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Missing 9: Episode 4
by | January 27, 2017 | 90 Comments

There isn’t enough room on the island for two alpha dogs, and things grow strained when the survivors begin to choose sides. Their biggest challenge will be finding a way to work together and let go of the resentments of the past. But just as things start to look up for them, a new threat looms, and one castaway will be faced with a decision that could determine who lives and who dies.


Bong-hee is hypnotized in an attempt to recover her memories, and she opens her eyes to find herself on a beach. All of the castaways are nearby having a picnic, dressed all in white, even Bong-hee’s mother and Investigator Oh. Joon-oh steps up beside her and takes her hand.

In the therapist’s office, Investigator Oh leaves the room to take a call. The therapist directs Bong-hee to picture herself in a forest with the people she loves, all of them happy and smiling. She sees a door, and everyone encourages her to enter.

Back in reality, four months prior, Yeol wakes to find himself in a sort of underground bunker. He yells through the hole in the ceiling that he fell through, and not far away, Joon-oh (who’s still standing on the landmine) thinks he hears a voice.

After spending all day on that mine, Joon-oh is growing a bit unhinged, and he freaks himself out thinking that he’s hearing a ghost. So when a hand grips his shoulder, he screams and jumps, completely forgetting about the landmine.

Thank goodness it’s just Bong-hee, and Joon-oh marvels that the landmine didn’t go off. Bong-hee silently starts to cry, and Joon-oh sweetly apologizes for scaring her. Bong-hee shakes her head and sobs that she’s sorry for leaving him all alone, and Joon-oh gives her the most awkward (though sincere) hug ever.

They hear Yeol’s voice again and go running to follow the sound. They use a vine to pull Yeol from the hole, and wonder what kind of structure he was trapped in.

Back on the beach, Ji-ah finally wakes to find Tae-ho sitting by her side. She’s happy to see him alive, and when she asks, he lets her think he’s the one who saved her. We see though that it was Ki-joon who sat by Ji-ah for hours after administering her medicine.

Ki-joon returns to tell Tae-ho that CEO Hwang wants to talk to them. He stops to fuss at Ji-ah for getting hurt, then thanks her for being alive before surreptitiously leaving her a cookie. Awww.

Finally all together, the survivors sit around the campfire, and CEO Hwang says they need a survival plan. Tae-ho thinks they should sit still and wait to be rescued, but Joon-oh says they need to find better shelter. He thinks they should move into the woods, and tells them that he found evidence today that there used to be people, maybe soldiers, on this island.

So it follows that those people had to have lived somewhere, and Joon-oh wants to find that place. Tae-ho argues that they can just build a shelter here on the beach, since rescuers won’t be able to see them as well in the woods. Joon-oh counters that they need to find a structure that’s safe and warm, and they can always send out signals to anyone who may be looking for them.

Frustrated, Tae-ho lashes out when Bong-hee tries to speak up, and Yeol tells him not to take his anger out on her. Joon-oh repeats Yeol’s words, and Tae-ho feels ganged-up on and gets even nastier, saying that Joon-oh should treat the rest of them better than he treats a newcomer.

Yeol asks why Tae-ho is being so rude about Joon-oh, and Tae-ho yells that it’s because he killed their songwriter, Jae-hyun, and destroyed Dreamers. He’s angry that the person responsible for their breakup is now trying to be in charge, and everyone grows silent.

Tae-ho turns on Joon-oh again and tells him that he had a hard time building himself back up after that incident. He says he swore never to trust Joon-oh again and snarls at him to go into the woods by himself.

Bong-hee jumps to her feet and says that Tae-ho is being too harsh, but Tae-ho isn’t finished. He gets in Joon-oh’s face and says that the last time he took charge, he destroyed both Jae-hyun and Dreamers. CEO Hwang has had enough, and he yells at them to stop bringing up Jae-hyun.

Joon-oh admits that Tae-ho is right but asks them to please take his advice this time, because he wants them all to come out of this alive. He says they need to work together as a team, or they may not all survive.

CEO Hwang proposes a vote, and he, Ki-joon, and So-hee decide they want to stay on the beach. Yeol says he’ll follow Joon-oh as the leader of Dreamers (which makes Joon-oh smile a little), Ho-hang thinks the beach is too open to the elements, and Bong-hee says they need to look for other signs of people. That splits the votes evenly down the middle, which means they need Ji-ah to break the tie.

Tae-ho goes to her, and Bong-hee worries that she’ll be on Tae-ho’s side. But Joon-oh tells her that she signed her contract with Legend at only fourteen, and that she’s very confident. Sure enough, Ji-ah tells Tae-ho that although she likes him, she wants to follow Joon-oh’s plan.

Joon-oh goes off alone to think, and Bong-hee joins him and asks if he’s worried everyone will blame him if they don’t find anything. She offers to take some of the heat if that happens, and Joon-oh looks at her gratefully. He jokes that she should, since she’s his stylist, adding that she should punch Tae-ho first if it looks like Tae-ho’s going to punch him.

Joon-oh sighs that he’s still worried and starts to head back to the beach. Bong-hee stops him and asks what exactly happened between him and Jae-hyun. Joon-oh remembers back to when Jae-hyun was alive, and they’d thrown a party to celebrate Dreamers winning Artist of the Year.

Everyone had been friends then, but it wasn’t long after that Jae-hyun had said he was going to stop writing songs, and Joon-oh had angrily told him to go die. Jae-hyun had killed himself, and at his funeral, everyone had looked at Joon-oh with accusing eyes. To Bong-hee, Joon-oh just says, “I killed Jae-hyun.”

In the present, Bong-hee’s hypnotism session continues, and her therapist directs her to open more doors, each leading to new settings. He says that the last door leads her to a present that will help her find the truth, and in her mind, Bong-hee finds the infinity necklace.

The therapist asks what it means, but Bong-hee doesn’t know. He asks whose necklace it is, and this time she knows the answer. She sees So-hee covered in blood, and she snatches the necklace from Bong-hee’s hand, coating it in gore. Bong-hee jerks back to consciousness, and Investigator Oh interrupts the session to say that they’ve found the island.

Bong-hee’s mother checks on her while she’s packing to go to the island, worried about her daughter’s upcoming trip. Bong-hee smiles and reassures her that she’ll be fine, though when her mom leaves, her smile falters.

Chairwoman Jo is curt with Bong-hee as usual, and she warns her to get her entire memory back when she visits the island. Investigator Oh travels with Bong-hee, and he gives her something to help her with her flight anxiety.

When they arrive at the island, they find the plane shrapnel cordoned off and soldiers on the beach. Bong-hee goes to a rock near their cave entrance where she’d scratched the names of the survivors just before they all left to look for a different shelter.

We rejoin the castaways as they strike out into the woods, determined to find the place where the island’s other inhabitants must have lived. They go in circles while Joon-oh tries to act like he totally knows where they are, and everyone starts to lose faith that Joon-oh is leading them anywhere at all.

But luck is on his side, and eventually he happens on a very old, broken-down house. There’s even evidence of prior human habitation, and the group stands in awe as they realize that they’ve found a safe place to live.

In the present, Bong-hee leads Investigator Oh to the house, and she imagines seeing herself inside as she’d hung sheets and cleaned as best she could. She sees Joon-oh as well, helping her get the place ready to be inhabited. The others slowly arrive, and though the house is falling to pieces, somehow it starts to feel like a home.

Bong-hee remembers following So-hee as she’d left the house and struck out alone, and she follows her memories to a cliff overlooking the ocean. As she stands on the edge of the cliff in the present, Bong-hee hears her own voice yelling at someone to wake up, and sees herself wrestling with someone.

The other person tumbles over the cliff and hangs there, reaching a hand up to Bong-hee as if for help. Bong-hee doesn’t reach out to her, and when her grip fails, Bong-hee clearly sees So-hee’s face as she falls to the waves below.

Bong-hee realizes with horror that she’s the one who killed So-hee — or at least, she didn’t try to save her. Investigator Oh finds her shivering on the edge of the cliff, but when he asks if she remembers anything, she stammers that she doesn’t.

Chairwoman Jo meets with Bong-hee’s therapist, who brings her the recording of Bong-hee’s hypnotherapy session.

Investigator Oh and Bong-hee go back to Korea, and the trip is deemed a failure since she didn’t recover any memories. She ignores a call from Tae-young, So-hee’s brother, and heads for home. Investigator Oh goes to see Chairwoman Jo, who asks if he ever left Bong-hee alone with the therapist.

He had left her to take the call that they’d found the island, and it turns out he missed something critical. Chairwoman Jo plays the tape of Bong-hee’s session, and we hear her voice saying that the necklace belonged to So-hee. The therapist had asked Bong-hee why she has So-hee’s necklace, and she’d said in a tortured voice, “I killed So-hee.”

Chairwoman Jo asks Investigator Oh if he plans to make Bong-hee a survivor, or a murderer. He tries to say there’s no evidence, but Chairwoman Jo says that evidence doesn’t matter — it’s all about what’s more advantageous for them from a political standpoint.

As the castaways fix up their new home, Bong-hee finds CEO Hwang’s suitcase washed up on the beach, and the group are thrilled to see clean clothes and toiletries. Bong-hee decides to go look for more washed-up luggage, and everyone stares at Joon-oh until he agrees to help.

They sit on the beach, staring at a bright pink suitcase stuck in some rocks across a bay. They gird their loins and go for a swim, and Bong-hee retrieves the suitcase and is halfway back while Joon-oh is still dog-paddling in place, hee. They celebrate when they find ramyun in the suitcase, and head out for more.

Bong-hee makes several more trips out to rescue suitcases, while Joon-oh sneaks snacks on the beach. He does wrap her in a sweater when she gets chilled, and goes out to bring one back himself. They end up with six suitcases total and head back to the house.

Joon-oh complains about Bong-hee recklessly swimming in the strong currents, and she tells him that she’s the daughter of a diver. She says that she’ll go in the water from now on since it’s too dangerous for the others, and Joon-oh seems to have a newfound respect for her.

The castaways go nuts at all the new clothes and food, and they divvy up the spoils. Joon-oh finds Bong-hee hanging up curtains to keep out the wind (they were for decorating the concert stage), and she says unconvincingly that she’s not that cold.

Joon-oh goes inside and snatches a pink coat from Ji-ah, claiming that it’s his even though it’s clearly a woman’s jacket. He takes it to Bong-hee, oh-so-casually saying that it shrunk, hee.

Bong-hee feels bad, and that night, she tiptoes to where Ji-ah is sleeping and covers her with the jacket. She goes back to bed, only for Joon-oh to toss the jacket back at her and tell her to put it on. She takes it back to Ji-ah, and Joon-oh just brings it right back, over and over again.

The fourth time Bong-hee takes the jacket to Ji-ah, Ji-ah sits up and tells her to just keep the thing and stop waking her up. She shoves Bong-hee out of her space, and Bong-hee finally puts the jacket on and goes to bed. Joon-oh goes to sleep as well, leaving nobody to hear the furtive footsteps creeping past the house.

In the morning, the group find that their food stash has been ransacked. Joon-oh is sure it wasn’t one of them, but it can’t be another crash survivor either, or they’d have spoken to them. Tae-ho reports that some of their clothes are gone too, and they can only conclude that there’s someone else on the island.

In the present, Tae-young is still trying to call Bong-hee, but she continues to avoid his calls. Prosecutor Jo reports that things seem tense at the special investigation commission — they’re avoiding contact with people outside the organization and using off-the-record channels to report in.

He says that all this has happened since Chairwoman Jo met with Bong-hee’s therapist, which leads him to think they found something during her hypnosis session. Tae-young instructs Prosecutor Jo to find out where the therapist works.

The castaways decide to set up guard rotations for the food in teams of two. Tae-ho volunteers to go first, and when nobody offers to team with him, he asks Bong-hee to do it. Joon-oh tries to warn her not to, but she agrees. So-hee looks nervous, remembering how she saw Tae-ho smothering the life out of the pilot.

As they sit near the food stash, Bong-hee asks Tae-ho why he picked her. Tae-ho gives her a long stare, and she asks if she’s done something to upset him. He finally says that he doesn’t like seeing her and Joon-oh hanging around each other. Bong-hee asks if Tae-ho hates Joon-oh that much.

She says that no matter what happened with Jae-hyun, they used to be in Dreamers together and were as close as brothers. Tae-ho just asks if she knows Joon-oh killed someone, but she argues that he didn’t actually kill him. Tae-ho scoffs that she doesn’t know Joon-oh very well, and tells her that she’ll see if she sticks around.

Behind them, someone sets off their makeshift alarm, and Tae-ho gives chase. Joon-oh and Bong-hee follow, but it’s Tae-ho who catches the thief and knocks him to the ground. He punches the thief a few times, until the man gasps out that he’s the plane’s first officer.

Tae-ho asks incredulously why he’s stealing from them, and when the others call out, the first officer tells Tae-ho to stay quiet and listen if he wants to live. He says that he can’t save everyone, but he can save Tae-ho.

They hide from the others, and the first officer tells Tae-ho that he has a lifeboat that was on the plane when it crashed. The problem is that there’s only room on the boat for four people, so the first mate has been watching them, deciding who to take with him. He says they can take two more people besides themselves and leave the island.

Tae-ho goes back to the house, determined to choose the two most useful people to take with them. When he arrives, he tells everyone that he was just lost, and doesn’t mention a word about the lifeboat.

Bong-hee’s therapist sits down with a new patient, Tae-young. He tells the doctor that his sister was murdered recently, and that strangely, he’s been feeling very calm about it. He asks the doctor pointedly if he’s the only one who feels this way before telling him exactly who he is, and that his sister is Yoon So-hee.


Tae-ho has definitely been pinging on my creepy radar, but until now, I wasn’t sure if he was just extremely angry with Joon-oh or truly villainous. Now he’s definitely leaning towards the latter, since he’s considering letting most of the survivors die on that island just so he can save himself. It’s the height of selfishness and arrogance to think he has the right to decide who lives and who dies, which is what could very well happen if Tae-ho and the first officer decide who to take with them on the lifeboat. Tae-ho has never been the nicest or the most selfless person, but if he doesn’t tell everyone about the lifeboat and let them make a decision together, it marks him as a pure villain as far as I’m concerned.

On the flip side, it’s nice to see Joon-oh and Bong-hee growing even closer after finding the others, since they’ve shared things the others didn’t after being alone together on the island for nearly a week. It’s good to watch Joon-oh taking care of Bong-hee after everything she’s done to take care of him, even if all he can do is make sure she gets a warm coat. He started out cold and distant, even mean and petty, but we’ve seen in flashbacks that he actually cares deeply about people. So it feels more like his coldness was a wall to protect himself after everyone turned on him rather than his real personality. He’s already shown a lot of softening now that he’s near his old friends again, which makes sense, since we now know that this group used to be extremely close before Jae-hyun died. I like seeing Joon-oh extending that warmth towards Bong-hee, bringing her into the fold (at least as far as he’s concerned) and beginning to care for her as he cares for the others. It’s hard to tell at this early stage if their bond will develop into something romantic down the line, and while I wouldn’t mind that at all — I adore Jung Kyung-ho in romantic roles — I think I’d also be fine if they simply became great friends.

I’ve said this before, but I find myself thinking again how the show really does a great job juxtaposing the past and the present, and this was used to particular effect in the scene where Bong-hee goes back to the island. At the same time as we see the castaways finding shelter, one of their highest emotional moments on the island so far, we’re also shown present-time Bong-hee returning there and finding it empty. At first I couldn’t put my finger on why that moment was so bittersweet, until I realized — they’re all gone. There’s nobody left on the island to rescue. It was cruelly effective way to remind us that whatever happened, whoever is alive or dead, they’re no longer easily found. And it feels as if Bong-hee knew that, because there was no sense of urgency as she led the investigators to the place they all called home. Something happened to those other eight people, and we only really know the fate of two of them — that So-hee is dead, and that possibly there’s another survivor in a hospital in China.

At first I rejected the idea that Bong-hee might be hiding how much she remembers of events after the crash, mostly just because she seems so sweet and earnest, but I’m starting to wonder if she actually is hiding something. Little things make me suspicious that she may know more than she’s letting on, in no small part because she did remember that she was there when So-hee died and didn’t tell anyone. Of course, that could be entirely due to guilt and fear, but if she’s hiding that, what else does she know and isn’t saying? She seemed to know already that they wouldn’t find anyone in the abandoned house or she would have hurried the investigators to it a lot faster, and she didn’t seem surprised (sad, but not surprised) to find it empty.

The only thing I’m still unclear on (that’s not a deliberate withholding on the writer’s part) is why Chairwoman Jo is so determined to make Bong-hee the bad guy. She’s said that it’s more advantageous for the special investigations commission if the crash survivors are never found, and she seems hell-bent on discovering the truth only so that she can squash it. It makes me wonder if she’s somehow in cahoots with the new CEO of Legend Entertainment, who also appears to have a vested interest in the survivors being kept secret, based on the fact that he’s already keeping the survival of one of them under wraps. Their motives are very vague at this point, and although it may be intentional, all it’s doing now is making me much less interested in present-time events. If I don’t know why the villain is a bad person and what their goal is, I don’t really care as much about what they do. I hope the show clues us in soon, because right now it feels like I’m missing a crucial part of the puzzle.


90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Vicmeister

    What I am wondering is why did the first officer tell Tae-ho that the plane they were on was doomed. Was the plane sabotaged and he knew that?

    • 1.1 Barbrey

      Me too. It was a private plane. I wonder if this has to do with the owner guy.

    • 1.2 jomo

      If it was, why would he get on the flight?
      He could have said he was sick or something…

  2. TheProducer

    For me this is a combo of Survivor and Life of Pi – on the set of Lost! So far its the best drama of the new crop.

    I wonder who Tae Ho will choose for the lifeboat. Bong Hee is probably a natural choice but who else?
    Joon Oh – natural enemy
    Soo Hee – mentally unstable
    Ki Joon – wont leave without Ji Ah
    President and Secretart – package deal
    Yeol – would he betray Joon Oh? Is he useful enough?

    • 2.1 Nerdy

      and both Ji Ah and Yeol are hurt, so they wouldn’t be exactly useful, plus Bong Hee would never leave Joon Oh.

      I seriously don’t understand Tae Ho, I mean, why doesn’t he say anything about boat? survivors are generally nice/logical people and it is a lot more safer to send someone else by boat and wait till he calls the rescue team. The survivor, wouldn’t lost memories like Bong-Hee and after getting out of there would easily talk about the exact location

      • 2.1.1 Sunny

        I believe he will choose the most selfish and physically fit people to go with him.

        Since he’s being secretive, he would also need the other two to be secretive as well (i.e. selfish enough to not mention the lifeboat to anyone else).

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          A good point here on Tae Ho selecting ppl who are as selfish as him to not to divulge the secret on the lifeboat.

    • 2.2 Peridot

      I do think that Bonghee might be one of the choices. Do you remember one of the earlier memory flashes (I think from episode 2) in which Joon-oh is seen telling a reluctant Bonghee to go? I wonder if he learns of the plot but thinks that it is best for Bonghee to leave and find someone to help the rest left behind on the island. Maybe something went wrong with the plan, resulting in Sohee’s death. Wasn’t Sohee’s body recovered in the waters near the place where Bonghee was rescued?

      • 2.2.1 CatoCat

        That scene already happened in ep 3 when Joon-Oh steps on a landmine.

        • Peridot

          I guess I didn’t realize that. Thanks 🙂

        • Lilium

          Hmmm… I don’t know, I think the landmine scene played out differently.

          • Peridot

            That’s the feeling I got as well, Lillium. That they were different scenes, but I don’t know if I’m wrong now.

  3. KDramaWatcher2609

    I wonder why Bong Hee did not save So Hee. She doesn’t seemed to be someone like dat from my understanding from epi 1 till now. I’m starting to like Ji Ah (when she has her own idea n choice to choose to stay at the shore or to go into the jungle to find humans tracks, she did not blindly vote for Tae Ho’s idea of remaining at the shore just because he is her bf.

    • 3.1 TheProducer

      Maybe Bong Hee’s self presevation instincts kicked in? Without rope or anchor they might have both tumbled down that cliff.

      Also Soo Hee was looking unhinged from day 1. In addition to being suicidal and paranoid she might have become homicidal.

    • 3.2 Ellie

      I was thinking about this and I started thinking that maybe she is involved with the death of a character in the island? It may be a stretch, but I do think that if So Hee was involved in the death of someone, that Bong Hee just let her fall because she didn’t want to save her.

      • 3.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Maybe SH killed the lead guy ?

    • 3.3 Annie

      I have a problem with Soo Hee’s death. When we saw her at the morgue, she had red signs around her neck, which made me think that maybe someone strangled her. If she fell from the cliff, she should have been more “shattered”. Also, as regards the cronology, they found her dead somewhere in China. If she fell from the cliff, it probably means they found her on the island, they probably looked around and saw that it was the island where the plane crashed, so it does not make sense that they discover the island later (in episode 4, I mean). Or maybe she fell from a cliff on another island, to which they had moved after a while? Or maybe her body was washed ashore, but after being for a few days in the water, it wouldn’t look so well… I’m really curious how the show will solve it all!

      • 3.3.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Good observation here.

    • 3.4 Cocoboo

      I’m wondering that about Bong Hee too. She has always helped others, especially in urgent situations. I thought it was strange that she didn’t even attempt to reach out to So Hee so I wonder if Bong Hee’s memory of this traumatic event is inaccurate.

      • 3.4.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I thought hypnosis should be accurate ?

        • jomo

          Maybe the fact that she froze and couldn’t reach out to pull her up made her feel complicit? She only remembers not helping, but we don’t really know why yet. If she didn’t help, then she must be/feel guilty.

  4. vkook

    Actually i wanted to post this on the ep 2 recap, but i forgot. lol. So i’ll just post it here:

    This is my theory of their past: Jae-hyun was the songwriter for the band Dreamers. But his works was listed as one of the Dreamers member’s. He couldn’t accept it anymore, maybe he wanted to reveal himself as the real songwriter. The CEO wouldn’t do it, as it might affect Dreamers’ popularity. So he asked Joon-oh to persuade Jae-hyun. But something happened in the middle of the talk so Joon-oh was enraged instead. That (possibly) led to Jae-hyun’s death (suicide? murder?). The Dreamers ended up with no songwriter, and somehow they had to disband. The CEO wanted to cover Jae-hyun’s death, so he made Joon-oh be responsible for that whole DUI thing (Joon-oh might not be the one who was driving, he was a scapegoat). Tae-ho might have something to do with all of this. Yoon So-hee might be close to Jae-hyun, seeing how she reacted while witnessing Jae-hyun’s fall. That explains her attitude (hate) towards Joon-oh.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 4.1 QQ

      Just to add: Did anyone noticed that the left side of Jae Hyun’s head was bleeding, even though it was his other side that hit the car? For me, that part didn’t make sense.
      My theory is that Jae Hyun fell twice, 1st Jae Hyun committing suicide when So Hee was on the roof and 2nd time with everyone on the ground. Maybe his body was thrown off by someone.

      However, what I can’t figure is the reason why there is a need for the ‘suicide’ had to happen right in front of everyone. Maybe to create an alibi? Also, if theory above is correct, then why is So Hee so hostile towards Joon Oh?

      • 4.1.1 jomo

        I noticed, too. Did he hit his head on the way down?

        SH’s memory shows him falling with no cut on his head, thought we aren’t sure she is reliable here. It is what she imagined happened perhaps.

    • 4.2 m3lon4

      The only thing I’m sure of right now is that Joon-oh is not the one responsible for the DUI. He did say that he “drunk but did not drive under the influence”, and I believe him. The one who was behind the wheel may be Yeol, and Joon-oh took the fall for him for some reason, which is why Yeol has been very accommodating and respectful to Joon-oh, despite the whole issue with Jae-hyun, because he feels indebted to him.

      • 4.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I think so too. He still respect him as their leader a lot although they have disbanded after that incident.

  5. Nthrprtn

    I love the cinematography, the deft directing touch in this show as well as the music choices. Like you said, past and present scenes are woven together so seamlessly, but it could have been a disaster in the hands of a director less skilled.

    What I don’t get are some of the plot points.. It’s not really a do-or-die situation for Tae-Ho and the first officer as they could very well thirst/starve/capsize at open sea before ever finding help. It seems to me it would require more courage to board that lifeboat. And if they get rescued, saving the remaining people on the island becomes a question of when not if. Wish the writing was a little grittier because at this stage they’re remarkably blessed with shelter, clothes, and food.

    Anyway, Jung kyung-Ho is killin’ it as usual. Hope the ratings go up soon!

    • 5.1 Barbrey

      Good points. I agree.

      • 5.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Yes I think that there are certain risks taking the lifeboat too but now Tae Ho and the first captain are being selfish as they do not want to divulge that there is a lifeboat n just want to secretly choose pple whom can help them.

    • 5.2 bamsa

      I agree, and I would think after being hungry/ eating coconuts for a week, they would protect food more, at least Bong Hee would have so as not to someone eat at middle of the night. However, even after food and clothes being stolen they are stashed perfectly. Just, use one of the suitcases and lock it… tie that to people’s feet so they will be awake.

      I mean I know most of them are celebrities, but Bong Hee should have that common sense of protection. And poor girl, she brought so much clothes she should have been treated like a Queen. Alas! Those jerks are much self-centered.

    • 5.3 jomo

      Looking at the cast all covered in muck and soaked, probably really cold, too, I want everyone to see them, and appreciate what they did for the drama!
      Well, at least they were all in it together.

  6. LP

    Seems they’re mocking LOST a bit – and I love it! Just the right amount of humor, mystery and psychological thriller.
    Some have commented on minor inconsistencies, but really, you have to suspend your disbelief in any fictional story. Besides, some things are easily explained, such as why there are bits of plane parts that floated in, obviously. A nod to LOST as well…heh, heh.

    • 6.1 LP

      Oh, and both felt they killed someone, but they didn’t really. They still harbor guilt as partially responsible. This seems to be a recurring theme, who’s really responsible for someone’s death, and who just feels guilty.

  7. giocare

    I’m a bit confused on two things.
    1. The working theory was that they were all wearing beige because she couldn’t remember their clothes. But at the cliff she suddenly remembered it in color? Was it because that event was very traumatic.

    2. I don’t think Bong Hee really pushed her, because she turned out to be murdered. So does that mean that technically Bong Hee’s memory might be unreliable.

    3. They keep saying that Joon Oh “killed him” but people don’t just go from 0-100, they have to be at 99 for so long then they snap. Why do they think he killed him apart from saying to go die

    4. Soo Hee’s memory of being on the roof wasn’t accurate right? Since she was with the others when he died.

    • 7.1 Peridot

      Hi, LP :). Regarding the clothing: the outfit that Bonghee was wearing during the cliff scene (or Sohee’s death scene) is the same one that she got from the recovered luggage. In the scene where Bonghee returned to the island and had a memory of herself tidying up the abandoned army shelter, I noticed that she was wearing jeans and a pink jacket. I thought that other viewers might have been right in suggesting that the monochrome palette of the flashbacks was symbolic of our protagonist’s faulty memory. But when I saw the clothing recovered from the luggage (which matched the cliff scene and Bonghee’s memory after returning to the island), I was led to believe that that theory might be untrue. I guess we’ll have to wait for more revelations.

      • 7.1.1 Serendipity

        I still think the color theory is still relevant because from this point on we cannot really discriminate btw her flashbacks and what really had happened.

        The ton-sur-ton lighter colors help to create a dreamlike and surreal atmhosphere.

        • Peridot

          Yes, I do agree that we cannot distinguish between the events actually played out and the recollection of those events. Memory is never truly one-hundred percent accurate to begin with and that quality of memory is intensified when you add in secrets and some possible conspiracy. We’ll just have to wait and see :).

    • 7.2 TheProducer

      2. Why was Soo Hee’s death ruled a murder and not suicide or accident if she fell from the cliff? We don’t know what on the body or autopsy led to that conclusion. It could be part of a conspiracy. ..

      • 7.2.1 GedSkaiKru

        I think there were marks on her neck indicating she was strangled?

  8. redfox

    this is a good time to advertise the writers´ previous drama 38 Task Force. anyone who STILL hasn´t seen it, really should. oh and can we have a Ma Dong Seok cameo?

    • 8.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I second this !

    • 8.2 lanlan

      I third this! That script was brilliant! I mean everything else (casting, acting, directing, editing) was great too but the writers really did a wonderful job.

  9. eterire

    damn… I came here expecting a fluffy idol drama with all sorts of crazy hijinks and I get a kdrama version of Lord of The Flies meets Lost!

    Still really enjoying it, even if I have to shut my brain off sometimes. Love reading all the color theories and theories about unreliable narrators!!!

  10. 10 Grapes

    Unlike you Lolipip I don’t think she’s hiding anything, I think she really lost her memory, as you said she hid the fact that she might killed SH because she’s scared, she needs time to arrange her thoughts.

    I don’t think she killed SH it might be an accident. Tae Ho appeared that he’s the main villain in this drama

    • 10.1 Serendipity

      Bong Hee has finally said she was responsible for So Hee’s death under hypnotheraphy,didn’t she?

      • 10.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I don’t think that she realized that she has said that she killed SH during her hypnosis. Only the hypnotist and the investigator and that (investigator head?) knows it for now.

  11. 11 serpent

    It’s good to see that everyone has their own opinions how they want to handle certain situations. I really thought that Ki Joon would choose what Joon Oh chose and Ji Ah what Tae Hoo chose and also that the president duo would stick together. Everyone chose because of their own reasons it was especially nice to when see Ji Ah chose to go in to the woods, made me like her even more.

    This makes things even more unpredictable, look at Tae Ho I think he will not choose Ji Ah to go with him because she is injured that renders her useless.

    Joon oh and Bong Hee are really great together. Hahaha Joon Oh is to funny, you can definitely see the way he acts is really different than the way he says things.

    Bong hee I don’t think some her memories are reliable like Soo Hee. From what we have seen of her she really wouldn’t let Soo Hee die like that she would definitely grabbed her hand. But we can’t be sure of everything right now, with the right motives maybe she would let her die. it’s really weird sometimes I feel like she remembers everything and other times it’s like she doesn’t remember everything but parts. Hard to read her.

    Yeah so far its really the best drama of the new crop really agree with that.

    • 11.1 AshleyBae

      I meant look up “Missing 9 teasers” I think it was the 2nd teaser where they show So Hee hanged

  12. 12 Barbrey

    I think i missed something somewhere. Who is Tae Ho strangling, and is it So Hee’s memory of something that happened when they first arrived on the beach, a messed up dream, or some kind of psychic vision?

    My own interpretation was that Tae Ho strangled the pilot or someone else soon after the crash either for food or something else. So Hee saw the murder and that’s why she’s been a basket case (she thought it was Joon Ho at first but is realizing it was Tae Ho). Tae Ho knows she saw something, that’s why he wouldn’t go look for Ji Ah and her, but when they do connect he realizes she’s unsure who the murderer was. He also didn’t want any one in the forest in case they stumble on the body and realize it’s murder. He is also making a big deal over Joon Ho killing the friend because if the pilot’s body is discovered he wants to blame it on Joon Ho.

    So that’s been what I’ve been thinking but maybe I’m completely wrong? Can someone explain?

    • 12.1 Serpent

      Those are some great motives for him doing the things he does / wants to do like you said. But it don’t think he knows that Soo Hee saw him killing the pilot, even now we are not really 100% sure that happend(that who Soo Hee saw was him or someone else). From what I have seen he isn’t really suspicious of So Hee maybe whe have seen too little interactions between them to really find that out.

      I think that Tae ho is all about self presevation, He doesn’t give a damn about anyone not even his girlfriend that says alot about him. he doesn’t want to do unnecessary things that could get him in danger even it’s better for the group.

    • 12.2 TheProducer

      I like your theory.

      Something definitely pushed Soo Hee over the edge. Her paranoia about not getting off the island maybe based on something real she saw or heard.

      The lifeboat hogging officer also has a similar paranoia.

      • 12.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I hope SH paranoid won’t end up killing someone accidentally or smth like tat. It’s dangerous to have someone mentally unstable with them, not forgetting that she still resent the lead guy a lot for ‘killing’ her bf. It won’t surprise me if she ended up killing lead guy accidentally or what.

  13. 13 Cozybooks

    Ok, I’ve been incredibly curious during the episodes this week: they’ve been on the island for a while, they’ve been without showers and whatnot. I remember in one of the promotional material posts some people were hoping they’d look mussed enough for a survival show. Someone (I don’t remember who) was less concerned about their hair/muddiness, and more about their perfect eyebrows.

    So the question remains: are their eyebrows disheveled enough? Or have we found a weak point in this great show?

    • 13.1 Peridot

      I don’t think they’re disheveled enough :). There isn’t the slightest trace of a beard growth in our clean shaven men (the ones that already had facial hair don’t count).

      • 13.1.1 oosiee

        What about Periods??

        • okitokki

          ughh getting your period in that environment would be the WORST. i mean, i doubt the show will address anything like this at all, but yeah. that’d suckkkk.

        • TheProducer

          Well they did find bags with women’s clothing and toiletries..

          • Cozybooks

            thank goodness for that. Now we just have to hope that at least one of the girls was really, really prepared. Enough for three girls prepared.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            They have to have a scene whereby they found many cases (unlocked furthermore ) with all the toiletries and clean clothes in them. Because they have to make it logical why they still look so neat and tidy and maybe clean after months at the island.

    • 13.2 greenfields

      I thought of this too – have they really been wearing the same underwear all the way up to episode 4? Without washing it?

      And Ji Ah’s beautiful mane of hair despite everything.

      • 13.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Who cares about cleaniness when survival (food n water) is more important for them now.

      • 13.2.2 jomo

        I think I prefer the fantasy over what their hair would look like, and how bad they would really smell.
        It is our getaway from reality, afterall.
        Although I hope, at least, they let their roots show.

    • 13.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      I do find Ji Ah’s hair still looked so smooth and tidy. A bit unrealistic. As for the other two gal’s their hair are messy so it is more logical for me.

      • 13.3.1 Cozybooks

        Yes, but it’s the eyebrows that really concern me. I don’t know much about spectacular eyebrow care in dramas, it’s never been very important before. I think they’re eyebrows look like… eyebrows. They top their eyes and look pleasant. But are they crash survivor eyebrows?

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          Haha I’m more concerned about how neat clean n tidy their hair is.

  14. 14 Sweet&Sour

    I continue to enjoy this drama despite its bizzareness, however I think that one major flaw of the drama so far is that it lacks a compelling male lead. JKH is a good actor, but his character here is more comedic relief to the drama rather than a driving force. So far only the heroine’s character is compelling, the others range from weird, to depressed, to comedic. I also wished they would have left the hypnosis out of it, because it is cheesy and makes me unable to take the story seriously.

    • 14.1 TheProducer

      I disagree about the lead. The writer has been very subtle letting us know Joon Oh is capable of more. He is content to coast along but when the situation demands he does take the lead. JKH is nailing this complex character.

      The problem is the styling. You can’t take an orange haired guy seriously. Tae ho with his black mop only needs to look into the camera and were like wow!!

      • 14.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I agree. I think he looked nicer in Falling for Innocence (his hair colour).

    • 14.2 Inno6109

      Hypnotherapy is still a legitimate medical practice, so I don’t exactly see it as far-fetched that the chairwoman would use it as one of the means to treat Bonghee as she was desperate for Bonghee to regain her memories.

      Also seeing a couple of cameos from Squad 38 is nice lol so I have no complains with that scene.

  15. 15 gadis

    I like the small character’s moment that always went on at the background that made them feel real even when we only see bits and pieces of their story. Like how Joon-ki is always the one who stayed with Ji-ah and help her, despite Tae-ho being her boyfriend. Or So-hee who is always stayed outside the circle, a loner and a reclused. Or the CEO who is always yapping in the background while doing absolutely nothing.

    I wonder why we suddenly see so much bold color now that they find a proper shelter. Is it possible that it represented a different state of Bong-hee’s memory? At first, when they all wore beige, survival was the only thing that matters. But after they have proper shelter, food, and water source, they have more room for worrying (and maybe scheming) about other things. More conflict and friction arise, and that suggest a higher possibility of something went really wrong. It’s possible that her memory from here on wouldn’t be as reliable anymore, and that she would actively lying or purposefully misleading to cover some secret between those 9 people.

    • 15.1 jomo

      Yes, the CEO is always calling meetings, as if any of them needs to be convened for him to “address” them. They’re all there all the time!

  16. 16 oosiee

    I don’t understand why everyone is so sure on So-hee dying after falling from that cliff? I mean..even if she does fall..she’d fall into water right? And she was probably murdered (?) by strangulation..so there’s a high chance that she survived the fall and later got killed…
    Oh also…how adorable was Joon-oh’s “Don’t do it” cough towards Bong-hee! 😀

  17. 17 Inno6109

    Another good episode, and also the most depressing one so far. I was shocked over how early they found the island in this drama, and the result of their finding turned out to be so bleak……

    Perhaps it will take them some time to find the “bodies”, but the fact that they found no survivors means nobody is alive anymore on that island. The boat seems to be their only mode of transport so far and it can only handle four passengers, so what happened to the rest? Did they all manage to escape somehow or they met their demise on the island?

    Even with just 4 episodes in, I’ve grown to care for all the characters, silly antics and all, that I genuinely wish they all can survive somehow. Never thought I’d be this sad over a drama that just made me laughed last episode with their poop jokes.

  18. 18 TJ

    I’m not sure that Tae ho is our real killer. It seems obvious at this point that he might be responsible for at least 3 deaths but that would be way to easy. I think he’s just a jealous ambitious weasel. We did see him appear to kill someone but at this point we don’t know who or why. At first I was thinking he was responsible for Tae hyun’s death but now I’m not so sure. There are too many other potential creepy people involved. Besides he’s mighty pretty and I don’t like my killers being quite so baby faced. I’m still not over Gap Dong.

  19. 19 manquant

    I would beg to disagree with Lollypip’s observation that Chairwoman Jo was hellbent on making Bonghee a murderer. It might be a generous reading on my part but I saw that phone call sequence as if she’s trying to find a reason not to make her one. Either the strictly-business demeanor didn’t stop her from getting attached to Bonghee or whatever Inspector Oh replied to her in their “politically advantageous” convo worked in our heroine’s favor.

  20. 20 Meiple

    I honestly doubt that Bong Hee truly let So Hee die. From what we saw So Hee’s body was bruised and there looked like strangulation marks on her neck. If she fell from the cliff she would’ve been bloated from drowning/bashed up from hitting the rocks. I definitely think Bong Hee’s going to hide a secret later on, but So Hee’s death seems like a misdirection. From the plot it seems like Bong Hee is going to be framed/suspected of being the killer, however, there’s probably something more nefarious going on in the background. Maybe she knows something that could prevent the rest of the survivors from being found if it’s released?

  21. 21 Danielzo

    I swear some of the peeps in the comment are literally detectives as a part-timer. There were really some great theories and explanation. Thoroughly enjoyed the recap+the comments.

    Thank you :3

    • 21.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Same sentiments. Many beanies here are really ‘part-time detective’. I like to read through the comments to see their insight n theories especially for such mystery drama like Missing 9 and also Voice.

  22. 22 Ane

    I did not like this drama. I just wanted to write this comment here as a different opinion, forgive me if a negative comment is not what you’d like to see in this section.

    I did not like the tone of the drama. It has too many goofy comedy scenes, and unfortunately these scenes are mostly led by the hero of the drama. In this type of drama, the comedic relief should be done in a more subtle way by secondary characters and the male lead should have been more serious. Since it is mentioned, I am going to compare it with Lost: Hurley was the subtle comedy guy, his scenes were releasing the tension but not making us laugh. And Jack, he was the opposite of this male lead. When it is a plane crash on a deserted island, I could not stand male lead’s man-child act. I expect the male lead to be more influential, and I wanted to respect him. But he is a guy who told his friend who confined him “just die”. These two words are heavier than they look, and can really drive a person who is on the edge to death. He was so irresponsible then, and later when they were together with the heroine. She was hungry, exhausted, and still had to deal with his almighty as if there is a social rank system. I was too annoyed by him in those first episodes, although he is now headed a better direction, I cannot still overcome how he degraded and used her at the beginning.

    The heroine is like the ‘Kate’ of this story. She is like copied and pasted from a show with a more serious tone. Rest of the island crew are there as if they went there for a company retreat. They look a little bit too relaxed and whiny. They found a shelter, but what about drinking water? This is the single most important thing that you need to consider in that situation. The drama does not focus on this issue, but create time for funny(?) tooth brushing scene.

    I did not like hairdos, hair colors and beige splash everywhere. I may be wrong but it does not seem like a choice that indicates heroine’s memory-recovery stage to me. Even in the flashbacks that have nothing to do with heroine everybody wear beige. Also heroine’s amnesia was being resolved too slow. Glad that it took a turn this episode. Hope next week we will be over this amnesia plot.

    I will still watch it (by a lot of fast-forwarding) because maybe after the first episodes the tone may settle and also I am curious about what will happen.

    Again sorry for negative comments.

    • 22.1 Peridot

      Hi, Ane :). Please don’t worry about expressing your opinion here. I myself am on the fence with this drama. The characters are in an extremely frightening situation and should be worried. Humor can be used in various ways, but I do think that sometimes the humor is out of place. Other times, I think it is fine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :)!

  23. 23 Joie

    I kept rewatching the scene where JH gave BH the pink jacket and the hijinks that ensued afterwards! These two are so adorable (I need more of them in my life). Thanks for the recap!

    • 23.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I’m shipping these 2 leads so hard.

  24. 24 blazingflame

    I am loving this show. Cinematography is beautiful, cast is solid, story is so intriguing and direction is really good. I hope rating goes up. As a drama lovers who loves quality work it’s disappointing to see such a flawless drama getting low rating.

    • 24.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I too, hope that their rating would go up soon.

  25. 25 Lilium

    I am pleasantly surprised at this show and the only reason why I decided to climb on board was because of the writer Han Jung Hoon, who scripted Bad Guys and Task Force 38. I wasn’t sure what I was in for from Episode 1 but I’m really enjoying the ride so far. Yes, there are a number of niggly things which I could complain about but overall I like the style and approach of the director to the material. His use of colours is absolutely fascinating.

    It’s a huge jigsaw and I feel that we’re only seeing patches and fragments. I don’t think that we have the full story on Soo Hee yet… and knowing HJH particularly from Bad Guys… I’m almost certain we don’t.

    I am really enjoying the dynamic of the leads which is also something I didn’t expect. Their blossoming romance is quite delightful and wonderfully acted by JKH and BJH. Both of them give JO and BH dimension and depth.

  26. 26 jomo

    Thanks for the recap! I love this show! It is so tense it takes me hours to watch each week’s two. I keep pausing and doing something fun.

    Everything we see of TH is full of misdirection. I don’t think he is completely a Malfoy, though definitely a Slytherin. It is possible that the person SH saw strangling the pilot was someone she didn’t recognize, so she assigned faces to him in her memory. It could have been the nefarious Lifeboat Man.

    Where are those other 3 girls? Are we pretending they weren’t there, or are we assuming they didn’t turn up so they’re dead? So weird to have them on the plane if they aren’t part of the story…

    • 26.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I wonder too. Why is there a need to show them on the plane but nothing else about them after the plane crash? Unless later on they would come in later as part of the storyplot.

    • 26.2 nine

      or maybe they’re just background characters and not necessary for the rest of the plot? lol

  27. 27 rochinipark

    I watched this show all 4episodes today, seeing it is still Lunar New Year holiday for me.

    I’d say this show seems like a good show to watch marathon style if you hate waiting to the mysteries to untangle.

    The person the Current New CEO has in the hospital in China may be Tae Ho, seeing he may have been the last survivor who departed on the boat for 4ppl. But it is really strange how a pilot can be selfish and offer up seats by informing select few ppl, seems like this is survival mode kicked in and not what training they undergo.

    Maybe, Bong Hee left on a different vessel/boat to survival.

    The show is funny in parts due to having 3comic actors in Oh Jungse, the CEO guy and his assistant. Kinda overkill for the character funny roles.

  28. 28 akp47

    I couldn’t properly focus on this episode because I thought it was so dumb that no one was talking about potential survivors? Not ONE person, they’re just stuck on this murder mystery as if 7 other people are unaccounted for, alive or dead, and they FOUND where they supposedly were?? It doesn’t seem like they even searched the island, they just told her they found it and took her there to recover her memory? She was crying about wanting them to find the island and try and save whoever was left just a few episodes ago, but not one mention of that from her? The Chairwoman’s aid even called the ”trip” a waste of money, like I really don’t understand what is going on anymore, what am I missing?

    I was looking forward to this episode because I thought we’d have actual progression in terms of the other people since they actual found the island. But nothing, I guess I’m supposed to not be questioning it. I’m gonna give this 2 more episodes before I give up, I want to like the show, and I did for the first episode and a half, but I found myself more confused and annoyed these last two. *sighs* And not confused because I can’t follow what’s happening, it’s actually really easy to follow. More like the present day and the choices made there, and the characters don’t make any sense so I’m wondering what the point is.

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