sorry ass then why she couldn’t atleast give je ha happiness by being with anna.But no!she keep jeha for her own.So why the heck she deserve jeha??? plez tell me why? then I will atleast let go my fantasy of anna and jeha being together,if jeha/yoo jin seem fit,by telling me the reason.Don’t tell me becuz the actor and actress chemistry,i won’t argue that,but their characters!!! plez give me a good answer! really I am desperate to know the answer since their to many haters for anna/jeha ship!

    • 44.1 cbintoye2

      She shouldn’t have left BCN in the first place. Perhaps her life would be less complicated and with her beauty she can meet someone like Jeha or even better, and be happy. Her unhappiness is self inflicted, wallowing in self pity that she was abandoned and not loved, guilt over the death of her mother like an extended long playing record. sometimes you need to channel your energy to more positive things despite of these unfortunate incidents. in other words, one should just find his/her own heaven regardless of the situation. she is the best person who can help herself but drama portrayed her as weak and conveniently it takes a jeha to overcome these struggles. in my eyes regardless of what others argue and say that she is actually strong, she still is your damsel in distress. what would be a better story if she on her own terms overcome all the negativity that has beset her but instead she would cry, emote and run … but hey this is kdrama.

  45. 45 K2viewer

    I now understand the lyrics form the OST part 1. This is obviously Choi Yoo Jin’s (also referring to the 1st OST album cover)

    My heart aches, I can’t breathe
    I can’t touch you, who has gotten colder
    No matter how much I try to reach you
    You get farther away again
    I’m spending my days in tears
    Just blankly looking at you from behind
    Everyday Everyday

    You always stayed by my side
    You are always in my heart
    I guess I was trapping you
    Back then
    I was only hoping
    From your lips
    The words you spit out
    Became thorns, making me tear
    From the sight of your turned back

    My heart aches, I can’t breathe
    I can’t touch you, who has gotten colder
    No matter how much I try to reach you
    You get farther away again
    I’m spending my days in tears
    Just blankly looking at you from behind
    Everyday Everyday

    You have no answer
    In the disappearing memories
    I tried to hold onto you
    You became thorns, making me tear
    From the sight of your turned back

    My heart aches, I can’t breathe
    I can’t touch you, who has gotten colder
    No matter how much I try to reach you
    You get farther away again
    I’m spending my days in tears
    Just blankly looking at you from behind
    Everyday Everyday

    You still remain so much in my heart
    I cried for a while and fell asleep
    You will erase me
    I will resent you
    Because I can’t touch you anymore

    My heart aches, I can’t breathe
    I can’t touch you, who has gotten colder
    No matter how much I try to reach you
    You get farther away again
    I’m spending my days in tears
    Just blankly looking at you from behind
    Everyday Everyday

  46. 46 Ippolitois

    Well, I thought I’d chime it. I’ve been watching K Dramas for a few years now, so I might still be a rockie at this.

    I find that the plot of K2 is rather linear and as expected a new twist is always added to make things interesting. Yongpal was like that and that’s what made it so interesting. Sure there are holes in the story and sometimes unbelievable twists, but I guess it moves the story along. That’s no different than in K2. We start out with a paid mercenary in Iraq, then in Spain and ends up in Korea where he meets the heroine of our show. What’s important to remember is that Je Ha is a paid mercenary and one on the run for his crimes.

    I think what’s missing in this discussion isn’t so much the quality of writing which I thonk is good but the lopsided quality of acting. When you see CYJ and Anna together, you can see who the actor is and who the idol is. What frustrates me the most is that you have a well trained and highly skilled actress up against someone who still needs to learn the craft. It’s so plain to see. I think that’s why she relegated to crying and pouting scenes only with minimal lines to remember. I think if Yoona had more lines and required to act more, we would be discussing her more than Song Yoon Ah.

    My feeling about this K Drama is that this is the story of CYJ. The only thing that I wish could be fleshed out more is her character. I would love to know what turned this woman into the person she is. On a personal note, she is one on the most beautiful Korean actresses today. Not for her sheer beauty for for an intangible quality that is hard to describe.

    In the west, we laugh when we see an Apple logo or a can of Coke in a scene. I couldn’t believe that you’re allowed to insert a commercial in an episode! That was absolute brilliance. Kudos to Subway for the guts to do it.

    As for the Je Ha betrayal scene, I found that to be the most interesting moment so far. Here’s a guy who is a paid mercenary running from Interpol, the Korean government, and who knows what else, who has probably committed untold moral crimes, chastising another flawed evil doer. That was too much even for me. Here’s a guy that flies around the world seeking revenge scolding someone looking for the same. I LMAO at the irony. When did he just become the good, righteous guy?

    This is a crime /political show. They should have eliminated the love story and focused on the main purpose. The Anna and Je Ha chemistry doesn’t exist. (It was better in the Subway ad though with th e dreamy lighting) Compared to some other dramas, it fizzled at the outset. The real chemistry is between CYJ and Je Ha. It’s complicated, tense and nuanced. I think because they are good actors that can pull it off.

    • 46.1 Sam

      Well, I couldn’t agree to you more. Maybe we can ready ourselves with our ‘what if endings’ during the time waiting for the final pair of Episodes.

    • 46.2 zee

      about JH being a nice and righteous guy..well he never was one , in fact his ability to deal with all these evil people even PKS whom he hates and despises to death, and still laughing in their faces, is a proof of him being immune to evil, and when u’re immune to something it means u’ve actually got a little to much of that in yourself, even his friendship with YJ came at the same basis, they both knew they were not innocent..but, a big but is when u decide to change in favor of the good in your nature, the decision in itself does a lot of good to your conscience, we saw how JH resents his past and is living with guilty nightmares, not the same with YJ, she’s never given us an implication of feeling guilty over sth, or as JH points out feeling the pain of others as much as u feel yours, JH was probably the same once but he’s decided to change for the better now, it doesn’t seem to be the same for YJ though, who is not willing to stop at any point..hence, the confrontation about their ultimate different paths

      • 46.2.1 Dean

        Well said.

        I was going to reply with something of this.

        That is the BIG difference between Je ha and Yoo Jin (as well as Yoo Jin kills for her benefit and if anyone gets in her goal and power, no matter who that person it ——— she was willing to kill a old couple in a farm when they knew nothing and just helped Je ha. That is really just EVIL.

        The old couple doesn’t even know who Yoo Jin is and was helping a stranger find his way, but she does not care, and needs to kill them because they meet Je ha.

    • 46.3 Tesshan

      Are we sure JH really did unspeakable things while in Iraq?Ok he was not there for the museums or else but I do not think he killed civilians like YJ told Anna. Yes, he was a mercenary, but most of these private military contractors sent in those locations take over the role of security personnel or bodyguard duties in hostile locations. In this case he was doing it for some company (probably a subsidiary of JB Group?) that had ties to Korea.

      • 46.3.1 Ippolitois

        As a paid mercenary, I think you could assume that he had no time for museums too! I think he worked for Blackstone which apparently doesn’t have a humanitarian bias, and Iraq isn’t a holiday destination for most. I’m sure that any paid mercenary must have his share of dark stories that they lived through. If he didn’t do any nasty stuff, why does he have PTSD? We just don’t know enough of his doings or past to make any judgment on him. CYJ is more a Lady Macbeth figure, yet we don’t know enough about her either to pass judgment, other than she knows how to be nasty in order to survive. She’s surround by a lot of nasty people too by the looks of it and she knows how to play ball with them.

        I wonder sometimes if they write the scripts as they go along. It feels like that. I assumed that all 16 episodes are written and the show is cast in stone, but I’m beginning to sense that they are not. It feels that the writing is fluid and ever changing. If the story was written all at the same time, they would be able to fill in all the holes and make the storyline more cohesive.

        The one thing that is undeniable is the level of acting skills in these dramas. That’s one thing about K Dramas that surprises me. You pit seasoned actors with rockies and expect a certain outcome. Then you become disappointed when the outcome doesn’t happen. In this case, you place a young, fairly inexperience actress in a coveted supporting roll, in a highly anticipated show, and expect her to shine. In some ways it’s really unfair to her with those expectations. The lead male actor is a good actor but not in the same league as SYA, but he’s one of the more competent ones I’ve seen. He’s no Jang Hyuk.

        • Tesshan

          I agree about the PTSD thing. No idea why he suffers from it. He did not kill Raniya so having PTSD from that makes no sense.

          • Dean

            He felt responsible for Raniya because he helped her get a got with them, and now because she is with them, she died.

    • 46.4 missjb

      I’m not a fan of Yoona, And she is showing her limit in many scene, But NOT when acting alongside Song Yoon Ah. In fact, I don’t know if this is Yoon Ah effect. But She is suddendly can emote when acting alongside her! Look at carefully everytime Yoona act alongside YA, it’s sooo electric and so much chemistry. The way Anna look at Yoo Jin, full of hate and pain the emotion is real that I wonder if Yoona herself really hate her for real haha

      • 46.4.1 Ippolitois

        You might be on to something. I never though that the pouting, squinting, vacant look was anger. I guess when I’m really mad, I really show it. Too much Latin blood in me. I should try the vacant look and see if that works.

        • Ippolitois

          Just to be fare to Yoona, I’m not sure how much direction she’s given and if it’s intentional for her to act that way. Some directors have a vision of the character and maybe she’s portraying it to his or her liking. Someone as inexperienced as her must reply on the direction she’s given and the support of the talent around her to bring out the best in her.

        • missjb

          Then let’s agree to disagree

          • cbintoye2

            I like yoona better as an idol. perhaps she should stick to it or sign-up for less challenging roles. i watched two outs into the ninth inning, love rain and prime minister and i and it was okay but k2 is too big of a role for her imo and perhaps regardless of who plays the role, … problem is for these kinds of roles, you need to connect with the viewers and make them empathize with you … sadly it didn’t do that to me. if a child portrayed this role, i will be moved. also on another topic but related to Anna character, i still am not clear what kind of abuse Anna got from the convent. is this just a perception from the viewers? how can a child be abused in a first world country convent. if at all it may be a safer place for her since her dad is in politics and bottom line is her presence in sk would be detrimental to her dad’s candidacy. she was raised by nuns, did the nuns hit her, maltreated her, was she deprived of food, education, was she subjected to child labor? it is common among rich families send their children to boarding school (even royal families do this) and are well adjusted. unfortunately, her life in the convent was not well articulated in the story. what i saw is a recluse who ran away from the convent at the beginning of the story.

    • 46.5 Ane


      Yoona’s acting is really distracting me. Anna is a weakly written character, but who does not in this show? We have not been given any back stories for any of the characters. Only Anna looks the weakest, probably because of acting. She is just either pouting or smiling as if she is not in this dark drama. No nuances, no hidden emotions in her acting. And yes, Je-Ha is no innocent to talk YJ like that. He cannot kill now means that he DID killed in the past, he just stopped it because of a sort of ptds.

  47. 47 Rigby

    Of all the JCW dramas that I have watched ( and I mean I have seen all of them already minus Hero), this is the most exhausting to watch! I dont know maybe because of the various and mixed up receptions that this drama is getting from viewers! Anyway, I really just wanted to see the end of this…I wanted this to wrap up neatly (I still have my big hope), so the JCW can now move on to his next project and forget everything that has happened in this drama real quick.

    But if there’s a positive result on JCW’s career brought about by this drama, it is I guess his popularity rising high now especially in SK and not just in other neighboring Asian countries!

    • 47.1 kanz

      Bachelor’s Vegetable Store takes the crown for me as the most exhaustive JCW’s show.
      He was literally in tears in every freaking episode! And what can I do? I cried with him too so that was really exhaustive. Not to mention the MIL from hell and very bad storytelling.
      The K2 is definitely better than the show.. although I should be grateful since BVS was the one that introduce me to JCW. <3

    • 47.2 Dean

      I discovered JCW through this show and he is a really great actor.

      • 47.2.1 Dean

        Posted quickly. Sorry.

        He acts wholeheartedly, meaning I feel it through every part of him. His eyes is a very powerful feature that he does so well.

        I don’t even need him to speak because his eyes says it all already. I can just understand him.

    • 47.3 mary_of_bethany

      hmmm… Wooks dramas?
      i watched all his dramas, minus the China productions. (yes, even when he played a antagonist in Five Fingers. i guess the Drama that allow people to take notices of him should be Empress Ki, but the One that propel him to international stardom and garner shippers to ship him from four continents, should the Healer, where he has the best chemistry with a co-lead, and he sizzles on screen even without any actual skinship or touching…. and his handholding was Daebak… provides more feels than his kissing scenes with other OTP in other dramas.
      i suggest you gals should try watching Healer, if haven’t .

  48. 48 Tesshan

    Subway’s product placement is getting scary. Since when is it so prominent? What happened to subtle product placement? wow…
    The subway logo in nearly every scene kind of ruined the idyllic moment. Poor JH and his idea of paradise…going to subway…

    I am starting to wonder why the USB is so damn important at this point. Magic Mirror managed to find all the links between most of the big players so why is the USB so necessary? Can we also briefly speak about the scene where JSS is trying not to attract attention while 12 people look for a USB but non of them thinks of actually digging around a bit? lol

    I still hope the Chief did something after his conversation with the JSS boss. I really hope he told the Secretary about his doubts and suspicions so that instead of getting to Cloud 9 he and uncle end up in the parking lot.

  49. 49 koreandramalover / kay

    It is not the characters’ in this drama that is tragic.

    It is the drama itself.

    It is SUCH a tragedy when a drama has a string of A-list actors (male and female) acting in it but they are reduced to becoming caricatures.

    What a tragedy!

    A Shakespearean tragedy!

    • 49.1 koreandramalover / kay

      Typo : It is not the characters’ LIVES in this drama that is tragic.

    • 49.2 cmoirae2

      Agree. Such a waste of talents of Ji Chang Wook and great veteran actors like Song Yoon Ah, Kim Kap Soo, Jo Sung Ha, Lee Jung Jin.

  50. 50 Kendi

    Why stop at dream sequence? Make the Subway sandwich as the iconic forbidden apple that sends Yoona character into a coma or something.

    Wait…now I just realize that doesnt sound like a great idea at all. Nevermind then.

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