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News bites: December 17, 2016
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Running Man

  • It would’ve been nice if Running Man had been able to conclude on a classier note, but things certainly got messy towards the end. It turns out Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo heard they were being let go at the same time the rest of us did, through the press. On the 15th, the production team issued a formal apology to Kim and Song for not handling the situation more discreetly, while Kang Ho-dong on the same day turned down the offer to join for season two, stating that he didn’t wish to cause discomfort. This led to an emergency pow-wow between the cast and crew on the 16th to clear the air and work through their grievances, and in a show of solidarity, the entire remaining cast agreed to conclude the show in February, with Kim and Song staying on until the final episode, instead of wrapping their stints at the end of this year. Talks of a second season are now off the table. [Herald, Kookje]

  • Jung Woo, Kim Yoo-mi

  • Awww, congratulations to Jung Woo (Himalaya) and Kim Yoo-mi (Could We Love), who are now the proud parents of a baby girl born December 15. Mother and child are doing well, and Jung Woo is reportedly elated to become a father. [Osen]
  • The man has been working nonstop: Jo Jin-woong (Entourage) is mulling over an offer to play a police officer who infiltrates a drug ring in the film Onward. A remake of Johnnie To’s Drug War, the story about an imprisoned drug lord who promises to act as an informant for a lesser sentence will be directed by Lee Hae-young. Filming is expected to begin in the first half of 2017, but in the meantime, Jo will hit the big screen with upcoming films Sea Ice, Sheriff and Admiral Kim Chang-soo. [Joongang]

  • Jo Jin-woong, Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Myung-min

  • Chungmuro vet Kim Yoon-seok (Will You Be There) is considering a reunion with director Jang Joon-hwan for the film 1987. The two last worked together on Hwayi: Boy Who Swallowed a Monster in 2013, and prior Kim collaborators Ha Jung-woo (The Chaser) and Kang Dong-won (The Priests) are also considering the project. The historical/political movie will use as its backdrop the June Democracy Movement of 1987 and the torture and death of student activist Park Jong-chul. [My Daily]
  • Welp, Jakseoui Byeon—Attack of the Water Monster went from being a Joseon thriller to a comic sageuk film, and along the way lost its director, Shin Jung-won, and star, Jung Woo-sung. For a humorous spin on a historical incident in 1527 when King Jungjong’s reign was being threatened by a monster, Heo Jong-ho has stepped up to helm, and Kim Myung-min (Six Flying Dragons) is being courted to star. Filming will begin next year. [News 1]

  • Choi Jin-hyuk, Jung Hye-sung

  • Choi Jin-hyuk (Pride and Prejudice) has chosen the investigative time-slip drama Tunnel as his army comeback project. He’s been confirmed to play a 10-year veteran investigator from the 1980s who, during his chase of a criminal, time-slips through a tunnel to 2016, where he’ll struggle to return to the past to solve the serial killer case he was working on. Tunnel premieres on OCN in early 2017. [Osen]
  • They played brother and sister in Remember—Son’s War, and now Jung Hye-sung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) has scored a role opposite Namgoong Min again in the office comedy Chief Kim. Nam Sang-mi and 2PM’s Junho have also confirmed, and the zany workplace comedy will premiere January 25 on KBS. [DongA]
  • Makjang hitmaker Kim Soon-ok (My Daughter Geum Sa-wol, Wife’s Temptation) is churning out another drama in her trademark style. Unni Is Alive will broadcast in early 2017, likely on MBC. [Joongang]

  • The Seventh First Kiss

  • The Lotte-backed web drama The Seventh First Kiss (hey, they added a kiss!) is a hit, although with this lineup, was there ever any doubt? Lee Min-ho was added to the horde of men clamoring for Lee Cho-hee’s attention—the other six were Lee Jun-ki, Park Hae-jin, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Jong-seok, Taecyeon, and EXO’s Kai. The web drama reached over 30 million views domestically and reached fourth place in Weibo’s search rankings in China. To date, four episodes starring Choi, Lee (Jun-ki), Park, and Ji have been released, and viewers are eagerly anticipating the release of the other episodes featuring their favorite celebrities. (Bonus: Ji sings the opening song, Kissing You.) [Osen]


81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. toriro

    voice or tunnel what drama will follow signal’s success?

    • 1.1 toriro

      which drama? 🙂

    • 1.2 MJUSIkurd

      Tunnel seems more similar to signal.

      • 1.2.1 Miky

        Tunnel sounds quite promising!

    • 1.3 harmonyfb

      I greatly approve of this trend for time travel detective shenanigans.

      Looking forward to “Tunnel” – though I have to say that I kind of wish they’d cast as a slightly more ‘everyman’ actor than Choi Jin-Hyuk. He’s so pretty it might be distracting.

  2. Ivoire

    Out of curiosity: how long has Running Man been airing? I thought they had had more than one season? I could be wrong, however I remember seeing recaps of that show on Dramabeans for at least a couple of years now, if not longer. Am I wrong? How many years or months is a season for a Korean variety show?

    • 2.1 Grapes

      I think it’s been running for 7 years

      • 2.1.1 Ivoire

        I thought so. Thank you!

      • 2.1.2 kat

        sadly, the 7-year curse strikes again… :'(

    • 2.2 pencl

      Season = version. Season for varieties is determined by the major overhaul, not a timeframe. X-Man had two seasons, 1N2D is in its 3rd, Happy Together is in its 4th I think.

      • 2.2.1 Ivoire

        I see… Thank you for explaining!

    • 2.3 Viki

      There’s really no “seasons” in Korean varieties until a big format change or big cast change. Infinity Challenge has been running for years and there’s only been 1 “season” because there’s been no major format change nor cast revamp.

  3. Grapes

    I watched 7 kisses drama to see LJK in a modern style, the drama is boring, i wanted to f/f but i held it to look at LJK’s face, I’ve watched PHJ’s episode too and f/f a lot. I won’t watch the rest.

    It’s a fan service drama.

    • 3.1 Choco_Chip

      Because it’s a total fan service drama ( I had those expectations going in), I’m really enjoying the cheesiness of it all. It’s really light and a simple way to just relax and let your complicated thoughts go.

    • 3.2 Ck1Oz

      It’s like they handed the script to the new marketing team intern. It’s not boring. It’s terribly written without a lick of sense. Of wit or clever lines

      But I knew going in it was a Lotte ad and I still had a heart seizure from Park HJ in ep 3. The others were forgettable- the ones so far. But man what a male star line up.

      • 3.2.1 inxomnia

        I genuinely feel pretty bad for the all star cast because I cannot imagine how much they had to cringe whilst filming this. But then again, I imagine it’s good money.

        I thought I can overlook the cheese because I knew it’d be a fan service CF but even so I’m amazed at how sloppy and cliche (hence pretty unromantic) these stories are. It’s seriously like fan fiction but not even the good stuff, just the ones that are written by an inexperienced high schooler in all lower case letters.

        • rlg

          I think it helps to think of it just as an ad, and not a drama. I mean, it’s got to be more interesting than holding up a cup of (fill in the product of your choice) and saying, Buy this, I touched it!

          Lotte is sure pulling out the stops to get people to like them, though. Tell me, which do YOU think of when you see their logo–their ongoing criminal investigation, or all your favorite Hallyu stars?

          • Ivoire

            @ rig, Lotte is currently going through a criminal investigation? For what, please?

        • gala

          Don’t feel bad for the cast. They’re pretty being very much compensated for delivering easy-to-deliver dialogue. I highly doubt the filming was vigorous and tiring. being part of this ad is quite a telling of the type of celebrity they are. cringeworthy as it is, I don’t think it decreases the value of them being an actor.

      • 3.2.2 Aurora

        I would say the new marketing team intern had he genius idea but the execution was terribly flawed. If the “super long star studded commercial” had some kind of plot that would have been even better.
        A for effort intern!

    • 3.3 EZ

      is it just me or.. LJK looks far better in sageuk attire and hairstyle?

      PHJ on the other hand 😛 .. needs to have his hair covering his forehead forever…that suits him the best..

      and i don’t ge tit.. the actress looked so pretty in lucky romance.. why have they made her a weirdo here

      • 3.3.1 pogo

        Lee Jun-ki’s still stupid-making levels of gorgeous in modern-day clothes (see: Two Weeks). But yeah, sageuk styling takes him to another level because he ends up looking like something out of a manhwa.

      • 3.3.2 Del

        It’s actually the styling that is so wrong. Seems like the stylist has been working so hard to uglify him. Watching him in Two Weeks and TBDAW, the man is totally hawt. But his best look remains as Wang So with the mask.

      • 3.3.3 sorrynotsorry

        I remember when LJG was promoting Scholar…he was in a suit and his hair was off the face. Drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately all too often the hairstyles that are “in” are with the hair pulled forward which can work, but “the comma” should be banned.

        I think the sageuk hairystyles really showcase his bone structure so it kicks it up a notch.

    • 3.4 Maria

      The plot is porn-level kind of bad…
      (as in: Not making sense at all, just trying to get the characters to the s…, I mean, kissing scene)

      • 3.4.1 Flightey Gazelles

        LMAO!! But seriously, was anyone expecting any reasonable kind of plot? If you were, then its surely going to fall-your-hand.

        Couldn’t the company ( Lotte or something) hire a couple of short film directors for, say two episodes each? Even, average film students would have come up with a less sense-depleting kind of plot. Haba!! Anyway, I’m not gonna actively avoid it.

    • 3.5 kanz

      I enjoy the episodes just to see my favorites… and mind you Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Suk, and Park Hae Jin are my favorites.
      It’s a shame that the plots doesn’t make sense at all but hey it’s only 10 minutes! You could just watch while waiting for your lunch meal at your favorite restaurant or waiting for bus/subway/taxi.
      It doesn’t deliver anything and I don’t have any expectation since I know it’s basically Lotte ads. It’s cringeworthy, but at least the duration is so short and the cast are eye-candy.

    • 3.6 cherkell

      Oh Lotte knows exactly what it’s doing. Brand recognition is increased and holiday sales are up (albeit ever-so-slightly) and these stars are getting paid a pretty penny for endorsing the LDF affiliate. Never has a long-form CF garnered such publicity before, so Lotte is gonna milk this for all its worth. And yes, the segments come off as cheese sandwiches dipped in cheese sauce served with a side of sliced cheese, but what viewers do not realize is that they were purposely written as tongue-in-cheek homages to the starring actor’s previous drama works (i.e., yet another iteration of “Healer” for Ji Chang Wook and “CITT” for Park Hae Jin).

      I’m watching (how can I not?!?), but that doesn’t mean I’m still not cringing while watching. The only bonus for me is that My Precious gets a crack at the OST and a music video to be released around 27 December. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

      @Ivoire, Lotte Group’s senior officials have been under investigation since early 2016 on allegations of embezzlement and corruption charges involving its chairman and his aides, in tandem with the prolonged succession feud between the Lotte founder’s two sons. The prosecutors recently ramped up more investigations because of the Presidential cronyism scandal and Lotte’s potential close ties to several government officials.

    • 3.7 Sinta

      Same, in the entire part, I just focus in Lee Jung Ki face. Damn! He should appear in modern drama more

    • 3.8 hanie

      I would say it is more of extended version of lotte commercial than drama tbh. All of them are lotte models anyways~

  4. wapz

    Even though if it is the right time, it is hard to let RM go. It will remain as one of my favorite variety shows with a different and enjoyable format.

    I wasn’t watching RM regularly and according to the schedule, I was watching randomly older episodes so that I don’t catch up any time soon to the latest episodes which weren’t that good. But now that the show will end, I think I will watch all episodes and while watching this week’s episode I was reminded that I like the show a lot.

    I think LKS will be recruited for some other variety show, even if he acts or models, he does variety best. KJK has music and he might do other variety shows too. YJS and Haha are in variety, SJH acts but I guess JSJ might be the one most at loss as he only has a radio show besides RM.

    Now that RM is going to end. I wish gummi had continued recapping till the end. But it was also the right thing to do, even I couldn’t watch every regular episode. Still, I hope we get a final episode recap.

    • 4.1 wapz

      Not forgetting the cast, some of them were shown in the latest episode and I genuinely feel bad for them. Hope they get a new show to do.

      • 4.1.1 wapz

        crew not cast

    • 4.2 EZ

      I truly wish that RM could finish by completing its whole year run..
      i guess i am just a sucker for ‘complete’ feeling that one gets..

      Only if they would cancel the show in July.. the exact date they started on 🙁

      just 4 months short .. yikes!

      And i hope joonki doesn’t pull a “i’m a star”..
      and sbs shud definitely call upon the original members one last time.. gary and joonki

      and maybe some of the more recurring guests – Younghwa, lizzie ( i consider her a guest only.. appeared for what < 10 runs)

      • 4.2.1 Miranda

        I’m guessing Joong Ki will depend on how the cast are feeling. If they are in the mood for a big sentimental blow-out he’ll show; if they’re feeling like they got screwed by the higher-ups and don’t want to reward that behavior with blowout ratings, he’ll stay away.

        Also he’s in the middle of filming a movie or something, and this is going to be pretty short notice. The most he can do might be a 2d1n-style video shoutout.

        • EZ

          n probably personal feelings aside

          7 yrs vs 8 months..

          nah! guess it shud / cud/ wud hv been the 6 only

          • wapz

            I would still like to add Gary. I hope he comes for atleast the last episode. It hasn’t been long that he has left and people haven’t really accepted the 6 members without Gary yet.

            Joongki on the other hand may not come and I haven’t personally seen most episodes that included him so it doesn’t really matter to me atleast he is a little forgettable and he was there for a really short time so I wonder if the emotional bond is the same as the other seven members.

    • 4.3 Chaloner

      Sadly we will never see Yoon Eun Hye in Running Man. Wish the cast goes to KBS and makes a new variety show together with Kang Ho-dong.

      • 4.3.1 wapz

        I want them to unite in any other show somewhat also similar to RM. And no YEH when she has been constantly mentioned since 7 years but I think even if she was not into that scandal she wouldn’t have been coming to RM.

        Now if I see that the show is actually going, maybe I wouldn’t have minded a second season- but with an entirely different cast and by not naming it Running man because it belongs to only these 7012. Basically I don’t want to let go this show and need a new show with the same format.

        • wapz

          Though, I know nobody would have been able to make better show than these guys.

  5. HariHud

    I love “Running Man”. It’s been a comfort, I’ve laughed out loud, its been a gateway to other South Korean entertainment I’ve enjoyed, I’ve crushed on Kang Gary. I watch old episodes repeatedly.
    I’ll miss the 7012 members.

    I do agree that changes were needed if there was to be a RM2. A finale with remaining 7012 members should have been an obvious choice. Followed by a hiatus for restructure with the modified or a new cast. The decision makers handled this in the worst way. I can’t imagine what the casts mood will be like in the remaining episodes. I’ve barely gotten over Gary leaving!

    • 5.1 Kaoren

      I’m kind of ambivalent on the change front. On the one hand, sure: it needed to be more refreshing, given the domestic rating. On the other hand, I kind of think it was still pretty enjoyable – the most recent episode was really good, but it’s not consistent and that’s a big deal.

      But nevermind, that aside. I’ll definitely miss the members. I’m not that sold on an RM2 (especially since reports suggest Season 2 would have drifted even further away from nametag ripping), and I think planning a completely different show would have been a better idea, but the entire transition just seems to have been awfully mishandled…

      • 5.1.1 Hari

        It was the cast relationship that attracted me to RM. There hasn’t been another long running variety show that I’ve watched as diligently or enjoyed as much.

    • 5.2 Aurora

      Man they really fudged up it up with Running Man. I’ve been watching this show for years as well and it has been a source of comfort and laughter. What I was more attracted to was the chemistry among the cast members and seeing how their relationship grew over the years. Even when they went through that super boring phase where even the cast members looked bored, I watched it. My point is that I after 7 yrs, I think more people are invested in the cast members. I don’t think whoever was recklessly announcing the firing took that into consideration.

      It’s true the show needed to be revamped and for at changes in order for it to be more refreshing, but the way they went about it was terrible (they obviously know that know). It’s hard to believe that they acted so recklessly with show that has millions of devoted fans world wide without expecting backlash. And the timing was awful, fans were still kinda reeling from Gary’s departure. The whole situation could’ve been handled differently.

      I feel bad for Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook and it’s gonna be awkward watching however many episodes are left. Yikes

  6. Peeps

    OMG, I didn’t even know Jung Woo and his wife were expecting!

    Anyways, congrats. Come first Jan 2017, your kid is gonna be aged 2 in Korean years, heheheh…

    • 6.1 blnmom

      Jung Woo is going to be the cheesiest dad ever. I’m already cringing for his poor daughter when she’s a teenager. 🙂

      • 6.1.1 risa

        I think she’s a super lucky little girl. Yes, he’ll be cheesy, but he’ll also be such a doting dad who wears his heart on his sleeve and will always be there for her. I’m so happy for him and his new family.

  7. Afii

    That running man thing really pissed me out. How could they’re being rude. I understand it’s about business. But an organizations do need have an ethic in laying off people. I’m not an avid viewers but i really enjoy RM.

    That “Makjang Scriptwriter” had me laugh hahahahahaha. Is it satire or just an honest journalism?

    That 7th First Kiss… I just really really can’t. I know its just pure entertainment and basically its an advertisement. But i just can’t even… Even i love junki… But he is so cheesy… I just… I just… can’t…

    • 7.1 inxomnia

      Oh boy, I could feel the genuine struggle in your last paragraph.

    • 7.2 mel

      Oh I do agree with the layoff situation. Some people at my workplace found out they were going to be laid off after they were not included in the seating plan. That’s after seeking answers from their managers.

  8. Gaeina Lee

    Re: The Seventh First Kiss
    What a lucky lady she is… *Ggrrrrr*

    Me: Writer-nim and PD-nim, I want JCW!
    – paused
    Me again: And LJK too!
    Still me: No, I want JCW, LJK, PHJ and LJS in that order. And not only for first kiss. Should be 1st, 2nd, 3rd ~ 100th kiss of each of them. Capisce?
    – Silence
    Still me again: Uhh, but LMH and Taec lips also yummylicious… Put them in my list too. As the 5th and 6th. *waved hand* She can have Kai.

    (in unison)
    PD-nim and Writer-nim: Dream on, noona-nim!

    ~ Here I am, dreaming… *sighs*

  9. jessi

    I wonder how they’re gonna address this on upcoming episodes of Running Man. And I wonder how pissed Yoo Jae Suk had to be in order for them to scrap the show altogether.

    Major screw up, SBS. Almost makes me think you did it on purpose.

    • 9.1 Aiza

      Do you think they did it on purpose? they must be extremely dumb not to predict that this was how it was going to go if they did not discuss with SJH and KJK before breaking the news to media outlets. or was it a leak and they did not mean for the news to break out that way?

      • 9.1.1 jessi

        On the one hand, it would incredibly dumb for them to have done this on purpose. Revamping the show and repopulating it with new, revitalizing talents might have worked in their favor. They could keep the veritable cash cow that is Yoo Jae Suk while drawing new viewers with a new concept.

        On the other hand, how could they not have known that making the announcement before they spoke to their cast members would have led to where it has–with the show ending? As close as this crew, production staff, and cast members reportedly are to each other, it’s difficult to say (and I don’t think anyone has) that they thought they’d already informed Song and Kim beforehand.

        This mistake had really significant consequences. Makes my paranoid side awfully suspicious.

  10. 10 knom

    Going to miss the casts of Running Man. They were always a joy to watch. To the casts and crews of Running Man: you guys worked very hard. Thank You for providing years of laughter, smiles, and just many warm feelings. Thank You for always brightening up my gloomy days with your funny antics. Wishing you guys many more happiness and success. <3

    • 10.1 Kaoren

      Got to wish there’s a way of conveying all that fan appreciation to them before the finale – but then, I guess the language barrier would be a big deal :/

      • 10.1.1 knom

        Right? Wish there is a way to convey my thankfulness to the casts and crews.

  11. 11 CatoCat

    Too many futuristic data driven dramas next year.

  12. 12 ObsessedMuch

    I cried when I read on instagram that the cast and crew had a secret meeting to discuss the future… I always loved their family like vibe but they really proved that 7012 was not a farce (with Gary showing support by deleting all his insta posts and just adding a photo of kjk, sjh with “u guys worked hard”). They were united till the end and that’s what fans will remember..

    I found and fell in love with RM almost an year back. And it was so addictive that I actually gave up on kdramas for more than a month to finish the past episodes of RM.

    I know that ending the show is now the right decision (given the recent sourness) but I so wish sbs hadn’t been this stupid and cruel in the first place. I understand that the show was not getting any good ratings but the cast interactions were still bang on. I still waited for and watched every episode and now Mondays will never be the same again.

    • 12.1 Nil

      That 7012 turns out means “seven years for forever”
      I actually first interested in hangul because i see the cast nametag and try to made sense of it. Thank you RM, at least i learn something.

  13. 13 Nil

    I just remember that lotte first kiss is actually lee chohee second batch of harem(!). The first was tvn drama flower grandpa investigation unit with heechul, choi jinhyuk, park minwoo, and um, the adorable flower grandpas (of course). Her luck is so over the top when there are lot of girls struggle to get one

  14. 14 Windy

    Is it only me? , but i can’t bear this lotte mini drama, it’s just too cheesy.

    • 14.1 HD

      You’re not alone. I feel its such a waste of the lineup.

  15. 15 Arianne

    YES for the Kim Yoon Seok and Ha Jung Woo film! I am loving these actors and watching some of their films lately, Song Kangho’s too!

    • 15.1 sohyang

      for me it’s hajungwoo and kang dong won!
      and has anyone knows the latest news about Hand’s God movie? is it already take place for shoot? the one that has amaz-unbelievable casts

    • 15.2 Kiara

      Adding Jo Jin-woong, Kim Myung-min to the yay list lol.

  16. 16 Aigoooo

    Really going to miss Running Man. It was my first foray into watching korean variety shows. It hasn’t been good for a few years now but I somehow feel comfort just knowing it was still there. I hope they end it with a bang despite the sourness surrounding it’s demise. Maybe have Gary, Song Joon Ki and Lizzie come back for the last episode with HJE and Lee Hyori as guests. It would be a nice bookend to close out the show since they were the first guests and will be the last guests. Or they can do a walk down memory lane with many many former guests popping in for a bit. I am starting to get emotional just thinking about it.

  17. 17 inxomnia

    RM has a special place in my heart since I’ve been following it since Episode 1. I love the cast to bits and their loyalty to each other is so strong. I believe they are also close to the crew, who also a firm believers in 7012. It’s just the higher ups who made the stupid decision to oust SJH and KJK to make way for KHD in what they saw was the best way to revamp RM. I can see why from one perspective this may be applicable, but they failed to understand that the charm of RM (and what has been sustaining it through all the PD changes) is the cast and their bond itself. The format had grown stale but the cast work so hard to entertain. They’ve all made a lot of sacrifices to stay with the show, especially those who are not variety personas. KJK has had numerous injuries and still keeps giving his best to live up to his Sparta image. SJH has always committed to managing both Running Man and her filming schedules – and we all know how brutal K-drama shooting set conditions are. She’s been treated for exhaustion on a number of occasions. I also feel that being on Running Man has been a blessing and a curse for both her and Kwang Soo. Yes, they’ve been popular and become a household name because of RM, but it probably has limited their acting career opportunities as well. Ji Hyo was a revelation in Wife’s Affair and I love Kwang Soo in his dramas too. But they’ve both probably had to overcome a lot more to shed their variety image and win the audience over. Gary has also struggled with balancing his music aspirations and his loyalty to his RM family and fans and I know when he left, it really took a lot of courage and conviction and he left believing it was for the best and benefit of the team. He didn’t want to be part of the team half-heartedly when knowing everyone is giving it their all. I think he left believing that that’s what the show and members needed, and that they’d be able to keep on upholding the RM legacy. So I completely understand why he deleted everything off his IG. Even as a viewer, there is a sense of emptiness and betrayal that 6-7 years of loyalty and hard work amounted to so little that they were treated with such disrespect so publicly. But again, I’m so amazed and glad that the bond between members is so strong that they overlooked the situation and decided to remain together to the end despite the shitty way they’ve been treated. I am so, so sad to see the show go and know I won’t be able to watch them on a weekly basis anymore… and deep down, I hope SBS gets their just desserts and one of the other channels convinces the whole cast to do another variety show together even if it’s a completely different format. Almost impossible (given the sheer dedication they’ve already shown and maybe some see this as the decision that helps them move on eventually) but I really hope to see them together again. Anyways, RM cast and crew – thank you for all the laughs and good memories.

    • 17.1 bd5

      Actually, quite the opposite – being on RM boosted the acting careers of SJH and LKS.

      SHJ’s career was in a rut, her last project being “A Frozen Flower” in 2008 and on TV, even earlier in 2006.

      Not having an acting role on TV for 4-5 years is basically a career death knell for a not established film star.

      SJH started to get acting work after RM started to gain in popularity, including lead roles in dramas for the 1st time (and let’s face it, it’s not like SJH is the greatest actress).

      As for LKS, before RM, he was relegated to minor supporting roles, but likewise, started to get more important roles, including film work.

      Maybe LKS’s career would have blossomed w/o RM, but it wouldn’t have happened nearly as quickly.

  18. 18 Sw33tnshie

    I will miss rm. It’s better to end it with the same cast together. I was gonna quit watching rm after they fired kjk and sjh (eventho they weren’t my favorite)…..bc a family is a family and without 3 of the original. It just does not feel the same.

    And i just started watching it a few yrs ago.

  19. 19 gene

    did anyone watch we got married with Jung Hye Sung? she was super cute with Gong Myung and really forthright about him being her ideal type.

    • 19.1 Sunshine

      Me! I’m watching! Waiting for the subs tofhe second epusode now at kshowdaily! My newest favorite after Bbyu couple! I like strong girls and puppylike guys!

  20. 20 Katrin

    Hi guys! Does anyone know where can you post or do something as a thank you to RM cast and crew?
    Although I dont watch it regulary now, I really used to love it and even learned hangul to read the nametags. 😀 (That really helped later when I went to Korea with my best friend 🙂 ..try reading the bus signs without knowing hangul..its impossible 😀 )
    Anyway they allways brought me comfort and also courage when I saw how they went beyond their own fears and limits. I am gonna miss the RM family and would like to thank them for their friendship no matter how virtual and onesided it was, but I dont know how exactly one does that.
    i would appreciate any help or ideas 😀
    PS: Love you all here as well!!! Thank you

  21. 21 themarchioness

    Running Man… I’ve loved it for so long, and now it will be the Cheese in the Trap of variety shows. 🙁

  22. 22 QuickREACT

    I’ve been testing out more variety shows over the last couple of days to find a solid Monday night replacement for RM come February.

    It’s been sad, and I will miss my favorite show dearly, but it’s helped me rediscover shows I haven’t tuned into in a while.

    Infinite Challenge should help me get my Haha/YJS fix, and Flower Crew’s latest episode with Seungri was REALLY good. Like, pure hilarity and fun, can’t wait to watch more.

    Also tuned into the new show Secretly Greatly. The first episode had AOA and Lee Juck and a couple of really entertaining/creative hidden camera pranks, so I would recommend that.

  23. 23 Jam

    Like many of you, I’m saddened at the way RM is ending. It could have been done better, especially after all these years of sticking together. I stopped watching it midway, but it really was my go-to source when I felt down. My heart goes out to the RM members!!! SBS better have learned their lesson.

  24. 24 mei

    He kinda reminds me of Lee Sun Gyun haha. Both are having happy family.
    Can’t wait to see him back on screen! I miss Trash!!!!

  25. 25 seed

    Sad to see RM go like this. On the other hand, will DB pick up 2d1n for recap again, pretty please?

  26. 26 Sharreb

    Im glad they decided to axe running man season2. They should hav never axe song ji hyo and kim jong kook the way they did. This is when im happy the backlashes from netizen n media ensured the sbs production team couldnt get away with it. All the best to running man members, will support u guys to d end

  27. 27 bd5

    SBS really screwed the pooch when it came to handling the RM situation.

    1st off, can’t say that I’m at all surprised once Gary left (since his departure, there wasn’t quite the same level of banter/good fun) – figured that the show was on its last legs.

    Now what SBS should have done was bring in KHD to basically replace Gary (and be the counter-weight to KJK on the physicality scale) – which w/ KJK and Haha, would be a mini-reunion of X-Man.

    While KHD has his fans, always found the former wrestler best taken in smaller bites (too much of his “humor” is just shouting and making silly faces which gets tiresome after a while).

    So, it would have been a good thing for KJK to keep the balance, so KHD doesn’t become overbearing.

    And it was just a stupid, stupid move to ask any member to leave – as the RM gang are very tight (when Gary almost left the 1st time, he only returned when the other members stated that they wouldn’t continue on w/o him).

    And adding/changing members doesn’t necessarily work (i.e. – FO1 wasn’t quite the same once “Chunderella” and “Sweet & Savage Yejin” left and FO2 was a disaster).

    The problem was more that the writers had trouble coming up w/ new ideas/games and basically it was time – the show had run its course.

  28. 28 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

    Lee Jun Ki’s drama? When? I can’t wait!

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