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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 16 (Final)
by | January 12, 2017 | 314 Comments

There’s such a bittersweet joy in sending your children off to become adults, and that’s exactly how I feel, seeing this show end. But all baby birds must leave the nest, and it’s time for Bok-ju and Joon-hyung and all their friends to spread their wings. It’s been a nearly perfect journey from beginning to end, delivering love, laughter, and tears, and enough kisses and cuddles to keep us going for a long time to come. SWAG!

EPISODE 16: “Spring again, youth, and us”

Settled at the Taereung National Training Center, Bok-ju calls Joon-hyung to wish him goodnight. He tells her he’s improving his swimming times , eager to earn his own place at Taereung and join her.

Bok-ju says that she misses him, her friends, and her father’s fried chicken. Growing sleepy, Joon-hyung promises to run by Bok Chicken tomorrow and check on her dad for her.

Bok-ju tells Joon-hyung that her time at school feels like it was a dream, now that she’s at Taereung. Joon-hyung doesn’t answer, and she realizes that he’s fallen asleep and complains that she feels like she likes him more these days. Awww.

Joon-hyung heads over to Bok Chicken the following morning as promised, and finds a sign at the entrance closing the restaurant temporarily for personal reasons. He calls Uncle Dae-ho, and learns that Bok-ju’s dad is in the hospital undergoing tests to prepare for a kidney transplant.

He visits Dad, who wonders why he’s going to such lengths if he and Bok-ju are just school friends. Dad’s surgery is scheduled for the day of Bok-ju’s upcoming competition in China, so he asks Joon-hyung not to tell Bok-ju about it and worry her.

Joon-hyung gets a call just then, and barely stops himself from saying Bok-ju’s name when he answers. He says that he’ll call back when he’s done “training,” and hangs up on her. She wonders why he seems not to want to talk to her lately.

A couple of her new Taereung sunbaes ask to see a picture of her boyfriend, so Bok-ju pulls up a few on her phone. They exclaim over how handsome he is, and one girl snarks that it’s sure strange that such a good-looking guy doesn’t answer when she calls.

She tells Bok-ju that most athletes who come into Taereung with significant others end up breaking up, and that you can tell when it’s going to happen by the signs. First, you can’t get in contact with them. Then when you do, their answers are short and cold. Eventually, they ask to break up because they’ve found someone new.

Bok-ju argues that Joon-hyung is just in training, but the girls laugh that it’s lunchtime, so that’s just an excuse. Considering his looks, they give the relationship two months, because surely the girls will be all over him now that Bok-ju is gone.

While hanging out with Seon-ok and Tae-kwon, Nan-hee takes a call from Bok-ju. Bok-ju complains that she called Joon-hyung but he said he was in training, and Nan-hee tells her that can’t be true, because Tae-kwon is with them right now.

The girls confront Tae-kwon, demanding to know where Joon-hyung really is. Tae-kwon tells them that all Joon-hyung said was that he had somewhere to go, and they suspect it has something to do with a woman. Tae-kwon insists that Joon-hyung would never cheat, so the girls vow to find out what’s going on.

Dae-ho takes Joon-hyung into the hospital hallway (OMG Joon-hyung’s goofy grin every time Dae-ho calls him “nephew-in-law”). He asks Joon-hyung to come back for a couple of hours tomorrow so that he can spend some time with his girlfriend Kim Seul-gi, the sassy delivery girl. Joon-hyung agrees and heads home.

He tries to return Bok-ju’s call on the way, but she doesn’t answer. Shi-ho finds him and walks back to the dorms with him, though Joon-hyung says he doesn’t want to and attempts to send her ahead on her own.

Shi-ho says that she’s been seeing the therapist, and that she’s interviewing for coaching jobs. She asks if he’s able to see Bok-ju much, aware that it’s difficult to date someone at Taereung, and Joon-hyung sighs that he’s starting to resent his country.

After practice the following day, Tae-kwon contacts Seon-ok and Nan-hee, and the three trail Joon-hyung to see where he’s going. They follow him (super obviously) as he walks, determined to catch him with a girl, and fail at being casual when he feels like he’s being watched and turns around.

Still, they manage to track him all the way to the hospital without being caught, and gather at the hospital door once he goes inside. Seon-ok recognizes the name on the door, and Nan-hee cringes when she realizes that it’s Bok-ju’s father in the room, not a woman.

They peek in and get caught by Joon-hyung, who glares at them angrily all the way back to school. He’s especially upset with Tae-kwon for siding with the girls in thinking he was cheating, and the girls admit they were just worried because Bok-ju was upset. Joon-hyung calms down, and makes them promise to keep Dad’s secret.

Bok-ju finally answers when Joon-hyung calls again, and they both pout that it’s so hard to talk because they’re in training. Joon-hyung says he’s busy for a few different reasons, but stalls out when Bok-ju asks what kinds of reasons.

Bok-ju asks if the truth is that he has the time for her but not the heart, and Joon-hyung looks horrified at the idea, but she’s called away by her sunbae before he can answer. Joon-hyung complains to a picture of Bok-ju that hearing her voice only makes him miss her more.

Bok-ju twinges her back injury again in training, and her coach worries that it’s not getting better. She sends Bok-ju for treatment and tells her to take the rest of the day off and spend the night at home, which Bok-ju gratefully accepts.

Tae-kwon calls Seon-ok, says nervously that he has the day off, and asks her to go to a movie with him. She says she’ll call Nan-hee, but he stops her and clarifies that he only wants to go with her, dropping to banmal to make his meaning clear.

As they walk to the theater, Tae-kwon tentatively takes her hand, and Seon-ok looks up at him with wide eyes. But Nan-hee comes barreling at them and Seon-ok pushes Tae-kwon away violently (by the face, hee). Cornered, Seon-ok invites Nan-hee to the movie with them.

After getting treatment for her back, Bok-ju decides to visit home before seeing Joon-hyung. She calls her father, and Uncle Dae-ho fibs that Dad is in the bathroom, but he and Dad both jump when she says she’ll be home in a little while.

Nan-hee sits between Seon-ok and Tae-kwon at the movie, who both look miserable to have their first date thwarted. When Nan-hee nods off, their hands meet in the popcorn in her lap, and they send each other the most pathetic faces.

Dad panics at the thought of Bok-ju seeing the closed sign at the restaurant, so Dae-ho thinks fast and calls Joon-hyung. Joon-hyung rushes over to the restaurant and just barely manages to stop Bok-ju from seeing the sign, and pretends that it’s total coincidence that he just happened to show up at the same time she did.

He grabs her in a desperate hug when she tries to go inside, acting so weird that Bok-ju asks if he’s done something wrong. He says he just missed her and drags her off to eat.

He doesn’t think it through very well, and soon Bok-ju is glaring at him over a basket of… fried chicken. PFFT. She’s suspicious of everything he says by now, even though he tries to be adorable to distract her.

Bok-ju finally blows up, and asks if Joon-hyung has been flirting with other girls while she’s been gone. Joon-hyung says he doesn’t have a death wish, but he looks guilty as sin when he fakes a stomachache to answer his phone.

Of course it’s only Dae-ho, letting him know that he and Dad are on their way home and need him to stall Bok-ju for thirty more minutes. But Bok-ju is sure he’s talking to some girl, and she sneaks up on him while he’s still on the phone. HAHAHA, his face, he’s dead meat.

Joon-hyung shoves Bok-ju back to the table, swearing that he wasn’t talking to anyone she knows. He lies that it was an old school friend, but she heard enough of the conversation to hear that he was being too respectful to be talking to a schoolmate.

Joon-hyung turns accusatory, and asks why she’s nagging when they haven’t seen each other in ages. Bok-ju decides he must have been talking to a woman, and demands to see his phone. Joon-hyung plays keep-away, which just escalates the situation.

Bok-ju insists that he should show her if he has nothing to hide, while Joon-hyung hollers that she should trust him. Eventually she backs down, saying that her increased training has made her sensitive, and Joon-hyung sets his phone on the table and swears that he hasn’t even looked at another woman.

Her bluff works, and Bok-ju snatches his phone. Joon-hyung chases her around the restaurant as she tries to pull up his call history, squawking about privacy, and Bok-ju gets fed up and leaves.

Joon-hyung follows her out, but Bok-ju is in a righteous fury, though she admits that she hates feeling jealous and petty. She yells that she feels stupid for being so excited to see him, and storms off.

She walks home, grumbling the whole way. She stops short when she gets inside the restaurant, and sees her dad wiping tables with a mask on, while Dae-ho inexplicably fiddles with the fire extinguisher. Way to look completely weird, guys. Luckily Nan-hee and Seon-ok show up after having also been called by Dae-ho, and they do their trademark “swag!” move, which Dad and Dae-ho awkwardly imitate.

Dr. Go sits in her office gloomily staring at her phone, obviously disappointed when a knock on the door is just her nurse. The nurse says that “that person” must not be coming tonight, though Dr. Go swears she’s not waiting for anyone.

She carefully hides her reflexive grin when she hears Jae-yi’s voice after all, and mutters that she was not waiting for him. She says she already ate when he asks, but he dimples at her and asks if she’ll go with him while he eats.

He smiles while Dr. Go stuffs her face, and she fibs that she got interrupted while eating earlier. He takes out his phone and starts talking about other restaurants in the area they can go to, and Dr. Go suddenly jumps up and leaves.

Jae-yi catches up to her and asks what’s wrong, and she lets loose on him. She says she came all this way to get over him, but now she finds herself waiting for him every night like before. Jae-yi reaches out and hugs her, surprising Dr. Go.

He says that Seoul is lonely without her, and asks her not to tell him not to come. She nervously asks what he means, but he just asks, “By any chance, do you like Messi?” Aww, that’s adorable. Dr. Go smiles at him and he opens his arms, and this time she steps into his hug.

Bok-ju spends the evening with Seon-ok and Nan-hee, and kicks her phone grumpily when Joon-hyung calls. They ask if she’s grown tired of him already, and she complains that men don’t stay loyal if you aren’t right next to them.

Joon-hyung goes to the restaurant, worried that Bok-ju still won’t answer his calls. He reaches for the door, but Bok-ju’s dad bursts out, scaring the poor boy half to death. They sit down inside, where Dad asks what Joon-hyung did to upset Bok-ju. Joon-hyung just says it’s a misunderstanding.

Dad asks if he’s a good swimmer, and about his parents, and Joon-hyung is honest that he was raised by his aunt and uncle. But he explains that they raised him with a lot of love so he grew up well, and Dad scoffs at him saying that about himself.

Dad asks what Joon-hyung likes about Bok-ju, and Joon-hyung’s eyes go all soft. He calls her warm, and says that she has a way of warming people’s hearts, and that she’s had it ever since she was young. Dad says she gets it from him, and Joon-hyung enthusiastically agrees. Recognizing that this young man truly loves his daughter, Dad warms to him just a little and smiles.

Dad and Dae-ho send Bok-ju back to Taereung the next morning, and the moment she’s gone, they rush Dad back to the hospital. But Bok-ju doubles back for something she forgot, and sees the closed sign back up at the restaurant.

A friend of her dad’s stops by and asks Bok-ju when her dad’s surgery is scheduled. It’s news to Bok-ju, and she calls Uncle Dae-ho to ask where he is right now. He lies that he’s at the restaurant, just as she walks into Dad’s hospital room.

They sit Bok-ju down and tell her everything, explaining that they just didn’t want to worry her before her first big competition. Dad begs her not to be mad, but she says she feels bad because he always knows when something is wrong with her, but she didn’t suspect anything.

Bok-ju promises to win the gold medal for him, as long as he comes through his surgery okay. Dae-ho tells her how Joon-hyung helped them stall her yesterday, and Bok-ju realizes that Joon-hyung was acting so strange because he was helping her father.

She waits for him outside the swimming pavilion, and throws her arms in the air in supplication when she sees him (and HA, he jumps like she was going to hit him). She rattles off a complicated apology, saying that she’s sorry for listening to her Taereung sunbaes without evidence.

She explains that she’s just uneasy because he’s so handsome and has a great personality, and Joon-hyung is all And? Bok-ju continues that he’s a good swimmer and a good kisser, then says she’s done when he asks And? again, hee.

Joon-hyung takes Bok-ju back to Taereung, and pouts that it seems extra close today when he wanted to spend more time with her. He looks into Bok-ju’s eyes and tells her that he’s totally fallen for her, promising never to look at other women. He tells her that he’ll be there for Dad’s surgery, so she won’t have to worry.

He tells her to just focus on training and bring home the gold medal. They play the You go first, no you go first game, and Joon-hyung keeps sending Bok-ju on but refusing to let go of her. So cute, these two.

Bok-ju follows through on her promise to focus on training, while Joon-hyung cheers her on by making Jenga towers of her favorite sausages and sending her pictures. He texts tips on taking care of her back and sends updates on her dad, and makes a wish in their toad fountain for her success.

Finally it’s the day of the competition in China, and Bok-ju mentally prepares for her turn to lift. She gives herself a silent pep talk, telling herself that she has many people at home loving her and cheering her on. She tells herself, “Kim Bok-ju, you can do it!”

At the same time, Joon-hyung and Dae-ho wait for news of Dad’s surgery, and breathe a sigh of relief when he comes through it just fine. They turn on a live broadcast of Bok-ju’s competition, and clutch each other nervously as she takes the stage.

Her old Haneul weightlifting team is also gathered to watch as Bok-ju steps up to the barbell. She lifts the weight above her head and holds it, grimacing as she struggles not to move, and the bell rings and she drops it to the floor.

Her teammates all jump up screaming, and Joon-hyung and Dae-ho bounce in their seats, as Bok-ju raises her arms in triumph. Behind them, Dad opens his eyes and smiles a tiny, proud smile.

The airport is packed with reporters when the team arrives back in Korea, but Bok-ju scans the crowd for one particular face. When she sees him, she leaves her team and pounces on Joon-hyung, and they hug as if they aren’t being watched by the entire country.

Two years later.

Joon-hyung walks with one of his Taereung sunbaes, both wearing their national team jackets with pride. Aww, he made it! His sunbae reminds him that he has to go or he’ll be late for his own graduation, and Joon-hyung yelps that Bok-ju is gonna kill him.

Bok-ju, Seon-ok, and Nan-hee gather with their old weightlifting sunbaes, dressed in their caps and gowns. Coach Yoon makes one of his trademark awkward speeches, and he and Coach Choi do a high-five, showing off their couple rings. Finally!

Bok-ju looks in her locker for the last time, then it’s time for a little graduation fun. The girls dance down the line of their classmates covered in their training gear, then have to run the line again while everything is yanked off them. HA, that looks fun.

The hazing continues over at the swimming pavilion, as Joon-hyung threatens his hoobaes not to toss him in the pool fully clothed. Tae-kwon shows up, dressed in his army uniform, and helps them dunk Joon-hyung then gets thrown in himself.

After the graduation ceremony, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung formally introduce their families to each other, though apparently they’ve been sending each other fried chicken and vitamins through the kids for a while now. Jae-yi teases that it feels like an in-law meeting, and Bok-ju congratulates him and Dr. Go on setting a wedding date.

After a round of photos with their friends, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung take one last walk on campus. They go to the toad fountain then the track, reminiscing about all the times they spent here. They make a bet about who will win the most medals at the Tokyo Olympics. So cute.

Joon-hyung grows serious, and asks Bok-ju, “If I win a gold medal, should we get married?” She says cheekily that she’ll think about it, and tells him to train hard if he wants to win that medal, starting now. She runs off to the middle of the field, and he follows her when she says she won’t marry him if he doesn’t.

In voiceover, Bok-ju says that everyone has a youth, a time that’s all the more beautiful because it’s awkward and clumsy. It’s a time when you’re not afraid of anything because you have nothing to lose, and you’re excited because you can have anything and everything.

“Age twenty-four, my youth. Although I’m still uneasy and nervous, I’m perfect, without needing anything else.”


I don’t know when I’ve ever finished a show feeling so satisfied, yet so sad to see it end, but this was just about the most perfect ending ever. As much as this was a show about young adults experiencing love for the first time, it was also a story about growing up and becoming independent. It was so true-to-life in that the problems faced by Bok-ju and Joon-hyung were vital and important to them, but are issues that many young people their age face. Sick family members, fighting with friends, struggling to move from childhood worries to grown-up concerns like what to do with your future — these are things so universal that we’ve all been through them at one time or another. Watching Bok-ju and Joon-hyung and their friends navigate their new adult world felt nostalgic to me in a way that only the Answer Me franchise has been able to do, reminding me of what it was like to be young and scared but also excited about the future.

It’s so rare to come across a drama that hits every single moment perfectly, never experiencing that late-stage slump that plagues even the most well-written shows. But Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju never flagged, never bogged down in angst or unnecessary side-plots, and somehow managed to keep its energy and lighthearted bittersweet tone from the very first scene to the last moment of the finale. It never dragged out misunderstandings, and the characters always talked as soon as possible whenever anyone was upset. Not only did that avoid the audience being forced to spend several episodes frustrated at easily fixable situations, but it also allowed the show to cover so much more ground because it didn’t waste time stringing its characters along for no reason.

This is one case in which I completely don’t mind that everyone got a nicely wrapped-up happy ending, because for once, all of the characters pretty much deserved one. This show was such a feel-good journey from start to finish, and it’s gratifying to see each person learn, grow, and get what they deserved, which is a happy future. And I love how even though the show is primarily about first love, most of the time the kids (particularly Bok-ju) put friends and family first, such as Bok-ju deciding to visit her father before calling Joon-hyung. She never dropped her family, her weightlifting dreams, or Nan-hee and Seon-ok to spend time with Joon-hyung, and in fact consistently chose those things even when Joon-hyung wanted to be together. My only complaint (and it’s a very small one) is that they never really learned not to keep secrets from each other — even in this final episode, Seon-ok and Tae-kwon chose to invite Nan-hee to the movies rather than admit they were on a date, and Dad spent most of the episode lying to Bok-ju about having surgery. But it wouldn’t have been as realistic as it was if everyone were perfect, and overall I felt that all of the characters experienced a lot of growth and maturing and always had their priorities in order.

I can’t express enough how wonderful I thought the acting was in this show, and not just in the case of Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. I’ve said multiple times that they’ve both convinced me that they’re much better actors than they’ve had a chance to show until now, and I predict very bright futures for them both. But they aren’t the only ones who impressed me, and I found myself tearing up with Uncle Dae-ho, laughing along with Nan-hee and Seon-ok, felt my heart breaking for Shi-ho, and aching for Jae-yi and Dr. Go to finally be together. Fairy was just so perfectly cast all around (though I was disappointed that Jo Soo-hyang’s nasty rhythmic gymnast was slowly written out — she could have been such fun as Bok-ju’s snarky nemesis), and it showed in the way every scene seemed to shine and never felt superfluous.

I could honestly go on and on about what a wonderful drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju is, and never run out of positive things to say. But I think I’d be preaching to the choir, so I’ll just say how lucky I feel to have been able to recap this sweet, almost-perfect little show. It’s quickly made its way to the top of my list of favorites, even replacing my adoration of Louis and Bok-shil as my favorite drama couple of all time (though they’re still a close second!). Joon-hyung and Bok-ju just feel like the perfect couple — loving, unfailingly adoring of each other while still being honest with each other when needed, never forgetting to put the other first and make their love a priority. Their youthful romance will stay with me for a long time to come, and I think I’ll be coming back to visit them over and over, whenever I need a reminder that love is, above all, something to always be cherished.


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  1. royal

    I haven’t watched it yet because I’m in denial it has ended but I wanted to leave a comment here (without watching the recap for now) because you guys here in DB was part of why this drama was such a joy to watch.

    Now let me cry in one corner and remember all the ways Joonhyung endearingly called his one true love, “Chubs~”

    • 1.1 royal

      I wasn’t very coherent at my first post. I wanted to say THANK YOU for being a part of why this drama is such a joy for me. I like that there’s a big group of people who understands why this drama is good and why it’s so relatable. And why watching love blossom in different ways can bring so much joy to people who has or hasn’t experienced something similar.

      • 1.1.1 SJ

        Yes absolutely…these people are relatable because i am exactly their age..in college and facing many similar issues…but despite all problems..just the knowledge that there are people like Bok Joo and JH, so full of love, makes me content.

        • Raqeena Waziullah

          Ah. What a beautiful and poignant ending, my heart is both giddy and depressed and sad. I could literally watch another season’s worth of these unforgettably relatable characters. I loved this show so much that I watched it raw at 9am every Wed. and Thurs. I must have looked crazy as i skipped around the library alternating between “THAT WAS SO ADORABLY PERFECT” and “WHY IS IT OVER ALREADY I WANT MORE”. This show has shot up to my top 3 dramas bc the characters were some of the funniest people I have ever seen. I was excited to see Lee SungKyung and Nam JooHyuk in this drama bc I thought these were the perfect characters for them and boy did I underestimate them bc they acted the hell out of these characters, to the point where I’m very inclined to believe that these two are probably dating bc what the heck THEY WERE SO PRECIOUS, MY BABIES T_T JooHyuk surprised me w/ the depth he showed in this character bc beforehand my love of him stemmed from his hotness LMAO. I cried when he cried, I got angry when he was angry and I laughed when he laughed. He went from cocky swimmer boy w/ a trauma to a sweet man w/ all the makings of a wonderful significant other and that’s what made my heart flutter. The scene that really got to me was his reunion w/ his mom, I literally felt pain in my heart as I watched him break down, what a phenomenal job. Also, can Lee SungKyung always be an adorkable bad ass bc I think I’ve gotten too used to her being a bitchy character. BokJoo is by far my favorite character of hers and I hope she continues to grow as an actress and while I am excited that JooHyuk is up for the lead role in Bride of a Water God, I hope we hear news about Sung Kyung soon too!! ONE THING I LOVED ABOUT THIS SHOW WAS THE HEART STOPPING AND ADORABLE SKINSHIP BLESS THE LORD. There were also so many little aspects that I appreciated in this show like the relationship between BokJoo and her stern father and how JoonHyung’s aunt and uncle loved him as their own and how JaeYi was considerate to a fault and how he belatedly realized his feelings for AhYeong and the Three Uglies frendship and the journey of ShiHo from typical bitchy second female lead to an understandable human (I love that she’s going to be a coach! and even the hint of a relationship between Tae Kwon and Soon Ok (even through we didn’t see as much of them as I hoped, the moments we were given were BEYOND cute i DIED at the popcorn hand holding). Its the little and big themes in this drama that made it ring bells in my heart and sing along to the OST in my sleep. Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo, you have stolen my heart and I wish you won more awards bc you are a gem of a drama. As expected of the writer of Oh My Ghostess! Keep it up, and I will probably see these characters in my dreams bc as you guys may or may not be able to tell I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED W/ THIS DRAMA *HEART EYES* HWAITING KIM BOK JOO HOPE YOU AND JOON HYUNG GET MARRIED AND HAVE LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL BABIES 🙂 <3

          • Moon

            Did NJH really take the role in Bride of the Water God? OMG, YASSSSSS!!!! Thank you Drama gods!!

        • Alejandra

          I graduated from university 3 years ago, but this show was so relatable to me too. I could see myself in Bok Joo’s place and remember what I felt at similar times in my life, particularly when it comes to how we perceive our beauty and when we think that we’ll never find love, or what you’re going to to after university, or what you truly want to do with your life or if you’re truly studying what you like.

          I could go on and on and on and never tire of talking about how great this show is. It’s sad to think it wasn’t that popular in South Korea, but well, hopefully they’ll see how loved it was with international fans.

      • 1.1.2 Potato

        Yes I agree!! Although I already loved this drama, the fact that it touched so many others made me love it so much more. Thank you to everyone who commented and shared their feelings about the drama.

      • 1.1.3 Raqeena Waziullah

        Ah. What a beautiful and poignant ending, my heart is both giddy and depressed and sad. I could literally watch another season’s worth of these unforgettably relatable characters. I loved this show so much that I watched it raw at 9am every Wed. and Thurs. I must have looked crazy as i skipped around the library alternating between “THAT WAS SO ADORABLY PERFECT” and “WHY IS IT OVER ALREADY I WANT MORE”. This show has shot up to my top 3 dramas bc the characters were some of the funniest people I have ever seen. I was excited to see Lee SungKyung and Nam JooHyuk in this drama bc I thought these were the perfect characters for them and boy did I underestimate them bc they acted the hell out of these characters, to the point where I’m very inclined to believe that these two are probably dating bc what the heck THEY WERE SO PRECIOUS, MY BABIES T_T JooHyuk surprised me w/ the depth he showed in this character bc beforehand my love of him stemmed from his hotness LMAO. I cried when he cried, I got angry when he was angry and I laughed when he laughed. He went from cocky swimmer boy w/ a trauma to a sweet man w/ all the makings of a wonderful significant other and that’s what made my heart flutter. The scene that really got to me was his reunion w/ his mom, I literally felt pain in my heart as I watched him break down, what a phenomenal job. Also, can Lee SungKyung always be an adorkable bad ass bc I think I’ve gotten too used to her being a bitchy character. BokJoo is by far my favorite character of hers and I hope she continues to grow as an actress and while I am excited that JooHyuk is up for the lead role in Bride of a Water God, I hope we hear news about Sung Kyung soon too!! ONE THING I LOVED ABOUT THIS SHOW WAS THE HEART STOPPING AND ADORABLE SKINSHIP BLESS THE LORD. There were also so many little aspects that I appreciated in this show like the relationship between BokJoo and her stern father and how JoonHyung’s aunt and uncle loved him as their own and how JaeYi was considerate to a fault and how he belatedly realized his feelings for AhYeong and the Three Uglies frendship and the journey of ShiHo from typical bitchy second female lead to an understandable human (I love that she’s going to be a coach! and even the hint of a relationship between Tae Kwon and Soon Ok (even through we didn’t see as much of them as I hoped, the moments we were given were BEYOND cute i DIED at the popcorn hand holding). Its the little and big themes in this drama that made it ring bells in my heart and sing along to the OST in my sleep. Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo, you have stolen my heart and I wish you won more awards bc you are a gem of a drama. As expected of the writer of Oh My Ghostess! Keep it up, and I will probably see these characters in my dreams bc as you guys may or may not be able to tell I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED W/ THIS DRAMA *HEART EYES* HWAITING KIM BOK JOO HOPE YOU AND JOON HYUNG GET MARRIED AND HAVE LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL BABIES 🙂 <3

        • Quinze

          Awww, I agree!
          Watching these cuties was an absolute joy and always distracted me from my ridiculous roommate drama. Like who can be mad when you have BJ and JH beeing so cute! And their besties being adorable! Honestly, I’m not over how healthy this drama was and how lovely it was to see every character grow in a natural way that made perfect sense. I’m putting this on my shelf of dramas I can rewatch a million times and still love!

      • 1.1.4 Andee

        Agreed, agreed, and AGREED. I love this show and how happy it is while still tackling sad issues in real life. I teared up throughout the episode knowing it was the finale, but I still squealed at the adorable and funny moments it had!

        I’ll just sum it up by saying that, now that it’s over, I have a hole shaped like a barbell in my heart. The only way to fill it up again? More of this show. Rewatch time!~

    • 1.2 SJ

      Talk about incoherence….I feel terrible enough to have cried in the middle of the night . This was a perfect drama watching experience ever. Every character was brimming with life… and the ending..i was alternately crying and giggling. Bok Jooyaah…Joon Youngaaah, Bogoshipo.

      • 1.2.1 royal

        I just finished watching the last episode a few minutes ago and I’m still crying. Crying because it was so sweet and crying because it has ended. Nothing has touched my heart the way this drama has. I feel sad for the cast that this drama had low ratings, but I hope they are proud of this drama that they did because they may lack in ratings, but the are full of quality. Full of sincerity, full of encouragement, full of love. It’s a drama worth being a part of.

        • HariHud

          Yes! So full of positive, realistic and relatable themes. The cast, especially the leads, did a great job. I’ll miss this little sweet drama.

          • nomad

            PERFECT! *standing ovation then cries in the corner*

        • Bokjoo's Follower

          I agree!!
          Oh, this show was love. So much love. I was interested from the teasers, but as LOTBS came out, i was more into that. But since I started paying attention to the drama i left on the side, I started loving it more and more, waiting anxiously for next week to come and see the new episodes. It was amazing this ride to watch with the rest of you and the DB staff giving this show the love it deserved. Now LOTBS is my sideline drama, and I’m dying in this corner, depressed that this ended. I could have watched Joon hyung and Bok joo all day. They are the cutest couple ever. Hands down, easily, became one of the best dramas I have seen.
          This show never disappointed. Instead reminded me why I watch dramas in the first place. 😊☺️
          THANK You Lollypip for recapping this show. It was such a nice ride to watch this along with you.!!
          Will definitely be watching out for Sung Kyung unnie and Joo hyuk oppa. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

        • chubs

          i cant move on from this drama. I tried watching others like my live from another star, loftbs and even Goblin but I still keep coming back for WLFKJ.😭

      • 1.2.2 Shalini

        I feel you, sister. It’s been a while since I was this moved by a show. I love how poignant the ending was and how it was a mirror of their first teasers and posters. Bokjoo, Joonhyung and all the Fairy team we know and love have come so far, and it’s been a pleasure and privilege to watch them on their journeys *sniff sniff*
        Weightlifting Fairy, SWAG! <3

        • Kx

          “I love how poignant the ending was and how it was a mirror of their first teasers and posters.”

          THIS! When during the title scene of this last episode they showed that one teaser moment with them lying on the grass and JH cutely trying to bite BJ’s finger, I got so nostalgic and sad because those teasers were the beginning of this drama when I had expectations that I didnt think would be met – then cut to the ending mirroring that moment and oh, this show delivered on what it promised – a youth drama with cute leads who are both so cuddly and warm. Too many teasers that show something else that the kdrama doesn’t deliver on (like a deep romance or chemistry that when you tune in to watch isnt there). When the kiss version of Dreaming came on at the end, my goodness that scene was so beautiful and yet sad because this was the ending of a lifetime. So much feels.

      • 1.2.3 Klurker

        I’m in denial right now. It’s like saying goodbye to characters that really exist, people we actually know. Argghh. I could watch an entire episode of BJ and JH just bickering and being real. I love, love, love, how the relationships flowed so naturally, even among the side characters. I will surely miss this show!

    • 1.3 Sharreb

      Its raining inside my heart. Til the end she’s his ♡Chubs♡ with hearts in his phone contacts.
      These two – pure love, not able to get over them anytime soon. Ive watched the ep 3 times and plan to rewatch from ep1. The withdrawal is seriously real

    • 1.4 Flyingcockroaches

      Have you seen Nam Joo Hyuck’s V live? Someone asked him to say chubs with different emotions/nuances and he does four or five. So cute.

      • 1.4.1 royal

        YES, I DID! It was so cute! He was so cute!!

    • 1.5 Sophie

      I delayed watching the last episode for two days because I didn’t want to say goodbye to this drama and all the lovely characters T_T I just finished.. and I would’ve cried if my housemate wasn’t out in the living room with me.

      Thank you WFKBJ, and all the production team, writers, staff, cast – Lee Sung Kyung <3 Nam Joo Hyuk!!, and especially LollyPip & DB commenters for making this drama such a great and enjoyable experience.

      Every time I feel de-motivated and sad and lonely, I will rewatch this series <3

  2. Papersky

    Thank you Lollypip! Have been refreshing whole of today after watching the raw last night. <3

  3. Chowgirl

    HUHUHUHU. I can’t believe that this drama is finally over. It was a fun ride and I’ll definitely miss BokJoonhyung so much.
    Thanks Lollypip for recapping this awesome drama!


  4. heroonthebeach

    Thanks Lollypip for your wonderful recap and review. Your reviews were one of the main factors that got me into the show and I’ve never regretted it. Everything that you mentioned is spot on and this will certainly be a show I’ll return to time and time again, because it just had that sparkle that never fades. I’ve already rewatched the scene where Bok Joo confesses her love to Joon Hyung like millions of times and it never fails to just warm my heart.

    I particularly agree with what you said about how every issue is not dragged out and characters talk about issues immediately, which allows the show to cover so much ground. It’s so true and I admire the deftness at which the show just drives ahead, unlike quite a few other shows now where certain misunderstanding or secrets just keep getting repeated and milked dry for all it’s worth. A show like this could have easily gone on for 20 episodes without us getting bored.

    I’d also like to mention the beautiful soundtrack which definitely helped in my enjoyment of the show! My favourites are You & I and From Now On, which just capture the exuberance and youthful energy of the show so well. Love everything about this show!

    • 4.1 SJ

      The OST was fantastic! I loved ‘Dreaming’ ..the one that plays in the end

      • 4.1.1 namedx

        I’ve had the weightlifting OST on loop for quite some time now – it’s gorgeous!! Sweet music to the ears, beautiful lyrics, and best of all, it brings back wonderful memories of those key drama moments which contained all the feels!!

    • 4.2 royal

      I love the soundtrack too! So happy it’s available on Spotify. I’ll buy the album when I go to Korea this March. I wish they’ll release a photo essay. The cast seems like they get along well. I would love to see more BTS photos they haven’t released.

    • 4.3 onlyscissors

      Oh dear. I just started to play “I’ll pick you up” by Standing Egg (my favorite from the OST) and teared up instantly! Everything about this show has been so genuine and moving. Even though I’ll rewatch this again and again, I still miss them already.

      • 4.3.1 Jill

        it’s been my habit to check drama’s soundtrack even though I don’t check out the drama yet or ever. especially songs that sung by my favorite singer/s. and this happened to Standing Egg’s song I’ll pick you up. been listening to this song even when I still didn’t have interest to watch the drama, and because of you guys here always mentioning this drama on the other posts, I decide to watch this drama and I even more fall in love with this song <3
        now, regreting why I picked this drama. why have I watched this drama cause now I want more of the cutie pie Joon Hyung (or Nam Joo Hyuk doesn't matter) and I now waiting for someone telling me to stay where I am and who I am because he is on the way to picking me up ~delulu ~keep replaying the song

    • 4.4 Emma

      Love love love the OST! I’ve been playing it in spotify nonstop!!!

      • 4.4.1 stuffed

        Me too! The OST has like the perfect song for every occasion whenever you need to feel or are feeling happy!

        • ♡hello♡

          Me three!
          I was so glad spotify has the ost.
          Love love love the ost.

    • 4.5 siesta

      my favoritest would still be the What?! bgm lol..whenever i hear it im transported back to this drama gem and its many funny moment

      • 4.5.1 Candy


      • 4.5.2 Bokjoo's Follower

        Same!! Is there anyone who found it? Is it part of the OST or soundtrack somewhere?! I have been looking for it, and can’t…😰😰

        • JH is life

          I always thought it was just the “what?” taken from “Yeah” by Usher – background vocals by Lil Jon.

    • 4.6 Rba

      Perfect OST..The lyrics are spot on too!

  5. Labeanie

    How. Is. It. So. Good! 수웩!

    • 5.1 Dramaninja

      Exactly! How is this drama so damn good ? I have fallen in love with so many drama leads that i have lost count, but this is the first time i have shipped a couple so hard. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung are just PERFECT! Love all their friends, their family, the romance(!), even their fights..

      This is gonna be my go-to-feel-good drama for a long long time!

      Thank you for everyone here at DB for making me enjoy this drama allthemore. All the insights, lil peeks into your lives and discussing and gushing about this show together has been such a joyful experience. 2016 has been a tough year for me emotionally, but this drama came as a breeze and lifted my spirits high. Thanks for the journey guys!

      Though i’m sad that this gem of a show has ended, i will always be happy in the thought that everyone one of these characters will live a long and fulfilled life while loving, cherishing, bickering(muchlike Aunt n Uncle ♡) and growing old together.

      There drama has made me believe that there is still hope and love in this seemingly hopeless world. I am gonna hold onto that. Thank you Show!

      • 5.1.1 Candy

        Hope your 2017 is good 😊😊

    • 5.2 Quinze

      It’s so rare for a drama to hit ALL the right notes in EVERYTHING from music to acting to lovable characters both adult AND youth. And STILL have more to offer in just pretty it is, how poignant it is, and how much you learn from it. Like hats off to the writer, the production team and the cast for doing such an amazing job!

      I’m so spoiled from future drama especially youth/sport dramas because this show has set the bar so incredibly high.

      This drama managed to respect every character big and small and gave them all incredible back stories. It allowed them to breathe and grow into something more. It didn’t devolve into exaggerated melodrama nor did it drag stories past their expiration date.

      Man I’m going to miss it!

  6. SJ

    Whhhhhyyyy? Andwae! I am not ready to let it go!

    • 6.1 SJ

      Saranghae, Swag Couple!

  7. Striving8

    Thank you for recapping this drama!

    And I will miss this drama so so much.

  8. Jb

    SO sad that this drama has to end but im kinda glad that they didnt drag this too long to lose it’s charm. One of the reason why i love this drama was the formula for the show was simple, but it worked. No complicated messy drama to drag or any weird twist not thats bad for a show. but sometimes, you want a show where you can relax and smile, light hearted but entertaining where it matters.
    You will always be on repeat Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok JOo.

    • 8.1 Do you like messi?

      You mean “complicated MESSI drama”

      • 8.1.1 Olive

        That is one good pun!

        Heoksi, messi chua haseyo?
        *tucking hair behind ears

        Will forever be my pickup line after this

      • 8.1.2 ♡hello♡



  9. crapatata

    Ohmygod it’s here!! It’s the end of an era. I actually cried a bit during the last few secs just because this show was so absolutely wonderful. All the characters were so well-rounded and beautiful and so were the aesthetics for such a simple show and all the conflicts were so relateable and people paid their bills when characters ran out of restaurants and and!!

    I’m just so glad I didn’t end up being put off by the low ratings and actually took this show up! I was also reminded of the Answer Me franchise (my absolute favorite dramas of all time) in that the depiction of youth was just so poignant. I daresay everything in this show was absolutely perfect-just right for every single situation (except for the fact that they never showcased the Kim family’s dog, that’s my one complaint).

    I cried when I saw the BTS video of LSK and NJH crying during their last scene too. How do I live w/o this show now :(((

    Korea sucks for not giving this show the ratings it deserves. But one good thing from this is that LSK and NJH will now be the international kdrama community’s gems and hopefully this means more opportunities for them <3

    Sugohaesso Fairies! I promise to tune in your upcoming dramas :')

    • 9.1 Chowgirl

      “…people paid their bills when characters ran out of restaurants and and!!”
      LOL but very true. Though I feel really sorry for Joonhyung for paying all the time hahahaha XD.

      • 9.1.1 GedSkaiKru

        Lol, so true, Joon Hyung always pays. 😄

        • onlyscissors

          Joon Hyung getting stuck with the bill has been one of my favorite recurring bits. I still love in ep 13 when BJ has been angrily eating fishcakes and storms off. The part where he asks the food stall lady how much he owes, then holds up a huge pile of sticks and says “she ate all THESE??” is one of my favorite mini comic moments.

          AGHH love the writing. Love the acting. I will miss you, show.

          • Nicebelle

            Loved it when both brothers stopped to pay the bill. Haha 😂 Great upbringing. Good job Aunt and Uncle!

          • stuffed

            Agree! I love how consistent the writers are and how much they paid attention to details! They didn’t include any grand gesture or over-the-top slapstick comedy and yet these scenes were so funny and memorable!

          • crapatata

            Yes! The attention to detail was amazing. The recurring tropes and gags!!–The Messi question, the paying the bill, the “swag” catchphrase, the coach-coach interaction during announcements etc. and etc. Not only was the writing perfect, but the entire production also took care to be consistent in everything. The dog I mentioned above was constantly in the shots of the house even though it wasn’t supposed to be that important anyway. And I love that BJ and JH’s clothes eventual matched in color palette. Like /just/ subtle enough so they wouldn’t look super matchy, but they’re lowkey fated for each other.

            UGH so many reasons to love this show!! Here’s to hoping the international kdrama community’s loud enough for more LSK-NJH pairings! Hopeless but hoping <3

      • 9.1.2 Quinze

        The best part of the finale was watching JH paying his bill before chasing his girl only to watch his brother do the exact same thing a few minutes later. It was cute.

        • GedSkaiKru

          I wonder if they’re somehow related to the Lannisters, ’cause they always pays (their debts). 😅

          • Quinze

            Hah if they are, they’re the puppy dog versions!

      • 9.1.3 ♡hello♡

        “people paid their bills when characters ran out of restaurants”

        It is a pet peeve of mine when dramas don’t show people paying bills and/or pick up their belongings when they ran out of restaurants or any other place. I have to tell myself that it is just a drama, their production crew will pick up their stuff. Hehe

    • 9.2 Edgepee

      Where’d you watch the BTS video? Tried looking for it…can’t find 🙁

      • 9.2.1 crapatata

        It’s all over the twitter fan accounts 😀 I’ll link you one!


        • Emsel

          Thank you 🙂 Looking at LSK/NJH cry during the wrap up I again shed tears :'( How much should they have loved working on the show that they were sad like the viewers to see it end </3

          The details you mentioned in the previous comments says a lot about all the people who made this show a treat to the fans. They were so dedicated. This goes on to show that good dramas are the outcome of not only great actors/directors but also happy employees that work behind the scene.

          • Marie

            Indeed, I’ve already been praising the quality and how much I like WF, so today I feel I want to thank you the awesome team that made it possible with their hard work. When I see the actors crying it’s even more sad to send them off. Of course they love WF and this is why they were able to capture our hearts 🙂 They gave us a beautiful gift that we have all enjoyed. I will miss our babies JH and BJ and hope to see the SWAG couple in my screen very soon (if possible together!!). 😀

      • 9.2.2 crapatata

        And the adorable intense final BTS scene also has a gif from that fan account’s twitter feed 😀

        • crapatata

          intense final kissing*** BTS scene

          • Marie

            Omo! That bts kiss, haha! I would have done the same if I was Sung Kyung, take a last good taste of the cutie before letting him go XD

      • 9.2.3 GedSkaiKru

        I watched min on Youtube. HD Dramas I guess, not sure, I just typed Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo BTS, it has no eng sub though..

  10. 10 little-muffin

    Bok-ju and Joon-hyung is definitely my fave drama couple. They are really so perfect together, so adorable, so heartwarming, so awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a couple in k-drama that I love so much.

    I will remember this drama for a very long time for all the good feels that it gave, worth re-watching! 😉

    • 10.1 Rachelle

      Even reading the comments for this last episode is making me feel emotional!

  11. 11 Appie

    Everything you said lollypip!👏
    Never has a happy ending left me so sad!
    A huge applause for the cast,crew and production team for not getting swayed by ratings and delivering episodes which only got better every week!
    This drama is SWAG!

  12. 12 wapz

    This show as been so consistently good. Even if the ratings were not great, its quality didn’t fall and for me was the bestin wed to thu time slot. I hope writers continue to write such stories with this much relatability and fun. And thank you Lollypip for bringing us the recaps and such apt comments.

  13. 13 vo


  14. 14 Apluszee

    Thank you, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Boo Joo cast and crew for giving us an amazing drama!!! WFKBJ Swaaaag!

    I nominate Jung Joon Hyung for the best boyfriend award!

  15. 15 miiko

    there is no sad scene in this epidode but i find my self crying, because i’m not ready.. this drama is a gem..

  16. 16 missowlhead


    I thoroughly enjoyed this series. So much joy! I do have some quibbles, but they’re small compared to how much fun these kids were.

    Thank you, lollypip, for your wonderful recaps.

  17. 17 Akiddo

    Thanks much for recapping this Lollypip!

    I am more than satisfied with the ending. The show didn’t let us down. Made me laugh out loud, made my heart ache, made me cry quite a lot and made me miss my youth. Great cast and wonderful acting. The ratings didn’t reflect the quality of the show one bit.

    Truly swaggggggg! 😍

  18. 18 Chandler

    Nooo. I’m not ready for this recap! Just seeing the word “Final” on it is bringing back the tears from when I was forced to say goodbye to these precious characters today. I’m just not ready yet! Ugh, what will I do without them every week?!?

    Also, I’m sad we didn’t get one last “whaaat” moment this episode, lol.

    But, obviously, this drama is swagtastic and always will be.

    Thanks for the awesome recaps, Lollypip!

    • 18.1 Appie

      Agree wid the ‘whaat’ part. It’s been as essential as the SWAG part of the show!
      Aishhh! M still not ready to say goodbye😥

  19. 19 Soffea Rahim


    First and foremost, thank you so much for the recap! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your personal insights on the drama; the analysis written by you and other beanie commentators just makes me appreciate the drama to a whole new level.

    Now, I cannot, CANNOT, stop gushing just how great this drama is. It was near damn perfect. Besides the obvious appeal of it being so realistic and relatable, I think what I love most about this drama is this;

    It makes absolute and perfect sense as to why those two lead characters were meant for each other.

    Like in other kdramas, I’ve always felt the lead characters were compatible, sure, but they have never convinced me that they were a perfect fit. In other kdramas it felt a lot like two people who have gone through a lot together (brought together by fate of course) and they simply fell in love. Like say, if fate chose a different girl for the male lead character, and have them go through the same things together, the male lead would’ve fallen for that ‘different girl’. But that is now how I see Bok Joo and Joon Hyung. What they share is beyond the ‘opposites attract’ chemistry. You can totally see that they NEED each other, and that it wouldn’t have worked out if it was anybody else. Joon Hyung was pampered with so much love from his adoptive family, but sometimes to Joon Hyung it felt like it was done out of pity. It made him feel like an outsider. Bok Joo was there to treat him like how it is, treat him because he deserves it, not because he’s a pitiful individual. Its the same vice versa. Bok Joo was raised without a mother and her dad was the ‘tough love’ type; it creates that perfect balance then when her boyfriend is the cheesy clingy and super sweet kind. They both needed each other to be better, and to me thats just soul wrenchingly romantic.

    Now about that ending, can I just say I had a bigger squee-fest watching the BTS? Especially that ending kiss, in the BTS they were totaallyyyy into it!! Gahhh I ship them so much!

    The only complaint I have for this show is Seon-Ok and Tae-Kwon story. Like what happened? Like I don’t need the ending to be tied up in neat bows, but if they were going to tease us so much about it, at least give us closure? And how about Si-Ho’s grim reaper admirer? Wanted closure on that too.

    Anyways I truly enjoyed watching, analysing, screaming myself silly. As a harry potter fan, I dare say that this drama is my harry potter equivalent in the kdrama world. Its a MASTERPIECE.

    • 19.1 GedSkaiKru

      Hey there fellow Potterhead.
      I agree with you, a little nod would have been sufficient for SeonOk and TaekWon if they did end up dating, a little hug, or touch anything at all no matter how small would’ve been sufficient but I’ll take what’s given and just ran off with my imagination.
      This drama will be forever with me.

    • 19.2 Tee

      OMG that BTS kissing scene!!! They really went for it! I can’t get enough of it! I have been playing the video over and over again! XD

      • 19.2.1 jh is life

        Link please!

      • 19.2.2 Raks86

        Especially the bit when KBJ grabbed JH’s face and started kissing Rawrrrrrr You go, girl ! I’m super bummed they edited it out

    • 19.3 hades.red

      I like your analysis on their relationship and why they work. What I loved was the way episode 15 further explained why and how they love each other and they way this episode continued to build that. JH’s candid discussion with BJ’s father was awesome. When JH explained that BJ’s warmth being one of the major contributing factors to his love for her and the history of that warmth since childhood, I was like yes, I believe this.

      I also absolutely loved how her father didn’t lose his marbles when he figured out that the two were an item. It’s a bit funny in retrospect seeing as there was that one time we thought they were going to get caught during their PDA fest and the father was passing by on his scooter.

      • 19.3.1 ♡hello♡

        “JH’s candid discussion with BJ’s father was awesome. When JH explained that BJ’s warmth being one of the major contributing factors to his love for her and the history of that warmth since childhood, I was like yes, I believe this.

        I also absolutely loved how her father didn’t lose his marbles when he figured out that the two were an item. It’s a bit funny in retrospect seeing as there was that one time we thought they were going to get caught during their PDA fest and the father was passing by on his scooter.”

        Thumbs up to this! Exactly how i felt.

        Nothing makjang about BJ father’s reaction. So true to life. Also JH’s explanation about his love for BJ was so true, realistic, & believable ♡♡♡

  20. 20 vera

    Gahh, this episode was so funny. I laughed so much at JH antics, like when he was in gym and was practicing on that machine and he tried to level up his practicing and couldn’t move the lifts on the machine at all. And when BJ yelled at him for glaring so he he quickly changed his expression to this weird smile.

    Scenes with JH and uncle and JH and Father were just so heartwarming.

    Cudos to BJ for not shying away from skinship. I really dislike when in Kdramas heroine acts like she’s going through torture when she’s kissing or hugging even though she is supposed to like the guy.

    And great acting, I wasn’t fan of LSK or NJH before, but now I sure am. Also I really like SO actress, she’s really charming and pretty. I’m glad she got into semi professional team. I never noticed NH cared too much about weigthlifting, but perhaps show didn’t show it.

    BJ’s hair extensions were a bit weird. You should all check BTS video of their kissing, it’s a shame PD cut some of it.

    The message MBC or show producers put on the of the final episode made me tear up a bit and just feel so happy I’m in my early 20s

    I think I’m being too subjective right now and I need some time to pass, but I think this drama is in my to 3 now.

    • 20.1 Rachel

      I rewatched the confession scene yesterday and while I’m not a fan of forced kissing, I think BJ was just shocked that he kissed her and thats why she pushed him away. So that’s fine.

      Also i did think her hair extensions were a bit weird as well.

  21. 21 Mag

    All I got to say is SWAG! I was looking for a drama without a serious plot…I just wanted something cute and fun and that’s what attracted me wfkbj at first, from the name, I guessed it would be a cute drama. To my surprise, it wasn’t just a cute drama. It was a drama that made me feel like I was watching myself on the screen. It reminded me that as a youth, I am bound to make mistakes and becoming an adult is one hell of a ride. But I shouldn’t be discouraged because it’s perfectly normal to struggle at this point instead I should enjoy it to its fullest. I am happy I watched this drama and I don’t doubt I will be visiting it again…

  22. 22 betty




    This drama was so lovely and charming and Bok Ju and Joon Hyung have scyrocketed to the top of my Fav Drama Couples list. <3 They're truly Relationship Goals! SO MUCH LOVE!

  23. 23 moi

    It’s so cute, so real, so true to life. Ahhh.. I miss this show already.
    That airport scene! How cute is it that Bookju just ran to Joonhyung and they hugged in public. Hehehe.

    The graduation scene was also very cute. It’s cute that they have their own tradition to celebrate it. I really felt
    the camaraderie in the weightlifting and swimming club. Loved it.

    And that ending of course! The marriage proposal, that kiss!! This show really makes me doubt my reality. They’re not dating in real life, are they? But why the chemistry is so real. Can’t they reunite in another drama together, pleaase? I’ll have a hard time picturing these two with another actors as a couple.

    Also, Nam Joohyuk said in an interview
    -> The actor talked about how the drama became popular for making viewers feel vicariously satisfied [through all the heart fluttering scenes], saying, “After seeing those kinds of reactions on the internet, we started thinking, ‘How can we film this scene so that viewers are vicariously satisfied and feel their hearts fluttering more?'” cr : soompi

    Aww you guys, thank you for thinking of us, the lonely, dateless viewers. I’m so satisfied and I did live vicariously through you guys.

    It’s a happy ending, but why do I feel so sad 🙁 That last 10 minutes feels so real to me.
    It’s like parting with your best friends that you know for years. You know all the hardship they went through for the last couple of years, how they’re changed for the better. They’ve achieved so much and now they’ll go to the next step of their life but they’re going far far away, you know you won’t see them again. But you know that they’ll be fine. And because you were there in every step of their journey to success you feel so happy, proud and sad all at once… Bookjoo – Joonhyung, I’m proud of you, I’m happy for you and I’ll miss you guys! Goodbye… 🙂

    • 23.1 Nil

      I love how they knew from the start that the rating wouldn’t be great as they are competing with jjh and lmh (and oh jiho) and just “lets do this regardless rating” and this is THE drama without rating pressure. Nice, fun, cute, and everyone seems having fun.

      • 23.1.1 Dongwookie

        This was the only drama I’ve watched where everyone on set seems like they’re having so much fun filming. I’ve seen several BTS’s of other dramas where the scene being shot is a romantic or funny one, but people in the background seems so bored or tired. So different from the cast and crew of WFKBJ. Maybe that translates into the show that’s why the quality never dropped all throughout. It’s like everyone is out to give it their all and they’re having so much fun doing that. To me this drama is just perfect.

  24. 24 potatodrama

    I totally agree with your words. I am beyond sad right now, and I only experienced this with “Answer 1988”.

    This drama will be forever in my heart.

    Everything was so perfect, so spot on… I miss Bok-joo already.

  25. 25 arvita91

    Thank you Lollypip for the recaps. It’s been such a lovely journey with this drama and all of you.
    Whenever I feel down, this drama definitely in my watch list. Feels like I can repeat it all over again.

    Looking forward to another project by all the casts!

    • 25.1 arvita91

      I’ll be following all the PDnim and writers future projects.

      Thank you to all the crew for giving us such a lovely heartwarming drama!

      WFKBJ slowly taking spot in my favorite drama off all time.
      WFKBJ set the bar quite high for another bestfriend-to-lover story 🙂

  26. 26 GedSkaiKru

    This Drama is an easy ride because it doesn’t prolong the agony when characters face conflict. In retrospect, they are more adults than most adults in KDramaland. It’s refreshing to see how the show maintained it’s focus on Bok Joo, sure Joon Hyung steals the show for being hands down the best boyfriend ever, but narratively it never went astray from Bok Joo’s perspective, she didn’t become a lesser version of herself even she does aegyo for Joon Hyung, when she admits she’s wrong, when she’s in love. She never had a relapse, really, super kudos to the writer and Lee Sung Kyung for owning Bok Joo. Thank you show, now I’m going to sulk because the withdrawals is real.

    • 26.1 hades.red

      I am so happy that Bok Joo never became a shadow of her former self. There have been so many dramas where the female lead starts of strong only to lose much of who she is to love, pain, or third party influence–as always, I’m looking at you Cinderella! That is why I appreciate the moments when Joon Hyung jokingly or otherwise says that Bok Joo is going to kill him for having or not having done something. I think that Joon Hyung appreciates and in a way needs that strength from Bok Joo.

      I have to say to say though that I disagree with the perspective part–or maybe I misinterpreted. My one real sticking gripe with this show is that it made me care too much for Joon Hyung at the beginning in a way that the show could have been called When a Swimmer falls for a Weightlifter! We see is trauma, his family, his athletics, his therapy, his love life past and present. I guess it was more a shared narrative.

      • 26.1.1 Phishy

        I get where you’re coming from but i don’t think their love story would have been as compelling if they didn’t flesh out a really good narrative for JJH. Notice how JJH has always been Bokjoo’s main support during times of tribulation (be it family or matters of the heart) and as such, I never once thought the story left Bokjoo out of the picture. Bokjoo being innately good (and warm, in JJH’s words) made us all root for her to meet someone as equally good — someone who’ll treat her the way she deserves and will reciprocate the love and care she gives to her family and friends. And JJH’s just that. Knowing his backstory made me root for him even more because then I realized just how much he needs Bokjoo and also how he’s that missing puzzle piece for her to realize how great of a person she is (and that it doesn’t matter whether you’re chubby or have callous hands; everyone deserves love!). Bokjoo really made a stride in every aspect of her life (career, lovelife, family), especially with everyone cheering her on.

        I think another reason why I have absolutely fallen for this show (aside from the romance) is because the story’s rooted in true-to-life events. It doesn’t need any complex plot twists (ehem, makjang) for us to feel for the characters. The characters’ reactions seem natural (case in point: skinship *squee*) and what I myself would have done given the scenario. Even Si Ho’s obsessive ex-girlfriend phase dwindled out as she started focusing on what she really wanted for herself and not having to always rely on other people (shows how people CAN actually move on from a breakup unlike what a lot of dramas portray). No one’s perfect but nobody’s crossed over the crazy line either.

        Weightlifting, you are one of the best feel-good shows out there!! Words are not enough to express all my feelings. You made me so happy in such a short span of time. AAAAAAH I will miss you so 💗!!!!

        • hades.red

          I agree with your assessment. I guess I failed to also put in there that the reason why I was frustrated with the early portrayal of JH is because it took the penultimate episode to give closure to that. So there I was invested in the character and waiting for a good 8 episodes or so for some resolution or development on that part.

    • 26.2 ET

      In retrospect, they are more adults than most adults in KDramaland.

      Amen! You are so right. To think that this drama was dismissed as young love and therefore idealistic and unreal. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung may be immature or rather act their age. However, when it comes to important issues and relationship matters, they are more adults than most adults in kdramas!

      It’s refreshing to see how the show maintained it’s focus on Bok Joo, sure Joon Hyung steals the show for being hands down the best boyfriend ever, but narratively it never went astray from Bok Joo’s perspective, she didn’t become a lesser version of herself even she does aegyo for Joon Hyung, when she admits she’s wrong, when she’s in love.


    • 26.3 Dongwookie

      I love what you said about how they are more adult than most adults in kdrama land. It’s exactly what drew me in, and conversely what turned me off with the other more popular currently airing dramas. It’s amazing how they were going for a straight up romance all throughout, with no elaborate plots to back it up, but instead showing each of the characters in their typical everyday lives, and yet, they were able to deliver loads and loads of heart each and every episode. They made it look so easy, and yet how come only a few succeeds?

  27. 27 Kang Maru

    Omg!! Seon Ok and Tae Kwon ship has sailed even though for just a moment. That date scene was lit had me laughing because of Nan Hee😂

    • 27.1 GedSkaiKru

      I wonder if TaekWon would ever dare going to a blind date again after dating SeonOk(I’d like to think that they did date).

      • 27.1.1 Kang Maru

        @GedSkaiKru i know right!! They should make a special episode for their story or better yet a SEASON 2!😁😁

        • GedSkaiKru

          I’m all for Season2!!!

    • 27.2 Ivy

      OMG all episode long I’ve been looking at them extra closely- they’re subtle but their attraction to each othere is there!

      First bit was when Tae-kwon asks Joon-hyung where he’s going at the start and Nan-hee and Seon-ok invite him to eat at the cafeteria. He kept looking at Seon-ok longingly.

      Two was when they were sat together on the park bench-two bad Nan-hee sat in the middle 🙁

      Third was when he called Seon-ok to report Joon-hyung leaving instead of Nan-hee. So adorable the way he grabbed Seon-ok in a hug when they almost got caught while tailing Joon-hyung and the way she punched him haha (plus they’re both wearing blue~).

      Fourth, (my favourite): they follow Joon-hyung into the hospital and they hide at the reception desk- they unconsciously touch hands. Seon-ok rests her hand on the table and Tae-kwon bumps it and he puts hers on top instead- and they’re not even aware!

      Fifth: Seon-ok defends him bc of his part in following Joon-hyung. They gave each other these tentative glances.

      Sixth: When he asked her to the movies! His straightforwardness, and her pleasantly surprised reaction. Her expression was so cute~

      Seventh: the fact she was okay with dropping to banmal with him, plus the way they almost held hands. Poor Tae-kwon, but it was such a funny scene when Seon-ok bonked his face away and then fumbling for a reason why they were there together.

      Eight: holding hands via popcorn as Nan-hee dozes off. Their faces were so pityful :'(

      Ninth: Seon-ok smiling up at him as he tells everyone he’s the assigned photographer. He also sat next to Seon-ok on the group photo insted of letting Nan-hee go in the middle. It’s not much as closures go, but their relationship was probably purposely left ambiguous or just didn’t have enough air time. A little bit of a look or a touch would’ve sufficed to satisfy the viewers that ensure the growth of their relationship but oh well. His other arm in the group photo could have well been on Seon-okies’ waist for all we know 😉 😉 😉

      • 27.2.1 ♡hello♡

        Personally, what the show did with TK-SO was great. Open ended and sufficient hints for viewers to imagine the possible happy outcome for both. Too much would seemed forced and shoe horned in for a last episode. Anyway i’m satisfied. I loved SO coz she’s very sensible and strong. Her initial reaction to TK’s invitation to the movies was to call NH, shows that she is as ignorant as BJ about her suitors. ^_^

      • 27.2.2 Emsel

        Thank you @Ivy for the listing off all Seon ok <3 Tae kwon moments. I too noticed them except for the fourth, which I went and re watched 😀 They are my second favorite couple after the leads.

        The director could have got into their story 2 episodes earlier instead of the final episode, but I got to acknowledge the director's wisdom. Their moments were interlinked with the story rather than as a filler(like in Shopping King Louie's final episodes, which many found a less satisfactory though I din't mind one bit.)

    • 27.3 earthna

      My heart was beating so fast at that scene! It so caught me off guard, I didn’t know what to do with the feels!

    • 27.4 Emsel

      I hope to see whoever played Seon ok and Tae kwon in more dramas. They made so much more out of the small roles they were given <3

  28. 28 Go HoHo

    HAHAHA i can’t get over the scene where Joon Hyung and Bok Joo’s uncle watched bok joo’s tournament. AND THEY STARTED KISSING THE PHONE SCREEN😂😂

    • 28.1 Chowgirl

      Its the best example for us whenever we are not allowed to laugh and scream hard whenever we were watching Bokjoo and Joonhyung’s sweet and fluttering moment because our parents/son and daughters are sleeping. HAHAHAHHA XD

  29. 29 gelato

    ^^^That was me after watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo guys!! 😅

    There’s really not enough words to describe how wonderful this show is!! EVERYTHING IS SPOT ON FROM BEGINNING TO END, from the story, cast, moral lessons, friendships, THE CHEMISTRY!!! i will never forget this one and i’m probably gonna rewatch over and over. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung are now my new favorite drama couple 💛 #sweeeggg

    also I agree with everything lollypip wrote! Girl you explained it so well Thank You for explaining everyone’s feels!!!

  30. 30 green

    I just head right down here just to say i haven’t watch the final ep. yet cause i know that if i’m going to watch,then it’s gonna be really over.it’s like saying goodbye to some friends that you know that you will never see again.ever.


    • 30.1 Dwarf

      You know, now I wish there’s really such a thing called dramaverse, an alternate universe where everything in this drama is real. Like W but the drama world kinda thing.
      Then WFKBJ will never ever end and we will forever have this gem of a drama to grin foolishly with, cry ugly with, pig out with, squee until toes curl up with…..
      JH + BJ + everyone else including the toad = SWAG

    • 30.2 Dongwookie

      Even Nam Joo Hyuk himself is wishing BokJoonHyung a happy forever. Guy just posted a sweet couple shot on his IG. 😉

  31. 31 Wendy

    SWAG!! Omg! I am sooo sad that this beautiful drama is over! The most relatable drama I’ve ever experienced! I will definitely miss my beautiful and precious otp! My number 1 otp so far and I don’t think it will change any time soon!! Gaaaah now let me go and cry in a corner for a while! 😭😭😭😭

  32. 32 neener

    I’ll be missing everything about this Show and glad that downloading this series gives me comfort because I can watch my favorite scenes again and again!

    To LollyPip and beanies, thank you for the wonderful journey! For spreading the love here in any thread for me to notice and watch this SWAG Show! Thank you, thank you!

  33. 33 Cocorico

    It’s so bitter-sweet to watch this drama end. It’s like saying goodbye to great friends that made your life better without you even realizing it because they effortlessly became important part of it and you’re going to realize how much you miss them only when they leave…
    But I let them go with happy tears in my eyes as I know that Kim Bok-Joo and Joon Hyun are made for each other and no matter what life brings in their way it only makes them stronger and probably even more in love with each other:)
    And I know that thanks to them I’ll try to be the same. Thank you, Kim Bok-Joo and all of your friends and family for giving me hope that unconditional love exists in all forms and shapes and surging me with strenght to withstand difficult situations with my soul intact.
    And huge thanks to all the amazing actors, writers and crew for making KBJ universe so palpably real and contagious!
    Now I restore to futile hope for another drama as good as this to make me miss them less…

  34. 34 Mirei

    I saw the wrap up party vids and there is a vid of Nam Joo Hyuk waiting Lee Sung Kyung in the parking lot and then Sung Kyung calls Joo Hyuk and hugs him, since she is sad that drama ended. PLEASE DATE IN REAL LIFE ❤❤❤❤😍

    • 34.1 Rba

      The fact they are so comfortable with each other does reflect on screen. Even though I ship them so hard, don’t think they will date in real life 😔 Off screen , He seems so stiff in front of photographer’s camera with LSK . In the same video, he kinda pats her in back and extends arm for the actress playing Nan-Hee , ( she is so cute ) correct me if I’m wrong . Saw a pic from wrap party on social media where they are having dinner and he has his arm around NH again ? I kinda see some potential there 😊😊 but yeah LSK-NJH has amazing chemistry in screen

      • 34.1.1 Marie

        Agree with Rba, NJH seems uncomfortable with LSK in real life pictures, esp when Sung Kyung initiates physical contact like hugging, linking arms or holding hands. I also saw the wrap up party dinner photo and he is sitting beside Nan Hee and Bok Joo, but his body is angled towards Nan Hee. Sad that they won’t become a couple in real life. But their acting is WLFKBJ is totally SWAG! 😀

      • 34.1.2 Soffea Rahim

        I’ve noticed that too, but to ease my longing heart, I’ve always interpreted that as NJH being nervous about people finding out that they are actually dating lol. Well a girl can dream can’t she? Haha. Have you seen their group pictures though? When they were lying down on the grass with the rest of the crew? NJH had his legs wrapped around LSK’s.. That looks super intimate to me. Here

        • Rba

          yes, That’s how I was thinking too. And again LSK has this vibrant , upfront persona that’s like total opposite of him.and She is his noona and her affection probably towards him a bit ‘noona’ like? So, even if he has a crush on her, he probably would never confess it. haha I guess NJH in real life is a bit mysterious after all.

          I noticed that particular photo too. and even on those roof bunk bed scene and dorm bed scene( I saw the bts) – He actually had his legs on top of hers too. comfortable much? Lol there are reasons why shippers ship them. I hope someday they do another drama together. coz the chemistry is daebak <3

        • Marie

          All I can say is NJH’s actions are very confusing! Hahaha! One minute I see photos & videos that shows him acting ill at ease with LSK, then the next I see him being affectionate & caring to her! There were photos from the wrap up party showing him wiping LSK’s tears when she cried thenthat BTS of him wrapping his legs around her to protect her from other people. Waaaah! When I see those photos, I can’t help but hope there really is something between them or at least feelings on JH’s side at least! =)

          I read an interview that mentioned that he was not very expressive when it comes to his feelings like with his mom he can’t express in front of her. He can only express his affection via phone, or card. But he’s very open & aggressive when it comes to love. Contradicting!! Hahahaha! but I’ll interpret that to mean he’s not very affectionate in public but MAYBE he’s very sweet & clingy when it’s just him & LSK! Hoping!!! Hahahaha!

          • Rba

            Haha confusing it is! My logic tells me not to ship on screen couple , but then I see photos like this and my heart starts shipping them. And the chemistry is sometimes way too real for us to ignore, right right ?

      • 34.1.3 endo

        I think NJH is a very shy type of person and LSK is super super friendly. And maybe those personalities did not go well? That’s just my guess tho.

        And what about that NJH instagram post of their photo together with a caption ” Bok Joon Hyung forever?” Lol. hahaha!

        • Rba

          My first thought after seeing the photo “Awwwww” and then “dude, are you trolling us ?!HAha “

          • Dongwookie

            Even with the low ratings, it looks to me like the love that we, their avid viewers, have for the show were able to reach them. It certainly seems like they know that this drama is special. So whatever happens, both of them will have a special place in each other’s hearts, may it be romantic or otherwise. (But i can totally understand those who think NJH was just being careful to attract attention.. It’s in his eyes whenever he looks at BJ. I mean I’ve never doubted the chemistry between Louis and Bokshil but never once did i see the same kind of light in SIG’s eyes.;D)

          • endo


            Yes. I have a feeling that MBC knows that this show was well-loved internationally. The increase on NJH and LSK instagram followers are not gonna lie.

          • Rba

            Yes , I also believe they know and this drama itself is very special to them. They way they were crying in the BTS -It was obvious that they were emotionally very much invested in their characters <3

      • 34.1.4 endo

        I watched that video. I don’t think it’s Nan Hee. I think that’s girl who played Young KBJ.

      • 34.1.5 Emma

        I’ve noticed this too. NJH has said in an interview that he wants to move away from being seen as someone with boyish charm and wants to be seen as more manly, which may be why we see him always looking so stoic in public events. On the bright side, whenever I look at past videos of LSK and NJH attending events together, he never looks back to make sure she’s there or okay, but in the after party he extended his hand to her as they were walking

        • Marie

          I think working together and filming so much romantic scenes has brought them closer as well. Here’s to hoping that they will become lovers after being long time friends like JH & BJ. 😀

          • Emma

            Or at least remain really really close friends! 😀

    • 34.2 arvita91

      Hi, I can’t find the video that you mentioned here, can you send the link here? 🙂

      • 34.2.1 Rba

        I found it on instagram

        • endo

          I don’t think the other one is Nan Hee. I think it’s the young KBJ. She’s so small.

          • Rba

            yeah, I could be wrong though- but I thought NH has such height differences with NJH or LSK? what amazes me was how smoothly LSK goes from hugging to linking arm in one swift motion .

    • 34.3 MC

      That fancam…I can guarantee (after some investigating), it was not the actress Nanhee at the parking lot. I think it was YG staff because that person was wearing a white jacket and Nanhee was wearing a grey one with a purple shirt. Also, the face of that person was a bit older. Definitely not Nanhee in that fancam.

  35. 35 Tots


  36. 36 Rachel

    Thank you LollyPip for recapping the whole drama from start to finish. I always refreshed the website for Weightlifting Fairy recaps. This is the drama that’s the hardest to let go for me and I feel like I will need to rewatch the episodes over and over again which I dont normally do. In fact, I’ve never rewatched a drama. At the same time, at least I can live my life properly now, not just living for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    This drama is so different from others, as it was so realistic, even their portraying of long distance relationships. Sometimes its not that both parties dont want to spend time keeping in touch, its just that they keep missing each other. And this is probably the first drama I watched with a “feedback session” right after the confession.

    I am so looking forward to Nam Joo Hyuk’s next drama although I’m pretty sure its also Joon Hyung’s character as a perfect boyfriend that I really love.

    Still the best line “I’ve decided not to return you. I’ll keep you.” <3

    *back to rewatching episodes :D*

  37. 37 Rachelle

    This show made me cry with happiness and I was so sad to see it end. It had the perfect balance: warm-hearted without being sappy, cute without being silly, sweet without being corny.

  38. 38 Candy

    Thank you Thank you for the recap Lollypip!😘 I thought last episode was PERFECT but the writers took it as a challenge I think because I swear THIS episode is the one that is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Oh how I love you,WFKBJ!

    1. JH’s funny karate moves to keep her away from his phone. And that weird smile when she told him to stop glaring.😛😝😜 JH,I love that you’re a bad liar you adorabubble little strawberry muffin😗 (can you tell that I’m in love with this fictional boy? *sob*)

    2. JH and Samchun giggling together😂 omg you two! Also,they are really wrapped around their ladies 😂

    3. Airport scene. 😍😍Nuff said.

    4. JH and BJ not ready to let each other go and whimpering. ❤Ahhh to be young and in love again❤

    5. Dad and Samchun clean up well,don’t they? How cute was the parents meeting? 🙆

    6. JH puffing up when BJ praised him 😅hehe. Just JH and BJ this entire series…sigh,I could go on and on.

    Oh and love that JH and Shiho can have a comfortable conversation not revolving around their past or Bokjoo. This writer is SUWAAGGGG😆😆

    • 38.1 Dongwookie

      Loved your list! They’re in mine too. Re #4, I remember watching it raw last night, i thought BJ was the one who doesn’t want to go. But when I watched the subbed version, I realized it was JH who wouldn’t let go of her hand, all while telling her to go. I just awww’d ll over again…

      • 38.1.1 Dongwookie

        Forgot to mention how adorable JH’s expression is that time. How can he do an aegyo and still look manly? Also, he really does the perfect boyfriend role so well, how can he look so forlorn and in love at the same time while looking at his BJ phone wallpaper? I swear, i was staring at him staring at his phone.. i was quite transfixed.

        • Candy

          That slight head tilt and affectionate smile with hearts in his eyes…I could watch him forever. 😍

  39. 39 namedx

    LollyPip, thank you so much for recapping this gem of a drama – it was a pleasure reading every single one of them! I seriously can’t believe it’s over though; it was pitch perfect from beginning to end (and that’s not something I say about dramas often.) Love the closure that they gave it – it was beautifully tied up without taking away any of that youthful spirit we came to love about the show from day one.

    And much love to the rest of you beanies for your delightful comments – they made my week. x

    • 39.1 namedx

      Oh, and I forgot to mention: Seon-ok & Tae-kwon = <3<3<3

      That face slap she gave him which sent him flying was hilarious lol

      • 39.1.1 Jin

        I was surprised and then LOL-ing! Poor Tae-Kwon! Think about that scene again, would it be more hilarious if PD put that signature “WHAAAAAAAT?” as the back sound? 😀 😀 😀

        • GedSkaiKru

          Aaah, they should’ve done that, the Whaat? But I wonder if it’s just a special BGM for BokJoonHyung? Was there an instance it was used outside our main OTP?

  40. 40 fan

    This show was Loooooov~ It will be on my re-watch list. Thanks for the recap!

  41. 41 Coby

    This drama is swuuaaaggg! Still not over this.. The OSTs are still on loop!
    Wish the kiss could have been longer and for sure we wi be fanning ourselves!
    Thanks for the recap!

    • 41.1 HongOkIn

      They kissed longer than what was shown in the drama ;p you can watch the bts in youtube. and dang! the way he kisses her just seems too natural and smooth. kyyaaaaa~~~

      • 41.1.1 coby

        Saw them already! I can’t count how many times I replayed it. Will watch it with subs later.

  42. 42 bearsandcares

    This is my first time posting on here but I have been quietly reading recaps and I just want to thank everyone here for making this drama such a great journey. I’ll be having very important exams soon and won’t be able to watch any more dramas until June but I’m so glad that WFKBJ was my last drama before my “hiatus”(lol) 🙂

    Oh if anyone is having Bok Joo and Joon Hyung withdrawals watch this:


    • 42.1 royal

      THAT VIDEO IS SO CUTE!!!! And the lyrics!! SWAAAAGGG!

    • 42.2 Sam

      Thanks, I thought I would wait at least some months before rewatching but now I want to get to it right away. 😀

  43. 43 nanograpes

    Delurking for the second time just for WLFKBJ. It was so good like everyone here said, and really made me think fondly of those youthful days even as I cringe. The problems and feelings are so true to life even as it was so beautifully shot.
    namjachingu falling asleep while phone chatting at night – check
    Yougofirstnoyougofirst game – check
    Doing stupid things to see your crush while he remains oblivious to your crazy beating heart – check
    Hitting a slump and bawling out your eyes wondering why you made that choice to major in something and it sucked – check
    That moment when it dawns upon you that your parent/s sacrificed so much for the imperfect you – check
    Oh those fluttery feelings at the friendsnotfriends stage – check
    Interrogation by chingus when they find out you are in a relationship – check
    Threatening to kill the suspected cheating boyfriend of your swag friend – check
    Oh too many.
    Thank you dramabeans for all the recaps! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and squees. Made me squee again after watching the episodes raw, subbed, bra, recapped….
    Dramabeans SWAG

    • 43.1 nanograpes

      BTS!!! Not bra….BTS!!! (Blame autocorrect)

      • 43.1.1 namedx


      • 43.1.2 endo

        OMG. Hahaha!

  44. 44 ck1Oz

    Thanks for recapping. It was a lovely show.

    Thank you Beanies for praising this drama so much till I checked it out. I was going to avoid as it sounded so boring. And I hated the actress in CITT. Plus I didn’t like the male actor.

    Yeah yeah- I can hear all the snorts of disbelief. But anyway this drama just jumped up to one of my top 5 dramas. Definitely the top cheer- me – up drama for sure.

    It has been amazing loving all the characters. And I can honestly say that was a satisfying ending. It didn’t feel abrupt and it ended where it should. Plus the way the writer and director did the whole field ending and their dreams of their future?

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect for a young couple.

  45. 45 Piggy

    I’ve never been so satisfied yet so sad to witness a drama end, thank you Lollypip for a great commentary. What an amazing show! Definitely one of the best youth dramas ever 😢.

    It has wonderfully executed the struggles, hopes, relationships and first love of our Kim Bok Joo while letting the other characters to shine on their own. This drama is near perfect, it is consistent and faithful to the plot and the characters, and each episode is significant to the development of the story and the characters.

    I loved that it subverted drama clichés and it depicted mental health issues without the stigma. I am amazed that it showed an adorable romance that is based on a solid friendship, and blossomed into a heart – fluttering love that sees the beauty inside rather than the outside. It pulled the strings of our hearts by showing how our parents can sacrifice for the sake of their children, how true friendships can be maintained despite misunderstandings and a competitive environment, and how lovely the feeling is to be young. I loved the stunning visuals, excellent sound scoring and editing, great acting and chemistry between the actors, and the story that is truly one-of-a-kind. I will surely miss this show, but sometimes great things should come to an end. 🙂

    I am so glad that this show is well-loved by people across the globe; it’s been consistently trending in the Philippines and I couldn’t get any prouder to have seen such masterpiece. Well, who cares about the commercial ratings when this show has clearly made its way through the hearts of MANY? 🙂

    • 45.1 Niceebelle

      “… I am amazed that it showed an adorable romance that is based on a solid friendship, and blossomed into a heart – fluttering love that sees the beauty inside rather than the outside. ”

      ..same sentiments here 🙋😂

    • 45.2 lol

      I was also really bummed about how low the ratings are in Korea. Given the fact that it’s very well-written and has such a wonderful message for the youth. But here in our school, we just adore the show so much! I made my whole family watch with me and they love it even my lola is getting kilig. HEHE
      Glad to know its received so much love in the Philippines!

    • 45.3 sharondlp

      +1 and more from the Philippines

      Aside from me, a lot of my officemates watched this. This is our happy pill every morning of Thursday and Friday (since that’s the time the subs are out). Kind of sad today bec no more weightlifting kbj and our adorbs Joong Hyung.

      Agree on all the comments here. Truly a fine work of K-drama. Its a journey of love not just for our adorb best friends turn lovers couple but for all the supporters and fans of this drama. Through this, I get to relive my youth and dating days with my husband.

      Thank you show, PDnim and all the actors specially LSK and NJH. Hope to see more shows like this – more relatable and not soooo over the top conflict and drama. Excited for the next drama of LSK and NJH. Maybe, they’ll get to be our main OTP again in the future 🙂

  46. 46 Martin J Simwaba

    Thanks, ah “Lollypip?” for guiding us through this wonderful journey .
    I know i’ll miss this show so much, but iam glady that we sent off our characters without angst and resentment. Even though we won’t be able to invade their privacy anymore, iam sure Bok Ju and Joon Hyung will live and grow old together. And with that, i have no regrets.

  47. 47 es

    this was such a great little show, and i’m so glad it happened. it wasn’t perfect – i was never invested in most of the secondary characters and their side plots, and i really wish siho had been given a better paced story arc to do justice to her character – but what i loved about the show was how it made me feel. :'( shows that make me feel this warm and giddy are so hard to come by – i can count on one hand the number of dramas that have as vividly heartwarming a friendship trio as nan-hee/seon-ok/bok-ju, or such a natural, relatable (and soul-crushingly adorable) friends-to-lovers romantic progression as joon-hyung and bok-ju. all in all, i’m just really happy that weightlifting fairy happened to kdramaland.

  48. 48 Blazingflame

    Wednesday and Thursday will never be the same again. Not only Swag couple but the entire cast has made place in my heart. One of my favorite show. From episode 1 show didn’t disappoint me by epi 3 I was hooked and there was no looking back. Everything from casting, ost(dreaming ❤) , story, screenplay everything single thing in this show was spot on. Thank you cast and crew for this beautiful journey😃.

  49. 49 No1

    Only one word about this drama

    And the cast and the active everything is perfect

    Gonna miss it much than imagined

    After a long time the drama which made me attached to it

    And thanks for all the recaps

  50. 50 stuffed

    This is the first time in my history as a self-proclaimed kdrama addict that I refused to watch the final episode of a drama because I am not ready to part ways with it. Sure I’ve seen snippets of the scenes on instagram because I can’t stop my reflexes but this is the one drama that I feel I need to do the finale justice by rewatching the previous episodes before I say goodbye to the characters I’ve grown to care and love.
    But I know time is my enemy and I’m dying to read this recap and the wonderful comments other Beanies have posted. So until then, I will stay in this bubble and come back later to leave my final thoughts

    • 50.1 stuffed

      Gosh… I knew I’d be a crying mess after watching this final episode but not for the reasons I thought I’d cry. I had to pause the player because I cried so hard that my eyes were cloudy.

      I wholeheartedly agree with Lollypip how much this show is teaching is to appreciate our family. The moment BJ chose her Dad over JH, that moment when BJ felt guilty she couldn’t recognise her father was sick and that moment when BJ promised her dad she’d bring back the gold medal; these were the moments that really hit me in gut and made me reflect how much I can learn to be a good daughter from BJ.

      I feel like I’ve been selfish to my parents and took them for granted at times. Just because they’re not sick like BJ’s dad, doesn’t mean that they don’t need the extra TLC. These moments were short but they carried really deep lessons that we all can learn from and relate to. I felt so moved that I stopped watching to write a letter to my parents expressing how much I care for them. I don’t know why I’m so emotional but this show makes me do things I’ve never really done before.

      Now back to the story: some Beanies mentioned the micro expressions the actors had especially NJH in previous episodes’ comments. Can I just say how much I love his eyes, his expressive eyes that acted along with him and had their own lines.

      This show did so, so well with gestures and expressions that I felt obliged to pay attention to pay attention to every single hand gesture as well as facial and eye expressions. I love how playful JH looked when he flapped his hands like a bird when BJ pushed him to run on the track last episode. I love how comfortable they look when BJ draped her arms around JH and he played with her hands when they were taking the bus ride. When they were fighting over the phone in this episode, I love how JH tried to change his eye expression when BJ scolded him for staring at her. I also love how wholeheartedly they hugged each other and hold each other’s hands. And who can forget the hilarious tweeting sound when they making faces at each other in the Jisoo cameo scene.

      My last comment (I promise!) is of course dedicated to our Fairy, BJ who is able to warm people’s heart with her swag-ness and her earnest and loving heart. My heart feels warm, like what JH described when watching BJ because she’s exactly the kind of a person you would wanna be around with and spend your good and bad times together. BJ and this show feel like an old picture album, which keeps all the good, bad and ugly moments but makes you feel warm and giddy inside thinking of how innocent you were back then and how carefree life was.

      I’m gonna miss this show a lot and I will surely watch it whenever I need a pick-me-up. Thanks show and thanks for all your wonderful recaps Lollypip!

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