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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 14
by | January 5, 2017 | 199 Comments

This episode delivers a lot of forward motion for everyone, as characters begin to decide what kind of people they’re willing to be. It’s not always the young who have growing up to do… sometimes even adults need to mature and learn to accept, speak up, and go for what they want.

EPISODE 14: “This woman is my woman”

Bok-ju’s dad stops his scooter near where Bok-ju and Joon-hyung are engaging in some public snuggling, but lucky for them, he doesn’t see their faces. He just grumbles about kids dating instead of training, and moves on.

A little ways down the road, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung are still being all grabby with each other, and they pull up their hoods and kiss with their faces hidden. Nan-hee and Seon-ok witness the silly spectacle, but again, with their faces covered Bok-ju and Joon-hyung’s secret is safe.

Joon-hyung visits his therapist, who asks what’s been keeping Joon-hyung so busy. He notices that Joon-hyung looks great these days, and Joon-hyung says he’s not hearing the ringing in his ears anymore. The therapist guesses that he’s dating, and Joon-hyung’s shocked face gives him away.

The therapist asks if Joon-hyung’s girlfriend is pretty, and he diplomatically says he’s a little prettier than her, hee. Cut to: Bok-ju screaming bloody murder at weightlifting training, looking decidedly not pretty.

One of her sunbaes announces that someone in the department is dating, and Bok-ju looks guilty as sin. But it’s not Bok-ju she’s talking about — it’s big-boy Young-chul and another girl, Yae-min, and the rest of the team mercilessly tease them about it.

After practice, Bok-ju’s friends still aren’t over the weirdness of it, especially since Young-chul said that beautiful actress Han Ye-seul is his type. Bok-ju muses that people often end up dating outside their type. Nan-hee mentions the crazy kissing couple she and Seon-ok saw, and makes the others promise not to betray each other by dating.

Joon-hyung and Tae-kwon decide to join the girls for lunch, and Joon-hyung elbows Tae-kwon hard when he almost sits next to Bok-ju, ha. They’re not going to keep their secret long if he doesn’t stop looking at Bok-ju with those hearts in his eyes, and he even grabs her hand under the table.

Nan-hee drops her utensil and leans down to get it, and almost sees their entwined hands. Bok-ju jerks away so hard it sends Joon-hyung to the floor, and he’s still whining when they meet up at the wishing fountain later.

He doesn’t understand why Bok-ju wants to hide their relationship, but she assures him that she’s not ashamed of him. She explains that she promised her friends she wouldn’t even look at men after the disaster with Jae-yi, and aegyos at him to convince him to let her pick the right time to tell them.

It totally works, and Joon-hyung likes it so much he begs Bok-ju to do it again. But Bok-ju is cranky about it and refuses, leading to Joon-hyung doing all the aegyo while she pouts.

Jae-yi visits Dr. Go in her office, to invite her to the concert of a violinist they’ve seen before. She confesses that she’s only been pretending to like classical music because he does, so he changes tactics and asks her to dinner.

He’s relieved when Dr. Go says that she does actually like steak, and he nervously asks if he can take her to do something she likes to do this weekend. She tells him to stop trying so hard, and he asks if trying hard can be a new start for them. She says it can’t, because he can’t try himself into having feelings for her after ten years.

Bok-ju is fascinated by the homemade face pack Nan-hee is using, and submits to letting them do one on her. Shi-ho comes in and sees the three friends having fun, and smiles at their happy chattering.

The face pack doesn’t agree with Bok-ju, as evidenced by the giant zit right on the tip of her nose the next morning. Seon-ok thinks it’s not so bad, since it’s not like Bok-ju has a guy to impress or anything.

Bok-ju wears a face mask to practice the next morning to cover the zit, and when she runs into Joon-hyung on the jogging track, she pretends to have a bad cough. He’s all concerned but she waves him away, desperate for him not to see her embarrassing blemish. She lays it on thick on the phone later, coughing for his benefit, which makes him even more worried.

He has his aunt put together some medicine for Bok-ju, which she makes him pay for with a kiss. So cute. He goes back to the dorm and calls Bok-ju to come get the medicine, but she pretends to be worried that she’ll make him sick.

Joon-hyung, being the extreme mother hen that he is, decides to sneak into Bok-ju’s room to give her the medicine. He climbs over her railing right as she’s biting into a bun, and nearly falls at the sight of her massive zit. Giggling, he lets himself in, and leans in to get a good look.

He fusses at her for making him so worried over a little thing like a pimple, and she ekes out an embarrassed apology. Lucky for her, Joon-hyung thinks she’s cute when she’s being insecure, and decides that he’s glad she got a pimple because it got him into her room.

He tries to look in her closet but Bok-ju blocks him, and he goose-steps her sideways until they trip and fall on the bed. They freeze when Joon-hyung falls right on top of Bok-ju, but he doesn’t move, and leans in for a kiss. It’s adorable how Bok-ju puckers up, and Joon-hyung grins at her before swooping in.

Suddenly, Nan-hee’s voice calls out, and Bok-ju flings Joon-hyung off her and onto the floor. He tries to crawl under the bed but he doesn’t fit, and he just cringes under the edge of the comforter (with his feet hanging out into the middle of the room, ha).

Bok-ju somehow manages to get her friends to sit on the bed facing away from Joon-hyung. He gives up on trying to squeeze under the bed and motions to Bok-ju that he’s headed for the closet. She distracts Nan-hee and Seon-ok while he scoots to the closet and closes himself inside.

Just as it looks like Bok-ju and Joon-hyung are safe, Shi-ho comes home and goes right to the closet. She sees Joon-hyung crouched there, begging her with his eyes not to say anything, and she laughs at him. She even asks Nan-hee and Seon-ok to leave, claiming to be too tired for company.

Once they’re alone Joon-hyung comes out, and the three of them head to the roof for a beer. Joon-hyung looks like he wants to sink into the floor as he sits between his ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend, but the ladies are fine with it. They talk about how they have to watch their weight in different ways, and Bok-ju offers herself and Joon-hyung to come to Shi-ho’s competition this coming weekend.

Shi-ho leaves, guessing that Bok-ju and Joon-hyung would like to be alone. Joon-hyung sighs that it was a crazy day, and asks how long they have to pretend they’re not dating. Bok-ju thinks they should wait until the new semester, and when Joon-hyung calls her lovable, she squeals and smacks him, and he boops her nose.

After training, Joon-hyung texts Bok-ju that he’ll call her soon, but he’s waylaid by Tae-kwon, who says there’s an emergency and drags him out. The “emergency” turns out to be a surprise double date with two of the girls from their last group date, but the girls refused to meet unless Joon-hyung came as well.

Joon-hyung fights it, knowing that if Bok-ju finds out, he’s a dead man. But since he can’t tell Tae-kwon why he doesn’t want to do this, he’s forced to submit, and sits down with the girls looking like his puppy just died.

Bok-ju is getting annoyed that Joon-hyung hasn’t called like he promised, and Yae-min, the girl who was outed for dating, sits down next to her. She mentions that she just saw “that swimmer that wrapped his scarf around you and gave you his coat” in a coffee shop on a blind date, and Bok-ju’s face goes dark. Uh-oh. He’s a dead man.

She drags Nan-hee and Seon-ok to the coffee shop, and sees Joon-hyung inside, sitting with the girls. She goes in and sits at a table near the blind-date-in-progress, glaring eye daggers at Joon-hyung the entire time, though he doesn’t spot her yet because he’s too busy moping at his shoes.

She sends Joon-hyung a text, “You die. I’ll kill you! Finish in five minutes,” and Joon-hyung gapes in horror as he realizes that she’s here. He looks up to see Bok-ju dragging a finger across her throat, and nervously tells Tae-kwon that they have to go now.

Somehow unaware of his distress, one of the girls reaches out to feel Joon-hyung’s muscular shoulders, and he jumps about ten feet. She reaches out to touch him again, which is when Bok-ju steps up to the table and orders her to remove her filthy hand.

The girl asks who she is, and Bok-ju screams at the top of her lungs, “I’m the girlfriend of the guy you were just pawing!!” All over the restaurant, jaws drop. A few minutes later, Joon-hyung and Bok-ju are sitting guiltily across from Tae-kwon, Nan-hee, and Seon-ok, who are glaring at them accusingly (and hee, Joon-hyung’s body language is hilarious, like he’s protecting his internal organs in case Bok-ju still wants to disembowel him).

They want to know when this started, and if they were dating when they went to the amusement park together. Joon-hyung admits that he liked Bok-ju on his own then, but they weren’t dating, which wins over Nan-hee a little. Bok-ju confesses that they started dating the day she came back to school, and the friends ask why they haven’t told them.

Bok-ju says that she didn’t want them thinking she was nuts for liking someone so soon after her crush on Jae-yi. Nan-hee fusses that Bok-ju is a habitual liar, and Joon-hyung jumps to her defense, saying they they’re always pressuring her.

Seon-ok stops him by pointing out that he’s not exactly impartial, and Bok-ju sincerely apologizes. The friends demand reparations in the form of meat, and Joon-hyung jumps at the seemingly easy out.

Back at the gym, Coach Choi waits for Coach Yoon, and asks him to have a drink with her. He tries to beg off that he’s too tired, but she insists. They run into Dae-ho in the lobby, and he offers to walk Coach Choi home, and when she says they’re going for a drink he attempts to invite himself along.

Coach Yoon feels the awkward atmosphere and quickly excuses himself, despite Coach Choi’s protests. But he falls and hurts his back, forcing both Coach Choi and Dae-ho to take him home. His bachelor pad is a wreck, but Coach Choi doesn’t seem to notice.

She offers to stay to take care of him, but Dae-ho snaps that she can’t do that. He fibs that he’s worried about what the neighbors will say, and offers to stay and look after Coach Yoon himself.

Joon-hyung and Tae-kwon are a little disgusted at how much meat Nan-hee and Seon-ok put away, and even Bok-ju tells them to take it slow, knowing Joon-hyung has to pay for everything. They get huffy when they realize Joon-hyung is upset, but Bok-ju and Joon-hyung quickly urge them to eat, needing their goodwill.

Joon-hyung looks like he could cry as he pays the exorbitant bill, but he tells Bok-ju in a pained voice that he has to do this. The friends decide they want to go to a noraebang, of course on Joon-hyung’s dime, but he can’t get into the singing no matter how much they pester him.

Late that night, Jae-yi gets a series of texts from Dr. Go explaining that she’s decided to go home to work in her father’s clinic. He rushes to her apartment but she’s already gone, and she doesn’t answer her phone when he calls.

Joon-hyung and Bok-ju are staring at each other all googly-eyed by the time the group gets back to the dorms. They clearly want some time alone, but it’s nearly curfew, and their friends literally drag them apart (it’s really hilariously pitiful).

The girls plunk Bok-ju down in their room and demand answers, mostly regarding whether she and Joon-hyung have kissed. She tries to play it coy, but her little grins give her away, and when they ask for the when and where, she cheekily asks, “The first or the second (kiss)?” Cue high-pitched squealing sounds only dogs can hear.

In Joon-hyung’s room, Tae-kwon is trying to talk his friend out of dating Bok-ju, but Joon-hyung just grins dreamily at everything Tae-kwon tries to call a negative, like her eating habits. He even admits that he thinks her strength is sexy, hee.

The next morning, Shi-ho prepares for her competition, and admits to Bok-ju that despite the many times she’s competed, she’s most nervous about this one. Bok-ju takes her to the wishing fountain and tosses a coin in, and tells Shi-ho to make a wish. She wishes, not to win, but to perform without regrets.

Dae-ho brings breakfast to Coach Yoon, who whines for ketchup. Dae-ho brings the bottle but it’s empty, so he heads out to buy more. A minute later Coach Choi comes by, and she’s still there when Dae-ho comes back with the ketchup.

He stops in the foyer and listens in, as Coach Yoon tries to convince Coach Choi to leave. She snaps that she doesn’t care what people think, and tells Coach Yoon that she’s liked him for a long time now. Coach Yoon blusters and stammers, asking what’s wrong with her that she likes an old divorced man.

She says she just does, and asks how he feels. He just stares blankly when she asks if he likes her at all, giving her the answer she dreads. Embarrassed, Coach Choi apologizes and promises never to mention this again. She’s about to pick up her bag to go, when Coach Yoon suddenly grabs her hand. She looks up at him hopefully, but then he doubles over in pain.

Dae-ho has heard the whole conversation, and he turns to leave without telling them he’s there. He leaves the bag of ketchup on the door and walks away, only looking back for one small moment.

Joon-hyung is excited that he and Bok-ju don’t have to hide their dating status anymore, and he freely takes her hand as they head to Shi-ho’s competition. Bok-ju sighs, dreading the rumors that will start when word gets out that the popular Joon-hyung is dating a weightlifter.

He tells her that he’ll make it really obvious how much more he likes her, and quell any rumors. Then he cutely starts telling everyone in the vicinity how pretty his girlfriend is, and hollers, “This woman is my woman!” OMG, I just can’t with him anymore.

Shi-ho’s coach checks on her before her performance, and tells her that it’s the last competition for Shi-ho, but just the start for the coach. While Bok-ju and Joon-hyung watch from the stands, Shi-ho performs well in her ball routine, but she steps out of bounds once.

But as she waits for her scores afterwards, her coach tells her that they’ll be good, seeming oddly confident. Sure enough, her scores are rather high, leading the announcers to wonder if her misstep was even deducted.

Shi-ho senses that something is off, as she overhears the other athletes grumbling that the athletes with their coaches’ “support” always get better scores. She steps out for her ribbon routine, and on the sidelines, her coach gives a knowing nod to one of the judges.

The ribbon routine goes flawlessly, but as she performs, Shi-ho thinks of everything she’s been through in the past few months due to gymnastics. The eating, the physical and emotional pain, the rift in her family, all flit through her mind as she dances. She thinks about the years of hard work it’s taken to get to this point.

Shi-ho reaches the climax in her performance, and she throws the ribbon high into the air. She raises her hands… then lets the ribbon drop. She stands tall in the middle of the floor, finished.

As they walk home, Bok-ju tells Joon-hyung that she was impressed with Shi-ho today. Joon-hyung jokes that he almost regrets breaking up with her, and Bok-ju crushes his hand, hee.

Bok-ju wonders if someday, on her last stage, she’ll be able to put it all down as well as Shi-ho did. Joon-hyung says they won’t know until they get there, and tells her not to be afraid of it before it even happens.

Joon-hyung’s aunt and uncle prepare to close up the pharmacy for the night, and wonder if Jae-yi will ever get married. A woman walks in, and they both freeze to see Joon-hyung’s mother for the first time in years.

Joon-hyung’s aunt asks why she hasn’t contacted them in so long, and she apologizes, seeming genuinely remorseful. She tells them that she’s been in Canada until a few days ago, and says that she has something to ask them.

The next day, Bok-ju is stopped by Joon-hyung’s mother, who asks where the swimming building is located. Bok-ju takes her there, unaware of the woman’s identity, then turns to go.

Joon-hyung happens to be outside right then, and Bok-ju spots him and calls his name. He sees her, but he also sees his mother standing next to her, and his face freezes. His mother asks tearfully, “Joon-hyung-ah, do you recognize me? It’s me, Mom.”


Oh no, this is not going to be good, is it? As much as I know Joon-hyung needs to face his mother and get some answers, it’s going to be difficult for him to go through and for us to watch. But I’m glad that, after everything he’s done for Bok-ju and supporting her through so many things, she’ll have the chance to return the favor. It’s the one little complaint I’ve had, that Bok-ju always seems to be on the receiving end, and hasn’t had the chance to be there for Joon-hyung in the same way. So I’m happy for Joon-hyung that he’ll have someone to lean on, someone who loves him and wants to help him through what’s bound to be a rough time.

Joon-hyung and Bok-ju definitely continue to bring the cute, but I really enjoyed all the forward development with the side characters in this episode. I’m particularly proud of Shi-ho right now. I don’t know that, a few months ago, she would have made the decision she made today about refusing to compete dishonestly. I genuinely cried happy tears when she let that ribbon just fall, and let go of everything that’s been causing her so much pain. She’s been under so much pressure that it was making her ill, both physically and mentally. Though she’s been much better lately, I think this was the mental “snap” she needed to truly realize who she is. She’s not the weak, insecure girl that rhythmic gymnastics has made her into — she’s a strong young woman, unwilling to live others’ dreams or win unfairly. She got her wish, to perform without regrets.

On the other hand, Uncle Dae-ho really made me sad for him in this episode. I think his feelings for Coach Choi are genuine, and she wasn’t exactly kind to him when she told him she wasn’t interested. Normally, watching a guy pursuing a girl after she’s told him no is a big turnoff to me, but for some reason, I feel differently about Dae-ho in this situation. He’s not so much pushy about his pursuit as he is kind of pitiful, and it didn’t help things when he overheard Coach Choi’s confession to Coach Yoon. Part of me wants Dae-ho to move on and find another girl, one who likes him as much as he likes her. But another part of me wants him to get the girl he likes (even if I don’t care for Coach Choi all that much myself), just because I want to see him happy. I think Dae-ho just needs to back off for now, let Coach Choi work through her feelings for Coach Yoon, and she’ll be ready to look at him with new eyes. Exactly the same thing Joon-hyung did for Bok-ju and her crush on Jae-yi… patience will pay off in the end.

Speaking of Jae-yi, I’m glad that he’s lost Dr. Go, at least for now. The poor woman has been waiting for him for a decade, and that’s beyond long enough. An argument could be made that she should have confessed to him sooner, but I can see how, from her point of view, she wouldn’t want him to like her just because she brought the idea to his attention. That’s why she’s rejecting his advances now, because she figures that if it didn’t happen naturally in ten years, then she doesn’t want his love if it has to be forced. The thing is, I don’t think that he’s never had feelings for her, I think he’s just the kind of guy who’s happy however things are at the moment. They’ve been close, and that was good enough for him — nothing ever sparked his need to take things a step further. So from that perspective Dr. Go is wrong about him… he did need a kick in the pants to jump-start his latent feelings for her. I just hope he can find a way to not just react, but take actual forward action in convincing her that he’s sincere about her.


199 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. seed

    Feels like I’ve been waiting forever. Thank you!

  2. Lee Haru

    This has now become my favourite korean drama ever! I absolutely love how relatable and real each character feels and i found myself loving every single second of this drama!

    • 2.1 ju

      I know right! I thought that Misaeng was the best drama because it gave a real look at people but here they did such a good job that now I am so sad it is going to end…

      • 2.1.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

        I finally was able to start Misaeng, and I love it in a different way than this show. I feel the same dread of this show ending. I love ALL of the characters here! What will we do once it’s done??? *Hides under the bed and whimpers*

        • Bluegrass

          I so relate!

    • 2.2 SJ

      I can say without a moments doubt and more than a hundred dramas later that this is my most favourite drama EVER. So much SWAYYY. Each character has been written with so much heart. I absolutely love our couple but even the second leads are so fine. Not just plot movers but real people in themselves. This should never end.

      • 2.2.1 Nancy

        I’ve watched a lot of kdramas over the years and this one hits home. It’s so relatable that i feel Bok Joo and Joon Hyung are my friends/next door neighbors. Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk slayed their characters as well. Too bad that the show wasn’t received well in Korea but i definitely look forward to watching this over LOTBS.

      • 2.2.2 endo

        ” I can say without a moments doubt and more than a hundred dramas later that this is my most favourite drama EVER.”

        I Know Right?

        I’ll never thought that this simple drama will top all those i watched in more than 10 years of me being a Kdrama fan. Even just randomly seeing them in social media or just a mere thought of the show made me smile. i think they will hold my heart for a looooong time.

        • Nancy

          It’s a feel good drama that will remind you how to be in love…

          Ahhh… my heart flutters everytime i see how Joon Hyung looks at Bok Joo.. I sometimes wish they should date for real.

        • Adryanna

          I feel u too buddy!!! U are not alone~~~ This is the best kdrama I’ve ever watched in my entire life hiii. I remember myself being over attached to Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and I never thought I would be this excited again after watching this drama!!! This gonna take long years ahead and I’ll be missing Joon Hyung and Bok Joo very soon!!

        • Nancy

          May I add that the skinship on this show is something that i think i haven’t seen in any kdrama i’ve watched. Like whenever they have the chance to see each other they either hug, kiss, or hold hands! They’re so fluffy i have no words to say!

      • 2.2.3 ap

        and i think if i ever gonna watch this drama again after a year or so, i will still feel the vibe of our main coup all over again. THIS IS SO MUCH MY FAVE COUPLE IN KDRAMALAND!

      • 2.2.4 JessA

        Agreed. I thought Shopping King Louie held that title but Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju has crushed the competition. (Pun intended. lol)

        • hades.red

          I think that’s the crazy awesome thing about K-Dramas and part of why they are so addicting. The relationship dramas tend to have the general formula down and then present them in different ways with a liberal seasoning of our most favorite and hated tropes. Just when you think that it couldn’t get any better than our current favorite, another comes to challenge that title. My second favorite–1%–is getting some serious competition with this show.

    • 2.3 MC

      I agree!!! I did not see this coming. My being so obsessed with this drama. I knew it would be good because of the director and writer, but I originally thought it’d be a feel-good, light-hearted drama. Instead, we got a well written/thought-out drama that fills every minute of it’s drama with something precious. Ex: Notice that this drama rarely uses flashbacks. It’s used it probably twice up to ep 14 and both times were used superbly- JH realizing he’s dating alone and SH realizing that she’s just done with everything (that scene was beautifully shot and well executed!! well done KSJ) Of course, a lot of this love for this drama probably has to do with my love for LSK and newfound admiration for NJH. They are both blowing their characters out of the water. Like holy s**t!!!! I love them so much!!!Really, really sad that this drama, ratings rise, isn’t doing as well. Though, I’m so happy to report/learn that they mainly get positive feedback from viewers and critics! YAY…I’m also super happy that basically everyone at DB loves this drama as much. You know it’s good when ALL of them enjoy and love a drama!!!

    • 2.4 Kangchul's

      All I can say is this….

  3. Blazingflame

    I loved this show. It’s definitely one of the best coming of age drama I have watch recently. It’s deserve high rating but good to see it’s receiving so much love from international viewers.

    • 3.1 BGZ

      I am a little bummed that this gem is so underrated because it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen, BUT I am so happy that there’s this little community that enjoys this drama as much as I do.

      I’m not a weightlifter but somehow I can relate to Bok Joo so much.
      That devastating and embarassing first crush, the many insecurities, the uncertainty of the future and the wonderful friendships.

      I can’t believe this show is ending next week.. there’s going to be such a big hole in my heart. TT^TT

    • 3.2 Mhinee

      It’s really a good drama, it’s relief me that MBC didn’t cut off any episode coz lack of rating (really low rating) since it’s a kind of MBC’s habitual for cutting off some episodes

      Sometimes a simple thing can be extraordinary for viewers rather than extraordinary things (like mermaid lives as a human)

      • 3.2.1 BGZ

        I am so glad they didn’t cut any episodes off.. I would have been so heartbroken if they did.

        I agree with you, it’s the simplicity of this drama that makes it so lovable. They deal with tangible issues that may seem trivial but actually is significant.

        I do enjoy my share of extravagant dramas with bizarre plots and stellar casts.. but it’s nice to rewind and go back to the basics. Simply things generate the most sincere feelings.

      • 3.2.2 endo

        I feared that too. But good thing that they will able to pull this through and i’m happy that a lot of international viewers love this. This is one of those drama that i will definitely recommend along with Signal.

    • 3.3 Quinze

      I think this has become my number one coming of age drama. It used to be the jdrama, Orange Day (might still be in terms of jdramas) but this is just so sugary and adorable I just can’t. Not to mention the poignant moments and steady pacing.

    • 3.4 Akiddo

      I can’t believe every episode is a good one – it doesn’t happen in kdramas. But this little gem of a show has stolen my hardened kdrama heart!

      BJ and her friends are so relatable and lovable. I used to be a school canoeist many years back (I was a cross between Seon Ok and a very pared down version of Nan Hee) and while we were not as hard core as weightlifters – we did a lot of training that bulked us and had voracious appetites. The girls I hung out with then are still my BFFs now – 26 years later. All happily married to our respective Joon Hyungs (with no chocolate abs to speak of though).

      This show has gotten me through a lot of work stress lately. Will miss it terribly after next week.

  4. Kang Maru

    SWAG couple is on the move again!! Come on i want extension up to 20 eps.

    Tae Kwon and Seon Ok ship is also sailing. Tae Kwon is always asking Seon Ok <3

    LOL also to Bok joo's dad he keeps lecturing about the couple and doesn't even know it was his daughter XD

    • 4.1 Mhinee

      Waiting for another couple of weightlifter and swimmer
      It will be hot gossip in Haneul, youth is about rumours, gossip and loves

    • 4.2 Nana

      Seon Ok too, she immediately looked up to the wallglass after nan hee mentioned there are tae kwon and joonhyung inside the coffee shop. She is getting interested

  5. elvira

    Aaaaaaa… Sweetness, cuteness overload.
    What am I to do without all these cuties every Wed and Thu?
    One of best couples with best on-screen chemistry in Kdrama.

    • 5.1 lunatic4kd

      After watching k-dramas for four years and loving so many so deeply, I honestly feel like this will be the first drama I will cry my eyes out when it’s over because I will miss it – and all of our beloved characters so much. I teared up several times today, between spells of laughter, because just thinking about saying goodbye next week feels like seeing off a lover forever. Thank goodness for Viki and forever replays!

  6. GedSkaiKru

    I think this show likes to challenge itself:
    *Show*: our viewers think we couldn’t get more adorable than this
    *Also show*: heheh, let’s bring it on.
    I love a lot of things in this show, I love that when it’s funny, it’s really really funny, they never go halfway. The horror soundtrack, gah, I was rolling and laughing so hard. Scared Joon Hyung is adorable Joon Hyung.

    Meanwhile when it’s heartfelt, well, it’s called heartFELT for a reason. The mark of a good show for me is when you start caring for every character, this I dig!

    First off, Shi Ho has really gotten on to my good graces. B*tchy Shi Ho? Who’s that? Current Shi Ho lights up the room when she smiles and that defining moment of her letting the Ribbon fall? I’ve never been so proud, wow, you’ve come a loooong way girl, and you’re really doing well. She has become a stronger person even without KiSeok’s help, who’s part-timing as a Grim Reaper so he must’ve been busy therefore the constant AWOL. Seon Ok and Taek Won, so lowkey! And yet, it’s there. Isn’t it funny that the boys ideal types are the opposite of the girls they actually fall for? I hope Nan Hee will also find her other half.

    Truthfully, I still don’t want Jae Yi and Dr. Go to hit it off with the romance, but this episode, I might be swaying. Finally, Jae Yi is putting in effort, whatever the outcome of their relationship, I think I can sincerely accept it. As for Coach Choi and Uncle Dae Ho (tears), I don’t know anymore, Uncle Dae Ho is so precious I just can’t forgive Coach Choi right now.

    Props to the show for the foreshadowing, I really like the small details they put in it that seems like nothing, but actually is part of the plot, the dating Weightlifting couple, I didn’t saw that coming, but I did see the girl crying when the guy lost consciousness in the last ep. And that blind date coming full circle. As a viewer, I really really like that and it balances out that glaring writing manipulation when Bok Joo met Mom, like what in the small world that coincidences like that happen, but whatever, KDramaland is small and full of coincidences. Heh.

    Thankfully, they’re finally addressing Joon Hyungs’s trauma and story, about time. I have faith that Ep 15 will be all Joon Hyung and I really wish they give him his due. Let’s see if Nam Joo Hyuk could actually pull the ‘heavy’ scenes like most Beanie’s are doubtful of, me included.

    • 6.1 GedSkaiKru

      That aside, thank you so much Lollypip for the awesome recap. Swag!

    • 6.2 Zoraa

      He was too young (age and experiences) to bring us the emotion of ‘heavy’ life
      The review of ep 15 brings us to feel a little bit of his emotion, I merely hope he can bring us the emotion
      So far good job Nam Joo Hyuk, keep it

      • 6.2.1 GedSkaiKru

        Keep calm and let Nam Joo Hyuk surprise us. 😄
        I have a thing for underdogs really, so when I see that most people thinks he can’t pull it off, I’m on the side that cheers him to do the opposite. Even though at first, my stance was with the majority.

        • hades.red

          I feel like I’m alone in this sentiment, but I didn’t find Nam Joo Hyuk lacking in MLSHR. It’s not a drama I would go back an watch just to re-evaluate my first impression, but I didn’t think he was as bad there as most are saying he was. IMHO, there were other actors/characters who didn’t do a good job. I have faith that he will be able to bring the goods next episode and if he chooses to accept the Bride of the Water God role.

          • namedx

            I agree – I dropped Moon Lovers at the half way mark, or thereabouts, but I liked Nam Joo-hyuk in it a lot more than I School2015. He’d definitely improved by then! He still has time to work on his acting though, and some more experience would do him wonders, but the kind of potential he’s showing in Bok-ju proves what he’s capable of given the right role, and the right team!

    • 6.3 Jjoo Jjoo Bar

      Omg didn’t notice him as a grim reaper!! So KBJ universe and Goblin is linked??? Hahahah and I like to think LDW in Goblin is living a double life in Bubblegum as well making 3 dramas all linked together hahahaha

      • 6.3.1 okaytlyn

        also, park won sang (joonhyung’s therapist) acts as jo dong il in bubblegum ( the radio staff that bunked in the office who didn’t like haengah’s bff) HAHA + yoo inna (sunny from goblin) made several voice cameos for the radio announcing parts + her face is always in advertisements in the background and posters around the radio company building!! also, euntak from goblin always says her dream is to be a radio pd HAHA

        SO MUCH META

        • GedSkaiKru

          oh em gee that escalated real quick.. 😄😄😄

          • Rin

            You know when Jisoo made cameo i was wondering if he was also an athlete in Haneul Univ in track and field dept, taking a break like Bok Joo because of the injury (Page Turner) because Bok Joo said he’s also a part timer! Bok Joo and Jisoo both agreed to study piano in their break time but Bok Joo gave up and Jisoo continue to the music school HAHAHA!

          • GedSkaiKru

            @Did JiSoo perhaps met Baek In Ho in that music school? Lol

          • Captain3014

            But guys, if that’s so then remember that all these only existed in the manhwa world. 😉

          • Dramaninja

            Haha so much meta. This kinda reminds me of the Disney universe where every character is linked to one another, someway, somehow.

            Also, so proud that i got all those references. Thanks for the laughs!! 😀

          • Nil

            @gedskaikru so, bokjoo do a hannah montana as a weightlifter and a crazy-fashion-student?

    • 6.4 rin

      LOLing hard at Kiseok part timing as gream reaper!! Hahahaha!!

    • 6.5 Jace

      Oh man, I just watched the raw version of episode 15 and even though I could only understand 20% of what they were saying, Nam Joo Hyuk totally killed it in his portrayal of Joon Hyung in episode 15. Did not expect him to display this level of acting at all.

      • 6.5.1 hades.red

        I _cannot_ wait until the recap for 15 comes out! I just saw the episode, and I really really really cannot wait. That’s all I have to say. I cannot wait.

    • 6.6 ap

      i hope that ep15 will be about Joon Hyung’s trauma since this is my turning point if i will watch his rumored upcoming drama wherein he will portray as Ha Baek. i still have doubt if he can pull a heavy drama.

      • 6.6.1 hades.red

        I have all the faith in the world that Nam Joo Hyuk has the ability to take the lead again in another drama. If it’s a good show, and he wants it, I hope he takes it. I will watch it. Aigoo. I think I’m turning into a total fanboy over here.

  7. kit

    I’m glad that Joonhyung’s story with his mum is coming to the forefront now, because I too have been frustrated that his only role has seemingly been to be Bokju’s best cheerleader. Of course, this frustration is not one of my major emotions watching this drama, because awww.

    • 7.1 kit

      Actually, perhaps I do have minor quibbles with the pacing. Shiho’s moment was so beautifully done in her ribbon routine, and she’s been adorable for the past two episodes, but it was too quick of a turnaround for me – oh look, I almost died from overmedicating, and in 24 hours I’ve become okay with myself.

      And other than a quick mention of Joonhyung’s psychologist at the end of the last episode, his problems have been pushed aside without comment. And yes, Bokju, I totally get your adorable jealousy, but how was there no concern and understanding for him as he recommended his psychologist to Shiho? Because Joonhyung has certainly shown he is capable of both. Joonhyung has basically been the all round perfect boyfriend (yes, he didn’t understand why she was jealous, yes he called her Chubs – but we still think it’s cute, mostly) and it makes me feel kinda uncomfortable, the more I think about it.

      STILL, I do adore this drama. I’ve really liked the side plotlines too.

      • 7.1.1 Mhinee

        Also the simple ways to resolve this neurotic misery
        Ohh come on, love is great thing in the world, but love can’t heal trauma without any acts of healing
        Every people has their own way to defense their self from misery such as Joon Hyung abandoned by his mother, but it’s really some peculiar object that you can resolve the problem of your trauma without healing by the same situation, love is great, but love can’t heal everything that you had as inseparable misery by traumatic events
        It’s good if they show some scenes which related to Joon Hyung’s traumatic events that done by Bok Joo in order to healing him

        • hades.red

          I agree with you guys. @kit, while I love the show like everyone else, I’m right there with you concerning the pacing. The thing that still gets to me is that the show starts off with giving you all this information about Joon Hyung’s trauma and family, making you want to know more, only to leave things unaddressed for most of the run, and then address them in an episode or two in the end. I think his character deserved more than being mainly KBJ’s cheerleader.

          I also agree with you about Shi Ho’s turnaround. It was much too quick. I also don’t buy how cool she is with KBJ and Joon Hyung.

          I think this show would have done well with two seasons. That would have sorted out much of the character development and pacing. What about KBJ’s weightlifting career!?

          • Elena

            Yeah, I understand why you might complain. I guess it’s not perfect the way they showed how Shi Ho changed. But for me it’s no surprise that she is comfortable with BJ and JH. She was the one who left him, you do not leave someone that you love with all your heart. They were teenagers playing the dating game, not a real first love. She was not really in love with him but only showing her desperation by clinging onto him. If I think of my ex who I left, it would not bother me to see him with another girl. Maybe I would be relieved that he is happy and we can be in good terms. And c’mmon, BJ and JH are too adorable to not be on their side.

        • Dramaninja

          I don’t think the show is trying to tell that JH’s problems have vanished due to love. In his conversation with the psychologist he says that he has started up to people more (talking about his adoption to KBJ and bro), which the doc had suggested previously as a part of his healing. The doc guesses that he is more cheerful due to dating and that’s about it.

          Also, his healing as such hasn’t been put to a test yet. We can clearly see his unresolved issues that surface to the fore as soon as he sees his Mom. That look was so telling! Scars like those take time to heal, but JH was actively on the path of recovery before even falling for KBJ. Their love is an a added support mechanism. And what is better than love to heal the matters of the heart anyway??

  8. Mirei

    The inner me can’t stop giggling and iwanted to scream while i was watching this live last night hahaha. I was afraid i might wake up my sister kekeke.

    I love when Joon Hyung went to see Bok Joo in her room hahaha. BUSTED by Si Ho lol

    A budding friendship between Bok Joo and Si Ho ^^

  9. Go HoHo

    OMG!! The FEAR in Joon Hyung’s eyes when he read the message from Bok Joo while on a blind date cracks me up HAHAHAHA.

    Good job Bok Joo, that girl touching Joon Hyung’s shoulder is such a flirt.

    • 9.1 yoadrian

      Cannot stop laughing with “you die, i will kill you”!

  10. 10 redfox

    funny episode. Joon Hyung hiding in the closet is the best. Shi Ho really got it easy that her eating disorders are already gone, usually those things tend to be more stubborn. but if your mind is at peace I guess it is easier to overcome

  11. 11 Mi Ho

    “SEE YOU IN OUR DREAMS BOK JOO” <—- That line from Joon Hyung was epic hahaha while their friends are pulling them apart from each other.

    P.S. That bok joo aegyo scene is so much love even Joon Hyung was surprised with the aegyo <3

    • 11.1 BGZ

      I died laughing at that scene.. it was like Romeo and Juliet or something haha.

      The aegyo scene was so adorable and I found it hilarious how Joon Hyung ending up acting cutesy to Bok Joo..

      • 11.1.1 Yuki

        JoongHeo and BokJuliet 😝

        • GedSkaiKru

          Lol.. +10000000

        • BGZ

          Hahahahaha..Bok Joo’s dad is against them as well.. xD

          • Dramaninja

            This though. Now i want him throwing pebbles at her window. But alas, we have a JoonHeo who just jumps windows. Not that i’m complaining 😉

        • Quinze

          Haha I love that!
          They just want to be together! It was hilarious watching JH fling his buddy’s arm away. Don’t take him away from BJ! He’ll bite!

          Also never has an “If lost, return to Bok Joo.” and an “I’m Bok Joo.” t-shirt ever been more relevant.

  12. 12 KDrama Fan

    Lollipip, thanks for recapping.

    OMG! What an episode.

    So sad for roomie. So wished for her to do well in the comp and go on.

    Excited to see all the love lines coming together.

    And that cliffhanger with self-centered ‘Mum’!!!

    Looking forward to HJ putting his issues with her behind him however the writers do it (-but am wishing for her to get her just desserts.)

    HJ and real fam, ‘Fighting!’

  13. 13 Jayee

    Of course our swag couple continues to bring on the sugar (Joon Hyung proclaiming Bok Joo as his woman in public? OhmygoshIdied), but that aside, is it delusion of me to hold on to the slight hope that there is still a chance for the Uncle-Coach Choi ship? I mean look at them wearing matchy clothes (or rather almost the same outfit) when visiting Coach Yoon!

    PS: Can this drama not end?

    • 13.1 BGZ

      Omg, I’m also desperately clinging onto the Coach/Uncle ship.. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed their couple outfit. hahahaha

      • 13.1.1 Cherry

        ohmygosh same!

    • 13.2 Juju

      Yes! I noticed they both wore dark purple coats! I don’t know whether to let their ship sink or hold out on hope. I love Uncle Dae-ho *sob sob* how could you play with his heart like that coach-nim 🙁

      But I can’t read the professor’s reaction?? Did he grab coach’s hand after her confession to stop her from leaving to imply: 1) Omo I have feelings for you too!! or 2) Sorry coach I’m still hung up on my ex-wife and can’t return your feelings, let’s stay chingus! or 3) Aigoo my back is killing me! Don’t leave me alone right now!!

  14. 14 Tots

    That moment when Joon Hyung mistakenly identified Bok Joo’s stuff . It was his ex girlfriend stuffㅋㅋㅋ😂

    So proud of Shi Ho of competing without any regrets😊

    • 14.1 namedx

      LOL it’s the background sound which got me laughing hysterically at that point. I swear they use the same sounds in variety shows. There was too much to love about this episode.

    • 14.2 Captain3104

      The “O-IT” and “WHAAAT” sound effects kills me everytime.

      Props to the team again. 👏🏼

      • 14.2.1 ap

        that sound effect cracks the hella out of me. hah!

      • 14.2.2 namedx

        LOL yes, that’s the one – “O-IT” – just reading it out aloud is cracking me up.

  15. 15 potatodrama

    Please dramagods, let this drama lasts forever.

    I’m really happy about Shi-ho new turn.

    And I’m dying to see Tae-kwon and Sun-ok sail to the moon, he is really interested in her, every single time he sees her, he is asking her questions.

    • 15.1 Mhinee

      He just need someone to make him realized that he already fall for Seon Ok

      PS. Is there someone can help Jae Yi to make him realized that his world will be stop without Ah Young on his side?

      • 15.1.1 Nil

        Jae yi’s world actually has started to crumble i think.
        From what i see, He is the same with joon hyung. They didnt realize that they fall for the girls (because they think they still couldnt moved on from the previous girls). The different was JH’s girl didnt show her interest, and actually got into some distress that make JH realized that he fell for her. Meanwhike JY’s girl actually pinning and tail-wagging all over him (and for 10 years she managed to lived without “drama”) made him so comfortable and didn’t need to think that “what if she’s missing/gone”

      • 15.1.2 lemoncello

        I can’t imagine Taek Won’s expression when he realizes that he has feeling for Seon Ok. It would really funny like he’s swallowing all words he spilt for Joon Hyung.

        • GedSkaiKru

          I know right, I really want those to just have a moment together and end up realizing they like each other, especially more so on TaekWon’s side. And then they’ll also face the wrath that is Nan Hee and Joon Hyung’s payback time with meat and Norebang…bwahahah

    • 15.2 rentenmann *SWAG*

      I say they do a spin-off with SO-TK OTP and we just keep on going. I’d watch the hell outta that, too. Then we can do another one, and another one. Who says the show has to end?


  16. 16 Nana

    Ugh i feel your jealousy bookjoo-ah~ bcs joonhyung seems quite enjoying the blind date, even tae kwon teased him with the foxlike girl till he got that message ha!
    At first, I am afraid that bookjoo will say a random excuse for her jealousy and make the situation become awkward but its so hilarious that she is the one who end up telling everybody that they were dating when she keep insisting joonhyung to not to tell their friends. Whoa I’m so satisfied with this.
    And dad, so… you didnt know that its bookjoo? How could a father not recognize his only daughter.
    Show, you never fail make my heart dugeun dugeun.
    By the way, seon ok you make me do real rotfl in this episode.

    • 16.1 GedSkaiKru

      He certainly didn’t looked particularly pleased about the blind date though. The whole time he was sighing, looking at his shoes, or his head down.

    • 16.2 ap

      Joon Hyung looks like he’s really nervous about the whole dating situation.

      but possesive Bok Joo looks so cute at all. lol

      • 16.2.1 SMILING FROG

        I did wonder but, why Bok Joo didn’t ask Joon-Hyung about why he was in a blind date to begin with.

  17. 17 namedx

    Bok-ju yaaaaaaaaa – I totally cracked up laughing several times this episode!! May have snorted a few times too – it was THAT funny!! Seriously going to miss this show! Thank you for the great recap, LollyPip! x

    • 17.1 namedx

      Ha! You know an ep’s real funny when you end up cackling through the recap too! Omg, the whole dating-coming-out scenario at the coffee shop – I died laughing!

      • 17.1.1 GedSkaiKru

        I will always have a ready picture of SeonOk and dripping water. Bye bye bad days. 😄😄😄

        • Satsuki92

          GIF-worthy right there.

          • namedx

            Yes! Totally!

        • Olive

          It was exactly like in the drama goblin when they watch the morning soap opera and the man in the telly spitting water when he listen to shocking news. I cant stop laughing wheb seon ok did the same!

          • Satsuki92

            I love that scene too! S hilarious that the reaper is a drama addict like us. If it’s not the neck grabbing in shock or fainting, it has to be the dribbling water move. Reminded me of the makjang drama skit in the variety show Knowing Brother where hee chul did it too. the episode where Jeon So Min guest starred in.

    • 17.2 namedx

      LOL okay is it just me or did Seon-ok get funnier this episode!!? I was re-watching this ep (as you do), and noticed that she was just casually sniffing her feet in the background during their practice session at the beginning of the ep. I’m dying here!! Ahahahahaha!

      • 17.2.1 Captain3104

        And proceeded to stick her foot into her friend’s face to confirm its smell. 👍🏼

        • namedx

          Omg, lol yes, you’re right!!! Had to rewind it again to catch the moment. Man, they’ve done well to capture those lively details! Major props to the team for producing a gem of a drama.

  18. 18 Ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. Thought I was going to burst waiting for it.

    My god this episode. I can’t even comment coherently. I was enjoying it so much and suffering so much 2nd had embarrassment I had to pause it several times. No high school romance scene has ever been done so well. No new and young love potrayed so well. Their chemistry is insane.

    I can’t even poinpoint which scene I love most. But when she gave him the death glare at the sogaeting? I laughed and laughed. And all I could think of is that ‘ you have a weightlifter as a girlfriend. When she says she’s going to kill you she probably could. ‘ And then their friends reactions? Hahaha.

    Man I could rewatch this episode anytime as a pick me mood lifter any day.

  19. 19 Yuki

    So good, soo good, I laughed so much during the whole episode I can’t express how much I liked it, it was perfection ❤️…until the end when Joong Hyun met his mother, awww our baby is going to suffer 😳
    I can’t wait for the episode tonight, it’s time for JH to overcome his trauma and Bok Ju will be there to help him, I am already imagining the situation and shipping them even harder than before! 😀

    Loved the story today, the execution and the actors, why is everything so good in this show? I have already praised enough LSK and NJH, haha!! 🙂 but also the rest are good. Liked Shi Ho so much in this episode. Have you noticed how much her facial expression has changed lately? In the first half of the series she looked lifeless and dark, like she was carrying a huge weight inside, but now she seems to have this internal peace of mind…dunno, I love how she is bonding with our couple in a new and healthy way. 🙂

    Awww, all of them are my babies and I am going to miss them so much. Cannot believe that there is only 2 episodes to go. 😭😭😭😭

  20. 20 coby

    uber cute!
    Watched this raw last night. The look on BJ’s face when she asked “where?” JH is already a dead meat!
    Loving this show so much!

  21. 21 echo

    I love this drama 💖 and I just love joon hyung💖🙆 usually for the new year peoples new year resolution they want to lose weight, or they want to make better decisions my new year resolution? Find me a joon hyung 😆

  22. 22 kdramalover_artemis

    This is one of my favorite dramas. <3 <3 <3 I want to try dating because of this drama. hahaha I love the chemistry between the leads. Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are superb. So sad this drama is about to end, I hope this gets an extension.

  23. 23 BGZ

    I’m so glad the show is finally going to address Joon Hyung’s trauma.. while it was great, amazing even, to watch the young couple fall in love and be all cutesy, I’ve been itching to find out how the whole trauma will be resolved.

    I’m also relieved that they’re not going with the whole “love solves everything” route because it seems unrealistic that a trauma since childhood is going to be solved through love alone.. no matter how great it is. Joon Hyung obviously needs to face this part of his past that he’s been unconsciously suppressing.

    Joon Hyung has been Bok Joo’s cheerleader since forever and I’m so delighted that the show is finally giving Bok Joo the opportunity to support Joon Hyung and help him out through this rough patch.

    Also, Shi Ho’s scene made me cry .. finally she can let go of everything and set herself free..

  24. 24 stuffed

    OMG! That beginning scene was hilarious. Can’t believe Dad didn’t notice them. I was waiting for them to get busted. 😂😂😂😂

    Nan Hee is such a happy child. The way she cheers at everything BJ and JH is just awesome!

    Can’t believe it’s ending soon. Am kind of glad now that we had the preemption. At least we have 1 more week of WF. I wish they would’ve aired a special episode of WF instead of Missing 9.

  25. 25 elric

    Shi-ho’s performance, for me, was the highlight of this episode. When I heard she was performing “Liberato”, I knew it was going to make me cry. I got goosebumps – listening to the music, watching her move, waiting for that moment when she will let go and be free from all that pressure. Seeing Shi-ho with a smile on her face, looking at that ribbon fall and knowing she’ll not catch it was such a wonderful scene.

    She was a character who I always had trouble loving but at the same time, I could never fully hate her. Now just watching that scene, I realized that I just wanted her to be happy, free, and contented with herself.

  26. 26 blnmom

    I cried when Shiho was having her flashbacks during her routine. I was competing in a different field than athletics, and I wasn’t too serious about it, but I saw many people go through what Shiho went through. The pressure just seemed unbearable to me, especially for those whose families sacrificed so much because training is so time-consuming and expensive. And after all is said and done, very few people make it to the top.

  27. 27 Ade

    Am so glad they didn’t go the whole book joo sees him on a date.. doesnt even ask for explanations and just go off ignoring him being a noble idiot or something and judging her reaction you could just tell that she was secure in the knowledge that he loved her and probably had a valid explanation for the blind date saga..
    She didnt start thinking ohh those girls look so feminine..Just the type that would make sense for joo hyung to like
    Joo hyung has treated her so right that she is so secure and that was just so touching for me.

    • 27.1 GedSkaiKru

      I couldn’t have worded it better.. 👏
      And I’m glad that Joon Hyung was not enjoying the attention from his blind date at all. It’s as clear as day, he didn’t even try to hide it. I like his transparency better than other leads who are too accomodating to the point of misunderstanding.

      • 27.1.1 ap

        oh please. im tired of that kind of drama. RTDK and WFKBJ is sooooooo satisfying as of now. lol

  28. 28 Dongwookie

    Just when I thought I’ve already overdosed on our main couple after doing a marathon of the previous episodes, coupled with playing the OSTs on continuous repeat along with frequent searches for their latest IG videos over the New Year weekend, I went into this episode and couldn’t stop giggling within the first minute. What sorcery is this?

    • 28.1 Flin


      Its SSSWWAAAGG sorcery 😆😇

      • 28.1.1 Dongwookie


        Ikr? Seriously, i think they are the only drama couple that i literally could watch all day just goofing around and being cute with each other. I mean i probably say this whenever fell in love with a drama couple, especially when the couple’s moments are very rare, but with them, i truly think I can. Look how i thought i already had too much of their sweetness in the previous episode, and yet i melt like goo from the beginning of last night’s..

    • 28.2 namedx

      A huge round of applause for the choice of soundtracks in this drama. The OST is downright gorgeous – been time since I’ve had the urge to listen to an entire playlist on repeat! Every song is pretty much on point. And so youthful in spirit!

      • 28.2.1 Dongwookie


        Tell me about it! My current favorites are Han Hee Jung’s Dreaming and J.MEE’s Somehow.

        • namedx

          *thumbs up*

        • GedSkaiKru

          Me too!

      • 28.2.2 ap

        tbh, i did not appreciate their ost at first but after they used the song as a background music during their first kiss and second kiss (BJ’s confession), oh man. now i understood why they have to choose that song, it is so magical.

      • 28.2.3 Striving8

        I love that song ‘dreaming’. It’s so beautiful.

  29. 29 BearBear

    My heart melts when Joon Hyung confesses with hearts in his eyes that Bok-ju’s huge appetite and strength are sexy to him. True, they are still in the early stage of lovey-dovey but he knows all these about her before falling for her. He is either the sweetest boyfriend or has peculiar taste in woman. ^_^
    Anyway, proud of Shi-ho to let it go with dignity. Rhythmic gymnastics has been the center of her universe but in return, she has lost her boyfriend, her family is destroyed and her health, nearly ruined, it takes so much strength in her to just let it go and by doing so, she realizes that it really, isn’t that difficult after all.
    Hopefully Uncle Dae-ho will find happiness soon. Coach Choi doesn’t return his feelings and he deserves another. I don’t dislike Coach Choi but I wish she has been more insistent in rejecting Uncle Dae-ho, which is exactly why I appreciate Dr. Go’s actions and decisions. Her love has made her brave through ten years to remain at Jae-yi’s side as a friend and to give themselves a chance to develop into something more yet when she decides to end, she ends it firmly. Her refusal in trying out to date Jae-yi now is totally understandable. Has Jae-yi been so dense in the past decade not to realize his own feelings towards her or is he now trying not to lose a close friend and be with someone whom he is familiar and comfortable with, rather than in love with? If Jae-yi is serious and sincere about her, he needs to do something more. However, if he is just settling down with a close friend then he needs to let her go. Perhaps he really needs to look closely into his feelings, he doesn’t seem to have figured out himself.
    Can’t wait for the next episode. The story is finally focusing on Joon Hyung’s issue. It’s about time.

  30. 30 UmbrellaMan

    I need some clarification guys. Maybe the problem arose from the translations, who knows. I thought Coach Yoon was married and that was the whole reason why Coach Choi’s love was problematic. I even vaguely remember him receiving a call from his wife. Am I going bonkers? Did he just recently divorce and we were never told this info till now? Or was he always a divorcée? HELP!

    • 30.1 coby

      My question as well. But I guess he is a divorcee.

    • 30.2 rin

      From what i remember, he is divorced. But the wife is still depending on him, thus the phone call when she got into an accident. Prof Yoon also said that she’s just too young that’s why she still needs help. But i do think there was a time he said he’s still a married man! Maybe just an error translation? Hehe. Hope it helps! :]

    • 30.3 Rach

      This was exactly my question as well! Both the subs and recaps said he was married. But maybe the show & subs implied he was married without clarifying? And the recaps assumed? I was thinking Coach Choi was nuts confessing to a married guy. As much as I wanted the Coach Choi-Dae Ho ship to sail, I’m torn now. I think it would be better at this point for him to move on (oh hello, Kim Seul Gi cameo in ep 15).

      • 30.3.1 UmbrellaMan

        I wish a native speaker could clarify. I was thinking she was crazy to confess to a married man as well, but a divorcee? Not so crazy. I preferred the storyline of him being married and therefore off limits, meaning Coach Choi would need to close that chapter in her life and learn to move on instead of remaining stagnant (sorta what our brave Shi-ho did this ep.)

        Poor Dae Ho, I guess Kim Sul-gee is the consolation prize. But definitely not a bad one!! (I love her to death). Her guest appearance now firms up the fact that he most likely will not get the girl he currently likes. I am kinda sad actually, I really liked his noona romance. I was hoping Coach Choi would come around and see his many charms.

        • Abby

          Totally agree with your post. I’m still confused, the romance with uncle made more sense. I thought professor was in the process of divorce thus still married. Plus if coach and professor have a relationship (even if he is divorced) that be frowned upon by the university officials? Professor had such a hard time getting her rehired and only succeeded because the other candidate was found to be friend of the official, this would be a similar case if they found out they were dating and the university could fire them both?!?! We need more episodes! 16 is not enough!

        • Orla

          I didn’t realize the actress, Jang Young Nam that played the coach was that much older than the Uncle until I read your post. Wow she is 10 years older than him! On the official website they list both their character ages as 35.
          She looks young and found out she actually played the mother of Kim Seul-gi in the movie Ode to My Father. Hahaha Samchoon’s noona romance 🙂

      • 30.3.2 Andrea

        I really hope that Coach Choi ends up with the Coach, especially now that I know he’s not married.

        Coach Yoon is the man she likes. He’s the man she has liked since the beginning of the show, but she has held off for various reasons. I don’t really understand why LollyPip and others don’t really like her, because I love her! I think she’s an honorable, generous, strong woman who is a great role model for her students. I do wish she had let Dae-ho down sooner, but he has also been (annoyingly) persistent even once she made it clear she didn’t like him.

        If this show pairs her up with the man she wants to be with — even though she has a more “attractive” choice who the viewers feel “deserves” to get her — I will be SO. HAPPY. I feel like the show would be bucking a trend in dramaland, the trend where the hero ends up with the heroine because he “deserves” her, and the heroine’s feelings are kind of secondary to that. To see that Coach Choi might actually get what SHE wants…well, that is a HUGE step forward for k-dramas as a whole, in my eyes.

  31. 31 Mel

    So the time has come to decide either nam joo hyuk has stepped up his game in acting or simply this role was just compatible with him, so lets wait and watch, I’m fully supporting him though💖
    On the other hand I was waiting for this moment, for the drama to focus on joon hyung, it was all about bokjoo till now and joon hyung was just there being all cute and perfect which I didn’t mind, just bitter because they should have focused more on his neurosis..so I’m waiting anxiously for next episode..
    I am not ready to let this drama go😢😢

  32. 32 Satsuki92

    thank you for the recap lollypip! we’re nearing the end of yet another lovely drama. how many goodbyes can my heart take?

    so much cute in this episode as usual! but oh 2 of the characters managed to tug the strings of my heart. that look on Uncle Dae Ho’s face when he was walking away. secondly, Shi Ho’s flashbacks and that look on her face when she let the ribbon go. the times in life when the people we like don’t like us back. or when we reach a point where we question if what we’ve done so far was really worth it. so many real feelings and problems. like the commentors above mentioned, as much as fantasy or exaggerated drama plots are wonderful to watch, sometimes we all want to watch and relate to slice of life ones.

    this show is just amazing.

  33. 33 Inggg

    Squeeeee! So cute

  34. 34 Who


    • 34.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

      SWAG, indeed. SWAG!!!!

  35. 35 ET

    This show continues to amaze me every week.

    I lost count of the number of times I roared with laughter during this episode. This show is crazy, cute, funny and totally priceless! And it also scores when it touches on serious issues like Si Ho’s. I’ve never worked so hard at something or gave up so much for my goal like Si Ho did. I can only imagine how it must feel for her at that moment when she literally let go of catching the ribbon. Letting go of the very thing you’ve worked and sacrificed for all these years. Thankfully, the Si Ho now will not be like the ribbon, lying limp on the ground. She has already determined that she will find a life outside gymnastics that is worth living for.

    Maybe I am bewitched by Nam Joo Hyuk. The ending scene was more gut wrenching that it should be. I stand by my comments on his acting in the other thread. He didn’t overact or underact the last scene, as short as it may be. Surprise, realization and then shock was all captured in wee movements on his face. Yeah, I am a goner.

    • 35.1 starswillshine

      I read on Weibo that Nam Joo Hyuk’s fanclub went to visit him when he was filming the very last scene of this episode. The director wanted him to have tears in his eyes but not to let them fall. When the director said ‘okay’, his tears could not stop falling and his assistants were seen to pass him tissue papers to wipe off his tears while he was, at the same time, receiving the snacks from his fanclub.

      • 35.1.1 fibdib

        awwww.. my heart..

      • 35.1.2 ET

        I think I must watch the next episode without anyone near me…it’s gonna get embarrassing.

        • GedSkaiKru

          For someone who watched ep 15, highly advisable, yes.

          • ET

            Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh….my keyboard!!!

      • 35.1.3 ap

        myghad. if ever this is true i guess the next episode is so heartwarming i think im gonna melt. My love for JJH and BJ is so overwhelming. *sending hearts for this two*

    • 35.2 Dongwookie

      I think there was even a lil bit of anger in his eyes during that last scene. He did well. I’m sold on anything with Nam Joo Hyuk from here on out.

      • 35.2.1 Elena

        Me too. After watching episode 15 I do not think my heart can recover easily. I literally adore this boy. 💖

  36. 36 Candy

    Most of the funny moments have been mentioned here already. A few more- 1. When they’re walking back from the noraebang and JH mimes a punch(?) at Seon-ok’s back…Taekwon notices and shoos/swats him …😂😂 quite protective of Seon-ok eh!
    2.Their moony eyes omg😂 flinging TK’s hand without even realising…so he could continue staring at BokJoo.
    3.Oh…and that background score that goes…WHAAAT!

    • 36.1 namedx

      Let me add to the list:

      Seon-ok sniffing her own feet at the beginning!!

      • 36.1.1 ET

        Hahaha…I noticed that too. Hilarious!

  37. 37 rin

    First off, thank you Lollypip for the recap!! This drama got my heart flips in so many ways! Being an underdog drama, i’m so glad that i found this community to share the love for the drama with!

    Anyway, i’m really super duper proud of Shi Ho! I got a goosebumps during her scene in ribbon perfomance. I’m not an athelete but i study in art dept, i have so much respect for her bravery on letting things go and willing to take her own ways. It’s so hard to do that while remembering how far you’ve come and sacrificed. But she did it gracefully. I totally forget how much dislike i gave her in the first episodes lol!

    And squeeeeee to the pairings out there! I mean, wow this drama never fails me about the fact that people should really face their problems, either about dreams or love or friendship. Look at how adorable the swag squad, swag couple and the five squad are! And also Jae Yi’s case and Dae Ho’s case, they really try their best to face their love problems, tho it breaks my heart to see them :”)

    And finally Joon Hyung’s trauma wohooo!! Sorry Nam Joo Hyuk i really love you but i’ve been waiting to see you cry! Hahaha! I adore you but i remember the cringe i got when i see you acted, but then you got the lovable mischievous Joon Hyung perfectly so i’m really counting on you being a heartbroken one!!

    Can’t wait for the finale!! But really sad it’s come to an end NOOOOO!! What would i do every Thurs and Fri (since i don’t live in Korea lol) nights nooowwwww

  38. 38 lemoncello

    What a SWAG episode. Watched it raw at 11 pm, giggling and screaming. Thankfully, everybody’s asleep.

    My favorite epsiode was at the cafe when JH got busted by Book Joo then sat by NH, SO, and TW. That was GOLD.

    For JY and Dr Go, I still can’t see JY is “natural” with his feeling. I agree with Dr Go if he’s trying too hard. Maybe it will need sometimes. With Dr Go leaving Seoul will really grow JY feeling. We’ll see how it goes with 2 remaining episodes.

  39. 39 Jipsy

    How is this show STILL so good?! Usually by now things are draggy, or the fluff is boring, or there’s fake manufactured drama. But these characters are just so fantastic, the writing is so good, and the chemistry is amazing!

    I am so so worried the next couple of episodes won’t live up to the amazingness, but fingers crossed!

    Like many others I’m torn about Uncle/Coach Choi. I like her as a character, but I don’t think she deserves him. I know he likes her, but he’s such a sweetie and he doesn’t need someone pestered into liking him back. Same with her – although I’m still not sure Prof Yoon is best for her either.

    Now – Tae Kwon and Seon Ok I can totally get behind. I was annoyed with Tae Kwon after the karaoke when he was laying into Joon Hyung about how Bok Joo is a great person but eats too much and is too strong. But then, maybe he’s just projecting because of his own budding feelings for Seon Ok? He certainly fits right in with their little group! Nan Hee is also completely adorable, her reaction to them dating was precious.

    Our OTP continues to be one of my favorite couples ever. I’m thinking Nam Joo Hyuk should only act with his good friends as love interests, it certainly seems to have made a difference!!

  40. 40 Cookiesndreams

    This show is taking over my kdrama watching( I’m behind on lobster!)
    I have to say it has potential to be even cuter than SKL( although the “what should I do?” Kiss was totes swoon worthy). It was interesting to me when JH told the therapist he no longer hears the ringing in his ears. Especially since we haven’t seen him in any swimming scenes or competitions. But hey, ill just take his word for it. He’s been so focused and head over heels for BJ, his mind was only focused on her. Which does happen in reality during that lovely dovey stage. Seeing his mom come back is going to be so damaging though, all those memories and the realization of the fake postcards! 🙁 poor puppy JH.

  41. 41 ET

    I am clueless…is ep 16 going to air next Wed? Or are they airing 15 and 16 back to back?

    I am too addicted to this drama. It gives me the high every week. What am I going to do when it finishes?

    After the awesome 1% of Anything finished weeks ago, I was lucky to have picked this up almost immediately. But I don’t see any upcoming show which can be my next Happy Pill 🙁

    • 41.1 Emma

      Episode 16 will air next wednesday (Jan 11)

      • 41.1.1 ET


        I mean, Thank You!

        • Emma

          I know, I don’t want it to end as well 🙁 You’re welcome!!

  42. 42 arvita91

    We need season 2

    • 42.1 GedSkaiKru

      SEASON 2! SEASON 2!

      • 42.1.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

        Season 2, season 2 season 2!!!!!

  43. 43 Captain3104

    The lunch scene where Joon Hyung was ao not subtly giving Bok Joo the puppies eyes and cant seem to keep his hands to himself, was adorably hilarious.

    But I kept getting distracted by how they were the only ones in the entire cafeteria wearing such bright colored clothes.

    Calefares all gotta wear school issued shirts and jerseys. 😂😂

  44. 44 Nancy

    YG songs playing every noraebang scene! G-Dragon/Park Myung Soo 바람났어 (I Cheated) and bigbang’s Fantastic Baby last time 😀

  45. 45 Mag

    Oh my dear si ho! You are so brave! Her scene was the highlight of this episode for me. The romance between joonhyung and bokjoo was fun but it was from siho I actually learnt something this episode. It’s hard to find the courage to let go but I am proud siho found hers. Some people will still go on being unhappy because they have a responsibility towards others. Siho’ parents had spent so much money on her regardless of their financial situation and so they would expect her to be a great gymnast after all their sacrifice but they never seem to ask her about what she really wants. I believe that even though siho was never asked that question, she answered it anyway this episode. Just watching her think about all the times she sleepwalked and all the pain made me cry. I am also happy that she thought about the good times too as a gymnast because that makes me believe she doesnt regret doing it totally but she wants to do something else. siho was awesome this episode and I think I will be replaying her scene for a while. While I play it, I will pray that I can have such courage when the time comes.

  46. 46 ap

    i really love this drama into tidbits!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 Shauna

    wow it is so good and awesome I am going to miss this one when it go off I love all the characters

  48. 48 Adryanna

    By looking at the preview of Ep 15, I know Nam Joo Hyuk has finally nailed his heavy emotional scene!!! So happy!

  49. 49 durdur

    i don’t know how many comments have said the same today, but this really beats all the dramas i’ve watched in the sense that it is so real and so adorable at the same time.

    i’m really glad for siho and how far she has come in this show as well, how she has grown so much more mature and independent by the end of her journey. it brings me so much joy to see her and bok joo being so sisterly to one another, i’d call that #roomiegoals!

    bok joo is just so so cute, i can’t even. lee sung kyung really impressed me with her portrayal, double thumbs up!! her little pimple woe made me feel a little bit better today because i got a pimple on my nose too and NOTHING (but time) will get rid of it! unlike bok joo though, i don’t have a joon hyung. i’m gonna say that’s a good thing.

    joon hyung’s love for bok joo throughout all these episodes, and how he expresses them so tactfully, is definitely something to learn. i’m glad that in getting together bok joo is finally showering him with so much love too (and after the awkward hiding-from-friends stage), and fingers crossed to the next episode when she can prove to be a strong pillar for him as he has been for her too!

    looking forward to kim seulgi’s appearance for our poor uncle, the coach and professor getting together as well as bok joo’s dad finding out about the couple!!

    ONE LAST THING. the two ultimate killers for this ep for me today:
    1. bok joo’s dad and friends being disgusted at the masked ultimate-PDA couple
    2. “I’M HIS GIRLFRIEND!” + all the reacts, esp with sun ok and water coming out from her mouth. DED.

  50. 50 vera

    BJ’s dad not realizing it’s his own daughter was hilarious. Show avoids another cliche with family approval drama.

    Prof Yoon childlish behavior is just so off putting for me, when he was whining about eggs with ketchup. I just don’t care about two coaches at all. Dae Ho is so swoony and deserves better.

    Shi Ho’s smile is so endearing, I could forgive her anything.

    I don’t think pacing is weird . At least two weeks have passed in show since amusement park date (judging from conversation of our trio) and when you go through extreme experience, you change, sometimes extremely. Besides, we already saw Si Ho regreting her behavior fairly quickly when she would realized what’s she’s doing.

    I love bed scene when BJ closed her eyes and puckered her lips and he laughed at her, she hates skinship my ass. Whish the scene went little further.

    Also I think BJ’s friends were seriously inconsiderate when asking of JH to threat them. I’d definitely put stop to such situation if I was there.

    • 50.1 GedSkaiKru

      I agree with you about everything except the last one, it was kind of a rite of passage for Joon Hyung, which he’ll probably get back at TaekWon if he and SeonOk starts hitting the romance (crossing my fingers, please show give me this). NanHee and SeonOk did feel bad in the end and even offered to treat Joon Hyung too but was intercepted by TaekWon saying he’ll treat them instead (is this foreshadowing show?😄)

      • 50.1.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

        Perhaps they’ll make him the Weightlifting Fairy team’s cheerleader! I haven’t seen him near a pool in a while, anyhow. And he already says *SWAG* better than JH, so he’s practically the fourth girl in the group by now.

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