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by | December 3, 2016 | 162 Comments

Holy cow, it’s December! When did that happen, and why wasn’t I informed? All this talk of first snow in dramaland should’ve been a dead giveaway, I suppose, but I’ve been in some serious denial about the end of the year approaching. Alas, time and dramas wait for no one! Tell us what you’re watching lately, and how you plan to wrap up your drama-watching year—one last hurrah with a show you missed, or has a shiny new drama caught your eye? –girlfriday



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea, The Lonely Shining Goblin

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: This show is so weird, but I kind of love the bizarreness. When “Hey Jude” played and everything went slow-mo as all hell broke loose, I died laughing—and that moment actually was the tipping point when I decided I would go with the show wherever it went. I still don’t care about the battle between the two hospitals (within only one of the hospitals), but the characters are weird and the tone is weird and it’s great. I loved when both boys were getting all dramatic on Seo Hyun-jin, and she basically rolled her eyes and called them children.

Night Light: This week got quite interesting with the relationship between the two ladies, and the dynamic is shaping up to be fascinating. I liked seeing UEE’s admiration (near-hero worship) actually making a dent in Lee Yo-won’s ice layer, and I find it very interesting how Lee Yo-won seems to appreciate and like UEE, but gives her absolutely zero benefit of the doubt. Jin Gu’s character (sadly! Very sadly!) bores me, but the women are going to make this sizzle. And man, don’t I wish I had a mentor handing me thousands of dollars and teaching me how to spend frivolously like it’s a life skill I need to learn. *dreams*

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Aw, it’s so sweet and heartfelt. I do really enjoy it, even though I have to periodically pause my screen because there’s only so much secondhand mortification I can handle at a time. I have nothing in common with Bok-ju, but her life and day-to-day struggles are so universal and true to real life that I don’t doubt a great many of us see ourselves in her. I’d like my playful, hot swimmer admirer to show up any day now, please.

Entourage: I keep watching this. My overall impression of the show has not changed in weeks, but either the show is getting better at moving plot along, or I’m just getting more used to and therefore fond of the characters, in the way that you sort of start liking those annoying neighbors you used to find a pain who are now at least sometimes fun. I do think that Jo Jin-woong’s firing and Seo Kang-joon’s show of loyalty were crucial to bringing me back to liking them, because it gave them more than flashy surface to their characters.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: Ah, I love this show. I’m almost even sad it’s ending this weekend, although I am equally relieved, because this 12-episode length and current place in the story give me hope that this might actually be that rare perfectly paced drama. Boa and Lee Sang-yub were utterly charming in last weekend’s episodes, and I love that they seem perfect for each other in ways that go beyond attraction and intellectual compatibility—they actually also work very well as a family unit, and that’s a really heartwarming thing to see. Yoon-ki, eh, well let’s just say I’m hoping his wife’s revenge is epic.



Currently recapping: Legend of the Blue Sea, The Lonely Shining Goblin

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: This show is like a straight shot of sunshine right to the veins—I find myself looking forward to every new episode because I know it’ll put me in such a good mood. Until this week, I was all about the bickering immature friendship. Then, the friendship was invaded by new fluttery feelings, sprinkling every hilarious interaction with a giddy dose of romance, and now I can’t get enough of it.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: The situations are ridiculous on this show, but it’s acted and directed so well that I’m glued to the screen for the whole hour. It’s also nice to watch a drama where they’re not afraid to make characters unlikable at times, knowing that there’s more to be gained in the long run if everyone is flawed in complex ways (especially when I end up liking everyone again by the end of the episode anyway). Okay, so maybe they don’t need to be so deeply, deeply flawed, but it sure makes for good television.

Entourage: Finally, some drama up in this drama. I don’t expect this show to suddenly change and learn how to mine its own conflict properly, but I’m much more interested in what happens to our characters now that the fancy power agent is out on the street and down to one client. That puts Seo Kang-joon’s flighty actor in direct contention with Jo Jin-woong’s survival, and that’s something I want to watch.

The Man Living in Our House: I want to stop being annoyed at the couple for not being together when they so obviously want to be together. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a story that begins with noble idiocy will beget more nobility and more idiocy. I just don’t know why they won’t go with the easy solution. I mean, what’s one more contract marriage at this point?



Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I know this is a weird reaction to have, but the hero worship going on between Seo-jung and Teacher Kim actually makes me think less of both characters. Obviously, she’s very principled and believes in Teacher Kim completely, but when it’s to the extent that she’s apologizing over and over again for inconveniencing him when someone’s got a knife to her throat, it’s too much. I want her to find her own identity and sense of self.

Legend of the Blue Sea: I wasn’t as into the show as I hoped I’d be last week, but this week, everything changed. It’s fun and cute and crack-y and delightful now, even with all the unanswered questions. I wonder if we can all agree that blowing money on a foreign shoot for the first few episodes is never a good idea, though. I feel like we could have gotten much more done if we’d just focused on the characters more than the flashy scenery, but c’est la vie. At least it’s super fun now.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: I fall more and more in love with the directing with each passing episode. Yoon-ki belongs in a different show (one I would never watch), but the Joon-young/Bo-young couple is aces.

Oh My Geum-bi: This small show manages to be so profound each week that it honestly leaves me in awe. Daddy Hwi-chul and Geum-bi are my new favorite OTP—he may not deserve her, but he sure as hell needs her.



Entertainer: After finishing it, I feel a bit bad about how violently (…and vocally) I disliked aspects of this show. The final two episodes were actually really endearing and heartwarming (and sufficiently bromantic), and that low-key ending suited it so much better. I still think pushing the romance early on was a misstep, and that 18-episode run stretched an insufficient plot too thin—there just wasn’t enough of it. Still. Good ending, and I’m ready for Ji Sung not to be woefully misused anymore.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Awwwww this show! It’s so cute, I like it so much! I neglected starting it sooner because I’d forgotten that it was from the High School King of Savvy/Oh My Ghostess writer! The biggest and most pleasant surprise for me is Nam Joo-hyuk. I remember him in Who Are You—School 2015, and…they are not good memories. Like, there was that episode he spent Brooding, and I laughed for ages over his I Am Reflecting Deeply face. I liked him better in Cheese in the Trap; it’s so good when actors get better. He’s shown so much more nuance and emotion already as Joon-hyung, and his unstoppable-puppy mode when he’s anywhere near Bok-ju is so, so adorable. And I love the flavor of the friendship between Bok-ju and her girlfriends, too, although I could do without the meanie mean-girls, mopey moping ex, and irritating body stereotypes. Those bits aside, just about every moment of this show puts me in my happy place. Happy happy happy.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I picked this up because I heard it was moody and thrilling, and of course I thought, yes please. So I blitzed through every available episode… and I think I love this show. Weirdly, I don’t quite like any of the main trio, but their ambiguity makes them exciting to watch, and now I’m rooting for them out of curiosity and fascination. Even the inter-doctor politics have a serrated edge that keeps things from getting dull. It’s all mind games and maneuverings, just how I like it: dark and cerebral, slashing fast, and cutting deep.



Currently recapping: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: So adorable. The jealousy! The feels! After Shopping King Louis ended, I needed something sweet in my life, and found Bok-ju. Joon-young’s elementary schooler mindset when it comes to his infatuation with Bok-ju is both endearing and entirely frustrating. The character developments and subplots transition so naturally — I can totally imagine this actually happening IRL. Well apart from all the coincidental raining and wrist-grabbing (which I have never actually seen happen outside of dramas…).

Night Light: Womance and girl power. It’s the latest trend in Korean dramas (Fantastic, Age of Youth, One More Happy Ending), but few do it as well as Night Light. Although Jin Gu’s performance is top-notch, his character’s lingering lovelorn feelings cannot hold a candle to the fiery chemistry between Yi-kyung and Se-jin. Their mentor-apprentice dynamic is one that I did not expect would work, but does so deliciously.



Legend of the Blue Sea: Now that Joon-jae is an awkward Daddy Long Legs who’s in denial about his feelings, he’s so much more likable. I love how Chung’s genuine innocence and her open heart have completely blown past Joon-jae’s cynical guardedness and he just wants to make her happy. Even if that means using his con artist powers for (gasp) good. I do hope some of our questions about mermaid lore and what the rules actually are get answered soon, though. Also, the Magical First Snow of True Love is really working overtime in this show. Still, the ridiculous elements in this drama make me laugh rather than drive me up the wall, so I don’t mind them too much. It helps that for the most part the show doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Woman With a Suitcase: I had a few episodes left and I finished them this week, and I have to say this show really went out with a whimper. It wasn’t a terrible show and was even quite watchable, but it’s a shame that such a talented cast wasn’t given a chance to shine in the way they had the potential to. The romance also acted like it was going somewhere… and then ground to verrrry slow roll. (Kind of like a heavy suitcase, hur.)

Signal: I know. I can’t believe it took me this long to start watching it either. You guys were right, IT’S SO GOOD.


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  1. g

    i love legend of the blue sea, it’s my addiction!!!

  2. Chi

    – Blue Sea: the last episode is good, the previous ones not so much

    – My wife: It gets better each episode.

    – Oh My Geum Bi: you smile in tears each episode but the little girl is so good, you want to keep supporting her

    – goblin: the IT show after DOTS this year. (and they have the same writer)

    • 2.1 JessA

      Little Geum-bi is such a trooper. I just want to slap all the adults in her life so they can get their act together!

      • 2.1.1 DramaMama

        No kidding – the grown-ups all need a good shaking.

        This drama is gonna make me a puddle but it is so good. And that little actress is perfect in this role.

    • 2.2 Sam_1

      Yay! We’re watching the exact same shows 🙂

    • 2.3 Cidorta

      For me Goblin😀 watched 1st episode and already hook.

    • 2.4 EZ

      and if gong yoo had said yes.. DOTS would have had gong yoo too.. 😛

      Goblin- definitely the IT drama..
      Its awesome!

      • 2.4.1 Arashi_lover

        The thought of Gong Yoo in DOTS, wearing military uniform makes me lose sense of what day it is… sigh… but I guess him looking sexy in Segeuk garb and swoony in long coats and under umbrellas will have to suffice.
        Heck, I’d take Gong Yoo in a potato sack on my screen any day.

    • 2.5 Akiddo

      Hooked on Goblin. Gong Yoo in blood and gore. Gong Yoo with mane of glory. Gong Yoo in a sharp suit. Gong Yoo in long autumn coats. Gong Yoo…he is finally back on small screen. Gong yoo..gong yoo..gong yoo.

      Weightlifting Fairy – so utterly delightful. Makes me grin like crazy.

  3. BellaMafia

    This is my favorite thread, I love to read which drama people like to watch. Does anyone watch J or Cdrama? Please share your point of few. Thank you 🙂

    • 3.1 Sam_1

      Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job) – one of my current addictions. This couple is so cute and weird at the same time. I like that the male lead here is such a weird nice guy with a low self esteem but is a very considerate person ❣
      Bonus: I love the ending song/dance..It grew on me after a while and now, even I move to the beat..haha

      • 3.1.1 Dramalava

        Loving Nigeru wa haji too. That show is super cute and yes the dance is great too. I just want the couple things be communicative! I’m rooting for them an hoping for a happy ending.
        I started watching Cain and Abel. It’s a j drama about a rivalry between 2 brothers. It’s not all that exciting but I’m curious to see how the story unfolds.

        • kdramafantic

          Ooo…I’m loving nigeru wa haji too.its so fun to watch the main characters.it explain a concept that’s evolving where some people enter into a contract marriage where the woman would get paid for all the household services she would have done as a wife.
          I liked a girl and three sweethearts ,leaving the story ,I was just happy to tune into the show for sole purpose of watching the brothers.
          And recently I had come across a 2011 jdrama,asuko March ,it was just hilarious and fun with each episode.
          For other jdramas,theres ishi no mayu (stone’s cocoon),and there’s a sequel of it but have to still watch it but I think it’ll be good,then there’s siren too..

      • 3.1.2 Van

        oh, i checked that one out bc i thought the synopsis sounded interesting but i haven’t even finished the first ep. maybe i’ll go back and finish it now. it’s kinda hard for me to get into anything other asian dramas other than kdramas.

      • 3.1.3 atz

        The dance is adorable. I have heard that Aragaki Yui was very concerned for the dance since she has little experience with dance. But the choreographer told her that it is not her dance skill that determines the quality of the dance but angle of her head does make the dance look cute. So we must remember angle of our heads when we try this dance!!

    • 3.2 junny

      Currently on Career, Cain and Abel, and Suna no Tou. All watchable but not great.

      When will WOWOW knock on Tamaki Hiroshi’s door? Sigh.

      • 3.2.1 astromantic

        Ugh, I totally agree. The guy deserves so much better than the dramas he’s been doing lately.

      • 3.2.2 Asuka

        I rarely watch an ongoing j-drama because the subtitle source is usually rare. Are suna no tou and Cain and Abel have a steady subber? I watched Yutori desu ga nani ka, the show is very interesting and fun, but the subber dropped it after episode 3! So I continued watching until ep 8 without sub…..

    • 3.3 AllPhryne

      When a snail falls in love – I am at ep 10 and it is sweet, a little slow paced but quite heart-warming story till now. Just occasionally bloody, since it is a police drama, but nothing unbearable.

      • 3.3.1 Haha

        Is it any good? I stopped after episode 8.

        • AllPhryne

          I like it but second leads managed to get woulded and now it has this strangely weird psychological angle I don’t find sufficient. Loveline is still sweet though.

    • 3.4 Haha

      I have been catching up with C-drama:

      1. Love me if you dare – Wallace is 😍😍😍
      2. Love O2O – I died and giggled all the time, such a sweet show.
      3. Boss and Me – do I need to explain??

      • 3.4.1 Jean

        Hi! Is Boss and me super good? Same level as Love o2o? 🙂

        • Lalaland

          Boo you don’t even know. I have watched that drama 6 times in the past 2 years it’s so good

          • paroles

            Zhao Liying is unbelievably cute, but I’m allergic to Zhang Han. Also, the plot isn’t great either…

        • Haha

          It’s funny and fluffy 🙂

          Giddiness alert!

    • 3.5 james94131

      Is no one watching Chef: Mitsubishi no Kyushoku starring Amami Yuki? Very fun watch, especially her morning exercise routine!

      • 3.5.1 atz

        I do watch Chef. I like the story so far. The heroine never gave up!! for the challenges that evil x-boss threw at her!! I love her dance,, she was a Takarazuka star so she can dance and stretch herself.

    • 3.6 robin

      I’m watching Princess Wei Young. It’s absolutely brilliant! Like Empress Ki but better! With really quick pacing and great production. Totally recommend it

    • 3.7 fanitha

      I recently finished watching 2 old dramas; first Tumbling and it was great! one of the best dramas of its kin, it reminded me of Rookies.
      Then I watched Asuko March and it as not that great I would not recommend it at all.
      And now I’m watching Sukina hito ga iru koto and so far so good, it has good romance, but I’m afraid my desire couple won’t end together.

      I don’t normally watch on airing shows, I just wait for them to be completed and then marathoned them 😀

    • 3.8 msmaymay

      Hey. Did you watch “When a Snail Falls in Love”? One of my favorite Cdrama this year.

  4. DelSatu

    If you are able NOT to watch the 16 hours straight of Signal, you are a very strong person! (I started and just could not stop!!!). Enjoy it! In my opinion, it’s the best drama for 2016.

    • 4.1 JessA

      Signal was so bomb. I started watching it mid-way when it was airing. I finished the first 8 episodes in like 3 days. One of the best of 2016!

    • 4.2 Sam_1

      Signal is still the best drama for me everrrr..
      I’ve waited so long before it aired and simulcasted it week after week during its entire run and all of the wait was paid off.Just when you think that scene was epic, another one will surpass that for sure.Never have I seen a drama that can outdo itself in each and every episode..Still the golden standard for me.

    • 4.3 NDKK

      God! Any distant mention of Signal makes me want to go back and marathon the episodes. It’s the best drama of 2016, for sure. Must.resist.urge. Finals.this.week. T_T

    • 4.4 Cool Girl

      Best shows of 2016:

      1. Signal
      2. Signal
      3. Signal
      4. Signal
      5. Signal
      6. Signal
      7. Signal
      8. Signal
      9. Signal

      No other show can event start to compare and i’m talking about all countries (European and american included).

      • 4.4.1 Dramalava

        Seeing how much love signal is receiving makes me think I need to go back and finish it. I think it was just too intense at that time in my life.

        • Cool Girl

          You should definitely give it a second chance: this show is heavy but very rewarding.

          The writer didn’t play with the feelings of her audience for thd sake of the ratings: the show delivered a a sincere, profound message that had a real life meaning and i hope a real influence in changing the public opinion.

    • 4.5 Aria

      I’m afraid nothing can top Signal in a verrrrry long time.

      If you manage to finish all of the episodes, YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY.

      Just what kind of brain does this writer have that she can tie the loose ends and fit the puzzle all together perfectly?. That is just pure brilliancy topped with great acting and directing.

    • 4.6 Mal

      I’m joining the Signal fan party here, too! Aw, now I want to rewatch it… but it’s so intense I don’t know if I can take it right now. I watched it right after it finished airing because I knew it was the type of show I’d HAVE to marathon, and I think I binged it in 2 days. Yup yup. I even made my mom watch the first two episodes before she dropped it because she couldn’t handle it. I’ll make her finish it one day, though!

    • 4.7 축하해

      Yup. I think it’s the one that comes once in a golden age of k-dramas.

      I even more surprise that my fascination for this show overpower my dizziness from watching Signal while on a long haul flight.

      Yup, IT’S SO GOOD.

      • 4.7.1 축하해

        Sorry. * .. overpowered .. .

    • 4.8 lunatic4kd

      YES! It’s Signal all the way for me too. Absolutely the best drama. But I have a problem…a good friend has just started watching k-dramas with me and I’ve gotten her hooked. Yay! I started her on City Hunter and we have the last two episodes to go. She’s begging me all the time to watch more. Now, I have a long list of dramas she must watch before I set her off on her own, and the list is superb: Healer, King2Hearts, Splish Splash Love, It’s OK, That’s Love, Secret Garden, Moon Embracing the Sun, and so many more…and the one I really want her to watch is Signal. But what happens when she watches the best drama of all in the beginning like this? Will everything else be a let-down? I’m worried. I don’t want to blow it!

    • 4.9 pogo

      I’m probably the lone dissenter here, but I think Age of Youth is the best of 2016.

      Though Signal is very good, I don’t think it’s the best of the year in any language the way I thought Misaeng was.

      • 4.9.1 Kiara

        I’m with you pogo with Age of Youth being my best drama for the year.

      • 4.9.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        No you’re not alone. Signal comes no 2 after Age of Youth. But for me Signal is the best if compared to Misaeng. There is something keeping me from finishing Misaeng. Just like Healer when it is favourite here which I also didn’t manage to finish it.

        • Dramabliss

          Well, I loved (love) all three – Healer, Misaeng, Signal (in alphabetical order 🙂

      • 4.9.3 dreamer

        Well.. i will not compare both… but Misaeng+Signal is an unbreakable duo… 🙂

      • 4.9.4 montecarlo

        Yay for Age of Youth. I mean, Signal is great too. I can confidently say that. But Age of Youth is really great because we can relate to it. It is also perfectly executed, great writing, great OST and not overpowering nor cheesy, great cast and character. OMG, I am rambling. I still can’t move on from Age of Youth.

      • 4.9.5 Cool Girl

        As long as it’s on people’s top drama list of 2016, i feel it doesn’t matter if it’s number one or two. I recommended it heavily to a close friend and though she liked it a lot, she didn’t love it too as much as me.
        The drama seems to have touched each person in a different way and with a different intensity, i just hope that nobody felt indifferent or look at it as another crime drama.

        Misaeng and Signal share the same PD, don’t they?
        He’s hands down the most brilliant korean director in k-dramaland. He nailed it completely in both cases though the two drama are vastly diffferent in term of tone and scope (misaeng being intimist while Signal has cinematographic ambitions) .
        I discovered Misaeng this year too and i wouldn’t be able to select a favourite. Both drama are on a league of their own.
        Signal topped everything produced this year but is as good as Misaeng.

        Age of youth was a gem. It’s too on my list of the best drama of this year.

        • Kiara

          No one beats An Pan-Seok for me.

          -Heard It Through the Grapevine (SBS)
          -End of the World (jTBC)
          -A Wife’s Credentials (jTBC)
          -Secret Love Affair (jTBC)
          -The White Tower (MBC)

    • 4.10 Lord Cobol

      OK, everybody. Get on your walkie-talkies and tell people to watch it 🙂

    • 4.11 Dreamer

      Signal was a fantastic drama..it was the drama of its own kind.. for me it was the best drama of 2016… i still watch it (when i had some extra time)..

      @Laica.. it’s very nice to know that you are watching signal.. it has been a great drama of this year and surely for the years to come…. 🙂

    • 4.12 Jade0817RJY

      For me Signal is the best drama I have ever watched yet, not just 2016! (circa Lovers in Paris days) lol

      Acting, writing, directing, soundtrack – overall was just top notch. I cannot find fault in it and cannot stop heaping praises on it 🙂

      I’ve watched dramas which technicality-wise were not that good but gets you at the core of your emotions and it becomes great. But what sets Signal apart for me is that it does both: blows your mind with the execution and totally grips your heart and wrings it

    • 4.13 Beanfan

      Signal left me breathless, haunted, occasionally sleepless, but most of all super-duper impressed… It’s probably the “best” drama this year, but I did love Misaeng to bits, too. They can’t be compared, but I know they belong in the same league of extraordinary shows that beg to be re-watched and digested slowly. In the same league as shows like Secret Love Affair and C-drama Nirvana in Fire, but again for vastly different reasons.

      But if any drama stands out for me in 2016, just for the sheer un-characteristic reaction I had towards it (which was to rewatch it 4+ times already), it would be Oh Hae Young Again. I seriously haven’t enjoyed a rom-com so sooooooooooooooooo much in such a long long time. It hit all the right notes with me, and I shipped the OTP (and the real-life actors) to the moon and back and then further out towards the edges of the galaxy..

      I’m halfway through Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (episode 11), but for some reason I don’t feel the need to keep watching. When a drama’s leads are just too cute and pretty, and everything is working well for them, that’s when it sometimes starts to lose it’s crack components for me…

      I watched W: Two Worlds only until episode 8, cos I could begin to feel the convolution (is that a word?) begin, and…nah.

      Finally, I have one last episode of J-drama, Love Shuffle to go… When I pestered my cousin to watch my favorite J-drama of all time, Long Vacation, she came back several years later to tell me that she found it very slow and plodding. I couldn’t understand her reaction, but I think I might understand what she means now, cos when I watched Love Shuffle, I did feel it to be slow… I wasn’t ever really moved by anyone’s story either. I love ensemble casts, but I really didn’t feel much for anyone here, unfortunately. I wish I liked it more, since so many Dramabean-ies recommended it, but alas, we can’t help how we feel.

      One last aside…I know the DB editors dread the end-of-the-year drama reviews and such, but BOY DO I LOVE THEM. I can’t wait to read all of your reviews!!

  5. JessA

    I’m watching pretty much all of this with the exception of Night Light. I watched the first episode of Goblin and I really enjoyed that. So I’m pretty excited to have a new drama for my Friday and Saturday nights! And like tineybeanie, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Boo-boo is my feel good replacement for Shopping King Louie. I didn’t think I would be so in love with this show but it’s truly one of my favorites of the week.

    • 5.1 DramaMama

      Isn’t it sad that WF has been overlooked because of the LOTBS? It is such a sweet little show and I feel bad for the folks involved not getting as much attention as they deserve. But then again, going against a powerhouse like LOTBS might actually have taken some of the pressure off (ratings wise) and allowed the actors to relax and just have fun. It certainly seems like they are having a good time filming this show.

      • 5.1.1 kx


        I’m not looking for it to break double digits, but an average of 4% is just sad for how good this show is. I wish with all my heart that it will reach at least 8%. I don’t think I’m asking too much. On public broadcast, that’s even considered low and a great many shows debut at that range! But it broke my heart that the ratings didn’t change this week from last week despite the good reviews and I think perhaps my wish was too much.

        It may have taken off the pressure from the production team and the cast because of the competition, but in the end I would think it’s still disheartening. The slightest bit of increase each week would at least be a good pat on the back for them, if an applause for their work is impossible.

        It’s the only show I’m following live, being the type that likes to marathon- for some reason I broke that rule for this drama, and I find myself too invested in wishing the cast and production feel as good about their work as the drama makes me feel, eh.

  6. wapz

    Still having JI withdrawals but WF is doing good enough to keep me looking forward to Wed and Thu.

    I think LOBS is a bit slow for my taste but JJH is the ace as usual and LMH finally has a better likeable character and I think he has improved too, so only the actors are keeping me hooked as of yet.

    Wife is amazing but is sadly ending this week. I avoid secret affairs dramas but this had another take on the same subject which I thoroughly enjoyed and was somewhat realistic too.
    Goblin episode 1 was great. Ah the cinematography!But I sincerely hope they don’t go in the lovey dovey parts in the latter half and keep the conflict and mythology.
    We married as a job is my shift from kdramas and I wish subs were faster because the show is good.

    • 6.1 Oshi

      I am praying that the theme of the show is more about moving on and absolution then some wierd love story between a high school girl and a goblin.

      • 6.1.1 wapz

        Just watched the second episode and I think we will get the weird love story as the main plot. Though it is too early to judge but the second episode was a let down for me. The first was way better.

    • 6.2 WishfulToki

      If you are suffering from JI withdrawal… Jo Jung-Suk will appear in a cameo in Lobster episode 7.

      • 6.2.1 Boomboompow

        And this is when I will start to watch LOTBS.

      • 6.2.2 es

        Really?!?! Dammit, this means I have to stick with LotBS until Episode 7 urgh.

  7. Sam_1

    Yay! We’re right that


    I’m quite sad that Wife has ended. I can watch another show where BoA and Lee Sang Yeob are the main characters for 50+ episodes..They’re such a delight to watch together.

    • 7.1 thatstp

      I really wish you had of put a spoiler warning. Especially since it just aired.

    • 7.2 Sam_1

      Aw..Sorry chingu!

    • 7.3 Ia

      I have to binge watch this drama now that it has ended

    • 7.4 inxomnia

      I just finished watching the last 2 eps for WIFE’S AFFAIR and I really loved it. I loved how the final episode really didn’t feel like a finale in that it felt like we were just watching their life happen and go on, we got to see a lot of more of the day-to-day in a way. It was nice because it didn’t feel too final. Also, I loved the main four leads in this and felt they all brought their A game especially Song Ji Hyo, who tends to draw criticisms for her acting. I loved her here.

      WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY is the one I look forward to the most because it’s soooo refreshingly light and adorable, and I love the colour palette/filters. Also, I love the love triangle here. My main gripe with love triangles is always where I don’t like one of the leads (hence, never really feel conflicted) but here I love her with both guys so I gush when she’s with the doctor but can empathise with JH’s jealousy haha. More than that though, I just love, love, love Bok Joo’s support network. I love it when K-dramas add dimension to a character by showing they have a life outside of being someone’s love interest. Bok Joo has her friends, her dad and uncle, her girlfriends, her coaches and her weightlifting team and you can tell that they are all a big part of her life.

      SHOPPING KING LOUIS: I am on the last leg on this drama and frankly, I’m holding off on finishing it because I don’t want to say goodbye. Louis is a puppy and I love puppies. And Seo In Guk is seriously so damn attractive. I need to confess that once upon a time, I didn’t think he was (and I know he isn’t conventionally handsome) but he won me over once I saw him in a drama for the first time (in IRY). Now I’m just bracing myself to not see him for 2 years when he enlists which is why I can’t bear to say bye to Louis yet. Dramatic, I know.

      1N2D – neglected this for a few weeks circa when JJY’s scandal broke out and it was announced he was going to take a break from the show, because that sucked. Up to the first episode recorded them as 5 members – it feels noticeably emptier. Hmm.

      RUNNING MAN – catching up because I know JJS was on RM recently. Also behind on this (just finished Hangul Day episode). Was super gutted about Gary’s departure and couldn’t bring myself to watch the show but getting back into now.

      Too hesitant to start anything else because there is not enough time in the day.

      • 7.4.1 inxomnia

        Oh and two more things about WIFE’S AFFAIR. 1) Joon Soo is adorable, 2) I missed the early days when they dressed Song Ji Hyo up – when she was having her affair – because she looked so damn gorgeous there. In retrospect, it did help me empathise more with Hyun Woo because it would feel quite enraging to know your wife was dressing up for another man and deceiving you as she was doing so. But damn, SJH is so pretty and because her style is more simple, I love seeing her all glammed up sometimes.

        • lemoncello

          I love Joon Soo so much. His crying in ep 11 was so raw when his dad was telling him that dad and mom would be living separately.

  8. SLVR

    After literally going crazy every week with anticipation over W and Moonlight, I have decided not to watch live shows- but binge watch everything so I don’t have to live with that nervous worry every week. 😛

    However, I started Goblin, and I am enjoying the first 2 episodes! The cinematography is excellent, editing can be better, and all the characters (except the female lead) are cool.

    • 8.1 Bongsommie

      I know!!!! For me it was W. I had never EVER watched a drama that was airing until W. I just couldn’t wait for it to be done. So i broke my policy of watching dramas only when they’re done to watching it while airing. And it was worth it

  9. Mindy

    Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (7/10): SO. FREAKING. CUTE. I can’t handle this drama, it’s just too sweet. I can’t believe we only have a few episodes left. I don’t want it to end!!! Gah.

    This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair (10/12): Still feeling the love with this one. I’m halfway through episode 11 and I’m really curious as to how they’re going to go from here… they still have a lot of ground to cover in the next episode and a half.

    Legend of the Blue Sea (5/10): Not quite caught up with this one but I decided to continue with it. JJH is just too good for me to ignore, and I find this show pleasant on a basic level. It doesn’t frustrate me and I can just sit down and watch it happily. I haven’t quite turned off my brain yet, but I’m thinking less about the specifics now.

    Date – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira (8/10): Enjoying this one but I don’t think it will go down as a favorite or anything. It’s shaping up to be a solid 7 on my MDL ratings.

    Master’s Sun (6/10): I’m liking this much more now than when I tried to watch it before. Episode 5 turned it around for me and I’m finding it funnier and funnier with each episode. To be honest, I’m usually not a big fan of So Ji-sub because I find him wooden, but his slightly cold delivery here really works with the humor in this show.

    I’ve heard good things about Goblin’s first episode so I might pick it up once my break starts in a coupe of weeks.

    • 9.1 Mindy

      Woopies, I meant to put 6/17 for Master’s Sun, not 10!

      • 9.1.1 Mindy

        I did the same thing with LOBS oh my GOD -hides-

    • 9.2 Ira

      Shout out for Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu. Because this drama is so Oh. My. God. good. Why I love this drama?
      – It’s quirky and cute in a very good way. I forgot how Jdrama can very good with this.
      – I like that the OTP seems so boringly normal despite the outlandish situation they’re in.
      – All the side characters are awesome, in particular Yuri-chan.
      – Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan
      – It’s refreshing to have a male lead that is not stunningly handsome/tall or both, but a legit nerdy average relatively short guy.
      – Similarly with the female lead who is cute in an “everyday” kind of way. Yui Aragaki is gorgeous, but the way she’s styled in this drama is so spot on for her character.
      – I adore all their internal monologues.
      – The ending song packed with cute dance.

      In short I Heart this drama so much. I dont want it to end too!!!!!

      • 9.2.1 Mindy

        I agree 100% with everything you said! To be honest, sometimes the pretty, glossy feel of most K-Dramas can get tiring. That’s when I like to watch some more J-Dramas. The actors are in no way ugly but they seem much less focused on the pretty. The cinematography is usually more simple and I actually really like that. 🙂

  10. 10 DramaMama

    From Shopping Kings to Weightlifting Fairies, thank you, Dramaland, for keeping my mid-weeks happy and bright. These two shows were/are filled with sweet moments, innocemt romance, and laugh out loud humor. I hope the trend continues because they have done so much to keep me smiling as each week rolls on.

    I’m interested to see how the two fantasy giants shake out. I’ve enjoyed LOTBS – it is pretty and funny. The actor who plays LMH’s brother – I LOVED him in MOTW, then in Go’s Starry Night, and he is doing well here too.

    So how will LOTBS compare with Goblin? The first episode was epic – I felt like I should’ve been watching it in a movie theater. Gong Yoo – oh how I’ve missed you! He looks so good here in every time period. I honestly can’t decide which Gong Yoo I like better – sageuk GY? 1960’s Parisian GY? Current day broody and bromantic GY? Gah!!! I love them all!! And LDW with the ridiculous hat? Oh my. I can’t wait to see his chemistry with Yoo In Ah. I hope this show continues to be this good.

    Romantic Dr Kim is also great. I’m watching it as I catch up on this fall’s Grey’s Anatomy episodes and can hardly tell the difference. And I love that!

    It has been a really good year in kdramaland.

  11. 11 Cool Girl

    I’m currently watching 4 drama! For someone who has been out dramaland for years, it’s quite surprising (even at the time i was more into k-drama, i don’t remember watching so many at once). I’m loving the variety in my choices though it wasn’t intentional…

    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – I don’t know how this show manages to be so addictive with its high level of silliness, but i’m hooked and regrets nothing.
    Also not being able to binge watch is so relaxing: i keep my pretty sleep and can do other things with my life.

    Heartless City – episode 14.
    I don’t remember why i’m watching this: i mean the plot has become so repetitive and the end seems so predictable at this point. I feel like the writer wrote himself in a corner and there’s no way for the “good guys” to win since there are so many bad guys, all so powerful and of course all connected.
    However i still admire the show for the attention given to the smallest characters: they have a name! And they’re remembered even after their death! And they influence the plot!
    The acting is also still strong, mostly because of the male characters and actors who are stealing the show, which is a pity: so much more could have been done with those badass ladies…

    Three with Deep Roots – 2 episodes in.
    So far i’m loving every bits of what seems to be a masterpiece. I started this one because of my recent passion for Han Seok Kyu and Jo Jin Woong and though i can not imagine how a drama which stars those two best actors ever could do wrong, i’m holding my breath in the fear to be disappointed.

    This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair – one episode
    It was a tight competition between on the way to airport and this one and i chose my wife for practical reasons: because 12 episodes is perfect for me, because based on the reviews it’s less a melo which fitted more my mood, and because everyone is raving about Lee Sang Yeob who i adored in Signal and Boa’s relationship which got me very intrigued.
    i’m really excited about the potentiel of the main characters: they are realistic with the right touch of quirkiness and the actors are really selling the feels. The chemistry is very strong between Boa and Lee Sang Yeob and i just hope the writing will do justice to their relationship. However, I don’t see a happy ending for the main couple but as long as it’s well done, i won’t complain.
    I’m less convinced by the narrative concept which made it like a docu-drama at times. A directing choice that i found annoyingly didactic. The story works very well on teh fictional level, why not let it just thrive?

    • 11.1 junny

      Ah, you’re in the downward spiral part of Heartless City. It just gets more and more frustrating, but kudos if you can soldier on and finish it. There isn’t much of a payoff at the end, though.

      • 11.1.1 Cool Girl

        I’m attached to the characters, so i have a hard time to let go.:(

        I’m usually against fanfics, but would make an exception for this show. I would read an alternate universe story where Kyung-Mi is still alive.

        One can always hope for a remake….

    • 11.2 earthna

      You will never go wrong with Tree with Deep Roots, I assure you. Maybe after you’re done with it and you’re feeling bad withdrawals, I suggest moving on to Six Flying Dragons. It’s the prequel to Tree. 🙂

      • 11.2.1 Cool Girl

        Thanks for the recommandation!:)

        I was intrigued by Six Flying Dragons but got scared by the length of the show (50 episodes i believe), but if it’s as good as Tree with Deep Roots, i might overcome my feelings.

        • earthna

          Right? I was wary at first too. I mean, 50 episodes is quite a commitment. But I loved Tree so much that I just closed my eyes and dived. It was worth it.

    • 11.3 korfan

      Yay for Tree With Deep Roots! I just started watching this recently and I’m up to episode 8. It’s quite good indeed!

      • 11.3.1 Cool Girl

        You’re hitting me right in the heart. I want to binge watch it now!

    • 11.4 Dramabliss

      Tree With Deep Roots will NOT disappoint, promise. It’s just brilliant.

      After you’ve finished this, I recommend you also watch Six Flying Dragons, which is a sort of prequel to TWDR. Equally excellent. Interesting back stories for Moo Hyul and Yi Bang Ji.

  12. 12 Peeps

    GeumBi GeumBi GeumBi.

    I’ve picked it up for recaps but I’ll be late. I’ve only recapped ep 2 and 3 so far, but watched all the way to ep 6 already. Just what do you say to such display of young talent? The writing doesn’t diaappoint either and the direction is not bad. The worst thing in this drama is Oh JiHo’s acting, which I frankly couldn’t care about until this week when he was shouting at her after she’d gone “missing”. In that moment, to me, all he did was shout and for the first time, I was so annoyed at him because he’s taken me out of the moment. Oh well.

    But even though I recap GeumBi, I live-watch BokJu. That shows is so lowkey, but so warm. I’m not really attached to it, but it’s just healing somehow.

    On mondays and tuesdays it’s Romantic Doctor Kim! Like Javabeans, I totally laughed when they played Hey Jude because it’s the song that’ll hypnotise and persuade a psycho to not kill. ~Hey pysch, don’t make it bad. Take a sad soooong and make it better~ what kind of bullshit, lol. The writing is hilarious but the acting and the chemistry is awesomesauce.

    Just finished the latest ep of Wife will Cheat and man, I can only say that JoinYoung is going to make one good but embarrassing dad.

    • 12.1 Enrique

      Stupid comment! Have u seen oh ji ho act on chuno? Silly brood lol!

  13. 13 gadis

    Still trying to finish my old shows.

    -Miss Korea: I love all the women here. Ji-young and her blunt, honest way of talking, her fighting spirit, and the way she just cut through all the BS while still being charming. Madame Ma and her instinct to be a protector and teacher for all those girls and also Madame Yang. Not even rivalry would stop her from doing it. Hwa-jung and her no-nonsense attitude, yet warm personality. Even Jae-hee and her fairness in all competition. It’s refreshing to have so many capable and non-cookie-cutter women in one drama.

    -Potato Star: Stuck at eps 55. It’s a fun and hilarious show, but I do think it lacks the poignancy I so love in High Kick series. Though it does manage to poke fun at many ridiculuous drama tropes.

    -Running Man: So much fun and cute this eps. And Jo Jung-seok’s voice… I melted.

    -King of Mask Singer: High Kick’s Choi Min-young!! Where have you been?? Hopefully we can watch more of your projects from now on.

    • 13.1 pogo

      re: Miss Korea, that really was a great show. It’s a shame MBC likes to send up such lovely dramas with so much heart, up against massively-hyped JJH dramas when there is no way on earth they can win in the ratings :/

  14. 14 Jenn

    I just finished “Hot and Sweet”, an 8-episode webdrama. It’s cute and fast, worth checking out!

    • 14.1 Kaybee

      Oh yay, someone else who watched it! I never use this expression, but…. Minhwan is bae 😍 And the food looked beyond delicious.

  15. 15 Mari.Jeb

    1) Legend of the blue Sea : I’m only watching this drama for the leads .. I’m pretty disappointed in the story.. I wasn’t excited for it in the first place ( I never understood how My love from another star got its huge fame :/ ) .. the funny moments are fun to watch, but I can see the story dragging from now on .. besides, the family problem Jun Jae has is so drama-typical that it bores me
    2) Goblin : One word .. WOW !
    3 ) Night light : This drama has a new and unique flavor .. I quite like it, though I’m not usually fond of such plots .. the cast intiated me to start watching me, but the story is keeping me stuck to my screen .. Uee is so excellent in this .. Jin Go is great but his character is not .. LYW is quite good too .. I watched her in other few dramas, but I’m not her fan
    4) Romantic Doctor : this drama is really amasing .. as a medical student, I like how almost everything is accurate medically speaking .. I love the main trio’s interactions .. I love the side stories we see every episode
    5) Weightlifting fairy : As everyone who watched this said, this drama makes me so happy .. it’s the drama I’m always waiting for .. such a breath of fresh air amidst all the intense dramas airing right now <3

  16. 16 JT

    GOBLIN!!! First episode is solid – full of mystery, interesting characters. Feels very new and tantalizing. Excited about this one.

  17. 17 jichangwooklover

    Currently watching:

    The man living in our house
    Weightlifting fairy
    Oh my Geumbi
    Please take care of father
    The Princess Weiyoung
    Thumping Spike 2
    Running man
    Weekly Idol

    • 17.1 thatstp

      Awww a fellow WGM viewer. Have you tried With You Season 2? I love it but only because of In Young and Crown J.

  18. 18 bbstl

    Awwww, I just love WFBJ’s otp bickering especially now that it’s getting mushy around the edges. Let’s hope Dr Hunk can be enlisted to help in proper weight gain strategies for our girl, the misguided overeating is so uncomfortable to see right now. And if we have to keep watching that droopy stalker ex and the Mean Girls team, can we please at least see some good rhythmic gymnastics? Hoping for that is what brought me to the show in the first place, darn it. It’s not a sport done in the US so it’s barely shown in our Olympics coverage ☹️

  19. 19 MapleSilver

    Javabeans, are you going to do a podcast soon? Would love to hear your thoughts on these dramas in greater details.

    • 19.1 Beanfan


      I love your podcasts, JB!!! And I miss the posts where just you and GF have a witty/bantering conversation.

  20. 20 tatertots

    I was really looking forward to Night Might because I love Lee Yo Won, but it’s really not doing anything for me. They are trying way too hard to make her character as badass as possible that it makes the story seem ridiculous. Playing Russian Roulette to get some money? Who does that? That ended my interest.

    I LOVED Lee Yo Won in Ms. Temper, I thought she was amazing there and it felt realistic and plausible, but Night Light just feels too wacky. And Jin Gu is also uninteresting in this role.

  21. 21 agoodheart

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo is still my first go-to drama to watch. It’s everything I prayed to have for the last few months, and thankfully it finally happened! Episode 5 this week might very well be my most favorite ep of the show thus far if I remember correctly; it made me smile from ear to ear. And the making-your-crush-to-be-your-human-shield-against-splashing-water in ep 6 was hilariously adorable! Love love love it.

    I watched Goblin ep 1 and surpringly I actually liked it! After Heirs and Descendants of the Sun I thought that was it I couldn’t anymore, then wow. I think the beautiful cinematography and fitting music have contributed a lot to the show, it reminds me of how these two factors boosted up my viewing experience in Uncontrollably Fond. Enthusiastically looking forward to watching episode 2 tomorrow when I wake up.

    Legend of the Blue Sea is currently the last in my list right now. It’s serviceable but not enough to pull me in totally. The music still stood out to me the most. Hopefully I will get into it soon.

    I think I also watched One Million Yen Girl starring Yu Aoi (not really sure whether it was this week or last week…). I quite like its first part, not much so for the second part. I understood why it ended up like that though, which in the end helped with my overall watching experience.

    Also watched When A Snail Falls In Love ep 5.

    Considering watching Miracle on 34th Street (1947) since it’s Christmas season!

    • 21.1 inxomnia

      Agreed on WF, it is totally the kind of drama I’ve been hoping for in periods where I had drama slumps. It’s such a feel-good drama and in a way, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s the first drama I’ve watched about female weightlifters and she’s definitely a well-written and endearing heroine.

  22. 22 paroles

    Womance and girl power.

    I watched Night Light just for this. A drama where the girls are not just damsels in distress waiting to be saved. Not as impressed by the plot as I am by the dynamic between Lee Yo-won and UEE though.

  23. 23 redfox

    watching Goblin and though I dont love everything, ep 2 is less tacky in design, and I am getting jaw cramps from the reaper-goblin duo. they are both cuckoo. how can the actors keep a serious face doing this

  24. 24 kitkat

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo: finally caught up with it and totally fell under its spell! it’s adorable, it’s fun, it’s like a hot cup of chocolate you love to slowly sip on a cold winter evening.

    Goblin: I was excited for gong yoo and le dong wook and at he same time a bit scared. and then I forgot about it – until yesterday night that is. I haven’t even realized it was a pretty long episode cause it sucked me in. please, please, don’t disappoint me later on!

  25. 25 Lizzie

    I’m just really excited for the year end reviews! Seriously can’t wait.. heh

    • 25.1 bbstl

      Except for feeling sorry for the huge workload it means for JB, GF and all our team – me too! And really can’t wait to see what categories they create for Best of 2016 voting (should they choose to do so). It’s been a pretty sorry year for elections, I’m counting on this being the bright spot 🙏🏼
      Or maybe it’s not worth Beanies fighting over their favorites? Let’s take a pledge to all be good!

  26. 26 Puppylove

    I love Nam Joo-hyuk in this drama so much, I’m half convinced hanging out with Ji Soo on the sets of Scarlet Heart somehow bought out his inner puppy!
    How adorable is he with his crush on Bok Jo?! I could just watch him flail after her for days! 💙

    • 26.1 bbstl

      What a cute idea! I just love him here too 😍 Oh, and loved him (and Ji Soo) in SH.

    • 26.2 pogo

      lol yes, if NJH needed lessons on how to be a puppy, he had them from the best 😉

    • 26.3 panshel

      Nam Joo Hyuk was a puppy long before Ji Soo (Surplus Princess).

  27. 27 WishfulToki

    Definitely ‘shiny new dramas’ have caught my attention:
    Princess Wei Young: Episode 30 and had to restrain myself from watching 10 more without subs. My favourite character so far is Tuoba Yu, even though he is not even good looking. Just when I thought he was a cold and calculating prince, he went and showed a human side… and Li Min De is giving me third-lead syndrome.
    Sassy Go Go: Marathoned it last Sunday and it was every bit as fun and heartwarming as I had expected (I think it was pogo’s comments last week that made me want to watch it). Spent the whole of the week whistling the tune. And I was reminded of ‘Ji Soo puppy’.
    Legend of the Blue Sea (Lobster): Episode 6. So yes, I broke my policy of not watching shows until they’ve finished airing – again. This is the year where my policy is meant to be broken. I love the whimsy, and there are lots of questions about how the Joseon and modern stories are connected. I’m hooked.
    Night Light: Tried watching episode 1. It’s not my kind of story so probably won’t continue, but LYW has the best steel gaze ever. UEE is too skinny, I can hardly bear to look at her.
    Goblin : Episode 1 gets all my votes for best cinematography of the year. I’m not completely sold on the love story, but that epic beginning was just wow. I am now convinced that Gong Yoo should do a Goryeo-era drama. He’s got the voice and mane of glory.

    • 27.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Tuoba Yu has a very great voice. I love the main lead story and it is great to see Tuoba Jun is not only crazy in love, but he is also born to be a leader. Min De is puppy, I kinda ship him with the Princess! 😆

      Otoke, after watching epi 30 I just skipping episodes to epi 40 without subs just to watch what happened…and I’m not ready😬

    • 27.2 pogo

      awwww yessss you gave Sassy Go Go a try! I’m so glad you enjoyed it <3 It's probably my favourite underdog drama ever, or very close anyway.

    • 27.3 Sancheezy

      my desire only let me watch Weiyoung raw till ep 37 and then I realised if I only have 17 left so it just feel sad,
      I like the character and it sad when it seems it’s gonna ends,

  28. 28 Mal

    Probably my favorite regular segment on Dramabeans. It’s always so cool hearing what everyone’s been watching the past week and their thoughts on dramas. It’s interested to see opinions change over time. 🙂

    +Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. My new and current crack. Absolutely adorable. I run to watch each new episode. It seems the international audience loves it, but I wish people in Korea were more aware of it. It’s definitely the underdog show on Wed-Thu!

    +Legend of the Blue Sea. Love the leads, like the story. It’s fun and pretty to look at, and I can see it picking up steam now that LMH’s character is falling for our funny mermaid.

    +Goblin. Well damn that first episode, that was like a movie! And Gong Yoo is baaaaack on mah screen!!! Also love Lee Dong Wook — and the crazy bromance that’s going to ensue among the goblin, reaper, and chaebol boy. The taste we got at the dinner table was effing hilarious!

    +Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. Watched the first two episodes, haven’t yet caught up, but I want to, just don’t have the time. I like what I saw, though, and I’m happy that everyone’s still enthralled by the wackiness.

    +Entourage. Debating dropping it or catching up. Maybe if the episodes were shorter the show would work better. I don’t know. I like all the actors in it, especially Jo Jin Woong, but I’m not sure I’m up for sitting through hours and hours of young men acting like babies more than half the time.

  29. 29 asvnsae

    Watching Princess Wei Young now! Somehow caught up with 41 episodes in 1.5 days haha, and eagerly waiting for episodes to be released daily!

    So far, the story is quite well-paced, although I thought that the second half slowed down a bit. The show is beautiful to look at, and does quite a decent job in fleshing out their human motivations (it has a bit more than the whole jealousy-love-fighting-for-throne things)

    Looking forward to more of this drama!!!

    • 29.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Agree absolutely!

  30. 30 Quinze

    I like that almost everyone seems to be loving Weightlifting Fairy. It’s my current happy place since JI and 1% ended. I find myself bereft of dramas on Mon-Tue. and weekends and am hoping Goblin replaces that.

    Currently enjoying 1. LotBS especially this week with the humor and kickstart to the romance. I don’t think the plot is as engaging as I wanted it to be and feels mostly as a background filler but I’m hoping it’ll come into play once we settle further with the romance. I do love the pretty and I adore JJH’s comedic timing. I appreciate a woman that can do physical comedy with no regards to appearance (we already know they’re all gorgeous, acting a fool won’t take away from that). I feel like very few actresses will go all in like that. Plus her timing is perfection. I’m happy to see LMH in a good drama again. I did adore him in Faith but outside of the romance that drama had a lot of ??? going on.

    2. WF: Absolutely adorable. I love every character. Even Shi-ho despite her pettiness. I’m annoyed with her but I’m hopeful she’ll come around to maturity again. Reminds me a little of the ex-gf in Kim Sam Soon where she was petty and had no real love for our beloved lead but I couldn’t really hate her either.

    3. Goblin Haven’t watched episode 2 yet but I did enjoy episode 1. It was definitely way long but I didn’t notice it because I’d paused it to do other things. So not entirely engaging enough to forget everything just yet. The age difference always annoys me but I’m hoping it’s handled well. I get that it’s a fantasy drama but she’s still young…

    I’ve been sort of skipping through weekend dramas when I’m bored. Might pop in to check if Entourage is still as annoying.

  31. 31 Kay

    What I’m watching (and trying desperately to finish):

    Shopping King: Okay, so I like the OTP, but I’m stuck at episode 14. I’m .. just….bored? All the cutesy puppy love is actually getting on my nerves and I just want the story to be done and resolved. I love Seo In Guk as much as the next person but a dead story…is well…a dead story. Tell me something to get me to finish the next 2 episode – I have only 2 left!!!

    LOTBS: Meh. I like it, but don’t love it. I watch it because of all the pretty and the funny – but the story could use a pick up on pace and actual motive.

    Goblin YAS. My favorite genre done RIGHT. First episode DID NOT disappoint. I just hope the story keeps moving well.

    Weightlifting QueenIt’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeeeeee.

  32. 32 Dramalover

    I guess even w had one of the best pilot episode this year😢😢(the last episodes were not good).But just hope goblin doesnot disappoint me because the first episode is outstandingly beautiful and strong.lee dong wook my first kdrama crush…

  33. 33 maggmaggq

    **Weightlifting Fairy** Was watching it for shirtless Nam Joo-Hyuk but was quickly pulled in by Kim Bok-Joo and her gals’ friendship.
    **LOTBS** Because everybody and their mothers and grandmothers are pining for Lee Min-Ho.
    **The Man Living In Our House** Even if the last few eps were dragging. Maybe Ko Nan-Gil should show us those back tatts again. I am still hoping for some sort of redemption for Kim Wan-Sik. Woo Do-Hwan is giving me Kim Woo-Bin feels. Maybe it’s the ears?
    **Father, I’ll Take Care of You** I’m very bad with extra long series, but OMG Lee Tae-Hwan. Why can’t this show be everyday?
    I tried to watch **Goblin** but I am not smart enough to understand anything. Clearly I am not made for complex stuff.

    • 33.1 maggmaggq

      I was supposed to make the titles in bold. Reddit told me to wrap my text in-between two asterisks. It’s not working, but I digress.

      • 33.1.1 Kreyon

        DB uses html, which is different than reddit’s comments, so just use the html bold tag 🙂

      • 33.1.2 Sancheezy



        Reddit also told to have double space to make a new paragraph, haha

        • Lemon Meringue

          Sorry to hijack


        • maggmaggq

          thank you

  34. 34 Michykdrama

    I need to find time to watch Goblin- first 2 episodes are 90 min each and I now need to find 90 min x2 pockets of free time!

    RDTK has improved this week- haven’t had this much to say about a show in along time, and I’m not even on board with the OTP. Which is quite fun in a refreshing way.

    Watching Jdrama Cold Case as well but slowly. The female lead is still awesome.

    And yes, like JB I’m still reeling from the fact that it’s December already. But it’s the first year I’m active here and looking forward to all the year end posts and voting!

  35. 35 Dramalava

    Gong Yoo!! Gong Yoo y’all!! 🔥😍😘🤗 Thank you drama gods for bringing him back to our screens!! Just finished the second episode of Goblin and I’m sold. That episode left me yearning for more, even though it was a little longer than usual. The main thing I’m loving is the acting. The Gong Yoo- Lee Dong Wook dynamic is hilarious. I hope this show turns out to be amazing!

  36. 36 Lisa_wackycashew

    Legend of the Blue Sea: This week, I feel that the show is really moving along and it was finally LMH’s turn to shine against JJH. I really enjoy watching the comedic moments between JJ and Chung and her interactions with others. I think it was necessary for JJ to get that extra push to stop denying Chung’s importance in his life. The epilogue is something that I always look forward to and the one in ep. 6 had me in stitches. XD

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: Still need to catch up on this week’s eps. But overall, I really like this show, which is uplifting and makes me happy.

    Love Through A Millennium II (aka Shuttle Love Millennium) C-drama: Really enjoying this show so far cuz the lead actor Wei Da Xun is so good at crafting two completely different characters in the two time periods. His personality, demeanour, voice tone, and everything… Just perfect. Janice Man and Puff Guo are fine so far; not spectacular, but OK. I like the mysteries surrounding the time-travelling devices and what the characters will do with the knowledge as well as figuring out what the bad guys are up to. The little girl playing Fei Fei is amazing at such a young age.

  37. 37 spazmo

    such a visual FEAST… so much PRETTY…

    this is the IT drama for 2016…

    *swoons when Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook banter/bicker*

    • 37.1 Kreyon

      yessss +15 alpha!!!

    • 37.2 Quinze

      Hah same! Their banter is going to be my have thing. Seriously, so much pretty! I’ve missed Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook so much.
      And my girl crush Yoo Inna is back! I love her.

      Also the music for this show is awesome.

  38. 38 turagot7

    Am here to rant about how annoying Cha Young bin is. He’s so self centered, doesn’t even think about others around him, what they go through because of his bull headedness. I just want to slap him and tell him to wake up. And then there’s turtle, please stop saying negative things about Cha Joon, I know he feels bad for Joon but that’s not enough, Joon needs help not sympathy, I find myself hoping that either Eun gab or turtle would help him but that hasn’t happened. Feel bad for Eun gab, cos Young bin as of now doesn’t seem to be worth his efforts and is creating more problems for him.

    • 38.1 spazmo

      he’s supposed to be the DIVA, isn’t he?

  39. 39 Summer

    Agree to girlfriday. Among all these serious/fantasy/ medical dramas, weightlifting kim bok ju becomes a ray of sunshine that can boost your mood. As soon as i watched it, i feel so fresh and relax.

  40. 40 Alexa

    LOBTS – I was neutral over this show for the first two weeks since its premiere but episode 6 totally hooked me. When so many raved over JJH, to me it is LMH is for the win and his Joon Jae totally got me smitten.

    Weightligting Fairy KBJ – this show is totally sweet. There are so many light yet heartwarming moments and I love each one of them. My only complaint is for Lee Sung Kyung to stop rounding her mouth and making it look like a goldfish just to give the cute look. The gal is naturally pretty and cute as she is.

    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – I am done. Enough with the screaming. The only thing I could tolerate is Han Suk Kyu and his top notch acting. Sadly Seo Hyun Jin is to go down into my crap list actress after this one and Another Oh Hae Young. Bye show.

    Goblin – I was intrigued by the sageuk portion and Lee Dong Wook, that’s it. I find the show trying to be too melancholy and Kim Go Eun just too annoying with her OTT aegyo, I was cringing the whole time. I don’t know yet how exactly I feel about this show.

  41. 41 Sera The Ms Temper

    Currently watching

    1) Night Light – it is an OK show, fortunately someone subbed the first two episodes and now I’m waiting for epi 3&4. The dynamic between two female leads are great and their clothes are gorgeous. These two Lee Yo Won and Uee fit their character. My only problem is with Jin Gu’s character. I hope some improvement on his character because JG can offer more but so far his character is too boring.

    2) Romantic Doctor – a great show to start every week!

    3) Weightlifting Fairy – can this drama be any cuter?

    4) Goblin – for first episode honestly I yawned few times, maybe because I watched it when I was super sleepy. The story is interesting, and I cannot wait when Wookie and Yoo Inna will meet.🙊 I like the bromance , and their bickering is so fun to watch. Kim Go Eun is doing great in far, and I have no problem at all with her acting / role. I like Yoo Inna and she is so cool and sexy.😬

    4) My Wife’s Affair – It’s time to say goodbye to favourite drama and characters. I hope after this drama, Lee Sang Yub will be graduated from secondary roles. He is a talented actor.

    5) Our Gabsoon – good drama overall. This drama is so giving you family melodrama vibe. Too many problems in the family, but it’s reality. Everyone is acting great in their role.

    6) Father I’ll Take Care of You – still watching. Park Eun Bin seems a bit awkward in her role, but she is cute especially when she is standing beside Lee Tae Hwan. I miss Song 😂 Maybe need to rewatch AOY.

    7) Princess Weiyoung – this drama is not flawless, but the plot is good and not dragging. Tiffany is gorgeous, and I love her eyes. I’ve been waiting some good Korean sageuk which is female centric but so far none for this year and next year.

    • 41.1 Sam_1

      Me too..I’ve been waiting for a female-centric sageuk for some time now but I know that it’ll still take a while before it actually happens.

      • 41.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Forgot that we did have one this year I.e Flower In Prison. If only they casted someone better for the female lead.. I’ll surely watch the heck of it. Heard mix reviews about this drama, I watched several episode but not that exciting. I need something like Empress Ki at the very least – with good actors. I’m waiting for Queen Insoo to finish with sub then I’ll watch it. Sageuk is very hard to understand without sub.

      • 41.1.2 mary

        Saimdang airs next year. 🙂

  42. 42 Kreyon

    Just dropping by to say I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed the first week of a drama as much as I enjoyed Goblin‘s first two eps. Probably the Kim Eun-sook effect, but fingers crossed for something more in the coming weeks. Either way:


  43. 43 Ema

    2016 is the best year for Kdrama lover (or just for me)
    All 3 bigs broadcast + cabels doing great even the web drama is good.
    By the way i found a new bias he is the doctor in Weighlifting fairy..he is so cute, i am doing some homework browsing his work and i found heart to heart and he so handsome as detective jang (the drama also nice and sweet) and he also so good loking in I Have a lover😍😍.

  44. 44 savi

    watching goblin and it just about the bromance, the main girl with the cut editing is not fit

  45. 45 Cozybooks

    Legend of the Blue Sea- this show might have the right amount of production value, but the writing leaves much to be desired. It’s not the little conversations I’m scratching my head at, it’s the major plot points. Which is awkward, but the show is still super cute and easy to watch, which is good.

    Romantic Doctor- I feel like I’m always on the verge of dropping this show before and after I watch, but then I get sucked into the episodes as I’m watching. I do have one comment to make about the hospital politics: I like that Master Kim doesn’t want any part of it. Every time someone tries to draw him into the fight, he’s like “shove off”.

    Goblin- I love the tone here. It feels like a fairy tale. Like the tone every epic historical Chinese drama I’ve seen wants to have, but never quite achieves… Goblin has it (maybe that’s too harsh on Chinese dramas, sorry).

    Shopping King Louis- I’m not nearly as enamored with this show as a lot of people were, but it’s still fun. And SIG kissing someone can never not be sexy. It’s just not possible. Now if only he could stop being slightly annoying the rest of the time…

    When a Snail Falls in Love- Someone please tell me there’s more than 21 half an hour episodes in this series! That the real 21 episodes are 1.5 hours each and the site just broke them up. I’m not ready to be doooone.

  46. 46 junichyung

    Okay, it’s December already! I’m just excited for your year in review 2016 edition.

    Bring it on, Dramabeans! My heart is ready.

  47. 47 Viki

    I am loving Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju right now! The model-actors have became such good actors at this point. I wasn’t going to watch the show but gave it a try last week and now that I’m up-to-date, I just can’t get enough! This and Legend of the Blue Sea!

  48. 48 leila

    currently watching:
    jealousy incarnate (really need to catch up on those last episodes)
    man who lives in my house
    romantic doctor teacher kim
    weightlifting fairy
    legend of the blue sea

    good to know i’m not the only one here juggling 5+ dramas a week 😀 😀 😀

  49. 49 Yaya

    I’m totally hooked on Weightlifting Fairy! I’m enjoying it even more because my sister is liking it too. Yay!

    I’m also enjoying Legend of the Blue Sea. O

  50. 50 brightsept

    bokju bokju i love bokju! mwaaah

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