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A novelist tries to catch a murderer in Life-Risking Romance
by | December 12, 2016 | 25 Comments

Upcoming cross-genre movie Life-Risking Romance mixes romantic-comedy with mystery-thriller, so the familiar love triangle will be accompanied by a hefty dose of whodunit. Ha Ji-won (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant) stars as a bumbling mystery novelist named Han Jae-in, who spent the last five years thinking about writing her next novel with no actual writing done on her part. After a murder takes place in her upstairs neighbor’s apartment, she begins to suspect all of her neighbors as the culprit and decides to find the serial killer herself, and base her next novel on the unsolved serial murder case in Itaewon. She figures that she’ll shoot to bestselling stardom if she solves the crime that she writes about.

With no professional background in criminal investigations or nabbing bad guys, her methods of finding the culprit are ridiculous and reckless. She runs into her childhood friend, an Itaewon police officer named Seol Rok-hwan (an attempt to make his name sound like “Sherlock Holmes”), played by Chun Jung-myung (Master–God of Noodle), and together they attempt to catch the killer. However, a love triangle kicks into gear when they come across Jason, an attractive and mysterious man with sharp probing skills, played by popular Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin (Bad Guys Always Die).

The teaser introduces us to Jae-in as she bumbles her way through solving a murder case, “using senses she doesn’t even have to begin with” and “proceeding without caution,” as the copy reads. Another line warns, “Don’t ever let someone know he/she is the suspect!” But Jae-in does exactly the opposite, enthusiastically calling out the name of an unsmiling suspect played by Oh Jung-se (The Accidental Detective) before realizing her mistake.

Supporting cast members include Yoon So-hee (Memory), Kim Won-hae (Asura, Drinking Solo), and Jung Hae-kyun (The Divine Move, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds), in this romance-caper mashup. Will Jae-in find love and the culprit and write the next great mystery novel? Or will she go home empty-handed?

Life-Risking Romance premieres December 14 in theaters.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MIN

    oh lord Chen BOlin…. the culprit for my eternal love of In Time With You… The reason I COULD NOT watch it’s Korean remake. The time I have loved you. I am sooo going to search for this.

    • 1.1 Rose

      Sigh… Chen Bolin…….

    • 1.2 Muggle

      I was staring at him, trying to figure out where I have seen him before. When it click, I legit squeal. Yes Please!! So watching for Bolin. I totally love him in time with you.

    • 1.3 peonykins


  2. Dee Em

    I’m up for this, gives me Johnny English vibes

  3. Sam_1

    Ha Ji Won doesn’t ever age. I thought this movie was supposed to be shown during the first half of the year.

  4. Niyati

    So basically it’s ‘Murder she wrote – the early years’ – the Korean pre-make.

  5. Ester Dean

    What a cross-over! The leads from same title-different version “That Time that I love you” (Taiwan Version and Korean Version) in the same drama… Daebak!

    • 5.1 An

      It’s a movie, not a drama.

  6. faee

    chen bolin, oh, you pretty human.

  7. Iris

    When I read the article, my thoughts came immediately to “Rear Window.” The story sounds interesting enough. But the comedy in the teaser is over the top. (for me). Great cast – for the most part. I hope it will be good.

  8. Alessar

    Well the cast is sure cute. Hopefully they bring their best comedy chops!

  9. TJ

    Looks cute. I admit. I love rom coms.

  10. 10 goldeng

    Judging by the description, instead of how to get away with murder, this is how to get murdered? Guess since its a romcom,none of the leads would actually die no matter how reckless they are 🙂

    • 10.1 Ne

      I saw what you did there. hahaha

  11. 11 Lilly

    This looks really good and just thing the season right now.

  12. 12 Del

    Bolin Chen is looking gorgeous as he gets older and he kind of reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro. It’s the smile that is very similar….

  13. 13 giocare

    OOOOO Sounds like my kind of show

  14. 14 spazmo

    chen bolin!!!

    such a cutie… <3

  15. 15 Sua

    The awkward moment when you don’t know who Chen Bolin is except for Song Ji Hyo’s variety husband and everyone else is gushing about him……….. o.o

  16. 16 coby

    Hayyy… Bolin Chen 😍

  17. 17 kiongna

    Thanks Dramabeans for the write-up about this Movie – droolssss CHEN BO LIN U LA LA – smokin’ baby! LOVE HIM… only got to know him because of WE ARE IN LOVE with lovely Song Ji Hyo – Chinese Variety show where they are BF/GF…. and probably still real today.. AHEM – Amazing guy in every way.. I’m so glad they met in the show… woot woot

    Ha Ji Won and Chun Chung Myung – both I like VERY much too, it opens tomorrow – GOOD LUCK !!

    Looking forward! AJA-AJA Hwaitin’ Chia You!!

  18. 18 Flightey Gazelles

    Oooh, this movie sounds like a hoot!!! Love the mismash of genres.

    I love the posters, especialy the one where their both pulling her hair back. Its simultaenously romcom( two males wanting lovingly touch her, ergo, love triangle) and thriller( disbodied creepy male hands touching uncomfortable female).

  19. 19 Frisky Butterfly

    I love Ha Ji won..💌💙💙💙

  20. 20 kaveh yousefzadeh

    i kiss and bearhug my so dearest madam ha ji won and park shin hye and song yu ri,…from far distance so much!i wish i could live alongside them every moment and everlasting!
    i wish all of them were my ladyloves and wives!
    i wish i could meet them in korea and in their home in my longevity a lot!
    i wish one of them sent a letter of invitation to me at soon as they send their letter of invitation i will be set off korea and i kiss them a lot and i live in their homes and i speak with them,…!
    anyway,i kiss and bearhug them so much!
    your sincerely
    kaveh yousefzadeh

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