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Introverted Boss: Episode 8
by | February 17, 2017 | 53 Comments

In an attempt to reach her taciturn boss, Ro-woon changes her tactics to hilarious effect. The team enjoys their much-needed break in Malaysia, while our two CEOs butt heads, and simmering grievances come to a boiling point at last. The friends face some hard truths, while Ro-woon figures out that patience is a virtue well worth cultivating.

EPISODE 8: “Unsocial Sociability – Immanuel Kant”

As Hwan-ki drives to the resort with the panda secured with a seat belt beside him, Ro-woon and the little girl, SHI-YEON, wait for him. Every time a van of tourists arrive, Ro-woon perks up, only to subside in disappointment. Finally, a car pulls up and Ro-woon looks up with a smile again, only to find Woo-il walking up to her.

She asks why he’s there, and Woo-il answers that there was someone he really wanted to see, and flying all the way there was the only way he could see her. Ro-woon begins to shyly smile at him until he asks where the orphanage director is.

Ro-woon cringes with embarrassment as she realizes that he came to see the director and not her. Woo-il catches the drift of her thoughts and says that she was part of the reason—she had sounded worried over the phone.

Ro-woon takes him to the director, and they have a long overdue talk. Ro-woon and the little girl watch from a distance as Woo-il hugs the only mother he’s ever known. They turn away, and the little girl asks if she’s unhappy because Woo-il turned up instead of “the man in all black.”

Ro-woon denies it, but then starts smiling the moment she spots Hwan-ki striding towards them. Hwan-ki reaches them and says, “I missed you.”

Then, even as Ro-woon blinks in surprise, he kneels and holds out the panda to the girl. “Did you miss him too?” he asks the girl.

Ro-woon mutters about misunderstanding two men in a row, and starts to scold Hwan-ki for missing his flight without telling them. He asks if she saw the instagram pictures and apologizes for making her wait. Ro-woon nonchalantly denies having waited, but the little girl pipes in that “she’s been waiting for the man in black the whole time!”

Belatedly, Ro-woon covers the girl’s mouth, while Hwan-ki smiles to himself. Ro-woon says that she’s just been waiting for the last picture in the series to get taken. Little Shi-yeon holds her panda close and smiles up for the camera, as Hwan-ki captures their “happy ending” in a frame.

Later in his hotel room, Hwan-ki uploads the image on instagram and it immediately garners thousands of likes. Woo-il is sharing the room with him and asks if they should get an extra cot for him to sleep in.

Hwan-ki wordlessly pats the bed beside him, and Woo-il comments on how suggestive that looks. He decides to tease Hwan-ki by leaning on him and grabbing his hand until Hwan-ki yells with discomfort.

Still laughing like a school boy, Woo-il thanks Hwan-ki for asking him to come on this trip. He remarks that though the director is older now, she hasn’t changed at all.

Hwan-ki thinks back to the day he walked into Woo-il’s office and found the Rose Airline project file on his desk. Woo-il had admitted that he only wanted to talk to Mr. Park because Hwan-ki’s father asked him to.

Hwan-ki had apologized for yelling at him the night before, but Woo-il had brushed it aside, saying that he’d been Hwan-ki’s sidekick for twenty years now. He added that he’s also ignored her (the director) for all of those years and didn’t know how to face her now.

Woo-il had wondered if he could go back in time and change things, would he and Hwan-ki become the friends they used to be?

The next day, in Malaysia, the team takes the children to a water park where everyone has a lot of fun in the water while Hwan-ki hangs back with his camera. He overhears the team wondering at Woo-il traveling all the way here after a single phone call from Ro-woon, and they begin to hound Woo-il with the question: “When are you heading back?”

At night, when they hold an event with the children, the team dances on the stage, and Hwan-ki pouts as Ro-woon pulls Woo-il up to dance with them. He grabs Woo-il at every opportunity and asks him when he’s heading back. Heh.

The next morning, the Silent Monster team makes a toast to their own awesomeness, and Se-jong pays Hwan-ki a compliment by telling him that he surprised them. Sun-bong deadpans, “He’s our boss after all,” (oh, now you’re proud of the team), but everyone waits for Hwan-ki’s response. The silence stretches and Hwan-ki gets up to leave, when suddenly, Woo-il arrives.

He asks everyone to clap for Hwan-ki and takes his friend’s hood off. Yoo-hee calls him a genius and Ro-woon asks him to smile. Everyone starts chanting “smile” until Hwan-ki shrugs off Woo-il’s arm and leaves, making everyone think that he’s upset.

Woo-il looks hurt but smiles and tells the team that they have time off before heading back to Seoul. Everyone cheers, and Ro-woon thinks to herself that though the team was saved by the actions of their boss, this was just the start of a rocky journey.

Hwan-ki walks along the sea and smiles at the memory of Yoo-hee’s compliment. But it’s quickly wiped away, when he sees Woo-il and Ro-woon lounging together by the shore.

What he doesn’t know is that they’re discussing him. Ro-woon says she wants to see him smile, and then wonders if he knows how to. Woo-il says he’s seen his friend smile, but not lately. (Yeah, I wonder why.) Ro-woon notices Hwan-ki glowering at them and calls him over. He just turns and leaves, making Ro-woon jump up to go after him.

Woo-il stops her and says that Hwan-ki needs his space. He tells her that when Hwan-ki has had time to think things through, he’ll approach her like a cat. He thinks back to the boarding pass left on his desk (by Hwan-ki?). Woo-il adds that he knows this method will be hard for an enthusiastic puppy like Ro-woon, but it’s the only way she can see him smile.

When Ro-woon registers the (apt) canine comparison, Woo-il changes the subject by complaining that she only talks about Hwan-ki. This stops Ro-woon for a few minutes, but then somehow they circle back to Ro-woon complaining about Hwan-ki’s all-black garments and wondering if he never gets heat rashes under them.

Hwan-ki watches them from afar as Ro-woon gestures enthusiastically, seemingly able to hear them despite the distance.

And it turns out that Hwan-ki does feel hot in his hoodie of invisibility. But when he begins to take it off by the poolside, the team arrives in all their raucousness and spooks him back into his shell.

Ro-woon notices Hwan-ki lounging on a bench with his jacket zipped up to his nose, and asks if he isn’t hot. Noticing his distinct reluctance to look at her, she remembers Woo-il’s advice to leave him alone. When Yoo-hee comes over to fuss over Hwan-ki, she herds the woman away, leaving Hwan-ki sweltering in his clothes.

He watches the team have fun in the water and wishes he could join them. He agonizes over wanting to go for a swim, but not wanting the attention that will bring.

Finally, Se-jong notices Hwan-ki sitting alone and suggests the team dunk him in the water. Hwan-ki watches with relief as the gang sneaks up on him, their plan obvious, and eagerly encourages them with his eyes. He puts up a token struggle as they throw him into the pool, then proceeds to have the time of his life.

Then… he’s back in his bench again, completely dry and undunked. (Dammit, it was a dream! A mirage?) But Se-jong does get that exact idea in real life and whispers the plan to the team. Sadly, Ro-woon is immediately against it, and even though Hwan-ki is itching to be thrown into the water, she jumps up to defend Hwan-ki’s right to stay overheated by the pool if he wants to.

In front of Hwan-ki’s crestfallen eyes, she makes Se-jong back off and even puts his jacket back on the way it was before Se-jong got to it. Then they go back to having fun, and Hwan-ki leaves the poolside. Ro-woon watches his retreating back and thinks that she has to wait for him to come to her.

He heads back to his room, puts out the “do not disturb” sign, and finally takes off his jacket. He sighs in relief, and then Yi-soo calls to congratulate him on Silent Monster’s success. She asks if Woo-il is close by, and Hwan-ki realizes that Woo-il hasn’t been answering Yi-soo’s calls.

She tells him about their parents’ behavior towards Woo-il, but advises that he pretend not to know anything. She says that she wants Woo-il to relax on his holiday and then “come back to where he belongs.”

Yi-soo tells Hwan-ki that their father is in a good mood right now. Mr. Park’s wife is a painter and the family is about to go to one of her exhibitions. Once she hangs up, she nicks her palm on a thorn from the stems of the roses she’s arranging in a bouquet.

She thinks back to Woo-il driving away from her and grips the stem again, blood dripping from the wound. When she goes out to meet her parents with the completed bouquet, she’s wearing gloves on her hands and a smile on her face.

Ro-woon finds the signs hanging on Hwan-ki’s doorknob and repeats her new mantra—“If I wait, he’ll approach me first”—to generate some patience. Woo-il finds her drawing princesses with Shi-yeon and tells her that she reminds her of someone, though they’re nothing alike.

Ro-woon mentions Hwan-ki again, which prompts Woo-il to ask if she has a crush on him. Ro-woon easily denies this and asks if she shouldn’t talk about Hwan-ki to him—do they have problems between them?

Woo-il ignores a call from Hwan-ki and admits that there’s some awkwardness between them now. He asks for a drawing, and Shi-yeon watches the exchange between them with a frown.

Hwan-ki stomps across the grounds calling Woo-il, then notices Ro-woon strides towards her. Ro-woon watches him come straight towards her, and her face lights up as she thinks that her patience has paid off.

…Only to have her hopes dashed as Hwan-ki furiously asks what exactly happened between her and Woo-il on Christmas Eve. Ro-woon gets angry that this is all he has to say to her, but answers that though she had some embarrassing hopes, Woo-il had rejected her and closed that chapter.

She decides that she can’t stand around being mad like this and drags Hwan-ki to the beach. She calls Woo-il over and tells Hwan-ki that the two need to have a chat, preferably on one of the rafts floating on the sea. Before Hwan-ki can get away, she takes his camera and jacket for safekeeping.

Until Woo-il gets there, Ro-woon decides Hwan-ki should raft with someone else… and her eyes alight on a sleeping Sun-bong. The next thing we know, Sun-bong and Hwan-ki are sitting in the inflated boat, holding the pedals and looking miserable, as Ro-woon takes their pictures from the shore.

She puts Hwan-ki’s camera in the bag, and then runs over to the climbing walls where she hears Kyo-ri crying for help. Kyo-ri is frozen a dozen feet above ground, and when she gets down and starts crying, Ro-woon tries to find out what happened. Turns out, Kyo-ri had tried to climb the wall after Se-jong told her how he was sure Ro-woon would be great at it. Ro-woon realizes then that Kyo-ri has a crush on her friend.

Hwan-ki and Sun-bong sit silently in the boat, both desperately trying to hit on a topic to talk about. Finally, Sun-bong decides to talk boating, and points out how good he is at sailing. Unfortunately, he’s been rowing in the wrong direction.

Hwan-ki asks him to face in the right direction, and Sun-bong gets up to turn around. Only, the boat overbalances, and both end up in the water. Knee-deep water. Hahaha. Hwan-ki grabs Sun-bong’s life jacket to pull him up, but he’s in a panic and manages to pull Hwan-ki down into the water instead.

Finally, Hwan-ki picks Sun-bong up bodily and carries him back to the boat. They sit awkwardly, facing in the right direction now. Hwan-ki wonders at Sun-bong’s inability to swim, since he was in the navy. Sun-bong admits that he was in PX.

This makes Sun-bong ask if Hwan-ki had used his family to get out of army duty, but Hwan-ki says that he was in the counter-terrorism unit. Sun-bong starts sniggering in disbelief, convinced that Hwan-ki was in PX too. But Hwan-ki stares straight at him and says he was a sniper. The look in his eyes silences Sun-bong, who begins to tremble like he is at gunpoint.

Ro-woon finds Kyo-ri near some woods and talks to her about Se-jong. She tells Kyo-ri to confess her feelings, but Kyo-ri feels far too inadequate to even look a chaebol like Se-jong in the eye. Then she looks up and points out that a monkey is carrying away Ro-woon’s purse.

Ro-woon chases after the purse-grabbing monkey, while Kyo-ri cries some more.

Back on the beach, Hwan-ki finishes giving Sun-bong rowing lessons, and they get back on land. Hwan-ki thanks him politely, and Sun-bong instinctively salutes him like a cadet before running off.

Hwan-ki looks around for Ro-woon, and when he doesn’t find her, he thinks of all the pictures of Ro-woon saved in his camera. Woo-il arrives and asks after her, but Hwan-ki is too annoyed to answer and hurries off.

The two find Kyo-ri crying at her bench and ask after Ro-woon. Hearing that she’s run after a monkey, both look at the forest path she took. Kyo-ri adds that it’s been a while since she left.

Hwan-ki and Woo-il run in together, and it becomes a bit of a race. Hwan-ki tells Woo-il that he’ll look for her on his own, but Woo-il follows anyway, until they begin to argue about how Woo-il runs over when Ro-woon calls but doesn’t pick up Hwan-ki’s calls.

The verbal fight escalates to foot stomping, and soon the two are grabbing collars and yelling into each others’ face. They end up rolling on the ground, while each lists grievances against the other. Hwan-ki asks why Woo-il didn’t tell Yi-soo about coming to Malaysia, while Woo-il points out that despite knowing about his father’s behavior towards him, Hwan-ki isn’t worried about Woo-il at all.

This gets Hwan-ki to stop and disengage. Woo-il says that the plane tickets made him think that Hwan-ki understood how he was feeling, but he’s been nothing but cold ever since Woo-il got here. When Hwan-ki tells him to go back again, Woo-il asks if he’s threatening him just like his father—do what he says, or he’ll be thrown out of the family and the company.

Hwan-ki tells Woo-il to be honest with himself and realize that he’s the one abandoning the people who love him. Just then, they hear Ro-woon’s cry for help and run toward the sounds.

They arrive at a fork, where one trail is marked “easy” and the other “difficult.” Hwan-ki makes Woo-il take the easy one, and runs off down the harder path. Luckily, he comes across Ro-woon standing under a tree, her bag (with his camera) hanging on a branch high above.

When Hwan-ki realizes that this is the reason she cried for help, he struggles to reign in his worry, but Ro-woon sees through it. Before she can feel to touched, Hwan-ki asks if she’s seen the pictures in the camera, and Ro-woon realizes that he came running for the camera and not her.

She kneels on the forest floor and tells him to use her as a step to get the purse. He makes her gets up and offers his own back. She gets on and comments on how this is the first time she’s seeing him like this. Hwan-ki mutters that it’s not the first time, thinking back to the night when he’d carried her drunken self to her home.

Her arms fall short, and she decides to try getting on his shoulders instead. This discomfits Hwan-ki so much that he forgets to hold her as they straighten. After a bit of yelling, he steadies her and they manage to get the purse. Then Hwan-ki twists his ankle and they fall in a heap on the ground—Ro-woon landing conveniently (magically?) on Hwan-ki’s chest.

Awareness makes their movements awkward as they try to untangle their limbs, and when Hwan-ki tries to get up, he collapses on his injured ankle. Woo-il arrives to find Hwan-ki hurt but in denial. He ends up carrying his friend out of the forest on his back, with Ro-woon beaming at the pair.

As Hwan-ki and Woo-il squabble, Ro-woon falls back and takes out the camera. She thinks of how worried Hwan-ki was about her seeing the pictures and decides to take a peek. What she sees makes her look thoughtful.

At dinner that night, Hwan-ki sits with a cold compress with his team. Se-jong teases Ro-woon as usual, but with Kyo-ri looking on, Ro-woon tries to get him to stop. He asks for a selfie, which Ro-woon ruins by making a face. It comes out hilarious, and Se-jong passes the picture around the table. It reaches Hwan-ki, who struggles valiantly not to smile.

Ro-woon leans forward, waiting for the laugh to break out, but it’s Woo-il who catches a glimpse of the picture and bursts into laughter. Ro-woon instantly becomes self conscious.

Woo-il invites the director to come to their table. She thanks everyone for giving the children wonderful memories. Se-jong observes that she seems to like Woo-il a lot, which makes the woman excuse herself. Woo-il stops her from leaving and thanks the team for himself.

Woo-il tells them that the project has been personally meaningful because White Cloud Orphanage was his childhood home. As the team recovers from the shock of Woo-il’s humble background, Woo-il thanks them for reuniting him with the family he’d lost.

Hwan-ki sits by the pool, where Ro-woon finds him. She asks if he really was in special forces, and Hwan-ki admits that it was his father’s doing. ”He wanted me to become a man,” he says.

Ro-woon remarks on how much more there was to learn about Hwan-ki. She admits to looking at the pictures in the camera and smiles as he protests that he didn’t have any weird intentions. “You like me, don’t you?” she says.

Hwan-ki goes silent, but then Ro-woon rescues him by adding that there is nothing odd about a boss caring about his staff. Apparently, the camera is full of pictures of the entire team, catching everyone at their best moments.

Ro-woon muses that in many ways she was the same as Hwan-ki’s dad. She kept pushing him to change, even though he was perfect just the way he was. She apologizes and pulls out his freshly washed jacket. As he puts it on, she says they should find a way to communicate that he’s comfortable with.

Ro-woon pulls the hood over his head and says that that’s the real Eun Hwan-ki. This causes a shy smile to appear on his face, though it disappears as soon as Ro-woon notices it. She hounds him for one more smile and follows him around the pool, until Woo-il finds them.

He asks to speak to Ro-woon, but Hwan-ki wants to speak to Woo-il first. Hwan-ki tells Ro-woon to leave, but Woo-il asks her to stay. Sensing the palpable tension in the air, Ro-woon suggests they all get a drink.

At the bar, Hwan-ki fills up two lines of shot glasses and the two friends face off. Hwan-ki returns Woo-il’s wallet, and the friends exchange a glance. In it, Woo-il silently asks if he saw Ro-woon’s sketch, and Hwan-ki nods yes. And then they’re off.

After drinking each other under the table, it is left to Ro-woon to escort the friends back to their room. After depositing Woo-il on his bed, Ro-woon goes back for Hwan-ki, only to find him in splits over her earlier selfie. “She’s so ugly!” he laugh-cries, and Ro-woon rolls her eyes at how long he’d kept that bottled.

She gets him back to his room, then loses balance as she leans forward to put him in bed. She lands between Woo-il and Hwan-ki. Before she can get up, Woo-il pins her in place with his arm, while Hwan-ki ends up inches from her face. As Ro-woon tries to wriggle out, Hwan-ki opens his eyes and gently places a hand on her face.


The bromance was strong in this one. If not for the itty bitty issue of a dead woman in the past, I would have been rooting hard for the Woo-il/Hwan-ki ship this day. This show is hell-bent on making me sympathize with Woo-il. And I do. I understand his fear, I see how he became the man he is, and yet he’s not just the misused, orphaned boy who yearns to belong to a family, Woo-il is also the man who has profited for years from Hwan-ki’s silence and done little to protect his reputation. There is undoubtedly a good man in there–he cares about his employees, wants to do his best by the woman he once saw as a mother–but his relationship with the Eun family is all kinds of wrong.

If all I knew of Hwan-ki and Woo-il’s friendship was what they told me in this episode, then I would have been all for the two making up. Woo-il clearly misses having Hwan-ki at his back. Their history is clear in their every interaction (kudos to the actors for their brilliant chemistry). But I can’t forget Woo-il’s cowardice after Ji-hye’s death, and it seems Hwan-ki can’t either. There are some things that forever change the way you look at someone.

As the most clear-sighted character in the story, Hwan-ki is faced with knowing several truths yet being unable to do anything to change the course of the people he wants to protect. He wants to protect his sister from hurt, but he also wants to protect his friend from his own mistakes. Woo-il might accuse him of holding Yi-soo’s happiness higher than his, but I think it’s the guilt of warring loyalties in his heart that keeps him from actively trying to separate sister from his friend. He cares about Woo-il, feels sorry for him, and yet, he can no longer trust him. This is not a friendship that can be salvaged. I’m hoping for a clean cut in the future.

I realized in this episode that the show has done Ro-woon’s character an injustice. They have failed to make her inherently likeable. The main thrust of her character was of a fearless extrovert out for vengeance, who decides to find out more about Hwan-ki through hook or by crook. If your heroine is going to stalk your hero, go through his things, get into his space, and tell him to smile when he feels self-conscious, then you need to build her up as someone irresistibly charming–someone we would forgive any number of sins, simply because she’s so damned likable. The show didn’t put in enough work into Ro-woon to make us connect with her.

I was waiting to see exactly how the rewrites would affect Ro-woon’s relationship with Hwan-ki. The transition was smooth enough that I don’t think much of her arc was changed. It’s more likely that her development was accelerated. I’m not sure this worked in the show’s favor, since I was willing to swallow Ro-woon’s worst moments, because I was waiting for her comeuppance–her realization that she maligned the wrong man. Unfortunately, that moment seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye and didn’t have the punch I expected. I’m happy that the revenge plan has been put on the back burner, but I don’t think enough happened to take Ro-woon from “Be like Woo-il!” to “Don’t change.” Where was the eureka moment?

Finally, I’m always happy with the way the show utilizes the individual personalities of the Silent Monster employees, and I was delighted by Sun-bong’s chance to get in some bonding time with Hwan-ki. Their simultaneous hyperventilation and Sun-bong’s utter loss of dignity made their scenes the funniest in the episode. I get the feeling that Sun-bong’s going to work harder to keep his snide remarks about Hwan-ki to himself from now onwards.


53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kaytay

    I know some people mentioned it in the previous episodes recap, but I felt it even more in this episode that Yi-soo had something to do with ji-hye’s death. Perhaps it was the subtitles from the site I watched, but the little things that Hwan-ki kept saying about her to Woo-il make me think that there’s more to her story of being there when everything went down.

    Plus, I can’t get over the fact of Hwan-ki running so fast to get to her after she jumped. It may be that he was really worried about her and wanted to make sure she was ok, but he was running REALLY fast and it almost seemed like he knew something dire had happened.

    • 1.1 Writer-nim,jebal

      Idk if Yi Soo had something to do with her death but I am suspecting it was not suicide. For some reason it doesn’t seem like Ji Hye would leave her family behind. She considers others’s feelings too much to do something like that.

    • 1.2 DramaMama

      I agree with you – I, too, believe Yi-soo was somehow involved. Possibly Hwan-ki’s dad too? Even if he isn’t, I so dislike this man – what a terrible father he is!! How does anyone in that family put up with him?

      • 1.2.1 Barbrey

        That’s my suspicion too, DramaMama. We’ve seen how abusive he can be, and there’s nothing to say he didn’t show up to verbally abuse her or threaten her in some way. I have contemplated Yi Soo as more of a culprit too but we haven’t really seen a terrible side of her, though each time she’s seen Il Woo with Ro Woon, I do get a sense of dread, as if Ro Woon’s days are numbered too.

        • Barbrey

          Just in addition to that: we know Il Woo was being bugged or taped by – I assume – the father. One thing that might make the sister commit suicide would be if that is what she was threatened with – a tape of her and Il Woo together. A thought.

          • Rhubarb

            OOOOhhh, I like your theory.

          • Barbrey

            @Rhubarb Thanks! But you know, the more I think of it, this is supposed to be a rom-com at core. How likely is it that the culprit will be related to Hwan ki if he is supposed to get together with Ro Woon at the end? That would be a pretty huge melo obstacle to hurdle for Ro Woon.

            There’s a few things going on.

            1. Someone is bugging Woo Il’s office. I suspected the dad, of course, but if we assume it’s not a relative of Hwan Ki’s, who else might it be?
            2. Someone took the shoes from the rooftop and planted them in Hwan Ki’s office to make it look like the secretary jumped from there, not from the roof, presumably to pin it on Hwan Ki. I can’t see a relative, or Woo Il, doing this.

            So right now, our suspects are the dad and sister playing a larger role than we’ve seen so far in driving her to suicide, but is there someone we might be overlooking? Maybe a rival of the dad’s, for instance, in politics, or perhaps that beautiful office manager-executive whoever from the beginning? I can’t think of anyone myself.

          • rentenmann *SWAG*

            Your #2 point is perfect!!! I hope they explain this part soon. That is one screwy family…

          • Happi

            Could the person who placed the bug and placed the shoes in Hwan-Gi’s office is the reporter?

    • 1.3 Lord Cobol

      You all have beaten be to it.

      Earlier I thought maybe sister was behind the “suicide”. Now I think maybe Dad is more the type to arrange it. Motive: he found out some girl was close to his daughter’s fiance. And he’s the type to have spies or bugs so he would find out.

      The daughter might not be sticking with Woo-il purely out of denial. She might be trying to protect him (?). Unpleasant things would happen to him if her dad decided he was betraying her.

    • 1.4 Rainbowfish

      I THOUGHT SO TOO!! The fact that she was standing right there around the corner in ep 5 and no one addressed it is super suspicious! I think there’s something very sinister about her. I didn’t think Hwan Ki knew about it though. But that does make sense- instead of being angry at Woo Il maybe he’s afraid for Woo Il?

    • 1.5 Sooyi

      Yes, judging from the comments, I am kind of persuaded that Ji-hye’s death wasn’t a suicide and that Yi-soo was somehow involved. I may be totally wrong but Hwan-ki mentioned more than once that he wants to protect “her” after Ji-hye died. I thought it was Ro-woon yet he only tried to appease her sister’s absence so maybe it is Yi-soo he is trying to protect since if she somehow motivated Ji-hye’s “suicide”, she would be criminalised.

  2. Sicarius

    Does Woo Il know that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister? Because I get the feeling he doesn’t…

    • 2.1 Mk

      He definitely doesn’t.

      • 2.1.1 Sicarius

        Yeah that’s what I thought, especially when Hwan Gi said ‘there’s something you don’t know’… I’m waiting for that reveal… it’s go’na be messy.

  3. LizJ

    I liked this episode with one exception – I felt like the writer was waffling on whether or not Woo-il is a sympathetic character or not, and stepping back from him being responsible for Ro-woon’s sister’s death.

    It does make some sense at this point in the plot for that to be unclear, allowing for the bromance/rivalry to play out. And that would be fine, if we didn’t already know that Woo-il’s had slept with Ro-woon’s sister after flirting with her and pursuing her, and then told Hwan-ki (with her overhearing) that it was all a “mistake”.

    Because we, the audience, know at least somewhat about the circumstances of her death at this point, it’s downright icky to watch him flirting with Ro-woon.

    • 3.1 Barbrey

      Yeah, I don’t like seeing him flirt with Ro Woon either, but I do think she reminds him of her sister. I actually think he really cared for the sister, but when pushed to the wall by Hwan ki, his conditioned response when dealing with that family came through. I’ve decided to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise because I quite like him. It will be interesting to see how the writers resolve the opposing messages they’ve been sending to us about him.

    • 3.2 trav

      Woo Il not only said Hwan Ki that it was a mistake – he said she had come at him first.

  4. Mk

    Please give Yi Soo more characterization, show. Don’t let her be this pitiful, shallow second lead.

  5. Writer-nim,jebal

    It is a pity the show had to lose so many viewers for it to be better. Still, Hwang Gi’s coworkers still misunderstand and treat him in an annoying way. Like in that scene when they were sitting around the table trying to figure out something to save Silent Monster. Hwang Gi was thinking what to say and they got scared of him. He had no chance to say ANYTHING and was left alone. For sure Ro Woon is more likeable and I like the drama so much better but these type of things just spoil the mood. Hwang Gi is adorable and Yeon Woo Jin saves the show imo

  6. DramaMama

    I really enjoy this show and had some laugh out loud moments in this episode. But I get a little discombobulated with the way it jumps from scene to scene rather abruptly. Maybe I am missing the transitions? Because it seems like everyone jumps from one place to another so quickly and I can’t keep up.

    The rowing scene was really funny but it also seemed perfect that Hwan-Ki was a sniper, doesn’t it? Alone in his job, even in the military. Well, except that he does have a big heart and probably couldn’t actually have successfully sniped someone.

    It will be interesting to see where they are going to take all of this. We see Ro-Woon changing and I like how our OTP is slowly coming together. But there is still a lot of story left, so I assume we are going to delve further into Ji-Hye’s death and maybe see some heightened conflict between Yi-Soo and Ro-won.

    • 6.1 Barbrey

      I am going to agree with you again, DramaMama, because I too felt off-kilter with the abrupt scene changes. It felt “messy” was my original thought after the episode aired.

    • 6.2 Lord Cobol

      Sniper would actually be a good military specialty for our hero. None of that unpleasant up-close face-to-face contact 🙂

      • 6.2.1 Catt

        Lets not forget he is the original Silent Monster. There is ‘silent’ and there is ‘monster’. I can’t find any other job that fits the term better than sniper.

      • 6.2.2 Flightey Gazelles

        If there’s anything I’ve learnt from Criminal Minds is that snipers are loners and usually lean towards introversion.

  7. jellybine

    I liked how the episodes this week went by. I still have my rese on the show but it became more likeable with the changes they made (though it was not apperent).

    There’s no doubt that I love Hwan-ki through and through so I was working on sympathizing with Ro-woon. I like her more now but I do agree that we missed out on how she came to the realization on Hwan-kij g.

  8. Niyati

    I think my original analysis is right . YS is definitely using guilt and obligation to keep WI at her side. I hope she gets her come uppance and realises that the simplest way to do that is to let him go before its too late to salvage their relationship. I’ve mentioned this before, WI cares for her, at least a little bit. If being with her is no longer an obligation for him, he might just stay by choice. But in forcing him to stay, she’ll never really have him. That fact is going to come out sooner or later. Question is will it come out before its too late to salvage their relationship?

  9. Lord Cobol

    Ro-woon landing conveniently (magically?) on Hwan-ki’s chest.

    That again. How would people in kdrama-land every get anywhere with each other if they weren’t clumsy enough to always trip on each other ? 🙂

    When/if we get our top-10 overused tropes post….

  10. 10 manam

    Interesting to see how we watch the same show and see such different things. Some folks find Woo Il appealing. I’m somewhere between sick to my stomach and in a rage.

    No matter what, he’s the one who pushed himself onto Roo Won’s sister and when he was caught, he didn’t just deny it, he blamed her. Never mind how he’s fed into Hwan Ki’s fears all these year.

    Just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you have the right to break others.

    • 10.1 Sicarius

      Amen. Especially your last line.
      He makes my skin crawl. Even if how Hwan Gi’s father treats him is horrible, and I can see the ramifications of his past on his present self, and understand that, and the whole orphan thing, what he did to Ji Hye, and more importantly to me, that he blamed HER for it all, AND is scarily at risk of making the same mistake with Ro Won… every step Hwan Gi makes to confronting him about it all I secretly rejoice.

      • 10.1.1 harmonyfb

        I agree that I really want to see Hwan-gi confronting Woo-il more often and more directly. I cheered at the ‘wandering eye’ statement.

        My initial reaction to Woo-il was ‘Damn, he’s good at his job’, and then ‘He’s kind of an ass’ and then “Ewww…he’s kind of skeezy” and “No, he’s really skeezy”.

        But that said – I kind of like that they’re making him a more complex character. He’s got a wandering eye, but his weird place in that family informs his character (making himself into a charming chameleon in order to keep everyone happy and his place secure). And then you can see that this crappy family situation is what makes him good at his job – and what makes Hwan-gi ill-suited for running the company.

        • Flightey Gazelles

          I’ll take a complex character over a likable one any day. I don’t have to like you, just never be boring.

          • harmonyfb

            I’ll take a complex character over a likable one any day

            Exactly! I like that he’s sympathetic – and that clearly he’s supposed to be the son of one of his adoptive parents’ friends. And I love that the influence of the abusive father (and self-absorbed mother) can be clearly seen in all three of the kids, but manifesting differently.

    • 10.2 DramaBaby

      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like his character. I just started this drama and since episode 1 I did not like woo il at all. Just the fact that he lets everybody have this bad perception of hwan gi without standing up for him once whilst they all shower him with praises is just so freaking annoying. Woo il doesn’t intend on helping out hwan gi he just wants to stand in hwan gi’s spotlight.
      And I get he’s a poor orphan boy who’s not treated like his part of the family but I still don’t condone cheating. He should get the guts to talk to his fiancé and sort things out or leave her even if he’s afraid of being abandoned by everybody else, he could easily join a company where he would be appreciated. It’s absolutely disgusting to me whenever he flirts with ra won, he obviously hasn’t learnt his lesson and he’s not appreciative of hwan gis sacrifice.

  11. 11 Lord Cobol

    Whatever you think about the rest of her performance, our female lead is really good at making funny faces. Those of you who only read the recap and don’t watch the show won’t understand — but there’s a cure for that.

    • 11.1 StPauli-gurl

      I agree with Lord Cobol – I love her faces! She does a great job at it.

    • 11.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      Yes agree. She is lacking but there are certain aspects she is good at. I recently rewatched Age of Youth in order to refresh how I love this girl before.

    • 11.3 Flightey Gazelles

      Something positive? UNpossible!!

      Jk, its nice to know there are redeeming qualities about her. I’m watching AOY and find Park Hye Soo precious.

  12. 12 StPauli-gurl

    Thanks for the recap FesterFaster! I’ve been waiting for this so that I could add my two cents about this cute show.

    After watching so many dramas I’ve decided that I’ll give a show 4 episodes to find out if I like it or not. Usually, I don’t drop a drama at that point and sometimes I’ve really regretted it. But in this case, I’m liking this show more with every episode.

    I agree with everyone that Ro-woon was really hard to like at first. However, it seems that the whole point of the dramas is that people seem to grow and change through their relationships with each other. Well most everyone – not all the villains change but mostly everyone. So I decided that she was going to grow up and let go of her anger and revenge. It only made sense. With that in mind I’ve been willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and now I’m pleased with her growth – even if they had to do a re-write – it’s working for me. She’s cute and sweet and makes great funny faces. For some reason, I didn’t see any disconnect with her change in attitude about Hwan-ki – I see it as her growing up.

    Now Hwan-ki on the other hand – is absolutely adorable and sweet. I’m totally smitten and just can’t get enough of his radiant smile (when we get to see it) and mental gymnastics he has to go through before every interaction. He is totally killing this role and as a result, I’m cheering for him all the way through. I love how he (or the writers) uses his black hood and hat to reflect his level of comfort or discomfort. I see that he always puts the hood down and takes his hat off when he would talk with the employees. Oh, and can I say I just can’t get enough of those long legs as he strides across the grass?
    That scene in the kayak was hysterical and I watched it more than once it was just so funny!!!

    Then Woo-il is a very complex character. I feel sorry for him as much as I despise his character. The friendship between them is really complicated and sad. I agree, maybe it isn’t salvageable, but I do hope for that.
    Hwan-ki’s dad is a totally awful person, his mother is manipulative and pathetic and Yi-soo, well I’m still not sure what to think. It never occurred to me that she had anything to do with the suicide.

    But for those who have maligned this show I just want to say, sometimes it takes time for the main characters to find themselves and become the better people we know they will be.

    So I’m all on board with this show and am enjoying it – rewrite and all. There you go – this is just my two cents worth!

    • 12.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Please come back with a cent or more. Loved reading your thoughts.

      • 12.1.1 StPauli-gurl

        @ Flighty Gazelles – thank you.

  13. 13 Murking Around

    That rowing scene was downright hilarious, but did anyone notice when Woo Il was carrying Hwang Ki, he smacked his butt?! And while Hwang Ki was rubbing it, ro woon made no indication that she cared? I mean, I was dying when I saw that. I could really see the bromance in this episode, which makes me angry when they be trying to make us forget about the earlier episodes…

    • 13.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Smacking butts!! That’s it, this nay just be the final straw that convinces me to start watching this show.

      • 13.1.1 s9313071e

        I thought that was funny, as with the boat scene.

  14. 14 ReaSilvi

    can anybody tell me where exactly Ji Hye suicide? In first episode, she took off her shoes at the rooftop before she died. But then, Hwan gi found her shoes at his office. I don’t understand. Can anyone explain it to me?

    I think, it’s impossible if Ji hye’s shoes walked alone to Hwan gi’s office *-*

    • 14.1 Barbrey

      It’s possible whoever spurred her to make that leap planted the shoes in Hwang ki’s office window to blame it on him. He and Woo Il – unless Woo il is dissembling – seem to believe she jumped from his window because the shoes were there.

      • 14.1.1 DramaMama

        I hadn’t realized that the location of the suicide (murder?) was bothering me until you all brought it up, but you are right – it was shown to be on the roof but he found the shoes in his office!! So Barbrey, your theory makes complete sense. Funny how I had the question in my mind but it was unarticulated until now…

  15. 15 nom~nom

    I just want to find out about mother of Hwang Ki, what’s up with her being all giddy? Saying it’s been a long time since we have seen you son and not giving a crap to talk with him for a minute…. -_- I don’t get why she is not that affectionate with her own son I mean if your son had a any kind of trouble- any caring mother of k-drama would try to solve it asap. I guess she is in oblivion or just a minor character. Am I missing the point here is she not his real mother? It is really starting to bother me. Should I start focusing on other character like that journalist who has contact with Ro woon because he looks like he has something against Hwang ki’s father.

  16. 16 Shauna

    I love this show

  17. 17 Purebristles

    Is it true that there’s been a reduction of episodes to 14 from 16? My friend just told me but I can’t find any news reports on it!

  18. 18 mbb

    which resort they went to Malaysia?
    isit really in Malaysia?

    • 18.1 IZ

      Club Med, Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia

  19. 19 Angie

    i don’t like the way Rowoon shrinks up her mouth. it reminds me of cartoons when they eat ALUM lol

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