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Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 15
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You can always count on this show to find the romancey shenanigans in any situation, no matter how many lives and legends and fates are at stake. It’s a relief, since I was bracing myself for some brooding and some idiocy of the noble variety, after yesterday’s revelations. But there’s nothing better than seeing our hero’s fears turn into a shred of hope, all because he wants to believe that a happy ending with the woman he loves is possible. Enough romancey shenanigans will do that to a guy.



Joon-jae hears Chung think to herself that she’ll die on land without him, that her heart will stop beating and harden without his love, and he asks, terrified, “Why would you die?!” She’s more concerned with how he heard her thoughts, and demands to know how long he’s been able to hear her true voice.

He finally admits that he recovered his memories: “The crazy guy who shielded you with an umbrella in the rain, the player who held your hand when you were alone, the wacko who made you ramyun—they’re all me. And the mermaid who saved me in the ocean and erased my memories is you.”

They’re both shell-shocked for different reasons, and he asks again if it’s true that her heart will stop and she’ll die without him. She confirms it: “This isn’t my world. The moment I gave up water and came to land, I had a heart that can’t beat without you.”

She tells him to stop asking her to make promises about living happily after he’s gone, because that’s not a promise she can keep: “If you disappear, I disappear too.”

The truth finally sinks in and Joon-jae recalls his shrink Professor Jin calling theirs a bad fate, where loving each other would lead to their deaths. He mutters, “Ma Dae-young wasn’t the problem… I could be the one to kill you.” She tries to argue and reaches out to touch him, but he backs away from her. Aw, no! Don’t do that! She looks heartbroken as she lowers her hand.

Chung sobs up in her room, the floor littered with pearls around her. The wailing is so loud that Nam-doo comes out to the terrace to ask Joon-jae if they fought very badly, and he suggests that if Joon-jae can’t take responsibility for her till the end, he might as well cut her loose now.

Joon-jae snaps at that and says he hasn’t even done anything for her yet, and everyone wants him to end things, thinking of Professor Jin’s advice to let her go. Joon-jae says that it may have been Chung’s greed that brought her all the way here in search of him, but it’s now his own greed that’s keeping him from sending her away.

He knows he’s being greedy, he says, but he keeps not wanting to hear the reasons why he should send her away, and admits to wanting excuses to keep her around. Nam-doo has no idea what he’s blabbering on about, but says he has a niggling feeling that Chung owes him a debt for some reason, though he can’t remember what it is. Joon-jae thwacks him on the back of the head again just in case, to prevent any sudden memory recovery.

After a good cry, Chung thinks back to the moment Joon-jae began hearing her thoughts, now understanding all the reactions he seemed to be having to her interior monologues.

Then it occurs to her that he knew she was a mermaid when he ran around saving her from water at the jjimjilbang, and that he could hear all her thoughts when he kissed her and quieted her nerves. She wonders now what it could mean, and opens her door to find Joon-jae standing down below just staring up at her closed door.

She comes down and tells him about being found out by Nam-doo earlier today, and the way he became a different person and wanted to sell her out the instant he knew that she was a mermaid. Joon-jae looks like he wants to go punch Nam-doo’s lights out, but Chung asks what he thought when he found out—was he afraid, or does he dislike her?

Joon-jae asks if that’s important right now, but she insists that it’s very important to her, and waits with bated breath for the answer. He tells her that he wasn’t afraid and he didn’t dislike her, and just thought it was par for the course because she was always weird. Ha.

Chung is relieved and admits that she’s happy to have been found out, because she was always dreading it, wondering how he’d react. She says her worst nightmare was seeing a look of hatred on his face, and he says his worst nightmare is having everything repeat.

She wonders what he means, so he takes her to a museum to show her, and leads her to the portrait of Dam-ryung. She gapes, and Joon-jae says, “I know what you’re thinking, but I’m better looking.” Pff.

She asks who it is, and he says, “A man who loved a mermaid.” He tells her about Dam-ryung and Se-hwa’s love story, up until the moment they reunite as adults. But when Chung asks how their story ended, he can’t bring himself to tell her the truth, and instead imagines a happy ending where they had children and grew old together, and had long and happy lives.

We see Dam-ryung and Se-hwa in Joon-jae’s fantasy, looking out their window on a snowy day. Joon-jae gets choked up as he lies that this is how their story ends. Chung smiles happily, though she wonders why it made her cry, and she wipes away a tear.

Joon-jae shows her the vase where Dam-ryung painted their underwater kiss, and he guesses that Dam-ryung and Se-hwa must’ve had dreams about them too. Chung asks why Joon-jae is afraid of everything repeating if his dreams were happy ones, and he realizes that his stories aren’t adding up. He fumbles for an answer and says that it’s because she could die because of him.

She says that nothing will happen as long as he loves her and stays by her side, and that Dam-ryung and Se-hwa obviously made it work if they lived happily ever after. Joon-jae argues that he’s not Dam-ryung, and that a person’s heart is the most unreliable thing in this world, which is why relationships end all the time.

He lies that the thing he’s afraid of is the pressure of having her life depend on his love, and she narrows her eyes at him and declares it unfair that he can read her thoughts but she can’t read his. He scoffs that she’d have no need to read his mind because he only ever speaks the truth. One of these days you’re going to be struck by lightning, buddy.

Joon-jae’s mom tries to reach her ex-husband’s secretary Manager Nam, but the only contact she has is an old phone number that’s been disconnected. She trudges back inside Jin-joo’s house, and from the street, that shady black car that tried to run her over is there, still following her every move.

Chung tells Joon-jae that she has a great idea: She’ll erase his memory of yesterday, and that way he won’t remember that she could die, and he won’t feel burdened anymore. She thinks she can control her strength enough to just erase the one day, and he starts backing away from her.

She tells him to just close his eyes and that it won’t hurt, and backs him all the way up against a wall and holds his arms up like she’s about to seduce him. His heart totally speeds up at that and he almost gives in just to kiss her, but then he shakes her off and starts running.

She chases him all over the living room, laughing and flailing, until it turns into an adorable wrestling match. Nam-doo and Tae-oh just sit there staring at them from the kitchen with dry expressions, and Tae-oh shuffles into his room with a long sigh while Nam-doo mutters that he needs to find his own place.

Joon-jae wraps himself up like a burrito in bed and warns Chung not to think about trying anything funny, though she still thinks it would be a good idea to erase yesterday’s memories. He argues that it doesn’t change the facts, and besides, what would she do if he stopped loving her?

Chung says he’d never do that, and that she knew the moment she first laid eyes on him that he was a forever kind of guy, and that’s why she followed him all the way here. He scoffs and reminds her of what she thought when she was mad at him the other day, and repeats verbatim what she said about being naïve to fall for the first man she met, only to realize that there are handsome men everywhere.

Chung counters that he’s a little petty for not saying that he could hear her thoughts, and comes down the ladder to erase that day along with yesterday. He returns with a threat of his own, and offers to drop her off at the ocean and visit whenever he goes surfing, heh.

She quickly takes it back and says she won’t try any funny business: “We’ll just sleep holding hands. Don’t you trust me?” LOL.

He doesn’t trust her at all, and points out that he can hear her thinking that he’s not falling for it. He sighs and calls her a player, adding that no other mermaid in any fairytale he’s read is like her.

She gives up and trudges back to her ladder, when he asks if she’s really going to just hold hands and not try anything. She swears, so he pats the bed and opens up the covers for her, and says that he’s just checking to make sure her heart is beating okay. Uh-huh.

He wraps his arms around her like a big snuggle bear, and she happily reports that her heart beats just fine when she’s with him.

Stepmom’s spy reports that Mom works as a housekeeper at Jin-joo’s house, and she seethes to realize that the food Chairman Heo loved so much was his first wife’s cooking. She stops by to see Jin-joo and purposely asks for a cup of coffee so that Mom will serve her, and enjoys making her squirm in front of Jin-joo.

Stepmom pointedly says they enjoyed all the food Mom made for them, and offers her a job at their house. Not cowed, Mom asks in banmal if she means it, and challenges her to give her the kitchen, if not the bedroom.

Jin-joo spits out her coffee, and Mom adds that Stepmom was wrong about her—she lived in hiding because she didn’t want to cause Joon-jae harm, but now she doesn’t care about any of that.

Stepmom tries to get Jin-joo to leave the room, but Mom brings up that story Jin-joo told her about that nasty woman who stole her friend’s husband and chased the first wife out. Mom: “It’s me—I’m the original wife who got chased out, and she’s the nasty bitch.” Dayum.

Jin-joo gasps and then runs into her room to spread this juicy gossip as quickly as humanly possible, and Stepmom leaves the house in a huff.

Detective Hong and his partner come to Joon-jae’s house to discuss the case, and Nam-doo gives them the rundown on his background check on Kang Ji-hyun (aka Stepmom, though they don’t know it).

Nam-doo says her alibis and insurance claims are airtight for both husbands’ deaths, but the thing that really sent a chill down his spine is the fact that she was an orphan whose adoptive family members all died mysterious deaths too.

Nam-doo figures that she’s living under a different alias now, but one thing that popped up in his search is that Kang Ji-hyun is from the same hometown and the same high school as Joon-jae’s mother.

Meanwhile, Stepmom goes to pick up Chairman Dad at the hospital, and introduces him to his new secretary in the car. And from the driver’s seat, Ma Dae-young smiles and greets him pleasantly. Well, crap.

Mom starts to set the table intending to leave after dinner, but Jin-joo takes the plate from her hands and insists that she doesn’t have to work like this. She suddenly calls her “unni” and tells Mom to think of this as her sister’s house and just stay, even if she’s going to quit her job.

Jin-joo says gleefully that she thought she was watching a sageuk earlier, and calls Mom Queen Inhyun and Stepmom Jang Hee-bin, lol. Jin-joo tells her that the important point is that Inhyun returns to her rightful place, and she swears that she’s going to help Mom get everything back. Mom isn’t all that interested in getting her old life back, but Jin-joo is dead set on it, for her own sake.

Jin-joo guesses that Shi-ah knows the truth, which would explain her sudden behavior change towards the housekeeper. But Shi-ah is shocked to learn that Mom is Chairman Heo’s first wife, and doubly shocked to realize that this makes Joon-jae a runaway chaebol heir.

Shi-ah works out her angst at a club and then calls Tae-oh to come pick her up. He accidentally answers on the first ring while he’s playing a game, which she misinterprets as him sitting by his phone waiting for her call, and he reluctantly heads out to go get her.

Nam-doo hears that he’s going to a club and asks if the water’s good there (wanting to know how pretty the girls are), which Chung takes literally, of course. She chirps that she wants to go there if the water is good, so they get decked out in party clothes and head to the club, where Chung turns heads everywhere she goes.

Shi-ah scowls to see that Tae-oh brought them along, and Chung tells Shi-ah not to drink, because drinking made Joon-jae cute, and she doesn’t want to see Shi-ah being cute too, heh.

Nam-doo heads to the dance floor and has a blast, and takes a call from Joon-jae wondering where they all went. Joon-jae gets mad about Nam-doo taking Chung to a club, thinking that she’d hate it there, only to hear that she’s having the time of her life.

Naturally that makes him madder, and he storms off to the club in a panic. By the time he gets there, Chung and Shi-ah are having a dance-off with a huge crowd around them, and Chung is dancing her heart out like it’s the best thing ever.

Shi-ah is the first to spot Joon-jae as he makes his way through the crowd, and she jumps at the chance to hang out with him. But Joon-jae tells her to have lots of fun with Nam-doo and Tae-oh, and beelines for Chung.

He acts very differently with his girlfriend, barking at her angrily for coming to a place like this. Chung has no intention of leaving, but Joon-jae isn’t having it and just hugs her and drags her off the dance floor, much to the others’ dismay.

They don’t get very far though, because it’s pouring rain outside and Chung can’t walk out into the rain. She sighs that it’s yet another thing she can’t do, but Joon-jae goes out and returns with an umbrella and a pair of rain boots.

He tells her not to say things like “I can’t” anymore, and promises to make it so that she can do everything other people can do. He bends down to help her out of her shoes, and once she’s bundled up, they step out into the rain together.

The next day, Chung has a convenience store date with her friend Yoo-na, and says that she’s happy about Joon-jae hearing her thoughts since it means she doesn’t have to lie anymore. She’s determined to live a normal life like other people, though Yoo-na says in her experience, that’s the hardest thing of all.

Homeless Fashionista joins them, and as they people-watch from the window, Fashionista points out that you can tell the difference between real designer bags and fake ones by the way their owners treat them in the rain: The fake bags get used as umbrellas to shield their owners, while real bags are stuffed inside coats to shield them from the rain while their owners get drenched.

Chung asks if they aren’t the same if they appear the same on the outside, but Fashionista argues that the one person you can’t fool is the owner of the bag—the owner knows whether it’s fake or real, and thus treats it differently.

Chung says that an owner could love and cherish a bag even if it’s fake, suddenly identifying with the fake bag and feeling like a phony in this world. Still, she hopes that she has a right to be loved and cherished, even if she’s a fake. But! You were there just last night when he bundled you up and protected you from the rain!

Yoo-na gets it and pats Chung on the shoulder, saying that you can’t tell fake from real just by judging the outside. Chung smiles at her gratefully, while Fashionista wonders why they’re being so earnest about her joke.

Chung says brightly that she’s going to live just like other people from now on, and to that end, she’s planning to throw herself a birthday party tomorrow. She doesn’t really know when her birthday is, so she just picked a day. The girls promise to come, and Chung asks for mackerel as a birthday present.

A man waits in the hospital hallway until Manager Nam’s wife steps out to take a phone call, and steps into the room quietly. He comes into focus slowly, and it’s Chi-hyun, looking a little unhinged as he asks if Manager Nam thinks that Ma Dae-young is connected to his mother.

Manager Nam’s shocked expression gives him away, and Chi-hyun says that his mom is resting easy because Manager Nam can’t speak, but he knows that the true danger isn’t the mouth, but the heart. He leans over Manager Nam with a menacing look, and whispers that he doesn’t know when Manager Nam will betray them… and he pulls out all the tubes connecting him to the oxygen machine.

Joon-jae’s mom tries Manager Nam’s wife on the phone and is relieved when she gets through. The wife confirms that Joon-jae ran away from home but says that he’s been visiting her husband in the hospital lately, and heads back upstairs to get her glasses so that she can give Mom his phone number.

Up in the hospital room, Chi-hyun is struck with a sudden wave of panic and starts fumbling with the machines like he might want to save Manager Nam. But someone else shows up behind him and yanks him out of the room… Ack, it’s Dae-young.

The doctors rush in to try and resuscitate Manager Nam, and he has visions of himself with Dam-ryung in Joseon, and then with young Joon-jae here in this lifetime, along with Dam-ryung’s promise that they would meet again as good friends.

He also gets a glimpse of a moment in Joseon, as his doppelgagnger searches for something after Dam-ryung asked him for a favor. Someone approaches and he hides out of sight, just as a man wearing a ring enters.

Manager Nam flatlines and his wife collapses in shock, her phone call with Mom forgotten.

Dae-young drives Chi-hyun away from the hospital and tells him that he was lucky the doctors were in between shifts, otherwise someone would’ve found him in the room right away.

Chi-hyun wonders who the hell Dae-young is, and then recognizes him as the fugitive who’s all over the TV, and demands to know why he’s driving his father’s car. Dae-young just snaps at him not to do anything himself anymore, and that there’s a good reason why his mother is waiting and watching.

Chi-hyun wants to know what Dae-young has to do with his family, but Dae-young just warns him not to overturn the table he’s carefully set. All Chi-hyun has to do is pick up his spoon and eat when the time comes, Dae-young says, which unnerves Chi-hyun most of all.

Mom waits anxiously for Manager Nam’s wife to call her back, and is disappointed when it’s Chung who calls instead. Mom initially turns down the invitation to her birthday party, but when she hears that Chung just decided that tomorrow is her birthday because she doesn’t have a birthday and doesn’t have parents, she changes her mind and agrees to come.

Birthday party festivities begin with multiple food deliveries to the house, and Chung runs around donning party hats on everyone while Nam-doo complains over the phone to Joon-jae that Chung just woke up and decided it was her birthday, and they should maybe get rid of the TV so she stops learning things. Joon-jae picks up flowers and promises to head straight home.

Nam-doo jumps back when Homeless Fashionista arrives with mackerel, as ordered, and proceeds to complain about the lack of guest slippers and steamed hand towels before touching her feet and then eating with her hands.

Nam-doo holds his breath while serving Fashionista food, and she finds fault with every dish, but adds that she’ll eat it out of courtesy, since she doesn’t want to ruin the party mood.

Mom is surprised when someone snatches the grocery bag out of her hand, but she looks up to see Chung, who’s come to meet her at the bus stop. Mom is planning to make her the same birthday soup that she used to make for her son, and Chung says that ever since deciding that it was her birthday, she feels reborn, like she’s been given permission to live a new life here.

Mom says that she’s planning on a new start as well, to look for the person she wants to find, and say the things she wants to say form now on. They smile and enjoy the walk together, and from across the street, Joon-jae lights up to see Chung, calling her “our Mung-Chungie” (meaning “dummy”).

He’s on the other side of a very wide street and can’t see his mother on Chung’s other side, and walks along noting how brightly Chung is smiling.

They finally reach the same intersection and Chung waves at him, and Mom and Joon-jae are still far enough away that they don’t recognize each other from that distance. Chung tells Mom that it’s her boyfriend before shouting across the street, “Heo Joon-jae!”

Mom’s face freezes, and meanwhile Joon-jae waves back at Chung with a big goofy grin. Mom asks hesitantly if her boyfriend’s name is Heo Joon-jae, and then looks back across the street to try and get a good look at him.

Chung says that her boyfriend is very handsome, and recounts that his mother used to say that she couldn’t go ten steps with him as a child without someone stopping her to touch him. That brings tears to Mom’s eyes, and when Chung asks what’s wrong, Mom says, “My son’s name is Heo Joon-jae too.”

Mom says that they parted when he was young, and Chung realizes who she must be and asks, “Tower of Hercules?” Mom gasps, and Chung recalls the story of Hercules and his mother who separated and longed to reunite, and the legend that people who parted ways at that tower were destined to meet again.

Chung has to hold Mom up so that she doesn’t fall over from the shock. As she looks across the street, Chung thinks: Heo Joon-jae, the legend of the tower was right—that people who parted there would always reunite, that they would reunite and love again. Congratulations, you’re about to meet your mother.

He hears her, of course, and looks over at Mom with a shocked look on his face, and finally… Mom looks back at him at the same time. Chung watches the reunion with tears in her eyes.

The crosswalk light turns green, and at first neither side makes a move. Joon-jae takes one hesitant step and so does Mom, and they walk towards each other to meet in the middle.


Augh, you would stop there. What about my Mom-hug?! All in all, I’m glad that Joon-jae’s reunion with Mom was straightforward and sweet, because I was expecting all sorts of plot complications, or worse—for Shi-ah to take credit for the discovery, which would’ve really annoyed the crap out of me. Everyone else finding out around them turned out not to matter in the end, and I liked how Mom’s random friendship with Chung ended up being the only thing to bring her straight to Joon-jae. It’s especially sweet that Mom’s desire to be a mom to an orphaned Chung on her birthday was what brought her there, like a satisfying act of karma.

I do think that Mom was pretty stupid to believe her husband-stealing friend would raise her son properly, enough to cut off contact entirely—I find that behavior really odd for someone who didn’t leave him for selfish reasons—but I guess I don’t care as much about that as long as Mom continues to put Stepmom in her place and put things back the way they’re supposed to be. Clearly no one else is in a rush to help poor blind Chairman Dad, so someone needs to save him. Plus, with Jin-joo helping her, there’s just enough humor and sass going around to keep me interested.

I knew Joon-jae wouldn’t tell Chung the whole truth about Dam-ryung and Se-hwa’s tragic end, and despite not liking that he keeps keeping secrets from her, I thought his imagined ending for them was done so well. It spoke of his hope for their own happy ending, but felt so bittersweet because we knew it wasn’t real. I’ll admit that I’m really disappointed in Joon-jae and Dam-ryung’s connection only going this far, because I feel like the show lost a really cool opportunity to have them change each other’s fates—what good is having two concurrent timelines and a shared consciousness if he couldn’t even prevent them from the fate recorded in history books? Maybe I’m just not over their deaths, but I also wanted more from this intertwined past-present deal than what we got.

As for the present relationship, it was nice to see it progress once secrets were finally out in the open, because even though outwardly it didn’t change their everyday relationship dynamic too much, Chung stopped obsessing over her mermaidness—what Joon-jae would think about it, what would happen if he hated her—which was always a weak conflict to begin with because Joon-jae has never once cared that she’s a mermaid. Though it was all worth it for Chung to finally realize that Joon-jae did all those things for her knowing who she was all this time (the jjimjilbang scenes seem especially cute once she’s looking back on them with this new perspective), because his actions speak louder than any “I love you.”

The most important development is that Joon-jae didn’t immediately freak out and send Chung back to the ocean upon hearing that she could die on land without his love. I thought for sure he’d start hatching a plan to send her back for her own good, but when he admitted to selfishly wanting her by his side and looking for excuses to believe his ending would be different, it gave me hope that he’d really make it happen by sheer force of will. You can do eeeeet, Heo Joon-jae!


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    Shim Cheong and “Park So Ha” cameo from “I can hear your voice,” please.

    • 1.1 Mango Juice

      But it will still be unfair to Shim Chung. Park So-ha (IHYV) can hear her voice, mermaid or not, while SC still can not. It will be cute though if he acts as SC’s lie detector to HJJ. Haha.

      Thank you for the recap, girlfriday! I felt as if there’s a number of mistranslations on the subs I watched, so I checked in here. 🙂

      • 1.1.1 Lily left the valley

        I finally got around to watching IHYV recently, and the idea of him playing lie detector is GREAT.

    • 1.2 Shuerei

      Gosh I was just re-watching “I hear your voice” two weeks ago!
      Lots of love to HEo joon Jae and park so ha.
      And to the two amazing actresses in both shows.

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      I was more like When will Shin meet her and go on a movie date,that would be fun

      • 1.3.1 Mango Juice

        Wait, wait. Who is Shin in LotBS? Isn’t Shin from another drama?

        • Lord Cobol

          Yes, but he would probably have better chemistry with Chung than he has with Eun-tak.

          Goblin + mermaid + reaper might make a good first 3/4 of a Fantastic Four (?)

          • Shuerei

            @ Miky, lord cobol, mango juice

            LOL fantastic four …short of one member? How about our W hero ?

            Lee Dong Wook (reaper) would look good with mermaid… maybe a doppelgänger of SC mermaid coz our SC only loves JJ…

  2. Lalaland

    What does Nam Doo mean by Chung owing him. He has a really big sense of entitlement.
    Also is Lee Min Ho the jealous type or is it a Korean men thing cause he seems to be good at being jealous like with Park Shinhye and the hair thing the only time I have seen him not jealous was in Personal Taste when his girlfriend met her ex even then he was a bit miffed about it.
    Anyway Chi hyun is the big evil in all of their lives there I call it.

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    Thanks for the quick recap!

    I KNOW about the Mom hug. I was hoping to see it tonight, although I have to admit to being as equally afraid the truck of doom was going to come along and slam into one of them.
    The slooooow cross walking gets me every time.

    I know this has been said, but JJH is just adorable in this role. I loved how she let it all lose on the dance floor. She gives no f*cks about how silly (or beautiful) she looks.

    It’s good, I think, that HJJ didn’t tell her about their Joseon fate. Why do they have to relive it when they aren’t even the same people? Believe me, they will still be threatened by whomever killed their Joseon counterparts before we get off this ride.

    • 3.1 Lalaland

      I said it before and I’ll say it again y’all got some big scars from trucks

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            Instagram is indeed a minefield when you’re dodging spoilers… Had a few close shaves and some accidents. Especially if you follow a lot of Kdrama fan accounts!

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          U can say that again. Whenever I see any character crossing, I shout hurry hurry before the truck of doom gets u!!

      • 3.1.6 Fuzzie

        Haaaa haaaaaaa! I was literally holding my breath and thinking oh dear lord please no truck or car hitting them!! LOL
        I was soooo anxious! haaaaaa haaaa

        But that said and seeing they are almost at the end of the series, i doubt they will complicate it with the truck hit. Please we need mum to reveal the idenity of the stepmum since she is the only one who knows her real name that will link her up with the serial killer. That’s what i think why they wont have accident. Coz the uncle is dead and the mum and son team will pool all the knowledge together

        • Reena

          Hmmm… I don’t think that Nam Ahjussi is dead. His Joseon counterpart is still alive and hiding from that killer, who seems to be interested in getting that book. What is the favor that DR asked his friend?

          • Charul

            Exactly! I too am crossing my fingers on this !!! Plus if he had actually died I think they would have shown it in this episode itself.. At least the ajhussi’s wife would have called and informed HJJ had he passed away…. (She acted that tense scene particularly well BTW)… But its already the next day and HJJ is yet to hear anything about him…

        • kanz

          Our dramaland experience definitely taught us to be paranoid… LOL
          I too waited with bated breath, will they/won’t they hit by a car/truck of doom? I thought Joon Jae or Chung or Mom would definitely be hit by a car.. but it seems time stops and the cars on the street also stop the moment Joon Jae heading to Chung and Mom.

      • 3.1.7 Shuerei


        +1000000 no truck please

        More love please …

        • Affie

          Pretty please!

      • 3.1.8 PlumWine

        Rightly so! I could not even enjoy the last few minutes without bracing myself for the Truck of Doom. Now I have to wait and see if the negotiations with them will accept pearls for body damage. (Klurker, Lord Cobol, Lily left the valley – y’all had me burst out laughing) I don’t think I’ll enjoy the first few minutes of the next episode until their inside the house. If I want to watch a hospital scene it’ll be with Teacher Kim.

    • 3.2 Trackspy007

      I also was totally afraid of the truck of doom at the crosswalk!

    • 3.3 sfgirl

      We aren’t out of the woods yet with Mr Truck. They are in the middle of the intersection still. I won’t rest easy until they actually meet and talk.

      • 3.3.1 MinaBoom

        + 1000000

      • 3.3.2 neener

        Meet, talk and get out of that damn street,

      • 3.3.3 Affie

        IKR! +10000

    • 3.4 Grace

      I am still afraid of the truck of doom. I noted that HJJ’s mom still had a little bit more street to walk before the scene ended to credits. There’s still enough room for being pancaked by a sudden truck!

      • 3.4.1 Annie

        Ayayay, maybe not a truck, but the car that was following Mom? (insert emoticon nervously biting nails)

        • babycakes


        • Affie

          Wow! Ditto!

        • Saner

          So it wasn’t just me! Gah, foreshadowing is a nuisance!

      • 3.4.2 Nessie

        OMG I was thinking the same. Please please no Doom of truck!

      • 3.4.3 PlumWine

        They had WAY too much road to cross! Why did they walk so slowly? To make money off no-biting nail polish?

      • 3.4.4 KrisS

        I too was screaming at my screen, Just cross already!! Thank goodness for fan photos of the shoot… the 5-day wait won’t be so bad.

    • 3.5 shinayame

      SAME. All I kept saying during the last scene was ‘please no truck of doom please no truck of doom please no truck of doom please no truck of doom’. I suppose I should be thankful there was no Subway.

      • 3.5.1 Julia

        OMG SAME.
        If a truck of doom hits mom, or the black car that has been following her around I will scream!

      • 3.5.2 Red

        Just wait it’s gonna be a subway truck of doom. Ahaha

    • 3.6 Elaine

      Im so scared that the truck of doom is coming next week. I hope not!!!!

    • 3.7 Eerinmide Go Go

      LOL ! The minute LMH saw both of them across the road and said ‘its my dummy’, I turned to my mum and said ’50bucks someone gets hit by the truck of doom’…
      We are waiting till next week to see who gets $50 richer and $50 poorer 🙁

      • 3.7.1 rambutan

        Your mom’s going to be richer, I’m pretty sure.

      • 3.7.2 Affie


      • 3.7.3 Charul

        Hahaha… Just crossed my mind… The dialogue should literally be ‘its my dummy and my mummy’ or ‘its my dummy with my mummy’ 😀

        • Leeminholove

          Haha lol HJJ before oh! its my dummy HJJ after oh!its my mummy 😀 😀 god

      • 3.7.4 Leeminholove

        Your mom is gonna win !!
        Congratulations aunt!!!

    • 3.8 Jamie

      I, too, was deeply uncomfortable the whole time they were walking along that street, even before they got to the super-wide two-part crosswalk. And now we have to wait until next week to see if they get hit by Truck of Doom or any other motor vehicle. *Whimper*

      • 3.8.1 junny

        I’d thought Joon-jae and Mom run to each other the moment the light turned green, seeing as how they’d been missing/searching for each other for years. But noooo, it was the slow walk… I was like hurry up! But Chung is there, so I’m sure she’ll beat any truck of doom with her quick reflexes!

        I do like how the reunion scene is being set up and how Mom and Chung have bonded. It was really lovely.

        Also, I laughed when Chung kept bumping Shi-ah off during their dance-off.

    • 3.9 Kpopcrazymuggle

      Omg same! Although I don’t really believe the show will pull such a dirty trick but I can’t shake the feeling of dread cross walks evoke in me :-/ too much kdrama watching does that to you 🙁

    • 3.10 spazmo

      please drama, surprise us by NOT USING THE TRUCK OF DOOM ploy…….

      as IF anyone trusts the “walk” light on the streets of seoul…

      actually, when we were there, we didn’t see anyone run red lights! BUT… walking the little alleys in Insadong, we almost got run over by those delivery guys on scooters/motorbikes, OMG… on pedestrian alleyways, these guys come up behind you honking and not slowing down for pete’s sake! we had to jump out of the way…

      motorbikes of doom, for pedestrians in Insadong, seriously… at the intersections, they will jump the curb from the street and ride the sidewalk and then jump into the crosswalk and back into the street on the other side…

    • 3.11 Flightey Gazelles

      Me too!! I kept thinking, uh not to be a killjoy but, could this heartfelt and dramatic slow-walk reunion take place in a less accident-prone area? k thanks!

      Am only reading the recaps but JJH seems to be getting more beautiful as the drama progresses. And she wears all those designer clothes well. So does LMH.

      I randomly started rewatching City Hunter and the way all those clothes clung to his body…or were subtly low cut.
      I forgot why I was drawn to LMH for a while so watching that drama again, I was reminded of the LMH charisma. I can see why he’s such a star. He’s one of the few actors I know who have swag. Like, the way he walks, partly runway, partly urban( for lack of a better word).

      • 3.11.1 Leeminholove

        Like nam doo give names to SC swag cheong swag!!!
        It should be swag Lee min ho 😉

    • 3.12 annflln

      OMG! How come we land on the same assumption lol. I’m very wary of truck/car of doom coming at them. Turned out…we have watch impressive sum of drama about vehicle of doom LOL

      • 3.12.1 Affie

        Vehicles of Doom are almost a forgone conclusion in kdramaland.

    • 3.13 Lily left the valley

      My heart was pounding at the end of the last episode because of the way they set up the crosswalk scene in the preview. I was actually holding my breath watching the end of this episode, and they STILL haven’t made it all the way across.

      I know the pre-empt threw off the rhythm of end/start flow, but this week is probably the first time in a long time that I’m going to be fretting this badly over three people managing to not get hurt on a crosswalk.

      How many more folk can they put in the hospital in this show anyway? I know, I know, don’t temp fate.

      @ Lalaland I used to sigh in disgusted disappointment over the appearance of any Vehicles of Doom–even their lesser romance shipping Vehicles of Near Misses counterparts. Yet thanks to the VoD discussions I’ve read and had with beanies here, I have a newfound appreciation for the crucial tropes they tirelessly play out for us. I just have to remind myself that it’s not their fault this was the best characterization the writer could do, and every thing is alright–even when I can’t stop the “oh noes” running in a loop in my head.

    • 3.14 Grapes

      Lol i came here after watching the episode and as expected i knew all the beanies will be scared from truck of doom or car of doom.

    • 3.15 Lexy_K

      LOL! Am glad am not the only one who kept thinking “truck of doom” throughout this whole scene. Dat’s a typical K-drama turn of events. Am glad LOTBS is not taking this route -:)

      • 3.15.1 WishfulToki

        And the most feared character in this episode is… Truck of Doom. I wonder what the Joseon vehicle would be?

        HJJ had reached the middle, but mom was walking very very slowly (too slowly for my nerves). My hope is that Chung blasts Truck of Doom to bits, y’know, like Goblin does. Then they erase everyone’s memory and distribute pearls.

        • PakalanaPikake

          I wonder what the Joseon vehicle would be?

          That would have to be the Galloping Horse of Doom, since the Oxcarts of Doom move so slowly they are easy to avoid. 😉

          • Luc

            Oh my God, you guys are hilarious.

    • 3.16 Pavlov'spuppy

      We could be of service to science here. I know my insides are a mess everytime someone crosses a crosswalk. EVERY TIME. Wonder what my blood pressure and heart rate jump to.

      I’m ruined for life when it comes to street scenes.

      • 3.16.1 blnmom

        Yes. Your username is correct, it’s totally a conditioned response in me. I had my hand covering my eyes and expected the swelling orchestra music to come to the familiar abrupt halt. Maybe next week?

        Also earlier in the episode when Joonjae was driving his pretty red car so fast to get home to Chung, I was expecting an accident.

    • 3.17 Leeminholove

      Lol!!! I’m not the one alone here… All through out the scene -now its green light, OK…you are going to meet each other after such a long years… Why you are walking slowly just run..otherwise the light will turn red and going to be the happy moment will turn into a sad one and you’ll met a tragic accident…SHOUTING RUN!RUN!RUN! 🙂 🙂

    • 3.18 CC

      There’s still the possibility of a black car of doom.

      • 3.18.1 Leeminholove

        Yeah!there’s still the possibility…..
        But let it turn into a GO JUN PYO style….kissing SC on the road and the tragic accident will not take place…. 😉 😉 😉

    • 3.19 Leeminholove

      The one who killed the joseon counterparts is none other than the new hair cut/change stepbrother chi hyun(think so)

    • 3.20 Emeura

      LOL! Glad to know I’m not the only one who is traumatized by the Truck of Doom. Holding my breath that entire scene!

      This reunion just needs to happen! Yeayy, Mom & HJJ! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • 3.21 Ammy

      So many like-minded beanies, waiting for truck of doom or car of doom…

  4. Rasonic

    I’m glad that Cheong finally knows that Joon Jae didn’t think any differently of her even after knowing she was a mermaid, but rather, he went above and beyond to make sure to protect her secret for her! I love when she recognized all of the things that he did for her in order to help protect her secret. I’m also glad that she knows he can hear her thoughts because I think it could come in very handy later on! An example was being able to tell Joon Jae that she was with his mom from across the street!

    Speaking of that ending scene. Am I the only one worried about their beautiful reunion being interrupted by the truck of doom? As Joon Jae started crossing the street I noticed that each lane of traffic was stopped so that gave me some relief, but then I couldn’t see the other direction of traffic and I’m worried! haha.

    I’m so glad that this show isn’t getting stuck on all of the unnecessary angst that we sometimes see! I am a bit disappointed that he lied to her about what happens in their past lives though. I feel like if they were both aware of what happened, they would be able to work together more effectively to find a way to change their fate in this life.

    Lastly, Tae-Oh was enjoying being at the club with Cheong so much it was adorable, haha!

    • 4.1 Leeminholove

      Take oh didn’t wanted to go there to pick si ah noona..but when realised SC is going with them omg…that shy expression he gave…he was so happy about SC going with them…agree with you he is such a sweetheart……..

  5. Minzy

    “Praises to LMH and JJH! I can’t express enough how wonderful they were in the first 20 minutes. I also have to take my hats off to LMH during the museum scene. The thought of losing her, not being able to protect her, and their tragic ending in their previous life pains him, and it is easily the most beautiful thing when LMH delivers it all with the expression of his eyes. I absolutely love it!
     Now, I simply love the reversal of roles here. In the past, SH was the keeper of the memories but in the present, it is HJJ. Is it a price they pay, KDR for not remembering so he is recreated to eventually remember it all, and SH for erasing KDR’s memories so now she suffers the part of not remembering? Or is it the result of KDR’s promise to remember her again?”

    Credit to: mythicalove  in LBS soompi thread

    I was lurking in LBS soompi thread and I read this. It is so well-worded that I like 2 share it here and I agree with all of it. The person who wrote it has said it all! Love this post! :))

    • 5.1 Mythicalove


      Hehehe, thanks for sharing my thoughts here 🙂

      • 5.1.1 AM

        Hi Minzy & Mythicalove!
        As much as this Dramabeans site is a FANTASTIC site for feverish fans to gather and analyse, I would very much like to read opinions on other sites too! Can you please provide the link to the Soompi discussion?
        Also, why is this drama not doing well in Korea?? I read somewhere that it’s not doing that well ratings wise?? WHY??? Does the Korean audience really have such different tastes????

        • Outfromlurking

          I am not certain if we can post it here so please excuse me if we cannot.


        • Ahjuma

          This drama is doing very well with ratings of 17-18%. Perhaps people are expecting it to cross 20%. I hope it does soon! The show is really good!

        • Outfromlurking

          Yes, it’s true what Ahjuma said, the ratings is quite well and it’s a very well received drama. The ratings have been ranging between 16-18, with its highest being 18.9% nationwide. That’s not overly and exceptionally well but it’s very good.

        • Nutini

          I am not surprised it is doing not as well as expected tho, ratings are ok, but not amazing and I kinda think it is ok but not amazing too

          • Outfromlurking

            I beg to differ. LOTBS is a great drama regardless of some of its flaws. I would argue that it’s one of the strongest dramas that came out of this past year, depending on whether the writer can wrap up the end beautifully. LOTBS is actually doing pretty well, both in korea and internationally.

  6. Etrenelle

    I wished it showed us just that bit extra! I can not wait a whole week for the next part!!! But omg wow this episode was just cuteness after cuteness with our main couple I think I died I little from the cuteness explosion!

    • 6.1 Grace

      Like their adorable chase/wrestling scene?! Omg!!!

      • 6.1.1 Lily left the valley

        Yep, that was totally fun. I was worried when he sort of half climbed, half fell off the lounger part of the furniture. That looked like it hurt!

        • Grace

          My fave move by Cheung was when she slammed him down on the couch in one fell swoop. Daebak!!!!

      • 6.1.2 Affie

        I rewound that scene and rewatched it thrice before I could move on from it …lol

      • 6.1.3 Stardust

        I like that part when she was pinning him to the wall and say it wouldn’t hurt and to leave it to her (blush ok I’m thinking in the line of dirty love here Wah ahah) and how joon Jae heart started beating faster and he looked like he’s gonna succumb and then he runs off saying what’s up with u hahahaha
        It’s CUTE!
        I love cute joon Jae – let’s have him do those antics every episode regardless of the plot haha

        • Leeminholove

          Exactly!!! My point cute HJJ especially when he was bragging about her ancestors!!! (seriously :D)….
          I feel that he actually got hurt while filming that scene coz the way he fell and I was like gwechana?(are you alright?)

  7. LucyLo

    More dancing scenes please!

    (thanks for the recap!)

  8. MIN

    wonderful episode! but i will stop being anxious once they’re all safely out of the streets… i hate cliffies near street crossings, since k-dramas have given me a pavlovian trauma with them since I am a TOD or a COD to appear and crush my wishes for happiness

    • 8.1 MIN

      i am *afraid* a TOD or COD will appear to crush my wishes of happiness for the characters i love

    • 8.2 AM

      Hahaha!! I love your phrase – ‘Pavlovian trauma’!
      The things I learned from KDramas!! Aigoo!

  9. hrh

    so i got tired of waiting for the sub. thank you for the recap girlfriday!

  10. 10 dramaniac

    Is it just me, or during that last scene I was just waiting for Ma Dae Young to show up on a truck of doom and just plow Joon Jae down? I honestly was so paranoid and couldn’t concentrate on the scene. Like Ma Dae Young would plow down Joon Jae with crazy hair Chi Hyun hooting in the back and Stepmom plowing down Mom(who was really badass in this episode).

    Am I the only one hoping that Chi Hyeon will turn around? He’s such a compelling character, and i know he has some good in him based on his reaction after killing the secretary friend. His goodness is just clouded by his jealousy and perhaps his tendencies, based on his parentage, but I’m sincerely hoping he will change.

    • 10.1 maryse

      I was also hoping for Chi Hyeon redemption, but after the attack on secretary Nam I don’t think it is going to happen.
      Too bad, it would have been different.

    • 10.2 AM

      Oh maaaaan! Oh SHUCKS! OMO!! Sigh, I know right?? Oh boy, now that I have learnt about all these tropes in KDramas (I’m a KDrama newbie and LOTBS has the Honour of initiating me into KDramas!!) I am going to be SUPER PARANOID too!

      • 10.2.1 Lily left the valley

        I’m sure it’s not helping that the overall comments for this episode so far seem to be leaning over 50% with at least some mention of VoDs. 😉

    • 10.3 Lord Cobol

      There’s still a faint chance of redemption, like maybe if Chi Hyun likes Sim Chung and finds out his Dad wants to hurt her (?)

      • 10.3.1 Dramaniac

        Nah I don’t think so, considering the creepy smile and ominous music after he watched joon Jae take her inside.

        • Affie

          Yup. I believe Chi Hyun has crossed over to the dark side too.

      • 10.3.2 Shuerei

        @ lord cobol

        Like you, I certainly hope that his fondness for Sim Chung might help him. He has been nurturing good values for years so I hope he could overcome his recent slip into darkness…

        Maybe it’s the red moon or bad omen thingy that his sense of righteousness has been greatly clouded but I hope it will pass because I like his interaction with SC. I think he enjoys spending time with her because she carries no baggages and expectations about his identity and position. She has no grudges, no complaints and no hidden agendas.

        He may receive love from his mom but it comes with complications and rottenness. Even with the board of directors, he had to assert control and demand respect. With SC, he can be who he is. No pretensions and no excuses.

        And perhaps he might dream of his past self and realise he is indebted to her for taking two or even three innocent lives (going by the assumption that he is the unidentified killer).

        • Affie

          I really think he is the unidentified killer from Joseon but my question is whyyyy?

        • osmanthus_tea

          My sorta secret wish is that Chung would tell him something along the lines of families will take care of each other, and spur him to do the right thing. I think she might be the balancing voice of reason for him. Since she’s kinda now his only friend, someone who actually likes and trusts him as he is.

    • 10.4 Grapes

      I think he might turn around when he finds out that MDY is his biological father.

      • 10.4.1 Wend

        Not sure about turning around but once/if he finds that out, he’s just gonna be a mess of conflicted feelings. :/

    • 10.5 Affie

      I think any kdrama addict worth their stripes was shaking in their boots at the last scene…cos of the likelihood of a Truck of Doom….

      It almost like a rite of passage in kdrama addiction…lol

      • 10.5.1 WishfulToki

        I know. The fear of an incoming TOD didn’t allow me to fully enjoy watching Lee Min Ho in that glorious PINK coat.

        • Mia

          I don’t usually pay attention to clothes in dramas unless the drama is explicitly shoving nice clothes in my face, but that coat is lovely!! He looked amazing in it.

      • 10.5.2 Zzzzzzzzz

        Even with TOD there’s still Mighty Chung to prevent it from hitting anyone ( my guess is it will be Mom )

        • WishfulToki

          Would be funny if Mighty Chung the Mermaid is hit by a COD (pun not intended).

          Possible suspects: the car that was trailing Mom, MDY out chauffeuring blind Dad.

  11. 11 love lee min ho in lotbs

    Waaaaaah….how wonderful this episode….everything about this show is just wonderful…how nice it is that the person who reunites HJJ and mom is SC…thank u writer nim..PD nim..such a heartwarming story..and the cuteness overload…i’m wondering..lee min ho’s acting is so effortless here…or he is just doing his usual self? I mean he looked like he doesn’t act…he just play himself and thats why the scene looks so natural and so captivating….love u lee min ho n jun ji hyun…..

    • 11.1 HBminoz

      I like ur comment Llmhilotbs (sorry ur name is pretty long). For me, LMH is always acts like he’s not acting at all. That’s why some people criticised him as bad actor. But i think he’s been immersing himself so well in all of his rolls, he becomes his characters. He is GJP, he is the CH, he is CY, he is KT and now he is HJJ. People also said he acts the same in all of his dramas. But if that’s the case, why some love GJP but hate KT, others like CY but can’t stand GJP, and people love CH and HJJ but dislike GJP and KT. I myself love LMH since Mackerel Run (not he himself, but all of his characters, lol, my hubby will be mad even though he also a LMH’s fan). My favorite LMH’s rolls are CY and KJD in GB.

  12. 12 Sha

    No words just loved this episode!! And that cute wrestling scene!! <3 <3

    • 12.1 Leeminholove

      And tae oh’s reaction too was cute 🙂 🙂

  13. 13 missy

    .that last scene..and all i could think of is the TRUCK OF DOOM!!! i was screamin’ like banshee “walk FASTER!!”..

    • 13.1 Cozybooks

      Right? The scene started and I thought: of course it just had to be a crosswalk. And then they’re walking and I’m shaking my fists, going “Walk faster! Faster! Look, he’s already at the middle, walk faster!!”

    • 13.2 Arhazivory

      lol. The knetizens were also worried there would be an accident and I was too.

    • 13.3 Yood

      Omg I’m scrolling down these comments and every mention of the truck of doom my heart just flinches. </3

      Next episode I want no crossing hit and runs and for nam ahjussi to be OK please :'(

  14. 14 Outfromlurking

    Great episode!

    1.) HJJ’s love for SC is as deep as the ocean. The ending he constructed for KDR and SH was bittersweet, and it’s HJJ’s way of painting a new ending for themselves. I love that he chose to endure the pain by himself because it proves how deep his love is. But I also love that SC is smart enough to realize his story doesn’t quite add up. It won’t be long until she realizes that he lied to her about the ending. They will both make a great team and together, they can defeat evil. LOL.

    2.) HJJ making sure that SC will never be excluded from anything in life. He’s paving way for her to live a full life, prettily, and happily with him.

    3.) SC taking the first step to living a new life, and celebrating the start of it by throwing a birthday party. The simile between a purse and her as a mermaid was very sad and heartfelt.

    4.) HJJ’s mother standing up against CH’s mother.

    5.) The villains are moving!

    6.) Moments away from a father-son reunion.

    7.) KDR and SH showing up. Yes, this deserves its own spot because they hold such a special place in my heart, I was very happy and sad when they showed them this episode. Again, I continue to be amazed that this couple is the same couple as HJJ and SC, because they both give off such different vibes. Cheers to great acting, I say.

    8.) New beautiful OST.

    Enough said.

    • 14.1 AM

      Agree with you +1000000000000000000000000000!!
      Yes, I cried over the Joseon scene even though I was eagerly lapping up any crumbs thrown in our way!! Need more Joseon scenes of KDR & SH!

      • 14.1.1 Affie

        I squealed and cooed over that scene…! I didn’t want to be caught crying! 😂

    • 14.2 Outfromlurking

      Hahaha, I totally meant “mother-son”

      • 14.2.1 Affie

        We might have a father-son reunion on our hands yet still…

        Chi Hyun and Ma Dae Young, for sure.

  15. 15 Kingsqueen

    That nightclub scene could have been cut WAAAAAY shorter for me. I thought all the flashing was going to incite a seizure! I had to look away a few times.

    • 15.1 AM

      Sigh – or they could just minimise the flashing and really SHOW JJH’s SWAG moves!! My eyes are not good and I was desperately trying to see SC’s dancing!!!

      • 15.1.1 Stardust

        I thought it was pretty cool and hilarious!
        Don’t need to cut the length but they could have tame down the club lightings – but hey that’s how it is in a club haha

      • 15.1.2 Flightey Gazelles

        I would also love to see more dance moves. Reminds me of Ji Won Sunbae’s dance moves in Age Of Youth!

    • 15.2 Arhazivory

      I almost went blind.

    • 15.3 Affie

      Na doo!I really wanted to SEE everything going on and those lights weren’t helping! Especially Chung’s dance moves… she really is a player!

  16. 16 AM

    Thanks very much again for the recap, GF!! And thanks to all commentators- wow, I am learning so much from KDramas!! Truck of Soom / Car of Doom – Hahaha! But, yes, I was on tenterhooks!! It must be a KDrama direction thingy to have the main handsome hero PAUSE a while (while the camera lingers on his smouldering, heart melting emoting) before any major action.
    I remember the PAUSE before KDR flew like the most romantic / melancholic / BEAUTIFUL sword fighting hero over to Lord Yang’s boat. And I am sure there are other PAUSES!
    Yes, this was such a sweet and cute episode but I cried when HJJ changed the ending and somehow I felt SC instinctively knows that it’s not exactly the truth …
    One thing I am quite puzzled about is that how come SC can’t seem to remember her past incarnation as SH? Remember the heart rending scene at the end of Episode 13 – when she was a teenaged mermaid and she wanted to be able to recognise KDR in their next incarnation? Also, she did dream of their Joseon time (briefly) at the hospital after her accident…
    There are rumours that Song Hye Kyo is joining the LOTBS to play a malevolent malevolent mermaid queen … hmmm … and JJH couldn’t attend the SBS Awards ceremony – LMH explained that she was busy filming underwater scenes … this could mean our Beloved Couple (OTP) would be separated soon … or it could mean a flashback to SH and maybe SC finally remembers her SH incarnation??
    And I am beginning to like Jin Joo very much – haha!! Also, Shi Ah should just start to fall in love with Tae Oh!!
    And I think CH might be heading for a conflict with MDY … I really don’t want him to turn bad but I think he’s gonna lose it and perhaps through anger, etc, makes mistakes or wrong moves, In his efforts to protect his mother… sigh … blinded by greed and love for his Mother … but I think he was very hurt by Chairman Heo ‘s actions too…
    REALLY REALLY love JJH dancing and acting up the high shenanigans at the club!! Hahaha! I wish she has more scenes like that!!
    I originally sign onto this drama because of her! She’s just so absolutely GORGEOUS!! Now I am a fan of LMH as well! This couple is visually the MOST STUNNING in KDrama and the chemistry really sizzles DESPITE the fact that the PD could be reluctant to include scenes with more skinship and kisses .. sigh … call me shallow, but this is a romcom after all, and I am SO wishing for more hugs and KISSES!! Oh well, guess it’s a KDrama thing to not dole out too much skinship!

    • 16.1 Flightey Gazelles

      You should be grateful were getting this much. I’m even surprised at the amount because in MLFAS, their skinship came with a health hazard. I thought writer-nim is just cruel to have such a gorgeous couple and deny them( and us, mostly us) contact.

      • 16.1.1 AM

        Siiiiggghhh … I know right?? I’m greedy and I’m still wishing for MORE skinship & kisses! Haha!

        • Moon

          Everytime i see Cheong in the attic i scowl and think what the heck is she still doing there when there’s a perfectly fine and comfortable bed downstairs! let her sleep next to Joon Jae already writernim hahaha

  17. 17 berries

    No noble idiocracy pls..

  18. 18 Sweet&Sour

    I have to say that SC and JJ are super cute together, and the part where she pinned him to the wall was very funny, and also the part where she wanted to sleep with him (just sleep) was hilarious. But also I felt that their chemistry sparked a bit in that scene (since most of the time I find their chemistry tame).

    Anyways the story surrounding JJ/SC is not the best, and it has many cliche elements. But I will say that the twist of it not being MDY who killed JJ/SC in the Joseon era but the son, was unexpected. I also noticed that in this episode they gave him a ring, just like the villian in MLFTS (which made me laugh a bit).

    • 18.1 Grace

      Loved that scene where she slammed him into the wall! Right before he gets out of her grip he does this little almost-laugh that made me wonder if it was real. And if it was, that is just too adorable! I don’t know why but it delights me to think that they’re having fun making these scenes together hehe.

  19. 19 Martin J Simwaba

    That cliffhanger is so messed up. And now it’s making feel uneasy, i can’t help but think that that mother-son reunion won’t just end with hugging and tears. That said, i still love this show so very much.

    • 19.1 Affie


  20. 20 Stardust

    I felt the “alternate” ending for DR and SH was filmed beautifully!! They looked wonderful together and should just do a saeguk drama seperately!

    I like that we got through the plot without a need for self sacrificing or pushing Cheong away. Joon Jae is a great male lead – he is just ready to fight to get the ending he wants rather than to give it up at first thoughts. We have all seen enough of these dramas to appreciate a lead who knows what he wants!!! I enjoyed their banter (yay to cute couple moments) love the scene of her trying to erase his memory. And him telling her to go to boracay and he will visit when he goes surfing (HA!)

    I tend to agree with GF that the connection between past and current didn’t meet its potential. It was a great plot device which I felt the writer could have milked more out of but perhaps to inject changing fates would have made the plot messy. To a certain extent, the tragedy of DR and SH make the determination of joon Jae more compelling? But it’s a shame still.

    Lastly, the last scene of reunion of mother and son- is right on point and beautifully filmed as well (LMH could have dropped that pink coat though -urgh! Who the heck wears a pink coat!!! For a man!) but it was a great scene – I love all 3 actors in scene. All had it perfected! Points to JJH – she had great expression in her thoughts to joon Jae abt meeting his mother soon. And LMH – just fantastic, dude can act with his eyes. He’s doing a great job in this drama

    • 20.1 Ahjuma

      I love the pink coat. Same for the lime green sweater!
      Lee min ho can wear a garbage bag and make that garbage bag look great!

      • 20.1.1 Leeminholove

        Just got to read your comment bah!!! You nailed it!! 😀 😀 I too like him in whatever he wears!!

    • 20.2 Yukie

      LOL about e pink coat.

      But he can seriously pull off pink like nobody else!! I’m just amazed that he manage to look so cool in pink coat with pink flowers and pink paper bag

      • 20.2.1 Stardust

        I love Lee min ho but nooooo…I cannot agree with the pink! 😂

        • abd

          hi stardust,

          I don’t like any man, gorgeous or not, to wear pink at all..

          But I believe in this scene, he’s wearing and getting everything in pink because I think SC loves pink! (remember the pink octopus?)

        • jerrykid

          Haha, I am still undecided about that pink overcoat, flowers and gift bag together.

          Even though I love pink, when I first saw LMH in his pink overcoat — I thought to myself: What the hell – he’s look so cheesy !!! It’s the first time I’ve seen a guy in pink overcoat LOL.

          But after seeing that scene several times, I must admit that he looks pretty good in it. He’s tall, and the grey sweaters really tone the pink overcoat down.

      • 20.2.2 Affie

        Plus their symbol is a pink octopus, for Pete’s sake!

      • 20.3.1 Lexy_k

        Love your point! We learnt dat in my undergrad sociology of gender class: there is a lot that we are made to think belong to females when in fact a lot is just fabricated.

    • 20.4 Jat

      My heart stopped beating for a second seing him stepped out of the shop with flower in his hand.. He just sooo good looking

      • 20.4.1 Moon


        Seriously, he is just freaking hot!!!

        Lee min hot!

        • Stardust

          Ok u girls win.
          I was on another forum and saw everyone swooning over the pink coat …
          I guess I don’t know, I’m the minority (and I can’t believe that!) 😂

      • 20.4.2 Leeminholove

        He is looking damn hot….whatever he is wearing he is looking damn cool, hot,cute,dapper,sexy………

    • 20.5 jerrykid

      Agreed. That alternate ending was so beautifully filmed.

      I love the romantic, poetic, peaceful and gentle vibe of that scene. LMH and JJH look so good together. Visually, that scene is booth stunning and soothing.

      I love the costumes that they wore. Their colors are so beautiful.

    • 20.6 Grace

      Really loved JJH’s emotion in that scene too. Actually like you said, everyone’s emotional acting was pitch perfect.

      • 20.6.1 Grace

        So weird where this comment fell! But it was in response to the comment above regarding the cliffhanger scene.

    • 20.7 Leeminholove

      Lol! Last time when he went for surfing (heirs) did he met a mermaid.!!like its a usual thing for him…HA!

  21. 21 Meme

    Truck-kun, please be good to me. Don’t you dare to ruin the reunion of HJJ and his mom T_T

  22. 22 Lenny

    Seeing how CH tried to save manager nam after killing him, maybe he won’t be the master mind devil in this universe and get his mom arrested?? But yes, like everyone else, I am just waiting for some truck to kill the mom. If there is a truck, we know it won’t kill JJ since there’s still 5 episodes left

    • 22.1 Momoflag

      i didn’t see this as CH trying to save Manager Nam after trying to kill him. I thought he was desperately searching for a way to turn off the alarm from the machine.
      I too am hoping Chi Hyeon has a redemptive arc and doesn’t go all-in with the evil.

    • 22.2 Outfromlurking

      I think you and I read the scene differently. From the way I saw it, CH was desparately searching for a way to stop the alarm. He was afraid of getting caught. He had no intentions to save the ahjussi.

      • 22.2.1 Casey

        Yup, saw it this way too.

  23. 23 nchoe

    Gah…! I never thought Chi-yeon would go darth-vader on us. I wish he would’ve joined us on the good side. Not because I particularly like him, but, hey, the merrier the better, right? But at the same time, I’m quite pleased with the twist. I didn’t see it coming, that he’s the actual big bad guy all along. Step mom and Dae-young were just red herrings.

    Anyway, I love that Mom is such a badass. Step-mom came to rub salt into her wound and make her feel small, but Mom turned the tide and shamed her instead. Yeokshi, uri Omma is the queen.

    I feel annoyed by Shi-ah for not telling Joon-jae about Mom right away. But I like how things turned out, that Chung is the one who brought Mom back to Joon-jae.

    Now that Mom and Joon-jae has reunited, I feel like we’re already complete. I still see the killer trio as Dad’s problem and couldn’t care less about it.

    • 23.1 junny

      Shi-ah is too small-minded and self-absorbed to think about helping Joon-jae reunite with Mom. Her whole reaction post-finding out about Mom’s identity has been about herself – her own mortification at her princessy attitude towards Mom, her angst that she didn’t realise she let a chaebol heir slip through, her need to look good in front of Mom and earn brownie points etc. Not once has she thought about Joon-jae and his search for Mom even though she’d asked Nam-doo for info.

      When Chung knew, the first thing she did was to let Joon-jae know the truth. I’m glad Chung is the one who helped Joon-jae and Mom reunite, and the whole set-up was lovely.

  24. 24 Mischa

    I think for the most part of reading this drama recaps, both GF and JB have been extremely kind towards this drama.

    If not because I have lasted up to episode 15, I would have given up on this drama because it is just getting more and more frustrating. I thought after the episode 10 revelation, a lot would be progressing only to find a lot of loose pieces.

    1) I am so done with the emphasizing of Shim Chung’s sassy-ness. I don’t find the scene at the club with the dance face-off between Shi Ah and Chung necessary at all other than to get a kick of flashback that JJH is that “Sassy Girl” minus Cha Tae Hyun.

    2) I get that they are in love but the drama wasted too much on those lovey-dovey things between the OTP which I have pretty much expected from almost all couples in love.

    3) Now they want us to see that Chi Hyun is the sleeper baddie. Let me get this straight out that I just feel this plot is being thrown in out of nowhere especially in the Joseon backstory. From episode 1 – 13, there was never any hint of Chi Hyun in Joseon and suddenly, he popped out of nowhere to give us the inkling that there is another baddie who actually murdered the lovers and not Lord Yang.

    4) I don’t find Ma Dae Young having enough strong connection to Joon Jae for them to be reincarnation from those Joseon figures to seal their fate. I mean, sure the relationship between Dam Ryung, Lord Yang and Se Hwa was strong in Joseon but bring them to 21st century, Mae Dae Yong has no unfinished business towards Joon Jae other than to murder him as per instructed by stepmom.

    At this juncture, I just feel this show is being super draggy and trying to stretch the plot to make it up to 20 episodes. I am getting tired.

    • 24.1 Kendi

      Yes, my biggest disappointment with the new murder mystery is both Chi Hyun and Nam Doo didn’t have their Joseon counterpart yet so the new turn of event did feel out of nowhere but it’s 1000% more interesting than the serial killer on the run so I’m loving it.

    • 24.2 Ahjuma

      Frankly I don’t see your frustration.

      I find every episode entertaining and funny. Good humour, great acting, perfect visuals. What more do i want from a drama. It’s a 20 episode drama. Sure there are some filler scenes like the clubbing scene but that’s so so fun to watch.

      I guess there are many people like you who don’t have the patience. I don’t blame you.. I wanted to give up after 2 episodes but am so so so glad I stayed on.

      • 24.2.1 Outfromlurking

        I agree with you. I actually do not understand some people’s frustration with this drama. I believe people that crave more thrill are just simply watching the wrong drama. This drama is a romantic comedy and so far has added a perfect balance of comedy, romance, and thrill. I am enjoying my ride.

    • 24.3 Aiza

      Rather than GF and JB being extremely kind, I think you are being a bit harsh towards this drama.

      It’s not a gamechanger and I don’t think the writer wanted it to be one. i am liking the tone and the pacing of the drama.

      About Chi hyun, the writer meant for the reveal to happen like this. I don’t think his change in character came out of nowhere. His character arc has been believable.

      • 24.3.1 Mischa

        It would have been believable if only Chi Hyun did made an appearance in Joseon in the past 14 episodes. All the time, it was Lord Yang being the baddie in Joseon and suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s Chi Hyun when there was never any hint that Chi Hyun’s counterpart ever existed in that timeline. Sure, I know he has the potential to be the real bad guy but suddenly placing his counterpart in Joseon’s storyline really is out of place and came all so suddenly. If the writer did dropped some hints that there is someone else in Joseon that is the enemies of Dam Ryung, sure I would have believe that. But for the past 14 episodes, the war was entirely between Dam Ryung-Se Hwa with Lord Yang (or the most his concubine).

        • Ahjuma

          That’s why you need to be more patient as it will be revealed in the last 5 episodes.
          Alternatively just watch a drama that won’t make you so tired.

        • Rain

          Chi Hyun’s character from the start weirded me out so i can say the writer did hint at him being shady. the writer is giving us lovey dovey as well as thrilling scenes, how can you still complain? im sure writernim has something up her sleeve and all will be revealed in the coming episodes.

        • Mischa

          Just because you enjoy the drama while on contrary I feel tired over the draggy pace, you could simply dictate me on what I should or should not watch? You guys are dramatic and acting like dictator here.

          When I voiced my opinion, that is from what I feel about this show and not to sway you from not watching this drama.

          Sure there’s a hint that Chi Hyun is not as sweet as how he portrayed himself to be but to throw him all of a sudden in Joseon when there was never any hint of him being there in the first place and it was clear right from the start that the conflict in Joseon was between Dam Ryung-Sae Hwa with Lord Yang, I still could not see the logic why all so suddenly, Chi Hyun appeared in Joseon and kill the couple? As viewers, we are to be led by the tell-tale signs not something just simply being thrown out of nowhere and expect us to just digest it.

          • Hello

            I think why CH was not shown in the past is because, DR dint know about him. All the past story was DR’s side of narration, so from his point of view MDY was the only villain so he conveyed the same to HJJ.
            Even in the previous episode MDY was the one who saw CH in the past and not HJJ.

            So now HJJ has to find the Missing parts of his past as well as the present. This is just my perspective.

            And shouldn’t we be happy that the plot is not something that we thought will be, but taking a different track. I’m just lovingggggggggggg it this way. So rather then complaining let’s just enjoy the drama as it is.

            If you people are looking for a complete thriller, this drama is just not your cup of coffee. But remember, that doesn’t mean this coffee is not delicious 😛😡

          • Affie

            Please relax…your impatience is showing and you can be called out on it by commenters since that’s all we do here…make comments.

            That said, I understand you to a point. Some aspects of the show have been death but not everything! By ep. 10 a big reveal was made for our main lead to know he was in love with a mermaid… by ep. 14 the female lead has found out he knows… A no. Of persons now know that Housekeeper Ahjumma is Heo Joon Jae’s mom and he himself as just found out… that did not take long at all…
            Perhaps you want the villains to be found out and our couple and all wronged people to be redeemed at this juncture… what would we be watching then? Or perhaps the show would end, period.

            Anyway I did feel very surprised at Chi Hyun and felt like it popped out of nowhere…but this is how all great Whodunit stories are told… you spend time thinking it was this really suspicious person who is the perpetrator and in the end you found out you thought wrong… a nice Gotcha moment! Did you ever see the Scooby Doo mysteries as a kid?

            By the end of our show, if Chi Hyun is our TRUE villain…it is going to be well-explained how that came to be…

            And I think we have been expecting the Joseon counterparts of most of our modern characters for a long time so why complain that it took 14 episodes to materialize?

            I think something similar was in Rooftop Prince…that modern character’s Joseon counterpart actually appeared only by ep.19 to help us understand his scheming since that time…and it worked just fine.

            So let’s all just take a deep breath and hold steady for the ride….

    • 24.4 Stardust

      A drama can’t please everyone
      I belong to the camp who is enjoying the lovey Dovey moments. It’s a rom com and not some thriller. So establishing the OTP and making them loveable is important!
      Plus I like the light heartedness and comedic moments – those were the hooks for the drama for me

      • 24.4.1 Outfromlurking

        You can say that again. No matter what, a drama can never satisfy all viewers.

        I actually really enjoy the balance of comdey, romance, and a hint of thrill here. I’m enjoying this ride and no one’s comment of how they don’t like it will influence me to think otherwise. Hehehe.

    • 24.5 Rain

      Isnt this a romcom? how can you complain about too much lovey dovey scenes? if anything, this show has too little skniship for my liking. i’d be so happy if they kiss every episode lol

      • 24.5.1 AM

        AGREE WITH YOU +10000000000000000000000000000000!
        More skinship & more KISSING! Yes, PLEASE!
        Those who are criticising this show need to watch dramas of another genre … sigh … not romcoms. What’s the point of watching romcoms if you don’t like lovey dovey skinship moments?? * Scratching my head???

    • 24.6 Reena

      “I think for the most part of reading this drama recaps, both GF and JB have been extremely kind towards this drama.” –

      Ummm… maybe because they are mostly satisfied with how the story is written and how it’s decently paced?

      I’m really sorry for saying this but, if you are getting tired, then why are you still watching? I don’t think this drama is the right genre for you. This is a rom-com after all.

      • 24.6.1 Mischa

        This is what I called as my time investment and expecting a return. When the show off to a slow start, I still keep my faith mainly because Lee Min Ho is really good in here. Then came Jo Jung Seok’s cameo and everything seems to fall into place and I was expecting the drama to get better after episode 10. On the contrary, I feel like it is taking a backseat after that but I have invested so much time on it and that is why I chose to stay. Normally, I will drop a drama after episode 4. Once I have passed 10 episodes, I will try to hold on. So, don’t go telling me that I have no rights to continue watching because this is my time I am talking about. Obviously, this drama is hinting me of a lousy investment.

        • SD

          Ep 10-15 is where the plot did move along, And we got some nice moments – But if that doesn’t work for you, I’m not sure anything else in the bag from this writer will.

    • 24.7 Lily left the valley

      3) In my experience with plot and characters in sageuks, it’s not uncommon that the at first obvious enemy turns out to not be the last, and the 3rd act enemy shows up out of nowhere.

      Just from ones I’ve rewatched recently, both Dong Yi and Faith have 3rd act enemies. Some might even say Faith has a fake 3rd act in the uncle since he has so little power, with the dignitary and his personal stake being the true 3rd act.

      So although I share in your disappointment that they may go this route, in my experience it’s not that unusual either.

      4) I’m curious now to see where the link is. Will his son get caught in the present because someone saw him fleeing when the alarm went off and he left finger prints all over everything? If his son is the killer in the past, maybe he ends up in trouble whether from the officer or another still unseen third party.

      This is assuming anyone survives the totally on fire the last time we saw them boats–if he dies, past Ma Dae Young might have felt his death was unfair and still wants revenge for dying at sea without getting his precious mermaid to boot. Nam Doo might be the link for Ma Dae Young, the police detective too. Time will tell.

    • 24.8 sesame

      I don’t know if GF and JB have been extremely kind. I remember one of them wrote in the last recap that the plot wasn’t as compelling. So I think they’re fair in their assessment.

      But I know what you’re saying too. I don’t watch this drama but I rely on the recaps here. I’ll watch some of the snippets like the saeguk portion and our merman cameo. Try as hard as I want to like this drama, I find it’s not drawing me into the plot. Something about the leads are off and I put it down to their lack of chemistry. Of course majority of the commenters here will disagree.

      Perhaps we set our expectations too high at the start…otherwise, it’s probably a decent watch.

    • 24.9 Joycie

      I feel your frustration. 75% of the series has finished yet there are still a lot to uncover.
      1. We do not know the plans of Nam Doo and Chi Ah on Joon Jae. It’s like the writer forgot that she led the people of these 2 having conspiracy against Joon Jae.
      2. Chi Hyun asking who his father is and becoming a baddie out of nowhere.
      3. Joon Jae despite having all the technology and strategies to con big shots has still not connected to his mom. There is even an impending truck of doom
      4. Too many baddies and there’s just the mom, HJJ and SC to fend for themselves.
      5. Why did HJJ’s father choose the baddie mom over his first wife? His character since he was younger has always been on the good side.
      Joon Jae asked his Psych doctor to disclose MDY’s concern. What about patient-doctor confidentiality?
      Plus the nod to My sassy girl has been quite repetitive for me. We could have stopped with the cameo of Cha Tae Hyun.

  25. 25 Kendi

    I never thought I’ll say it but this Lobs episode is love. I guess amped up the murder mystery did wonder with my interest.

    I’m enjoying their love story (heh) now since they are in the same wavelength and I hope Chung got her Se Hwa memory asap too.

    For the murder mystery : I’m betting it was Chi Hyun all along but Show will toy us with Nam Doo as the killer. I think the ring will belong to Nam Doo but Chi Hyun gets it somehow and wears it. Nam Doo probably will die protecting Joon Jae and Chung in the end.

    • 25.1 Kendi

      Is it strange that I find the ‘alternative’ reality of DR and SH is more gut wrenching than their romeo juliet moment?

      • 25.1.1 Reena

        Maybe because it’s the kind of ending that we also would’ve wanted for them.

      • 25.1.2 Outfromlurking

        Ahhh, but i believe it’s because you know they didn’t end happily that made the alternative ending so much more bittersweet. So, in actuality, it’s a build up on top of each other.

  26. 26 Lord Cobol

    I have a bit of an issue with the scene at the CoS (crosswalk of suspense).
    Would a Korean guy cross the street just to meet his girlfriend who was crossing to his side?? Or would he just wait?
    Cause it seemed like he was going home after buying the flowers, while Chung & Mom were going to his place too, so they shouldn’t all have needed to cross the street just to get to the other side.

    • 26.1 Flightey Gazelles

      And thus a new name is birthed. COS: Crosswalk Of Suspense ( perfect btw)

      • 26.1.1 Lexy_K

        This had me LOL 😂😂😂. I love your logic: really why did they all have to cross and make us go through the anxiety of the CoS for an entire week?!

    • 26.2 Rain

      JJ just saw his mom after a long time so i get the sense of urgency to cross the street to meet her.

      my issue is of all the places to meet, why does it have to be at the crosswalk??? wae? wae?

    • 26.3 bbstl

      I believe it was to scare us the maximum amount by having EVERYONE in the crosswalk. Otherwise we’d just be worried about Mom or SC getting ToD’d while crossing. And now the tension is still heightened (even after they meet safely in the middle) because they ALL have to re-cross half the intersection again. Yes, I thought all this through 🤔 Because that’s what kdrama does to a person.

  27. 27 E

    OMO. The figure with the ring is the previous incarnation of ND. I’ve caught a few of ND’s looks, and they’re not … kosher: He is self-serving and mercenary. His resentment at the OTP’s relationship is being built in each succeeding ep. Not only that, CH as the main antagonist is too neat. (The bad guy in YFAS was chuckle out loud simple. I don’t believe the writer would walk that line again.) And DY’s comment to CH about waiting it out can only mean one thing: somebody else is it.

    • 27.1 MIN

      although when CH asked Jun Jae about Chungie i definitely got creepy vibes that were akin to Shin Sung Rok’s asking after a person’s health in YFAS.

  28. 28 Lord Cobol -- just feeling like a troublemaker :)

    It seems Chung doesn’t need to get fully immersed in water to change form — just rain would make her wet enough to change. Right? But then when she gets out of the pool/ocean/whatever wouldn’t she be even wetter? So wouldn’t she automatically turn back into a mermaid as soon as she got out?

    • 28.1 Affie

      She will dry up quickly if she towel-dries herself straight out of a pool… plus she would in open air…whereas in rainfall, it would be a relentless barrage of raindrops which would drench her until she seeks shelter and dries off…

  29. 29 Yukie

    OMG!! Does anyone else feels so scared for e Mom and/or Joonjae when they are about to cross e street?

    When something big happens before ppl cross the road Truck of Doom normally makes appearance!!!!

  30. 30 Lisa_wackycashew

    What a great ep! Thanks for the recap, GF!

    I’m so happy that Chung finally realizes that JJ knows!! I think the extent of her love and potential death really hit JJ hard when he learned this fact. I’m glad that he didn’t keep her distant for long. I think it was sweet of him to rewrite DR and SH’s ending so that Chung won’t feel sad or lose hope in their own ending.

    I love how he wants her to do all the things she’s always wanted to do. Love the walking in the rain scene. It’s like another layer to their scene in Spain when he held the umbrella over her. And that other time when she was with the little girl and could only look out at the rain while not waking in it. Great tie-in with previous eps.

    ROFL when Chung got all handsy on JJ, trying to erase his memories with a kiss or kisses. XD But nothing beats snuggle time and I love how genuinely happy they are together with Chung snugly in JJ’s arms.

    The club outfit was on point and JJH rocks the purple – so swaggalicious! TO’s eyes when he saw her outfit and then dancing. Hahaha!

    Poor Manager Nam!!! CH!!! Why did you have to do that?!?! And of course MDY would be so heartless. I’d bet it’s gonna be a real shocker for CH when he learns who his real dad is.

    Stepmom is the worst. Killed two husbands and her adoptive family and now going for round 3 in her hubby list?! At least Mom isn’t gonna back down and called her out on it. Go Mom! I’m so happy that Jinjoo, though gossipy, seems to be on Mom’s side. SA is so hilarious… Not only did she treat her crush’s mom poorly, but they are from a chaebol family! She totally missed out on being a young madam!! LOL

    Love the trio of Homeless Fashionista, Chung, and YN. Chung is such a genuinely sweet and earnest person. So endearing.

    I’ve always wanted JJ’s mom to reunite with him through Chung and it’s finally happened!! *squeals* I love how she remembered the tower legend (another great set-up from those early eps) and confirmed that it really was JJ’s mom. And what better way than to tell him the news by just thinking it. It was beautiful. Best scene ever! Also, LMH rocks the whole pink look. Anticipating next week!!

  31. 31 neener

    I was totally holding my breath during that last scene! Truck of Doom has totally ruined the highway scenes for me.

  32. 32 panshel

    Thank goodness no one was hit by a car. Korean dramas have Pavlovian conditioned me to feel apprehensive at any scene taking place at a crosswalk. Chung was smart to think at Joon Jae knowing full well he would hear her. I’m thankful Mom and Son were able to reunite without the bad guys interfering.

    In your face, Stepmom! She purposely went to Jin Joo’s house to try to belittle Mom, but Heroine Mom turned it right back around on her.

    She came to humiliate but ends up getting humiliated.

    That was so satisfying to watch.

    I don’t know how Chung got stopped at the door when Tae Oh was wearing a hoodie and headphones to a club. The way he stares and smiles at her never gets old.

    Thanks lots for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 32.1 Affie

      Mom serves crow best!

  33. 33 SatchelCatcher

    Love this episode – hate the ridiculous father-like way Heo Joon Jae dragged Cheong out of the club.
    Like I can’t be the only one who would break up with a guy if he ever treated me like I was some naughty teenager.

    • 33.1 Kendi

      Hah,to be fair, Chung mentality is similar with teen now lol. thank god she grew up quickly from mental capacity of a child in the early episodes.

    • 33.2 zzzzzzzz

      I think it’s possibly because she’s sweating (aka water) and might be exposed very soon. Joon Jae has the better sense to drag her out before it’s too late.

      • 33.2.1 minathens

        I agree, there were definite hints that she was dangerously close to getting a beer spilled on her. I mean, yeah, it was also the typical paternalistic Kdrama drag-out, but I thought that it seemed less out of jealousy than out of HJH feeling that she was likely to be in danger, so I’m willing to cut him some slack. After all, his flashbacks show how acutely aware he is of how much danger she’s in pretty much all the time.

  34. 34 Flightey Gazelles

    1. If there’s one thing I’m very grateful for, is that Chung is a lot smarter than she appears.
    Sure she can be very naive and takes things literally but she’s also very perceptive and quick on the uptake. She saw through his story but chose to go with it. She figured out they were conmen inspite of their efforts to prevent her. No wonder Nam Doo is suggesting they turn off the TV, she’s learning so much, so fast.

    3. I also love that she chose to throw the party herself. The fact that she has a social life outside of Joon Jae is welcome. It hasn’t been mentioned much but I’m glad that Shim Chung always maintains her agency no matter the situation in her own little way. Even though she nay be gullible and can be taking advantage of, that didn’t stop her from living her lifr . Plus she has principles: she left home and refused to come back when she learnt that Joon Jae was a conman. Like she swam all the way from Spain to Seoul. Commitment right there. And when Joon Jae was grumbling about been burdened by her love, she tried to erase his memories while he was refusing.

    • 34.1 Flightey Gazelles

      This was a reply of the points by OutFromLurking

    • 34.2 Outfromlurking


  35. 35 Question Please


    If both Joon-Jae and SC/Mom are heading home, how come they are crossing in opposite directions?

    I would think that one party will not be crossing whilst the other party will be, since they are heading home, right?

    Am I missing something here?

    • 35.1 Answer

      Joon Jae saw Cheong across the road and couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

      They were both walking in the same direction but on different sides of the roads if it make sense. He crossed because he wanted to meet up with her and possibly go home together ..but heard her thoughts on meeting his mother and so he took that slow swag walk after a very long red light turn green and making all of us mortals nervous that a car will come swerving killing him, his mom or Cheong or all 3 for that matter
      (And I swear if that happens I’ll drop the drama) 😏

    • 35.2 Flightey Gazelles

      Another point in geography

    • 35.3 Affie

      It all boils down to their urgency to meet each other… it’s a classic run up to a person you have missed…only this time it includes the realization, a crosswalk and walking slowly across it so we can lose our minds before next week rolls around….😂

    • 35.4 Mango Juice

      I thought about it, too. Considering that HJJ knows SC and her walking buddy (HJJ’s mom, but he didn’t recognize her right away) would be going home, he planned to welcome them across the street so they could walk together. But HJJ heard SC’s thoughts, so he took the initiative to approach his mom across the street – or probably in the middle, should Truck / Car of Doom not intervene – so he can see for himself whether it really is his mom or not.

      Anyway, there’s still a good 15 seconds on the traffic signal for HJJ, SC, and Mom to cross the street. Haha.

      • 35.4.1 Outfromlurking

        I agree with what you said.

  36. 36 KrisS

    Thanks for the recap GF!
    Great episode!
    I loved the fantasy ending of DR-SH, i was in tears.
    And the son-mom reunion also had me in tears. I can’t wait for next episode– hoping we get to see the hug with no accidents please writer-nim.
    So many cute moments with our OTP. Ughh, only 5 more episodes. I will miss chungjae couple so much after the drama ends. 😢

  37. 37 Bliswifu

    Is it just me? From ep 14…i m puzzled why the doctor didnt report ma dae young since he is a fugitive? N lying to the detective…. v mind boggling

    • 37.1 Lily left the valley

      Probably some doctor confidentiality thing. Or some are right in thinking the doc is a hidden evil. I couldn’t decide in his first appearance if he was supposed to be untrustworthy or just overly blunt.

  38. 38 Kelly

    What’s the song played in the rain scene? Outside the club, where Joon Jae gave Cheong the rain boots? Thanks! xx

  39. 39 rabbitinlive

    Lee min hoo…why soooo handsomee….love him in every outfit…he rocks everything….lotbs fighting…

  40. 40 Ris

    I can’t help but laugh at Jinjoo. Her scenes in this episode are so funny! 🙂 I hope she’d truly be helpful in returning Mom (and Joon Jae) in their rightful places.

  41. 41 Lily left the valley

    Not so happy first.
    I’m agitated at all the predictable reveals of the worst kind. I almost wish I had made a Plot Points Bingo board out of my guesses for this show. I might have had a full column or row by now.

    I will not be happy if stepmom killed her parents.

    I was disappointed when step brother was confirmed to be killer’s kid.

    I was upset when step brother went all hair updo on us, like the drop of a dime.

    I wanted to throttle the stepmom when it was really obvious that at no point ever did she tell her son who his dad is, though now I’m wondering if she’s planning to off the murdering dad and was lying about their future on the phone.

    Yet I find it absolutely ridiculous that a pair of glasses and a suit can hide the identity of a wanted man with his image plastered all over the city with scary words like DANGEROUS MURDERING ESCAPEE joined to them. I had a feeling they’d try to use him as the replacement secretary/driver, and ….UGH. Clark Kent/Superman works in such a situation? Even if he never has to go to the office, that’s just…..he was inside the hospital where folks just sit around watching TV in rooms or lounges all the time for cryin’ out loud. *sighs* I bet if he later has to help his son on the lam, he’ll be teaching him how to apply a mole to disguise himself. *shakes head*

    So with that out of the way, happier thoughts…

    I’m still holding out hope that
    1) Nam Doo really never did find HJJ’s mom. Despite seeing his creepy euphoria in last episode, I want him to let his golden goose go.
    2) Shi-ah stays more reluctantly good, and also doesn’t join Team Evil.

    I don’t know why, but I found it jarring that Shim had her hair down like a maiden in HJJ’s retelling. It could have been pre marriage fake image timeline wise, but it felt off. The scene was lovely overall but might bite HJJ later. I wonder if she’s going to ask for more stories about them and he has to start making up whole years worth of stuff in great detail to keep her happy.

    Speaking of the past, even if I could read the characters, why did they deliberately blur the book title the shady ringed stranger came in to grab? Prop failure? I am totally hooked on the aftermath story even if we might only get flashbacks within flashbacks to see our Joseon couple in truth not HJJ fibs. Secretary-friend will triumph! Even if only in the past.

    GO MOM! I still fear for your life, though. Maybe not in time to wreck the party, but definitely after.

    Lastly, THANK YOU kdrama wish granter(s). He looked hilariously conflicted at that one point–kiss or flee? I’m actually shocked he didn’t assume she kissed Nam Doo, but might be a sub problem. I sorta hope she teases the threat of wiping his memories once more in such a fashion, but I’m satisfied with today.

    Hey show! Wish fulfillment doesn’t get you off the hook for the Clark Kent/Superman maneuver. Ya gotta make up BIG for that.

    • 41.1 Affie

      Clark Kent/Superman can be real sometimes, yo!

      I wear glasses all the time and some of my friends legit take awhile to recognize me when I have them off.

      Don’t forget Chairman Heo has eye trouble too…

      Plus. MDY and his son CH…really look villainy in their makeovers to me so it’s a win-win… Apple never falls far from the tree and villainy maybe genetic…

      Hehehe! I wonder whether HJJ will later wonder how Chung erased Man Doo’s memory… a kiss? It would be hilarious…the jealousy! Perhaps only countered by his relief that Nam Doo is still none the wiser about Chung’s mermaidness

      • 41.1.1 WishfulToki

        Yeah, I recently got glasses (the sort of big, semi-hipster kind) and people couldn’t recognise me in the corridors at university. People really aren’t that observant.

        However, I still don’t get why MDY becoming the secretary is even necessary in Stepmom’s plans. She’s a smart woman. Why invite the risk he will be recognised?

    • 41.2 Moon

      But but it was positively hinted already that Psycho step mom may have killed her adoptive parents… by now, i woudnt put it past her.

      all the previous flashbacks were from DR’s point of view so he coudnt have known that he had another enemy aside from Lord Yang until Lord Yang had his flashbacks.

      wearing glasses to conceal oneself is a kdrama cliche too like TOD but it is for reals an effective disguise.

  42. 42 S.S

    I sincerely hope that the vehicle of doom doesn’t hit mom or Joon-jae or Chung…
    I seriously detest the truck of doom……in all k-dramas…
    I wish mom, joon-jae, chung, nam-doo, cutie tae-o and detectives join forces to bring down stepmom, chi-hyun and maaaa..dae-young….
    I loved all the attire of lee min ho and tae-o.
    I can see chung getting beautiful and more pretty as the drama progresses. i love tae-o’s puckered lips and cutie face..

  43. 43 louise

    I think the inclusion of all the cliches is part of the fake-out. I guess we’ll only know after we’ve watched until the end.

  44. 44 Sweetsammy

    I got two things to say….
    1. If Chung were not a mermaid I would be really mad at her. She always seems to be confused about or doubting whether joon jae likes her or not. If she were human, I mean from land side, this behavior of hers would make me fume because sometimes in love little gestures matter even more than a simple “i love u”.
    I have seen a lot of couples here who live their love in these small moments like getting drenched in the rain, snuggling together in the same bed without having to constantly mumble or shout “i love u” all the time. But thank God, Chung is a mermaid and am pretty sure that even the most mundane emotions to a human are complicated for her. And I just totally love her for that. My heart goes out to poor Chung the mermaid whose grappling with emotions and trying to confirm if joon jae does really love her…. but it would irk me if she did the same being human

    2. Will any show please not show scenes of any of the protagonists crossing or about to cross roads inthe last few minutes of the episode. The whol time that the scene at the junctions plays out I am like ” 6 minutes to go…… who is going to get hit, chung , joon jae , mother?? All of them or in pairs…where is that truck of doom….. why do all revelations have to be at roads and junctions. We have gt subway outlets for that literally…. 1 min to go…..30 sec …..who gets hit ?? 0 sec …..what ????? Next episode” and after that I cant even…..

  45. 45 Abha

    Plz plz plz. Let there not be ToD or is it Car of doom!

    • 45.1 Dada

      There just might be a vehicle racing down to strike Mom, but Mighty Chung will stop the vehicle in time before it hits Mom. That’s my guess.

  46. 46 Lord Cobol

    I loved the Queen Inhyun – Jang Hee-bin comparison…. but, Queen Inhyun died after she was restored as queen. Not a good omen.

  47. 47 What about Namdo

    Is everyone believing that ChiHyun and family are the only bad guys? Is Namdo no longer in the black list? I still think he would kill for love of money.

    • 47.1 KrisS

      I doubt it. He maybe a user but not a killer.

    • 47.2 Moon

      he is 50-50 for me. sometimes i think he may be under pyscho step mom’s salary or he may just be money hungry but thats all.

  48. 48 Leeminholove

    And now I can say that ma dae young was alarmed with fear that it was not him who killed them it was his son chi hyun(I think he is his son)
    And that’s how he went hospital and save chi hyun from being caught……
    So he is the biggest danger..hmm…

    Last scene was the most beautifully executed…. Waiting eagerly for episode 16 🙂 🙂 {hope there won’t be any car accident or something,and have a beautiful mother son reunion}… 🙂 🙂

  49. 49 Sarang Saranghe

    Am I the only one interested on the song they used on the walking-in-the-rain scene? Heard it last episode and can’t get it off my mind. Pleeeeeeseeeee?

    • 49.1 Moon

      Yes beautiful ost. Here:


      • 49.1.1 nunnanita

        thanks a lot… yes it is a beautiful song I was looking for it..

    • 49.2 Outfromlurking

      You are definitely not alone.

    • 49.3 Star

      “You are my only one, if we get to love
      My one, if my one love can begin with you
      The heart that I’ve been guarding preciously,
      And the a love that we don’t know its meaning
      For you, i will use it for you
      Each and every moment of mine,
      For you”

      Ottoke, I’ve fallen in love with LMH again.. ottoke ottoke

  50. 50 SS

    I really like the music at the last scene while joon jae crosses the road!
    It gave me all the feels
    And that tentative way he crossed the road – and how Cheung was smiling. And mom was tearing – nice way to end the episode but how are we supposed to wait one week!!

    • 50.1 PakalanaPikake

      how are we supposed to wait one week!!

      If the drama hadn’t been preempted last week, this episode would have aired on Wednesday as originally planned. Alas, the rhythm has now been knocked into a cocked hat. The same thing happened with ROMANTIC DOCTOR, TEACHER KIM. Boo, hiss!!

    • 50.2 Name

      me too, I love that music – heard it from one of the other episodes before but don’t remember which one :/ can’t wait for it to be released in the OST!

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