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The Lonely Shining Goblin: Episode 11
by | January 6, 2017 | 366 Comments

Sunny becomes the focal point of this episode, which is a nice change of pace, though of course it really boils down to how much angst she causes one goblin and one reaper. If she thought Reaper was the weirdest man she’d ever met, she’s got another thing coming. One thing’s for sure—she won’t be confused about why these two guys are friends.


After confirming that Sunny was Shin’s sister Kim Sun in a past life, Reaper asks what happens now. Next thing we know, Shin walks into Sunny’s chicken shop with Reaper in tow. With no explanation or context, he just grabs Sunny in a hug and cries, “Sun-ah!”

So of course Sunny thinks he’s crazypants, and asks if Reaper is just going to stand there and watch. Taking his cue, Reaper pries Shin away from her and asks him to cool it with the skinship, but Shin is beside himself still trying to reach out to her and cries in sageuk tone: “I am your brother! I missed you, Sun-ah!”

Sunny addresses Reaper and asks why he’s still hanging out with the guy who called them a fried egg (ha), so Reaper bravely explains that Sunny was Shin’s sister in a past life. She thinks the whole thing absurd, though it makes her smile to realize Reaper must’ve missed her a good deal to make up an excuse like this to see her.

Shin asks if she really doesn’t remember anything, and tells her that she was a Goryeo queen, and he was a warrior. Sunny says she does remember… that he owes her 5,000 won for sweet potatoes. She calls him crazy and shoves the boys out the door, where they run into Eun-tak on her way in.

Sunny tells Eun-tak to sprinkle salt behind them to keep them away for good, and Eun-tak can barely hold Shin back from chasing after Sunny again.

At home, Eun-tak and Reaper have a stare-down, and she asks for an exchange of information. She starts to ask if Sunny is an old girlfriend of Shin’s, but at Reaper’s expression, she realizes that isn’t the case.

Reaper confirms that it’s definitely nothing like that, and then it’s his turn to ask. But Eun-tak cuts him off and says it’s a secret, knowing that he’s curious whether Sunny is seeing other men. He calls it unfair, but Eun-tak calls it loyalty.

Shin returns to the chicken shop day after day, with some new offering each time: the persimmons that Sun used to like, the shoes Sun used to like, clothing in Sun’s favorite colors. Yeah like, 900 years ago! Each time, Sunny shoots him down coldly.

She points out how busy she is, as business is suddenly booming, but Shin says that’s his doing too. Eun-tak returns to the shop after a delivery and scowls to see Shin there yet again, and he shuffles off dejectedly.

Sunny asks Eun-tak if she really has to date that guy of all guys, and suggests that maybe instead of bringing useless gifts, he should just buy chicken every time he comes by.

Eun-tak turns to Deok-hwa for answers, hating that she’s so suspicious of something romantic between Shin and Sunny. Deok-hwa just offers up the truth right away: that Sunny was Shin’s little sister in her past life, which Reaper must’ve discovered by touching her hand. Waitaminute… how do YOU know this?

Eun-tak recalls the moment that Reaper and Sunny held hands, which confirms Deok-hwa’s tidbit about grim reapers and their special ability.

At home, Shin asks Reaper if Sunny is really his sister, and if he hasn’t seen anything else in her past. Reaper reminds him that Sunny broke up with him, but he tells Shin not to take it too hard since she can’t remember her past life.

Shin sighs that he probably ought to leave the past in the past, since Sunny has her present life. He just wishes that he’d been able to do all the things he wanted to do for her, back when they lived in the same time. Shin: “She was such a modest, elegant, and dignified child. How did her character change so?”

Reaper huffs that there’s nothing wrong with Sunny’s character, getting defensive. Shin just counters that Reaper can stop trying to get back together with her, suddenly protective of his human sister being romanced by a grim reaper.

Reaper quickly backpedals and says that they should leave the past in the past, and Shin warns, “Not until there’s dirt in my eyes! Get away from my sister!” Reaper wonders to himself, “I know this drama. I’ve seen it a lot in the mornings…” heh.

Sunny asks Eun-tak if she believes in past lives, and Eun-tak says she does, sharing what she’s heard about souls having four lifetimes—one to plant seeds, one to grow, one to harvest, and one to use what’s been harvested. She says that there’s no telling which lifetime they’re living now, but that likely they have past lives and future reincarnations.

Sunny likes the sound of that, and asks if Eun-tak has heard anything else. Remembering Shin’s sad story about his past, Eun-tak just tells Sunny that the Goryeo queen was someone who was very brave in the face of love.

Sunny decides that she wants to go talk to this so-called oraboni of hers, so Eun-tak brings her to the house, where Shin and Reaper just gape at her awkwardly. Sunny is surprised that the boys live together, and Shin adds that Eun-tak lives here too.

Reaper offers her beer, but she snaps that she didn’t say he could speak to her. That makes Shin tsk-tsk at her character, and both Eun-tak and Reaper turn to him with warning glares. Heh, I love it when they gang up on him.

Sunny asks for proof that she’s Shin’s sister, so Shin shows her the scroll portrait. She doesn’t remember anything about Kim Sun, though Eun-tak finds it curious that Sunny always said that she was waiting for a king.

Sunny just thinks that the girl in the portrait is young and beautiful, and asks if she lived a long and happy life. The room falls silent, and Eun-tak leads Reaper out of the room to give the siblings a chance to talk.

When Sunny asks if the queen was unhappy, Shin begins his story by saying that he spent more days reading her letters than he did seeing her face, and that her letters gave him the strength to endure.

Goryeo. Tensions rise in the palace with every new word of Shin’s victories on the battlefront, and the young king Wang Yeo’s aim starts to falter during archery practice, which the queen watches from a distance.

Snakey eunuch Park Joong-heon advises the king to send Shin a letter, not praising his victories, but threatening him with the safety of his sister. The king is so tense that he snaps his bow.

Sun watches the king from a distance as he turns from archery to books, sighing that he hasn’t come to see her once, and is the type of man to make a woman fall ill.

The king isn’t paying attention to his books though, and sits there remembering the night he and Sun ran to each other in the palace, under the falling cherry blossoms.

Eunuch Park persists in telling the king that someone of low birth should only be given a certain amount of power before it becomes their own demise, and it makes the king paranoid that someone will try to poison his queen.

He reacts violently when the queen is given a tonic, and he overturns the tray in an angry fit, shouting for her not to drink any tonics, no matter who brings them. He doesn’t explain why though, and just appears to be acting erratically to everyone else.

On the day that Shin returns triumphantly from battle, the king bursts into Sun’s room and demands to know which of them she’d wish to be alive in the end: Shin or the king?

She can only shed a tear at his horrible question, and the king says bitterly that it must not matter much to her, since she doesn’t have anything to lose in either scenario. She calls him ugly (it’s a generic word that can mean everything from ugly to stupid, but it’s also the term Shin used affectionately on her), and he grows livid, thinking it an insult.

He says he doesn’t know anymore who his enemies are, whether they’re the barbarians, or her brother. “Park Joong-heon is your enemy,” she replies, standing firm.

The king declares, “You will have to choose—whether you will live as my woman, or die as the sister of a traitor.”

We all know what choice she made.

Back in the present, Reaper sits glumly on the front stoop, while Shin tells Sunny that his sister lived a short life, but he thinks there were moments of happiness in it, “Because until the moment she closed her eyes, she was looking at that dummy.”

The story brings a sharp pain to Sunny’s chest, and she asks after the king and whether he was reincarnated too. Shin doesn’t know, and when she asks if the king was good-looking, he laughs and says that’s one thing that’s remained consistent about her across lifetimes. She asks why he speaks of Sun so ardently, as if he’s lived from then till now and remembers her directly. He says, “You may not believe it, but that’s because I’ve lived carrying those memories.”

She doesn’t believe him, and says she came mostly because of the gifts he kept bringing her, which made her think that he had regrets about not being able to do those things for his sister, which made her a little sad.

Shin says that at times like this, she really does seem like Sun, but Sunny asks him not to use banmal with her, and not to expect to suddenly be friendly. After all, she points out, estranged siblings can be awkward as it is, and they’re estranged by whole lifetimes.

Sunny grouses when Reaper doesn’t show his face before she leaves, but he’s waiting outside and follows her down the driveway like a hangdog puppy. She asks why he’s following if he’s not going to hold onto her, and he asks if he can do that.

She asks what happens to them after that, and he has no answer. She mutters that he’s ugly, the same thing that Sun had said to the king, and walks off with a sigh.

Shin wonders if Sunny is really his sister, and asks Reaper if she left well. “She always leaves well,” Reaper sighs. Reaper wants to know who drew that portrait of Sun, and Shin says, “Wang Yeo. It’s the image of my sister, but it’s the image he saw, containing his regret, his sin, and his longing.”

Shin guesses that it was likely his final act in life, and Reaper asks, “After killing everyone like that?” Shin repeats, “After killing everyone like that.”

Eun-tak is suddenly struck with worry and heads to the chicken shop to check on Sunny, and sure enough, she’s slumped over at a table, covered in sweat and looking like death. Sunny says she doesn’t even believe in past lives, but ever since leaving that house, everything hurts.

She clutches her chest and says it hurts here, or someplace deeper, “As if someone heartless is walking through my heart and causing it to sink.”

Eun-tak wraps Sunny in her coat and helps her home, and just outside Sunny’s apartment, they run into Hoobae Reaper, who’s shocked to see the goblin’s bride here. Sunny says he’s the upstairs neighbor, and Eun-tak hurriedly takes her inside. Hoobae Reaper is amazed at how small the world is. You’re telling me.

While Eun-tak tries to bring her fever down, Sunny says she saw once that Reaper had a goblin husband and wife in his cell phone contacts, and asks if Eun-tak and Shin are the goblin couple. Omo.

Eun-tak freezes up at that, and Sunny guesses that Eun-tak isn’t going to tell her about what Shin and Reaper really are. Eun-tak can only apologize, and Sunny wonders if she’ll have to break up with Reaper for good. She asks if Eun-tak is a regular human, and seems to rest easy when she confirms it.

Eun-tak walks home and can sense that Shin is walking behind her. She asks how long he’s been following her, and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to toss her a line and says, “Every step you walked, I walked with you.” She beams.

Eun-tak feels bad for Sunny, who basically went from a totally normal life to a sudden genre-switch. Eun-tak figures that her own life was weird enough to begin with that goblins and grim reapers weren’t all that strange to her, but Sunny isn’t exactly equipped to suddenly have a goblin oppa and a reaper boyfriend.

Eun-tak wonders if maybe she has a past life she doesn’t remember either, and if she might’ve crossed paths with Shin in a previous life too. She hopes that Sunny really is Shin’s sister because she’s a good person. Shin doesn’t think she’s that good a person, which Eun-tak just chalks up to sibling rivalry.

She wishes she had an oppa like Shin, and then remembers, “I have an oppa too! Tae-hee oppa!” Indignant, Shin stops in his tracks and accuses her of being this close to taking Tae-hee to her favorite restaurant in Canada. Lol, you can’t be pissy over things she didn’t do yet!

She says that she’s only ever going to go there with Shin, but he spits back, “Yeah right! You do go!” She wonders how he knows, and he runs away from her like a child.

It’s graduation day for Eun-tak, and she sits quietly at her desk as the other girls take group pictures and celebrate. The class president surprises her with a phone call, and suggests that they keep in touch. Eun-tak agrees with a little smile, having finally made her first living friend in the world.

Then it’s time for the parents to be let in to congratulate their kids with flowers, and Eun-tak looks especially dejected as she sits there alone. But once the crowd clears the doorway, a familiar pair of snazzy red heels appears, and Samshin Granny struts into the classroom and gives Eun-tak a hug.

Samshin Granny pats her on the back and says she did well, and that her mom would be proud of her. Eun-tak remembers the time this same woman gave her spinach on her birthday, and asks why she’s getting a hug.

Granny pets her on the head and touches her face sweetly, saying that it’s because Eun-tak is pretty, and she was very happy when Eun-tak was born. Suddenly a memory of the old grandma who wiped away her tears as a little girl comes back to her, and she realizes that it’s the same grandma.

Granny shushes her with a smile and hands her a bouquet to congratulate her. On her way out, Granny stops in front of Eun-tak’s nasty teacher and says to her, “Child, could you not have been a better teacher?” The teacher bursts into tears right then and there, and Granny levels a stare at her before walking off.

The teacher runs out of the room wondering why she cried, and in the hallway, Shin walks past her and recalls seeing her face in Joseon. He narrates that every hundred years or so, one or two people are reborn with the same face they had in a previous life.

Joseon, 1861. An innkeeper with that teacher’s face serves Shin a meal, and he sees far into her distant future, where he describes to his companion a strange world where they speak the same language, but people seem to cherish a piece of scrap metal as if it were a precious child.

He mimes what he saw. Hahaha, it was a vision of high-schoolers tapping on their cell phones and posing for selfies. He tells his companion to remember this rectangular object, for future investment purposes.

In the present, when Shin enters the classroom and sees Eun-tak, he remembers now that he caught a glimpse of her looking exactly like this, back in Joseon when he had seen a vision of that innkeeper’s future life. He realizes that they did cross paths once, and didn’t know it.

She waves happily to see him there, and as they walk out, Shin keeps staring at her face and wonders how he could’ve seen her then. She asks when, and he says he saw her from a very long distance, calling it a strange and beautiful thing.

Eun-tak asks what he saw exactly, and he says he saw his first love in Joseon. Well that’s not the thing to say! She scoffs and clips out in shortened teen-speak that she’s not curious and didn’t ask, and he asks what strange language she’s speaking.

He demands to know who gave her those flowers—was it Tae-hee oppa, he grounds out jealously. She says that if Tae-hee oppa had come, she wouldn’t have sent him away, and brags that she has other friends to bring her flowers.

She asks Shin to take her picture, and then when she takes the camera, he keeps posing for her, thinking she’s going to take one of him. Instead, she keeps bypassing him to take shots of the school and her classmates, to remember the good and the bad. Poor goblin just stands there trying to look pretty for the camera, to no avail.

Thinking of the new friend she made on her last day of school, she supposes that good things come late, just like Shin. He takes that literally and says he tried to come early, and adds that Deok-hwa had to work and Reaper is depressed, but they passed on their congratulations.

Eun-tak sees that Reaper came anyway, as did Sunny. Shin looks over at them and guesses that they came to see each other, not the graduate, and Eun-tak gets an idea and leads Shin through a door portal.

Sunny admits that she came here to see Reaper, thinking that seeing his face would help her make a decision. “But seeing your face… I just like it,” she says. He ventures a tiny smile.

They relocate to a coffee shop and she asks about his research, wanting him to share his findings and return her ring next time. She asks him to give her flowers to Eun-tak since that’s what she bought them for, and she’s confused when Reaper passes his bouquet over to her.

He says that his are for Sunny, because that’s what he bought them for. “I wanted to give someone flowers, just once,” he says timidly. She’s touched, but it makes her ask again who he is, and Reaper knows that she won’t believe him, but admits that he doesn’t know. She sighs that everyone in that house says unbelievable things and must be unbelievable beings, and that there are never any answers for her and Reaper, and everything seems headed towards tragedy for them.

Shin gives Eun-tak her mother’s bankbook with the insurance payout as a graduation gift, though Eun-tak says she can’t access the money until Aunt signs over her legal claim to it. Shin tells her that he got Aunt to sign off on it, and that the present is from her mother and he’s just the messenger.

Her eyes fill with grateful tears, and she thinks she won’t be able to spend any of it because it came from Mom. He says that her mother would’ve wanted her to use it, and that it would’ve been her deepest wish to provide for the 9-year-old daughter she left alone in this world.

Eun-tak wonders how Aunt and her cousins are doing, and we cut to them being released from jail. Aunt’s memory seems to return to her, and she vows to track Eun-tak down and get that money back, and her daughter thinks to start looking for her at colleges, since Eun-tak surely would’ve gotten into a good school.

Reaper comes by Shin’s room with a new death note, and Shin guesses that it’s for Grandpa, but Reaper says it’s for Eun-tak. Again the card is blank to Shin’s eyes, but Reaper says it’s a deadly fall that happens in two weeks.

He wonders why Shin isn’t cursing god, but Shin figures that this will happen countless times, and he can’t lose it every single time. He thinks of Samshin Granny’s warning that Eun-tak would face death again and again, until one day he wouldn’t be able to stop what’s coming.

She’d called his choice a childish one, and said the best course of action was to pull out the sword. Shin says now as if responding to her, “I’m not going to try my best.”

Shin sits Eun-tak down and shows her the death note, and tells her it’s hers. He admits that he’s been keeping a secret from her, and tells her the truth about being fated to die if she doesn’t pull out his sword. She realizes that all of those accidents weren’t accidents, and he confirms that death will keep coming for her as long as she doesn’t pull out the sword, and that it’s just the fate she was born with as the goblin’s bride.

Eun-tak says with tears in her eyes, “God is so cruel, to you and to me.”

She cries herself to sleep that night, and then in the ensuing days, she hilariously flip-flops from one extreme to the other, just like Shin did early on. First she decides that she’ll just die and be reborn and come find him again, and he passively agrees.

Then she decides that she’ll pull out the sword, since he could live forever and never meet another bride. Again he agrees. Then finally, she comes to him crying and declares that they’ll die together so that neither of them has to be alone.

She’s quivering, and Shin stops humoring her and says sincerely, “Ji Eun-tak, look at me. You’re not going to die. I’m going to make it that way. I’m going to stop it. I’m going to stop all of it.”

She bursts into tears and he hugs her close, apologizing for the fate she faces because of him. “But we have to cross this,” he says, “I don’t know what door we’ll go through, but I won’t ever let go of your hand. I promise. So trust in me. I may be a bigger person than you think I am.”

The next day, Eun-tak heads out for work, and Shin tries to stop her because it’s too dangerous. But she argues that even if she’s going to die tomorrow, she has to live today, and living locked up in a house afraid of death isn’t living.

“So I’m going to work, and prepare for college, and walk the same path I’ve always walked, and come home, because that’s life. So you die trying to save me, and I’ll die trying not to die. I trust you,” she says. She argues that she has too many things to live for, most of all him. He relents and tells her to summon him if she senses any danger, and then spends the day pacing in the house like a worrywart.

When Shin’s hands start to smoke, he senses that he’s about to be summoned, though he doesn’t look amused when she calls him to fix a flickering street lamp that she deems dangerous.

She continues to abuse the summoning privileges, calling him when she sees a dangerously handsome man in the street, or when she spots a pretty outfit that’s dangerous for her bank account. When she summons him and says that she missed him so much she couldn’t breathe and that was dangerous, he smiles the cutest smile ever and says, “Me too.”

He must really be in a good mood, because it suddenly rains down cherry blossoms in the dead of winter.

Later, Sunny walks down the same street and gapes at the unseasonal bloom.

Reaper contemplates the jade ring and heads to Sunny’s shop, which is empty for the night. He sits at the table where she was drinking earlier and starts to leave the ring on table, when he hears a noise at the door.

He’s so startled that he drops the ring, and in his haste to look for it, he’s nearly discovered by Sunny, who’s returned to the shop because she forgot her phone. She doesn’t seem to see him, despite having already walked into the room, and he quickly dons his invisibility hat and disappears out of view.

He’s relieved when she picks up her phone and walks out, but then she comes right back inside, holding a cherry tree branch. She starts to calculate someone’s height and guesses that it’s about this high… and swipes the branch right over his head, knocking his hat to the ground. Eep.

Reaper materializes right in front of her the second the hat comes off, and they stare at each other in shock.

Sunny shakes as she says this is the answer, and calls it so unbelievable that it makes everything else a little believable, like how he knew her name, why he doesn’t have a name, and why he never had answers.

She knows he did something to her last time and asks him not to do it again, and he assures her that he won’t (erase her memory), and will just be found out.

She asks again what he is, and this time he answers, “I’m a grim reaper. I knew I shouldn’t, but I dreamt of a happy ending. But as expected, it’s tragedy. Shall we break up now?” Tears stream down her face as he waits for her answer.

Eun-tak texts Shin an update that she’s finished her college orientation and registered for classes, and her two remaining ghost friends walk along with her while chattering away about boyfriends.

The bitter ghost girl who always talks about her ex convinces Eun-tak to go deliver a message for her, so the three of them head to the ex-husband’s office building that night. Eun-tak checks her lighter to make sure she’s got backup, and finds the ex-husband at his desk.

He takes her up to a precariously high landing on the side of the high-rise building, which seems like a Very Bad Idea for someone who has a pending death note involving a fall! Come on, now. It doesn’t really occur to her because she’s busy passing on the ghost’s message that she knows all about the cheating ex-husband using her life insurance payout to buy his mistress gifts.

Eun-tak gets fired up on the ghost wife’s behalf, and the husband grows increasingly agitated, especially when Eun-tak starts talking to the ghost right in front of him. The ghost wife continues, and Eun-tak repeats, “Is that why you pushed me off the roof that day?”

It hits Eun-tak like a ton of bricks, the crap she’s just stepped into, and she looks around nervously. And in that very moment, her death note changes. That’s no fair!

The ghost wife says that she’s got an incriminating recording, which only makes the husband more agitated to hear. Eun-tak worries that this has gotten out of hand and says they could all die like this, but the ghost wife says she’s already dead, not caring that Eun-tak isn’t.

Unsurprisingly, the murderer husband’s first thought is to push Eun-tak off the building, and he starts to back her towards the railing. Eun-tak stammers that she really wasn’t planning to call her boyfriend for this, and warns the man that her boyfriend is going to be pretty pissed.

The husband just chuckles, so Eun-tak takes out her lighter and blows out the flame. In an instant, the husband gets slashed in the back and goes tumbling down the staircase.

Eun-tak looks up to see Shin standing up above, his goblin sword in hand. He sighs, obviously upset with her, and she ekes out an apology in a tiny voice.

Shin kicks the husband all the way to the police station and says, “Go receive your human punishment. If you receive my punishment, you’ll die.” The husband crawls into the police station while babbling his confession.

The ghost wife apologizes to Shin, who doesn’t look sympathetic. He approaches her, but Eun-tak jumps in between them to defend her friend, and he argues that she almost died tonight.

She knows, and hurriedly tells the ghosts to go on their way because she’s going to be in some trouble. The ghost wife thanks Eun-tak sincerely for listening to her, and the ghosts vanish.

Eun-tak is quiet until they get home, and she asks meekly if Shin is still mad at her. He turns around like he’s going to yell at her again, but this time he just grabs her in a bear hug and says he’s not mad—he was worried.

She asks why it feels like she’s in trouble, and says that her heart stings. Shin argues that it can’t sting worse than his, like he went to hell and back countless times in the past hour.

She sighs that they’re a pitiable pair, and he says she’s wrong. She calls them unfortunate then, and he says no to that too. She asks if he’s done being mad at her now, and again he says no. To retaliate, she says that in college she’s going to go on lots of blind dates and wear short skirts, which of course gets a resounding “No!”

Reaper and Hoobae meet for coffee, and Hoobae notes that Reaper isn’t looking so good these days. He’s here on official business, to ask Reaper to file the official paperwork for his other missing person (not Eun-tak), and Reaper says there’s nothing to report really, since he doesn’t know anything.

His other missing person is a soul he ran into twenty years ago—someone who was dead, and seemed to have been lingering here a very long time. The soul wasn’t afraid of grim reapers, which Reaper had never encountered before, and he got away.

At the chicken shop, Eun-tak’s ghost friend introduces a new face in town, who’s been around a long time and has a lot of know-how, and even got away from a grim reaper twenty years ago. Eun-tak starts to say that she had a similar experience when she was nine, when the man enters in slow motion, wearing a plain white hanbok and looking creepy as hell.

He walks up to Eun-tak with purpose and then lifts his face… Ohmygod, it’s evil eunuch Park Joong-heon. He reaches out a decayed hand and says, “It’s nice to meet you. So you’re the goblin’s bride.”

He licks his lips, revealing a tongue so black it looks like it’s covered in ink, and Eun-tak looks up at him, terrified.


Well, consider me creeped out. That guy is way scarier as a dead guy. It was an effective entrance for the only real villain that this story has, other than the nebulous fate or god, and I look forward to what kind of trouble Park Joong-heon will infuse into the present-day storyline. I do wish the setup for his introduction had been subtler; this show is so in-your-face with the exposition, and it could’ve been an interesting mystery if we had even heard of this dead man who’s not afraid of reapers before today. I imagine that he’ll have a lot of beef with both Reaper and Shin, and that Shin will want very much to get his revenge for everything he lost because of this man’s evil tongue. That’s a conflict I want to see play out (hopefully for longer than one episode), especially now that Shin is the one in a position of power. I mean, what good is being a god if you can’t smite your enemies, right?

I’m glad that Shin told Eun-tak the truth about death coming after her (finally, no secrets between them), though it then annoyed me greatly that she forgot his very specific warning not to go to high places and put herself in danger anyway. I was with her about living your life even with death on your tail, but then she went and nearly got herself killed, and I was rolling my eyes at her stupidity. I suppose I should just be grateful that she went through her death angst pendulum on fast-forward, and we got to see the comical highlight version instead of in real time, after we watched Shin go through it about three hundred times in the first half of the drama. At least he’s actively fighting fate now (and maybe god) and trying to live, which is a relief. I was touched by Samshin Granny stopping by on Eun-tak’s graduation day, and it made me hope that Granny was being sincere about just having a particular fondness for Eun-tak, and wanting her to survive. I know she and Shin are at odds, but I would like to believe it’s because they both love Eun-tak. It makes up for her having been so alone in the world before, to have gods looking out for her, and being a literal godmother to her on a day when she needed her mom.

The one thing I really wish for Goblin is that it would pick up the pace, because while I enjoy the episodes, I find that every big revelation is exactly what we expected and weeks later than when we wanted it. We all knew who Reaper and Sunny would end up being, so the fact that it took until Episode 11 for Shin to reunite with his sister is a bit frustrating. The development makes me happy—any forward movement makes me happy in this show—I just want everything faster, so that we can get past the information we already know, and learn some new things for a change. And if Sunny isn’t going to remember her past life, I want Shin to make a connection with her in the present day as her oraboni now. His attempt to appeal to her taste from a century ago was hilarious, and I want him to keep trying to win her over, even if he fails miserably at it.

I also want more from Reaper and Sunny’s relationship, because the bittersweet yearning is beautiful in light of their tragic love story, but in the present they haven’t even fallen in love, and they keep breaking up. Could we give them a chance to date first? Or better yet, let’s have Reaper finally catch up and find out that he’s the king, and actually deal with the consequences. I know it won’t be pleasant—broken bromance and all—but isn’t it also the thing we’ve been waiting for all this time, that will finally change the game? I know it will bring more angst, but at least it will be different angst, which I would prefer. Especially since Reaper thinking that a reaper-human romance is impossible is pretty much the least of his worries, except he doesn’t know it. Is it bad that I hope the villain is here to blow the lid off of everyone’s secrets, which makes me root for him a little?


366 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. berries

    I was so afraid that eun tak couldnt blow out the lighter in time.. cant it be telepathic instead of having to physically blow smth? hahaha. currently the telepathy only works in desperate times

    • 1.1 Amy

      My theories

      1. Deok Hwa is a God — that white butterfly — one among the many gods & goddess.

      2. Secretary Kim were General Kim Shin’s right man, who stab sword at Kim Shin’s heart.

      3. Eunuch that evil crazy psycho still wandering around on earth as a ghost maybe because he still have unfinished business like any other ghost. That unfinished business was to take revenge on Goblin and Eun Tak are part of it because she is Goblin’s bride.

      4. In the future when Eun Tak was 29 years old, she will meet that CEO and that CEO was Kim Shin. Kim Shin still alive because he found and open the door that he mentioned before to show determinations of him like how determinations of humans to fights for their life, fate & destiny (Refers to human that enter tea room of grim reaper desperately to find a toilet and still alive)

      5. Grim reaper and Kim Sun will have a happy ending because true love always win. (Kim Eun-Sook nim, please fulfill my wish. Thanks) Hahahahaha

      • 1.1.1 DaehanMingukManse

        There’s a thread in Soompi forum that say DeokHwa is probably Elder Wol Ha (Cupid) so yeah I think they’re right.

        • DaehanMingukManse

          He was possessed? How do we suppose to guess that writer nim… Aarghhh…
          Goodbye whoever god who possessed DeokHwa’s body. Though I still don’t know what his name.

      • 1.1.2 PersonaInnominatum

        2. That could be! Maybe that’s why Shin chose to be his patron. I thought he was a reincarnation for the evil eunuch but that’s totally out the window.

      • 1.1.3 Agree

        LOL!!! If Deok Hwa was a god… He would probably get his credit card first…

        • nchoe

          Well… who knows, maybe he just puts an act to catch everyone off guard.

          • Alessar

            It would kind of explain why he keeps going out for drinks with the mother goddess Samshin Granny who Lee El plays….

      • 1.1.4 Kiara

        #3 He is definitely different from the other ghosts. It looks like he has been in his own personal hell. He is a tormented soul, unrepented of his past crimes. He doesn’t deserve to be reincarnated.

        I do agree with GF that he should have made his appearance much earlier if he was intended to be the villain in the current time too.
        He is pretty scary and no I’m not rooting for him one bit.

        • Amy

          Hai Kiara.. I miss you.. Actually I’m waiting your theory, opinions, comments, explanation, discussion.. because it is interesting for me ..

          • Kiara

            Hi Amy. You are too kind. I feel the same way about the rest of the commenters here. I feed off of their comments and explanations too.

      • 1.1.5 BlueDoe

        I agree to all except number 4. I believe the CEO is her best friend from high school because she said LETS STAY IN TOUCH.

        Also, I think this creepy old soul in number 4 will try to possess Eun Tak.

        And yeah please make the Reaper happy 🙂

        • mia

          No, it can’t be her friend from high school because if you recall the conversation she had on the phone, she said she was there to meet a man, not a woman. So it’s most likely Shin. At least that’s what I want to believe. 😀

          • sara

            what if the future CEO is Deokhwa? maybe goblin and ET had a happy ending and they were just meeting deokhwa who eventually took over the place of CEO?

      • 1.1.6 Fye

        No 5! I want that too!!!
        I was surprised to see evil eunuch ghost. I thought he reincarnated to Chairman Yoo’s secretary

        • meru

          and the surprise is, the Secretary and the Eunuch were played by different actors. All of our questions and guesses will be there in ep 12

      • 1.1.7 Tia

        But guyssss do u remember in ep 8, KS was like talking and sort of like whining to the white butterfly?? I cant seem to get that off my mind…. i dont know but i dont think DH is the butterfly, no?

  2. Margie

    I’ve been refreshing the website for the past few hours and finally the recap is there. Thank you for the fas recap, girlfriday!!

  3. elvira

    The ending though, I’m devastated.
    Who knows what will the next episode brings–is it heading towards the inevitable devastation?
    Only deities know…

  4. apple

    Sunny and “homeless fashionista,” please. The lonely legend of the shining blue sea goblin.

    • 4.1 gureum

      LOL they would get along so well!!

  5. gureum

    Episode highlights:
    1. Sunny discovering GR’s identity
    2. Samshin halmae coming to graduation
    3. Goblin saving ET before the fall (I freaked out because I thought he killed him)
    4. the ENDING damn that gave me chills

    Also, it is almost certain that Deokhwa is otherworldly. He knew about GR-Sun-Goblin connection without anyone telling him. Also in the preview it seems as though both Samshin grandma and he have been waiting for Park Joong-won to finally appear.

    I wonder what the teacher has to do with the story? Was her past life scene just that? Or is there something more? Now that ET has graduated high school, I guess that’s all there was to her character? Pretty random.

    • 5.1 Mhinee

      Sometimes the review next ep will trapped us
      I guess they just make us believe Deok Hwa has something important like being God

    • 5.2 gureum

      Also: I’m pretty sure the “dangerously handsome” guy ET saw was actually Gong Yoo irl LOL

      • 5.2.1 Celine

        Well Gong Yoo is dangerously handsome, especially in all his expensive long coats. I find myself waiting for what coat he will wear next. LOL

        • lemoncello

          This drama though… is like coats CF, with Reaper and Goblin as the model.

          Love all those beautiful coats wore by Goblin and GR 🙂

          • Agree

            OMG!! All that heroic slow fog walking were PPL … I would buy coats like that any day.. haha..

          • Celine

            And I read that people do buy those expensive coats. The ones Gong Yoo wore in earlier episodes were sold out already. Insane!

          • bmore

            according to one article, over $40,000 in just coats by ep 10

          • bmore

            and that is JUST Gong Yoo’s coats

      • 5.2.2 nomad

        Gong Yoo is so dangerously handsome. I’ve never been so taken aback by Korean actors the way he just rips right through my eyes.

    • 5.3 endo

      The teacher scene was there because Kim Shin saw her future when she met her during Joseon. And in that scene, he saw she reincarnated as a teacher. He saw that graduation scene, smartphones and all. And of course Eun Tak.

      • 5.3.1 gureum

        ooooh. that makes sense. thanks!

      • 5.3.2 PersonaInnominatum

        Oh! I haven’t seen the episode, yet what I thought was that he crossed paths with Eun Tak’s past life. Thanks!

    • 5.4 Lord Cobol

      Could Deok-hwa have the place bugged?? I’ve lost track of the things he wasn’t supposed to know, but where they any that a few microphones & cameras couldn’t explain???

      • 5.4.1 gureum

        hmm..his relationship with samshin grandma is still mysterious.

      • 5.4.2 jodie

        i’m pretty sure his appearances in the past few eps gave a big hint that he is more than who we think he is (inc the preview for the next ep as well) — as stated in theories above, a deity.

        a pity that now he only appears to show his little bit of know-it-all powers (i.e. finding eun tak, and sun & shin’s relationship etc), it’d be great if they could integrate him in more but at this stage it’s tricky i suppose. nonetheless, i’m pretty sure it’s not anything to do with hidden cameras and what not, he’s not human….

    • 5.5 Reena

      The appearance of Ghost Park Joong Won reminded me of what happened in Arang and the Magistrate. I have a feeling that Samshin and Deokhwa (assuming that he is the deity) have been waiting for this opportunity in order to expose ghost Park Joong Won, since he’s been MIA for so long. Also, in Arang, it is said that ghosts become malevolent if they stay on earth for a really long time. Considering that the Eunuch is evil to begin with, I think he will become even more evil. So creepy. From now on, I’m going to watch Goblin in the daytime. haha

      • 5.5.1 Sojuboy

        This writer is not known for “originality.”

    • 5.6 Chocopie

      The deokhwa part got me confused too.
      So i started to list what he should have know based what is already shown on the show..

      He knows that the queen was goblin’s sister (coz reaper and him saw the scroll).

      He knows reaper could see somebody’s past life when he touches them and he also knows that there are high chances queen reincarnates (the produce 101 scene).

      He also knows sunny as his building tenant, so chances are he has sunny’s files.

      I guess, maybe deokhwa overheard this. Or myb he was the one being told to fill up sunny’s restaurant lol

    • 5.7 PersonaInnominatum

      Deok Hwa was there when Shin said that the Goryeo queen was his sister; but I don’t know if I missed it where he was told about reapers abilities to see past lives when they touch you. Although he couldn’t have known about the queen’s connection to Sunny though so I’m totally with the theory of him being a deity — but the writer could be just leading us to nothing of course. Can you imagine, there really was only one human in that house after all! Lol!

      • 5.7.1 DINS

        Deokhwa knew about the Grim Reaper’s ability after police station incident, when he brings tofu for Grim Reaper

      • 5.7.2 darkheart

        DH knows about Grim’s ability to know a person’s past life by touching them because he was there with Grim and Goblin in Episode 3 when Goblin asked Grim if the boyband member was the King reincarnated and grim replied that he needs to touch the person to know

    • 5.8 Tinkerbell

      #3 i worried about that as well! When shin appeared and sliced the eff out of that guy i was like “great.. euntak now you made him kill someone” but then he was not so yay.

      Euntak this girl.. despite the numerous comments saying her character is annoying whiny or a cry baby. I actually like her. I grew fond of her she’s like the baby sister i wished i had lol our girl is a trooper. I wish she would take care of herself more tho

      • 5.8.1 Misty

        I thought Kim Shin really sliced him dead. Then revived him off screen (remember he revived the dead man in hospital during one of his angst scene). The man’s shirt was pretty bloody and torn apart no he can move normally after all that…

      • 5.8.2 gureum

        I like her too! I honestly think her aegyo is quite cute rather than gushy. KGE has a lot of charm, and I think she’s playing the part very well.

    • 5.9 MissUnicorn

      It does seem like the reincarnation scene of the teacher doesn’t exactly hold much significance now. But i feel that KES like to introduce variables that might be key to the plot development in the future via some random encounters that the audiences might overlook. I.e. The man barging into the GR tea room. I strongly believe that was to introduce the ‘human’s will can overcome all’ factor, which is what will save ET and the goblin. As for this reincarnation of the teacher thing – it might be to introduce the rule that once in awhile, some ppl will get reincarnated with the same face. This knowledge might be important later on.

      • 5.9.1 Khl

        The part about “once every few hundred years, a person gets reincarnated with the same face” has been introduced before, by Shin. And this time (with EunTak’s teacher), we are reminded of it, probably to set the stage for tying up a few loose ends around, here and there.

        And of course, to watch Shin-EunTak be more vocal about their jealousy (Shin and him seeing his “first love in Joseon”, who is actually EunTak in the future Shin saw thru the Joseon innkeeper/future teacher)

        Maybe as the grim reapers are gathered to “help” deal with the 2nd missing soul (evil minister Park Joong Won), Shin will see the other hoobae reapers who actually have a part to play in his Goryeo past. And collectively, these persons will identify Grimms as Wang Yeo.

    • 5.10 Kiara

      We know that Dukkie is one of the gods.
      Maybe he has a role in getting rid of evil Park because there must be a limit to goblin and reaper’s power.

      I think the teacher’s story is more to do with Eun-tak. Shin said that something to Eun-tak along the line of “you and I started before you were born.”
      Why Joseon? so random. It’s not as interesting as goblin, reaper and Sunny’s connection to their past.

    • 5.11 Peppa

      It might be a little random but that scene with the teacher gives us an answer to Eun tak’s question if she and Shin met in previous life. Well technically they didn’t meet but he saw her in “past”.

  6. Agatha

    Maybe people have already speculated about this before I don’t know, but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway. But wouldn’t one way for a Grim Reaper to remember his past life be to let another Grim Reaper touch his hand? I mean if my memory serves me right they don’t touch among themselves either and that might be the reason, because they actually have a rule against it or maybe they are just so used to avoiding touch that even amongst themselves they do it and it has just never occurred to them that this would be one way. It would also explain why Hoobae Reaper is also connected to all the main characters. I mean he lives in the building owned by Granny and right above Sunny. What does anyone think?
    Also when evil eunuch appeared he looked so deformed, it made me wonder if Shin did actually kill him when he choked him. He looked to me like he had been tortured for a long time prior to death considering how Ghosts in the drama tend to look like how they looked at the moment of their death. Maybe Wang Yeo was able to finally see how evil he was and he executed him in a terrible way… It may also be wishful thinking on my part because well I’m not merciful and he hurt my Grim Reaper baby so much in his past life I actually do wish something horrible on him…

    • 6.1 gureum

      Wow. I never thought about that! That’s totally plausible, and would make sense because he’s in almost every episode, even for just a short scene. They’re bound to see each other because I think GR will come and visit Sunny eventually.

      • 6.1.1 Agatha

        I also thought that maybe that was actually Hoobae Reaper’s secret task, because he is also the one that tells Reaper about that other Reaper that received his wife’s death card, remembered everything and ran away with her. Maybe there is like a special Reaper squadron that is actually in charge of making other Reaper’s remember their past lives in order to bring fate about or whatnot….

        • Flightey Gazelles

          ” that other Reaper that received his wife’s death card, remembered everything and ran away with her”

          I know this is tragic but I find this story really hilarious!!

    • 6.2 Cute Tigero

      Agatha regarding your theory evil advisor PJW tortured by king WY is not possible because the king already died when goblin KS returned. The goblin is the one killed evil advisor.

      • 6.2.1 Agatha

        Ohhhh so the body Shin found wrapped was the King’s? For some reason I thought it was the Queen’s, but it would make much more sense for him to say “I’m too late!” Over the King’s body that over the Queen’s, since she was pretty much dead already and the “being late” implied that he was too late to save the King he was sworn to protect… Now that make sense…. Man and here I wanted that evil guy to suffer….I’m vindictive sorry XD

        • nana

          so…if the king dead that time, then Grim Reaper are King’s reincarnation?

          I’m forever confused lol

          • Dramalava

            Interesting question Nana. I was going to say no but maybe the grim reaper is the reincarnation of the king. In the last episode Kim Shin said that the reaper had only been around for 300 years. It seems like it took enough time for the king to grow up for Kim Shin to come back. If that is the case, what happened in the transition between king and reaper? So many questions in this drama!!! I

          • jazz

            I’ve always thought that the grim reaper was the policeman who stared lovingly at the queen before she was killed. this would give Sunny and the grim reaper a history of love throughout history.

          • bmore

            It’s been a pretty universal topic of conversation since the first 2 episodes that Grim and Sunny are the King and Queen (with some going off track and alleging Grim is the Queen and Sunny the King–which made no sense with her name being Sun, the same as the Queen’s). When Kim Shin arose from the dead and went back to the palace, many years had gone by. His sword had rusted and corroded and the Whispering Snake Eunuch had gray hair. He most certainly killed the Eunuch and the Eunuch is obviously a ghost now and a Missing Soul. I’m guessing the reason Goblin said he was too late is he also wanted revenge against the King for killing his sister and his entire extended family and retainers.

            I am still sticking with my original theory that the King loved the Queen very much. He had finally come to realize that his ‘trusted’ advisor was actually a Snake whispering evil in his ear, but knew the Snake had immense power. He also knew the Snake was threatening the one thing he loved, his Queen. He saw Kim Shin’s death as a way to placate the Snake and protect his queen so sacrificed his friend, mentor, and BIL.

    • 6.3 PersonaInnominatum

      That is very plausible! I’ve always wondered how he’ll regain his memories.

      About evil eunuch, I thought he died when Shin burned the palace? Didn’t he have black hair when he died? Or do people in the palace wear wigs just like in Western courts? Or was it he just because he lingered for such a long time with all those negative feelings and intent? Anyway, it would make sense that he won’t be scared if the reaper turns out to be a puppet he used to manipulate.

      • 6.3.1 Nutini

        I think some time passed before Goblin’s being brought back to life, by that time King matured and dyed maybe in his 30s, so eunuch probably aged by that time, and idk if Goblin killed Eunuch or if he dyed by other hand

    • 6.4 rhienz

      He is deformed because he was burnt by kim shin along with the king’s corpse and his palace.
      Me think, that was explained by his blackish appearance.

      • 6.4.1 Khl

        Yes, I agree. I think PJW soul was roaming ever since he was killed by Shin and burned in that palace fire.

      • 6.4.2 Jamie

        I thought he was blackish from having been strangled? Either way, creepy as hell. *Shudder*

    • 6.5 Kiara

      I don’t know why reaper hasn’t been able to figure out that he was the king. Is he in denial? He felt the connection to the young queen in the painting. He painted her himself.

      1 He cried when he saw her painting + 1 He cried when he first met Sunny = 2 since he was not her brother then he must be her husband the king.

      I don’t think there is any rules at all to when a reaper would regain their memory. It just happens randomly like that one reaper who remembered his wife and ran off with her.

      • 6.5.1 Khl

        But Grimms does not have any memory of himself, not even his name or what he used to do. And there would have been many people who would have interacted with the Queen in her lifetime. How was he to know that he was exactly the significant-other of the queen?

        He *might* question it NOW, since Shin answered in ep 11 that the portrait was drawn by King Wang Yeo and contained his “sin, regret, longing”.

        • Kiara

          He can feel it and cries over his encounter with Sunny and the painting of the queen from Goryeo for a couple of episodes now. It wouldn’t have that effect on him if he wasn’t part of it.

    • 6.6 jv

      I believe Kim Shin killed the the scholar (aka Eunuch) when he became the Goblin, and returned to late to save the King.

  7. sweet

    I noted the height difference between the 2 hugs

    • 7.1 Star

      I just scrolled up to check! Lol

    • 7.2 endo

      Maybe they forgot the apple box on hug no. 2. Lol.

    • 7.3 Reena

      That would probably be me and Gong Yoo (in the second pic) if I were to hug him in real life. waaah *wishful thinking*

      • 7.3.1 Celine

        /sigh/ Me too. I saw this comment by Korean viewers how Gong Yoo’s height is like Namsan and his shoulders so broad like the ocean lmao. He is a tower. Fan accounts always describe his handsome face and model-like proportions.

        • realraul

          Sigh… He is so good looking that at times I just pausetbe screen and stare a s swoon.

          • Kiara

            He was extra swoony in this episode. Whoever is picking his clothes for PPL is doing a great job.

      • 7.3.2 Loolu

        I didn’t notice that! lol! Good eye

    • 7.4 PersonaInnominatum

      I’m probably gonna need more than one box/crate if I ever get the chance to hug him! Lol!

  8. Mhinee

    i live in indonesia, and i watch it at 12 AM GMT+7, right after the subtitle released. Can you imagine how i scare of this Park Jung Won’s ghost?? wahhh, it’s really creepy, the editing, backsound, and his make up character, can i say it’s really fucking moment for me in the night
    I used to scare for horror movie and I never watched it, but I can handle korean horror drama like master’s sun, oh my ghostess or let’s fight ghost

    But it’s really hard for me to handle, can you imagine I need to go to bathroom in the middle of night after watch this damn Park Jung Won’s ghost.
    I need to refresh my brain with some romanve scene before going to bed
    Wahhhh, Park Jung Won ghost is really creepy

    • 8.1 DaehanMingukManse

      HI mhinee, glad to see another Indonesian here. I haven’t watched this ep yet, so I torture myself with this spoiler.
      Nah, Park Jung Woon’s ghost is not scary. Except for his punishment with black tongue. The scary one is the female ghost that appear in earlier episodes, the one who wore gray sweater/shirt, remember when her pupil turned to slit? That’s how the real “ghost” look like.

      • 8.1.1 cutesoprano

        glad to know i’m not the only indonesian..
        that evil eunuch ghost is totally creepy..! even scarier than the ghost in master’s sun or let’s fight ghost..and addition to that sound background.. ckckckc..

        • Ichayuz

          +1 another indonesian in the group hehehe

    • 8.2 Khl

      I search youtube for TvN snippets of the latest episodes (1-2 mins long) on Fri and Sat evening. They usually come out 1-2 hours after Korean screening, which is also close to midnight here in Singapore (GMT +8).
      And I regretted watching it last night cos I caught that eerie scene of PJW appearing in front of EunTak and licking his purple tongue… WITHOUT understanding a single word of Korean dialogue… it felt worse….scarier!!!

      Goblin is *THE* reason why I wake up at 7am on Sat/Sun, to watch english subs on DF. Hahaha

  9. Apluszee

    It seems that Ji Euntak’s storyline has became a little irrelevant to me now as I became too invested in the other 3 characters. Their past lives have become far more interesting that I don’t care abt her and became frustrated whenever Euntak’s scenes goes over a minute long. Is she really that naive and thoughtless? I was so annoyed when she kept on summoning Kim Shin for the fun of it eventho he has mentioned about how death would come to her continously! And the rooftop scene, had it never occur to her how creepy or even questioned as to why she had to follow him up to the rooftop… I always feel like the goblin was more considerate of her than she was for him.

    • 9.1 Kay

      I agree, I’m not interested in Eun Tak and Goblin’s story much anymore. I get their “big” dilemma but it’s been dragged on for some time now that I have decided to congratulate them when they decide on what they want to do. I found myself forwarding through their scenes this episode.

      I am totally invested in the whole Grim Reaper-Sunny track line now that’s we’ve got Zombie Eunch in the picture! Feels like this has been a runaway plot line that now feels like the main plot. I’m enjoying it though. I also want to know what the heck is the deal with Deok Hwa. Is he really a deity or is the writer totally playing us!?

    • 9.2 Star

      Yes, me too! GR x Sunny x Goblin story has drawn me the most for the past episodes. I am soooo curious how it turns out.

    • 9.3 Irenah

      I feel the same. No more development in their character and the plot has run super long. I finally understand what JB/GF said in prev recap about how director leuvv to lingers and do slow-mo. Oh and getting too repetitive in puting flashback. FF button is a bit abused in this ep.

      It’s unfortunate since they are more than enough interesting stories to be told. Like maybe hiccups/conflict between Goblin and Sunny when he try to rekindle their relationship. Or even fast forwarding to Reaper being enlighten about his identity and going into internal conflict of his relationship with Goblin & Sunny. I relate to GF about happiness to see creepy eunuch to blow lid of pots and make things going faster.

    • 9.4 Kate C.L.8

      Goodness! So I’m not the only one. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what happens to Goblin and his bride. I just skip the parts whenever the both of them have scenes together. However, I am on tenterhooks, and can’t wait to know what happens next with Grim reaper and Sunny, and how their lives are convoluted with that of the Goblin. Whenever these three characters come on, they are so charismatic and so intense!

    • 9.5 cutesoprano

      you know,, i think this will relevant with euntak’s story..
      if anyone here watching master’s sun,..there is a reason that gong shil can see a ghost… to become a vessel of the lost soul..
      so i think, euntak will be a vessel of kim shin, wang yeo and kim sun grudge..
      maybe the reason she become a goblin’s bride, not only ended the immortal live of kim shin, but also helping him releasing his grudge for the king..

    • 9.6 hanie

      I feels the same. Seems like Euntak becomes secondary characters after KS, GR and Sunny. I’m liking second half of this drama cause there are less about them rn. Nobody brings up about the sword pulling now and I ok with that. I guess I’m are feeling this way probably because they drag and lingers on KS/ET too much on the first half with little development, it feels like I already get most of KS/ET quota? Right now, the Goryoe portion and GR/Sunny are far more interesting especially now they reveals that the other missing soul is that evil park joongwon. I wonder what will he do and whether it will finally help uncover GR’s forgetten past life.
      So I dont mind we wrap up other plot cause obviously they will dominate the last 2 episodes anyways. hahaha

      • 9.6.1 Raptor

        Count me in. I wasn’t (and I don’t think I am now) anti-ET as a character, but the choices made by the writer/ director/ actress really bum me out. I hate seeing her act so cutesy one moment and whiney the next – are we supposed to forget that she lived through a terrible childhood with her relatives? Everything seems so peachy for her now, and she’s just wallowing in these overly long, bratty moments with Shin. Repetitively. The last parts of this ep had me cringing so much when she kept speaking in that weird act-cutesy unnatural voice. Ugh.

        I wish Deok Hwa and some other secondary characters receive more screentime; the main couple is just dragging things out way too much.

  10. 10 Blueribbon

    I know product placements are necessary because those companies pay for the drama, but would it hurt the director to be more subtle??

    • 10.1 Irenah

      Yes. The PPL is having more progress than Eun Tak hence can have more time on screen haha

  11. 11 gureum

    Wow. I never thought about that! That’s totally plausible, and would make sense because he’s in almost every episode, even for just a short scene. They’re bound to see each other because I think GR will come and visit Sunny eventually.

  12. 12 cherryarrow

    I knew Park Joongwon isn’t the reincarnation of the secretary. And does he look even creepier or what?? Him and his purple lips and tongue, ugh ew. He’s for sure the other lost soul that the grim reapers were talking about.

    I absolutely love the Kim siblings interaction, I need more of them seriously! This episode further confirms/hints that Deokhwa isn’t human, how the heck does he know Sunny is Shin’s sister? From the preview, he seems to be waiting for eunuch Park?

    It seems like Yeo might be getting his previous life memory back from the preview? The question is will Sunny ever get her memories back, I kind of hope she does.

    Anybody notice the sangoon holding the “medicine” for the queen is indeed the pretty grim reaper from previous episodes. Makes me wonder if everyone who was involved in that incident all became grim reapers?? So many questions unanswered, only 5 episodes left… can’t tvn extend this show T_T

    • 12.1 Kiara

      Everyone from Goryeo has been reincarnated with their original name. Secretary Kim couldn’t be evil Park.
      Secretary Kim would fit Shin’s loyal comrade from Goryeo who died with him.

    • 12.2 PersonaInnominatum

      Hi cherryarrow! I’m not sure if you were the one who replied to me from last episode’s recap, but were you the one who was pointing out that the Goryeo court lady looks like the female reaper? 👍👍👍

      I can’t understand anything from next ep’s raw video, but it looks daebak. Can’t understand a thing they’re saying, yet I cried.

  13. 13 YoesLee

    Oh my god! The scene when Kim Shin meet Sunny is so funny! I keep replay that scene! I keep telling my brain that ‘this is a sad scene not a funny scene, have a little bit sympathy’ but it’s not working. I’m laughing so hard I think I’m waking up my neighbors!

    • 13.1 Celine

      I have been waiting for Shin and Sunny odd sibling interaction and we got tons although it’s mostly hinged on Shin failing miserably at making her remember him. His attempts are gold!

      And Shin being the protective brother and not letting Grim get back with his sister is so hilarious!

      • 13.1.1 YoesLee

        Me too, being waiting for them to interacted with each other for ages now.

        She was just so clueless and he was so full of hopes

        His attempts definitely are gold!

        Shin as a protective brother is fun to watch 😂

    • 13.2 PersonaInnominatum

      Pus the natural bickering before he even found out! Lol!

      • 13.2.1 YoesLee

        Yes, I love their bickering too.Lol

  14. 14 endo

    I find it weird that Park Joong Won ran away from Reaper 20 years ago. He didn’t recognize him? He’s the king right? Lol.

    • 14.1 apluszee

      He needs to touch a person to know their past lives. I’m not sure if the same would apply to ghosts/missing souls. He probably would not recognised Park Joong Won, just like he couldn’t recognised Sunny when he first met her.

      • 14.1.1 endo

        I meant. How come PJW couldn’t recognize the face of Wang Yeo?

        • PersonaInnominatum

          Maybe he did? I guess that’s supposedly why he wasn’t afraid of his reapers according to his reputation with other ghosts.

        • ywcnois

          Maybe PJW did recognize him. Not much information about that moment has been given yet.

  15. 15 kumoiwa

    Every time we switch back to Goryeo it’s always amazingly good, and super heartbreaking. To me it may have looked like Sun defied Yeo to be on Shin’s side, but really she died for Yeo. By ensuring that Shin would step forward and hence, she kept Yeo’s throne for him, even though he was never in danger of that. That’s the saddest thing of all, that she died for him and he never realised it until she was gone.

    I saw this theory in which the poster was very insistent on Sunny being the king in her previous life, and while she/he may have made some potentially valid points, I feel like the disconnect may be because they didn’t understand the East Asian tradition for death? The pantheon is different, the concept of reincarnation is also different, as well as the idea of having to pay back debts that you’ve incurred in your previous life. I remember the poster saying that Sunny couldn’t possibly be the queen because Grims was always bowing to her and being subservient, but I believe that can be explained simply by the fact that Sunny is Grims’ debtor. He owes her big time, and needs to grovel to her in this lifetime (of hers) to pay it off.

    Also why does Eun-tak’s name in Hanja keep changing?? Kinda weird.

    • 15.1 kumoiwa

      *creditor lmao, definitely not debtor

    • 15.2 cherryarrow

      Are you talking about the posts on soompi? Lol I saw that too. Facepalm, big time.

      Oh yeah, Euntak’s new hanja sounds terrible, no one in their right mind would ever name their child that in real life.

      • 15.2.1 kumoiwa

        I can’t really remember since I’ve read many things on a good few websites haha.

        Yeah!! Really weird choice of Hanja, and isn’t 聽 청 (chung) in Korean anyway? Doesn’t match up…

        • cherryarrow

          And who the heck has the word “啄” in their name… Do they want to be a bird? I’m assuming this is just the PD’s mistake… Hey at least her last name is still the same.

          • Reena

            What does her name mean in hanja?

          • cherryarrow


            池(her last name) 听(to listen) 啄 (to peck)

          • Amy

            Bird..?? Hahahaha that hilarious..

          • cherryarrow

            Her hanja is usually written as = 池恩倬

            Not sure why her hanja looks different from before…

          • jodie

            no wonder! i assumed the guy was gonna die cus i didn’t recognise those hanja. PD-nim pliz

          • kanz

            I can only recognize the hanja “池” (Ji) since that’s one of the few hanja I can recognize because my bias is Ji Chang Wook. LOL

        • O_o

          Don’t worry too much about the Chinese characters used. Most young Korean audiences can’t read Chinese characters that are outside a few hundred to thousand commonly used ones and don’t care much about them. Drama makers are not going to put much thought or consistency in Chinese letters they randomly use.

          • kumoiwa

            I agree that most young Koreans wouldn’t really be bothered about the Hanja, but for a show that uses Classical Chinese as a working language for their interpretation of Hell, it’s a little too sloppy with consistency.

    • 15.3 PersonaInnominatum

      Aww.. true. He was such a young and foolish king. She secured his throne and didn’t lost her loyalty to her brother. It’s sad that it was already late when Yeo discovered the truth.

    • 15.4 Kiara

      Reaper is kind of the same way with Shin. He is kind of below the Kim siblings like he wasn’t their king in the past. So I guess it’s payback time?

      I think Shin will still stay loyal to Yeo even if he found out that he was the king who killed them. He failed to protect him too. Maybe he should’ve taken care of evil Park before it was too late.

    • 15.5 PLAYSTORE

      I was scrolling to see your comment as u always highlight important points of the episodes. if it’s not too much to ask can you please tell me what her name card changed to? I mean it seemed to me it changed to something else from dying by a fall. Thanks again 🙂

      • 15.5.1 kumoiwa

        I checked out that scene again and it goes from this:

        Ji Chung-tak (but really it’s Ji Eun-tak lol why did they change the Hanja)
        20 years old

        丁酉年 壬寅月 乙亥日 十九時 十分 墜落死
        2017.02.17 19:10 Dies from a fall

        to this:


        丁酉年 癸卯月 戊子日 十九時 十分 墜落死

        Basically her death date has been changed, but I looked up the dates and they don’t match up at all. The guimao month comes after the renyin month (which was the original month that was written on her death card), so it doesn’t make sense that her death would be postponed instead of being brought forward? Also, the day (wuzi) doesn’t exist in the month (guimao) that has been changed. So it’s a production error? Or I’m just reading the lunar calendar wrong, I have no idea lol.

        • kumoiwa

          I mean the wuzi day does exist in the guimao month, just not in the dingyou year (2017) that the Goblin universe is currently in.

          • O_o

            Hmm, I think the only reason they were going with these Chinese characters was because of exporting the drama to China ( I mean it makes a lot more sense these death lists and cards being in English nowadays considering that is the langua franca in the modern business world). Now that China has unfairly blocked Korean entertainment over the TTHAD issue and most Chinese are watching K-dramas illegally, I think the drama makers must have stopped paying attention to such trivial things as proofreading Chinese characters that are just being used as props.

          • kumoiwa

            True, true, but I presume they stuck to Classical Chinese because that was the (written) lingua franca of the Korean peninsular for a very long time, including the Goryeo period that Shin was from. So to use it would be add authenticity to the traditional mythology that Kim Eun-sook is borrowing from, though I guess China is sort of a consideration in most Korean dramas nowadays.

            I just find it weird that they would be this sloppy with things that the show has established to be important to the plot, like names (Samshin Halmae was able to keep Grims from taking Eun-tak by virtue of her having a name as opposed to ‘No-name’ on the death card) and times. Consistency is a virtue, Goblin!

        • Emmy

          Yeah, I noticed that the hanja has been really messed up the last episodes.

          听 isn’t even hanja, I laughed aloud to see a simplified Chinese character in there that made absolutely no sense.

          Odd that a drama that puts so much thought into every miniscule detail would miss out on something like this?

          • Bobbie

            Unless it’s been done purposefully to show that their recent actions and desperation have changed their fates? :/ Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit and the regular hanja reader had the flu or something.

          • kumoiwa

            @Emmy: They’ve been messing up with the Hanja for a while now. Another variation of Eun-tak’s name appeared in Grims’ application for her death card, and apparently Chairman Yoo’s last name has been changed as well on his card too? I don’t know what’s going on 🙁

            @Bobbie: Maybe, but with the characters different, the person the card is referring to is completely different as well. I remember how Samshin Halmae could save Eun-tak when she was nine by invoking the fact that she had a name while the soul on the death card did not, but the present situation is that the card supposedly does refer to Eun-tak, which is super weird to me. Maybe the regular Hanja proofreader called in sick like you said lol, or they just goofed.

        • PLAYSTORE

          Thanks a lot! your effort really makes a difference for us fans who can’t read hanja/hangeul. So the change in the card kinda proves KS’s theory of opening a new door by will, right?

          Again, Thanks for the insight.

        • O_o

          Yes, it would be great if they were more consistent and meticulous. But the sad reality of K-dramas is that they are still filled with cringe-worthy non-Korean languages (especially English and Mandarin) that would take minimal efforts to improve on.

          I don’t know what traditional mythology KES is borrowing from. Yes, Koreans have heard of Granny Samshin and Grim Reaper, reincarnation, dokkabie etc. But the impression I get is she is just making things up as she is going along (using these basic ingredients) and in my opinion, not doing a very thorough or impressive job.

    • 15.6 Ren

      I know there are those who find reincarnated Sunny/Yeo not as compelling as their Goryeo counterparts, but I think the modern love line holds its own. It’s a lovely dynamic; the lonely immortal who’s nothing but secrets and doesn’t even have a name to offer and a woman who find his eccentricities endearing but yearns for him to open up.

      I found the simple bouquet of dandelions so sweet and the Grim Reaper’s line about wishing for a happy ending even though he knows better and expecting a tragedy absolutely killed me.

      • 15.6.1 kumoiwa

        In a way the modern Grims/Sunny love story is even more tragic than their Goryeo one, because theirs is destined to fail from the very beginning. He can’t give her the answers she’s looking for, and she can’t help but constantly wait for him–it’s another one of the gods’ awful machinations, isn’t it? Reincarnation is supposed to be a shot at another life, but as Eun-tak put it in a simple yet beautiful way, this may just be the stage where Yeo and Sun are watching that seed they planted their last lives grow. Reaping the harvest of that seed could be in the life after this, or the one after that, we don’t know.

        Maybe it’s just not time yet for them to be together, and failure now doesn’t mean it’ll be the same forever.

  16. 16 Ren

    Are we placing bets on Deok Hwa’s identity? I’m going with the angel option.

    • 16.1 kumoiwa

      I bet on the god of marriage option!

      • 16.1.1 Kiara

        A great counter to evil Park who broke up marriages and relationships. I think we are going to see his the real identity when he face off with evil Park.

        • Kiara

          oops *the*

          edit button I miss you!

    • 16.2 cherryarrow

      I think he’s wolha noin/月下老人/god of marriage whatevers.

      He’s definitely not human though!

    • 16.3 endo

      I’m still voting the Human Being option.Lol.

      • 16.3.1 Afii

        Putting my bet with you. He is just a human being..

    • 16.4 Blueribbon

      I just looked up Korean Mythology and I am going to guess he is Sang-je.

      “He’s the Heavenly Emperor, and therefore king of the gods. It’s through him, that many humans, as was many cases in the Korean pantheon, become gods”

      • 16.4.1 rambutan

        He’s an angel of the Almighty God, sent to earth as the guardian angel of Kim Shin.

      • 16.4.2 PersonaInnominatum

        This would make sense since Samshin Halmeoni is respectful towards him, considering she’s a deity herself.

    • 16.5 Kay

      I think both Deok Hwa and Sam Shin are guardian angels of Goblin and Eun Tak respectively. They can shape shift into whatever they choose (Deok Hwa into butterfly, Sam Shin in different human forms).

      This would explain why Deok Hwa appeared as a butterfly when warrior got turned into goblin, Sam Shin has always been around to protect Eun Tak (also feeding her). That’s why Sam Shin is so concerned with the Goblin not making Eun Tak pull out the sword.

      That, or Deok Hwa is the marriage diety Wol Ha lol

    • 16.6 RY

      I’m guessing the Jade Emperor!

    • 16.7 elric

      I was going with God (as in the god of all gods) but also kinda leaning to angel.

      • 16.7.1 PersonaInnominatum

        The Jade emperor maybe? Like in Arang & the Magistrate?

        • kanz

          I bet he’s the Jade Emperor too (the highest God) since Samshin Halmeoni speaks jondae to him.

          • Kiara

            He definitely has higher power than the rest.

    • 16.8 PersonaInnominatum

      Heard he might be Elder something lol (forgot, sorry) some sort of cupid.

    • 16.9 nchoe

      My guess: Deok-hwa is the supreme God aka the white butterfly.

      I bet all of my neighbor’s money on this… because I’m a coward and usually wrong.

    • 16.10 ywcnois

      Something that I really wouldn’t like if Deok-hwa is really not just a human being and actually knows much more than he shows, is that all of his cute and funny comments and reactions wouldn’t be that cute and funny anymore. If it was just an act to hide his real identity.

      • 16.10.1 Autumnlights

        Agreed. Since I never suspected him to be anything more than a human, if he actually is, wow then he really fooled me with his “cluelessness” (acting surprised etc) & the whole credit card pursuit seems like such a worldly desire for a deity, no?

      • 16.10.2 PersonaInnominatum

        True. I’ll have to rewatch his every scene from the start then to take note of his comments & reaction. Also, it’d be totally a diwner to think that this cutie patootie is the one who gave his uncle this punishment /reward.

  17. 17 yoadrian

    That evil eunuch keeps keepin’ it creepy.

    Goblin, Eun tak, Grim Reaper, and Sunny interaction has me convinced there is a greater plan at work, and I can’t wait to discover what it is.

    And Gong Yoo can just summon followers by just staring into camera, sure as hell the spell is working fine on me.

    • 17.1 mitch

      That last paragraph has me LOL! But oh so true 🙂

  18. 18 Katherine

    Eun Tak having to be saved again nearly had me rage quitting this drama.

    • 18.1 Irenah

      Me too. #Sigh

      That’s why now i’m writing more comments that i’ve made in the entire 2016 haha

    • 18.2 Jenny8

      Whenever Eun Tak comes on scene, I just want to say out loud: “oh! Please just GO AWAY already! “

      • 18.2.1 Liamony

        Pretty sure Goblin didnt mind in the least. He loves her and she’s just being playful because her time with him is numbered. Nothing wrong with her using the power as an excuse to see him. I feel like some people are taking these scenes too seriously and taking it all out on Eun Tak. I def wouldn’t know what to do if I were in their situation so cut her some slack.

        • khl

          @Liamony, I agree with you!

          “He loves her and she’s just being playful because her time with him is numbered.”

          I think those scenes which depict her summoning Shin over the street lamp, stranger, pretty dress just contrast how their relationship is progressing, from the you-die-or-I-die situation, to them wanting to see each other all the time. And it definitely heightened my anxiety when we realised EunTak putting herself in danger when confronting the female ghost’s killer-husband. I was like, I hope this is not the time that Shin “cannot make it in time”.

    • 18.3 Kiara

      Not her fault that she can’t control her fate. It was foretold that she would fall from a tall building. She can’t change that even if she tried.

      • 18.3.1 Kiara

        It gives goblin something to do as her guardian and to get out of the house?

        • Liamony

          Pretty sure Goblin didnt mind in the least. He loves her and she’s just being playful because her time with him is numbered. Nothing wrong with her using the power as an excuse to see him. I feel like some people are taking these scenes too seriously and taking it all out on Eun Tak. I def wouldn’t know what to do if I were in their situation so cut her some slack.

          • Kiara

            She was also helping a ghost friend free herself from her grudge so she can finally leave this world. Not only that husband of hers needed to pay for his crime.

  19. 19 clover

    I’ve read some really interesting theories about who Deok Hwa really is. And quite frankly I’m just glad he isn’t just some throw away character.

    All I know is once they reveal him as anything else then what he is, I’m going to have to rewatch the whole series again with new eyes.

    • 19.1 maiia

      even though we’re only in episode 11, I already rewatch from episode 1 twice.
      Thank you, screenwriter-nim

      • 19.1.1 PLAYSTORE

        I’ve quitted every other activity in order to re-watch the episodes. My life is all about goblin Now and I’m LOVING IT!

    • 19.2 mitch

      If the poster of this drama is anything to go by, Deok-Hwa is one of the five main characters of the show. Ergo, he must have a bigger role in the drama than what we have seen of him so far. Looking forward to that…

  20. 20 Star

    I read somewhere the theory about ET father, which could be the evil eunuch.. I was like…. hell yeah right ET father was never introduced to us!! I not quite sure about that theory. Maybe later he will be a new character…. ?

    • 20.1 PersonaInnominatum

      I thought the dude who knocked up her mom just left after?

    • 20.2 Dramalava

      It’s highly unlikely as the King’s adviser has been a Goryeo ghost this whole time. That theory is interesting though

    • 20.3 Kiara

      Eunuchs were castrated so they were not able to father a child :p.

      I don’t think Eun-tak has any connection to Goryeo.

  21. 21 Lessa

    Im not sure but I think in a previous episode when Hoobae Reaper was telling Grim Reaper he needs to file, it was mentioned that he has two missing souls. I thought that weird because Eun Tak’s mom was already dead so why does he still have two to file.

    But after that, nothing much was mentioned. Then BAM: Decaying Eunuch.

    • 21.1 nana

      but, the eunuch also died. How can he be the other missing soul?

      • 21.1.1 Kiara

        He is still roaming the world and avoiding the grim reapers.

        • khl

          I knew the answer to this puzzle would come up! But my question, just like @nana, is, WHY would Park Joong Won be classified as “missing soul”.

          When GR was explaining to hoobae reaper in Ep 2, he mentioned that missing souls occur on the “whim of the gods, which humans call miracles”. In EunTak’s case, it was because Shin stepped in and from a nameless foetus, she was given a human name. That was why she survived 9 years, and was saved by Samshin Halmoni (but then GR got to know her human name), and then 10 years later by Shin.

          When Shin saved the busload of passengers from dying in that traffic accident caused by the cyclist-thief, would those bus passengers have been also classified as “missing souls”? even though they have names and known identities? Or maybe, their death would just be ‘re-scheduled’?

          From what GR mentioned to hoobae reaper in ep 11, it was just strange that PJW was roaming about and was not afraid of Grim Reapers (when actually it is because PJW is not afraid of specifically HIM, cos PJW knows he was Wang Yeo). And that GR did not have “any information about him”, which sounds as though they had some iris-scanning or fingerprinting software to identify souls….

          • PersonaInnominatum

            That was my understanding as well, missing soul = person who cheated death. If that’s the case, wouldn’t all those lingering souls in EunTak’s kgang would be classified as missing souls as well? Or maybe PJW is an exception, since hes been lingering for so long with all these negative feelings and intent, he has a possibility of becoming a malevolent spirit? I think I’m starting to mix this up with other dramas lol

          • Kiara

            This is when it starts getting messy,vaguely,unclear (pick one) with the souls having four lifetimes and future reincarnations.
            I hate it when writers troll us like that.

  22. 22 sharreb

    ive been waiting forever for more Sunny and Reaper. Jaebal writer we need more…

  23. 23 ellepppao


    And OHMYGOD the eunuch had come back, scarily!! I got goosebump! By looking at the preview Im sure he’s gonna poison reaper a.k.a past king’s mind again!

    And what is the way for Goblin and Eun Tak to live togethet like a normal couple without havin to sacrifice each others’ life??? For sure there gotta be a way rite?

    Gosh how I wish everything will be revealed asap ㅠㅠ

  24. 24 clover

    ‘Snakey Eunuch’ isn’t the same guy as Grandpa Yoo’s Secretary, right? Or do they just look really similar?

    • 24.1 cherryarrow

      No, they’re 2 different people. Played by 2 different actors also.

      Eunuch Park never got reincarnated, so secretary can’t be the eunuch.

  25. 25 Stars4u

    The lost soul at the end reminded me of the souls that turn into gouls in Arang and Magistrate when the wander on earth for too long.

  26. 26 Carmen

    I am probably the only one who watches Goblin without coming up with theories or questions, just watching to enjoy myself 🙂

    • 26.1 endo

      Same here. I just try to enjoy the show. I speculate, but not too much.

    • 26.2 V


    • 26.3 PersonaInnominatum

      Coming up with theories is part of the fun lol

    • 26.4 Dramalava

      I mostly watch the same way. It’s the beanie comments that get my wheels turning. I mostly want to trust that the production team will tell us a good story and answer all our questions.

  27. 27 Gem

    I thought it was extremely careless of Eun Tak doing exact opposite of what Kim Shin asked her to do but it is in line with her character. She is still a whole lot immature but I hate the damsel in distress trope and overuse of it in the drama.
    I agree with the pacing. We have 5 more episodes to go yet our second couple have a lot of ground to cover. Cut the brooding and flashbacks and just let the story flow for once. I know there end will be tragic but still, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Inna mesh so well, let them act it out for us viewers.
    Also, I wish they had been a bit more creative with the revelation of what I assume is our main antagonist in the story. It felt shocking at the point and then I was like huh! Our big baddie came and he knows it all, already??

    • 27.1 PersonaInnominatum

      Same! Maybe the movie-like run time per episode would be enough to cover these grounds but I just hope the drama gets extended so we won’t get a rushed ending.

    • 27.2 Irenah

      This episode cliff hanger would’ve been more delicious if the writer puts in more tidbits of him in the prev 10 eps. Like how Kim Eun Sook puts in questionable hints of Deok Hwa identity. It makes us speculate and anxiously wait for the next episode.

    • 27.3 Dramalava

      I’m not surprised that our big baddie knows it all. Considering how shrewd he is. He has also been wandering around for almost as long as Kim Shin has been a goblin. I would imagine that he would be keeping tabs in Kim Shin since he’s the main source of his grudge. The ghost network also seems terrible at keeping things secret. I found it kind of scary that Eun Tak’s ghost “friends” were the ones to introduce her to the King’s adviser.

      • 27.3.1 khl

        @dramalava, “I found it kind of scary that Eun Tak’s ghost “friends” were the ones to introduce her to the King’s adviser.”

        Yes, I was wondering the same thing! The female ghost in the grey sweater was afraid of the other ghost’s HUMAN ex-husband who wanted to push EunTak off the building (but whom just rolled down the stairs THROUGH her). But not afraid of the scary looking Park Joong Won who, as a ghost roaming for a long time, has similar, if not higher ghastly powers?

      • 27.3.2 Jamie

        I think it’s a useful reminder that the ghosts are not really human any more, and not necessarily either good or bad: they’re quite ambiguous as characters. They’re “friends” to Eun Tak, but as they have died as humans yet continue to exist, they no longer necessarily have the same concern about human life we think they should. Maybe they have forgotten, or maybe they are wrapped up in their unfinished business to the point that other stuff/people don’t really matter to them, except as a way to finish their business.

        Exhibit A: How creepy the girl ghost in gray is sometimes. Exhibit B: Ghost wife unconcerned about Eun Tak’s safety in confronting murderer husband.

        Creepy minister ghost is definitely bad through and through, though.

  28. 28 bips99

    Sunny to me is the most boring character of the show … she is not eccentric enough nor does she have enough connection with other characters to make her interesting ….

    since the entire episode was essentially about her, parts of it were yawn inducing

    but the main characters salvaged the rest of the episode

    – the OTP. omg! they give me such warm ad fuzzy feeling. when i see them all i want them is to be happy because thier scenes always make me smile constantly .

    – the scene in which he is waiting for her, when she keeps summoning him (awwwww), when they hug each other

    – goblin going all brotherish on sunny and …… warning GR not to even think about dating his sister (lol)

    – the last scene sent chills down my spine

    – KGE is looking so so pretty …

    – Gong yoo is love. Every scene is elevated when he is there.

    • 28.1 endo

      Finally. I found somebody who finds Sunny’s character boring. Nothing extra-ordinary to her except her beauty. I feel background of modern Kim Sun lacking. She’s just the reincarnation of Queen/KS Sister. That’s it.

      • 28.1.1 bips99

        i think when they introduced her, they made it seem like she was this quirky, outworldly eccentric character. i expected her to be somewhat like…. luna lovegod. so maybe it was expectations vs reality ?

        • nuwoy

          Luna Lovegood!OMG….Now I need to find my Harry Potter cd!

        • osmanthus_tea

          I couldn’t really understand why people were so interested in Sunny and Reaper as a couple either. I don’t have a problem with the couple, just that I didn’t get the hype.

          I like Sunny at the beginning when she was super cool boss, but that quirkiness seemed to have faded… and ep 12’s change for her was really awkward.

    • 28.2 Celine

      I feel that Sunny has not been utilized well, but here’s to hoping she’ll get right into all the meat of the interactions. I’m glad we have gotten more scenes of her with Shin, Grim, and Euntak (although Deokhwa has been missing for a few episodes now). The dynamic of the four characters is something I wish Sunny to be involved in as well. With her being a reincarnation known to all now, I hope she gets to join the others more and be more active rather than stay in her usually empty shop.

    • 28.3 Gem

      Well, Yoo Inna barely got any screen time beyond on average 5 to 8/12 mins for the past 10 episodes and only in episode 11 the focus shifted on her. She is capable but underutilized here. Who knows maybe that’s a good thing and the final four episodes will be great for her story-line.

      • 28.3.1 bips99

        honestly i hope not. just 5 episodes left and i don’t want to spend more time with her than is strictly necessary. i rather spend it with the other four or even the red lady.

        • Gem

          Two of the other four are directly related to her via past ties, Red Granny and perhaps even Doek Hwa through their possible supernatural powers and one is her employee and like a good sister. I think considering all of that they’ve barely allowed for her story to develop in present beyond the dates and all. Even if we talk about tieing the loose ends forgetting all else, it’d require her character to have some developments. Not many episodes left….I really wish they speed up the whole story.

    • 28.4 Tehhalia

      Agreed! I wished they wrote more backstory about Sunny in her modern life.. It’s like as if she just sprung from nowhere and landed up on her own (no family, limited friends or Co workers).

    • 28.5 Kiara

      Kim So-hyun did a fantastic job playing the young queen and owning it. It’s always hard to see her grown up version/reincarnated version, especially when she is under-developed.
      Maybe they should spend less time with all the many flash back of the young queen and give the current Sunny more to work with.

      • 28.5.1 Freckles

        Sunny’s character is so under-utilized and under-developed. I enjoyed the young queen’s acting and the storyline is so much more interesting. When Sunny comes on, I get bored, and only want to see Lee Dong Wook!

    • 28.6 JISG

      YES!! Let’s get married because that’s how much I love your comment lol

      She is so goddamn boring I rather rewatch UEE’s “acting” in High Society. After the refreshingly acting of Kim Go Eun, I cannot stand most typical Korean actresses’ acting to be honest and Sunny is the definition of typical Korean actress acting. From her “angry” face to her confused face, she just looks so boring and typical and fake to me. Shes the weakest link.

      • 28.6.1 Gem

        Wow, that escalated from what was a mature discussion of perhaps contradicting point of view about a character to straightforward bashing of an actor who has proven her abilities in the past in a fast pace. Kim Go Eun, I have seen her films and dramas both and trust me, she is above these things so is Yoo Inna. BTW, this was never a comparison, there is no doubt KGE is a very talented actress and Yoo Inna so far is doing what best she can with the scarce material given her way. I don’t see why both can’t coexist in a drama without being bashed unnecessarily.

    • 28.7 Jen.

      I agree about Sunny. She started off mysterious- glowing and beautiful and eating but not tasting…I thought she was a bored god or spirit. And the whole interaction at first the GM and the ring and SSgranny.. was also mysterious and intriguing….but then she just became regular and boring. She is the most passive character now. I need to see her do something active.

  29. 29 Hoshisma

    Am I the only one that started BAWLING when Samshin Grandmother showed up? It was such a sweet moment and exactly what ET needed.

    • 29.1 JC

      No, you are most definitely not. But the cotton ball “flower” bouquet made me laugh through my tears.

      • 29.1.1 Tehhalia

        The bouquet was so cute! Loved it

      • 29.1.2 Kiara

        I think the cotton flowers is symbolic for luck, healing and protection (according to wikipedia), just like the buckwheat flowers symbolic for lovers.

        • khl

          Thanks for checking it up! I was just wondering why the bouquet was made of cotton….

        • PlumWine

          Thanks! I tried looking it up and wasn’t able to find anything. I knew she wouldn’t give her a bouquet that didn’t have some symbolism.

        • O_o

          I think Granny Samshin is really into making practical gifts (green onions etc). Who wants a bouquet of roses or carnations when you can have cotton balls to … erh … to utilize during your daily skin care routine or make T-shirts out of?

    • 29.2 azack

      Yeah.. I started crying coz it was what ET needs at that time, a person who loves her in place of her mother to come and praise her for doing great in school. For being a good girl. I’m so proud of her.

    • 29.3 agon

      I was definitely tearing up :’) I’m glad Eun-tak knows that she is treasured and has maternal love in her life.

    • 29.4 Kiara

      That was very touching. Samshin is truly the goddess of birth.

    • 29.5 PersonaInnominatum

      Not to mention, the way she called that hag of a teacher “child” (when she clearly looks younger than her lol) then reprimanded her.. it just makes me look back, and feel so bad. Here, you have a bright child doing the best she can despite the cards she’s dealt with, and you, just bring her down even more? It was a totally missed opportunity when you’re in a position to help & be a source of inspiration and comfort.. I’d totally gone soft if I met someone with ET’s circumstances.

      • 29.5.1 nomad


        And then when shamsin said, “Can’t you be nicer?” and the eyes in which she looks at that horrid teacher. Like a mirror, where the teacher can looks at the reflection of herself on Shamsin’s eyes. Yes, can’t you just be NICER? Why are you such an a**?

  30. 30 CS

    Am I the only one who is more interested in the Reaper’s love line with Sunny than our main characters? I feel an uncle/niece vibe from our main characters..don’t really feel the chemistry. Is it just me?

    • 30.1 endo

      I’m different. If there’s one thing i felt about the relationship between Sunny and Reaper. It’s just that i pity Grim/Wang Yeo because he just want to love. Yet the gods are messing it for him.

      With KS and ET. I really find their relationship cute. I love those cheesy moments. Lol. I never felt the age gap at all.

      • 30.1.1 CS

        I totally am not feel it, especially with her calling him “ajhussi” and him patting her head all the time. Even though they’re a couple, they don’t act like a couple. I don’t buy it. Give me something more! There’s No hand holding, no affection between them….maybe I have a higher expectation because of book-ju and joo-hyung from weightlifting fairy?

        • endo

          Don’t ever compare any Kdrama couple to Bok Joo and Joon Hyung. Their chemistry is epic. I’ve been watching Kdramas for over a decade and i’ve never seen anything like them. Lol.

          If you keep on doing this. You’ll be disappointed. Trust me.

        • PersonaInnominatum

          It’s just simply a cute term of endearment for this couple imo. That’s what she’s used to calling him from the start anyway; and honestly, I think it would give me goosebumps (in a bad way) if they call each other with really cheesy nicknames lol

          With regards to skinship, I think the pat on the head, just like forehead kisses is more meaningful me because it signifies what Shin’s been doing all along – protecting her. Love is more than just words imo. Furthermore, like the saying goes, sometimes, the anticipation of the kiss is better than the kiss itself; isn’t it the same with any form of skinship?

        • Serendipity

          Agree…Their relationship was more promising at the beginning but turned into something kinda boring like a father-daughter relationship.

      • 30.1.2 bips99


        high five.

        i love ks-et’s relationship. its not the sexual chemistry i usually love to see. instead its just this bone-deep-comfort i get when i see them. its like when the initial veneer has worn off a relationship, this is what i would want from love

        most dramas show the intial attraction and then they end. here its the opposite. they jumped straight into the later part of the relationship. with this couple i don’t have to wonder if they will ever fall out of love.

        she can be stupid, he can be petty but at the end of the day all they care about is – lets take a walk together. they just fit.

        • mitch

          @bips99 I just love, love, love how you described ks-et’s relationship! And I totally agree! They can be silly at times, yes, but those walks (and the show has been pretty consistent in giving us all those walks) seem to say that these ordinary moments can also show how much one cares. It might not be obvious but to me the underlying message seem to be that love protects, makes you feel safe & brings a smile to your face (flashback to all those walks where ks is at the back of et – i got you covered, and et is out front chattering & something she says amuses ks).

          • Dramalava

            Perhaps we should consider that Kim Shin is a man from a different time. Even though he has lived for 900+ years and is in the modern era, he is still a Goryeo man. If sageuks are anything to go by, displays of affection are mostly expressed through a meaningful stare, lighter touching and embracing. I’m also thinking that the romance feels a bit off because they kind of had a low key honeymoon stage. It feels like we went from the does he/does she angst to the old married couple stage lol

        • Lennie

          The same goes for me. KS and ET’s cuteness is totally different from BJ and JH. The latter shows the adolescent stage while the former i think shows a more matured love even though ET is basically an adolescent. But KS’s feelings for her clearly shows in his facial expressions. He is not used to demonstrating his feelings the way other people do. Even his affection for his sister was not clearly demonstrated through sweet words and actions. So what he’s going through with ET and his feelings for her, even though profound being she’s his first love, is not shown in cutesy moments. But i love their interactions. GY portrays his character perfectly. Awkwardly cute but loving and totally committed. I know a lot of people are not invested in the OTP but not for me. I love their moments together and i don’t mind they don’t have much skinship at all. The hugging and the following her wherever she goes is more than enough for me.

          • Liamony

            Yes I so agree! THIS and what some of the posters above said about KS and ET I completely agree with. I feel like a lot of people have complaints about our main OTP but they are missing so many subtle beautiful things about this couple that makes them so unique and different from other couples ive seen in Kdramas before (and comparing them to a couple from a completely different rom-com dialogue driven drama…Weight Lifting Fairy for instance… doesnt seem to make sense to me. They’re totally different.) Like other commenters have said Gong Yoo and Go Eun’s ability to show how truly in love their characters are through their wordless expressions and gentle touches is magical and exactly why im still heavily invested in this drama. Sure Reaper and Sunny’s past story is beautifully tragic too and their modern versions of themselves have notably cute moments but I feel like Eun Tak and Kim Shin’s moments are still the definite meat of the story and hold a lot more weight because of the journey their story has taken them through so far regardless if they have taken a back seat in recent episodes so that the Goryeo storyline can flesh out. It pains me that people are claiming Eun Tak is acting spoiled and childish and that our main couple has gotten boring because I totally dont see it that way. I feel like if anything she has a right to take advantage of the power shes given to see him because their moments are numbered and I think Kim Shin could care less about her approach wanting only to be near her and protect and love her at ang cost…I wait for those adorable quiet moments between them …like their walks as mitch and bips99 pointed out…and dramalava I think you may be right theyve moved on to a more comfortable post honeymoon stage but its comforting in a way too and still beautiful to see them just enjoying their time together 🙂

        • Ai

          I love both KS-ET and GR-Sunny relationships. I read a few comments saying ET scenes are no longer interesting, and at some point I do agree. This far, ET character is used as a bridge connecting other characters and as a deciding factor of the goblin’s end. But unlike what those comments implied, I see this as something odd. All other characters have some connection to Kim Shin’s background, and Eun Tak’s connection is being some old lady serving him food in a tavern? If that is true and that is it, then it means EunTak’s character doesn’t have as much significance as I thought she’s supposed to be. I’m not blaming the writer, but I really hope there’s more to it. Was she really chosen to be the goblin’s bride just because he saved her and her mom? Or was it some kind of a detailed plan created by the deity?

          • Khl

            Euntak was not the lady serving Shin in Joseon. The lady reincarnated to be EunTak’s form teacher. When she served him in Joseon, he saw the future teacher in the classroom at graduation. And he also saw EunTak then. That is why he could describe to his companion that “now I can see their future too”. And show that awkward demo of schoolgirla taking aegyo selfies.

            That aside, I think it was better for EunTak to not have any past life relation to Shin.

    • 30.2 Kiara

      I’m more interested in their past lives than their current love line or the lack of it. They just seems to break up when they didn’t even have a solid relationship in the first place. It’s like firing someone you never hired. It’s totally weird to me.

      • 30.2.1 Celine

        I get that feeling about Grim and Sunny too. The current love line is heavily hinged on their past story. As one beanie pointed out “Grim and Sunny are riding more on their history rather than present day chemistry”. Nonetheless, both characters are lovable and I do like their interactions. It’s just that their past lives have more chemistry and love story to think that Minjae and Sohyun scenes are few.

  31. 31 Cherry

    I think DH is an angel and not God. He is there to help the Goblin, Sunny, and Reaper finish their fate. It seems that Goblin’s life is coming to a full circle. Those he have knew/loved/lost when he was alive he is meeting again towards his end. Sort of like completing his unfinished business. That’s why he is meeting his sister and the King/reaper now and why the eurnchen is showing up.

    • 31.1 Dramalava

      I agree that this is the cycle where everything comes to completions and Doek Hwa is here to help the other characters but I still want him to be someone special.

  32. 32 Celine

    I did not see that one coming and as much as that final scene sent chills down my spine, it’s so good!

    I think most viewers were convinced that Park Joong Won is reincarnated then bam! he’s actually Grim’s other missing soul. I think most thought that the two missing souls of Grim were Mom and Euntak, but then Mom died already. Damn, I missed that little detail.

    I agree with GF about the pacing of Goblin. I do enjoy the moments, but I think we can still get a move on with the plot and subplots without sacrificing those moments. Nonetheless, developments are better than no developments at all.

    I do love how I find myself touched at certain scenes in this drama and most of them just come at me from nowhere. I was expecting to see Shin visit Euntak on her graduation day, but it turned out to be Samshin and I was teary. GF pointed out something interesting that I missed. Euntak may not have people around her rooting for her, but she has all these otherworldly beings cheering her on. Looking at it from that perspective, she’s blessed despite her hardships.

    • 32.1 Michykdrama

      Ooh I LOVED the reveal of Park Joong Won. Such a twist!! (I feel we are the minority being excited here though…!)

      I came in not expecting the Joeson period to have much links with the present day but I am more than pleasantly surprised. This I did not expect! And the world the writer has built is truly getting more exciting with each episode.

      Got to give it to them- they know how to hook you at the end of each episode! I want today’s episode NOW please!

      • 32.1.1 Celine

        I did not expect to see Shin in Joseon garb! hahaha! He was hilarious when he was copying people taking selcas.

        • Lennie

          LOL …… that totally cracked me up. He looked so cute imitating how to take selfies!

      • 32.1.2 Dramalava

        The Park Joong Won reveal is probably the best thing to happen to this drama at this point. It’s been feeling a little draggy lately and it seems like our evil scholar is what our characters need to get things moving. I’m mostly anticipating the next encounter between Grim and PJW. I’m so curious what he will make of the Goblin-Reaper friendship and whether he will try to manipulate Reaper as he did the King.

    • 32.2 PersonaInnominatum

      I think mom didn’t linger because she was already at peace knowing that her time was already extended. I initially thought she ran because reaper missed her yet again after he missed her at the hospital.

  33. 33 Myuu

    Park Joong Won isn’t a eunuch, he is a scholar, a teacher and a royal advisor. He wouldn’t have a beard if he is a eunuch.

  34. 34 mai-mai

    That last scene though creeps me out. I can’t even sleep last night.

    Eun Tak is not even careful going to that high place.

    I’m more excited for the upcoming episodes. I hone Eunuch Park will be severely punished by Shin.

    Arggg!!! The agony of waiting.

  35. 35 seungja-ya!

    I feel like Kim Minjae is drawing too much from Yeo Jingoo’s acting of Lee Hwon from Moon Embracing the Sun for his role in Goblin. If you compare Jingoo’s acting there and Minjae’s acting in Goblin.. he’s using exactly the same facial movements, expressions that Jingoo did as Lee Hwon. I know they look similar, but the nuance of his acting there felt way too familiar of young Lee Hwon. If I were Minjae, I’d try to break away from that image. It’s one thing to be thought they look similar, but if he’s also gonna imitate the acting down to a tee, that’s an entirely different thing. He should find his originality as an actor.

    • 35.1 PersonaInnominatum

      I kinda looks a little like him too! With that hair and all..

      • 35.1.1 PersonaInnominatum

        * he kinda looks like YJG too

  36. 36 Cute Tigero

    Hi, girlfriday thanks for the recap. I am curious about the death note. You mentioned in the recap that Eun Tak death note changed when she supposed to die by falling. What does it changed into ?

    • 36.1 fibdib

      i’m guessing the date?

      • 36.1.1 Khl

        I totally missed that detail too! I had to rewind and rewatch that scene.

        The date on the death card was changed very subtly. Look at the words in red at the bottom left, which specify the year, month (月) and day (日).

  37. 37 Growingbeautifully

    Thanks GF!

    I’m enjoying the show and it’s pace. For a change, I don’t feel the need to rush towards the end. The characters have been developed slowly and reached points in their relationships where now the revelations can take place with greater acceptance and understanding, and where decisions can be made upon a stronger base.

    Once again, doing something differently, Goblin (the show) incorporated (for the first time in my viewing experience) a proper explanation by the protector who’s in the know, to the one to be protected, of the consequences of destiny as the Gobin’s bride. When the right time presented itself, he did not shy away from the revelation but made it clear the terrible choices before them. It’s so refreshing and a relief.

    And it’s also so on pointe that Eun Tak then has the agency to make choices, that she tries to justify each with Shin and that we examine all the alternatives with her and understand exactly what is going on. I do like that we are not always left in doubt, to fill in the gaps ourselves. By the time we see Eun Tak going back to work as her usual upbeat self, it is with the understanding that, that ‘peace of mind’ was dearly earned.

    • 37.1 Khl

      I liked that part that he was coming clean to her about their intertwined destiny. That he has also matured in their relationship.

      Previously he was the “stronger”, the supernatural one with powers, the one to decide when and where to pull his sword and decide their future(s).

      In this ep, we see him telling EunTak that he was withholding info, but he has come to realise his folly and came clean with her, and allowed her the time and space to fluctuate between the two extreme decisions. He allowed her to work through and arrive at her own choice. Cos it was a choice of her death versus her lifelong guilt. It had to be made by her and they will both own the consequences.

      What I didnt quite understand was what Shin said at the end about him “being greater than you think I am”.

      • 37.1.1 Growingbeautifully

        Yes, I’m not too sure about what that means too. Sometimes the subs are not close enough to the actual dialogue.

        I just guessed that it meant he was more capable than he might appear, to continually be able to save her from death. But it might have other meanings as well.

  38. 38 pyromaniac

    wow.. the scene with Samshin Granny attending graduation had me crying when she went to see Eun Tak. I thought I could hold it in this episode and I was doing so well~~!

    So there has been discussion about Sunny character, and I do agree she does not seem to have much involvement or development. She pops up every now and again, but in these last episodes (yes almost finished!! sad face) we will need to see more of her.. cos I want to see GR happy!!

    Another character I am not sure of is the class president. Is there a purpose to this character? or is she just random?

    • 38.1 Gem

      Well she hasn’t been developed as a character properly. Its tge same like Jin-Goo & Kim Ji Won in DOTS. But the thing with DOTS was that we knew from the get go that these two loved each other and are on a forced separation. Here, two era with two different timelines and reincarnation storyline hasn’t truly allowed Sunny to be fleshed out beyond being an eccentric yet good natured boss to Eun Tak. She does seem to pop up now and then, doesn’t she. Also while focusing on fate/past connection, they overlooked the courtship of her by GR. It wasn’t the smartest choice writing wise. Considering the fillers we get in each episodes with the same flashbacks playing like a 100 times over, they didn’t properly utilize their run time.

    • 38.2 Emmy

      Sunny’s a flat character so far. She’s quirky and attracted to reaper, but that’s all we know about her at the moment. I’m not really invested in her story, but because reaper likes her, I want them to be happy.

      I think the class president is definitely going to play a role later on. So far this drama hasn’t had any “random” scenes that hasn’t served a purpose later on in the narrative.

      • 38.2.1 Ren

        I’m pretty amused by the fact that Sunny had cut a branch off the cherry blossom tree to take home.

        • Khl

          Oh, so that was it? The cherry blossom tree that Shin made flower in the middle of winter? I wondered why she asked if the tree was going to die soon.

          I initially thought it was some sacred stick that the shaman gave her as a talisman, since she might have suspected Grim Reaper’s identity already.

    • 38.3 nchoe

      I got bored with Reaper-Sunny angst. We’re still dealing with the same problem since episode 4: I like you but you have too many secrets, I like you but I’m not a human. Maybe, If the show tried to be more creative with their scenes, I could overlook this lack of development. But then again, It felt like I’ve watched Sunny waiting for Reaper’s call for a hundred times already.

      • 38.3.1 tia

        the same thing is happen from goblin and euntak too,
        like repetition of unfunny bickering, I hope this couple which more airtime can be creative too since it gets deadly repetitive and boring

        • Emmy

          Actually, I completely disagree, goblin and et’s relationship has progressed a lot, from him hiding information from her to the two of them now making decisions together.

          I kind of wish reaper and sunny had happy/dating moments BEFORE she found out that he’s a reaper. That would have brought so much conflict, with her falling in love, then finding out he is a reaper.

          • tia

            in my opinion, it’s too slow for the main couple who has the most screen time for having that moment in episode 11,
            goblin and euntak waste so much time than the reaper sunny give their screen time and the interaction happen.
            So goblin euntak has more filler episode that can be cut for a better story, especially when you can’t fans over them

    • 38.4 pyromaniac

      yay~~! off to watch next episode ^__^

      I think Sunny is already in love with GR.. she is just waiting for him to open up about who he is… so hopefully with this revelation of him being GR he will start open more and remember more of his past. I like it how GR said he would not wipe her memory again and is ‘willing to be found out’. His heart is looking to love again.

      To be honest, I do not think that there was a past courting between Kim Sun and Wang Yeo.. as all Wang Yeo saw of her was her practicing walking properly. Her only requirement seemed to be ‘was he handsome’. He ticks the box many times over, as I am sure everyone would agree with. But as she got to know him I believe she felt how lonely he was. No friends, and he only had the advisor to influence him. I think she was waiting for him to open up to her. I believe he wanted to but when you are young/adolescent you tend to be influenced more by those around you than being able to think freely.

      So I hope, now that GR has been honest in saying who he is, and has put everything on the line, we will her accept him more. TBH she just wanted to know more about him to get to know the person first. But I guess would one want a GR as their significant other? Maybe this is the key to regaining GRs memories so they can run away together. Note this happened with another GR when they found their past lover.

    • 38.5 Leenie

      Regarding the class president….remember in one of the earlier episodes, when Sunny was having her makeup done at a department store makeup counter and a random stranger told her how pretty her makeup looked? I could swear that person was the class president. Anyone else catch that?

  39. 39 shinmaryu

    Ghost, this eps gave me so much creep at the very last time! At least i think i should be glad for evil eunuch isnt reincarnate to be human again but still, the way he hang in the middle of after life for freaking 900 years is giving the hella creep out of me and i should admit, amaze me too. You’re right GF about them bringing the second missing souls a bit late and i even consider it as a little outcasted too, like it didnt really important because it never up until now. There arent many people talking about it, but it actually bother me from the very moment they informed that Reaper got two collected two missing souls. At first i thought it might be Sunny, because if at least Reaper got to collect Sunny’s soul, perhaps their romance will work out and somehow Reaper will got his memory back, like the story the Hoobae Reaper once told. But then it come in the way to my other speculation from the beginning that Sunny is the queen, so i just put it aside and forget that. Despite my scared, i hope eunuch could at least stay for a while and giving us much more issue to have for the following week because after every beans are spoiled, i dont think there’s enough for the rest of drama to bring till the last without being draggy.
    On the other side, i never am a fan of this theory, but from the preview, could Yeok Hwa really be something else than just a mere human? Oh writer-nim, i hope you could solve this confuse faster than goblin waiting for his bride to come

  40. 40 Celine

    Finally, no more secrets between Shin and Euntak. And thank goodness that Shin isn’t backing out on his resolve. I was worried for a second that he’d change his mind and go through another round of depression and indecision. It’s nice to see Euntak be the one to go through it without dragging. In the end, they both decided they’ll go through their sad fate and find a way (door) together.

    I may not be 100% invested in Shin and Euntak romance, but their scenes do touch me and I find them endearing and hilarious with their banters. Even with Grim and Sunny love line, I’m also not feeling it. However, I just love all the characters that any interaction among them is welcome in my book. I just want all of them to have a happy ending.

    This is Gong Yoo’s drama in such a long time and since his movies are all serious, I am just so happy to see his lovely smile (basically his comedic and swoony sides thanks to this drama). Gong Yoo’s smile when Euntak said she missed him and could not breathe.. ahh so bright and sweet. I wish for this drama not to end so soon because when will I get to see this man on the small screen again. I hope the success of Goblin will make him think of doing another drama. /fingers crossed

    • 40.1 PersonaInnominatum

      Me too!! I just shout on my screen whenever characters on dramas just won’t say the truth and conflicts arise because of misunderstanding. Which is why I was glad for Doctor Crush’s mature otp.

  41. 41 iris

    How come they showed an adult King Yeo in the preview of episode 11 yet it never came out?

    Honestly, the pace of this show is suppeerrr slow. I find that the writer likes to linger on romantic bickering (too much can be annoying) i.e. Secret Garden, DOTS..

    Gong Yoo’s acting for this ep somehow contradicts his mightiness.. too much moping for an old man with so much free time hahaha go do something awesome like in previous eps please!

    p/s : I adore GY. I hope ep 12 gets better

    • 41.1 Mhinee

      Me too
      I feel the pace is important, but the pace cannot be so slow
      I am crazy with this drama, but I am not really fall in love with this drama and the characters
      Too much delay for the real mission of goblin
      Sometimes KES need to learn from her past drama, her past drama was great, but in the most case, she shows slow storyline which make the audience get nauseated

  42. 42 Lala

    Im tired of all the people going on and on about Sunny and reaper needing more screen space. Sunny doesn’t do much besides dragging her words at the end of her dialogue, I have nothing against her, but the only interesting thing about her is her past with the reaper, and people go on about her apparent great chemistry with the grim. It’s frustrating, I really am invested in what happens next, especially when they aren’t meant to be together, since him being a Grim and her a human.

    And the eunuch, dude I freaked, running in the opposite direction!

    And can Goblin give me all those warm hugs, *sigh* GongYoo is so hot!

  43. 43 Lord Cobol

    I thought Sunny seemed a lot smarter and more logical this time than in prior episodes — even before she knocked reaper’s hat off. She totally saw him when she came in, saw him disappear, kept her cool, and figured out the hat was how he did it.

    He’s just lucky she had a cherry branch handy instead of a baseball bat.

    • 43.1 Gem

      I thought she saw his reflection on the glass. Even though, the hat makes him disappear, the focused on his reflection on the glass. My guess, she came in, saw his reflection, took a chance with the flower branch. It was a nice touch with the petals flying around and all.

      • 43.1.1 Dramalava

        I think you are onto something with the reflection. I was surprised that he had a reflection when he was supposed to be invisible!

  44. 44 So Young

    The introduction of Park Jung Won’s ghost was so creepily awesome! The creaking sounds he made as he moved sent chills down my spine and his appearance is guarantee to give any one nightmares…I watch this drama with my two young nephews and the first thing out of the youngest mouth when we got to the end was “That’s IT! I’m sleeping with you tonight. That way if the ghost comes into my dreams tonight I can send him to yours” That’s so sweet of my nephew isn’t it.

  45. 45 PersonaInnominatum

    OMG!!!! The Park Joong Won’s introduction was a surprise! It didn’t have this slow build up like with other Goryeo chatacters. So I guess the theory with grandpa’s secretary being evil eunuch is moot. There’s another theory in the comments above though about him being General Shin’s second in command. Anyway, I’m gldad to know that Shin and EunTak’s past life already crossed paths before. It’s so funny how she’s almost always in the background; just like when younger ET’s view of younger Tae Hee oppa is blocked by our dokkaebi lol!

    Oh! And was it mention in previous episodes to Deok Hwa about reapers seeing past lives when they touch you? I’m totally in the boat of him being a deity, but the there might have been an out for the writer.

    Now off to watch episode 11! Thanks GF for the recap! Even with the recap, evil eunuch’s black tongue creeps me out!

    • 45.1 DINS

      yappp, Deokhwa knew about grim reaper’s ability in police station when he brought tofu for him.

      • 45.1.1 PersonaInnominatum

        Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that. He also knew the girl in the portrait is Shin’s sister, but I don’t know how he would know of Sunny’s connection to her or about her being the reincarnation of the queen.

      • 45.1.2 endo

        After all this Deok Hwa the God theory came out. People seemed to be forgetting all his past scenes.

        1. They assumed he’s a God because he can read Hanja and understand Shin’s diary. When in fact he told ET that because he’s 3rd generation chaebol. He was forced to memorized 1000+ hanja characters.

        2. Yes, he was there when Shin told Reaper about his sister.

        3. I remember that Police station episode when he confirmed that GR can see people’s past by touching.

        4. I think he found ET at Ski Resort with several possibilities.

        A. Granny helped him. Obviously they drank previous night so he may an idea who is she.
        B. He used his Chaebol abilities (aka Connections). He found ET the moment she used her phone.

        If there’s one thing i’m confused. How come he knows that GR can erase memories? Or maybe KS told him about it.

        • PersonaInnominatum

          @endo: where/ what was the scene that he knows GR can erase memories? I haven’t seen ep 11 yet..

          • Dramalava

            When they were doing damage control after Kim Shin destroyed all those cars. He was handing out money as Reaper modified memories

          • PersonaInnominatum

            @Dramalava thanks! Looks like I’ll have to binge watch again when this is done lol. Omg! Just 2 weeks left:(

  46. 46 nchoe

    Eun-tak sure was really stupid for going to that high place despite Shin’s specific warning.

    But then again, if I had Goblin as my boyfriend, I’d feel sooooo safe, enough to make me forget that my life has turned into Final Destination right now.

    • 46.1 Dramalava

      I think it more of the latter than stupidity. She really does trust that Kim Shin will save her. I really don’t think her speech about going on with life normally were empty words.

  47. 47 Sunflower

    This show is pretty to look at but quite lacking in substance. The episodes are just overly long with too little happening.

    Don’t feel anything about Eun Tak and Goblin’s fate at all. Don’t feel like they have a love that’s worth all the angst about pulling out the sword. I would have thought Goblin would sacrifice himself so that could Eun Tak could live after all she’s just 19/20 ans hasn’t really lived yet, and he has 900 plus years. I suppose this may still happen, but it just seems like the nobler and more romantic choice. In any case this story will more than likely have a happily ever after anyway.

    The Reaper story line could have been a kdrama on its own because it is quite compelling on its own.

    I agree that the revelations fall flat because most people had already figured out that Sunny and Reaper were the King and Queen from the first few episodes.

    • 47.1 Mag

      I agree with what you said about the reaper story line…if written well..it has enough substance to make a good drama because right now it is so compelling that it is already overshadowing the goblin’s story. Goblin and euntak don’t seem to be moving further from where they were some episodes ago. In fact if not for the GR and sunny story line, I think the drama would have been the slowest drama ever because we will spend days watching the childish goblin and his immature bride bicker continuously. Lol.

    • 47.2 Kiara

      Believe me, I do not think anyone is watching the show for substance because it’s pretty much lacking in that department.
      It’s pretty, fun and I love some of the actors.

  48. 48 panshel

    I started crying when all the parents, but Eun Tak’s, rushed in to congratulate and hug their kids. Then cried harder when Samshin Halmoni hugged her and said she did well. Samshin Halmoni’s words to Teach hit me hard. I like the class president; her proactive friendship with Eun Tak seems genuine.

    Sunny impressed me today. Did her shaman inform her cherry tree branches were effective against reapers? Reaper resignedly initiating their break up broke my heart. I hope Sunny can accept who he is ’cause in their world, grim reaper just seems like any other job anyway. Hoobae Reaper ought to tell Reaper that Sunny lives below him.

    Eun Tak is so reckless. As soon as they had their drawn-out death conversation, too. I had expected her lighter to run out right when she needed Shin. Although, “I missed you so much I couldn’t breathe, so my life was in danger” was very sweet.

    Thanks a bunch for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 48.1 PersonaInnominatum

      Didn’t the class president defended her from the billies as well before?

      • 48.1.1 avidkdramaer

        Yup, she did

  49. 49 Millionstars

    Thanks for the recap GF :).
    Couldn’t agree more with the comment about the pacing of the drama. We only have 5 episodes lefts but there’s so many things that i want this drama to address. And the only way I know we’ll get an answer to everything is either if the pace increases or if they get an extension of an episode or 2…sigh I love this drama and I want it to be perfect but I just can’t get over the fact how it’s slow at times.
    Other than that though, I loved this episode.
    That creepy face is still around, mygosh can’t wait to see how today’s episode unfolds.
    And again we didn’t get enough of deokhwa… though according to the preview it seems he finally gets more screen time and revelations of what he really is.
    And I’m sooooooo happy that gong yoo got a hair cut. Like idk if people noticed but that one inch makes so much difference. He looked awesome before too but I just love GY(any guy tbh lol) better with shorter, cleaner hair.

  50. 50 Kellar

    The guy is NOT a eunuch. I dunno what kind of Chinese we have running this place but no matter who posts the recaps, it’s “eunuch” this and “eunuch” that.

    The guy is simply an official… you know? A guy who has passed the civil exam. Eunuchs were dominant throughout Chinese dynasties but Koreans are not handing their princes to be raised by eunuchs. And rarely did eunuchs wield power a la China.

    For one thing he is wearing a minister’s robes, not a eunuchs, and he has facial hair. Why do you ppl keep thinking he’s a eunuch. Like what is your RATIONALE?

    • 50.1 PersonaInnominatum

      Maybe it’s just easier and shorter to type? lol to be honest I initially mistook him for an eunuch because of his robe (green, his head dress isn’t an eunuch’s though) until last week when Shin told his past to reaper, and he didn’t use the term eunuch.

    • 50.2 Kiara

      I think it was a mistranslation and everyone just went along with it. JB referred to him as an adviser in one of her recaps which makes more sense.

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