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Missing 9: Episode 7
by | February 9, 2017 | 54 Comments

The mystery of the events on the island continues to shift and change, as a new voice declares a truth that directly contradicts Bong-hee’s memories. She can’t trust anyone when even the authorities seem more interested in avoiding scandal than delivering justice. It’s beginning to look as though her fight to survive didn’t end when she escaped the island…


Bong-hee tells Investigator Oh that Tae-ho killed So-hee, and he asks how they knew. She says that Ho-hang witnessed the murder, and that Tae-ho threatened him not to tell anyone. Chairwoman Jo gets a call that another survivor has been found, and she ends the session immediately.

The three of them go to the airport to see the survivor, but security refuses to allow them to come close. Investigator Oh asks Bong-hee if she’s hoping it’s Joon-oh, and she smiles hopefully when she sees Joon-oh’s manager, the one she met the same day she met Joon-oh, standing nearby.

But her face falls when the survivor steps outside, and she sees that it’s Tae-ho, whom she’s just accused of being a murderer. Chairwoman Jo approaches him and introduces herself, and tells him that his timing in showing up now is incredible. She hugs him and whispers in his ear, “I heard you killed So-hee.”

Tae-ho doesn’t respond and just moves to get in the waiting van. Before he steps inside he turns and looks at Bong-hee with an expression that says he’s not at all surprised to see her.

Back on the island, Bong-hee and Joon-oh go for a walk, idly discussing how shocked everyone is after Yeol’s and So-hee’s deaths. Joon-oh says they’re realizing that they could all die here, and then drops into a pit so quietly that Bong-hee doesn’t even notice.

She does turn and sees that he’s fallen, but luckily, he’s not injured. She asks what he’s doing down there, and he’s all It’s not like I fell on purpose! He has a tiny freakout when he finds half a rib cage in the hole with him, thinking it’s fish bones. HA, he is such a city mouse.

The pit is full of bones, and soon the two have reconstructed them into some kind of large animal. Joon-oh finds two flat, teardrop-shaped bones and puts them on the animal’s head, thinking he’s discovered some sort of mutant rabbit. HAHA. Bong-hee corrects him that it’s a pig, based on the shape of the feet.

They figure that the pig must have fallen in the hole like Joon-oh did, and get the bright idea to wait for another pig to come by and catch some food. Aww, they’re so excited, it’s adorable.

Things are still awkward between Ji-ah and Ki-joon after they kissed in front of everyone. Ki-joon tries to play it cool and tells Ji-ah not to do things like that again, though he saves face by saying that he knows it was a joke. Ji-ah looks too shy for that to be true.

Ji-ah tries to say something, but Ki-joon keeps interrupting her, and he threatens to really date her if she jokes that way again. Hee, she doesn’t look like she minds that “threat” one bit. After her wanders off, she mutters, “Fine, then we can date.”

Joon-oh and Bong-hee cover their faces in mud and leaves and hide in a bush to wait for a pig to fall in the pit. Joon-oh says he did something like this when he was in the military, and he hid so well that one of the other soldiers peed on him, not knowing he was there. Then something pokes him and he squeals and jumps like a giant baby, hee. Bong-hee asks if all men lie about their military service, and Joon-oh admits that they do.

He tries to send Bong-hee back to camp, but she declines since he told her to stay close to him. Joon-oh looks touched, as if that means a lot to him, even when Bong-hee teasingly promises not to cling to him. She says they should stay where they can always see each other and protect each other.

Joon-oh gives her his jacket and says that she can ask him to do anything, and he’ll take care of it. He says that she was the first thing he saw after the crash, and it would be hard for him if anything happened to her. He tells her not to try to protect him, but to let him protect her until they’re home and safe.

The semi-romantic moment is cut short by a loud THWUMP, as something heavy falls into the pit. But it’s not a pig — it’s a man, someone they’ve never seen before.

In the present, Tae-ho asks CEO Jang how CEO Hwang is doing after his “accident.” CEO Jang tells him not to worry, that it’s unlikely he’ll wake up, but Tae-ho says he’s worried anyway. He blames CEO Jang for “letting” Bong-hee come back, saying that he’s lucky she suffered from memory loss.

He tells CEO Jang that Chairwoman Jo said she knows he killed So-hee. CEO Jang says he’ll take care of it and turn the tables in their favor. With dead eyes, Tae-ho says calmly that nobody from the island can be allowed to live… particularly Bong-hee.

Chairwoman Jo suggests to Bong-hee that they hold a press conference to reveal that Tae-ho killed So-hee. Bong-hee agrees, though Investigator Oh says it’s too soon after Tae-ho has returned. Chairwoman Jo points out that So-hee was killed three months ago, and that what’s important is how long the victim has waited for justice.

In his eternally dark office, prosecutor Tae-young reads an article about Tae-ho’s return, then makes a call to Chairwoman Jo. He asks who Bong-hee says is his sister’s murderer, but she just says he’ll find out tomorrow and hangs up on him, annoyed that he keeps trying to push her around.

His colleague comes by and says that he’s discovered who CEO Jang visited in the Chinese hospital. Nervously, he reveals that it was Tae-ho, which would mean that Tae-ho purposely delayed his return to Korea.

Chairwoman Jo finds herself in an elevator with CEO Jang, who tells her that Tae-ho wants to meet with her in private. She’s intrigued, so she follows him to a restaurant where Tae-ho waits in front of a lavish meal. She asks if he wants to turn himself in, but he says that he didn’t kill So-hee. She asks him who did, but we don’t hear his answer.

On the island, Bong-hee and Joon-oh rescue the man in the pit, who takes them to his camp made of salvaged airplane parts. He and Bong-hee chatter easily, making Joon-oh feel awkward and a little jealous. (“I would have preferred running into a pig,” he says.)

The man introduces himself as Kin Ki-won, an entertainment reporter. Bong-hee gets excited when she finds a radio in Ki-won’s things, and they take it and Ki-won back to their shelter to meet the others. Ki-won says that he found the radio among some old military equipment, but it doesn’t work.

Luckily, Ho-hang studied mechanics, but he’s been lying in bed for days refusing to eat. Ki-won innocently asks if something bad happened, and everyone goes silent.

Ki-won recognizes Tae-ho when he walks through camp and follows him. His manner isn’t so friendly anymore as he approaches Tae-ho and says that he’s staying with them now. He refuses to tell Tae-ho who he is, and comes off cocky and aggressive.

Tae-ho pulls Joon-oh aside to ask who the new guy is. He thinks they shouldn’t bring in a stranger, but Joon-oh argues that they can’t just send him back out there to live alone.

Later, the girls attempt to coax Ho-hang out of bed, but the best they can do is get him to sit up and drink some water. They think he feels guilty over So-hee’s death (he lied that she was acting suicidal again), and he just lets them think that and lays back down.

Joon-oh fusses at Ji-ah for not being very nice, but she says that Ho-hang isn’t the only one upset by So-hee’s death. Ki-won asks about So-hee, and they tell him that she committed suicide a few days ago, adding that Ho-hang feels guilty because CEO Hwang yelled at him for not telling them that she seemed suicidal.

He watches as Tae-ho sits next to Ho-hang and feigns concern, telling him not to stay inside all the time, It sounds like a warning, as if Tae-ho is telling Ho-hang not to call any more attention to himself over this.

Ki-won says to Tae-ho that it seems as though he knows why So-hee died. Tae-ho says she was scared, and Ki-won is all, Of you? Okay, why is he so suspicious of Tae-ho — what does he know?

In the morning Ki-won asks Ji-ah why they think So-hee took her life, saying that it’s strange that there were no warning signs. That seems to bother Ji-ah, and after he leaves, she’s preoccupied and disturbed.

When everyone sits together to eat, Ji-ah asks if anyone felt that So-hee was acting strange the day she died. Nobody says a word, and Ji-ah asks Ho-hang if So-hee said anything when he spoke to her that day. Ho-hang looks cornered and just hiccups at her, and Ji-ah says that she and So-hee were planning a trip to Seoul together.

Later, Ki-won tells the group that they should find out what happened — if So-hee didn’t kill herself, then it means someone murdered her. Knowing that Tae-ho is probably listening (he is), Joon-oh says that nobody killed So-hee, and tells Ki-won to stop saying that.

Once he’s alone, Ki-won sneaks off to a private spot and pulls out his suitcase. Joon-oh follows him to ask why he’s going around saying that So-hee was killed, and Ki-won says cryptically that he knows a lot about So-hee. He scoots close and warns Joon-oh that Tae-ho is dangerous, adding that he thinks Tae-ho killed So-hee.

Later, Ki-won pulls a file from his suitcase, which contains several photographs. Tae-ho sneaks up behind him and grabs him and the photos, and his yelling brings Joon-oh running. Tae-ho shoves the photos at Joon-oh and tells him to take a look, screaming that Ki-won followed them here. Tae-ho demands he be kicked out of their camp.

Joon-oh looks at the pictures, which show So-hee and their former songwriter Jae-hyun looking as if they’re on a date. Joon-oh asks Ki-won about the pictures, and he says that his first big story was on Jae-hyun’s suicide. He learned about So-hee then, and how she and Jae-hyun were in a secret relationship.

In the present, Chairwoman Jo tells Investigator Oh that Tae-ho swears he didn’t kill So-hee. She asks what their job is, and when he says it’s to find the truth, she disagrees. She asks what will bring them the biggest advantage: trusting Bong-hee, or trusting Tae-ho?

Back on the island, Joon-oh does a lot of thinking that night about Ki-won’s suspicion that Tae-ho killed So-hee, and Joon-oh’s own knowledge that Tae-ho killed Yeol.

Tae-ho follows Ki-won when he leaves camp to relieve himself and tells him to stop playing around and confusing people. Ki-won retorts that if he doesn’t want people confused, then he should tell them. When Tae-ho asks what he means by that, Ki-won says he’s pretending nothing happened after killing a person, and sarcastically praises Tae-ho’s acting skill.

As Tae-ho sleeps that night, Joon-oh watches him and remembers how everyone thought they should make him leave their camp after he killed Yeol. He recalls that So-hee asked if they could let him leave if he wanted to go.

He heads to a lookout tower a short distance from camp, where Bong-hee finds him still thinking about Tae-ho. As we see Tae-ho ominously standing over the sleeping Ki-won, Joon-oh tells Bong-hee that he promised Tae-ho he would trust him. But now, he says things are complicated since he brought Tae-ho back.

In an attempt to distract Joon-oh, Bong-hee tells him that she saw a bunch of mushrooms in the woods. She suggests they all go to pick them tomorrow, which would hopefully keep Tae-ho out of trouble. Joon-oh laughs and says that Tae-ho hates exercise as much as he does, but he agrees to the plan.

In the morning, everyone goes mushroom hunting except for Ho-hang and Ki-won, who opt to stay in camp and rest. Joon-oh hands Tae-ho a suitcase to carry mushrooms in and invites him along, and though he doesn’t seem keen on the idea, he agrees in order to avoid suspicion.

It’s been snowing up where the mushrooms are located, but Bong-hee still finds them, and soon everyone is picking them by the handful and eating them raw. Tae-ho hangs back, keeping apart from everyone, though Joon-oh keeps a careful eye on him.

The mushroom hunt soon devolves into a silly snowball fight, and soon everyone is playing and laughing like they haven’t got a care in the world. Eventually, Joon-oh realizes that Tae-ho isn’t with them anymore and quietly heads off to look for him, trying not to cause alarm.

Ho-hang is away from camp when Tae-ho makes it back, and he wastes no time in beating Ki-won to a bloody pulp. He’s so brutal that Ki-won has no chance to defend himself, but luckily, Ho-hang returns and witnesses Tae-ho’s vicious attack.

He runs to the others, finds Joon-oh, and tells him that Tae-ho is killing Ki-won. That certainly seems to be Tae-ho’s aim, as he approaches Ki-won with a heavy pot to bash him with. He speaks calmly as he beats the man, telling him that he should have died in the plane crash.

Ki-won pushes Tae-ho away and tries to crawl to safety, but he doesn’t get far. Tae-ho straddles him and punches him a few more times, then starts to strangle him the same way he strangled So-hee.

In the present, Bong-hee prepares for her press conference, and her mother even gives her a new jacket to wear. Mom tells her that everyone is on her side so she needn’t be scared and just tell the truth of what happened.

As she’s on the way to the venue, Investigator Oh calls to tell her that the plans have changed. He says she should go home before hanging up. Her driver turns the car around while the radio reports that the press conference is starting. Bong-hee listens to the reporters saying that the truth of So-hee’s death will be revealed soon. She realizes that something is terribly wrong and jumps out of the car at a red light.

We go back to the island, where Joon-oh is running full speed to save Ki-won’s life. Tae-ho throttles Ki-won until he stops struggling and passes out, and Tae-ho’s sick facial expression looks as if he’s actually enjoying killing the man.

Just as Ki-won stops fighting, Tae-ho is thrown off him by a flying kick from Joon-oh. He cradles Ki-won’s head and stares at Tae-ho in disbelief, demanding to know what he was doing.

The others arrive, and Ki-joon discovers that Ki-won is (thankfully) still breathing, and he tells everyone that Tae-ho was trying to kill the reporter. Joon-oh begs him to revive Ki-won because he has something he needs to ask him, remembering Ki-won’s words that Tae-ho is dangerous.

He goes to Tae-ho, yanks him up by his collar, and asks darkly why he did it. Tae-ho says that Ki-won kept provoking him, and Joon-oh punches Tae-ho as he asks if he kills everyone who annoys him. Tae-ho doesn’t see a problem since Ki-won didn’t die, but Joon-oh snarls that he knows Tae-ho meant to kill him.

Tae-ho denies it, but Ho-hang finally cracks and tells everyone that Tae-ho killed So-hee the same way he tried to kill Ki-won just now. He cries that he watched Tae-ho kill her then stage it as a suicide, and that Tae-ho threatened to kill him if he told.

After a long, stunned silence, Ji-ah asks Tae-ho if it’s true. Tae-ho asks if they believe that nonsense, but they’re looking at him as though they absolutely do believe it. Tae-ho grabs Ho-hang and tells him to tell the truth, but Ho-hang screams that he is telling the truth.

CEO Hwang slowly approaches Tae-ho and slaps him hard across the face. He slaps him again and asks if he’s gone crazy, sure now that he’s guilty of killing Yeol, too. Tae-ho yells that he didn’t kill anyone, and gets a third slap for his effort, hard enough to knock him to the dirt.

CEO Hwang grabs him and punches him over and over, screaming that they were his friends for more than ten years. He’s incoherent with rage and grief, and by now, everyone is crying.

Instead of Bong-hee, Chairwoman Jo brings Tae-ho to the press conference to tell his version of how So-hee died. Tae-ho takes the podium, perfectly acting the part of the tortured innocent, with just a shimmer of tears in his eyes and grief in his expression.

He says that everyone was frightened of “him,” and that So-hee even called him a murderer. One perfect tear falls as Tae-ho adds, “He tried to kill all of us.”

We see a scene where the survivors appear to be on a ship, Tae-ho’s face slashed to ribbons and Ki-joon bleeding out from a wound to the stomach. In the present, Investigator Oh asks Chairwoman Jo quietly if they’re doing the right thing, and she just gives him a cynical smile.

Bong-hee runs to the venue, but CEO Jang has his goons block her from entering. Tae-young and his entourage arrive and leads Bong-hee inside after making it clear that barring her is illegal.

Bong-hee hears Tae-ho claim that “he” tried to kill everyone who was on a rescue boat with him. As we see Tae-ho’s version of events again, even Bong-hee is there, bleeding and looking terrified. Tae-ho says that to “him,” they were just bodies to be killed.

A reporter asks who he’s speaking about, and Tae-ho tells them, “The murderer is Seo Joon-oh.” On the boat, we see a hand holding a wicked knife as Joon-oh sizes up his fellow passengers with an insane gleam in his eye.


That’s not good. That’s very very not good. I don’t really believe it’s true that Joon-oh would really snap and go after everyone with a knife. But this drama has a way of making you doubt everything you think you know, so you just literally never know. And it could be that this exact scene happened, but with a twist that makes it all make sense. Or Joon-oh may actually snap and go after everyone with a knife — we won’t be sure until we get there. I just really, really hope there’s a logical explanation that doesn’t involve Joon-oh turning into a psychotic killer. Particularly since he’s finally beginning to be a decent person, and turning into a good leader and a caring guy. I’m mostly worried that Joon-oh will blame himself for bringing Tae-ho back to camp, where he then killed So-hee, and that the guilt could cause Joon-oh to become emotionally unstable.

I really appreciate how Bong-hee and Joon-oh’s relationship is growing, slowly and steadily. The changes between them feel natural and inevitable — from antagonistic when Joon-oh was being an entitled butt, to dependent on each other for survival and companionship, and now into true friends. Whether it goes any further remains to be seen… at this point I don’t feel that it’s necessarily romantic for either of them, though their feelings for each other are certainly very deep at this point. They’re just too focused on surviving and on everything else happening on the island to worry about lovey-dovey stuff right now. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if their shared experience pulled them in that direction eventually, because their need to depend on each other makes a strong basis for a relationship. That is, if they both make it out alive and sane.

I knew that Tae-ho would turn out to be even more of a danger in the present, once we discovered that he survived and made it back to civilization. What I wasn’t expecting was that apparently, he and CEO Jang have somehow been working together, and that they obviously planned CEO Hwang’s accident in order to get rid of him. Tae-ho’s comment that CEO Jang “let” Bong-hee return has me worried, because it points to the possibility that he may have been been planning her death for some time now. Now he almost certainly knows that Bong-hee named him as So-hee’s killer (and probably Yeol’s as well), and I’m scared for Bong-hee’s safety. Ki-won clearly knows something about Tae-ho, as if the violence he exhibited on the island isn’t the first time he’s hurt or even killed someone. It makes me wonder what else he discovered at the time of Jae-hyun’s suicide, and what he knows about Tae-ho’s true nature.

It’s this sort of twisting of expectations that makes the show even more exciting and keeps me riveted. Just when we think we know what’s happening, we get another assumption turned on its ear and yet again, everything changes. One big twist is how fast Chairwoman Jo turned on Bong-hee, and not even because she doesn’t believe her, but because it’s more politically advantageous for the Committee to align with Tae-ho and Legend Entertainment.

I do wish the investigation committee’s role was explained a bit better, because it seems as though they would want to find out the truth, no matter how ugly. But Chairwoman Jo appears mostly interested in spinning a story that will mollify the public and cause the least amount of backlash, and obviously, making out one of the nations’s biggest Hallyu stars to be a serial murderer isn’t going to do that. I can understand not wanting to be the one to make that sort of claim, though they were willing to do it when it looked as though Tae-ho didn’t survive the island ordeal. But now he’s alive and back in the public eye, and his fans aren’t going to believe he murdered several people on that island.

But the scariest part is that Tae-ho has made several comments that lead me to believe that he truly doesn’t see his killing as wrong, such as when the reporter confronted him and once Tae-ho was alone, he wondered why everyone was so upset. He seemed honestly confused. Then later, when Joon-oh stopped him from killing Ki-won, Tae-ho appeared to actually believe his claims that he wasn’t trying to kill the man. The only thing that scares me more than Tae-ho is a Tae-ho who genuinely thinks that killing is a reasonable way to deal with anyone who gets in his way.


54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ammy

    LollyPip, thanks for this recap as I’m waiting for the series to complete.

  2. HallyuMint

    Do you think Ra bong hee will be framed as co conspirator ?

    Cause I wouldnt enjoy the show that way.

    Im pretty sure jong ho didnt turn homicidal but it was tae ho distorted memories

    Or he held that knife to stop taeho from killing everyone

    Or to kill taeho to prevent him from killing others.

    On a side note since I dont know where to put it

    DOTS has begun broadcast in India dubbed in hindi. (Squeals) Watching with my mom hoping to introduce her to kdramas

    • 2.1 ObsessedMuch

      OMG I have been squealing about that since yesterday! I did hate the dubbing of Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Kyo though!

      • 2.1.1 CatoCat

        Dialogues are good. Voice Actors need much more practice. Joon Ki’ voice actor isn’t terrible but his friend’s voice was like of late 30s guy. I did mentioned it in Open Thread.

    • 2.2 Serpent

      Dont believe in a second what Tae Ho said hes really messed up. I also hope they wont frame Bong Hee but I think thats going to happen because she isnt going to stay put with what Tae Ho did. Its really the easiest way to get rid of her .

    • 2.3 Serpent

      Also Chairwoman Jo man is she going to regret what she is doing, too much damage control she isn’t seeing the picture clearly. What happens when there are more survivors found and when eventually some/one of them testifies what Tae Oh said is wrong there goes youre whole plan.

      Bong Hee stay strong the prosecuter will help you

      • 2.3.1 Cocoboo

        I hope so. Chairwoman Jo is not one of the good guys. She only cares about herself and her priorities. She was shady even before she officially sided with Tae Ho.

    • 2.4 Appie

      They have started airing in India? Which channel? I have been waiting for it to happen since the show ended! Finally will get to a korean drama on my television screen

      • 2.4.1 Ammy

        Zindagi at 8:00 pm

    • 2.5 Kpopcrazymuggle

      What! Which channel?

      • 2.5.1 Meera

        The channel is zindhagi and telecast time 8:00

  3. ObsessedMuch

    I expected to love this show but not for the reasons that I am loving the show- the mystery, the intrigue, the creepy villain with the face of an angel, and basically every character ever! I do however wish that I had more of Jung Kyung Ho in every episode! It almost seems like he isn’t the main lead as he is given the same amount of screen time as every other character! And I need more Bong Hee- Joon Ho scenes. They are adorable together (as are Ji ah and Ki Joon)!

    • 3.1 blighttown

      agreed! when i first heard about the show i was pumped for a castaway sort of drama. i didn’t get that and there are definitely alot of immersion-breaking elements but i’m still enjoying absolutely every second of it.

  4. Serpent

    I really thought that Tae Ho would put the blame on Bong Hee but when he put all the blame on Joon Oh with his tears falling and his ”acting” that was really messed up hahaa I dont know in a good way? Keeps the story more interesting than blaming Bong Hee, really hate him but that also shows that hes acting really good.

    Tae Ho is really a psychopath no remorse at all I agree he really doesn’t understand what he did wrong and why they are blaming him.

    200 % Jong Oh would never do that hes too nice love him I am not gonna fall into that trap. Don worry Joon Oh I got your back!

    Bong Hee and Joon oh <3 enough said love dem.

    • 4.1 Baek

      I thought tae ho would put the blame on bong hee too..

      but then, we are still moving towards the right directions it seems (speculated or widely believe that those investigator would stay on tae-ho side since he had the more influential and credibility with the public with his status..

      which would result in prosecutor and bong hee teaming up tgt.. ceo hwang a ready to go off any time bomb that need to be finish and clean for good if not its a threat there.. so its either a rush to protect case or a rush to silence the eyewitness story here

      and definitely more survivals (hope yeol is still alive.. his statement have the most impact..) to come that would challenge tae-ho and let tae-ho make more mistakes and loopholes that led to his ultimate downfall

      then maybe investigator oh would betray chairwoman or help bong hee secretly since its been showed several time that his mindset doesnt align with the chairwoman.. as much as he knows what the special investigation team does, he still pretty concern with the truth, and not wanting it to be distorted

      and most importantly our male lead. he definitely survived or died heroically at least.. he cant be the bad guy.. im not buying that story..

      im still curious so how did bong hee ended up alone and waking up somewhere unknown in ep1.. so how much did bong hee remembers? it was mentioned in the previous ep that she remembered everything, i wonder is it due to translation error or what.. i understand the story is still progressing bit by bit to keep us on track.. but if she remembers everything, isnt the ending the most important? and if she knows the ending, she definitely isnt using that fact and why no one else is interested?? i dont get why the writer let her remember everything so fast and yet its not at the last ep or to a time where she use those knowledge.)

      • 4.1.1 Carmen

        To keep Bong Hee remembered it now and no in the last episode is make us excited to watch what’s the next comings up?

  5. CatoCat

    I don’t think this drama was ever about survival on the island. This isn’t Man vs. Wild. And no one is here Bear Grylls. Shows drama lies with characters relationships more. Individual actions lose value in a this group of people.

    Tae Ho is certainly more dangerous than others. Why? Because the guy doesn’t much care about repercussions or his actions. He is total maniac reckless. It doesn’t matter whether he goes through physical pain and suffering or not, Till he is satisfied he can go to any length. That’s why this guy can play life and death games well and act barbaric.

    Why Tae-Ho is on life boat? It is better when Law deals with a killer than people acting as voice of justice and doing something inhumane.

    I think once more we will see the island and maybe Jooh-Oh is alive too.

    The strenth of the scriptwriter is twists and so far i’m enjoying the show and ignoring illogical things.

  6. Pookie

    Just watched this episode after only reading about it in dramabeans. Thank you for the recap, Lollypip!
    A pig would have been nice since the reporter is another person to feed and think about but Bong Hee really found joy in meeting another person like she saw hope!
    I also found Tae hos complaint and suspicion towards the reporter ridiculous since he’s the one who’s dangerous but he’s got the people wrapped around their little finger with his acting. The question is now “what do you do with a murderer in your midst.”
    I highly doubt that Dreamera’ leader would snap. It could be a cut version of Tae Ho going on a rampage trying to kill people and he lost the upper hand in a fight.
    Someone protect Bong Hee!!!

  7. Lord Cobol

    Are the wild mushrooms on islands off the Chinese coast safe to eat?? The word around where I live is NEVER eat wild mushrooms – poisonous and/or hallucinogenic.

    My new theory is not that evil chaebol mushrooms poisoned everybody and caused Bong-hee & Tae-ho to hallucinate different versions of how everybody died.

    • 7.1 Cocoboo

      That was my first thought when they were gathering mushrooms. I would never eat wild ones.

    • 7.2 Goldfinch

      Where do you live? In my place we have a culture of collecting wild mushrooms, everyone just know (or look in internet or special books) which are eadable and how poisonous mashrooms look like.

    • 7.3 okitokki

      dunno about that area specifically, but mushrooming is definitely a thing. in some areas, it’s common knowledge which mushrooms are edible and which aren’t. there’s also guidebooks and websites that help people identify different kinds of mushrooms to determine whether they’re edible or not

      eating wild mushrooms with no knowledge can be fatal, so that scene made me nervous, too, haha. i figured the show wouldn’t make everyone die from the mushrooms but i thought maybe they’d show everyone tripping :p

      i guess since bong-hee was the one to find them maybe she knew a bit about wild mushrooms. i don’t think she’d let them eat something she didn’t know was safe, idk

    • 7.4 Jun

      Not to mention about mushroom issues, the whole drama storylines is sucked and illogical.

      I have a few questions to ask, how and where is this reporter come from and how he survived without traumatized when he found them in the deserted island? Who is CEO Jang? Is Tae Ho a killer or a gangster? Seems like CEO Jang and him planned on all the killings? CEO Hwang still alive after smashed by the crane – unbelievable! I really want to know how they ended up in China water? Are they missing in the deserted island for 4 months or staying awhile in China before deported back to Korea? Their missing is the front news but why China authorities didn’t inform Korea governments?

  8. Chi

    The show really mess up your mind, you dont know what to think anymore. Every episode is something new, it could go to any kind of direction. Its really sad about the rating though.

    There must be reason each of them pop up one by one. they go back by different time so múst be different method.

    At this rate I think we wont have a satisfy ending. At the end everyone gonna be mad why so many questions havent been answered. But it’s truly thrilling because it’s unpredictable. So ẹnjoy the ride while it still is.

    • 8.1 Chi

      Just finish watching the next episdoe. Im speechless.

    • 8.2 Bytine

      watching this drama really make my brains go cuckoo. I just want to know what’s the endings they want to deliver to us?

  9. Mawar

    this is my 1st commenting on this page. usually im just being a silent reader to all the recaps.

    but this drama really hooked me up since i do enjoy storyline and theme like this. After watching ep7 im quite worried about Tae Ho story about what happen at the island and how he inflicted Joon Oh, accusing him as the murderer. Im still believe that Joon Oh is the good guy, and cross my finger that the twist might be as same as Soo Hee case when we thought that Bong Hee had killed her earlier.

    Btw, i like how the story so mysterious that we have to watch for next ep to find the truth. I really enjoy this drama and currently this is the only drama that i followed by episodes.
    surely, tae ho really got my nerves and i applaud Tae Joon for excellant acting.
    Thank you also for recapping the drama.
    Regards from Malaysia 😉😉

  10. 10 Troll

    Tae Ho, that motherfu–

  11. 11 oosiee

    Did anyone else feel that when chairwoman Jo whispered to Tae-ho about him being a murderer…she was simply giving him a heads up..rather than accusing him??

    • 11.1 Cocoboo

      I hated that she gave him that heads up!!! I thought she was neutral before that, but now that you mentioned it…..

  12. 12 Whitney

    So I’m pretty sure what they were flashing back to at the end was Tae Ho had been trying to kill everyone and Joon Oh manages to get the knife from him and he was about to kill Tae Ho. He obviously isn’t going to go crazy and kill everyone. He just wants to protect everyone, probably more now since he feels guilty for bringing a murderer back.

  13. 13 Pookie

    Hey guys,what site are you using to see this drama? Anyone care to share?
    Any site that doesn’t have shady ads?

    • 13.1 oosiee


    • 13.2 Holly


    • 13.3 ap

      try dramafire.com

      • 13.3.1 Pookie

        Thx y’all!!

  14. 14 Joie

    Excited to watch Jung Kyung Ho to his full potential!

    • 14.1 Joie

      I had actually anticipated that Tae Oh would not blame Bong Hee, but would, in fact, blame Joon Oh. It’s because of the words he said to Bong Hee in the island, how BH hasn’t seen the real JO and that he’s capable of murdering someone (that and So Hee did always call him a murderer). It makes more sense story-wise too, because we get to question how accurate BH’s memories actually are.

      Of course, it’s already confirmed that Tae Oh is a psycho. With JO, however, we don’t know what will happen in the future. I sure hope he won’t crack but stay to his true self with his innate goodness.

  15. 15 lemoncello

    Tae Ho is a monster…. just to look into his eyes… chilled! He could just kill anybody…

    We need more survivors -if any- to show up!

  16. 16 Yoyoyo

    I need ji ah and ki joon to stay alive please ! Joon oh too TT yeol too

  17. 17 Derek

    This episode oh god Tae Ho is back and creating more drama! Absolutely hate him as his character but his acting is so good!! With his statements, it’s only going to create repercussions in the future, but at the moment, he is one of the biggest stars in the country, so fans would probably support whatever he says.

  18. 18 Valerian

    I love this drama! The suspense, the subtle romance with a pinch of comedic scene naturally thrown at the side without trying to look forced like certain drama *cough*hwarang*.. I pity the show for not getting high rating. Domestic and internationally, the show is not getting enough love from kdrama viewers.

    I’ve watched Lost before, and though at the beginning it seems like the show is quite similar to Lost, (perhaps inspired by it) it is totally going in a different direction now. I guess the Koreans are still very much influenced by who acted in the drama. If there are big names in the drama, then the drama will do well despite a cliche storyline.

    I think that not one single episode of Missing 9 is boring.. Everyone is doing a great job here, especially the villain Choi Tae Ho..

    • 18.1 Cindy

      A-listed actors have choices to select good storylines dramas but here, most of them are newbies except Jung Kyoung Ho. It was my first-time to see him in Korean drama and I don’t think he’s a super-star in K-dramas.

  19. 19 Evelia

    I like the show and the twists that it gives. I thought TH would blame BH but he didn’t.
    The show is like a puzzle, each survivor has different takes on what happened on the island.
    Thanks for the recap.

  20. 20 Holly

    Does anyone else think that Joon Oh was just telling the literal truth when he said he was drinking but he wasn’t drunk driving?

    • 20.1 Chocopie

      Bcs he was no longer drunk or bcs he wasnt the one driving..? Prolly not the latter..

      Also they still havent explained why we see sohee at the rooftop when jaehyun was abt to fall…..

      • 20.1.1 Holly

        If I had to guess, he was too drunk to remember, and the actual driver used that to pin the blame on him, or the person driving was someone he cared about enough to take the blame for them. Either way, I would bet my bottom dollar he wasn’t behind that wheel! Of course I could be wrong! My first thought was sweet little Yeol was the driver and that was partly why the two of them still had such a great relationship.

  21. 21 Cocoboo

    Just finished watching this. UGHHHHHH I was fast-forwarding the last scene. Didn’t want to look at Tae Ho’s despicable face. I knew he would blame Joon Oh.

    I can’t believe TH was so crazy that he tried to kill another person out in the open in their living space. I can’t believe JO and the others weren’t more suspicious and cautious of him. I hope the reporter survives. It was stupid and frustrating watching the reporter boldly talk negatively of TH, but then failing to defend himself.

    I don’t believe JH became a murderer. Period.

    Glad Tae Young showed up at the right time to help Bong Hee. She’s gonna need someone on her side! I don’t think TY knows that TH is the real killer yet. I hope he believes BH’s words instead of TH’s.

  22. 22 Lilium

    I can almost tell how much I’m going to like a show these days by how low the ratings are. It’s as if the lower the ratings are, the better and more interesting they are to me at least.

    Missing 9 is such a clever, clever show. Much as I’d love to spit roast Tae Ho over a fire slowly and painfully, I know the show needs him and the lad who plays him is doing a stellar job making everyone detest him.

    I particularly enjoy the way the drama handles social contract theory. There’s a little Lord of the Flies and Thomas Hobbes in there wrapped up in a murder mystery. But it doesn’t sledgehammer you with it or get all preachy because it’s rooted in these characters and who they are.

    The acting overall is has exceeded my expectations. I hesitated initially because I didn’t recognize the cast at first but everyone’s great… the leads, the villain and support acts.

    • 22.1 Grace

      Me too. I love dramatic criticism and this drama should be awarded as one.

  23. 23 wow

    loved it when CEO Hwang slapped/punched Tae Ho XD he deserved it man!

  24. 24 April

    I just remembered watching Baek Jin-Hee and Jung Kyung-ho in the variety show “Laws of the City” where a bunch of folks tried to make a living in NYC for 3 weeks a couple years back. Explains their chemistry.

    I really like this show.

  25. 25 kisforkdrama

    Am I the only one who thinks that the flashbacks of Joon Oh being the murderer were actually real scenes that happened? It’s just taken out of context as an excuse for Tae Ho to say that Joon Oh was the murderer?

    Really hoping that there are other survivors other than Tae Ho and Bong Hee.

  26. 26 Lala

    The only characters I trust so far are Joon Oh , Bong Hee and the Prosecutor. I honestly don’t believe that Joon Oh would turn into a murderer he cares too much about people to do that in my opinion.

    This drama is just so frustrating to watch since once something gets revealed something manages to go wrong uggghhh I just hope Bong Hee and the Prosecutor team up to reveal and uncover all the things that happened in the island.

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