Celebrate Dramabeans’ 10th anniversary with us!
by | January 2, 2017 | 301 Comments

Happy new year everybody! This year is special for us not only because we get to kick 2016 away (although it was admittedly a pretty solid year for dramas) and welcome in a fresh, unspoiled one, but also because it marks Dramabeans’ tenth anniversary.

This site started as a tiny side project in January 2007, and that means we just completed our tenth year and are now heading into Year Eleven. That number still doesn’t seem quite real to me, and I can’t quite grasp that we’ve been at it for so long (and through so many dramas)—but, if good for nothing else, the white hairs on my head are testament to how much time really has passed.

I never imagined when Dramabeans began that it would turn into a full-time job, or that it would grow to this size, or that I’d meet and make such connections with people I consider lifetime friends. It’s now officially been the longest job either I or girlfriday have held, which is a bit daunting to think about but is also something we’re intensely grateful for. We love this work, and although it often exhausts us—we aren’t as young as we once were!—we still find the energy somehow to carry on, because it’s so worth it. (And, it’s ruined us for proper jobs elsewhere, if we’re being honest!)

I’ve always said that I had no idea how long I intended to run Dramabeans, but that’s not because I had one foot out the door, but more that it would have been too daunting to commit for so much time up front, feeling locked in by a promise rather than being led by something more powerful—the joy that dramas bring us, and that fierce need of the fan’s heart to share that with other fans. And I firmly believe it’s that open-ended view that has kept us open and going strong, because while we know that we can walk away whenever that love dies, that’s a freeing thought more than anything, because we also know that we’ll probably love dramas forever in some capacity.

To celebrate our tenth birthday, we’ve got some fun things planned in the month(s) ahead, so keep your eyes peeled! We’ve got our eyes on a new look for the site, and we’re also planning a celebratory party—one that we’d like to open up to all of you to attend, to meet other Beanies and hang with the Dramabeans staff. Because what’s the fun in aging if you don’t get to party?


Dramabeans 10 Year Anniversary Party
Saturday, February 11, 2017
At Monk Space in Koreatown, Los Angeles


To attend, please RSVP to, providing your name and number of attendees.

The venue has a capacity limit, so we’ll be taking RSVPs to reserve spots and will confirm via email. (If we run out of slots, we’ll start a waiting list, so if you have to bow out at a later date, please let us know so we can open it up for others.)

Thank you all for an eventful and rewarding ten years—you guys make this place the best job to turn to every day. We hope to see you there!

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  1. lucy


    • 1.1 Chi

      would you do review the best of 10 years drama?

      • 1.1.1 Divyrus

        Lol, am pretty sure JB would start freaking out at that ! She just finished end of year review.

        But we would love to have some conversation and question/answer set up. All for 10 years worth of amazing blogging!

      • 1.1.2 Che

        Great idea! They should do one.

    • 1.2 FrabbyCrabsis

      Sorry to hijack this post, but please make sure to take pictures of the party, DB Staff! I’d love to experience it with my eyes if nothing else!

    • 1.3 peonerose

      OMG usually i just read everything and dont comment but its a special occasion. Hurrah for dramabeans!!!! Thank you soooo much!! the safe place you have created to enjoy drama has been invaluable. So pretend Im Kang Yoen doo in episode 5 of Sassy go go and your Teacher Yang and im thank you…So you know thank you so much!!!!

  2. mary

  3. melovestage

    Woaaah I didn’t know that it’s the 11th year this site has been running! I started reading recaps ever since I started watching kdramas in 2011/2012! Thank you all so much for providing recaps that are entertaining for us! Of course, I won’t be able to attend the party since I’m from Singapore. But for those who are going, enjoy!!^^

    • 3.1 Bili Bala Pabo Bara

      Hey I’m from Singapore too and I also started reading Dramabeans at 2011/2012-ish! What a coincidence!

    • 3.2 cje

      I’m a singapore beanie too so won’t be going either 🙁

    • 3.3 Growingbeautifully

      Thanks for Everything JB and GF, Heads and DB Team! Congratulations and may this site continue to bloom and grow!!!

      Any Beanies in or near Singapore on the 12 February 2017, who’d be interested in doing our own meet up?

      I was thinking that in a smaller place like Singapore where we can just take a bus or train to town, it’d be fun to open up a time and find a space where we drama lovers could connect with each other.

      If it was around lunch time on Sunday, the 12 Feb, what with Los Angeles being 16 hours behind us, we’d actually be meeting at about the same time as our fellow Beanies in the US!!! Wouldn’t that be neat?

      If you’re free and interested, drop me an email, [email protected]

      Last year and the year before, a few of us met and had a great time spazzing. It was such fun. Shall we do that again??? 🙂

      • 3.3.1 Naa

        I was hoping DB fan in Malaysia can organise 1 too.

      • 3.3.2 lunatic4kd

        @Growingbeautifully – I’ll be going to the party in Los Angeles and maybe I can figure out a way to FaceTime you and your group real time during the party!!

        • Divyrus

          Awwww unni !! Please please please do!!

          JB And GF – please please set up something online, a live stream and chat of some sort??? I am sure some techie wizards at db can make that possible !

          We all would love to join you and cheer you on virtually!!!

        • Growingbeautifully

          Hi @ lunatic4kd

          I emailed you. 🙂 Yeah we can try and synchronise our parties. Stretch your party until way past 8pm on Saturday and we’ll try and start real early like 12 noon on Sunday afternoon. I think we can just about make it with 16 hours time difference!!! It’s worth a shot. Catch ya later! 😀

          • Mermaid Scribbler

            Wow! That sounds so great! If everyone could Skype or FaceTime, wouldn’t that be so fun!

            There was a party a few years ago with the actor who played Damon from the Vampire Diaries. The party was called something like Bash on the Bayou or something like that for charity. He was their special guest. They basically streamed his appearance and the rest of the party. It was a live stream. Then, they posted it on YouTube.

            Also, I am watching the Passion Conference online this year. You can get the app or pay $2.99 to live stream. Hmmm. There has to be a way.

            Dramabeans, thanks for years of great community fun and wonderful writing! 🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

      • 3.3.3 Martin J Simwaba

        Wow! I wish i had fellow Beanies here in my country but it’s not possible because i think iam the only african, oh sorry, Zambian on DB and the only true fan of Kdramas (if not for my Dongseng[s]) which makes it waaay difficulty for a gathering.
        Iam so jealous of you guys.

        Where are Zambians when you need them? Arrg!!

      • 3.3.4 crrabb

        Singapore beanie here. Will be interested to join the Singapore meetup if ajumma with kids are welcomed. Haahaa

      • 3.3.5 jellybine

        Wow! This can be a global thing. Looking through the comments if there will be other beannies from my country 🙂

        Thank you, javabeans and girlfriday and all the DB staff! Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • 3.4 Satsuki92

      Singapore beanie in the house! Happy 10th year! Thank you for all the fun and laughter you’ve provided us with. Happy new year to everyone and may everyone have lots of fun during the meet ups 😊 (perhaps it can be held at a Subway in Orchard 😂)

      • 3.4.1 Irishrah

        Me too me too! Singapore beanie!! lets meet and spazz!

        • Yas

          I’m a Singapore beanie too!!! This idea of a meet up sounds lovely! Let’s meet up and spazz!

      • 3.4.2 Growingbeautifully

        We’ve got interested parties who’ve emailed already! So don’t be shy. Email if you want to join us.

        Rough plan:
        12 Feb 2017, 12:00 noon
        Somewhere accessible by bus or MRT
        Restaurant to be confirmed… we’re open to suggestions!!!


        • Bie18

          Singaporean beanie here. Started reading in ’08. Anyway, you can try asking the Korean Tourism Office to lend us their multipurpose open space. I am part of a meetup group for lady travellers and 2 years ago we got permission to do a talk on visiting Korea for fellow travellers at the KTO office.

          • Growingbeautifully

            Thanks for the suggestion, @ Bie18

            Everything is worth considering! 🙂

        • Divyrus

          Wow ! I was planning trip to Singapore in march, now am wishing I could have done in Feb!

          • Growingbeautifully

            Ohhh! I’d love to see you again! Can’t change the date, huh?

            Email me the dates you think you might be in Singapore. We should try and gather the ‘usual suspects’ LOL. Sounds as if we meet so often! 😀

        • G

          Delurking to comment here. It’s nice to see a gathering in SG! Pity I can’t join in the fun, have a wedding to attend that day. Do post pix! It should be great fun 🙂

        • Evelyn L

          This is amazing! I am really surprised by the amount of the beanies from Singapore, because I am one too!

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            I’m from Sg too. Busy with work n dramaland. Haha. Hope you beanies enjoy meeting up. And happy 10th anniversary to all DB beanies !! May another 10 years or more be even better !! Thanks to the hard work DB Admins !! 🙂

    • 3.5 KimcheeLover

      Same here in regards to when I started watch Kdrama and following DramaBeans but I’m am a “ajumma” from Los Angeles CA but now reside in North Carolina.

      DramaBeans: congrats on your 10th anniversary, thank you, thank you for creating such a great Kdrama resource. You all have enlightened this non-Korean on Korean culture, food, history, etc. I tell people that watching K-dramas is how I am learning to speak Korean, 😆

      Beanies: I am always amazed how diverse you all are, i.e. from living in different countries, nationalities, age, etc. Thank you all for your insightful comments and opinions.

  4. clover

    Happy 10th Anniversary!!

    When I just started dipping my toe into K-Drama a little over 10 years ago I happened to stumble upon this site in it’s infancy.

    Over those years you have helped me navigate the K-Drama world in a way I don’t think I would have ever been able to find and access on my own. You have created a warm inviting community of like minded drama fans who come to share and connect.

    And let’s not leave out the jewel of Dramabeans:
    The Recaps!

    I have to be honest. There are many times, that even though I have access to the full drama, I will only ever just read your recaps. There are just some dramas I am just not quite sure I want to go down a 16 to 20 episode rabbit hole with. So your recaps let me feel as though I have ‘watched’ the show. And there are times when after reading your recaps I have been convinced to give a drama a try I would otherwise never try.

    So thank you Javabeans and girlfriday for sharing with us all your excitement and fangirling with us.!

    • 4.1 MinaBoom

      @javabeans @girlfridy @heads no2 and other recappers
      Thank you for being

    • 4.2 blnmom

      Oh me too. I discovered DB because I had started some dramas that I didn’t want to slog through (I’m no good at fast-forwarding) but wanted to see what happened anyway, so I looked for recaps. There are many dramas that I’ve read full recaps of here but have not seen one minute of the actual drama, lol.

      • 4.2.1 Martin J Simwaba

        I can relate to that. I too have read recaps about so many kdramas that i haven’t watched not even for a second.
        But through DB i was able to [watch?] read and understand more about kpop and culture.

        Thanks DB STAFF

  5. harmonyfb

    10 years? Hooray!

    I can’t come in person, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit to toast y’all for providing this fun space to indulge my k-drama habit. 🙂

  6. BGZ

    Woo! Happy 10 Years! Congratulations!

    I wish I could attend, unfortunately flights from Ireland to L.A. are costly to say the least. T^T

    Thank you for providing us with amazing recaps!~

    Dramabeans is a special home to drama addicts like myself!

    Hoping 2017 will be a wonderful year for all the Beanies around the world..

    • 6.1 FrabbyCrabsis

      I’m in the south of England. It’s a shame there’s nothing we international beanies can do!

      • 6.1.1 Jance

        I’m in Bristol! UK beanies assemble!

        • loveyoumomo

          If we could do one for everyone here in the UK, that would be quite amazing!!

          London perhaps or I’m up for suggestions <3

          • unatuna

            @FrabbyCrabsis @Jance @loveyoumomo (and @BGZ if you can catch a flight over? Heh :P)

            I’ve replied further down the comments, but a few of us seem to be up for meeting somewhere in central London! I’ve created a doddle survey with a choice of activities (meal, coffee, noraebang, etc.) and a bunch of dates and times.


            Can you please respond with your preferences (using your DB screen name preferably, so I know who’s who) and we’ll go from there? x

          • Jolyn

            Hey! I’m not sure if anyone is still checking this post but if you are, a few of us set up a private Facebook group for UK beanies!


            Do join if you’re interested =) We’re trying to make the meetup in UK happen!

  7. shinmaryu

    Wow, congratulations dramabeans! I honestly just found this site two years ago and you guys are the best recaps site that i ever seen. I love how each of you taking time to recap the drama perfectly it feels like i could always come here to enjoy the drama(s) i love in the novel version. Yes, you guys really rock at writing recap it felt so natural and i just love it. Thank you for these past two years i’ve known you and the eight years before of your hard work. I wish i could come to your party and talk about drama with all the dramabeans staff, but since i live in Indonesia i can only wish you all to enjoy it! And hope for many good things return to all the dramabeans staff for the eleventh year~

  8. La Plume

    Err REALLY? Gosh. Started to watch Korean dramas in 2005 and hung out on soompi first but lack of time moved me here. I actually thought the website was older ^^ Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^ and hope for another 10 awesome years and more 😀

    Although I’m more a lurker than an active participant, this is one the first site I check every morning. Never expected that Korean dramas would take over my love for Japanese animes and doramas but here I am, 12 years later and my love is still going strong ( actually it’s getting stronger since I feel the overall quality of the shows have risen up).

    It’s a wonderful site to go to, especially since we stick to comments about dramas and no stupid fan wars or celebrity gossip. So long live Dramabeans, I’ll keep my eyes open for the goodies 😀

    PS: LA is a bit far from France so I wish you all a great party 😀

    • 8.1 silentbeluga

      Bonjour cher(e) compatriote! The French girl in LA will pass on your love 🙂 (If I get in, I promise)

      • 8.1.1 JaneFr

        Please, pass them mine too.

        I just can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I guess I should get out and you know, get a life! Joking. I like my geeke kdrama filled no-life just fine and dramabeans is a daily part of it so, bon anniversaire!

      • 8.1.2 La Plume

        Hey Salut ^^ You’re lucky ^^ Never set foot in the US. It’s on my to-do list for 2018 ( no money left since I just moved, it’s gonna take a while to refill my purse) ^^

        Thank you in advance ( if you get in that is 😀 )

  9. Casserole

    Happy Anniversary!! The kdrama insight I get on Dramabeans, plus the camaraderie and otp shipping has become a essential part of my day. Thank you so much for everything you do!

  10. 10 Mandy

    Wow!!!10years???i can’t really remember when i started visiting dramabeans to read the recaps but congratuations.this site helps me select the dramas i shoud watch by reading the recaps.for taking time to watch and recap for we beanies,may God bless the work of your hands and may you and your family continue to be prosperous in all that you do.

  11. 11 blo

    Congratulations! I’m sure you all already know that this site means so much to us kdrama fans. I regularly find myself thinking about how lucky we are, so thank you for all the hard work that has gone into running and maintaining this site. From my first meeting through Gaksital to endless nights because of Healer, the podcasts and all the drama news, you guys fuel my addiction.

    Wish I could be there at the meet-up because I would love to be able to meet the real people who love kdramas (why are there so few of us?), but unfortunately, I would have to be there in spirit.

  12. 12 coby

    Happy Anniversary!!! My kdrama life will not be the same without dramabeans! Thank you very kamsa!

  13. 13 Candy

    I’m one among the many readers here who are extra grateful to this lovely,happy place. I was going through a tough time last year when I stumbled across kdramas. While the dramas themselves were a distraction,your laugh-out-loud recaps and meta posts were the ones that finally brought a smile on my face after a long time. I wonder if you know how much you’ve helped people like me!😍😍
    Thank youJavaBeans,Girlfriday,Heads,Lollypip and every other writer who has contributed to Dramabeans. May you have many many years of enthusiasm and the ability to truly enjoy happiness in life! Cheers!!😘😘

    • 13.1 MinaBoom


      I was thinking the same thing. DB recaps helped me through dark times.Thinking about it, i don’t remember anything that had as the effect on me for such a long time.
      I remember being down, then reading the recap for this crazy episode of moon lovers and the recaps and comments lifted me up and made my day. And it was a bad day.

      Also thank you is not enough but Thank you Dramabeans and Thank you Beanies.

      I would a million heart but my keyboard is not cooperating.

    • 13.2 Gidget

      Someone wrote this here a long time ago – in fact it may have been part of JB’s initial vision – and I think it is still true. Their recaps make us feel as though we’re getting to sit in on a conversation with them. They make us feel like friends.

      • 13.2.1 Candy

        All I can say is..dear Db staff/beanies..if you ever visit India,my home is always open to you all. 😘😘😘😘
        Can anyone please take a video of the meet and upload it here? Or may be a live Skype chat so we can join too!

        • Divyrus

          Hey there fellow Indian !!!

          Am seeing so many of us here and there these days, it makes me so happy. We do have a ton of secret kdrama fans I feel !!! <3

          • Candy

            Divyrus you’re from India?! 😃😃 I LOVED the comments from you guys in the Healer thread.😛 I started kdramas late but I still had fun reading all the 10k comments of the “healerites” and feeling like a part of the discussion! 😂😂

  14. 14 alpha

    I wish I could attend. I always have nobody to talk about my love for kdramas with. If such event was happening in England I could go.

    😣😣 Its okay. I hope those who attend, have tons of fun.

    • 14.1 alpha

      I have few friends who watch kdramas, but not as religiously as me. So I always have to make sure to hide my extra excitment. Its painful really

      • 14.1.1 blo

        That’s like me. Yesterday, one of my cousins was talking about a drama he had liked and I got all excited and started rambling on. Then I realized I was going too deep into it so I said, “Too much thinking?” Yes…Too much thinking… Yes, there are kdrama fans out there. But I think this is the only place you can dissect a drama without being judged.


      • 14.1.2 shinmaryu

        I can really feel you. Everyone might watch kdrama, but i got nobody to talk so deep about it and whenever i try to start the conversation they just like, “Wow, dont take it too serious its just a drama…”

      • 14.1.3 Millionstars

        Hello there, I’m in England too 😀😀
        And guys (blo and shinmaryu) I understand how you guys feel. Other than uni and hanging out with friends, I spend my remaining time just watching kdramas. And while I have few friends who watch them too they’re not into kdramas as much as me. So I always get carried away every time drama topic crops up and there has been times when my friends have jokingly mentioned how my kdramas obsession is unhealthy. So I can’t even talk to someone freely without worrying about going “overboard” 🙁

        Exactly why I appreciate dramabeans even more. Everyone here are as passionate about kdramas as I am so I just get really happy everytime I check DB and read comments.

    • 14.2 Sam

      Yes, a London kdrama gush session would be lovely.

      • 14.2.1 Hansywoo

        I would be so down for a k drama gush session in London!

    • 14.3 alua

      Where are you?

      Saya & I meet up on occasion (we’ve had two drama marathons) – we are both in London.

      • 14.3.1 Saner

        So…are you volunteering as organising tribute? Because my first thought was that there’s no reason we can’t do this (semi-) simultaneously the world over.

        Anyone got any space suggestions in London? I’m further north but will happily come down for a day trip!

        • Saner

          Also, there should totally be a winking smiley (;P) after the word ‘tribute’ to indicate I was joking/teasing! I have no desire to force anyone to organise anything! GAH, sorry if that came off brusque and snotty! >.<

        • alua

          Saya is much better at organising than me……

          I guess first would be to see how many people want to get together. Depending on that, we could decide whether to watch dramas, simply go for a Korean meal (in Central London or in New Malden) or do something else altogether.

          I would say, let’s do it near that day… (ok, so I just remembered that I’m going to be in Portugal that weekend).

          No worries, nothing came off as brusque and snotty! 🙂

          • unatuna

            Gah! This was the first thing I thought of when I saw this post and you guys beat me to it! 🙂 I’m not based in London but can easily travel there – a meal (and soju?) sounds wonderful – please let me know if you guys decide to meet up! x

          • Sam

            I might be travelling as well that weekend but up for a London DB meet-up. 🙂

          • Wansywoo

            I’m in if this happens ☺

          • loveyoumomo

            I’m up for a meet up as well!! I’m an hour and a half away from London so this would be an awesome opportunity to meet other beanies in the UK! <3

          • Jolyn

            I’m up for a meetup too!! I live in central London! We can visit some good korean restaurants in London 😁

            Is there an email address / Facebook person we can contact to make this happen? =)

          • unatuna

            Right, let’s get this off the ground!

            (Sorry for hijacking this post @alua – but someone’s gotta do it :P)

            Assuming we’re meeting somewhere in central London, I’ve created a doddle survey with a choice of activities (meal, coffee, noraebang, etc.) and a bunch of dates and times.


            Can you please respond with your preferences (using your DB screen name preferably, so I know who’s who) and we’ll go from there?

            Looking forward to making this a reality! x

          • Saya

            *arrives late*

            hey everyone! I’d be up for a meal, but I personally haven’t found anywhere in C. London that I liked (that wasn’t also unnecessarily expensive). New Malden is much better, especially if you haven’t been there before, you’ll like it! Also, big draw: 1) they give you banchan, 2) without extra charge. Many of them also have private rooms you can book and are generally roomier than most places in the city.

            Bigger draw: you can go shopping at either of the big Korean supermarkets and eavesdrop people’s conversations when they think you don’t understand (I enjoy this in particular).

            Drawbacks: if you have particular allergies (i.e. peanuts or shellfish) or dietary requirements (vegetarian/vegan etc.), it can be hard to eat Korean in general, although there are places that mark their menus well. Will that be an issue for anyone?

            On the other hand: there’s a place in Kentish Town I really want to try, which is a fusion pan-Asian restaurant (google ‘Bintang’), if anyone else is up for that. They also cater for vegetarian, vegan and halal diets.

            @unatuna or Jolyn, why not make a private/closed facebook group and post the link here?

          • Saya

            also, I forgot to add: New Malden is a straight train from Waterloo, should take no more than 20 minutes, and then you’re right on the high street. So it’s super easy to get to whether you’re local or not.

          • Jolyn

            A few of us created a priate Facebook group for UK beanies! Do join if you’re interested =) We’re trying to make the meetup happen!


  15. 15 Dramaninja

    You guys have made such a loving community out here for drama lovers. This platform is truly one-of-a-kind!
    Kudos for your constant efforts to make drama watching a much more fun experience. Have an amazing time!

    Love from India ♡

    • 15.1 SJ

      Hello there fellow Indian !! We should totally have a beanie party here too!

    • 15.2 Dee Em

      Hello fellow Indian Beanie !!

      You’re right, this is a on-of-a-kind platform indeed, and it really saddens me when I think that I might never get to see the creators of this wonderful space 😐

      Javabeans and Girlfriday, would it be too much to ask for a World Tour??

  16. 16 blnmom

    Congratulations! Also, thanks! Because running the site might be fun, but it also requires a lot of hard work and discipline, and these days good management skills for the minions. We sincerely appreciate it.

  17. 17 wapz

    Congrats DB! May I add how thoughtful is it of you guys to remember beanies, the DB community in celebrating your anniversary. That’s one of the things about DB that I like a lot. You value your audience.

  18. 18 potatodrama

    I wish I could fly from Brazil to attend this party!

    I’ve just found DB in the last year, but is an addiction to me. Happy Anniversary!

  19. 19 redfox

    congratulations! wow you deserve a birthday card – wish I knew you actual address. do you want one? I can send it.

  20. 20 Rasonic

    Happy 10 year anniversary Dramabeans! I feel like I’ve missed out on so much because I’m barely approaching one year of watching dramas.. 😜 But I’ve absolutely loved being involved in this community and look forward to many more years of dramas with my fellow beanies!

  21. 21 heejung

    Congratulations dramabeans team!!! You guys are the bestest 🙂 I think I’ve been reading dramabeans since Coffee Prince and hooked ever since!!

    It would be awesome if you guys made it out to NYC for all the east coast beanies sometime!! <3

    • 21.1 Jade

      *Raises hand* Fellow NYC beanie here! Hello! Just wanted to agree with heejung that it would be awesome if you guys ever decide to fly out to the East Coast! Would definitely love an East Coast Beanie gathering.

      Congratulations Dramabeans, Javabeans and Girlfriday on the ten years! Thank you and all the other recappers and Dramabeans staff for all the time you put into this site, for all the high quality recaps and articles, and most importantly, for giving us a safe space to be our drama loving selves. Looking forward to the future with you all!

      • 21.1.1 Dramalava

        Should we do a NYC meet up? Maybe meet up in a restaurant inK-Town?

  22. 22 whimsyful

    Congratulations to the entire dramabeans team! It’s been a great 10 years with you guys.

    Any chance beanies could organize similar meet-ups in other major cities (ex. NY, Seattle, Toronto)?

  23. 23 Dramabird

    I’ve been lurking on DB for at least 5 years now. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this site and your awesome recaps! 🙂 Here’s to another year of DB awesomeness 🙂

  24. 24 Zoe

    Oh wow, this post made me realize that 2017 will be my fifth year watching k-dramas. From being someone who hated watching foreign language features and didn’t appreciate subtitled-works, I’ve now come to understand a language just because I’ve seen so many subtitled features in it. My Korean friends are always surprised by how much of their conversations I can pick up (it’s also a standing joke that I’ve seen more dramas than any of them, and am way more in touch with all recent industry happenings, and thus get asked for recommendations often.)

    Reply 1997 was my first k-drama, my first love truly, and the one I still look back with that hazy idea of absolute perfection that nothing will match up to, perhaps, because it was the first. I consumed much more standard fare immediately after that and loved it madly too (*coughBOFcough*), but I think my first drama being that one was the reason that all my preconceived biases about watching TV in an unknown language were blown away all at once, because it was just that good, just that relatable. I hadn’t been a teenage in Korea in 1997, but I had been a teenager and that was enough, because, despite being so deeply situated in its time and age, the feelings it evoked were so universal, that the language barrier, the cultural barrier melted away, and Siwon and her dad were the best representation of me and my dad that I had ever come across. It made me realize how much closer these dramas and their characters and their culture were to my own life in a way that Western teen dramas had never been, since they depicted a culture I was familiar with through TV but never saw replicated around me in my country.

    And that, indeed, is how I found Dramabeans, wanting to read more about this new world, and get my hands on everything that related to it. Which was especially helpful for a newbie starting with Reply 1997, because that drama had so much nuance and referentiality and clever language puns, that I could have never possibly caught on my own. Reading through the recaps, having aspects detailed that I’d have completely missed, enhanced an already amazing experience manifold. Now we’re in the age of Reply 1988 and I get quite a lot of the cultural and language puns without aid, but reading recaps is just as engaging as it used to be all those years back when I was just dipping my feet in to test the waters (…and then fell in headfirst, right into the depths of it).

    Thank you girls for a wonderful journey! How lovely it is to grow old together with the Dramabeans community!

  25. 25 Chandler

    Aw, I can’t believe how long it’s been! I’m so grateful to you and GF and all the beanies who have joined in along the way to keep this wonderful site going.

    I still remember when I first stumbled on DB in 2007 after a girl at school got me to watch Coffee Prince. I had actually already watched Dal Ja’s Spring and a few other older dramas with her, but Coffee Prince was the first show I caught up with by myself during its run. When the episode 6 ending sent my crying, looking for the song that played, I found your post on the lyrics to As One’s White Love Story and then, much later, your recaps on Mixed Up Investigative Agency and Que Sera Sera.

    It was only after my roommate from college brought me back to k-dramas in late 2011 with You’re Beautiful that I really found the site and stuck with it though. I think it was the You’re Beautiful recommendation post that I stumbled on? It had several of my early favorites + many shows I’d missed out on. And so DB became my guide to dramas ever since! Haha, it actually wasn’t until I rewatched Coffee Prince in 2012 that I even realized DB was the same site I came across way back in 2007.

    Hopefully I can make it to the party this time, but, if not, I hope you all have an amazing time 🙂

  26. 26 Julia

    Thank you Dramabeans for making this blog even more wonderful with each year! I started reading your articles wayyy back when it first began, and it continues to be the one and only blog I turn to for thoughtful articles and discussions on Korean dramas. Congratulations and Happy New Year!!

  27. 27 thewordeater

    Happy 10th anniversary, guys!

    I’ve seen several dubbed K-dramas on TV throughout the years but was never invested in them. Until May 2016 when I binge-watched Descendants of the Sun. I was suffering from withdrawal so much that I watched another drama. And another. Another. You get the gist.

    I mostly started checking this website to find new dramas to watch, but it has taught me so many things about being a K-drama fan and Korean culture (as portrayed through dramas, at least). Now, I’m proud to say I know what oppa, sageuk, and sunbae mean. Haha. So, thank you, Dramabeans, for letting me know which K-dramas I should watch and heightening my appreciation by educating me about the culture.

  28. 28 UmbrellaMan

    Wow!! 10 years and still going strong!!! Here’s to 10 more years of drama fun!!

    To bad the party isn’t in April. I will be in LA for the BTS concert. But, 7hrs is too long to drive to just attend a party, even though it’s hosted by the wonderful Dramabeans staff. I will celebrate with you all in spirit!!

    Thank you Dramabeans for providing us insightful commentary, funny annecdotes, and a community for all us drama addicts!! Cheers to 2017!!!

  29. 29 Kiara

    Congrats JB and DB staff!!!!
    I can’t believe it has been this long. I was only a teen when I found your site.

  30. 30 Brittany

    I can’t believe I’ve been following this blog for 9 out of the 10 years. It’s amazing how the site has grown. I remember when javabeans was the sole writer, then girlfriday joined and now there is a team of you!

    • 30.1 Kiara

      Same, I still remember the first few dramas that JB recapped and when GF joined her. I was so excited because we were getting more drama recaps and they both have different style.
      I was also excited when Headsno2 joined because she started recapping sageuks which was not JB and GF’s favorite genre to recap.

      Now almost every current dramas has a recapper. It’s so hard to quit and I’ve tried lol.

    • 30.2 Quinze

      Right? Same here, I remember getting excited when GF joined because her recaps and commentary played off so well with JB’s. And then other talented recappers joined like Headsno2 and a family unit was formed.

      Still remember when the site format changed too. That took some getting used to though it was for the better.

    • 30.3 MIN

      WOW! I remember that too! I remember stumbling upon a mention of this website on soompi, about two years after my falling into the kdrama- kpop (ELF!! forever) vortex circa 2005 ish, and it certainly aided and abetted my obsession overcoming my original anime and jdorama otaku-ness…

      I remember that I saw my first k-drama skeptically, not sure if I’d like it at all. I remember stairway to heaven was my first drama, and in a convoluted way the me who lived in California blames the best friend and satellite TV that transmitted a peruvian channel that aired Stairway to Heaven for her current over 12 year obsession with k dramas. (the friend has since stopped watching kdramas and has a beautiful child and wonderful husband) .


    CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve been your follower since 2008. I read every post! May you have many more years to come!

    • 31.1 Caramel

      I’ve been following since late 2008 as well. Time sure flies.
      Can’t fly from France but will celebrate in my heart <3

  32. 32 Martin J Simwaba

    Congulaturations and happy anniversary, i wish you the best.
    For me it’s the fourth year since i’ve been to dramabeans and iam here to stay. Yeah you heard me.
    I just wish i was somewhere near LA so i could attend. But AFRICA, oh wait, ZAMBIA to LA? That’s a loooooong way.

  33. 33 Luwaaa

    Congratulations Dramabeans on your 10th year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have fun at the party and although I won’t be there in flesh,i will be there in spirit….Here is to 10 more years 🐺🍌🍻
    P.S HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

  34. 34 snazzycupcakegirl

    CONGRATS ON 10 YEARS! Although I’m a relatively new beanie (I started dramas in 2014), I stumbled upon this website when I was in the midst of watching Heirs (my very first drama), thinking it was the most amazing drama ever. It was not until reading the analysis of it on DB that I realized that there were much better dramas out there (at least in my opinion). Besides discovering that, I also found a community of drama lovers who were as invested in dramas as I soon became. Though I don’t have as much time to watch dramas anymore (I’d like to attribute this to the relentless amount of work my teachers pile on us and college apps), with DB, I’ve been able to keep up with what’s going on the Drama-verse without having to sacrifice too much sleep. And for that, I will be forever grateful. I hope that my teachers this semester will lay off a bit (since we’re almost about to graduate!!) and I’ll be able to spend a bit more time watching dramas again. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the 10th anniversary party, but I just want to say thank you all for changing my life in unimaginable ways–exposing me to new perspectives and shaping me to be a more inquisitive and discerning human bean. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up going to college in LA and being able to make these future events! 🙂

    • 34.1 snazzycupcakegirl

      *being able to make it to these future events
      lolol, sawry!!

  35. 35 spazmo

    congrats on your 10th anniversary!!
    i’ve followed this blog daily for 6 years now, was just looking at your other links (top posts, FAQs, etc.) and noticed the 2007-9 date stamps…

    i understand what you say about not being able to keep a “proper job”, being your own boss(es) – hopefully this business will allow you all the flexibility to manage and balance your personal lives with your professional lives (i.e., marriage, children…)!

    who wants a “proper job” anyway?

  36. 36 Marie

    Congrats Java and GF and the rest of the staff. Thanks to you all I was able to learn so much and share my drama passion with others, even when I was just watching quietly. You added depth and dimensions to my knowledge of dramas and Korean culture, for all that I want to thank you. Happy Anniversary and go forward for another amazing 10 years+!

  37. 37 Jam

    Wow, how quick time flies!! Although my love for kdramas dwindled a bit, I still enjoy coming to this site to read recaps. So thank you to everyone who has made this site a delightful experience! All that hard work has been worth it 🙂

  38. 38 Nna

    I started reading recaps on dramabeans in 2012 when I started watching asian dramas. My first was hana yori dango then I watched playful kiss and right then and there started my kdrama addiction.

    Thank you for providing such insight for us viewers (especially non koreans) into our favorite characters’ minds, and for allowing us to share our delight with like minded people.

    Ivory Coast is too far for me to attend but congratulations to you guys, and here is to another 10 years!

  39. 39 Eve

    Happy New Years and congrats on the 10th anniversary!
    I hope you continue with this for a long time, as I love all of your reviews and recommendations. When I first started watching Kdrama’s, Dramabeans became my to go place to find new and interesting content ^^
    And, to date, you have never failed to meet my expectations! Sometimes I disagree on the ratings, but hey, thats also interesting to compare 😀

    So, Thank you for (already) 4 years of amazing reviews and for being my guide in the wonderful world of kdrama!!!

  40. 40 earthna

    Wow! Congratulations to dramabeans for your 10th year of making us drama addicts look completely normal and loved. It’s always hard to find someone around who has the same passion about kdramas as I do but dramabeans is full of that kind of people! Yep. This is not just a kdrama site but a whole lovely community of people who are similar to me. I love the discussions going on here so I always come back. A day is not the same without visiting dramabeans.

    I wish I could go but I can’t. I’m celebrating with everyone though. Congratulations!

  41. 41 Quinze

    Gah Has it really been this long???

    I can’t believe it and yet I can. I honestly don’t think my kdrama obsession would have stayed so strong without this blog’s existence. Because it’s kept this window open to me that links me to so many other addicted fans. It also helped me provide context and better understanding of the nuances of a drama so many times when subtitles alone could not. And man, that makes me think of the sheer number of dramas I’ve watched over the years.

    I’ve been following y’all since late 2007 and it’s been so much fun watching this site grow into this amazing fanbase. New faces and old fans, it’s always interesting watching us bond from all over the world.

    Congratulations JB and GF and staff! You are all awesome and amazing and I thank you so much for existing and for giving us all a space to write our krdrama dissertations with abandon!

    Hah, I even won a laptop because of this site! Which is still in use!

  42. 42 mako

    Congratulations! +10 yrs is such a great accomplishment. 🙂 readers will be here as long as you guys are. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in, I truly enjoy going to your site. Here’s hoping you will stick around for 10 more!

  43. 43 Evelia

    Cool! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. Been following the site since 2009. 🙂

  44. 44 lunatic4kd

    Absolutely – I’ll make the drive from Northern California down to Los Angeles for the 10th Anniversary party! Can’t wait to meet Javabeans, Girlfriday, Heads2 and multiple Beanies in person! Congratulations to all of you. You are living testaments to turning passion into a rewarding career.

  45. 45 Bobbie

    OMG I had no idea you guys were based in LA!!!! *GOING TO RSVP IMMEDIATELY* Fingers crossed I can get a spot. I’m so excited to meet you guys!!

  46. 46 Brasslefrat

    Congrats you guys! Here’s too ten more tears! I love reading all the post of the international beanies! If only we could persuade Korean Air as a sponsor to fly all of us out to LA! Maybe Subway will do it for some product placement :D!

    I am sending my love from the Netherlands and wish you a blast of a party!

  47. 47 mehungie

    Congratulations DB team! I’ve been a reader since 2009/2010 (circa Boys Over Flowers/You Are Beautiful). I come to DB for your amazingly detailed recaps and reviews, and walk away educated about the Korean culture. Thank you for creating and nurturing the Beanies community. Reading everyone’s theses and jokes truly brings the kdrama watching experience to the next level! I always look forward to hearing all the different takes on the same scenes and acts. A beautiful reminder to stay humble and keep an open mind–lessons I never thought I would learn from my kdrama addiction 🙂

  48. 48 tpsbelle

    Much love from the Bahamas! Started watching Kdramas in 2014 and found this site shortly thereafter. I check-in with dramabeans daily, even on vacation.

  49. 49 Moonbyul

    Happy 10th Anniversary and Happy New Year!! ❤

    My life wouldn’t be the same without this website honestly. Thank you dramabeans for always keeping us drama fans on top of drama news and providing us with these helpful recaps \^0^/ Cheers to more years to come!

  50. 50 SilentSquee

    Happy 10th Anniversary!!! 😀

    I have checked this site almost everyday since 2007 when Coffee Prince was being recapped. I was still a teenager then, and now I’m almost 30! It’s been a blast, and I really thank you all for making drama watching even more awesome.

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