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Cheese in the Trap movie courts Park Ki-woong to play Baek In-ho
by | February 1, 2017 | 116 Comments

Ahh, this is a promising development: Park Ki-woong (Monster, Gaksital) is currently considering the Baek In-ho role in the Cheese in the Trap remake movie. After the tvN drama series fizzled out amid controversy and disgruntlement last year, I’ve been trying to keep hopes low and wariness on high about this movie version, but then they go and make casting choices that get me all excited and I can’t help feeling hopeful all over again.

The movie secured Park Hae-jin early on to reprise his role from the drama series as Yoo Jung, the mysterious college student whose perfect specs and polished facade hide a darker inner side. Then Oh Yeon-seo (Come Back Ajusshi) was tapped to play the main character, Hong Seol, the sensitive college student through whose eyes we see the story unfold. Oh Yeon-seo has a very different vibe (bolder, more comedic) than the quieter Kim Go-eun, who played Seol in the drama—and very well, at that—but despite their differences, I can also see her working in the role, and I’m definitely very interested in seeing how she’ll interpret the character.

Baek In-ho is a different can of worms altogether, especially given that the controversy surrounding the tvN series centered around this character. I thought Seo Kang-joon did a decent job in the role and liked him as In-ho—and that’s despite not liking him at all prior to Cheese in the Trap—but I definitely felt that the drama went off the rails, overemphasizing In-ho’s character in a way that felt disproportionate to his place in the story, while ignoring the more fascinating, more prominent Jung character. Frankly, I wasn’t sure that the movie would be able to cast a new In-ho who could make the role his own and not feel like a rehash of the drama… and then they went and offered the role to Park Ki-woong and suddenly I see it.

In fact, I’m even a little worried now that Park Ki-woong will be too good as In-ho, because I like my second leads to be relatively pain-free—I want them to be effective for the plot and to feel sympathetic, but I don’t want them to actually endanger my love of the main romance’s ship (being burned too many times will make anyone shy away!). I was safe with Seo Kang-joon, but I’m not so sure that’ll be the case with Park.

The original story mostly takes place from Seol’s perspective, and follows her life as an ordinary university student whose life starts to complicate through her interactions with an older student, Jung, whom she starts dating. She is intrigued by Jung, but is also vaguely unsettled by the glimpses of a darker, crueler underside that nobody else seems to notice. In-ho is Jung’s high school former best friend; a rift soured their relationship and makes their present-day interactions charged with hurt, anger, and tension. In-ho’s careless, rebellious attitude is a stark contrast to Jung’s controlled, principled personality, and he’s more rough and tumble than the polished hero. Park Ki-woong has that energy in spades, and always makes me feel for him even when he pushes too far and wants too much.

Cheese in the Trap’s webtoon writer, Soonkki, is currently at work on the screenplay. Park Ki-woong has not confirmed taking the role; his reps stated that he would make his final decision soon. The movie plans to begin filming in late April.

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116 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UmbrellaMan

    I actually kinda forgot about this renake. Haha. But, I guess if you are gonna go ahead with it casting Park Ki-woong isn’t a bad way to go. Crossing my fingers that the movie can get it right.

    • 1.1 depe

      yeah I’m crossing all my fingers too because I liked kiwoong so much since monster. OMG I just can’t. If he’ll suffered so much as in monster

  2. lunatic4KD

    It’s so strange. I was actually one of the few who adored Seo Kang-joon as In-ho – and in one of my very few disagreements with Javabeans over the past four years, I think his character was far more interesting, compelling, complicated and admirable. Cheese in the Trap turned me off of Park Hae-Jin so much that I’m having a hard time recovering. It’s a mystery, I know – but that’s the beauty of art – it’s in the eye of the beholder.

    • 2.1 dena

      Seo kang joon is written as sympathetic, water down than inho while jung is as disturbing as he supposed to be

      • 2.1.1 MikoDee

        Exactly! Baek In-ho was not to be sympathized with until season 3, but SKJ switched things around, which unsettled me. Now that we’re mentioning PKW, I’m screaming that he wasn’t a prospect for the drama all along. What a great development this is! Now I’m worried that PHJ might be overshadowed again though, lol. I love PKW! He is so gonna own that role as it was originally written!
        I’m still struggling to picture OYS as Seol, but I did like her in Come Back Ahjussi, so I’ll be hopeful about the chemistry and her portrayal. KGE did a wonderful job with the drama, so it’ll be interesting seeing how OYS pulls this off.

    • 2.2 CatoCat

      Baek Inho and Eun Taek were the only decent character in the whole show. I liked Seo Kang Joon much more than Park Hae Jin. Cold, cleaver, ambitious and manipulative characters in kdramas is the biggest misrepresentation in the fiction world.

      Just add some child truma and we get a kdrama cold male character.

    • 2.3 Yuki

      Me too. I loved Baek In Ho ❤️ (I also loved LSK as Baek In Ha back then, haha!!). I found the story of the two siblings much more interesting than the lead, which I can barely remember the name. Seo Kang Joon did well transmitting the feelings and certainly I have a soft spot for kids that have a dream but no money to get there (and some loan sharks on their back). Someone that has fallen but makes efforts to get on his feet again is a character I can root for and love. Sibling relationships and music are also soft spots for me, so naturally I was super-invested in the two orphans story. I also liked the natural rapport and warm friendship that he had with Seol (not that I was shipping them, but loved them as friends).

      Maybe it is because I did not read the manhwa that I never understood what was so interesting and mysterious about the lead. The whole conflict with him seemed to be unnecessarily highlighted. To me, he came across as spoiled and wanting to have things his way, not really thinking about others. It’s ok that Seol likes him and wants to make him a better person, but I never felt there was something to discover there.

      • 2.3.1 Huong Nguyen

        That drama is made for you. BIH and all his glory.
        Now for the people who did read the webtoon and don’t have the same thinking as you. It’s time for us to get what we want.
        You could always go back and watch that drama, ignore Jung, he doesnt even there most of the time.. Then maybe Entourage for another dose of Seo Kang Jun..
        We all get what we want, right

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          THIS. I am not a reader of the webtoon, but i want to get what we wanted that the drama version ruined it for us. Not necessary because of Park Hae Jin as Jung, but the character himself is more intriguing. Baek In Ho doesnt seems to be that conflicted character, and kind of spoiled brat too. If Jung is not interesting, BIH is far more than interesting. Not necessary because of whom played the charactrr as well.
          Baek In Ho is not the centre of the webtoon and not supposed to be in the drama as well, but yes the drama ruined it. And, some justice for Hong Seol too. Kom Go Eun was too perfect as Hong Seol.

          • ET

            As someone who liked Baek In Ho, I still agree with you.

            I didn’t read the webtoon and though I enjoyed BIH the character, I wanted to the progression of Hong Seol and Jung. I’ve always known that BIH wouldn’t get the girl so I didn’t have Second Lead Syndrome whatsoever. I didn’t feel for Seol and Jung as a couple but I wanted to know how they would end up and the ending was so dissatisfying in that aspect. Worst, I felt that Seol had become a different person for the lack of a better description.

        • Sam

          Maybe you should have just settled in the webtoon.

          • CatoCat

            Hehe. Passive-aggressiveness is the norm of this place. Many thing Webtoon is amazing. Well, its their own opinion. But there are several independent voices who also think webtoon is mediocre and a cheap bait.

            It all gives the vibes of mr. Troll’s campaign. My way or the highway route. Just because someone likes Baek In-ho doesn’t mean that he/she is incapable to see the inadequacy of the script and acting.

            >>You got yours and we gonna get ours. What is this?

            If this how things are done then Kdrama world will end up spending most of their resources on making different versions of the same drama to appease the specific fandom.

          • Huong Nguyen

            I am not cry-ing to the moon here, am i? And i am not talking about every resource, nor anybody have to change their way to fit mine. They are already going to make that movie, that sentence are not a wrongful demand, that is the situation here.
            As much as you find Yoo Jung unlikable, they are still going to make that movie. And there’re many who willing to pay to see that.
            I dont like what you like, and when they offer for me some other thing, i get excited. Do that wrong you in any way?
            There’re fact that many people are like me, want difference, closer to the original story that we love. I think that movie are made for people like me.
            You like that drama, i am not. Why dont you settle for that drama? What are you trying to do here? You expess your opinion, as i do with my.
            Despide all that, I dont feel the need to proven you wrong to make my point. This is not a contest for one character won over another.
            I dont mention anybody incapable of anything. You think that on your own.Dont put your word in my mouth.

            Many think the webtoon are not great, good, just dont watch that.
            You think BIH in the drama are great,even better, go rewatch that drama.
            You think Jung are bad, good then i respect your opinion and i dont think so.
            Let agree to disagree and leave us to enjoy that movie , ok?

      • 2.3.2 Yuki

        Wow, did I feel some aggressiveness in this thread? What’s wrong with saying that you like a character? I do not see how this can be interpreted as sort of a sabotage against this movie.
        Specifically, I was sharing my love for Baek In Ho with another beanie. For the ones who, for whatever the reason, hold a personal grudge against this webtoon character, it’s enough to leave us alone, I guess. This is not a competition.

        • Huong Nguyen

          Did anyone say anything about you liking BIH, i dont even say anything about you down play another character that beloved by a lot of people. I respect all that, ok?
          But i dont think so.
          There are many problem with what you said but well that was your personal preferance.
          You sharing your love with another beanie, as a fellow beanie i said good for you, the drama are for you, congatulation. But i dont think so, and i like it that they make another attempt to make it closer to the source material.
          What are agressive about that?
          What part of my cmts imply that i hold grude again BIH? As much as i love Yoo Jung, i dont feel the need to down play him, make him a bad guy to justify my love for Jung. Why should i? As a character he make my beloved story whole. I understand him and i dont think that drama do him justice neither.
          The real BIH have much more pride, more layer. His motive are not ambitious as Jung so he is more easy to understand.
          Not only Jung or Hong Seol, i want the movie do all of them justice.
          Just do Cheesse in the trap right.

          • lila

            I agree with a lot of your comments.

            In my case I have not read the webtoon.
            But I would like to have seen more of Jung and Seol’s development. When it veered more towards BIH I was like what on earth am I watching.

            Where did Jung go?

            When I read the synopsis (Before I started watching CITT) I wanted to understand and learn about Jung, all of a sudden it turned into BIH and his piano.

            Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed seeing SKJ he is easy on the eyes. And for boyfriend material I would not mind.

            But story wise I wanted to understand Jung and his motives. I wanted to see his character development. And I did not mind seeing BIH just less piano please I almost wanted o skip the scenes if it wasn’t for SKJ’s eyes.

            So I am happy they are making a movie because I feel unsatisfied with the drama.
            And I am looking forward to watching it.

    • 2.4 Hanna-han

      Actually not that big of a mystery, consider the fact that character they name Baek In Ho in that movie was writen as a typical underdog with the heart of gold (!?!??).
      He got all the characteristic of K-drama male lead, underdog, pitiful background, magically show up whenever needed and most of all tendency to act without thinking, tried to sold everything by the fist, because he is the “good” guy and good guy dont think.
      When Yoo Jung character got all the particular trait of a manipulative villain, and even scene time of a villain.
      The people who behind that decision of change the lead are scartching their head trying to understand how a by- the -book pitiful character who scream “look, i am the good old male lead that you guy love for years” fail to attract most audience affection, so they could justify their horrid act.

    • 2.5 ET

      When I watched CITT, I was more enamored with Seol more than the two guys. That’s why I was so bummed with the ending.

      TBH, I thought Seo Kang Joon did better in his role as In Ho than Park Hae Jin did as Jung. I know this is a very unpopular opinion here and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who liked him as In Ho. Park Hae Jin did give me the chills as Jung but I can’t muster any empathy for the character. Was it because the writer sidelined Jung or was it because of PHJ’s portrayal? I was cautiously curious about Jung from the start but I never ever got into him.

      • 2.5.1 ET

        Yikes! I meant the PD sidelined…

      • 2.5.2 saltofstones

        It’s not an acting issue. They both did fine with their respective, vastly different characters. I think downplaying the drama’s issues into an acting contest between the two actors that one won and the other lost is missing the point. I don’t know why everyone is all “X acted better, no Y acted better!” when the problem was obviously the writing and directing. InHo had all the writing in his favor and he acted well, so naturally his character ended up being mostly likable.

        Jung was supposed to be more of an anti-hero of sorts. An anti-hero is usually a morally-grey character with very questionable actions, but it’s also one that you can’t help rooting for even against your better judgement. It’s the type of character that makes you question your own morality and twists what you think you stand for. Like Min from Hello Monster, or even better, Makishima from the anime Psycho-Pass. Those are anti-heroes done right. The drama got some of the basics of the Jung character right – grey morality, questionable actions -, but it failed in exploring the character’s psychology and detailing his perspective on things and how he developed his mindset.

        From a writing standpoint, it’s so much easier and lazier to reduce him to being a psycho and call it a day, then give him a forced epiphany in the last episode where he realizes the wrong of his actions and repents. That’s typical writing for K-drama stereotypical villains. But in this drama, he was supposed to be a complex anti-hero main character, so this type of lackluster writing simply wouldn’t fly. The makers of this drama either didn’t know how to write his character right, either didn’t want to bother with him. There’s not much an actor can do when the writing is actively working against him.

        • JadeRJY

          This! Love everything you said 🙂 *clap *clap

        • ET

          Hmmm…I can’t recall a kdrama anti-hero which I couldn’t help rooting for. Not even Min. While everyone was praising Hello Monster to the high heavens, I didn’t think the writing was great.

          Jung was to me a very interesting anti-hero. I admit I expected a lot more from Park Hae Jin than Seo Kang Joon simply because I’ve seen his work. That he could play the complex Jung wasn’t a surprise. But for some reason, his Jung remained cold to me. Now that you’ve pointed it out, this could be due to the PD and change of writer rather than the acting.

          • sorrynotsorry

            The webtoon writer was quite vocal that she was kicked to the curb (as advising the main writer) after episode 6 or so, if memory serves. It’s why so many fans got disgruntled at the half-way point.

        • sorrynotsorry

          Thank you.

        • Elle


        • MikoDee

          Aptly put, my friend. Anti-hero, not villain. There’s a fine line while writing for this type of character and I was bummed with how the drama did it. I mean I stayed up nights catching up with the Webtoon all because I was so intrigued by Jung’s psyche. And the drama did nothing for me, man…

        • zia c.

          Best comment for this post! +100000000

      • 2.5.3 Bubbles

        As someone who has read the webtoon, I can tell you that there are 2 very divided camps on the matter of Jung and Baek In ho. There are die hard fans of Jung, ones that like him as a character but think that he would be close to sociopathic in real life and others that just all around find him creepy and wish Seol could get away from him.
        Concerning Baek In ho there are also people who love him or sympathize with him and wish him to get the girl; then there are the ones who think he is boring or/and too violent and actually dangerous/ would be a very bad influence in real life.

        This webtoon definitely “scheidet die Geister” and because everyone is at least flawed, if not arguably quite messed up, there will always be those arguments of who deserves what and who is the better person, whose methods are correct etc.

        I personally don’t really know what I should think…especially in the later chapters ,that I won’t spoil here, I can’t really tell what the author wants to convey, what kind of story she is telling here.

        However, I do like the character of Baek In ho and his relationship to music is probably my favorite part of the webtoon. I wish his sister the best as well, she is a difficult case though….
        Seol still has to figure out who she wants to be in life, I guess I will judge her character later at the end. I agree with you though that in the drama they really didn’t do her justice…her ending was rather pathetic.

        …Jung…well, there are whole essays being written about him by his fans and anti-fans, so you could say he is at least an interesting character to most people.
        I personally don’t have any more or less interest in him than in any other main character of the webtoon but the thing I find especially confusing about him is that I don’t quite know how the author wants to portray him.
        Either way, as a dangerous or a misunderstood character, I still find him interesting enough though, he doesn’t bore me at least. In real life however, I belong to the people who would straight up turn around and walk in the other direction if I saw him….(though of course in real life I would not actually know his “other” side, as that’s kind of the point of his character 😅)

        So it might have not been the show’s fault if you couldn’t empathize with Jung, there are plenty of people that can’t do that -even after reading the webtoon.

        • ET

          Wow! Thank you 😀 this helps a lot.

          And about the fans of the webtoon, so there were divided camps too. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am the sort who somehow don’t belong to any camp even though I may like one over the other. That’s why I never understood the wars stemming from Reply series, CITT and others. Whenever they flare up, I just tune out.

        • saltofstones

          Of course, even if the drama gave him all the proper development, there would still be people who might not like him or understand him. Just like there are people who despise InHo even though his character was fully fleshed out in the drama and portrayed in an overwhelmingly positive light. But at least with InHo, we got a complete character that we could judge the way we saw fit.

          But my point is, this drama never even gave Jung much of a chance to become a fully realized character. You can’t have a complicated character, then skimp on all his development and then say “it’s the actor’s fault!”. We know for a fact entire scenes were cut, given to the other actor or were shoehorned clumsily in the last two episodes. If the writing had done his character justice, maybe indeed not everyone would have liked him as a fictional person (that’s impossible really), but at least more people should have liked him as a character – by this I mean, finding him interestingly complex, intriguing, fascinating to watch and discuss, even while not necessarily liking him in the traditional sense of the word.

          I didn’t watch this show to get something along the lines of “here’s a super intriguing, shady, unconventional character, here are hints that we’re going explore his psycholo- actually scratch that, we decided he’s just a psycho, let’s play creepy music whenever he’s on screen, here’s this super nice ray of sunshine InHo, psycho appears at the end and repents like he’s your typical mother-in-law villain, the end”. That’s just not a very interesting story to tell and the way they handled his character was disappointing, not necessarily because they didn’t make him likable, but because they didn’t explore him at all.

        • Huong Nguyen

          My one cent of thought here, please dont judge Jung “in real life” but in the wold that he lived in. Many character are difference when being put in difference setting. Like Hanibal Lecter or the Punisher or the Taxi driver or Michael Colleon.
          Im not saying Yoo Jung are at the same level with those character, but the interesting character are always multi-dimension and un like some fan who try so much to make Jung a good guy, i think the most appealing part of Jung is we cant simply put any tag in his character…

    • 2.6 JadeRJY

      What I found disappointing was that the Jung character wasn’t developed well (I am indifferent to PHJ and SKJ). I never read the webtoon, but even I noticed that the 1st half seemed disconnected with how the story developed on the 2nd half. Cos the 1st half laid the story of the characters but only followed through/had resolutions/explanations on BIH and somehow Seol’s but Jung’s just disappeared.

      I got curious and read the webtoon (those that had Eng translations anyway) and it felt more obvious there cos when comparing the 2, the drama actually followed the webtoon’s beginning of Jung almost to the letter and then totally went off the rails. BIH’s character was also watered down cos he was meaner there.

      Maybe it was because Soonki told them not to copy what she thought of as the ending but the writers didn’t seem to have done a good job of finding an alternative that meshed with the 1st half.

      I do recommend the webtoon cos I could totally understand how much of a failure it was for the drama to execute Jung’s complexity on screen. And the conflict was really quite interesting and had the potential for awesomeness. Old age question of nurture vs nature done differently for someone who had the potential to be a psychopath. Plus how our impressions of people can be wrong and how those same impressions can be powerful enough to influence a person’s character.

      I hope they’ll be able to do it this time in the movie in more capable hands. PKW could also make an awesome Jung though.

    • 2.7 missjb

      I agree. I’m actually quiet neutral how I see Park Har Jin until his turn as Yoo Jung and complete with that whole CITT behind the scene scandal, It’s make him so unsimpathetic though I really like how the writers wrote his char.

      Regarding Seo Kang Joon playing the role, I don’t know if it’s because of the script he is given is so much richer than any of his previous show, but Seo Kang Joon Is really charming and alive in this role.

      Park Ki Woong might be have different cham, But I really can’t picture In Ho with someone else other than SKJ. Poor him, get abit unfair treatment because of CITT Behind the scene

      • 2.7.1 ET

        You found Park Hae Jin unsympathetic? He’s the victim in the scandal and IMO, so is SKJ.

        • moosie

          Yeah I’m with you, I felt bad for all the actors in this mess. PHJ was unfairly kicked to the curb, and SKJ got a lot of hate for something that frankly wasn’t his fault.

      • 2.7.2 lunatic4KD

        Sheesh – this is not the first time my comments on Dramabeans has set off a firestorm sort-of thread. I should have clarified my preference for Kang Seo-Joon in Cheese in the Trap. I did not read the webtoon so I was clueless why people were upset back when the series was airing, although I could tell the second half was way different from the first.

        And, yeah, I loved the snarky comment above about “…Entourage, and you get what you ask for” or something along those lines. Yikes.

        My preference for Kang Seo-joon is 1000% based upon watching every single episode of RoomMate, back in 2014 when he was living in the house with Lee Dong Wook and several others. KSJ showed himself to be a kind, open, quiet, helpful, solid, steady, friendly and easy going personality with a whole lot of laughter and animation. He has a quiet self-confidence and self-assurance as a person, which I admire – so no matter what role is well written for him, or crapily written like Entourage, I like his presence on the screen whenever he’s on it. I remember everything he went through in the house and how kind he was to one of the other young men who was jealous and insecure around KSJ. Our personalities sort themselves out in real life.

        My impression of Park Hae-Jin has never gone beyond the photos I’ve seen of him and the interviews I watched after CITT to get a better impression of him. Other than his admirable charity work, he just seems closed off and a bit wooden in public. I have NO clue about his personality – I just found that the image of him I saw in CITT matched well with what I learned about him after the drama. I’m just someone who prefers animation and liveliness in a person.

        Other than that, I look forward to watching this new enterprise to see if the writers can write the story the fans wan to see. That’s all.

        • ET

          Glad to read your description of Seo Kang Joon. Not too long ago, I came across comments on DB which interpreted that easy going personality as someone who’s not too bright.

        • Huong Nguyen

          The discussion are mainly about the drama, the character, how that character portrayed… How the actor was in life are kind of another unrelated topic.
          I know my cmt would come off as bitchy to some. But as much as i am tired of Yoo Jung being down played and portray by in simplistic way, i dont see the point of arguing. That wont chance the opinion of the other person. I still deserve to expess my opinion, dont i?
          Like in the bacon party, some threw fist and said: we hate bacon, that was shitty thing, we love chicken. I wouldnt force my bacon down their throat. They got their chicken, leave me be happy with my hopefully good bacon party

        • starlightvtn

          “One of the risks of being quiet is that the other people can fill your silence with their own interpretation: You’re bored. You’re depressed. You’re shy. You’re stuck up. You’re judgemental. When others can’t read us, they write their own story—not always one we choose or that’s true to who we are.”
          by Sophia Dembling.

  3. Me

    I didn’t have as big of a problem with the drama as others had mainly because I actually liked Baek Inho, but the webtoon when I decided to get back to it let me down. Going around in unnecessary circle instead of getting to the point.

    However, given this is targeted at the fans who actually like the webtoon, I hope it fills the expectations the drama didn’t fill for them.

    I’m giving it a pass even though I love Oh Yeon Seo.

    • 3.1 Hanna-han

      Its fair that you got what you want. Now others going to get their.

      • 3.1.1 Me

        That’s what I said though…

  4. nchoe

    Oh wow… Soonkki writes the screenplay herself? I guess she’s very determined to make it right this time.

    • 4.1 gureum

      Given the fact that the drama PDs completely ignored her requests about what direction to take the show in (so as to not ruin/spoil her own ideas for the webtoon’s conclusion), it’s not surprising that she agreed to write the script herself.

  5. lillyan

    Okay, just one complain. They all too old to play college students characters.

    • 5.1 TheProducer

      Agree 100%

      Park Hae Jin didn’t come across as a convincing college student first time time. His features are just too mature.

    • 5.2 gureum

      i mean, they are only a bit older than the actors in Heirs–and they were supposedly high schoolers!

      • 5.2.1 TheProducer

        No Ageism intended

        The director of Misaeng cast the actors for their ‘look’ as much as their talent in order to capture the essence of the webtoon.

        PHJ is talented – yes, he can do villain – but something about his ‘look’ doesn’t quite capture Yoo Jung’s open friendly facade. He looks too mature.

        • catt

          Well. Soonki doesn’t think so, though. The only actor who gets recasted is Park Hae Jin only because Soonki sees the Jung she wants in him. The look, the aura, the portrayal – everything matched.

          Yes, as fan our opinions are important. We can have different view on how certain fictional character should be portrayed. However, if we are willing to know how the closest interpretation is, I personally think we need to see things through author’s perspective, not ours.

          If Soonki says PHJ is real Jung, then he is.

    • 5.3 depe

      what about master student? just kiddin

    • 5.4 trebuchette

      At first I was gonna comment on how OYS doesn’t have that youthful, college student vibe that KGE had in CITT. But then I read your comment & thought, “wow yeah, so does PHJ to be honest.” 😅 Guess I was just used to him playing Yoo Jung so it didn’t matter to me.

      So…let’s just see what happens. I’m still wary of OYS being Seol, though.

  6. Elle

    Excited for this casting! I liked Seo Kang-joon as Baek In-ho but found myself turned off when the drama PD/writer began to expand his screentime to the detriment of other characters’ development (and no, it’s not just Jung who suffered). But Park Ki-woong is a much better actor, and I trust we’ll get the more grayed out, layered version of In-ho that the drama wasn’t able to deliver.

    My only misgiving is how a ~2-hour movie will be able to give justice to the various character arcs in the webtoon, but I’m pleased that Soonkki is writing the screenplay. Who else would be able to give the original work justice if not its own creator?

  7. Irit

    I am so happy to hear that. I hope he confirms. He’d be a thousand times better than SKJ and his piano.

  8. JISG

    Still not over the wounds for this friendemy of a show. Time for a 1-8, 11 episodes rewatch!

    • 8.1 howforwardsale


  9. Oho

    I am forever gonna be conflicted about this one. I am so torn to see someone else as Seol cause for me KGE was , is and always will be Hong Seol no matter how much ever fans of the webtoon remain cold to her performance in the show. On the other hand i am so excited to see Yoo Jung being reprised by PHJ – cause for me he was the most fascinating character in a very long time and the show did not do justice to that going on to stress the greatness of a typical plain and bland second lead – which has benn there and done a thousand times and with no freshness to it. SKJ playing it made no diff what so ever. which is why i am excited about PKW cause he can bring a lot to the character, especially since it ll be better written now that soonki is directly over seeing things n is not just a “consultant” who is used as per convenience of the makers.

    P.S. yep forever salty.

    • 9.1 Van

      Yes! Kim Go-eun WAS Hong Seol! Gah, she was so great in it and I can’t believe she’s not gonna be in this movie version to “make it right.” It just ISN’T right without her… 🙁

      No hate to the other actress, though. I look forward to see how she’ll take on the role and her portrayal of Hong Seol.

      • 9.1.1 Emanresu

        Yes I’m right there with you about Kim Go Eun. It will be hard for me to see anyone but her in that role.

        Best of luck to the new actress though.

        • Dramafan

          Yes. Kim Go Eun was amazing as Hong Seol and PHJ too as Jung. I just dont get Oh Yeon Seo. Park Ki Woong is amazing second lead to root for. He can be real threat to any first lead.

    • 9.2 Hanna-han

      Sure OHS wont be the “Hong Seol” that you saw on the drama. But that does not mean she would be a bad Seol.
      A difference incarnation, and this time hopefully, closer to the Hong Seol of the webtoon. If you guys love what in the drama, you will be blow away by the real Hong. Cause she is 100 time more briliant. Hong Seol of the webtoon are even more compelling than Jung.

    • 9.3 rockingcharis

      IF they do get KGE as Seol, they really need to get Gong Yoo to do a cameo and scare off all the boys lol it would be “Ji Eun Tak – College Years”

  10. 10 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Park Hae Jin, Oh Jong Hyun, Park Ki Woong. So much handsome guys here. I’m curious who will play Hong Seol’s brother. What about GOT7 Jinyoung?

  11. 11 Emanresu

    Why DB why?

    There you go putting out articles that make us relive the trauma that was TVN’s CITC, the biggest drama disappointment of last year.

    (To think, crack turned to smack. What could have been…)

    Now I have to vent…

    TVN Presents Cheese In The Trap: Doomed From The Start

    Writer 1: “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to write a story about Ted and Sally?!”
    Writer 2: “Yea let’s do that. Ted and Sally are awesome.”
    Writer 1: “We’ll call it ‘Ted and Sally’s Story’!”
    Writer 2: “Oh that’s really good!”
    Writer 1: “Let’s not have him in it though.”
    Writer 2: “Let’s not have who in it?”
    Writer 1: “Ted.”
    Writer 2: “Oh… uh… okay why?”
    Writer 1: “I think it would be better if we focus more on Jim.”
    Writer 2: “Uhh.. Jim? Jim who?”
    Writer 1: “Jim. He’s the other guy. Let’s do it more on him.”
    Writer 2: “So you want to have a story called ‘Ted and Sally’s Story’ that’s a story about someone named Jim.”
    Writer 1: “Exactly!”
    Writer 2: “So no Ted or Sally then?”
    Writer 1: “Heavens no. This story is about Jim! They’d just ruin it!”
    Writer 2: “Oh… of course… we wouldn’t want that…”

    Now I feel better. 😉

    • 11.1 Van

      Damnit, Jim!

      • 11.1.1 Emanresu

        Yea that a–hole! 🙂

        All I remember is him yelling “kay-toll” or dog fur or whatever and pouting on his piano keys, playing his best poor unfortunate woe-is-me Edward from Twilight shtick… sucking up screen time from our hero…

        I don’t actually hate him as my comment might suggest. It’s just fun to pile on in ridiculous hyperbole. 😀

    • 11.2 Agree

      Oh!! don’t forget about his piano openings…

  12. 12 Van

    Oh yes, I can totally see him as In-ho. 👍🏼 Aw man, he can be a really good In-ho, too. While I still wished they invited Kim Go-eun to reprise the role of Hong Seol (I’m like TT), I’m still looking forward to seeing how the movie version will play out.

  13. 13 redfox

    oh boy, they never learn, do they? With Park Ki Woong, there is an even higher chance for the second lead to overshadow the main character. He has too much presence. I love him, but don´t do it. I would prefer him in a main role in a thriller – but I´m fine with a comedy too.

    • 13.1 Agree

      I’m still not over him after secretly greatly… He is awesome

    • 13.2 Moonlight

      This comment is perfect <3

    • 13.3 lunatic4KD

      Agreeing with you here, @Redfox. Unless the writing is superb and the direction strong, PKW could easily side-line and overshadow PHJ. I’m sure that PHJ has the acting ability – so I’d really like to see it.

      • 13.3.1 lunatic4KD

        Then again, I tend to measure ALL acting against Ji Sung’s so those actors who can really animate their faces during emotional scenes (Seo In-Guk, Jang Hyuk, Rain, Lee Jun-Ki) will forever be more noticeable to me than the actors, however talented, that maintain a basically wooden – or the same – expression through almost every scene. I feel like I want to set a fire under PHJ to see if he’ll react. Think of the great young acting talents emerging now…specifically Kim Taehyung (BTS’s V) in Hwarang. That face of his tells a thousand stories. That’s what I want to see PHJ exhibit; emotional openness.

        • starlightvtn

          That is not easy when Park Hae Jin said himself circa 2007 that he preferred to act and deliver the emotions through his eyes; not his face expression ^^

          • Emanresu

            @lunatic4KD & @starlightvtn

            It’s funny you mention Park Hae Jin’s lack of emotional expression to be a flaw.

            I suspect I’m in the minority here, but I prefer male leads who are understated in their performance and play down their “emotions”.

            I’m sure it has to do with my upbringing (male from rural America). Men are encouraged to downplay their emotions where I’m from.

            So I’ve always found those males who are “too emotional” hard to watch. I can’t help but cringe.

            I’m sure that’s why I like Park Hae Jin so much. He is extremely understated. And I like that.

          • redfox

            um, in our parts of the world around 40 years ago if a guy was pretty emotionless, he was pretty surely a KGB agent so I guess I carry remnants of that discomfort with people who have very “still” facial expressions.

            however, I am not saying Park Hae Jin is not as good an actor as Park Ki Woong, it is just that the latter has a very strong presence on screen. Maybe it is because of his atypical looks, he looks like a mix of an elf and Viplala, so he draws all attention on him, you notice that he is different and then you can´t devide your attention. Plus his acting is kind of intense.

  14. 14 nell

    Is it only I who sees a trace of the stalker’s look in him (not hating on either actors)? Are webtoons adaptations similar to the chinese media trend recently-drama and movie version?

  15. 15 canxi

    I love this development.
    I’m gonna take the movie as it’s own thing and see where it goes. I’m really just curious about what kind of ending the story will have.

  16. 16 Gem

    What a solid cast, hope it delivers.

  17. 17 Nana

    Wow!!park ki woong is beyond awesome
    Park Jae Jin’s acting was never overshadowed by Seo Kang Joon. Seo Kang Joon isn’t a really good actor,it’s just the crazy pf making the drama into “Piano in the trap”.

    As for female lead, i love Oh Yeon Seo much more than Kim Go Eun. She is always the living Seol from the beginning but i’m not getting my hopes up cos i have to see her interpretation of Seol first. As i’m a reader of the webtoon, when i watched Kim Go Eun i feel like she is natural at acting but she is not Seol from the webtoon. She is making a new character named Hong Seol

    • 17.1 dena

      that was my thought too, seoul go eun is another person and kangjoon inho is just the favored character,
      CITT is more of disturbing stort when you didn’t even like Jung and PHJ did that better

    • 17.2 Hanna-han

      Fellow webtoon reader! Let me hug you.
      And for all that you wrote *whispered* i know, right…

    • 17.3 Lulla

      I feel the same way. Hong Seol’s KGE was good, but I didnt think that’s HS in the webtoon. OYS fits the description more, I think. Let’s see how she’ll do it

  18. 18 Ah In

    I’m not familiar with Park ki woong but he looks fine, like he has more gravitas, maybe I’ll finally sympathize with In Ho? Accept please!

    I’m such a big fan of CITT story, I was in 7th heaven when the movie was announced last year…But all of these plans are taking such a long time I’m now impatient to see PHJ in something (that lotte cf doesn’t count, though I watched his & Lee Jong Suk’s episodes), it looks like Man to Man might come first before CITT movie?

  19. 19 nchoe

    “I like my second leads to be relatively pain-free—I want them to be effective for the plot and to feel sympathetic, but I don’t want them to actually endanger my love of the main romance’s ship (being burned too many times will make anyone shy away!). I was safe with Seo Kang-joon, but I’m not so sure that’ll be the case with Park.”

    I’ve dropped the webtoon so I don’t how the story is going… but does Baek In-ho also fall in love with Hong Seol in the end?

    If I remember it correctly there’re fans of the webtoon who complained about the love triangle thing since it originally doesn’t exist in the webtoon.

    Well, if there’s no love triangle in the original, we don’t have to worry about having a heart break for the second lead then, since Soonkki is writing the screenplay herself and she’ll keep the story stay true to the original. But if this is not the case… then… good luck girls…

    • 19.1 Elle

      In-ho does develop a crush on Seol in the webtoon. The love triangle exists but it is downplayed.

    • 19.2 Hanna-han

      Well, that is the tricky part, Baek In Ho in the webtoon did have affection toward Seol. Consider the fact that she is the only figure to show him little bit of warm, that is natural. But BIH have some pride, and some shame, too. So he doesnt let his affection troubled Seol. And in the webtoon, Seol make a very clear line with BIH, so he doesnt have any wishful thinking….

    • 19.3 Mae.ash

      Baek In Ho do like Seol in the webtoon but there is no love triangle because Seol never entertain him. Seol have always been clear from the start that she like Jung and she put a clear line between her and Inho. That is why I like Seol I hate girls who string another guy along when they already have a boyfriend. And Inho himself have a very high pride so he would never push himself on Seol or steal her from Jung when he knows Seol and Jung really like each other. Not that he can though because Seol would have shy away from him if he even tried.

  20. 20 Grapes

    Aren’t the cast too old for playing a college students! They’re all in their thirties.

    • 20.1 Elle

      I read somewhere that this movie will be set after the webtoon ends (and it’s ending soon) so the characters will be older. I think the current cast will fit nicely if the characters are supposed to be in their late 20s.

      • 20.1.1 Nessie

        Yea I read something like that too. Since the webtoon will be ending soon, the movie will continue it so all the characters would at least be in a working professional setting I think. This way everyone will visually fit more with their characters too.

  21. 21 Floating Castles

    I like Park Ki-Woong and I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job, but I just don’t see the point in this remake, regardless of how the drama adaption worked out. Park Hae Jin’s need to play the role again seems weird to me, especially as he was too old for the role to begin with. (as our the rest of the movie cast).

    Webtoons, comics and books get adapted badly all the time but they aren’t all remade again a short time later. It’s disappointing when something you like doesn’t get adapted well but some of the fans are acting like CITT producers committed a crime. It happens, move on.

    Maybe the webtoon just isn’t adaptable?

    • 21.1 Caitlyn

      I found it odd that Park Hae Jin signed up for the movie. I guess people like him and sympathised with him after the Drama kerfuffle but you’d think you’d want to distance yourself from it all. He obviously likes the character though, and wants to play it properly.

    • 21.2 Senrikuro

      I mean from an actor’s perspective, after all that drama that went down, yes Park Haejin should probably thread away from CITT but from what I’ve seen so far, I think he just has that much affection towards the webtoon and wants to make it right.
      It’s like a fan’s mindset, you know? No matter how irrational(?) it would be from a professional point of view, you just want to make your favorite character right. I kinda find it very sweet that he agreed to reprise the role haha
      Considering in the drama they made Jung such a weird psycho, I’m kinda looking forward to this XD
      (I hear that it’s supposed to be set like a few years forward, when the characters aren’t in college? Dunno, either way, I get Oh Yeon Seo, Park Haejin and Park Kiwoong XD )

    • 21.3 layla

      The PD was indeed crazy though
      At first, Kim Go Eun was bashed as Seol then she media played that Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun should date for real.

      The original writer Soon Ki wanted the pd /writer to consult with her regarding the script but they stopped and ignore her after ep 6. The pd cut and changed a lot of Park Hae Jin scene and replace them with Seo Kang Joon scenes.

      The dramas was sold with high price to China because of Parl Hae jin but they even cut him from the photobooks. Park Hae jin with all that unfair treatment still has to be the one facing those China investors and persuades them. He even promoted the drama alone.
      Tell me that the producers didn’t commit something wrong?lmao

      • 21.3.1 Floating Castles

        ….’k? But nobody is disputing that the producers did a poor job of adapting the webtoon or that the production wasn’t messy? I said the producers didn’t commit a crime. And they didn’t.

        • Elle

          You can’t blame people for complaining though. The drama crew botched a well-loved work and disrespected both the creator and the lead actor. Of course fans would get angry.

          • Floating Castles

            …but I never said fans didn’t have the right to be upset or angry? Just that adapting a movie not long after the show seems unnecessary, especially as this isn’t the first or last time something has been adapted poorly. I am one of the fans who was annoyed at the time. But it’s been a year. I’m over it.

  22. 22 Flightey Gazelles

    I only caught glimpses of Monster: Tyrant but I immediately took notice of the Chaebol second male lead who I think had feelings for the female lead. Anytime he showed up, I paid attention. it was enough for me to contemplate watching the series ( still haven’t tho).

    I wanted to know who that actor was. It was later that I found out his name was Park Ki Woong. He was so compelling. I don’t even know what they were angsting about, but he got me invested in minutes ( still don’t know what his fight was lol).

    • 22.1 WishfulToki

      Check out Gaksital. As much as I love Joo Won, Park Ki Woong was just superb.

  23. 23 no name #6

    Oh, okay. They’re going for the people that fans of the webtoon originally wanted for the TV adaptation! He was present in those casting wishlists, but he was still in the military. This was in early 2015, if I recall correctly.

    Anyway, love him, want him to appear in something I can get excited about since Monster was a little meh. (Although he was good, regardless.) Not sure how I feel about another remake of CIIT. I liked the drama overall, even though the quality went so far downhill and it totally dropped the ball on the most interesting part of the story (Jung). Guess I need to go back to reading the webtoon so I can have a more informed opinion, huh?

  24. 24 Sooyi

    It’s good that Park Ki-woong gets offers following his stint in Monster. I think that he’s a play-doh: he is really good at morphing into different characters like slackers, people with social disabilities or low self-confidence and creepy guys.
    But I’m rather curious if Baek In-ho and In-ha’s true nationality will be witten into the film (they are Eurasians).

  25. 25 ET

    I like Park Ki Woong since Gaksital. I couldn’t get into Monster and so want him back in another drama instead of this movie. He’s too good to play a secondary role especially this one. Maybe give the role to a new actor.

    • 25.1 WishfulToki

      Agreed. Maybe he just wants to call attention to the fact that he’s back from the military, and use this as a springboard for a bigger project? I could actually envision him playing the main character here instead of PHJ – no offense PHJ, I still like you.

  26. 26 Lin

    He or the now disgraced and had to be removed from my favs lis, Lee Min Ki had been my fancast of Inho since I began reading the webtoon eons ago (legit it needs to end). I hope he takes it. But part of me also can’t believe this movie is actually still happening. Good luck to all.

    • 26.1 Mae.ash

      In the fanlist for possible Inho the TOP 2 contenders have always been Park Ki Woong and Lee Min Ki. They match the character so well. Just dye their hair blond and their literally Inho. So I am happy PKW got the role. I think he will accept it. LMK as much as I love him and he is perfect as Inho had just a scandal months ago so it’s better they get PKW instead.

  27. 27 kayla

    Legit, I endured the mess that was monster (ALL 50eps) because of PKW. That’s how much I love this boy.

    Interesting casting choice for PKW as BIH though, since he and PHJ has very similar vibes as actors.

    If he confirms, I’ll definitely have to watch even though I’m not too keen on OSY (she overacts imo) still wish that chun woo hee was cast instead but oh wells, I can deal with OSY. Atleast I like her more than KGE 🙂

    • 27.1 Mae.ash

      I think the main reason OYS got cast was because she look like Seol. And her image is perfect suit with Seol too. I do think there where times she overact in comedic scenes but with PHJ and PKW as castmate I think she will do well between them. Having good actors who can carry a scene themselves is always a good thing because they ended up carrying and making the other person on the scene look good too.

  28. 28 Rach ^^

    I cannot understand why they are even doing a movie version, just let it go already.

  29. 29 kanelbulle

    What I really liked about Seo Kang Joon’s characterization of In Ho was that vulnerability he brought to the role. There was this really beautiful fragility to the character that for me, personally, made his story compelling, even though it was disproportionate considering it was Seol & Jung’s story. I had never really see Seo Kang Joon in a good performance like this either. I thought the chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung as his sister was near-perfect too.

    I don’t understand why they’re bothering with a movie to be honest, people see those characters a certain way, seeing someone else as In Ho and someone else as Seol will be weird.

    • 29.1 lunatic4KD

      Yes, the vulnerability – that’s it.

  30. 30 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    I stills miss the scene Seo Kang Joon in white shirt. Daebak!

  31. 31 gina

    lol all the actors and actresses in this movie are so much older than college kids..

  32. 32 Miky

    He will make a fantastic Bae In Ho and i’m quite positive as i remember the writer will be in charge of the script,so no mess in that area no more!

  33. 33 shiroimomo

    Hello, just wanting to put my opinion out there as a HUGE fan of CITT webtoon: I read the webtoon religiously from the beginning and didn’t watch the drama remake until quite recently. (I just didn’t have the heart to watch it until now). But after watching the drama, I have to say that I really thought Kim Go Eun nailed Hong Seol’s character both in the way she looked and in her acting. I didn’t really think that Seo Kang Joon was the best fit for Baek In Ho, but he did a serviceable job and certainly didn’t do anything acting-wise to ruin my favorite character of the series. Before reading this, I didn’t really have any idea as to who actually would have been a good fit for the Baek In Ho character. But after seeing this news, I really like the idea of Park Ki-Woong as In-Ho and I think he totally fits the bill and I wish that he could have played In Ho in the drama version…

    I’m honestly pretty wary about a CITT movie since it’s going to be based off of a webtoon that’s been running for many years now… and 2 hours probably wouldn’t do the story any justice. But I read above in the comments section that the film may be based on the aftermath of the events that take place in CITT webtoon and Soonkki-nim is involved in the writing so maybe it won’t be so bad?

  34. 34 Alison

    Still not over Park Ki Woong’s character in Gaksital, so I’m super excited for him/ Wishing the best for this movie 😀

  35. 35 Flightey Gazelles

    CITT was my first Seo Kang Joon drama and I was surprised when I read that he was previously a bad actor because he was just…so good as In Ho. You’ve finally written what it was that made me sympathize with the character, it was that underlying vulnerability that was constant even when he was being brash or jerky. Like in the first scene between him and his sister, at her house when she kept on mocking and pushing him. There’s that part when he finally looses it and shouts her name. Instead of seeing an angry jerky brother, it got me to sit up because there was something about his eyes in that scene. I actually go back rewatching the first meeting with his sisters because I like what it revealed.

    It’s such a shame the Show runners lost track of their story. I could watch a 50 episode series of CITT where every character’s story was explored because among its many genres was slice-of-life.

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