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Age of Youth confirms a Season 2, rejoice
by | February 16, 2017 | 155 Comments

Park Hye-soo, Park Eun-bin, Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Ryu Hwa-young

The title says it all! JTBC’s critically acclaimed sleeper hit drama Age of Youth, which snuck in under the radar last year with little buzz and then proceeded to win all of the hearts with its low-key, humorous coming-of-age story, has confirmed a Season 2. The producers are busy talking with the cast to bring back everyone from the first season, which will be pivotal, because the unlikely friendships that sprung up between the five incredibly different housemates was a huge part of the show’s charm. (I’m sure I could come to accept a new face or two in the mix, but I’d definitely miss the original cast.)

Those leads are: Han Ye-ri as the eldest housemate, a fourth-year university student who was eternally hardworking and taciturn; Park Eun-bin as the boy-crazy and bubbly roommate who acted as the social glue of the house; Ryu Hwa-young as the saucy, materialistic sugar baby with no life ambitions who finally figured out how to stand on her own two feet; Han Seung-yeon as the chipper roommie with terrible taste in piece-of-crap boyfriends; and Park Hye-soo as the frustratingly shy freshman who learned to speak up and found the most adorkable, doting boyfriend ever.

The drama was buoyed by a refreshing, breezy vibe with a hint of eeriness woven in. I found it almost aggressively low-key, if that’s a thing; it often felt meandering, plot-wise, and I wasn’t always sure where it was going, but the characters grew to be so appealing that I watched for the enjoyment of watching more than a driving need to know what was coming next. It did have a clear arc (albeit a loose, general one) from start to finish, but because the storytelling style was so understated and slice-of-life, there was definitely room left after Season 1 for more exploration, following the episodic adventures and foibles of the girls living in the Belle Epoque house.

As the icing on the cake another reason I’m excited for a Season 2 (other than the obvious) is that Age of Youth is written by one of my favorite writers, Park Yeon-seon, and she usually takes yeaaaaars between projects; it’ll be a treat to have her back at work so quickly after her last project.

Season 2’s synopsis has not yet been released, but producers are aiming for a broadcast in the latter half of the year.

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155 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Blueribbon

    Yesss!!! Now I just need a confirmation for Misaeng and Signal season 2 and I will be the happiest drama watcher :).

    Although to be honest I am worried about the scandal that is happening right now with Hwayoung. Her character was my favorite character in the first season and with the scandal I am worried about how she will be received.

    • 1.1 Blueribbon

      Sorry also kind of an after thought, I am also waiting for a boy version of this show it would be an interesting watch 🙂

      • 1.1.1 manquant

        I am under the impression that White Christmas, an 8-episoder KBS drama special was the boys, early draft version of AoY. Especially since it’s from the same writer.

        • Blueribbon

          Thanks for the info 🙂 I did stat White Christmas about three months ago but I never got past episode 2, but seeing all the praise it got I guess I will have to finish it.

        • potatodrama

          Yep, totally agree with you.

      • 1.1.2 NumberFour


    • 1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      Since this is jTBc and cable drama, probably it wont affect that much. Kang Yi Na played by someone else is unimaginable, honestly.

      • 1.2.1 Grapes

        Agree, I think her scandal wouldn’t affect the casting because it’s jtbc.

      • 1.2.2 Kiara

        I think the strength of the show was the writer’s creativity. Writer Park can make it work with anyone. Maybe a new roommate from a different walk of life.
        I’d take a underrated actress like Jung Ryeo-won, Kim Seul-gi, Jung So-min, Kang Sora, Kim So-eun etc.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I think if they intend to create entirely different characters, now I think it will be great. For now what I read the offers have been given to the previous casts, so most probably they wanted to keep the original casts and characters.

          • Kiara

            I know and I’m saying that some of the actors can be replaced with a writer like Park Yeon-Sun. She is the one who is irreplaceable.
            The characters were perfect for each of the girls because she knows their strength and weaknesses. I could’ve been easily annoyed with Han Seung-Yeon but she was decent.

        • juniper

          I love Jung Ryeo-won! It feels like I haven’t seen her in something good in forever.

          Agreed that the actors are replaceable and that Park Yeon-seon is not. Obviously I hope we get to see more of Park Eun-bin and Han Ye-ri, but I would not watch even for them if another writer got their hands on her characters.

          (btw, sorry totally off-topic, but Queen Insoo is done being subbed!! In case you didn’t already know haha <3)

          • Kiara

            Woot! I just need to finish the last 2 episodes. Thank you <3.

    • 1.3 Chimchim's Noona

      Yes I am worried too. But it won’t be the same without Lang Yi-na. Her character was such a breath of fresh air and I really liked Hwayoung’s acting. Hopefully they will get the original cast in this season too.

      • 1.3.1 Chimchim's Noona

        *kang. Lol. Sorry.

    • 1.4 Arhazivory

      And Mising Noir M, TEN, Vampire Prosecutor….

    • 1.5 Alessar

      Also we need seasons 2 of Let’s Drink and One Percent of Anything

      • 1.5.1 shinayame

        And Liar Game! Let’s not forget Liar Game!!!

  2. mary

    YAAAAAAAAAS! Justice for Song Jiwon character!!!

    • 2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      YAAASSS. Her current weekend drama will be ended in 2 or 3 months so I think she will have no problem to commit with Season 2.

    • 2.2 risa

      Right on! Here’s hoping she gets an extra-swoony love line this time.

  3. Sera The Ms Temper

    Keep refreshing and yesss this news! Dancing happily! Finally somethinv to be really looking forward to. I really wish they keep the original casts especially Han Ye Ri, Park Eun Bin, Hwayoung and Park Hye Soo.

    Sigh the controvercies of Hwayoung lately, and I think she has weekend drama commitment already. Nevertheless pray everyone can confirm.

  4. motomoto


    Liked all the cast and can’t wait to see them all again, but I’m especially excited for Liar Song and Kang unnie. They’re my two most favorite characters in the show.

  5. voice

    i don’t think ryu hwayoung will join because she’s going to be in a 50 episode weekend drama 🙁 🙁

    • 5.1 Nail

      mmm with the t-ara scandal i don’t think she can’t join any project.

      • 5.1.1 Alice

        The “scandal” hasn’t affected her. She is still doing her drama and she will likely end up doing this one also.

        • Kiara

          She needs to get the heck off social media if she wants her career to last.

        • hapacalgirl

          Based on her responses to the scandal, unless she straightens up her attitude and apologizes, I highly doubt she will be casted in anything after the weekend drama. The netizens are pretty pissed with her and we all know how that goes in K-entertainment. When the scandal broke out the first time 5 years ago and she played the victim, Eunjung got booted from Five Fingers. So considering that its been shown that her and her sister were the actual problem , her telling the public that they should be watch out for themselves doesn’t really bode well for her.

          • Sojuboy

            Stupid overblown scandal. Like everything in Korea, the real BULLY was the idiot, netizen losers with no life. Eunjung was the real victim.


          • Jay

            She already has 3 drama projects lined up for the year so it’s not affecting her. Idol fans are more worked up about the whole situation but it isnt doing anything to her acting

  6. ashensprites

    Only one thing to say…

  7. Celine

    I wonder if everyone will sign up, especially Hwayoung who is in the middle of a controversy. She’s getting so much hate, way more than what T-ara got which basically killed their career. She will be roasted alive by netizens for sure and it may affect this drama.

    • 7.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Are the netizens’ reactions similar to international fans.? Wonder if T-ara was that big in Korea before those controversies since I didnt follow kpop that much. One thing i am sure, snake emoticon is everywhere in Hwayoung’s IG. I got they hate her but wishing for someone to die is really worst thing to do.

      • 7.1.1 Blueribbon

        Actually I have seen more hate from International fans.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Hwa Young will have the upcoming weekend drama, let’s see the netizens’ reactions. So far I didnt hear about her leaving the drama due to the controversy.

        • Tyn123

          If you only frequently Netizenbuzz for ur information then I can unserstand why you would think that. The hare she is getting in korea is no joke.

          It’s not to the same extent T-ara was getting back then but it’s not something little either.

          Any article mentioning her or her sister is filled with hate comments in the thousands. Which in netizen’s terms is a lot.

      • 7.1.2 karecity

        T-ara was HUGE. Their song Roly Poly was THE most downloaded song of 2011 (the biggest hit in a year of hits) and they had a string of hits and well on their way to cementing their position as the no.2 gg behind SNSD before the whole mess erupted. What happened to them is a huge shame :/

      • 7.1.3 hapacalgirl

        T-ara was at their peak when it happened. While they weren’t 2ne1/SNSD levels, they were pretty popular in S.Korea at the time. Netizens are PISSED at Hwayoung and her sister Hyoyoung. Partially because they hate admitting that they were wrong with skewering T-ara. With each article that comes out, its being proven by any staff that worked with T-ara at the time 5 years ago that Hwayoung was an entitled lazy person and Hyoyoung bullied a T-ara member during the controversy. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if Hwayoung/Hyoyoung didn’t media play the victim so much and for so long. Hyoyoung is being somewhat smart by staying out of the limelight since her texts were the most damaging to her. Hwayoung isn’t being the smartest and should probably stay off social media if she wants to savage any part of her career. Her career was made from the sympathy of the netizens and now those same netizens are realizing that they were wrong.

    • 7.2 hanie

      more than T-ara? not at all.
      T-ara was dropped from their drama/movie/music scene.
      The witch hunt has been going on for 5 freaking years. Heck, even now there are still netizens who believe this happen because T-ara try to revive their career in Korea. No.
      The hate is not even 1% of what T-ara get.

    • 7.3 CaramelBeurreSalé

      Sorry, T-ara got hundred of thousands signature for a petition wishing for them to die, they endured 5 years of people treating them like the lowest scums of the earth and threatening to rape, kill etc. The whole freaking nation hated these kids beyond reason. What Hwayoung got is barely 0.001% of that.

      I hope people don’t treat her the same way and I condemn anyone threatening to kill etc. But your statement is not true. They got more hate than she will ever get that’s for sure.

      I wish both Hwayoung and T-ara well. Hopefully everyone gets to continue to make a living.

      • 7.3.1 Flightey Gazelles

        Wait, what is this scandal I’m hearing about? What’s the scandal even about?

        Petition? Witch hunt? Yikes!!!

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Just google about T-ara and Hwayoung. You will find out about it.

        • nomnom

          It was a bullying scandal (which was proven false btw) basically it all snowballed out of proportion and fake concern. Honestly it’s probably one of the biggest kpop scandals ever.

          • hapacalgirl

            It snowballed because of timing. At the same time S.Korea was in the spotlight in international news because a student had committed suicide from bullying and it made the news internationally ( I personally read about the case on BBC and CNN). The T-ara scandal literally came out within weeks if not days of that news so it blew completely out of proportion very quickiy.

        • Aigoooo

          The gist of it is that T-ara was a top girl group and Hwayoung was an addition. She butted heads with the other girls because she wasn’t giving 100% effort into the group (prolonging a minor injury to get out of performing). They scolded her on social media then eventually kicked her out of the group. The netizens saw this as them bullying her so they went on a witch hunt fueled by videos taken out of context. The whole thing became a national hysteria and T-ara lost their fame, all their endorsements, dramas and basically became lepers in S. Korea. They ended up doing most of their work overseas.

      • 7.3.2 vas140030

        Man you’re a better person than me for wishing her well. I’m going to stay upset and bothered by the fact that she still has a career while T-ara had all of their success and potential stolen from them

    • 7.4 Celine

      I stand corrected. T-ara’s issue was a long time ago that I forgot all those things that happened to them. It’s just that Hwayoung’s issue is ongoing and is so fresh and the girl gets a lot of hate. She is establishing herself as an actress and she’s good. It will be such a shame if this will not blow over.

      • 7.4.1 peachtea

        Hwayoung mentioning the scandal again recently was a wrong move imho. If she just let it go like how T-ara (who had lost so much) did then no one will spill any tea about what happened back then. Hwayoung is (was?) innocent in people’s eyes and she is a good actress too so it makes her more likeable. She should’ve been happy with the public recognition for her acting and not try to gain sympathy using an old scandal like this.

        I’m not a T-ara fan and am also not those annoying Kpop fans trying to start a fan war in this thread, but I wanted to say that T-ara did get so much hate. More hate than what Hwayoung is getting right now. It happens continuously for 5 years. Imagine being hated for 5 long years when they rely on the fans (that basically turned away from them) to make a living. I don’t think T-ara would be able to revive as top girl group even after all the hate Hwayoung is getting now.

        • Mindy

          Agreed! Just let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t know how Hwayoung thought it would in any way be beneficial for her career to talk about it. She should have just stayed quiet, most people were on her side anyway. When this scandal happened a friend of mine who doesn’t really listen to K-Pop heard about it and immediately proclaimed her sympathies for Hwayoung and her hatred for T-ara, a group she didn’t even know.

          It was a stupid decision. However, she is a promising actress so I hope it doesn’t affect her career too much. I’m selfish and want to see her acting more on my screen.

        • hellocam

          Wait, did she bring up the scandal on her own? Or was she asked a question about the scandal which led her to bring it up? ‘Cause I saw her answer and it was pretty harmless to me.

          • peachtea

            Yes, she was asked by the mc to talk about it. The thing is, based on information from the broadcasting company she was invited to end the bullying rumours and stop the T-ara witch hunting. There was a script prepared for it but she went off the script. And then there’s the post she made calling out the haters which accelerated more hate towards her.
            I know that she did try to clarify that she was not bullied years ago but i&knetizens turned a blind eye on it because they believe that the bullying did happen based on some biased “evidences”, they never want to admit that they’re wrong, and iirc hwayoung doesn’t really explain what happened(because it’ll be a loss on her part too) she just said that she was not bullied.

          • hellocam

            @peachtea I see. So basically, the netizens both Korean and International ruined both T-ara and Hwayoung in a way when in fact both parties claimed there was no bullying involved.

            In the recent Taxi episode though, even if she went off the script, there was nothing malicious with her answer. She got emotional, sure, but that’s it. She got hurt, her ex-team members got hurt – can’t she cry about it? I just think Korean audiences are so invested in their idols that they had to be involved all the time.

            And I lol’ed at her post calling out the haters, it was so Kang Yi-Na. I wish she had been nicer though or said it in a better way. Also, she’s no longer an idol so I don’t think this will affect her much? I just hope she’s still in for Age of Youth ’cause I can’t imagine the show without Kang sunbae.

    • 7.5 Skyblaze77

      You’re kidding, right? T-ara got sent suicide petitions and death threats, and when one of the members got into a car accident, she was accused of “faking it for sympathy” and netizens asked her to actually die instead.

      The amount of hate Hwayoung is getting is minuscule in comparison. Given that, I highly doubt her career will be majorly affected. She just needs to lie low for a while, and her career will be just fine.

  8. Nail

    Forget Hwayoung. the girl will be kicked out to all projects, after the t-ara scandal.

    • 8.1 Chiisan

      Or so you wish. The actress is talented and audience love her despite their prejudice. She won them over twice, she can do it again.

      • 8.1.1 hapacalgirl

        I don’t think she is talented enough or famous enough yet to not be hurt career wise by this scandal. She is a capable actress but her fame came from being a victim in this scandal and currently her responses to the scandal hasn’t really been helping the public’s opinion of her. I mean if the public’s problem with you is your attitude, it might not be smart to give the public the same attitude that they are accusing you of. If she was at the level of an A-lister or maybe of the kpop legends, maybe she would win them over. But she is still a rookie and current sentiment towards her is really bad.

    • 8.2 Doudou

      I think so as well.

      • 8.2.1 Doudou

        And Kim Min Hee is a talented actress as well. Korean audience is not that understanding toward women. It’s easy to be exiled. I am not confident for Hwayoung.

  9. Makoto


  10. 10 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    I don’t care about her scandal, Hwayoung so good in Season 1. And I want a boy version too.

  11. 11 saltofstones

    I remember thinking this was one of the few shows that would work for a second season, so I’m happy it seems to be happening with the same cast and writer. Will they get the guys back too? Song Ji Won and her friend Sungmin definitely got the short end of the stick last time so I would love to see more of them.

  12. 12 Makoto

    I am too happy and impulsively hit submit comment button without realizing it. Sorry. This is just make my day. I am planning to rewatching Age of Youth as filler while waiting for next episodes of Tomorrow with You. Now that there is second season, I wish justice is served for Jiwon and her college friend. Miss Kang unnie, the character that surprised me the most.

  13. 13 Eunju

    Get Park Shinhye to replace Ryu Hwayoung. They look almost alike.
    But then again PSH is too famous not to be the lead, lol.

    • 13.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Oh no Park Shin Hye and Hwayoung both have different charms, and i cannot imagine PSH plays Kang Yi Na.

      I still want Hwayoung to play Kang Yi Na.

      • 13.1.1 Lizzie

        I agree. PSH would not do the character justice. RHY was riveting in her role and I honestly can’t imagine anyone else as Kang Yina.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Kang Yi Na is Hwa Young and Hwa Young is Kang Yi Na.

          PSH probably will do great playing Han Seung Yeon or Park Hye Soo character. But again I want the original girls for Season 2 as well and there is no way PSH will ever do this considering how big she is now.

          • Megan

            I beg to differ. None of the cast can be replaced with other actors. Even PHS and HSY, which I assume you consider the weaker links. Each of them had their own interpretation of their character and that’s why AoY was brilliant in its simplicity. I like PSH, but she or any other actress for that matter could not replace any of the, not acting wise per se but for the fact that the ensemble would look too weird and incoherent if they just suddenly change actors in 2nd season.

          • Megan

            *could not replace any of them

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Not because PHS or HSY are the weaker links, but those kind of characters that I can see Park Shin Hye playing it. Probably you missed that I said “But again I want the original girls for Season 2 as well..”.

            Oh, now I feel a bit guilty unintentionally dragging PSH’s name when she was not even related. Sorry to her fans.

          • Megan

            @Sera, it’s just that I saw a lot of people complaining about PHS and HSY characters or acting or both of them, so I assumed that you think so too and want them to be replaced. My apologies for assuming so

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            @Megan Nothing to apology for. 🙂 PHS especially receiving a lot of critcisms for her acting in Introverted Boss nowadays. I hope she will do AOY 2. This drama was the reason I love her.

          • HaleiwaBabyGirl

            Park Hye Soo did a great job as young Saimdang, opposite Yang Se Jong. Those two had cute adorable scenes in all their historical getup.

    • 13.2 ET

      PSH’s acting style is very different from Ryu Hwayoung although they do look very alike. Hwayoung’s style is more understated and natural which I prefer. I don’t know if she has the diversity but she was perfect as Kang Yi Na who was incredibly sassy and cool.

      • 13.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I also do prefer Hwa Young’s acting more. I cannot imagine PSH playing Kang Yi Na but I can imagine Hwa Young playing PSH’s role in Doctor. Btw this is not hatred before anyone misunderstand LOL.

        • Gilgit

          Not hatred but biased, which is a humane act after all lol.
          Hwayoung paired with Kim Rae Won seriously, do you really think so? It would have never worked, in fact KRW most likely would have never even signed to Doctors if it weren’t for PSH casting. I also do think Hwayoung couldn’t pull of the emotional scenes like Shin Hye did and does. And Hwayoung, whose most memorable role to date was in AoY, is absolutely overrated by beanies and that’s coming from me who thinks that Hwayoung is actually a capable actress, and additionally Eunjung’s acting>>>Hwayoung’s acting.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Hwayoung and Eunjung are equally talented in my opinion and good actresses. Eunjung started her acting career way before Hwayoung, and I loved her in whatever I watched her.

            As regard to comparison with PSH, not solely being biased, and not saying PSH was not great in Doctor. That was her best role so far. What I meant sometimes an actor really owned his role, sometimes don’t and you can picture other actor doing his role. Well that’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree. 🙂

          • Gilgit

            @Sera But I think that Hwayoung=Kang Yina and that they are inseparable just like Yoo Hye Hung=Park Shin Hye.
            I never said nor do I think PSH or other actresses/’look-a-likes’ could replace Hwayoung. I also don’t think that Hwayoung could pull of Doctors as a lead actress because PSH nailed it imo. There’s also nothing wrong in admitting that you have preferences so no need to get defensive lol. I also admit that it’s my personal preference that I consider Eunjung’s acting better than Hwayoung’s, and it has nothing to do with petty kpop fights so…

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Not being defensive but just explaining what I meant.. Because you said I was being biased and I disagree with that. I am not a fan of PSH and not a huge fan of Hwayoun g either. Anyway we all have our own preferences and yes like you said nothing is wrong with that.

          • Kiara

            Love Eunjung in “Queen In-soo”, my favorite sageuk. I’d prefer her acting to Hwayoung too.
            Eunjung is an actress turned idol and not the other way around.

          • Flightey Gazelles

            Eunjung of Coffee House, Dream High fame?

    • 13.3 Megan

      Although I like PSH a lot, I think Hwayoung is Kang Yina and vice versa. And I thought that PSH does also smaller roles? She has said that she doesn’t care if the character plays a small role or not, if she likes the character then she will take the project, at least in movies. And the sometimes vaguely resemble each other, they have completely different auras.

      • 13.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        PSH probably will do small roles for movies, and as for dramas I doubt TV stations or the productions will offer her smaller roles like second lead or suppprting roles since she is one of big actresses esp in 20s in Korea now.

  14. 14 hawoojinruinedme

    Eeeeeeeh!!!!! Hallelujah JTBC!

    Song Ji-won better get it on with his dude friend in season 2! They are so cute!

    • 14.1 Chandler

      I know!. I hope they get her dude friend to come back to the show too. I need more of them.

  15. 15 topper

    Hwayoung needs to be back, she’s a natural actress, having acted so well for 5 years in real life.
    And give her script where she threatens to cut someones face with her nails and do it.

    • 15.1 Blueribbon

      It was her sister the one that threaten to cut someones face get your facts straight. I can’t stand T-ara fans who are just looking for things to hate her for. T-ara is also not innocent in this case they also did things to Hwayoung, Both parties were at fault.

      • 15.1.1 Silentkecik

        The way T-ARA’s agency/CEO handled the the situation 5 years ago also added to the hatewagon.

      • 15.1.2 topper

        Of course I know her sister Hyoyoung said that. Maybe she can do it in Golden Pocket too. And I am not a T-ara fan. Been commenting in DB for a long time.

    • 15.2 pigsnout

      Grow up, this is not the place to bring some petty kpop fights.

      • 15.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper


      • 15.2.2 gabobobobo

        This. I’m surprised they even bought the issue here. I don’t think it’s the right forum, honestly.

      • 15.2.3 astromantic

        MTE. Who cares?

  16. 16 Gwinna

    If this is getting a second season, could we please also get one for Ms Temper and Nam Jung Ki?

    • 16.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Ms. T and Nam Jung Gi is my other love. I’m also 8 episodes in but if it warrants a second season, I say MOOORREE!!!

    • 16.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      YAAASSSS. I love this drama so much.

  17. 17 weallwantpizza

    Tbh, Age of Youth needs Kang Yina and it’s destined to be Ryu Hwayoung’s.

    It’s either they cast her no matter what or wait until her scandal calms down. It’s just irreplaceable.

  18. 18 Hyde

    Hwayoung maybe is a snake or whatever i don’t care, i only care for Age of Youth, anyway i don’t T-ara members were all saints.

  19. 19 Flightey Gazelles


    I’m 8 episodes in and this show has my heart, I love it, love it so much. Its making me believe in love again after CITT( Ms. Temper is restoring my love too). So wonderful to here some good news.
    *dances like a headless chicken frantically trying Shoki, Dap and Azonto simultaneously*

    Look at me all happy for fictional characters more than my own birthday but I’mma go ahead be joyful because real life sucks, exams are approaching and school is a motherf*cker!( I apologize for the cursing, I swear I had the mouth of a nun before school came and activated my inner Samuel L. Jackson. Or is it Kanye now? Yikes!).

    Anyway more rejoicing! And they want the original cast? Drinks for everyone. Now if only we’d here of a CITT season 2 with THE SAME cast members, not even batshit stalker excluded…. moving on, moving *turns on Let It Gooooo*

    So all this rambling to say, yes, Age Of Youth Season 2 is more than welcome. Hit me Baby!!!

  20. 20 CatoCat

    When did it became a sleeper hit? Actors and scriptwriter themselves talked about poor ratings. Overall, a good decision to produce 2nd season of a sensible show.

    • 20.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I think its more in terms of critical reception, no? Reminds me of WFKBJ and White Christmas.

      • 20.1.1 Mindy

        It’s also gained more attention internationally since being put on Netflix! 🙂

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I remember read interview with the writer or Han Yeri that most netizens love the show as well. Although TV rating was not that great (but from under 1% went to 2% something is a great rating for jTBC) , this drama received many good feedback even from netizens. So I believe this drama is well received by both in Korea as well as international.

      • 20.1.2 CatoCat

        Critical Reception from a few not makes anything a success. A hit means its was able not only to recover its cost but generated good margin of profit too. It generated goodwill for the channel and that’s a Big Plus. I think that’s why it is getting a 2nd season. JTBC is trying hard to set itself apart from other cable channels, especially TVN.

        • Megan

          That’s why I love jTBC now. They’re willing to make a season 2 despite the fact that it didn’t receive massive popularity/public recognition nor critical acclaim except from the fans of the drama. It wasn’t that great drama tbh, but it was so refreshing and relatable and the style was so natural and it had an open ending so making a s2 was a good decision. Besides I think youth/coming-of-age dramas like AoY are streamed more often than watched from tv.

          • Chi

            Maybe because it doesnt cost that much to make season 2? None of them are big star so the fees wont be much.

          • Megan

            @Chi, I thought that Han Ye-Ri is a pretty big star, or I know she is critically acclaimed especially in the movie scene… Although her fees won’t be à la Jun Ji Hyun/ Song Hye Kyo/ Choi Ji Woo, it’s still pretty great that they got HYR on board

          • pogo

            jtbc is the channel currently taking the creative risks tvn used to but then ditched in favour of hiring only A-list talent from the Big 3 channels/movies.

          • MeLiYasha

            @pogo, MTE. When I watch jtbc’s dramas lately it really feels like a few years back when tvN used to create dramas with variety of genre and unpopular but talented actors/actresses.

          • bd5

            Han Ye-Ri is one of the “it” girls for K-indie films, but when it comes to name/face recognition and salary, she’s on the lower end of the scale (but higher than her AoY co-stars).

            HYR likely did AoY (aside from probably liking what she read of the script) in part to gain greater name/face recognition which a hit TV show can do for an actress.

            Madame Cheetah had a similar profile (supporting roles in films) and her turn in Answer Me/Reply 1988 really increased her name/face recognition and upped her earning power.

            Anyhow, great news that Season 2 of AoY (with all/most of the cast returning) is happening and that it is doing so relatively quickly.

    • 20.2 Chandler

      I remember the show got quite a bit of buzz and online popularity (domestically, not just internationally) at the time, even more than some shows with better ratings. I think I came across an article once that listed them as the 3rd most talked about show online after W and Doctors (this was only at the time these shows were airing though).

  21. 21 hyanggi

    Oh yes yes yes ! I legit screamed upon the news! I’m looking forward to this so so much!

    They are the definition of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts <3

  22. 22 rhia


    Jiwon and Sungmin please!!!!! As I recall it was supposed to be a 16 episode drama so the writer has 4 episodes worth of material already. Then 8 more to round off a 12 episode season 2.

    (Yaaasss omg I cannot believe this. More slice of life done right, please, dramaland!)

  23. 23 pigsnout

    I don’t care about Hwayoung being in a scandal or whatever, her acting is good and she was great in that role.

    this Korean obsession with image is stupid, they really take it too far. Bollywood people openly have catfights in the press and on twitter but even a conservative country like India doesn’t make celebrities work depend to the sayings of people behind a keyboard.

    And there’s also the opposite thing in Korea where people with no talent keep getting roles just because they model for some products and have a nice image even when their movie and drama flops.

    • 23.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Korea and some other Asian countries mostly prefer good image rather than talent. Even in my country prefer pretty faces with good image, although the acting is meh and wooden which made me stay away from my country’s drama unless there is really good one.

      I get the good image is important too, but I just hope the scandals wont make her career ruined. She is a good actress and shows so much potentials.

      • 23.1.1 pigsnout

        It’s not like we don’t have that pretty face+bad acting syndrome here as well, but at least our celebrities don’t get hated to death for looking bored on camera or even having scandals like affairs and such.

        The image obsession is really too much in Korea, it’s there in other countries in Asia too but this is extreme.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Yes netizens sometimes unpredictable. But at times I do think it is because of media play too. I dont know in her case, netizens’ or international fans’ hatred are more.

    • 23.2 Gilgit

      It’s the ifans on a certain other site who want to exile Hwayoung fro the industry, not the Korean ones.

      • 23.2.1 Doudou

        That’s not really true.It would be convenient but no. Hwayoung even let a message for her Korean antis asking them to stop à la Yi Na style.

        • pogo

          ugh I really hope this rubbish flaring up again doesn’t stop her from returning, or from other acting jobs. She’s really talented.

  24. 24 potatodrama

    This is AWESOME!

  25. 25 Mindy


    I am sooo happy, I just watched Age of Youth a couple of weeks ago and ADORED it. I was worried with all he Hwayoung stuff that this wouldn’t happen.

  26. 26 Lux

    Ahhhh, Ode to Joy 2 AND Age of Youth 2? More girl power please!

  27. 27 NumberFour

    hwayong needs to be in this!!! she’s the spirit of the show…

  28. 28 Sam_1

    Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! OMG 🙂

  29. 29 Yanii

    Yaaaasssss 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 this made me happy! I was just reading a match report my gunners got humiliated and then I went to refresh dramabeans and this popped up and made me instantly happy! 😀😊

  30. 30 ET

    Season 2! Please be good!

  31. 31 lenrasoon

    Great news! i’m so excited already 🙂

  32. 32 Gilgit

    Can’t wait for this. I love Han Ye-Ri whose character was the best and I personally related the most, and the one character and acting that made me cry with her. And this drama with the ORIGINAL cast, despite the scandals, or it simply won’t be the same.

    • 32.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Han Ye Ri’s acting in AOY was really gold. Her crying scenes set one of the highest standard in Kdrama, only Kim Go Eun recently in Goblin achieved that level imo. They better have the same casts otherwise Belle Epoque will never be the same.

  33. 33 Nynaeve

    I’m late to the party, but this news just made my day. 🙂

  34. 34 Samantha

    So excited for season 2. Hope all 5 of them return to their roles.

  35. 35 Twilove26

    Ahhhhhhhh I’m so happy!!!!

    I need the full cast to comeback and give me more!!!!!

    Honestly I think about Hwayoung and how Kang Yina would handle this situation and I can not imagine AoY with out her.
    Honestly the public needs to get over it already, now I now the other group members lost so much because of the scandal but it is unfair to try to make Hwayoung suffer as much just to be fair, I mean seriously if you don’t like their music you are free to not listen or watch but it is disgusting to attack others behind a keyboard.

    At the time Hwayoung did say the issue wasn’t to the extent of the articles written about the scandal, though I’m sure both sides were at fault. I personally did used to like their music and I will admit I did stop but I would never lower myself by hating on them.

    Please Drama Gods let this happen with the full cast and I wanderful story and more sisterhood and growing up and embarrassments and more so much more!!!!

  36. 36 Sweet&Sour

    I am glad to hear this, because I enjoyed the first one but felt that it was left open. So now we can have a proper conclusion in the end, hopefully! I look forward to checking it out.

  37. 37 pogo


    • 37.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Uh oh, @Pogo, keyboard saga again? lol

      • 37.1.1 pogo

        oops. Caught!

  38. 38 Moonlight

    Best news ever! Simply love this drama, to the point I wasn’t able to like anything after I finished it in October. Wish more dramas were female-centric and so perfectly crafted like this one, which is a masterpiece.

    Can’t wait to see them, Ye Eun overcoming the trauma, Eun Jae dealing with her anxiety, Ji Won investigating the ballerina story (I hope this happens!), Kang Yi Na at college (it would be great) and my beloved Yoon-sunbae succeeding in life. Hope they bring back the boys too (except for Ye Eun’s boyfriend, of course).

    Hwayoung has to be part of it, otherwise, they would have to change the entire cast and story. Without her, it wouldn’t be the same, really good acting.

    Also, I don’t know why, but I believe that Netflix might have a relation with the making of a second season, since Season 1 is available in there.

    • 38.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I hope Netflix will not get any exclusive contract for Season 2, like what happened with Night Light, unless the airtime is simultaneously with Korea. Waiting for subs is really painful. I dont want to wait the subs for days for AOY.

      Ever since this news out today, I started to rewatch AOY. Guess that I am too excited for Season 2.

      • 38.1.1 Moonlight

        Exactly! Because of this, I haven’t started Night Light yet, and I love girl power dramas. We in this thread aren’t the only ones, Netflix also loves them, haha

        It makes me want to watch AOY all over again too 😀

    • 38.2 pogo

      I need to see PEB and that cute friend of hers again, and Yi-na and the “colleague” that had the crush on her.

      And of course Yoon Sunbae, but I hope her life is better this time because I cried all my tears out last time and I can’t do it again.

  39. 39 Sara

    I am so excited to hear this! This was one of my favorite dramas last year.

  40. 40 light


  41. 41 Sharreb

    Wow last yr during the polls i voted this show for the one i wanteda season2. Yay. Drama gods are kind.
    Eun bin’s ji won should finally have her love line. I also hope yoon sunbae to suceed n her love still goin strong with chef. Ye eun oso went thru alot with her trauma. Still alot of juicy tales to tell while continue the slice of life plus season 1 didnt show all the cards. Writernim perhaps already kept up her sleeves for season 2.
    This news propels this drama to my most look forward to, even uped Ruler of the mask who have my fav two leads. I cant get enuf of the girl’s friendship, wanna cry with them and cheer them on as they meander thru the trials, the tests, the dramas and the chaos in their lives and discover more of themselves and i love how the writer adds dimension to their characters and everyone grows some change some through the experiences. I felt this drama had that good mix of nostalgia reminding me of college days, documentary side thru its sloce of lofe approach, drama thru all the crazies that happen and mystery like a good Nancy Drew/ RL stine book. Lastly i hope evyone gets to reprise their role.

  42. 42 gabobobobo

    Wheee!!! I was never interested at all with this drama because of the low key promotion. Never thought it was that good and poignant. Go Go season 2! I really hope they still bring back Hwa Young, despite the scandal (that I don’t care about, really). I love her Kang Yi-Na the most and she bring the character to life.

  43. 43 Nana

    Woo woot! I’m excited

  44. 44 Aurora

    Omg YAY!!!! That show is amazing!

  45. 45 Cocoboo

    I would love to see Jiwon’s story this time! And her loveline with her guy friend.

    It would be good to see the original cast in Season 2, but Hwayoung’s controversy does put a damper on this news.

  46. 46 pogo

    idc about the stupid controversy, she’s a good actress and she and Han Ye-ri are imo the best parts of AoY.

    Eff this nonsense about actresses having to have “nice personalities” 24/7 and never ever make a mistake in their youth, she has the talent and that’s all that matters to me. Netizens can just get over it.

    • 46.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Because it had to do with T-ara, I guess. If this scandal was about herself alone, it might not be that big. Sigh I think these girls have been played by another selfish parties i.e the agencies, media. These girls are still young, have a long way to go in their career. The matter should be done 5 years ago and what’s the point bringing it up back. I think Hwa young newds

      • 46.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I think Hwayoung needs to do something before her career ruined totally. I dont know who is wrong or right, both T-ara and Hwayoung I believe at wrong.

  47. 47 astromantic

    Full cast comeback please! I loved their chemistry together and I’d love to see some loose ends wrapped up and just… more roommate shenanigans LOL

  48. 48 Van

    Ha, I still need to finish the last episode of the first season, but this is great news. I love this show–the endearing characters, the chill vibe and the sweet friendships was such a breeze to watch.

    Tbh, one of the first things I thought of was the current scandal/controversy Ryu Hwa-young’s in and how that may affect her participation in the second season, but I’m glad to see that the offers out to all five girls. I don’t know the details of the bullying controversy, but what I do know is that Hwa-young and Park Eun-bin played my favorite characters in the show and they both owned and rocked their roles so well, that I’d love to see them reviving their Youth roles again.

  49. 49 Ar

    So glad this is happening! I was rewatching the last episode the other day. I really hope the sequel gives Ye Eun some sort of path for her to stop pretending like everything isn’t fine after a traumatic experience. Hopefully the hwayoung furor would die down by the time they get around to production.

  50. 50 NomNom

    OMG!Yes!!!! Missed my girls so muchh!!I want original casts please.. It would be interesting if they add more male actors ..hahhahaa can’t wait

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