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Signal writer teams with A Hard Day director for new sageuk Kingdom
by | December 28, 2016 | 104 Comments

Exciting news! Acclaimed writer Kim Eun-hee of Signal, Three Days, Ghost, and Sign is in talks to team up with director Kim Sung-hoon of award-winning films A Hard Day and Tunnel for her next drama. The new historical series is called Kingdom, and plans to be shot more like an 8-episode movie rather than a traditional drama. The project is currently in discussions to be a Netflix original series, which would take it outside of the traditional broadcasting model entirely.

Kim Sung-hoon is reportedly a longtime friend of Kim Eun-hee’s husband, director Jang Hang-joon (Ghost, Harvest Villa, Sign), so the collaboration between the writer and director came about naturally after years of joking that they should work on something together. If he signs on, it will be the director’s first foray into dramas on the heels of two hit films—the Jo Jin-woong/Lee Seon-kyun suspense thriller A Hard Day, followed by the Ha Jung-woo human drama Tunnel.

It was reported initially that the project would have a whopping 40-billion-won production budget, but the director stated that the budget, while very large for a drama, wasn’t nearly that high. He does plan to shoot it entirely in advance, and described his method for shooting the drama as “shooting a long movie.” I don’t know whether to be worried or excited. I guess I’m worried for him, and excited for me! He said that the current script is planned as 8 episodes, and they’re considering lengthening it, though he projects that it will still be shorter than 16 episodes.

Kim Eun-hee has been very tight-lipped about the story, but she has dropped hints about it being a sageuk unlike any that we’ve seen before, and that many of her characters will die, as they often do in her dramas. Other descriptions say that Kingdom will include political elements, and that it will be a thriller. Well, I don’t think anyone expected a rom-com from the thriller specialist, but it’s good to know.

I’m a little bummed about the shorter series length, but I can only imagine the scale of a thriller from this writer-director team, and I’m assuming that the blockbuster budget has a lot to do with the limitations on length. I’m curious about the blurring of film and television production in a project like this, and if it’s successful as an original Netflix production a la House of Cards, we could be seeing the start of a very interesting shift in the Korean entertainment industry as well.

Kingdom is currently looking to shoot in the summer and fall, and premiere by the end of 2017.

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104 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mohammed

    As fan of big budget film like Netflix TV shows that have won acclaim, have rated actors this is a big needed step for korean dramas. Netflix has already done original japanese dramas that look very good just like their House of Cards, Marvel netflix shows.

    Netflix has become the new HBO with quality cable like tv shows

    • 1.1 henri

      but Netflix, they’re too much about copyright material. I don’t like them for that purpose

  2. Chi

    It sounds very interesting.

  3. TrinPie

    I’ve been waiting for the day Netflix does an original kdrama series. One thing about Netflix is they give their show runners lots of freedom to let loose. Something most Korean (and American) tv channels don’t allow. Since Netflix is not about rating but how much they trend, they don’t need to stick to the same old formulas. Which is exciting because I of course love kdramas and really want to see how a drama will turn out when given full creative license.

  4. Kiara

    Can we get some movie actors for this like Signal? The age was perfect too, 30+ with acting chops like Jo Jin-woong and Kim Hyeo-soo.

    I don’t like Netflix getting involved in it for some reason.

    • 4.1 Kiara

      Is it too much to ask for Goguryeo sageuk? I’m so tired of Joseon.

      • 4.1.1 Peeps

        Why Goguryeo? So cliche. Let’s try for a Baekje, haha.

        • Kiara

          What is so cliche about Goguryeo? There hasn’t been a full length drama on Goguryeo since Sword and Flower.

          • Tr

            Wasn’t Moon Lovers Goryeo? And if not that then most definitely there was Shine or Go Crazy. Goryeo is not that uncommon although much less ‘cliche’ (I don’t know how to use the word for a time period :/ ) than Joseon.

          • Liina

            @Tr: Kiara was talking about Goguryeo not Goryeo. 🙂

          • Kiara

            Thanks Liina. I know it’s easy to get them mix up and I’m tired of explaining it lol.

        • kanz

          Baekje or Balhae..
          I think the last time a drama featuring Baekje Kingdom is in Ballad of Seo Dong Yo (Lee Bo Young!!) and for Balhae isn’t Seohyun in Moon Lovers from Balhae? I never watch a drama with Balhae kingdom, it’s so underrepresented.
          On the other hand, I don’t mind Joseon era if they focus on lesser known era like after Jeongjo’s reign or the end of Joseon kingdom/beginning of Japanese colonialism. I think that would be more fascinating than the usual era we watch.

          • Kiara

            King Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang 108 episodes (2013), Gyebaek 36 episodes (2011), King Geunchogo 60 episodes (2010) were all conventional sageuks on Baekje.

            Dae Jo Young (Balhae) 100 episodes (2006). Love Park Ye-jin here. I wish she’d do more sageuk.

            This might be more helpful to you. Scroll down and just look for the era you are interested in and you’ll find the sageuks to go with it.
            (these ladies have done a great job compiling it).

          • PakalanaPikake

            Seohyun in MOON LOVERS was from Hubaekje.

            In SHINE OR GO CRAZY, merchant Shin Yool was born a Balhae princess.

          • Kiara

            PakalanaPikake is correct. Seohyun (fictional princess) was said to be from Hubaekje aka later Baekje.

            Keeping it simple:
            -Gojoseon era (old Joseon)
            -The 3 kingdom era (Goguryeo, Shilla, Baekje and Gaya).
            -Unified Shilla
            -Later 3 kingdoms (Taebong (later Goguryeo), Hubaekje (later Baekje), Shilla)
            -Japanese Occupation
            -Division of Korea (North and South)

            I find Goguryeo’s history,legends and myths to be the most fascinating. Shilla had to ally with a foreign country (Tang-China) to conquer Goguryeo.
            Wang Geon (King Taejo) united the Later 3 kingdoms and named his new country Goryeo after Goguryeo.
            (Pretty impressive that he did it without any foreign allies).

      • 4.1.2 Peeps

        Or the Gaya confederacy or BalHae.

        Ah, Gimhae Kim was from Gaya and was related to the Gyeongju Kim clan, a major house of Silla, and it’s royals were allowed true bone status. After all, Kim YuShin descended from the Royals of Gaya.

        • Kiara

          They did Kim Suro and screwed it up. There isn’t much written about Gaya. Gaya became part of Shilla so all these Shilla sageuks includes Gaya descendants.

        • O_o

          Have you seen Dae Jo Young? Now, that is an epic sageuk if I ever saw one.

          Kim Suro wasn’t very good.

          Check out the second faction drama series coming to KBS (after the acclaimed Imjin War 1592) and it will be about the great kings of the three kingdoms era.

      • 4.1.3 Elessar

        Me too!! Please ANYTHING but JOSEON. Im SO tired of Sageuks taking place in Joseon sniff.

      • 4.1.4 Sera The Ms Temper

        Not only Joseon, Goryeo too. We already have few sageuk for 2017 who will be either Joseon/ Geryeo sageuk.

      • 4.1.5 mia

        i agree so much!!! a korean period drama set during the joseon dynasty is almost cliche DX and it sucks since korean history is so much more and honestly there’s a lot of periods that are way more interesting >.>’

    • 4.2 Maryse

      I hope this is not the end for Viki and Dramafever .. And if not it will be 3 subscriptions monthly 🙁

      • 4.2.1 Kiara

        Exactly, I love our K-drama fan communities. That’s what makes K-drama viewing enjoyable at least to me.
        Viki and DF are affordable. I’ve only activate Netflix for Daredevil and then cancelled my subscription after that.

    • 4.3 Liina

      I guess you probably feel uneasy about the Netflix involvation, because it means that the audience they aim for will probably be an international one. Also netflix and co. when doing historicals they often aim for a wider audience than the usual period drama watchers. This usually happens at the expense of historical accuracy.

      • 4.3.1 JJB

        To be fair, a lot of sageuks don’t aim for or achieve historical accuracy, either. I don’t mind inaccuracy in historical dramas if the show is upfront about it. It drives me crazy when they try to make it seem that an inaccurate show is sticking fairly closely to the known facts, so that viewers who don’t know much about the topic walk away with a very distorted view of the truth.*

        *Then again, because history is written by the winners, what we accept as facts about the past aren’t always the truth or the whole picture. And the further back in time, the more we don’t really know. But it still drives me crazy if tv shows or movies aren’t honest about their misrepresenting what historians believe to be true.

        • Kiara

          Interpretations of the history is on going. Just because it’s written by the winners doesn’t mean it’s final or unchanged once it is written.

          The most brilliant politician in Korean history who would rival King Sejong was Jeong Do-jeon. He was behind the fall of Goryeo and the establishment of Joseon. He was forgotten in history because King Taejo was the winner.
          Thanks to the current historians and their years of researches, Jeong Do-jeon got the recognition he deserves.
          (Plus one of the best conventional sageuk to date carries his name).

        • Liina

          Actually most people that are interested in history know of the complexity and fluency of history and all the problems that come with source material. So when one history interested person talks to another one about historical accuracy they usually have in mind that the one and only historical truth doesn’t exist.
          I made a big mistake, because I forgot that I’m not only answering to Kiara but that there are also other people reading the comments.
          Thanks for pointing the problem out! 🙂
          I wholeheartedly agree to the points you made!
          It really can’t be said often enough that history isn’t something that can just be learned like 1+1=2!
          It involves the deconstruction of source material, the comparison of theories and so on.

          The thing is, TV as entertainment can’t really do that. There would be no narrative when for example prince Gwanghae would let his brothers be killed by his own order and will and in the next scene we would blend in a text with “Version 2” and then we would start that part of the drama or movie again but this time some of the politicians would kill the brothers and prince Gwanghae being a helpless political victim that just had to get along with it. TV has to make a decision.
          So TV is and should NEVER be a source for learning history. Only maybe for getting interested in history.

          But that doesn’t mean that you have to throw history overboard when you do historical entertainment. You can still try to approach something like a historical probability. And you can try to incorporate more substantial knowledge.
          That was what korean dramas did before they tried to cater to the taste of foreign investors. Sadly nowadays one has the feeling that the production teams of historical dramas don’t have a clue about the time period their drama takes place.
          A netflix drama probably won’t have the problem of being sloppily researched but from my experience will have greatly “modernized” elements. Mostly people behaving very modern. That is not problem for most viewers but for example for me it is. It doesn’t allow me to get sucked into another time and place.

          That doesn’t mean that a drama that takes liberties, is fictionalized etc. automatically is a bad drama! There are a lot of sageuks that are enjoyable even when you have to watch them from another angle than the historical one.

          It’s just if you hope and dream that the old sageuks are not dead yet and someday there will be a drama again that you can really wholeheartedly dive into, you better protect your dreaming heart by telling him with every announcement of a new sageuk, why it probably won’t be the sageuk of your dreams.

          I’m very sorry for writing such a long comment in such a bad english! 🙁

          • PakalanaPikake


            Thanks for your thoughtful comment, which in my book is neither too long, nor badly written, especially if English is not your mother tongue. 😉

            One of the things that initially drew me into sageuks was the fascinating depiction of customs and material culture. As an outsider, it is interesting to see the parallels and contrasts between my native culture and those of the various time periods portrayed in sageuks. I’m from a country that has been in existence less than 300 years — a drop in the bucket compared to Korea’s millennia. For me, the universal aspects of the human condition that play out in sageuks are very appealing… which is one of the reasons I also like Shakespeare.

            Because I don’t know squat about Korean history, I’m at the mercy of sageuk screenwriters. Which is why I am so grateful for DramaBeans and commenters such as yourself and Kiara *waves*, to name but two.

          • Kiara

            Thank you Liina <3. English is my 3rd language too so I don't even know if anything I type makes any sense haha.

            @PakalanaPikake <3. You are too kind. I'm still learning Korean history along with you. I barely scratched the surface and I've learnt a lot from others too like MisterX etc.
            I hope kumoiwa <3 will be around forever lol. He/she can read classical chinese and most if not all of the historical records were written in this form.

          • PakalanaPikake

            @ Kiara,

            Rest assured, you make plenty of sense, and I always learn something new from your posts. 😉

            Hats off to Mr. X and the Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad (WITH S2)! When I watch older Kdramas, I look for their subtitles. Their historical and linguistic notes really add to my understanding and enjoyment.

            I, too, greatly appreciate kumoiwa’s scholarly translations of hanja. Such generosity of spirit touches me deeply. His/her discussions of the derivation of names, for instance, provide insight into characters (and allegory) that would be a shame to miss. Ditto translations of classical poetry and diary entries. Who knew watching Kdramas could be such a delightful education?!

          • Kiara

            I really miss the WITH S2 sub squad. They were the best!

      • 4.3.2 Kiara

        I really do love their history. It’s fascinating!

        Sageuks has heart when it’s done by Koreans for Korean audience. It’s not the same as the golden era but still.

  5. Iyah

    I hope that they’ll cast non mainstream actors. It will be of pure talent, not based on popularity or appearance or fandom size.I love the writer and the director and to add…it will be broadcasted in Netflix huhuhu

  6. fay

    I hope they don’t loose the ‘korean’ factor and make it a hollywood alike. Don’t want hollywood infect kdramas with it’s too cool concepts and ultra modern customs.

    • 6.1 Maryse

      They can keep the “korean” spirit and present more realistic views of relationships .. I doubt very much modern korean women are all wallflowers waiting for their chaebol

  7. Mindy

    This is exciting! I was just browsing the wiki page that lists Netflix originals and realized that while there have been several Japanese Netflix originals (with many more planned for 2017) there has never been a Korean one.

    This sounds like the perfect team to produce the first Korean Netflix original.

    If it’s a success (which I’m sure it will be) it will be interesting to see how much it will affect the drama landscape.

  8. O_o

    Netflix doesn’t have many customers in Korea. So if it’s shown exclusively by Netflix, I don’t know how many Koreans will tune in.

    • 8.1 NaijaNoona

      Netflix may be starting to experiment more with other models—they have exclusive streaming rights to the new Taiwanese version of Mischievous Kiss, which is airing now. New episodes are added one by one on Netflix after (I assume after) the episodes air in Taiwan. Maybe Netflix would do something similar if they picked up this drama? I would imagine so if they don’t have much of a base in Korea. Netflix is also doing more locally produced shows, like Atelier which was produced entirely in Japan and by Japanese staff, and 3% which was a 100% Brazilian production. So there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be a Hollywood take on a kdrama. I think it’s an exciting possible development—I’d love to see more engagement with Korean drama in Western TV criticism, and this could be gateway drag ^___^

      • 8.1.1 NaijaNoona

        Errr, drug, not drag. LOL!

    • 8.2 Kiara

      Business as usual.

    • 8.3 TrinPie

      This is Netflix’s whole point. They want to get more people to subscribe to them, so what better way then to appeal to people in those specific countries?

  9. bmore

    Terrific news for kdrama. I think/hope this will provide a huge incentive to the general public to check out more k shows and movies. With this writer and director, one hopes, quality will shine.

  10. 10 nchoe

    OMG… I’M SO HYPE!!!

    I love that they’re gonna make this series short.

    Stranger Things, which is also Netflix original series, only has 8 episodes with 50 minutes average video length (opening sequence included). The economy of storytelling was perfect in that show. It has a beginning, a middle and an end, and the story is told very clearly, with just the right pacing and just enough time given to each of its characters.

    I hope, by following this format, the storytelling is gonna be perfect in this upcoming show as well.

    • 10.1 nchoe


    • 10.2 Mindy

      I just binge-watched Stranger Things yesterday! So good. A perfect example of a show with a tightly written storyline.

      I’m of the opinion that shorter is almost always better. Quality over quantity.

    • 10.3 TrinPie

      That’s one thing I’m loving about Netflix shows. They aren’t full of fillers. They have the length that fits their story. Stranger Things, the Marvel shows, OA, Travelers, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Sense8, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, etc. All these shows range from 8-13 episodes and are all great shows.

      One problem with some kdramas is they can lag in the middle. In my opinion it’s rare for a drama not to. So keeping to a shorter format I think could only be good.

  11. 11 BROWNCOAT_78

    All I know is that with this powerhouse team, and all this money and hype, they had better have one heck of a cast of real actors! NO first time idol actors please! (And that is not to say some idols can’t act because many can, I just don’t want any of the ones that cannot.)

  12. 12 alienshore7

    I know that Lee Joon-gi said he really wants to do a modern drama next, but…….

    • 12.1 Chrissydiva

      So she could kill his character at the end? No thank you lol I need alive and happy LJG in a drama. As much as he rocks on sageuk, I do need him in modern drama now and it needs to have action!

      • 12.1.1 Blueribbon

        She did mention that she was going to kill characters in her new drama however look at Signal, she killed characters but found loop holes to that statement. You never know 😉

      • 12.1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        I don’t mind to see him in another sageuk, if this comes from this writer and production.

    • 12.2 Del

      Since this is project is set to be more like a long movie than a drama, I wish for the same that is to have Lee Jun Ki as the lead. I mean, he is sageuk perfection and I so badly want him to team up with solid production team like this writer.

    • 12.3 Miyuki

      Yes LJG will be perfect for this drama.

  13. 13 Cool Girl

    What an achievement for Kim Eun Hee!
    She basically became the best writer in South Korea and is getting international recognition!She deserves it so much!

    I’m not surprised at all that Netflix is starting original productions for South Korea: i have been working for the tv industry these past months and it was said that South Korea is the ideal market for Netflix and Amazon because people have a very high level of consumption of services related to film and tv industry. It’s clearly the next big challenge for those giants entreprises.

    I wasn’t excited at first with the idea of a sageuk as a new project for Kim Eun Hee because i wasn’t attracted much by this genre, but Tree with deep roots (that i’m currently watching) is slowly but surely helping me changing my mind. So if they can bring the same level of quality as this drama and the right cast, this new project can become a spectacular hit, for which i wouldn’t mind suscribing Netflix again.

    In all cases, i hope this news that makes Kim Eun Hee even a bigger name, will convince all the actors to come back for Signal season 2, if they weren’t already ready.

    • 13.1 Kiara

      I wouldn’t call her the best writer in Korea although Signal made her popular.
      She is not even halfway to Song Ji-na’s reputation as a writer. Song wrote 2 masterpieces (Sandglass and Eye of Dawn) that would last through generations.

      • 13.1.1 Mindy

        Kim Eun-hee is definitely becoming one of the most sought-after writers in the current drama landscape. Sandglass and Eyes of Dawn were huge hits in the 90s but Song Ji-nah’s most recent dramas have not seen such success. I loved Healer to bits but it was not a ratings hit like Sandglass or Eyes of Dawn.

        • Kiara

          I’m not talking about the ratings but the effect of those shows in the whole country. It was a cultural phenomenon and that’s why it’ll last through generations.
          Song Ji-nah can live on that for the rest of her career. That’s once in a lifetime accomplishment and she did it twice. Credit also to director Kim Jong-hak (R.I.P) and the amazing amazing talents that were cast in those dramas.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            The good old times.

      • 13.1.2 Cool Girl

        My comment wasn’t based on her popularity but rather in her capacity to attract such important, global and influential company as Netflix and convince its owners to invest their money in a project as specific as a sageuk.

        I’m sure she wasn’t the sole candidate, so she has to be the best or at least one of the best to win.

        I haven’t watched Sandglass and Eyes of the Dawn, but the fact that they are among the best k-drama ever produced and made Song Ji-nah very popular, doesn’t contradict the fact that today Kim Eun-hee is one of the few writers who are in capacity to reach the same level of quality.

        I’m not starting a fight: who’s the best is a matter of opinion. For me, based on the quality of Signal and how it was received by the industry, the critics and the media, it’s without a doubt Kim Eun-hee.

        • Mischa

          Agree. Song Ji Na is definitely a respectable writer with those two masterpieces under her belt but Kim Eun Hee is paving her way to become one of the best in the industry. And talking about relevancy, back then, there weren’t much drama offerings as it is today so the level of “Sandglass” and “Eyes of Dawn” that become something cultural is pretty much difficult to achieve these days. And the society evolved as well and drama with lesser quality than Signal, (no offence) “Descendant of The Sun” is to go down as one that is influential as in this generation but that in no way defining Kim Eun Sook as a better writer Kim Eun Hee though her works have larger influences.

        • Kiara

          We are big girls we do not fight over opinions and I didn’t mean to put her down. I just didn’t understand why she would be called the best writer in South Korea when there are others who are equally great or better.
          (I may have misunderstood you)

          She has never written a sageuk before and that’s not a genre that any writer can do well in consistently like Jung Ha-yeon, . Even Song Ji-na herself didn’t when she ventured into the sageuk territory with The Legend and Faith.

          I watched both Korean films and dramas and the gap between writers in the film industry and dramaland is huge. There are fewer talented writers left in drama land.

  14. 14 Callie

    I love Netflix originals! This is so exciting!!!

    Though I do wonder if they’ll be hiring only Korean actors that are fluent in English. Netflix’s other historical dramas have all been in English, regardless of whatever country they’re supposed to be in.

    I’d prefer it if they stuck to Korean, it is Korean history after all…because I’m going to assume that they’ll want to appeal to a more “international” audience.

    • 14.1 Mindy

      Considering the fact that Kim Eun-hee is penning the script, I’m 99% certain it will be in Korean.

  15. 15 Afii

    So excited that i couldn’t find words to express….

  16. 16 Elizabeth

    Sense 8 is a Netflix original that was 8 episodes long but felt like a movie. It was very good. Excellent quality.

    I expect that Netflix will hire korean actors, have them speak korean and sub just like they did for that japanise drama. They full sub these in several languages before the release them.

    • 16.1 lunatic4kd

      I’m excited for this produced by Netflix! My son-in-law has a 10 episode show currently airing on Netflix (The White Rabbit Project) and he has said Netflix was amazing to work with…how they gave the production crew full reign on all aspects of the show comped to the earlier Mythbusters formula on Discovery. There is tremendous potential for the production crew to be left completely alone for the director, writer, producer and actors to be flexible and creative. I’m really hoping this means NO Subway or other PPLs!!

      • 16.1.1 O_o

        That’s good news. But how do you have Subway appear in a sageuk? As a sword loaf embedded in some wargod general’s chest?

        • lunatic4kd

          LOL! Thanks for the laugh! I wasn’t even thinking about Subway vs Sageuk – you’re so right! This is how much I’ve been contaminated by PPLs!

  17. 17 blg

    Im all in for lesser episodes bc one thing i like about japanese dramas are their lenght.they tend to not drag unlike most of kdramas

    • 17.1 Callie

      Really? I find that I often have to be in the right mood to start a jdrama, because man, they can be sloooow. That may depend on it’s genre though…

      A shorter episode count does help to “trim the fat” in a way though I guess.

      • 17.1.1 blg

        Its probably bc of the genre like you said…Sice i enjoy slice of life kind of dramas too slowness doesnt bother me if the plot is interesting.I find jdramas easier to marathon most of the time

    • 17.2 Jessica

      I really think it depends on the drama. Some Japanese ones with only 11 episodes will drag so long. While some Chinese ones, like Nirvana in Fire, with 54 episodes felt too short!

      I think it really depends on the writer as well, in how they can draw your interest.

  18. 18 sal

    hm, don´t know what to think about this… to me netflix have become so big in so short of time that they are scary. big company end up eating those smal one… this make me concerned for VIKI and also other main asien drama streaming site. I love viki for the community feeling they have and that fan can comment and talk about show there. they don´t feel intimidating like netflix feel to me.

    • 18.1 Zia

      I wouldn’t necessarily consider the Viki Fan Community and Viki the business one in the same…Viki has still been known to buy out other streaming sources they see as competition. I personally find their system of volunteer subbing a bit exploitive and ineffective too, but that’s just me…

      • 18.1.1 sal

        I see your point. I guess when something become business it is often some dirty trick involved…

        about fan sub. I think it is dobbel edged.
        1. like you said they can be ineffective when there is a smal group subbing a show, witch lead to some show never being finished subbing.

        2. often fan sub are more accurate then other site sub. they write those most used word like oppa, unnie, hyung.

        when Viki started it there where perhaps no problem with fan sub, but now that they have many show I wonder how good model it is for viki.

        • earthna

          I personally like viki because I can practice my Korean while subbing. It just gets frustrating because with a bigger community, there are more impatient people who think that subs will appear as soon as the video gets uploaded.

          As for accuracy, I believe viki volunteers are doing a good job at it. We always try to translate it as complete as possible.

  19. 19 astromantic

    Netflix? Hmm. On the plus side… the sooner they wrap this up, the sooner we get a Signal season 2! (selfish)

  20. 20 earthna

    Can we have Jo Jinwoong to star then? I mean he looks hot af in sageuk costumes.

    • 20.1 Blueribbon

      +1, however while I agree I would like to know the plot first then decide on an actor. But even if he is only supporting cast I am all for it 🙂

      • 20.1.1 earthna

        That’s true. I kind of trust the writer but you never know. I’m not the type who can keep on watching just for the actor.

    • 20.2 Kiara

      Still love our warrior Moo-hyul. He is so dang unforgettable.

  21. 21 Viki

    So saeguk Game of Thrones? I’m down!

  22. 22 sorrynotsorry

    Netflix has made no secret they want to break into the Asian markets. The plus for the production team is that they will be given so much autonomy to do what they want, and no worries of even considering ratings because it’s based on views and even then they don’t seem to release the info.

    Netflix is warring it out with Amazon and to a certain extent Hulu so I am actually glad to see them constantly willing to innovate. So many people discovered Korean dramas through Netflix….I can’t really see a downside.

  23. 23 canxi

    Sounds good. I hope it has some action and not just politics. I really want something epic.

    There are plenty of shows on Netflix that aren’t in English; even some original shows that I know of. I don’t think the show will be effected by the company’s involvement. It will just be streaming there.
    Plus, this won’t be the only Korean production making it’s way onto the site. There is still that joint production of Bong Joon Ho’s, too.
    Korea also has Netflix, so I’m sure it’s not something made with just reaching out to International audiences in mind. I’m sure many want to work with them.

    Viki and Dramafever will be fine.

  24. 24 PakalanaPikake

    This is an exciting development. I’ve watched a number of Korean films and dramas on Netflix, and look forward to this project. My first forays into Kdrama were via Hulu, and all of the shows I watched back then were sageuks (DR. JIN, KING’S DAUGHTER, etc.). I’d love to see something epic like KINGDOM OF THE WINDS.

    Kim Eun-hee has … dropped hints about it being a sageuk unlike any that we’ve seen before, and that many of her characters will die, as they often do in her dramas.

    Paging Kim Nam-Gil and Choi Min-Soo…

    • 24.1 depe

      Finally there is someone else who craving for kim namgil beside myself

      • 24.1.1 PakalanaPikake

        Might as well go for a Kim Nam-Gil and Lee Yo-Won reunion while we’re at it. 😉

        I would love to see Seo Hyun-Jin and Jo Hyun-Jae in another pre-Joseon sageuk, along with Kim Young-Jae, Yoon Tae-Young, Yeo Ui-Joo, and Lee Jae-Ryong. They were great in THE KING’S DAUGHTER, SU BAEK-HYANG, with very good fight and battle scenes.

        More proven sageuk talent: Jang Hyuk, Song Il-Kook, Kam Woo-Sung, Joo Jin-Mo, and Lee Joon-Gi (even if he has to be shanghaied out of the 21st Century for it). Add Ha Ji-Won, and I bliss out at the prospect of the melees they could stage. If it weren’t for his stated preference to make movies, I’d include Kang Dong-Won for a DUELIST reunion.

        Be sure to include reliable sageuk supporting actors like Kim Roe-Ha, Jung Sung-Mo, and Kim Mi-Kyeong.

  25. 25 sharreb

    Yay cause it sound very exciting and different but nay cause there’s gonna be alot of characters dying.

  26. 26 Miles

    Please cast Park Bogum. This is a big break for korean drama industry so they need someone who is popular already in Korea. Koreans are not fan of Netflix. If they’ll cast nugu actors..well goodluck 😂

  27. 27 Mischa

    There is no such thing as sageuk saturation when comes to Lee Joon Gi. So, please, make it happen with LJG.

  28. 28 Kyu

    He said he ain’t going back to dramaland but there must be a way around his words, right? Huhu

  29. 29 Heidi

    I want LEE JUN KI. I don’t mind him in another sageuk. Preferably pre-Joseon sageuk. Call me superficial but I am not done yet of that sight of him with that mane of glory.

  30. 30 Grisham

    Wow! Sounds promising. I hope they will cast Lee Joon Gi. Better be.. Jebal!

    • 30.1 Grisham

      Lee Joon Gi is detained in Sageuk land for now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. 31 Mi Ran

    Please cast Lee Jun Ki. And please make it a Goryeo, Baekje or Silla setting. I want the hair….. And please cast Moon Chae Won or Ha Ji Won or Son Ye Jin. That would be even more epic.

    • 31.1 Yen

      But his previous drama is a big flop. Advertisers would want leads that would bring in more audience. Like Park Bogum or Song Jongki are excellent choices. Tho the laters we can say that were not yet fully ripe as actors…but who the hell cares 😛

      • 31.1.1 pyreworkz

        SHR; I must say the ratings suffered because most of his colleagues were idol-stars. TBH, I would not have watched it if it wasnt for LJG.

    • 31.2 pyreworkz

      Omo Omo omo!

      You speak my language my dear

      Lee Joon Gi x Moon Chae Won!
      Please let it happen!!!

  32. 32 korfan

    Definitely sounds quite interesting.

  33. 33 Table122000

    Wow! This is really exciting news if Netflix gets involved. They have a reputation to uphold with their original programming, so production values should be top notch. They are doing some original shows in Japan, so it’s nice to see them expand into Korean market. I found an interesting article about the Netflix Japan series. Netflix sounds really committed to fostering creative freedom and keeping things authentic. It’s interseting that Japan has some of the same “idol casting” issues like South Korea-I didn’t know that.


  34. 34 Mae.ash

    The thing I like with Netflix is they seem to give full freedom to their writers and directors so we know for sure there won’t be much restrictions unlike if it airs in public networks. And they gave big budgets on their production so we won’t atleast worry about its quality, props or costumes being cheap.

    Plus I do have trust with this writer even though I have only watch 3 dramas from her because I like all 3 of them. So I hope this turns out well. And the shorter episode is good too so the drama won’t drag half way.

  35. 35 Cadbury

    If it is Goryeo, sword fights & great acting. Who else can do it as authentic as it could be but Lee Joon Gi.

  36. 36 Harry Smith

    After all the critical success Daredevil Season 2 enjoyed when it released in March 2016, Marvel decided to bring it back for a third season, and we are certain that it will be released on Netflix soon just like the previous 2 seasons. Also, fans might witness the comeback of Elektra in Daredevil Season 3
    To know about Daredevil Season 3 Rumors just take a look and you get all the information you need.

  37. 37 kai

    I’m just too loyal to Kim Eunhee that would watch whatever she wrote. Ohmygod I’m so excited.

    If they got Gongyoo, I would forget Goblin almost completely-just keep the moment when Kim Goeun smiling while Gongyoo confessed in Canada

    Korean Government should thank them so much, coz I smell marketing.. Netflix? Joseon? I think, besides every other major reasons, one is because Joseon more represent Korea from Hanbok and others, than Goryeo or even Gogoryeo which got much influence from Chinese-Mongol CMIIW.

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