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There’s more to come from Ji Chang-wook
by | November 19, 2016 | 69 Comments

Many have called The K2 a career-defining project for its star, Ji Chang-wook, but the 29-year-old would beg to differ. Indeed, he ran his body ragged for the role of a war mercenary turned into a bodyguard-for-hire, learning Korean, Russian, Japanese and Brazilian martial arts techniques and performing his own stunts, but Ji refuses to consider the moderately successful tvN drama a lifetime achievement.

The role of Kim Je-ha demanded a lot from him, and not just physically: He was in a constant battle of wills with veteran actress Song Yoon-ah, who played Choi Yoo-jin, the presidential candidate’s wife he was hired to protect, and had a melodramatic loveline with Yoon-ah, who took on the role of Go Anna, a lonely, abandoned young woman who grew up isolated from society.

“I really enjoyed working with the two Yoon-ahs. Both characters were so different and that made it even more enjoyable. With Yoo-jin, I always had to stay on my toes and we had a battle of wills. It was fun because we were playing mind games, whereas my scenes with Anna were looser. They felt like scenes from a rom-com. We had a lot of fun developing the scenes on set.”

Ji’s fight sequences and display of physicality for The K2 were much buzzed about, with the action scenes flying so fast and furious that many critics described them as being of a different caliber than previously seen in domestic dramas. Understandably, he’s sworn off action for the time being.

“Men have this romantic idea and fantasize about the action genre. It was really fun, but also really challenging. You could say I have a love/hate relationship with action. I don’t want to do it because it’s so hard, but I also feel like I’ve become a man, and it looks cool. I won’t do action for the time being, but I’ll probably consider it more carefully in the future.”

He described the now infamous bathhouse scene as the most memorable.

“It was a scene I filmed wearing just one nude-colored layer, and I was so embarrassed. It was the sequence I was most concerned about because I worried viewers might be repulsed by the scene, and I also worried about exposure. However, the director did a great job of capturing the sequence and I realized my fears were unfounded. Throughout the 16 episodes, I often had to reveal my body for the character so I constantly worked out. In terms of physical requirements, it wasn’t an easy project.”

There were aspects of the ending that were both happy and sad, and he thought The K2‘s ending, although a surprise to him—he and many viewers thought it would conclude differently, and he had to change his approach after receiving the script for the final episode—was portrayed beautifully.

“Outside of this project, I personally favor sad endings. They leave lingering imagery in the heart and I gain a sense of catharsis from the sadness you feel when things don’t work out perfectly at the end.”

“Every time a project ends I have mixed feelings of refreshment and sadness. I wondered what it would have been like if The K2 had been 20 episodes instead of 16. In episodes 15 and 16 I painted on blood and ran around sweating. I’m grateful now that my body is able to relax but there are many things I’ll miss.”

He also expressed mixed feelings about enlisting next year for mandatory military service, admitting that he is simultaneously looking forward to it and worried.

“On the plus side, I’ll meet a lot of creative-minded same-aged friends, but my concern is that I’ll be assigned a superior officer who is younger than me.” Ji reassured the press, “I think I’ll be calmer than one would think and that I’ll be able to turn [my service] into an enjoyable experience.”

Ji’s been in sageuk dramas (Empress Ki, Warrior Baek Dong-soo) and has had some iconic roles in Healer and Smile, Dong-hae. We haven’t seen as much of him in film, but he was optimistic.

“The fact that I haven’t taken on that many characters in the past means that I have many characters to show viewers in the future. I want to try rom-com, and I want to take a role in a thriller. I have a feeling I can do well in various genres. At a certain point [in my career], I began to think positively. I have to think that way in order for work to go well.

“There are some reviews that [The K2] was the project of a lifetime, but I don’t think that way. I haven’t shown you everything. The future is more enticing and exciting and new.” Ji went on, “I haven’t finished living my life, so my career as an actor and my lifetime achievement are still works-in-progress.”

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69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. AussieGrl

    Awwww. I’m always so sad when actors leave for military service.
    But we will be looking forward to his return and seeing everything he will do in the future 🙂
    Ji Chang-wook FIGHTING!!!

    • 1.1 Di

      Wookie will be joining a military along with Gukie ..so sad 😭😭 Both of them are noraebang buddies..and also the same age

  2. Sera The Ms Temper

    All the best Ji Chang Wook. 😉

    Hope he will do better project in the future. Romcom or melodrama next time OK? I need to see he is actually acting instead of doing so much action scenes. I know he is hot doing action but still… 🙂 Of course hopefully with a great partner as well, at least who is on par with him in acting.. 😉

  3. sara

    he is leaving for military service I am so sad

  4. sesame

    I love his action scenes in K2. I think it’s great exposure for him as he’s the few in his age group who carry carry out such executions credibly. That plus he can really act. Hope to see him in a contemporary rom-com or melo begore he gets enlisted.

    • 4.1 S a r a h

      I LOVED the action scenes too! In fact, I was so impressed!

      I haven’t watched much dramas with lots of action, but of the few I watched, the most hardcore that comes to mind is City Hunter and Gaksital. The K2 far exceeds the action in City Hunter and Gaksital combined.

  5. Lessa

    I will prefer to remember him as Healer than K2. #sorry

    • 5.1 liki

      Yeah i think his acting was much better in Healer than in The K2 but The K2 was more popular/talked about project in Korea and the actions scenes were really top notch , JeHa was a level up compared to JungHoo. Also i think Koreans rally loved his chemistry with both Yoonas more than PMY, at least bade on the comments.

      • 5.1.1 Gidget

        Really?!!! I didn’t see any organic chemistry at all with Yoona. His chemistry with both PMY and SYA absolutely sizzled.

        This isn’t a criticism of Yoona. It’s just that their scenes felt acted not organic. Not helped by the fact her character was written in a way that was so one dimensional and un-smart (compared to her counterparts). I never understood why he liked her; other than the fact she is really pretty and he has a soft spot for women who need to be rescued.

      • 5.1.2 missjb

        His acting is better here in k2 for me though…. He is more curious about this role in here than in healer and require more effort… In Healer he is so soulless, and it can’t be help healer more like a rom com meet action-drama than an actual genre ughhh

    • 5.2 YouBetcha

      Me Too. Although K2 was a very good drama and had fantastic action scenes, I also choose to remember him for Healer. I have watched many of his other roles. Healer, though, captured his ability to be a character with such layered nuances (and THAT character was playing other roles/pretending to be other people! It was so well acted!) He did action in Healer, but it was his ability to act combined with the amazing chemistry and acting of the other actors and a great script. It just had that hard to find ” X- Factor.”

      Both K2 and Healer were great dramas. But for me, Healer-ah has a permanent place in my thoughts.

    • 5.3 kanz

      I like him in The K2 more…
      But The K2 makes Healer looks like a masterpiece. It has so many flaws, especially in writing, wherein Healer has the best writing out of JCW’s dramas.

      • 5.3.1 Etrenelle

        Totally agree with you on this. I loved his character as K2 but plot wise Healer just can not even be touched in terms of how different in levels the two dramas are in my opinion.

        I even ended up just reading the recaps after a while and not even watching the drama because of how much it messed with my brain…. ^^:;

        Of course though I watched the final episode. That is always a must.

    • 5.4 blo

      I was thinking the same thing 😂

    • 5.5 Imbuk

      Me too! He got to be adorable, badass, intelligent, heartbreaking and absolutely cool in a single role. That drama was so much fun!

    • 5.6 zetnnik

      Same here. I loved watching Healer, but unfortunately, I only got to the beginning of episode 8 of K2 before I dropped it. Fast forwarding Yoona’s (the idol) scenes got too much.

    • 5.7 Arhazivory

      For me, he will always and forever be Donghae.

    • 5.8 zia

      He will always be Healer for me, too. For me, Healer is his best drama up to date. Though K2 has better action scenes, in the overall aspect, Healer is so much better.

      K2 might be more popular in Korea compared to Healer, but internationally, I think Healer is more popular and well-loved by those who have watched it (since I haven’t read anyone who dropped Healer in the middle of the drama so far). I guess if Healer was aired in a cable channel like K2, it would get higher ratings.

      When I was watching Healer, I watch it live, download it without subs (and watch it again), then watch it again with Eng subs. I would watch an episode at least 3 times. After that, I’ll check her for recaps then join convos in forums.

      When I was watching K2, I didn’t felt the same way as I felt when watching Healer. Honestly, I almost dropped it after watching episode 2. Then, almost dropped it again after episode 4. I decided to continue watching after everything was settled and he became a bodyguard.

  6. Sam_1

    We’re always here to wait for his next projects however long they may take. By his comeback after two years, I hope he picks a good drama and a good team.

  7. Martin J Simwaba

    I really miss this guy and now i’ll miss him even more. Why does he have to go now? Why didn’t he go before “Bachelor’s vegetable store”? Is there some kind of procedure they follow when enlisting to the military?
    So how long will it take for him to return?

    • 7.1 starswillshine

      Most actors enlist at around 29/30 which is considered as ‘old’ as compared to other men (enlist at around early twenties). The service is 2 years. I think he didn’t want to enlist back then is because he hadn’t taken a pivotal role that would anchor his position in the entertainment industry. If entered back then and exited after two years, people might not remember him anymore and would be less likely to offer him a lead role since the competition is so intense in Korea. Therefore, he stayed till he must enlist (hits the limit) by trying out as many projects as possible that would possibly give him a memorable role so that after two years, people will still remember him.

      I actually still remembered him as Dong Hae from Smile Again so to me, his most memorable role was back in 2010. (I watched him daily for months).

      • 7.1.1 don'tknow

        Yeah, I think the only actors that can offer to go to the military early are the popular child actors, and I think it’s a trend that started only after Seung-ho went when he is still young. Actually, it’s pretty good strategy but most actors don’t get famous until mid twenty and when they get they feel like they should establish themselves more so it drags until he finds himself reached the limit age.

  8. jcwforever

    I will really miss him When he goes to military..He is such a great actor and honestly he is best in his generation and great person too..he is humble, down to earth, honest, caring and what not…really love the way he is!! Will surely looking forward to your projects Wookie..Stay strong and take care wookie..will pray to God for your safe return!! wish he gets more projects in future which showcase his true talent..fighting JCW!! truly Saranghaeyo❤❤

  9. Nanoo

    Oh thank u my vitamin A

    • 9.1 cherkell

      You meant Vitamin Ji? 😀

  10. 10 kanz

    Thank you awcoconuts!

    Yeah well.. The K2 is done and dusted.. I remember it more as being SYA’s show, than JCW’s show.. At the very least he got recognition in action roles and established himself as one of the top actors in Korea.
    For me, his best role is still Ta Hwan in Empress Ki where he could pour so much emotions and his character development is evident during its 51 episodes.

    I agree with him, The K2 should be 20 episodes long because at 16 eps it’s clear they have too many unresolved issues and and the ending is rushed.. 4 more eps wouldn’t hurt.. at least I could see more Je Ha and Choi Yoo Jin.

    • 10.1 Gaeina Lee

      Me too, @Kanz!

      I love the whiny-romantic-dopey eyes emperor. I’ve re-watched many times and never get enough of him.

      • 10.1.1 RohanChild

        Another Empress Ki and Ta Hwan lover! I enjoyed his acting and his character’s development in that drama. Made me a fan for sure!

      • 10.1.2 kanz

        Me too!!!
        I’ve rewatched EK so many times that I kinda remember all his scenes by heart.. hahaha
        He could be funny, whiny, charming and romantic all in one drama.. Can’t get enough of Emperor Ta Hwan.

  11. 11 Star

    I would love to see him in rom-com! Please!!

    • 11.1 kanz

      And with Moon Geun Young, please!
      I need to see them in a cute and fun drama like JI <3

      • 11.1.1 Kiara

        He has done stage so he can be Moonie’s Romeo.

  12. 12 aras

    I enjoyed The K2 despite its flaws. I think I even like it more than Healer, b/c the veteran cast did a fantastic job (Song Yoon Ah, Lee Jung Jin and Jo Sung Ha) and the overall storyline felt more compelling. Action movies/dramas are among my favorites. I would love to watch JCW in a gritty action movie or OCN crime drama.

    Healer was definitely better written, but unfortunately it didn’t have great ratings (Punch aired during the same timeslot), although it was really popular among i-fans. The K2 managed to generate more buzz domestically than Healer .

    I agree with him that The K2 should’ve had 20 episodes instead of 16 episodes. The ending felt too rushed.

  13. 13 aqua❤JCW

    Yes..I really wish he will do rom com before he wnlists for military. For me the role were he could take his acting chops to peak was Emperror Ta Hwan in Empress Ki… but Healer doesn’t fall below either. The ease with which he potrayed diametrically opposite, the dorky and simple Bong Soo and the cool, complex Jung Hoo is above critisism. Healer will always be his most memorable role for me….till he brings out another one. For me K2 failed to utilize his talent, except in action… which was overdone, bringing distress to him as well as us viewers. Cutting all those action scenes by half to give Je Ha a proper origin and a real name could have given us viewers some satisfaction, and given JCW some break. Only good thing that came out of K2 was, it gave him some recognition in korea ( as far as I have heard) and made many rewatch healer once again and appreciater the writer Song Ji Nah. And that made me realise, how well plotted healer was… While K2 failed to develop both Je Ha and Anna, to give them proper backstory’s other than a one liner, two main healer succeeded in giving charecter motivations to even side charecters.

    • 13.1 Gidget

      It felt to me like the ending of K2 set the stage for a prequel. But that makes no sense of it can’t happen before he needs to enlist.

  14. 14 Rigby

    He himself really acknowledged the flaws of K2 which he has revealed in post K2 interviews! But K2 made him more popular in SK the buzz it created sealed his posiiton as one of the most popular artist now in Korea which for me is timely as he is about to join the military.
    I hope that he wil have another drama a romcom or a thriller before he goes to MS, as he mentioned to showcase more of his acting talents. What separates JCW from his contemporaries are his acting abilities and his many talents! I want him to act in a more mature roles once he is back from enlistment!

    Fighting Wookie, stay safe and healthy and humble as always!

    • 14.1 Divyrus

      Yes yes. Even though K2 wasn’t my thing and I rolled my eyes way too much, I am glad the drama got him the buzz he deserved.
      I really don’t care which drama neitzens say as his best as long as he is recognized.
      And it has been long time coming. So happy for you, wookie!!!

      Go to military and come back! We will be waiting! <3 🙁

  15. 15 Rigby

    My top 3 JCW dramas in terms of his acting are:

    1. Empress Ki ( hands down, he is mindblowing and brilliant as Tahwan)
    2. Healer ( i love all the many little nuances all are incredibly acted and on point as Jung Hoo and Bong Soo)
    3. K2 (Jeha is explosive esp with Yoojin plus the action, looks and aura made Jeha one of the classic character in dramaland)

    • 15.1 sara

      thats my list too.

    • 15.2 TrueBlue

      Completely agree – JCW was absolutely BRILLIANT in Empress Ki. Ta Hwan is a very complex character. JCW made him understandable to the viewers. He was weak but strong-willed, scared yet also passionately determined, immature yet manly, sad but also funny…JCW made Ta Hwan so real, so multidimensional. I just can’t stop raving about him in Empress Ki. Of course, props to the writer for creating such a beautiful character.

  16. 16 TJ

    They all have to go but they usually come back looking better than ever physically and some of them just seem even more mature. So the Adorkable Handsome One is leaving. Tears. So isn’t it time for a couple of other come back. Where is that big hunk of handsome Choi Jin hyuk? I know he got kicked out for a bum knee but isn’t it time for him to come back now? We need a replacement quickly. lol

    • 16.1 zia

      I think he can go back next year? He needs to complete the 2 years away from the limelight (even if he’s not in a military camp) so that netizens won’t bash him.

  17. 17 Imbuk

    Thank you for translating this interview, awcoconuts. 🙂

    I enjoyed the first 7 episodes of the k2, the rest, not that much, but no one can deny the fact that ji chang wook worked hard to do the action scenes. He should totally do a slice of life or rom-com drama next. I really want to see him in lighter roles like park bong soo throughout a drama. But I guess, we need to wait 2 years to see that.

  18. 18 korfan

    Aww, it’s always great to see Ji Chang-wook. ….. I remember seeing him for the first time ever in a K. Will video. Back then I thought, “He’s definitely someone to watch in the future.”

    Unfortunately, real-life time issues got in the way, so I only watched The K2 up to episode 4. The action was certainly intense in those 4 episodes, so I don’t blame him for wanting to take a break from action scenes.

    Looking forward to his projects in the future.

  19. 19 Omomo

    Alas, The K2 never managed to completely grab my heart unlike Healer, but the effort JCW poured into it was very well appreciated. Oh man, I’m still having trouble accepting that he’ll be going away soon. This breaks my heart. 🙁

    Would love for him to do another show before enlistment but we wouldn’t want him to over-exert himself as well, so action is out. Yes, a romcom would be rather nice!

  20. 20 Abcd

    I’ll miss him a lot once he goes to serve the military…. He thrashed my bias list in a very bad way after healer…. I loved him in and as healer and to this date I haven’t been able to get over it i still keep rewatching it….

    For me healer is hands down his best role yet… He got the chance to potray himself over a wide range and his chemistry with PMY as well as supporting characters was off the charts…
    And so was empress ki… I’m usually not a fan of sageuks but still got through it for JCW and was happy he didn’t disappoint…

    But I wish I could say the same for the k2 as a fan who had been waiting for him I was clearly disappointed… Nothing really attracted me to it I just sat through it for JCW only.. But that’s just my opinion…..

  21. 21 Gaeina Lee

    ..I haven’t finished living my life, so my career as an actor and my lifetime achievement are still works-in-progress..

    Aww, what a humble man he is.

    And, JCW my dear… I also haven’t finished living my life to watch and admire you craft your career and achievement in this lifetime. Uh, well, sometimes my admiration turned into drool when I ogle over you. Pardon. That’s one of your achievement too, I guess, to be able to make many noonas fall over you. Me included.

    Certainly will miss you.

    • 21.1 Gidget

      I got the feeling that people calling it the role of a lifetime caused him some anxiety. It could seem to him like people were saying his stardom won’t have longevity. Coupled with his comment about needing to choose to stay positive might suggest he’s a young man of many worries.

  22. 22 JCW-loves-PMY

    Healer is a masterpiece, a drama of him that will lasts forever in a lifetime… especially here in North America, it’s like a virus that keeps on spreading and becoming more popular… A lot of my peeps here, loves me for recommending it hahaha… The absolutely love it!! (it’s like, why did you just recommend it now?)..

    Many of us here dropped watching K2..
    and K2 is forgettable…

    I hope there’s such a permanent pairing known as ChangMin… Forever!!

  23. 23 Al'sBevy

    My God, he’s handsome. I watched more K2 than I wanted to just to look at him. K2 was awful, in my humble opinion.

    • 23.1 minathens

      Yeah, I love him but the writing just wasn’t good. I didn’t care about any of the characters particularly. I mean, sure, I wanted our leads to end up on a beach somewhere, but I didn’t feel like I knew much of anything about them. I try not to be a hater, but unless that writer comes back with a project that has an amazing cast I’ll probably skip it.

  24. 24 risa

    I feel sorry for JCW that his training for The K2’s action scenes was so grueling, but at least now he’s in top physical shape, so military training shouldn’t be too strenuous for him.

    I was really disappointed that he signed on for The K2 because I (rightly) suspected I wasn’t gonna like it (based on Yong Pal being unwatchable for me)– but I’m happy that it created a lot of buzz and popularity for him. He sure is a hard worker.

    I’ve often seen a resemblance between his smile and Ha Ji-won’s (I see it in the 2nd picture here) and I kind of want them to play siblings someday, but I suppose that’d be weird for many who have watched them play lovers.

    Thanks, awcoconuts!

    • 24.1 elvira

      Thank you!
      Oh finally someone said it; I always think his smile looks a bit like HJW, I’d believe it if someone told me they’re siblings.

  25. 25 annaka

    He is forever Healer Oppa in my heart, the K2 was ok, I enjoyed the scenes between Song Yoon-ah and him so much, to the point where I skipped during the episode to catch their scenes, that chemistry !!!! (I kinda wish the story revolved around these two character way more) I kind of feel like the action out shown his acting capability in this project. I wish him all the best, a safe service and I can’t wait to see what he is going to go for next.

  26. 26 Gidget

    Two questions about his comments on military service:

    He said it’ll give him an opportunity to hang around creative minded friends. The army doesn’t strike me as a place ‘creative’ types would be drawn to. So do they still have that special unit for actors? Or is it something else?

    Also, why would he be worried about having a commanding officer who’s younger than him? I get the whole age/respect thing in Korean culture. But that person would have more experience / military accomplishment. Why would following their instructions be a difficulty?

    • 26.1 cherkell

      I think Wook means he’s going to see several of his actor contemporaries serving at the same time as he will — many of the 1987 Line will need to hightail their butts into service after January 2017 — therefore, any downtime in the barracks he may be hanging with the likes of his buddy Seo In Guk, Joo Won, Kim So Hyun, the Big Bang Boys, etc. Oh to be a fly on the wall in THAT building!!! 😍

      And I betcha Wook may be worried about a younger commander because of the ‘sunbae-hoobae’ relationships between people. He has more than enough experience in acting, singing, musicals and the like where Wook would be called ‘sunbae’ by his younger counterparts. In the service, even though he’s 29 Western/30 Korean years old, he would end up as the ‘hoobae’ since this is his first enlistment and these young whippersnappers will be in better shape and more than likely put him through basic training like a boss.

      I would be worried about disappointing my commanding officer at my ‘advanced age’ as well. Hopefully his fears will be unfounded… but IMHO My Precious seems a bit more intimidated by the prospect of the upcoming 22 months away than he is letting on at present. As an actor, I would be scared shitless being out of the public eye for that long.

      I’m in trial so watching the last two episodes of “The K2” has been put on hold. I’ll start drafting my review as soon as I can finish up the show. Right now, it ain’t gonna be all hearts and flowers. Mark my words. *hmpf*

      • 26.1.1 Gidget

        Thanks Cherkell.

        Didn’t think about all the other actors. But it’s a shame if they cloister them rather than mixing them with the broader population. The exposure to a wide range of personalities and back-stories would only help their ability to craft unique and organic personas. In real life fame would demand that their worlds are small and insular. Army is a unique opportunity.

        I suppose I still don’t get the whole age thing. Probably because it has zero relevance to how I look at life. Guess I’m weird in that way.

        I was kind of surprised by this interview. As I said earlier, he seems like a man of many worries. Surprising, considering his accomplishments. And there was a surprising level of reticence to push himself physically. Since that type of role will have a definite shelf-life, you’d think he’d take full advantage of those opportunities while he can.

        Really agree about the ‘being out of the public eye’ comment. It has to be really difficult. The ones I think it’s hardest on are the actors who have made their trade in flower boy roles. After the army most will age-out of that.

        Sounds like your review will be interesting.

        • Gidget

          Oh, and one other thing. He was right. We did think that shower scene was weird. LOL

          P.S. Thank you dear moderator for fixing the name/email mistake. 😊

  27. 27 Stapler90

    I want him to do a rom com where he plays a character like Park Bong Soo

  28. 28 Larial

    I loved him in Healer. I think K2 did well because of Ji Chang Wook in Healer. Healer was an excellent drama.
    Ji Chang Wook is very unique. He has both the manly sexy side and a boyish cuteness.

  29. 29 Jane

    I continued to watch K2 till the end is becos of JCW and SYA. But I can’t say that I’ll watch it again

    I love Healer! It’s well written and the acting was great amongst all casts. Everyone of them acted so good and well. And the chemistry between JCW and PMY was smacking good. The action and love scenes were well done. Most of all, I love happy and romantic endings. I’d watched Healer many times. It’s an evergreen drama that you don’t get tired of
    I don’t like sad endings. No matter how good the story is, I’d hesitate to watch the drama if it has dad ending.
    So JCW, we all like you but please don’t give us sad endings.

  30. 30 AlphaGirl

    Chang Wookaaaa…..!!! I will miss Wookie’s 440 watt smile.

  31. 31 Lalala

    He left the strongest impession in empress ki for me. Healer was so-so, and in the k2 he was overshadowed by song yoona. The 1st time I noticed him was in 5 fingers though

  32. 32 Kay

    Aw, I’m going to miss him but time flies, and I think he’ll be back before we know it!

    On the other hand, I think he did the smart thing by getting all his action roles done while he’s in top physical condition. I think he’s cemented himself as one of the top “action” actors and can move onto different roles now if he wants too.

    I’d love to see him in something more dark and challenging. Not action, but a melo perhaps.

  33. 33 minathens

    Let’s hope so, because after a while, even his pretty bloodface couldn’t keep me interested. I’m not a fan of the writer, I don’t think– overly elaborate but somehow boring plots and very little character development. Some of the action was fun, but then it gets all shooty and I could watch boring American TV for that. I was disappointed, but I didn’t think it was any of the actors faults. Also, sorry, he should have been dead fifteen times by the end of it. I don’t find it so compelling when the good guy is just magically unkillable. I mean, sure, I wanted our Wookie to live, but since the plot had obviously decided a long time ago he was invincible (unless it suddenly didn’t) I just didn’t care anymore. At least nobody sabotaged a nuclear reactor or got blamed for her own rape in this one (lookin at you, Yong Pal).

  34. 34 Suzy

    Gonna mis u badly my wookie for me u r d best k actor lob u lot lot…. my healer jeha :-*

  35. 35 TrinPie

    I love love Ji Chang Wook. He is currently one of my favorite actors. I am glad he is getting recognition for all the work and effort he put into K2. You can definitely tell he pushed himself to the limits. Me and my Mom would marvel at the fact he was doing some of these intense action scenes himself.

    I’ve read a lot of comments about K2 that are in the negative. I just finished watching this series last night and I loved the show. It definitely had it’s flaws but there was also so much going for it. The acting was top-notch, the music was excellent, the action scenes were amazing, the cinematography and directing were very well done. The writing did have flaws, with Anna’s character being one of those big flaws. She was very underdeveloped and seemed out of place compared to all the other characters. A lot of people were saying it’s Yoona’s fault the show wasn’t doing better but I personally think she did a fine job acting, it was her character that was poorly written. Her scenes also seemed very disjointed and odd. You have this intense action thriller and then these weird rom-com moments that felt forced.

    Overall I really enjoyed K2 but it definitely didn’t surpass my love for Healer.

  36. 36 Aijo

    When the workout he got in K2, he’s totally ready for military service. You got this Ji Chang Wook!!

  37. 37 AP

    i kept on scrolling down because i want to see his smiles. he smile, i melt. whyyyyyyy

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