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The K2: Episode 15
by | November 12, 2016 | 134 Comments

It’s a race against the clock in this penultimate episode when the threat of death and destruction looms over those Je-ha feels compelled to protect and those who simply wish to save themselves. Trusting in power and authority can only get our characters so far, because they’ll soon learn that everyone is powerless when time is ticking away.


Sung-won ventures down to the Cloud Nine sublevel thanks to CEO Gook while Representative Park’s men corral the JSS agents. He marvels at the surroundings, and suffice it to say, Yoo-jin is not happy to see them.

She orders her computer to close the doors which creates a soundproof glass barrier between them. Upon hearing Je-ha point out the explosives they’ve brought, she turns off the soundproofing to greet her unwelcomed guests.

Eager to show off the bomb, Sung-won cackles while he inputs the sequence with a covered hand. He figures two hours should be enough for them to talk and makes himself comfortable.

Yoo-jin is miffed when Je-ha turns on the soundproofing to ask where Anna is. He’s told Anna is on her way to see Lafelt, and then the soundproofing is dropped right before Representative Park calls.

Greeting everyone with a hearty laugh, Representative Park points out that his knight has captured the queen. “So you sent him in to kill me?” Yoo-jin returns airily. The politician hasn’t forgotten how he nearly died when she came after him, and he has only one demand: the USB.

Sung-won chimes in that he just wants Cloud Nine, and so once again Je-ha mutes everyone else. He suggests that Yoo-jin honestly tell them that she doesn’t have the USB, and they’ll go after Representative Park. Again.

So they go through with that play when Yoo-jin unmutes the system and tells the politician that the USB isn’t in her possession. CEO Gook confirms it and directs them to Je-ha, who tells Representative Park that it was all Burn Mark’s fault the memory drive isn’t in the politician’s hands yet.

Representative Park declares that Je-ha has been working for him this entire time, which leaves CEO Gook in shock while Sung-won is simply amused. Although Yoo-jin calls Je-ha a traitor, she asks telepathically what he plans to do now. He responds in his head: “I’ll have to go catch Park Kwan-soo.”

Je-ha continues to act like a mercenary when he’s asked to fetch the USB, as Representative Park promises to pay him and give him a bonus for his services. With that, he leaves the siblings to chat.

Before Je-ha leaves, he and Yoo-jin turn their backs on Sung-won to have one final soundproof chat. When she worries about his weakened state, he tells her that he won’t come back to Cloud Nine. He advises that Yoo-jin do the same and leave this part of her life because she’ll likely be happier without it.

“I can’t leave Mirror behind,” Yoo-jin replies. “Because Mirror… is me.” He understands that this computer is a manifestation of her extensive power, to which Yoo-jin says that very understanding is why she gave him access to Mirror.

Sung-won is a man who has everything and yet goes to great lengths to have Cloud Nine for himself, Yoo-jin notes. Bringing her hand up to her chest, she adds, “But… this is already yours.”

Turning to her, Je-ha explains that anyone who experiences a taste of Mirror’s powers will have a voracious greed for Cloud Nine. The same applies for Yoo-jin, the ruling witch of this domain, so he tells her to leave this place while he takes out Sung-won and Representative Park.

Before he walks through those doors, Yoo-jin wistfully adds that they should have crossed paths at a better time and place. “Take care,” she says while thinking back to everything they’ve been through together.

Je-ha calls upon the computer to close the doors behind him when he leaves. Yoo-jin fights tears as he walks out, leaving her to deal with Sung-won.

Over at the airport, Anna shares an emotional farewell with her housekeeper and two bodyguards. Secretary Kim is there to see her off again, though Anna notes her father isn’t here again. When Anna asks her to look after Je-ha, she reminds her that she tried to kill the lovebirds. “I haven’t forgotten,” Anna answers. “But going forward, I’ll try to forget that.”

Yoo-jin checks that Je-ha has left before turning her attention back to Sung-won. She orders her computer to lock all the doors and shut down the cell reception, but she’s somehow able to connect this current video feed to Secretary Kim’s phone.

Irate, Secretary Kim orders more men to the JSS headquarters. Now Yoo-jin taunts wryly, “Shall we begin the game now?”

She starts off by having Mirror track down CEO Gook’s grandchildren in the States and deploying men to off them in an hour’s time. She temporarily calls off the hit when CEO Gook falls to his knees and begs, and isn’t sympathetic to the idea that the man betrayed her because he didn’t want to see the JB Group children bicker.

CEO Gook pleads for another chance, citing that he acted on the late chairman’s orders to clean up Um Hye-rin’s death. That’s news to Sung-won, and Yoo-jin grits out that’s why CEO Gook was rewarded by eventually becoming the head of JSS.

She does, however, agree to take his life in exchange for his grandchildren. She picks up on his initial reluctance, but CEO Gook agrees, much to Sung-won’s surprise. CEO Gook thanks Yoo-jin, swears to repay this debt in hell, swipes a gun from an agent’s holster, and shoots his own temple.

Yoo-jin smiles as she tells Sung-won that this is how you deal with Cloud Nine members. But he shouldn’t be so elated because she’s coming for him next. Then she immediately tells the other agents that whoever shoots Sung-won first will reap a great monetary reward.

When one agent turns his gun on Sung-won, Yoo-jin offers the same amount to everyone, and now Sung-won has three guns pointed at him. Sung-won tells them that he’s far wealthier than Yoo-jin and reminds her that he’s the only one who can defuse this bomb. Furthermore, the bomb has a GPS sensor so it’ll go off anyway should he choose to walk right out of here.

So Yoo-jin calls off the hit, though she’s inclined to think Sung-won will die tonight anyway. They dismiss everyone (including CEO Gook’s corpse) so that they can chat.

Yoo-jin acknowledges that Sung-won has put a great deal of thought into this plan, but soon those men will turn their guns on him to defuse the bomb, and they’ll need her to reactivate the elevators. That is, once those men off him of course.

Sung-won has no escape, Yoo-jin says as the camera turns to the timer on the bomb: D-87 minutes.

Meanwhile, Je-ha and Burn Mark head back to the hospital parking lot where Je-ha retrieves the USB. Burn Mark punches him in his injured side and calls Representative Park, who orders him to shoot him.

Just as Burn Mark readies his gun, he’s shot down… by Chief Joo, whom Je-ha asked to be sent waiting there. Representative Park stammers nervously when Je-ha picks up the phone and asks where to bring the USB now.

After agreeing to meet with Representative Park in his panic room, Je-ha climbs into the car with Se-joon, who is glad to hear that he’s secured the USB. He advises Je-ha go get treated, but Je-ha refuses to go to the hospital and to hand over the USB to Se-joon—Sung-won is keeping Cloud Nine hostage with a bomb, so they must expose the USB contents to the world.

Chief Joo argues that doing so will mean the end to Se-joon’s political career—he knows that they need to stop Representative Park and Sung-won, but going public now will only further complicated matters.

But Je-ha retorts that if they don’t act now either Sung-won will acquire Cloud Nine or Yoo-jin could die while being held hostage. Je-ha has no patience for Chief Joo’s concern for “the greater good” because that’s the same excuse he used against Je-ha in their army days.

When Se-joon sides with Chief Joo, Je-ha throws back: “What about Um Hye-rin? And Anna?”

Je-ha resolves to do it himself then, and doesn’t bat an eyelash when Chief Joo raises a gun at him. He remembers how Chief Joo told him that JSS wasn’t a group to be trifled with, but now the man would throw his last shreds of his morality for these people.

“What about you then?” Chief Joo counters. As he knows it, Je-ha is on the run for killing Iraqi civilians after being jettisoned from Blackstone.

Chief Joo has got it both right and wrong, Je-ha says—he was a former mercenary and cast aside by his home country, but he didn’t kill any innocent lives. And the reason he’s on the run is because Blackstone found out that he’d be testifying against them.

Je-ha grows frustrated when Se-joon says he’ll be nothing more than a scarecrow without that USB: “You have to be a father to Anna now!” Fed up, Je-ha slams down the USB, explaining how his original plan was to save Anna from Yoo-jin’s grasp and kill Representative Park.

He’s off to kill Representative Park now, and then ignores Chief Joo’s protests about whether or not he plans to blow himself up too with the C-4 explosives in the back of the van.

It’s D-79 minutes down in the Cloud Nine sublevel, and Yoo-jin laughs when Sung-won whines about using Mirror together. He tries appealing to sympathy, remarking on how much he always envied her courage.

She wasn’t illegitimate like he is, and when everyone thought she’d take over the company, she married for love whereas he agreed to an arranged marriage. He adds in a sigh for good measure, and when Yoo-jin says she would’ve fallen for that lie if she was slightly more gullible, he bursts out laughing.

He chuckles that Yoo-jin sure is clever, and wonders if it’s true that their father had CEO Gook cover up the fact that Yoo-jin killed Anna’s mother. “What would you know?” she sneers.

Sung-won opts for a different angle: he’ll give Yoo-jin half of his shares in JB Group if they can both use Mirror. Then when he takes Jinhan Group, he gives her JB Group. O how gracious of you.

But Yoo-jin wonders if he’s feeling the time crunch because she’s certain he didn’t plan on dying in this sublevel when he brought those explosives in. Plus, there’s no need for her to strike a deal with him when he has no choice but to defuse that bomb.

He’s better off disabling that bomb and leaving the premises with it, she chides. If he does that, she won’t kill him.

She accepts a call from Se-joon and laughs when he comments that the bomb must’ve not gone off yet. Sung-won is surprised when he and Yoo-jin learn that Se-joon is now in possession of the USB.

Hearing that Je-ha insisted upon Se-joon to expose the USB in order to save her, Yoo-jin lets that idea settle in, then tells her husband not to reveal the contents. He has no need to worry about Sung-won, who’ll likely deactivate the bomb before then.

She believes it’ll be more believable if Se-joon calls Sung-won’s father-in-law and Representative Park with the threat of the USB. Impressed, Se-joon lets out a hearty chuckle.

She asks after Je-ha and nearly asks where he is before refraining from finishing that inquiry. She then turns to Sung-won and points out that his ally Representative Park is done for. Should she take all of JB Group and start over instead?

So Se-joon calls Sung-won’s father-in-law who then calls Representative Park about the current whereabouts of the USB. Representative Park believes Je-ha has been acting as a double agent, then suddenly remembers that Anna is Se-joon’s daughter.

He sends his men to his hideout and vows to bury them all tonight, whether that’s Se-joon or Je-ha or anyone else.

Anna looks at a photo of Je-ha before being asked to turn off her phone for takeoff. As she wipes away her tears, Je-ha pulls to the side of the road and tries calling to no avail. Before the plane takes off, however, a police officer approaches to collect her.

D-60 minutes. The van drives into Representative Park’s hideout, and Je-ha appears from behind to take down a few bodyguards. Not only does he have a gun, but he’s also wearing some C-4, but that doesn’t stop the bodyguards from targeting him.

He holds one guard at gunpoint, but then the guard whirls around with a knife. Je-ha goes for the counterattack then disarms him. He then keeps the gun trained on the guard until they reach Representative Park’s panic room and instructs the man to place the C-4 on the door.

The door busts open, but Representative Park is nowhere to be found. He’s told that Representative Park got hold of Anna just before her plane took off, and the only way to get her back is to give the politician the USB.

Je-ha shoots the ceiling then points the gun back at the guard while stepping on his injured leg demanding to know where Anna is now. Next thing we know, he’s using the guard as a human shield and throws him to the other guards before spinning and taking one down with a bullet.

He takes a few more shots behind a desk before grasping his bleeding side. He inserts another clip then slides the gun across the room. He takes out another gun from his coat pocket and slides on the floor to catch the other gun and use both to take down two guards from both sides.

He calls Mi-ran from the car, filling her in about how Representative Park has kidnapped Anna. While Mi-ran checks with the airport, Representative Park gets in contact with Se-joon via video call.

Se-joon is all smiles until he sees Anna bound and gagged. Representative Park offers to exchange her life for the USB and suggests they all head down to the Cloud Nine sublevel to discuss matters there. Because that’s where the party is?

He reminds Se-joon that the data on that USB cannot be copied, and he’ll be sure to check that it’s genuine once they meet. He instructs his secretary to send Anna along to the JSS headquarters first. D-48 minutes.

Upon hearing that Representative Park really did kidnap Anna, Je-ha screams in frustration and slams on the accelerator. He’s still in pain and sweating bullets by the time he arrives at the construction site where the workers immediately attack him with tools and supplies.

His gun gets knocked out of the way, so Je-ha gets a few punches and kicks in before one worker hits him on the head with a piece of wood and another kicks him down.

Bleeding, Je-ha struggles to his feet and grabs a piece of wood from a lit barrel. He swipes the burning stick at them, using it like a sword to strike their backs and legs. He runs inside where more workers greet him with punches and metal pipes.

When one worker grabs him, Je-ha uses the momentum to swing his legs to take down a worker with a flying kick. He whirls away to avoid a few attacks and pulls himself back as a worker strangles him with wood and another wields a sledgehammer.

He escapes that hold, only to sustain more injury. He charges when one worker attacks with a metal pipe, then steals it to take down some more workers before delivering one final helmet-cracking blow.

He can hear Anna’s struggles in the distance and spots her being stuffed into a car. He gets past the pair of wood-wielding workers and locks eyes with Anna in the car.

Remembering Anna’s cries from when she was held in a car in Spain, Je-ha starts running and barely grabs hold of the car. More of Representative Park’s men appear in the company of the politician’s secretary, who screams at them to kill Je-ha.

One by one they draw near, and Je-ha uses a knife to swipe and stab any necessary body parts. He forsakes the last agent to face Representative Park’s secretary. D-44 minutes.

Meanwhile, there’s a knock at the JSS office—it’s Master Song who has stayed hidden during this takedown. He takes out one guard by poking him in the eyes and goes right for the family jewels of another guard.

He works quickly to release the other JSS agents, and the group head to another room in those outfits to save Team Leader Seo. They use those disguises to casually walk up to the men holding Anna hostage and take them out in the JSS lobby.

Anna finally breathes easy once she sees Master Song, who leads Anna to a stairwell before heading back to help out with the ensuing brawl. Anna runs to the parking lot just as Representative Park’s men come looking for her with flashlights.

She lets out a shriek when she sees headlights up ahead, and then someone grabs her from behind. It’s Master Song, and his hand over her mouth brings up another memory of the night her mother died… of Master Song wielding a flashlight and covering up her mouth. Oh.

As the image sinks in, she asks, “It was… you, Master Song?” He’s confused at first, so Anna asks him if she was the shadow in her mother’s room that night. He stammers a response, but Anna draws back.

A bloody Je-ha walks up to Representative Park’s frightened secretary, who tells him that he needs to hurry over to Cloud Nine. He tells the secretary to drive, but when the latter says they can’t, he asks why.

Je-ha raises the knife when the secretary doesn’t reply right away, and the secretary yells, “The bomb! The bomb will go off soon!”

He says they can just defuse it, but the secretary returns that there’s something Sung-won doesn’t know: the bomb cannot be defused once it’s been activated. Well, crap.

Je-ha screams in frustration as the camera hones in on the timer: D-38 minutes.


And so the countdown continues. Even though there’s supposed to be a sense of looming doom and dread surrounding this bomb, I oddly don’t feel the same desperate threat of death as some of our characters do. If I take a minute to think about why that is, I’d have to point to my perception of time as a viewer in this penultimate episode.

At first I thought two hours would be barely enough time for Je-ha to retrieve the USB, encounter some trouble and make it back to the JSS headquarters to negotiate for Yoo-jin’s life (and now Anna’s it seems). But given how eventful this episode was with everyone traveling across town so speedily, it makes me wonder that in spite of Je-ha’s frustrated roars, he’ll have more than enough time to get everything done.

Whenever I felt that a good chunk of time must’ve passed, the occasional check-in would remind us that whatever happened only shaved fifteen or so minutes. Here’s where I feel seeing the clock running on the bottom of the screen would’ve helped pack in the suspense and drive in the idea that time is supposed to be working against Je-ha. Because with about 38 minutes left on the clock, no one except Yoo-jin and Sung-won are keeping a keen eye on that bomb.

But we’ll move on to the lives at stake because Representative Park’s plan is to pack everyone in the Cloud Nine sublevel like a pack of sardines. Little does he know that Anna isn’t part of the party he’s set up, and I honestly don’t think he’s thought about his plan backfiring on him in the sense of Je-ha calling Yoo-jin (because she can somehow get cell reception through Mirror) and Sung-won betraying him so that everyone can live to see another day. And if Se-joon is headed to Cloud Nine, is Representative Park banking on the assumption that the USB will be destroyed once the bomb blows?

We can’t let this episode pass without Anna’s most recent revelation about her mother’s death. Even though we’re in finale week and have little room pacing-wise to doubt the truth, Anna’s memory has triggered false positives in the past. Much like the other times, this memory is brief and we’ve yet to hear Master Song’s defense. So until we get our ducks in the row, I’m inclined that we still won’t get to the bottom of Anna’s mother’s death until the bitter end.

As of this moment, I feel much like Yoo-jin, who sees through Sung-won’s tricks and waiting for someone else to crack first. Even after Je-ha ripped into her, he was mollified to hear that at least Anna was safe (at the time), and on a basic hero level, worried about Yoo-jin dying within herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if placing the hand on her chest and calling it his had layered meaning about giving him Mirror, herself, and her heart, and now that she’s said her farewell, the queen must keep her sense of attachment to him in check.


134 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. clinton carter

    That bomb/mirror sub-plot is one of the most riduculous/unbelievable planning I have ever witnessed in a kdrama.

    This show is just riduculous. Style over substance

    • 1.1 kae


    • 1.2 Sojuboy

      This show is pure comicbook.

      • 1.2.1 aimi


      • 1.2.2 aranea

        Please do not so blatantly insult comic books!

        • Sojuboy

          Go back on your med.

          • clinton carter

            go back to kpop

    • 1.3 An

      As far as I know, there can never be an undefusable bomb. Oh and its according to Sherlock..

      • 1.3.1 Sophie

        [Excerpt from Sherlock Season 3 – The Empty Hearse ]

        Watson : –to anyone! You knew! You knew how to turn it off! (the bomb)
        Sherlock : There’s an off switch. There’s always an off switch. Terrorists can get into all sorts of problems unless there’s an off switch.

    • 1.4 Dean

      I actually disagree.

      The idea of “Mirror” representing Power and how people, even with having everything, Power is more important.

      And with Power, corruption and jealousy comes with it. There is no such thing as having Power with love and happiness.

      And I love this theme with Yoo Jin.

      She really represent how Power has lead to her giving up love and happiness because control is more important.

      And the idea of the “Bomb” is the understanding that “if I can’t have it, then no one else will”.

      So that Bomb represents the jealous and corruption the comes with Power.

      • 1.4.1 clinton carter

        Or maybe your over thinking stuff that isn’t just there.

        This reminds of me of “W” when everyone was trying to find hidden meaning behind the ending.

        And the writer was like “lol…. I didn’t much thought into the ending”

        • clinton carter


        • Dean

          Or you just hating on the show when it has actually done a good job in building in its storyline and with this set up.

          This is definitely no W, and the show has put real themes and characters for purpose and done a good job in using it throughout like the association with the OST.

          If you don’t like something, I don’t know why you need be negative.

          Everyone is entitled to like a show without being ridiculed because they like it.

          • Sojuboy

            I am getting tire of these useless trolls with no life.

      • 1.4.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        I somehow thinking like you, that the Mirror is not only there just to add some styles into this drama. Yes it is overboard but imo Mirror has some meanings especially for Yoo Jin.

        And one of the background OST also named as Mirror Mirror. Now I’m curious about the meaning of this OST too.

      • 1.4.3 Gidget

        I think you have it right. But instead of metaphor I think that the things you mentioned are simply the way the story and characters were written, in order to be consistent with common foibles in human nature.

        And regarding realism. The revelations that there were real life parallels to Cloud Nine, Mirror and the contents of the usb at-play in the most recent U.S. election, was also interesting.

    • 1.5 kanz

      And if you have watched the last episode.. the bomb/mirror thingy is the most unrealistic and ridiculous event ever happened in dramaworld!

      • 1.5.1 clinton carter

        I just watched it.

        I did not believe this show could out-dumb itself but it just did.

  2. Sam

    “I can’t leave Mirror behind,” Yoo-jin replies.

    “Because Mirror… is me.”

    Bringing her hand up to her chest, she adds, “But… this is already yours.”

    Yes. Mirror is Yoo jin and it is also her heart and her full trust that she gave to Je Ha.
    I loved that scene and wondered if it is written on the script for Song Yoon Ah to do or she just made another layer to that line to make it feel more genuine and heartfelt.

    • 2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      It is Song Yoon Ah who made these lines feel so genuine and heartfelt..

      And the Mirror is really her. *while playing the OST Mirror Mirror

      • 2.1.1 Sam

        Excuse me while I cry in a corner~~~

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Cannot move on from Madam….

        • Sophie

          Oh Em Gee
          Let me join you T.T

    • 2.2 An

      Agree. I interpreted her line (‘But this is already yours’) with another layer when she brought her hand in her chest. It really felt that it was from within.Amazing!

  3. Gaeina Lee

    I used to watch this drama just for JCW, but in this episode my eyes and interest locked in the sibling showdown: YJ and SW.

    And when the flight attendant come to Anna, I thought she’s going to give Anna subway as in flight snack instead of reminding her about cell phone. *LOL*

  4. jomo

    When my son was 5, he had a friend who he would do fake tae kwon do against with all the “kssshhhh”, “tchukkk”, “bzisssh..” sound effects and dramatic falling down.

    They would be playing with cars, or a football, or watching TV when suddenly one of them would jump up and start the fight anew until it got boring, then they would stop.

    If you didn’t know better, that is what the actors seem to do in this show. Cause you never know which side any of them are on, and who is really fighting whom. Although it doesn’t matter because eventually, they stop and kind of fade away into the scenery. At least until it’s time! to! fight! again!

    Thanks for the recap! Only! one! more! to! go!

    • 4.1 clinton carter

      Also In that hallway fight scene why didn’t anyone use any guns/knives, then later all of a sudden they started using guns like they now could remember they had weapons.

  5. Piggy

    Just get rid of that Anna forever…clinging and whiny and thinks the world revolves around her

    She is lucky she has Yoo Jin to support her financially over the years. so naive , so ungrateful…

    Any scene with Anna is super boring

    • 5.1 Taosl

      The Korean viewers think so too. That is why the ratings dropped the episode after Anna got more screen time. That is why there are recent reviews discussing whether the kpop idol playing Anna is the cause of the low ratings like her previous 3 Korean dramas, and that “the complex character was too much to handle” for her.

      • 5.1.1 Dean

        But it didn’t. This show has been constant around the 5% mark which is very impressive for a cable show to pull ratings like this. And this episode hit 5.5% for a cable show!

        TVN must be very happy to have another success on their plate.

        • Taosl

          tvN has different timeslots. This was aired in the primetime timeslot for Friday and Saturdays. This is the same time slot where Reply 1988 got 18.8% and Signal got 12.6%. Reply and Signal and two other dramas in the past year in the same timeslot all got higher ratings than K2. These dramas had low budgets, while K2 is “one of the most expensive dramas produced”. That is why it flopped, especially when it got up to 6.6% and was on track to get above 10%, and right after the kpop idol got more screentime, the drama lost this momentum and the ratings declined.

          It flopped because it was “one of the most expensive dramas produced”. If it cost peanuts to make like the other tvN dramas in its timeslot, then you could say it did badly in this tvN timeslot, but as tvN would have expected more than 10% ratings because it was “one of the most expensive dramas produced”, it flopped.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            I agree with your points but I don’t think Yoona holds any responsibility for the rating. Yes her character is not favourite and the show can go on without much of her screentimes but I don’t think the reason for the rating not going up because of her. The rating is contributed by many things. One particular actor cannot influence the rating.

          • Dean

            I work in TV production. And no show with big budget does not have their cost already covered.

            TV networks are smart where they got huge sponsorships paying for the budget in return for marketing.

            And TVN have met the goals from their sponsorships for ratings which was at minimum probably 5%.

            TVN definitely DID NOT expect 10% in their deals because they (and other cable network) would be shooting themselves in the foot. They plug at 5% max because all networks know they cant overestimate and be on the hook.

            The 5% mark was their goal and having achieved it, they are walking into the bank with K2.

            This doesn’t even include the sales to other countries and those are just profits for TVN.

            Having achieved at minimum 5%, which is very heard for cable networks. K2 is factually a success and made and will make more many for TVN.

            Happy for them, the crew, and actors! It is time for them to celebrate the success!

          • Carryon

            Drama queen much?! Seriously. K2 is doing extremely well and they’re #1 I believe for their time slot.

            Everyone is doing well and acting well. Yoona too if you let go of your blind hatred for either the character or the person though I think it’s the latter.

          • Godgaveusabraintothink

            It is considered successful but perhaps not TVN was hoping for but i don’t think you can call it a flop.

            From your writing, your objective is very clear to put down the show and some of its cast. I don’t know why you need to feel the hate to do so. I feel pity for you as it would seem like to bash someone or something was the only way to get people to agree with you.

            If the Korean audience did not like the show, there would have been no way they could have maintained the 5% rating. It would have dropped to 2% or even lower. Look at entourage, no hype or massive promo would have stopped the drop to 0.7%.

            As for comparing to Signal and reply, you are right these are massive hit. Is theK2 the most expensively made drama? I don’t know about that. Even if it is, just because it didn’t surpass those 2 did not make it a familiar, for the Fri/Sat slot, it has done decently well.

            So, why don’t you tone down your hate. You have been trolling in here since the Jehanna/Anna story started. Hate is bad for your health. So, be cool and get healthy.

          • TaeBi

            So I looked and found that these are the dramas for Fri/Sat timeslot following R88 and Signal.

            Memory: Ave 2-3%; Peak 3.8%
            Dear My Friends: Ave 4%; Peak 8.0%
            The Good Wife: Ave 4%; Peak 6.2%
            The K2: Ave 4%; Peak 6.6%

            Now I don’t know how you could consider K2 as a flop given than it more or less has the same ratings with the dramas in that timeslot during this year. It’s not really fair to compare these dramas with R88 and Signal because those dramas are simply on a league of their own.

          • Taosl

            Here are some more accurate numbers

            The K2 Avg 4.86 Peak 6.64
            The Good Wife Avg 4.67 Peak 6.23
            Dear My Friends Avg 5.07 Peak 8.09
            Memory Avg 2.92 Peak 3.81
            Signal Avg 8.83 Peak 12.6
            Reply 1988 Avg 12.44 Peak 18.8
            Twenty Again Avg 5.43 Peak 7.23

            So K2 did 3rd worst in this primetime tvN timeslot in the last year.

            All of these dramas except for K2 had a low budget some even had a peanut budget, so K2 should have also been in a league of its own, given it was “one of the most expensive dramas produced”.

            And it would have easily reached 10% as it already got to 6.6% in week 3, but it all went pear shaped after a certain character suddenly dominated a lot of the screen time.

          • Dean

            Can you give production cost for all this dramas?

            Because I can bet you these are NOT “all low budget” especially Reply, Good Wife, and Signal.

            Also, K2 sponsorship is much more than these shows. The amount spent by Subway alone paid for K2 actors salary and action scenes.

            And this does not include the amount of money yet to be made from sales in other countries.

          • TaeBi

            Er, saying it did the 3rd worst might be subjective because (barring Twenty Again from the list since it’s a 2015 drama), you can also say K2 did the 4th best 😂. Lol. Just looking at the average ratings of the 2016 dramas in that time slot is enough to say that K2 is not a flop. Nope. Not at all.

            But it’s a lost cause arguing with someone who’s objectivity is questionable given his/her obvious distaste towards the object of the argument.

            What you’re saying doesn’t really matter anyway to everyone who views the drama as something that isn’t a flop, in terms of ratings, regardless of how ridiculous the story went.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          The rating is great for TVN but for some hyped dramas like K2, and it is big budget as well, they probably expected higher rating considering Yong Pal managed to get even 20%. Yes YP was on SBS, so it is quite impossible to get that high. I think they probably thought K2 can reach at least 7-8%, if not 10% because Signal did it earlier this year and the same timeslot (Friday-Saturday).

          Initially I thought the rating could be achieve at least 7%. But manage to maintain around 5% is good but not so outstanding since some other TVN drama also got the similar rating.

          • Sam

            I agree. Let’s not put the blame on one actor/actress alone.

          • Taosl

            This year in the same timeslot on tvN Signal got 12.8% Reply 1988 and Return 1988 got 18.8%. K2 easily climbed up to 6.6% in the first 3 weeks and if it kept up the hype and momentum it would have got to 10% by the final episode.

            The turning point was Anna’s storyline injection and screentime domination. It just was not captivating to viewers and they stopped watching. From one review Quote “several reviews pointed out that the female lead’s complex character was too much to handle for Yoona.” That is what was printed in several reviews.

        • Sojuboy

          Typical mindless Yoona hatred.

          • clinton carter

            I remember you. You are a Yoona delulu stan.

            This is why i hate discussing dramas with idols in it, one of their stans always shows up and starts doing the most.

          • Taosl

            I remember in another popular drama site one or two years ago starting with Ko, one Yoona stan pretended to be 10 different people and the drama site owner busted their arse.

      • 5.1.2 Lily

        I was reading some comments about Anna’s original character description that made me think of “the complex character was too much to handle” review.

        Anna’s character description on DramaFever says “due to a childhood trauma, is unable to communicate with the world and only sees love as a tool for revenge”.

        It looked like they wanted to make Anna into something darker, perhaps edge towards the Yoojin style path of vengeance. Now that the drama is over, it’s obvious they didn’t deliver on that description. Anna seemed more like a stereotypical innocent damsel in distress type character who everyone used as a puppet in their political game, rather than an active player in the “battlefield”.

        I think the change simplified the character a lot, and I wonder if it was to make things easier for Yoona, since the current version of Anna seems much closer to her previous works than what her original character description promised. The whole “Barcelona Angel” part especially, with the adoring fans vying for a photo with her, felt super over the top (and a bit cringeworthy), but very “idol”-like. Or perhaps it was just poor work on the writer’s part that left a lot to be desired.

        I guess I’m just disappointed at how the Anna character turned out, since everything else in the drama introduction stayed fairly accurate. The drama would’ve been so much more interesting if Anna was the strong character her description made her out to be.

        • kdramas'lover

          I agree with you. I guess Yoona was a wrong casting decision. Why do they think that casting an idol without acting talent and/or bad scenario wil bring high ratings ?!? For Yoona fans – I don’t hate her or her roles but till now she didn’t prove herself an acceptable actress. – and Anna has absolute no chemistry with Jae Ha, while the chemistry between Jae Ha and Yoo Jin is palpable. Yoona was taught to show an innocent face for too many years and now she is to old for this and a role who asks innocence as well as some social disabilities and slightly psychotic comportment (due to her childhood trauma) is too much for her acting skills. I guess that’s why the Anna became more and more linear with just two expressions – slightly afraid or smiling, more and more booring like the fighting scenes – too many per episode.

    • 5.2 heartily

      i agree with your comments….character Anna is super boring.

    • 5.3 wehehe

      i agree.. everytime anna is on… i get irritated.. like if her character is so dumb like that then they could have just killed her… she really does something that is so dumb.. like if you or your love ones are involve in a dangerous things and they tell you to leave for the sake of safety then you FUDGING leave right away! like you can return if the waves calm down right?? and at least act desperate and show some tears when youre in danger… and some of the scenes get complicated because of her irresponsible decisions..the first episode were so good that it was my reason to continue this drama the haggard desperate anna that was being chased was soo good! but later on i cant see emotions when she cry.. and i see forced tears.. im 50/50 of yoonas acting ability..

  6. kdramamom

    This show should have had subway as the story and k2 between adbreaks.JCW….whatever happened to your choice of starring in good shows…..

    JCW…sarange…but even you will not make me watch the finale now.

    • 6.1 anon

      wait until you see the final…I cant even…😅

      • 6.1.1 Clinton Carter

        Don’t remind me about it. I almost died cringing

  7. RedRosette

    If anyone is curious about how the International Criminal Court stuff that Je Ha mentions works:

  8. Row

    I really enjoyed this penultimate episode.

    The show is coming together and really enjoyed all the characters relationship.

    They are really interest and from each of their position, you see their point.

    Jeha is a beast to go through all this. JCW really a wonderful actor, and to have the stamina to do all this is commendable.

    I am really excited to see how this all ends. K2 has the potential to end well.

  9. Pat

    I just watched this episode and then a thought came to me.
    What if Kim Hyang Gi was the one given the titular role Anna?. She and Song Yoon Ah had a great mother-daughter role in Wedding Dress before and I can totally sympathize with her every tearful scene there.In that way, this drama could have made more impact to me as a viewer instead of having a romantic couple just having fun with Subway PPL….

    • 9.1 mary_of_bethany

      i agreed, there are many young talents out there, even Shopping Louis that Nam Ji Hyun or the HyangGi you mentioned are child-actresses based right, which can carried emotional scenes well even without lines.
      but u gotta understand TvN is not Major Stations, and in their mind its not about “Art’ or “skill”, it’s all about rating and sponsorships. else what make u think, after the backslash of Subways back week, they knew pretty well fans are mocking, yet in the ep16(sorry about spoiler) they still bring on the Subway at Ending scenes. its all about popularity, those Kpop fans are died hard fans after their stars, when they throw out a Major Kpop Star, there’s a secure load of fans already garner at the door ready to throw garlands. by the ‘accidental’ reveal of Ji Chang wook being paid a HUGE sum right at the beginning of filming stage, and boasting about the HUGE production costs, you already know they are gearing toward Rating-Record… and at least Kpop stars will bring in better sponsor-deals.

  10. 10 lessa

    This last few episodes seem to better though, but not enough. Im going to push through till the end though, but mostly, I just rely on the recaps anyway when I fall asleep.

  11. 11 Sera The Ms Temper

    I have many more to comment but will just wait for epi 16 recap. Epi 15 was too much nonsense imo but the siblings took over in this episode. By epi 16 I know for sure Chairman Choi actually very stupid. For now I’m having withdrawal, not K2 withdrawal but Madam Choi’s withdrawal. The best female leads’ character in 2016 👏

    Anyway, Jae Ha is not normal human, he must got some of his power from Dormammu. How can he survive after all these injuries? Lmao. Don’t tell me it is the power of love. 😏

    • 11.1 Sam

      Hi there Sera! 🙂
      Totally Agree..
      Count me in!
      I’m having a major Choi Yoo Jin withdrawal here (after finishing Ep 16 too)..

      I tell you, Je Ha is a demi-god of some sort..His gunshot wound s just magically healed so fast (well, couldn’t feel that he is still wounded) but his face scar lasted longer though..Hmmpppphhh…

      Just finished watching Mama : Nothing to Fear last night with the whole family and we all loved it!
      I never felt so satisfied with an ending. All the characters (I mean all, including the least of the least side characters) got their closure and I was left satisfied. SYA’s best actress award was all worth it!

      • 11.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I am sure Je Ha is.

        Glad you like it! Yes every actors’ acting were so on point and I love the child actor as well. That drama was simply amazing. Maybe I will try to re-start Assembly again. I left that drama after epi 1 or 2 because at that time I was not in the mood for political drama. Maybe will try to watch it again because I need to see Song Yoon Ah more. And there is movie actor as the male lead.

        • Sam

          Will watch that one too. After I finish Hotelier. 🙂

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            You should take time to watch her drama because I think Madam will do only one project in a year. He he. I hope she will do movies or maybe jTBC drama for next project.

        • kanz

          This is just so me!! I’ll try to watch Wedding Dress later. I’ve tried Lost in Love with her current hubby, Sol Kyung Gu and it puts so much smile on me because Song Yoon Ah is a bright, cheerful character, so different than in The K2. LOL

          And then I’ll watch Mama and Assembly next, probably also watch Hotelier and On Air although I’m not sure where I could find old shows like that. Definitely captivated by Song Yoon Ah that I’m willing to watch all her shows!! A feat I rarely done except for my fave actors.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Honestly I didn’t like SYA a lot in Hotelier and On Air. But her roles in movies like Secret & Wedding Dress won me over. When I first heard she will be in K2 I was really excited. To be honest I watched Mama just recently and yes once ive become a fan, I’ll stay loyal.

            I also checked her other activities and this lady must be a very fun person to be with. She is fan of SNSD and she had performed with SNSD on stage as well * she was dancing as well. She just proved age is just a number, and what is important is to remain young at heart. 😉

          • kanz

            Yeah I just watched her ‘Genie’ performance with SNSD in Korea Film Awards yesterday..
            I still remember how shocked everyone and how they looked like enjoying the performance too.. Haha

            She looks like very social person as well, still keep in contacts with fellow co-stars in past dramas and has many actress friends to hang out with, like Son Ye Jin, Kim Seo Hyung, Oh Yoon Ah and others.

    • 11.2 neng

      But it is. Lol

      • 11.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper


    • 11.3 aranea

      NO! not the power of love, but the power of SUBWAY!. He lives on an almost exclusive diet of Subway sandwiches. They contain so many chemicals and preservatives that his body is able to regenerate at an amazing rate. It is said that his body is as tough as stale bread. Subway has made him into the fighting machine you see today. Fear the sandwich.

      • 11.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Lmao. We all should start eating subway daily so we get the same power.

        Now we will never look at the sandwish the same ever again.

        • aranea

          The really sad thing about Subway, is that it proves that a food franchise’s business plan is more important than the taste and quality of the food they sell. I hope Koreans never figure out that they have been sold a bill of goods.

      • 11.3.2 lessa

        OMG Is this why when he was in the operating room, hovering between life and death…. we see …. SUBWAY???

    • 11.4 Gaeina Lee

      It indeed is the power of love, Sera… *LOL*

      Cue background music: Celine’s Power of Love

      • 11.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        No it is the power of SUBWAY.

        ‘Cause I’m your man
        And you are my subway..
        Whenever you reach for me
        I’ll do all that I can

        Some epic moments between Jae Ha and his Subway..

        “And I… will always love you, ooh
        Will always love you
        My darling, you…
        -Jae Ha while looking at his subway

        • Gaeina Lee

          JH reminiscence the past episode when he was unconscious and back to life:

          When I was led to SUBWAY
          I knew it is the one for me
          I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat
          When I lay eyes on it
          Ay ay ay
          It wrapped me up in
          the color of love

          It gave me the kiss of life
          Kiss of Life~

          *Sade Vs Subway*

          • Sera The Ms Temper


            I’m hungry-its raining – I don’t want subway -I want fried chickens!

            Wait chickensss. Yoo Inna’s role in Goblin will be the chicken restaurant owner. Done with subway, next we will get to see more chickens and date in chicken restaurant. #

  12. 12 aranea

    The drama “jumped the shark”.

  13. 13 aranea

    Take comfort in the fact there is no makjang mother-in-law.

    • 13.1 may2day

      LOL this comment legit made me laugh! What about a makjang stepmother? 😉 Yoojin seems to fit the criteria for that.

      • 13.1.1 An

        This drama would have been so much better if they took the route ala Maleficent. Seeing the trio work together (Yoo Jin-Je ha-Anna) would have been so exhilirating!

      • 13.1.2 aranea

        Your comment is thought provoking, but her role as second female lead and psycho one-sided love interest makes her too unconventional for serious consideration. I encourage her to apply to the Makjang Mother-In-Law Association (MMA), their membership committee is better qualified to make the final decision. The MMA has been in existence since the Joseon dynasty.

      • 13.1.3 kanz

        But somehow Ji Chang Wook is always involved with makjang mother… LOL
        Makjang mother in Five Fingers
        Makjang mother-in-law in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
        Makjang queen dowager in Empress Ki
        And… makjang stepmother in The K2

        Well, I actually kinda hoped Jeha-Anna got married in front of Choi Yoo Jin.. imagine her expression to be stepmother-in-law for Jeha.. hahaha

  14. 14 saranga

    this was an intense episode—though the finale was even more so!

    something i don’t quite understand: i understand that the Mirror is powerful. but couldn’t sung-hoon, with all his wealth at his disposal, build himself one like it? what’s so special about this one? is it really worth giving up half of his JB stocks over? i mean, he brought in a BOMB to try to take this thing from his noona.

    and what IS the Mirror, exactly? a super powerful intelligence computer/database that collects information on everything and anyone? is it more powerful than whatever resources FBI/CIA/other intelligence agency equivalents have got on hand?

    i saw a few comments about subway, but there weren’t any subway scenes in this episode, were there? (but we haven’t seen the last of it yet!) i feel like i only see them on the tvn shows too—surprised it hasn’t popped up in entourage yet.

    • 14.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      The joke of subway is everywhere nowadays especially in this drama the subway scenes always not in the right moment. Lmao.

      Mirror has some power that simple technology won’t be able to create it. I think Yoo Jin’s blood and half of her heart probably installed in the Mirror which give her full power to access.

      • 14.1.1 Sam

        Wahaha. So does that make Yoo Jin – the Iron Woman?

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Maybe 😝

      • 14.1.2 saranga

        hahaha. i guess the mirror is super special cause it’s part of this show then. though in all seriousness, the show should have done a better job of explaining why the thing was so desirable. so desirable that a chaebol would be willing to give up half his wealth to even go just halfsies with it.

        oh, the subway scenes were especially atrocious with this show. in past shows they were simply random, but here they were flat out almost inappropriate. i REALLY don’t think subway had a scenario in mind where a character got a tummy ache after eating one of their sandwiches.

        i am legit curious to know if there were any furious phone calls made after that episode aired. if i were subway, i would have wanted someone’s head!

        and the picnic scene… i couldn’t laugh about it at first, i was that irritated. but now i think of it and can crack up over it. oh man.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I’ll want to write full review of this drama and how it relates to Snow White and the Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror. But I Dont know when I’ll be able to finish it. Now I am in the middle to do some video edits for Yoo Jin and only God knows when will I finish this 😂

          I loved Yong Pal and it gave the feels of modern tale of Sleeping Beauty but I actually love K2 more in some aspects. At first I thought they will give us more of Snow White and maybe the evil side of SNow Whute but no they gave us more of Evil Queen and her Mirror and I love it.

          • Sam

            Oh my <3 Please do share those vids you'll edit..Major thank you chingu!

    • 14.2 Tesshan

      I assume the people that made mirror no longer roam the earth. They were probably disposed of after creating such a powerful thing. And I assume. It is one of a kind and no one can recreate it as there is no blueprint for it. She must have paid a high price for it and not just in $ but also in blood and tears. Her brother is like every second child… He wants the toy his sister has. Not a new one but that same toy.

  15. 15 may2day

    Darn, guess I was one of the few who enjoyed this episode? And the finale?


    And while Yoojin definitely lost in terms of morality, she absolutely won when it came to female badassery. I thoroughly appreciated her use of the Mirror to her advantage, so even as one of her worst critics, I’ll still say props to her character.


    Third, it’s true that the bomb was pretty contrived but I don’t mind suspending my belief about it being unstoppable as long as it serves its purpose. That being said, there’s something related to the bomb that I’m NOT cool with but I guess that has to wait for the next recap also.

    Actually, maybe I’ll stop here because there’s too much that I want to say with the finale in mind.

    I can’t believe this drama ended this week…sigh. I know so many were unsatisfied with this drama, but it’s the first one that pulled me out of dramabeans-lurker-mode and made me actually comment. And I’ve followed this site for a looooong time. So even if I’m in the minority, I will proudly say that I really enjoyed this drama and am sad to see it go.

    • 15.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I believe you are not in the minority who enjoying this drama. Many of us while giving those silly comments also enjoying this drama, but the way we enjoying it could be different from one another. 😉

      As for me I may not enjoying the whole episode or characters. Still there are some parts that I like, and Choi Yoo Jin made me loyal to this drama until the end. I also quite liking the background OST and I almost disbelief when I found out there are actually quite a number of OST they used. All sounds more or less quite the same in my ears.

    • 15.2 Carryon

      I’ve always been a silent lurker here on DB and I have been following this blog since 2010?? Or was it before that. It’s been a long time. Haha.

      I am actually enjoying this drama and think everyone is doing great with what they’ve been given even Yoona. Yoona exceeded my expectation so I’m pleased with the results.


      I’m posting because I wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one enjoying this drama.

      • 15.2.1 may2day

        Hehe, good to know there are others on DB that are enjoying this drama.

        2010? That’s quite some time. Don’t know the exact year I started going on this site, but I first got into Kdramas in 2006, so it must be around then. I remember it used to be Javabeans before it switched over to Dramabeans hehe.

        Dramas don’t usually make me want to comment, even when I’m liking it a lot so K2 was definitely an exception. I’m gonna miss it!

    • 15.3 saranga

      no, i totally enjoyed it. in fact, i’ve enjoyed the whole thing.

      but what’s frustrating and exasperating is that there are some really silly elements that have accompanied this show as well—really silly stuff that contrasted so starkly with the really great stuff (basically yoo-jin) that i personally couldn’t help but be vocal about.

      basically, i hated how hard the show tried to sell the romance, which even after watching the finale didn’t seem organic or natural or even right, frankly. and the subway stuff needs no words.

      • 15.3.1 neng

        If only, back in the first episode, Ana who helped jeha, maybe treat his terrible wound, the Romance come out more naturally

    • 15.4 kanz

      I rarely read recaps and comment so many times in DB this year. This drama is a first. I usually only follow some shows and many of them I’m not really interested to comment, while The K2 bring the other side of me. Well, since 1) it’s Ji Chang Wook’s drama and I follow it religiously, 2) Choi Yoo Jin!!! Nowadays she’s the main reason why I come here and comment..

      So yeah there’s that and I think that’s many of us here, you probably won’t feel being the minority. One episode roughly has 50-150 comments and I think that’s pretty good considering some dramas only have 10-20 comments and some dramas didn’t get recapped here.
      I’m sad too to let it go.. *currently in denial mode*

    • 15.5 Godgaveusabraintothink

      A lot more people enjoyed this drama more than you think. This place here does not represent the whole world watching the drama. If you get on Twitter, there are lot of Thek2 fans who like the drama as it is. There are also other forums which are more positive and less personal.

      • 15.5.1 may2day

        Sorry, I should have been more clear… when I said I was one of the few who enjoyed the drama or said I was in the minority, I mean in terms of this site, Dramabeans. I know the response here isnt representative of the Korean audience or the entire international audience viewing this drama. 🙂

    • 15.6 Dean

      I enjoyed it as well.

      And don’t worry, Koreans loved it as well with the successful ratings and the Naver/online social positive comments about the K2.

      They liked it a lot and probably a some of these people here are trolling given some of their comments.

      Don’t worry, and enjoy what you like 🙂

  16. 16 leila

    haha this episode was so unnecessary dramatic LOL

    and omg, honestly loling @ the part where JCW is shot and not only does he fight baddies once, he fights baddies twice, three times and four times and somehow still manages to be able to walk and keep fighting

    i love how JCW went thru so much trouble to fight and fight and “save” anna, when actually anna isnt really in all that much danger, was eventually saved by some JSS soldiers and is pretty much doing fine if you ask me

  17. 17 Martin J Simwaba

    It’s interesting how the show keeps on arousing my mind, whenever i read a recap i can’t think about anything else, i’d think about it two days straight, trying to understand it. But surprisingly; when i re-read the recaps i can’t figure out where this infatuations originate from. Ironically i love the show all the same.
    I do love the character YooJin(though all the praises go to Song Yoon Ah who is a great actor and i am 100% not a fan……yet) she’s the soul of this show. The way she acts all tough, but deep down she’s just a human who (i think) loved the wrong person and made a lot of wrong decisions trying to straighten her life.
    If like what YooJin, Jeha had met her earlier, could her life be different, because i think she’s a bit different from the Yoo Jin she was before she met Je Ha. I loved her confession in this ep and the way she looks at Je Ha, or her expression when she heard that he was in critical condition in the previous ep’ i couldn’t help but fall for her, it made me forget that i was a fan of Anna’s. I hope they just become one big happy family in the finale. Is that too much?

  18. 18 Heroonthebeach

    I actually honestly thought this was the show’s best episodes, even though it was plagued by many issues that had been present for a long time. I love Gummimochi’s suggestion that there should have been a countdown timer to add some suspense. Great suggestion!

    The character interactions were meaningful in this episode. I enjoyed especially Je Ha and Yoo Jin’s final exchange where Je Ha reveals that he does care for her but she tells him that Mirror is her and she can’t walk away from Mirror. It’s so strange that the character I feel the most for in this series is the villain!

    Have captured more of my thoughts here:

    Have also finished watching the finale and it’s good too – except for the appearance of Subway again!! Ahh….

  19. 19 Godgaveusabraintothink

    It is kind of sad that this place was once a place to read good reviews of drama. Now it has become a trollfest, hatefest and a vehicle for personal attacks.

    • 19.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      This site still the best dramasite for me. 😉

      Present will never be like the past, things will never be the same like before, but all of us here still with same purpose : discussing the drama. Although there are some disagreements, silly jokes, all of them should not be taken too seriously and personally.

      Don’t make one bad apple spoils the whole ba

      • 19.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        **Don’t make one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. 😉

  20. 20 swfrahier

    Hello Beanies
    I’ve been reading your recaps and comments and enjoying it for a couple of years but so far never felt entitled to write something myself
    sorry to drop in unnanounced into your midst but I thought that I might be able to contribute a little something this time to the OST and I wanted to share that small knowledge with you

    some of those orchestral-like songs are indeed sung in german as some on the internet allready guessed

    that is my native-language but it still took me a while to figure that out *lol*
    it’s so difficult to understand when sung opera style
    and with the heavy accent of the non native speakers singing it’s almost impossible to understand
    (to be fair I believe me trying to sing korean would have the same or even worse effect on koreans)

    I tried to wrap my head around what’s going on in this show but…hmmm
    …I really tried since I will stick to a show and rather go down with it when it ends no matter what once I started one.
    Then the OST with most of the backround music came out and I figured I should understand the intention of the show better since I can understand the songtext now but that left me even more puzzled than before

    (by the by,obviously not all the backround music has been released yet
    I found at least one that is still missing from the latest OST)

    So maybe it can help some of you to make some light of it all (or a small one at least)

    will cut this here since the post seems to get too long.

    sorry for any inconvenience


    • 20.1 swfrahier

      here goes nothing:

      1) The K2 Main Theme – Various Artists

      2) 오늘도 -김보형(스피카)
      3) 아주 가끔 -유성은
      4) Amazing Grace 윤아(소녀시대)
      5) Love you 민경훈
      6) 시간이 멈춘듯 -박광선

      7 )
      Anemone -잔 (male version)
      (definitely german)
      can’t make out the full text due to strong accent
      and the bits and pieces I can pick up make no sense when translated and put together
      due to the large gaps inbetween

      8 )
      The Witch and the Girl – Various Artists
      obviously taken from Brothers Grimm Fairytail “Schneewittchen”(“Snow White”)
      Bringt hinaus (take away)
      Bringt das Kind hinaus (take the child away)
      Bringt hinaus
      Bringt das Kind hinaus
      Du sollst es (you shall)
      Du sollst es töten (you shall kill it)
      Du sollst es
      Du sollst es töten

      lass mir mein leben (leave me my life)
      ich will in den Wald laufen und niemals mehr wieder heimkommen
      (I will run away into the forest, and never come home again)

      Hast Du Angst? (Are you afraid?)
      Wovor hast du Angst? (what do you fear?)
      Sei getrost (be confident)
      und schlaf ruhig (and sleep peacefully)
      Hast Du Angst?
      Wovor hast du Angst?
      Sei getrost
      und schlaf ruhig

      lass mir mein leben
      ich will in den Wald laufen und niemals mehr wieder heimkommen

      9 )
      Mirror Mirror – 양선미
      taken from Brothers Grimm Fairytail “Schneewittchen”(“Snow White”)
      Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand,
      (mirror mirror on the wall)
      Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen weiten Land?
      (who in this far land is the fairest of them all?)

      Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand,
      (mirror mirror on the wall)
      Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen weiten Land?
      (who in this far land is the fairest of them all?)

      10 )
      Wolf Knight – 양선미
      Vorsicht! (Beware!)
      *repeated several times*
      die Hexe (the witch)
      *repeated several times*
      ..sorry can’t make out the other parts

      11 )
      Quando Corpus Morietur – Various Artists
      (the title at least is latin and translates as:”when the body dies”)

      12 )
      Wolf’s Song -양선미
      (lalala/ instrumental) no translation needed 😉

      13 )
      Serenade -양선미
      (sorry – have no clue to what language that is –
      might be german or maybe english but can’t make out a single word)

      14 )
      Witching Hour – Various Artists
      (no text .. singing “ah ah ah” only)

      15 )
      The Witch’s Advice – 김민영
      taken from Brothers Grimm Fairytail “Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein”
      (“The Wolf and the seven young goats”)
      Seid inzwischen brav (in the meantime behave)
      sperrt die Türe gut zu (lock the door well)
      und nehmt euch in Acht vor dem Wolf! (and be on your guard against the wolf!)

      16 )
      Der Rosenkavalier – Various Artists
      (is the Title of an Opera by R. Strauss [Austria])
      can’t make out the text due to the music being to loud *lol

      17 )
      Against the Odds – Various Artists
      (no clue – music is too loud)

      18 )
      A queen of the forest – Various Artists
      (not sure if it s german but seems so –
      music is…

      • 20.1.1 swfrahier

        18 )
        A queen of the forest – Various Artists
        (not sure if it s german but seems so –
        music is to loud to hear the words though)

        19 )
        Anna’s Appassionata – Various Artists
        (not sure but seems to be latin)

        20 )
        Anemone – 양선미 (female version)
        (definitely german)
        can’t make out the full text due to strong accent
        and the bits and pieces I can pick up make no sense when translated and put together
        due to the large gaps inbetween

        hope it’s helpfull
        “read you” at the next recaps

        • Growingbeautifully

          Thanks @swfrahier

          That’s a lot of work you put in for us!!

          It’s true, as you say, even after getting some of the lyrics, we are not much the wiser about what it’s trying to say or if it’s giving us any clues to this show.

          Somehow, that’s rather like the writing overall too. It seems that the show is produced to just make an impact, but it goes no deeper and there are pieces of it that don’t make sense. And then it undermines itself with ridiculous PPL.

          Anyway, it was good for a laugh, even if it was not meant to be funny. 🙂

          • kanz

            Thank you @swfrahier
            I learned German in high school and couldn’t even understand what they’re trying to sing. LOL

            I think the writer and music director got their reference from Grimm Brothers “Snow White” as the narrative try to paint Yoo Jin as the Witch, Anna as Snow White and Je Ha as the Knight. And it’s definitely rare to see German lyrics and choral songs featured in Kdrama so kudos for them to trying something different.

          • swfrahier

            I stopped trying to thing about the meaning behind the meaning behind the meaning as soon as I heard

            “15 ) The Witch’s Advice – 김민영”

            Because this has nothing to do with “Snow white”s story except that it is another one of Brothers Grimm Fairytails

            But this one [called “Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein”
            (“The Wolf and the seven young goats”)] shows the wolf as the vicious one…

            …So I kept thinking – why in the would would they want to do THAT – since the Wolf they kept reffering to in the show obviously is Je-ha and not Yoo-jin. (quote “He’ s not a hunting dog – he’s a Wolf that can not be tamed. How dangerous.”)
            Jeha was portrayed as a Mercenary who killed in his job before his PTSD… but he never killed civilians
            So is that why they want to have a Song singing about a vicious Wolf?

            Then I thought they obviously didn’t think that through to the end and stopped scratching my head and just waited for the big boom…

        • love JCW

          This is the only drama that JCW dd not render a song for an OST…

          • Growingbeautifully

            Yes, interesting observation.

            He was probably too tired out by the action scenes! LOL.

            The scenes where he was unconscious were probably a great relief! 😀

    • 20.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      First welcome on board, Chingu! 😁

      I just checked yesterday at YouTube the Ost and I was quite surprised there are quite a number of OST actually. I like some but yeah unable to understand any meaning. I just enjoy the music. Btw thanks for the translation. 👍 listening to Mirror Mirror and Witching Hour next ✌

      • 20.2.1 swfrahier

        Thanks for the welcome 🙂

  21. 21 Fairouz mm

    For me this is the 2nd best Episode after episode 3. i just love it.

  22. 22 Sarah

    You know, this was actually a very good episode before the final, probably one of the best ones.

    I really like all the characters. Although some are better than others like Yoo Jin and Jeha, bit they all fit the role well.

    I am looking forward to how this all ends.

    Please no escape goat and they actually blow up the bomb. I don’t like it when dramas puts something dangerous and don’t go through. I will be impress with this show if they blow up Cloud 9.

    I also want to know what will happen to Yoo Jin and Jeha. I want Jeha to be happy given what he has been through, and Yoo Jin does need to pay for her sins, but hope for something good for her.

  23. 23 Super Foxy

    Well I don’t have any problem with idol acting casting in a drama, in fact Jung Eun Ji was one of my best idol acting ever, as she had the most natural persona and presence on screen. But Yoona, well I am not a hater but I do believe in terms of acting,Sooyoung seems to be more reliable and feels much more natural. Yoona should just stick to be an idol, because she is a goddess right? For being a goddess is what she does best from what I have seen so far.
    As for Ji Chang Wook, sadly this drama was not able to shown his ability as an actor in full flair. Kick asses as he may be, but those action scenes they just coming up empty. Just like what others say, this drama could’ve been much better if Anna was shown as little child, and his encounter with Yoo Jin definitely can be one of the main drawer for this drama. I liked Ji Chang Wook in Healer, but K2 well just seems zero for me. I know they achieved their ratings target, but that doesn’t guarantee the drama are well plotted or vice versa. I Remember You anyone?

    • 23.1 Autumn

      Neither the fault of JCW or Yoona that the drama was bad. Even if they changed the plot to Anna being a child the drama wouldn’t be much better. The writer wouldn’t be able just because of this change to suddenly write a coherent good plot, without holes. JCW, Yoona and of course Song Yoon Ah did the best with what they were given. The chemistry between the three were awesome. For a better story we would need a better writer altogether.

      • 23.1.1 Bubbles

        @Autumn Thank you. I totally agree. I didn’t know Yoona before this show, I don’t know about any idols, I don’t really follow kpop. However, I never thought her acting was bad, I can’t say that they didn’t change her character because of her acting skills as some have said here (I wasn’t on set mind you ^^’) but it seems bizarre to me that they would, after all that’s what the casting is for right? Anyways, the scenes that were shown never made me think that she can’t act. It’s just the writing of all these characters, Je Ha as well, JCW just did what he could with his character, which was mostly action related but what can you do if that’s the type of scenes he mostly gets.

    • 23.2 Carryon

      Ummm JEJ was only great in Reply series. She’s pretty bad in all other dramas. There are a lot of idols and actresses that are pretty bad tbh. I can prolly just name a few actresses that are good. The only great young ones are MGY and PBY. PSH is a hit for miss for me.

  24. 24 heartily

    i agree with your comments….character Anna is super boring.

    • 24.1 heartily

      sorry…i didn’t know this become a new thread.

  25. 25 sigh

    This episode is much better than the rest of the series. But still, I don’t understand JeHa by giving the drive to Anna’s father. With the drive, JeHa could fulfill all his goals he set up to do and more, and without need to kill politician Park Kwon Soo. JeHa could set Anna and himself free from all these greedy people before releasing the content of the drive to the media.
    I am not understanding JeHa, he dealt with these evil, crazy, no-morale people, and once he had the upper hand, he didn’t use the drive,that he almost lost his life on getting it.

    • 25.1 Tesshan

      I guess je ha knows that the assemblyman is an idiot but compared to the other ones he is the lesser evil. In the end someone needs to be president and maybe this guy is better than the next one. Lol

  26. 26 Autumn

    I’m still so bitter that the author kinda dropped Anna’s character. She was supposed to use love for her revenge, use Jena to do all the bad stuff for. She should have been an independent, manipulative and strong character but ended being the damsel and not really an opponent to Yoo Jin. Jeha had the right kind of chemistry to both, devotion to the one and love for the other. But yeah the writer really didn’t developed Anna much… Really not the fault of Yoona, I thought she was pretty good. I will never watch any work from this writer again, can’t develop a plot till the end at all

    • 26.1 Tesshan

      I think Anna was developed that way on purpose. She is snow white and is pure and naive to the core. Just like in every other movie with this character they keep her pure and innocent to underline the big contrast with the evil and flawed characters. A bit of a waste imho.

      • 26.1.1 Autumn

        Do you think so? Because in the preview she seemed to be pretty dark.

        • Carryon

          @autumn Yes the only character that was pretty well written and flushed out was YJ. The other characters like JH and Anna was barely scratched. If they were better developed then the drama would’ve done them all justice. It’s like the writer only had time and ideas to develop one character well and was struggling to give depth to the others.

          Plus Anna is young and has no power! If she had money and power I doubt her character would be so helpless. She did the best she could with the character she was given. With no money and power what can you do really??? YJ had unlimited power and wealth and people at her disposal so she’s able to do what she wants!

  27. 27 Tesshan

    Lots of ridiculous bits and pieces in this episode. You can even hit je ha in the head but he still gets up and moves on to get to his Anna. Jss has all this awesome agents but only je ha is able to do something. Lol
    I found the way Anna was gagged and bound hilarious. Could not look more fake.
    I do like the exchanges between uncle and the queen. They hate and love each other in their twisted ways and I quite enjoyed all this powerplay.

    • 27.1 Zehphany

      Agree with u on the powerplay between uncle and choi yoojin. All the older actors brought their A game 🙂

  28. 28 Zehphany

    Started watching cos of JCW but stayed cos of SYA. She’s was AMAZING and even tho she’s the villain, I was rooting for her the whole time. Every scene with her was captivating.

    My least favorite characters were J4 and Anna.

  29. 29 neng

    waiting for episode 16 recap

  30. 30 Your Royal Highness

    I really don’t understand the antagonists thoery… “hey, let’s keep a memory card of all the bad things we have done and let’s look at it every single day hoping that no one ever finds out”
    Honestly, so many of their problems could have been avoided if they had just destroyed the memory card and all evidence of it! Haha well, that being said, if there were cleverer antagonist, there will be no show to watch! Haha

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