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Top 10 favorite drama OTPs (One True Pairings)
by | January 13, 2017 | 303 Comments

javabeans: Okay, I think we were being punished in this list for saying how easy the last one was (in picking our top 10 drama tropes), because damn if picking our top 10 dramaland couples wasn’t HARD.

girlfriday: Yeah, Past Us really set us up to eat our own words. How can you even pick only TEN?

javabeans: I know we made the rules, but it was a struggle not to curse ourselves and break our own rules, just to sneak in an extra couple or two. Alas, Past Us and Present Us happen to be annoying sticklers for rules.

girlfriday: Maybe Future Us could learn to let loose a little. These lists would get a lot easier, just sayin’.

javabeans: And to make it even trickier, we had all sorts of internal debates about what “favorite couples” even meant—is it best-written love stories? Couples with best onscreen chemistry? Romances that made fans squee the most? These are all big aspects of romances, but they’re not all the same thing, so we had to decide what criteria counted and what didn’t.

girlfriday: And we also had long discussions about how some couples didn’t make the cut because they had lopsided romances, where the romance was more about one of the characters rather than the pairing, which can often be the case.

javabeans: Yes, lopsided romances are so deceptive on the surface! Sometimes one character sells the romance so effectively that you don’t stop to think that you’re rooting for the romance for that one character’s sake, rather than feeling invested in both sides of the love story. We had all these dramas on the shortlist (which was more like a longlist), only to realize that the hero had done all the work in one romance while the heroine was a bland robot, or that another romance was driven by the heroine’s pluckiness and not the hero’s assiness.

girlfriday: That emotional investment is really what it boiled down to for us, because when you’re talking about choosing your favorite couples, all of that stuff we mentioned factors in, like how they’re written and how they’re acted, but you also just have to feel it on a gut level. Did they make us swoon and cry and clutch our hearts?

javabeans: Funny story: We originally had Descended From the Sun on this list, because it seemed like such a gimme: Huge drama, huge romance, huge actors, huge pairing, huge everything. It felt, on paper, like it should belong. And then we started to assign entries to write and nobody wanted to write it. Everyone was all, “I’m not saying we should strike it from the list, but I can’t advocate for this romance.” “Me neither.” “Not it!”

girlfriday: Which said a lot about how we felt about it, and that actually made it easier for us to look at the list again and keep only the couples that really made us root for that happily ever after, as if our lives depended on it.

javabeans: As all the best romances should.


1. Queen In-hyun’s Man (2012)

javabeans: Queen In-hyun’s Man was a great show for a myriad of reasons—a clever time-traveling plot, a cheeky sense of humor, a pressing “How are they going to make this work?” conundrum that propelled the series onward—but it especially shined in the romance, and is a rare example of a love story firing on all cylinders. There was the mysterious fantasy element to give it intrigue, the life-and-death conflict to give it stakes, and chemistry out the wazoo between the leads, which certainly wasn’t hurt by the fact that the actors fell into a real-life romance while filming the show (culminating in a bold public declaration, followed by days of disappearance when the lovebirds went underground and incommunicado).

But the behind-the-scenes excitement was icing, not cake: The drama’s crack factor came from its addictive story, and the way that it built around the romance without feeling empty of everything else. Where the drama excelled was in using all of its elements to drive the romantic storyline—the thrilling plot unfolding around the time-traveler, the mysterious travel-enabling talisman, the eerily changing rules—so that plot and romance were inextricable, driving each other. I’ve watched many a drama purely for the loveline, but the best ones don’t exist in a romance vacuum; they’re capable of holding up an entire world and mythos. All those heart-pounding kisses (so many kisses!) are just gravy.


2. Coffee Prince (2007)

HeadsNo2: There’s a reason Coffee Prince will always have a warm and safe place within our collective consciousness, and that’s thanks to the explosive nature of the romance at its center. What started first as a fun tale of bromance and camaraderie slowly morphed into an exploration of our characters’ deepest feelings and insecurities as our hero had to wrestle with his growing feelings of attraction to someone who he knew he could not and should not like.

While Han-gyul saw heroine Eun-chan as one of the boys and struggled with his growing attraction, she had to bear the weight of the false identity she had created, which both helped to strengthen their bond and to erect an insurmountable wall between them. Despite its light-hearted setup—crossdressing, boys, and hijinks!—Coffee Prince explored their love through a sensitive, thoughtful lens, giving us a love story that was complicated and profound. What more validation can you ask for, than to be loved for who you are, no matter what you are? Their love also served as a validation for every love, teaching us that it’s not about looks, gender, or societal norms, but simply about how you feel. (And how beautiful a message is that?) Han-gyul’s heartfelt struggle to deny his attraction to Eun-chan gave the surrender added poignancy, as he came to the realization that he couldn’t change the way he felt about his sworn brother, and would prefer to love him (her) than not. And though the truth of her real identity hit hard, we couldn’t help but feel for Eun-chan, who so believed she wouldn’t be adequate as a woman to Han-gyul that she would try to stay close to him as a man instead. Their love is the stuff of dreams, and of plain ol’ good TV.


3. Goong (Princess Hours) (2006)

javabeans: Goong was a phenomenon in its day, and while there were a multitude of contributing factors, the popularity and addictiveness of the drama owed a tremendous debt to the magnetism of the central couple—and that wasn’t even so much magnetism to us as it was magnetism to each other.

The plot was dressed in grandeur and palace formalities but was, at its core, really a straightforward opposites-attract, Cinderella-and-Darcy romance: An ordinary high schooler discovers that her grandfather and his friend had pledged, years ago, to marry their grandkids together. Oh, and the grandson happens to be a crown prince. The plot thus sent her into a series of rags-to-riches, fish-out-of-water foibles, replete with cohabitation hijinks once she moved into the palace (there were a lot of tropes involved), and a huge chunk of narrative gratification revolved around the icy hero learning to loosen up around the bubbly heroine and opening himself up to her. High school romances tend to be fairly chaste in their romantic developments, but Goong did flirt with being ever so slightly more suggestive than its pure-hearted counterparts; it wasn’t quite mature on that score, but it did prove that a heroine could kiss her man with whole heart and open mouth without the audience clutching its pearls in shock, but clamoring instead for more.


4. You From Another Star (2013-14)

HeadsNo2: We’ve had dramas where love spans time and/or fate, but You From Another Star proved that love could span galaxies, and time, and fate all at once. Maybe this romance sizzled and popped its way to superstardom because it was the epitome of the things we love in a lead couple: polar opposites, in the form of an alien and a sassy Hallyu star; cohabitation hijinks, with the two of them being neighbors; reincarnation (to prove that they were Fated To Be); and a play on normal gender roles, because while Do Min-joon wasn’t necessarily a beta hero, there were definitely times where he would be out-alpha’d by Chun Song-yi’s enormous, and often hilarious, personality.

Watching these two come to know each other and eventually fall in love was as rewarding and crack-fueled an experience as they come, and not only because it was fun to see a fastidious and crotchety centuries-old alien come around to a woman who was surprisingly normal and resonant at the end of the day, despite her tendency to cry her mascara off over the loss of a shoe, or answer her problems with “But I’m Chun Song-yi!” There was a beautiful everydayness to their gut-bustingly funny courtship, bolstered by an epic backstory that 400 years and millions of light-years will automatically bestow on a story. In short, the best of both worlds.


5. Healer (2014-15)

girlfriday: The Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent love triangle is iconic for good reason—when you put a superhero and his own secret identity in direct competition for the woman he loves, you’re guaranteed high-stakes angst and mistaken identity shenanigans when she longs for one and confides in the other. Healer distilled the best of that setup into its romance, between our intrepid reporter Young-shin, the mysterious night errand boy Healer who always came to her rescue, and his daytime persona as her bumbling hoobae reporter Bong-sookie.

With Healer, she got high drama and heart-stopping romance, with death-defying action, blindfolded rooftop kisses, and hands held in the dark, his face always tantalizingly out of reach. With Bong-sookie, she got a best friend, a trusted confidante, and someone she thought of as a sister (much to poor Bong-sookie’s chagrin). The thrill was in seeing the conflict in our hero when he yearned to get close to her, but always fell short in either persona, and the angst was played deliciously every time she’d confess her feelings for one to the other, and he’d feel rejected and delighted all at once. Never has self-jealousy been so entertaining. And the best part was that she was the strong one who held our hero together and brought him out into the light, and she loved him most of all when he was completely himself—neither hero nor ‘fraidy cat, but just a lonely boy withdrawn from the world. Healer may have saved her more often, but she saved him immeasurably more.


6. Master’s Sun (2013)

HeadsNo2: It was pretty clever of Master’s Sun to use its supernatural ghost-seeing premise as both the central conceit and an excuse for all sorts of hilarious skinship. It would’ve been fun enough just to pair a ghost-seeing heroine with an eccentric chaebol, but by having Gong-shil’s specter-spying problems disintegrate upon touching Joong-won (who charged her for every touch, since his body was precious), we ended up with a couple who got to know each other by literally being glued to each other’s sides. What’s not to love?

Along with all the cute antics and loads of bickering, a real love story started to emerge, grounding the emotions in more than just sizzling skinship. What started out as cheeky innuendos (and there were soooo many—this couple could win for their sexual innuendos alone) and excuses for physical contact grew into a bonding of two lonely souls who helped each other heal old wounds and face their futures. It’s this heartfelt bond that makes this romance a winner… although okay, maybe all the touchy-feely stuff doesn’t hurt.


7. The King 2 Hearts (2012)

girlfriday: There have been some epically assy heroes in dramaland, but this spoiled-prince-turned-tenderfooted-king who didn’t seem to have a sincere bone in his body is one of the more memorable ones, because of the delightfully satisfying way he was bested by love. It helped karmically that the heroine, a special forces soldier from North Korea, was better than him at just about everything and was always the one to get him out of scrapes. This hostile couple really put the hate in hate-to-love romance: They were political enemies of two warring countries who never saw eye-to-eye on anything, and he was a manchild whose favorite activity was to taunt her for his petty amusement, forced into a political marriage with the one woman who’d pricked his pride. The best part was that hate was so strong that the denial was even stronger, and I’ll never forget his big revenge plan to make her fall in love with him and believe he loved her for the rest of her life, so that he could say on her deathbed that it was all an act.

Needless to say, it was extremely satisfying to see a guy like that change because of the woman he loved, and become part of a team with her to face their enemies together. Their love had the power to cross the DMZ, stop wars from breaking out, and it literally saved two countries; but the true feat was that it was tenacious enough to overcome the king’s ginormous ego.


8. The Princess’s Man (2011)

javabeans: The Princess’s Man earns its spot as one of my all-time favorite romances, thanks to a rock-solid romantic and emotional match-up that felt grand in scope, epic in spirit, and balanced on both sides. Although these two star-crossed lovers started out betrothed to each other, their circumstances soon embroiled them in a maelstrom of betrayal and conflict, a partial lie spiraling out of control even as their attraction grew. The fact that her father massacred his family might have been enough to crush any other love, but the strength of this drama, and this couple, was that every obstacle only seemed to strengthen resolve and deepen ties. She was particularly admirable as the fierce, principled woman who would not condone her father’s actions, who stood by her man—and sometimes even protectively in front of him—even when he angrily pushed her away, determined to exact his revenge. She fought for him even when it put herself in danger and when it challenged her family ties, but I especially appreciated that fighting for her love was just as much about fighting for herself and her belief in justice; I loved how beautifully those principles coincided, making it so much more than romantic attraction or physical love. And once their commitment was solidified, it was never again shaken—not in the face of treacherous enemies, malicious interlopers, or even death.


9. 1% of Anything (2016)

javabeans: 1% of Anything is the lowest-key romance on this list, and probably in dramaland at large, which makes it a bit of an outlier. There’s very little conflict and barely a plot to speak of, other than the baseline premise needed to throw these two characters together: A meddling grandfather (always those guys!) writes a stipulation into his will that his grandson must marry a specific woman unknown to him in order to inherit, and the couple decides to contract-date to fulfill Grandpa’s basic criteria and then split up.

What ensues is six months of dating in the most ordinary of ways, and the couple realizes they rather like each other after all, and might want to keep dating after the terms of their contract are over. It sounds obvious and unexciting, and yet the magic comes in the very mundaneness of the story, and how the drama found a way to develop this love story with small brush strokes, sweetness, and a naturalness to the couple’s interactions that I’ve never seen in a drama before. It’s enough to make you suspicious of their real-life relationship, because their interactions felt so genuine that I often wondered if we were watching a real couple falling in love while playing a couple falling in love. This is a case where the feedback loop elevated the end result, with the loveline developing into winning chemistry, and that chemistry in turn driving the love story into deeper, more heartfelt emotions. This drama proves that details can add up and spark into something much more than the sum of its parts, and that genuine feeling from the characters can be as gripping as the most twisty kind of plot.


10. Ojakkyo Brothers (2011-12)

girlfriday: Ojakkyo Brothers had the most addictive romance at the center, and part of its magic was a stroke of luck in casting Joo-won and UEE, who happened to have fantastic chemistry together. I was convinced the entire time that Joo-won actually loved her in real life, because he would just give her these looks, like he was struck dumb because she was the purtiest girl he’d ever seen. They’re one of the most conventional couples on this list, but their love story made me sob like a baby and grin like a loon, and I needed their happy ending like I needed air. Sticking with a couple through 58 episodes can do that to you.

The heroine was a spoiled-girl-turned-Candy overnight when her father left her penniless and all alone in the world, and in an attempt to reclaim Dad’s farm she just moved right in with the family living there, putting her in a particularly combative relationship with the family’s third son, a terse, prickly cop. Watching their budding hate-to-love relationship was particularly enjoyable—everything from farm chores to coffee debts become thinly veiled excuses to spend more time together, as she wedged her way into the family’s hearts. Their romance had everything from drunken hijinks to petty jealousy to truly heart-wrenching family opposition, making their happy ending feel genuinely earned, like we’d been through battle together with the tear-soaked tissues to prove it. Sometimes, the obstacles to love don’t have to be time and history and the threat of war—real life is plenty dramatic enough, and a couple who endures and fights to stay together is just as inspiring.


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  1. SJ

    Joon Hyung and KBJ. Swag Couple forever!

    • 1.1 SJ

      Now that I read the post, all the memories of gushing over these couples came back to me !!! especially Coffee Prince:)

    • 1.2 Potato

      #1 for me is definitely our swag couple!

      • 1.2.1 rheina07


        • AX

          +10000000……0000. #Swag Couple

      • 1.2.2 olive

        swag couple forever suwaegggg!

      • 1.2.3 ju

        With you on this 😉

      • 1.2.4 Malu

        Yes, definitely! Why is not here? One of the best OTPs in dramaland!

    • 1.3 weallwantpizza

      no awkward kisses, cute life-worth advises, plus directors cuts of all kisses… this couple is blessed

    • 1.4 kimkim

      I came here expecting them 🙁

      • 1.4.1 lunaticandra

        me too…

      • 1.4.2 MikoDee

        Yup, was bummed when I got to #10 and no mention of them. Underrated couple of the year, for real.

        • JH is life

          Me too! They’re number 1 for me. 😍😍

    • 1.5 anayahs

      Same. Swag couple are my all time favorite OTP. I guess they did not make it out of the long list… 🙁

      Which makes me wonder who else were on the long list. Petition for DB staff to post the long list too!!!

      • 1.5.1 Beanfan

        Yes, I SO wish to see the OTPs that didn’t make it onto this Top 10 list!

      • 1.5.2 Sammy

        Yes I want to see the long list as well. I wouldn’t have minded a top 20 list actually.

    • 1.6 striving8

      Joon Hyung and Kim Bok Joo forever and ever!

      • 1.6.1 Jelly

        Agree. I have watched dramas for 10 years and nothing has quite come as close or realistic as Joon Hyung and Bok Joo. There are so many reasons why they are the best that there is nothing left to be said. I can’t even say I miss them because it’s like knowing your two good friends fell in love and you can live with comfort that they are going to get married and live happily squabblingly ever after even if you never hear from them again. Best couple in drama land!

      • 1.6.2 Lennie

        They’re my no. 1 OTP! Yeyyyy for KBJ and JH!

    • 1.7 merin

      Wow. I must have a heart of stone, because I dropped 6 of the dramas on this list (they weren’t interesting to me) and I haven’t watched #9 yet. The only ones I watched until the end were Master’s Sun, Coffee Prince and Goong.

      I can’t even fill top 5, much less top 10. !Σ(×_×;)!

      That said, where’s our SWAG couple?
      I don’t like straight up romantic dramas, but BokJu and Joonhyung made even my cynical heart flutter again. Doesn’t that deserve a place on this list?(*≧з≦)

      • 1.7.1 Greenfields

        You’re not alone. The Princess’ Man and King2Hearts are the only ones I watched to the end on this list. The romance in Coffee Prince was indeed beautifully approached, but I lost interest once they got together for good (with her as a woman). I haven’t seen the Ojjakyo Brothers. And I dropped everything else.

        Why was Weightlifting fairy not on this list? ><

      • 1.7.2 Greenfields

        Oh, Healer is awesome. But I wasn’t watching it for the romance, even though the romance played a large role in changing him.

      • 1.7.3 nomad

        I watched Goong b/c of this list, and have to say I was surprised it even made into this list. I thought the guy was an ass all the way till episode 21. It’s hard for me to make an excuse oh he just doesn’t know how to express himself and thinks they deserve to be in this all time list when he finally changed his personality in the last 3 episodes.

        • HelloBeautiful

          I’m the minority here, but romance-wise, I prefer Goong S (it got recapped here, the early posts) more than Goong. The male lead was such a sweetheart. They faced more obstacles, so I invested more to this OTP than anything else at that time (and the story moved fast so it’s just my cup of tea)

    • 1.8 MikoDee

      Definitely Bok-joo and Joon-hyung. From start to finish, was a fan of their friendship to romance. I miss them already! Gosh.

    • 1.9 ET

      The first thing I did was to check if SWAG Couple is here.


    • 1.10 fan

      One couple I liked was Kim Jae-won and Kim Tae-hee in Love story in Harvard.

      • 1.10.1 fan

        Thinking again I have a few more fave-
        Im Ju-hwan and Gang So-ra of Ugly alert (LOVE)
        Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hyun-joo of I have a lover
        Ju Ji-hoon and Su-ae of Mask
        Ju jin-mo and Kim Sa-rang from My Love Eun Dong

        • risa

          The Ugly Alert OTP = 💕💖💞

    • 1.11 Rachel

      I agree! Love this couple so much. She is such a badass, and he is the perfect boyfriend. KBJ is one of my all-time favorite dramas.

    • 1.12 Ct

      yes!!! In the words of Nam Joo Hyuk:
      복주녕 Forever (Bok Ju Nyung Forever)


      • 1.12.1 ET

        Wait….NJH has 4.8 million followers on IG? Isn’t that a lot?

        • Dramaninja

          Yes it a lot! Comparitively, Lee Min Ho only has 4m followers. But to be fair NJH is very avtive on instagram and LMH isn’t.

          LKS and NJH’s popularity has risen by leaps and bounds though since the Show started and I’m glad that they know of the International support for their Show.

          Thanks For the translation @Ct.. They both should just start dating . Or are they already? 😉

    • 1.13 nyemba

      i need pics in the comment section lol. i confuse korean names alot. both real names and drama names … google google more google hhaha

    • 1.14 klm

      Definitely my first thought of a couple not on the list but should be!

    • 1.15 jellybine

      Was hoping to see them on the list too but I guess it’s still a bit premature since the drama just ended. But definitely, Bok-joo and Joon-hyung should be on our liat of OTP! I was hoping to see Hwa-shin and Nara here (Jealousy Incarnate).

      When I saw Queen In-hyun in the list, I made a mental note that Coffee Prince should be on the list. Man, was I correct when it came 2ND. And of course Healer made it ❤

    • 1.16 littlecat

      Exactly what I came to the comments to say!

    • 1.17 cheakie18

      I AGREE!!! BokJoonHyung forever <3 !!!! OTP

    • 1.18 betty

      yesssssssssss I MISS THEM SO MUCH ALREADY

    • 1.19 Juicy

      Exactly my thoughts. I came here to see if Joon Hyeong and Bok Joo were on here, EXPECTING it actually. How on earth did goong make it on here and not weightlifting fairy?! I felt that goong pulled a “Cinderella and the four knights” and somehow twisted the story to be more about the awful second female lead than the actual main couple. Weightlifting fairy didn’t even HAVE an awful second female lead. It had a complex well-developed character that redeemed herself for her early actions. But even if it did, it wouldn’t need to do that because our SWAAAAG couple is too darn interesting and cute.

      TL;DR: if half the comments read “why the hell isn’t weightlifting fairy on this list?!” there must be something wrong with your list.

  2. Hope Airen

    My favorits are:

    Lee Seung Gi X Cha Seung Won (You’re all surrounded) (and Ahn Jae Hyun X the guy who play Ji Gook)

    Gong Yoo X Lee Dong Wook (goblin)

    Yoo Ah In X Song Joong Ki (SKKS)

    Who else?

    Moon Chae Won X Moon Geun Young

    I don’t know, I forgot?

    Oh, this is my wish to happen OTP:

    Lee Seung Gi X Moon Geung Young <3

    • 2.1 SLVR



    • 2.2 Ultramafic

      I’m with ya. But I mean, there’s gotta be a bromance list coming, right? Just gotta be.

    • 2.3 thelady

      Moon Chae Won X Moon Geun Young had amazing chemistry.

  3. Piggy

    Why is BokJoonHyung not here? :))

    • 3.1 Juliesean

      I agree with most of the otp, especially QIHM. The feels….Bok Joo n Joon Hyung needs to be on this list as well. S well as JI Hwashin and Nari.l from JI.

  4. royal

    OMG. All my old OTPs are in this list. Even Princess’ Man.

    This list made me miss Goong and Ojakkyo Brothers a lot. Especially Goong. It is the first ever kdrama I watched while it was airing in Korea and if you’d been a teen around the time when Clubbox and dial-up were a thing, then you’d know what an agony it is to wait for a file so you can watch even just ONE episode. Subtitles took awhile as well. Oh the good ol’ painful days. The things I patiently wait for my OTPs.

    • 4.1 Rose

      YAY for GOONG !!!
      How long and how much I listened to Goong OST, God only knows….

      • 4.1.1 royal

        If someone were to ask me what’s my favorite kdrama OST song, Perhaps Love by Howl and J is my answer. More than a decade later, and yet it’s still my answer.

      • 4.1.2 Moza

        Me too… i stil have it on my playlist until now.. 😃

        • rk

          Me 3. Shin and Chae kyung forever ❤️

      • 4.1.3 Molly

        Me too!!! OMG i thought it’s only me. Goong OST until today still on my favorite playlist

  5. Bili Bala Pabo Bara

    Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, You From Another Star, Master’s Sun and 1% of Anything 2016 are some of my favourites dramas. But I was a little surprised that the main couple in My Girl ( Lee Song Wook and Lee Da Hae ) isn’t on this list.

    • 5.1 Bili Bala Pabo Bara

      Lee Dong* Wook

    • 5.2 royal

      I’m more surprised that the lead couple in Sassy Girl Chunyang isn’t on the list.

      • 5.2.1 mary

        Me too! I don’t know if I’m glad or sad that jb doesn’t use her Overlord powers to put her fav show on the list XD

      • 5.2.2 cheekbones

        Ah, yes ! Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang is one of my favorite OTPs ever 😀

    • 5.3 oshin

      my girl –> lee dong wook – lee da hae
      sweet 18 –> lee dong gun – han ji hye
      greatest love –> cha seung won – kim sun ah
      protect the boss –> ji sung – choi kang hee
      another oh hae young –> eric moon – seo hyun jin

      • 5.3.1 oshin

        i mean cha seung won – gong hyo jin
        city hall –> cha seung won -kim sun ah

  6. Elle

    Lol I have the opposite problem. I think I’m having a hard time filling up the slots for top 10 OTPs since I’m normally not big on romance dramas. So, here’s my top 5.

    1. Lee Yeong/Hong Ra-on, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – They made me root for an OTP the way I’d never rooted for any dramaland OTP before. They made me laugh, cry, and feel giddy. I’ve never been so excited about any OTP before, or splurge as much on drama merch.

    2. Lee Seon-joon/Kim Yoon-hee, Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Friends to lovers, check. Mutual respect and trust, check and check. Burgeoning attraction, check. My top OTP before YeongOn came along.

    3. Park Soo-ha/Jang Hye-sung, I Hear Your Voice – I normally don’t like noona romances, but this is the sole exception.

    4. Jung Joon-hyung/Kim Bok-joo, Weightlifting Fairy – I love a good friends to lovers romance (see: my top two OTPs), and this OTP never failed to bring a smile to my face.

    5. Lee Shin/Shin Chae-gyung, Goong – The first OTP I’ve truly rooted for, back in my early drama-watching days. The will-they-or-won’t-they dragged a little but I still feel giddy when I rewatch bits and pieces of the show.

    • 6.1 Peeps

      Same. I prefer other genres more than rom-coms and compared to crazy makjang over the hills and under the valley kind of romances, I like normal, everyday kinds.

      So, basically,

      1. Sung SiWon and Yoon YoonJae in Answer Me 1997. Just because they’re so equal (although of course we all know that SiWon is boss) and able to throw retorts at each other all the time.

      2. Kim BokJoo and Jung JoonHyun in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I don’t even have to explain this one.

      3. Goong. I can’t even remember their names, ha. Lee Shin and Shin ChaeKyung? Goong was my very first K-drama. I went a bit gaga.

      4. Joo JoongWon and Tae GongShil in Master’s Sun. Gong HyoJin and So JiSub were just crackling. I was surprised that they never got together. I blame it all on So JiSub. Obviously he never asked (he admits that he never asks!) and the relationship, while crackling, wasn’t enough for Gong HyoJin to push it to the next level.

      What else? I don’t know any more…

      • 6.1.1 mwwg

        Same. I’m 80 percent with the DB crew, but I was suprised Answer Me 97 didn’t make it. THat’s the one couple where I was really in it for the couple rather than the writing or story or whatever.

        • Kyuri

          100% agreed with the sentiments above. AM1997’S Yoon Yoonjae and Sung Shiwon electrified the friends-to-lovers storyline like no other dramas had til then, and arguably none has since then either. the scene where he falls in love with her (sans glasses) and the scene where she senses him at the coffee shop all those years later are probably two of my favorite scenes in all of dramaland. bellissima!

          DB & GF: THANK YOU for this list and for brightening up all our days with nostalgia and mini-swoons.

          • Sixtyone

            I Love Si Won+Yoon Jae

          • Juicy

            I freaking love Yoonjae and Shiwon…one of my fave drama couples! ~ I was / am still OBSESSED with them. Go Inguk and Eunji!

            Also, Weightlifting Fairy. WHERE IS WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY?!!! Everyone wants to know.

      • 6.1.2 thelady

        Sung SiWon and Yoon YoonJae in Answer Me 1997

        they were an awesome couple

      • 6.1.3 Anis

        Oh, yes!
        I’m surprised that neither Sung Si Won and Yoon Yoon Jae from Answer me 1997 nor Bok Joo and Joon Hyun from Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo aren’t on this list.

        They are my favourites for ever!

    • 6.2 Bili Bala Pabo Bara

      I love all the dramas that you mentioned! I think that as individual characters, Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung are both very outstanding, however; as a couple, they aren’t the most convincing with the best chemistry, that is probably why they aren’t on the list. Also, since it’s just top 10, competition is stiff yo!

  7. Ed

    Queen In Hyun’s man was pure magic. Yoo Inna was otherworldly adorable in that drama.

    • 7.1 Mango Juice

      I agree!! Yoo Inna always owns her character, that I can’t imagine anyone else playing her part. And she’s cute and pretty at the same time. <3

  8. Orl

    I Hear Your Voice will always be my favorite OTP of all times. The couple was amazing.

    • 8.1 Sarai

      Just watched this show for the first time a few weeks ago and I LOVED it! They were so fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that it’s Lee Jong Suk who is a brilliant actor and soooo easy on the eyes, lol!

    • 8.2 redfox

      the couple is what saved me, because I nearly died from worry and tension! there was nearly not a moment until the end when I didnt fear for one of their lives. It is a great drama, but watching it takes strong nerves.

      • 8.2.1 thelady

        IHYV had an amazing villain.

  9. StarlaBlaise

    How about top 10 bromances? *glee*

    • 9.1 Mikaila

      Yes please do that too!

    • 9.2 jomo

      Definitely, though I would bet that bringing that list down to 10 may feel to JB and GF like losing a body part.

    • 9.3 Erratic

      Yoo Ah In/Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk/Kim Woo Bin, Go Kyung Po/Jo Jung Suk, the entire R88 group.

    • 9.4 Sarai

      Hands down lee jong suk and kim woo bin in “school 2013”. No competition.

    • 9.5 Arashi_lover

      King 2 Hearts- Jae Ha & Shi Kyung
      I Remember You- Hyun & Min
      38 Police Squad- Ajjhussi & Jung Do
      Goblin- Goblin & Repear

  10. 10 hyunwoos

    I’m sad that Delightful Girl Chun Hyang is not included in the list! I love Mong Ryong and Chun Hyang’s relationship [and its development] so much.

    • 10.1 Peeps

      Oh, me too!

    • 10.2 newgirl

      Agreed! I would far rather watch them than the 1% of Anything couple. I don’t think javabeans has watched DGCH though; at least she hadn’t as of a couple of years ago. Too bad! Anyone who hasn’t is really missing out!

  11. 11 Gelai

    It is sort of ironic that when it comes to an industry populated with romance and love, we can only provide a limited number of true pairings that will be remembered for years to come.

    My favorite OTPs are from:

    Answer Me 1997
    Secret Love Affair
    In Time With You

    If I get to watch it, I would probably add Weightlifting Fairy.

    When it comes to true pairings, my requirement is similar to DB staff. The couple must be real, that the characters feel like real people. I have to be with them emotionally. That their angst and happiness are based on real experiences. And that’s why we can only give so feel One True Pairings.

    • 11.1 salt n' pepper

      I loved Chen You Qing + Li Da Ren in In Time With You!! One of my favorite OTPs.

      Reply 1997, as well.

    • 11.2 thelady

      yes the couple in Secret Love Affair surprised me with their chemistry

  12. 12 genki-escapist

    Ohhhhhh, Shin and Chaegyoung! That was a mess of a drama, but the OTP was oh-sp dreamy!

    And Ojakgyo Brothers will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. 13 Hime

    No honorable mentions? Also no Kim Young ho/John Kim and Kang Joo eun?

  14. 14 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    OTP that means only lead couple?

    • 14.1 PlumWine

      I would say yes, primarily, it’s the lead couple. One True Pairing is usually centered on the leads, but I can think of a few that might have a secondary one also.

  15. 15 Christina

    So happy to see Queen Inhyun’s Man on this list. They are one of my favorite OTP’s in dramaland, and I’m still a little in love with Kim Kim Boong-do.

    • 15.1 lemoncello

      Me too!!! He’s unforgettable. He’s my first crush K-drama hero….

  16. 16 Flightey Gazelles

    The amount of joy and squealing I felt because I recognized at least four out of the ten, us not normal. lol

    I squealed so hard when I saw MLFAS. I can’t believe that I almost didn’t watch it because of a bad review. Perhaps it was actually for the good so that when I finally did watch it, it took me by surprise. And i mean, really swept me off my feet. Wow. I had previously seen Kim Soo Hyun in The Producers but I was annoyed with his character cause he reminded me of Go Mi Nyu with his clumsiness. I’ve come to love the character since, but it wasn’t so the first time.

    So imaging my surprise and caution when I saw that it was the same actor ( didn’t know his name then, was a newbie). He was so different! What is this magic?? Why do I find myself swooning? Believe me when I say I legit resisted (lol) but there was only so much shield a girl can put up for long. So I gave in. I surrendered.

    As for Jun Ji Hyun, I wasn’t familiar with her. I was, “Man I like this actress”. From the first episode I knew I’d be a fan of her and that I’d love Cheon Song Yi for all time. She was different from any Kdrama heroine I’d ever seen( then, I’ve since expanded my archives). Before her it was Eun Soo( Kim Hee Sun’s character in Faith).

    What struck me first about Cheon Song Yi was her fashion. I loved that Cheon Song Yi was loud, had an ego that was the reason the term was coined, and that she was vain, dumb and even shallow. What? A Kdrama heroine this flawed and she’s the main Lead? Impossible!!

    But she was all that and more. She was brave, charismatic, confident, empathic, smart and had depth. She even had dad and mom issues ( natch). There was simply no hope for me. I was OBSESSED for a month+ and the last red carpet kiss? Status: Dead.

    Loved the list.

    • 16.1 Shannie

      I adore MLFAS too. It’s my favorite K-drama of all time for all of the reasons you mentioned and more. Everything about it left me in awe.

  17. 17 Keona8

    Here my top 5 :

    – Healer
    – Smile You
    – Ojakkyo Brothers
    – Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo
    – Sassy, Go Go

    • 17.1 pigsnout

      agreed with Sassy Go Go!

      Kim Yeol and Kang Yeon Doo ♡♡♡

    • 17.2 GedSkaiKru

      I was looking for this comment, yes?
      Sassy Go, Go’s Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo, before WFKBJ, they are my OTP-meter. Now Yeol-YeonDoo and BokJoNyung is tie on my top OTP-meter. I’ve never really been one for over the top coupling, I stay away from MakJang’s as far as I could.

      Also, definitely on my list is Dong Yi (Lady Suk Bin) and King SukJong from Dong Yi. They help each other out, and both of them are smart so they balance each other and trust each other even in the line of death and it’s a love that changed history (at least in the Drama).

      Sorry for bypassing your post.

    • 17.3 pogo

      HONK for Sassy Go Go!

      There’s no way a couple who come together over a common mission to save their friends, was ever not going to make it to my top 5. And it’s not just him or her, I love them both (Crinkles and Sunshine <33333)

    • 17.4 ran

      Sassy Go Go’s Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol! they were so refreshing as otp for me. Given there were so many kdrama tropes but somehow they made it work. I also want to point out SGG has one of my fav love triangle ever. yep

    • 17.5 salt n' pepper

      Smile, You!!! <3 Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Minjung were so cute in that drama.

      I liked Ojakyo but I rooted for the second brother, Tae Beom, and Cha Sooyoung more than Uee-Joowon.

  18. 18 purpleshipper

    Hardest list ever!!!

    1. Weightlifting Fairy- relationship goals
    2. King2Hearts- enemies to comrades to lovers
    3. Ex-Girlfriends Club- How can the lead couple be allowed to smile and laugh all the time?
    4. Answer Me 1997- Growing up and growing old together
    5. Cheese in the Trap- Awkward yet realistic
    6. The Good Wife- whoever male lead you’re shipping her with is a win-win choice
    7. Oh My Ghostess- Chef! Chef!
    8. Secret Garden- the chemistry is too hot to handle
    9. Sungkyunkwan Scandal- their equality never ceases to amaze me
    10. My GF is a Gumiho- cute, cute and cute

    Monday Couple’s Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary from Running Man
    Adam Couple’s Ga-in and Jo Kwon from We Got Married

  19. 19 Alex

    I wholeheartedly agree with DB’s top 3! And in that exact same order!

    • 19.1 Jenn

      I can’t get thru Goong – someone please tell me why it’s worth giving another shot!

      • 19.1.1 Alejandra

        I love the drama for what it is, but it’s quite angsty and high school romance-y, so obviously you have to watch it with that in mind. The first time I watched it I was 15 years old and the drama was perfect for my dramatic teenage heart and the nostalgia makes me love it and forgive alll it’s flaws.

        The other thing I loved about Goong were the costumes, music and scenery. They were amazing and got me through the most boring parts of the drama.

        Having said that, it’s a drama with a lot of clichés (and I mean, A LOT), so I understand why some people may not like it. I don’t think I’d watch it today if it were a new drama.

  20. 20 Celine

    Coffee Prince OTP!!! Love love loveee! I have a feeling this pair will make it in each and every top ten of JB and GF. I’m going to re-watch this after Goblin ends.

    Ojakgyo Brothers main OTP will always have a special place in my heart. Joowon and Uee are perfect together.

    My most recent fave OTP that I really rooted for to get a is YeongOn couple of MDBC.

    • 20.1 Sarai

      I wanted to pick them for my list at first… but then I realized it’s not about me wanting them as an OTP…. as much as it is me just actually being in love with Park Bo Gum. lol.

      (and Kwak Dong Yeon as Byung Yeon at the same time)
      HAHA. Anyone else?

      • 20.1.1 Sarai

        Ooops, I commented this in the wrong place! Sorry!

        • Sarai

          Nevermind, it was right. Talking about “YeongOn” It’s been a long week, guys. Apologies! Haha.

  21. 21 blinkywink

    i love rom-coms! it’s my favourite k-drama genre. My top 5 are:

    (1) Full House – Rain+SHK
    (2) My GF is a gumiho – Lee Seungi + Shin Minah
    (3) Lovers in Paris – Lee Seo Gin + Kim Jung Eun
    (4) City Hall – Cha Seung Won + Kim Sun Ah
    (5) Secret Garden – Hyun Bin + Ha Ji Won

    • 21.1 Oppamichoso

      Definitely agree with you on
      Full house
      Secret Garden

      But my all time favorite is
      Cha seung won + kim sun ah

    • 21.2 skelly

      Thank you for mentioning City Hall! That is still one of my favorite couples.

  22. 22 gadis

    While I love all those OTP above (especially Master’s Sun and Queen In-hyun’s Man), they still couldn’t beat my all-time favorite OTP: High Kick Through the Roof’s Jung-eum & Ji-hoon. Their everydayness and very low-key romance was just lovely. Not to mention that spending 126 eps with them almost automatically make me smile, cry, laugh, and swoon along their love journey.

    • 22.1 musicnmelody

      yessss!!!!! finally a fello jung eum ji hoon shipper!!! there was a time where i’d spent my night watching their cuts cause i had a bad high kick withdrawal when i finished watching the whole episodes! they were so cute…except that horrible ending. im still pissed that they decided to take that route TT^TT

      • 22.1.1 turtle88

        yayyy! jung eum & ji hoon shippers!! they are definitely one of my fav couples kdramas. I had a major high kick 2 withdrawal when I watched it and I did the same thing, watching their cuts again and again. They were so cute and had so much chemistry ^^

        Still one of my fav dramas and it was one of the first several kdramas I watched. It was such an enjoyable sitcom until the last couple of episodes… worst ending in my drama watching history EVER >___<

  23. 23 zunairaghazal


    • 23.1 Juicy


  24. 24 Yuna

    Aww My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho didn’t make the list? It’s my alltime favorite OTP. Second will be ‘Healer’ and third probably ‘You From Another Star.’

    • 24.1 Martin J Simwaba

      I’d agree with your OTP list if it wasn’t for Ugly Alert.

  25. 25 musicnmelody

    Seriously, Bokjoonyoung swag couple is one of the best couple relationships i’ve ever watched!!

    Its too perfect but yet i never felt unrealistic at all!

    and i have few other couples i love too, and some are already included in the list. for me:

    1. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
    2. Yoon Dong Ha and Ban Ji Yeon (witch romance)
    3. Hye Sung and Su Ha (I Can Hear Your Voice)
    4. Jung Eum and Ji Hoon (Highkick Through The Roof)
    5. Boong Do and Hee Jin (Queen In-Hyun’s Man)
    6. Se Ryung and Seung Yoo (The Princess’ Man)
    7. Louis and Bok Shil (Shopping King Louis)
    8. Seok Bong and Shin Mi (Becoming a Billionaire)
    9. Yeon Jae and Ji Wook (Scent of a Woman)
    10. Hwang Tae Hee and Goo Yong Shik (The Queen of Reversal)

    • 25.1 hades.red

      I can’t help myself for loving YDH and BJY from Witch’s Romance. Really fell for Park Seo Joon here.

      And yes, our WFKBJ couple needs some love.

    • 25.2 redfox

      I am really happy that so many folks have Louis and Bok Shil among their favorite OTP´s.

      • 25.2.1 hades.red

        I think it’s because they are so different from the usual OTPs but work at the same time. They are endearing and funny.

    • 25.3 Reba Wechoki

      Louis and Ko Bok shil should be so high up on any list

    • 25.4 Misty

      Yes to Louis and Bok shil from Shopping King Louis! Seo In Guk has charm by the truckload. Although their romance didn’t really feel threatened by external factors, their chemistry felt so natural you just knew they were meant for each other come what may. He needed her like oxygen!

  26. 26 cat

    KWB and LJS was my favourate in school 2013

  27. 27 Martin J Simwaba

    If i may? I’d like to add “ugly alert” to your list.
    I mean, watching Kang So Ra and Im Ju Hwan felt like they really belonged.

  28. 28 xcmk

    Queen inhyuns man!!! It will forever be my most favourite drama and couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • 28.1 maya

      Agree! I still revisit their sweet scenes from time to time, true OTP, from reel to real (although not right now)

  29. 29 Jomo

    Yes, yes, yes! Awsome idea!
    Awesome list!!

    I was thinking about why we love the separation stage of a drama, when the one tries to stop thinking of the other, but they.just.can’t. And the paaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiin of it. How much it hurrrrrrrrrrrrts!

    Goong was my number one pain couple. I loved them together and cried so much when they weren’t.
    QIHM I had physical pain from that show. I remember how badly my head hurt from sobbing. It was soooo good!

    And Master’s Sun, too, great choice and not an obvious one.

    • 29.1 hades.red

      The separation stage of a drama is usually my least favourite part. Very rarely does it work for me. Usually is just annoys me.

  30. 30 happeyness

    1. Queen In-hyun’s Man. My response: ehhh. I never finished it. I think I stopped around ep 11.
    2. Coffee Prince. My response: YESSS
    3. Goong (Prince Hours). My response: Yesssss
    4. You from Another Star. My response: YES. It took my while to finally start watching – in the first ep I kept cringing/having to pause because of Chu Song-yi.
    5. Healer. My response: YESSSS. This is my ultimate favorite drama and my ultimate favorite couple! Bong-sookie is my fav!
    6. Master’s Sun. My response: Yes, definitely!! Another major favorite.
    7. The King 2 Hearts. My response: ehhh. I remember watching it, but I can’t remember if I finished it or not.
    8. The Princess’s Man. My response: haven’t seen it yet…
    9. 1% of Anything. My response: Yes. I fell in love with this couple.
    10. Ojakkyo Brothers. My response: So I haven’t seen this yet – but it was recommended to me as something similar to Father, I’ll Take care of you (which I love). So I’ll probably watch this soon!

    I would add Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I fell in love with this drama and this couple and want everyone to watch it and fall in love with it too. Hahaha

    • 30.1 happeyness

      Sooo I binge watched Otakgyo brothers! Skipping through the first ten episodes or so. I already knew the basic plot so I didn’t really want to watch the plot setting haha.

      But. “I was convinced the entire time that Joo-won actually loved her in real life, because he would just give her these looks, like he was struck dumb because she was the purtiest girl he’d ever seen. ” is the truest statement everrr.

      I was never a big fan of Joo Won but I might have to watch more of his dramas!

    • 30.2 Jess

      Yes to EVERYTHING you said!

      Except: I stopped watching Queen Inhyun’s Man somewhere during the second episode. I found everyone annoying.

      And isn’t Ojakkyo Brothers, like, 50 or 60 episodes long? It sounds great, but I just can’t.

      My only addition is Sam Soon & Hyun Bin. Maybe because it was one of my first dramas… but they made me swoon.

      • 30.2.1 happeyness

        Ojakkyo Brothers is really long! But like I said, I skipped through almost all of the first 10 episodes, and from then on fast forwarded through a lot of the side stories. The mom-UEE parts and Joo Won-UEE parts are definitely worth watching! My favorite moment between UEE and Joo Won is in ep 22 (or 23) where they keep flicking each other on the forehead. I love his messed up hair!

  31. 31 ofdustandstarlight

    AHHH. This is making me want to rewatch Ojakgyo Brothers ❤

    • 31.1 lunatic4kd

      As a result of the list mentioning Ojakgyo and many comments, I’ve added that to my to-be-watched list. Thanks DramaBeans!

    • 31.2 Kay

      I never finished it but this is making me want to go back and re-watch it from the beginning too!

  32. 32 Jill

    I cried buckets of tears during that break-up scene in Ojakygo Bros. The romance was fantastic.

    My favorite K-Drama couple of all time is Choi Young and Eun Soo in Faith.

  33. 33 missjb

    Dysfunctional relationship OTP yet their feeling feels is so real for me. (always suck me in for this type in melodrama) :
    – The Innocent Man – Song Jong Ki – Park Shi Yeon
    – Que Sera Sera – Eric Mun – Jung Yu Mi

    Fluffy romance :
    – Han Ji Min – Kang Ji Hwan – Capital Scandal (still i don’t find any better than this pairing when it comes fluffy romance. Always make me laugh out loud with their antic)
    – Jung Kyung Ho – Lee Min Jung (smile You)

    OTP that makes me cry for month :
    So Ji Seob – Im Soo Jung – I’m sorry I love You

  34. 34 shinmaryu

    Wow, cant believe that queen in hyun man and ojakgyo brothers could make it to this list because its rather underrated, but those two are one of my all time faves too! Their chemistry was very strong, especially uee and joo won, i cant believe my self that i actually finished the drama in straight two days (yes this is real, i didnt sleep and washed only eat and cry in front of tv straight two days during my new year holiday years ago). I think i’m going to rewatch those two during my free week

  35. 35 Gem

    Queen In Hyun’s Man, the best couple that I’ve seen so far and such a well done drama.
    Just the list that I needed,
    Agreed on all fronts.
    Honorable Mentions:
    Bok Joo-Jun Hyung
    Lee Seung Gi- Shin Minah

  36. 36 namedx

    Ah brilliant list! I remember getting swept up in every single romance – notably Healer!! Ah, the feels!

    For me, the OTP will only stand true if I’m able to root for the pair from beginning to end; It needs to come with a full package-ish for me to remember the romantic pairing with fondness and lingering afterthought. There are so many dramas which dish out the romantic goods, but you only ever feel for them in the moment due to it being contrived, or simply not satisfying enough in terms of chemistry. Dramas like Decedents of the Sun, and Legend of the Blue Sea fall into that category for me. It’s a sweet, but meh kinda feeling.

    I remember loving the pairing in Smile, You – my first Jung Hyung-ho drama. Definitely agree with Goong, Coffee Prince and The Princess’s Man. The romance in 1% was delicious, but it fell short of some of that dramatic tension needed for it to feel more robust, especially towards the end.

    Another one of my favourites is 9 Ends, 2 Outs – gotta love that friends turn to lovers shenanigans! Ooh, the romance in Dal Ja’s Spring also brings back fond memories – it’s been time since I’ve watched that drama though, so I’m not sure if the feels still stand, as is the case with Kim Sam-soon.

    Great list, ladies! Keep em coming. x

    • 36.1 namedx

      correction: Jung Kyung-ho

    • 36.2 namedx

      Errm, after going through this list, I feel like I need to watch more dramas!! I, for some reason, struggled to come up with my list of 10!

    • 36.3 mary_of_bethany

      my top 3?
      1. Healer.
      2. Healer.
      3. still Healer.
      and i think i remember you, Namedx at moru moru… nice seeing ur name here.
      welcome back to soompi changmin thread… any one of you changminers who lurks, … we are pretty much still loithering there.. on off…
      Healer is in another league on its own..
      althought i have drew fonder to W-2-Worlds Jongjoo couple.. now completely smittened by Goblin couple.. but Healer Changmin remains second to none.

      • 36.3.1 healer-forever

        Top 3 are:

        1. Healer…
        2. JCW & PMY in Healer
        3. Park Bong Soo & Chae Young Shin in Healer

        I think, it would take me another 10 years to surpass this OTP thingy… hahaha…. first was the Full House couple, years back!!…

      • 36.3.2 MM

        hehe.. I kinda understand how you feel. I mean, I just finished watching HEALER for 3 days straight. I was so good I wanna cry.

        That’s why I think this list is valid, since I decided to watch Healer as its OTP is on the list. And yes, the couple was extremely adorable, lovely, cute and sexy in all ways. They are just so suitable with one another. So, YES also for HEALER couple.

  37. 37 Enigma

    When we talk about explosive chemistry, Eric-Seo Hyun Jin in Another Miss Oh is my top favorite.

    • 37.1 Beanfan

      Me, too! But I know why they didn’t make the cut.. I think JB and GF would say that Oh Hae Young held up more of the OTP relationship, compared to Do Kyung.

      My other favorite OTP would be Hye Won and Sun Jae in Secret Love Affair. Again, not included probably cos of they were adulterers.

  38. 38 Makoto

    Choi Hee Jin – Kim Boong Do is my #1 fave OTP until now.

  39. 39 jichangwooklover

    My top 10 are:
    1.Hoi hoi couple (My girlfriend is a gumiho)
    2.JCW X PMY (Healer)
    3.LMH X PMY (City Hunter)
    4.Darling couple (Pinocchio)
    5. Louie and Boksil (Shopping King Louie)
    6. Seo in guk and Eunji (Reply 1997)
    7. Queen in hyun’s man
    8. JCW X HJW (Empress Ki)
    9. LJS X PBY (IHYV)
    10.Secret Garden

    Hope DramaBeans does the top 10 bromance, secondary couples, and drama characters lists as well.

    • 39.1 Maggie

      I totally forgot about Empress Ki until you mentioned this.
      Btw I’d prefer hajiwon ended up with jujinmoo bcs of their moments and jichangwook with baekjinhee OMG there is no more adorable couple than JCW and tanashiri

    • 39.2 LoveSeoInGuk

      Here’s my list for some great chemistry and great ending!!!!!
      Romance took center stage in these dramas…
      Reply 1997 (ALL TIME FAV!)
      The King 2 Hearts
      Weightlifting fairy KBJ
      Five Children (Am I the only one who thinks Romance was awesome?) & Ojakgyo brothers
      1% of Anything (New Version)
      Fated to love you(Korean Version)
      Coffee Prince & Secret Garden
      Shining Inheritance

      • 39.2.1 happeyness

        Five Children!! I rooted for the main couple so much! And then when they got together, I switched to the young couple with Sung Hoon!

        I loved Shining Inheritance. I think that was one of the earliest dramas I watched (my first being Playful Kiss).

    • 39.3 Sarai

      Darling Couple “Pinocchio”
      YES, YES, YES!!

  40. 40 yukari

    Completely agree with no. 1! How can you not root for BD-HJ couple?! Clever hero and sassy heroine, good manner hero and a heroine who is not damsel in distress or candy, no stupid misunderstanding, no noble idiocy (burning talisman is not considered one), no evil second lead, kisses in early episode where both of them are sober, no drunk confession, . . . and many more reasons on why I love them so much.

    Up till now, Bong Do is still the BEST kdrama hero on my list. It’s hard to take him down.

  41. 41 Purple Owl

    Again, haven’t watched most of these.

    I’m going to make my list when I wake up.

  42. 42 Even

    Oueen In Hyun’s Man had the true OTP in my opinion. Both of the characters were likable – – actually way past likable, they were awesome, and who doesn’t want to see two awesome characters with great chemistry fall in love? The mutual attraction was there from the beginning and never let up, even when things around them were at it’s worst. The sacrifices they were willing to make, their steady attraction, the awesome chemistry…ah I’m gonna go watch it again.

  43. 43 Even

    Also, if I was making a top ten drama heros list, Queen Inhyun’s Man would definitely be on that list. I’m still in love with Kim Boong Do <3

  44. 44 jusanggur

    My personal top 10
    1. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won (Nice Guy)
    2. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden)
    3. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae (My Girl)
    4. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na (Goblin)
    5. Lee Tae Hwan and Park Eun Bin (Father I’ll Take Care of You)
    6. Kim Joo Hyuk and Jang Do Yeon (Lovers in Prague)
    7. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo (W)
    8. Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo (Marriage Not Dating)
    9. Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons)
    10. Kim Bum and Kim So Eun (Boys Before Flowers)

    • 44.1 paroles

      It’s Jeon* Do-yeon lol.

    • 44.2 bd5

      The SG couple? Really?

      He basically stalked her and at times forced himself on her and she would reciprocate by using violence.

      And then after the body-switch (which wasn’t done well), they suddenly became “lovey-dovey.”

      That relationship/romance made zero sense.

      • 44.2.1 Cuckoo

        Exactly. To top it, guy is chaebol while girl is poor, uneducated, not beautiful. It baffles me how a guy can ditch Kim sarang character for a stunt woman. I thought I liked secret garden but after better dramas came along it was pfffft. I even asked myself what drug did I induce at that time to have gone crazy for it.

    • 44.3 Table122000

      Totally Agree on the main couple from Marriage Not Dating!
      They are my top OTP. They felt so real to me. Normally, I’m satisfied to see the couples happy and together at the end of a drama, and can bid them a fond farewell, but I didn’t want to say goodbye to this couple. i so wanted a season 2 with them.

      Also agree with others here about Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo OTP-a wonderful, real couple and definitely on my top 10 list.

  45. 45 Irochka

    Oh yay! When I saw this go up the two couples I hoped to see were Queen Inhyun’s Man and the Princess’s Man. The first couple had sparks flying from the start; their chemistry was amazing. The Princess’s Man was one of the few times I’ve seen a Romeo & Juliet couple that I really bought into – was intense from start to finish.

  46. 46 hades.red

    Coffee Prince is an amazing drama that holds up well against modern dramas. It is a drama that I would easily recommend to most anyone with an open mind. It treats sex/virginity, gender, sexuality, and adoption in a ways that few other dramas do/have. Not only that, the female lead remains strong throughout most of the drama, and the male lead experiences growth in so many ways–Han Kyul’s acceptance and confession remains one of my favourite scenes in any drama. I think all these factors help contribute to build and OTP that’s believable outside of the usual romance. I am being reminded of WFKBJ as I write this and I guess it’s because I like that show for similar reasons. Both characters have their issues to deal with, experience growth, and love each other.

    Oh 1%. Words cannot describe how much I love thee and it’s amazing OTP.

    I’m surprised that you guys ended up striking out DotS. That was one of the few dramas in which I actually liked both the male and female leads. They were annoying at times, and awesome at other times.

    • 46.1 bd5

      If JB and GF were going to pick a YEH drama, should have been CP and not Goong.

      Aside from being a much better drama, the relationship in CP was much better done and beyond that, Gong Yoo’s character was willing to put aside his sexuality – can’t get any more devoted than that.

  47. 47 Zah

    Great article. I have to check out Princess’s Man, Goong and Ojakkyo Brothers.

    I would add the pairs from Secret, Jealousy Incarnate, Cheese In The Trap, You From Another Star, City Hunter, Cruel City, Reply 1997, Weightlifting Fairy, Fated To Love You and It’s Okay That’s Love to round off a Top 20. A top 10 isn’t enough for me simply because there are so many OTPs with great chemistry and bonding

  48. 48 givememylatte

    OJAKKYOOOO!! The only 50-ish-episode drama I had the patience for.

    The love lines of the oldest brother and 2nd bro were cute and exciting, too. 🙂

    I’ll never forget 2nd bro’s words to his love interest..



  49. 49 YY

    My fav OTP Joon Hyung and Bok Joo!!!!! They are the happiest, funniest, least complicated couple ever. They don’t keep secrets that burn and fester inside, they blurt out whatever is troubling them, and resolve their conflicts in the span of one episode. I love how JH is always there to support BJ, I love how he loves her, flaws and all, I love that theirs was a friendship that blossomed slowly into love, I love how that love became stronger and stronger, and evolved from a young love to a deep and abiding lifelong relationship at the end of the drama.

    • 49.1 Cuckoo

      Yes agree totally. It’s a breath of fresh air in kdramaland to have an otp like kbj and jjh. Although there were challenges, the drama did not drag it along and waste 3 episodes. Drama may be viewed as a coming of age youth drama but it is also inspirational. I love how they focused on strong and driven characters (as opposed to losers) and could serve as a role model to youngsters that if they set their mind and soul in achieving their dreams and work hard for it, they may be able to achieve it.

  50. 50 KAPP70

    Watching Princess’ Man right now. I agree that they should wholeheartedly be on the list. Also, glad that a couple in their 30s made the list. Sometimes it seems to be all about the young.

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