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Lee Jun-ki, Kim Ah-joong up for Korean drama remake of Criminal Minds
by | January 11, 2017 | 193 Comments

It’s been a while since the Korean drama remake of American crime procedural Criminal Minds was first announced, but casting is now underway with offers out to Lee Jun-ki (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) and Kim Ah-joong (Wanted) to headline. I think it’ll be nice to see Lee Jun-ki taking a break from historical dramas to do a contemporary one—2013’s Two Weeks was his last—especially since he does so well in action crime thrillers.

The original series began in 2005 and is currently in its twelfth season on CBS. It’s your average cop procedural, but this one focuses on a special task force in the FBI made up of profilers, who deal in criminal psychology and solve crimes by looking at the life and mind of the suspect rather than the crime. Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ah-joong are currently considering leading roles, though the exact characters they’ll play haven’t been specified, and it’s not clear whether they’ll have direct counterparts to the American show, or if the remake will just adapt the concept with new characters.

Production company Taewon Entertainment (IRIS, Athena) is behind the remake, and after acquiring the rights from ABC Studios and Disney Media Distribution, they held an open script contest for an adaptation of any episode from Seasons 1 through 7 of Criminal Minds. It was originally stated that they wanted to adapt the show into a multi-season format as well, but that might be a stretch, at least until it airs and proves itself a successful adaptation in the first place.

Kim Ah-joong just came off of crime thriller Wanted, where I hear she wasn’t all that convincing as a mom whose child was kidnapped; I can mostly take her or leave her in shows, but she might actually be better suited for a cop or special agent. Lee Jun-ki rarely disappoints (if anything it’s the projects that disappoint), so while police procedurals sound very boring on paper to me, if he signs on, all bets are off.

Criminal Minds will shoot this spring and be fully pre-produced, and is planning to air in the fall on KBS.

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193 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. purplesheesh

    Yes to LJK as the nerdy Dr. Spencer Reid!!!

    • 1.1 Amie

      Lee Jun Ki, you need to bulk up a little and fill up that scary, sharp jawline. Stop taking side view pictures dont want to look at that jawline.

      • 1.1.1 KDaddict

        A Sharp jawline has been all the rage in K-ent. Every one of the guys has it now, and both guys and gals look like they are 20 lbs under-weight. They look sickly tbh. I don’t get why that’s the definition of Beauty!

        • bmore

          definitely. If the camera adds pounds/kilos, imagine what they look like in person.

      • 1.1.2 ET

        If he’s in his 20s, I’d understand but he’s already 35.

        Whenever I see celebrities especially men taking this kind of pictures of themselves, they strike me as vain and obsessed with their looks.

      • 1.1.3 Chiisan

        This. This is the reason why I can’t get behind Hyunbin’s sunken cheeks.

      • 1.1.4 Bad Cheese Cheddar

        OMG that is the first thing that I thought of when I saw the headline… but then I thought, maybe I’m being mean? It’s not just me! That boy better put on some weight or he’s going to look like a cancer patient toting a gun that will break him with the recoil.

        I suppose Hallyu is what Hollywood was in the late 90s and early 2000s. They will catch up to being green and healthy in a decade or so.

        • Sinjuma

          I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment!

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            Some folks are wayyyyy too serious. If you can’t laugh at the world and yourself, why live?

        • Gidget

          Green actors? That’d look kind of weird, wouldn’t it?

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            LOL indeed.

            You know what I meant. 😉

        • Rd

          Lee jun ki has always been chubby he loss his weight for his role as wang so because he had to look mistreated wounded and desperate and i dont think he cares a lot about his looks because people have always critisesed his looks but he overcame it because of his acting you cant expect him to put back his weight immediately it would be unhealthy it will take some time

          • Annnsow

            Thanks for this informative comment 🙂

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            I know that LJG lost the weight for his Wang So role. But, he also stated that he is intending to keep the weight off because his fans like it so much. This scares me. I work in the medical field and I can tell you this. He lost the weight too quickly by starving himself and his body will try and pack the pounds back on quickly. He is stopping that by keeping up his new diet etc. His body will start going into a catabolic state soon (that means that with the metabolic processes that keep you alive will reverse and his body will start eating itself to survive).. If he does not start to slowly gain weight then his organs will shut down and he could die. This is what happens with anorexia and bulimia patients that suddenly die of heart attacks.

            Personally I preferred him chubby… which was not really chubby (perhaps by Korean standards). I do hope he does not care what his body looks like and brings some weight back on. Although, it has been many months since Moon Lovers finished shooting and he is still as skinny as ever. This is scary. Hopefully, someone has informed him of this.

            All we can do is hope for the best and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. We can’t change anything, but we can still have fun.

    • 1.2 lemoncello

      I hope he’s the one to play Spencer Reid…. Omo omo omo I’m soooo excited!!!

      • 1.2.1 nada

        Spencer Reid is the youngest member of the group, I doubt he’s playing him tho, I think he might be playing morgan or hochtner

        • Kiara

          Agree, Spencer was a young genius. Most likely he is going to play Aaron Hotchner.

          • nada

            I’m curious about who is playing who, and what role is offered to LJK, but certainly not Reid role, I think they’ll cast a younger guy to play him, LJK is in his mid thirties, no matter how I think about it it’s just hard to picture him playing Reid.

        • Kiara

          Spencer was my favorite. I hope a great young actor would be cast to play the role. Someone with Yeo Jin-goo’s acting caliber.

        • Svee

          Agree. They could mix it up and have both Hotch and Morgan in 1 character and that would be a good one for Junki.

        • Bad Cheese Cheddar

          But…. Morgan is HOT! And BUFF! and looks good holding a gun. LJG can’t be Morgan! I don’t want to see LJG shirtless (maybe because I’m not a 15 year old girl who finds adolescents who are not fully grown attractive)… but com’on, don’t ruin Morgan for me!

          • Svee

            Doesn’t necessarily have to be Morgan but has Morgan’s personAlity. I don’t think Id enjoy the same characters from the US version to be in a KDrama. It will just ruin it for me. Would be nice if they take those characters’ personalities and placing several into one. I mean can you ever picture another Hotch? or another Reid? Those characters are already perfect why make another version of them? Except maybe for Garcia because wouldn’t it be fun to watch Kim Seul Gi do that role?

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar


            I agree. I don’t think any characters should be repeated. Perhaps they could keep the premise of the show but all new character personalities. Korean and American societies and social interactions are quite different. I think it would be hard to bring the same kind of relationships between the “known” characters.

            I love Penelope… but I don’t know who I would see as her. Her interactions with Morgan make my day. I think other people playing any of them would ruin me.

            Then again, I’ve been wrong in the past when I did not want a remake made and the remake was just as good or better than the original (but, then again that was Hollywood making the remake and not Hallyu).

            Oh, I guess we just have to wait and see.

    • 1.3 jill

      I can see a hotch or morgan in him. LJK is an alpha

      • 1.3.1 Svee

        Reporting as I replied to the wrong post:

        Agree. They could mix it up and have both Hotch and Morgan in 1 character and that would be a good one for Junki.

        • Svee

          “Re-posting” and not reporting… Sorry!

    • 1.4 roake

      Don’t you think Park Bo Gum is better suited to play Spencer? Young, babyface…. socially clueless…

      • 1.4.1 turtle

        I would watch the hell out of Park Bo Gum as Spencer Reid.

    • 1.5 Persian Rose

      What about LJG as Hotchner and Ji Chang Wook as Reid??

      • 1.5.1 Bad Cheese Cheddar

        I can see LJG as the baddest UnSub ever. Be the bad guy!

  2. drivebyknitting

    My guess is that Lee Jun-Ki would be up for the Hotchner role, though I think he’s be a great Morgan – sexy with lots of swagger. I keep trying to picture who I want as Reid and I keep coming back to Ryu Joon-Yeol even though it’s slightly similar to his Lucky Romance character. I know that I need Kim Seul-gi as Garcia. Bubbly, cute, and quirky? Who else would you even pick?

    • 2.1 Catz

      Lee Jun Ki and Ryu Joon Yeol >< That's a combo I would love to see, it doesn't even have to be this drama haha.

      • 2.1.1 sskuwair

        OMG I’ve never been this excited just by reading a comment. LEE JUN KI & RYU JUN YEOL! What a perfect combination! Let it be real please let it be real!
        *Sorry with the exclamation points, I’m just ZUPER excited imagining it!!

    • 2.2 nada

      Ah… Ryu Jun Yeol, I miss his tsundere genius type of character, I think he’ll be a good fit… <3

    • 2.3 lordj

      If its a “remake”, what set of CM season characters are they gonna portray? Season 1? I mean, there had been changes in the set of characters every now and then.

      Aside from “Baby Girl” Garcia and JJ, the other female could either be Prentiss or Elle. And we either have Rossi or Gideon (I personally prefer Rossi) as the eldest and most experienced profiler.

      If Hotch will be LJK, then for my fave boys:
      Derek – Jo Dong Hyuk (He was tough and buff just like Derek in Bad Guys)
      Reid – Joon Jung Young (I know, his filmography is lacking but his personality – eccentric but a genius, as well as his physical traits are similar to Reid’s – tall and lanky)

    • 2.4 Svee

      Kim seul gi is actually perfect for Garcia. Good call!

  3. mysterious

    They had me at Lee Jun-ki. If he’s in it, I’m watching it. I even endured Scarlet Heart just to see his stellar acting and gorgeous face. 😀

    • 3.1 aa

      and we survive and through it just for Lee Jun Ki !!!
      he is in, then I am in tooo

    • 3.2 skelly

      I tried to stick it out until the end, but the horrible story and terrible actress (I’ve actually blocked out her name, I was so sick of her) drove me away. Maybe I’ll go back and watch the end some day. In the mean time, WHY can’t they pair him with a good actress? Has he ever been with a female co-star with near his talent?

    • 3.3 Publishee

      I don’t know what you were talking but Moon Lovers was the best kdrama I’ve seen. Why do you think it has the most viewed in most portals & the most talked about drama?

      You probably haven’t watched & just pretended that you had.

      • 3.3.1 Publishee

        To add: LJG created a masterpiece in the form of Wang So. His performance in that drama was phenomenal.

      • 3.3.2 clairie

        Hate to burst your bubble but Moon Lovers was legit bad. Yes, I do watch it cuz I was intrigued by the preview but the drama itself was indeed terrible.

        I thought I was getting a whiplash due to horrible editing (just how many version can an episode have??) Not to mention the stiff actors who clearly have no experience whatsoever acting in a sageuk.

        Most talked about drama?? You do realize people were bashing the drama do you? Check out the translated comments by knetz & cnetz.

        • ET

          The bubble is rock solid, can’t be burst.

          Objectivity is a rare commodity with these “oppa” fans. Apparently, the ‘hate’ we poured on Moon Lovers caused it to flop, the failure had nothing to do with the horrible editing and acting which you mentioned.

          I used to think that rabid fandoms belong to idols and young actors. I am so wrong.

          • WangSo

            The hates are coming from the camp of Young ‘IT’ actors instigated by their agency. They were probably expecting to hit another jackpot but much to their dismay. Those dirty tricks are just horrible.

            What’s the hate on Moon Lovers? I was saying it was the MOST VIEWED. MOST TALKED was just a BONUS.

            The drama was flawed. Of course nothing is perfect. Its flaws aren’t as bad as other kdrama. It’s still the best so far.

          • clairie

            Rabid fandoms. You’re right. It’s definitely like idol fandoms. Oppa can do no wrong. Everything is perfect!

        • mocconna

          You must love shallow cheesy rom-com for you to say that.

          Moon Lovers is probably the best produced kdrama so far. It’s artistry and elegance will for sure trancends through time.

          Though I notice that there were few actors who did not live up to the acting category but Lee Joon Gi and Kang Hanuel performances as main characters can cover up those flaws. Esp. Wang So, the interpretation and portrayal of this character was just phenomenal. It’s one of a kind.

      • 3.3.3 Yna

        I totally agree! Whoever said Moon Lovers is horrible does not know how to appreciate a good drama with such perfect combination of romance, tragedy, history, action, cinematography, fantasy and plot and character development!
        Moon Lovers is hands down the best 2016 drama for me! It does not deserve the hate it received. IU has great chemistry with LJG and the others. LJG is as phenomenal as ever. KHN, HJH, and NJH’s performances are praiseworthy as well!

  4. Nissa

    I wish he will put some more weight. Being so thin makes him ‘small’ 🤗🤔

  5. vkook

    I’d watch anything with Lee Jun-ki in it. Like, everything. So if he signed on, i’m in.

  6. Edelyne

    I see Park Sung Woo as Hotch and Lee Jun Ki as Morgan.. that’s my fantasy casting😊

  7. clairie

    I have nothing against him but this is just a bad idea. I don’t think Korean like remake that much. The Good Wife was okay but it can’t really be called successful & let’s just forget about Entourage cuz nobody watch it.

    His last project was an adaptation & we know what happened to it. Deny it all u want but it’s a flop. Big time.

    He needs to carefully choose his projects because fans are fickle. First they all get excited when u get cast but when they got bored then it’s bye-bye to you. Remember Scholar Who Walks Through The Night??

    • 7.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      It’s don’t have to be more popular, i just want a solid drama.

      • 7.1.1 sorrynotsorry

        I agree, I want a solid show. The Good Wife is one of my top dramas for 2016. It was adapted very well regardless of what the ratings ended up being.

        I don’t think you take this thinking it will be a huge hit, but more based on genre (since he seems allergic to fluffy rom/coms). Most folks like Iris but dislike Athena so it comes down to the writing.

        The thing that hurts LJG more than anything is competition. Yes, Scholar had issues but the biggest is it went up against the end of Mask and then Yong Pal.

        • Nee

          Happy that LJG is taking modern drama. I hope they will get a very good writer to make it as engaging as the earlier seasons of Criminal Minds, not like the 11th or 12th season though. What’s up next? Bones?

    • 7.2 EZ

      ya..but entourage was legit bad..

    • 7.3 ET

      I agree that he needs to choose his projects carefully because SWWTN and Moon Lovers are both terrible in terms of quality.

      I don’t think he needs to care too much about fans because his fans seem to stick with him through thick and thin. They even gave me the impression that he garnered more fans through Moon Lovers. Oh well, at least international ones.

      If an actor wants to be serious about acting, he should not listen or care too much about his fans especially those who can only tell you positive things or go “Oppa, you are so handsome!” But a celebrity or star is different. In this case, fans are important, you got to please them.

      • 7.3.1 Mischa

        He does gained more fans through Moon Lovers. It’s not some kind of impression given by the fans but a fact. His IG followers shot to additional 1 million followers by the end of Moon Lovers. No doubt most of them are international fans.

        He did not have the best of luck when come to picking project based on his previous works but his choices reflected more about his passion for his craft and not caring about the fans complimenting him. The genre like Joseon Gunman and Two Weeks are normally not the one to propel the male lead to superstardom but he did those dramas to polish himself as an actor. Moon Lovers by far is the one that is romance centric and eventually made him popular again.

        • Bad Cheese Cheddar

          If you actually watch LJG’s acting in Moon Lovers it is pretty good. I think the issue was the plot and how the other characters were written. There is only so much you can do to carry a script or other actors.

          I do find his fans annoyingly like “sheeple” that dote endlessly with emojis and hormones.

          • Blackie

            What about me who because a big fan of Moon Lovers as I thought it’s not your typical kdrama which most of times its flows are so draggy? It’s my first drama of his and I thought he is one of the best kactors. His Wang so is just phenomenal. Most of kactors / kactress just act good, but LJG he interprets and defines his character well and what sets him apart from any kactors. The best method actors Ive seen in kdrama land.

            No wonder LJG is a big production companies favourites. Hope we hear some decisions soon. The premise of this drama seems promising. I love those investigative drama. I’ve only liked Phantom in kdrama so far.

            Another actor of his caliber is Jang Hyuk. He is an eccentric one. The I think Jo Jung Suk is good but tyo bad he not probably been offered with good roles. He got stucked in rom-com. Lee Soon Shin, Oh My Ghost, JI- his talent was just so wasted. His consolation was the entertainment values of those dramas.

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            LJG’s fandom (ironically they call themselves JG’s Angels…. Angels my foot) will not accept any opinion other than their own collective though… think the Borg from Star Trek The Next Generation… Resistance if Futile. The person who wrote “rabid fandom” was accurate. If anyone has an opinion that does not jive with theirs then they attack in numbers and will not accept that he is not perfect or that anything he touches is not perfect.

            The purpose of discussion groups is to have a discussion… not a lynching.

            Blackie, I am not talking about you.

            I am glad that you have found a KDrama that rocks your boat and checks off all the boxes you require.

            What I wrote is that LJG carried the show… that means that is is a good actor. I will disagree with you though, in my opinion, Moon Lovers had some moments that definitely made me root and cheer, but overall I would not recommend to a friend to watch it all the way through. It was a remake of a Chinese show and it kept the plot very similar. In the Chinese version you get a lot more of why things happen in plot and character development. I do find draggy dramas long and I do stop watching them, but I also need reasons why things happen or more development of the story. There are ways to write a show that can make it not drag but also give some depth to the story.

            Sadly, the caliber of the supporting cast of Moon Lovers was lukewarm at best, which can be blamed a little to the script and how hard it is to depict what the writer intended… but a good actor like LJG could pull it off, why couldn’t the rest of them? It was sad to see the huge differences in talent ability that is so glaringly obvious.

            I want to see him in a show worthy of his talent with actors and actresses that add to the show, not make me want to throw my laptop.

            I have yet to see a LJG Drama that rings my bell… there is always something nagging at me or missing.

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            * typo… LOL

            collective thought… Resistance is Futile.

      • 7.3.2 Rd

        He did earn a huge fan base .in my country who only care about lee min ho or boys over flowers actors kim hyun joong ,jang gyun suk ,lee jonk suk and refuse to accept that there are better actors like jang hyuk ,kim rae won and ji sung ect ect.he managed to make them leave behind lee min ho and look at his past works and the best part is they dont find him as handsome as lee min ho but still are mesmerised by him and that says a lot

        • Bad Cheese Cheddar

          He is a good actor. I have not disputed that. I am glad that he is getting recognition for his talent in your country.

        • Blackie

          I have researched about him quite alot in this last 3-4 months as I was so fascinated by how he could immerse into a role like. Seriously, I did not see any Lee Joon Gi. I only did see Wang So.

          By the way, it’s not Lee Joon Gi whose resisting. Not all LJG fans are Moon Lovers fans.

          But I will tell you “Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo fandom” is real. We don’t talk about LJG or IU. It’s Wang So & Hae So. There are so many ML & Wang So followers and mind you don’t mess with them.

          • Blackie

            *Sorry for the typo. I meant it’s not Lee Joon Gi FANS who are resisting. It’s Moon Lovers fans. The fandom is real.

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            I get that the fandom is real. I’m just trying to avoid it if I can.

          • Bad Cheese Cheddar

            In a perfect world, I would not have to avoid them… alas, that world does not exist.

  8. twinkledot

    as a fan of the show and lee jun ki (of course), i cant contain my happiness. here i’m just hoping the remake will do great like the good wife *pray*

    lee jun ki : hotchner
    kim ah joong : JJ (?)
    kim sang joong : rossi/ gideon


    • 8.1 Kiara

      Kim Sang-joong as Jason Gideon would be great.

      • 8.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Ahjusshi 💙

    • 8.2 larus

      I want to know is who will play Prentiss. But I love all the characters in Criminal Minds. All. So looking forward to see the whole cast.

      • 8.2.1 twinkledot

        Prentiss! She is an interesting character with secrets that can surprise the story.
        Also I would love to see Alex Blake character in this remake. A linguistic expert in Korean yeeaay!

    • 8.3 larus

      There are lot of crime shows in preparation on kdramaland this year. I love the genre so I will watch most of them. It is possible to not be a rating success but I just hope it will be a solid show with a good script and a good cast and crew.

  9. PilTa

    As long as Lee Jun Ki is there, I’m going to watch it. No questions.

  10. 10 Cidorta

    I think instead of remake they should do a show based on CM, so far remakes have been hit or miss, CM crimes can be a little disturbing as show the ugly side of what human can do to another human. Will the korean version go there? I dont think it will. But if LJK will be in the show I will definitely will watch but the main possible lead actress Kim Ah-joong didnt like her acting in Wanted, her portrait of a mother who’s child had been kidnapped felt fake, and acted. I’m not mother but i felt that is not how a mom in pain, agony and suffering will behave, still remember how painful was to watch my own grandma suffering when her son died on mothers day, granted in Wanted her child was not dead but still I can only imagen the pain of not knowing, the feeling of not able to save your child so because of this dont think she can pull of the level of acting that may needed for the remake if the crimes are similar to the us version. But maybe if she is cast she can provevme wrong and she will be awesome.

    • 10.1 Me

      A show based on CM definitely seems like a better idea, but I think they can take it to a dark place given some of their movies and whether it’s a public or cable channel.

      I agree with you about Ah-joong. I was excited about Wanted, then watched the first episode and was disappointed and disconnected from her portrayal of a mother missing her child, which made me lose interest in the show. Hopefully, she’ll apply herself better in this one.

      • 10.1.1 Bad Cheese Cheddar

        KDramas and KMovies are two whole different things in Korea. Hallyu is trying to break into the darkside in KDrama land, but they have regulations for TV viewing which they do not have for movies.

        I fear it will just touch the surface, which saddens me.

  11. 11 La Plume

    Kim Ah Joong’s problem in Wanted was that her role just could not avoid being compared to God’s Gift and Lee Bo Young. Lee Bo Young was a mama bear on a mission who would KILL anybody on her way while Kim Ah Joong’s character was a bit more calculating. I guess the biggest problem was that you couldn’t feel her desperation to find her son while Lee Bo Young incarnated desperation itself.
    To me it was a combination of bad writing and so-so acting but I wouldn’t hold it against her.

    I’m glad to see Lee Jun Ki considering something else. The latest drama I’ve seen him in completely was 2 Weeks. He’s great, but let’s face it, he’s not the best when it comes to picking up projects and it’s a pity. Look at Lee Jong Suk he’s got hits after hits.

    This being said, please no American drama remake. I’m not fleeing American tv series with their multi seasons format, violence, sex, gore and edgy (or wacko) characters to get that in a Korean drama.

    Sure, they’re gonna adapt it… but GAH. There’s ENOUGH Medical series and Crime Procedurals on American TV, no need to add that on Korea.

    If they make it into a whole ONE season 16 episode drama with a big story, I might consider it… but Please Lee Jun Ki, just skip that one.

  12. 12 EZ

    Does LJK have some kind of a magnet that attracts non capable actresses to work with him?

    Every actress has her pro and cons.. but this one.. she is worse than suzy’s laughign crying act in UF..

    Whatever, she is the worst actress in history of Kdrama.. she totally sucked the soul out of Wanted… so so so lame a acting

    Even if script were good, most of the actors were good, direction was good.. if even one character fails to emote, entire project falls flat..

    people shud be a little more vocal and allow deserving people play roles

    • 12.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Kim Ah Joong is not the greatest actress but she did well in Punch imo, althought the highlight of Punch was Kim Rae Won.

      I dont know about Wanted but heard many bad reviews on her acting.

      • 12.1.1 paroles

        I must say, she was really pretty bad. She just couldn’t pull off the mother role.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I heard many negative views. And especially when she should be the centre of drama, so her weakness must be more obvious.

      • 12.1.2 knom

        I finished Wanted and she was okay. Not as great as Lee Bo Young’s portrayal of a desperate mom. She’s wasn’t terrible or worse than some other actresses. She was just okay. I also blame it partly on the writing. Her character was just bland and wasn’t as meaty as I want it to be.

        Overall, I dont think Kim Ah Joong is a mediocre actress. I prefer her in romance-comedy genre. Love her in 200 Pounds of Beauty and My P.S. Partner.

      • 12.1.3 korfan

        I agree, I liked her in Punch also. I thought she did well there.

      • 12.1.4 Chandler

        I did like her in Punch, but…man. I really could not connect with her or feel her pain at all in Wanted. I hope it’s a fluke, if she signs on to this.

      • 12.1.5 Flightey Gazelles

        Although am not much of a Kim Ah Joong fan, given I’ve only seen her in Punch, I didn’t find her…lacking. The first ep where she chased that bus with her daughter showed desperation.

        I haven’t watched wanted but I feel like the writing and directing played a large part in its failure.

    • 12.2 Megan

      ‘Every actress has her pro and cons.. but this one.. she is worse than suzy’s laughign crying act in UF..’

      Oh please, don’t make me laugh. That is a HUGE stretch you made there. Kim Ah Jong may not be the best actress, she certainly doesn’t appeal to me, but her performance in 200 Pounds of Beauty and Punch are better than anything Suzy’s acting has been so far. That said, Suzy may be below average to average in acting, however if someone likes her on screen, then that’s fine and I’m not gonna be rude about it…

      • 12.2.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

        I can’t believe that some one comparison her with Suzy.

        • EZ

          Yea totally.. and the reason i wrote suzy is to make it obvious how bad she was in Wanted..

          I watched her for the first n last time in wanted… and i can’t for the life of me imagine if she is capable to emoting any expression…

          It wasn’t role highlighting her weakness.. she was plain incompetent

    • 12.3 kanz

      Well sometimes it’s the script and directing to blame, not necessarily the actress.
      IU isn’t the greatest actress around but she managed to do fine in Producers, whereas in Moon Lovers it seems her acting has taken backwards step.
      Lee Yoo Bi also known as good actress (GFB anyone?), but she can’t save the stupid character + meandering plots in Scholar.
      More or less yes Lee Jun Ki doesn’t really have great luck with co-stars and the only co-star I ever ship him with is Shin Min Ah. But sometimes the acting of the lead actress isn’t even the main problem.

      • 12.3.1 missjb

        IU is talent actress. Not every actor have the chop to act well in a bad script

        • Marimari

          IU wasn’t as bad as everyone seem to make her out to be in ML. She’s still quite young and that was her sageuk role and I think she did fine despite everything stacked up against the production. With time and more focus on acting, I think she has great potential.

        • Akita

          IU is not a big actress. She is actually very good for her age and years of expressed as an Actress. In fact, she is better than some high profile k-actress.

          She was alright n the beginning when she still felt as a 21st century girl. She just feel short & didn’t deliver that level of depth in her character after the death of Lady Oh. But she was still good contrary to what haters say about her performance.

          Regarding this CM drama. Well LJG has been in the industry for maybe 15 years. I think the man knows what he is doing. I trust if ever he accepts this drama, it must be something good just like Moon Lovers. I became a fan of his after that drama. If he had created Wang So in Moon Lovers, I am sure he can create another interesting & phenomenal character in Criminal Mind.

          In addition, he did that too in SWWTN. Seriously that drama was way too slow for my taste but his interpretation of the vampire character was amazing. If Korea is not so obsessed with rating, he deserved a Best Actor for his character in that drama.

          PS. Moon Lovers is my favourite kdrama of all time & Wang So is my favourite character. Thanks to the drama I found Lee Joon Gi. If he decides to do Criminal Minds, I will definitely be on board. So kdrama always deliver better remake.

      • 12.3.2 Mindy

        But there are actors who can rise above mediocre writing or even directing to give a good performance even though what is on paper isn’t that great.

        I think that I had a higher opinion of IU as an actress before Moon Lovers because roles like Cindy in Producers suit her well. For whatever reason she was not able to evoke the same emotion in Moon Lovers. I just think the character of Hae-soo didn’t resonate with her and she wasn’t able to reach the character, if that makes any sense. It showed her limits as an actress.

        • Mindy

          Don’t get me wrong though, I recognize that the writing in Moon Lovers was crap much of the time, too, lol.

        • Rumi

          Partially true. Even the better actors or actresses sometimes can’t save a project and then their performance may seem mediocre though. Rising above mediocre writing or directing is actually hard, so yeah, a talented, hard working actor/actress truly can make the best out of what they are given

          • Marimari

            Out of all the popular female idols I like IUs subtle type of acting. Seo Hyun Jin was able to hone her skills through years of experience and really good projects under her belt. I hope MLSHR won’t discourage her from acting altogether. I’d like to see how she improves with time and more projects.

      • 12.3.3 EZ

        IU is god level compared to this actress (WANTED)

        that is why i said, suzy was better.. because this one was just so bad..

        And i don’t understand for a big star that LJK is.. he is responssible for his own career…

        I don’t think gong you, or any other big actors would blindly go into a project and would willingly encourage bad actors to be on the collaboration..

        LJK is not in for charity.. when goign gets tough.. one needs to make calculated decisions

        • Akita

          What do you mean? But Moon Lovers was a good choice. SBS got the rating they expected, well too bad for them. Kissassian got the chunk out of Moon Lovers. The drama is the most viewed there. Dramafever did great as well. The drama has been number for more than 10 weeks there. OneAsia got the chunk, they earned more than 70% of the viewership and already did it’s rerun. Youku got more than 2.5billions views. Japan got the drama run twice already.

          All portals are getting it’s shares but dramafire…it probably reached more than 10,000 viewers simultaneously watching the show. I don’t think that happened to any portals. Even the KKTV Taiwan earned the number spot for many weeks and still currently on air I guess.

          Looks like all portals are successful except SBS. Who’s fault is that?

          Anyway, I hope we can hear some decision soon.

          Looks like this drama is a big production. According to dramafever it’s a joint production with Next Entertainment World (NEW) and Taewon Entertainment in cooperation with ABC Studios & Disney Media. Entertainment World (NEW) I think was the producer of Descendants of the Sun.

          • Akita

            Typo error: correction- “SBS did not get the rating they expected, well too bad for them.”

    • 12.4 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      Stop talking about how terrible of Kim Ah Joong in Wanted. Everyone just rate her too low because Lee Bo Young so strong in God’s Gift. How they can make a comparison like that? From the day she confrimed to the day air first ep just one month, she not good, but it’s okay, and a lot better than Suzy. Suzy is in a PRE-PRODUCED drama. Wanted’s director also is the first time he direct a thriller instead romcoms before. And finally, Wanted is not a drama that SBS give so much expectations.

      • 12.4.1 paroles

        I never watched God’s Gift but I still think Kim Ah-joong was bad in Wanted. It’s not right to assume that the poor reviews of her acting are biased because people are comparing her to Lee Bo-young.

      • 12.4.2 EZ

        I have never watched Bo young.. in any work ever. Only reason i know her is because she is married to JS.

        Infact none of these actresses came before KAJ.. so speaking for myself, when i started wanted, there was no comparison scale…

        She cemented her image all by herself… althoguh some people here are saying she has done other dramas and is good at it..
        BUT i really really wonder.. because she could not pull even one expression properly in WANTED…

        Script, directing can impact storytelling..not her acting.. which just wasn’t there

    • 12.5 ET

      Be careful when you say this kind of thing. One can always rebut by saying that LJK can’t attract capable actresses to work with him.

      I agree that Kim Ah Joong was bad in Wanted but she’s definitely not the worst actress in kdrama history.

      Almost all the time, dramas are let down by writing and direction. There are definitely bad actors but I have yet to see one single-handedly destroy a drama. And this applies even to Suzy.

      • 12.5.1 sorrynotsorry

        “dramas are let down by writing and direction” Yes, more often than not good writing can overcome lackluster direction and mediocre acting. It is really hard for a production to overcome bad writing though if there is enough star power, it can still win a ratings battle. I also have never been so annoyed with an actor to stop me watching a drama….it is always just that a production isn’t my cup of tea.

      • 12.5.2 EZ

        I would beg to differ there.. bad script, bad directing can affect the overall storytelling.. BUT definitely not acting..

        THere are ample examples out there.. where other components are bad but good actors act.. you know they can act.. the character may not make sense.. but you can see them pulling off expression..

        This one.. is plain incompetent..atleast inWANTED

      • 12.5.3 EZ

        Also may i add, he is a magnet that attracts the ultimate pretty faces..

        all his co-stars are really known for their beauty 🙂 .. maybe the criteria lies somewhere else

        • Bad Cheese Cheddar

          Being pretty or popular does not guarantee that one can act. Sigh… it is all good and wonderful that someone is young and has potential to be good. I want to watch dramas with actors that are already good… not someone who will be good in ten years.

  13. 13 Boomboompow

    I haven’t watched Criminal Minds but the synopsis sounds a bit like I Remember You – is that the case? If it is, that sounds like a must watch!

    • 13.1 SLVR

      Though essentially the basic premise is the same as ‘I remember You’, a crime procedural searching for a serial killer, Criminal Minds is much more dark and nuanced.

      Criminal Minds is basically about the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) at FBI, made up of 6-7 special agents (including one technical agent/former hacker), whose job it is to profile and research serial crimes. Though it has its moments of action, it’s based more on profiling the suspect’s behaviour and possessions and establishing patterns for crimes. Almost every episode shows a serial killer, so you get some very dark, twisted people with dark, twisted stories (similar to Bo Gum and Choi Won Young’s characters).

      It’s my favourite non-comedy English TV series, and I have stayed with it through all seasons and love it to bits. I think Korean Movies have a great history of crime thrillers, and can do well on TV as well.

      • 13.1.1 Boomboompow

        Seo In Guk’s character is a also a profiler though I think he only displayed his skill in few cases (which is a shame) so this sounds promising, I completely love IRY and I would def tune in for Criminal Minds!

  14. 14 Ava

    Instead of doing drama, i think he should do more movies. I mean its been a while since we’ve seen LJK on the big screen.

  15. 15 potatodrama

    Please LJK, say yes!

    On the other hand, I find Kim Ah-joong not a viable choice at all, she’s very lacking as an actress, pretty, but not that good.

    Why they don’t cast Seo Hyun-Jin for the part? She is already wrapping Doctor Kim! – I can dream, right?

    • 15.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Lee Jun Ki and Seo Hyun Jin pairing should happen. Can we make it into reality?

      If my memory serves me right i think i have watched some fmv by fans for r
      these two.

      • 15.1.1 potatodrama

        Yes, I remember when Javabeans posted a fan made version of Moonlovers with these two and it was perfection!

        So imagine in real life!

    • 15.2 PakalanaPikake

      Exactly what I was thinking — I’d love to see LJG onscreen with Seo Hyun-jin. He was great in TWO WEEKS and TIME BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF. It would be interesting to see both of them in a modern action show. She has the chops to pull it off.

      I personally have pretty much had it with depraved serial killers, though, so am kind of leery, although I enjoyed watching numerous seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS after it went into syndication.

  16. 16 Mandy

    Why does LJK always end up with mediocre actresses? Every recent drama he’s been in, I’ve dropped because the person paired with him can’t act their roles out. Nam Sang-mi, Lee Yu-bi, IU, now this…? I hope he skips and picks a good drama with a good costar. As much as I like him, it’s not enough to get past terrible drama choices and even worse costars.

  17. 17 vam

    I hope he accept it. It’s time for Lee Junki to go back to the modern world.

    I personally have no problem with procedural as long as it’s written well. Just like the US counterpart, if the case is interesting enough there’s no need to worry that it’ll be boring. I mean, not every show need romance and melodrama. I want to see a korean drama that really just about solving cases without the unnecessary angst please. Sometimes I think korean drama characters cries too much. Hahaha. Or maybe that’s just me.

  18. 18 Glorioustiel

    Honestly, I won’t expect too much from this.

    Criminal Minds is a rather heavy drama and I’m not sure that kdrama can catch up to it. Kdrama mainly focuses on a case (or several cases that ended up being related to each other, like “The Girl Who See Smells” or “Hello Monster”) while Criminal Minds have standalone plot on each episode (with a thin line connecting some cases). And CM main characters are not in relationship with each other. I probably would not be motivated to watch a kdrama without romance (yes, call me shallow. i just need something to fill up my lonely loveless life).

    But maybe it’ll work out just fine if they ended up making something similar to “Vampire Prosecutor”

    I’m hoping to see a clear plot and great casts, I guess.

    • 18.1 Mindy

      See, I actually prefer the way a good K-drama does the crime format.

      One season of a procedural might be fun for me, but after a while it gets repetitive and I lose interest. I like it when the cases connect and there is an overarching plot. Procedurals and “monster of the week” type shows aren’t really my cup of tea when it comes to more serious/dark shows.

  19. 19 asdfghjkl

    I loved the American ‘Cold Case’ series so when it was announced that there will be a japanese Wowow-Warner Bros dorama remake (Cold Case, started 10/2016), I have to watch it. It turned out pretty good. Nice to have a collection of english songs that they can use to identify the years…. Too bad it was only 10 episodes. Now if they can make a korean remake, then I’ll probably watch that too.

    Well, IRY is about serial killers and Crim Minds is about serial killers. The characters in Crim Minds just pull you in. My favorite actor there though is Joe Mantegna. Just remove the romance in the remake, please.

    • 19.1 vam

      Wow, there is someone who watches Cold Case japanese version other than me. I thought I was the only one. Haha.
      It is pretty good. I remember thinking if they make a korean version of this it’ll be so cool, to see a group of calm, collected and professional detectives in korean drama for once.

      • 19.1.1 Sancheezy

        I watched cold case Jversion and that’s really satisfying,
        the bgm is so fitting and it feels different yet really sad

  20. 20 hyde

    can they please stop the remakes???? more original ideas

  21. 21 Sam

    What’s all these fuss about mediocre k-actresses? You hardly find good korean actresses. Do you think Song Hye Kyo is a good actress? I have seen her since full house. Seriously, she is all the same in all her dramas. Park Shin Hye, Shin Se Kyung & Park Min Young are on the same category? Even Jun Ji Hyun, I love her in Il Mare but she is terrible in My Love from the Star & LOTBS.

    YOu can only categorize them between popular & less popular.

    • 21.1 Megan

      And that is your opinion:)

      The fuss about actresses is ridiculous. Most i-netz only bash Korean female actresses and say how bad they are in acting, but never a mention anything about oppars, right? Except if oppar is an idol actor, even then they don’t get ounce of the bashing that actresses get.
      All those actresses you’ve listed have objectively shown good acting. All of them did and still do get critique believe it or not, but it’s laughable to call all Korean actresses mediocre, unless they do Chungmuro prestige indie Cannes festival films. Also let’s stop pretending that the flat characters these actresses are directed to play hasn’t got anything to do with the bashing, be it Cha Eun Sang or Seo Mi Do.

      • 21.1.1 missjb

        agree.. though. There is more fangirl than fanboy in korean drama world LOL… even if the actress show good acting, they won’t praise the actress instead go crazy about their oppa who happen can’t emote properly (not lee jun ki though, he is a thespian)

      • 21.1.2 paroles

        It’s not that people are biased because they are “oppas”. Personally, I have a list of (male) actors whom I think sucks at acting, or have irritating quirks when they act. However, I never really say anything about them for fear of getting torn apart by rabid fangirls. I only concur when someone else initiates the topic to express my support for their bravery. (Sorry for being a coward lol.) It’s the same when it comes to dramas too. It’s especially irritating when you say that a popular drama is not your cup of tea. If your tone sounds just a bit off, you’ll get ripped apart. The package includes comments such as “if you don’t like it why watch it”, “why come into the recap if you don’t like the drama in the first place”. Like, okaaaay…

        • Megan

          I don’t want people to misunderstand me. I’m not saying that you can’t criticize or have opinions, of course everyone has the right to do that and they should. The double standards are just so tiring. How many more times do I have to read that Korean actresses are collectively mediocre? And never read that exact thing about Korean male actors. I dare say that Korean female actresses are more interesting than most Korean actors that are practically worshiped on k-drama/k-pop websites. But I guess this happens on other film industries too, Hollywood, Bollywood?

          @paroles, yes oppars fangirls can be really scary. I personally try to avoid engaging conversations with delusional ones, but I feel like I won’t get stoned on here

          @missjb, agree with you. Always the female leads fault, never the perfect oppars or script writers or directors… (this is about those actresses who have shown that they are capable actresses, not the ones who are hopeless in acting even if they are given many chances)

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            One of the factors why there are more critics (and to make it more obvious) on female lead actress because this kdramaland tend to cast some mediocre actresses as main lead more, rather than the talented ones.

          • sorrynotsorry

            I do get uncomfortable with the amount of criticism thrown at Korean actresses…not the models or idols…but actresses who, to my mind, are doing just fine with the product they are given. This is much more on the writers than the actresses or actors though I do think recently I’ve noticed more issues with the PD’s and how they film.

            Having said that, I once said something about the successes of a Korean actress….not even a criticism and I got lambasted right here on DB. I’m not even gonna say her name. The thing is I like the gal and have stood up for her so many times…. So there are a few actresses out there that have some serious scary fandoms.

          • Megan

            @Sera The Ms Temper, that can be one factor too

            @sorrynotsorry, yeah, every fandom has the over-zealous fans who can be sensitive with or without a reason. The bigger fandom, the higher chance to meet zealous individuals. I’ve been following Kim Go-Eun’s instagram while it existed, and some of the international commenters were way too intrusive and rude, commenting on her dating life and saying things like ’you better not f-up Gong Yoo’s comeback with your scandals’ etc. No wonder she deleted…

    • 21.2 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      Some really great acting are Go Ah Sung, Lee Yo Won, Go Hyun Jung, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Hye Soo. Popular not means their skills are the best.

      • 21.2.1 rara

        or lee da hae. probably he could reunite and get the girl which he didn’t back then bcs of dongwook.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          LDH honestly shines the most in romcom. I am voting for their reunion in a good romcom.

    • 21.3 missjb

      it’s the other way around. If you notice, you will find more a good young actress rather than good talent young actor. It’s just they keep casting a bad actress in a female lead role… or A good actress have to act lame just because their role have to. Korean have so many talent actress but their roles doesn’t allow them to get as meaty role as like their male counterpart.

      • 21.3.1 Megan

        In Signal, admittedly Lee Je Hoon’s character is far more interesting on paper than Kim Hye Soo’s. In the course of the drama, it was evident that Kim Hye Soo’s acting made her character more interesting and layered, but I still saw how i-netz complained and said that her character/acting was too weak, and SHE was the weak link, when we all know that LJH’s acting was really bothering in the first half.
        And people saying that IU ruined ML… IU was better in Producers (most likely because she could better grasp the role better), but it’s an exaggeration to say that IU was doing this expression O_O all the time, which apparently ’ruined’ the drama for them.

        • sorrynotsorry

          I was never bothered by IUs wide eyed look. I actually put this on the PD. The close up thing is his conceit. It worked well with LJG because he rocked that role, but did PD not get that he was putting his actress in a vulnerable situation or was he so befuddled by the fact she is so delicately pretty that he didn’t get it? That’s what I’ve never understood. I mean I think this is the guy who stood up for the “pretty cry” so whatever.

          I loved Signal…only heard about people upset with the way the guy was talking. Had no clue i-netz were complaining but that’s insane.

    • 21.4 Artheusa

      Just go watch “Dear My Friends” and report back.

  22. 22 Kennedy Rose

    Ahem..well.. i would to see LJK in a dorky/nerdy character(no oversized specs or hair pated in the middle, please). Just make him naive and a bit of a fun guy(a mash of dr reid n ms garcia).. something different from his recent roles(brooding, dark with anguished looks). I am curious to see him in that kind of role..

  23. 23 Grapes

    This project doesn’t sound attractive, i hope he doesn’t accept.

  24. 24 bytme

    CRIMINAL MINDS is one of my most favorite shows everrrrrrrr. I think Korea has been doing a good job with dark investigative thrillers like Missing Noir M and Signal. CM is special because it’s the Behavioral Analysis Unit, so they assist law enforcement in profiling criminals versus being frontline officers. I’d love to see LJG in such a show although…I think it’d be wiser to take the theme and make it Korean versus completely remaking the show closely. Because CM is well loved!

    I loved the original Cold Case but did not love (or dislike) the Japanese remake. Perhaps, I will give it another shot.

    • 24.1 Black Swan

      @bytme The original reports says it’s an adaptation or korean version. But seriously how can anyone remake a 12-season series.

      So it must be just same concept to be materialised to a Korean version yet with a brand new storylines.

      • 24.1.1 sorrynotsorry

        Yes, I imagine it will have the same concept. The Good Wife was on 7 years and they came up with a solid 16 episode drama.

  25. 25 Nee

    Yay!!!!! This is dream come true. LJK in a remake of my favorite US series!! Definitely let him be Hotchner, but will be good with love line!

  26. 26 knom

    I love Criminal Minds but honestly, I have a feeling that this remake would not do so well. If Kim Ah Joong signs on, does that mean there will be romance between LJK and KAH? I’m just hoping there would be no romance in this version and just straight up dark, crime solving. I want solid writing and acting. Well see how Korea does it.

    • 26.1 larus

      I really doubt there will be romance. It is a procedural crime drama. The leads will be partners on the job. I loved the team dynamic and their friendship in the Criminal Minds.

  27. 27 nada

    Finally…!!! He’s in a modern one, finally!!!

  28. 28 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Is KBS ever do a drama without lovelines? They should move to SBS instead.

    • 28.1 Ava

      OCN would be better

  29. 29 Del

    With open script contest, sound like they are seriously looking for solid quality writer. But I have doubt because this is the same team behind Athena and IRIS.

    While I am happy that my ultimate bias LJK is considering a modern drama (not that I have problem with him doing another sageuk) with a possible leading lady of the same age and a credible one, I am so against the idea of a remake. A remake is hardly successful in Korea so I hope he will turn down this offer. Still early of the year, there will be more exciting projects coming for LJK.

    My vote for LJK is NO, don’t accept this offer.

  30. 30 Bips99

    Criminal mind seems too too dark for Korean TV esp a non cable channel . .. I loved the show but by the 9th season I couldn’t stomach it anymore ….entertainment should not make you want to throw up… . and if they tone down the crimes then I’m not sure what is left. … I’ll put my vote for – don’t do it ljk !

    • 30.1 PakalanaPikake

      Criminal mind seems too too dark for Korean TV esp a non cable channel . .. I loved the show but by the 9th season I couldn’t stomach it anymore ….entertainment should not make you want to throw up…

      We’re on the same page as far as the barf factor is concerned.

      I have the same reservations with regard to over the air broadcasters.

      Maybe the remake will turn out to be more along the lines of the subplot in LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA, which features a cunning black widow. Perhaps a couple or three perps with plots concurrently spread over 16 episodes, with the blood and gore off screen?

      If it’s more about the camaraderie and backstories of a team of profilers, it could be okay if the cast is solid. Team LJG with Jang Hyuk and they could have a blast.

      As for Kim Ah-joong, I think I’ve only seen her in the film STEAL MY HEART with Joo Won, which was a fun romp.

  31. 31 ET

    It looks like they won’t stray too far from the original material and only call for script adaptation to Korean setting.

    Assuming a competent writer is chosen then the PD and casting are more important. One of my complaints about Korean crime genre is that there’s a lot of posturing, everyone looking too cool for their own good and being dark in a superficial sense.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine Lee Jun Ki in this genre and that’s not a bad thing. I like it when actors surprise me.

  32. 32 redfox

    *foaming at the mouth* Teacher in a modern crime drama? REALLLYYYY? Please take it, please!

    someone heard us whining, I guess

    • 32.1 redfox

      on the other hand, wait…. so Iris and Athena menas the team is just so-s? then maybe no… Ninja Teacher should play a real actual ninja, period.

  33. 33 Lis

    Pls say ‘NO’ Lee Joon Gi!

  34. 34 Cocoboo

    OMGGGG LEE JUN KI! I would love to see him in a good crime show. He really needs to be picky and choose a solid project though!!

    I liked Criminal Minds whenever I caught it on TV; I just wasn’t obsessed with following each episode/season. I hope this kdrama is not a direct remake of it though. Remakes can be hits or misses and fans tend to be more critical of remakes.

  35. 35 missjb

    since this is airing in KBS, I hope they will pick a good director. Please not another Kim Gyu Tae. You have several good director to work with.

  36. 36 Sera The Ms Temper

    I love Criminal Minds but tbh i am scared to hear anything about remake anymore. But if it can be as good as The Good Wife and nof becomes bad as Entourage, then why not.

    I dont really convinced KBS will do this remake, i will slightly convinced if it is from TGW’s production.

    I hope one fine day, Lee Jun Ki will be able to have co-stars and team like Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. Sure Han Suk Kyu is the centre of the drama but he is not alone and he doesnt have to cover weaknessess from his co stars.

    And as someone mentioned above, I really want LJK to be paired with Seo Hyun Jin or maybe with Kim So Yeon.

    • 36.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      If possible with Kim Hyun Joo too 😁

    • 36.2 larus

      I wanted Soyeon to play Prentiss even since I heard about this remake. It looks like I won`t have a chance to see her in a badass role again soon. But I won`t lose hope. It will come my chance.

  37. 37 Car

    All I need is LJK. I’m in. 🙂

  38. 38 nuwoy

    Well, I’m surprised that it will be airing on KBS. I mean, IRY was popular among international viewer despite received low ratings in Korea. Hope it won’t turn out like IRY.

  39. 39 mk

    My guess is Lee Jun-ki’s probably up for a Morgan-type of role and Kim Ah Joong might be JJ.

  40. 40 Wag_a_Muffin

    Silly of me, yeah. But when I look at the photo of him I think of “take on me” (toon turning into real life) and W.
    The black lines on his jacket (?) look like ink drawing.

  41. 41 sorrynotsorry

    If the writing is solid, and he trusts the production team why not? Having said that, I would do it with the understanding it probably won’t be a huge ratings hit. It just doesn’t seem procedurals do well in Korea. He’s no dummy, he knows his fans would have him in romance after romance… I actually think he would be great in a rom/com since he does seem on the adorkable side in real life or as much as one can tell.

    • 41.1 Hyades

      Same here! I really want see him in rom\com drama. He will so adorable !

      • 41.1.1 Nongshim

        Rom-com? I think he did that genre in MY Girl & The Virgin Snow. To do such kind of drama would be a total waste of his talent unless if its a super duper brilliant script & the character has depth.

    • 41.2 Bad Cheese Cheddar

      Soooooo… I saw 7 first kisses… was that what is was called? I couldn’t get behind his character. He was supposed to be a church chaebol guy in love with his childhood friend… and when he got all “romantic” I just couldn’t stop laughing.

      I know it was just a promotional thing and he had less than ten minutes in it. But, all I could think of was how fake it all seemed. I suppose I am used to his good acting and this was off the cuff and quickly done.

      Now I can’t picture him in any kind of romantic anything… eeek.

  42. 42 Truhurts

    I’m just relieved to see an age appropriate female lead in her *gasp* 30s!

    I don’t care for straightforward police procedurals unless they have a twist like Signal but they seem to have an audience and there is a successful blueprint in the US show. Most of the Korean remakes and adaptations of foreign shows have have been embarrassingly awful (such as last year’s Moon Lovers, Entourage) but it would be difficult to get this wrong.

    I’m not a fan of Lee Jun Ki but I do feel sorry for him in his recent flop projects he has been doing nearly doing all the heavy lifting which must be draining. I can’t imagine how it feels as an actor to give your all in project after project that tanks. Criminal Minds is more of an ensemble which if they cast well might take some of the pressure off him, give the audience more to connect with and maybe he will finally have a successful drama.

  43. 43 aa

    whatever it is if LJK in, then I am in.


    just it,
    I will just pray for it

  44. 44 JessA

    I freaking love Lee Jun-ki and Criminal Minds (Reid and Morgan are my favs!) but I’m not sure if I want to see Lee Jun-ki take this project. He is phenomenal and I want him to do a modern drama but maybe not this. If he accepts, I’ll definitely watch it of course because I will watch anything he is in (I suffered through Scarlet Heart too).

  45. 45 blu

    yess Lee Junki, yess! a little worried though as it won’t be a guaranteed multiple season thing so I’m concerned that adapting a multi season drama to a single season won’t translate that well. But who cares since Lee Junki is in it I’ll watch it regardless 😛

  46. 46 KO5

    I like LJG. His acting in ML was mind blowing. His Wang So is best thing happened to me in all kdramas I have watched. If happened and he accept this new project, I hope it will do well. All the best you Super Master.

  47. 47 Jolly

    I’d be down for this. I skipped Lee Jun-ki’s previous two dramas, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. Kim Ah-joong is alright too, even if her last drama was really lacking, so they could make a fine duo. I haven’t seen the original, but I like that it’s a modern drama. Crime and mystery is a solid genre.

  48. 48 Star

    I am so much in love with Spencer Reid character potrayed by Matthew Grey Gubler that I don’t want anyone replicate it. I don’t even want to imagine how k-drama will visualized a geeeniuss like him with putting glasses and super supeerr nerdy looks. No.

    Maybe I am so protective towards Reid l. Lets see how this remake goes.

  49. 49 WangSo

    Haters were kept talking nonsense when he accepted Moon Lovers. They were so busy slaughtering his drama before it even started. But he delivered such phenomenal performance as Wang So, the best portrayed character I’ve seen in kdramaland & Moon Lovers was one of the best kdrama.

    So I trust whatever he chooses. As per original reports it was an adaptation so I expect a new storyline and it would be like a new drama.

  50. 50 Lisa_wackycashew

    I really like the Criminal Minds cast and show even though I only saw some episodes here and there. Would be interesting to see it adapted to a K-drama. If LJG signs on, I’m definitely watching for him.

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