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Missing 9: Episode 5
by | February 2, 2017 | 88 Comments

The longer the missing are stuck on the island, the harder it gets to maintain their optimism, and it’s only a matter of time before someone begins to crack. Resources are getting low and emotions are running high, and it’s becoming a struggle to make decisions rationally. What will the castaways do when it starts to look like they may not all make it off the island alive?


Tae-ho returns to camp after having learned from the plane’s surviving copilot that he has a lifeboat capable of carrying only four people off the island. Tae-ho assesses his fellow castaways with a shrewd eye, wondering which two of them would be most advantageous to invite onto the lifeboat.

He watches the others the following day, thinking that he can’t choose someone who thinks everyone should survive — that rules out Bong-hee. It can’t be someone weak, which eliminates Yeol and So-hee.

Ji-ah brings Tae-ho a snack, and he notes that she still looks pale. She says she’s fine, especially with him and Ki-joon to look after her. She sits back down, tired, and Tae-ho decides that he can’t choose someone physically weak for the lifeboat, either.

As Tae-ho watches Joon-oh and Ki-joon engaging in a cutthroat game of hopscotch, he thinks that he won’t choose someone annoying or arrogant, either. He needs someone selfish, someone who puts themselves first — CEO Hwang.

He approaches CEO Hwang and tells him about the copilot and his lifeboat. He says that CEO Hwang can choose the fourth person, but So-hee interrupts and says that she’s going with them. Tae-ho tries to talk her out of it, saying that it’s dangerous, but she doesn’t believe that he can send help when he doesn’t even know where they are.

So-hee says that she can’t trust Tae-ho, because she saw what he did. He plays innocent, but when So-hee offers to tell CEO Hwang what she saw, Tae-ho relents and says she can come. CEO Hwang seems to feel guilty about leaving the others without a word, but Tae-ho reiterates that they’ll send a rescue team.

That night, Tae-ho tells the others that he wants to search for the person who’s been stealing their food. Joon-oh is suspicious of his motives, but Tae-ho repeats that he just wants to save everyone who survived the crash.

As they all head off to bed, So-hee does something strange — she pats Bong-hee on the shoulder and thanks her for all her hard work. Bong-hee looks confused, and wonders why So-hee would say that.

The following morning, Tae-ho splits everyone into three groups to look for the copilot. Not surprisingly, he puts himself in a group with CEO Hwang and So-hee, and Bong-hee sees So-hee make a “whatever” face when Tae-ho says he’ll see them all later. CEO Hwang seems unhappy to be leaving Ho-hang, his assistant, but he follows Tae-ho to the beach.

Once Bong-hee, Joon-oh, and Yeol are alone, Bong-hee tells the guys about what So-hee said to her last night. She says that it felt like So-hee was saying goodbye.

As they walk, Tae-ho asks So-hee what she thinks she saw. She says they both already know, but promises that if they get home, she won’t tell anyone.

We flash forward to the present time, as Tae-young tells the therapist (the same one Bong-hee talked to) that his sister died. He says that his pain only grows worse over time, and that he fantasizes about killing the person responsible for his sister’s death.

He asks if he’s the only one who feels bad about her death, and reveals himself as Yoon So-hee’s brother, and a prosecutor at the Seoul Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. He says that he knows the therapist and Chairwoman Jo are hiding something from him, and tells the therapist to step out for a meal.

Scared of being prosecuted, the therapist goes. Tae-young goes to his computer and finds the recording of Bong-hee’s hypnotherapy session, in which she’d said she was the one who killed So-hee.

Before they arrive at the lifeboat, CEO Hwang finds his conscience and says that he’s not going. He heads back to camp, and the others make a run for it, knowing that he’ll tell the castaways about the lifeboat.

Bong-hee finds So-hee’s infinity necklace on the ground, and she decides not to wait, but to take it back to her now. She says that she thinks it will cheer So-hee up, so they head off to find her.

At about the same time as the three escapees make it to the lifeboat, CEO Hwang runs into Joon-oh, Yeol, and Bong-hee. He confesses that he wronged them and tells them about the lifeboat. Joon-oh asks which way they went, and after running into the rest of the castaways, they all head for the beach at full speed.

The lifeboat is about a hundred yards out to sea by the time the others make the beach. They all scream to those on the lifeboat that it’s dangerous to go out to sea like this, but Tae-ho is too busy yelling at So-hee for not paddling hard enough to hear them.

Ho-hang panics and tries to swim out to the lifeboat, and Joon-oh has to chop him in the neck with the side of his hand to make him stop struggling. Ki-joon wrangles the furious Ji-ah out of the water, and CEO Hwang tries to calm everyone down.

On the lifeboat, things aren’t going much better. So-hee drops her oar, and she falls into the water while reaching for it. Tae-ho leans too far after her, they overbalance the lifeboat, and all three passengers are dumped into the ocean.

Bong-hee and Joon-oh take off swimming, worried about their friends. Tae-ho is fine, and he swims back towards the lifeboat, determined to make his getaway no matter what. Joon-oh sees the copilot struggling in the water and he goes to help him, while Bong-hee does the same for So-hee.

Suddenly a rogue wave comes out of nowhere, and sweeps them all under the surface of the water.

In the present, after hearing Bong-hee confess to killing So-hee, Tae-young stumbles out of the therapist’s office in a daze. Trembling, he calls Bong-hee, and this time she gathers her courage and answers. Tae-young asks, “Did you kill her? Did you kill my sister, Yoon So-hee?” He says that if she did, he will do everything in his power to send her to prison.

Back to the island. Bong-hee wakes on a beach and sees So-hee standing nearby, screaming and waving at the ocean. She looks in the direction So-hee is waving, and realizes with horror that they’re no longer on the island. They’re on a smaller rock outcropping, several hundred yards from the main island.

The other survivors are back on the beach, including Tae-ho and the salvaged lifeboat. They can just barely see each other across the water, and each group realizes that Joon-oh isn’t on the other side. Ki-joon starts to pace with worry, and Ji-ah stalks over to Tae-oh.

She tells him that they need the lifeboat to go rescue So-hee and Bong-hee… and by the way, she’s breaking up with him. She gets the others to help her pull the boat to the water while Tae-ho loudly objects. He thinks they should abandon Bong-hee and So-hee, because the boat is more important.

Over on their side, Bong-hee asks So-hee what happened to Joon-oh, but So-hee just says they both know already. And on another beach we see a man’s body covered in blood, his face covered with Joon-oh’s red jacket.

Everyone stares at Tae-ho, shocked that he would suggest saving the boat before the girls. Tae-ho tells them they can worry about ethics after they’re rescued and orders everyone off the boat. Yeol speaks up to say that they have to save the girls, but Tae-ho thinks they should save themselves while they still can.

So-hee tells Bong-hee coldly that she should stop worrying about someone who’s already dead. Bong-hee yells that this all happened because of her, but So-hee thinks they should do whatever they can to live. (Says the girl who keeps trying to kill herself.)

Bong-hee looks at So-hee as if she’s speaking an alien language and says that it’s pointless to survive alone. She says that it’s wrong to abandon others to save yourself.

Things are getting heated on the other beach, as Tae-ho refuses to let go of the lifeboat so they can rescue the girls. Finally, Ji-ah just hauls off and punches him dead in the face, and when she almost does it again, Tae-ho grabs her and shoves her to the ground.

Ki-joon also hits Tae-ho, but Tae-ho hits him back and he falls into the water. It’s Yeol’s turn to punch Tae-ho, but he doesn’t stop. He yells at the others to go while he hits Tae-ho over and over again.

Yeol gets the best of Tae-ho for a few minutes, but eventually Tae-ho flips him over, knocks him out, and grabs a sharp rock. He wades out and grabs a rope that’s trailing from the lifeboat, using it to drag the boat back to the beach.

Bong-hee snarls that she won’t forgive So-hee and Tae-ho if anything happened to Joon-oh, but So-hee asks haughtily what she could possibly do to her. Bong-hee tells her to just watch and see.

Tae-ho slams the rock into the lifeboat, slicing into it and rendering it useless. He says that when the weather is better they’ll repair the boat and escape. He makes it clear that if they want to survive, they’re to do as he says, and everyone stares at him in shock.

In the present, Tae-young goes to see Chairwoman Jo, who has her friendly public face on since she doesn’t know who he is. He introduces himself as So-hee’s brother, and she expresses her condolences on So-hee’s death in a perfunctory way.

Tae-young gets right to the point and says that he knows that Bong-hee confessed to killing So-hee. He plays the recording of Bong-hee’s hypnosis session, and she asks how he got it. He ignores the question and only says that she can’t hide the truth forever.

Chairwoman Jo reminds Tae-young that you can’t use a confession under hypnosis as evidence, adding that it’s the government’s duty to protect Bong-hee. Tae-young brings up the fact that Chairwoman Jo’s son was admitted to school illegally and that she launders government funds under her husband’s name, and suddenly Chairwoman Jo doesn’t look so confident anymore.

She asks what he wants, and Tae-young says that he just wants her to tell the truth. She asks if he means he wants her to arrest Bong-hee for murder, but he says they each just have to do their jobs — she will announce the results of her investigation, and he will handle the legal details.

In China, the current CEO of Legend Entertainment, CEO Jang, visits the survivor he’s kept a secret… CEO Hwang. He tells his boss that he’s happy he survived and asks what happened on that island. He tells CEO Hwang that Bong-hee made it back alive but lost her memory, so they still don’t know much about what happened.

CEO Hwang mutters that with all the bloodshed that happened on that island, Bong-hee should remember it. He asks about the company, and CEO Jang tells him about the crowds of fans that sit outside the building constantly, then asks again what happened on the island. CEO Hwang gives him an eerie smile and asks if he can handle it.

Back on the island, So-hee grows angry when nobody comes to rescue them by nightfall. She correctly guesses that Tae-ho is stopping the others, then accuses quiet Bong-hee of giving up. Bong-hee says that So-hee is awfully worried about dying when she doesn’t care if others die, and calls her selfish.

So-hee flies at Bong-hee and slaps her, then stares at her defiantly. Bong-hee rounds off and punches So-hee in return before growling that her life isn’t the only one that’s precious. She starts to say that Joon-oh died while trying to save her, but she chokes on his name.

So-hee collapses to the sand and yells that Tae-ho won’t let the others rescue them. Bong-hee tells her to be patient and they’ll come, but So-hee interrupts her: “He killed someone.”

We see what truly happened the night So-hee saw Tae-ho smother the pilot. The pilot had been badly injured, and Tae-ho was urging him to hang in there and survive — that is, until he opened the pilot’s luggage looking for something that might help, and saw that it was full of food.

As the pilot had moaned that he wanted to live, Tae-ho had straddled him and blocked his nose and mouth with his hand. He’d told himself that the pilot was going to die anyway, as he kneeled on the pilot’s hands and coldly ended his life.

On the beach on the main island, Ji-ah again orders Tae-ho to give them the boat. He says it’s useless now anyway, but she argues that they can fix it and save Bong-hee and So-hee. She tries to just take it and he shoves her down, and Ki-joon jumps up to tell Tae-ho to knock it off.

While Tae-ho is busy yelling at the others, Ki-joon notices something half-buried in the sand. He gets an idea and reburies the item, then gets up and stands between Tae-ho and the others. He suddenly argues that Tae-ho is right, they should leave the girls.

But as he’s talking, he winks at Ji-ah and the others while turned away from Tae-ho. He says they should go back to the camp and come back to repair the lifeboat later, then apologizes to Tae-ho and hugs him.

Later, in private, Ki-joon tells Ji-ah and Yeol about the thing he found in the sand — the lifeboat’s air pump. They hatch a plan to look for ways to patch the boat’s hole one at a time, though Tae-ho is on alert and questions anyone who leaves camp. When they can, they sneak off to look for anything that could help, like plastic they can melt down.

Ki-joon says it’s the least they can do for Bong-hee and Joon-oh, who have sacrificed themselves for the others so many times. Yeol asks if Ki-joon thinks Joon-oh is alive, and Ji-ah says that she once asked Joon-oh if he thought there were other survivors. His answer had been that they should believe so.

They don’t have much luck finding anything that can patch the hole, but then Ji-ah finds an old rubber flip-flop. Ki-joon gets so excited that he shouts and nearly gives them away, and he instructs Yeol to take the flip-flop that night and repair the lifeboat. They plan to take the lifeboat and save Bong-hee and So-hee before Tae-ho wakes the next morning.

In the present, Chairwoman Jo thinks about her conversation with Tae-young and makes a phone call. She orders that the press be assembled for an announcement regarding the crash of Legend Entertainment’s plane.

CEO Hwang is in a car, being transported to the airport in China. They drive past some construction work, and suddenly a crane drops a load of beams directly onto the car, crushing it flat. The crane operator makes a call, and calmly says that he “took care of him.” On the other end of the phone is CEO Jang, looking pleased that his old boss has been eliminated.

As Yeol leaves to go repair the lifeboat, he’s stopped by Tae-ho, who wants to know where he’s going. Yeol fibs that he’s going to refill their water bottles, and Tae-ho seems to accept his explanation.

On the smaller island, So-hee is losing hope that they will be rescued. She whines that she can’t take this anymore, but Bong-hee ignores her, evidently fed up with her complaints by now. She finds So-hee’s necklace in her pocket, having forgotten about it, but when she sits up, So-hee is gone.

Yeol makes his way to the lifeboat, and fashions a workable patch by melting the bottom of the flip-flop to the tear in the boat. He takes the air pump from its hiding place to inflate the boat, but he freezes when he hears a voice behind him: “I knew it.”

He turns to see Tae-ho looming over him, and Tae-ho kicks Yeol to the ground and starts pummeling him. He screams in Yeol’s face that they can’t use the boat now or they’ll die, and we see that he’s got Ji-ah and Ki-joon gagged and tied up not far away.

Tae-ho and Yeol fight viciously in a literal life-or-death battle. Tae-ho grabs the air pump and slams it into Yeol’s head and snarls that he’s making him look crazy. He gives Yeol one last kick in the stomach, and Yeol tumbles down a short embankment and hits his head on a rock.

Tae-ho tells him to get up, but Yeol isn’t moving. Tae-ho goes down and flips him over, seeing a lot of blood on the rock and Yeol’s pale, lifeless face.

Bong-hee goes looking for So-hee and finds her standing on the edge of a cliff over the ocean. She begs So-hee not to jump, promising that they’ll be rescued soon, but So-hee just shakes her head. Bong-hee apologizes over and over, saying anything she can to keep So-hee from jumping, and finally pulls out her necklace and shows it to her.

Tae-ho grows frightened, and begs Yeol over and over to wake up. He cries and screams Yeol’s name, but Yeol doesn’t move. Eventually, Tae-ho stops crying and drags Yeol’s body to the water’s edge. He pushes Yeol out into the waves, and his expression goes from sorrowful to resigned as he watches Yeol’s body float out to sea.

In the present, Chairwoman Jo holds a press conference. She tells the reporters about So-hee’s body being recovered, and that her death has been ruled a murder. But before she reveals Bong-hee’s confession, Investigator Oh interrupts her and whispers that they’ve found another survivor.

Tae-young watches from the back of the room, but he’s distracted by Bong-hee, who rushes up to him. She tells him that her entire memory has returned.


Missing 9 isn’t perfect, but I love the way it zips along quickly, giving us new information and creating new mysteries at the speed of light. Just as we see two more crash survivors die, another is found alive, and I’m certainly kept on my toes trying to predict what might happen next. Despite some glaring plot holes and the castaways’ miraculous ability to keep their hair perfectly styled, I’m still enjoying the ride and the fun way past and present are woven together to present a story that’s both chilling and compelling.

I’ve been giving Tae-ho the benefit of the doubt that he’s just a difficult personality in a stressful situation, but now that he’s gone full-on villain on us, I can’t say it’s not as delicious to watch as it is frightening for our castaways. Tae-ho has killed at least one person in cold blood, and was willing to let the others possibly die on the island just so that he could get on that lifeboat and save himself. I knew he was unhinged when he was willing to destroy the lifeboat rather than let the others save Bong-hee and So-hee, but I do believe that Yeol’s death was an accident, and that Tae-ho felt true remorse for a few minutes there. But the truth is that Tae-ho is just enough of a sociopath to convince himself that Yeol’s death was a necessary evil in order for him to save himself. That kind of thinking is so dangerous, because if Tae-ho can kill one man for food and the other for a lifeboat, it’s only a matter of time before he thinks of reasons to justify killing the others on the island. As their food supplies dwindle, it won’t take long for him to start looking at them as rivals for resources, instead of fellow survivors.

Speaking of deaths, I’m just floored by Yeol’s death in this episode. There’s a part of me that hopes that he’s not really dead and will pop back up somehow, though I admit that that’s mostly just the EXO fan in me wanting to see more of Chanyeol’s acting. I thought he was doing a great job with what he’d been given so far, and was looking forward to more emotional scenes from him, so I’ll be sad if he’s really gone.

But I do think that, purely story-wise, Yeol’s death at this point will make more of an impact, mostly in pushing Tae-ho that much further towards the dark side. Tae-ho was able to justify the pilot’s death by telling himself that he was going to die of his injuries anyway, but Yeol’s death came directly because of Tae-ho’s inability to control himself in a tense situation. He can’t deny that he went to that beach intending to do harm, since he stopped on the way to tie up Ki-joon and Ji-ah, and it’s obvious that Tae-ho meant to get Yeol out of the way one way or another. Yes, he was shocked by what happened, but he’ll surely do whatever he can to deny any culpability if Yeol’s body is found. Of course, I’m still hoping for a miracle for Yeol, but I’m coming to accept that that’s not likely to happen.

And where is Joon-oh? Not that I’m very worried about him yet, because he is the lead, but this show just killed off two more characters and I’m sure it’s not even close to finished. It’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s not just the island that presents a danger to the castaways’ lives, but that even making it home safely isn’t a guarantee of their survival. I think that the only thing keeping Bong-hee alive at this point is how much the citizens are waiting for her to answer their questions about what happened on the island. If she weren’t so well-known, I wouldn’t give her very good odds on survival, either.


88 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    Funny you should mention Yeol’s death being so early. It is odd if you are going to cast an EXO, you keep the EXO the entire time. It certainly cannot help ratings to lose him!

    My money is on him actually being a survivor and showing up in the present part of the story. Evil Tae-ho didn’t take a pulse, so it is absolutely possible.

    • 1.1 Caitlyn

      It was certainly the EXO fan in me screaming “You can’t kill Yeol, he’s the reason I started watching!”, lol. But i like the show, I love Jung Kyung Ho, and i hope that if people have watched the first 4 eps for Chanyeol, they’ll keep watching for the show itself.

      I’m hoping he isn’t dead though, I like your idea of him showing up in the present.

    • 1.2 YY

      Hi, jomo!

      He looked dead to me. But then, he had his eyes closed. If his eyes were open, he’d definitely be dead. So yes, high chance he could turn up at the end and be the witness to testify to Evil Tae-ho’s tae-rrible deeds on the island. Because I think in the end, it’ll be down to two survivors, Tae-ho and Joon-oh, and the evil one blaming the murders (I’m sure he’ll kill more) on Joon-oh.

    • 1.3 siesta

      but tae ho floats his body face down in the sea, i don’t see how he could survive death by drowning unless it’s a mistake from the production team

      color me surprised tho, i thought they’d keep the exo alive until the end lol..maybe his schedules interfered with shooting

      • 1.3.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        yeah that’s what I was thinking too, he will either die from the wound of his head or by drowning (since he was already unconscious/dead)….

  2. Chi

    There are so many OMG moments this episode. What I like is the show doesnt afraid to push the button, giving everyone happy ever after.

    To be honest, we can comment on how each react but if we were in their shoes, we wouldnt sure how we would be. Their emotion are realistic, some will go crazy, some will go selfish, some will be hero, some will bond.

    This drama bring attention to jung kyung ho, baek jin hee, now choi tae joon. Each of them has their own moment to shine, one is funny, one is brave, one is villian.

    I like so much that the drama is fast. We are just 5th episode but someone dies already. (Compare to hwarang 14th episode but barely anything happens) We are watching on the edge of our seats, just dont know what happens next, that make it so exciting.

    Shame that the rating doesnt agree though >.<

    • 2.1 Chocopie

      Yeah i think ceo, manager and even jiah’s calmness is a little out of place.. but then at times you could see their true colors showing.. like when that vice ceo suddenly got greedy to escape, or even ceo being hesitant to escape or not (perhaps he really does have what it takes to be a leader? :p) even yeol joining the catfight, since he has been portrayed as the most gentle one. Im not sure what point im trying to make here tbh..

      At this point i just cant wait to finally find out what this is all about. To think theres still another ten episodes left……

  3. Chocopie

    i wonder if civilization is also a theme being raised up.. taeho is pretty much acting like an animal now.. and honestly idk if he does make it out alive, will he still be able to live normally?? Also im expecting some major plot twist, there better be one….

  4. KDramaWatcher2609

    I agree that the pacing is rather fast and I actually love it than dragged out plots. In this episodes, in the thirst for surviving, we see who are selfish beings and who are the selfless ones.

    I’m hating Tae Ho and Soo Hee so much. Two of them are downright selfish especially Soo Hee. Have she forgotten how they look after her n saved her ? I don’t understand her, one minute she’s suicidal, another minute she is selfish enough to only want to survive and the next suicidal again. She is indeed a problematic character.

    And yes, the CEO’s murder. Oh gosh I can’t believe it. I guessed humans’ mind is really hard to decipher. He didn’t die from the plane crash nor from being at the deserted island but ended up murdered by the new CEO!! I feel bad for him actually !

    • 4.1 Cocoboo

      I was shocked by CEO Hwang’s sudden death. I should have known though. I thought CEO Jang was genuine and relieved about his survival when they had met up in China. Sheesh. >:|

      • 4.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Now we start to wonder whether he have told evil CEO Jang on what happened on the island ……

        • Sparky

          We also need to wonder if CEO Jang sabotaged the airplane and caused the crash to begin with, in order to get rid of CEO Hwang. And since Tae Ho is showing his true colors, I’m thinking there’s a lot more to the breakup of the Dreamers than was ever made public. I cheered for Ji-Ah when she broke up with Tae Ho. I’m starting to like her more and more– hope she survives.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            I also like Ji Ah….I cheered for her when she scolded TH and broke up with him….yes maybe evil CEO sabotaged the plane but for what motive?? For now, certainly he is one of the main villains now….

    • 4.2 jomo

      Holy sh^t!
      That scared the bejeezus out of me.
      I had to rewind to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.
      So much evil out there in Missing 9 land.

    • 4.3 CatoCat

      I was watching and thinking “something gonna happen to this City Hunter Ahjussi Missing 9 CEO”.

      I was pared for the Intentional accident and bang That scene surprised me. WOW and then I said bravo Scriptwriter and You won’t earn much to generate taxable income.

      Look at the luck of CEO – Bad whether, Plane Crash, on a deserted island located in the vast ocean, People fighting for survival – He died where? In the city – which proved that Humans are the most dangerous beings.

      Rather than Loop-Holes its the Withheld information which seems like a trademark of This scriptwriter. Just 5 episodes in and so much has already happened

      • 4.3.1 jomo

        Oh, the irony! was my first thought. The man survives the Lord of the 9 Flies and BAM gets taken out in a flash when he gets off.

        You have to be ready for anything now. Nobody is safe.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          In the end, the poor CEO is killed by a human and not becos starved to death or thirst to death on the island, and not on the plane crash too…..despicable humans…haha

    • 4.4 Cozybooks

      I’ve seen a lot of K-drama trucks of doom in my time, but this is the first death by falling construction equipment I’ve encountered. I knew it was probably coming, but I didn’t expect it so quick.

      • 4.4.1 YY

        That was the Crane of Doom.

        Be warned. The Coconut of Doom will strike soon.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          hahaah, or maybe the family of bunnies would plot Ki Joon’s death…LOL

          • YY

            Yes, I don’t trust that bunny one bit….I’ve watched enough horror movies to know it’s the innocent-looking ones that turn out to be the psychopaths.

          • jomo

            It’s only a rabbit? Runaway!

          • rentenmann *SWAG*

            Aaaaaaah, death surely awaits you with big, nasty, pointy teeth…! As knights and lackeys with coconuts go cantering through the scene.

      • 4.4.2 jomo

        Btw, today for the first time EVER, when I was crossing the intersection, I looked both ways, and then UP. Thanks, Kdramas for adding a new irrational fear!

    • 4.5 omg

      damn that scene scared me D: that was an awful way to die! I hate that bastard CEO man

  5. Serpent

    This episode was breathtaking almost all episodes are. Things are moving fast and I like it. I also don’t think that Yeol is dead there has to be a twist. Tae Ho you selfish bastard.

    I hope Prosecuter Yoon and Bong Hee work together. The prosecuter is awesome he gets shit done.

    • 5.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I just hope that he isn’t such a selfish person like his younger sister Soo Hee. Maybe he can help Bong Hee to reveal the mystery ?

      • 5.1.1 Serpent

        Yeah when things get cleared I hope he will help Bong Hee she needs all the help she can get.

      • 5.1.2 HMH

        He still doesn’t seem like a bad person to me, he just wants answers. When he was confronting Bong Hee, he told her that IF she was found to be involved he would make her pay. It sounds like he hasn’t made up his mind completely about what happens, he just demands that it be investigated and no longer covered up.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I think so too, hopefully we are right in thinking that he is a good guy.

        • Serpent

          Indeed he also said they should only tell the truth and he would investigate himself so you are right he doesnt seem like a bad person thats why i want him to help
          bong Hee

    • 5.2 Cocoboo

      I hope that Tae Young will help and trust Bong Hee soon. And not let that one recording sway him into thinking she really killed his sister.

  6. KDramaWatcher2609

    And really ? It’s only episode 5 and Bong Hee’s entire memory have all returned ??

    • 6.1 Cocoboo

      Yeah that’s surprising that the show is moving fast. But this will shake things up in the present, which is a good thing.

    • 6.2 Serpent

      Things will be moving fast I also didn’t saw that coming. I like this pace things are moving along wich is a good thing.
      Can’t wait for the next episodes.

    • 6.3 CatoCat

      I think a lot of action will take in Present Location and then Bong Hee will revisit the island again and bang survival action gonna happen there. Its only possible if Tae Ho is alive and want to get rid of Bong Hee. All speculation and future prediction.

  7. Cocoboo

    Dang, I can’t believe 2 major deaths happened already. It’s only EP 5! How much story is there left to tell???

    So it’s clear CEO Jang is a villain and he is probably the one behind the plane crash. Maybe his target was only CEO Hwang, but he didn’t care about the others. But the public is not aware of this in the present time. They aren’t even suspicious of the cause of the plane crash, right?

    I’m guessing that Bong Hee, Tae Young (and Joon Oh? Please?) will be on a hunt to catch CEO Jang and reveal his crimes later in the show.

    I felt a little frustrated about So Hee’s complaining, but I also felt some sympathy. She faced too many traumatic events. Her mental health was deteriorating. I wished that she had been stronger. I wished she had thought of her brother.

    CEO Jang is just one bad guy. There will be more. Tae Oh and who knows who else.

    I wished the ratings for this show was higher. MBC took it on, but this show may have been better on tvN or OCN. 🙁

    • 7.1 UmbrellaMan

      This show would have been aces on TVN or OCN.

  8. Cocoboo

    I wonder if old CEO Hwang ever told CEO Jang the whole story about the “bloodshed” on the island?

    I teared up over his sudden death. On the island, he had changed his mind and came back of the rest of the group instead of being selfish. He was a good person.

    Yeol’s death left me mindblown too. Like I’m still holding on to a tiny hope that he still survived.

    • 8.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Ya me too. I always thought that he was a CEO who is funny and did nothing else but at least he has his conscience with him. That’s why I feel bad for him for his sudden death …

    • 8.2 Serpent

      Yeah at least the CEO went back. and than suddenly that car accident damnn that was really unexpected. I also hope that Yeol isn’t death we will see.

      • 8.2.1 HMH

        I think he’s dead. Tae Ho just put him in the water unconscious floating face down. He would have drowned.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I think so too 🙁

          • Serpent

            unfortunatly me too

  9. Lord Cobol

    Guess the new survivor will be Tae-ho? Anyone else would be too easy — they just confirm Bong-Hee’s new memories and we wrap after ep 6. But Tae-ho can put the blame on Bong-Hee so she spends the rest of series trying to clear her name. And his ruthlessness gives him a better chance of survival. And it gives prosecutor brother something to do.

    Meanwhile, Truck of Doom being absent, they had to send in the understudy Rock of Doom. Seriously, for kdrama characters, hitting their heads on anything harder than a pillow is statistically more dangerous than crossing the street.

    • 9.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      You forgot about the crane of doom !

      • 9.1.1 Lord Cobol

        And old CEO Hwang was not tied up with Ji-a and Ki-joon. He probably escaped with Tae-ho. But Tae-ho didn’t want to reveal himself until the witness to his deeds is dead. Tae-ho & new CEO must be cooperating.

        Ah, yes, forgot Crane of Doom. He seems to be a beginning actor with few credits to his name. Good luck to him trying to land more lead roles.

        • siesta

          more like literally land ON lead roles XD

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          A good point Lord Cobol….I was thinking how coincidentally that CEO Hwang just died of an “accident” and then they found another survivor ?? Better not be happy too soon…..

    • 9.2 Serpent

      Thats a good call now that Bong Hee has her memories back it will really be interesting when TAe Ho enters the scene, who to believe. and yeah Tao Oh will do anything to keep himself out of trouble.

  10. 10 Missing9

    I’m so disappointed by Tae-young.
    His job is to work with facts and find the truth.
    confession under hypnosis is cannot be used as evidence for obvious reason.
    but he was like “let the people decide”
    if we let the people decide, it’s obvious that people will make Bonghee into murderer.
    he should quit his job if he’s going to be emotional and blackmail chairwoman into making Bonghee into murderer without evidences.

  11. 11 Barbrey

    Could this director get some help directing group scenes? The whole lifeboat escape and then rescue scenes were incredibly awkward.

    I felt like we discovered more about the plot but somehow the suspense kind of deflated on me this episode, just like the lifeboat.

    I’m trying to figure out what’s going wrong for me, and quite a few things are, but I think it’s partly because I hate the “falsely accused” element to the story. Not only is it unbelievable, it’s uninteresting, and almost every drama right now is doing it.

    Anyway, will keep watching because there really isn’t much on that’s capturing my interest. I liked the premieres of Introverted Boss, Missing 9 and Voice but none of them are living up to their premieres.

    • 11.1 Lord Cobol

      I hate the “falsely accused” element to the story. Not only is it unbelievable, it’s uninteresting, and almost every drama right now is doing it.

      100 agree.

      Hope they don’t go there (much).

      • 11.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        We have one major (falsely accused I think) in Defendant, so we don’t want another unnecessary heartache here too….hope Bong Hee won’t get accused of the murder(s)….

  12. 12 Mandy

    I normally dont like mystery and suspense but this is good.it is exciting and keeps me waiting for a new episode.joon oh or whwtever died too early

  13. 13 oosiee

    NO!!!! YEOL-ah~~~~~ :'( :'(
    I really hope he’s Not dead!Please be alive.. :'(
    On other note..how Chilling was that cold stare Bong-hee gave to So-hee!!

    • 13.1 gadis

      With that one look, I totally believe that Bong-hee is actually very capable of doing something scary. It’s just that she choose not to, and she still maintain her moral and cool-headedness confronting their life-and-death situation.

  14. 14 blighttown

    man i was hoping the president and his secretary would make it out alive. they are so funny together 🙁

  15. 15 Lord Cobol

    Some minor quibbles:

    Rescue party should have only tried to send 2 people on the raft: otherwise “Here we are to rescue you… all 6 of us can’t fit on the raft… who wants to volunteer to wait here for the next trip?”

    Everyone seems to have forgotten how good Bong-hee was at food-gathering earlier. Food should not have been an issue for her & So-hee on the little island. Water maybe, but not food. And she could have kept helping feed everyone on the big island once she got back, make escape less urgent, and making staying behind more attractive as opposed to leaving on the raft again.

    Was Bong-hee maybe a good enough swimmer to just swim back to the big island?

  16. 16 mysterious

    Noooooooo!! Not the puppy!! Killing Yeol is like running over a cute, innocent puppy. Just wrong on so many levels. Watching him float away face down in the water pretty much confirms his death. Even if he was alive, he would have ended up drowning. I seriously couldn’t believe it though. But now I want to see how everyone reacts, especially Joon-oh, since he was so protective of his precious dongsaeng.

  17. 17 gadis

    Oh my God, this drama turns bloody SO fast. By the end of this episode, I found myself counting: 3 down, 6 to go.

    • 17.1 siesta

      from the promos this drama reminds me of Agatha Christie’s ‘And then there were none’ and so far it does not disappoint. i wonder will there be a Red Herring in the deaths

  18. 18 sleepingisgood

    Wow! I was thinking of dropping, because the first 4 episodes seemed a slow & muddled to me. Then this episode went full on crazy, and I might be hooked until the end…
    The poor CEO, I figured he’d make it because -rich, old & powerful, but I guess not. I wasn’t sure if Sohee’s memories could be trusted regarding Taeho, but he certainly showed that he is more than capable of murder. I was rooting for Bong hee to take Sohee down after she slapped her & I’m glad that she told her that the situation they are in, is in part because of her actions, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Sohee is in any mental state to hear.

  19. 19 GedSkaiKru

    Yeeeeol!! He was killed so early! Or maybe not, he will move the story because I’m pretty sure this have raised emotional impact on the others, especially Joon Oh. Can I just say this though? Ji Ah, you rock, I don’t know if you’ll survive, but bring Tae Oh down with you if you can’t.
    Personally though, So Hee is just so frustrating and what’s more annoying is that in real life there are soooo many So Hee’s, everyone get’s it bad too because life happens and it’s often a b*tch, but they twist it so that everything is about them, the they are the-center-of-the-universe kind of thinking.
    I think Bong Hee never really lost her memory, she can’t just remember them all of a sudden like that.

    • 19.1 gadis

      Regarding Bong-hee’s memory, I also she actually remember what happened in that island. Her expression at her home whenever the prosecutor call her looked more contemplative rather than confused. It’s more likely that she was still in the middle of weighing down her options and tried to make the safest decision regarding those ‘bloodbath incidents’ during their time there.

  20. 20 Katy

    Tae oh, while a good actor is a laughable villain to me. Like seriously, the life boat you want to use you pop..? And then you use the pump in a fight…? Like where is your brain?? And then he kills the copilot for what..? Food…? Like would it have been so hard to share..? There was only two people at that point. And joon ho is completely to blame for the death but so hee carries no blame..? She literally was on the rooftop with him and didn’t stop him at all. His character seems so illogical to me, which is a shame because the actor does evil really well.

    • 20.1 Cozybooks

      re: lifeboat. Yeah, I kinda thought that way too. And then later when he stops Yeol, wouldn’t it have been better to just let them fix it and then confiscate the boat again? Keep tight watch on everybody etc.?

    • 20.2 Inno6109

      Well Joonoh was the one who pushed the composer guy off the edge (figuratively) by telling him to go kill himself, while Sohee was just unable to go to him on time so I don’t think it’s right to blame her for his suicide.

      That said, I still find that scene very, very odd because she was clearly with them when his body hit the car. I don’t think it’s a continuity error because in the same episode they showed the flashback of her standing next to Joonoh when that guy jumped, so either the writer has something planned or an someone needs to get fired for editing and making a really glaring mistake.

    • 20.3 omg

      if he said that guy was already dying he could’ve just left him there/take his suitcase instead of killing him :/ I guess he just doesn’t think straight/logically when he’s pissed.. dude needs anger management lol

  21. 21 Evelia

    I feel bad for Yeol, he was one of my favorites and I thought that he was going to survive.
    The other character that hopefully survives is Ji-ah.
    I feel that So Hee just broke down and she gave up on surviving.
    I like the pacing of the show.

  22. 22 HMH

    I had big problems with this episode, mainly involving the common sense of the majority of the characters.

    1) They outnumbered him! Why didn’t they tie Tae Ho up and put him out of commission when he proved himself to be a danger to their survival? Why were they just tiptoeing around him?

    2) Why weren’t they at least watching him to make sure he wasn’t aware of what they were doing?

    3) How was he able to overpower three or four of them and tie them up and go after Yeol?

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • 22.1 Tae Ho

      1) Tae Ho learned to fight and he is young. he can actually fight and has the body build to withstand the fight. others don’t.

      2) they believed that he wasn’t aware of it. (for bonus point, Tae Ho is an actor) and they were busy collecting useful stuff to fix the boat. they were in hurry to try to rescue the girls.

      3) he overpowered two. a girl who is hurt. an older man who doesn’t know how to fight and doesn’t have body build to withstand the fight.

      it’s quite realistic. not all people are sharp and people make mistakes when they are in hurry. also it’s more likely for a person who knows how to fight to be more advantage than those who don’t

      • 22.1.1 HMHH

        Tae Ho, I didn’t say that I had a problem with the show. I said I had a problem with the common sense of the survivors.

    • 22.2 UmbrellaMan

      1) I am unsure as to why they didn’t just tie him up after the incident on the beach. Make him a prisoner of sorts. He was volitile and irrational. But, maybe they didn’t actually think he would go as far as he did?

      2) They should have had a scout watch him at all times, but maybe they didn’t since they didn’t want to raise his suspicions?

      3) I figured he caught them unawares. Especially, since they weren’t watching him (refer to question 2)!

      • 22.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I remembered that Joon Oh mentioned earlier before that Tae Ho knows Thai Boxing or smth like that…so actually he is the most strongest and fittest among the 9 of them….it won’t be easy to empower him (plus he is sly and smart to guess their motive too etc)…so physically and mentally he is better than them and of cos more villianous than any of them too….

        • KDramaWatcher2609


  23. 23 Cozybooks

    Did anybody else actually scream when Tae-Ho put Yeol’s body in the water? I was actually rooting for him to save Tae-Ho, start a redemption arc before it all fell apart… and then he went and set him afloat! He has no idea whether he was really dead or not! Although some of that same reasoning he used earlier did cross my mind–an injured Yeol, like an injured pilot, would be seen as a burden by Tae-Ho. Much better to get rid of any possibilities now.

    Still… I’m foolishly entertaining hopes of Yeol living… because I really liked him… please don’t die… T.T

    • 23.1 YY

      That’s an interesting theory, I like it….Tae-ho didn’t kill Yeol, and Yeol’s alive, but he set him adrift, face down, because he’s weak and injured. He set him face down because he wanted him to drown. That could explain why he didn’t take his pulse….Yeol was still alive.

      I think Yeol will be rescued by a sea turtle who will piggyback him safely back to shore. It doesn’t matter that he has massive blood loss, and trauma to the head, he’s already survived so many mishaps, and most importantly, he’s an EXO. He’ll live.

      • 23.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I lol-ed at the sea turtle…ok even if he survived the trauma to the head and the drowning when he was unconscious, he may return to be another amnesia one…. 😛

        • YY

          Joon-oh was wearing a turtleneck…TURTLE…see, it’s a hint.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            maybe Joon-Oh accidentally saw him floating on the sea and save him…hmm

      • 23.1.2 Sooyi

        Haha I lol-ed at the fact that Yeol is an EXO! It makes sense because he is not human. He is an alien from EXO planet… :-DDD

    • 23.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Tae Ho is really evil, in my opinion, the way he placed Yeol’s “body” into the water is face down, so that mean even he have not die, he could have drown cos he is unconscious….TH is truly an evil one, next to evil CEO and evil Soo Hee….

  24. 24 KDramaWatcher2609

    I don’t think Joon-oh is dead (yet), cos his red jacket is covering on the dead man’s face (think it is the selfish pilot).

  25. 25 Sooyi

    I know that the clothing color theory is old, but I really wanted to share my part on this.
    I think the characters and extras wear neutral or dark clothing as a sign that their lives are monotonous and they act nonchalant and indifferent to things. However, when news that one of the Missing 9 has been rescued emerged, people start paying attention. The way Bong-hee’s arrival is affecting the people is through the appearance of more colors in the surroundings and objects. To me, it means that they are becoming more and more curious and captivated.

    I suppose that the plane crash was not just organised by the vice president of Legend Entertainment – probably the government gave its help too. Preferably, the show will end with all colors in everything and hopefully, the citizens not being so dormant yet more aware.

    Or it could be that since Missing 9 is a survivalism (and conspiracy??) thriller, it would be wrong to use black and other dark colors (the latter are used in the kind of gritty police procedurals and psychological shows), so maybe the writer opted instead for muted tones.

    Also, I don’t believe that the vice president met former CEO Jang in the hospital. He was using banmal with the person and was more aloof so it could be Tae-ho. It’s pretty too safe to assume that he killed off a few people in the island and died there due to circumstances

  26. 26 Tin

    My Yeollie died!!! My heart broke 😖😖😖😖 I will keep on hoping he’ll survive.

  27. 27 omg

    fuck Tae Ho, they should’ve let the bastard drown in the water! Those guys were paddling so slow no wonder he caught up to them -_-

  28. 28 kd6606

    This show is intense! It is brutal and kills people off.
    The last set of dramas was all light, comedic, and cute with the mermaid and weightlifter. Now we have murders on deserted island and ji sung in jail.

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