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tvN remakes popular Japanese manga The Liar and His Lover
by | December 9, 2016 | 79 Comments

Manga series The Liar and His Lover (Japanese title: Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru) will be remade into a Korean drama (the literal Korean title is She Loves Lies). There’s already a popular live-action Japanese film version of the award-winning manga by Aoki Kotomi, and now there is a Korean adaptation in the works at cable network tvN.

The plot is about a genius sound creator (hmmm like Eric from Oh Hae-young Again?) and his fan who is a high school student. It’s a bittersweet uplifting romance story of how they meet and fall in love. In the 2013 Japanese film, Takeru Satoh played the main lead, a depressed musical genius who produces records under a fake identity. Sakurako Ohara played his sixteen-year-old love interest, who is a singer in a band who is eventually scouted by Takeru’s character.

The manga has a solid following in Korea, so there’s definitely a waiting audience for the drama. And who else to produce it than the master channel of remakes, tvN? Admittedly, Entourage and Cheese in the Trap have been disappointing setbacks in tvN’s mostly stellar record, but remember all the good remakes like Liar Game, Misaeng, and The Good Wife?

PD Kim Jin-min, who has directed thought-invoking dramas like Pride and Prejudice and Marriage Contract, has agreed to lead the production team; it will be his first project since leaving MBC. Cable channel tvN has announced that it will broadcast the drama adaptation of The Liar and His Lover next year in March in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rach

    OMG I love this manga and the movie was amazing as well! The only thing that irked me was that Riko was only 16 while Aki was 25 :/ Still excited though! I hope they find good actors for the role and could they maybe write out Mari lol

    • 1.1 oozzeee

      My exact same thoughts. Of all the mangas they have to pick, they had to choose the one with an otp between a 16 y/o and a 25 y/o.
      I watched the movie b4 but i can’t get onboard fully due to the fact that she was a minor.

    • 1.2 agree

      It was one of my early manga.. I liked the plot , but the fact that she was still 16 bothered me just by reading manga…. So they want to carry this minor and adult romance for next year too.. No!!!
      An adult playing 16 year character may make it better…

    • 1.3 catt

      If you are not aware, 16 is legal age for marriage (women) in Japan. In term of relationship, Riko is not a minor. She already reaches marriagable age.

      I fully agree about Mari though. She’s better off to another galaxy.

      Without getting my hopes high, I wish the actor will be (at least) on par with Takeru Sato.

  2. La Plume

    I’ve had the movie on my HD for a while but the end seemed bittersweet so I haven’t brought myself to watch it yet. Didn’t know it was from a manga.

    I’m not a big fan of hers. The only manga I managed to read entirely was Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru, an incest story made into a movie starring Matsumoto Jun but even he couldn’t make me watch it live. And he’s one of my favorite japanese idol/actor since Kimi wa Pet ( best adaptation EVER)…

    I don’t get how she managed to have such a huge crowd of fans since her stories are always about an overly naive girl and a guy who is usually pretty twisted. Her manga just make me ill at ease…

    I won’t bother reading it ( never liked the art), but I’m hoping tvN makes something good out of something I have absolutely no expectations on.

    • 2.1 Christina Lantis

      I love the movie, but then I’m Satoh biased. Not really thrilled they’re remaking it though. I don’t usually care for Korean remakes of Japanese dramas/mangas. They never seem to capture the right tone.

    • 2.2 Rach

      I never really like movie adaptions no matter how much i loved the manga (for example, strobe edge was SO boring but i reread the manga like every month lol), but the movie for this was really nice! the acting was great and i really liked the songs and it was very slice of life IMO. Def recommend watching. I actually think the movie made me like the manga more!

      • 2.2.1 La Plume

        Interesting. I actually watched the movie Strobe Edge before reading the manga. I actually loved the movie so much I’ve already watched it 3 times. There’s nothing really special to it I admit, I just loved the slice of life feel which I find Japanese are better at.

        It just feel like every time they’re making a drama/movie with korean youth, they’ve got to add too much angst instead of just getting in the mood. So far, Weightlifting Kim Bok Ju is to me the only exception to the rule ( how unlucky it is to be aired on wednesday/thursday).

        I’ll try the japanese movie… but again, her stories are character driven and if I don’t like the characters… well…

        • Rach

          After reading your comment I think I’ll try watching Strobe Edge again! I couldn’t get past the first half hour of it, maybe it’s just me but the acting felt very unnatural, and I kept comparing it to the manga. All I thought about was how I would’ve wanted this or that scene to be acted in another way. Maybe I’m just too picky lol

          • agree

            You are not alone.. I didn’t complete it either… it was just 30mins for me… it may get better latter.. I’ll also give it an another shot

          • La Plume

            There’s a lot to be desired from Sota Fukushi’s acting. He’s a bit robot-like in all of his movies…

            But to me it was like Dream High, I forgave the acting because the mood and story itself was able to bring me in the mood.

            I don’t think you should bother rewatching it. Time is precious and there’s plenty of youth movies/dramas which are worth watching and may suit you better.

            Sometimes things work for a person but not for the other and that’s okay ^^

    • 2.3 asdfghjkl

      i don’t mind the minor-adult relationship in a drama as long as i know in real life that they’re both adults or both minors.

      I’ve read the synopsis of that incest story movie with matsumoto jun but that one scares the hell out of me even if it’s fiction. give me real life mass murder stories over this.

  3. leila

    geeze i was going to say whats the age difference???
    it should be like 18 (senior in HS) and like 22 (recent college grad) or something lol

    but hey cheese in the trap was good until the end! i thought the remake was pretty good, it was just the last couple episodes that killed it :X

    • 3.1 Katie

      Why people always complain about age-gap at korean-like sites? It bothers me, because I follow Japanese ones since 2005 and I never saw age issues on dramas and movies, even this one, the movie was popular in Japan and made me a fan of Ohara Sakurako and her discography.
      Maybe it’s a cultural thing? I think Japan don’t bother with it as much as in Korean as far as I can see.

      • 3.1.1 Harukogirl

        As I mentioned down below, I think it’s cause in Japan the legal marriage age is a lot younger than in Korea. Or even parts of the US.

        So in response to your comment, fans of jdramas are often aware of this and judge the story based on Japanese culture/ laws, not American/Korean/whatever culture/laws.

        I mean, personally I find it icky that you have to be 20 in either country to marry without parental consent. If your old enough to join the army (korea, 18) you should be old enough to choose your spouse imo! But I’m going to judge japanese/korean tv shows with their cultural mores in mind (not that I’ll agree with everything, but I try to see it from their cultural and historical perspective and go from there)

        • Gil

          Legality does not equal morality(please refer to slavery, Jim Crow, segregation oh an even more recent example. South Africa’s apartheid)

          Not to mention that this normalization of large age gaps between minors and adults is even creepier when you consider the widespread pedophilia and sexual assault that runs rampant in entertainment industries(not just Korea and Japan but all over the world).

          • Harukogirl

            My point isn’t that it’s morally right or wrong, my point is it is more CULTURALLY acceptable in Japan, at least more so than in America. Age may not be just a number, but cultural expectations and norms should be taken into account. It’s not like a girl’s maturity magically hits done when she turns 18 – that’s just the age a lot of countries have decided on as the age of consent. In Japan it’s 16. Maybe it needs to be changed, I don’t know. But if actual 16 year olds can and do date guys over 20 in Japan, then the manga is hardly “promoting” something forbidden – it’s just writing about life in Japan. So…is it creepier than clueless, where a 15 yr old is in love with an 18 yr old, when that would be very much illegal in America?

            In this case, I see it as more tween- aimed immature storyline than creepy. The manga has the whole “wish fulfilment” thing going on – it’s aimed at middle/high school girls written by a woman. Like, say, Twilight, where a 17 year old dates a possessive, controlling 100 year old. But it’s (somehow) passed off as romantic cause he’s a vampire. The wish fulfilment part is that a young, normal girl is noticed by an older, cute, “special” guy. There’s no agenda beyond pandering to young girl’s fantasies. Healthy? Maybe not. But it’s hardly unique to this story.

      • 3.1.2 Midnight

        It’s not the Koreans who complain about age difference , it’s the American fans.

        • nahaluk

          It has nothing to do with laws.People complain about the age difference, because at sixteen you are not mature enough to be in real, meaningful relationship with someone who is 8-10 years your senior. Life experience matter, especially when you enter love/sexual relationship.

          • JJB

            Yes, exactly. Your brain doesn’t even finish developing until you are in your 20s. And life experiences do make a difference. A teenager may think they are mature enough, but they aren’t, even the ones that are mature for their age.

      • 3.1.3 Joda

        I think in Japan, the legal age to get marry is 17. This is probably why their manga, anime tend to feature a 15-16 yr old with a 20+ plus.

  4. Grapes

    Haven’t read this mangaka recent work, I’ve read a lot of her old mangas but i only remember
    Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu and Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru
    I might read few pages of this manga but I didn’t like the concept, the synopsis looks familiar.

  5. Ronny

    I bet tvN is out of ideas

    • 5.1 junny

      At the rate this is going, I’m inclined to agree.

      Sigh. Another remake.

      • 5.1.1 Sour Grapes

        Remakes are not always bad. Some of the best Asian dramas out there were based of manga/manhwa: Korean Misaeng, Awl and Goong, Japanese Nodame, Hanadan,and H2, Taiwanese Mars and The Rose….But it’s only possible when the scriptwriter/director duo respect the original work.

        • junny

          The Japamese Nodame was an adaptation of the source manga, not a remake. Ditto for Misaeng, Goong, Awl, Hanadan etc.

          A remake is a drama or film that’s based on an earlier work and tells the same story. For example, Korea’s The Man Who Can’t Get Married is a remake of the Japanese Kekkon Dekinai Otoko.

          • Sour Grapes

            I am well aware of the definition of a remake. However it is referred to as a remake in the heading of this article, hence I am calling it a remake. They are adapting the manga and not the movie live-action of Kanojo Wa Uso.

        • yukari

          Misaeng, Awl, and Goong are live action adaptation, not remake, so do others you’ve mentioned.
          The things is, if korean writer losing new idea for drama, instead of remake why don’t they make manhwa/webtoon adaptation like what they did for those three. There’s a lot of it and it’s korean so it will be close to korean culture and viewer.

          • Sour Grapes

            I am well aware of the definition of a remake. However it is referred to as a remake in the heading of this article, hence I am calling it a remake. They are adapting the manga and not the movie live-action of Kanojo Wa Uso.

        • CatoCat

          wow someone here Read or watched H2.

          I think manga is quite mediocre. You can find 100+ manga with the same storyline and forced cliched drama.

          TVN is clearly showing its Trendy content leader persona. They don’t much potential left. They are just riding on their previous successes!!?

          • Sour Grapes

            H2 is a huge favourite of mine. I still rewatch it once in a while.

            And I agree about Boku wa Uso, I’ve only read a few chapters and felt like a NANA and Skip Beat mash up in the worst possible way.

          • fanitha

            I have also watched H2 and started reading the manga, but I couldn’t finished it. The dramas was good and I think it has the right amount of sports, love and friendship. The drama is more in the line of Captain Tsubasa.

  6. Minah

    The best dramas this year were on JTBC, tvN lost more their touch every year.

  7. mems

    A 16 y.o. dating a 25 y.o? That fairly squicks me out, so I think I’ll pass.

    • 7.1 Harukogirl

      Yeah, I know. The main thing, though, is that 16 is marriage age in Japan. Mandatory education stops at Middle School, so a 16 yr old, while not considered a full adult (that is 20 in Japan for most intents and purposes) , is considered old enough to marry and to choose not to go to school.

    • 7.2 Ronny

      Well it’s the korean trend right now underage girls with older guys.

      • 7.2.1 Imzadi


        • Lol

          Goblin bride 18 yo, goblin 200 yo. Huge huge gap 😜

          • Momo

            I realize the age gap is disturbing to a lot of people, but I’d just like to point out that she’s not actually underage. I do think that makes a difference.

          • Imzadi

            Thank god for your wink.

  8. Kay

    Aw man….are we going to have another underage actress paired with an older man….please make this legal so I don’t feel like barfing everytime I see the main couple.

    • 8.1 Harukogirl

      Legal where? It IS legal in Japan. The Korean remake will probably follow what’s legal in Korea.

    • 8.2 Writer-nim,jebal

      If it makes you “barf” then don’t watch it.

    • 8.3 cheekbones

      Or, you can simply choose not to watch it.

  9. Harukogirl

    Her being 16 was not important to the story, IMO – I think they could make her a freshman in collage and not change the story much.

    In Japan, the legal age for marriage for girls is 16. So while the age difference is enough to make characters in the story blink, it wasn’t portrayed as “icky” or illigeal/forbidden imo. In korea, 16 is NOT marriage age, so I think they have to change the age or the story doesn’t work so well.

    Side note, I adored the movie, and the music was awesome.

  10. 10 Miky

    Hmm,don’t know what to say,i love tvN dramas but i didn’t like the hero in the story at all

  11. 11 Zoer25

    tvN really wants to kill me!!! This is one of my favorite Japanese movies and now they’re making a kdrama!!! I’m soooo excited!!! Now I just need to hope for a good casting!!!

  12. 12 mk

    That age difference, dear god…It’s not the age gap itself that’s the problem but that fact that one character is a minor and the other is an adult and we’re expected to find that acceptable? Any guy tells me they’re in love with a high-schooler I’m going to side-eye them hard.

    (fun fact: when I was a sophomore, one of our gym teachers was arrested for statutory rape. he was secretly dating a junior.)

    • 12.1 mel

      … that “fun fact” is disturbing….

  13. 13 Sour Grapes

    Well, at least they are not remaking that incest drama from the same author.

    I wonder if we’ll ever see a Korean version of NANA or Paradise Kiss. Both could work extremely well in Korean drama format if the script is given to the right person. Or it could end up really really awful, like Korean Nodame or In Time With You.

    • 13.1 Grapes

      They can’t remake that to a drama, I think it’s not suitable to be a drama many people will not like the content it’s vary sensitive plot and daring, korean care about the content of thier dramas. It’s easier to remake it to a movie if they want to since they’re more open.

      • 13.1.1 Grapes

        I meant the incest manga

        • Sour Grapes

          Well, thank God. It was meant to be sarcasm.

  14. 14 Yue

    I’m not sure whether I’m excited or not with this development. Honestly, I’ve only read about a few pages of the Manga and had always planned to go back to it, but never quite get there — I shall put the blame on Korean Dramas and their ability to distract me… Anyway, I don’t particularly hate the idea of tvN reworking the Manga for Korean audience, but from what I read, the biggest concern had always been the female lead age.

    While I don’t pretend not to be shocked to know the character was only 16 year old girl dating a 25 year old man when I first watched the movie, I wasn’t completely thrown by it either. It’s one of those information where people can easily Google if they’re at the very least curious as to why it was okay in Japan while in their country it’s pretty much a no-no. The age of consent to marriage in my country is 18 – our beliefs had always been that if you are old enough to join the army, you’re old enough to give consent to marry. I didn’t know there was a different age of consent, but, I Googled it because a) I don’t assume every country have the same law; obviously, we have difference in culture as well and b) it was curious as to why there was no uproar about the whole Manga/movie unless around non-Japanese.

    I’m sure that tvN would take Korean culture into account when and if they are to remake it for their 2017 slot. The female lead would most probably be around 20 if they adhere to the age of consent. Plus, considering how fast-paced Korean Entertainment Industry, if the band are properly marketed, they probably would only take three years to global stardom. Assuming that they follow the band was signed in HS, the male lead could be around 23-25 years old, at most, 27.

    It’s not wrong to find things unappealing, however we must remember that every country have their own laws, rules and cultures. Their acceptance would be different than yours. Plus, it is normal for the producers, studios, etc. to stay closely to their own culture than they would be to yours. It’s what they know – the rule when it come to writing had always been ‘write what you know’ and I’d like to see what tvN will do with the source material as well as how it would be translated into Korean culture. And its entertainment industry, of course.

  15. 15 don'tknow

    I loved the movie but mainly because of Sato! so I don’t know about a drama…

  16. 16 SJHyun

    The movie is my favorite manga adaptation ever ajdhsjjshjs I can’t wait!!!! And tvn will remake? I HOPE on all hopes they won’t ruin it and cast actors fitting into the characters.

  17. 17 Afii

    Takeru Sato is love.. Takeru sato is life❤❤
    Love him since bloody monday era in which this is jdorama that i hope tvN will make a remake…

    Anyway geez i think i’ve got enough with age complaint. Hmmm… I still understand if the minor being coupled with older guys but you guys have to see the content of the drama. For example in MBDC, i think it’s normal 16/17 being paired with 20/22’s something since there is no age consent at that time. Moreover as long as there is no over skinship material or content or something it’s still fine i think. You don’t have to coupled young girl with young boys all the time. I see problems or complain when younger girl coupled with older girls like kim yoo jung, kim go eun, park shin ye from few sites but i ain’t see that complain for yoo ah in or park seo joon. And are you even see hollywod’s? For example Serena and Magic in the Moonlight. They still create good chemistry despite the age difference that almost 20 years.

    • 17.1 Afii

      Oops i mean younger girl coupled with older boys

  18. 18 Yuri

    Crap. I am excited and also worried. IM A HUGE FAN OF THE MANGA and was thrilled when Sato Takeru played Aki and he delivered it quite nicely, flaws do exist duh. I love the story and the development, it flows nicely. Each character had an endearing background that made me symphatizes with them. Aki was a complicated adult who fell in love with a very straighforward yet naive high school girl and to fall in love wasn’t his plan at all. As i write this, i still had no ideal cast for any of the casts, but eventually on these type of drama, they will cast an idol. BUT AKI WAS SUCH A COMPLICATED, HURTED YET CUTE ADULT MAN WITH GENIUS MUSIC COMPOSING SKILL AND A CHARISMA WITH THAT NONCHALANT AURA. Ugh this is conflicting god damn it. Don’t make this a generic show please.

  19. 19 saltofstones

    I haven’t read the manga, but honestly the movie as a standalone work was pretty disappointing. I liked Sato Takeru’s character and his disillusionment with the music industry was very well done. But the female lead was your usual bland stock character. Their relationship progression was not believable and SO CHEESY. It started on a really good note, but became cringier and cringier along the way.

    But it remains to be seen if tvN are able to work their magic on this one. At least they’ll have plenty of time to develop the story properly, unlike the movie.

  20. 20 zetnnik

    Hmmm… I loved the live-action movie and am still following the manga. So far, I haven’t been satisfied with any Korean remakes of any Japanese manga/jdorama where I saw the Japanese version first. Hope springs eternal…

  21. 21 spazmo

    i am a fan of the movie and also Satoh Takeru. i admit that it bothered me that he was 25 and she was 16… hopefully the Kdrama will decrease that gap by making the girl 18…

    it was a sweet story, so the age gap wasn’t as much an issue… very innocent, the love story…

  22. 22 Livii

    Goodness what is with these teen adult romance storylines. I hope this trend dies soon or I wont have any dramas to look forward to in 2017.

  23. 23 Sweetsammy

    Oh!!! I have recently watched the movie and I just loved it. I am looking forward to the drama now! I just hope that they choose a really great actor to potray the character played by Takeru Satoh. Takeru Satoh seems etched in my memory.

    • 23.1 spazmo

      then you now need to watch the Ruroni Kenshin 3-part series movies…
      ; )

      • 23.1.1 Bazu

        Add Bakuman, Bitter Blood and Q10 to the list too. ENJOY 😏

        • mikgoo

          Add Bloody Monday…so you’ll end-up being a fan of his BFF as well.

  24. 24 sharreb

    wow based on the comments this is really generating alot of buzzz. imagine once casting news is out…
    I thk before we go on the ‘shes a minor’ debate, bear in mind the production can tweak the details. Maybe a college student 20yr old and the genius sound creator could be a young guy in his late 20s or an older early 30s guy who looks young. But it would still work.
    also in real life, as long as she’s marriage appropriate age, huge age gap isnt a problem- some find their happy ending.

  25. 25 Bazu

    The movie isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either – it’s a nice movie to chill on a quiet weekend.

    What I love about this movie is Satoh Takeru’s portrayal of Aki, the isolated, quiet and sensitive genius music composer. He’s the emotional centre of the movie, and carries it beautifully. I would recommend this movie for his performance alone!

    Also, Ohara Sakurako, who plays Riko, has a pretty singing voice. I’ve been searching for her rendition of Sotsugyou performed with Satoh Takeru in the movie, but I’ve yet to come across it.

  26. 26 bebeswtz

    Haven’t ever read the manga, but I am a huge fan of this PD-nim and his work, so this is a “Maybe” for me…. Will be keeping my eyes out and my ears open for this one XD

  27. 27 Dakchigo

    Why is Kim Jin-min no longer with MBC? He was one of the few remaining decent directors there…

    Also, of all the manga that could have been remade, they chose this one. Sigh.

  28. 28 Jade0817RJY

    I read Takeru Satoh and my mind immediately goes to Kenshinnn! 😍

    Man was he awesome there!

  29. 29 PV

    I hope they don’t cast idols for this show
    Entourage hasn’t been such a huge disappointment. I am a fan of Park Jung Min and Cho Jin Woong but the story that they have tried to create is so clichéd.

  30. 30 JISG

    Hey Cheese in the Trap was amazing and I am still so in love with it…the first 8 episodes. It’s my biggest love and also, biggest hate lol

    Waeeeeeeee 😭

    • 30.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Thats me, right there! I think I have a toxic relationship with CITT.

  31. 31 Priya

    I just hope they choose the cast properly coz I have loved Takeru Satoh as Aki a lot and even Sakurako Ohara was good as Riko…. Hope the K-drama cast dsnt disappoint..

    But, super excited to see the k-drama version…

  32. 32 Ilog

    While the plot was a bit predictable and formulaic, what really elevated the KanoUso film for me was the soundtrack. Boy, did I love every single song in the OST! And it made me Ohara Sakurako’s fan for life. She is such a fantastic singer, I love her covers of the Crude Play songs. 🙂

    Looking forward to an equally fantastic soundtrack, tvN! (Also, I hope they cast an actual talented singer as Riko (since idol ≠ singer))

  33. 33 Windy

    I’ve watched japanese live action of The Liar and His Lover, and I super like it. Especially, Takeru Satoh as Aki Ogasawara is my favourite character in whole of the movie. The way he delivered all his emotions was amazing and mysterious side of him was very mesmerized.

    When tvN announced that they would remake of it, I don’t know but the names who peep out in my head as leads for this remake are Yoon Shi Yoon and IU. Why?

    Yoon Shi Yoon as Aki Ogasawara. YSY is very underrated actor who can deliver emotions very well and his facial and comical expressions is no doubt. Though he’s 30-year-old, his baby face still can make us believe that he’s ex-member of a popular band turned an middle-20s mysterious sound engineer. He has an aura as idol, can sing, and playing guitar too. YSY would amazingly portrays Aki and I want to see YSY in serious character. I hope they make YSY style like his previous character, Kim Tak Gu. I can imagine YSY would be fit as Aki with bit long black hair like in manga.

    For IU as Riko Koeda. Like character Riko, IU is well known for posessess a gifted and unique voice in korean music industry which no other idols/singers have. She’s a musician who has produced many songs. As musician turned actress, she can carry emotion well enough in act, though not the best like the real actress but she’s not bad at all. You can watch her acting in The Producers and Moon lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo and you will know what I mean. She would fit portrays a naive high-school girl and vocalist of school band who fall in love at first sight with character Aki. In real life, IU is cutie pie naturally without trying hard to be cute. This remake would have many good OST if they let IU to sing some of her songs for this.

    What I like from YSY and IU is both have ability to carry and deliver emotions to viewers. They can make us believe that their characters are really in happy, confused, or sad situation and we can easily feel the same way like their character do. So, I can imagine they would have good chemistry as Aki and Riko if they will be chosen for these characters.

    And the important thing is I hope the production would find a good writer for this remake because the plot and the portayal of all characters will be flat, boring, and dissapointing as hell like typically romance korean drama nowday if they cant make amazing flow in it as good as japanese live action coz the original story is very predictable. #Just my opinion 🙂 #

  34. 34 Sherry

    This is my most favorite j-movie ever! I could never forget the feeling I have for this movie adaption. Hoping that I could read the manga soon.

    A remake? I do hope Aki and Riko’s role would be in justice as a korean drama remake. Fighting~!

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