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The Lonely Shining Goblin: Episode 13
by | January 13, 2017 | 725 Comments

So many big things are happening in this show lately that part of me is excited (finally, big plot movement!) and part of me is scared for what’ll be left for the final three episodes (flashbacks and musical interludes?). But let’s focus on what we do get, because it’s pretty momentous stuff, and we gotta get a move on if we’re going to fix a bromance that’s been broken for a millennium!

Note: The Lonely Shining Goblin will only be airing one episode this week, and plans to air Episode 14 next Friday, and the final two episodes in a double header next Saturday.


After learning that Reaper is the reincarnation of the young king who betrayed him, Shin walks up the steps of the temple with purpose and greets him with a stranglehold. “General Kim Shin is here to see the king,” he announces. The coldness in his voice sends a chill up my spine.

Shin wonders if he was blinded by the 900 years that passed, and calls Reaper by name: “You are Wang Yeo.” That brings tears to Reaper’s eyes, and he asks, trembling, “In the end am I… that man… am I Wang Yeo? That young and foolish face is mine?”

Shin says that the battlefield was always hell, but they returned, enemies vanquished. He cries, “My soldiers, my young sister, my innocent family—they were slashed with swords and shot with arrows before me. On command! Because of one word spit out by a young and foolish king!”

Reaper breaks down in tears, asking again if that was really him, so heartbroken that it shakes Shin’s resolve. Shin begins to squeeze his hand around Reaper’s throat, but at the last second he wavers and drops his hand. He says that he remembers every minute of that moment every day of his life, then scoffs that Reaper must be living comfortably with no memory of it.

Thinking of that sneering young king saying that heaven would never be on Shin’s side, Shin throws back at Reaper, “Even though 900 years have passed, heaven is still on your side.” He walks off, leaving Reaper devastated. Reaper returns to the temple to ask at the altar what he did, why his memories have been wiped, and what choice he made. He wonders just how cowardly he was.

Eun-tak searches the empty house and paces back and forth in worry, and jumps to greet Shin when he finally returns. He tells her that he met Park Joong-heon and Wang Yeo, and tells her to go pack a bag because they’re staying at Grandpa’s house.

Shin wonders why she isn’t asking him anything, and realizes that she must’ve known who Reaper was. She admits that Park Joong-heon told her as much, but she didn’t know his motives, and determined that if it was a fate Shin was meant to face, he would.

Deok-hwa is confused when the goblin couple arrives at his house with bags. Eun-tak says that she’ll go stay with Sunny to keep an eye on her, volunteering Deok-hwa to drive her there.

Deok-hwa asks if Shin and Reaper had a fight, and why Shin was the one to leave his own house. Eun-tak guesses that he’s being considerate, given that Reaper doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Aw.

Sunny shows up at Shin and Reaper’s house, though no one is there to answer the door. She thinks of Shin saying angrily that she was protecting that fool even in this life. Does she remember Reaper despite his attempt to wipe her memory?

By the time Reaper arrives, she’s gone, and he stands outside on the front stoop for a long time, unable to go inside. When he finally does, he finds the house cold and empty.

Sunny seems to remember everything about Reaper and how she recovered the memory of her past life (when Eun-tak asks how, she answers, “sexily”), and Sunny says that this must be her fourth life, because she met her brother and her lover in this lifetime.

Eun-tak hopes that this is her first lifetime, because she’d like to be with Shin in her second, third, and fourth lives too. Sunny counters that Eun-tak might feel differently had she seen her stubborn oraboni in Goryeo, wondering with a sigh why he came back from war knowing he’d die.

Up on the rooftop of Sunny’s building, Hoobae Reaper argues with landlady Samshin Granny over the utility bill, thinking it unfair. She agrees that fate is really unfair, talking to him but thinking of Sunny and Reaper. She wonders if they’ll have to pay the steep price of fate, then tells Hoobae to pay up in cash.

Shin drinks and drinks and drinks, thinking of the young king sending him to his death and banishing him from his homeland, and Reaper telling him sincerely that he doesn’t want for Shin to die.

The next day, Hoobae Reaper tells Reaper that someone may have run into his missing person, and we see that female reaper meet Park Joong-heon again, after she’d touched Sunny’s hand.

She denies seeing herself in Sunny’s past, but Park Joong-heon reminds her of the poisoned tonics she presented to the queen with her own hands, and says that his sins are her sins. He promises to keep her secret, if she keeps his.

Park Joong-heon watches Sunny like a creeper while she works, and now that he’s made sure she is the queen, he declares that she’ll have to die by his hands in this lifetime too. But just as he says it, Reaper appears before him and lifts his hat just high enough to glare at him. Aw, yeah.

Reaper still doesn’t know who he is, only recognizing the soul as the missing person who’d escaped from him twenty years ago. Reaper calls him a demon feeding off of human darkness to survive, and Park Joong-heon argues that he only helped along the dark ambition that was already inside of people.

We see that he was actually the demon whispering into people’s ears every time Eun-tak was in danger: when Eun-tak’s mother was hit by the car, when that bicyclist nearly caused the bus crash, when that murderer ex-husband was about to shove Eun-tak off the building.

Reaper strangles him and demands his name, but Park Joong-heon just poofs over to the other side of the room and says knowing his name won’t do anything when Reaper doesn’t even know his own. He offers, “Shall I tell you? As always, you’re holding something lowly.”

They both turn to look at Sunny, who can’t see either of them. Park Joong-heon says that even in this life, Reaper will hold tightly because it’s precious to him, and she’ll die. With that, he vanishes and appears in the street below, possessing and sucking the souls out of people and making them collapse.

Even after that, Reaper can’t seem to put the pieces together and just wonders if that demon knows him. You think?

Shin sighs dejectedly as he thinks of all the times he and Reaper cooked their meals together, all the beers they shared, and all the times they laughed together.

Reaper calls Deok-hwa in that moment, and Shin answers the call, though he doesn’t say a word. Reaper begins to speak, but then realizes what the silence must mean, and the screen splits to show both goblin and reaper sitting alone, not speaking but not hanging up. Oh, you two.

Eun-tak comes out of class to find Reaper waiting for her, and at his request she draws a picture of the goblin’s sword, given to him by the king. Reaper guesses by her lack of questions that she’s on Shin’s side, and he asks if she’ll take his side, just once.

He hands her the jade ring and asks her to return it to Sunny, since he doesn’t think it’s good for him to have that excuse to see her. He assumes that Sunny won’t remember him at all, and Eun-tak doesn’t say otherwise, but thinks to herself that Sunny seems to remember him just fine.

At the chicken shop, Eun-tak asks if Sunny is still waiting for her king, and Sunny sighs that she can’t anymore when the person who loves the king is a traitor’s sister. She says it’s confusing to have Sun’s memories blurring with her own, and she wonders if Wang Yeo was sad when she died, because all she saw was his back as he walked away.

Sunny muses, “He told me only to keep happy memories, but even that must’ve made me happy, for me to remember it all.” Eun-tak decides against giving her the ring and tucks it into her pocket. She reaches over tentatively and holds Sunny’s hand, making her smile.

Sunny goes to see Shin and asks him to let go of what’s past, but he points out that what is a past lifetime for her is his current life. He says, much like he did back in Goryeo, that he has nowhere else to go but forward.

Sunny says her answer is the same now as it was then, and she tells him to go if he must. He makes it clear that if he goes forth this time, it is not to forgive Yeo. The answer pains her, but she says she’ll be okay, and promises to truly become happy in this lifetime.

Reaper sits in his room staring at the sketch of the goblin’s sword, thinking about how Shin has lived 900 years with it stuck in his heart. All of a sudden, the sounds of wind chimes rattling puts Reaper on high alert, and he vanishes out of his room in a flash.

He reappears in his tea room, where the chimes are ringing, and finds two men in black sitting at the table, who introduce themselves as the Reaper Division Investigation Team. Ruh-roh.

They’re here to investigate reaper misconduct, for outing his identity as a reaper to a human and using his powers for personal gain. Reaper only realizes now how many times he’s abused his memory-wiping ability and other powers, and readily admits to his sins.

He says he’ll accept whatever punishment he’s due, but the investigators tell him that grim reapers are human beings who committed grave sins, who endure 200 years of hell and then choose to erase their own memories. But as his punishment for breaking the rules, they tell Reaper that he will have to face his sins once again.

Instantly, Reaper is struck with a sharp pain, and he clutches his head in anguish. His memories come flooding back, and we flash back to Goryeo, just after Shin and Sun have been killed.

Park Joong-heon reports of nothing but praise for the king among his people, but Wang Yeo overturns his dinner table in a rage, and this becomes his habit day after day, year after year.

He remains just as angry as he becomes an adult, and then one day, Park Joong-heon orders tonic instead of a dinner table, and the court lady’s eyes widen. Despite likely knowing what is in the tonic, the king drinks it without hesitation.

He spends his days drawing portraits of his dead queen like an obsessed maniac, drinking more and more tonic until he completes that final portrait that Shin has in his possession.

A court lady brings him Sun’s bloody clothes and the jade ring he forced on her finger the day she died, and he crumples into a sobbing mess. He wanders the streets like a madman, calling out for anyone who wants to wear this beautiful robe and this ring.

The one who answers is Samshin Granny. She asks him for the jade ring and says with a smile that she’ll have a use for it someday in the future, so he blankly tosses it to the ground at her feet. When no one claims the queen’s robes, he tosses them into a fire.

At the palace, the court lady brings him another bowl of tonic, and the king says, “My people, my lieges, my woman, even me—no one loved me. In the end I could not be loved.”

He orders for more tonic to be brought, because he knows what’s inside and wants to end it all at once. The court lady falters, so he tells her that it’s a command.

In the present, Reaper gasps as he recovers his memories, and the investigator tells him that the biggest sin is to take your own life, and says that he will now remember his sins and the hell he lived through to pay for them. Reaper is taken off duty for the time being, until further notice. But! What about Eun-tak’s death notes?

They leave him alone, and Reaper breaks down crying, “I was Wang Yeo. I killed them all! I killed myself.”

Shin sits at the temple, asking the souls of those who died what he ought to do about Wang Yeo.

When he returns home, Shin flares up in anger to find Reaper standing in his room, gazing at the portrait of Sun. He snatches it out of Reaper’s hands and tells him not to lay his hands on it again, because he doesn’t have the right to cry in front of this painting.

But Reaper stops him in his tracks when he says that he gave Shin that sword, and that he killed everyone: “I was Wang Yeo.” Shin slams him into the wall and says that he did kill everyone: “You killed, and killed, and even killed yourself. Your woman, your loyal subjects, your Goryeo, even yourself—you could not protect a single one of them!”

Shin seethes as he says that he should’ve lived to the end, when Sun gave her life to protect his. Shin says that Sun knew her name would be the next out of Park Joong-heon’s mouth, and so rather than see her king give up everything because of her, she chose to die as the sister of a traitor first, to protect him.

Reaper spills more tears, confronted with the truth. He cries that he put that ring on her finger so callously, and that it was passed between them in this lifetime too. “Please kill me,” he begs.

Shin lets out an incredulous laugh as a tear trickles down his face. “You’re throwing yourself away this time too? I think it’s enough for you to carry the sin for killing you,” Shin says.

Eun-tak gives Sunny the ring and apologizes for holding back a few days, because she didn’t know if passing it on was the right thing to do. Sunny picks it up and muses that the shaman was right after all, that one person’s regret, sin, and longing all belong to her.

She figures that she’s tied to Reaper because of her past life, but she asks why Eun-tak is connected to her brother. Eun-tak just calls it fate, and Sunny asks if she has any strange powers too. “I can make it rain a little less, and I can make the first snow come a little early,” Eun-tak says.

Sunny asks why her brother ended up a goblin, and Eun-tak says it’s because the world needs strange and beautiful miracles. Sunny guesses that Reaper became a reaper because all people die, and Eun-tak doesn’t really know what to tell her, so she says that it’s because there is death that life shines.

Eun-tak’s blood suddenly runs cold at the sight of Park Joong-heon in the window, and he zaps himself inside and greets Sun as the lowly warrior’s sister and lowly queen. Seeing what he’s after, Eun-tak jumps in front of Sunny protectively, and Park Joong-heon tells her that it’s not her time… yet.

Eun-tak tells Sunny to grab the lighter in her coat, while Sunny just looks around the empty restaurant wondering what she’s seeing. Park Joong-heon grinds out, “Yeo was no different than a son to me, but that bitch ruined everything. I’m going to kill her!”

Eun-tak shouts for Sunny to hurry, but Park Joong-heon suddenly appears right in front of her face, and Eun-tak instinctively covers Sunny and braces for impact. The goblin’s mark on her neck glows green and Park Joong-heon is repelled and vanishes, as Eun-tak falls to the floor unconscious. Wait, does that not call Shin to come to her rescue?

Later Sunny helps Eun-tak home and asks what all that was, when she said she was a person. She quotes the lyrics of “Some” and asks if she’s a “person like a person, but not a person,” and Eun-tak laughs it off.

Eun-tak lights a match to summon Shin, and when he appears, she runs into his arms and they say they missed each other. He says he’ll come to get her soon, and then notices that the mark on her neck has faded so much he can hardly see it anymore. He thinks that means he’s put her in harm’s way too many times, and that now it’ll be hard for him to know when she’s in danger and needs him. Great.

He can tell something happened and asks if she ran into Park Joong-heon again, and Eun-tak says she did, but Sunny was the one he was after. Shin tells her not to worry about that: “Someone else will protect her.” I don’t even think he means himself.

Shin promises to come get her soon, and he thinks back to god-Deok-hwa’s cryptic message that he simply asked the questions, and they needed to find the answers. Shin says now that the question has been asked, and he and Reaper need to come up with the answer.

Reaper fills out the official report on missing soul Park Joong-heon, and asks Hoobae Reaper to process it for him. He warns Hoobae to be careful, because Park Joong-heon has been feeding off of people for 900 years, and can’t be handled like any other soul.

Hoobae also hands over Eun-tak’s death note that was sent to him, now that Reaper is on probation. Reaper stops him from opening it and says that Hoobae never saw it, to make sure he isn’t liable. Her next death date is a week away.

Eun-tak looks in the mirror and sees that her mark has faded, wondering what Park Joong-heon meant when he said it wasn’t her time yet.

Shin finds Reaper and they exchange terse words: Reaper warns him that Eun-tak is due to die, and Shin guesses that it has to do with Park Joong-heon. He in turn warns Reaper that Park Joong-heon is after his sister, and says, “Protect her. Just once, protect my sister, the way she protected you.”

Reaper asks why he came forward that day in Goryeo, when he knew it would be his grave. Shin says he simply wanted to tell him something, and that it was only on the day Yeo was sure that Shin would die that he showed his face.

Reaper asks what he wanted to say, and Shin recounts the last words that his brother, the late king, had said on this deathbed as he made Shin promise to protect Yeo—that he’d looked after Yeo by not looking after him.

On that day, he says he marched up to the palace to say, “By your half-brother the late king, by my sister whom you loved, by me who protected your Goryeo… you were loved.” Reaper is floored.

Shin says he was going to lay down his sword and ask that Yeo kill Park Joong-heon; he just didn’t know that sword would end up in his own chest.

Suddenly Shin is struck with a sharp pain in his heart, and he thinks back to Park Joong-heon taunting him that he couldn’t be killed so easily with a sword made from water. Shin realizes now, “I’ve come this far, and yet in the end I must take up this sword.” Lightning and thunder strike overhead. Well that’s ominous.

Reaper looks concerned and asks if the sword is hurting him again, and Shin says that this was the sword’s purpose all this time—to slay Park Joong-heon. But… to do that it would have to come out of you first… noooooo.

Sunny cries at the memory of meeting Reaper for the first time, and she tells herself to pull it together and stop the tears. It’s because she knows Reaper is waiting outside to follow her wherever she goes, and she pretends not to notice, despite how conspicuous he is.

He follows her everywhere like a shadow all day, until they reach the bridge where they first met and Sunny asks if he’s her stalker, because he’s been following her for days. He swears that it’s not the case, but she says it was nice to feel like they were on a date, and calls him Kim Woo-bin.

Reaper’s jaw drops and he asks how Sunny remembers him, and she says it’s his fault for doing his mind-control the wrong way, because he told her to forget all unhappy memories in this or any lifetime. He’d naturally assumed that would erase him, but she says all moments with him—difficult and sad ones included—were happy for her.

Sunny asks if her dying to save him led to a happy ending for him, and Reaper begins to cry. She muses that if he looks this young, he must not have lived very long, and he says, “Every day was bitter longing.” She chides him for his actions then, and he says, “Because I was foolish.”

Tears pool in Sunny’s eyes and she wipes his tears away sweetly, saying, “You could’ve realized that a little sooner.” She can’t believe she fell for him again in this lifetime, and wonders if it’s because he’s handsome.

But then she slides the ring off and gives it back to him, asking to break up for real this time. She begins to cry as she says, “I’m not going to fall for you in this lifetime. This is the only punishment I can give you.” She adds in her funny mix of English and formal address, “Goodbye king,” and walks away, leaving him in tears.

The little boy who lives near the chicken shop gets bullied by the older kids again, and Eun-tak yells at them when she sees him getting pushed around. The little boy threatens to use his wind-blast superpower on them and the older kids laugh, but when he stretches his hands out, a gust of wind suddenly blows.

Eun-tak looks over her shoulder and smiles to see Shin there, and gives him a proud thumbs-up. I love it when he uses his goblin powers for stuff like this. She tells the little boy to be careful not to use his superpower on people because it’s dangerous, and the boy runs off happily.

Shin suddenly says they should go on a trip, and Eun-tak is giddy at the idea, thinking that he seems happy. That’s exactly why you should be worried! Have you never seen a drama? We’re right at the entrance to Noble Idiocy Highway!

They pack up and head to a guesthouse, where Shin grills up meat and Eun-tak takes pictures of him. They read back to back for a while, and she makes him fall into her lap, caressing his face sweetly.

As they sit outside, Shin says he has a present for her, and Eun-tak puckers up her lips and closes her eyes, which he thinks is the cutest thing. The present is two copies of the contract she made him sign before trying to pull out the sword, and he says they’ll each take one.

She doesn’t like that he’s taking the original and giving her the copy, so she jumps him and tries to attack him with kisses until he gives it up, and they laugh and squeal as he plays keep-away.

But later when he’s alone, he’s awash in tears as he reads over the contract, with his promise to be summoned at the first snow of each year. He remembers how before, he told Eun-tak that there was no such thing as forever love or forever sadness, only to end up wanting to live because of her.

He breaks down in heaving sobs, and then one by one, he visits people and remains at a distance, saying quiet goodbyes. I knew it! Grar. He watches Deok-hwa misbehaving at work and says that he’ll miss him a lot. He watches Sunny smiling at customers and thinks that she looks comfortable and healthy, and that is enough for him.

He goes to see Eun-tak at school, and she runs to him as brightly as ever, making him smile. He says he missed her, and has a favor to ask regarding Park Joong-heon.

She admits that she’s been curious why Park Joong-heon appeared now of all times, after 900 years. He asks her to be brave for just a little while to help him figure that out and deal with Park Joong-heon, and takes her to the roof of a skyscraper.

He reminds her that he’ll call her, which is when she’s supposed to summon him. She takes out her trusty lighter and says it’ll be a piece of cake.

He turns to go, then suddenly whirls back around and launches at her with a kiss. The intensity of it makes her suddenly worried, but he just caresses her face and looks into her eyes one last time before teleporting away, leaving her feeling unsettled.

Shin goes to face off with Park Joong-heon, who isn’t afraid of the goblin’s water sword. Shin expects as much and lets Park Joong-heon poof away.

Eun-tak takes out the children’s book about goblins where she tucked away her dried buckwheat flowers from Shin, but when she opens it, the flowers blow into the wind like dust and scatter. Foreshadowing, check.

Park Joong-heon appears before her, but this time, Eun-tak can’t see him at all. He smiles devilishly, and at the same time, Reaper senses Eun-tak’s death note changing. She’s now set to die tonight of a heart attack, in twenty minutes.

It dawns on Eun-tak that Park Joong-heon’s timing might have to do with her—that he was waiting until her mark faded, so that he could use her to pull out the goblin’s sword. What she doesn’t realize is that he’s creeping up on her as she says this…

Shin calls and tells her to summon him now, but as she fumbles with the lighter, Park Joong-heon strangles her and leans her precariously over the ledge. She finally manages to get a flame going and blows it out just in time, and Shin knocks Park Joong-heon back.

Shin stands in front of Eun-tak, his sword at the ready, when suddenly Eun-tak grabs his sword with her bare hands and tries to stab herself with it. Shin makes it disappear into thin air, horrified.

Eun-tak says she knows why Park Joong-heon waited until now, and pleads with Shin to kill her. “If he enters my body, it’s over! He’s going to use my hands to pull out your sword!” She cries that she was already fated to die before he came along, and screams at him to kill her now.

But in that moment, Park Joong-heon possesses her body and says she was right, but Shin is always too busy looking back to notice. He says, speaking through Eun-tak now, “So you will die at my hands.” Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.

That’s exactly what Shin seems to be waiting for though, and he doesn’t move at all as Park Joong-heon closes Eun-tak’s hands around the sword lodged in his heart.

In that moment, Reaper appears and shouts in a commanding voice that the dead will answer to the grim reaper, and calls out three times, “Park Joong-heon! Park Joong-heon! Park Joong-heon!” On the third cry he’s forced out of Eun-tak’s body, and she goes limp in Shin’s arms.

Shin lays her down carefully, but then… he takes her hands in his and pulls out his sword anyway. Agh!

The blade goes from blue to red as he yanks it out with all his might, and it’s glowing with fire as he lifts it above his head. He seems more shocked than anyone that it’s finally out, and Eun-tak’s eyes widen when she sees what’s happened.

Shin wastes no time and winds up for one mighty swing at Park Joong-heon. At first it looks like the sword hasn’t cut him down, but Park Joong-heon says he isn’t upset about dying, since he got to kill Shin again. His eyes go wild as he says, “Look, in the end, it is destruction,” before he disappears for good.

The deed done, Shin falls to one knee, barely able to keep himself propped up with his sword. He looks over at Reaper, who’s already crying.

In formal address to the king, Shin says, “Forgive me. It is now that I send word—that I died a heroic death.”

He lets go of the sword, and it disappears. Eun-tak runs to him, sobbing and pleading with him not to go. He’s barely hanging on, as he hugs her close for just a little while longer.

He touches her face and says, “My life was a reward because I met you.” She cries angrily that she doesn’t want this, and that he promised not to let go of her hand.

Shin: “I’ll come as the rain. I’ll come as the first snow. I’ll beg for god to let me do at least that.”

Eun-tak wails, “Don’t! Don’t go like this! I love you. I love you!” He answers, “Me too. I love you.”

And then he adds, referring to his business-like offer to also love her if necessary, “I’ve already done that.”

He lowers his hand and looks at her lovingly, and then closes his eyes. The flame from his heart spreads, and his entire body turns to red embers, and scatters before her, in the wind. Eun-tak collapses in tears.


Nooooo, is he really gone? Just like that? Obviously there’s going to be some way to bring him back—we can’t have The Lonely Shining Goblin without the goblin, for crying out loud!—but the worry is how. I’m pretty much going to cling to the hope that there’s a magic-presto Get Out of Heaven Free card Shin’s earned with the gods, because giving away all of those sandwiches and setting people on good paths will go rewarded somehow, right? He paid for his sins in the way that was deemed appropriate (even though it seems unnecessarily cruel to have him fall in love and want to live just when death was coming), and he even sacrificed himself nobly to kill Park Joong-heon and complete his original mission as a warrior. So there has to be a reward for that, butterfly-god!

My fear is that if they go the reincarnation route, it won’t feel as satisfying to see Shin come back as a different person. I’m never fully satisfied with reincarnations, because it feels like you lose too much of the original character, and a Shin who isn’t a 900-year-old goblin… that would be so strange. I suspect that’s a very big possibility though, given that a happy ending in his eyes probably doesn’t involve outliving Eun-tak by another 800 years. The one upside to this is that this show has dealt with reincarnations multiple times already, and we’ve established rules that allow for humans to remember their past lives and share a consciousness with them, so there’s a chance they’ll make it work decently.

I find it funny that Shin was always chiding his sister for being so faithful to that foolish young king, when in the end he was just like her. I had expected that Shin’s bromance with Reaper would contend with his 900-year-old grudge, which it did, but I thought it more poignant that Shin had loved Wang Yeo even back then. The moment Reaper learned that was perhaps the greatest revenge, to make him realize how truly idiotic he’d been not to know how much Sun and Shin loved him and what they sacrificed because of it. Making him face his own guilt and stupidity and weakness seemed far better a punishment than killing a guy who was already dead. Now that I think about it, getting to forget his painful past and work as a reaper seems like a pretty sweet gig for a guy who had so many sins. Maybe heaven really was on his side.

I definitely had more sympathy for Reaper before he recovered his memories—once he remembered who he was, I could no longer consider him innocent in all this, whereas up until that point, he had nothing but all of my sympathy because I couldn’t blame him for the things Wang Yeo had done if he couldn’t remember them. Now he’s taken on some of Wang Yeo’s cowardice, in asking Shin to just end his life instead of dealing with his guilt properly, but it’s mixed in there with Reaper’s sweetness and his devotion to Sunny, and I’m so torn between feeling bad for Reaper, who pretty much just woke up one day to find out he ordered the death of the woman he loves, and agreeing with Shin’s righteous anger directed at him for being such a weak and stupid king who didn’t know how much other people had given up to protect him.

Bringing Park Joong-heon into the story as a villain injected it with some great energy, for which I’m grateful after a middle stretch of this show where things seemingly went in circles. His arc suddenly brought about major revelations, raised the stakes and put everyone in danger for a legitimate reason, and gave the goblin a heroic purpose to pull out the sword and die, rather than the standard noble idiot version I was expecting, for him and Eun-tak to fight over who gets to die to save the other. There’s really only so much of that I can take. But I was thrilled when Park Joong-heon attempted to use Eun-tak by way of possession (creepy AND clever!), and though I’m not happy about Shin dying, it befits his character to be decisive when faced with a clear enemy and way to kill him. As a warrior, he would never hesitate, and the fact that he makes this sacrifice when he desperately wishes to live eighty more years by Eun-tak’s side is moving. I’m thinking it’s Reaper’s turn to help get Shin out of wherever he goes now, but until then, I guess I’ll spend the next week waiting for rain or snow.


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    And the cliffhanger devastatingly KILLS.
    Worst part of it is that we’re only have this episode this week (right?).

    Btw, LDW/Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo part is beautiful and aching at the same time.

    • 1.1 clairie

      This entire episode was sad from the get go. It was so sad that it slipped my mind that there was one hell of a HOT kiss scene. Man, Gong Yoo can kiss!

      Though I understand the reason they postpone ep 14, I was still bitter with that news but now that I watch ep 13, I thought it was a genius decision. By doing so, it really gives the audience a deep and lasting impression of Shin’s death.

      Because the show has been telling us about the reprecussion of pulling the sword from the very beginning and they keep going back & forth with that plotline without any definite resolution whatsoever to the point of being repetitive.

      Now that they finally have that grand and heartbreaking scene of pulling the sword and Shin’s death, I’d find it a bit weird if suddenly he’s alive and well in the upcoming episode the next day. Well, not exactly alive but it’s not like he’s gone right?

      So the impact of his death really does feel as if he’s gone and not coming back instead of just, you know, till the next episode. One thing for sure, waiting for next week will be a torture.

      • 1.1.1 bips99

        oooooo …. now that i think of it, i agree with you – having a week to think about goblin’s death really sinks it in. rather than have him resurrect in the next episode next day.

        i’ll miss this show so much. i’m not ready to say goodbye

        will we even see GY in a drama again ? He is 37 now, not a lot of lead role opportunities as such … plus his movie career is picking up steam …. gahhhhh

        • Celine

          Wow! When you put it that way, postponing EP 14 does not seem to be such a bad idea. I’m still sad though because I want to know what will happen next. However, if Shin will make a reappearance (HE BETTER! OR ELSE #justiceforgonyoo) in the next episode, seeing him the next day just feels wrong. This way, we’d actually be mourning his departure for a week.

          I will miss this show too. It’s so entertaining and I was touched in unexpected ways. It’s not perfect nor excellent, but it’s good enough for me. And yes, when will wee see Gong Yoo again. He’s more of movie actor since his return from the military. I hope he squeezes in a drama or two.

          • Haru

            Who is the “LITTLE BOY” in that scenes. Does anyone know or have any ideas, why that little boy appeared more the once? Maybe that boy hold something that help to a new path.

          • Momochan

            My theory

            That little boy was the reincarnation of Eun Tak’s mother.

          • Herfyjo

            The little boy is always talking about his “granny”. Definitely something going on there…

          • Van

            @Herfyjo OMG! If his grandma turns out to be Young Granny–idk what I’ll do! That’d be epic.

          • Mango Juice

            Isn’t the Wind Bomb Kid the same kid that Samshin Granny cured while he was in the hospital? (See: episode 6) They have the same features but I can’t really know for sure because he’s breathing through an oxygen tube. Anyway he’s always talking about Granny every time so it’s a give away.

        • Tesshan

          He is a movie actor now and it took a lot of convincing to get him to sign for Goblin. In his case I do not think it matters that he is 37…guys still get lots of roles compared to ladies in the same age. He will for sure do more movies but I hope he will do some drama here and there since Goblin was such a success. I assume he will sign only for very good dramas like this one, directed or written by people that can convince him the product is of good quality.

          • Pamela Kay

            I agree. I will be looking for him, at the movies too

          • Celine

            Yeah. I pretty much accepted the fact that he’d be a movie actor first, drama actor second. I hope he comes across an interesting project like Goblin. I am happy that his drama comeback after so many years is both good and successful.

          • Iamastonished

            I never go out of my way to track down star interviews but I did in this case and i was struck by Gong Yoo’s sensitivity. I felt kind of sorry for him. Everybody prying into his personal life and fans limiting his ability to move through life normally. There is a place that I visited one summer.. I was told on the ferry coming over to the island that many authors,actors and public figures come during the season and it is considered the height of bad manners to interfere with them at all in any way. Don’t stare, don’t take pictures, don’t say hello or tell them that they are great..Leave them alone!
            When you think about it, if everyone was starring at you because you were disfigured that would be really rude. Maybe Gong Yoo ‘ doesn’t work as much as he might otherwise because the public scrutiny is oppressive. Maybe the fans should cut Gong Yoo a break. I hope that South Korea takes the upper hand on the paparazzi and star stalking….it is just so unkind

          • bjharm

            will he can try and pick good dramas, but it to be remembered that good drama will not always = good ratings. Often the whole rating thing when you talking about good drama is so hit and miss, How many times have you watched a drama and get blown away by it, then see a 5% rating in Korea or drop a drama you think not worth the hour of you life watching and find out it getting 15% or more in the ratings.

        • Pamela Kay

          I hope K-Drama realizes the talent of Gong Yoo he is awesome. PLUS with all that talent he is a sexy, good looking man. To me he is a perfect leading man. I will also be looking at his movie career.

          • endo

            As a long-time fan. I’m sure Korean Entertainment industry knew GY potential. Believe me. It was GY who’s choosy with his projects. He have a lot of box office under his belt.

            We’re under his mercy. Lol. It’s really up to him how often he’ll accept projects.

          • Celine

            I do think he gets quite a number of drama offers, but he considers them very carefully. It took him years to finally say yes to a KES story and he did say that what caught his interest is the rather unique story of Goblin. Even in movies, his roles are very different. I hope he comes across a really interesting drama next time.

      • 1.1.2 phoe

        By reading the recap alone while listening to the Ailee ost (I will go to you like the first snow), makes me shed my tears.

        But when Girlfriday said :
        “I’m pretty much going to cling to the hope that there’s a magic-presto Get Out of Heaven Free card Shin’s earned with the gods, because giving away all of those sandwiches and setting people on good paths will go rewarded somehow, right?”

        I cant help laughing while crying…
        This is why i loved dramabeans… Thankyou GF

        btw, That Ailee ost – i just read the english lyrics.
        And it so sad… T-T
        some thing like Kimshin would say to Euntak.

        • Gidget

          Oh. Don’t just read the recaps on a show like this.

          The silent moments in this drama aren’t really silent. A picture paints a thousand words. The silent scenes are unfolding a dimension of the story that’s rich, beautiful and dense with meaning.

          There is a LOT of plot movement in each episode that quite simply is getting missed. It happens via subtext, which is hard to recap.

          Also there is a very strong bias against anything that involves making selfless sacrifices for the the sake of the one you love (always calling it idiotic). So they’ll miss the significance of scenes showing a character that’s wrestling with the mutually exclusive decision of whether to serve themselves or serve the one they love.

          And there’s also a strong animosity towards God. A lot of the plot development in this drama revolves around a benevolent God who demands accountability, metes out justice impartially and gives second chances. Plot development revolving around this theme largely passes by unnoticed.*

          *For example the recap said the ski resort scene where ET was rescued was pointless. In reality it was pivotal. As they showed the butterfly floating toward the lodge it cast a massive shadow below. Suggesting that it was simply a manifestation of a great being; the size of its mass wasn’t equal to its volume. Then the lights were blown out to lead Goblin to ET. This made it obvious for the first time that God was working behind the scenes to gather all the pivotal characters together. And he was orchestrating events to give them all a chance at redemption from their past mistakes. …if they choose differently. The bar scene where this was spelled out in words was really just an affirmation of what silent scenes already told us.

          So watch and notice the details. There’s rarely a moment wasted.

          And yes – based on what the drama has told us thus far – it seems to me that the story is setting up a reasonable expectation that God fully intends to let our OTP have their happy ending. They’ve paid their moral debts, chosen well and done no one wrong.

          • mitch

            This!!! Thank you 🙂

          • iamastonished

            Well said! The Gods work in mysterious ways.

          • Iamastonished

            Yes yes, yes, the White Butterfly God makes the sound of a helicopter. So we might want to pay attention to the GIANT GREEN H to see if there might be something God could do to HELP out at the HOSPITAL where HEALING may need tending to. Someone might need HELP. Someone could have a broken HEART at the HELIPORT (Latin: heaven-port)
            I think every thing is going to be OK but I wish I didn’t have to wait until next week to find out

        • NutellaFitzgerald

          Oh god! 😂 😂 😂

          Subway canceled it like a decade ago, but does anyone else remember the Sub-Club???
          They used to give out frequent-purchase stamps you could collect on a little card to get free stuff.

          6 stamps = get 6″ sub free
          12 stamps = get a 12″ sub free


          ??? stamps = get out of death free!

      • 1.1.3 elvira

        “Man, Gong Yoo can kiss!”

        Kisses in Coffee Prince are not bad [I dunno what ‘Big’ is], but if I may suggest: A Man and A Woman.

        • endo

          Of course GY can kiss. There’s even a compilation in Youtube on all of his hot kisses. Lol.


          I was actually waiting for it to happen in this show for quite some time now.

          • lunaticandra

            We are all waiting for the mighty Gong Yoo to come back… though after a long time and episodes he’s been underutilized into dry kisses, I kind of lose hope.
            It is such a pleasent surprise that Shin would suddenly kiss euntak properly..

          • m3lon4

            Before shooting the rooftop kiss scene
            PD: OK Kim Shin, for this one you can do it however you want. I won`t direct you much.
            GY: On it. How about the usual Gong Yoo style?
            Audience: Yes,please! This is why we watch this drama
            KGE: This is why I signed the contract.

          • agoodheart

            @m3lon4: LOL!!! +10000

          • Celine

            @m3lon4 your comment is gold! LMAO

        • phoe

          oh, A man and a Woman…

          Waw, His chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon is Daebak!

          • Iamastonished

            I was defiantly waiting for the kiss because I feel Kim Shin has been reserved with his emotions. We have known for a long time that he is crazy in love with En Tak but the whole thing has been a mine field of moral dilemmas. I like the way En Tak responds to the sudden passionate kiss. It is defiantly a swoon (and who wouldn’t) but her face is surprised and concerned. Surprise: he loves me as I love him. Concern: This feels like the last kiss. But more than this her face looks like her mind has been branded by this kiss, well done Kim Go Eun. Theater has a special niches for death scenes and love scenes. This has a one, two punch and has solid emotional resonance. Think how lame this scene would be if it was played by actors who couldn’t act?

        • Celine

          Gong Yoo can definitely kiss. He’s in the list of Korean actors who kisses well. The kiss here may not be as passionate as his other kisses (e.g. Coffee Prince, Finding Mr. Destiny, A Man & A Woman etc.), but damn that last kiss is so sweet and so beautifully shot.

          • Pamela Kay

            Oh my YES. Go find A Man and a Woman over at Kissasian.com. Very nice love scenes with Gong Yoo. Makes you say oh yeah

      • 1.1.4 Van

        Oh, you make a lovely point. Even though I don’t think that was the show’s original intent in delaying the next ep, it ended up working out perfectly because Shin’s “death” was such an essential and beautiful scene that it’s appropriate to temporarily end it there and leave the audience hanging with lingering thoughts and feelings about what just happened. That makes it more meaningful and all the more beautiful.

      • 1.1.5 rheina07

        ” One thing for sure, waiting for next week will be a torture.”


        i yelled. i cried. while watching this eps!

        how they bring our Shin back.


        • DaehanMingukManse

          This is just a prediction so do take it with a grain of salt….

          We may find out next week that DeokHwa is GongYoo’s child counterpart, much like Kim SoHyun too Yoo InNa. So there’ll probably be a time jump where the adult DeokHwa (now the CEO) appear as Gong Yoo with ET–probably–working for him (the scene in the restaurant in Canada). As to how will GY’s spirit be back, DeokHwa’s body has an affinity to be possessed by deity (see the previous episode) so Gong Yoo whose handled his tribulation well and planting lots of good karmas will granted the deity status or ability to possess DeokHwa’s body.
          Meanwhile ET probably will drink the tea of forgiveness, to stop herself from taking her own life, just like what Reaper did in his past but she’ll probably not going to stay amnesiac for long, since every snow/rains will remind her for her lost memories.

          So there it is my prediction…. But I seriously though I may be wrong. As I said, take it with a grain of salt. (^0^)

          • candycane

            Interesting prediction… but then, we won’t see GY again? 😭

          • MIN

            I really don’t think it’s possible as it would mean that the same soul was abiding in the same time and space… and isn’t Deok Hwa the reincarnation of that first servant that followed Goblin because of his grandfather’s wish?

      • 1.1.6 PersonaInnominatum

        True, we’re given enough time to savor this melancholy. But at the same time, I want to chide myself for not being able to wait until it finish airing so there’d be no cliff hangers lol. But I guess, I can just binge-watch it again later:)

      • 1.1.7 Cidorta

        I also think that not having episode 14 this week is a blessing in disguise, it allow to us the viewers to have a long lasting impression of his death as goblin and looking forward how writter is going to bring him back, because there are many pic on the internet that shows KS in modern setting that we have not seen that where taken this past week.

        Hope that they are not making him come back like a supernatural being that only shows on the first rain or snow.

        If he comes back as human how they are going to pull that off.

        How about the little boy, could it be that the god that used DH body now took hold of the boy to stay close to our couple??

        Also how will Sunny and reaper story will wrap up. She said that she will not fall for him in this lifetime as his punishment and returned the ring back to him.

        Too many question, just glad that we didn’t saw the finally and we still have 3 more episodes.

        • annflln

          I’ve read somewhere about the little boy. A keen-eyed-viewer remember him as a boy from the hospital which visited by Shamsin Granny in prior episode. He is a ghost, and his ‘granny’ might be SG. He might be helping Eun-tak in the future.

          • Cidorta

            Oh i remember that scene at the hospital, need to re-watch again to see if it is the same boy.

          • Marce

            I love reading everybody’s comments and thoughts. You are all so smart and loyal to kdramas.

            I was thinking that the future meeting at the restaurant does not necessarily have to be a ‘romantic’ one.

            Could it be that the little schoolboy (as a young man)will meet up with Eun Tak (at29) to share news of what he has achieved with his talents?

            Could this young boy be the reincarnation of the little boy who travelled with Kim Shin in the voyage? Dying young at the hands of those nasty men on board would explain why he is still a little boy in this life.

            I also feel that there maybe a message behind the “doors”. There are so many scenes with doors opening and closing , leading to magical gardens, to Quebec, to home, to the tea house, to the afterlife.
            Even Kim Shin talks to Reaper about “finding a door” to change fate (after they witnessed a human opening the door to the tea room)
            Eun Tak is very fond of writing. I feel she wrote the letter to Kim Shin and posted it at the hotel so that one day in the future he will receive it ( remember he owns the hotel and other buildings in Quebec)
            Thanks for listening,
            Peace and love from Australia

          • khl

            But if the little boy is a ghost, why would he be seen by the two older bullies? And if the three boys were all ghosts, why would they not recognise Kim Shin when he appeared after doing the “wind bomb”?

          • PLAYSTORE

            @Marce, the little boy in the boat lived. We saw Kim Shin in the earlier episode describe that he buried the little boy he travelled with and then buried his grandson (along with his next generations) in the same place (Quebec).

        • Y.

          About the boy – I think his grandma is Shamshin Granny, as others have said. And maybe, somehow, it’s going to host Goblin’s soul? Idk

      • 1.1.8 LennyHearts

        I was so sad that this would be the only episode this week but I like your reasoning. I’m still aching rethinking about the goblins death and his goodbye to eun tak. Reading the recap gets me teary eyed.

        This entire episode was just incredible. Props to the actors and writers. I was not expecting this twist at all with bringing back that demon. It’s all tying up nicely.

    • 1.2 Amy

      Please everyone help me. Please come out with any theories, because I really need it. My heart was so devastated after watching Kim Shin died in front of my eyes.

      Please, I really need any theories about how Kim Shin will come back to life and to meet again with our Eun Tak. I can’t think of any theories of how it will happen.

      So please help me, so that my broken heart can be at peace before next week come. Thanks in advance.

      • 1.2.1 gureum

        Here’s some:
        1. the Goblin’s “immortal life” is supposed to end with the sword being pulled out. Note, immortal life. Thus, the gods may be kind enough to give him an ordinary mortal life instead.

        2. Goblin sees ET’s future as a 29 year old. Tens years from now, ET will be meeting an important Director as a rep for her radio station. I suspect the director is Shin, and he later becomes the director of a branch or subsidiary of deokhwa’s family’s company. In any case he survives but they do not meet until ten years later.

        3. ET’s willpower will sway the ordination of the gods.

        In any case, I am almost positive that this drama will have a happy ending. KES’s dramas have never ended sadly. She always has the audience expecting the worst to ultimately find a positive end.

        • Haru

          My theory, just like Lovers in Paris. It’s all just a dream. Lol

          • Peeps

            Hahahah, she will kill you for that.

            She’s a definitely-happy-ending writer simply because she’s been traumatized over the backlash she got for that ending.

          • kanz

            @Peeps yeah I agree…. Kim Eun Sook is such a constant happy-ending-writer.. That I could testify, no matter what happens to the characters or story. If it’s being written by Signal’s writer or Giant/EK/Monster writer I would believe there’s a chance the drama will end up in bloodbath. But Kim Eun Sook’s drama? No bloody way!
            I believe she will bring ending filled with rainbows and unicorns. Besides the characters really need it, Eun Tak-Goblin and Sunny-Grim Reaper really need a happy ending!

        • Van

          Crossing my fingers and toes for #1! #2 is likely, but I’d rather he not meet up with her as a completely new person in her life. I want them to reunite as Shin and Eun-tak! Not Eun-tak and Mr. CEO!

          • Amy

            Eun Tak and Mr. CEO? Hahahahaha everyone will be mental breakdown then if that really happen.

          • Celine

            As long as Mr. CEO is Kim Shin. The company is rightfully his anyway. I am willing to accept reincarnation because this drama established that a reincarnated one can have the same face and have the memories of the past life with the help of a Grim. The story just needs to work around that.

        • Myuu

          Or the CEO is actually DeokHwa who has become a great man after 10 years.

          • Momochan

            Deok-Hwa with Kim Shin’s face.

          • Misty

            I hope he will come back somehow as himself. Remember whan Chairman Yuu dies he ask give secretary letter telling that kim shin will come in rain and dissappear in blue flame. Concept introduced earlier always used back later in this drama.

            Im just afraid that he might only come during rain and snow… oh that will be really sad.

            Next week may be laden with grief and tears and flashbacks. Hope things can get much better for our characters.

      • 1.2.2 cherryarrow

        I highly doubt Shin is dead, this is only episode 13, if KES really wanted to kill off any of the mains, she’d do it in the last episode.

        • Mhinee

          I am with u
          It’s KES
          She never make her protagonist death or missing or something like it, you named it
          She will make the protagonist death at 2 last ep, such as DotS, secret garden, city Hall
          Her style is true love will comes after witnessing the death of their love

        • avidkdramaer

          Yup. Like in dots.. where ysj was supposedly dead and all.. but ultimately alive. I also hoped that it will end his life as a goblin and come back as a human

        • Sojuboy

          This writer is not known for sad ending. I think We might see some sort of twist coming, a la SECRETE GARDEN.

      • 1.2.3 Dramaninja

        I desperately want some theories too! This Show has had me theorizing like crazy and none of them have come true so far so, I’m gonna just stop now. What’s gonna keep me occupied for the week instead are these questions:

        What ‘secret’ did the Eunuch Ghost want the Lady Reaper to keep??(Please no Ghost reappearance! Jahbahl )

        At the end of the episode, why did Shin say, “I understand” at the vision of JET’s future self? Why on earth he look unhappy when he says that ?

        Also in Ep4 (?), dosen’t JET send a hand written letter from Canada? Whom did she write to and what? (has been bugging me for some while now.)

        Btw keep the theories rolling..

        • Sparky

          I, too, have been wondering about that letter JET mailed off in Canada. There must be some significance to it. I don’t recall any address on it–it seemed like the envelope was blank? And no stamp? Was it an appeal to God to give her and the Goblin a long and happy life together?

          I also think there is some significance that the contract he signed with her was brought up again. I think he is legally (or immortally) bound to return to her as promised. He has stated before that he always keeps his word.

          I think he’ll be back and they will meet again in Canada. But I also want Reaper and Sunny to have a happy ending. Hasn’t he suffered enough? He was in hell for 600 years, then a Reaper for 300, and that’s such a sad job. He’s clearly remorseful and filled with shame– give him break, butterfly-god, please! I believe in butterflies and happy endings!!

          • Dramaninja

            Oh yes, ‘appeal to God’ does make sense!

            About GR I totally agree, yes he lived with no consideration for his subjects, his wife, etc. He killed many, was jealous and spineless
            But then again, he lived a troubled life with little to almost no happiness to begin with. The only person he solely relied on was a scheming psychotic Eunuch. He ended up taking his own life because of how pathetic and unloved he felt . Hell happened and 300 meaningless years as a GR!. I mean, give the guy a break already.
            He seems to be remorseful. Shouldn’t that suffice? If not rebirth or reuniting with Sunny, atleast FORGIVENESS should be on the cards right. He is most tragic a character that can be.

            Butterfly don’t be mean pls

        • mitch

          On the ‘secret’ – That PJW & the lady reaper poisoned the king (WY) 900 yrs ago.

          On KS ‘I understand’ – Taking what he said before that ‘In the end, this is the choice I made. I understand now.’ Perhaps because when he first saw that vision, he didn’t know yet the circumstances behind their separation, the details I mean. And who wouldn’t be sad being separated from a loved one?

      • 1.2.4 Lemona


        • mary

          Hi, please don’t discuss possibly spoilery BTS or SNS posts by the staff/actors.

          • Misty

            Great move removing spoiler. Someone posted on fb the screenshot of kim shin becoming ashes immediately after the show yesterday when i havent seen it so it kinda ruined it for me.

        • Haru

          Removed already? But I’m not read yet. Anyone do share please. Thanks.

          • mary

            Uh… no. PLEASE DON’T SHARE. Comments should be spoiler-free. That’s exactly the point of removing it. So people won’t read the spoilers.

      • 1.2.5 Tresna

        I think, the deity will restart Kim Shin life from the beginning of his death when he first dying and became a goblin. He will reappear as himself, but no longer immortal (i trully hope there will be no unnecessary amnesia on that part). I know that the deity on this drama is super cruel, but 900 years of good deed must have count for something.

      • 1.2.6 Kiara

        Let’s just say that was only the 1st stage for Goblin. He still have 2nd, 3rd, 4th stage to find Eun-tak again.

        • Mermaid Scribbler

          Ooooo – Like the four stages of life that Euntak mentions? The one the ghosts know? Ack! The planting seeds one – hmm –
          Can’t remember it!!

          Planting seeds
          Fruit? Ack! Can’t remember and too busy too look now, but I think you may be on to something.

      • 1.2.7 Tesshan

        The Gods will for sure grant him to live his mortal life. He will be back and finish his life with ET.

        ET wrote that letter in Canada. Addressed either to God to grant Shin forgiveness and maybe a life with her or to Shin himself (aka owner of the hotel) to meet in 10 years time when she will be a successful woman ready to settle down.

      • 1.2.8 mehungie

        I don’t have theories, but I do have some questions for you and everyone to ponder on.

        1. Why does the Hoobae Reaper have to pay extra rent as the price for fate? What debt is he repaying? It was awfully nice of him to almost break the rules to help Reaper out.

        2. What will the Lady Reaper do now that she knows her past as the court lady?

        3. I’ll echo other beanies on the importance of the little boy. While we’re at it, are there any other side characters that we haven’t paid attention to but might come back to contribute? Like the terrible teacher? Eun-tak’s “friend” from high school that brought the test scores? Tae-hee oppa?

        4. What can the Reaper do now? Is his suspension over? He got his hat back and could summon the evil guy and all.

        5. Where did Shin disappear off to? Will he go to the Reaper’s tearoom? Will he meet Samshin Granny or the Butterfly God again? HOW WILL HE COME BACK for the next 3 episodes???

        6. Another echo on the role of the Assistant-now-CEO guy, especially with that note from Grandpa about Shin coming back one day to claim his property.

        See? So many questions! I sure hope the last 3 episodes will be narratively and emotionally satisfying!

        • Khl

          On your qn #3, I noticed the following side characters
          A. Hoobae reaper and the older-looking subordinate reaper. Hoobae because he, like WY, look so nice n good natured that I wonder what great sins he committed. The subordinate reaper is the one who took GR’s black hat, leaving him to pay the bill. I thought he sounded more experienced and depressing than GR. Esp that scene where they were trying shoes on and talking about being hit by a peach blossom branch and about wanting to recover lost memories. The way he spoke sounded as though he had gone thru the experiences.
          B. One male student(?) ghost and a ahjumma ghost who was at chicken shop when PJW first appeared in front of EunTak?
          C. EunTak’s aunt and cousins (they would have some retribution, since there was an earlier scene of them leaving police custody and leaving to search for EunTak at the universities.
          D. Secretary (now CEO) Kim!

          • NOONA

            why does the goblin’s sis need to die to save the king?

      • 1.2.9 CHC

        In the last episode before grandpa died, he left a note to the secretary (now the ceo) and told him to give the company back to someone who claims To be Kim Shin. That certainly indicates Shin’s return, however form that might take place. The person the 29 year-old ET is meeting should be Shin, seening her wearing the necklace he gave her.

        • ChiChi

          I agree. The letter to the nee CEO did say a man would come in the rain and dissapear in a blue flame. When Shin died he turned to red ash.

          This is what im betting on to console myself in these tough times 😂😂😂 one of these rainy days Shin will be back and we’ll get our happy ending.

      • 1.2.10 Byul

        Iit’s a bit out of the blue, but his position as a goblin could have been great god training. That could be a stretch though

    • 1.3 AmoretteSong

      I haven’t watch the episode, only reading the recap and I’m in tears!!!
      Please writer insert a smart-smart way to bring back our beloved goblin-ahjussi!!!😭😭😭😭

      • 1.3.1 Miss honey

        Me too! 😭😭😭

    • 1.4 vongole

      The Goblin going away was oh so beautiful. Gong Yoo can ACT!! I loved that he could control the ending, as he starts dissipating only after he closes his eyes. That face of his is just etched in my mind…

      I am so glad that they have finally released Kim Kyunghee’s song – perfect for the moment.

      • 1.4.1 Celine

        That song in that final scene just took my crying to full on bawling stage. It’s perfect.

        • Van

          Ikr!? It’s so good! I think it’s the Goblin OST by MAMAMOO! I’ve been waiting to hear them in the show. I love Eddy Kim’s sweet love song that goes: “Heaven is in your kiss, even though tears fall down.” That song literally MADE last week’s scene where Eun-tak kept summoning Shin and her last excuse that it was dangerous because she couldn’t breathe because she missed him so much and then he smiles at the ground, then at her, GAH, BEAUTIFUL!

          • Van

            Oops, so apparently NOT MAMAMOO? Man, I wonder if they’re still gonna be on the OST? I guess we’re not gonna get a track by Sung-jae and Kim Go-eun, either? I really wanted to hear them sing for the drama!

          • Celine

            The song in the last scene of Euntak and Shin is entitled “And I’m Here” By Kim Kyunghee. They always use it in sad or death scene even of the side characters and Euntak’s mom. So heartbreakingly beautiful song.

            Mamamoo will still be in the OST. I’m just not sure if we’ve heard it here in this episode. The song “Heaven” (is in your kiss…) is by Roy Kim. Eddy Kim sang that other song entitled “You’re Pretty” which is like the Grim and Sunny theme during their awkward dates. It gets confusing because we already have Sam Kim, Eddy Kim, and now Roy Kim singing for Goblin OST. hehe!

            I don’t think Sungjae or Goeun will sing. If they will be singing, throw in Gong Yoo as well since he sings in real life too. haha!

      • 1.4.2 fay

        @vongole , yeah gong yoo can definitely act. That last moment, when the fact was sinking in, that he was definitely dying, and like the way he cherish ET’s face, and his view is also getting blurry it seems, that truly felt like he was dying. And the way ET was groping to find him, when he vanished, I’m not sure if a drama should affect us to this level lol. It’s something that makes you just caught up with emotions,
        [fake emotions I should say], but then I feel like they are real. I wasn’t ready for this at all, totally depressed.

    • 1.5 Zyn

      Here we go~ This ep like an ending for me. Or at least imo we will have 2 endings. So, this is ending part 1, just see what an ending we’ll receive from 3 left episodes, which is the better.

    • 1.6 NOONA

      why does the goblin’s sis need to die to save the king? pls answerrrrrrr.

    • 1.7 NOONA

      why does the goblin’s sis need to die to save the king?

  2. JISG


    Kim Go Eun is a national treasure in my eyes. Gong Yoo makes death the most beautiful and heart breaking thing in the world.

    • 2.1 mianmian

      Kim Go Eun was AMAZING. Watching that ending multiple times, teared up each time… She broke my heart.

      This was my absolute favorite episode.

      • 2.1.1 phoe

        Yes, the way she wails, screaming so devastating in the last minute after Shin go… Makes me cry a river…

        • PersonaInnominatum

          She captures me so with her smiles and laughter. The way she cries though.. I’d compare to the way Kim So Hyun cries, it’s like yawning: contagious. Lol! You could just feel it.

      • 2.1.2 gogo

        i could just feel her desperation for not wanting him to go that it made me cry alongside her. i’ve never felt the pain of a character dying being portrayed so well, Kim Go Eun is indeed amazing!

      • 2.1.3 Dramaninja

        Yes !!KGE was amazing. The scene when she tried to stab herself with his water-sword, my my, such a shocker.

        After, reading so many (some mean) negative comments about her, I’m so glad she got to portray her acting caliber to the full. She is as indispensable a character in the plot as the Goryeo trio are.

    • 2.2 51us

      Kim Go Eun is Love….<3

      Kim Go Eun is LiF3….<3<3

      • 2.2.1 gustave154

        Her sobbing scene is really good…

    • 2.3 haru5791

      That cry in the end… Damn, that will haunt me until next week. I cry a river with her :'(

      • 2.3.1 Jin

        My eyes were blurred during that scene. The screaming she had while crying feels so raw!

        • cutesoprano

          reminds me also of the movie “train to busan” where soo ahn crying and screaming : Don’tt go to his dad..! my… that heart breaking and heart wrenching cry….

          • Jin

            High five for Train to Busan! Yes, that scene always moved me to tears every time I rewatch the movie (3 times already!).

          • PersonaInnominatum

            OMG!! TTB is a genre of its own, I wasn’t expecting at all to cry in a horror film. The performances were superb!

          • Herfyjo

            We took our 14 year old daughter with us to see TTB (had to drive an hour away to see it in a theater in Texas). We were all enjoying the action and scares, and then hubby and I had to hush daughter as she was sobbing loudly at the end…and still in the theater lobby, parking lot and drive home. Great movie! I’m sure the American remake will be crap, but I have hope for the French version.

    • 2.4 Celine

      That last scene is both beautiful and sad. With Kim Goeun’s cries and Gong Yoo’s more silent and somber approach to Shin’s death OMG FEELS!!

      Kim Goeun was no. 1 trending on Korean twitter last night with the tag “Kim Goeun’s Acting” and since I refused to be spoiled, I did not click on the tweets. I was on pins and needles until this morning. After watching the episode, now I know why she was trending.

      I find Kim Goeun to be so natural with her crying. I felt her pain. When she went “Nooo Nooo! You Promised…” And when Gong Yoo said “My life was a reward because of you.” /cries

      I love the death scene so much. So poetic in so many levels if we look at the grand picture. He killed the bad guy which he originally intended as General Kim Shin. He protected the woman he loves. He sacrificed his desire to live for 80 more years with her. I love how the route the writer went with in how the sword will be pulled. It wasn’t a simple pulling and dying situation. Props to the writer on this.

      • 2.4.1 bips99

        i abhor dying love declarations …. they always seem cheesy and cringy to me….. but this one i bought – hook line and sinker … the actors kept the emotions intact without going ott and the dialogues were completely on point. … when he said – you were my reward – i was just sobbing at that

      • 2.4.2 endo

        That last scene crushed my heart into many tiny pieces. That desperation. That hug that as if her last straw that KS will stay….TT

        • Celine

          Yes! When Euntak rushed to him and embraced him as if he’d disappear all of a sudden or someone will take him away. /CRIES

          Their love declaration too OMG Those I love yous are so bittersweet. Euntak’s wails will haunt me for a week until we get the next episode.

      • 2.4.3 Van

        Aha, K-netz keel me. I’m just glad they’re finally acknowledging and recognizing Go-eun’s skillz. Better late than never.

        • endo

          Surprisingly Knetz was appreciative of KGE acting skills after this ep. Never doubt her once.

          • Van

            THAT’S what I’m sayin’! It’s like, here I am, sitting in the corner all this time rolling my eyes and shrugging off all the hate that she gets because I know better, but ppl don’t/don’t want to realize that this girl’s got talent and skills and it takes a beautifully devasting episode like this to finally shut them up. But like I said, I’m just glad they’re finally appreciating her because she’s truly a gem.

      • 2.4.4 PersonaInnominatum

        She’s now one of two Korean actors that I love to see do a crying scene (the other one is Kim So Hyun, especially in ep 17 of MEtS). It’s so beautifully done and it captures you. It’s so different whith what other actors do where they just have a stoic face and try their best to make the Visene drop lol! Hands up!!

        • PLAYSTORE

          Nicely described. I also remembered the first goodbyes when I was watching the trip scenes. That’s the reason I mentioned in my comment that it felt like reading a book. Cause when I read a novel and reach the last pages, I automatically piece the whole story. Everything seems really poetic then. I marvelled at the last scenes of episode 13 cause so many things had deeper connection with the earlier episodes. Gosh… The feelings!

      • 2.4.5 Kiara

        Gong Yoo has matured into a film actor. He is a lot more restrained in acting now than before. I’m glad he got to act with Kim Go-eun in this drama. He must have had some influence in her casting as his leading lady. He was vocal about wanting to acting with her.

        The goblin couple were always good together from the beginning despite all of the internet noises about their age, their relationship etc.

      • 2.4.6 mehungie

        Another thing I loved about this death: after 900 years of trying to pull out his sword in vain, tonight he practically accomplished just that. He, not Eun-tak, ended his own curse, when he had the valid mission for that sword to come out.

        I can’t help but compare his goodbyes this time to the time when he thought he would die by the first snowfall. The first time was more for comic relief than anything. The idea of finally being able to die came to him so suddenly, he was in no way ready for it. He was just then beginning to realize how precious his *life* had been, the life that he had found so tiresome for so long. His gestures back then (gifting people with what he thought they most wanted at the time: credit card to Deok-hwa, lease to Reaper, which, LOL, and purse to Eun-tak), while still sweet, still erred on the shallow side, showing that he didn’t fully grasp the severity of bidding goodbye forever.

        More importantly, back then, he still had so much unfinished business. It was simply not the right time to go. Now we know what those unfinished business all were: reuniting with his sister, getting rid of the bad guy, and finally reaching the king to give him that message of love.

        This time, Kim Shin’s goodbyes were so much more solemn, more quiet, more poignant, more meaningful, weren’t they? Looking at Deok-hwa from afar, knowing that’s he getting the proper mentoring, saying he’ll miss him. Being assured that his sister is living well and healthy and protected. Spending sweet time with his bride. Giving the king his notice of death. There is nothing materialistic about death and goodbyes. Only feelings and love. This time he did it right. This time it was serious. This time it was for real. This time he vanished.

        Time for me to go join girlfriday in spending the next week waiting for rain and snow. Sniffles. Thank you for the recaps!

        • matchamochi

          I completely agree!
          While yes, it is sad. But it was a poignant finish that Shin had always wanted, and no less than what he deserved. There really was nothing selfish in his ‘demise’, and it showed just how strong of a writer Kim Eun Sook really is in delivering the message of love.

        • Celine

          I agree, Mehungie. Thank you for pointing out the difference in the first time he decided it’s time for him to go and this time. What vast difference there is.

        • mitch

          Loved your comparison 🙂

        • Mermaid Scribbler

          @mejunghie – Such good comments!!

        • Tresna

          You made me cry a river (again) with this.
          My heart!

    • 2.5 agon

      Yes!! I need to look up Kim Go-eun’s filmography asap. I’ve only seen Coin Locker Girl. Her acting is so raw and uninhibited. KGE and Gong Yoo are truly some of the best actors in the industry. They just sink into their characters.

      • 2.5.1 JISG

        Please watch Cheese in the Trap. The first 8 episodes only 😉

        She’s a completely different person there, as she is for every role she’s in. The girl got mad skillzzzzzz.

      • 2.5.2 Sojuboy

        That MUSE thing is a bit creepy. 😀

        • Iamastonished

          I cant find an eng sub site for The Muse. I can handle creepy if and only if it is a great film. A Frozen Flower had way too much skin in it for me but it was such a great movie I relaxed my standards,

          • A

            It’s entitled Eungyo in Kissasian with eng sub

      • 2.5.3 HariHud

        She was great in “Monster”, 1st role I saw her in. But gory but she and Lee Min-ki were excellent.

        • Iamastonished

          Thanks so much for the information. Just watched the Muse and it was fantastic. What a tale of betrayal. She speaks every line like she made it up herself. She makes her character breath. She read a great script and made the leap, good decision on her part. She is on my list of don’t miss actresses now.

    • 2.6 yoadrian

      Sorry to be maudlin but whenever I think of that last scene with Goblin and Eun tak, I want to straight- up sob.

      I feel stupid but it’s just how it is.

      • 2.6.1 Grace

        Battling the same struggles here except I make it harder for myself by listening to Kim Kyung Hee’s song on repeat wherever I go. Bawl!!!

    • 2.7 Iamastonished

      She is such a class act. I look forward to all her future work.
      I cant imagine Goblin without Kim Go Eun.

  3. berries

    this ep showed us (yet again) why kim go eun was selected as the lead actress~

    • 3.1 JISG

      +1000000 I didn’t think I can love her more after Cheese and Coin Locker. She makes every.scene.

      • 3.1.1 bips99

        i adored her in CITT. and i honestly did not get the flak she was getting for this.

        … hopefully everyone’s “chemistry” and “acting ability” doubts are put to rest now

        • JISG

          I remember you from the Cheese threads! Those were the days, weren’t they? So much love and so much hate and so much fun for that show. If a show can be your friendnemy, that show would be my #1 lol

          I feel like I will enjoy KGE in whatever she does. Such natural talent.

          • bips99

            i remember you too!! … helloz … citt days were amazing. how much did we love and hate the show.

            so true -she is such a natural talent. and talent aside, i find her very beautiful .. which most knetz do not #puzzled

          • endo

            Yes. CITT is definitely in the Frenemy category. 😂

        • endo

          Kim Go Eun was the reason i still rewatch CITT. Even though i know it went downhill at the end. I just love love this girl.

          • Van

            Yyeeeessss! 💞 Love her so much and am already awaiting her next project. 💓

          • JISG

            We need a Cheese in the Trap reunion/counselling group lol

            I went to Korea this past summer and bought the comic in Hangul because I want the first thing I read (whenever I can read Korean) is Cheese in the Trap. It’s a form of self-abuse/therapy lol

            I can also finally listen to the soundtrack again. Time does heal, guys 😭😭

      • 3.1.2 PersonaInnominatum

        Now, I’m gonna have to watch it. I heard it a lot before, just never had the chance to watch it.

        • Grace

          Watched Cheese in the Trap (the first 10 eps) three times but now this thread is making we want to watch it all over again! I’ll need to first watch Kim Go Eun’s movies tho.

  4. Amy

    My Kim Shin died. Am I dreaming. Help me.

    • 4.1 nchoe

      Technically he’s been dead since 900 years ago.
      But I got your point.

      This week is very tough. Yesterday Joon-jae’s Dad died, and now Gong Yoo turned into ashes.

      • 4.1.1 neener

        WFKBJ died too by finishing it’s run. I haven’t seen this week RDTK’s but pretty sure no one died there because they’re badass docs but still it has been a tough week in dramaland.

    • 4.2 Van

      Hello, I have died along with Kim Shin, but FEAR NOT! I, along with Kim Shin, will be alive again next week! 🤣🙈😭

      • 4.2.1 Fay

        LOL at the comments.

  5. Lananas

    All I care about is the Goblin and the Grim Reaper getting back together.

    No other couple matters to me.


    • 5.1 Vincy

      I totally agree with this.

  6. Kk123

    Thank you for the recap. I hope there is some comedy in store for the last 3 episodes. I can for example imagine a situation where eun tak ‘s memories are wiped out, kim shin returns somehow, but the memories can only be gotten back through a grim reaper kiss. Imagine the jelousy!

    • 6.1 Van

      Ohohoho! Lol, that’d be so weird… but strangely epic, and now I wanna see it. 😅😆 but on a serious note, I really hope no more memories get erased and while idk HOW, but I really REALLY hope Shin comes back AS SHIN–no doppelgängers and no reincarnation. But yes, I’d be able to go on with my life if our OTPs have their memories of each other intact and not have to start from the beginning.

      • 6.1.1 Kk123

        If the future vision of eun tak in the canadian restaurant is accurate, then she will not remember, as she said that it was her first time in canada, right? It could be though that her future has change through active agency of kim shin. So she might need a very chaste grim reaper kiss. (: … Or not

        • Van

          Well, if the CEO person she’s dining with is really Shin, then damn it, her memories of him are gone because she told Sunny on the phone that she was at a nice restaurant w/ “some guy,” right? I forgot what she said. But yeah, idk… I can’t WAIT to find out, though!

      • 6.1.2 PersonaInnominatum

        I’m with you! I’ve seen mank KDrama endings go that route and somehow, it just isn’t quite right. It would be like Shin finding Sunny without her regaining her memories. She’s a totally different person from the Kim Sun he used to know.

        • Van

          It would be like Shin finding Sunny without her regaining her memories. Exactly! And I completely agree with Girlfriday: My fear is that if they go the reincarnation route, it won’t feel as satisfying to see Shin come back as a different person. I’m never fully satisfied with reincarnations, because it feels like you lose too much of the original character… That’s my fear, too. It just won’t be the same. Sigh, I can’t wait to find out how they’re gonna wrap it all up and can only hope that it’ll satisfy me.

    • 6.2 flamie

      I… can actually see that fic coming to life. Shin as the the amnesiac re-incarcanated soul and Yeo as the unlucky reaper heckled by his beloved Sunny and Eun Tak recovering the memories via a kiss. 😂😂

      Honestly though, I was up around 2 am in the morning, crying over the episode. Brava to Kim Go Eun for her raw acting. We can’t help but get with her 😢😢😢

    • 6.3 divfior

      ‘Your comment made me think of something hilarious. What if goblin comes back but can’t remember. Then Grim reaper has to help remember…Imagine the bromance man..:D 😀 😀

      • 6.3.1 Kk123

        Ha,ha, i really think the actirs could pull that off.

  7. HelloBeautiful

    Reaper’s story is so tragic :(( Is there any possibility of him getting a happy ending? :((

    I agree with GF’s comment about the Park Joong-heon part into the story. Finally this drama gets into its core conflict after going in circles.

    • 7.1 nchoe

      I feel sad for him and Sunny. They keep breaking up when they’ve never properly dated, not even once.

    • 7.2 Raptor

      Yeah I feel if he appeared two episodes earlier the pacing would have got its footing so much better

  8. Van

    OH. MY. GOBLIN. 😔😣😩😭

    • 8.1 Amy

      Do you want me to hug you and cry together? I feel you too.

      • 8.1.1 Van

        Yes, please. 🙍🏻😭 The struggles from ALL THE GOBLIN FEELS ARE TOO REAL!

  9. Park S.

    It’s been more than 6 hours since I watched it. And my heart still not healed yet … I was crying so much.

    I like Lee Dong Wook. But this episode made me love love him. Wang Yeo and Reaper are basically the same person, but he perfectly made me feel like they’re entirely two different persons. His expressions as Wang Yeo and as Reaper are so distinct. The emotions … the eyes … I’ve never seen him act like this before.

    I’m dying for next weekend. But on the other hand, it means the end of Goblin. Oh the dilemma …

    • 9.1 giegie

      Park S,

      LDW did so many emotional scenes at La Dolce Vita and Hotel King. You could watch it and you’ll love him more! But I agreed that he transformed beautifully in Goblin by playing innocent GR at first half and then become WY

      • 9.1.1 ain

        yes..and his performance is superb in this drama

    • 9.2 JesO

      All the actors are doing a great job. I really a fan of all four leads but only LDW’s reaper is the one that I’m truly invested in. He’s the one that’s allowing me to feel all the feels and truly connect with the character. He’s hilarious in the early episodes, and emotionally captivating in this weeks episode. When he cried, I cried.

      For LDW, It’s a magical combination of beutifully written characterization, perfect casting and an amazing acting preformace. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • 9.2.1 kthln

        I know I am late to the party, but just had to comment here. GR is the character I am most invested in. When he said to sunny that he lived his life longing for her every day just broke my heart into little pieces. His expression combined with the words just completely destroyed me. I hope that he gets a happy ending, even if he does not, I hope he is given a respite where he will be able to go with peace in his heart as he sees the people that he has wronged live happy lives.

        • Elizabeth

          Me too. I can’t seem to dig the main couple (I gotta be careful saying that cos there are some that don’t take kindly to me not expressing mutual admiration of KS and ET). But Grim Reaper – I feel that his story is not complete without KS and Sunny’s forgiveness. I hope the writer don’t leave us hanging there 🙁

        • neener

          Late to the party too but LDW has a special place in my heart. He’s my first K-actor love and still is.

          He’s crying but he still looks pretty.

          Also, that scene! I cried for the first time watching it, then ugly cry for the 2nd time around, then another cry-fest while reading the recap then I’m gonna watch it again after this. I know. It hurts SO GOOD!

    • 9.3 Wills

      LDW nailed this character. He made us laugh & cry along with him in this short journey. GR is one character I love in Goblin and the reason I watched Goblin drama

  10. 10 gureum

    Needless to say, I bawled my eyes out. Kim Go Eun’s performance at the last scene was amazing. I knew that the Goblin would “die” eventually, but her shrieks and sobs made me cry with her.

    But on a side note, does anyone think that the little “wind bomb” kid looks just like a mini Jimin from BTS??? I couldn’t help but notice while I was watchign the episode.

    • 10.1 Van

      Ahaha! Now that you mentioned it, I totally see it! Wind Bomb kid resembles a younger and chubbier Jimin (like here: https://youtu.be/sctrgmZ_JNM. Lol, *cringe*!)

      And omg, yes, her loud wailing just broke me. Her repeated “andwae” just broke my heart and I was right there with her. I didn’t want her to let go of him and the way she held him was as if she’d be able to hold onto him and keep him from disappearing. It’s a bit dramatic, but I would’ve loved to see her hug and grab hold of him tightly again at the last moment and when he starts diminishing, she’d grasps onto thin air and falls to the ground, sobbing. Too much? Okay.

      • 10.1.1 gureum

        yikes!! even imagining that is painful, haha. but i agree that it would have been really heart-wrenching for her to shriek/wail as he’s slipping through her fingers.

      • 10.1.2 bips99

        same here … but i think it was a budget issue… when he disappears they are clearly sitting apart… incorporating her into the scene would have probably doubled the expense.. plus my heart could not take it

        • Storeybrooke

          You could be right Bips99! Not knly that scene but the part where Joon What got slayed, it would have been more impressive and satisfying to see his body split two where the sword struck him , but i guess it would have a lot expensive too.

          • Storeybrooke


            *be a lot more expensive

            Clearly my mind and fingers arent thinking straight

          • Van

            Oh, ikr!? I was waiting for something big and epic to happen to Park Joong-heon because there was like a weird, long pause after Shin “sliced”(?) him. But then he just calmly disappeared… I was expecting him to burst into a dark cloud of smoke and ashes, followed by some loud and eerie shrieking noises. Or something like that.

        • Van

          Yeah, my heart would’ve not been able to take it either, but hey, go big or go home! Now I wish Shin passed out more Subway, everybody ate more Baskin Robbins, Grims folding more Panda towels, Eun-tak lighting up more (ha, yeah, more. As if we don’t already have enough) candles and Shin spraying more White Musk perfume!

    • 10.2 QUESERASERA

      I am curious if the “wind bom” kid has something to do in the future, when Ji Eun tak 29 years old.

      • 10.2.1 Van

        Ikr? I feel like we’ll see him again, just because we’ve seen him a few times already. Idk abt seeing him in the long run (when Eun-tak’s 29), but I have a feeling we’ll see more of him.

        • PersonaInnominatum

          That’s very probable. If they keep on showing the extras a lot, there’s probably more to his character – in this drama at least lol

      • 10.2.2 Momochan

        My theory

        That little boy was the reincarnation of Eun Tak’s mother.

        • PersonaInnominatum


      • 10.2.3 Tesshan

        The wind bomb kid is always talking about his granny…I guess she is always dressed in red and has special powers. 😛

  11. 11 Oshi

    Let me just say this right now. I am cheated! WHY ONE EPISODE! Although it’s better then tacking on an extension.

    • 11.1 JISG

      No this is actually a good thing. I need a week to pick up pieces of my heart and emotions from what I just saw 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. 12 JISG

    The loveliest of moments for me in this episode is (tell me it’s not just me) when ET and the Goblin go on their overnight trip and ET tries to get the original contract away from him, I think I heard Gong Yoo’s real laugh/giggle. It was ADORABLE!!!

    • 12.1 jv

      I loved that scene also!

      • 12.1.1 Amy

        Me too. I hope TVN will upload BTS for that scenes. They look so great together like real couple that love each other so much.

        • Anry

          Im sure there will be one soon..cant wait for special episode tonight 😣

          • Iamastonished

            I cant find this special interim episode with eng sub. please advise, thanks

    • 12.2 Van

      It’s not just you! Haha. I think we saw a little bit of the real Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun in that scene, which made it so much more lovely. How CUTE was it when Eun-tak jumped on Shin and gave him all those little kisses!? Gah, and how she made him literally fall into her lap!? SO CUTE! I definitely wanna see the making film of that scene.

      • 12.2.1 bips99

        Is it strange that i am insanely jealous of anyone who gets to run their hands through his hair. I just want to touch his hair once and check if they are as soft as they look …….. …….. ……. …………… and then ask the name of his conditioner

        • Van

          Nah. But is it strange that I DON’T think his hair is soft at all? Like, it doesn’t look soft to me. It actually kinda looks dry most of the time… I guess it’s ’cause of the hair dye, but yeah. But on a serious note, YES, I’d love to run my fingers through his hair–soft or dry, idc bc it’s Gong Yoo. He’s beautiful. 💖

          • Amy

            Get in lines dear. Hahaha

          • Ren

            Forget asking about haircare, I’m all about Kim Go Eun’s skincare routine.

        • mitch

          HAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

        • AnnW

          Girl…. I like your last comment…..’ and then ask the name of his conditioner’… can’t stop laughing after reread it so many times now hahahaha

        • Celine

          My sister cried, “Let me be Kim Goeun!” LMAO She is so jealous.

          • jomo

            There is something about GY that brings out the possessive in me. I am sooooo jealous of all the other women who have gotten to play across from him, and in his arms, over the years. There really is no other actor that gets me like that!
            I understand how idol fangirls feel when I watch GY.
            I love that man!

      • 12.2.2 endo

        Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo was cute off cam. They are quite playful when not in character.

        • Van

          https://youtu.be/KCCMXXUYDsk Heck YEAH, they’re cute off cam! 😄💞 tvN answered my wishes and FINALLY released BTS of the two (I was really starting to think they were purposely hiding footage of the two…) together BTS! Leaving it here for those who haven’t see it yet!

          Note: the photo that Gong Yoo was taking for Kim Go-eun at the end of that video was actually the last photo she uploaded on her Instagram before she deleted her account. I was so bummed when I found out that @ggone was gone (how appropriate), but now I’m giddy to find out that Gong Yoo was the photographer behind that photo and how much adoration and love was behind it! He’s truly her fan. So sweet!

        • PersonaInnominatum

          Yes they are!!:) saw this one bts where GY Was running from KGE i think. I’m sad that we’ll have to wait for another week after that tsunami of emotions, but I’m excited to see the special ep. Hopefully, there’s a loooot of bts!!:)

    • 12.3 Storeybrooke

      Missed it! Gonna watch it again!

    • 12.4 Celine

      Gong Yoo has a very distinct laugh and I heard it in that scene. They’re cute. Love the natural pecks Euntak gave Shin.

    • 12.5 Storeybrooke

      Just rewatched it over and over again. TOO cute! And immediately stopped when it cut to him rereading the contract, my heart cant take the bawling scenes😢 tearing up even as i write this

    • 12.6 flamie

      I know right. Clearly he and Kim Go Eun was having fun filming that scene

    • 12.7 bips99

      this couple is adorbs. whenever their scenes are over, i realise that i had been smiling all throughout. she is like what a foot shorter than him and her jumping around and kissing him. and his laughs. ahhhh…

      i think PBG and GY are the two actors whose smile i really love. its just so genuine

      • 12.7.1 PersonaInnominatum

        Same!!:) it’s like Eun Tak’s character fits with Kim Go Eun. I especially the way she talks, smiles, and laugh. I bet if done differently, it’ll be cringeworthy, but she really makes it work. And GY!! He’s so adorkable!! Suffice to say, this episode was roller coaster of emotion for me. You see the happy moments, yet you cry inside because the viewers know, it’s a farewell date:(

    • 12.8 endo

      Yes. Yes. I keep on replaying it. Swoooooon.

  13. 13 clairie

    There were many sad moments in this episodes. The broken bromance, Wang Yeo, Goryeo scenes, Shin’s death. All these scenes brought tears to my eyes.

    However, the one that I felt the most was Sunny and Grim Reaper break up. The moment he said, “Every day my heart broke from missing you”. I just bawl my hearts out because we saw how miserable his life was back then.

    Sunny response was equally heart wrenching. I hope these two got their happy ending.

    • 13.1 Van

      I really hope everyone gets their deserved happy ending, too.

      My heart breaks for Grims. He’s such a lovely puppy. I wish him happiness with Sunny and the rest of the gang. Please! That said, when Sunny brought up “Let’s break up,” I was like, “Really? THIS again?” I so badly wanted him to grab hold of her hand and just hang onto her for dear life because they need to stop breaking up and be together already!

      • 13.1.1 giegie

        Sunny and GR doesn’t only deserved only happy ending but also some steamy scene like their poster….

      • 13.1.2 Cicilia

        Yes!!! My grims suffered enough & more. He was just a naive young king who was a puppet in the hands of a eunuch. When he realised his sins, he went crazy and even as a GR he suffered enough. Spare him writernim.
        On a personal note, I want to see some steamy scenes of LDW & YIN. LDW being such a great kisser

      • 13.1.3 mehungie

        I had your exact reaction to “Let’s break up” but then Sunny explained her reason and it was totally sensible. She is head over heels for him but it’s for reasons outside of her control and comprehension. She never stopped wondering why she was so attracted to him, even now. Now that she found out her past, she doesn’t want to blindly accept him in this life anymore just because fate forced her to. To that I say, go girl, own your life choices! Time for him to stop moping and start proving his worth to EARN her trust. Her love is not to be taken for granted any longer!

    • 13.2 Lizzie

      The highlight for me in this drama would always be Reaper and Sunny. Their break up scene, though very simple with no over the top crying, still was such a tear jerker. I know that the climax should be about Goblin and his bride, but, my goodness they were the reason I nearly dropped this drama.

  14. 14 Mhinee

    Wish Goblin’s alive again is not ridiculous as Yoo Shi Jin whom walk from Albania to Urk

    • 14.1 VOICE

      i just burst out laughing

    • 14.2 kobrakiddo

      OMG Lol. you win the internet today 😀

    • 14.3 Storeybrooke

      Hear hear, glad that i was not the only one who found that ridiculous 😂 oh watch out for DOTS fans! Never really understood their fame

      • 14.3.1 Mhinee

        Sorry for dots fans :))

    • 14.4 giegie

      LOL… At least Goblin gave proper goodbye to ET. So ET didn’t need to check her text messaged’s read sign in the middle of dessert. LOL

    • 14.5 Amy

      So true. Hahahahaha

    • 14.6 Storeybrooke

      I could read this all day 😂

      Let’s not forget the hair-raising, cringeworthy over-the-top cheesy lines. If anything, the drama has shown me that the leads are very capable in keeping straight faces😂

    • 14.7 Trinity

      I love your comment! It made my day..the scene you described is so funny !

    • 14.8 avidkdramaer

      Haha.. same. Was thinking of the same thing and commented above before I saw your comment.

    • 14.9 JessA

      This comment is everything. lol

  15. 15 mianmian

    This was the best way for the sword to come out… There was no other way they could have written it. I appreciate the writer so much! Eun Tak would never have pulled out the sword herself, and Kim Shin would never have let her die for him. Now that the sword is finally out… We can move on. But this moment was so great, I appreciate that they gave us a week to mull over the epic happenings and superb acting. Augh… It hurts so good.

    • 15.1 Celine

      I agree. I did not expect that Park Joonheong will be part of the scene itself. I had a hunch the sword is connected to his ultimate demise, but I so did not see him as using Euntak to do the deed himself. Props to KES on that.

      Shin dying is beautiful and heartbreaking.

      • 15.1.1 Raptor

        yeah! The last few scenes were indeed so well written and came out of almost nowhere! I love that ET reached that realisation (something even before us viewers did)!

        • Celine

          Yes! When she said she figured it out, I was like, “WHAT?? What? Tell us?” I was confused at first but then when she explained I was like “Hosh*t NOOO!” As a viewer, I thoroughly enjoyed how the last scene played out except I was crying my eyes out. Kim Shin, come backkkk

      • 15.1.2 HariHud

        I wasn’t expecting that or the method of Reaper’s memory restoration. Some great scenes for LDW, lovey dovey moments (yay, a substantial kiss) and the sword removal. Hard to wait for final episodes! Great recap.

    • 15.2 Van

      Good point! How the sword-pulling played out made sense and allowed the characters to stay true to themselves. It’s so sad and cruel, though! When he used her hand to pull out the sword, I was like “OMG NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??” I’m sad about what happened (temporarily!) to Shin, but I’m glad and excited to move on and look forward to what’s to come. You bet I’m gonna be doin’ a boat load of mulling over this episode!

    • 15.3 nchoe

      I’m confused with Eun-tak though. She summoned Shin to save her from Jung-Won only to stab herself with Shin’s sword the next second.

      But oh well, maybe she’s just panick and couldn’t think clearly.

      So sad with the last scenes though. I know we’re gonna have Shin back, but I can’t help angsting with uri OTP… it’s very rare for me to feel this way over a drama.

      Well done Kim Eun-sook chakkanim!

      • 15.3.1 nchoe


        I’m so bad at remembering Korean name. Lol.

      • 15.3.2 Mango Juice

        Shin asked Eun-tak for a favor, that being once he called, Eun-tak will summon him. She just granted what Shin asked of her 🙂

        • nchoe

          Ah… that makes sense. Thanks for pointing that out @mango juice & @Khl

      • 15.3.3 Khl

        ” I’m confused with Eun-tak though. She summoned Shin to save her from Jung-Won only to stab herself with Shin’s sword the next second. ”

        @nchoe, she decided to stab herself with Shin’s “water” sword so as to prevent PJW from taking possession of her body to pull out Shin’s sword-in-the-heart. She had come to that realization (of PJW’s plan) before she was strangled by him. Remember that she couldnt see PJW already. I assume all she could feel was something strangling her and pushing her over the edge.

        She promised Shin that she would summon him when he called her on the phone. She knew that he had some plan to deal with PJW so Shin had to be summoned there. I dont think she was actively thinking that she wanted to summon Shin ‘just to save her life’.

      • 15.3.4 Frankie

        I wanted to put something out there and maybe someone can piece a theory behind it. Eun Tak’s blood in on the Goblin’s sword before he takes a final swing at the evil eunich .I wonder if this has some effect in the Goblin to resurrect himself someway.

        • Khl

          EunTak’s blood is on the “sword made of water”, i.e. the one that Kim Shin conjured up by his own powers.

          It is different from THE Sword embedded (now removed) from his chest.

    • 15.4 JessA

      Yeah, I agree too. At first I was freaking out and wailing like a crazy person but it definitely was the best way. Although the last scenes are incredibly sad (because Goblin dies??!!) they were some of the best in this series. I am also glad we are over the whole pulling out the Goblin’s sword arc too. Let’s get to the happy endings. Especially for my bromance!

  16. 16 Sera The Ms Temper

    Eun Tak’s crying scene at the end was so on point. I didnt watch the whole episode yet but seeing this scene alone enough to prove how capable Kim Go Eun as an actress.

    • 16.1 Storeybrooke

      It was indeed heart-wrenching. Cried watching that

    • 16.2 Gem

      I don’t think Kim Go Eun’s abilities should be questioned, she is a very good actress but that last scene was truly stand out. I wish that the writer had given her more of those moments.

  17. 17 lunaticandra

    Next thing we know, we would spend the next three episodes going to the west hunting seven dragon balls to revive the great goblin from the scattered ash. You know how Shenlong always grant wishes like no other. Might as well outgod an Almighty with a giant dragon at this point.

    Still desperately hope Kim Eun Sook has a better resolution than mine…

    • 17.1 Lord Cobol

      Better than resolving everything in one episode and spending the next two on pointless wrapup *cough*Master’s Sun*cough*

  18. 18 My teeeeaarss

    Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo are really terrific and conveying emotions without being too ott like some other drama actors.. I know a lot of people dislike the main couple and the draggy replay scenes but I cannot find any fault with their acting. Its a cross between drama and movies that I’m comfortable with.

    • 18.1 JV

      The the main OTP and this episode showed why they are the couple I love, ET loss beautifully conveyed, and KS well the actor is just everything which is just perfect.

  19. 19 Lessa

    I just finished drowning myself in an ocean of tears, and now I’m going to just jump in again. K, bye.


  20. 20 JISG

    and that kiss. Faint. Death. I die.

    How is it possible for Gong Yoo to easily channel passionate love like that?!?!? I guess he is an act-tuer lol

    • 20.1 Celine

      It was beautiful and sad at the same time. /sigh/ Why did the more passionate kiss have to be the heartbreaking one too? /cries/ Gong Yoo showed his famous kissing skills once again.

  21. 21 Lessa

    NOW, speaking of good deed sandwich giveaways….


    • 21.1 voice

      the most solid theory on how Shin will come back is Subway, Subway will bring him to life

      • 21.1.1 Storeybrooke


      • 21.1.2 PersonaInnominatum


    • 21.2 Herfyjo

      He’ll be found in a Subway store…naked except for a Bamboo Panda towel, and covered in Baskin Robbins ice cream.

      • 21.2.1 Van


        Hands down, it’d be THE BEST ppl usage in K drama history.

  22. 22 bips99

    I lub this show. I was all bawling yesterday.

    – a little scene missed by most. When goblin breaks down, after the trip, realizing that he needs to die and does not want to. Gong yoo cries so so authentically. I rarely find male actors crying to feel genuine. But here A+

    – loved how they eased into the physical aspect of their relationship given the initial criticism. Loved the warm fuzzy trip and the final kiss. How i love these 2 together

    – KGE crying in the end. Tears.

    – 3 episodes to go so a happy ending is guaranteed. Right. Right? Right?? I want all these people to be happy

    • 22.1 JISG

      These people are amazing criers lol

      Ugh, I forgot the letter crying. You can absolutely feels his heart breaking. Omg I am still crying 😭

      • 22.1.1 Van

        Not only are they amazing criers, but they’re also PRETTY CRIERS! Gah, so pretty! I only know how to ugly cry. It’s okay.

        When he cried while reading Eun-tak’s contract letter, I was like, “Gong Yoo, don’t do this to me!” It was so heartbreaking.

        • bips99

          i swear. how can he cry convincingly and still not look ugly. i look like a complete wreck when i cry. the universe is just unfair. hrmphhhh but gong yoo breaking down – devastating

      • 22.1.2 Celine

        Yeah, exactly my first comment when I first saw them cry. Damn, they are good. They’re good in quiet teary and tearful moments, but also in all out cry-fest.

      • 22.1.3 JISG

        Well, if we’re going to track great criers here I would like to nominate Jo In Sung. That man is the Meryl Streep of crying.

        • DaehanMingukManse

          Oh.My.God you brought me back to “Memories in Bali”
          Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

    • 22.2 Blue bean

      Kim Soo Hyun is a good crier too.

      • 22.2.1 JessA

        Yoo Seung-ho is also a great crier. He cries just beautifully…

        • PLAYSTORE

          @JessA ahhhh….. my Yoo Seung Ho! breaking my heart since I miss you…..

        • missjb

          YSH crying scene is cringeworthy to be honest

      • 22.2.2 Van

        Park Shin-hye! Now that girl can cry. Her tears kinda brought her to stardom. Jk. But the girl can cry really well! AND she’s a pretty crier, too!

        • Ara

          That’s why KES over-used her crying ability in Heirs- all she does is crying- that make people annoyed and hate her and her crying….
          She is really a good and pretty crier

      • 22.2.3 PersonaInnominatum

        THIS!! I was just gonna write this down in this thread. I especially love his crying scene in ep17 of MEtS!! I love actors that are good at crying, like they really pull you and make you cry as well regardless of the scenario, you can just feel that they are in pain. It’s so different when other actors/actress just have this stoic face and let the eye drop fall or when they try so hard to still look beautiful.

        So far, I love seeing KGE and KSH cry! That sounds wrong but you know I mean lol!:)

  23. 23 Chi

    Goblin is good but the Grim Reader is amazing.

  24. 24 jv

    The kiss was and unexpected romantic moment, love how ET figured out Parks plan and tried to save my Goblin, but what a beautifully sad episode filled with love, angst and an understanding of how weak we can be and how truly strong we can also be when driven by love or darkness, KS was just beautiful when he came and protected the woman he loved and finally his King, 900 years later for one, and sadly too soon for him and ET, loved this show.

    • 24.1 nchoe

      I don’t know, I’m a little bit disappointed with the kiss. But, I guess it’s because he’s Gong-yoo and I know what he’s actually capable of.

      Hohoho *suddenly it’s hot here *I need a fan*

      • 24.1.1 PersonaInnominatum

        Lol! I’ll have to agree though, I think it’s still toned down. Beautiful, nonetheless:)

      • 24.1.2 Celine

        It was passionate but yes, definitely still toned down compared to Gong Yoo’s other kisses. I think it’s appropriate for the tone so no complaints for me. 🙂

      • 24.1.3 JISG

        yes he could totes ramp it up more but i guess they don’t want people to think about sex when the characters are facing imminent deaths.

        i’ll prepare my heart for the “surprise, i am back” kiss!!

        • Van

          Lol, now I CAN’T WAIT for the “Surprise, I’m back!” kiss. Mwahahaha!

      • 24.1.4 DaehanMingukManse

        I think its still appropriate, considering at this stage Eun Tak is STILL 20 yrs old.
        But when she turn 29 yrs old next week….
        I hope Shin Ha Kyun didn’t popped his eyes seeing his gf kissin like an adult woman.

  25. 25 voice

    There are THREE episodes left, i refuse to believe GY wouldn’t be in any of it

    • 25.1 Van

      C’MON NOW! 😏

    • 25.2 JessA

      That would be ridiculous! I mean it is called The Lonely Shining Goblin. We need the goblin!

    • 25.3 PersonaInnominatum


  26. 26 cherryarrow

    Not going to lie, this episode made me cry several times. T_T I don’t believe one bit that Shin is dead, this is KES we’re talking about, and it’s still episode 13! What will we do without our main guy for 3 more episodes. I just hope he doesn’t come back as somebody as ‘reincarnated’… that’d be so weird. Can everyone just get a good ending pretty please? ;_;

    I’m so glad Wang Yeo finally got his memories back, though right now I am so invested in the Yeo x Sunny relationship. Those 2 definitely deserve happiness also.

    Park Joong Heon dead! So soon though? Hopefully he really is dead for good, in hell preferably. This guy really discriminates against warrior families, I can’t even count how many times he’s called Sun a lower class citizen because of her background despite her being the queen of the country. So he really is a vengeful/evil ghost that does evil deeds, ugh, what a creep.

    • 26.1 Lord Cobol

      And warriors weren’t even as low-class in Goryeo as they were later in Joseon.

      • 26.1.1 cherryarrow

        Exactly! Even though warrior class isn’t low class in Joseon, just lower class than scholars. Who does Park think he is, he thinks so highly of himself even though he’s a servant.

        • nchoe

          It’s been explained in previous episode. He’s a professor from Sungkyungkwan. So, yeah, he’s a scholar and he thinks he’s better than Shin.

          • cherryarrow

            Yeah he’s a scholar. But he’s still a servant, I mean…

          • Kiara

            The low class weren’t allowed to enter Sungkyungkwan even back when it was first established.

            Park Joong-won was definitely a noble man if he was a scholar at Sungkyungkwan. His family was probably higher in rank than the Kim siblings for him to look down on them. Perhaps they were noble but country pumpkins.
            (Reminds me of General Yi Seong-gye in SFD. Despite of his many merits in defending Goryeo he wasn’t given the respect he deserves. He was still a lowly noble man and a general from the countryside.)

      • 26.1.2 Kendi

        Now I’m curious if Eunuchs is categorized as low class/coming from low class despite holding a high rank /high influence (the king’s eunuch in Moonlight).

        If a yangban daughter can be a court lady (and later rise in rank as concubines) like Soo/Su in Moon Lovers, can eunuchs be the same too? Like eunuch coming from yangban family since from what I watched in Moonlight, eunuch was coming from low background (Ra On was even sold to be one.)

        Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

        • kumoiwa

          It is unlikely that any eunuchs came from noble families–if they did, it was likely that their families had fallen into ruin or committed great crimes against the king. Progeny is always important in almost all parts of the world, and in a Confucian society like that of ancient Korea’s, it was one of the basic duties of a proper Confucian man. If you couldn’t produce a kid, you were, well, not a man. And that was the ultimate dishonour on your family (and your cow).

          So they were almost always classified as the lowest class on the hierarchy? Though a lot of eunuchs bypassed that and wielded more actual power than the scholar-bureaucrats, who were almost always infighting and all that–the Chinese Ming dynasty had lots of powerful eunuchs, as did the earlier Han dynasty.

          For women it was different, because they had the chance of catching the king’s fancy and becoming a part of his harem, birthing lots of children along the way. That doesn’t really interfere in the tenet belief of producing a lot of progeny I guess.

          • Kendi

            Thank you so much kumoiwa!!

          • Kiara

            “So they were almost always classified as the lowest class on the hierarchy?”

            Pretty much in both eras. They were mostly lower class and slaves. Some became eunuchs to pay a family debt. They were easily killed on the spot if they made a mistake etc and no one would care.
            I don’t think nobles would put themselves in that kind of position.

            I believe they only became powerful when they were able to manipulate or gained the king’s favor and trust. They were in close contacts with the king 24hrs a day. I can see how a lonely and young king would be easily manipulated by one.

          • Jamie

            @kumoiwa: “And that was the ultimate dishonour on your family (and your cow).”

            And your cow? There can be dishonor on a cow? Color me…intrigued. 😀

        • cherryarrow

          To be a eunuch kinda sucks, you get placed in the palace at a young age (usually) and castrated. If you’re lucky you can work your way up and attend to the King or the Crown Prince, they definitely have influences on Kings/Crown Princes since they are with them 24/7. Not sure how Park became an eunuch, usually eunuch families are really poor and low class, they send their children into the palace so they can have a “better life”. Park obviously was a scholar, maybe his family committed crimes or something… since Park has a beard we can assume he got castrated after puberty.

      • 26.1.3 PersonaInnominatum

        Not to mention, it’s warriors and generals who ends one dynasty and starts a new one and be kings. One shouldn’t rely to much on their family name.

    • 26.2 bananachocolate

      I don’t think PJH will come back, or at least I hope he won’t. I thought the sword being the one thing to kill him was quite poetic. The sword is stabbed and kept in place at the center of Kim Shin, his heart. Over the course of 900 years, Kim Shin has accumulated good deeds (good karma) and so the sword in a way represent his change not only in helping others (without the use of violence),but also his experience with Eun Tak who brought him much happiness from the “bottom of his heart”. The change in color from aquamarine to bright orange-red signifies that and in that way, PJH becomes “purifies” and vanish since demons need to be purify and vanquish.
      If one looked at a technicality level, PJH got his wish which was Kim Shin’s demise. So he will disappeared since his wish was fulfilled.
      But he’s still pretty arrogant and condescending jerk.

    • 26.3 PersonaInnominatum

      True, if we look at it logically, they were going from a tragic ending, it should’ve been in the finale. Not to mention, the writer doesn’t have a history of tragic endings right? I’m not sure what her other works are that I’ve seen so I’m not too sure; others just say so lol.

      He is just a catalyst to the story, and I’m glad I don’t have to see his creepy black mouth anymore lol. I just wished he wasn’t just suddenly dropped on our plate, I prefer a gradual introduction. I love that because of him, Shin died a heroic death; suicide is a big No No in this drama ( and in the real world too og course), we can’thave him firgetting everything and becoming a GR if that’s ever an option for him.
      It’s annoying how PJW looks down on the queen when he’s “lowly” himself. I’d love to see Yeo do a “royal decree” for PJW to drink the poisoned tonic instead when he kept serving it to Yeo. Damn old man knows no other style of killing royals, of course Yeo would know it’s poisoned lol!

      I was just wondering though, during those times where he was the evil spirit behind those people almost killed ET, wasn’t she able to see ghosts that time? And Shin as well? I wonder why went unnoticed then.

  27. 27 Celine

    FEEELLLLSSS OMG I so did not expect to see our Goblin to go in this episode! We have three more!!!

    That ending is so brilliantly done. Park Joongheon’s tactic had me go “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh! Well Sh*t just went down!” It had both the surprise element and the emotional punch when Shin died. It was sad yet truly a beautiful scene. I like how Girlfriday pointed out that Shin is a warrior through and through. He did what he originally hoped would be the royal decree of the king.

    Now the question is, “What know?” /cries We have an entire week to wait. Ugh tvn why??? But yey for special filled with NGs and commentaries. The behind the scenes of this drama is just as entertaining as the show itself.

    I vote for that “magic-presto Get Out of Heaven Free card Shin’s earned with the gods”. Grim, help out your loyal general. May you all have a happy ending in this lifetime.

  28. 28 alexis

    I cried so much as the goblin disappeared. the episode left me ugly… there were so many feels. it feels like my heart was torn apart… someone just stabbed me in the heart.

  29. 29 Storeybrooke

    So few comments! Beanies! where are you? As much as i wish to think of some theories for their story to go on, i hold my heart in a tight rein. Dont want to be devastated next week. What will come, will come. Divinity bless their souls

  30. 30 PersonaInnominatum

    Woah! Take note, don’t take suicide or you’ll be a shinigami! oh wait our GRs are basically workers/slaves. This show is really making me interested in reincarnation and Buddhism. I’ve meen looking it up recently. It’s definitely better than an endless and dreamless slumber (if you don’t believe in life after death).

    Anyway, it’s pretty ironic how GR’s punishment is more like a reward in imo. He knows who he is, he’s interacted with people from his past with new eyes, yet, he doesn’t have access to his side of the story. Geez, I’m dying to see all of episode 13, but it’ll have to wait after work. On a side note, if I were WY, i would give a “royal decree” for PJW to drink the decoction instead.

    Off to read the recap, thanks JB!

    • 30.1 PersonaInnominatum

      I mean, GF!:) sorry.

    • 30.2 cherryarrow

      East Asian reincarnation mythology is super interesting and fascinating! Another drama called Arang and the Magistrate does a good job portraying it too.

      To be honest I’m not really satisfied that Park Joong Heon died that way, he still thinks he has an upper hand, can’t they give us more of a satisfying death scene of him?

      • 30.2.1 nchoe

        Me too! I wish Shin have given him a sassy reply, but he didn’t. Poor man had too much going on in his head, I guess.

      • 30.2.2 Kendi

        I LOVE ARANG! The only Lee Jun Ki’s drama where the chemistry is off the chart since I don’t feel that way with his other works that I watched (Scholar, Gunman, Scarlet).

      • 30.2.3 Lennie

        True i was not too happy with the way PJW character ended. He should be tormented with guilt bec he is the root of all the foolish acts the young king did. Still i am glad he is out of the picture now. But my heart is breaking. Bring back my GY oppa!

      • 30.2.4 PersonaInnominatum

        I saw Arang and the Magistrate and it was so lovely, especially the incorporation of the Jade Emperor, and the fallen heavenly maiden? If I remember correctly? Plus, the red rope is consistent with what I know of how reapers gather the dead. Although, the reincarnation part was just at the ending if I remember correctly. Nonetheless, I love the rich mythology in Antm:)

        Ikr?! In his twisted mind he still won since caused Shin’s death again.

      • 30.2.5 Jamie

        @cherryarrow: “To be honest I’m not really satisfied that Park Joong Heon died that way, he still thinks he has an upper hand, can’t they give us more of a satisfying death scene of him?”

        Do you think he’s simply ceased to exist? Or will he go to hell now (as the reapers did for a period of time, before drinking the memory loss tea and working off the rest of their debt to society)?

        • cherryarrow

          I think Park might just ceased to exist since he’s a “vengeful ghost”, not a regular ghost/spirit. Park seems too evil to have a second chance imo lol. I assume the grim reapers become grim reapers because they feel remorse for what they did

          • Jamie

            I’m not sure how I feel about that, cherryarrow. In this cosmology, hell is essentially a purgatory for souls who can be rehabilitated?

            It seems so…anticlimactic for an evil-doer of 900+ years to just be poofed out of existence, somehow.

          • cherryarrow


            He could be in hell yes, because he is a vengeful ghost, there are 18 levels of hell afterall.

            I’m not sure what’s the ability of Shin’s fire sword is, it might send Park straight to hell or he could just cease to exist.

  31. 31 kobrakiddo

    I don’t know why, but each time when Reaper cries I cried along with him :/

    • 31.1 Lizzie

      I know ep 13 is suppose to be Goblin and his bride’s episode, but, for me, Resper and Sunny always had this ability to make their scenes amazing! These two should have a drama together ASAP!

    • 31.2 light

      Me too. He and Sunny. I cry every time I remember Sunny’s apology to Shin for not keeping her promise to be happy.

      • 31.2.1 PersonaInnominatum

        That gets me so bad!

  32. 32 JISG

    People people, the Goblin will come back. I am more certain of that fact than the sun rising tomorrow. No worries. You don’t brainwash your audience with that much Subway ad to afford Gong Yoo and not have him in every scene.

    Side note – how many Subway ads do I have to watch for shirtless Gong Yoo scenes? Asking for a “friend” 😂

    • 32.1 Celine

      Viewers cried foul with Big’s ending saying Hong Sisters wasted Gong Yoo. Imagine the wrath Kim Eunsook will face if she really kills Gong Yoo in this (after courting him for years to be her leading man only to kill his character in the end). lol

    • 32.2 DaehanMingukManse

      And you make me praying that Goblin will comeback in Terminator’s style because if that happen, I’ll hope my “pause” and “printScr” buttons work well.

    • 32.3 Ally


      *laughing under the covers of my bed, so my husband doesn’t wake up, shaking and crying I’m laughing so hard* at your comment.
      First, about the sun rising, then about subway, and finally your “friend”‘s question!

      • 32.3.1 JISG

        Well, my “friend” really wants to know. She’s heavily invested in her totally legit question lol

  33. 33 rockingcharis


    • 33.1 rockingcharis

      Also, I’m so amused that we got all the typical couple separation montages and silent phone calls not from EunTak and Shin but with Shin and Yeo lol

      • 33.1.1 halfmoon

        Yes ! It’s as if Goblin and Reaper are the OTP. Actually, I think they are…

        • Kendi

          Actually, the thumbnail chosen for this episode is perfect for Goblin/Reaper OTP. Was it intentional or even subliminal? Hehe.

      • 33.1.2 lunaticandra

        They are like estranged couple about to get a divorce but still in love with each other…

      • 33.1.3 Amy

        I agree with you. I also love that scenes because usually only couples do like that when they fight or what so ever. Hahahaha

      • 33.1.4 agon

        The flashbacks of their bromantic shenanigans put the silliest smile on my face! I have faith that we’ll get their reunion next week 🙂

      • 33.1.5 Smittenkitten

        I loved that silent phone call scene. Just like separated lovers. Best bromance I’ve seen.

        • Millionstars

          Another scene that really broke my heart in this episode was when Wang yeo went back to the house, and he was just standing there all alone. I don’t know why but that short scene made me really really sad. And aww our goblin left the house instead of making WY leave cause he knew that WY has nowhere else to go 🙁

      • 33.1.6 SapphireBlue

        Yeah thought that too. It would have been really progressive to have Goblin and Reaper be a couple in this life having being enemies in their past lives.

        But of course that will never happen but they have the best chemistry in the series

    • 33.2 Van

      That kiss CAME OUTTA NOWHERE! It was SUCH an unexpected and bittersweet surprise. I didn’t see it coming but when it did, boy did I utilize that “Back” key…

      • 33.2.1 Lennie

        Awww that kiss was drool worthy. I want to be in ET’s shoes for THAT yummy kiss!😍😚😚

    • 33.3 Celine

      Yes because the first two (the peck and the tent kiss) were not typical Gong Yoo though they were adorable and sweet kisses. LMAO Anyway, the third one is really beautiful and sad. Will it be the last?

      • 33.3.1 Millionstars

        I love how GY executed that kiss scene. I mean other than the fact that it was so much more than just a peck. To Goblin that was going to be the last(obviously there’s going to be more in the next 3 episodes, right?) kiss with ET so I could really feel his desperation in that scene. Well done to GY *2 thumbs up*

        Please don’t let that kiss be the last one pleaseee writernim. I wont be greedy so can we at least have one another beautiful kiss where they just get to enjoy the moment without having to worry about dying or ya know all the other dramas.

        • Celine

          Indeed. I felt his desperation in that scene because to him it is his last. /cries/

  34. 34 Lola

    I watched it. I cried. I read the recap. I cried. This episode was heart rending and beautiful. I’m looking forward to how this will be resolved.

    I still feel sorry for Wang Yeo, even Goryeo Wang Yeo. He was shaped by his poisonous adviser since he was a baby. If only he could have freed himself of that influence.

    The highlight of this series for me is the Reaper/Goblin relationship. I need more of them together.

  35. 35 halfmoon

    There’s got to be something that Reaper would do to protect ET and Sunny… or to bring Goblin back… No idea how but there’s got to be something he could do now , besides yelling Park Joong-heon’s name three times (to eject him from ET’s body).

    • 35.1 Celine

      My thoughts too. Grim was weak as Yeo and he showed that he still has that cowardice and weakness now, but I refuse to believe he will remain to be so. It’s his turn to protect those who loved/love him.

      • 35.1.1 Lennie

        Agree. KS character has always shown him protecting the king. I think in the remaining episodes it will be his turn to do the protecting. I have high hopes for the rekindling of the bromance, my OTP for this drama. 😎😎😎

      • 35.1.2 PersonaInnominatum

        I think he won’t have a choice but to “man up” now that he thinks Shin’s dead (He’s alive, he’s alive, of course he’s alive).

  36. 36 Gem

    I cried at the end but then I realized, what the heck?? We have 3 more hours to cover for the finale and yet this feels like a legitimate fitting ending which means, either next 3 episodes will blow us away or end in lackluster affair. I hope for the first one.
    I have so many questions:
    1. The Goblin’s final moment felt exactly how I would like, heroic and fitting end to a 900 years of pain and suffering in glory just like his death all the way back i Goryeo. But it was rushed.
    2. So what will happen to Eun Tak, will Grim Reaper make her forget like he promised.
    3. What happens to reaper now, has he gone through enough pain or does he have to suffer more now??
    4. Am I the only one who feels complete dissatisfaction with the second lead couple?? Just when they both rediscovered there past connections and love, they walk away from each other without some good moments for us viewers. I expected a bit more of their angst, love and kisses and I am highly dissatisfied what was given to us. Its like their entire happy memories took place backstage and all we saw where the tiny weird one that swiftly ended in tears. For me, more than Goblin and Eun Tak, these two were the true star crossed lovers of the show. Sad in Gorye, Sad in 21st century despite loving each other, I am just a bit angry right now on behalf of them.
    5. Also, just like you Girlfriday, I wonder how they will fill 3+ hours of run time next week, I am scared for them now. I hate when show looses momentum at the end and it looks like we’re headed that way. Fingers crossed.

    • 36.1 khl

      Hi Gem,
      I think ET will somehow have her memories erased/lost/amnesia, whatever, since it was pretty clear she forgot that she ever came to Canada in that scene where she is a 29-year old.

      As for second lead couple, I can understand where Sunny is coming from. She has got memories of her past life as Kim Sun, where she sacrificed herself to save WY. And she now knows that WY is Grim Reaper. What is she supposed to do? Still continue to love an otherworldly being? Plus, she promised her oraboni that she will be happy in her current life. As for GR, he knows he is currently being in limbo, punished by having his past sins revealed to him. Im sure he knows there is much more punishment ahead. Besides seeking the forgiveness of the people he needs to seek, I don’t think there is much else he can actively do.

      BTW, in that conversation where sunny and ET were talking about whether they were in their 1st or 4th lives, Sunny mentioned that she is in her 4th life. Wonder if she knows this because when her past lives were revealed in that kiss with GR, she saw another separate past life and therefore knew her current is her 4th?

      I just wonder

      • 36.1.1 Gem

        4th life is where you enjoy the harvest….I think Sunny meant it metaphorically. She had wonderful parents, met her long lost love and brother, it does feel like her life is giving her back the fruits of her past good deeds.
        As for, Eun Tak, I this she’ll forget. It might be Samshin Halmoni’s doing. She really hates to see her child suffer.

        • Khl

          Oic, so that was what Sunny meant. I took the end subs literally cos it said “I know of two past lives”.

          I still have some chills about Samshin Halmoni’s conversation with hoobae reaper. What do you think that was all about? She said “1st life or 4th life, they are equally precious, right”.
          When I first saw that scene, I was wondering which two of the lead characters she was “choosing” between.
          It might hint of some other life-death / punishment as fodder for the last 3 episodes, no?

          • Khl

            Oops. I meant *eng/english subs rather than ‘end’ subs.

          • PersonaInnominatum

            On a totally different topic regarding samshin halmeoni and hoobae reaper, on the first few eps didn’t he mention how he worries because his landlady, a halmeoni, keeps seeing a grim reaper in her dreams ever since he rented the room? Of course now we know that it was Samshin halmeoni pulling his tail. But I just wonder, back then he didn’t know she was a deity, even now, I don’t think he does because he tried to ask for her name; but does he see a younger samshin now and doesn’t find it odd? Or does he still an old lady, while the viewers see a younger version? I know it’s totally irrelevant to the story, I was just wondering. Because I distinctly remembers that he said his landlord was an old lady.

      • 36.1.2 Raptor

        I have a feeling the convo between Sunny and ET will come into play again somewhat. Love the sisterly bond they’ve built

    • 36.2 Kate

      I am speaking on behalf of my friends, and I, when I say: we want more Reaper and Sunny! Pleeeaase! These two make the Goblin drama so worthwhile!

    • 36.3 nchoe

      Me too. I highly anticipated the secondary couple in this show because I love Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na (and also their promotional poster is so hot hot hot). Plus, Kim Eun-sook’s secondary couple always interesting.

      Unfortunately, I found it really hard for me to be emotionally invested in their relationship. They keep breaking up, but is there anything to break between them to begin with? I’m not even sure they know each other well when I can’t recall they ever have any heart to heart conversation.

      So I was waiting for their past relationship to be revealed, since perhaps, their unexplainable strong attraction came from their relationship in previous life. But then again, I got nothing much from the past. They just met and fell in love. That’s it.

      I still love Reaper to the moon and back, though. I just can’t buy his love story.

      • 36.3.1 Gem

        Its like all good things that bonded them in 21st century took place behind the scene and all the bad ones happen in front of the viewers. I am tired of that.

      • 36.3.2 Marina

        As much as I find GR and Sunny’s “dating” cute while she had no idea that he was WY, I hope she keeps him at the distance in the last episod. Goryeo or not, he was an abusive husband who had her killed in previous life. What kind of message to all abused and murdered wives that would be? Her brother was right to be upset with her for falling for GR’s pretty face instead of his character again, just like he told her in their Goryeo chat before she gets married. Compared to our main couple’s romance, Sunny-Wang Yoo love story is very shallow. I like bromance so much better, because betrayed General can forgive his King, no problem here. But murdered wife forgiving her husband? Doesn’t work for me.

        • Gem

          No Goryeo story will ever work on TV then. Goblin and Grim Reaper were both sinners and hence the whole storyline. I respectfully disagree with your comment, I don’t find their romance shallow, I just don’t think we got to see how they fell for each other on screen as much of it happened away from our eyes or so was implied. I wish we got to see it and weren’t just being told that they fell for each other.

      • 36.3.3 Celine

        I feel the same way. Love Grim and Sunny and found their interactions (dating) cute, but the repetition of breaking up when it’s not even clear if they ever began and when that happened made me feel disconnected to their romance. By the nth time that they broke up in this episode, I was like “yeah yeah another “last and real” break up for you two. Okay.”

    • 36.4 DaehanMingukManse

      I don’t think Reaper are the second lead in here. In fact I think this story more about the Main Characters in shared universe, that is Goblin and Reaper, and the second leads are Sunny and EunTak.

  37. 37 Raptor

    Gosh, my tears were flowing so much during the breakup scene between Sunny/ Reaper ( a little repetitive though, their breaking up), and the last scene when ET wailed for Shin. This episode was really great in moving things along and I felt a strange sense of emptiness when the Ep ended. I hadn’t expected this to happen this soon, but I guess with the re-working of the series the producers and writers are reported to be up to for the last few episodes, it makes sense that Park has to be vanquished in this manner. It seems the Korean viewers’ concerns about the two couples have reached the creative team, and this Ep definitely fleshed out our beloved characters a lot more quickly.

    LDW killed me with his acting. His sense of loss and sorrow was etched on his face in so many scenes today, and Sunny proved a credible partner to those. The latter’s friendship with ET is also very warm and cozy here, and I like watching the two ladies interact in the sisterly manner they do. The way ET pounced on Sunny to protect her from Park was awesome!!! I really feel quite sad that Deok Hwa seems to have reached a purely minor character now, because his total screen time doesn’t add to three minutes here and his lines are so overly reduced.

    As for Shin/ ET I watched the Ep with a lot of foreboding. During their trip, I was thinking ‘Something major is definitely gonna happen’ and I was yelling at ET for again going to another dangerously high roof on her own! Haha! But the ending scene killed me as well. While I’ve mentioned how like many others I’ve not managed to connect with ET as a character, the last few episodes have improved things, and during the last scene, ET broke my heart. Gosh the feels!!!!

  38. 38 kumoiwa

    The fact that the sword was actually meant for Shin to slay Park Joong-heon with? Wonderful realisation of an arc. I have to admit that I never expected Kim Eun-sook to be capable of this, but wow she did it>. This is fantastic writing at its best, and all the poignancy of Shin’s dying twice because of this one man who couldn’t let go of his twisted desire for power and all that entanglement in between is so, so good.

    As for Yeo’s grave sin, I’d really expected it to be killing Shin, Sun, and all of their expected family. But then there’s this important point in Confucianism that explains everything:

    身體髮膚 受之父母
    The hair and skin of the body are given by one’s parents
    不敢毀傷 孝之始也
    Not daring to harm it is the epitome of filial piety

    By killing himself, Yeo had given up what his elder brother, Shin, and Sun had tried to protect. He had received so much from the people who loved him as much as parents did, but never cherished any of it. That’s why it was a grave sin–and it’s damn good writing.

    It’s the irony of the situation that makes me feel so much for Yeo–he had considered himself unloved by anyone without knowing that he had managed to live for so long precisely because he was loved. Yeo never was able to convince himself that he could be loved because he never loved himself. That’s a sad, pitiable existence. To see wandering on the streets, a man mad from the grief of Sun’s death, was so heartwrenching.

    I really have no idea how Shin is going to come back alive, but I’m glad that his (goblin) death was delivered in the most epic, meaningful way ever. In a sense he’d managed to accomplish what he couldn’t do in Goryeo, and like most of the other ghosts that Eun-tak has helped out, he no longer holds on to a grudge that he can’t let go of. Now though, can the gods please take pity on him and Eun-tak and just let them be happy?? Butterfly God, please be good-capricious for once.

    • 38.1 kumoiwa

      *extended family lol what is up with me??

    • 38.2 cherryarrow

      Why is it when the Grim Reapers told Yeo that the biggest sin is to commit suicide, I thought of Sukjong telling Inhyun that her sin was jealousy and unable to carry a child. Totally unrelated lmao.

      • 38.2.1 kumoiwa

        Hahaha same school of thought, slightly different set of rules?? But eh, Sukjong is an asshole forever in my book.

        • cherryarrow

          Yeah I’m not his biggest fan either lol. They need to stop making so many dramas/movies about Sukjong. I guess and Gwanghae too, I remember one year they had like 3 dramas and 1 movie about him.

        • PersonaInnominatum

          He’s basically the Korean version of Henry VIII tsk2. Although, Yoo Ah In made him likeable for bit in JOJLIL imo. Or was it the soundtrack I fell in love with? Lol!

          • kumoiwa

            Hahaha apt comparison! Sukjong REALLY sucked as a husband, but eh. Political intrigue, right? (Or maybe he just really sucked)

            Yoo Ah-in has a way with the more controversial historical characters he chooses to portray–his take on Yi Bang-won (eventual Taejong) was really good in my opinion, nuanced and never really ever too rose-tinted.

          • cherryarrow

            Haha JOJLIL’s soundtrack is pretty good. Yoo Ah In was totally awesome, I think he should do sageuk more! Honestly, nobody portrays Sukjong as the bad guy in any dramas or movies lulz.

    • 38.3 Ren

      Oh suicide as the ultimate sin is a Confucian thing? I totally thought the show incorporated it from Catholicism. Butterfly God is pretty a harsh deity. Having Grim Reapers recover their lost memories for rule violations is an unusually cruel punishment. As is having Park Joong-heon intent on possessing Eun Tak, therein forcing the death of either her or Shin, a decision which the couple has previously been able to circumvent.

      • 38.3.1 Khl

        This is my take on GR’s punishment for rule violation: They were supposedly people who committed great sins originally. I suppose rather than having them being punished (for an indetermined period of time, 600 years in WY’s case), they were given a chance (something like parole?) to be servant-workers. But in order to grant them Grim Reaper powers, they need to have their memory erased.

        So in that sense, defiling Grim Reaper rules causes them to lose the opportunity to continue such a mundane existence. And so they have to bear the weight, memory and guilt of their previous sins all over again. And of cos it gives WY the ‘chance’ to experience what KimShin had been going thru as well, not being able to forget a single death.

        • Ren

          I did wonder what he was doing those 600 years prior to his memories getting wiped as the flashback only went back to his Goryeo years. 600 years is a long time in limbo with nothing but lingering sorrow and guilt, especially at the intensity of emotion the Grim Reaper is displaying. Lee Dong-wook does haunting despair so well.

      • 38.3.2 kumoiwa

        I think there’s a catch for suicide in Confucianism–if you kill yourself for no particular reason that’s in any way glorifying your family/clan, that’s the ultimate sin. But if your death brings your clan a good name–e.g. you die as repentance for your sins, you die in order not to bring your clan down, etc–then that’s a-okay. Basically your family comes first, and no matter what, Yeo didn’t place his family at the forefront so yeah. That kinda sucks for him.

        I think possession is a common trope in a lot of East Asian mythology, but Kim Eun-sook played it well here. I’m still surprised at how she’s writing all of this–she wrote Heirs omg how are they the same person???

        • Ren

          My expectations are so low for Kim Eun-sook that I’m constantly pleasantly surprised by Goblin. I’m always like huh, look at you go Kim Eun-sook, who’d thought a year ago you were trying to push Song Joong-ki as a hardened Special Forces guy and ‘Big Boss’ as a badass nickname.

          • PersonaInnominatum

            It’s just ironic that it’s mostly because of her involvement in the drama that the anticipation for it was high. Of course, there’s the GY factor too and the rest of the cast. But according to articles I’ve read, it’s because most of her works are successful that’s why Goblin was highly anticipated. Nonetheless, I still think DotS is overrated and I still can’t bring myself to finish it despite my immense love for SJK.

        • Kendi

          How do you know these things?! I really need to learn a lot from you!

        • cherryarrow

          Ugh Heirs, they should label that drama as a makjang.

          I think KES was possessed by some God of Inspiration, how did she come up such a good plot and character development for Goblin 😂

        • Celine

          Right??? I still cannot believe KES created this fantasy world. I look back on her drama portfolio and damn Goblin is a standout.

      • 38.3.3 Kiara

        Goryeo was deeply rooted in Buddhism. This felt a bit too heavy on Confucianism like it’s being used to make some sense out of what happened in a different era.

        • kumoiwa

          Its state religion was Buddhism, but I think Confucianism also had a good standing as a major ideology? Most of the mythology Kim Eun-sook is using in the show also has roots in Confucianism anyhow, like the structured hierarchy of the underworld. I’d have liked to see her incorporate more of Buddhism though, but eh her take on reincarnation is actually quite okay I suppose.

        • O_o

          Yes, Goryeo was NOT a Confucian society.

          Why taking a life is considered really bad in Buddhist Goryeo can be better explained by this anecdote from Buddha’s life: one day, a small bird was being chased by a vulture, or a (Buddhist) devil. The bird flew to Buddha and begged for its life. Of course, Buddha agreed to shield the bird. But the devil said he would give up on the bird only if Buddha gave his own flesh that weighed the same as the bird. So Buddha carved out of his right thigh a chunk of flesh which he thought was about the same weight as the bird. But when the devil weighed them, the scale tipped toward the bird. So Buddha carved out another chunk of flesh from his left thigh. Again, the bird was heavier. At that moment, Buddha had a realization and offered his whole body. When Buddha’s whole body was weighed against the bird, the scale was level. All creatures have only one life and the weight of each life is the same.

          So in Buddhism, taking a life, whether of an elephant or of a bug, whether of your own or some other’s, especially without any good purpose, is the worst negative karma you can accrue. And of course as long as you have karma, you will keep getting reincarnated to pay off the debt.

          • Michykdrama

            This is very interesting! Thank you for this!

          • kumoiwa

            Awesome story, thank you for this! I don’t know as much about Buddhism, so this was really informative. Goryeo seemed to have used both, though Confucianism never spilled over into religious territory like it did for its neighbour, China.

          • Kiara

            Awesome, thank you!

            Sounds like something Iryeon would have in his collection.

            Buddhism had such a long history from the 3 kingdom era to Unified Shilla to Later 3 kingdoms and all of Goryeo.
            I think Confucian may have been popular mostly among scholars especially towards the end of Goryeo.

          • mitch

            Interesting!!! Now I have to re-watch the whole thing because religion & beliefs bring nuances to the drama I never thought of before.

          • Iamastonished

            Actually you are both right. Goryeo was Neo Confucian. The Buddhist monks had a great deal of land and slaves and other assets and the King, I forget which one, said I’ve got a good idea idea. I’m going to build beautiful temples in the mountains for the monks and we will leave all of the bureaucratic business to the scholars who are studying government in these books that came from china. Civil war was avoided, it was a brilliant move on the part of the king

    • 38.4 saema

      身體髮膚 受之父母
      The hair and skin of the body are given by one’s parents
      不敢毀傷 孝之始也
      Not daring to harm it is the epitome of filial piety

      Interesting! The fact that this is related to Confucianism. I watched King’s daughter Su baek hyang last week and Seo hyun jin’s character said this and I was wondering about it.

      • 38.4.1 kumoiwa

        It’s also the reason why everybody living in a largely Confucian society didn’t cut their hair, be they man or woman. That was the basic law to keep, since removing part of your hair would be tantamount to discarding something your parents gave you and hence being unfilial. It’s also why the Manchurians’ queue law was so brutal on the Han Chinese men in the early years of the Qing dynasty–by forcing them to shave half of their heads, they were robbing the Han of their deeply-ingrained culture and traditions.

        • Kendi

          How do you know these things?! I really need to learn a lot from you!

          • Kendi

            Sorry for double posting, I was meant to reply on your other comment. X(

    • 38.5 PersonaInnominatum

      Totally love and agree with your comment kumoiwa!

    • 38.6 Jamie

      @kumoiwa: “Park Joong-heon…this one man who couldn’t let go of his twisted desire for power…”

      There’s something that’s bothering me about the twisted, malicious ghost: Why does he want revenge against Wang Yeo? He won there, right?

      I mean, I get why Park Joong-heon’s seeking revenge against Kim Shin: because Kim Shin came back as the Goblin and killed him. And by extension, he’s after Kim Shin’s sister, because that will hurt Kim Shin again.

      But Park Joong-hyeon won against Wang Yeo 900 years ago. He successfully killed off all other influential people in the king’s life, and then poisoned him. Wang Yeo went willingly to his death. So why is Park so angry at Wang Yeo/Reaper in the present? Is it because Reaper has found his people again?

      • 38.6.1 kumoiwa

        In my opinion, it was because Yeo fell in love with Sun. There’s this one line said by Park Joong-heon (very chillingly) during Yeo’s coronation that kinda makes it for me: “This land lies beneath the feet of my king, and beneath my feet lies he” (I’m paraphrasing haha). His ambition is super obvious–he doesn’t want to be the king, he wants to be the person behind the king. I see it as Park Joong-heon wanting to be held in utmost regard as the person who made the king, the dude who was a father figure to the regent who didn’t have one (‘cuz he killed them all off). I presume that sort of glory feels more, I don’t know, earned? Like, hey I didn’t need to be born into royalty to be able to control a country, y’know.

        So when his plans gets disrupted by Yeo’s half-brother, he’s pissed. And then when Yeo goes and falls hopelessly in love with Sun, he’s even more pissed. Puppets aren’t supposed to have minds of their own. Also I think that Yeo only started getting more suspicious of Park after Sun entered the palace–despite his reliance on his teacher, Yeo seemed to have gradually warmed up to Sun (though we sadly don’t get much of those scenes cries) and his eyes opened to the truth that Park was trying to put him in a stranglehold, not his enemies. I also personally feel like this put Yeo in a spot, because Park was his only father figure, and probably his strong denial of this truth also helped facilitate Shin and Sun’s eventual deaths.

        Park is always going on about how Sun caused everything to fail for Yeo–it’s sort of a show of how she put a wedge in his plans for ultimate domination of a king’s faculties. So I reckon he’d hate Yeo for allowing himself to be free by falling in love with Sun. And dude holds grudges for a long time, so yeah haha.

        • Jamie

          So it’s not enough to get the power and run the show–Park wants to win (and keep) the hearts and minds of his puppets as well. Welp, that is twisted!

  39. 39 Krissylee

    This episode is really devastating .. I had goosebumps esp to Eun Tak’s crying scene and I keep repeating it because it was soooo convincing…
    I’m kinda happy about it as a viewer though because everything that’s supposed to happen from the start, happened! We don’t have to wait until ep 15 or 16…
    We can only guess what’s going to happen in the next 3 episodes because they already don’t have hidden cards to show, and the only thing that we can do is just wait what’s in store next.

    I have watched almost all popular dramas made by Kim Eun Sook . DOTS ( I got bored but watched it all the way because the actors good for my eyes) , The Heirs ( sloppiest drama ever, no real conflict, makjang plotlines were all combined in this drama). Secret Garden ( still have some loopholes but enjoyed it)
    But I have to say Goblin is almost … almost perfect but perfectly written nonetheless!
    The only flaw this show has is that there are too many flashbacks, and many slow motions.. But I can forgive them for that.

    I just hope like everyone else it’s going to be a happy ending, if not just give us a justifiable ending or else someone’s going to burn the Tvn Station (lol)..

    PS all of the actors acting on this episode is STELLAR! *bows 90 degrees to them for their awesomeness
    esp Kim GO Eung’s acting in the end, for those who doubted her casting in this drama , that scene was a slap in their faces! The girl can act. PERIOD. Ughhh I can’t count how many times I kept repeating it.

  40. 40 SparrowBell

    I like Goblin and yet I am so not satisfied with plots outside the bromance/romance …… The reason that Shin gave why he came back didn’t make sense to me, he rather risked the death of so many to come back to confront the king? What was he trying to do? The change of character from general to the modern day naive love sick ajussi just doesn’t fit. The part of the sister was willing to die as a traitor sister instead of being problem to king also doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s so many loopholes. If they don’t have these actors/actresses, I’m not sure if the plots are really going to hold that well … Quite a waste for some creative parts.

    • 40.1 *

      It’s a KES drama. (In fact,much better than her previous shows.) Her dramas are like fast food…good while it lasts but that’s about it. Don’t think too much and just enjoy the ride! 😊

      To be fair,it’s not so easy to weave fantasy stories. Tolkien et al are legendary for a reason! To come up with something new that too WITHOUT any loopholes is a big task…let’s give her credit for whatever she’s written so far. It’s not boring at least.

      • 40.1.1 *

        It’s like coming up with a completely new recipe..then sowing all the required vegetables and ingredients on her own…and preparing the dish. But we are just viewers and don’t often remember their work so we wish that there was some more seasoning or better flavour. Maybe there should be more writers for each drama…some to make the main dish and others just for fine tuning.

    • 40.2 SapphireBlue

      I agree with you on this. The actual substance of the story is somewhat lacking for me. I don’t think they spent enough time early on really establishing the Goryeo characters.

      Kim Shin’s actions didn’t make any sense at all, Yeo’s half brother former King’s actions also didn’t make sense. Why didn’t they just plot to kill Park Joong Won, surely they could have just got rid of him.

      Agree about Goblin’s characterization, the modern day man child Goblin and the fierce General don’t mesh at all.

    • 40.3 sam

      i don’t agreed with u ! the story has a rational plot . the queen was a big weakness for the king ! u can see how frightened the king was about queen safety ! so it is reasonable for queen to sacrifice herself . and about kim shin , he was a general he should come back to his king . he couldn’t just run away ! and of course he couldn’t kill himself. he just could let his king to kill him! they were both just too faithful to their king and it is a shame that the king didn’t deserve their loyalties!

  41. 41 lol

    I never cried this much since 49 days.
    I’m listening ailee’s ost continuously after cried a bucket.
    Feel sick. ;(

  42. 42 panshel

    While I have faith that Shin is still alive (it’s only episode 13 after all), his death was no less effective. Eun Tak’s inconsolable wails were haunting. I love how Shin figured it out — that only the sword impaled in his chest can kill Park Joong Heon. Although, I had assumed Shin would disappear as soon as the sword was pulled, meaning only the goblin’s bride could kill Park Joong Heon, and that was where his “I need you to be brave” was coming from. I need you to pull out my sword and kill Park Joong Heon with it. But apparently god allows a grace period. So Park Joong Heon just vanished? Because if anyone deserves to be a grim reaper, it’s him. However, I found it unforgivable that Shin never gave Deok Hwa a proper goodbye after promising he would be there for him. Poor baby will be traumatized to lose his entire family one after another.

    Reaper and Sunny make me cry every time. It was so sweet how she never forget him because all her memories of him were happy. That’s why I was blindsided when she suggested they break up, since that was totally a kiss-and-make-up moment. Why was Female Reaper denying her past? If she’s a grim reaper, of course she committed a grave sin.

    No episode tomorrow is torture. Thanks lots for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 42.1 Raptor

      Agreed! Their subtle acting really worked well to translate the emotions they feel within. Really heartbreaking to watch.

  43. 43 Yumi

    Thank you for the recap.

    Three episode left for Wang Yeo redemption.

    Unlike Girlfriday I have more sympathy for Wang Yeo once he remembered what he he had done. I mean he had already had 600 post death years of torment, not to mention 20 post killing the queen years of living torment. I’d always known what he had done but when Wang Yeo remembered, it broke my heart.

    Although he went by the title King, it seems a more appropriate title would have been prisoner without walls and with a massive case of Stockholm syndrome. Once he woke up to the horror of PWH the imaginary walls of his mental prison were too high for him to scale them to escape.

    Poor Wang Yeo, I weep ;_;

    • 43.1 Elizabeth Tai

      Me too. Dear God I hope he has a happy ending or else my heart will break -_-“

  44. 44 agon

    Man, I just finished watching and today was so heavy and cathartic. I’m pretty surprised that I ended up sobbing so much in those last five mins. I shed a tear during the Shin-Wang Yeo scenes but I’ve never been moved enough to cry for the main characters of Goblin before then (ghost-afterlife mini stories are a diff matter lol).

    Kim Go-eun is brilliant. Eun-tak’s soul-deep tears were so affecting, and the space given to her by the camera made her seem even more isolated and helpless. The way Shin’s physical body was dissolved by the embers killed me and basically kick-started the bawling lol.

    I can’t really think of anything else that happened right now because I’m still in shock at the fact that the sword! is! out!! I’m just glad that Wang Yeo knows that he was loved, even if it was a lifetime too late. Lee Dong Wook’s anguish was palpable in every scene. And Gong Yoo omg. He somehow elevated his acting when it was already flawless. I’m speechless right now. I need some time to recover from the emotional punchbag that was Goblin today.

    • 44.1 Iamastonished

      Yes ! the camera work was sublime and lets not forget the stellar animation team, absolutely, seamless. Everybody was at the top of their game. It must be thrilling to work with a creative team at this level. I want to be reincarnated, and hang around media geniuses, sigh. I better start working on my “deeds of good merit”. In the meantime I am in fine company among dramabeanies. Great posts, so insightful, informative and funny.

  45. 45 Kendi

    Again, I’m still having one foot on this show. I guess it’s the main romance that’s still put me off.

    But, it would be a lie if I said this show isn’t good after watching this episode. And it could have been great.

    I’m currently reeling on the whole story (since the drama story seems only kicking off after the whole Goryeo stuff unfolded) since it’s actually awesome.

    PJH as a villain could be a great twist if the clue was dropped in episode 7 or 8 (not just ‘hey there is this one missing soul’) and starts his wicked way manipulating people beside Eun Tak so we can get the feel that he is a ‘worthy’ villain. For now, he felt just like a plot device and a bland one at that.

    In the end, I think I’ll love Goblin as manhwa or manga. The story is indeed one of a kind and you could feel there is an effort in creating the fantasy world. Maybe grow the main heroine up a bit and dial up the villain, this would be one of my favorite manhwa for sure.

    • 45.1 Raptor

      The OTP worked better for me this Ep because of the stakes involved. And KGE really sold the last few scenes well. Actually every time she acts opposite Park, I feel that she holds her own quite convincingly. I guess now that the series is reaching its conclusion and things are getting so much more dramatic, ET can’t just keep being the usual way she is anymore and that’s quite refreshing to watch. The writers and producers must have gathered some feedback from all the criticism.

    • 45.2 Kay

      Agree…while most people cried at the end of the episode, I really didn’t feel anything. Not saying KGE is a bad actress – no she emoted very well and GY was obviously very good too but from the beginning I feel absolutely nothing between this couple lol Like zero, not even an ounce of angst, or pining or pain between them. I finally figured out why – there was so romantic tension between them. Eun Tak found out she was the bride and she was basically all in, no questions asked. It was almost too perfect.

      • 45.2.1 Pollyanna


        Think you have put the finger on the missing ingredient – the frisson of romantic/sexual tension is non-existent.

        GR – time to lodge another “Missing” report …

        Not to say that the actress who plays ET is inadequate, though.

        It’s how the character was written and how the actress was made to act “all-in” when it just seemed apropos of nothing.

  46. 46 dv

    I think it was appropriate punishment, to teach Kim Shin to value life after killing people. Loving and wanting to live taught him to value life. Watching all his loved ones die grandfather and grandsons too must have taught him the value of human life to others, given how he had taken loved ones from others. Now, he got his loved ones taken. If human is life imprisonment for murder, counting all the lives he’d taken, 900… is it just? Hmmm…

    • 46.1 Sun

      But…but how about the people he had saved? He did not kill out of his own greed or ambition, he killed to protect his nation and people…Did those not count?

  47. 47 Lord Cobol

    I’m pretty much going to cling to the hope that there’s a magic-presto Get Out of Heaven Free card

    Subway gives them out as rewards for every 900 foot-longs you buy.

    • 47.1 INeedAGoddamnMiracle

      *finger guns*

      forever here for excellent subway puns

  48. 48 Mandy

    This ep is full of feels.the declarations of love is so sad.next time drama land don’t declare i love you when one of the lead is dying.dokkaebi must definitely come back.

  49. 49 Celine

    I like how we were introduced to the internal audit of Grims and his punishment. It made sense. I agree with Shin though. Having his memories wiped out and becoming a Grim is such a cushy punishment for someone who did grave sins in the past. Shin, on the other hand, was punished and cursed for being so good at what he does. Indeed, the gods were on the King’s side.

    Girlfriday articulated my thoughts about this episode, especially about Grim/Wang Yeo’s cowardice even in this time. Shin knocked some sense into him and I hope this time he’ll be strong enough to protect Shin and Sunny/Sun who protected him in his past life.

    • 49.1 khl

      I thought WY also had his initial 600 years of punishment before being given the chance to decide to take the Tea to forget his memories, thus kickstarting his next 300 years as Grim Reaper? I wouldnt say this 900 years combined was exactly cushy.

      • 49.1.1 PersonaInnominatum

        It wasn’t cushy at all, but at least he was given a choice unlike Shin. He accepted being a GR, and he chose to drink the tea. Also, he most likely forgot the time he was tortured after he drank the tea, and you know what they say.. ignorance is bliss lol! He wasn’t constantly tormented by painful memories t least..

    • 49.2 nchoe

      I don’t think so. I think God love Shin a little bit more than Yeo.

      God gave Shin punishment by not being able to forget the death of his loved ones. But He also trusts Shin with such a great power as Goblin. God wouldn’t give it unless he thought that Shin was worthy of that power and would use it for good.

      But with Yeo, God only gave him punishment. He had been tortured for 600 years before he became Grim Reaper for 300 years (which also another torture for him).

      • 49.2.1 PersonaInnominatum

        I think that the difference with him & Shin, is that Yeo was given a CHOICE to forget how pathetic he was as a king and as a human being, and to be a grim reaper after being tortured. Shin didn’t have a choice with anything at all. He didn’t have a say when he was revived as a goblin in the first place.
        Of course, what you say is true, i don’t think he would be given powers if nabi god thinks he’s an evil person nor would he begin a bride, as way out if nabi god didn’t care for him. But still, depending on the point of view of the person, you can look at it either more as a reward or a punishment, I think it was the latter for Shin.

        • Celine

          Ohhh good point about the choice aspect. /nods

        • nchoe

          Oh I love your point about choice aspect and am nodding along with Celine.

          However, what I’m trying to figure out is what’s God’s intention behind the reward/punishment he gives to Goblin and Reaper? whose side He’s on? whom He loves more?

          Of course, when we see Shin’s great power and immortal life from his point of view, we’re 100% sure Shin sees it as punishment. He said himseld how he resents God and how unfair it is for Reaper to be able to forget his punishment while he have been living in agony remembering his painful past for 900 years. In fact, If you ask my opinion about Shin’s reward/punishment, I’d say that God is unfair and his concept of reward and punishment is quite questionable.

          • dw

            Remember when God, Shin and Reaper were in the bar. God said to Shin, He gave him a way out, why was Shin still here? He gave Shin the bride to pull out the sword and end his existence.

    • 49.3 michykdrama

      I know it wasn’t totally expected but to me it felt like a easy way out plot wise to have Grim/Wang Yeo regain his memories conveniently at this point as punishment, just in time to save the day as he could recognise Ghost Park for the creep that he is.

      I loved how they gave back Sunny her memories- such a novel idea, with lots of feels and we got to have a kiss in too!

      So maybe my expectations were too high so I was a bit disappointed.

      • 49.3.1 Kiara

        Same just like that 4 lives too. That would cover any inconsistencies that would arise.

        Punishments can also be rewards in this show. Here reaper, you are being punished now go save your friends.

        I think Shin’s punishment is the most heart-breaking. Having to remember everything for over 900 yrs and still going forward.
        I’m not making judgement on reaper’s suicide because Shin would probably end his life earlier if he knew how.

        • Celine

          When Shin told Sunny that whatever happened in the past (900+ years ago) is STILL his present. I was like, “Damn, that’s cruel.” Even with all his powers, having to live each day with those people, those events in all of his 900+ years fresh in his mind as if they happened yesterday is just cruel.

  50. 50 rere

    My gratitude:
    1. It’s good to hear Kim Shin’s laugh in happiness in this episode. Kim Shin has already suffer so much, and put such a detail of 3 seconds laugh has made me a bit uplifted in the most intense episode.
    2. Glad to see Gong Yoo. I heard that he has been hospitalized, yet he has made to make this episode great more than ever. His acting is superb. I can feel conflicted emotions of how Kim Shin was making the decisions : not to kill Grim Reaper, try to understand all the people related and also the situation that came up, and not to mention when he sudden decide to make use Eun Tak’s hand to grab the sword and eventually kill himself. I saw half-a-second of Kim Shin’s doubt changes to his bigger will to end the villain. You are great, Gong Yoo. Well done and congratulations.
    3. All the actors and actresses have delivered their best in acting with each own interpretations. I think, the director(s) is worth the praise.

    My worries:
    1. Oh God, how can I survive 1 week with only half doze of this amazing drama? Yet, I understand that the team will put their best effort for the remaining time. 1 week for 3 episodes. Sounds crazy. However, I hope they do well and stay healthy. Maybe more Canada scenes?
    2. As Kim Shin is gone (I’m really not enjoy saying him gone), I guess it is a chance for the remaining episodes to contest the Cinderella-issues spread out. Not only for Eun Tak character, but also for Sunny and Deok Hwa. It is the time for them to walk the precious life they have chosen with dignity. I am hoping specifically for Eun Tak to be independent and bright, and Sunny to take more chance and not just waiting.
    3. However, since this is a drama land writer-nim, would you make this story “realistically” happy ending, please? They should be back together, yet, as it needs stronger reason to “pull out the sword and return to dust”, there must be stronger reason to “back to his lover again”, right? Right? OMG, I am starting to panic!
    4. Girls, what possible scenario might happen?

    • 50.1 PLAYSTORE

      I replayed that laugh as many times i replayed the “playstore” scene. It’s is genuine laugh which we hear in his fan sign videos, Variety shows, and other shows. I felt their absolute effort made in episode 13.
      Quebec scenes will surely come and i second your request for a “realistic happy ending”. This show doesn’t deserve a ‘W’ style ending.

      • 50.1.1 Celine

        “This show doesn’t deserve a ‘W’ style ending.” A million times yes!

        A happy ending for a happy ending’s sake will not do. Goblin has been good throughout its run despite pacing issues. We’ve come this far with good developments unlike W that basically had a slow death after the first half of the show. /sends prayers to drama gods

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