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by | January 20, 2017 | 327 Comments

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is your Open Thread, which is here for you to chat about anything you want, whether it be drama-related or not. Nothing’s off-topic here! Spoilers may be rife, so proceed accordingly.


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  1. redfox


    I am busy writing a text on light and darkness, but I always have time for Open thread! except I´ll finish work first. what are you doing right now?

    • 1.1 capt_blackdog

      Hey, redfox! Eating corn chips and preparing for a beer tasting that I’ll be moderating tomorrow. Also, keeping an eye out on OT! A text on light and darkness seems intriguing.

      • 1.1.1 redfox

        I am done! I have a workshop tomorrow, we are making lanterns, so I thought I´d collect some information on how light and darkness might have affected people of Scandinavia during viking age. Daylight hours, polar night, cod liver oil etc.. Perhaps Manin can give me additional information? (linguistic terms are much welcome) Did they really rub themselves with cod liver oil like some sources say, and would their actually be any benefit when you put it on your skin instead of eating it?

        I even resisted the urge to watch a drama with my crush Lee Joon Hyuk. I did so well, right? Though the title (naked fireman – I am not even sure I should watch it… yet on the other hand….)

        how is your endurance when it comes to not letting dramas interfere with important task (in %?)

        also watching Hwarang just for Ban Ryu. I am routing so hard for him to take his fate into his own hands.
        Missing 9 is so good. It has just the vibe I need. Cynicism, murky backstories, the lead actress is fantastic and I am looking at her the same way Joon Ho is at this point – total awe and respect mixed with surprise. Atta girl. Lee Seon Bin is also doing very good. Song Ok-Suk – hey ms No, stop giving me chills! On the other hand, don´t.

        • Greenfields

          Endurance is at 20%? I only have time early morning or late at night. I could spend that time exercising, dating etc but I chose dramas. >_<

          • redfox

            you don´t get a black mark on Dramabeans. 20% is excellent endurance! it is more than a drama fan could ask for!

          • Greenfields

            @redfox – those are encouraging words indeed ^^

        • capt_blackdog

          Re: endurance. I think it comes with time and/or age. When I first started watching k-dramas it was a craaaazy ride! Marathons, all-nighters, skipping work duties in favor of another episode. But with time I put my priorities straight and now I do everything that’s necessary to do and only then do I turn on a drama to watch and unwind.

        • Lord Cobol

          Don’t worry, he’s only topless. Nothing you haven’t seen in a thousand guy shower scenes.

          “Important tasks” ? What important tasks? (Benefits of being semi-retired and lazy).

        • PakalanaPikake

          Howdy, redfox!

          Late to the party, but at least I got here.

          I’ve been away from OT for months now. Live-watching 4 shows at once — a record for me — took up all available time, since late August when MOON LOVERS started.

          Anyway, when I saw your mention of light and darkness, and the topical application of cod liver oil, I had to drop you a note. As someone who notices minute changes in light and darkness, winter has been a challenging time of the year for me for much of my life. Being of Irish ancestry, I’ve got Vikings in the family tree, too, and am interested to learn how the people of old related to light and darkness.

          I hope your class goes/went well. 😉

          • redfox

            Hi, PakanlanaPikake! Yes, I mean, I always do some research for my workshops, because they are kind of a “Hook” we use to tell people about history. but this time I am myself really intrigued by the question. If you think, only 5 hours of daylight during viking age with only a fireplace to compensate it (even candles and clay lamps were rare), then how did they cope? we are so used to switching lights on, we don´t even notice that it gets dark outside. we even talk about light pollution. there is too much of it.
            Maybe they were less affected by lack of light than we are? Then again, people with viking ancestry have been found to suffer from conditions connected to lack of D-vitamin (it appears it affects people over many generations! Grandpa lived in dark cold north, and great-great-grandchildren get bad eyes or skin conditions!) That´s so mysterious. So there must still have been a physical effect, if not the psychological.

          • PakalanaPikake

            Hi, redfox!

            Re: Vikings, cod liver oil, sunlight deprivation

            In the 1930s, Canadian-born Weston A. Price, DDS, did field and lab research into sunlight, diet, and human health. His “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” is a landmark study of traditional diets among isolated populations around the world, including northern Europeans. He studied cod liver oil and vitamin D in great detail, and discovered seasonal mortality variations in sync with the content of vitamins A and what we now call K in the butterfat of dairy animals grazing on green grass. Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” is a terrific annotated reference that quotes his and others’ research, and applies it in the kitchen.

            Re: Vikings and sunlight

            Five hours of daylight in winter in Viking times. No wonder I have always felt like hibernating for half the year. I think that’s pretty much what people did back then. Make hay while the sun shines. Sleep when it’s dark. Stay up later if the moon is bright on a cloudless night.

            On the other hand, I cannot imagine what weeks or months of “midnight sun” is like. Do people living in those latitudes become manic from light overload / sleep deprivation?

            Nowadays many of us are completely divorced from direct exposure to both sunlight and solar rhythms because of artificial lighting and staring at computer monitors (and Kdramas!) well into the night that flood our systems with unnatural frequencies of light. The health consequences of disrupted circadian rhythms are significant and well-documented.

            I can attest that some frequencies and intensities of artificial lighting, especially fluorescent and LED, are nothing short of irritating and even painful. Give me good old tungsten-filament incandescent light any day. It’s warm and yellowish, like the sun.

            I use a nifty free application on my laptop called f.lux that modulates the blue spectrum to keep it in sync with daily and seasonal variations based on the user’s latitude. It’s the blue light (think of sunny skies in midsummer) that energizes us. But too much of a good thing can lead to insomnia, disrupted circadian cycles, etc.

            It’s hard for modern people to appreciate how profoundly life on earth changed when Thomas Edison unveiled his version of the light bulb in 1879. Humphry Davy was the first in 1802 with a battery-powered carbon-arc lamp. Other inventors followed. It was Edison’s dogged R&D, and business acumen, that led to not only a viable incandescent bulb, but the widespread establishment of DC electric generating stations and distribution systems to power them. We’d still be illuminating with fire in the form of gas, candles, and kerosene if those three technological and commercial breakthroughs had not been achieved.

            Humans evolved under sunlight for how many millions of years? But it’s only been in the last 150 years that we’ve had the apparent option to ignore sunlight and its rhythms. We’re all guinea pigs.

          • rentenmann *SWAG*

            I am rarely disappointed when I visit OT, and today I’ve learned some brain-expanding things on light and its effect on us. Thank you!

      • 1.1.2 fan

        whaaaaaat? You have a good life 🙂

        • fan

          That was for beer tasting.
          Naked fireman – who made that title? You will be disappointed if you have expectations. But I enjoyed the show. Unless I am sick (and sleep), nothing is important enough to interfere my drama watching.

          • redfox

            I don´t drink beer, so I am not envious. besides I am sure it is haaaaaaaard labour. so exhausting and stressful, riiiiiight.

            I don´t really have any expectations. I just noticed he was in something over a long time.

        • capt_blackdog

          I’m really not complaining, haha! It’s a hobby of mine – me and my husband sometimes do these educative tasting sessions where we talk about beer styles & history.

      • 1.1.3 Van

        Corn chips!? Moderating beer tastings!? Gah, somebody’s livin’ the life! Haha, iiiiiiinteresting!

        • capt_blackdog

          Yup! 😀 Me and my husband do these from time to time when people want to learn more about beer, its history, styles, etc. It’s fun and educative and.. well.. tasty (for me, at least).

          • Van

            Super cool! I’d love to join in on a session with you guys. I don’t drink, but I think that sounds fascinating and would love to learn more about it–and what foods taste good with which beers. Haha. I’ve never tried it, but I have a feeling chicken and beer really does go well together and is an ace pairing! Keep spreadin’ that educational beer knowledge and the promise to drink responsibly!

    • 1.2 DramaMama

      Hello redfox!

      I am sitting in my bed reading OT and watching tv mindlessly waiting for the inauguration of US president. I had a minor surgical procedure done, so am also waiting for the pain meds to kick in. Here’s hoping I can stay awake long enough to read the entire OT thread and catch the inauguration… 🙂

      I was wondering about Missing 9 – I will have to check it out. Also tempted with the Naked Fireman, but LOL! at that title.

      • 1.2.1 redfox

        let´s see which one of us has the courage to watch NF first.

        good luck with dissipating the pain. maybe rub yourself with some cod liver oil? …why does it sound so wrong right now?

        • Sojuboy

          Unknown Director and Writer…hmmm… And why is he doing this?

          NF Plot:

          Kang Chul-Soo (Lee Joon-Hyuk) is an enthusiastic fireman. He poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years. Kang Chul-Soo and mysterious heiress Han Jin-A (Jung In-Sun) try to find the real culprit.

      • 1.2.2 Marina

        Whatever you do, don’t google click on Naked Fireman images while eating. Whomever named this show is either naive, clueless or wickedly smart with agenda. Just sayin’

      • 1.2.3 Purple Owl

        I’m thinking of watching NF too. All I saw was Lee Joon Hyuk and was like my prosecutor!

        But that title lol

      • 1.2.4 Sojuboy

        This stupid country is falling apart.


    • 1.3 korfan

      redfox –

      As I’m checking the OT, I’m also watching tv, which I don’t usually do when I’m here.

      Hope you’re doing well.

      • 1.3.1 redfox

        I would really like to watch the news too, I am at my grannies´ now, but the old lass is blasting the radio louder than a Rammstein concert already. I can´t really do anything in this noise. But she is turning 94 this sunday so I guess I´ll let her rock out LOL

        • korfan

          redfox –

          Heh! Let her rock on indeed! And happy birthday to her!

    • 1.4 Klurker

      Happy Friday, redfox! I am also in the middle of finishing a report for work, but I’ve been checking on DB to see if Open Thread’s already up and it is! Haha.

      Your profession sounds amazing. ^_^

    • 1.5 Cozybooks

      Hello! I’m staring out the window at the snowy bus stop as I multitask writing my blog posts for the day and DB OT. But I’ll stop in a bit to watch Lobster as I get ready for school.

      In answer to the other question, % endurance… I just do other things while I watch dramas. Like get ready for school, cook, Korean or Chinese HW, etc. I get a lot done that way.

    • 1.6 deathbychocolate

      Case reading. A ton of it. Goodbye weekend! 😊📚📚📚📚📚

      • 1.6.1 junny

        My sympathies, I know how that feels.

    • 1.7 Ash

      Hi redfox, I’m not really a frequent commenter here but your question felt so warm I just had to reply! 😄

      I just finished watching the latest Goblin episode and was just about to go to sleep (it’s 12.40 in the night here!) and out of habit checked DB 😊

      Your text on light and darkness sounds very interesting!

      I’m not watching Hwarang ATM, but so in love with Park Hyung Shok 😍 so I just watch clips he’s in 😁 and I vowed to my friend that if he gets a loveline I will definitely watch it from the beginning! Haha

      I too loved Missing 9!! It’s so so good! Very intriguing story line and love love love Jung Kyung Ho 😄

    • 1.8 Purple Owl

      Trying to finally finish FantastiC. Over 4 months is too much lol

      • 1.8.1 Purple Owl


        So touching. And I want a Jisoo if ever I get divorced. Ignore the fact that many things would have to occur for that to happen.

        • redfox

          I read not “I want a Jisoo”, but, “I want Jisoo” and thought you had become really determined….

          • Purple Owl

            Yeah, well. If I could get the real Jisoo, I wouldn’t wait to make him my second husband. He’d be my first kekeke

  2. Jang Geu Raechel

    Hi everyone! How’s your week going? 🙂

    Just wanting to share some good memories with you guys, my sister and I went to Park Bogum’s fanmeeting last week! and we went there in Hanboks, which resulted in him bowing to us during the hi-touch session! 😛

    Anyways, I’ve watched The Liar and His Lover, and i loved it. I didn’t expect to like it that much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’m both excited AND scared for the Korean remakes, please make it good!

    P.S. Sato Takeru is so good looking! Not the most handsome actor I know, but definitely one of the most charming. His best works, anyone?

    • 2.1 captainamerica

      Omg I attended Park Bogum’s fanmeeting too! Still can’t believe I got to high5 him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

      • 2.1.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        I still can’t believe it too! How lucky of us to have been given to opportunity to meet him face to face! Will remember this for life 😀

      • 2.1.2 DramaMama

        Is he as pretty in real life, up close, as he is on tv?

        • Rachel Danusaputra

          He is as pretty as he is on TV! Definitely one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen in real life!


            His smile always gets me.

          • Van

            Wow! I think I’d FREAK if I saw him irl. Can’t even imagine meeting him… 🙈🙈🙈 His smile gets me every time!

    • 2.2 namedx

      Just wanting to share some good memories with you guys, my sister and I went to Park Bogum’s fanmeeting last week! and we went there in Hanboks, which resulted in him bowing to us during the hi-touch session! 😛

      Wow!! Just, wow!! Any words exchanged during the fan-meet? What did he say? How did he sound!? What was he wearing!? Details please! Lol

      • 2.2.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        We first started bowing, as well as calling him “Jeonha”, he was taken aback and smiled! He then said thank you and bowed to us in return! 😀

        He wore two outfits for the night. First outfit didn’t really suit him – red blazer, red pants. 2nd outfit was much better – white shirt with black pants (though he was lovely in both :))

        • Wag_a_Muffin

          Thanks for sharing. (In my imagination I can see you two in hanboks. Cool!)

          Oh, and I can imagine Bo Gummie, too!

        • redfox

          Bogummy is a vitamin even far and away and I am smiling while reading about your encounter.

          • Jang Geu Raechel

            i hope one day you’ll get the chance to meet him too! 🙂

        • Van

          So cute that you addressed him by his character! Hahaha.

        • Purple Owl

          Aw, it’s cute that you guys called him by his character. I can imagine how overwhelmed and touched he was.

          Oh, double red. No go for him, especially the red I’m thinking of. Can never go wrong with black and whute. I think I have a pic saved of him that matches that description 😍

      • 2.2.2 Purple Owl

        @[email protected] Everything. Tell us everything! lol, just teasing.

    • 2.3 korfan

      How fantastic that you guys met Park Bo-gum!

      What a neat and fun experience!

    • 2.4 Greenfields

      OMG! I love Satoh Takeru. He is such a versatile actor, and is different in every role he plays. His beat work is probably ‘Tenno no Ryouriban’ in my opinion, but I liked ‘Tonbi’ best (as a show/movie). Also enjoyed Bitter Blood, the Kenshin movies and Ryoumaden.

      His not good works – Real and The Liar and his Lover.

      Okay, you can tell I’m a fan of the man. Which do you think are his best works?

      • 2.4.1 deathbychocolate

        Yes to Kenshin movies! 😊 Haven’t seen The Liar and His Lover.

      • 2.4.2

        Are you talking about the Kenshin anime movies or the live actions? I loved the anime movies back in the day, specifically “Trust and Betrayal.”

        • Greenfields

          Live action. ^^
          I haven’t seen the anime.


            It’s really quite good. It conveys emotion well.

      • 2.4.3 Jang Geu Raechel

        Oh noes, you didn’t like The Liar and His Lover? 🙁 May i know which part of it you didn’t like? Was it the overall story or just Sato’s portrayal of his character there?

        If it’s the plot then I’d agree that it wasn’t meaty enough. 🙂

    • 2.5 junny

      Sato Takeru was pretty solid in Rurouni Kenshin.

      • 2.5.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        Hehe, I did watch that one. Loved Sato Takeru in it, probably his best role to date. Any more recs from you Junny? I’ll always trust you because we have the same favorite j-drama characters (Suga x Chiaki)

        P.S. I was the one who wrote down the comment in your blog post! 😀

        • junny

          Hi there, so that was you, lol.

          Recs for Sato stuff? Hmmm, not really, don’t follow his career, though I heard he was good in Tenno no Ryoriban.

          Suga and Chiaki rock!

    • 2.6 Klurker

      Hi, Jang Geu Raechel!

      I agree about Sato Takeru! I fell for him as Rurouni Kenshin, so watch the trilogy if you haven’t yet!

      He was also great in the live-action film “Beck”, along with Hiru Mizushima.

      Oh, and the lovely Q10 is also a must-watch! It’s only 9 episodes long, so you can quickly breeze through it.

      • 2.6.1 Rachel Danusaputra

        I watched the first part of Rurouni Kenshin, the movie’s not my cup of tea but I enjoyed it nonetheless due to Sato. I liked Takei Emi as well, she’s really pretty!

        Definitely putting Q10 on my list! It’s funny how it stars both Sato and Atsuko Maeda. Didn’t these two have a scandal before? 😛

        • Klurker

          Yeah, I think the scandal happened after Q10. Apparently, Atsuko fell for Sato for real, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. Oh the feels! Lol :p

    • 2.7 Vee

      Best Sato Takeru works in term of story are obviously Tonbi and Tenno no Ryoriban. His movie If Cat Disappear from The World is good too

      • 2.7.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        Hmm, I did watch a portion of that movie, didn’t really like it 🙁 But definitely putting Tonbi and Tenno no Ryoriban to the list! Thank you! 😀

    • 2.8 Van

      WOWZA! That’s so cool! Must’ve been surreal, huh? How’s Bogummy like irl? Is he really an angel in disguise as a cute and uber talented boy? Lawl. So cute that you and your sister dressed in hanboks! Were you able to take photos with him?

      • 2.8.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        He was honestly the sweetest person ever! I was surprised that his fanmeeting went over 3 and a half hours, usually fanmeetings only last for like maybe 2 hours? and even after 3 and a half hours, he still did the hi-touch session! he’s very genuine in his love for his fans 🙂

    • 2.9 mk

      Rurouni Kenshin for sure. I liked him in Bloody Monday but he’s a secondary character and not too prominent though he is involved in a subplot of his own. And if you want to see him as an utterly charming loser who becomes a superhero possessed by goofy monsters, you can check out Kamen Rider Den-O.

      • 2.9.1 catt

        I followed Sato since Den-O too, the only Kamen Rider I watched bcs he and overall imajin are so adorkable!!

        He is one of my fave J-actors along Kamenashi Kazuya and Shun Oguri. Oh and Yamazaki Kento too! I know Yamaken is super mainstream these days, but he has the skill so whatsoever.

        Japan doesnt have much handsome actors. I mean, they are handsome in their own way, but not quite fitting beauty standard.

        Meanwhile Sato and Yamaken’s face are really manga-like. And has japan-esque vibe too. That’s why they often get casted in live action.

    • 2.10 bluecereal

      Sato Takeru?!?!?!?! You mean, Kenshin?? Definitely watch the Kenshin live action movies, he’s so hot and demands such a screen presence in all of them. On the flip side, my friend really enjoyed his dorkiness in Kamen Rider

    • 2.11 Dongwookie

      You can’t miss Takeru Satoh’s Ruroni Kenshin. I’m afraid it was the only work of his that I’ve enjoyed but he was truly amazing in it.

    • 2.12 Sojuboy

      Why does he cry all the time?


      • 2.12.1 Purple Owl

        Because he looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

        Yes. Yes, I did just mix two memes.

    • 2.13 Purple Owl

      Ahhhhh! Gummie.

      I don’t think I’m going to check out the original Liar/Lover before the kversion. It never goes well.

      • 2.13.1 Jang Geu Raechel

        It does bring up my expectations. But my memories from the K-remakes of Nodame and You’re Beautiful are telling me to lower my expectations 🙁

        • Purple Owl

          Nodame & Time We Were Not In Love are my bad memories.

    • 2.14 spazmo

      Rurouni Kenshin – 3 part series = takeru’s best works!

  3. captainamerica

    Happy friday beanies! i recently finished 2 jdoramas (Yami no Bansosha and Kageri Yuku Natsu) and I enjoyed both! I must say I really like WOWOW’s format of jdoramas cuz there’s literally no room for fillers lol. Can someone recommend me more WOWOW doramas please? Thanks!

    • 3.1 CatoCat

      Wait for this one – Hitoya no Toge

      Wowow is similar to OCN and produces mostly violence stuff so i keep my distance from its media.

      • 3.1.1 Brulee

        Actually, their dramas are not really that violent. Some of them are violent, yes (like Suisho no Kodo, Hitorishizuka, Ishi no Mayu for example), a lot of the are dark, but they have some lighter stuffs too like Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori or Gou Gou, The Cat. They have serious drama but hardly violent like Soratobu Taiya or Scapegoat. For me there are some of wowow dramas that are are misses but when the drama is good it can be really good.

    • 3.2 chris

      how about marks no yama or ishi no mayu? I like both of them. ..and lady joker too..

      unfortunately not many WOWOW drama get subbed.. 😥

    • 3.3 junny

      You won’t go wrong with WOWOW dramas, they’re generally solid.

      In addition to the above recs:
      – Double Face
      – Soratobu Taiya
      – Cold Case

    • 3.4 Vee

      Marks no Yama
      Ishi no Mayu and its sequel Suisho no Koudou
      Lady Joker
      Garasu no Ashi

      Not WOWOW but also short and great:
      Nigeru Onna
      Gaiji Keisatsu
      Long Goodbye

    • 3.5 alua

      Dare I say XXXHOLiC?

  4. Zogzog

    Wow trying to end my drama slump these past two yrs, hello beanies, its been awhile. Its funny how im so updated with drama news in everything but i dont have really the urge of watching(except age of youth,dear my friends,signal,memory) but one my resolution in 2017 is to watch drama again and fits everything in my sched(sigh college) to start my craziness again lol can you guys recommend me some slice of life drama like misaeng, age of youth or dear my friends? I dont mind if it is japanese or a movie 🙂 Thank you!

    • 4.1 elric

      Because It’s the First Time is good. Maybe not as great as the ones you have listed but it’s filled with warmth and friendship. It’s a slice of life, coming of age drama. Only 8 episodes with a satisfying finale.

      • 4.1.1 Purple Owl

        I second this one. BitFT was a fav last year. Warning: there is some emotional topics. But what good SoL doesn’t have them?

      • 4.1.2 Zogzog

        noted! thank you for recommendation 😀

    • 4.2 fibdib

      Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! 🙂

      • 4.2.1 Hyades

        Yes. I just have finished WFKBJ. It is so sweet and warm friendship drama

      • 4.2.2

        I can’t believe that I’ve never thought about describing WFKBJ as slice of life. 🤦‍♂️

        • Purple Owl

          Don’t feel too bad. I didn’t realize until the closing scene. And I ws trying to figure out why it was so perfect?

          It was a peaceful drama because we lived their lives with them and they didn’t fall into clichés.

      • 4.2.3 jh is life

        It got mentioned on buzzfeed today! Apparently “do you like Messi?” is a thing 😆

        • Purple Owl

          I am sooooo proud!

          Forget the ratings. Buzzfeed and memes are proof of popularity.

          I can’t believe some of the results, lol. I should have trtried it on my crush before it became known 😂

      • 4.2.4 Zogzog

        almost all of my friends are pushing me into this drama so it’s really a must watch on my list, thanks!

    • 4.3 Satsuki92

      How about the Taiwanese movie “Our Times”? It’s sorta like weightlifting fairy minus the sports

      • 4.3.1 Zogzog

        watched the trailer, and WOAH im already loving it, it reminds me of you are the apple of my eye

    • 4.4 Kbfm

      Drinking Solo is a fun slice of life drama!

    • 4.5 catt

      I recently finished japanese drama Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto and morning drama Mare, both starring Yamazaki Kento.

      SHGIK has 10 episodes and each is 1 hour length. The story is about a pattiserie who recently gets fired and ends up working in seaside restaurant owned by 3 handsome brothers. Cliche? Yes. But jdrama is good at turning cliche into something meaningful, unlike kdrama. It has beautiful sceneries too. And I love it because the lead guy fall in love first, just like in Kim Bokjoo.

      Whereas Mare has 156 eps and each is 15 minutes length. The drama is about life of Mare, a girl who doesnt have dream due to her father’s constant failures. One day, her family move to countryside village of which people are so warm and kind. From there, she begins to find her dream as pattiserie.

      Mare has all what you seek in slice of life drama: it’s about growing up, friendship, first love and broken heart, family matters, father-daughter relationship, finding dream and courage to live your dream, hitting rock bottom, marriage, responsibility, and how to deal the up and down in life … Not only Mare herself, but also everyone around her. What I like the most is none in this drama is pure evil bitch. Totally recommended. Just bear with the episode, or you can skip some.

      In other words, Yamaken dates two pattiseries hahaha!

  5. dancing_withcloud

    Hey guys!! Have been trying to do this the past two weeks, hopefully, more people will see it this week!

    UK beanies unite! A few of us have created a private Facebook group for UK beanies, so we can meet for a meal/soju / noraebang!

    Do join this group if you’re interested:


    • 5.1 Greenfields

      So much envy. Wish this group existed two years ago when I was still in London!

    • 5.2 Hyades

      What! Why jusy now? T.T

      I back from the UK one year ago after 5 years.

      Enjoy guys ^^

    • 5.3 unatuna

      Glad you guys are keeping the ball rolling with this one – nice work! Tried to send out a link earlier in the month to gauge interest but it’s just so hard to get word out there and find people via comments alone. Hope this fb group will solve that problem!

  6. Sorry

    When i started watching k-dramas there was those terms (like ahjussi, ahjumma) that weren’t translated in the subtitles and you slowly start to pick up. In One of my first dramas, two friends were talking: “But i can’t date him”, “Why?”, “He’s a chaebol”. I thought that meant player/playboy(sweet innocence) and even said it to someone O.o
    So,is there any misunderstanding you made about Korean culture/language when you first got into dramas?
    A good week to all.
    ps. Anyone watching Missing 9? I’m soo hooked.

    • 6.1 gadis

      I also addicted to Missing 9. It’s just so good. Much, much better than what I expected. (And my expectation was pretty high due to excellent teasers and posters)

      Regarding misunderstanding, I used to feel confused when subtitle gave me a name but I couldn’t hear it in their conversation. Turns out, they almost always refer to each other with their title especially when they talked in jondaemal.

      • 6.1.1 Sorry

        I’m interested in all characters , whitch is pretty rare for me. The OST is fiting, accting on point beiges aside( and the overall cleaness of them) im loving it.
        When they said there’s no motive for her not to remember.
        Omg that part buggs me. The guy who is helping her to remember is a terapist/
        psychiatrist, i assume, and the first thought that crosses his mind is that she is lying??PTSD anyone?? Maybe this is the show’s way to tell us to don’t trust the narrator, but is so damn annoying.
        I think that the girl killed herself/ was accidentally pushed off a cliff.
        I’m loving this, there’s so many questions… Are they all really dead? They could’ve found out a way out the island and just one person was supposted to go find help. They fought about who whould go, and that’s how Seo Joon-Oh died.idk…
        Why Missing 9? There was 13 people in the jet (pilot+ copilot+ 3 Dreamers+ 3 girls (girlsgroup?)+4 ppl from the agency+Yoon So-Hee+Ha Ji-A )
        This is giving me “Lord of the flies” vibes, it’s a great start, i hope they are alive…

        • Sorry

          *acting cleanliness.

        • Bùi Quốc Khánh

          List of Missing 9:
          1.Jung Kyung Ho as Seo Joon Oh (28) (Former leader of the idol group ‘Dreamers’)
          2.Baek Jin Hee as Ra Bong Hee (26) (Sole survivor and witness of accident)
          3.Oh Jung Se as Jung Ki Joon (39) (Joon Oh’s long-time manager, Ji Ah’s daddy long-legs)
          4.Choi Tae Joon as Choi Tae Ho (27) (Former bass guitarist of idol group ‘Dreamers’, Notable actor)
          5.Lee Sun Bin as Ha Ji Ah (26) (Rising actor)
          6.Park Chan Yul as Lee Yul (23) (Former drummer and visuals of idol group ‘Dreamers’, singer-songwriter)
          7.Kim Sang Ho as Hwang Jae Gook (27) (President of Legend Entertainment)
          8.Tae Hang Ho as Tae Ho Hang (36) (Department Head of Legend Entertainment, Jae Gook’s secretary)
          9.Ryu Won as Yoon So Hee (25) (Top actress, ‘Hallyu goddess’)

          • Sorry

            Check min 44:08 of episode 1.who are those 3 girls?

          • owl

            The 3 girls are Blue Angel members, Joy, May, and Chiming. I am not sure why they’re even in this. Also with the two pilots, there are 14 on board.

    • 6.2 Hyades

      I will watch it tonight

    • 6.3 Van

      I wish I could speak and read in Korean, but I’m always proud of myself for knowing better when the characters say “Ajusshi,” but the subs say “Hey,” or something like that. Or when the characters obviously addressed other characters by “hyung/unnie/oppa/noona/sunbae/etc.,” but the subs show the character’s name. Like, that’s not what they said! For example, the subs I was reading in Lobster ep 19 (btw, how many eps are there? 20?) didn’t include that Shi-ah called Chung “unnie,” even though I heard her address her as “Chung unnie” when she found out that Tae-oh was crushing on Chung all along. I thought that was a cute and sweet change in her.

    • 6.4 owl

      I was drawn into Missing Nine on the first episode. I’m recapping it if you want to check it out. Click “owl”

      Did you see Chanyeol in Law of the Jungle – where he had a cry-sis when a cast member got injured?Poor guy. Well, poor buys, both of them. He reminds me of that in Missing Nine.

  7. Van

    Hhaaaaaapppppyyyyy Goblin Fridayyy, beanies!! These past few days have been EXCRUCIATINGLY long, but it’s finally Friday! I CANNOT WAIT to snuggle up in bed w/ Goblin tonight! I’ve been actively avoiding anything Goblin and been only checking in on here, so I don’t really know what to expect in the new eps! Errr, kinda. I’ve seen BTS pics and vids for future eps and omg the preview thumbnail for today’s ep, but I didn’t click/watch! BUT gahhhhh Kim go eun’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m so ready for Goblin Friday today and goblin weekend and then I’ll gradually be ready to send the show off bc I’m so addicted to this show, it’s taking over my life and mind! Anyways, off to work now~ see y’all later in the Goblin recap thread! Happy happy Friday, beanies!!

    • 7.1 LizJ

      I had never tried to watch a live stream from Korea before, but I tried this morning. It would go for about three to five minutes and then stop. Reloading the page would usually allow it to get started again. I started about 20 minutes into the show, so I saw pits and pieces of the rest of the episode.

      • 7.1.1 Van

        Omg, that sounds like absolute TORTURE! I can’t. I won’t. I refuse! No matter how much I love a drama (and boy do I LOVE Goblin!), I’ll probably be tempted, but will definitely hold off on watching it live/raw and wait for complete eng subs to come out so I can thoroughly enjoy the show in its entirety and in all its gloriousness. Props to you for trying it out (do you understand Korean?)!

    • 7.2 SR

      I’ve held back on watching ep 14. Planning to watch all three on sunday. Please drama gods dont disappoint me. Fingers crossed!!!!

      • 7.2.1 Van

        Sunday!?! Gah, why so long??? Besides having a life and priorities, of course. 😅🙈 I have a good feeling the rest of the show’s gonna be as epic as how it’s been from the beginning, so GOOD VIBES over here!

    • 7.3 DramaMama

      Yay Goblin Friday! Boo, sob, sniff, Goblin finale weekend! What will I do without my Goblin/Reaper bromance?

      • 7.3.1 Van

        YAY, GOBLIN FRIDAY~~~!!!! 💖❤️😍😘

        The bromance, the romance–I’m gonna miss it all! I’m gonna have THE WORST withdrawal symptoms when Goblin ends.

        But yay for the cast and crew for being rewarded with a vacation to Phucket, Thailand (does anyone know why Phucket is like THE go-to location for drama cast and crew reward vacas?)! Apparently, all four of the main cast (Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook and Yoo Inna) confirmed that they’re going, so YAYYAYYAY! I hope to see pics of the cast and crew enjoying themselves and bonding on the trip!

    • 7.4 축하해 (Chukahae)

      I’m not sure whether anyone will be interested with this news, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself. The last ost had been released, the so-called never far away is actually round and round by Heize.

      Never occur in my mind that the singer is the one that had a duet with Go Young-Bae for Jealousy Incarnate opening theme. Such a departure from her previous OST in which she sounds very cute and bubbly in it. See y’all in the recap thread as well.

      • 7.4.1 DramaMama

        I love that opening song! Will go find it right now!

      • 7.4.2 LizJ

        Not on Apple Music yet, at least in the US.

        The rest of the soundtrack is there, so hopefully this will be added.

      • 7.4.3 Van

        Ooh~ they finally released it?! Ha! They really did saved it for last! Every time an OST came out, everyone brought up “But what about ‘Never Far Away???'” I actually like Never Far Away better than Round and Round, but I guess the fact that it’s an actual OST matters more. I’m gonna check it out and also the artist’s collab for Jealousy Incarnate’s OST. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • 7.4.4 Sojuboy


    • 7.5 Sojuboy

      EP 14 was good. I don’t want to spoil anything but this writer has never been known for sad ending. (*_-)

      This show has JUST snack into my all time TOP TEN LIST.

  8. Sera The Ms Temper

    Not enough of Seo Hyun Jin in RTDK, so I decided to rewatch King Daugher Su Baek Hyang! Maybe she should do sageuk for next project?
    I also thinking to rewatch Tree Deep Roots next simply because of not enough of Han Suk Kyu too.

    Still in the RTDK withdrawal, and the current airing drama not really attracted me except Voice. Gonna save Missing 9 for next few episodes before start it.

    Just checked some BTS of Our Gabsoon, watching the BTS at times better than the real drama.

    • 8.1 gadis

      I’m not really a fan of sageuk, but Seo Hyun-jin doing sageuk project sounds really good. Hopefully she’ll pick a great sageuk for his next drama.

      • 8.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        She is really fantastic in both sageuk and modern drama. I started to become her fan from The Duo. She was really impressive in this drama (she really wowed me) and honestly this role is still her best role. It is just that just recently people know more about her in romcom so some may not know how good she is in sageuk.

    • 8.2 missjb

      so true not enough Seo Hyun Jin in RDTK. she is waste here to be honest. she can do such much better.

      • 8.2.1 DramaMama

        She started off so strong as the fearless resident and then even as the doctor trying to overcome ptsd. And then became almost nothing. We had a glimpse of her gumption with the chairman when he was hospitalized, but not much else. Too sad because she could have been so much more.

        That said, I still would like to see a second season. It was a good and easy watch, and my hubby and I took to calling it the Korean Grey’s Anatomy. They left it open enough for a second season – still so many characters’ back stories left to mine for information.

      • 8.2.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        For a 20 episode drama, and with three leading characters, i wont have much complaints. In my opinion, she was not wasted, just that i will appreciate more if there was more storyline between her and Kim Sabu. Anyway she got to act with respectable actor and mentor like Han Suk Kyu and I am sure she must be really happy and thankful for that. Because not many young generation will have a chance like hers.

        • missjb

          i thing you are right “sera the mr temper”. Seo Hyun Jin get alot of experience acting with better actor is a plus. But I just dissapoint with the way the writers write her leading lady char. Just like those typical writer who spent more time to write more meaty roles for their leading man than their leading lady.

    • 8.3 Michykdrama

      Totally stoked to watch Tree with Deep Roots soon- HSK plus Jang Hyuk?? I must have died and gone to heaven 😍

      Just need to find more Time….

      • 8.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        And Song Joong Ki as young Han Suk Kyu.

        You seriously need to find time to watch it 😉

        • Ar

          I think that was the role that pushed him into leading man status. I knew he was a good actor, but as young Sejong, he blew me away. The actor transition from the young to older version of the same character was one of the best. Oftentimes, there is a mismatch.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Yes agree with you. I always thought he is cute boy until TWDR.

            He and Yoo Ah In used to just play secondary / supporting roles to Park Yoo Chun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Look where they are now. They have grown so much in this industry.

        • missjb

          My most fav actor. he is become my bias after starring in the innocent man. He is the only

          young male actor for me who capable to convey a character with alot of facade and vulnerability hiding in his soul type role perfectly. anyone else can. but he is the most capable young actor who can do that. .

    • 8.4 Sojuboy

      I just can’t get past Yoo Yeon-Seok horrid acting, otherwise I would have watched it. Poor guy is like a blackhole sucking the life force out of that show. I never understood that director’s decision to hire him. They needed a strong anchor to ground that show; he just wasn’t doing it.

      DEEP ROOTED TREE still remains my favorite drama of all time. That show was PERFECTION.

    • 8.5 PakalanaPikake

      @Sera The Ms Temper,

      Ooooh, a fellow RDTK viewer and KDSBH fan! Yes! Every once in a while I go back and rewatch a episode or two for the feels and the gorgeous cinematography. My gateway sageuk. 😉

      I would love to see SHJ in another sageuk (but please, drama gods, not Joseon era, I’ve had my fill of those 50-pound hairpieces!) Would love to see her kicking butt with Jang Hyuk or LJG sometime — in another feisty role like SBH. I need more kickass swordfighting in my life right about now, although I must say that I’ve been enjoying Gong Yoo’s first foray into Goryeo.

      RDTK withdrawal hasn’t really set in yet. Maybe it won’t, as I’ve started watching VOICE, and am enjoying it.

      I’ve been edging closer to finally watching TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS, but have been wondering if it’d be better to see SIX FLYING DRAGONS FIRST. The prospect of Han Suk Kyu and Jang Hyuk in the same series… that ought to be good.

      BLUE SEA and GOBLIN winding down.

      I’ve succumbed to DB’s Why You Should Watch CAN I HEAR YOUR HEART? and am up to episode 9.

      Plan to live-watch REBEL (because Writer-nim is the author of KDSBH), and also Jo Hyun-Jae’s upcoming series HOUSEWIFE DETECTIVE. I loved him as Crown Prince Myongnong and have missed him. Would love to see him in another sageuk, too.

      Also looking forward to SAIMDANG, TOMORROW WITH YOU, and HONG GIL-DONG, which I’ll try to sneak in before REBEL.

      See you over at VOICE recaps. 😉

  9. korfan

    Hi Everyone! ……. I hope you are all doing well today! Glad to see all of you in OT once again!
    Watched this week:

    Legend Of The Blue Sea – Is it odd that, at this point, if Lee Min-ho is not wearing a sweater of some kind, something just looks “off?”

    Night Light – I’ve only watched up to episode 3, but Lee Se-jin should know by now how to follow directions.  I know she’s wondering what exactly her new employer is involved in, but that curiosity of hers is bound to get her in trouble.

    Tree With Deep Roots – Prince Gwangpyeong!!  I still can’t believe I saw what happened, happen. ….. Oh and by the way, 4 more episodes left to watch and this drama still keeps getting better and better!

    That’s all for now. ……. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

    • 9.1 Michykdrama

      I’m totally going to check out Tree With Deep Roots soon- many people have said it’s good and your endorsement of it has also helped push it up on my Watch List!

      • 9.1.1 korfan

        Michykdrama –

        Oh my goodness, do watch it when you can!! …… I totally understand the time constraint situation, this is the reason I just got around to watching it.

        It is certainly a top-notch sageuk and is now one of my favorites. It’s a drama that won’t disappoint.

        I hope you are able to watch it soon.

  10. 10 gadis

    So I finally watched movie Hyung and… Oh my God… Who said it was a comedy?? Who?? It totally gave me JI throwback in the saddest, most gutting way possible. Jung-seok oppa, Kyung-soo~ya, I demand my tears back!!

    • 10.1 Ami

      Omg I miss JI!! Where did you find it subtitled, if you watched it with subtitles?

      • 10.1.1 gadis

        It only has subtitle in bahasa Indonesia right now. (as far as I know from subscene)

    • 10.2 Satsuki92

      I’ve been wanting to watch the movie! The trailer looked hilarious. Was it really heart wrenching to watch! I don’t want a repeat of the TK2H moment!

      • 10.2.1 gadis

        It’s heart wrenching, but absolutely worth it.

  11. 11 leleyleley

    So, i need a place where I can write my new-found obsession with Jung Kyung Ho. Thank DB, for this much needed Open Thread.
    I accidentaly stumbled upon Falling For Innocence last month. I watched first episode without much thinking, and no knowledge of the cast except for Kim Soe Yoen. And I was hooked. It was marvelous ride. The drama itself was great, but I just fall in love with the male lead. He’s really adorable. Idk if it was his voice, or his eyes, or the way he carried his character. I just fall in love head over heels. He’s not a typical pretty boy I used to find handsome, but he is a fine man.
    And then I started watching his other dramas. Next was Heartless City. And now I can’t get out of this hole. I just love him as an actor. He was awesome in HC. And I just love his bromance with Soo in there. I can’t believe they executed bromance so flawlessly, like, I just watched them being enemies in Falling For Innocence. Hahaha.
    I sat throughout One More Happy Ending solely for him. That drama didn’t work for me, idk why, but I stayed for JKH.
    And now I am a happy fan that he is starring in Missing Nine. Beige was never my favorite color, but JKH looks stunning in his turtleneck. Hahaha.
    Oh, and I heard that he’s dating SNSD’s Sooyoung in real life. Another plus point. She seems like a cool person, and they’ve been in a quiet relationship for years. Yay!

    • 11.1 Sorry

      Did you watched Smile, you? Is it worth it?

      • 11.1.1 CatoCat

        Its a good one but stretched a lot. I like family dramas so i was able to tolerate it. I didn’t missed any second of whole 45 episodes. I was exhausted and tired and wanted the show to end and last 5 episodes took Good Test of my patience. I read somewhere that show was actually extended and this is quite visible after 1st 30 episodes. If you have the ability to FF then surely go ahead and watch it.

        • Sorry

          I’m in ep 2 I can’t FF, not one scene . T.T I haven’t seen many family/ long dramas also(Just Ugly Allert, overall i liked it). Do you have any recommendations?

          • Hyades

            Ojakgyo Brothers

      • 11.1.2 missjb

        watch smile you for the otp only. skip anything else. the otp is golden

        • Sorry

          I don’t have it in me to skip dramas. I wish someone edited those cute couple dramas like Beautiful Gong Shim (without the chaebol plot. T.T) i watched ALL OF IT.

        • leleyleley

          I hesitate to watch it, because of how long it is. The only family drama I wacthed until the end was Ojakyo Brothers. Jo Woon and Uee are super adorable, and so were the rest of the casts.
          Definitely will give it a try someday.

    • 11.2 Jang Geu Raechel

      OMG, are you me? Been sticking with OMHE just for JKH. LOVED him in both Heartless City and Falling for Innocence. Paksa Adeul is TOO GOOD LOOKING. I wish he would go back to his darker roles, but he’s just as good in comedy. He’s such a lovely actor, he deserves to be in great projects! Fingers crossed so that Missing 9 can be one of his highlight projects!

      • 11.2.1 missjb

        I’m done already with his comedic role. well there is nothing wrong once in a while. But I want more paksa type role, more darker role please Jung Kyung Ho

      • 11.2.2 Sorry

        Ik, the ive seen OMHE just for him, he’s just too funny. I started Missing 9 yesterday and i’m in a Jung Kyung Ho fever. So much that im trying an 45 episode drama. How can i wait T.T.

      • 11.2.3 leleyleley

        Yes, we certainly need more Jung Kyung Ho on screen. Preferably in dark role. But it’s Jung Kyung Ho. He can be anything and I will still be hooked.

    • 11.3 Ami

      Cruel City is just one of my top faves, it is definitely where I fell for him! I wish there was similar dramas to that one actually.

      • 11.3.1 Kbas

        I recommend the drama special The Great Gye Choon Bin on YouTube for a mini dose of Jung Kyung Ho. Quirky characters and a happy ending! I have watched it more than once.

      • 11.3.2 Sojuboy

        Three Words: Falling for Innocence

    • 11.4 ObsessedMuch

      I love Jung Kyung Ho too!! But I found him in a reverse order! I watched OMHE because I love Jang Nara. At the beginning of the episode I was all like- “This is the hero? He looks so ordinary”, but by the end of ep 1 I was eating my own words. I fell in love with him, and while waiting for new episodes of OMHE, I finished Falling for Innocence and Heartless City (Paksa Adil is love)!

      Now I am looking forward to seeing him every week in Missing 9 🙂

    • 11.5 coby

      Been there.. that JKH obsession.. hugs

    • 11.6 Cozybooks

      Every time I think of JKH, I think of the sleeves rolling scene. I’m laughing just thinking about it now.

    • 11.7 Hyades

      Jung Kyung-ho is a great actor. I watched him in time between god and wolf in the first time and I loved his acting. I think smile, you and Falling For Innocence were his top drama. His way to deliver each characther astonished me. I just start Missing nine ^^

    • 11.8 Marina

      If we substitute the lead actor’s name (it’s almost always the lead) for any other handsome male lead, that’s the story of how we ALL got hooked and then developed an interest in another actor, then discovered all the works of another one, and finally, watched all the watchable or not so watchable dramas in Kdrama land. It will pass in a few years, believe me, when you realize that your new Kdrama actor crush is almost the same age as your kids. Then you will start calling yourself an expert ajumma and will get angry responses for posting critical comments from this or another oppa’s young new fans. 🙂

    • 11.9 Purple Owl

      Wow. That is a lot in a month. That’s fever at its highest level!

      And I forgot about him & SooYoung. It makes me smile.

    • 11.10 indie24

      Welcome to the club! I’ve been obsessed with JKH after watching him in Heartless City. I’ve never missed any of his dramas since then. He’s such a versatile actor. I still think that his role as Doctor’s Son is his best so far. That character was just tailor-made for him.

    • 11.11 owl

      And you’ll have to watch him in Sorry, I Love You with Ji Sub. Really, it’s a must. I have probably watched this kdrama close to a dozen times, like a cult follower.

  12. 12 Baby Panda

    There’s definitely no shortage of precipitation in SoCal for 2017! It’s been raining so much since the new year!

    Finally gave in and watched Descendants of the Sun – gotta say I liked it a lot to my surprise. Even hubby liked it. Sure it was like cotton candy with the beautiful scenery and people and no real substance, but I did enjoy the banter between all the characters and the bromance.

    Song Joong Ki is totally my type of guy with his soft boyish good looks. Which do you prefer? The boyish or manly type?

    • 12.1 Ami

      Descendants is my absolute guilty pleasure, I am aware of its faults but I watch it whenever I am upset, it is sorto of my ‘the notebook + ice cream’ ritual.
      I prefer a manly man, but to be honest Yoo Shijin is manly to me – he takes care of his career, has charm and if you need him, he’ll be there (even if he is off to duty, you know he will support you).
      Somebody who treats their other half well and know what they want in life is just attractive to me.

    • 12.2 Michykdrama

      I like your question!

      My preferred type is definitely boyish- or what I like to call “pretty boys”- boyish with looks that border on being pretty, but totally in a masculine non effeminate way.

      Off the top of my head the guys that fit this type (and float my boat) are:

      Korean- Song Joong ki, Park Bogum, Ji Chang Wook, Nam Goong Min, Jang Geun Suk, Jang Hyuk (ok he isn’t really “boy” but still, very good looking!)

      Non Korean- Yang Yang, Aaron Yan, Yamapi, Wallace Huo, Wu Chun, Jerry Yan (when he was younger LOL)

      Such fine looking men! 😍

      • 12.2.1 korfan

        Michykdrama –

        Liking your taste!

      • 12.2.2 junny

        Jang Hyuk’s vibe is very alpha male though.

        • Michykdrama

          Yeah he does.
          But still he has that clean cut boyish vibe- to me at least. Him in a tux is the thing daydreams are made of! 😍

          • junny

            He looks great in a tux, but for me he’s the furthest thing from pretty boy.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Jang Hyuk is my type too. I can fangirl him whole day.

      • 12.2.3 Baby Panda

        I like your list!

        I absolutely adore Hu Ge (both as an artist and as a person). he can be both boyish and manly at the same time.

    • 12.3 MapleSilver

      Definitely the manly type for me. Lee Seon-kyun is my favorite Korean actor. He is handsome and sexy though far from pretty. And charismatic as hell.

    • 12.4 Sera The Ms Temper

      Manly type for me, actors or my taste in real life 😉

      examples, – Sung Hoon & Jung Kyung Ho. Lee Dong Wok is pretty but has his own manly charm. Lee So Hyuk too.

      Ahjusshi – Han Suk Kyu

      (actually a lot, but i rather don’t list down so much lol).

    • 12.5 redfox

      I don´t really have a type. as an actor, I like diverse chameleon types who can be anything from ice cold to puppy to hot. But I also like gruff ajussis just because… two of them together is even better. By now, you have probably guessed that I have a certain pair of conmen before my eyes when I am writing this….sigh. I can´t get past that.

    • 12.6 Purple Owl

      I guess boyish? Idk

      I like actors who are nice to look at, fun on and off screen, and seem able to pick me up. But not overly muscular.

      UNLESS, he’s the Rock, Dwayne Johnson.

  13. 13 Nil

    So i just realize title “law of the jungle – kota manado” is sort of oxymoron. Because “kota” literally means “city”. And the fact that manado is the capital of north-sulawesi(celebes) province, they either not in the jungle or not exactly in the “kota”

    Btw, how are you guys coping with kimbokjoo withdrawal syndrom? My feeds are full of bts, clips, and article about it i really confused last wednesday and thrusday

    • 13.1 stuffed

      Same here!🙋
      I actually felt lost when for the first time in a while I had nothing to look forward to on my Wed-Thu night. I’ve even lost interest to continue watching Goblin and LOBST. The worst part is that I can’t preorder the DVD cos the price is waay out of my budget 😢
      One thing I’m happy about is that a lot of articles came out after WF had ended so it’s fun to read their interviews. So much love for this show 😍😘

    • 13.2 coby

      Still having a bad withdrawal syndrome for WFKBJ. Refused to see anything else.. nothing seems to entertain me.. well except to Rain’s new music video!

  14. 14 CatoCat

    About time to hate-welcome the new president. Let’s see what kind of trolldom he will develop. As much as he has the foot-in-mouth disease he is also an astute businessman. So I think he will do much better than expected. Problem is “expectations have already hit bottom in most people’s views”. Turbulent period ahead. Aye aye captain.

    Planning to watch – Signal and Heartless City – but their hype isn’t doing much for me Because all of the much-talked and hyped shows disappointed me.

    Happily watching – Flower Boy Next Door and Father I’ll Take Care of You.

    Q: How many of you like Tv dramas[from any country] where Animals play significant role?
    A: I have tried 175+ Kdramas and most hardly had any animal presence. No love for cats. Dogs are always preferred except in j-doramas.

    I’m re-watching Hidalgo now and remembered that Seul-gi likes Horses[ 2nd to last love]

    • 14.1 Michykdrama

      re animals in dramas-

      I didn’t watch but Imaginary Cat starring YSH and his best feline friend is totally animal centric and if I remember correctly the reviews in the recaps here for the show were good.

      Also the puppy that belonged to PSH’s character in Doctors was the most ADORABLE thing ever. The BTS clips with it were also darn cute.

      • 14.1.1 fan

        +1 that puppy was cute. I remember PD said he wanted to bring the puppy back because people so fell in love with him, but PSH character didn’t spend much time at home after she started to work in the hospital so it didn’t make much sense.

      • 14.1.2 CatoCat

        Yeah that puppy in 1st episode.

        This is what i wanted – Imaginary Cat. An animal as central character. I have too many of Japanese Neko stuff and wanted something from their neighbour. Thanks

      • 14.1.3 WishfulToki

        Oh Flower Boy Next Door! Panda dance. 😀

        I loved Imaginary Cat and with only 8 episodes it’s the sweetest thing ever. Yoo Seung Ho and his cat were the real OTP of that show. The girl annoyed me (the same actress that plays Nan Hee in WFKBJ, ergo, lots of overacting).

        I never finished Horse Doctor but there was a touching connection between the main character and a horse, although it was a minor feature in show loaded with politicking.

      • 14.1.4 Purple Owl

        I loved Imaginary Cat. Never identified with a character as much as I identified with Bokshi. And it’s so touching.

        I still go through the instagram tag occasionally. That’s how addicted I am.

    • 14.2 junny

      Heartless City is good for the first 8-10 episodes, after which it goes steadily downhill. Good acting and OST may help with the soldiering, but it’s admittedly a tough slog from episode 11 onwards.

    • 14.3 redfox

      oh do you mean the President of RU.S.A?

      • 14.3.1 DramaMama


      • 14.3.2 fab

        The one and only!

    • 14.4 DramaMama

      It’s gonna be interesting times here in the USA – at least for the next few months as Trump settles in. It is his keen business sense that has me fingers-crossed, hoping for things to be okay. It would help if everyone would take a wait and see attitude. (As a high school teacher, I’ve learned to always give the benefit of the doubt at first – so many kids seem one way and turn out to be completely different. This has bled over to my every day life as well.)

      So we’ll see. Good thing I have dramas in my life to help me de-stress and hide from real life if it gets too rough. 🙂 🙂

      • 14.4.1 CatoCat

        @redfox give him something to hold for now. Govt. isn’t run by only 1 person. Against all odds he did win the election. We should respect the result. as @dramamama said we should give him some time. It’s his business mind that will creates waves and some small ripples in the world economy.

        • redfox

          business and economy aren´t everything. they´re the reason we have reached a boiling point in this world, actually. focusing on economic growth instead of human development and preservation of environment has lead to a world consisting of literal and human garbage.

          • Marina

            I call killers “human garbage”. People who don’t agree with your political or environmental views are simply called opponents. And many of them are your fellow commenters on this blog. Don’t listen to fake news (most of the big names) and ask us, people who live here, if you have any questions. Will be glad to answer any. BTW: That’s how we got “deplorable” name calling flying around in this country.

          • hannah arendt

            Governments aren’t businesses, they run on different models. Governments do not exist to make profits businesses do at any cost possible. Also Donald Trump bankrupted several times as well as having countless number of lawsuits. Myth that he is a good business man because he could have invested his inital small investment of 1million(worth 5million adjusted to today’s time) so lol

            also we don’t have to wait and see trump’s appointees to his cabinets are indicative of the terrible policies, his promise of draining the swamp has gone down the drain, in what world does Ben Carson have the expertise to head HUD or Rick Perry to the Dept of Energy. I mean his administration also took down the white house LGBT pages and climate change. this normalization of a dangerous regime is outrageous and insulting to be honest because their policies will result in the death of a lot of people. the republicans steps to repealing aca without a proper replacement(DESPITE HAVE OVER 6 YEARS TO DO SO) is appalling and negligent. i mean we can also thank obama for enabling and advancing the infrastracture for mass deportations and an expanded state surveillance apparatus but trumps admnistration is very anti lgbt and wait and see???? look at indiana and how much pence screwed the state over through his draconian policies regarding healthcare and enabling the hiv outbreak in this state

            moving into the dawn of a global fascist age, remember this quote “Evil thrives on apathy and cannot exist without it.”

          • Andrea

            @hannah arendt

            Preach it, sister!

          • Mangochic

            @Hannah and @redfox So true! I concur!

          • redfox

            I would call a person who doesnt give a f*** about the future of the planet human garbage. and a person – sorry, not a person, a racist d*** who insults disabled people and throws out lies faster than a machine gun.

          • Islander_58North

            Worked for government for decades. Rarely does anyone take responsibility for major waste and screw-ups. Mediocrity thrives in the bureaucracy, exceptional thinkers are viewed suspiciously and often considered troublemakers. Trump will make some long-needed shakeups to the agencies and let them know that Congress makes laws, not them. Or the President.

    • 14.5 Boomboompow

      My dream lead-male profession for long has been a vet (with lots of interaction with dogs).

      No such luck so far.

      • 14.5.1 CatoCat

        We got a villain vet who killed a mom cat with few minutes of his screentime . Let’s Fight -you-know-who-

        That’s what i want too or someone being the owner of pet cafe. That would do good too.

        • Purple Owl

          Yes to both. They are trending professions at the moment.

          Just no turning it into a CEO lol

    • 14.6 Kbas

      Let’s Eat (Barashii !) and to a lesser extent Let’s Eat 2 have little dogs that are prominent enough to be considered supporting cast. Rain had a beautiful dog in My Loveable Girl which was an important part of the plot as a link to his dead girl friend.

  15. 15 Ami

    Happy Friday everyone!
    This has been okaying on my mind for the whole week so I wanted to share it.
    Is the translation to introvert boss as introvert wrong or do they truly think he is just an introvert?

    While I was watching it, I really felt that he had more social anxiety – social phobia rather than introverted.
    I am introverted and it is more I would rather have a small group of friends, I prefer to do my own thing and big spaces with people run me down after a while, however the main lead in Introverted Boss is a social recluse, and facilitating it does not help him.

    I could relate on him with his anxiety, as in the past few years my anxiety has been building up but the disappointment I felt was huge, I love Marriage not Dating and was hoping for something on a similar level, if not better.
    I do not like any other characters, the main lead girl is extremely annoying and nosy, that is not just her extroverts but she is living in a bubble and is extremely inconsiderate of others. I sympathised with her more in the toilet stall scene but after a few minutes, she undoes it.
    Is it the actress, the directing, or what?

    I’m in a drama slump, weightlifting ended, goblin and legend are ending soon, and romantic doctor also ended. Hm.

    • 15.1 elric

      It’s also translated to My Shy Boss which doesn’t really change things. I honestly don’t mind that they used introvert in the title. They wanted something that sounded nice and went with it. My problem is the same as you. It’s the other characters which includes the female lead and the execution of the story.

      • 15.1.1 Satsuki92

        I watched the first 2 episodes and wasn’t quite feeling the drama. Yeon Woo Jin plays Hwan Gi really well. His subtle actions and facial expressions fully conveying his discomfort, distress and internal struggle. My only gripe with his character is as Ami has mentioned above, Hwan Gi comes off as having social phobia rather than being introverted. Maybe it’s just a translation error and just us reading too much into the mismatched title. His scenes with Park Hye Soo are quite funny. Though is she really an extrovert or more of an in-your-face kinda personality.

        As much as I love Oh Hae Young Again, it’s a bit distracting to see a few of the cast members in this show and also a sorta similar background sounds. I end up being reminded of OHYA and inevitably comparing it to Introverted Boss which spoils IB for me. I wanna love the show for its own charm!

        Still perhaps it’s far too early to judge the drama. *spoiler* I’m super keen to find out what the secret is behind Hwan Gi’s secretary’s death (the first one).

    • 15.2 Emsel

      The issue is not just with the director+writer’s definition of introvert but even the extrovert. The heroine seriously isn’t the ideal extrovert type and comes off as more hyper/disrespecting people’s privacy.

      • 15.2.1 deathbychocolate

        I was really thinking out loud “what the heck is she doing inside someone’s office/room uninvited? And why is touching someone else’s stuff?”.

  16. 16 Ema

    Hi everyone… hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
    While I read this OT I am in the middle watching “what a wonderful family” and I must say it’s such a good movie.
    If you guys have time, you all must watch it. It’s Japanese movie.

  17. 17 elric

    I remember a few months ago, I complained about not having enough time to watch dramas. Now I’m struggling to fit them into my schedule. But it’s great having these amount of dramas on my plate. I’m writing mini reviews on my LJ to practice on writing and here’s a little preview:

    Voice – So far, so good
    Introverted Boss – Let see how long I can last before this triggers me
    Hwarang – Give me more political drama and BanSoo
    Missing 9 – Is it bloody? Is it funny? Is it serious?
    Legend of the Blue Sea – Behind 3 episode but thank drama gods, it’s ending
    Goblin – If the drama ends with reincarnation, I’ll feel cheated.

    Also on my to watch list is Saimdang. I’m still thinking if I should add Defendant and even Rebel to my list but can I actually watch all of these??

    • 17.1 Miumiu

      Yes. Introverted boss was a disappointment for me as well.was expecting better after marriage not dating.. will wait for a couple more episodes to see if it gets better

  18. 18 Miumiu

    I don’t understand why Korean drama get subbed so fast but Chinese and Japanese ones don’t. Atleast Chinese has so many speakers (not sure if Japanese speakers are more than Korean )
    Any one knows why?

    • 18.1 miumiu

      By the way this is not a complaint. God bless all those translators, who do this tirelessly , mostly without any remuneration
      Just curious !

    • 18.2 elric

      Popularity, demand, and big numbered translating team. Sadly, J-dramas are not as popular as before and the subbing teams are not that many. Usually it’s just one person or a small team doing the hard work hence slower releases.

      • 18.2.1 Miumiu

        @elric – it’s sad if that’s true. J drama just excels in some genres like slice of life and thriller. Yet I don’t dare start anything till it’s done b cause I fear the subs will keep me hanging
        Compared to that , missing 9 for example as subbed within 24 hrs

        • elric

          Yes! Jdramas offer more diverse genres than Kdramas. It’s just hard to start watching a currently airing jdrama. I’m still waiting for new Jimi Ni Sugoi subs. If only the anime subbers lend their powers to jdramas, we might get subtitles in less than 24 hours.

        • CatoCat

          Withing 9hours actually. Even those soap-opera daily dramas get subs within 12hours. The reason is simple – Demand and supply and professionals are fulfilling the demand. Whereas j-doramas are fansubbed. Even animes were just japanese media niche few years ago. Anime has gained acceptance and fame quite recently.

    • 18.3 Greenfields

      I was under the im

      • 18.3.1 Greenfields

        (posted by accident)
        I was under the impression that K-drama subs come out so fast because they are are aired in other countries in Asia. And this is why it’s lately the prime-time shows with the big broadcasters like OCN, tvN, KBS, MBC that are subbed.

        • elric

          There are streaming sites available for Asian fans like VIU who have their own subtitles. But it still boils down to popularity and demand why such streaming sites exist.

  19. 19 Lee mu gu

    Like this Facebook page to see more park bo gum confessions :

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    Submit your confessions for park bo gum.
    Confessions may be anything related to park bo gum. All confessions are posted anonymously.

    To submit your confessions for park bo gum click on link below :

  20. 20 ET

    All the dramas on my plate now are dark – Solomon’s Perjury, Missing 9 and Voice. Gone are the days where my week was filled with lighthearted, fuzzy warm things like 1% of Anything and WFKBJ. Even RDTK was considered warm and uplifting.

    On another note, the week had great surprises in Kim Tae Hee & Rain’s wedding and Joo Won & BoA’s dating news. Congrats to the couples 🙂

    • 20.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Congrats to the couple. 🙂

      I have seen many pics of Rain-Kim Tae Hee’s wedding and still waiting for more. They are one of the most down-to-earth couple that I really love, and i am really happy they decided to move to the next phase of relationship. Heard that they are going to Bali for honeymoon. KTH’s wedding dress also just like herself – a simple person. I read she designed the dress by herself and her stylist tailored the dress.

      Hope Joo Won and Boa will have a happy dating life and enjoy to love and to be loved. 😉

      • 20.1.1 ET

        I couldn’t believe the flak she received for her wedding dress. I thought it was unexpected but fun. Why must a wedding dress be long? Knetz complain about a lot of things so I guess it’s the norm.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Maybe because she chose knee length dress instead of long dress. I dont know, she looks pretty in whatever she wear. I love the dress and I wish i can get one too.

          Read that Honey Lee was the one who received the flower bouquet, maybe she is the next.

          • Purple Owl

            Hmmm. She’s probably had to model so many wedding dresses over the years.

            I love tea length wedding dresses so I’m glad she went that route. And even got to add input to her most important dress.

  21. 21 Miumiu

    @elric – it’s sad if that’s true. J drama just excels in some genres like slice of life and thriller. Yet I don’t dare start anything till it’s done b cause I fear the subs will keep me hanging
    Compared to that , missing 9 for example as subbed within 24 hrs

  22. 22 wonhwa

    Finally started Queen Insoo and am really enjoying it. I’ve been surprised at how funny parts of it are – I expected much more drama than humor (not that there’s a shortage of drama). Keeping my fingers crossed that subbing will be complete by the time I get to the end.

  23. 23 HillaryTNT

    Is anyone watching the Chinese drama, “The General and I” starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy? I am so into that drama that I watch it before everything else including Romantic Teacher Kim, Hwarang and Goblin.

    • 23.1 Miumiu

      I was. But I gave up after episode 3 because :
      1.they weren’t sticking to the original novel and
      2.there was zero chemistry between Wallace and Angela baby. Does it get any better ?
      I am prepared to overlook 1 but not 2

  24. 24 Miumiu

    I was. But I gave up after episode 3 because :
    1.they weren’t sticking to the original novel and
    2.there was zero chemistry between Wallace and Angela baby. Does it get any better ?
    I am prepared to overlook 1 but not 2

  25. 25 Wag_a_Muffin

    I misread the line, “Phantom of the Opera” on this site as “Phantom of the Oppa.” A few beanies commented, which got me thinking, “I should draw a K-Toon with that title.” I’d like some suggestions on who should star as the girl group idol, (the role of Christine) and who should be her phantom Oppa.

    • 25.1 korfan

      Wag _a_Muffin –

      “Phantom of the Oppa” ….. I have to admit this made me giggle!

    • 25.2 redfox


      I would say an idol = oppa and a jealous manager = Phantom. Christine should be someone more insignificant. like, maybe a make up artist. or she could be a newbie writer and Phantom could be a star writer who retired for unknown reasons at the top of his career

    • 25.3 blnmom

      I don’t know many girl groups, but when you say “Oppa” I’m thinking of KMHM Yona. Everyone is her (his?) oppa.

      • 25.3.1 redfox

        oh great, now I am picturing Yoo Na launching herself at the Phantom. what a sight…

    • 25.4 Purple Owl

      Our beloved Eunji.

  26. 26 fan

    Happy Friday! Glad we had a short week-it was tough to stay awake with the cold which just doesn’t seem to go away. Now just about everyone around me has cold. 🙁
    Bye Romantic Doctor Kim Sa Bu. Wish we have more doctors like you. Jin Kyung who played the nurse Oh Myung-sim in the show had an interview.[OSEN] Epilogue where a history between Oh Myung-him and Kim Sa bu was told had the highest ratings. “If you see the script, that part was attached as an epilogue. I guess it made an impact because it was the last scene for the viewers. I felt good. People told me if you eat the last part, it is same as you eat it all. As an actress’ point of view, Oh Myung-sim felt like a little Kim Sa Bu. She is a person with firm professional belief. I could feel what the writer-nim wanted to say in this drama by the fact that real professionals’ encounter in the past was told in the last scene. In addition to me appearing, I think it was the meaningful wrap up. I felt good. In the epilogue, there was a part I jumped up from my chair and yelled. That was my ad-lib. I did that to make her younger version consistent who was like “I yell if I get treated unfairly” and to make people realize her trait.”

    On a question which episode was the most memorable, Jin said “Every episode was memorable. There was so much to think about in every episode. I asked questions to myself “What would I do if it were me?” Even episode put leads in dilemma. I think that was excellent. I have no idea how everybody acted so well. Maybe because I did play on theater(stage actor), I knew these people who came to appear in the show. All the guys who had acting talents came.” She added, “MERS episode made strong impression on me. we filmed isolated in the ER center for 2 days, and we acted with masks on. I remember it the most because we had hard times shooting.”

    About the reaction that she had good chemistry with Han Suk-kyu who played Kim Sa Bu, she said “Who says Oh Myung-sim didn’t like Kim Sa Bu? I thought she could have one-sided crush on him. How can you not fall for Kim since he is a such cool and respectable person. On the set people told me “How could you marry to a person like Jang Gi-tae?” But I think it worked nicely because nurse Oh met him as colleagues.”

    She met Kim Sa Bu dramatically in the scene(epilogue). “When Kim Sa Bu appeared in that extreme situation, I acted with the feeling holding onto a life-line seeing a person who was like sunbae, teacher and oppa, but even I was shocked after watching the broadcast. It looked very much like a melo. We laughed saying “Misunderstand to your heart’s content.”. I think it was because Han Suk-kyu sunbae-nim’s eyes were so warm.”

    • 26.1 fan

      About Working with Han, Jin said “Han Suk-kyu was Kim Sa Bu. He was such a sincere person. He asked “How did you get to start acting?” to everyone. He asked saying it was so interesting to listen from people as
      to how they started acting. He was curious about many things. When I watch him acting, I feel that He contemplates about his acting a lot. He thinks about direction forward as he watches old projects. Thinking
      of him keep pondering and worrying about the acting is inspiring.”

      Yang Se-jong who played Do In-bum had an interview also.[OSEN] He was loved by the viewers for acting well unlike a newbie and having presence. Yang had only good things to say about Han Suk-kyu. “He talked
      lots of good stuff. I am so grateful for those moments. I really depended on sunbae-nim. I was so happy because he treated me so well every time, and wondered if I deserve to be this happy.”
      He said he had many different sides from his In-bum character. The most memorable scene for him was the scene where he talked with his father Do Yoon-wan in ep 20, because he put lots of efforts into it thinking “with what feeling and emotion In-bum said such difficult words?”. Another memorable scene for him was when Kim Sa bu said “Get Out” in ep 15. Yang said “I felt every line got into my heart not to my ear. I am really grateful to Han Suk-kyu sunbae-nim. Thanks to him, my concept about value was changed. I used to believe I have deep thoughts about acting, but I found it didn’t have depth. While acting with sunbae-nim, I felt and learned a lot. He is really amazing person. He said “Become an actor who can go long way.” which made me think.”
      He loved the set atmosphere. “Even though I slept 1 hour a day, it had such a great set atmosphere that I was always anxious with expectations about the set and wanted to go and see sunbae-nim and staffs. It
      was the best. I liked so much that I wanted to keep working together and I don’t think I can ever forget. I think I will miss them a lot.”

      He also plays younger version Lee Gyum with Park Hye-soo(Introverted boss) who plays younger version of Lee Young-ae, and Han Sang-hyun (2 roles) in ‘Sin Saimdang’, SBS new Wed-Thursday drama.

      • 26.1.1 ET

        Thank you once again @fan for translations.

        Jin Kyung has always been a wonderful actress in whatever parts she plays but I loved her more in RDTK. Yeah, I always felt there’s this chemistry between Nurse Oh and Kim Sa Bu 😉

        Yang Se Jong really impressed me in his role as Do In Bum. I was surprised when I found out recently that he’s so new to the scene. There’s a certain depth to his performance and I loved the confrontation scene with Dad in the last episode. Can’t wait to see him in Saimdang!

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Jin Kyung is really good in whatever roles given to her.

          I was surprised too, when I found this boy is still very very new in this kdramaland. His acting was not awkward and he acted well even around his sunbaenims. Looking forward to see him more.

        • starswillshine

          Yang Se Jong started off in RDTK as a pretty weak actor. He was kinda stiff. However, when the drama progressed, his acting skills improved leaps and bounds, and his acting in episode 20 really touched me. He was grateful for his father’s help for so long but he wanted to do something in his own name. His tears were so genuine and heartbreaking.

      • 26.1.2 MyGirl2016

        Just dropping by to cheer for my adorable new kid on the block Yang Se-jong. ❤🙆❤

      • 26.1.3 Sera The Ms Temper

        Thank you fan! 😘

      • 26.1.4 Boomboompow

        So the original Love Triangle of Doldam is Kim Sabu – Nurse Oh – Manager Jang 😝

  27. 27 fan

    I enjoy Hwarang with all funny moments, but it got more interesting with birth secrets. Seo Ye-ji(27) who plays princess Suk-myung in the show had an interview for her new movie ‘Another Way’ with Kim Jae-wook.
    [star news] In the movie, she plays the female lead who lives hard life and decides to commit suicide accompanying Kim.

    About working with co-stars, Seo said, “I am scared of being close to my partner actor. In cast of Go kyung-pyo(JI) who filmed together in ‘Potato Star’ 2013, I become close to him because we were close in the
    show, but in the movie I had to share the pain with a stranger Kim Jae-wook oppa. We started to film only after we greeted each other… I am very shy of strangers, so I can’t approach first. I approach
    Sunbae-nim fine, but I can’t make friends easily with people in my age group. I can become friends if they approach me first, but there are not many people like that. Because of my shy personality, there are
    people who misunderstand me. But I can’t pretend or play coy. I just try not to listen and remember misunderstanding comments.”

    Seo also talked about actors in Hwarang where she plays a princess. “Park Hyung-sik(Sammakjong) spoke banmal when we first met so I assumed he was same age, but I found he was one year younger than me.
    Everybody is very nice and kind, but I can’t join in their cheerfulness. Park Seo-jun oppa plays a role who is cold toward me. So I kept that emotion treating him coldly as well.”

    Btw the interview made an issue because PD Jo Chang-ho asked Seo to actually breathe in carbon monoxide from Yeontan(Yeontan is large coal briquettes used for cooking and home heating. The risk of carbon
    monoxide poisoning was a major cause of death in coal-heated houses.) [The fact] Seo said “On the day doing the shoots, all staffs had a meeting without me, and director-nim asked me if I could actually inhale
    coal briquettes gas. So I asked him “You don’t mean I have to die now?” and he said “It will be nice if we can have real feeling and emotions when you actually inhale the gas.” So Seo followed his suggestion and acted taking in the poisoning gas. “After we heated coal briquettes, I went into the car and I felt hell. Still even though I had hard time physically, I had serene state of mind. I felt like I was meeting with my death in peace.”

    (Yakes! then again I think an actor like Kim Myung-min(our beloved Anthony) would do the same thing for his acting)

    • 27.1 aoiaheen

      Oh my god! That is scary! Shouldn’t it be illegal? Why force a person to inhale potentially life threatening gas?

  28. 28 HelloBeautiful

    Just watched GHJ’s current movie: Missing.
    It has decent story, but was not really surprising. Further, I could’nt help but comparing both story and actress to God’s Gift’s.

  29. 29 fab


    So, I’ve been in a drama slump for months now… Slowly getting back and I’m so glad I chose to finally continue watching Doctor Romantic! Partially, errr no it is for a great part due to Master Kim himself- SWOOOON.
    This video is of course about Seo-jung and Dong-joo’s romance, but in my universe doctor Kim aka Doctor Boo( ;-)) Yong-joo is the one that gets my head upside down. I didn’t think I would come to admire Han Suk-kyu any more than I did but now I want to go as far as making a mv starring Master Kim being all brilliant, stern, and so dashing in his white coat! Je t’aime, aishiteru, sarang hamida!

    On another note, the rise of the drama’s ratings are totally awesome and reflect the quality of the episodes. YAAAAYYY
    I’m at episode 18 and DREAD the end. I’m afraid I’ll fall in a slump again due to some serious withdrawal symptoms. Hmpf

  30. 30 Cozybooks

    Good Morning everyone! Happy Weekend! I got home from school yesterday and realized I have the best homework ever for one of my classes:

    Read these excerpts from the Dao De Jing and give us five things they teach about leadership.

    Not even kidding, and there was at least one water metaphor in there! (Well, it’s sorta known for that). I’m gonna have a good time.


    Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: It’s oveerrrr?? Aww. I wrote a review… rant about everything I liked on my blog, but I will add one more thing here–now I’m sad for two reasons: it was a good drama… and a potential new guy friend is watching it (he’s still on like ep. 6) and now we’re not watching the same drama anymore. Maybe I can get him to start Voice… ^^

    Voice: Holy Guacamole, batman! This show is terrifying! And I wasn’t secretly super bitterly scared when they left the week without resolving the conflict… hey, they grabbed me for next week.

    Princess’ Man:… I need help. Is the angst worth it? Because they just killed his entire family, and I did look up the history and it doesn’t end well. Do they spend the entire rest of the series (after ep 8) being angst-mad-in-love with each other? Because that makes my heart hurt. Is it worth it to continue? Because they’re so cute when they’re together! Also, thank you DB for the recommendation.

    Hwarang: So I’m interestingly less invested in this after having seen Princess’ Man and how epic it can be… but I still like it as a light, fun watch.

    Legend of the Blue Sea: I’m an episode behind on this one (I know! I did watch the first bit raw to see if she would be ok) because I had no time yesterday–well, I had time I was just watching other, more fulfilling things… like Healer. Again.

    Healer: Lol I’m so happy to be watching this again–because I got my best friend to watch it with me! Hahaha it’s so much more fun squeeing over Bong-soo when you have a friend next to you doing the same thing.

    Goblin:Whyyyyyyy are you goooooonnnne?! I really hope you don’t get reincarnated. Just come back.

    That’s it! Happy Friday, everyone, may the force be with you and may you be one with the force! Or peace and long life, live long and prosper–whichever way you run. ^^

    • 30.1 Sweet&Sour

      Concerning “Princess Man”, you should prepare yourself for a lot of angst. The male lead in this drama is going to become very hell-bent on revenge, and the female lead is going to be very self-sacrificing and also resilient in that she will be the one fighting for her relationship with the male lead. For him, since he will be so hell-bent on revenge, it never comes across that he loves her as much as she loves him. By the end *big spoiler* the male lead will end up blind, but he and the heroine will get a happy ending together. While I thought that this drama was epic, I felt that the romance portion could’ve been better executed, in that the male lead could’ve eased off a bit on his focus on the revenge, and showed that he cared for the heroine more. However the heroine was really very resilient, always getting blamed by others (not the hero) for her father’s actions, and always putting up with that and feeling guilty (even though she is helpless). I also admired how she never gave up on the hero/male-lead, even though I felt that she was a bit stupid/reckless in her pursuit of him as well. So yes, these are my thoughts about “Princess Man”. You will also see many uprisings against the heroine’s father, but none of those uprisings will work, and many will die. Overall I felt that this drama was depressing, but I admit it kept me watching from beginning to end.

      • 30.1.1 Cozybooks

        Ok. I’ve heard some other good things, but I’m really against angst on the characters’ parts. I’d rather see them as a united front against an outside enemy (even if that enemy is her family and they go through angst together about that fact). Together is the key word. ^^ Thanks for your input! I’ll probably drop it.

        • WishfulToki

          No, keep going!! I think the angst is worth it. Even my mother, who doesn’t like angst and tragedy, loved it. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll only disagree with Sweent&Sour and say that ‘together’ is a key word of the story and essential to character development.

  31. 31 Gem

    Currently watching two Chinese Drama:
    1. Stay with Me
    2. Boss and Me
    Boss and Me is exceptional in that I have never seen a guy falling in love while keeping close on watch the heroine because he needs her blood. And no, not in the sense of a vampire but as a donor and fattening her up in case he needs her to donate blood again.
    Stay With Me, almost at the end and I just found out that Kimi Qiao the second lead has committed suicide in September when I google him to see his previous works. Its sad that in we still live in a world countries where we still have to go a long way to help and embrace psychological illness with proper empathy and consideration like physical illness. May he find peace.
    As for Korean, Goblin ends, I will start Introverted Boss soon. Speaking of Introverted Boss, how sweet was it that Han Groo supported her MND team by posting about the show on her instagram and she is having twins. Will I ever see her back on my screen again?? I desperately want that to happen but with twin in her first pregnancy, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  32. 32 Another R Again

    Happy friday everyone! Still trying to squeeze time to watch dramas even though school has already started, but I’m glad I’ve made some progress this week.

    Solomon’s Perjury: I’m being suspicious of Ji Hoon lately for some reason…

    Master: God of Noodles – I had been watching this for the past week, and I’m sad to say that I’ve dropped it after episode 6. The story got me all confused but even after 6 episodes I wasn’t hooked. Also accidentally read a spoiler 🙁

    Amachan: After around 2 months, I’ve finally finished my very first asadora! Amachan was really really fun and right now I’m having major withdrawal symptoms 🙁 Jejeje I didn’t expect to be so attached to this show. Now I’m on the hunt for my next asadora, anybody got any recommendations? Preferably something not too serious and set in modern times.

    Voice: Just finished the second episode, and right now it has the potential to be my new favourite drama. It’s so intense, I can barely wait for the next episode.

    Yet to check out Missing 9 and Introverted Boss, which I will be watching over the weekends. Those watching, what are your initial impressions?

    • 32.1 Miumiu

      Yes. Voice really looks interesting. I love strong female characters

      • 32.1.1 Another R Again

        Yup I love that Voice decides to make a strong female character as its lead, instead of the usual genius male lead plot.

        Can’t wait for this week’s episodes!

    • 32.2 Satsuki92

      Happy Friday Another R Again! Fro your username, I’m guessing you were a OHYA fan?

      The first 2 episodes of Introverted Boss were disappointing. There were laugh out loud moments and even a surprise dark mystery element/secret. Though the reason to watch and stick with it would be Yeon Woo Jin. Such a sweet but socially awkward guy who tries to push himself but doesn’t always get far in breaking past his anxiety. You’d want to reach into the screen and hug him.

      • 32.2.1 Another R Again

        Haha, not so much of a fan, but my username used to be R, but there was another person using the same username, so I decided to change it haha. Funny, I just had an Oh Hae Young moment last week where someone mixed up me and another person with the same name as me.

        I just watched the first episode of Introverted Boss, and the female lead (the character, not actress) really annoyed me. Will watch the next episode and next week’s episodes if it gets better.

    • 32.3 deathbychocolate

      I might watch Voice once it’s completed. I can’t stand the suspense waiting for a week for a new episode.

      • 32.3.1 Cozybooks

        You can say that again. I wasn’t going to watch it until it was over either… And then I gave in and watched it. ^^

        • Another R Again

          @deathbychocolate and @Cozybooks, I thought of marathoning once it ends, but each episode is so intense I don’t think i can take it haha

    • 32.4 KDramaWatcher2609

      Yes, Voice is good n so is Missing 9 !! Can’t say the same for Introverted Boss cos I dislike the lead gal too much.

      • 32.4.1 Another R Again

        Great to know that Missing 9 starts off well! I’m only at episode 1 of Introverted Boss and I dislike the lead girl too!

    • 32.5 chris

      Glad that you find asadora and like it.. it’s one of my favourite genre.

      I recommend Mare if you want to start another one that set in modern time, but really should try Gegege no Nyobo.. it was set after world war 2, so technically in ‘modern’ time, and in my opinion is the best asadora till now.

      • 32.5.1 Another R Again

        Asadora is slowly becoming my favourite genre, I love how short each episode is! You think you’ll only watch one episode but ends up marathoning 10! Haha.

        I just read the synopsis of Mare and Gegege no Nyobo, and both sound interesting! Maybe I’ll start on Mare first! Thanks for the recommendations!

  33. 33 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Hoping everyone’s well. I’m recovering. More good days than bad. Wish I could say that for dramas. But I will say that my absolute favorite drama right now is Still Loving You, which is my drama crack! I haven’t been this addicted to a drama in a year and certainly haven’t been so addicted to a daily half-hour drama in about four or five years.

    I love dailies because they become part of one’s morning habits, a way to start the day off (for those of us in the West.) But over the years I’ve gotten very careful because well, dailies can be grueling stuff.

    So when the two new KBS dramas popped up “Still Loving You” and “First Love Again.”

    “First Love Again” is absolutely feral. It feels lurid and relentlessly grim and dark. And not in a good way! Hey, grim and dark can be good but…somehow the grimdark didn’t grab me. “Still Loving You” aka “Radiant Eunso” aka “Bitnara Eunso” is just a perfect blend of lightness, family love, normalcy, humor, Kdrama coincidence, kdrama moral tale, and suspense. But it’s a different kind of suspense. We all know villainess Bitna is going to get her comeuppance but wow, the way the writers have written her, we feel for her and hate her at the same time. She is so privileged that she has no understanding about not getting her way, or the sorrows involved in the consequences of actually getting her way. And heroine Eunso is just the perfect Candy, a good person with a heart of gold and spunk. Oh my gosh, I love this drama! My new discoveries are Kim Dong-Joon (heroine’s soon-to-be-boyfriend) and Yang Mi-Kyeong (heroine’s mother)! But Park Ha-Na is absolutely nailing it as the villainess Bitna! Love, love, love this drama.

    My other drama like is Voice. I don’t love it as much as I love “Still Loving You” but I like Lee Ha Na a lot and she is doing a great job. Jang Hyuk is good as well but he has a few drama tics (that laugh of his has got to go!) that I’m kinda tired of.

    I’m avoiding Goblin until the end. I seem not to be dealing well with kdrama angst nowadays. So i’ll skip the angst stuff.

    Same alas can be said for Our Gab Soon. The angst in this show was relentless and kinda steam-rolled me. Normal angst in a family show is one thing but then everything just got so over-the-top bad and in a weird kind of stasis where there is no sense of movement in the characters or the plot.

    Missing 9 is okay. Great filming but somewhat unbalanced in its tone. The humor and the suspense don’t quite mix. Shy Boss felt like it was going to tread over the same ole drama territory so I’m waiting for his right-hand man to take over his company.

    Am awaiting our Time Travel drama although am not a fan of Shin Mina. Will see how it turns out.

    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 33.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Not watching Park Ha Na’s drama
      yet but she seriously need to act in at least weekend drama (and in makjang way just like Jang Bori and play villain) so that people will know more about her. I hated (and loved her performance) in Heaven Promise. She and Lee Yoo Ri was really good in villain role.

      Park Ha Na in Apguejong Midnight Sun was really great too. I liked her transformation from annoying sister to bolder woman who is in conflict about hating and seeking and revenge on her birth mother but at the same time cannot deny the love. I still remember in one episode when she confronted her own birth mother who just knew about her existence- it was really intense.

    • 33.2 korfan

      Carole –

      Hope you’re recovering well. Hopefully the new batch of dramas coming soon will be more to your liking. Have a great weekend also.

  34. 34 bila

    i just wanna say that i started hwarang for park seo joon and hyunsik but here i am totally in love with ban ryu as a character and do ji han. i didnt know who he was before this but now im like where has he been all this time, i wasnt expecting to be so taken by him. i love how his arc is unfolding, cant wait to see where it goes + him and sooyeon are just too cute, their chemistry is awesome. definitely an actor im gonna keep my eye on

  35. 35 Candy

    Currently following Solomon’s perjury and Goblin. SP has managed to maintain its standard so far. While the plotline is not unheard of,it is still fresh in both the casting and unraveling of the plot. Glad I discovered this gem. Do watch it guys!

  36. 36 Satsuki92

    Happy Friday everyone! I was just thinking how funny it would’ve been if Donald Trump’s inauguration happened on a Friday the 13th instead. OK juvenile, I know.

    Anyways, I’m so happy to report that I’ve been diligently following up with my new year resolution of watching more dramas/movies!

    1) Recently picked up Signal which is sooo good.

    2) The Voice! The first 2 episodes were a little bit repetitive with both ending in a cliffhanger and Jin Hyuk banging down the wrong door. BUT GOLDEN TIME TEAM replete with a super hearing female lead so I’m sticking with Show.

    3) Introverted Boss… Fast forwarded a few scenes…

    4) Bookmarked Police Unit 38 and Six Flying Dragons! And planning to start right after I finish Signal.

    5) does Goblin and WFKBJ count? since they started in 2016

    What is everyone else watching or planning to watch? Any drama backlog clearing happening? 🙂

    • 36.1 MAGA

      Don’t worry snowflake

    • 36.2 MAGA

      What a happy day for America. Rejoice ! Obama is gone, a new day has dawned.

  37. 37 deathbychocolate

    I promised to myself that I would just “drop by” DB because I have a lot of case readings to do. I ended up reading recaps, read comments, and even posted one myself. Hahaha. Happy Friday, beanies!

    Shows that are keeping me sane these days:

    1. Goblin – I sacrificed a lot of sleep for this show. A lot. And tears too.

    2. Lobster – Even though I’m not entirely all on the OTP’s chemistry, I decided to stick around. Because, you know, Lee Min Hoo. Yeah, him.

    3. Hwarang – Oh my Silla boys. Stay pretty.

    4. RDTK – I marathoned the last 4 episodes in the wee hours of the morning. Did not regret it one bit. Eyebags and all.

    5. Missing 9 – I hope my arithmetic is not as bad as my memory of remembering names but I’m pretty sure there are more than 9 people on that plane. This show is giving me the Lost vibe. I hope it won’t disappoint. Did I just jinx it?

    6. Introverted Boss – I have issues with the female lead character. She’s obnoxious!

    That’s it for now. Now, back to my readings. Have a great weekend, beanies!

  38. 38 PLAYSTORE

    I gotta exam tomorrow at 11. But so gonna watch the Goblin before going and by that i mean when it finishes being loaded at 7 😆

  39. 39 Kay

    Happy Friday Beanies!

    So this week I’ve been living in Doldam Hospital – yes, it was marathon week for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. I’m glad I decided to save this one for a marathon because some of those cliffhangers would have driven me nuts if I had to wait.

    I’m so sad it’s over, I actually really enjoyed it more than I thought and can TOTALLY see why it got all the hype! It’s beautifully written, the acting is very very good and I like how “human” it was. A lot of medical drama’s tend to shift towards the romances/relationships and sacrifice good medical operations and scene but I have to say, this was the opposite, which I loved!

    I’m deciding what to watch next. I’m already watching Hwarang and Goblin, but like to have a show to marathon while waiting for new episodes of ongoing ones.

  40. 40 Sera The Ms Temper

    I just happened to read the interwview with Lee Sung Kyung which was published in Soompi. Here part of her comments about Kim Go Eun :

    “Kim Go Eun is showing just how cute she is with her acting in this drama. It’s the cuteness only I should be seeing. I’m worried someone might snatch her away. I demanded her to show that kind of adorableness only to me.

    She tends to be shy when meeting new people. However, she is truly an endearing person,” Lee Sung Kyung said. “The girl that smiles like an adorable, innocent puppy in ‘Goblin’ is the real Kim Go Eun. On the phone, she steers away from the typical ‘Hello?’ and warmly greets me by calling my name. I want to make some time to quickly go and see her.”

    OK now I seriously want them to reunite in any project as a best friend or sisters, no love triangle, just a drama about friendship between girls. Something like Age of Youth.

  41. 41

    I just binge watched Goblin to catch up for the finale this week and there were so many times I wanted to kick myself for not having kept up with the show. Some episodes had a surprising amount to unpack, chief among which is that Lee Dong Wook looked quite hot with his beard as King Wang Yoo 🤤. That and I don’t think I’ve seen this level of onscreen crying/shedding of tears in any other drama. You can water a heck of a lot of plants with those tears.

  42. 42 Yen

    So Han Ji-Eun and Lee Young-Jae didn’t get married after all. Who knew he would marry Han Yu-Ri? 😀 😀 😀

    • 42.1 Ct

      Hahathe meta jokes in your comments. I wonder if the new kdrama fans would understand :). Time really flies.

    • 42.2 catt

      Well I guess it’s time for us to let go Han Jieun-Lee Youngjae. But you know what my dear fellow beannie? Full House Thai is just as wonderful as the korean one and much better than Full House Take 2.

      And not to mention the chemistry between hottest onscreen Thai couple Aom-Mike is no joke. The drama itself has loooots of main couple scenes and only little portion of second annoying female bitch.

      Oh. Beside Full House, Aom-Mike act in Kiss Me too (Thai remake of Itazura na Kiss). So cuuuute.

  43. 43 Purple Owl

    Hi, again.

    Thank you to everyone who replied last week @michykdrama @fan @stuffed @yukari @Klurker @Mermaid Scribbler @CatoCat @Bee @redfox @bbstl @Bad Cheese Cheddar @ GedSkaiKru

    I didn’t feel down when I posted about it. But throughout the week the comforting messages helped.

    I got through Tuesday, the death anniversary, ok. Now the gloom is starting to lift off. Long-term grieving is odd because it can affect you for a day, not affect you for months, then affect you for weeks. It’s odd.

    But my family hung out. Which was nice because even though there are only 6 people in the house we don’t often spend evenings together. My oppa brought us yeodongsaengs Chinese food. My sister-in-law had a class. He was in their room but the door was open. My sisters, nephew and I had quiet evening in. We didn’t talk about her. That wasn’t the point. But it was nice to see sibling life carrying on 13 years later.

    More than being our mom, she witnessed us being together and it continues even without her present. So for me, her anniversary hangs over me and makes me extra depressed. My therapist says it’s because I had someone die at 5, 7, and then my mom at 8. So death was very real to a young girl, unusually so. And as an young adult with suicidal ideation 365/24/7 since I was born, it makes Dec/Jan difficult.

    But once the day hits, it reminds me of how much I’ve still got with me. Next year, I’ll be with my aunt instead of the whole family. However, my nephew will be old enough to understand video calls and will be speaking. And hopefully I’ll be closer to my sibs after several months apart. Away from the evil town.

    Oh, yeah. I hate my hometown. At the moment and it’s not logically. Logically I love it. It’s beautiful. But just being alone on the street I’ve walked for 18 years upsets my year-round depression. My therapist has a theory that my brain shuffles the good memories aside and focuses on the bad. So I’ve challenged myself to see places and dwell on the good.

    Moving will help a lot. Saying goodbye to me 1.0 and hello to me 2.15 (joke because I’ll be almost 21.5 years old when I move)

    Roll into town step off the bus,
    Shake off the where you came from dust
    – Jason Aldean

    Old boots, new dirt, no reminders
    I’ve got a feeling this town will get me over her
    You’ve been through what I’ve been through man
    Nothing feels better than old boots, new dirt

    There’s a thousand faces, I ain’t seen before
    The only history that I can see is from a civil war
    It’s good for me to look around
    And go down roads she ain’t been down
    No memories of our used to be’s, set me free

    Well I’m separating my OT post into 2 parts for the number count. Below is my media and my rambles about what I watched and plan to watch.

    • 43.1 CatoCat


      I always thought you were a guy and in late 30s but turns out I’m the Hyung here. I have some experience of depressive weeks. My mom always says, “she can’t understand my personality”. Childhood Trauma leaves a big impact on your life.

      I can’t stomach physical violence or scary stuff and the possible reason given by my mom was that i saw verbal and physical aggression or adults.

      There were days after days when i followed all the routine and even watched positive stuff still i couldn’t find where this tiredness and sadness was coming from. Whenever i was lonely i felt depressed but as soon as i had something to do i felt all emergiesed and broke the cirlce of depression.Well, everyone has their own state of mind. But distracting yourself does works good. That’s where you need to be a realist or this seasonal depression will continue for many more years.

      No matter the pain i suffered i always wished for a long healthy life. No negative social environment was able to change my views of life. This is why i find it hard to understand how come someone have suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

      There is so much to see and experience in life and you must never let the hunger die. Still Water stinks and is source of diseases. So one shouldn’t be bound to memories alone.

      I think FantastiC was the best choice for you in dec/jan – Joon Ki is inspiring Character

  44. 44 Purple Owl

    Media this week

    ML – next ep 18
    Lobster – next ep 17
    FantasiC – on ep 15
    Signal – on ep 3
    Hwarang – on ep 1
    Solomon’s Perjury – next ep 2

    Good Morning Call – on ep 8
    My Little Lover – done.

    Miss in Kiss – on ep 13

    Tarzan and Jane – next ep 2
    Ok, so like I was totally against Jane being of African descent. Like, no! Tarzan is already adopted. But I like her. And her voice actress totes seems like the love child of the fabulous Cree Summers/Tara Strong. And Tarzan not liking being home as John was emotional and amazing, probably because it’s 6 am and I’ve been up all night but whatev’s. I can’t wait to see what these 2 get into and when they get together. I mean they are only 15. Though the crushing on cartoons is still a thing I do.
    Star Trek:The Original Series – next ep 4
    I have a month before I leave. I want to finish rewatching this one &
    • ST: The Movie
    • TAnimatedS
    • ST2:Wrath of Khan
    • ST3: Search for Spock
    • ST:The Next Gen
    Before February 20th. Then I can watch the rest for the first time after I move. I don’t know about the movies that I have seen before but starting there might give me a bit of familiarity in a unfamiliar place.

    Alice through the Looking Glass – fun watch. I thought Netflix added the prequel so I was slightly disappointed but always good to see the Hatter.
    The Swap – halway. It’s a DCOM. I’m watching with my sister and 9 month old nephew so we get bits at a time. It is hilarious! 😂😂😂

    Three Days Grace – didn’t finish their discography yet.
    Grease OST – loved it. Especially the full Sandra Dee reprise. Helped me understand the story more.

    The next group of artist I want to listen to are: Josh Turner, Via Vallen, Austin Mahone, APink, 孫盛希, BtoB, Bowling for Soup, Shinedown, Klear (Thai), Apulanta, Switchfoot.
    Mikael Gabriel & Cross Gene are next week when Lobster ends.

    • 44.1 Purple Owl

      I messed up on ending bold & italics. This is why I should quadruple check when I post something I wrote as I fell asleep. Once when awake isn’t enough.

      Thank you, mary!

  45. 45 Sweet&Sour

    I will say that I feel that 2017 is off to a very good start. I am following 3 k-dramas now, two of which started this week, and I am enjoying all 3 of them. It has been a while since I’ve followed this many k-dramas. They are:

    Hwarang The Beginning, which I continue to enjoy a lot, even though I felt that this week’s eps slowed down a bit, but I hope the story picks up soon and we get more romance and action.

    Introverted Boss, I found the first two eps to be better than expected, and I am fully intrigued with how this show will go forward, in balancing light-heartness with depth and mystery.

    Missing Nine, I found the first two eps very suspenseful, and also the production value seems high for this drama. I really like the heroine here, but dislike the hero and hope that his character will grow-up soon because he is bordering on the unrealistic.

  46. 46 Meow

    Goodbye 2ne1 🙁
    Sad to see such an iconic group go. ;_;

    • 46.1 Purple Owl

      Same. I never followed them but they were iconic. I need to check out their goodbye song

  47. 47 sic

    I was super behind on watching LOTBS and then I was away for a week so I’m even more behind, so my question might be answered in the episodes I haven’t watched (I’m up to 16) and I also don’t know if this has been asked in the comment threads of the episodes,

    Does anybody have any theories as to why Tae Oh and Nam Doo are not in the Past Timeline?

    Cheers, Beanies.

    • 47.1 Purple Owl

      Yes. I have a theory that we won’t like Nam Doo in Joseon. I don’t think Tae-oh was ever in Joseon. And that might be the catalyst to a different fate.

      I wonder about Chung’s friend. Why doesn’t she have a Joseon counterpart?

    • 47.2 junny

      Nam-doo has a Joseon counterpart.

      • 47.2.1 Purple Owl


        Lol, OT is open but the original poster hasn’t seen recent eps.

        • junny

          If OP is up to ep 16, Joseon Nam-doo has already appeared.

          • sic

            Don’t worry friends! I was 4 minutes into ep 16 when I posted this and shortly after Joseon Nam Doo appeared! hahaha
            Also I’m not one to fuss too much over spoilers it’s ok.

            @Purple Owl, so what, Tae Oh is the reason everything might be different? A girl can dream that he’s so important right? hehehe. But Tae Oh in Joseon garb… me want…

          • Purple Owl

            @junny I took up to ep 16 to mean they had finished 15 but not started 16.

            @sic I was just joking. Glad to know you don’t mind spoilers, though.
            I don’t know about Tae-oh. I haven’t seen past ep 17. But I’m hoping so. Everyone else has a counterpart that had importance. He hasn’t. That must mean somesome thing to the writer, right? Right?!?!

            Though, Tae-oh in Joseon costume would be nice.

          • sic

            @Purple Owl, 😀 you’re all good. I know, I’m a special one haha. What are YOU like on spoilers though? You’re only up to 17… ooooh you need to catch up hahaha

            I mean, it would if /I/ were the writer! I’ll just wait and see if ep 20 delivers. (pleeeeeeeeease Park Ji Eun, pleeease)

  48. 48 혜진

    So I have been waiting for a goblin ost ever since the goblin and grim reaper catwalk their way to say euntak. I searched everywhere for it. And It’s finally out today, and it’s nothing like I image ㅠㅠㅠ Don’t know what to make of it: take a listen and let me know what you 🤔 Think

    • 48.1 WishfulToki

      First reaction: Finally!!! It’s here!
      Second reaction: Oh, I see what you mean… Hmmm. Youtube comments suggest the opening theme was not intended to be part of the soundtrack but became so popular that they got someone else to continue after 0:50. Maybe that’s why it sounds kind of weird?

    • 48.2 축하해 (Chukahae)

      To be honest I was pretty excited with that song. Part of it because, Ailee OST got no. 1 in gaon chart recently (😂 phew … finally the first goblin OST that able to do so) so I put my hope up that it might be the second song from goblin that able to follow “I will go to you like the first snow” footstep.

      But then I adjust my expection to consider the fact that not many full length english song by korean singer do well in major korean charts and I’m not sure how the producer planned to extend the song that felt complete. So I had kept my expectation low so I’m not disappointed when it had been released.

      Anyway, I appreciate the producer decision to make it into a full length OST as it is good for both singers as both Han Soo Ji and Heize is relatively new in the OST market. But got to say that the instrumental piece for that song is so good, I think it’s even good enough to be a bgm for top tier game like Final Fantasy? Sorry if it seems that I give it too much credit.

      • 48.2.1 축하해 (Chukahae)

        Sorry. * .. not many full length english songs by korean singers do well …. .

  49. 49 KDrama Fan

    Hi there.

    Hope you’re keeping warm or cool depending where you are.

    Enjoyed the end of Naked Fireman, the first 2 episodes of Introverted Boss and Laurel Tree Tailors this week.

    Would love for more people to give Introverted Boss a go.

  50. 50 spazmo

    just want to pop in to say Congrats to Rain on his marriage to Kim Tae Hee – though i’ve been guilty of calling her Kim Tae HER…
    : D

    as a fan, i wish him happiness!
    ; )

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