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An illicit student-teacher affair in Misbehavior
by | December 19, 2016 | 79 Comments

If Kim Haneul’s most recent drama On the Way to the Airport was a subdued and atmospheric depiction of adultery, then her latest film Misbehavior (Korean title: Teacher) appears to be quite the opposite, charged with the heated passion of forbidden desire and torrid jealousy.

Misbehavior takes place at an all boys high school where Kim Haneul plays a contract teacher named Hyo-joo. Her colleague Hae-young, played by Yoo In-young (Goodbye Mr. Black), is a staff teacher and the privileged daughter of the head of the school board, who develops an illicit relationship with the student Hyo-joo’s been eyeing. Lee Won-geun (The Good Wife) plays Jae-ha, the student and dancer who gets involved with both teachers. Fueled by jealousy, Hyo-joo is bent on taking Jae-ha away from Hae-young, to snatch just one thing away from the woman who seemingly has it all.

In the teaser, Hyo-joo confronts Hae-young about seeing her and Jae-ha in the throes of passion in the school gym. Hae-young begs her to stay quiet, but Hyo-joo coldly replies that she never said she’d turn a blind eye to it. “Since you have your dad’s clout, you may think the school is your playground, but this is a boys school. As your sunbae and fellow colleague, this is a warning,” we hear her say to Hae-young.

But Hae-young grows suspicious when she sees Hyo-joo and Jae-ha together, and we hear Hyo-joo ask, “Isn’t it funny? For you, it’s okay, but for me, it’s not?” Hyo-joo finds Jae-ha sprawled on the floor with empty beer cans strewn about and invites him home, and later we see him on top of her asking, “Should I be your lover?”

Naturally, this student-teacher love triangle gets messy, and Hyo-joo sees green when she catches Jae-ha pull Hae-young in for a kiss. The teaser ends with Hyo-joo fuming and looking down at someone, along with her soundbite: “I’ll teach you why I am this way.”

Misbehavior will open in theaters on January 5, 2017.

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79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Anna

    I always confuse her with Kang Ha-neul, lol.

    • 1.1 endo


      Kim Ha Neul is Kang Ha Neul’s real name.

      • 1.1.1 Van

        Ha, I was gonna say, “isn’t SHE Kang Ha-neul?” I wonder why she just changed her last name… does it just rolls off the tongue better? More catchier?

  2. Mohammed

    Now this is an intresting love triangle which should get messy enough to a be thrilling story.

    Visually this film looks very good too. I look forward to see this dark, not romantic take on teacher-student affair.

  3. Ed

    Love Yoo In Young. Someone of her ability deserves to be a go-to for drama leading roles.

  4. Sera The Ms Temper

    I normally dislike this kind of plot but… The casts are great! I’m glad Yoo In Young doing movie and hope she will get to do more movies since she was quite underutilized in her two latest drama. There is something sexy about this woman, just like Lee El. Lee Won Geun in the other hand is steadily building his career.

  5. Choco_Chip

    Oh dear, this is gonna be messy.

    • 5.1 bbstl

      based on their hair alone.

      • 5.1.1 aweebit


      • 5.1.2 Kaddict4ever

        LOL… That made my day!
        Thank you 🙂

      • 5.1.3 Van

        Ahaha, good one. 👍🏼

      • 5.1.4 Flightey Gazelles


  6. Shirleen

    Omg when I saw the picture on the dramabeans homepage (aka the last poster) Lee Won-Geun looked so much like Infinite’s L (Kim Myung-Soo)

    • 6.1 Neem

      omg same. I was thinking maybe i missed any casting news haha

    • 6.2 coby

      me too! I thought its L.. and I even angled my head to see clearly. LOL

      • 6.2.1 Mohammed

        Me too and i thought instantly no!!! L will ruin this intense drama with two nice actresses 😛

    • 6.3 neener

      Same here! I tilted my head a little bit then I saw LWG! HAHA

    • 6.4 Waiting

      Me, too. I thought he was L.

    • 6.5 Luc

      Me too! And then I watched the trailer and got confused.

    • 6.6 mel

      I thought he was L too.

    • 6.7 siesta

      i thought it was sunggyu lol.. it’s the eyes

    • 6.8 BlaBlaBla

      To me it looked like a mixture of L and Sung kyu..

    • 6.9 FairyFan

      HAH~ Me too! But I’d love to see Lee Won Geun in a darker role. Looking forward to our Sassy Go Go boy’s new project.

  7. potatodrama

    Whoa, this looks good, besides the controversial subject.

    Lee Won-geun is so handsome, I’m happy to see him doing movies.

    But I have to say, this posters pictures just look stunning!

    • 7.1 Mohammed

      This looks extra good because of the controversial subject to me. Korean cinema is full of dark,intense thrillers with subjects like incest in Oldboy for example.

  8. Fayt890

    But I can’t… get the image of sweet, adorable, boyish Lee Won-Geun from Cheer Up! out of my head. XD It’s so jarring to see him be a seductress of sorts!!

  9. sorrynotsorry

    Well, it’s probably not gonna end well. Ha! Actually this reminds me of a British movie though the name escapes me. I’m glad to see LWG being offered and accepting such a variety of roles.

    • 9.1 pogo

      Notes on a Scandal?

      This movie’s taken ages to come out, I remember Lee Won-geun saying he’d finished filming it right before he signed on for Sassy Go Go, and that was why his hair was still short for that drama.

    • 9.2 channel

      Daydream nation? The cinematography reminds me of that film. Although in that film it’s the girl whose younger and the student.

      • 9.2.1 Flightey Gazelles

        In Daydream Nation, it was between the Male teacher and the male student. The female was more in control. That teacher was getting unhinged, yikes!!!

        Kat Dennings was fire. Her takedown of a fellow classmate who called her a slut was EPIC!!!

  10. 10 Lisa_wackycashew

    Been seeing Wonkeunie promoting this film on his Instagram. Didn’t realize there were two teachers involved in the affair. Definitely an intriguing controversial plot. Great cast and it’s good that Wonkeunie is dipping in different roles.

  11. 11 Kanji

    Teachers having sex with students… honestly such a tired subject. Or, more like abuse of power using sex as its medium. Lee Won Geun’s performance and the depth and premise of his character might save this film. Yoo In Young’s acting based on this trailer seems too similar with her previous characters so at least I’m not buying it yet. Kim Ha Neul looked promising.

  12. 12 Zia

    When a woman in fiction has a relationship with a minor, it’s provocative and illegal…rightfully seen as a taboo by the public.

    When a man has a relationship with a minor, it’s just supposed be a depiction of a “pure” love…and no one says anything…

    What bull.

    • 12.1 Mindy

      To be fair I think it depends on the medium and the work itself. I watched the first few episodes of Biscuit Teacher Star Candy (I didn’t finish because I thought it was boring) which is about a female teacher (Gong Hyo-jin) and a male student (Gong Yoo) and it wasn’t portrayed anything like what this movie is doing. Partially, I’m sure, because it was a drama and not a movie. But I didn’t finish the show so maybe it changes… but it seemed to portray it is a pure type of puppy love.

      As a disclaimer, I don’t support these relationships. I find teacher/student relationships especially icky because students are entrusted to their teachers by the parents and, ick. But I’ve seen it portrayed in lots of different ways in various works of fiction.

    • 12.2 canxi

      I, like Mindy, also think it depends.
      It’s interesting though because I feel like when it is the woman/minor it can be super secret and messy and there are all these repercussions for her and everything kind of seeps out into her everyday life and starts to impact others in a way that we can see.
      But for a man, I think it’s more often we see all the events for him happen in a sort of bubble where he kind of has to internalize and deal with things on his own and we don’t always get to see how his actions affect everyone else—just him and maybe the girl.
      I wouldn’t say it’s always depicted as pure but there is often this kind of fantasy-ish/dream-like element to an affiar with or having feelings for a younger girl that doesn’t seem to happen when it’s a younger guy, so I can understand where you are coming from.

    • 12.3 queenjihyun

      More like the other way around. Both are condemnable, but the scenario you just wrote is something I haven’t seen in the media yet. When a boy is sexually abused by a female teacher and it is reported to the authorities, people rather complain that they wish they had teachers like that in their middle school…
      My point is, there are a lot of people with skewed world views who will stand for problematic stuff -just look at some of the comments of Lolita (1997, Adrian Lyne), how they thought that what happened between Humbert and Haze was pure love and that Haze was ungrateful brat *barf*

      • 12.3.1 sorrynotsorry

        I can’t speak to how it is portrayed throughout Korea, but in the US whenever one of these scenarios comes out about a “hot” teacher and a teen boy there is a lot of what’s the big deal though generally by wishful thinking men. If it is a guy teacher, he’s a predator.

        I have a tough time suspending any reality on this because a scenario with a 15 year old boy and a school counselor (she never actually counseled him but met him through his parents) actually happened in a local school district…it was caught before it became intimate but the kid was horrified and thankfully told his parents. It’s just wrong wrong wrong and the only part of the movie that interests me is if they portray the kid as a victim or someone who is actually manipulated the women.

        • queenjihyun

          I agree with you. I hope this subject is not gonna be just brushed under the rug

      • 12.3.2 Zia

        I was talking about how these scenarios are portrayed in fiction. Specifically korean. Of course real life news coverage is going to be different.

        • sorrynotsorry

          Ok, I get what you are saying. Other than The Muse, Biscuit Teacher (I didn’t stick it out with either) and perhaps one or two others (I don’t know if I should include a few episodes of Doctors), I don’t have enough info on how Korean writers portray these scenarios in fiction so I’ll take your word for it. I wonder if it is men writing the books/screenplays?

          • Barbrey

            Exactly what I was wondering when I read the premise…did a man write or create this screenplay? Because I see more men getting off on this than women. Whatever. The description makes me squeamish and I won’t be watching. People excuse this stuff by saying oh he or she is old enough but that’s crap. It’s all about power dynamics.

      • 12.3.3 GedSkaiKru

        Urgh, that book Lolita, I am saying my personal opinion by I was so disgusted while reading it.

    • 12.4 stedens

      eh, but if we’re talking about gender equality as far as treatments for these things go, women get off far easier for these kinds of things than men do in real life. considering that, getting worse treatment in fictional settings doesn’t seem that bad. although i don’t even think they get worse treatment overall, since as another commenter pointed out, it tends to vary from drama to drama or movie to movie.

      • 12.4.1 Flightey Gazelles

        I agree. Young men and teenagers may not always fully realize the consequences of such actions at the time, but later into their years will come to see its deep and far reaching effects on their lives and relationship.

        Though this may not be a favourable example to site, Fifty Shades of Grey is one.

  13. 13 Vikky

    Seriously they should cast yoo in young as the female lead already or maybe she just enjoy playing supporting characters.. She’s too good..

  14. 14 Flightey Gazelles

    OMG, where’s @Pogo?!!! Our boy Lee Weon Geun is grown up. Puppy involved in a messy sexual affair? But…he just started sharing fruit milk with Kang Yeon Doo!!!!!!

    This how I heard the other day, that he was to star in a Kim Ki Duk film. KIM KI DUK!!! What will he do with our innocent LWG?

    • 14.1 pogo


      I kind of want to haul him bodily out of this movie and send him over to Yeon-doo, where he belongs. It’s weird to see puppy having messy teacher affairs but hey, maybe it’ll stretch his range as an actor? I’ve always thought it was a shame Sassy Go Go wasn’t a commercial hit, I’d have liked to see more of him as a lead.

      • 14.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Proud of him!

      • 14.1.2 Flightey Gazelles

        I want to see where he goes with his career, seems like he’s making interesting choices. And though I shudder to think of him in dark projects or roles, Im happy he’s doing that. Expanding his range and portfolio. Go Go!!!

  15. 15 rudi

    “noona – dongsaeng romance” (which is uuurgh enuf) taken to extreme.

    • 15.1 stedens

      yeah, i’m too squicked out by this. one adult wanting to be intimate with their student is enough, but two? and fighting over him? i’m out.

  16. 16 Mindy

    A bit too squicky for me. Teacher/student relationships already are icky but two teachers fighting over a student? Even if they’re making it to send some sort of message against these relationships I don’t think I could get through it.

  17. 17 canxi

    All of this can only end badly.
    I’m curious as to why Kim Haneul’s character is going so far.

  18. 18 queenjihyn

    Well, to be fair if a grandpa-granddaughter happened in ’A Muse’, then this kind of setting is also acceptable lol jk. Yeah.. not exactly thrilled of the theme, but I guess Art imitates life and kinda interested to see how Lee Won Geun’s character turns up.

  19. 19 jaded14yaoi

    Hmm seems interesting. I’m thinking the most intriguing part here, will be the relationship between the two teachers. Why does Kim Ha Neul character feels the need to antagonize Yoo In Young’s.

    Lee Won Geun’s character seems like he’s going to be a pawn between the two.

    On a side note, almost everything I’ve seem Kim Ha Neul in has been “taboo” in some sense. She was just having and affair in her last drama. This’ll be the second time I’ll have seen her having an affair with her student and there’s even one where she’s in love with her cousin.

    • 19.1 siesta

      imo it’ll be more interesting if LWG’s character is actually manipulating these two adults behind the scene- a young, baby-faced devil

    • 19.2 Flightey Gazelles

      Yeah, even from the posters, it seems there’s some kind of dominant/submissive vibe going on btw Kim Hanuel and Yoo In Young. Their relationship looks intriguing and curious to learn about it. It seems like they have a past with each other.

  20. 20 astromantic

    Rise Yoo In-young, RISE!!!

  21. 21 HerImperialMaj

    This type of subject matter utterly squicks me out, but if there’s one saving grace, it’s that it seems like it will show the emotional toll the affairs will have on the student. Yes, it must seem thrilling to him at first, but in the long run, I want him to discover that having two grown women use a teenage boy as a status symbol/pawn isn’t titillating, it’s psychologically damaging.
    Seriously, guys, I just want some Korean media, any Korean media, to acknowledge that seducing teenagers will mess them up.

    • 21.1 canxi

      In Valid Love Lee Soo Hyuk’s character, Kim Joon, tells a story of how he lost his virginity to a much older woman at the age of 17. The character is a pretty complicated one and I definitely think the story explained how he became to be the person he was (very solitary, irritated easily, lacking in eq, and even a bit clingy—kinda messed up). Granted it’s not the only thing that made him that way but it certainly stuck with him in a way that wasn’t what I would call a fond memory.

  22. 22 Lola

    I saw the trailer for this without subtitles and it had me fuming. Hearing the synopsis is even worse. Firstly no, it’s not okay to take a victim of sexual abuse (ie the first teacher who groomed an underage boy into a sexual relationship) and then re-victimise him with another teacher. Hearing that Kim Ha Neul is doing it to get payback on the other teacher is stomach churningly gross. Bleurgh.

    Tis a pity because I actually really love the actresses and actor. Crinkles!

  23. 23 Moonlight

    I find it so interesting that Lee Won Geun plays a ballet dancer because, in real life, he seems to like more sensible* and highly emotive forms of art (I mean, without using words), so it’s so great to see him being able to explore this kind of art. I really like Yoo In Young, and even though the subject is controversial, I might try to watch this just for the hard work of the cast, unless it turns out to be too explicit (I can’t watch explicit stuff, I dislike this kind of stuff).

    *I don’t know if I’m being clear because I have no intention to be offensive or anything, but he seems to be into photography and such if your observe his instagram.

  24. 24 Lee Jinki killed me 😍

    I’m very excited for this movie. Normally I’m not into adulterous movies of that sort, but the cast is beautiful, the trailer seems promising and it’s Lee Won Geun. I mean who says no to Lee Won Geun?

  25. 25 siesta

    after his cardboard-style wiggling in sassy go go i’m kinda hard pressed to think of LWG as a graceful dancer XD

    • 25.1 AnHyejin


  26. 26 cheekbones

    Omo. And innocent-looking Lee Won-geun, too ! Somehow reminds me of Notes on a Scandal a bit which I like very much.

  27. 27 howforwardsale

    How long have they been holed up in that school that they are fighting over a little boy? LOL, this sounds messy in a good way. I will be on the look out for this.

  28. 28 anna

    Lol I know this sounds wrong, but it’s an all-boys school, you can have your pickings, why fight over this one? And in general, you’re both grown adults, why over a boy?? This is a serious subject I know, but it sounds ridiculously funny.

    • 28.1 Orl

      “why fight over this one?”

      Because he is a beautiful dancer and he is Lee Won Geun.

  29. 29 kooriyuki

    The top poster made me think that maybe it’s better both the female teachers get together instead

  30. 30 Mimie

    In the male lead picture that is shown above he looks like L of infinite. 😆

  31. 31 TJ

    He looks like L in that picture.

  32. 32 AnHyejin

    Oh how I’ve missed Lee Won Geun. I’m trying to find his drama thumping spike2 , but can’t it anywhere. Help!

  33. 33 whitewire

    For some reason I am supeeeeeer excited for this. I quite ship Lee Wongeun with Kim Haneul based on the trailer, but generally I’m a bigger fan of Yoo Inyoung than Haneul.

    Shucks I am surprised to see Lee Wongeun taking this kind of role. Respeck!

    (and hoping Kim Haneul wins his heart in this muvee and Yoo Inyoung ends up with a super HOT co-faculty professor)

  34. 34 zeke5555

    1:25 Jaeha ” I did everything you [teacher] asked me to do.”
    ….. Well ok then.
    TBH this movie seems intriguing (and a small part of me is looking forward to seeing puppy Wongeun get stuck between two ambitious women cougheventhoitseemslikeJaehahimselfisquiteaslyfox,dunnocough)
    Kim (Kang? Im confused) Haneul always delivers the cold cutting character well and Yoo Inyoung looks convincing in her role too so imma look forward to this!!!

  35. 35 Monino

    Love KHN but hated her latest drama.

  36. 36 aiza

    yoo in young..

  37. 37 Seri

    …. nah

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