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Missing 9: Episode 10
by | February 17, 2017 | 63 Comments

Chairwoman Jo is determined to close the crash investigation, truth and justice be damned. Her unholy alliance with CEO Jang leads to a situation that seems impossible to change, and Bong-hee begins to despair that the truth will never come to light. But she’s not ready to give up quite yet, and fate still has a few more surprises in store for all our survivors, living or dead.


At Ki-joon’s prompting, Bong-hee finally remembers that Tae-ho stabbed Joon-oh in the back as they traveled on the boat off the island. Her knees give out and she cries, recalling how a rogue wave had washed over the boat, and that she hasn’t seen Joon-oh since.

Bong-hee is taken to a hospital bed to sleep, with Ki-joon and Ji-ah watching over her. Ki-joon tells Tae-young how Bong-hee ended up on the island and how she’d saved So-hee’s life several times over, and Tae-young is surprised, since Bong-hee never told him.

He steps out to take a call from Chairwoman Jo, who isn’t pleased that he took Bong-hee to China to see the survivors without telling her. He counters that they wouldn’t have been able to see Ki-joon and Ji-ah once she got her hands on them, and wonders out loud why they would refuse her protection and only trust Bong-hee.

Chairwoman Jo gets angry and says that Bong-hee will be facing murder conspiracy charges soon, but Tae-young is unconcerned (now that they have Ki-joon and Ji-ah to vouch for her). He says that it was never Bong-hee who was hiding anything, but “someone else.”

He admits that he came here hoping to hear Joon-oh’s story, and Chairwoman Jo scoffs. She tells him to just bring Bong-hee back soon so they can keep her quiet until the investigation is over.

She hangs up on him without finding out who the survivors are, and takes her frustration out on Investigator Oh when he asks about them. Cranky now, she orders him to just get the survivors here, no matter what it takes.

Tae-young gets another call, this time from an anonymous person who says he has evidence as to the identity of So-hee’s true killer.

As Bong-hee sleeps, she thinks about a time on the island when she’d been watching Joon-oh play hopscotch. Remembering that he said his family was gone, she’d asked him to let him into his circle of friends. She’d said she could feed him, find him a place to sleep, be on his side when nobody else would, and always believe in him.

Joon-oh had asked why Bong-hee trusted him so much, and she’d said that believing in the invisible is true belief. Joon-oh had been excited and made her promise not to stop believing in him when they got back to Seoul.

She finally wakes, and Ji-ah and Ki-joon tell her that they’ve heard about what’s happening in Korea, with Tae-ho accusing Joon-oh of the murders. She tells them that Ho-hang is also back, and that he sided with Tae-ho.

Ji-ah grows agitated, angry that Tae-ho is getting away with everything. Ki-joon tells Bong-hee that they haven’t been back to Korea yet because they suspect that CEO Hwang’s “accident” wasn’t much of an accident. They decide that it’s time to return now so that they can support Bong-hee and make sure that Tae-ho is punished.

Tae-young interrupts to say that he needs to go meet the person who says he has evidence regarding So-hee’s death. Bong-hee wants to go with him, and won’t take no for an answer.

CEO Jang and Tae-ho are there though, meeting with the director of the hospital. A suitcase full of cash convinces him to look the other way while CEO Jang and Tae-ho do… something not good. CEO Jang leaves and Tae-ho stays behind to supervise.

Tae-young convinces Bong-hee to remain at the hospital and heads out with Prosecutor Jo to his meeting. An ambulance pulls up at the other end of the hospital, and a whole crew of men dressed in patient’s pajamas jump out carrying dangerous-looking weapons.

Their leader reminds them they aren’t here to kill anyone, and one man pulls out photos of Ki-joon and Ji-ah. Bong-hee watches from behind a tree as the leader says they can kill them if they have to, and she runs into the hospital to warn them.

The thugs enter the hospital and chain all the exit doors shut. They’re menacing as they comb the hospital looking for people who match Ki-joon’s and Ji-ah’s photos. They walk right past Bong-hee, but when she spots Tae-ho approaching, she rushes to Ki-joon’s room to tell them to make a run for it.

Tae-ho leads the men to Ki-joon’s room, where they’re greeted by Bong-hee’s sunny smile. She uses a cabinet to keep them away and escapes the room, only to find herself face-to-face with Tae-ho. She keeps on running, and he looks amused to see her here.

The thugs somehow run right past Ji-ah and Ki-joon, but they bump into the man with the photos. He decides Ji-ah doesn’t look like her glamorous photo and shoves her aside, which pisses her off.

While he’s recognizing Ki-joon, Ji-ah sucker-punches him and snaps, “It’s me, you bastard.” HA, I love her. And I love that Ki-joon assures her that the guy didn’t recognize her because she’s much prettier in person.

The meeting place Tae-young is given looks sketchy, and soon a car pulls up and several tough-looking men get out. They immediately attack, and Prosecutor Jo, while not the best fighter, still gets a few good licks in.

Tae-young takes on several thugs, and between him and his two helpers, they knock out their attackers. Tae-young figures out that this was just a ploy to get him away from the hospital, and they jump in the car to speed back.

Ji-ah and Ki-joon stop to rest in a laundry room, where Ki-joon realizes that his stab wound is open and bleeding. He tries to send Ji-ah on without him, but she refuses, even when he begs her. Instead, she spots a laundry basket and says it’s her turn to save him.

A short while later, she’s dressed as a hospital maintenance person, pushing the laundry cart with Ki-joon inside. She bops him on the head for peeking too much and rolls him up to one of the chained doors, where he begins working on picking the lock.

Most of the thugs are busy chasing Bong-hee as she creates as much of a ruckus as she can. She bobs and weaves, jumps over railings, and smacks the thugs with dinner trays — in short, she’s a total badass. Tae-ho patiently waits, saving his energy, and follows Bong-hee when she makes a run for it.

Ki-joon gets the lock open, and he and Ji-ah rush out the door, only to find another couple of thugs on the other side. Ji-ah kicks them both to the floor, and she and Ki-joon hit and kick them senseless. I am loving this so much. But the thug leader and a couple of his cronies show up, and they kick Ji-ah before punching Ki-joon right in his stab wound. The two fall to the floor, defeated.

When he can’t reach anyone at the hospital regarding the survivors, Investigator Oh orders someone to go there in person. Chairwoman Jo remembers Tae-young saying that the survivors are worried for their safety, and she tells Investigator Oh to find out if Tae-ho and CEO Jang are in China.

Tae-ho corners Bong-hee and calmly tells her that Joon-oh is gone, so there’s no need for all this fuss. She snarls that Joon-oh always trusted him, and the tiniest flicker of guilt crosses his face before his expression hardens again. He takes a swing at her, but Bong-hee dodges it easily, then goes at him with fists flying.

She gets in several strong punches before Tae-ho kicks her away and picks up a discarded cane. Bong-hee dodges the swinging cane before stomping on his foot and kneeing him in the gut. She pulls back a fist to deliver another punch, but he shoves her against the wall and asks if she’s having fun, then punches her hard in the stomach.

She recovers and head-butts him away, then punches him three more times. The last punch knocks him to the ground, and she gives him one strong kick in the belly, then shatters the window with the cane. She escapes out the window, leaving Tae-ho chuckling that things just got interesting.

Tae-young pulls up just as Bong-hee reaches the parking lot, and she tells him what’s happening inside. He runs to Ki-joon’s room but it’s too late — Ji-ah and Ki-joon are gone.

The strangest part is that every single hospital worker says that nothing at all happened. Unfortunately there are no CCTV cameras, so although Tae-young believes Bong-hee, there’s no proof that anyone came into the hospital.

The prosecutors figure out that the hospital must have been bribed, and Bong-hee says they wouldn’t do that if they were going to just kill Ki-joon and Ji-ah. They conclude that they must have been taken by CEO Jang and Tae-ho.

Chairwoman Jo gets CEO Jang on the phone, and warns him that he’d better not lay a finger on the survivors. She says that she’s not on his side just because she’s been doing what he wants, and CEO Jang says that he thought they had the same goal. She firmly informs CEO Jang that he will nicely escort the survivors back to Korea and into her care.

CEO Jang gets off the phone and steps into the next room, where he finds Ki-joon and Ji-ah, looking terrified. He acts all friendly and sits them down in front of a lavish meal, then asks Ki-joon to speak with him privately. Ki-joon goes reluctantly, worried to leave Ji-ah alone.

Once they’re alone, CEO Jang tells Ki-joon that things have been chaotic at the company, and that Ji-ah’s mother demanded a huge sum of money from Legend as compensation for Ji-ah’s loss. He says they need to get Ji-ah back in Korea and working as soon as possible to cover the cost. Ki-joon asks what he’s getting at, and CEO Jang tells him that they have to say that Joon-oh is the murderer.

When Ki-joon rejoins Ji-ah, she’s crying around a mouth stuffed full of food. She sobs an apology for eating everything, and he gently wipes away her tears and says it’s okay. She feeds him something, but he seems to have lost his appetite.

Back at the hospital, Bong-hee searches for Ji-ah and Ki-joon, putting together what happened as she retraces their steps. She asks her memories of Joon-oh on what he would do now, knowing that he wouldn’t give up looking for them.

Tae-young arrives back in Korea to learn that he’s been reassigned to an office in Changwon, at the other end of the country. He angrily demands to know why, and his supervisor says that it’s because he made trouble looking for his sister’s killer. Tae-young insists that this won’t stop him, swearing he’ll continue to investigate until the truth is revealed.

Ki-joon and Ji-ah go back to Seoul, and he goes back to being her manager. She doesn’t understand what she’s been told to do, and Ki-joon reminds her that she said she wanted to save him this time. She asks what that has to do with anything, but he tells her to just trust him, not ask questions and do as she’s told, and she’ll save him that way.

While they were talking in the car, Bong-hee was nearby speaking with Joon-oh’s old manager. He’d told her that they came back a few days ago, but she still hasn’t seen or heard from them. She goes to visit CEO Hwang in the hospital where he’s still in a coma, and tearfully begs him to please wake up and help her.

Masking her face with a scarf, Bong-hee slips into the press conference that’s being held for Ki-joon and Ji-ah to tell their sides of the story. Ji-ah is nervous in the green room, and when they step out to enter the conference room, Bong-hee stops her to ask why she hasn’t contacted her.

Ji-ah just apologizes vaguely and leaves, and when Bong-hee tries to talk to Ki-joon, he does the same thing. She asks why they keep apologizing, but he doesn’t answer. Sensing that something is wrong, Bong-hee says that he’ll regret it if he doesn’t tell the truth, but Ki-joon just gives her a sad look and walks away. Ji-ah and Ki-joon take the stage with Tae-ho, and Ki-joon petulantly trips Tae-ho and makes him fall. HA.

We see the second half of Ki-joon’s conversation with CEO Jang in the Chinese hotel, when CEO Jang told him to testify that Joon-oh was the killer. Ki-joon angrily accused him of using Joon-oh and Ji-ah for money, and CEO Jang had pulled a gun on him. He’d laughed and said he wouldn’t kill Ki-joon — but he would kill Ji-ah.

With the survivors (except Bong-hee) standing behind her, Chairwoman Jo recites the events of the crash and its aftermath for the press. She says that they’ve found the bodies of the pilot (that Tae-ho killed for his food), the first mate (who died when they tried to escape on the life raft), and reporter Ki-won. With So-hee’s body washing up in China, that makes four confirmed dead.

She introduces the four survivors onstage — Ji-ah, Ki-joon, Tae-ho and Ho-hang — and mentions the absent Bong-hee. She talks about CEO Hwang’s accident and says that Yeol is considered to be missing, then tells the press that Joon-oh, who is either missing or dead, is presumed to be So-hee’s killer.

The reporters erupt with questions, and Chairwoman Jo tells them that Tae-ho and Ho-hang have testified that Joon-oh was the killer. As Bong-hee listens in shock, she adds that both Ji-ah and Ki-joon have testified, and that they also point to Joon-oh as the murderer. The two stand onstage, silent and shamefaced.

A reporter asks for a final statement, and Chairwoman Jo says that they believe Joon-oh killed So-hee, then attacked the others on the fishing boat. Their official statement is that he died from injuries sustained on the boat. With that, she declares the investigation closed.

The survivors bow and file offstage amid a flurry of questions. On their way out, Ki-joon whaps Tae-ho hard upside the head. HAHA, I adore his aggressive passive-aggressive attacks, made right in front of everyone so that Tae-ho can’t retaliate.

Ki-joon finds Bong-hee later, still in the back of the conference hall. He apologizes and says there was no other way, and she shoots daggers at him before storming off. With tears in his eyes, he recalls a time after Jae-hyun’s death and Joon-oh’s drunk driving scandal when he and Joon-oh had gotten drunk together at Joon-oh’s place.

They’d woken in the morning, hung over and miserable, and Joon-oh had downed a few herbal tonics so he could drink some more. Ki-joon had stopped him, asking if he thought this would bring Jae-hyun back.

Joon-oh had been consumed with guilt, believing he killed Jae-hyun, but Ki-joon had loyally told him it wasn’t his fault. He’d assured Joon-oh that he wouldn’t be knocked out by this, and that he believed Joon-oh had done nothing wrong.

That evening, Bong-hee’s neighbor calls her out, saying that a famous singer is here to see her. She rushes outside, but finds Tae-ho waiting for her, not Joon-oh. He sneers that her place reminds her of their camp on the island, saying that she lives no better here. Jerkface.

Bong-hee tells him to get lost, and he has the audacity to sigh that those were hard times. He says that he learned a lot on the island, and can get through anything now. Bong-hee tells him again to buzz off, and he says in this freakishly casual voice that it would be just as easy to kill her as it was the others. He advises her to move on and stay silent.

Bong-hee sits outside long after Tae-ho leaves, and her mother eventually comes to check on her. She tells her daughter to just let everything go now, and live like they used to do, as if nothing ever happened. Bong-hee cries, but she nods agreement. Later, she calls Tae-young to tell him that she needs to return something to him.

The next day, Tae-young goes to his now-empty office to wait for Bong-hee. He picks up a photograph that fell out of his things as he was packing up, and stares at the picture of Joon-oh looking back at him.

Bong-hee fondles So-hee’s infinity necklace as she sits at the bus stop and answers a call from an unknown number. We don’t hear what she hears, but it makes her stand up in surprise, then break into a run.

Instead of Tae-young’s office, she goes to the airport, and calls him to apologize. She says that she has to go and see the person who called her, to put her faith in him one last time. We hear what the person who called said to her: “Bong-hee-ah, it’s me, Joon-oh. Seo Joon-oh.”

Bong-hee walks along a rocky beach, and eventually comes upon a man with his back to her. He turns, and it’s Joon-oh, looking pale and tired but alive. He slowly walks towards Bong-hee… then continues on past her, without even looking at her.

Tears fill Bong-hee’s eyes, and she calls his name. Joon-oh turns back and looks at her in confusion, and asks if she knows him. Oh no, not more amnesia!

Suddenly he breaks into a smile and starts dancing around, crowing that he’s always wanted to fool someone like that. You evil little troll! He grabs Bong-hee in a big, happy hug, grinning from ear to ear, and she hugs him back gratefully.

Joon-oh leans back and looks Bong-hee in the eyes. “Bong-hee-ah,” he says. “Let’s go to Seoul.”


He’s alive! I knew he had to be, but it’s so good to see Joon-oh and Bong-hee back together. They’ve been each other’s best friends and strongest supporters ever since they ended up on the island together, and Bong-hee always felt a little adrift back in the world without Joon-oh, as if she were only half of a whole. Even though everyone is against them now and the world thinks Joon-oh is a cold-blooded killer, he and Bong-hee have always been a team that could accomplish anything they set out to do. I have a feeling that, now that they’re back together, things are going to start turning back in their favor.

And there’s still CEO Hwang, who could wake from his coma any time now, not to mention my eternal hope that Yeol could still show up alive to help them. Yeol never lost his love for Joon-oh even after everyone else turned their backs on him, and I’m positive he would be one of Joon-oh’s biggest supporters if he makes it back (crossing my fingers!). I’m also pretty certain that Ki-joon will crack once he sees that Joon-oh is alive — if not for the threat to Ji-ah, he would have never betrayed his best friend in the first place. I do hope we get a chance to see him knock Tae-ho around a bit more first, though.

I loved getting to see Ji-ah kick some serious ass in this episode, because I was feeling like she was underutilized on the island for such a strong, sassy character. We’d been told that she was fierce and independent, but we didn’t get to see much of that on the island, probably due to her illness and injury. As it turns out, she just has skills better suited to the civilized world, and it’s great watching her use that quick mind and strong will (and when all else fails, fists and feet) to get out of scrapes.

Speaking of badass women, how awesome was Bong-hee when she was fending off the thugs and fighting Tae-ho? We’ve known she’s capable and strong, the way she nearly singlehandedly fed everyone on the island for several months, but I did’t expect her to be a brawler, too. She gave Tae-ho a serious run for his money and thoroughly kicked his ass, and I’m not ashamed to say that I was cheering her on at the top of my lungs while watching that scene.

In fact, I love how this show portrays women in general as intelligent, strong, and capable of taking care of themselves. Bong-hee and Ji-ah will just straight up take you down if you cross them, while So-hee had a mouth on her that could strike fear into the heart of even a killer like Tae-ho. Chairwoman Jo, while clearly evil and corrupt, leads her team like a general, and even Bong-hee’s mom took on a group of ajummas who dared to badmouth her baby. It’s so much fun seeing the women handling their own problems and occasionally even saving the men. Not one woman in this drama has been weak or in need of rescue, and it’s great to see the men around them treat them with a healthy dose of respect.

The only thing I think the show hasn’t been clear on, is why Tae-ho is being allowed to walk free and why everyone is so willing to go along with his lies, but to me it seems obvious. It’s been a while since the show reminded us about his status as a top star, but remember, he’s an extremely famous idol-turned-actor who’s been making Legend Entertainment a ridiculous amount of money in the past couple of years. Joon-oh, on the other hand, was disgraced and relegated to digging in mud flats for baby octopus just to get his face on television. So who would it benefit the company the most to have declared innocent — the beloved actor, or the famous screw-up? CEO Jang doesn’t care one whit about Tae-ho himself, he just wants his cash cow back and bringing in the dough again. Combine that with his own willingness to do violence, and the survivors’ abject terror after having each been threatened and nearly killed by Tae-ho themselves, and it’s no wonder that they’re all bending over backward to make sure Tae-ho is declared innocent of any wrongdoing. It’s a terrible situation for Joon-oh to return to, but I hope that now that he’s back, he has a plan to make everything right again. But if nothing else, he has one good friend that he can always count on.


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. berries


  2. KDramaWatcher2609

    The last scene give me nearly a shock too. I thought another amnesia!? Phew….Luckily not ! And the irony that BH can beat up TH in the hospital in this episode while several of them can’t even subdue him on the island? How illogical?? And with the fast moving plot and another 6 more epi to go, I wonder what other plot can they show other than fighting to reveal the truth by JO, BH and prosecutor Yoon and maybe the final faceoff of JO and TH.

    • 2.1 Serpent

      Yeah the plot is moving fast dont know what else they have in store.

      But still Bong Hee beating Tae Oh was amazing hahaha felt really good. Ji Ah was also awesome how she beat them guys but yeah on the island she also couldn’t subdue TH and now she is kicking ass(maybe because she was ill who knows) not that i’m complaining I liked it. lets not talk about Ki Joon hahaha hes hilarious BH and JA should teach him how to fight.

      Finally we see JO a live.

      • 2.1.1 CatoCat

        Bong Hee – This is how you write Capable, Competent, Sensible and atrong Female Characters. 38 Task Force scriptwriter never disappoints in this feat at all.

        I knew Bong Hee has it in her to beat the crap out of Tae Ho. Ji-Ah did well too but her role is so short that she just can’t show much.

        On island Tae-Ho and Bong Hee didn’t fight so island issue can’t be considered here.

      • 2.1.2 Lord Cobol

        Yes, plot is moving fast. So fast maybe they’ll wrap it up in 2 episodes and then give us 4 eps of soothing beach scenes…
        … we’ll need it to unwind.

      • 2.1.3 KDramaWatcher2609

        Ki Joon is physically weaker than Ji Ah and Bong Hee. He can’t fight and his weakness of Ji Ah that’s why CEO Jang uses her to threaten him. Sigh.

      • 2.1.4 shallwe?

        I think BH is standing in for the audience here, because we all want to see TH go down.

  3. Amie

    It’s getting to be ridiculous at this point but it’s ok, I’ll keep on watching coz it’s fun anyway. How do you let Tae Ho have his way having killed a total of 6 people already. 1 in Seoul and 5 in the island alone. He is evil but I can’t help noticing that he is also kinda handsome, tchk, tchk… all for fame. Well, you will be very famous soon Tae Ho, just wait, more famous than you’ve ever been.

    • 3.1 Annie

      To sum it up in just one word: “ridiculouser and ridiculouser!” I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably a slapstick comedy, and I don’t mean the attack of the thugs in the Chinese hospital. I mean the bribe which covered everyone and his dog.
      So they give money to the hospital manager, then they run around and wreak havoc, and when the police comes (in 30 minutes? one hour?) and questions them, absolutely nobody saw nothing, because… allllll the staff and alllll the patients (and probably their visitors) had been bribe,d, too with their share of the money in the briefcase? They were threatened with being thrown on the streets without receiving treatment? Now that’s a mystery that I’d love to see solved!
      Also, the prosecutor receives a random call about a tip in his sister’s death and he doesn’t realize it’s a trap, probably because he never watched dramas and couldn’t figure out it’s a trap (raise your hands, how many of you thought it was a trap?).
      Also the prosecutor is sent to work in a far away place, but he lets his superior know that he won’t give up, he will continue his investigation etc. etc. Ok, ok, I won’t let myself “aggravated” by it, because we got to hear Tae-Young’s voice longer!
      So yeah, the writing of this drama is… quite interesting. I won’t give up, though, because I’d like to see it untangled (also because I love-love-love all the actor’s work!). But while in the first episodes I took breaks because I found it too intense, from now on I’ll relax and take it as a comedy.
      I’d like to finish on an optimist note, so here it is: Yeolie-ya, fighting!

      • 3.1.1 Cocoboo

        The hospital staff and patients were not doing anything to help Bong Hee when she was chased by the thugs so I wasn’t surprised that no one stood up for her when the police arrived. I don’t think they were all bribed. They were probably threatened or hushed or scared to get involved.

        But yeah, I don’t know why Tae Young immediately went after that tip. Right when he received that call, I was wondering why he didn’t think about who the person could be if not one of the survivors.

        I really do want to see him investigating more. So far, he hasn’t done much.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          What we know that in stereotype, China is a country full of bribery so I’m not surprised that everybody at the hospital are being bribed into saying that nothing is happened in that hospital.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I kinda guessed that prosecutor Yoon was being lured away to another place so that the Chinese gangsters can go around the hospital searching for Ji Ah and Ki Joon. I thought he should be smart enough to anticipate this (evidence on the truth behind his sister’s death??)

  4. Adralyn

    I was going to stop watching if Joon-oh didn’t show up this episode. YAY! I think he is the only one strong enough (and he has the additional information) to take Tae-ho on with Bong-here and Prosecutor Yoon. I can’t wait to see these three in action.

    • 4.1 cyjy

      OMG ME TOO! I thought I was the only one T_T Need more Joon Oh scenes

  5. Greenfields

    You know, I’ve put this show on hold and was going to drop it altogether after reading comments that it is getting sillier by the episode. But LollyPip’s final thoughts abut strong women have raised my interest again.

    *sigh* I just can’t seem to make up my mind about this one.

  6. ET

    This week’s episodes were so hard to watch. It has gone from Lord of the Flies to Child’s Play starring Tae Ho as Chucky. I can take plotholes, logic gaps and all but I think I’ve reached my limit.

    I used to anticipate new episodes but the mystery is gone. At first, I thought it was going the way of LOST, maybe something not run of the mill kdrama. I was also ready for it to be like “Lord of the Flies” where it would explore human nature in fight for survival, power struggles, group vs individual and so forth. Now, we just have Tae Ho the serial killer with astonishing power and 9 lives(probably more!)

    Was the scene with the Chinese gangsters meant to be funny? I didn’t laugh at all. It was sheer stupidity.

    I am only watching this for Bong Hee.

    • 6.1 Sunny

      Me too. I was excepting the shows themes to be more like “Lord of the Flies.”

    • 6.2 Lord Cobol

      Yes, Bong-hee is a good character, and Baek Jin-Hee is doing a great job. Hard to imagine any other actress in that role.

    • 6.3 Alert

      Agreed. The whiplash themes from Lost to Chucky made me scratch my head a bit.

      So what’s next?

      Will Joon Ho go all out ala Count of Monte Cristo?
      Or the Defendant route?

      It would be weird to start the show at an island and ended in a courtroom. Please don’t, show!

  7. Sandy

    How did Joon Oh Get Bong Hee’s number? If he was still on the island how did he get a phone?

    • 7.1 Cocoboo

      I was thinking he probably had her number back when they met during the filming gig with the mud flats.

      I don’t think he’s on the island. I think he’s in China.

  8. Cozybooks

    Why is it that every time something takes place in China it will inevitably increase the dramatics factor by 11? I nearly died laughing when they all tumbled out of the ambulance with an arsenal up their hospital gowns.

    • 8.1 Cocoboo

      Yeah that was hilarious and clearly gave us an idea about the type of thugs they’d be facing. Scary, but not smart.

      • 8.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I don’t think the gangsters exiting from that ambulance trying to pretend as doctors and patients with their weapons are funny though. It was kinda inappropriate.

        • Flo

          Yeahhh!!! Agree with you. It’s not funny at all. They try to be funny, but not. I didn’t laught and I saw it like STUPID gangster.
          But I like this drama bcoz of Bong-hee.. Her character is so good, also Seo Joo Ho..

  9. mysterious

    He’s back! They’re together again! And that’s all that matters right now. Yes, they have a major mountain to climb, but these two are great together and I’m sure they can overcome it. So looking forward to them taking Tae-ho down. I love how strong and independent the woman are. I am woman, hear me roar!

  10. 10 Serpent

    Im sorry but even through all the seriousness this episode was hilarious hahaaha:

    – The chinise bad guys with them wapens.
    – The hospital scenes were gold especially when the bad guy couldn’t recognise JA haha, KJ fighting and the chase after BH.
    – JA eating and crying too funny.
    – The press conference KJ tripping TH and than slapping him xD.
    – JO faking memory loss classic.

    Yeah the story is getting crazy buts its still a lot of fun

    • 10.1 ObsessedMuch

      Yup this episode was definitely funny! And I was laughing out loud in all the scenes u mentioned!

    • 10.2 Cocoboo

      Yessss those moments were the exact ones that I found funny too. So strange seeing all the random bits of humor.

  11. 11 ObsessedMuch

    This is the only show I am watching right now (How the mighty have fallen- from 7-8 shows a week to just one) and I am loving it all despite the HUGE plot-holes!

    Can we just talk about how amazing ALL the women characters are??!! And kudos to Ra Bong Hee and Ji Ah- they are totally badass!

    And Joon Ho, oh Joon Ho! I was screaming NOOOOO when he said “do you know me”.. I was even willing to kill the writers if that actually happened (38 Task Force connection be dammed) but thank holy god that he was playing a joke!

    I am almost sure that Yeol is alive now. Because from talking about his death, they have started talking about his body not being found.

    Tae Ho is a psychopath. Period. (But people, do watch this actor in We Got Married, he is such a sweet guy)

    • 11.1 skelly

      The actor playing Tae Ho obviously has range, then, if he can be a totally sweet guy on WGM. I think it is funny, though, how people insist that the characters portrayed on WGM are the actors’ and actresses’ “real” personalities – WGM is just as heavily scripted and edited as any other “reality” show, and you see what they want you to see. Didn’t anybody wonder why the entire entertainment world is populated by 100% sweethearts and dorks?

      • 11.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I don’t watch WGM but any show on TV in any country and even variety shows are scripted and fake just like acting in any dramas / movies. The artistes don’t portrayed their true self whenever they are on camera. They have to portray kind, likeable and good personality whenever the camera roll in action.

    • 11.2 elgato

      Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what plot holes did you find?

  12. 12 CatoCat

    This episode was funny – Gang member doing patients cosplay trying to find Ki-Joon and Ji-Ah and can’t recognise them because of Photoshop Pics. The whole scene was so unreal that it almost became parody of the show itself. Bad timed humour is one of the key point of the show.

    CEO Jang is not here only for money – He has grabbed the CEO position too so he also have much to lose and to save himself he will surely throw Tae-Ho out of the running bus.

    Joon Oh is back. So we will save another island round and some Courtroom Drama or some lively fight on a random beach!!? I think so.

  13. 13 Vivs

    Haven’t watched it yet but this episode sounds wild and illogical, but that’s alright. I am probably going to cry at the scene when Bong-Hee and Joon-Oh reunite. I teared up reading about it. PLEASE SHOW KEEP THEM SAFE AND HAPPY

  14. 14 oosiee

    Really loving this show!!
    BTW..instead of ‘Missing 9’,this show should’ve been named ‘Missing Yeol’!
    Just come back alive Yeol-ah!! Please!!!

    • 14.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Now he is the only one who is missing (body not found so maybe he is still alive)

  15. 15 Lilium

    I agree with comments that the episode was peppered with humour… slapstick or otherwise. What about Joon Ki’s silent protests too?

    People say it’s illogical and riddled with plotholes but I think everything feels so deliberate that it’s satirical and bleakly farcical… in the original sense of the word.

  16. 16 Leoni

    Because of the mixed reviews for this show, I’ve held off watching or reading the recaps. I’ll probably see how people react to the ending before deciding whether or not to pick it up. However, I have read in a couple places that, rather than being written by Han Jung-hoon (of Bad Guys and 38 Task Force), Missing 9 was -created- by him and written by someone named Son Hwang-won. Does anyone know if that’s truly the case? Would it mean Han Jung-hoon wasn’t as involved in the final product?

    • 16.1 Lord Cobol

      D-addicts says what you say “Screenwriter: Son Hwang Won”
      “Creator: Han Jung Hoon”

      Wikipedia says that in the stats to the right of the page, but the text of the article says “Kim Ban-di wrote the first script, and then revised by Han Jung-hoon”. Confusing, like maybe parts of the article were written/edited by people who disagreed (?)

      Dramabeans (in posts from before the show started) and Asianwiki support the Kim -> Han sequence and don’t mention Son.

      Argh! It’s confusing enough to make me wish I hadn’t tried to check it out. Anybody else know anything?

      But anyone who wants to criticize the writing may have 3 people to blame? 🙂

      • 16.1.1 Lorilei

        I went to MBC’s official website (in Korean) for this drama, and it does say that it’s created by Han Jung Hoon and that the screenwriter is Son Hwang Won. So it seems d-addicts is correct.

        From what I understand, Song Ji Na and Kim Ban Di were in charge of writing the script. They both dropped out, Han Jung Hoon took over as a creator and Son Hwang Won was appointed as the screenwriter while Han Jung Hoon supervised over the writing.

        • Leoni

          Thank you both for looking into it with me! I’ve still got an eye on this show so far, regardless of who’s writing it.

          • shallwe?

            Ok, this makes sense. This episode especially was almost completely off the rails, only to come back to cohesion in the last third. I was wondering if there was a mix of writers penning this show because it’s been very uneven.

            And because it can’t be said too much–Yeol needs to come back ALIVE. It’s totally believable at this point that he could.

  17. 17 Valerian

    I love this show so much despite the plotholes that people keep pointing out in the drama. I guess in every drama, there are plotholes, but at least, in missing 9, most of my questions are answered, so I’m fine with them. The drama is supposed to be satirical, not to be taken at its face value or even made to be believable.. so I don’t understand the hate. So far, i think that this drama is better than the idol-packed drama that is currently airing. At least here, the ladies are portrayed as strong and intelligent.. that in a way is straying from the typical kdrama where women are shown as weak and constantly require men to save them. I seriously detest damsel in distress plot, so i find this show refreshing.

  18. 18 Lord Cobol

    she calls Tae-young to tell him that she needs to return something to him

    Guess we’re supposed to think it’s the bracelet (or whatever) from So-Hee, but it would sure be nice if it turned out to be a recording device full of Tae-ho talking about how easy it is to kill people.

    • 18.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I don’t think that she was prepared with any recording device when TH suddenly went to look for her. I wished that she have, anyway.

  19. 19 NewComerDb

    with such a fast plot and it still take 6 episode more to go.I think there is something fishy about this drama.i think that plot hole is not just a plot hole.I mean it just tooo illogical to not ignore it.and im still hoping that this drama still have an ultimate key to finish it like it is some drama with 9 personality or the ending like shutter island maybe(?).
    and Although this drama have plothole and crazy nonsense illogical stuff.i still love this drama despite it flaws here and there..

  20. 20 Lord Cobol

    I usually don’t like the whole falsely accused by someone with overwhelming power bit, which seems to be where this show is headed.

    If they went that way in episode 1 I’d be gone *cough*Defendant*cough*, but this show was different/better early on, and I’ve come this far, so I guess I’ll stick with it.

    • 20.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      That was one of the reason why I dropped Defendant. I dislike main lead being framed for murder right from the beginning actually.

  21. 21 Cocoboo

    Loved watching Ji Ah and Bong Hee being strong and kicking butt this episode. I was impressed when BH was fighting Tae Ho. She did a good job.

    Joon Oh is so silly! That amnesia bit stunned me then cracked me up. I was fully preparing for his memory loss to be real. He can joke a little now, but I hope he’s been watching the news and preparing to take TH down. I knew he had to be alive. I’m glad the show didn’t drag it out to next week.

    6 episodes remaining! Really curious about what will happen next.

    • 21.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Yeah I half was thinking “what? Amnesia again? Didn’t he called up Bong Hee to come and meet him up just now ???”

    • 21.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      I didn’t know BH can be so flexible at fighting (Tae Ho)…I’m impressed with her. Wished she was like that when they were on the island and on that ship.

  22. 22 TJ

    You know I thought about how cheesy this drama has been after this episode and came to the conclusion that it’s not lazy or immature writing, it’s freaking brilliant. This writer knows it’s cheesy and just gave us a nice extra slice with the Chinese gang scene. More Chinese cheese, that was a very Jackie Chan scene with her dodging the bumbling villains and giving the murder machine a beat down. Tae ho is beginning to remind me of the guy in No Country for Old Men. Just a murder-bot.

  23. 23 Huda CS

    Is it just me or is the comedy in this episode feels off and disconnected and badly executed? I was cringing and so confused by the whole thug scene.

    • 23.1 ET

      It’s not just you although I think we are in the minority.

      I have no problems with inane or slapstick. Take the crazy restaurant fight in Drinking Solo. That was totally hilarious and very well executed. It was one of my favorite scenes in that show and split my sides every time I watched it.

      I am not saying that Missing 9 can’t have funny scenes, even in midst of danger or serious ones. Since Tae Ho has gone off the rocker, it’s actually a good idea to make the gang fight scene over the top and comic. Problem laid in the execution.

      • 23.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I don’t think the Chinese gang at the hospital is funny especially when they came in an ambulance and pretend to be doctors and patients. But I like the way Bong Hee throll them with her flexible and smart moves and also when they couldn’t recognise Ji Ah from her photo. Yes she is prettier in person !!

    • 23.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      I second this. To some extent the Chinese gang are not that funny to me.

    • 23.3 shallwe?

      Definitely not just you. I’m glad I’m not the only one, though. I was starting to feel that way while reading previous comments.

  24. 24 s9313071e

    CEO Jang is also another killer machine, like Tae ho. Attempting to kill CEO Hwang, now threatening to kill Ji ah

    • 24.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Hope that CEO Hwang will wake up and testify soon. I think he is more righteous and don’t accept any threatening.

  25. 25 Mawar

    yeah JO alive. That’s all matter for me hahaha.

    but for now, i just wondering how the stroy will expand since it still have 6 more episodes to go.

    Im curious. Seriously curious 😁😁

    • 25.1 Baek

      I wonder too lols..

  26. 26 Evelia

    This is the only kdrama that I am looking forward to seeing right now.
    My favorite character is Tae Ho now since I think the actor is doing a pretty good job. He is showing why Tae Ho is capable of getting what he wants since he is the one who has been the most successful and what would benefit the company that he works with is he been innocent.
    I also like how the women of Missing 9 are tough, agile, and take action and try to solve their own problems.

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