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Kim Nam-gil plays ordinary hero in disaster film Pandora
by | December 4, 2016 | 26 Comments

This December, a disaster of untold proportions rocks the Korean Peninsula in new thriller Pandora. Kim Nam-gil (Memoir of a Murderer) and Kim Myung-min (Proof of Innocence) star in director Park Jung-woo’s new disaster film. Taking nearly four years to write, film, and produce, this movie has been lauded as a well-made message against the proliferation of nuclear energy.

In the new blockbuster film, when a historically powerful earthquake destroys Fukushima, Japan, its large ripples cause a nuclear power plant explosion in Korea. The ensuing radiation and clouds of ash cause mass hysteria. The nuclear control center, which is supposed to contain such an incident, wavers in its mission because the political powers that hold authority over it have conflicting interests. The politicians want to deny reality in order to protect Korea’s image so that their economic investments will not be endangered, and the incompetent president is being blackmailed by his greedy prime minister to advance directives that go against the common good.

Meanwhile the radioactive poison spreads among the populace, creating a swath of victims in its wake. As the control center realizes an impending second explosion, they send a group of employees from the power plant on a fatal mission to stop it or die trying. Kim Nam-gil plays Jae-hyuk, an ordinary happy-go-lucky power plant employee who becomes a hero as he embarks on this peril-fraught journey for the safety of his family and all of Korea, and Kim Myung-min plays the president, whose hands are tied by greedy puppet-masters.

Co-stars include Jung Jin-young (Glamorous Temptation), Lee Kyung-young (Inside Men), Kim Young-ae (Laurel Tree Tailors), Kang Shin-il, (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho), and Moon Jung-hee (Sweet Savage Family). Disaster movie Pandora premieres in Korea on December 7.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Al'sBevy

    Who can forget that electrifying moment when Kim Nam-Gil as Bidam first appeared on ‘The Great Queen Seonduk?’. That’s when I started watching K-Dramas and haven’t stopped yet.

    • 1.1 endo

      Kim Nam Gil is my Korean first love. He holds a special place in my heart. I always watch anything with him on it. It’s just a bummer that majority of it he has to die.

      • 1.1.1 Peeps

        First loves never come true, so they say.

    • 1.2 depe

      me too. love him ever since!!! he’s just the best! Bi-Deok breaking my heart so much

    • 1.3 Bazu

      Years back, I happened to watch QSD on a whim, and had my first sageuk crush on Bidam. In retrospect – I didn’t realise this then – I think Bidam also made me suffer from second-lead sydrome. Kim Nam Gil wasn’t just a beautiful face though, as his potrayal of the complex, tortured character really made Bidam felt real.

    • 1.4 Biankoy

      It’s pretty hard to forget a heartbreak, especially one that you got from spending days and nights watching and rooting for a character, only to watch him die one of the most horrible deaths ever.

  2. bbstl

    It’s Kim Nam Gil. Of course he’s going to die trying 😢

    • 2.1 yukari

      Everytime I see his name on the cast list I always wonder will he die again here.

      I don’t have any doubt in the acting department, but I hope they take the explosion matter seriously. I wish they know that to have nuclear explosion isn’t as easy as chemical explosion. I study nuclear engineering and I’m tired in how they keep creating false potrayal on nuclear power plant.

    • 2.2 Gaeina Lee

      My mind always go like this whenever I see their name headlining the drama:

      KNG: die in every drama
      LJS: his immediate family never make through Ep 01

      Why so tragic?

    • 2.3 knom

      So, he’s the Korean version of Sean Bean? lol

      • 2.3.1 Peridot

        LOL! I think so ;).

    • 2.4 Sam_1

      It’s like So Ji Sub pre-Master’s Sun

  3. don'tknow

    It’s been a while since the last time I saw him! I like his acting but don’t usually follow his movies since they aren’t my cup of tea. But this sounds like a movie I would actually like!
    so yay for me, I think?

  4. Kiara

    Love the veteran actors, Kim Myung-min, Lee Kyung-young, Kim Young-ae, Jung Jin-Young.

  5. Chloe

    Stay alive, please!!!! (Pray hard for the Hero)

  6. Iona

    I miss him in TV dramas…

  7. vivi rose

    Please dont die,nam gil oppa. You looks messy,messy sexy.
    I want him in rom com and he will get his happy ending.^ –

  8. Flightey Gazelles

    “Kim Nam-Gil plays an ordinary hero in disaster film” ….and dies, albiet heroicly.

    tineybeanie, just reading your plot discription for the movie is making me panic a little. Don’t know how i’d survive the movie.

    This reminds me of the better parts of D-Day, hopefully, it’ll be more realistic.

  9. Nthrprtn

    He stole the show from Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seondeok! I hope he comes back to dramaland soon but not in another melodrama. Shark in 2013 was pretty depressing.

  10. 10 blues

    Did Kim Nam-gil ever have a rom-com before? Can we wish for him doing a rom-com in near future?

  11. 11 kini

    Had to do a double take…initially thought it was Lee Kwang Soo haha

  12. 12 royal

    Is Kim Nam Gil’s character going to die again?

    Drama Gods have not been kind. Maybe Movie Gods are more considerate?

  13. 13 korfan

    Kim Nam-gil has is definitely missed in dramaland.

    Hoping he makes an appearance next year.

  14. 14 oosiee

    ‘Ordinary Hero’,’Disaster’ and ‘Pandora’……Hmm!!
    He’s gonna Die in this film too…isn’t it??

  15. 15 keiru

    Sooo excited to watch it ! I’ll take whatever the ending will be. It’s lucky enough for me to be able to see Kim Nam Gil again.

    But I really wish he’ll take a drama project soon too. I need to see him longer than just 2 hours story. Come back to drama land soon Oppa !

  16. 16 newgirl

    I’m so, so conflicted about watching this…

    It has Kim Nam-gil!!!!!

    But I work in nuclear medicine, and already can’t stand to watch any medical drama due to all the inaccuracies that stick out like sore thumbs to me. Now add to that anything having to due with radiation, nuclear power, etc., which I’m certain will have its own share of pitfalls, and I’ll probably be tearing my hair out with frustration.


    Kim Nam-gil!!!!!!

    Sigh. Decisions, decisions…

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