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Missing 9: Episode 9
by | February 16, 2017 | 75 Comments

The tension mounts on the island as events also begin to escalate back in civilization as the two timelines grow closer to merging. Those who are supposed to help seem more interested in what’s most convenient, making the truth difficult to discover. Bong-hee is learning that having gotten off the island in no way guarantees that she’s safe — in fact, she may be in more danger than ever.


As we relive Tae-ho and Joon-oh’s fight on the cliff, we see scenes from their Dreamers days, in which they looked happy and friendly with each other. Tae-ho goes off the cliff and lets go of Joon-oh’s hand, and in the present, Ho-hang says on camera that it was Joon-oh who killed So-hee.

On the island, Joon-oh speaks privately with the reporter, Ki-won, who had something to tell him about his drunk driving case (the incident that broke up Dreamers). We go back to that night, when Tae-ho had picked up Joon-oh at a pojangmacha after Jae-hyun’s death.

Drinking heavily, Joon-oh had poured Tae-ho a drink, but he’d dumped it out when Joon-oh wasn’t looking. Tae-ho had bundled Joon-oh in his car after he passed out and had disconnected the CCTV camera. He’d left the car sitting in the middle of the street, Joon-oh unconscious behind the wheel, then called the police.

Ki-won knows this because Jae-hyun’s case had been reopened, and the information about Tae-ho reporting Joon-oh was in the file. Joon-oh is stunned to hear that Tae-ho actually set him up — he was telling the truth when he said he’d been drinking, but hadn’t been driving.

Joon-oh asks why Ki-won is telling him this now, and Ki-won says that Joon-oh has the right to get his career back. Joon-oh sighs that he’s not sure whether to believe him or not and heads inside to sleep. Ki-won also stands to go to bed, but he stops to investigate a sound nearby.

In the present, Bong-hee tells Chairwoman Jo that she wants to speak with Ho-hang about his accusations. She says that he knows that Joon-oh isn’t the murderer, so there must be a reason he’s saying these things. Chairwoman Jo counters that it’s two against one, which would indicate that it’s Bong-hee who’s lying, and she asks how she plans to prove otherwise.

She tells Bong-hee to watch it or she’ll find herself facing charges, but Bong-hee says that Chairwoman Jo doesn’t think Joon-oh and Bong-hee are guilty because of the others’ testimonies. She says that she thinks it’s because she believes Joon-oh is dead, and it’s easier to blame the person who can’t defend themselves.

She goes out to where Tae-young is waiting for her, and he can tell immediately that things went badly. He tells her to stay strong or else they’ll win, and she says that she’ll never lose strength until she finds Joon-oh. She smiles, saying that he’s probably struggling to come back, so she has to stay strong.

Chairwoman Jo goes to speak to Ho-hang, and says that he seems better after seeing his “friend” (his excuse for why he was missing when Tae-ho threatened him). She tells him that he can’t change his testimony from this moment forward, and he snaps that he already knows that.

Investigator Oh asks what’s wrong, and Chairwoman Jo asks if they’ve received any information on Joon-oh. They haven’t, and she barks that they at least need to find his body.

The next morning on the island, Bong-hee wakes to find their food stores have been thrown about. Joon-oh chalks it up to the wind, but a trail of items leads Bong-hee to conclude that someone came through camp while they were sleeping. Joon-oh hears a noise and perks up, then goes to check it out (but not before trying to get Bong-hee to go first, ha).

A noise wakes Ki-joon, and he starts hollering when he realizes that the radio Ho-hang has been trying to repair is getting a signal. He can even hear voices, and he and Ji-ah wake the whole camp with their celebratory screaming. The commotion brings Joon-oh back as well, though he seems unsettled.

He pulls Ki-won aside to ask him about what he heard the night before, and Ki-won asks if Joon-oh actually saw Tae-ho’s body after he fell from the cliff. Joon-oh’s silence is enough answer to worry them both, and he says they should try to find Tae-ho’s body (or Tae-ho himself) before they tell anyone else.

CEO Hwang, Ki-joon, and Ho-hang take the radio to the ocean, where CEO Hwang speaks Chinese into the receiver, hoping that someone will hear them. Ho-hang barks at him to let the other people talk, and the three end up fighting. Luckily, a Chinese fishing boat catches their signal.

Joon-oh and Ki-won tell Ji-ah and Bong-hee that they’re going to look for something, and Joon-oh ties the girls’ wrists together to keep them from leaving each other alone. Ji-ah is confused, wondering what they need to find when they’ll probably be rescued soon.

The three guys sit calmly on the rocks, wondering if they should split up to look for an approaching boat. It doesn’t seem to register at first when a boat crests the horizon, but then it turns toward them, and they start jumping and hollering.

Ji-ah and Bong-hee untie themselves and set to roasting mushrooms. Bong-hee steps inside to get some water, and Ji-ah hears footsteps behind her. She looks up to see Tae-ho, battered, bloody, and glaring down at her.

When Bong-hee comes back out, Ji-ah is gone. Ki-joon runs back to tell them there’s a boat, but Bong-hee is frantic about Ji-ah. She tells him that she’s gone, and she thinks Tae-ho took her.

Ki-joon’s priority immediately switches to finding Ji-ah, though he tells Bong-hee that the fishing boat may not stay due to bad weather conditions. They spot Joon-oh, and Ki-joon sends Bong-hee to him, asking her not to let the boat leave until everyone is on it.

CEO Hwang and Ho-hang meet the boat and explain to the fishermen that they’ve been stranded on this island. They’re told to hurry and board since there’s a high seas warning, so CEO Hwang sends Ho-hang to get the others and begs the fishermen not to leave.

Bong-hee frantically tells Joon-oh and Ki-won about the boat, and that Ki-joon is looking for Ji-ah. Ho-hang finds them and screams at them to get to the boat before it leaves, and Ki-won offers to stay and look for Ji-ah while the others head to the shore.

Ki-joon finds Tae-ho with Ji-ah and tries to talk him into letting her go. Tae-ho calmly agrees she hasn’t done anything wrong and drops her, but he says there’s something he wants — to live happily, and to do that, they all have to die. With that, he grabs Ji-ah’s wrist and slices it wide open.

Ki-joon lands a strong punch on Tae-ho, but Tae-ho is stronger and soon gains the upper hand. Ji-ah helps by kicking Tae-ho in the face, but Tae-ho jumps up, grabs her arm, and starts to drag her away. Suddenly Ki-won shows up, and he knocks Tae-ho unconscious with a rock.

He and Ji-ah help Ki-joon sit up, and Ki-joon jokes that Ki-won should have come sooner. Ki-joon wants to leave Tae-ho and head for the boat, but Ki-won stays back, saying that they need to do something with Tae-ho so he can’t come after them again.

Joon-oh, Bong-hee, and Ho-hang find the boat and begin to board. The fishermen are anxious to leave, but Joon-oh refuses to board until Ji-ah and Ki-joon arrive, and Bong-hee hangs back with him.

Ki-won drags Tae-ho to the pit where he first met Joon-oh and Bong-hee and prepares to bash Tae-ho’s skull in with a rock. At the last moment he stops, unable to do it, and instead starts to roll Tae-ho into the hole. But Tae-ho opens his eyes and grabs Ki-won, and they both tumble into the pit.

The fishermen prepare to pull away from the island while Joon-oh yanks on the ropes, screaming that they’ve been stuck on the island for four months. CEO Hwang begs the captain to wait, but the boat drives away from the island, leaving Joon-oh and Bong-hee stranded again.

Luckily, Ji-ah and Ki-joon show up, and CEO Hwang says that that’s everyone, convincing the captain to go back. He throttles back and Ji-ah and Ki-joon board. As they jump in the boat, Ki-joon tells Joon-oh that Ki-won saved them from Tae-ho.

Joon-oh struggles to leave Ki-won behind, knowing that he’s still out there with Tae-ho. He runs off to find Ki-won, and Bong-hee, who was still in the process of boarding, lets go and chases after him.

By the time Joon-oh arrives at the pit, Tae-ho is gone again and Ki-won is at the bottom of the hole, covered in blood. Joon-oh jumps in, and Ki-won gasps that he was going to testify (to his innocence in the drunk driving case) when they got back. He’s bleeding badly from a stomach wound, and Joon-oh sees a bloody stick lying nearby.

Ki-won apologizes and tells Joon-oh that the person who tipped him off that Joon-oh was innocent was So-hee (ah, that must be what she meant when she told Tae-ho that she knew what else he did), and that she’d decided to hold a press conference and tell the truth. But she’d kept changing her mind, so Ki-won was on the plane to convince her.

Weakening fast, Ki-won says that he thinks So-hee changed her mind because of Legend Entertainment’s vice president, and Joon-oh remembers her on the phone before the plane took off. She’d called him by name, Mr. Jang (the sleazy man now acting as CEO) and said she’d give him her decision when she got back.

Ki-won begs Joon-oh to tell the truth on his behalf, and apologizes again. They are the last words he ever speaks, and Bong-hee finds Joon-oh crying over Ki-won’s body and screaming in frustration.

CEO Hwang talks the boat captain into waiting just a bit longer, and Bong-hee brings Joon-oh back just in time. Everyone boards the boat, but Joon-oh hesitates yet again. He knows that Tae-ho is out there somewhere, and despite everyone’s begging, he’s uncomfortable with the idea of leaving him.

Still, when the boat finally leaves the island, Joon-oh is there with the rest of them. They all sit watching the island recede into the distance, each reflecting on their time on the island and how much everything has changed between them all.

Joon-oh sits with Bong-hee, looking a bit seasick but swearing that he’s fine. He lets out a huge belch, then another, grossing out Bong-hee. He keeps burping, obviously a reaction to his nerves and his first time on a boat, and loyal Bong-hee stays right next to him the entire time.

In the present, Chairwoman Jo wraps up a business dinner before finding Tae-young waiting outside the dining room to speak with her. He makes a snarky comment that the Special Investigation Committee seems happy lately, and implies that they’re intentionally overlooking facts.

Chairwoman Jo asks what she’s overlooking, and Tae-young tells her that when he went to China to identify So-hee’s body, he saw CEO Jang in the hospital. He says that CEO Jang was there seeing Tae-ho, and suddenly, Chairwoman Jo looks nervous. Tae-young can tell by her reaction that this is new information.

Chairwoman Jo recovers and acts like it’s no big deal that CEO Jang would be with Tae-ho. Tae-young advises her to speak with CEO Jang himself to see whose side he’s on.

Meanwhile, CEO Jang holds a meeting to announce that Ho-hang is the new vice president of Legend Entertainment. Ho-hang doesn’t look as though this makes him happy at all.

Later, in the CEO’s office, Tae-ho congratulates Ho-hang before acting as if he has no idea what he means when Ho-hang says it’s all because of him. CEO Jang is upset because two more survivors have been found, and he asks Tae-ho if he’s sure there’s no way either can be Joon-oh. CEO Jang says he’ll need to go to China to “take care of things,” and Tae-ho has an excuse to join him since he has a fan meeting planned near there.

Bong-hee’s mother goes downstairs to the store for some soy sauce, and she overhears some nosy ajummas discussing Bong-hee. They say she’s losing her mind, and that her testimony can’t be trusted.

Bong-hee’s mom loses her temper and pours the entire bottle of soy sauce over the loudest ajumma’s head. She yells at them for gossiping behind people’s backs and tells them to go home if they have nothing better to do than yap about her daughter. Go Mom!

Tae-young finds Bong-hee on the roof of her building and refuses to listen to her apology. He informs her that there are more survivors, though nobody knows their identities since they’ve asked to remain anonymous. He suggests they go see them in person and secure their testimonies before CEO Jang gets his hooks in them.

Hope lights in Bong-hee’s eyes when Tae-young tells her that one of the survivors in particular wants to see her. She smiles, sure it must be Joon-oh, and Tae-young agrees that would be the best situation to turn the tables in their favor.

All of the castaways go below deck when the bad weather hits, where Ki-joon bandages Ji-ah’s slashed arm. The first mate finds a rope hanging loose over the side of the boat and pulls it on-board, then notices something strange poking out of a nearby tarp. He pulls back the tarp, but we don’t see what he finds.

Ho-hang cheerily asks what everyone wants to do once they get home, food being first on his list. He mentions his mother, which reminds Bong-hee that Joon-oh told her his parents have passed away. But he’d said he has many brothers, listing Yeol, Tae-ho, Ki-joon, and even Ji-ah, hee.

CEO Hwang sighs that instead of thinking of home, he keeps thinking about the island. They all seem a bit sad to be leaving the island, particularly when he mentions Yeol and So-hee. He says that he didn’t even get to thank Ki-won, who proved Joon-oh’s innocence and whose radio made their rescue possible.

The bad weather makes the boat lurch, and the captain wonders where his first mate ran off to. He calls over the loudspeakers for him to return to the cabin, and we’re shown the tarp, with a pair of galoshes sticking out and the deck underneath covered in blood.

Seasick, Ho-hang rushes out to throw up over the side of the boat. A wave knocks him over and near to the tarp, and a pair of shoes steps calmly over his unconscious form.

Joon-oh goes out looking for Ho-hang, and another wave nearly washes him over the side and into the ocean. He pulls himself back on-board, and Bong-hee gets worried and goes after him. She walks right past a dark, ominous form hiding behind a door.

When Joon-oh finds Ho-hang, he’s knocked off balance by the lurching boat, and lands with his hand on the galoshes under the tarp. He sees the blood and pulls back the tarp to find the first mate, dead. Ho-hang starts to freak out, and Joon-oh has his hands full keeping him calm.

The mysterious person makes their way into the room where Ki-joon sits with Ji-ah, and Ki-joon stares in horror for a second before the person pulls him close and stabs him in the belly. Ji-ah screams, and looks up to see Tae-ho standing over her, holding a wicked knife.

In the present, Tae-young and Bong-hee go to the Chinese hospital where they’re told that one of the survivors is still recovering, and the other is delaying their return to Korea, but really wants to see Bong-hee.

When they approach the room, Bong-hee is rushed by a patient — Ji-ah, alive and well. She’s nervous but okay, and seems happy to be reunited with Bong-hee. Bong-hee asks if she’s the one who wanted to see her, and Ji-ah says that it was the other survivor.

He comes out and embraces Bong-hee, and though she’s happy to see Ki-joon, she can’t hide her disappointment that it isn’t Joon-oh. She asks if they know what happened to Joon-oh, and both of their faces change to expressions of pity.

Ki-joon asks if she forgot what happened, and more of Bong-hee’s memory returns. She enters the cabin just after Tae-ho stabs Ki-joon and sees the knife, and she bravely tells him to put it down. Joon-oh sees this scene and cries out, and the distraction allows Tae-ho time to spin Bong-hee around and hold the knife to her throat.

Joon-oh says that Tae-ho really wants him, but Tae-ho whispers that he plans to kill everyone. The boat lurches again and Bong-hee stumbles out of Tae-ho’s grip, and Joon-oh leaps forward to try and wrestle the knife from Tae-ho’s grasp.

He slams Tae-ho’s arm against a crate and makes him drop the knife, which lands at Ji-ah’s feet. Tae-ho punches Joon-oh and goes for the knife, but Ji-ah thinks fast and pushes it toward Bong-hee. Bong-hee picks it up and levels it at Tae-ho, warning him not to come close.

He arrogantly leans in toward her and she lashes out, slashing him across the face. He comes close again and grips the blade, and Bong-hee lets go out of fear. He screams and lunges forward to stab Bong-hee, but Joon-oh throws himself between them and takes the knife in the back.

Blood wells in Joon-oh’s mouth, but his first concern is to make sure Bong-hee is okay. Sobbing, she says she’s fine, and Joon-oh reaches back to pull the knife out. He hovers over Tae-ho and throws the knife away, then grabs Tae-ho and punches him over and over again until Joon-oh loses consciousness.

Bong-hee finally remembers it all, and she sinks to the floor and wails. Ji-ah tries to comfort her, but she’s beyond comforting as she relives Joon-oh’s fate.

While Bong-hee had stared grieved over Joon-oh lying on the floor of the cabin, a rogue wave had completely engulfed the boat.

Some time later, Bong-hee calls Tae-young from the airport, and says that she’s sorry, but she has to go now. She says that she wants to put her faith in Joon-oh one last time, telling Tae-young that someone called, and that his voice sounded just like Joon-oh’s voice.


Well, that’s everyone from the island confirmed either dead or rescued, except for Joon-oh. I suspected that he would be the last whose fate we would learn, but I’m surprised that we know all of this just halfway through the run of the drama. Of course there’s always a small chance that Yeol may have survived (what, I’m an optimist), though I’m finally accepting that he’s most likely dead (a realistic optimist), so I’m going with that assumption for now. But despite the fact that their time on the island seems to be over, I still find myself eager to know more, and to see who, if anyone, will side with Bong-hee against Tae-ho. The show still has a lot of story to tell, and I have a feeling that we won’t know the true, complete story of how things unfolded on the island until we find Joon-oh.

It stinks that the one person who knew the truth is now dead, but I’m glad that he got a chance to tell Joon-oh before he died. Once Joon-oh gets over the shock of Ki-won’s death, he’ll realize that not only did someone believe him in the drunk driving incident, but that So-hee had forgiven him for his part in Jae-hyun’s death. I think — I hope — that that knowledge will give Joon-oh the strength to try getting his life and career back. It feels as though he just gave up because he thought nobody believed in him, but now he knows that Ki-won knew the truth, that So-hee forgave him and was on his side, and he’ll have Bong-hee with him now to bolster him. That is, if Joon-oh is still alive…

And I do believe he is, because as much as the show is an ensemble piece, it’s really the story of Joon-oh’s fall and possible redemption. Originally he came across as an arrogant ass who was too entitled to take responsibility for his actions, but now that we know him better, we know that Joon-oh is really very sensitive and caring. He took the blame for the drunk driving probably to assuage his guilt over Jae-hyun’s death, and he developed a diva persona to mask his deep hurt at being abandoned by everyone he cared about. But his time on the island has brought forward the part of him that feels responsible for those he loves, and is willing to put their well-being before his own.

And then there’s Tae-ho, the other side of the coin, who will cheerfully kill anyone who gets in the way of his own happiness and success. We’ve learned a lot about him through his months on the island as well, though instead of bringing out his better side as it did with Joon-oh, it only made Tae-ho’s dark natural tendencies even worse. We know now that he was always willing to harm others to get his own way — we don’t know why he orchestrated Joon-oh’s “accident,” but I’m sure he felt that he was being held back by being part of a group and wanted to go out on his own. But rather than just do that, he threw Joon-oh under the metaphorical bus. The stakes got higher on the island, literal life or death, so Tae-ho chose to just eliminate anyone who stood in the way of what he wanted. And now that they know the truth about him, he’s determined to kill them all to keep them from talking. I don’t believe that being back in civilization has changed his mindset one bit, and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tae-ho’s murderous side.

As much as I’m enjoying the story, I do have to admit that there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense, or that seems manufactured just to create suspense. I can’t imagine fishermen finding an island full of people and being so willing to just leave them there like that. I also have a hard time believing the way the survivors are handled in the present time by the investigators. Given their differing stories, it seems as though they should be individually sequestered until all of their statements are made, then the stories compared for similarities and differences. Allowing them to interact and actually deciding which story to put forth as truth regardless of any actual resemblance to facts, before everyone has even given their testimony, just seems irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst. But the rest of the story is so good, and moves along so quickly with so many twists and turns that I find myself willing to overlook the inconsistencies to just enjoy the ride. Maybe that means I’m not as objective as I could be, but hey, I’m having a blast, and that’s the most important thing.


75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. berries

    plot seems to be: tae ho and his killing sprees…

    • 1.1 Chiisan

      Honestly when he showed up to the boat party, I was enraged. This guy is harder to kill than a radioactive cockroach zombie.

      • 1.1.1 Ara

        the drama has definitely moved into horror territory now. Surprised he doesn’t have a scream mask on while he’s killing.

      • 1.1.2 Sooyi

        Lol your comparaison is so right!!! Ugh, he’s like one of those serial killers in American horror movies.

    • 1.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Yes I agree, this past episodes we have been seeing so much of psychotic killing all the ppl on the island/ship, even worse than in Voice…at least the killing isn’t that much imho….

      • 1.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        And he really have a cat’s nine lives, TH don’t die easily…let’s hope Joon Oh too, don’t die easily….

    • 1.3 merin

      I love murder mysteries. Even now, I’m also watching Defendant and the Voice as well as Amercan crime dramas. I think I can safely say that Tae Ho is the craziest psychopath I’ve seen on TV. It’s one thing to kill strangers because of an urge but to kill friends who you’ve known for more than 10 years is just way out there. The guy is coo coo nuts but in a cold, unbelievably scary way
      !Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

  2. CatoCat

    Ratings are dud. A blow to 38 Task Force’s scriptwriter. Director can get through this but it becomes difficult for a scriptwriter.

    Yeol – Head Injury, Body floating in sea face down, Zoom Out scene signifies lose of life, Birds started to float over body and SFX of Crows! – The guy need to be dead but who knows whether he turns up as lucky as Tae Ho or not. Tae Ho’s body is made of steel or his will to go any height to achieve the best outcome for himself is far more stronger than the goodwill of all.

    As i said in earlier recap – Once again they will visit the island. Joon-Oh’s final showdown with Tae Ho.

    Inconsistency – Bad whether forecast was made and most fishermen stay away from sea at such times. We all know what happened to the small ship. Fishermen trying to leave the place as soon as possible was quite logical and realistic in my opinion. In the end Fishermen took the high road and waited.

    It is shown time and again that investigation team isn’t interested in either justice or Truth. They are looking for a solution most beneficial to them. Whatever truth they come across in the end Mrs. Lady doesn’t want go extra mile to catch Tae-Ho.

  3. Lord Cobol

    Joon-oh throws himself between them and takes the knife in the back.

    Has he been watching Hwarang or something? Jumping in front of the knife/arrow/bullet/water-splashed-by-car seems to be the kdrama thing to do, but this is just too soon after Ah-ro’s Arrow of Doom.

    How’s the TV reception on the island?

    • 3.1 Serpent

      Don’t forget the crane of doom hahaha . Even though most of the time they all fail to kill people.

      • 3.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I guessed we will see the Truck of doom or smth like that very soon, since they are now back to the city and away from the island…and not forgetting the villains are still ‘trying to kill them’ or to silence them/bribe them into keeping quiet about the real truth….

    • 3.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      hahaha reminds me in Weightlifting Fairy, the lead guys hid behind the lead gal when a car splashed water on them.

  4. Serpent

    Seriously Tao Oh is a big mutthafkng cockroach everytime he survives. No matter how many times hes out he manages to come up top. The more things are revealed about him the more I hate him.

    People really need to take a class: how to murder someone 101 everybody just keeps surviving. Even the most experienced killer Tae Ho with a kill count of 4 at the moment miserably fails to kill when he wants to. He should try to fight with the intention not to kill maybe he will then accidentally kill people it already happend 2 times ( maybe 3 dont know about the reporter but even that looked like an accident).

    Tae Ho come on why don’t u go for the neck or the heart i’m disappointed in you. Its either the stomach or the arm. They should at least give some scars to his face with all the injuries.

    Even the president of Legend entertainment couldn’t kill the former president properly . I wont even be suprised if Yeol is alive.

    It is sad that the ratings are not that good it deserves better.

    Bong Hee and Joon Oh are the best love them.

    • 4.1 Lord Cobol

      Tae-ho is not the only incompetent one.

      he says they should try to find Tae-ho’s body (or Tae-ho himself) before they tell anyone else

      Ki-won drags Tae-ho to the pit where he first met Joon-oh and Bong-hee and prepares to bash Tae-ho’s skull in with a rock. At the last moment he stops, unable to do it

      Gee guys, you’ve had enough warning that it’s you (all) or Tae-oh. Just share the information and do what needs to be done. If you can’t bring yourself to smash his skull with a rock, smash his knee or his hand. I know good guys are supposed to act like law-abiding, merciful good guys, and kdramas (even more than American TV) don’t want to show the good guys killing people, but enough already.

      And when things turn out so badly for non-homicidal good guys, they’re actually spreading the opposite message to the one they want.

      • 4.1.1 Serpent

        I know right they had sooo many opportunities to kill him but noo lets just wait and not become monsters/killers we are better than that sigh. I think letting monsters go is worse than ending it once and for all.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          well, it’s always like tat in any dramaland, the good guys are often overly too good and kind while the bad guys are overly smart and heartless and despicable…..so the good guys always ending at the disadvantage until the finale 🙂

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            *always end up at a disadvantage

      • 4.1.2 Nerdy

        It might sound selfish, but after killing someone how are these people supposed to go on living? Look in their loved ones eyes? It IS justifing when you kill someone by self-defence right in the moment he attacks you, but what about when he is laying down there helpless? I study law, and I know that it wouldn’t be considered as a crime in both cases, but person’s mind doesn’t work this way. That’s why I don’t blame anyone for not killing Tae-Ho

        “smash his knee or his hand”
        They really could do it, but I guess others didn’t get a chance and reporter Pak wasn’t thinking logically?

        • Cocoboo

          Yeah I see what you mean. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

          Many times I felt like Joon Oh was being too much of a good guy. I was tired of him hesitating and even feeling concerned about Tae Ho, but his actions are kinda realistic. They have known each other for a long time. His past memories of their good times doesn’t just disappear. He’s now learning TH’s real personality.

          Tae Ho needed to be tied up or at least isolated from the others. I think reporter Ki Won was trying to do that with Tae Ho and the pit.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            Yes JO is overly too good a nice guy while TH is overly evil psychotic who never hesitate to kill his long-time friends….sigh…

      • 4.1.3 KDramaWatcher2609

        sometimes, they are kind of stupid, although I pity over Reporter Kim’s death (he was a kind soul who eventually cleared JO’s name/guilt)….but when he told them to go off and try to “kill” TH, I was like “oh no, silly u, you gonna die….isn’t going onboard the ship is more important for you now?”….and really, he got killed by TH instead….but i still feel sad for him…he was a kind person and willing to sacrifice himself by telling the rest to go onboard the ship first….

      • 4.1.4 Cooler

        I think you lose the right to be called “the good guy” when you put everyone else in danger. Dude has killed multiple people, but because one person feels some kind of way, everybody else life is now in danger. That’s not heroic. It’s cowardly–masking an inability to make a tough decision as some sort of righteous moral code.

  5. Lord Cobol

    Remember the screen-writer swap and the early working titles like “Gaia” & “Picnic”. Well, it sure didn’t turn out to be any “picnic”. “Gaia” doesn’t fit well either.

    Despite some complaints about the writing in the current version, I like the show and I suspect it is better than any “Picnic” version would have been.

    • 5.1 CatoCat

      It surely is mind-blowing picnic, Chief.

      Watching ep 10 right now.

      • 5.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Oh my. I’m just done with episode 10 and everything is what I’ve anticipated. Feel so sad for Bong Hee.

  6. lizzy25

    I’m enjoying the fast paced narrative of this drama but I have to say I’m kind of disappointed in the depth. I was kind of hoping that it would be an exploration of the human moral compass, but right now it just seems to paint people as either good or evil.

    What a loss of potential. They have such a talented group of actors, and the show’s been reduced to who’s tae oh going to kill next?

    • 6.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      It has become another serial killer show but okay i’ve enjoyed it so far….

      • 6.1.1 lizzy25

        Lmao, it basically is another serial killer show. I thought we’d get to see the greyer shades of humanity and we got legend entertainment vs the world, with the government thrown in somewhere.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          Yeah now I really hate the investigation committee. That ahjumma just do whatever which swings in their favour, including collaborating with TH and CEO Jang and cover up the truth.

    • 6.2 JesO

      Agreed Lizzy. I do also wish the lead actress was a bit better. She has great chemistry with the guy playing Joon Oh, which for me is the most important, but alas, in these latter episodes I’ve been failing to connect with her.

      • 6.2.1 lizzy25

        Hmm, I have a bias towards Baek Jin-Hee so maybe I’ll just like her no matter what role she plays but it’s true, her role hasn’t been so big in the past few episodes. The first episode though, I thought she slayed 🙂

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I think she is better in episode 10.

  7. paramount

    obviously tae ho is psychopathic & there’s no logic in that, but when he was killing people out of desire to survive… at least that made sense plot-wise. i don’t get why he’s just killing people left & right now like – what was the point of killing the crew member on the boat?!
    he can HELP YOU GET HOME & you choose to kill him?

    i hope the hero of this drama is actually prosecutor tae young. i want him to find & reveal the truth with bong hee & bring down chairwoman jo -__-

    • 7.1 shallwe?

      He’s bloodthirsty for one. For two, he’s on a mission to kill all of them. That includes the crew.

      That said–it’s really, really, REALLY far fetched. But I like these actors so I’m along for the ride.

  8. Chi

    Its so frustrating. Im sure the writer has gone crazy.

    First kill, bandmate – accident
    Second kill, pilot -> for food
    Third kill, bandmate – accident
    Fourth kill, sohee – cover up
    Fifth kill, reporter – cover up
    Sixth kill, fishmen – no reason

    Is he trying to write history in dramaland as the most murder?

    I think we need to start to make fun of the drama because there is nothing logic anymore.

    • 8.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      7th kill all the ppl on the ship – to silence them

      8th kill (I foresee that he will kill the evil CEO Jang sooner or later too)….haha

    • 8.2 Annie

      @Chi: I haven’t counted yet, but I think the body count might be higher in this drama, than in Voice! (Sometimes it’s more difficult for me to watch this drama, than Voice, because of the goriness!)
      I think like @Lord Cobol: when you know there is a psychopatic murderer killer, who is also madly insane, on the loose, why don’t you share all the info with the group, so that everybody might be aware and alert? And why couldn’t Bong Hee understand the metaphor of being tied to Ji Ah, as in “never remain alone”? Even if it is something they should have established much sooner: never walk around alone.
      Tae Ho seems to be tougher to kill than Rasputin!
      But I won’t give up watching this drama, let’s see how the writer will untangle the plot holes!

  9. lemoncello

    Anyone has an idea how Tae Ho got into the boat without anybody noticed it? I’m curious….

    • 9.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      He got an iron body….haha, I thought it was shown that there is a rope or smth at the side of the ship….??

    • 9.2 Chiisan

      I’ve been told by the Legend of the Blue Sea that he’s part shark, part human. When he dives into the water, he transforms into a shark.

      • 9.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Maybe he is some villainous alien from another star who can’t be defeated easily 😉

  10. 10 Serendipity

    With so many plot holes I think this story is like American Psyco,nothing is real but exists in the mind of the ‘murderer’,a hallucination or a nightmarish dream.It can’t be real.

  11. 11 Melissa

    There are two thoughts that I keep thinking as I watch this drama

    #1- Tae-ho seems to be channeling his inner Mulan in that just when you think he’s finally dead, he “pops out of the snow, like daisies”. (in reference to when the Hun army is covered in an avalanche and pop out.

    #2. This show also seems to be channeling it’s inner Princess Bride. No one is ALL dead they are only MOSTLY dead. Maybe they all have true love keeping them alive. 🙂

    Really though, this show could be a total drinking drama. Take a drink whenever Tae-ho is “killed” or he “kills” someone else. At this rate, I’m thinking that even Soo-Hee might still be alive somehow. And really, Yeol is totally going to show up at the last minute and save the day. I’m betting on it.

    • 11.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Well, Soo Hee’s body have been found already, we might have some hope for Yeol being still alive though….in dramaland, no body found means still alive….hehe 🙂

      • 11.1.1 Melissa

        I’m not denying that Soo Hee is dead. I mean, by all logical sense, she is dead dead and not coming back. (and I do truly think she’s dead) However, at the rate of everyone coming back from being “dead” I think it is only a matter of time before even Soo Hee comes back alive and they justify it by saying that she was afraid for her life and that she only “played” dead so that her brother could get evidence against Tae-ho and she could stop being afraid and come back to her old life. (I mean, it WOULD explain why her body was in such good shape with no decay after 4 months of being “dead” just sayin.)

        (OR maybe this drama IS really going to end like LOST and all of this will be just a dream/heaven in the end and that is why no one really dies.)

        • Annie

          @Melissa, now that’s a good theory! The show needed So Hee to be dead so as her brother, the prosecutor, gets more invested in the case, I suppose he will be the one to help Bong Hee uncover the truth. After they get Tae Ho, she can pop back alive! Of course, this also means that he only gets a sentence for attempted murder, because everyone is in fact alive! Or maybe the pilot is really dead, because we didn’t get to grow fond of him.

          • Melissa

            @Annie, wouldn’t that be the most hilarious ending if in fact tae-ho was the most ineffective killer EVER and everyone just pops back up from the dead. He would be like “I went crazy for nothing”.

          • KDramaWatcher2609

            Maybe TH should learn to be like the serial killer in Voice. At least those he killed don’t turned up alive. Haha.

    • 11.2 ap

      all the sarcasms here bud. i know what you’re implying. the more i watch this episode, feels like everything doesn’t make sense. hah!

  12. 12 KDramaWatcher2609

    Anybody dislike that coward guy who changed his story becos he was threatened by TH and CEO Jang and now he has become vice-CEO becos he did just what they told them to do? I guess he will only ‘wake up’ from his coward-ness when he realised that his “beloved” CEO Hwang’s accident is also staged by CEO Jang and TH (I noticed that he is very close to CEO Hwang)…

    • 12.1 Cocoboo

      I dislike that guy too because of his cowardice. I’m glad he is still alive though. Tired of TH killing so many people.

      And you’re right, I don’t think Ho Hang knows that CEO Hwang’s death was not an accident.

      • 12.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Yes, if one to one of cos they would lost out to TH if each of them are scare of him and his threatenings but if all of them team up, why should they be scare of him and do his bidding ??? Just like a pair of chopsticks are easy to break but it won’t be easy to break a big bunch of chopsticks !!

  13. 13 KDramaWatcher2609

    Anyone thinks that that brother Prosecutor Yoon actually looked very charismatic…especially when he is determined to help Bong Hee to reveal the truth….? hahaha 😛

    • 13.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      and I’ve got a feeling that at the end of the show, Bong Hee would be Prosecutor Yoon’s little sister since he lost Soo Hee and Soo Hee have been grateful to Bong Hee for saving her at the cliff and have given her necklace to Bong Hee…. 😉

      • 13.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        *would become Prosecutor Yoon’s little sister

    • 13.2 Chiisan

      I’ve been thinking that all along. Prosecutor Yoon was righteous and broody since Day 1, he could be the main lead on many other procedural dramas.

      • 13.2.1 toodles

        Prosecutor Yoon played by Yang Dong Geun has such a smooth comforting voice and yet he’s also very compelling. I wouldn’t mind it a bit if he gets more screen time as the only sane government official willing to help Bong Hee and ??Joon Oh.

      • 13.2.2 KDramaWatcher2609

        his voice too…..he is one dependable good guy in this show now….

      • 13.2.3 Baek

        YES! His voice.. I always get a very “peace feel vibes”

  14. 14 Cocoboo

    Gosh this episode was scary.

    Psycho Tae Ho is as scary as the killer in Voice.

    Shouldn’t have watched the preview…. now I’m dreading the next episode.

  15. 15 Cocoboo

    I wish Bong Hee was smarter in the present against Tae Ho. Be proactive. But I know she doesn’t have any evidence to prove him wrong. I just feel like she needs to hide and get away from the public/special investigative unit/Tae Ho until Joon Oh is back. I think he is still alive. I’m anxious for these two to get together and fight against Tae Ho….

  16. 16 Cookiesandcreme

    This drama is really annoying me now. I don’t understand why and how Tae-ho became this all powerful being that can not be beaten. It doesn’t make any sense. There are more people than him and their opinions outweigh. Why does Tae-ho have super strength? Why are his friends so willing to turn their backs on Joon-oh? They know the complete truth, they know that Tae-ho murdered Yeol and Seo-hee and yet they don’t try to to do anything. It’s a big plot hole in my opinion because it’s not as if they are being morally ambiguous. They are just being cowards and unfaithful. Bong-hee has known Joon-oh foe less time than all of them and yet she sticks up for him more. If I was Joon-oh I would be really disgusted and wouldn’t talk to any of them anyway.

    • 16.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Well, Joon Oh is too good a guy to feel disgusting about the rest of them I guessed.

  17. 17 Sooyi

    Sometimes I wonder how the drama would have been written if it was instead picked up by cable channels like OCN (more gore and less lucky survivors?), TvN and jTBC.

    • 17.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      more gore and less survivors just like the current Voice by OCN ??

  18. 18 Adal

    This drama is too full of plot holes and glaring inconsistencies that are too obvious to ignore, no matter how hard one tries to do so. If Yoon So Hee was so convinced that Tae ho was guilty and Joon Oh was innocent, then why did she treat Joon Oh in the same manner as she did Tae ho, in the first few episodes of the drama screaming at him that he’s a murderer and refusing to let him help her or even come close to her? She was so surprised that he came to rescue her on the other deserted island, and only softened her attitude after he rescued her. Her actions are inconsistent with someone who believed that Joon Oh was framed.

    By the way, Tae ho isn’t Chucky, he doesn’t have super strength or super powers, so it’s amazing to me how he can’t be subdued by all the other men in the island, and keeps coming back regardless of how many injuries or near death experiences he’s had. How on earth could he have stowed away on the boat when it was within everyone ones view all the time? And if he were under the tarp for so long wouldn’t he be too cold or too seasick to continue his killing spree? It’s unreal. No wonder the ratings dropped so low.

    I kind of think that the writer would pull a curve ball ala Six Sense in the last episode and show that Bong Hee truly remembered it wrongly and the real killer was Seo Joon Oh all along. That would be a save from all this sloppy writing. (Big sigh). I like the drama because of its fresh concept, but the execution needs a lot more work.

    • 18.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I agree…I wonder why TH is like an iron man who can’t be defeated or die despite so many times of near-death….and so many ppl against one villain on that island/ship and yet they lost out to him … ?? Maybe they should take lessons on 101 ways to defeat/kill a psychotic killer ??

    • 18.2 Annie

      @Adal, I was thinking about the possibility of Bong Hee remembering it all wrong, too! Otherwise, poor Yeol looks like a sissy – what, he died only because he hit his head on a rock, while Tae Ho gets to fall off a cliff, doesn’t break anything, comes back the next day and has enough strength to drag Ji Ah away, then he gets a rock to his skull but still manages to beat and stab the reporter (with a stick?), then he manages to run as fast as the others to the boat and approach it stealthily, even if everyone on the boat should have seen him, and after hiding in the cold he still has enough energy to get on a murder spree on the boat?

      • 18.2.1 s9313071e

        Exactly! He is like the cat with 9 lives and maybe even more.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          That’s why I said that TH must be some kind of iron man/Goblin/alien who don’t die (easily)….but I’m surprised at one of the scene in episode 10 when TH and BH confronted each other at the hospital. Haha.

    • 18.3 ap

      i’m starting to loose my faith to hold on to this drama. all the inconcistencies and plot holes are so hard to ignore. oh boooy, hope it will get better in the next episodes.

      i’m still hoping that yeol is alive. he died only because tae ho hit his head and this tae ho can’t die even after falling off from the cliff? that’s just doesn’t make sense! and can’t really ignore plot holes!!!

    • 18.4 Baek

      So from this ep and reporter kim account, So-hee knew about the framed driving thingy.. But how she know?? Or simply because tae-ho was the one reported??

      Does she know of jae-hyun death wasnt a suicide after all?? (i got a feeling she doesnt, which explains her strong and blaming reaction towards joon-oh on the island??)

      but then its strange that if reporter kim knows something fishy about tae-ho with cctv pictures of tae-ho visiting jae-hyun that day after joon-oh left.. why wouldnt he share it with so-hee, if they are working together to expose the truth of tae-ho.. and arent jae-hyun and so-hee dating or something.. its only normal to share such info to her and its relevant since its related to tae-ho

      and going by so-hee personality and character.. if she knows that jae-hyun death wasnt as simple as a suicide because of joon-oh words, she would definitely do sth (she can even blame joon-oh for causing jae-hyun death with his words.. if she knows tae-ho is responsible, i dont think she can be so calm and do nth?).. thats why i think she doesnt know of jae-hyun true death was caused by tae-ho, but it doesnt make sense reporter kim didnt tell her..

      • 18.4.1 Baek

        edit: ^ watch ep11, ok seems like she really know of the truth behind jae-hyun death.. it was mentioned explicitly (not really a spoiler, since its more of a flashback of what reporter kim told in this ep)

        Then this really doesnt explain her hostile action towards joon-oh on the island..

  19. 19 Evelia

    I am just watching to see what Tae Ho is going to do next. He just cant be stopped.

  20. 20 Mawar

    this episode make it clear why Joon Oh feel so responsible towards his friends. Learning that his parent died, and what he have the friends that he cares like his own sibling. It is so heartbreaking that how they treat him for Jae Hyun death, but it is understandable.that it is due to misunderstanding created by Tae Ho. But i guess the most hurtful thing for Joon Oh is when found out the real Tae Ho. He seems felt responsible towards him, and i know that this ia because he wanna be the caring and kind hyung to Tae Ho, that he believe he can change Tae Ho.
    But the reality itself so cruel, and I wish the truth about Tae Ho will be exposed and Joon Oh name can be cleared.

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