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Park Bo-gum up for movie role as a clone of an immortality seeker
by | January 6, 2017 | 66 Comments

Actor Park Bo-gum (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) is considering upcoming big-budget fantasy movie Seo Bok for his next project. The movie is based on the legend of a royal magician, the titular Seo Bok, who was given the task by a Qin emperor to sail the world in search of the elixir of immortality. However, on his second voyage, his ship mysteriously vanished into thin air, and to this day, no one knows what happened to the famous adventurer.

With an estimated budget of 10 million dollars, Seo Bok has become the focus of attention as Architecture 101’s director Lee Yong-joo’s latest project. The new movie will use the original myth as a starting point to tell a more modern spinoff story. Park Bo-gum has been offered the role of Seo-Bok’s present-day clone. So I’m guessing it’s a sageuk/sci-fi cross? Or maybe they’ll do flashbacks a la Legend of the Blue Sea.

Park’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, announced that while he has indeed received the offer, nothing has been decided. At any rate, the premise seems pretty interesting, and the matchup between Director Lee Yong-joo, who has been lauded as the “nation’s first love” director (for the movie Architecture 101), and current “nation’s heartthrob” Park Bo-gum would be one to look out for.

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66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. redfox


    • 1.1 mellina

      His smile is to die for. You can’t just help smiling also. 😊

    • 1.2 moosie


    • 1.3 Jil

      His new Ghana CF makes you want to see him in a campus movie/film:


      • 1.3.1 Celine

        May he get his wish of doing a school drama after this movie (if he will really confirm this role). He is precious!

      • 1.3.2 pizzapunch

        omg omg thank you SO much for that link, hahahaha. you seriously just made my week. PBG is my PB and jam. 😛

      • 1.3.3 Star

        Thanks for the link!!! Omg i smiled the whole time 🙂

      • 1.3.4 Flightey Gazelles

        Could some kind soul translate the video for me. Chaebal!

        • tineybeanie

          PBG voiceover: Is there anyone here who has had a one-sided crush? Here is a boy whose world has revolved around one girl for three years.

          PBG: You dozed again? I was watching you sleep from over there – your face looked really funny.

          Did you not get much sleep last night? Then… do you want to borrow my shoulder? This is a rare opportunity – I don’t do this for everyone.

          It’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you fail a test once in a while. I’ll take responsibility for you!

          To tell you the truth, I’ve been…

          Cute girl: Ah I’m late. I have to go.

          (At a street corner)

          PBG: Hey where are you going?

          Cute girl [Text]: Yo… where you at… I’m dizzy.

          PBG: Don’t drink everything they give you!

          Your cheeks are so pink. So if you’re going to drink, make sure you wear glasses and cover your entire face.

          All the boys are looking at you.

          All right, let’s get off the bus.

          (At the bus stop)

          PBG: Your hands are cold, right?

          I’ve been thinking about this for a really long time now… Truthfully, I think I like you.

          PBG voiceover: Do you have something that you want to say to a special person? Then tell it with Ghana (the chocolate).

          • tineybeanie


            (at a street corner) should be after PGB’s “Hey where are you going?”

          • Hally


          • Flightey Gazelles

            This is so much later but, thanks a lot!

  2. Mashimomo

    The only downside to a K-movie is waiting eternally for subs to come out, or waiting for Netflix to pick it up (here’s to hoping!). It sounds like a high profile/production too, not surprising considering how great of a year he had. Get those projects Bogummy!

  3. SJ

    Yay! I really like the premise. And I would like to see Bogummie giving life to it even more. He is infinitely charming.

  4. Chi

    I dont want him in another hanbok project. Lee Young was outstanding and memorable in every single way, Bo Gum doesnt need to top/repeat. His last three roles have been very different from each other. So I want him to continue to act different. Hes already a top actor, he doesnt need to repeat or prove himself.

    • 4.1 paroles

      If it’s the Qin dynasty, he won’t be wearing a hanbok. It’s interesting though, because they are making a Korean film based on a Chinese historical figure.

    • 4.2 Mina

      If it’s a modern reinterpretation, isn’t it set in the present time? That’s what I got from the write-up anyway.

    • 4.3 MicBG

      He is not acting lee young again so it won’t be the same. When the character is different, everything will be different even wearing the same clothes.

  5. Lisa_wackycashew

    The premise sounds really cool!! Hope Bogummy will take this on. ^^

  6. Em

    I love Bogummy but I do think he’s still not ready for a lead in a movie. Sorry if I may sound a negative vibes sucker fan but I really do want him to establish his spot in kdramaland first before venturing in the movies. Expectations are higher in movies compared to dramas.
    I’m not saying he don’t deserve it but let’s be honest..kdramas and kmovies audience are different.
    Maybe they could give the role to more established movie actors like Lee Jee Hoon or Ji Chang Wok or YoOAhIn

    • 6.1 Mina

      Ji Chang-wook??? Yes, I know that he is the lead in a film coming out in February 2017. But he’s still less established in Chungmuro than Bogum. Bogum def has more clout in film. They may be supporting roles but both Chinatown and Hard Day screened at Cannes. He was also in Admiral: Roaring Currents. And has been nominated for a Baeksang New Actor in Film last year.

      Anyway, Bogum has paid his dues with supporting roles in film. And he can play a range of roles so I don’t see any reason why he isn’t ready for this. My only concern is that it has a big budget and the pressure on him to recuperate the production cost is higher. But actors need to take risks to level-up.

    • 6.2 Christine

      YAI and LJH are “safer” options but Chungmuro needs some new blood too. Even Knetz are tired of all the same old faces populating cinema (see:

      • 6.2.1 himari

        Yoo ahin and JCW cant catagorized the old faces lol. they’re only has 2-3 movies in their record. the article are talking about the BIGGEST name aka Joo Junwong, Ha Jungwoo, Hwang Jungmin or even Song Kangho, Kang dongwon, lee Byunghun.

        but above names is like PD’s favourite, because lets be honest they’re best actor. their acting is not questionable. and for sure, the age of the character is match with them.

        but now they also have good chungmoro younger actors in the name of DO, Park Jungmin, Park Sodam, Kim Woobin, Ryu Junyeol, Kim Taeri, Yeo Jingoo beside the one that established well like Yoo ah in ( cant say the same with JCW yet). Off course if the character suit with their age as well.

        • Em

          Agree with your comment. And those new actors you’ve mentioned, they’re all good. They are the future of chungmoro. But of course I would want BG to be included in the list. This boy can act well, he just need to carefully chose his film projects especially the leads one.. he’s so popular these days that one single mistake could ruin his career

          • Gina

            PBG has been working in film since his debut. He is already considered a rising star in film even before he hit it big with Reply and Moonlight. Just because he rose to fame in television doesn’t mean his film work is nill. He has been working longer in feature films than Kim Taeri and RJY who just got recently noticed with Handmaiden (2016) and Socialphobia (2015) but just worked on short films before that.

          • Chiisan

            Yes @Gina. Bogum’s supporting roles in films were memorable and impactful. He’s not too short of experience in films and he has the acting chops to be a leading man.

        • Celina

          I agree with YAI, he’s been around in Chungmuro for a long time. Not JCW though. LOL.

          Chungmuro does need new blood who can carry a film, critically and commercially. PBG has debuted in a film and he has featured in several ones so I don’t get why some don’t think he’s isn’t ready yet to transition himself to a leading man in the big screen. He has already done so in television so this is the next logical step. But yeah, the pressure is paramount.

          I want him to reunite with Kim Go-eun too and have a happy ending, unlike in Chinatown. *sobs*

    • 6.3 sorrynotsorry

      I don’t know if Yoo Ah In can really sign on to anything until his whole military situation is resolved. JCW is under the gun re: enlistment date as well….I thought he was gonna do another drama.

      I think if he likes the part, likes the script and trusts the production team, he should give it a go. If not, pass.

    • 6.4 redfox

      I think when it comes to showing big emotions, Park Bo Gum is a lot more skilled than Ji Chang Wook. (and I wouldnt call the latter strictly a movie actor, when there are people like Oh Dal-Su or Cho Jin-Woong out there.)

    • 6.5 MicBG

      This is a common reaction when the actor cast as the 1st lead for the 1st time. There were people doubted Bo Gum when he was cast as the main lead for moonlight. He went through hard time and at the end showed us a brilliant acting and gave life to Lee Young the crown prince. So, if Bo Gum really pick up this at the end, i believe he will prepare himself fully. The PD and the production team won’t offer Bo Gum the role just because he is popular.His solid acting skill and the ability to level-up would be core reason too.

    • 6.6 Sam

      He already has acted in movies and gotten rave reviews, his character in Coin Locker Girl (2015) was one of the reasons he got launched into popularity and was able to be a lead in dramas instead of a side character like he was forever. I agree I enjoy him in dramas and want more dramas from him, but he definitely has the ability to act in movies. I don’t think you have seen any of his movies yet…

  7. sharreb

    i kind of expected he would go into the movie route following the rousing success of moonlight.
    Remember me already told me this guy can do intense, even scary. im pretty sure he could nail any role. Furhtermore hes the kind of guy who when he doesnt get it right, works harder to improve himself.

  8. Bibimbap

    The director has a good track record. Now I just need to know who will do the screenplay. I have no doubt about Bogum’s acting ability and his attitude of giving his all plus his ability to immerse himself in his role. But he needs the bedrock of a good script to support his awesome acting.

    I hope they don’t hype so much that it’s a big budget movie. It puts so much pressure on him.

    • 8.1 V

      He did the screenplay of his last two films. So I’m betting he did this one too.

      • 8.1.1 bibimbap

        Oh, thanks for the info!What was his other work aside from Architecture 101?

  9. Carol

    The budget in the Korean article is W10 billion or roughly USD8.5 million. Is that a big budget for a Korean movie? Because high-end independent films cost around USD15M (ie The Danish Girl, The Imitation Game).

    • 9.1 lavendie

      the movies you mentioned cost that much because of the above-the-lines (ie actors, directors). so it seems expensive considering those are dramas.

      W10 billion is actually lower than i expected in my opinion, especially for an epic film like this one (judging from the premise, would need lots of CGI) . i was expecting at least $10-12M, given that Roaring Currents’ budget was around $18.6M

  10. 10 L

    I’m so happy my R88 squad babies BG, JY,KP and DW are slowly taking chungmoro. You get it all guys. Now let’s wait for Hyeri to land a role in a movie. She’s been expressing her desire to work in a movie.

    Seobok fighting!

  11. 11 Queenie

    He and his agency are really good in choosing films. He had small roles here and there but the films he was in did good critically and commercially. His contemporaries Lee Hyun-woo and Yoo Seung-ho have already headlined films so it’s a natural path for him to take.

    Anyway, if he is indeed doing a film post-Moonlight, Blossom is surely looking for a film a la “A Werewolf Boy” which showcased his label-mate SJK’s talent outside K-drama.

    • 11.1 Yeng

      Another 93-liner Do Kyungsoo, has also headlined a film last year, “Pure Love”.

  12. 12 Lily

    It’s obvious he’s getting tons of lead role offers in both film and TV but why did this one come out of the public? Haha! I guess because the director is high-profile too.

    Anyway, whether it’s in film or television, I just can’t wait for him to get back on screen.

  13. 13 Celine

    Get it, Bogummy! You have proven yourself as a talented versatile actor on the small screen with different roles. You have taken on small roles in films, so I think you are ready for a bigger role this time. If it turns out well, please do not forget us mere mortals in dramaland. Come back soon! 🙂

  14. 14 Jesh

    Sorry, this is just a personal opinion, but i can’t figure him in a serious role. Yes, he had done dark characters before but those didn’t impressed me that much. My friends say his features giving him a girly aura.
    I think he should focus on being a lead in a romcom drama than forcing himself in movies. There are many great young actors there like Lee Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Kang Ha Neul, Junho, Im Siwan. It’s just these PDs ar riding on to some actors popularity but not quality. I hate that some new actors are getting movie roles here and there because they are the trend.

    • 14.1 Pow

      It’s not like he is forcing himself into movies…..he was offered the role. if some cant see him in serious roles then he needs to challenge himself and i know he can. There’s always a room for improvement. 🙂

    • 14.2 Melanie

      Uh, did you even read the write-up? He was offered the role. He isn’t forcing himself into anything. And it’s just one of the projects he is considering. And why not explore films if he’s given the opportunity to? Why confine yourself in rom-coms? Actors should be able explore medium whether it be on stage, big or small screen.

      And just because he is popular doesn’t mean it’s the only reason directors want to work with him. If you read Korean press, TV/film execs and creatives ~rave about his talent. And most importantly, the audience love him. So basically, you get the total package if you get him to star in your projects.

      I just don’t get why you want a talented young man who can pull off serious scenes (the great Kim Hye-soo even said she couldn’t kill Bogum’s character in Chinatown because his eyes were so pitiful) to strap himself on TV? And the actors you’ve mentioned have already headlined roles in film. And also works on TV. So why not Park Bo-gum? It just sounds so biased to me.

      • 14.2.1 Jesh

        Did you even read my post? First, I said that was my personal opinion. Second is, you took my words literally with “forcing hinself”. Being offered the role doesn’t entirely mean the PD would cast you because you’re good. In that, i hope you know what I mean. Tbh, i watched all his projects, and again this is just a personal opinion dear. Yes, he can pull through the character…but that’s it.

        • Melanie

          How can two commenters not take “forcing himself” literally when that’s exactly what you wrote.

          And of course casting is not only based on talent but your entire post is basically saying that Bogum was offered this role merely because he is a trend who can’t act serious roles (and who also has a girly aura (??)). You even listed “better” alternatives.

          Whatever. It’s a futile back and forth. I know you know that your opinion is in the minority anyway. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • 14.3 Luna

      Why does this sound like a veiled complaint that PBG is “stealing” roles from young actors who worked solely in film? Well, PBG has been working on both since 2011. He has done his share of supporting roles in the small and big screen. So transitioning to lead roles is inevitable.

      I would be irritated too if this offer just landed on him without him starting from the bottom but it didn’t. Plus, he has the acting chops so I for one am just happy that he is being sought after for this.

    • 14.4 Shafira16

      Well, he always play diverse roles and genres whether in movies or small screens, even his characters in romcom are so different from each other,and he got the acting talent to pull them off, so why start limiting himself to romcoms now?

      And I know he achieved that not only because he got the talent, but also coz he put hardwork into each characters (even lee Young was not immediately perfected and he ended up reshooting the first few scene because he finally able to immersed himself to the character after that, and he (and the director) want it to be perfect if possible. So if he did take this role, i know he wont give half assed performance…

      And also, we don’t even know how they will interpret this Seo Bok character, just from where do you conclude that this will be a serious one? From all we know he might turn out to be a comedic character lol

      Well it is all about opinion, and he always work hard to improve himself anyway, so I hope he can convince you by himself oneday with his acting~ 😀 I just don’t like it when people only think that he is just another popular pretty face when he try his best in anything he does and sincerity is one of the quality that makes him so popular (and of course his sweet face help kkkk).

    • 14.5 Chiisan

      “It’s just these PDs ar riding on to some actors popularity but not quality.”

      Ironically, PBG isn’t less of an actor than any “great young actors” you mentioned. If anything, he’s a different kind of actors.

      • 14.5.1 bEA

        He’s the total package. Popularity + Talent + Visuals.

        • bibimbap


    • 14.6 bibimbap

      Bogum cannot take on a serious role? Min, Taek, and Young were not serious roles?

      If these are not serious roles, then what are they?

      Wait, are you referring to Park Bogum?

    • 14.7 Jana

      Sorry but i have to disagree with your thoughts. But its okay. We can agree to disagree. Before he was an actor in dramas, he was first a movie actor. He debuted in a film back in 2011. If you were to search for his profile on korean sites, they put him under the “영화배우”(film actor) category. Because that is what he debuted as. He has a total of 5 films under his belt although they were all supporting roles. He was known as a scene stealer in Admiral and thus has a lot of articles written about him eventhough his appearance was not that long. He is not that “new” in the film industry like you may think he is. Though 5 years into debut isn’t that long and can be considered new-ish but he was not magically dropped into this acting scene and made into lead status immediately. He has been around and worked his way up from the very bottom. So i believe he is most deserving to finally be offered a lead in a film. The same goes for the dramas he was in. He started in really small supporting roles and from there naturally progessed into lead status. If that is possible for his drama career then why cant the same be applied to his career in chungmuro? As actors, it is a blessing for them to have the opportunity and offers to challenge themselves in a variety of roles, be it in the small screen or the big screen. So what if he is trendy right now and that the directors are taking advantage of that? His popularity is definitely a plus in order to gain the interests of the public towards the project he will be in, no doubt about that. however at the end of the day, it is the skills that matter the most. He is an incredible actor at such a young age and i have no doubt that he will be an even better one as he gains more experiences. And this is a great opportunity for him to do so. If not now then when?

    • 14.8 MicBG

      [ It’s just these PDs ar riding on to some actors popularity but not quality. I hate that some new actors are getting movie roles here and there because they are the trend.]

      Wow!! What a negative comment that you wrote. What i interpreted is you basically saying Bo Gum being offered the role because he is trending in Korea now? Can an actor caught viewer’s heart just by luck? or by look? You think Bo Gum gains the support of Knetz and international viewers because of what? Come on, viewers are not stupid. Acting skill plays an important part when you are the main lead. You think viewer will spend 1 hour to watch the drama if there is no quality?

      And you are stepping on the PD as if he does not want his production to have quality? hahahhahaha would a PD ever do that as he has a best record of his work which has high quality?

      PBG has the total package of Popularity + Talent + Visuals + Quality + kind aura (if this means girly to you or your friend)

  15. 15 Skylar

    Why are some of these comments so snobby about actors who rose to fame in television and are now transitioning to lead roles in film? They are not any less. They also have their own audience to bring in the bucks which in turn can make more films and help more budding actors.

    And it’s not as if this is Bogum’s film debut. His Baeksang nomination last year was even for film.

    I get that he’s getting such great opportunities but it’s not as if it was handed to him over night. It took him five years to where he is now. So I’m just kind of ???

    • 15.1 Chiisan

      Preach, Skylar, preach.

    • 15.2 Celine

      Exactly. I guess those who seem to think that this is just something handed to him because he truly had a successful run last year do not know that this boy has been working both on tv and in films since 2011. He has a string of supporting roles in various films. He worked his way up.

    • 15.3 Gilgit

      It’s popular actors’ destiny on this site unfortunately

  16. 16 Borj

    LOL @ people forgetting that Bogum is a Chungmuro rising ever since he appeared in Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014) and Chinatown (2015). All of a sudden, when he hit it big on TV, he is not a promising film actor anymore? His successes on television last year may have overshadowed his film work but it didn’t diminish it.

  17. 17 Tiffy

    Architecture 101 reminds me of… Suzy. Hopefully they don’t offer her the lead female role to her (if there is any).

  18. 18 Millionstars

    I guess this means we won’t get to see him in the dramaland anytime soon :/

  19. 19 Gwinna

    Why are so many stories being “reimagined” to be set in modern times? First Bride of the Water God and now this. Do they not want to spend the money to make an historical production? I keep thinking something sounds interesting and then getting disappointed that what sounded like an historical fantasy is being moved to the present. :/

    Although it looks like I was the only one interested in the story to begin with, as all the other comments in this thread are about the actor. :/

  20. 20 Ah In


    This sounds so interesting. He did say he was open to many different types of roles, be it villain or Korean superhero. I guess clone of a royal magician qualifies. I’m really looking forward to him in anything though.

    I’d been grumbling that its 2017 already and I wish PBG would pick something or be in talks for something, because he said he wouldn’t look at scripts before the new year. And voila!. Almost one week in. Yay!

  21. 21 pammap

    Strangely enough I just started reading the book “When China Ruled the Seas” by Louise Levathes. Had left my bookmark in p.29 where it mentions “magician named Li Shaochun” who “departed on his quest for the magic herbs.” Then I read this article….!!! Weird timing!!!

  22. 22 friega

    Sounds like Jeon Woo Chi (film) to me.

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