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by | February 3, 2017 | 347 Comments

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is your Open Thread, which is here for you to chat about anything you want, whether it be drama-related or not. Nothing’s off-topic here! Spoilers may be rife, so proceed accordingly.


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  1. EZ

    I must have lost 16 kgs.. ok give and take 8 kgs.. I am sure i cried more than I drank water.. actually i didn’t.. because i was so hooked

    The many firsts this week:
    Now i know who won bin is…umm.. not exagerrating but.. he sounds and looks like my cousin
    so maybe that is why i was saved from shedding 32 litres of water over 16.. no second lead syndrom

    Finally finally finally watched Autumn Tale

    THe lead – how is he so under the radar? I found him incredibly charming.. but have never seen or heard of him before this drama

    My million dollar question is.. Is Won Bin filthy rich? How can someone not work and still be in news so much.. he is literally the undisputed hunk of korea, if dramas are to be believed..
    And really no work? livelihood, boredom?

    Song hye kyo – how is she not the “most b’ful” korean woman?
    And well, it feels weird to see her in this drama.. for she looks visibly young..

    And that just makes me wonder… how much have each one of us changed.. although the eyes can’t make out in the mirror!

    Finally watched What happened in bali..
    I will take a moment and laugh out loud.. What the hell was this drama?

    The good- the only content where I have actually liked ha ji won, didn’t like insung in wind that blows.. but here he is fine i guess, so ji sub craze goes over my head

    ( although courtsey both dramas i saw, these bulky muscular builds are so much more attractive than the lean types of recent dramas)

    The best -leading lady love no one, lusts both , and unapologetically lives it through.. LIKE IT
    It is such a messed up story.. if it has a story that is.. only the hot bodies ( special shout out to ha ji won.. she definitely has one of the best figure in Kent)

    I totally fast forwarded it.. watching in sung’s piece at 8X speed 😛
    And yeah really, how does one sustain a lavish lifestyle without working? for what 7 years now?
    And how come SHK is not in a solid relationship.. i would have turned into a legit obsessed drama hero for her..

    phew! really how is she NOT the prettiest face to be talked about?

    • 1.1 missdee

      As someone who came into dramaland after Won Bins active period, I am quite suprised at the amount of times his name was mentioned and almost put forward as really handsome actor..because maybe its just the peraonal preference I have found many other actors who are more good looking than him. And as you said I am also in awe how he makes to keep his name and position as Koreas national actor when he is not at all active..

      • 1.1.1 bips99

        same here … i started watching kdramas after he stopped working. and i legit cannot understand the hype around him.

        As for looks, to me he doesn’t seem all the special. i have heard stuff like ‘god amongst men’ etc etc … and i am like eh! … but then beauty is such a subjective matter .. so to each his own

        i watched a little of his work. and he is fine. but nothing that would have me stalking the internet for info about him.

        maybe it has to do with actually experiencing the craze when it is happening???

        • 007

          I initially had the same thoughts too, just thought he was an average ajusshi who had a high nose bridge haha
          After watching a few of his works ,interviews and reality shows.
          I finally understood the craze.
          But yeah, different people have different preferences. To some he’d seem mediocre, to others he might seem ‘god-like’. He just has this charisma that draws people in… hmmm hard to explain but if ya geddit haha

        • harmonyfb

          i have heard stuff like ‘god amongst men’ etc etc … and i am like eh! … but then beauty is such a subjective matter .. so to each his own

          Oh, yeah, taste is entirely subjective. I see people gushing about certain actors/musicians who I think are average-looking (or downright unattractive – :side-eyes men with big square jaws:) – and then, I’ve mentioned actors who I’m mesmerized by & other people give ME the side-eye, so.

          (Yes, my Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend club is full of dorky guys w/big noses Don’t judge me.)

      • 1.1.2 jichul

        may be…. won bin is so legendary because he is THE original. he has the face that later becomes THE template for so many others. i.e. “hi doc, i want a won bin face!”

        • jichul

          and he doesn’t need to work anymore because he gets a 2% royalty for every surgeon who copies his face ^^

    • 1.2 Sancheezy

      I think Won Bin has real estate business, I mean that’s the only explanation I could get.

      If you good at that, you don’t really need to be working in a movie or drama immediately.

      I also think he enjoy being out of spotlight because people just have too much expectation for him, let him retired in a good note, kind of like that,

      • 1.2.1 Sojuboy

        Won Bin has developed some sort of “fear of failure” phobia, but he’s wasting his talent. He’s not going to stay young forever.

      • 1.2.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes, I think he wants to live his live freely without pressures on his career. He is definitely my type (the face, the aura) #fangirling

        But I doubt he will make a comeback in any project. I dont know if he is really picky or what, but being absence too long might not that good for him.

        Now I just want him to enjoy whatever he doing, and have a happy family with his wife and his son (or daughter?, cannot remember).

    • 1.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      Before you start the unwanted and unnecessary dispute here, Song Hye Kyo has been long known for her beauty face. Koreans do acknowledge her beauty though. Her face I believe is the type that Koreans love, so do the international fans. Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In are among the other actressess that always being called the beauties. Who is the prettier and prettiest? It is up to eyes beholder. Why choose one if we can have many choices. I believe SHK also has been endorsed in a lot and no less than the others and that proves her beauty is very well known.

      • 1.3.1 Sojuboy

        I really don’t think she’s that beautiful, but she’s really had an amazing career. Most actors would be lucky to have one or two hits.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Honestly the talk about who should be the prettiest has been for years already. lol.I got that many fans are frustrated why SHK is not the only symbol of beauty in Korea, but I don’t think it is big issue. But yes maybe there is always new fan who just discovered her and her beauty. I’m not really following her drama but i know she had many hit and popular drama although i just watched one or two of her drama including DOTS.

    • 1.4 bips99

      How did you miss out the SHK craze when DOTS was happening ? She was everywhere then.

      btw, SHK is rumoured to be in a relationship with SJK. so don’t worry 🙂

      • 1.4.1 EZ

        During DOTS, Uncontrollably fond also happened ( almost around the time)

        and SJK is not the type me talking abt.. i meant in her old days..
        she is that innocent beauty.. and just look at the men of the time.. most of them are quite good looking and famous as on today..

        and the little rumours/confirmations that are there were so short less than a year both with hyun bin and the other guy

      • 1.4.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        SHK is still everywhere today even DOTS was like almost a year already. She is also very established actress and I am confused if anyone says no one talked about her mostly. She has been really popular for so many years already. I think she and Ha Ji Won both are in similar status and very very well known in Korea and international started from many years ago.

        About rumours with SJK, if it is true I am happy for them.

    • 1.5 EZ

      but really.. no one is even little surprised or has good things to say about the guy who played lead in autumn tale?

      he is so charming in that series.. and i read he is in saimdang diary..

      BUt can’t believe.. one of the drama has achieved perennial fame.. and the other is lost in world of anoynymity (comparitively)

      • 1.5.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        @EZ Song Seung Heon also not someone new in DB, he is also known for his handsome face and hot body and it has been ages. I mean I can stare at his face even when he is not talking and do nothing (and of course shirtless lol).

        Autumn Tale or whatever its name never been my favourite. Watched it once and totally forgot about it. I just remember the hotness of the actors. But during those times, this kind of drama is the hit one. Just like Winter Sonata.

        • CNG

          Since Autumn Tale was made in 2000, SSH has appeared in 7 dramas including now in Saimdang and over 10 movies. I think his acting has improved greatly. Has all of his dramas and movies been successful? No, but he is an actor willing to try different types of roles. I read that his next role might be of a villian type which is way out of the box for him.

      • 1.5.2 lillyan

        You will soon learn, that SSH has face, but no talent. His acting never improved, that’s people not found of him.

        P.S. Takings about handsome older korean men, can Go Soo comeback with something super high profile. People should learn about him and how incredibly charming he can me.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Go Soo 🙁

          Still feel bad for him after being wasted in Flower In Prison. Guess should just rewatch Empire of Gold. From a solid drama to a drama that wasted him – really unfortunate.

        • Sojuboy

          Go Soo is Korean version of Alan Ladd. He was really good in Empire of Gold. I was kind of disappointed that he chose the safe route in Flower in Prison.

          • Kiara

            Never like him in sageuk.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            @Kiara I want him to stay away from sageuk. Similarly although I love Lee Yo Won i also wish for her never do sageuk again. Some actors are not born to do sageuk. FIP is an example of sageuk, when most of main casts are not good sageuk actors. Except yes Kim Mi Sook and Seo Ha Jun.

          • lillyan

            He should comeback with high profile melodrama.

        • CNG

          Please read above reply from CNG

      • 1.5.3 giegie

        You should check some comments of previous posts at DB with Song Seung Heun’s tag a.k.a the male lead at Autumn’s tale, it had some nice comments but mostly praise about his appearance rather than on his acting

        • EZ

          i’d say the same.. i am still not sure if i bothered with how all 3 were acting.. they are all just so drop dead gorgeous..

          and this one is not even handsome at feature level (i mean if you look at each feature independently).. but then overall the package is HOT.. and those broad broad shoulders!

          I mean it has to mean something if I didn’t feel for won bin or was attracted to him even for a sec.. because from the very first scene he appears in, i was all SSH camp

    • 1.6 sorrynotsorry

      Won Bin is the epitome of male beauty in Korea. He can live off CFs and never act ever again. I do think he feels the pressure from all the expectations. I have only seen one interview with him, and he actually seemed kind of ambivalent about the whole acting thing. That’s fine. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do though if he wants to kip his toe in a small role in a film would probably be a good way to go.

      • 1.6.1 EZ

        talking of interview,
        i was shocked out of my life to see Jo In sung being so cheerful in BTS clips of what happened in bali..

        I mean.. total 180 deg reversal of the kind of discreet man image he paints ..

        infact now i am convinced why epicenter of all is SJK.. and how alike JIS, SJK, KWS are in terms of playfulness..

        birds of same feather indeed flock together

        • DP

          You should see him in 2 Days 1 Night, so cute and humble!
          Loved him in “it’s okay, that’s love” i found him way better in ‘it’s okay’ compared to ‘that winter’! 🙂

          • EZ

            That’s where I saw him.. and had that image of him.. but then it was obvious that he was extra guarded..

            However the BTS was eye opened.. add infinitry to extra guarded..

            That man is a goofball.. rambunctious kid

  2. Nina

    Choi Jin Hyuk is back already?! It really feels like two minutes pass by rather than two years whenever a celebrity comes back from the army, no joke. The dates on articles about them leaving from the army must be fake, lol :p That or I probably watch their dramas/movies during those couple of years, but still! So weird…

    • 2.1 ez

      SK has so much content to produce..atleast i end up forgetting which celebrity i am supposed to miss..

      the one who went to army, the one whose drama just ended, the one whose drama previews are looking awesome, the one who i didn’t know existed and a sudden encounter has my heart racing

    • 2.2 missdee

      Why the hell is time flying so fast. I swear it was in just recent past I read news about Choi Jin Hyuks enlistment….

    • 2.3 Boomboompow

      I know right. I am also surprised to hear that Choi Si Won will be back soon (yay!).

      In saying that though, this year will be a painful one. Seo In Guk, Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho, TOP – all disappear from our life for at least 2 years 🙁

      • 2.3.1 Purple Owl

        CHOI SI WON is coming back?!

        What happened to my reminders on that important fact?!

        • Boomboompow

          I know right! I swear it’s just yesterday we all crying over his departure.

          He’ll be back mid year if I’m not mistaken.

    • 2.4 CNG

      I think Choi Jin Hyuk was injured while in the military and was discharged early.

      • 2.4.1 Amilia

        Yes, but he still laid low for the full 2 years. Even if he didn’t have to, it would have been considered poor form to have a come back project early. So . . . yeah . . . that time really is flying . . .

  3. missdee

    I always wanted to ask fellow drama viewers your take on Korean and Japanese dramas..I often have a hard time following Japanese dramas although they are often lesser in time and no of episodes. Even Japanese dramas especially modern(?) Ones just irks the hell out of me because of the amount of over exaggerated expressions.
    And yet I decided to take on my aversion and watch one of old Jdramas Long Vacation starring Kimura Takuya..And there I am hooked. Is it just me or I find older Jdramas fairly similar to tone of Kdramas..while modern ones have a strange weirdness (atleast in most of them I have watched) that makes me stay clear of Jdramas.
    I hope it is not just me…or is it just because I have not been a fan of mangas? I really want to know opinion of fellow beanies on Kdramas V/s Jdramas .

    • 3.1 Greenfields

      I started out with J-dramas a couple of years ago, ran out of things to watch (Japanese dramas are subbed rather slowly) and moved on to K-drama. I also started with Long Vacation! ^^ Was hooked after it!

      It’s quite a good question – I think that both Korean and Japanese dramas offer a wealth of variety in their narrative, while being just as conservative about certain aspects of the execution – revealing skin, kissing, and so on. Perhaps it is because of camera angles, lights and what not, but Japanese dramas tend to have a more realistic feel to them (in general). In Korean dramas, everyone is so beautiful that many of them feel like a fantasy.

      I wouldn’t say I like one more than the other though – my small list of dramas rated 10/10 includes both, from Tonbi (Japanese) to Signal (Korean).

    • 3.2 Sojuboy

      Japanese dramas are too weird for most people’s taste. It’s really an acquired taste.

      • 3.2.1 Kiara

        I’d watch old samurai movies but I just can’t get into J-dramas even the ones recommended by my Japanese friends.

        • Barbrey

          Try Rakuen. It’s only 6 episodes. 3 have aired and been subbed so far. I am literally on the edge of my seat. The music, the suspense, the mystery have hooked me. I really lke the main female lead. There is no male lead, no romance but you won’t care. Nothing silly about this one.

          For Romance in jdrama, i’ve hardly liked any jdramas. I did really like The Last Cinderella.

          • junny

            I loathed Last Cinderella.

            For a better rom-com, try Love Revolution.

          • Kiara

            Thank you!

    • 3.3 Sancheezy

      – I think JDrama is smaller on scale or setting and the way they directed the drama is more tone down than Kdrama. They don’t really have bright and super glamour things and as I remember, they can’t block the road for filming.

      – JDrama has so many manga adaptations but it caters to a different audience. Shojo manga ala switch girl and Hana Yori Dango will be different than shounen drama like suddenly we get married, just like how webtoon drama differed from misaeng to cheese in the trap. So you may only see the comedy shojo drama than the serious adult drama.

      – I think Jdrama has more slapstick comedy than Kdrama, I can laugh at the silliness of the Manhattan Love Story (Jdrama) but people who used to watch Kdrama would be freak out at it.

      – The biggest different for me is how they constructed the story. Jdrama has more variety, like jobs, social strata, places and it more of a simple life with people we can find in real life while Kdrama like to impose how the lead are the best people in the field with flashy setting, not that Kdrama is bad but I think in Kdrama: you just have to be best while in Jdrama: you just have to be survived

      that’s all on the top of my head right now, sorry if the words is less tight,
      for preference, I like Jdrama more tbh, I enjoy Kdrama immensely but I once count how many dramas I saved on my disk, it turns out that I have many Jdrama titles,

    • 3.4 yukari

      Compare to kdrama, jdorama has a lot more variety. And with shorter episode, means there are more jdorama per season than kdrama.

      Quirky jdorama is just one of it, in this case I think some older jdorama has more over the top expression than nowadays. And for manga adaptation, if it turn to be slapstick most likely it’s because the source material is like that.

      But for slice of life, jdorama has better potrayal than kdrama. I agree with @Sancheezy, kdrama tend to glamorous everything where each character has something special in them, while in jdorama it’s just normal person try their best to survive. And for that, most kdrama always has an ending (mostly happy ending) and jdorama tend to give an open ending (sometimes a bittersweet one with a slap on the face to make us realise that’s how life is).

      But yes, for romance genre older jdorama mostly has similar plot as kdrama in term of love rectangle and even some of it’s makjang element.

      So when I want to escape reality, I’ll go to kdrama (or disney’s princess movie), but if I want to watch a story (and emotionally ready) I’ll go to jdorama. Kdrama never manage to grab me emotionally like jdorama does.

    • 3.5 bips99

      Ditto! …i can’t really get into j-dramas at all too.

      people like them for their ordinary tales but its the same reason why i don’t like them. i mostly like my tv to be escapist. jdramas have this slice-of-life thing going where i feel nothing really happens onscreen .

      Even the recent super hit drama – we married as a job – i’m watching this and scratching my head. its so unbearable dull

      Of all the different asian country shows –

      india (my own) – same sob story in every show. it ultimately boils down to DIL and MIL conflict. We even have mythological shows where somehow the story still reduces to this!!! except with gods and supernatural beings !!! … urghhh …. haven’t seen one properly in like 2 years.

      pakistan – all the misery heaped on the heroine like in indian shows except condensed in 20 episodes. pass

      c-drama – i just can’t get the language. just cannot. apparently a lot of chinese actors are dubbed because of dialect differences and it translates into a weird watching experience. And for its supposedly bigger budgets, kdramas are visually better

      j-dramas – there is the emotional punch everyone talks about. but i always drop the show before i reach there

      taiwan – i watched 2 shows and i liked them. can anyone suggest any other?

      in conclusion kdramas hit my sweet spot. i do keep picking up dramas from other languages but 9 out of 10 times drop them by third episodes. Kdramas rule !!!

      • 3.5.1 mems

        “pakistan – all the misery heaped on the heroine like in indian shows except condensed in 20 episodes. pass”

        LOL YES! Perfectly succinct.

        • EZ

          that is true for all countries.. except american angsty stuff..

          because there the problem usually is either of the two

          1. Which one of the guys to sleep with

          2. How to become human aka feel normal girl
          ( pfft.. idiots.. who is the right mind with superpower would want to pine for being an idiot naive girl with no problem bigger than what to wear and whom to date..

          on second thoughts, this reminds me of Emma.. and the multiple adaptations.. the one with alicia silverstone as cher.. i liked her.. n i loved full house.. so maybe shopping can last a liftime)

      • 3.5.2 CatoCat

        Kdramas are pretty bad too. Most of the virtual people i talked to dished them pretty badly. Europe produces lot of bad stuff too. The we have the 2 Americas.

        I have heard Pak shows are best of the indian sub-continent.

        I have developed some tolerance towards Japanese by watching Jackie Chan’s movies in Original but overall but still a long way to go. CCTV doesn’t help much either.

        • mems

          “I have heard Pak shows are best of the indian sub-continent.”

          They are. And when they’re good, they’re very good. But just like dramas from other countries that have their “tendencies” (for lack of a better word) like k-dramas tend to glamorize and TW-dramas tend to be cartoon-y (not so much anymore, I think?), Pak dramas tend to have heroines who get all the misery heaped on them.

          And that’s not a generalization. It’s true for a lot of dramas. Not all, but a lot.

      • 3.5.3 Emanresu

        I’ve watched a few Taiwanese dramas (I’m no expert though).

        My recommendations:

        The Fierce Wife (2010)

        Genre: Drama/Romance

        Set-Up: A devoted housewife reassesses her life and career when her executive husband cheats on her with a younger woman.

        Comment: My first Taiwanese drama. It was a huge hit in 2010/11. Really loved the lead actress and the original score was phenomenal. It still sticks in my head from time to time.

        Just You (2013)

        Genre: Romantic Comedy

        Set-Up: A young, cheerful and optimistic young woman finds herself at odds with her new demanding and tormented boss, who just happens to also be her landlord/roommate.

        Comment: You’ll either love or hate the female lead in this. Some find her character annoying (you’ll have to watch a few episodes to see). I happened to fall in love with Puff Gao’s Liang Liang in this show. Also really like Aaron Yan (second drama I’ve seen him in). They make a good pair in my eyes. Probably my favorite Taiwanese drama.

        • Emanresu

          *Puff Guo

          • bips99

            … sorry i just say the post right now. …. ooooo… thank you for the ton of recommendations. i’m a happy camper now

          • Emanresu


            (I don’t know if you’ll be back to see this.)

            You know after thinking about it, I should probably qualify my recommendation of Just You.

            As I said, it is my favorite Taiwanese drama. But not necessarily because it’s a quality drama by any objective measure.

            It’s an idol drama. It’s plotlines can be pretty cliche and sort of meandering. And it’s rather rough around the edges and lacks a certain subtlety.

            Despite all that, I find myself in love with it anyway. It’s got tons of heart and the interaction and relationship between the two leads is the single biggest selling point and deal-maker/breaker.

            Anyway, I thought I’d give you forewarning, so you don’t curse me if you start it and are like… this is absolutely terrible. That Emanresu is a dumba-s Lol…..


        • Lai Saechao

          Taiwanese drama: Boss and Me, LOVED it!!! I’ve watched it like 12+ times. Shang Hans n Zhao Ly Ling (I’ve probably spelled it wrong)

      • 3.5.4 Raine

        I actuality watch j-Dorama exactly because they’re so slice of life. I cry more watching the too-close-to-home situations in J-Doramas. I watch them because they feel real enough to connect to, but jokey (cartoony?) enough that I can laugh at too. In other words, it’s real enough that I can connect, and fake enough that I can dream that there’s more to my story than what I’m currently experiencing

      • 3.5.5 missdee

        I am Indian..and an early Indian drama addict so I entirely get what you mean…Most of the series in the begning is so sweet and good and but when they have to drag the content to 1000 episodes, they are so repeatative n boring. So you can understand why I became Kdrama fan with its condensed 16 episode formats, or want to binge watch Jdramas with 11 episodes

    • 3.6 Jas

      I agree about the exaggerated expressions, it made my drama hopping quite uncomfortable. But if you see the same actors in films they don’t overact at all so I guess it is a conscious style they do for jdramas.

      Jdramas certainly have more diverse themes in general and the ones that do well domestically don’t really focus on romance. I think it reflects the societal changes in Japan too. 90s jdramas were aspirational, city romanaces of college grads, workplace relationships etc whereas jdramas nowadays are more about warped relationships and going through the motions in life and making the best out of shitty situations. Kdramas on the other hand offer a stylish escape from the doldrums so it is easier on the palate.

      I like dark themes (reed of glass) or weird humor (kudo kankuro scripts) and there are styles I can’t really find in kdramas. I cannot stand most anime or manga adaptations myself heh.

    • 3.7 junny

      If you liked Kimutaku, try also Hero and Love Generation. Those are his other two big earlier hits. He also did well in Sora Kara Ichioku no Hoshi, and Beautiful Life.

      I prefer J-dramas, they’re more my speed and shorter, storytelling is generally crisper and tighter, and they have more variety. They also do much better procedurals and slice of life stuff, and back in the 90s and early 2000s, had some fantastic rom-coms that are classics till this day. I like that they’re not afraid to go all out on a particular subject matter.

      I would never say early J-dramas are like K-dramas though. For me, they have very different vibes.

      • 3.7.1 yukari

        If we compare it with todays kdrama, jdorama never went to that route. But I think around late 90’s and early 2000’s, some jdorama (romance jdorama) has similar feel and formula with kdrama in the same era (Well, kdrama in that era are more ‘real’ than todays one). Say, in the era of Oshii Kankei, Kamisama and Lover in Paris, Glass Slipper.
        Take Love Generation or Tokyo Love Story, it has love rectangle where the guy love girl but she’s with other guy (friend or brother), then comes a girl who love him and he start to love her too but then the first girl start to get close to him. Or there is jdorama too where the guy has evil ex- with many scheme to create many misunderstanding between OTP. Take Glass Mask live action, I’m super mad on how they turn the story to super makjang with evil scheme every where.

        • junny

          Hmm, I’m probably in the minority who never got the appeal of Love Generation or Tokyo Love Story, but all these elements you mentioned are present in J-dramas as well, back when Japan was still churning out lotsa rom-coms and the like. But no matter how makjang a J-drama is, I never feel it’s like a k-drama.

    • 3.8 anne

      There is a wide variety of Japanese dramas available, and I mean in terms of topics and treatment.

      Many Japanese dramas that are popular internationally are based on manga aimed at young people , so it’s very caricature-like with over-the-top characters and exaggerated stories. Some examples of this type of drama are Nodame Cantabile, Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, and Liar Game.

      But actually, some mangas are also adapted more realistically on film, like Osen (which is about an owner-manager of a traditional Japanese restaurant so it’s based on manga, about a profession, about food, and about society or modern times).

      There are also profession-based dramas where the lead character is an eccentric individual who challenges the system. Some examples are Hanzawa Naoki, Underwear (Atelier), Boss, and Strawberry Night.

      There are also youth or school-based dramas that are about growing up and friendships, like Dragon Zakura, and Stand Up.

      There are also food-based dramas like Honda Shokudo, Shinya Shokudo, and Kodoku no Gurume. Kodoku no Gurume is literally a saleman traveling all other Japan and eating at good restaurants; this is not a drama you should watch if you’re hungry!

      Then there are also slice-of-life dramas that are very realistic, like Kekkon Shinai about women at different ages and what marriage means to them. I like slice-of-life dramas because although it’s realistic, it’s not very depressing. There are also many characters that represent different views, like in Kekkon Shinai, there are characters who want to get married, there are characters who don’t want to get married, and there are characters who are undecided.

      Then there are also one-episode drama specials that are based on real stories, like Kyo no Hi wa Sayonara, Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru (Myu Will Give Daddy Her Legs), and Marathon.

      There is also a wide variety on mysteries and crime procedural, that can also qualify as work-based dramas because it is usually about police, detectives, etc.

      I love Japanese dramas, from manga-based dramas to realistic dramas. There are a lot of different Japanese dramas, the manga-based ones are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

      • 3.8.1 Brulee

        You will be surprised when you find that Jdramas adapt novels quite a lot, maybe even probably more than mangas. Soratobu Taiya, Karei Naru Ichizoku, Fumo Chitai, Hanzawa Naoki, Lady Joker, and so on, are few examples

    • 3.9 Brulee

      For me, anything’s good or suit my taste. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jdramas or Kdramas. I just avoid any romances based dramas just for the sake of romance, especially when the characters make silly decisions related to work just based on their feelings, or dramas that looked really serious and good on paper but it seems that the conflicts just runs in circles without a clear purpose.
      I see more Jdramas I find J dramas offer less things I usually avoid. Also, because I can get what they are trying to tell me about quite often. I also watch some c-dramas and western tv shows too.

      • 3.9.1 Brulee

        And I think It’s ok if you don’t like Jdramas. Because everybody doesn’t have to like Jdramas. Although I watch a lot of J dramas, I also find a number of them that I don’t like too.

  4. Mindy

    Hey, guys!

    No new currently airing dramas are catching my attention, so I have been watching Age of Youth! I’m absolutely loving it, I’m on episode 8! These girls are all so different but all so lovable. More dramas highlighting female friendships, please!

    I’m looking forward to watching Tomorrow With You tonight. I hope it’s good!

    As for American shows, my mom started watching Gilmore Girls a while ago and when I was home I would sit down and watch with her sometimes. Several weeks ago I started from the beginning to watch it all and man, this show is like happiness in a bottle.

    I’ve been going towards the lighter, happier shows lately rather than the dark thrillers that usually catch my eye. Hmmm. Maybe the real life political situation is enough seriousness for me and when I venture into fiction I try to escape it?

    • 4.1 Celine

      OOOhhhh I love Gilmore Girls. It’s one of the few shows I always go back to. I never get tired of their witty dialogues and fast-paced banter. Love the pop culture references.

      I feel you about moving towards lighter and happier shows. I recently picked up WFKB and it is just the right show to make me feel warm and fuzzy… basically I feel so damn happy because of it. I’ve been re-watching.

    • 4.2 owl

      Gilmore Girl fangirl here (me, me)!! I own all the dvds but somehow season 6 is in French? Don’t know how that happened, just grabbed the wrong one off the shelves. Heh.

      I watched the Netflx special, Winter Spring, Summer Fall that came out in November, was it? I liked it, hoping the show will continue with the ending…

      And, I am watching Tomorrow With You as I write this, it will take a couple of eps to get the feel. But I do like the time travel aspect.

      So, carry on, Mindy!

  5. gadis

    Beanies, I need your help. Is What’s with this family any good? I recently hopped into Hyungsik fangirl bandwagon and I hear he was good there. I want to watch it, but the 53 eps got me hesitant. Especially since the only weekender I’ve watch was Can You Hear My Heart.
    So, any advice, everyone??

    • 5.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I think this drama is one of the good weekend drama i’ve watched. Not a fan girl of Hyun Sik but he was cute with Nam Ji Hyun. Overall I did enjoy the drama, especially the development on the three siblings (Hyun Sik’s older brother and noona). All actors’ acting was great too.

    • 5.2 Pinkyme

      It is a lovely drama that involves cliche characters in k drama and slice of life. The writer did a wonderful job binding them together .It is funny and dramatic yet the lessons that will be learnt were near to us. I cried and laugh while watching especially at the last 10 ep. I felt myself drowned with emotion like the characters.

      Anyway it is worth watching I bet you would not regret. Hehe.

    • 5.3 aoiaheen

      I watched up to episode 20. The beginning is hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. So I really think you should watch it, at least the first ten episodes.

      Have you watched High Society? PHS is amazing in that as well. (you can skip all scenes except for his)

    • 5.4 Carole McDonnell

      It’s one of my favorites

    • 5.5 Millionstars

      You should definitely check it out. There will be episodes that you will find slow but that’s a given since this is a weekend drama. But overall its a lovely drama. You wont regret starting it.

    • 5.6 Nanda

      I’ve watch about 8 weekend drama so far.. this isn’t my favorite but it’s watchable.

      If you’re watching for Hyungshik, you can just watch his part. Weekend drama has a lot of substory and you can just watch parts of your favorite.

      • 5.6.1 Amilia

        OK, so which weekenders are your favorites?

        <—–Always on the lookout for good weekenders.

    • 5.7 Amilia

      I LOVE What’s With this Family. But then I love family weekenders in general. They don’t have the production values prime time shows do, and the pacing is slower, but when they are good, they get me in a way that the shorter shows don’t. There’s something about spending so much time with these characters, seeing their struggles and watching them grow, that I just come to love them. My favorite part of WWtF was Hyung Sik’s relationship with his dad. He wanted to be just like Dad, but Dad wanted more for him.

      I say go for it. Just remember that you are watching dramas for fun. You can stop any time you are no longer having fun. And just because other people like a drama, doesn’t mean you have to too, and just because you start a drama, doesn’t mean you have to finish it. 🙂

    • 5.8 Ammy

      I watched it recently in dec and loved it overall. Just go for it.

  6. redfox


    rather uninventful week this time. Preparing for a nalbinding workshop, discovered that I have forgotten how to begin properly. cursing a lot.

    also chuckling cause one of Eesti Laul songs – Verona – by Laura Põldvere and Koit Toome contains the lyrics “Before our romance turned to drama” and that makes me think of korean dramas and the way a cute and romantic beginning can turn into a melofest and suffering. LOL does the songwriter watch dramas, perhaps?

    I just can´t, it makes me giggle.

    I have read all comments about the second leads and it because of that I started re-watching Reply 1988 – what nobody seems to have mentioned is how some people thought Taekie was the second lead because in the beginning the narrating voice and flashbacks and some things that happened and how he was referred to in past tense seemed to refer to him dying. indeed, when I look at the first 3 episodes, it seems like they are talking about someone who is already gone. still dont understand what they were trying to achieve with that vibe. I just remember being upset about it, and people kept saying “He´s gonna die, he´s gonna die!” in the comments.

    defendant – how to enjoy the great acting without wrecking my nerves because of the tension, that´s a question.

    Hwarang – could they not have turned this one into a musical, cause with lots of singing lack of plot and character development wouldnt be so visible. plus we could have elaborate chorus scenes with all the hwarangs and peasants. yes, please, let´s re-do this as a musical. Ban Ryu can have a balcony scene with Soo yeon etc

    Question: how deeply involved in a characters fate can you get? like, level A, cross your fingers while watching but forget about them come end of episode; level B keep worrying through the week about what is going to happen, but stay inactive; level C cry, scream and have bad dreams; level D write an angry letter to the writer rely on fan pressure to get things to go as you want? or something intermediate? are you passionate or cool?

    • 6.1 Greenfields

      What a fun question! ^^
      I’m definitely Level A. I forget 10 mins after the episode is over. BUT feel the pull once a new episode is out, and waiting to be watched.

    • 6.2 Sancheezy

      It still depends on the characters, I think I usually A, except it’s Jingyan/Mei Changsu, Bidam and Chilbong who probably near on level D for me,

      • 6.2.1 Lady Jaye

        Me too.

        I was also a D about Dr Burke on Grey’s Anatomy, and I was so upset with the character assassination of Dr Burke and how he left the show (Burke the character, not Isaiah the actor) that I promptly quit watching Grey’s after he left (season 3),abd haven’t ever looked back

    • 6.3 korfan

      redfox –

      I haven’t started Defendant yet, but I keep hearing that it’s really nerve-wracking, but quite good! ….. I’m looking forward to it though!

    • 6.4 Cozybooks

      re: deeply involved. Well, it depends on the drama of course. As a general rule it stays at level A (although the day before I usually remember and start wondering, if it’s a good show.) And then in more spectacular shows it’s a level B with some C antics for the hours (day?) after the episode ends. And maybe randomly throughout the week, when I start really thinking about it. I’m looking at you, W: Two Worlds. ^^

      • 6.4.1 unatuna

        Haha, I’m with you on W, @Cozybooks. It didn’t help that I was going through a rough patch last year when W was airing. The first few episodes triggered a mini existential crisis which kept me awake on several occasions!

    • 6.5 gadis

      Mostly, I’m on level A. 10-15 minutes after the eps ended, I’ll blissfully forgetting the cliffhanger ending, the twisty turns, or the tragedy awaiting my favorite characters. But once in a while, I went to level B and keep thinking about them all week (like when I recently watch Solomon’s Perjury).

    • 6.6 redfox

      of course, there is also the sasaeng level, where your whole life revolves around the drama. I have encountered people like that on the internet, but not here. It means you follow every news, every BTS, tweet, blog, make fan art, comment every article, watch every ep multiple times in a row and just generally do nothing else. Requires long-term hospitalization or gardening therapy and ban of internet and phones.

      I think probably idol fans following dramas can be this level, but they are like that anywhere really.

      • 6.6.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

        I was like this just reading the recaps for Angry Mom! I even downloaded a very nice fan-fic that I still read if I have downtime where wireless and/or Internet connectivity is bad.

    • 6.7 bips99

      i am 90% level A.

      but for some shows or actors have been turning level C-ish. ….. what an emotionally draining time it becomes. i cannot operate at this level all the time

    • 6.8 aoiaheen

      That really depends on the character. Most of the time I’m A. But there have been times when I’ve been B (Moon Jae Shin from SKKS). In the case of Warrior Baek Dong Soo I was so taken with Yeo Un’s character that I felt devastated at the end of the drama. It took weeks to recover. So if you have a level E, that was me, back then.

    • 6.9 Carole McDonnell

      If a story ends up upsetting the character, especially if the writer chose the “wrong” ending, I get very upset.

      • 6.9.1 rentenmann *SWAG*

        Yup, I have a certain few dramas that were traumatic in the way they ended. I won’t name any, but I’m sure many of us have the same ones in mind!

    • 6.10 Grapes

      Level A, I forgot everything, when i start the episode next week i ask myself what was the last scene, then the episodes start: ohh yes this where it ended!.

      I stopped caring after Signal.

    • 6.11 rentenmann *SWAG*

      I tend to be Level B or C for most of my dramas. If I find myself in Level A category, or Lord help me, I fall asleep while watching during normal waking hours, I know it’s probably a series I should drop.

    • 6.12 Ammy

      I guess I come to the special category where I don’t wonder about the character even while watching, I just watch it with my eyes without any usage of brain.

    • 6.13 Minimeme

      I am re-watching reply 1988 too right now!!
      Love everyone in this drama, even Bo Ra in earlier episodes 😜

  7. bebeswtz

    So, I decided to take a break from K-dramas for the last several weeks, because I was just too overwhelmed with the influx of old show ending and new shows starting, so I turned to Chinese dramas, and OH MY WORD, I’m glad I did it when I did :)))) I stumbled upon “Pretty Li Hui Zhen”, the Chinese remake of “She Was Pretty XD Dare I say that I like the Chinese remake better and more than the original?? Hehe At first, the number of episodes kind of turned me off, and also kind of boggled my brain– the original had 16 episodes, this Chinese remake has 40 episodes– and I kept wondering how China was going to go around that and make it happen, BUT IT HAPPENED. WITHOUT LOSING SIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL STORY. WITHOUT BEING DRAGGY :))))
    It managed to seamlessly fit the original 16 episode story into an enlongated 40-episode format….. But then I realized, that the original 16 episodes ran for 1-hour+ for each one, whereas the Chinese remake ran for 40 episodes at 45-minutes for each episode…. That extra, or lack of, 15 minutes can actually fit a lot of story and context in XD
    Case in point:
    – I loved Dilraba’s interpretation of Hye Jin better, and I liked Peter Sheng’s interpretation of Sung Joon better
    – Dilraba’s interpretation was more down-to-earth, real life, and less comedic
    – Peter Sheng’s interpretation made me really feel that he loves Hye Jin despite anything/everything, and was more soft and easier to take in vs. Park Seo Joon’s interpretation that made him look desperate and pitiful for Hye Jin’s love

    Just my thoughts 🙂 Have a great weekend, Beanies!!

    • 7.1 Mania

      I agree that Pretty Li Hui Zhen is a very enjoyable drama. I like both the h and the OM better than in the original. Going into this drama I never expected that the c-drama OM would be better than Siwan but he certainly was). I did think the H in the c-drama is a little stiff and just not as good an actor as in the k-drama but I did like the H/h romance storyline better in the c-drama.

      I’ve also been watching the c-drama General and I which has a fantastic H (extremely possessive if the h) and the h isn’t too bad either (very intelligent).

    • 7.2 Kay

      If you haven’t seen it yet…watch Autumn’s Concerto…excellent c-drama!

      • 7.2.1 AllaboutME!

        Yay, Autumn’s Concerto is one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas!

        Some of my favorite Chinese dramas are the adaptions of Gu Man’s novels – My Sunshine/Silent Separation, LoveO2O/Just One Smile Is Very Alluring and Come and Eat, Shan Shan/Boss and Me. I also liked Sound of the Desert/Ballad of the Desert based on the Tong Hua novel.

        • bebeswtz

          My Sunshine/Silent Seperation was also good, but I only rewatched it once; My mom, however, loved it so much and rewatched it a number of times XD
          I’ve not watched Boss and Me, but I did watch the drama version of Love O2O and really like the pairing of Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang 🙂

      • 7.2.2 bebeswtz

        I loved Autumn’s Concerto when it first came out 🙂

  8. Sancheezy

    Happy Open thread,
    it’s been a while since I watch some drama
    Saimdang: I actually really enjoy this, the past story is heartbroken and it feels meticulous, well-prepared drama.
    I like how the small affection Saimdang has for people make the table turns, she is naive, idealist and brave at the time so it hard for her to grasp the unfair worlds.
    The past love story is so heartbroken that makes me happy to see them reincarnated into the present world.
    It feels like getting a second chance, to know the history and help them with the problem in the present time.
    It probably feels slow but then I find the execution is so good.
    I don’t know how much the historical accuracy of the story because Saimdang is known to be a poet and a wise mother but this story portrays the possibility of her involvement in something bigger.
    I like Saimdang who is good and naive on her own, realised that she’s done wrong and know what she needs to do.
    History is something that can be buried under many circumstances and the interpretation of a good moral story is welcome.
    I also like how there is the historical place in the present time so we can see the real trace of the story.
    Probably my overworked shipping radar, but I love the chemistry of Lee Young Ae and the present Lee Gyeom/her junior

    Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimase/Suddenly, We are getting married Tomorow : I tried my best to wait since I love the manga and have it myself.
    If I have any critics probably because I can see it done better, like the having a taller actor for NanaRyu but scraps that since I like the drama enough.
    The story is about a woman who want to get married who then meet a man who doesn’t want to get married (Asuka and NanaRyu)
    Asuka is a woman that we can root for, she is great at her job but also wants to be fully housewife after marriage cause she valued the work of a good mother.
    Nana Ryu is an announcer who seems sweet but doesn’t want to get married ever, he can get emotional when seeing people who overly want to get married and Asuka is a person who expressed how she eager she wants to get married.
    Then they met.
    I like the characters and how they believed on their choice without stubbornly dismissed other,
    they hurt each other in fast response but realised and apologised.
    They knew their view is different than normal people but they accept the normal people thought of its.
    I like how the story constructs an individual we can agree because they are honest and upfront but still normal at their job.
    *also nanaryu has a really calm tone voice*

    The normality in Jdrama is something I want to see in Kdrama when they just normal people who have this small dream to achieve.
    They are not quirky or strange, they just other people story that we can get by and admire in everyday life.
    Just like in Solomon’s perjury, they are not quirky or brave because they are born with it but because they take action and do things…

    • 8.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      “Probably my overworked shipping radar, but I love the chemistry of Lee Young Ae and the present Lee Gyeom/her junior..”

      So agree to this. Yet to catch up on latest episodes, but I enjoyed what i watched last week. Hope the ahow picked up on the rating again (started with bang but keeps decreasing). But the rival, Chief Kim is enjoyable to watch as well, so hopefully both shows will do great side by side.

      • 8.1.1 Sancheezy

        I enjoy it but I can see how people see it slow than usual,
        it doesn’t start with tragedy or a bang since we only have the angst at the 4 ep.
        I hope it picked up the rating too and I seriously wished that the present time can reunited the couple,
        come one, her husband didn’t looked like loves her or even care, he even run away,
        I mean I get the situation but then they seems so detached than her with the junior (despite how strange they are at 1st to each other)

    • 8.2 Another R Again

      Never read the manga, but I’m excited for Suddenly, We are getting married Tomorow. The synopsis sounds really cute, but I’m going to be patient and wait for the series to end before I start.

      • 8.2.1 Sancheezy

        I figured it gonna take long tine to subbed so I hope you can enjoy it when it complete, also hope that the story becomes good every episode

    • 8.3 ET

      I so want to watch Yang Se Jong but I’m iffy about starting Saimdang. I’ve never planned to watch it and ever since I found out that YSJ would be in this, I am in two minds. Glad to know you are enjoying it because it has been described as old fashioned and boring. Besides these criticisms, knetz are quite merciless on Park Hye Soo. It certainly doesn’t help that Introverted Boss is drawing a lot of flak at the moment and she’s being named as a huge factor for its failure.

      • 8.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I started mostly because of Lee Young Ae and second Yang Se Jong (Thank you Romantic Doctor introduced this cute boy). I hope the show getting better because I cannot bear to see LYA’s comeback is a failure. Knowing LYA she is not a type to pick a crappy show. Even the plot is boring, I will stay just for these two. They have the chemistry.

        I think among other weakness aside from the old fashion plot, is because maybe the production hoped for LYA alone to carry the drama. Yes ppl excited for her comeback, but they cannot burden her 100% on the success of the drama. I think the side characters also are solid actors but maybe the writing is weak. i still doubt about SSH, and how I wished they casted a better actor.
        I really hope I can stay until the end, because I never know when LYA will do drama again. Even it is not drama, i wish she can do movies.

        • ET

          I am probably the only one in this part of the world who hasn’t watched Dae Jang Geum 😛

          That said, I know who LYA is(watched her in JSA) and hopefully this comeback won’t turn out to be a disappointment for her.

          SSH is definitely a question mark. I can’t forget Dr Jin.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Oh you didnt. I am not a huge fan of this drama, but overall I loved it. I liked Lady of Vengeance too. I love her screen presence, especially in sageuk.

      • 8.3.2 Sancheezy

        So his name is yang se jong ^-^
        I love him there and I really hope this drama would mark his name into popular actors,

        I think people hope saimdang as lee young ae drama and see her the most in hanbok but they got the opposite for now,

        I mean if you like him there, you probably would like him more here since he has good screen time as the young lee gyeom/seong sung hoon in the past but lee young are partner to solve the history in the present time,

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Yes I think he can go further as long as he is a good direction. So far he only did two drama sl looking forward what his project will be.

  9. Mandy

    Happy Friday,Beanies
    Completed goblin and legend of the blue sea this week.
    Re-watched oh my venus which made me notice that kim young ho was cringing when he saw joo eun pregnant face.
    Random remembrance:yoon ji hoo smile at the end of boys over flower when they met at the beach was a little bit forced.
    Drama i wanted to watch:rebel hong gil dong.the drama will be nice to watch but i don’t think i can.for one,it’s too long.30 episodes equals 30 hours plus the rewinding will make it 40 hours.i don’t have the patience.i’ll just follow the recaps

  10. 10 mushmush

    I started watch The Universe’s Star and it is super cute. It’s risky to take on the grim reaper story so soon after goblin but I think it works for the story. My only worry with live watching is that it will have a sad ending, the first episode was rather melancholic and everthing was so wistful.

  11. 11 Sarai

    Anyone know the location of city view that Bok Joo takes Joon Hyung to in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”? (It first appeared in episode 6 and shows up again in episode 11)
    When I go to South Korea I’d love to visit that location!

  12. 12 kitkat

    OK, this is just to say thanks to the beanie who once recommended nutella version of hot chocolate. tried it this week – and love the taste! so whoever you are: THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  13. 13 Mandy

    I miss LEE SEUNG GI.Who else misses him

    • 13.1 Greenfields


    • 13.2 MyGirl2016

      Naduuuu.. (Me toooo!!) On and off mostly. But I can’t wait to see him back this year after military.

    • 13.3 Am

      MEEEE!! I keep rewatching clips from 2Days1Night in which he is the most adorable little dork

  14. 14 Mandy

    Just remembered,Tomorrow With You starts today.please live up to expectation

    • 14.1 Sojuboy

      I saw it live this morning. It was good. Very slow build up.

      • 14.1.1 Cozybooks

        Oohh now you make me want to watch it without subs… I shouldn’t do that. But I want to.

  15. 15 happeyness

    Opinions on Train to Busan? Recs for anything similar??

    I just watched it this past week and I loved it. Was very impressed with the whole movie!

    • 15.1 Sojuboy

      THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD – Official Trailer

      • 15.1.1 Kiara

        Love this and Song Kang Ho never fails to impress me. It has all the feels of the title.
        Following and loving Kim Jee-woon’s films. I’ve yet to watch “Age of Shadow” but it’s on my watch list.

      • 15.1.2 spazmo

        ya know, i have a real hard time “liking” Lee Byung Hyun since that scandal while his wife was pregnant… but i have to admit, he was very good and badassed in this movie. i “get” that he is popular in american movies now.

        i just wish he didn’t seem like such a d*ck in his personal life…

        • Sojuboy

          You act like he’s the only creep in showbiz. If you really know anything about the underside of show biz, especially Hollywood, it would make you sick.

          • spazmo

            no, i’m not implying that at all. i’m just saying he was very good in that movie and i personally think he’s a jerk because of his lack of good judgement – which many celebs are guilty of…

            celebs are as big as they are because of their fans/appeal… of course we know they are “humans”, but they are public figures, so… you’d hope they’d not venture off into egomaniacal territories.. but alas, some of them do…

      • 15.1.3 Stego

        Loved the good the bad the weird

      • 15.1.4 rentenmann *SWAG*

        Ooooh, yes! Good movie! I think this was the very first Korean ANYTHING I ever saw, and I was not disappointed. It made me think to give k-dramas a chance, and we all know how turns out! 😉

      • 15.1.5 happeyness

        I’ll check it out! Thanks for the rec!

    • 15.2 redfox

      I loved train to Busan, i cant wait for a sequel and I actually was thinking about it last week. the question in my mind is: we did not see Ma Dong Seok´s character as a zombie with our own eyes. what if he is alive… wishful thinking much? but what if somehow he returns in part 2… he is too good to die.

      I tried watching The Flu, but I didn´t enjoy it as much. Medical is always a big no for me. and I am not a fan of Jang Hyuk either.

      maybe you can search Kissasian, it has a lot of uploaded movies, even recent. There was The Wailing , which I think has religious themes, so also a no for me, but if you are not bothered, go watch.

      • 15.2.1 happeyness

        Is there supposed to be a sequel?? I heard that Hollywood is going to make a US version, but it probably won’t live up to Train to Busan!

        I thought the ending was going to be similar to War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise version), so I was surprised with how it ended.

        • redfox

          it was mentioned that because of its´ success, there might be a second installment, but I am not sure. I don´t care for the Crappywood remake, really

    • 15.3 Carole McDonnell

      Loved Train to Busan!

      Lots of great horror, creature feature, werewolf, fairytale, zombie, movies out there. Host, Werewolf Boy, Snowpiercer, Hansel and Gretel among a few.

      • 15.3.1 happeyness

        Yes! I loved Werewolf Boy. When you say Host, do you mean the one based off Stephanie Meyer’s book? I remember reading it years ago, but haven’t seen the movie.

    • 15.4 starswillshine

      If you want something that’s similar to a mass infection on humans which caused severe destruction, you can try to watch ‘Deranged’ and ‘Whistleblower’. There’s a Korean drama about similar human created virus called ‘Virus’.

      • 15.4.1 happeyness

        Ooo I might have to check out Virus! Thanks for the recs!

  16. 16 korfan

    Hi Everyone! ……. I hope you are all doing well today!

    Watched this week:

    Legend Of The Blue Sea – I feel so sad for Heo Joon-jae’s dad. It’s a shame he didn’t catch on to things earlier.

    Night Light – I think I keep on watching because I want to see the result of both leads trying to outdo/outmaneuver and protect each other at the same time.

    Chief Kim – Sure, it’s comical but there’s certainly more to this than the impression you get when you first start watching. ….. I have to say that, Junho, who I had never seen in anything, is very, very good in this!

    Tree With Deep Roots – King Sejong for the win!!! What he was able to create, while facing all those difficulties, is truly admirable. ….. Finally finished watching this and oh my goodness, what a treat this was! This is certainly one of those “must see” dramas.

    That’s all for now. ……. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      YES! Love me some King SeJong. And some Chief Kim.

    • 16.2 Pinkyme

      I love how the writer setup the characters involvement in each other. It is new and fresh. I mean jumbo gets the eyes on the lead girl first and yet the interest on hero towards the lead girl and vice versa are slowly building up. I am interested to see how their involvement in each other further. The sthg new level up my interest . Hope to not get disappointed as the story going .
      Not to forget I love the second girl .

    • 16.3 EZ

      so you see everything happens for the good..

      had bang wo not killed all those people mercilessly, become the king. sejing would not have become the king.. and who knows if this langyage would have got reinforced..

      So, even if you murder.. guess god has plans for it .. don’t stress over it 😛 😛

      (pfft… he could have still been a scholar.. and i go back to being mad on bangy to have killed all those people for his greed fo the throne)

  17. 17 Olutommi

    Heyy guys,
    First time poster on here writing from Nigeria, yayy!. Been watching kdrama for close to 4yrs now but I became a dramabeans addict last year.
    I’m sooo hooked with kdrama, like my frnds are starting to question my choices and I’m my mind I’m like “you guys dnt knw nothing”.
    Just finished Goblin yesterday, wept at the end and sad that it’s over. That was one fine drama. About to watch RomanticDoctorTeacherKim #fighting!

    All dramabeans addicts like me,have a wonderful week ahead. 💪💪

    • 17.1 Cozybooks

      Hi!! Welcome to OT! Goblin was a good drama, I watched it with a friend of mine. That ending though! I actually didn’t expect her to die in the last 30 minutes. That was… different. Have fun with RDTK!

    • 17.2 korfan

      Olutommi –

      Welcome to OT! Glad you could join us!

    • 17.3 Mandy

      Hy olutommi,im also from Nigeria.i started k drama six or seven years ago and dramabeans 3 years ago but started commenting last year.welcome to open thread

  18. 18 Greenfields

    Just curious: how do fellow beanies use/read dramabeans?

    I only read refer to a recap once I’ve watched an episode. The recapper’s final comments and then fellow beanies’ comments. Makes me feel like I have someone to discuss my K-drama obsession with. ^^
    Other than this, I get my K-drama news from here!
    Dramabeans has been my most frequented website for months. I check daily. Don’t know what I’d do without it. ^^

    Do other beanies use/read this website in a different way?

    • 18.1 Mandy

      Not really.if someone recommends a drama and i don’t have time to watch it,i read the reacps and even though i have time to watch a drama,i always read the recaps first.i love spoilers

    • 18.2 sorrynotsorry

      I generally read the news to see what’s coming up and what I might be interested in. I do not read recaps, but I do read opening comments to see what the general view is…this is how I picked up Age of Youth and The Good Wife. I’m usually safe from spoilers but can get the general vibe of how the drama is going down. I watching new dramas as they air less and less as I’ve just gotten burned too often.

    • 18.3 Laila

      @Greenfields I watch the drama before i read the recaps. Mostly to discuss what i thought about the episode, and recommendation for new dramas. None of y family members watch Kdrama so this is the only platform that i can discuss my obsession.

    • 18.4 Grapes

      I don’t read recaps, i read the recappers comments and beanies comments on the dramas I watch after i watch the episode, or sometimes the one i dropped.

      • 18.4.1 Ammy

        Same here, I too read only the comments section of both the recappers and beanies.

    • 18.5 Barbrey

      I think Im the same as you. I read the recaps after I watch, for the OP’s review and comments, but also because I don’t trust the subs.

    • 18.6 AmandaDay

      For old shows, I read the recaps for the entire show while I’m bored at work. If I like it, I’ll add it to my viki list. Eventually I’ll get around to actually watching the show and by then I’ve forgotten all the plot details and just remember the broad strokes. Sometimes that actually makes a show better. I legit cried reading uncontrollably fond without being disappointed with any acting. I could not handle the second hand embarrassment in weight lifting but I enjoyed reading the recaps for it.

      For new shows I usually start them without recaps but I always fall behind and have to skim the recaps to make sure it’s worth still watching. I just don’t have time to do actual drama watching these days.

    • 18.7 rentenmann *SWAG*

      I use DB to read about episodes after I’ve watched nowadays. At first, I would read the recaps for each episode of a series I just started watching while I was at work and having to wait for clients to come. I was new to k-dramas and this helped me pick up on societal cues I would have missed if I just watched on my own. I also finally found comments a year or so ago and really love the sincerity and humor we all have!

  19. 19 Cozybooks

    How do I have a first round of tests already?! The semester started… three weeks ago! Give or take a few days. I guess it makes sense, I’ve just wondering where the time went. Are we really in February 2017 already?

    Missing Nine: So this week happened. I think I spent most of the time making little screams and scaring my roommates. That crane (which was a little graphic for me) was a new way to go. And Tae-Ho!!! Whyyyyy?? I wanted you to have some shot at redemption, but now… I’m still loving the use of color in the show. Her room in the present, cheerful as it is, scares me. And That moment when Joon-oh slips and falls in the mud? It was really impactful for me, since I look at the brightness of their clothes as a sort of indicator for their moods/foreshadowing. And I love that So-Hee is in darker “pessimistic” tones while Bong-Hee is all bright and more random.

    Greatest Love: Still a 10/10 the second time around. It’s just so wacky, I always end up laughing regardless of where I am. And the metaphors. Lol now I get to text my friend things like: “You won’t accept my potato so I’m gonna torture your chicken!” And she just laughs.

    W: Two Worlds: Is it possible for a show to get even better the second time around? I really… really… really loved it when I first watched it, but this time I get to appreciate to all the little clues that were left behind for us. And the pacing! I can appreciate it so much more when I’m not dying for the next episode to come out. And it still raises my blood pressure, even though I know what happens next. Lol and now I know how to take screenshots while I’m watching. So there’s that. ^^

    Defendant: I’m a little bit frustrated with this show. On the one hand, I absolutely love our prosecutor and his plight and want him to break out of prison and find his memory etc. etc. On the other hand, I’m just… not feeling the Min-Ho villainny arc. It got a little bit better this week, but I still resist the urge to fast forward through his scenes and get back to our death-row inmate. On the other hand, an evil prosecutor would make things a whoooole lot more interesting. And heartbreaking.

    Also watching:
    Hwarang (…meh.)
    Voice (…less meh but still kinda meh now.)
    Introverted Boss (no episodes this week? While I’m glad for the revisions, I actually hope it doesn’t change too much. I liked the wacky tone and situations–just not her.)

    Aand that’s it! Happy Weekend, everyone! Don’t freeze! Is anybody else ready for Winter to just be gone already?

    • 19.1 korfan

      Cozybooks –

      Yay for Greatest Love! Always a favorite and always a fun watch!

      Too funny on the text to your friend!

      • 19.1.1 Cozybooks

        I recently converted her to K-dramas, we watch them together now (she’s watching W with me!). We text each other whenever random or really funny things happen and we’re watching apart. This one got me a text back: ????????? So I had to explain.

      • 19.1.2 Cozybooks

        Lol when you meet someone and find out they’re dating someone who lived in Korea.

        Me: if you really want to surprise them, call him ‘Oppa’ the next time you see him.
        Her: Oppa? Ok. Why? What does it mean?

        … it’s the little joys of being a K-drama fan.

        • azamions

          hahaha so..did she call him that in the end? 😂

          • Cozybooks

            I don’t know, it just happened this morning. And I meant to post this at the bottom, but oh well. ^^ I hope she does!

        • Sancheezy

          Met someone from anime forum online and he insist to be called hyung, he is korean,
          but he is younger than me and I supposed to called him oppa,


    • 19.2 MikoDee

      Lol, I’m like you, watching shows the second time around. The Greatest Love was nice the second time around, and I’m ready to watch Yoon Kye Sang in something else now. Love him.

      I’m still in denial that Weightlifting is over and am watching it again. Seriously love that show.

    • 19.3 Another R Again

      Same, tests and projects and assignments are all due soon, and semester only started around 1 month ago for me! Why can’t school slow down for a while?

      I feel the same for Defendant. The villain story isn’t very interesting for me, I just want to find out why he lost his memory and all.

      Ah now I miss Greatest Love (and Dokko Jin)

      • 19.3.1 Cozybooks

        It makes me a bit sad, although I feel kind of like when I watched Ghost. It was really good, I just… never loved the villain. Or So Ji-Sub there, which is a shame.

        Dokko Jin makes me question his sanity. Seriously. His “haaaawrtbreaaaak” and “Recovered!” Always make me laugh.

        • redfox

          there is actually great seriousness in Dokko Jins´ reliance on machines to tell him how his heart is faring, then suddenly his heart goes rogue and the machines betray his trust, so naturally it is very scary for him. his plight was very freudian. being with the woman he likes might kill him cause his heart rate accelerates way up.

    • 19.4 Arashi

      Thanks for reminding me about Greatest Love! I finally got my sister hooked on Kdrama, and I need to recommend this one to her.

  20. 20 bips99

    Watched a non k-drama -> “behind your smile” … god the heroine is wishy washy. but overall the show works

    still suffering from goblin or more accurately gong yoo withdrawals .. i lub you so …..

    so i ended up watching his films.

    is it strange that liked ‘the suspect’ more than ‘train to busan’ . Though why would you take someone with one of the best voices in business and give him hardly 10 lines!

    watching some dramas here and there but really nothing that i itch to get my hands on.

    watched ‘fantastic beasts’ . brings so many harry potter memories. adore

    • 20.1 Celine

      The Suspect has seriously good action scenes! I liked it too. Did you watch Age of Shadows? I read it’s really good (and I don’t expect anything less from cult director Kim Jeewon) and it was Korea’s 2016 Academy Awards submission. It’s on my list of to-watch, but since I’m still mourning the end of Goblin, I’ve decided to go for light-hearted dramas/movies for now.

      Speaking of Goblin, do watch the 2 special episodes. One was already aired yesterday Goblin Special Part 1: The Summoning and another later tonight. It looks fun! Lots of BTS and funny commentary it seems. And CEO Kim finally danced to Twice’s TT which he previously promised if they were to reach an all-time high ratings for cable. Enjoy!

      • 20.1.1 bips99

        I want to watch Age of Shadows like yesterday … but everywhere i see it, the comments say that the subtitles suck. they are by automation. so i’m waiting for better subtitles to show up. do you know any place which has good translations?

      • 20.1.2 bips99

        I did …. *squeeeeeee !!!!! …. he is so adorable offscreen. i loved the camaraderie of the entire cast

    • 20.2 Jas

      I’m speed watching his old dramas now after watching age of shadows, man and woman, s diary and the suspect. He’s really freaking adorable in School 4 and Twenty..

      Send help I’m dying from Gong Yoo withdrawal..

      • 20.2.1 bips99

        tell me about it. i’m like a 16 year old with my first kpop crush!!! …… its so painful to not have new material to watch him in every week

    • 20.3 NaA

      me too! i just watched fantastic beast recently. loveeeee it so much. it bring soo many memories of harry potter while watching it. I’m proud to say that Harry Potter’s series is one of my favourite of all times.

  21. 21 Sen

    It’s 2 weeks after, but I’m still very much salty over Goblin’s ending.

    Having said that, please don’t let us wait another 5 years to see you on the small screen again, dear Gong Yoo!

    • 21.1 MikoDee

      NaCl for sure! I can’t even listen to the OST…

    • 21.2 Mandy

      Then rewatch it until you dont miss it anymore

    • 21.3 Celine

      Watch the 2 Goblin special episodes!! 🙂

    • 21.4 owl

      “…still very much salty…’ That’s cute 🙂

  22. 22 Sweetsammy

    I am just loving introverted boss!! I can relate with the protagonist. He deals with issues fundamental to human beings. Personally when I am at work I feel the same as he does. I would like to be a part of the group, but nonetheless i am happy by myself. Its just my being silent and not blabbering all the time makes people feel that I am a geeky nerdy person, not that I mind by this comment, but that keeps them from interacting with me any further or atleast treating me different from what they perceive and to see me for what I am. How do you be a part of the group while being yourself? How do you let people see you for what you really are? That too when you are on the clock? Are people that important for you to try so hard to fit in or may be you can find your own place and expect people to respect you for that?

    This week i am at a different place for technical training and can literally relate to the introverted boss. I am not anti social but I am not a completely extrovert person. I am on the clock so I feel the pressure to make new friends but I just feel may be I am trying too hard and maybe its not necessary to open upto all. Please beanies help me out here. Just confused on wat to do.

    • 22.1 redfox

      my issues are different but similar… I dont go to parties. I find drinking and socializing in a mindless, non-personal manner so pointless. I like to talk to people in different settings. maybe go to a bookshop or theater together or hiking or galleries. but 97% of people here are only party. party, party. I have also been seriously bullied for being a non-drinker. I get very angry and even violent when people do that. naturally they think me weird. there is no room for alternatives with the party-goers.

      I even prefer to go to concerts alone, then I can be myself and feel a closer contact to the performer.
      otherwise, I am very social. I make friends really easily. but those two things leave people the impression that I am not outgoing / sociopath.

      thats fine. there is still the 3% who understands me and let me be myself. I think they also let go a lot of the weird things I do or say… if there is even 1% who gets you, you need not pay attention to all the rest

      • 22.1.1 Sweetsammy

        Thanks a ton redfox! It feels great to know that I am not alone in this!!

      • 22.1.2 Mindy

        I am the same way!! I don’t mind socializing but I don’t drink and don’t like to “party”. I am currently studyin in Madrid and people here go out a lot to discotecas and it just isn’t my thing. I love exploring cities with ny classmates here and going to museums and parks and festivals but the partying isn’t for me. I have actually been watching a lot more dramas and reading a lot more books than I thought I would because my roommates go out a lot so if I am done with my schoolwork (which I like to do during the day) I don’t have anyone to talk to at night because my friends are all out drinking

        I don’t mind though, it gives me much-needed alone time!

    • 22.2 gabobobobo

      I also relate so much with Hwan Gi.
      My introversion makes me prefer smaller workplace over the big one. I had tried to work on a bigger company. The number of people I have to meet and please, plus the endless social interaction and events, stressed me out greatly.

      In conversation, often I was asked why I am so quiet. Well, whether I’m not interested/familiar with the topic or I hesitated over and over about what to say that I lost the timing to speak. Honestly, I am a riot with ppl that I clicked with, but it’s not easy to find that kind of friends in a workplace where everything just scream “business” to me. I finally adapted by observing things that interest the majority of ppl there, how they react on each situation, words and jargon they love to use, etc. Then, I mimicked them. Eventually, I grew tired of it, of course.

      Thankfully now I am working at a company with smaller size of staffs. And almost all of them are introverts who socialize only when it’s needed and only interested in getting the works done efficiently. Our relationship is generally pure business. Although it may sound unappealing for the outsider, at least I enjoy the situation.

    • 22.3 merry


      You can be introverted. Be comfortable in your skin. The one mantra pounded onto me by my father who did not like me to be timid was: if you have not stolen or cheated anything or anyone, you should not be shy. So, go mix. There is nothing worst in a small office for example if someone does not try to fit in. It is like you are expecting the others to fit to you. So just act smart, like you need to survive in your job. Relationships are important. The thing i find that works most of the time is smiling. When you are young and just new into the workforce, that is your greatest weapon. When you are in your 40s and 50s and in some higher role, you can act the diva or however you want to act.
      As they say, ‘drive to conditions’.

      • 22.3.1 redfox

        smiling so doesn´t work for everyone. I dont naturally smile, and if a smile is forced it is really disgusting. there is no diplomacy in an unnatural smile. I sometimes get visitors in the museum who have this keepsmiling face and if I am selling tickets at the front desk at that moment I get the urge to press the red panic button. I do naturally smile when I hear good news about my favorite band and I smiled when Tim Burton got a Golden Lion in Venice. But I am not gonna smile with an intention to break ice. I´d rather make jokes

        • yukari

          I can relate to that. Socialising is never a problem when I was in school as I always prefer book over hang out and never really care when people call me freak or nerd (yes I’m freak, so what? I’m proud with myself and it’s not that I distrub you so just leave me alone).
          But now it’s unavoidable in workplace. My boss keep tell me to smile as my normal expression look scary, but when I do some say I look creepy (as if I’m a psychopath who want to kill them) or some other think that I’m making fun of them (as if I laugh over their face or their speech).

          • Ammy

            I’ve a stern face and I don’t smile casually which adds to it. I heard from my friends that the first impression that I gave them is scary but after knowing me they find me so cool that they can freely express their views of me. I find awkward in places where I’ve to force a smile and that includes clicking snaps and my expression comes out weird too. Its not like I don’t like smiling but it has to either be a cracktastic joke or a genuine fun moment. With the persons closest to me, I’m the one who makes all the jokes and also the one who’s filling up the place with laughter. Just be comfortable in your own skin while being confident in whatever you do. Self-confidence really shows and does wonders.

        • Marina

          Try smiling with your eyes. No, seriously. Works all the time. Makes my face more pretty and men always buzz around me like bees .. or maybe wasps? Lol. Practice in front of the mirror for a few days until you get the hang of it, or people might think you are sneering at them.

    • 22.4 Ammy

      Hey, my situation is somewhat similar to yours. I don’t mind mixing with people but I don’t want to blend myself with people if I’ve to change my core personality. I’m neither loud nor a person who endlessly chats/messages on mobiles. Most of the girls around me does these and so I can’t gel that well with them. I have cordial relations with almost everyone around me but I still feel comfortable in lone space sending some quality time alone (reminiscing drinking solo).

      At any time of the day, I have eyes staring at me as I prefer being alone when rest all girls have hours of talks on unnecessary gossips and I enjoy dancing when in parties while rest all girls take a corner just standing enjoying the crowd. I love this innate quality in me that I still don’t mind all those staring eyes as I know that I’m not in the wrong in just having different ways of lifestyle from all the girls around me.

  23. 23 Mandy

    I googled won bin.the guy is 40 this year and he looks like he is in his 20s

  24. 24 Another R Again

    Happy friday! Been annoyed at Apple for the past week because I finally updated my iPhone 6 to iOS10 (iOS 9 kept causing problem for my phone) but I really hate the new features. My lyrics for my Korean OSTs keep getting missing!

    Watched over the past week:
    Solomon’s Perjury: It was a bittersweet ending, but I’m glad we finally got our conclusion. I love love love that ending where Ji Hoon and So Woo were talking at the end.

    Cheese In The Trap: I finally got all your comments on In Ho and Piano. The story has never got my attention, and I got bored around episode 8/9, or at least around the time Oh Young Gon showed up. It’s sad that this drama had so much potential but it lacked in so many ways. The OSTs were on point though, I could listen to them all day.

    Chief Kim: Still on episode 2, the story isn’t getting to me as much as I wanted, but still enjoyable. Surprised at the ratings jump though, Namgoong Min must be so happy haha (read an article saying that he wanted high ratings so that he could get a reward vacation LOL)

    One More Happy Ending: I’m late to start this, but I’m surprised that I’m enjoying this a lot. I have the impression that it’s some lacklustre show or something, because not a lot of people were talking about it, but it turned out to be a pleasant watch. Still on episode 10, going to marathon till the end over the weekend.

    Defendant: Episode 3, Ji Sung is great but sadly the show isn’t as gripping as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s just me. But I’m sad that nobody seems to be on his side. Hopefully his defense lawyer will at least believe him. I hope he ends up becoming allies with the gangster he put in prison though, that would be interesting.

    Yet to catch up with latest episodes of Missing 9, Rebel.

    I have a question. Why do some sites call dramas by different names. I can get it if the title can be translated in many ways (that’s why I can close one eye when shows like Introverted Boss have multiple names) or if they have an International title to market overseas (I think KBS uses Good Manager for Chief Kim) but I don’t get it for others.

    Eg: Why is Jealousy Incarnate called Don’t Dare To Dream? That title bothered me cause it doesn’t even fit with the theme of the show.

    (I’m slightly bothered by sites called Defendant ‘Innocent Defendant’ even though Defendant is just the literal translation, but at least the alt title makes sense)

  25. 25 Carole McDonnell

    Hello all:

    My Drama drought is OVER!!!! Over, I tell ya! Peace now reigns in my re-awakened heart!

    I suppose I have the daily “Still Loving You” to thank for that. I won’t praise it yet again. But yeah, it’s good.

    Then there is Chief Kim. NamGoong Min is quite good at comedy. He’s not quite mugging but he is funnily over the top in his slickness but he’s scheming and wonderfully kind-hearted. I’m waiting for our two fallen anti-heroes to come to the light and to destroy the big bads.

    I guess what these two dramas have in common and why they work is because there are important issues and yet there is balancing humor and human nature everywhere. Jusst please, hard-working ahjussi heroine’s-confidante, please don’t turn out to be a spy or anything. I seriously do not know which characters will end up in romantic couples.

    ​Then there’s Rebel. Wow!!! Serious Sageuk ​is IN DA HOUSE! I am so ready for this ride. This is so good. Drama please continue your gravity and your greatness. I was a bit wary about watching a new Gil Dong but am so glad I watched.

    Innocent Defendant is so good as well. Been a while since we got us a suspense thriller. And the addition of an identity shift and Lord knows what else…well.. I am so there!

    Voice is good as well, but weirdly it doesn’t stay with me. I don’t find myself waiting for the next episode like I do with “Still Loving You.”

    Awaiting my time traveler.

    Happy weekend, all.

    • 25.1 korfan

      Carole –

      I, too, am suspicious of heroine’s ajusshi confidante in Chief Kim! There’s something just a tad bit unsettling. I don’t know. We’ll see.

      Not sure if I’m ready for anot her long sageuk right now, but from the few clips I’ve seen for Rebel, it does look interesting. ….. Then again, there are my perennial time issues, so who knows what I’ll end up watching. ….. Glad you’re enjoying it though!

      Have a great weekend also.

      • 25.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Ahjusshi is just too nice. That bothers me. Either he’s gonna kill or be killed.

        Re Rebel.
        It’s only 30 episodes so I’m in. I seem to be liking the long forms a lot lately. Happy nail-binding.

    • 25.2 owl

      Hi Carole,
      Defendant is really good. I am curious about all the attorneys, I guess, Joon Hyuk his “friend,” and Eun Hye. She’s intriguing. I wonder if Ji Soo and the daughter are really alive. Oh, and the brother/guard, hmmm, odd character as well.

  26. 26 pogo

    Hi beanies, happy Friday!

    I’ve been in kdrama drought mode for months after Scarlet Heart did a number on me, but that finally ended with Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. That was an excellent first two episodes! Also, the story of ordinary people standing against a corrupt, petty and unjust ruling class…. is especially timely right now.

    (on a more sober note, I hope no one here was affected by the US travel ban. I heard people NOT from the seven countries in question were also being given hassle, hope everyone’s ok)

    • 26.1 Kiara

      I’m so tired of Joseon sageuks but watching Kim Sang-joong makes my day.

      I hope it’s more Im Kkeok-jeong (the real rebel) and less Hong Gil Dong folktale. Less about revenge more about the nameless people and their hero who just want to live like human beings.

      • 26.1.1 pogo

        Korea does Joseon sageuks like the UK does 18th-19th century costume dramas, it’s just a fact of life by now.

        I like that this isn’t a fantasy sageuk, I’d have happily kept watching the childhood story in its own right because Kim Sang-joong carries it so well. Hoping this isn’t just a revenge tale either, though it doesn’t look like it will be, at least not against the king.

        • Kiara

          Well, I guess I can’t really blame them. Joseon’s history was well documented but it’s nice to explore the other eras once in awhile.

          It’s shaping up to be really good.

    • 26.2 Laila

      @Pogo did you love the little Gil Dong like i did. He so cute and badass.

      • 26.2.1 pogo

        He’s such a cutie, and perfectly cast! And his hyung too, I love those kids.

  27. 27 lillyan

    I watched The Handmaiden resently. And it was a beautiful watch, but to be honest, considering all that buzz I expected something more than just “beautiful watch”. I was dissatisfied with the plot, characters, how story progressed and ending was kinda flat. Two hours later I released I actully disliked what I saw.

    • 27.1 lillyan

      p.s. btw, I always feel myself so lonely in my love to Korean movies. Like no one ever cares about they do about dramas, while I always preferred movies.

    • 27.2 sorrynotsorry

      I find Korean films to be a mixed bag, but I guess probably this is true everywhere. With some exceptions, I find the big buzzy Korean movies fall very flat for me including Veteran and The Handmaiden (which I actually saw listed on a Must Watch list in a US entertainment magazine). Oh well.

    • 27.3 John

      Lillyan ~

      I watched the Handmaiden , it was okay, it was hyped for the sex imho.

      Two K films I would recommend are Old Boy and Memories of a Murder.

      • 27.3.1 lillyan

        @sorrynotsorry, some buzzed movies can be good, like I enjoyed The Attorney a lot. But Violent Procurator, Veteran (why it was so successful in the first place makes still beyond me) and The Handmaiden left me cold.

        @Jonn, I did. In fact I was excited to watch The Handmaiden because it was filmed by Park Chan Wook, who also filmed Oldboy.

    • 27.4 gabobobobo

      I consider The Handmaiden an okay movie. I’m sure the provocative sex scenes made it so popular, though. After all, over the years, many movies are praised for exploring provocative scenes (sex, violence, bizarre fetishes, adultery, etc), but many of those movies were not as good as the critics said if we want to look past those scenes.

  28. 28 MistyIsles

    Hey, uhh, are you wonderful Staff aware of a “Thedramabeans” site? Looks like it has your About, FAQ, and a few other pages, as well as all recaps and posts (including this OT with no comments) since around October… Even has the blue and yellow quotations(?) logo at the top.

    • 28.1 Mindy

      I just looked it up… that’s so weird????

    • 28.2 Cozybooks

      I know DB has been planning on some new website updates, I’m wondering if they’re moving to a new platform. Maybe that’s it and they’re still just working on it?

      • 28.2.1 redfox

        or it is an alternative reality Dramabeans, where drama characters talk about that strange feeling somebody might be watching them…

    • 28.3 blnmom

      I would say 99% sure they are stealing DB’s content outright. The whois shows the owner is someone in Pakistan.

  29. 29 John

    Enjoying Rebel and Chief Kim, not much else K wise. Watching C drama General & I, currently no J dramas. Hope Rebel doesn’t lose any momentem when they make the age jump, the first two episodes are top quality. Willing to see if Saimdang can get it’s stuff together, disappointed in it so far

    • 29.1 Miumiu

      I stopped watching “General and l” after 3 episodes because the chemistry between Angela baby and Wallace was non existent.
      @John does it get any better ?
      I am afraid to get back because I loved the novel and can’t bear to watch it not being adapted right 🙂

      • 29.1.1 John

        Miumiu ~

        Yes, it gets better. It’s my first time seeing Angela in anything. Truth be told, they could reduce the number of episodes, but, it is what it is. The characters are interesting. Ping Ting’s prowess in military strategy, so sexy, lol

        I wonder who would win in a showdown between Ping Ting and Princess Weiyoung, ( must be a trend in C dramas for female strategists that have a bevy of kings and/or generals desiring her )

        • Snickers👽🖖🏼

          I recently saw a viewership demographics breakdown of a few cdramas. Female viewers dominated all except for one drama. A couple dramas’ viewers were more than 75% female.

          “Historical” cdramas often have very strong, intelligent (at least during the initial set up) female characters who torment the men who fall for them. Not sure why, perhaps because they were based on source material written by women. Currently airing The Glory of Tang Dynasty is about an exceptional queen or royal consort. I’m wondering if and when she’ll lose her smarts and rationale.

          • yukari

            What do you think of The Glory of Tang Dynasty? I still can’t decided whether to watch it or not. The summary sound interesting and it seems like has a bittersweet ending (which I love), but it’s been so long since the last time I watch periode cdrama mainly because the costume and excesive CGI turn me off (I can’t finish Nirvana on Fire, just running straight to spoiler for overall story and ending. I can’t take Empress of China either).

          • Snickers👽🖖🏼

            This drama didn’t get much promotion prior to airing. Production value is pretty good. Not much obvious CGI. Pacing is better than many in this category. Some characters kind of talked slowly in NIF. Not here. So far, the villains seem one-dimensional, standard-issue type for palace intrigue dramas. However, the drama as a whole is better than expected. Not too dumb or irritating.

            I’m paying about 50% attention to it. I also don’t feel the urge to consume all available episodes ASAP. 12 episodes released. I finished 6.

      • 29.1.2 sorrynotsorry

        @miumiu I think General and I gets better after episode 12 to 13. They’ve actually done quite well making the politics very interesting and the characters have more depth than in a lot of C-Dramas where someone is either good or evil. It is spinning its wheels a bit …I would say between episodes 35 and 45, they could have cut 5 or so episodes, but I’m still glad to be watching.

    • 29.2 John

      Also watched a KBS drama special, Red Teacher , with Lee Dong-Hwi and Jung So Min. Worth checking out .

  30. 30 Boomboompow

    Weightlifting Fairy: just finished this one and Lee Sung Kyung is my new favorite actress.

    Goblin: stuck on episode 4

    School 2015: finally watching this after getting to know the 2 male leads from above dramas, you guys are not kidding when you said Yook Sung Jae resembles Seo In Guk! When SIG is off to military, I’ll follow YSJ’s dramas to ease the pain. I think Nam Joo Hyuk got something done to his face before WFKBJ, because in S2015 he looks so much like Ji Soo but that resemblance is gone in WFKBJ. Probably something minor like filler and thread lift – am not a hater, in fact I am curious because I am thinking to have some filler done too.

  31. 31 Islander_58North

    I always forget to ask this, but: in Kdramas, there is often a 5-second replay of a scene. Some make sense to emphasize a situation, but most seem totally random. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

    BTW, I am totally hooked on both Defendant and Voice, just starting Rebel. Is Strong Family going to be on Viki or Dramafever? The other websites have given my hard drive death and/or severe grief.

    • 31.1 John

      Islander_58 North ~

      The reason for 5 second replay is due to a commercial break that occurred during the original broadcast. The commercial has been removed, the folks rebroadcasting the show have not edited out the 5 second “replay”.

      • 31.1.1 Islander_58North

        Oh, thanks!

      • 31.1.2 owl

        Really? I always thought it was special effects that weren’t so special. Huh, now I know, thanks.

    • 31.2 Mizliz

      It depends on which website you are watching your drama. If it is an ad-free one, then note that, the 5-second replay of scenes is merely the drama resuming after a commercial break by replaying the last 5-seconds of the previous scene. Some sites are good with editing the replay out, while others are not so good. I guess you have to bear and grin especially if you are watching the drama in question without commercial or ad breaks.

  32. 32 bips99

    i’m curious – how many ‘admissions’ does a korean film need to have to be termed as a hit ?

    Does anyone know ?

    (i have never seen actual money made figures anywhere like the rest of the world, everywhere there is only talk of footfalls/admissions)

    • 32.1 siesta

      i read somewhere that over a million viewers is considered a box office

      • 32.1.1 bips99

        i think it should be more. 1 million footfalls – wouldn’t translate into enough cash to even cover production costs.

    • 32.2 lillyan

      Everything depends on production and marketing cost (just like everywhere ^^). Successful movie should double it cost. Considering that most high profile SK movies has budget around 7-10 million $ + marketing (another 4-10 million $), 30-40 (which is around 7-8 million admission) should be expected from successful box office blockbuster.
      But there is also smaller or genre movies, that doesn’t need such a numbers to break even. So 1 million – movie not flop, 2 – it’s doing okay, 3 – good, 4 – great, 5 – movie is a hit, 10 – movie is a super hit.

      • 32.2.1 bips99

        Thank you for that detailed explanation. That really helps. i’m dipping my toes in k-movies and am pretty clueless about the whole mechanics of the korean movie business – who are actually the big stars, what is a hit, who are respected directors etc etc

  33. 33 BoxFile

    Hello everyone! Well I am not that new to Korean dramas, I used to like Coffee Prince and My Lovely Samsoon before Dr Jin aka the Genius and The Heirs sort of ruin it. I am used to watch quite a lot actually. Lately my friend has been pestering me about Shopping King Louie, or more about Seo In Kuk actually. She has been telling me this and that about him, and bla bla bla and so on. But I have this typical sentiment about chaebol you know. She shown me a few pictures of him, and I think his looks definitely difference from the typical flower type that I used to watch on TV but what matter the most is whether he can act or not. Is he on the same par as Lee Min Ho(among famous name that I know) in terms of acting skill and popularity or worse? My friend went totally crazy for him(there are times where she could be wrong about whom she was fangirling with) so I am just seeking an opinion here before I’m checking his stuff. Is he worth it?

    • 33.1 sorrynotsorry

      Just my opinion, but I think he is a solid actor, and I like that he tries different genres and different types of roles. Shopping King Louie is adorable….it takes a few episodes to get it going. I definitely recommend it, and the secondary stories and actors were also very good. If it isn’t your cup of tea, he’s worked pretty much non-stop it seems the last few years so there is plenty to choose from.

      • 33.1.1 BoxFile

        I am planning to watch it at the moment, and your comment makes me grown more curious about him. Thanks for your comment anyways!

    • 33.2 John

      BoxFile ~

      Seo In-guk is good looking chap, who can act and sing. Your friend knows how to spot a winner.

      Here’s a link to a duet with Jung Eun-ji, his costar in the drama Reply 1997.

      • 33.2.1 BoxFile

        Oh he could sing too? By the way thanks for the link! Well now that I looked at his pictures again, he is indeed a good looking fella, haha.

    • 33.3 Crysta

      He really is an awesome actor. He knows how to completely lose himself in the role. Take High School King of Savvy. He plays two brothers, but just by looking at the way they carry themselves, you could tell them apart (besides the obvious costume changes). Remember You is great as well. He really could pull off any genre.

      • 33.3.1 BoxFile

        My friend speaks exactly the same about him as you did. Guess Seo In Kuk all over have the same feels about him eh? Anyways thanks for the info!

    • 33.4 Mindy

      Seo In-gook is a great actor and you’ll soon find that he is very popular here at Dramabeans. And for good reason! He is very versatile, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like when you watch what he’s been in. I don’t know how he does it but he always seems like a completely different person in each show. He really inhabits his characters and makes them each stand out. Also… he’s hot. You’ll understand why people go crazy over him around here when you watch one of his shows. 🙂

      Shopping King Louie is a fun watch if you want something to make you laugh and give you the warm fuzzies. It’s nothing deep or groundbreaking but you will be pleasantly surprised with how it takes cliche drama tropes like the whole chaebol situation and makes them fresh. It’s just a lovable show. At least get through episode 3 before deciding whether or not to go on.

      His most popular drama, and probably the best show he’s been in all-around, is still Answer Me 1997 AKA his breakout role. It’s a must-watch for every drama fan!

      I’m a big fan so I’ve seen most of his dramas. Here’s a mini guide to help you out:

      Answer Me 1997: Must watch, it’s a witty comedy-drama that really knows how to flesh out the relationships between the characters, whether they be friends, family, or romances. It’s the very definition of youth, good and bad.

      High School King of Savvy: High school kid ends up having to cover for his older brother as director of a high-profile company. Hi-jinks ensue. Absolutely hilarious, the comedic timing in this show is no joke and the acting is so on-point. It’s a noona romance, so be aware of that.

      I Remember You: If you like crime/thriller dramas, this is for you. It’s REALLY good! It’s a really fascinating look at what makes a “monster”.

      Police Unit 38: A fun caper show about a tax collector (Ma Dong-seok) who teams up with a con artist (Seo In-gook) to make the uber-rich pay their taxes. Trust me, it’s actually really satisfying to watch.

      Shopping King Louie: His latest drama. Again, a very light, fluffy watch that will give you warm fuzzies~ and knows how to make old, tired cliches fresh and fun again.

      He was also in Master’s Sun but he was the second lead there.

      Watch him in literally any two dramas and you’ll be shocked at how different his portrayals are for each character! It’s amazing.

      • 33.4.1 BoxFile

        Wow, thank you so much for the explanation. I am planning to go for much lighter tone, so I am gonna start with Shopping King Louie first. I hope it won’t be the 2nd ‘Kim Tan’ accident for me anyways but I do enjoys reading your info about him. Thanks a lot!

        • redfox

          no Kim Tan. Like, this amnesiac chaebol gets daily allowance of 50 cents from a country girl and is crazy about instant coffee! couldn´t be any further from Kim Tan.

          • BoxFile

            Its good to know that Louie is far from the Kim Tan accidents because I’d never get to finished The Heirs, despite how popular that drama is. This is just my personal opinion though, but I really thought that Lee Min Ho shouldnt play the roles of high schoolers anymore, because he doesn’t resemble like one. Anyways @redfox, thanks for the comment!

    • 33.5 Delurker

      Absolutely one of my favourites. Watch High School King of Savvy, then move on to I Remember You/Hello Monster. You will see how he can go from funny, adorable teenager to cool geeeenius profiler without breaking a sweat. After High School King of Savvy I will watch anything he is in — including Shopping King Louie, which I though was just okay… I would probably skip that in favour of Police Unit 38.

      Summing up, my Seo In-guk dramas in order of preference:

      1. I Remember You
      2. High School King of Savvy
      3. Police Unit 38
      4. Shopping King Louie

      I wouldn’t like to compare him to Lee Min-ho, because that can be a can of worms :-P, but I would say, less popular, better actor.

      • 33.5.1 BoxFile

        Oh that’s a shame then to be talented but lesser known to public. I am not deliberately try to compare him to Lee Min Ho, its just that I’ve seen a lot of his face on ads and TV, so I’m guessing that he is indeed popular. So South Korean do favour looks over talents eh? Anyways thanks for the comment!

        • MyGirl2016

          Great to find another potential Seo In Guk admirer. King of High School Savvy is my all-time favourite work of his, you should definitely check that out.
          And then come back on db and let us know if you’ve decided to join your friend ( who clearly has good taste in men 😉) and the rest of us fan girls here.

          And about favouring looks over talent.. I guess it’s not only the South Koreans.. That seems to be the case everywhere else too. (mostly!)

          • BoxFile

            Guess my friend was not on the wrong this time, judging by the warm response that I’ve got about Seo In Kuk, I really ought to start checking his works then. Thank you!

        • Delurker

          Well, let me be diplomatic here 🙂 , and say that this is not to say that Lee Min-ho is *un*-talented. For me, it depends a lot on the drama. I haven’t seen Boys over Flowers or Heirs, so I may have saved myself from the worst. In the dramas that I have seen (Personal Taste, Faith and City Hunter) he was okay-to-pretty-good. He is not Kim Myung-min, but he is not a wooden idol-actor either.

          The question is not that Lee Min-ho is particularly bad, but that Seo In-guk is *that* good. They just have different career paths.

          Rather than looks alone (and honestly, give me Seo In-guk any day; you may understand when you see him act :-p ) it probably has to do with the kind of dramas that shot them to fame. Lee Min-ho is a Hallyu star, which to me is a slightly different category, but Seo In-guk is a pretty successful actor too; I am not weeping for him 🙂 .

          • redfox

            yeah, I think Seo In Guk is successful from the start with Reply 1997, it has more to do with being remembered and referenced and noticed by others in the field. Squad 38 was a success for OCN and created a wave of references. People started pranking SIG trying to pull one on the “swindler” and Shopping King Louis was a pehnomena cause the ratings just kept rising and positive feedback from fans created a big buzz around it. the cast even said at the MBC awards that never before have they received so much love from viewers even while playing an anti-hero or villanous sort of character. So in conclusion, his dramas might not get highest rated all the time or win the top prizes, but emotions run high around them.

          • BoxFile

            But his looks is rather different eh? I mean not the typical flower face I am used to saw on TV, guess maybe that what makes him not so well known then? Because I know some of the Hallyu stars, they have really pretty faces and well built body too. Haha I guess different people have different taste then.

          • redfox

            @BoxFile, yes, his looks are different, unique, and with these looks he can show so many different attitudes! there is no stereotyping with his looks! He is like a shapeshifter fox. Cute or sexy, child-like or mature, sneaky or sincere, mischevious or serious, he can show anything.

          • Delurker

            @BoxFile – Which is why I said, you’ll understand when you see him act; Seo In-guk may not be a cookie-cutter flower boy, but he has charisma in spades (and cleans up more than nicely, thank you :-p ). And everything else that Redfox just said 🙂 .

            Please get back to us after watching; I am very interested in your impressions 🙂 .

          • BoxFile

            @redfox and @Delurker definitely will do! Plus I do have my friend all around-crazy-for-Seo In Kuk as my best partner, haha. 🙂

    • 33.6 redfox

      omg you are wrong if you think Shopping King Louis is even close to a typical chaebol drama! It is a drama about a lost puppy, more like! The character is extremely sincere, affectionate, he starts out a bit irresponsible and thoughtless, but ends up being the most generous person who puts his friends and family above anything else. Louis´s longing, fear of being abandoned, his carefree attitude and his devotion make Louis a really lovable character and the chemistry between Louis and Bok Shil is adorable. Seo In Guk is fantastic in this role, I guess that´s part why they had him re-enact Louis on the MBC awards. As an actor, he embodies the character 150% like it just grows out of him. He is Louis with every cell in his body, every smile and every pout.

      • 33.6.1 redfox

        I would also recommend I Remember You, because he shows a cooler, more mature and stoic character there, but in certain scenes emotion just flows out of his skin. it is not like he is doing much, but you see him and you feel what the character of Lee Hyun is feeling. the emotion is more powerful there, but the acting is so balanced and held back to the right amount. plus there is a wonderful three-way chemistry between Hyun and the two cute psychoes.

      • 33.6.2 BoxFile

        Million thanks for your info, and I am definitely gonna check him out! Thanks!

    • 33.7 Boomboompow

      I think Seo In Guk’s best performance as an actor is in High School King of Savvy. Great all-around romcom, solid acting by everyone, great writer and PD, not too fond of the lead female but this drama has many hot kissing scenes (SIG has a talent in this department too LOL, also check out his song Seasons of The Heart)

      His best look is in I Remember You. Those sweaters, his hair, the way he carries himself confidently, all are just so swoony. Also, awesome bromance with a bonus of Park Bo Gum in his best performance in dramaland.

      His best romance is Reply 1997, almost legendary that one.

      In saying that though, I love almost all of his dramas, he has a good eye for script and his performance made it even better.

      After watching Kdramas religiously for the past 2-3 years, Seo In Guk (together with Jo Jung Suk because how to choose) are my no 1 most favorite actor.

      • 33.7.1 Mindy

        That dusty pink sweater from I Remember You though (ep 10? 11?). Possibly the best thing anyone has ever worn. He looked sooooo gooood in it.

        • redfox

          goodness knows how many gazillion times this has been said about SIG on Dramabeans, but his shoulders.
          no matter whaat he wore in IRY he looked strong and safe. real big brother. like you can hide behind his back and meet no evil.
          and then there was that apron and head scarf. LOL

          • Mindy

            Oh, I completely agree. I didn’t watch IRY until a year ago and I would read the recaps and comments after watching most episodes. Of course I loved the comments about the actual show and plot and characters, but I also loved reading the comments with people just swooning over SIG LOL. 100% agree, his shoulders are great.

          • Boomboompow

            I still mourn the fact that hid his nice shoulder with oversized sweaters in King Louis.

      • 33.7.2 BoxFile

        Haha I do read about that too, that he was called Master of Kissing or something right? In my radar, Kwon Sang Woo and Hyun Bin did a pretty decent kisses scenes too. For him to earn that title, does he do erotic films or something? My knowledge about Korean are pretty small in scales but I remember watching My Sassy Girl, A Memory to Remember(to name a few).

        • Boomboompow

          He doesn’t do erotic (but it’s not too late to start! :p)

        • MyGirl2016

          BoxFile, in case all our collective squeeing still hasn’t convinced you, 😉

          Here’s a link I found

          You’re welcome.

          @Boomboompow 😀 😀

          • BoxFile

            Haha thanks for the warm response! Definitely gonna check him out! Thank you guys for all the squeeling! It does help me a lot! 🙂

          • Boomboompow

            Never would I thought Seo In Guk can win something over Halyu stars if it involves popularity votes, but good to know that one of his talents are being recognized LOL. The scenes chosen in this article are not his hottest actions though, so you’re in for a good treat @boxfile 😜

          • BoxFile

            @Boomboompow definitely will do and thanks for the reminder, haha!

    • 33.8 rlg

      I think SIG is more versatile than LMH (who always delivers a solid performance, but his characters always seem similar to me). SIG is definitely not the same character in Master’s Sun (nice second lead) as he is in Hello Monster (serious/possibly with a dark side inside) as he is in Shopping King Louis (funny, lovable innocent). He can definitely act! It took me a while to pick up Shopping King Louis because…shopping. Ew, why would I want to watch a show about shopping? But it’s not actually about shopping, and it was fun and heartwarming and quite funny. (It also has Yoon Sang Hyun aka Oska from Secret Garden, if that helps…)

      • 33.8.1 BoxFile

        Um, I watched few of his dramas, and his styles just won’t fit my taste. I get the hype about him(his good looks, tall, can sing and all) but his roles seemed a bit off for me. As for Secret Garden, Oska really is one of the main reason why I watched that series, because like I mentioned before, I really have sort of sentiment towards chaebol cliche. Definitely will check this Seo In Kuk guy since lots of people are giving me such a good reviews about him. Thanks for the comment by the way!

  34. 34 Crysta

    Signal: Watching this to get over my sugar high from Weightlifting Fairy (this drama has seriously ruined me from my usual fare of rom-coms, but in the best possible way). I love this show except Soo-hyun baffles me at her incompetence sometimes. I understand a little in the past timeline because she’s a rookie cop who still has a lot to learn, but even in the current timeline, her poor choices in handling parts of the case make me think she really hasn’t learned all that much. For example, *spoilers* when she checks out the freezer truck. Her colleagues on the other side of town even know to get out their flashlights and check the place out before jumping in. But, first she goes into the truck without so much as a light, and then she actually looks to turn on the light from the truck. A) even without a light she should have ran into the daughter almost immediately with how little the truck was. B) She tells the guy to stand back but she’s obviously not any better equipped to deal with the situation. C) I know she doesn’t know the criminal’s electrical history, but she still should know to be more cautious. Why would she think it would be as easy as to just break the lock and go? How she dealt with the killer that was killing depressed women was not any better, but I better stop myself there before I go on forever. Overall, I really enjoy the drama and it has me biting my nails. I’m just on episode 11 but hope to finish it today or tomorrow.

    • 34.1 Ammy

      My BP (blood pressure) probably rose to highest levels while watching Signal. I’m stuck on ep 11 and from last few weeks I’m unable to dare to resume the paused button.

  35. 35 mariazzang

    Last 2 days to preorder Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Director’s Cut DVD! Deadline to buy is February 5 KST!

    I want to stress one point out, the process for producing Director’s Cut dvds in Korea involves a guaranteed number of orders before they confirm the actual production. So unless there is enough demand for the DVD, it could be cancelled if it will not justify the costs for the PD team.

    So this is the last call for our BokJoonHyung couple fans! Please buy to support the drama and buy the DVD before it is too late. Thank you everyone ~ SWAG!

  36. 36 Rovi

    Hi everyone. Completely still unused to being alone for the coming month due to parentals on overseas vacation…also, my laptop on one of its repair modes again so it’s more difficult than usual…

    Just finished watching Unnies’ Slamdunk Season 1 delayed broadcast on KBS World. Gonna miss them (minus Tiffany who ruined the show), but can’t wait for Season 2 on the 17th (delayed broadcast, actual broadcast on 10). Us Dongsaengs should really thank Mrs. Taeyang Min Hyo-rin…

    Anyways, my main point this time for being on Open Thread (despite lack of attention usually) is about “Hwarang”.
    I think it’s the fault for the drama’s single-digit-low ratings liesin the writers’ hands. Like seriously. So many unanswered questions STILL, and we’re approaching episode 15!

    Also, I think the drama’s current timeline is 551/2/3 A.D.

    -ep.1 – King Jinheung’s 12th year, Queen Mother Jiso’s 10-year regency.
    (from his demeanor I think Sammaekjong has reached his majority, or why else would he return to Silla, most especially at the capital Geumseong)
    -ep.2 – King Beopheung’s death was during his 27th year…which happend “11 years ago”
    -ep.12??? – Sammaekjong was 7 when he was brought out of Silla (seriously was there “Queen Seondeok” influence in this?!)
    -ep.14 – Baekje’s Crown Prince has too much influence with his father-king (and screen time) than one would normally expect

    -Beopheung died in 540 A.D., when Sammaekjong was 13/14, so Jiso’s regency only lasted around 5/6 years (half of what the drama is supposed to say, but dramatic when the regency is in the name of a kid)
    -In 523 A.D., King Seong ascended the throne of Baekje, and around 15 years later, Seong decided to rename Baekje as “Nambuyeo” (until their fall to Silla; claiming continuity of the Buyeo Kingdom’s legacy, like Haeburu-Geumwa-Daeso who reigned as Dongbuyeo) and moved the capital to Sabi (modern-day Buyeo County).
    -The Crown Prince in the drama, Buyeo Chang, eventually succeeded his father as King Wideok.
    -Around 550 A.D. the Silla -Baekje Alliance (Against Goguryeo) fell during this time, and like what the Crown Prince is saying, Silla was really at fault
    -Can’t remember who, but a Lady Buyeo (Baekje royal) married someone onto Silla, but I can’t remember if it was from the jingol or the seonggol

    Any thoughts will be welcomed. Wow, never knew semi-hisyory lesson was here.
    Also, last, the reason why Jinheung was chosen as heir because even though Beopheung had 2 male sons, both were offspring of concubines. That’s why Beopheung made his eldest daughter Jiso marry his brother Ipjong (besides to retain the purity of the bone-line).

    May I just conclude that DOTS was the ONLY pre-produced drama that was successful, yet far beyond what everyone could’ve possibly imagined. But at least the other pre-produced dramas (like Uncontrollably Fond) aren’t as disastrously a failure like say…Bobogyeongshim-Ryeo…

    • 36.1 aoiaheen

      This what I love about sagueks based on actual history. Its so much fun learning about what really happened. Thanks for putting this together. Was there a war between Silla and Baekja? And do you know which year that was?

      I don’t think hwarang is considered a failure, because the budget was small, so the drama meets the expectations. Whereas with Scarlet heart, which had the same ratings had a much bigger budget and much higher expectations.

      • 36.1.1 Rovi

        But recently tho, dramas with traditional flavors tend to have lesser content over flashy visuals (& props, hello JOJ), it’s becoming rather disappointing. I’m not sure whether KBS’s special drama “Imjin War – 1592” has received praise, but it’s those daeha dramas that shpuld warrant attention and praise for actual historical content.

        But serioudly tho…the only thing making me stick by Hwarang is the lack of good dramas (our basic cable only has KBS World & Arirang has ceased broadcasting old dramas since 2013 or 2014), KIM TAEHYUNG, & the Romeo-Juliet love story (yes seriously, accdg. to the official website) of Banryu -&-Sooyeon. And whether the drama will actually answer everyone’s questions of WTF is Moomyung & whether Sammaekjong will really become Jinheung (and expand Silla’s territory).
        Additionally, if Ahro is Jiso & Anji’s daughter and whether she is the future Lady Mishil. If Moomyung is a royal Kim or Kim Yushin’s direct ancestor (since Yushin has royal Gaya ancestry), or Lord Wihwa’s successor Mijinbu (paternal grandfatherto Lafy Mishil).

        All I know is that King Seong led a disastrous campaign but I’m not sure if against Silla…but it’s concensus that the major enemy is Goguryeo, because prior to Seong’s reign Baekje had lost modern-day Seoul area towards Goguryeo. But from my speculations I’m guessing Seong is dying due to the overbearing presence of Crown Prince Buyeo Chang in the scene.
        (since I’m not really fully learned in Korean so my understanding of their confusing history is basically mumbo-jumbo…but mind, most of the drama’s source material must’ve come from the suspicious “Hwarang Segi”, e.g. Princess Sukmyeong’s very existence in the drama)

        • aoiaheen

          I can’t see Ahro as Mishil, given how prone to disaster she is!

          Are you watching Rebel (the hong gil dong one) ?

          • Rovi

            I’m not sure whether anyone shares my speculation tho…
            But yes according to “Hwarang Segi” she’s Jinheung’s concubine (then goes towards his sons Crown Prince Dongryun & Jinji, then towards gramdson Jinpyeong).

            But it’s rather unlikely Ahro is really a Park.
            Anyone who has not yet noticed, but Park Yeong-shil is important in Silla’s history.
            -Jiso’s husband: arranged by Beopheung but their relationship is reportedly “bad”
            -Jinheung’s primary father-in-law: Park’s daughter is Jinheung’s Queen Consort
            -thtough his daughter’s maternal grandfather of Lady Mishil & Lady Maya (wife of Jinpyeong & mother of Queen Seondeok)

            Not yet though, as sometimes MBC’s traditionals tend to be exhausting. But I’d cut a bitch to anyone saying Kim Sang-joong’s character is “Hong Ah-moo-gae”…which is not , as amugae means “so-and-so” and is similar to moomyung (“no-name)”.
            Interested towards Papa Sillingi (cute yet manly Eifel Tower wirh his adorbs cats) & Honey Lee…truthfully I was taken with her outfit primarily because her otgoreum is simply love…

          • aoiaheen

            ooo. Park Young Shil’s daughter would be Ban Ryu’s sister. Too bad they don’t have her in the drama.

          • Rovi

            In case you’ve forgotten, Banryu is Lord Ho’s son. So it’s quite possible Park Yeong-shilis hiding progeny.
            (surprised heis portrayed by Kim Chang-wan, who is also Do Min-joon’s partner-in-crime, like fuck this was him all along?!)

            Truthfully Lord Ho (recorded only as “Hogong”, meaning “Lord Ho”, ho hanja meaning “bottle-gourd” since he was found (like every other legendary-founding child) wearing a belt with said objects) shouldn’t even be in the scene, as his timeline is supposedly during Silla’s early years (during the first Seok king, where he found the progenitor of the royal Gyeongju Kim clan).

  37. 37 CNG

    If you want a break from K-dramas, check out the Chinese drama When A Snail Falls in Love. This the 1st Chinese drama I’ve watched. The drama is fast moving and the2 leads are fantastic and has good chemistry.

    • 37.1 Cozybooks

      Yes! I loved that drama! Although, not quite as much as another drama adaptation of a book by the same author, Love Me if You Dare.

      • 37.1.1 Miumiu

        I agree with @cozybooks. LMIYD was better. The novel has some wonderful romantic scenes with the main leads , all of that was edited out as well. Which was so disappointing !!!

        • bips99

          i’ll third the suggestion. love me if you dare was the only chinese drama i finished and enjoyed. its wonderful. loads better than snail.

  38. 38 MyGirl2016

    Finally Friday! OT is here!! I have been wanting to squee for the whole week, but no place or person to squee to/ with.
    Watched Hyung. Thanks @gadis and everybody else who warned that one was not to expect a full length comedy. (tears not dried yet)
    But..the movie is not what I wanna squee about.

    During the time of Hyung’s trailers/ promotional stuff, I only had Jo Jung Suk appreciating eyes. I didn’t even give a second glance towards the guy sitting next to him in all those interviews/ promotional programmes. I knew I had seen him somewhere – but I couldn’t place him nor did I care enough to find out more.

    But yorobun!! As of last Monday I have officially succumbed to D.O.’s. charms. His acting, his big, big beautiful doe eyes, his full and fine lips, his naive looks, that radiant smile…😍😍 He is only the age of my younger brother ( like that was ever going to stop me), but this noona is in too deep.

    Even with an acting powerhouse like Jo Jung Suk around, it was the pain of D.O.’s character that got to me. I was like Who IS this dude? . Mind-blowing screen presence. I wonder why they don’t offer him any drama lead roles. He is a rare example of an idol who can also act really, really well.

    • 38.1 korfan

      MyGirl2016 –

      You can also find him acting in It’s Okay, It’s Love and the drama I Remember You.

      Check them out and see what you think!

      • 38.1.1 MyGirl2016

        It’s ok it’s love ! Yes, I found out later that that’s where I saw him first a year or two ago. I’m gonna have to re-watch that drama now. To watch him in there with my new found appreciation for him.

        And didn’t he play some serial killer/ psychopath role in IRY? I went a rewatched a few of just his bits in the drama… He is just daebak! But I wonder, how did IRY’s PD nim initially look at that adorable, innocent face and think ‘Hmm.. I bet he will make a convincing serial killer!’ 🙊

        • redfox

          people started calling him Satansoo at some point, because of his ability to have this demonic glow in his eyes I guess but I dont know if thats an original nickname or something given after IO,TL

          • Rovi

            I think it’s prior to his acting career (but I guess after Oolf) since there’s some fantaken shots where he has this murderous feel and would rather kill-me-softly his bandmates Beagle Line out of sheer irritation.

            Truthfully, he’d fit as either a ruthless chaebol (à la “Monster”) or a traditional drama’s minister’s equally psycho son. His deep tone is perfect, unlike, say a certain Minho which makes me cringe at his every scene in Hwarang.

          • MyGirl2016

            @redfox Yes, he is really good when acting those kind of ‘demonic glow in eyes’ roles.
            But I prefer to see him as an adorable cutie pie. Drama Gods, I want a drama with him playing a love sick puppy. Preferably chasing around a nice noona. 🙈 Amen.

          • Wow

            @Mygirl2016 “Drama Gods, I want a drama with him playing a love sick puppy. Preferably chasing around a nice noona. ”


    • 38.2 Rovi

      He had a lead role all right. But a complete failure.

      2015 film “Sunjeong“, with Kim So-hyun.

      Why. Did Dyo die as well???
      (read allkpop’s article as to why EXO’s actors die in their roles (D.O. the sole exception in IOIL being he was a figment of JIS’s imagination)…I think no one has seen or realized it yet, but it’s because EXO’s scheds are jam-packed so they can’t expect months-long absences)

      • 38.2.1 Wow

        He has successfull lead role too

        2016 Hyung

        Tbh other members in EXO have drama too and even one get lead role in a national broadcast channel, idt it’s the case of him

    • 38.3 Boomboompow

      Literally just finished Hyung too, I held Jo Jung Suk responsible for 80% of my tears this year. I hope he comes back to dramaland soon, I miss him already.

      Ah DO, he’s so good isnt he. He was brilliant in I Remember You (even better than the actor that plays his older character) and if I never knew him, I would believe you if you said he’s really blind IRL. And his low sexy voice, man he can give Lee Soo Hyuk a run for his money.

      Have you watched the Running Man episode where they both guesting? So much hearts and laughs.

      • 38.3.1 MyGirl2016

        No, I haven’t seen it yet. But now I certainly will! ☺

      • 38.3.2 Yashashree Jadhav

        Even I just watched Hyung last weekend and he is just so good! I watched him for the first time in IOIL and fell in love and now he is my ultimate bias!
        I have seen the Running man where they both guest and it was hilarious!! I love him with Kwang Soo . haha the Soo Soo bros! His actor club is also amazing! I love that he has such a nice actor friend circle that supports one another!
        I think that has helped him become a better actor too!
        and lol to the sexy voice! I agree! His voice is one of my favourite voices of all times! and Lee Soo Hyuk’s deep voice is great as well . I think his deep voice is what made him a perfect Gwi in ScholarWWTN.

        I love the KyungSoo brances out and takes on roles that are not just the typical roles but challenging ones too, an imaginary character, a psychopath, a blind guy and I hope he does more! He really encourages me to try acting too!

  39. 39 namedx

    Wow, finally finished marathoning Jealousy Incarnate! I was glued to my screen for three whole days, lol!! Show seriously drained me out with all its eccentrics, but it was pretty damn worth it!

    JW made me weak at the knees in the earlier eps, but I remained firmly on #teamhwashin throughout pretty much the entire run thanks to JJS’s portrayal of him. That guy was as petty as they come, but I seriously loved the character to bits! Can’t believe this was my first JJS drama ever – he’s super talented!! Need to check out his other works!

    It wasn’t perfect, and I was slightly let down by the writing towards the latter end of the show, notably eps 16-19, where I couldn’t quite connect to any of the craziness or character motivations. I felt the show was perfectly balanced right up until episode 14, even 15 made sense to me, but past that, I was trying hard to make sense of some of the character/plot developments, or lack thereof. It picked up again by ep 19, but even then, certain cracks were just too hard to ignore.

    JW, who started out perfect and so swoonworthy became so irritating by the end, that I just couldn’t spare him an ounce of sympathy. I love that he was as flawed as the rest of them, but I hate that they prolonged his pathetic state of jealousy in order to make Hwa-shin somewhat more favourable, which is a shame coz I was prepared to root for Hwa-shin either way. I was hoping they’d rein him in before he became too unlikable, but he was barely on screen for that to happen, and nor did they give his character anything else to do except mope after Na-ri with repetitive dialogue to boot.

    And the thing which annoyed me most, is how they muted his friendship with Hwa-shin in order to pave way for the romantic triangle. The bromance could have been great, and I really wanted to see them come to some kind of grudging truce without Na-ri being at the epicentre, esp since show had already pointed out their longstanding friendship – but they just left it to fizzle out in the end, without any real emotional payoff. Argh – really frustrating.

    And what the flip was Hwa-shin doing in ep19?? How did he reach the conclusion that he was keeping a distance from Na-ri out of respect for his mate? We didn’t get a glimpse into his feelings at all, and nor was there any meaningful exchange with his best bud for us to make us think that – I wouldn’t have guessed it at all until he spelled it out for Na-ri. Until then, I thought he was just basking in Na-ri’s feelings of jealousy and one sided-love again. *argh*

    (okay, just wanted to get that off my chest.)

    • 39.1 namedx

      BUT, overall I appreciate how wacky the show was on the surface, with understated heart and depth. It was unique, and made me fall in love with characters who were incredibly flawed, but still human. And though I don’t usually go back to a drama that didn’t prove satisfying from start to finish, this one remains to linger in the back of my mind, enough to make me want to re-watch it again. Maybe not right away, but I’ll be sure to give it another watch few months down the line!! Sometimes, it’s all about perspective, and this show was so rich on the details that I’m sure a second viewing will make me appreciate it in a different light, perhaps!!

      Right, onto my next marathon!

    • 39.2 Rovi

      The only thing funy there was Lee Mi-suk & Park Ji-young (props for her for her jam-packed scheds juggling JI, film “Lucky Day”, & SH promotions)’s interactions.

      But seriously, if no one had noticed it yet tho, the drama was all about three-somes and jealousy:
      1. Pyo Nari & the lead men
      2. Lee Mi-suk (reminds me of her salon owner role in “Birth of Beauty”) & Park Ji-young &…
      a. divorced ex-husband (RIP)
      b. work
      c. Ppal-gang (mostly custody but extended to affections)
      d. sexy chef LOL
      3. Ppal-gang & her (underaged) men LOL

      I’m not sure if the writer took a cue from “Discovery of Love” tho, sinceit reminded of the drama’s last-episode cameo of Yoo Ah-in dressed up in his “Mil-hwoe” get-up…

    • 39.3 MyGirl2016

      Wohoo!! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the ride.

      I think even the most loyal, delusional fans of JI (i.e., me! ) had a (tiny) bit of a hard time trying to make sense out of ep 15 -18. It wasn’t the way romcoms usually go, coz usually after the much awaited OTP kiss the deal is pretty much sealed, but oh.. not in this drama.
      Regarding the cracks, when I rewatch them now, I feel there are some too. I guess the writer originally had wonderful stuff written for the Ppal Gang triangle love story and then the knetizens said that they didn’t care for the actress who plays the role. Therefore, she had to cut out those parts ( which was really a shame bcoz the Ppal Gang love triangle was the first one that got me initially interested in the drama, way before Lee Hwashin came into the picture with his heart. I would really have loved to watch more of their dynamics).
      So, the writer needed to fill all that time and I’m guessing she decided to do that with JW’s prolonged jealous antics.

    • 39.4 junny

      I liked Jealousy Incarnate a lot, thanks to Jo Jung-seok, but this is one drama that probably wouldn’t have suffered with a shorter episode count. There’s a lot of stuff in episodes 16-19 that could have been cut out and reworked into other episodes for a less dragged-out feel. Nevertheless, the force of Hwa-shin is not to be underestimated!

    • 39.5 owl

      marathoning eating cereal out of the box, in pjs (of course), no clock in the room, and forgetting to open the shade – best way to watch kdramas.

  40. 40 Yashashree Jadhav

    Last week in dramas for me:

    Finished Goblin (finally) : I was sort of trying to delay watching the last of Goblin because that meant the end of another drama (TT sometimes I have trouble letting go haha). Loved the OST! loved the cinematography! that drama was a visual treat! Intriguing story! so much so that in December when I visited my aunt, we binged the 8 episodes that were out in 3 nights and she loved them!
    sure it has flaws, but I enjoyed watching it and our main 5 characters were just lovely in their portrayal. I specially enjoyed Sunny as a character and her choices throughout her 2 lives. (highly recommend Queen In Hyun’s Man for those of you who want more Yoo In Na in your drama lives!) but the rest of this drama review can be a blog post on its own

    Hwarang: Before I launch into this. WHO IS SUNWOO? is he related to the royals in some way? We know historically JH is the King so what does that make SW? Sorry if I am mistaken about something.
    I’ve been trying to rack my brains on that one for days. Or am I just missing something silly somewhere? Does anyoen have theories? haha I am open to crazy theories too ! love a good thought-out theory!
    I like that the political side of the drama is taking center stage now because I feel like the story moves on more when it is focussing on the politics rather than just the romance (don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for the love-lines in dramas). But I do feel that JinHeung shines when he is contemplating his duties as a king and I want to urge him to act on it soon. I’m loving the bubbling bromances both between SW and JH, and SH and BR though the upcoming political difficulties might be a tough road for them to navigate. Can’t wait for next week

    Missing 9: Speaking of not being able to wait, the suspense is killing (hehehe) in Missing 9! now that we have

    3 survivors (though one is heavily wounded), and 2 who are definitely dead (out of the 9) I wonder how many actually made out of the island alive. So far we have had 2 ‘other’ characters show up and die (pilot, co-pilot) and looks like next week we will have another one. Relationships, trust etc have both formed and broken and now that Bong Hee has all her memory back I am itching to know what happened there and we have , what 10? more episodes to go?

    Introverted Boss: Can’t wait for next week to see what they changed, and how the actors have compensated for the changes they are proposing.

    Lucky Romance: I finally got around to watching it and loved it! It is such a cute drama! and Ryu Jun Yeol’s smile lights up the whole room (or the whole drama!)

    • 40.1 Rovi

      LOL jointhe club. But seriously, I have theories in the above comments.

      Here’s my take tho. Moomyung is:
      1. a discarded royal Kim (like Jiso’s older bro Hwi-gyeong, who basically is drama-only, since Jiso’s brothers are all sons of concubines)
      2. formerly a Park or Seok (successively, the former ruling houses of Silla; in the drama because of their legacy the main opposition) but from Hwi-gyeong’s words this theory is cut off
      3. Lord Wihwa’s succesor Mijinbu, as description said Moomyung becomes “a legendary hwarang
      4. Kim Yushin’s direct ancestor, which makes him from the royal line of Gaya (since Ureuk was from the conquered Daegaya refugee which was a city-state of the crumbling Gaya Confederacy…seriously, what description is “someone who shouldn’t have been brought out to the world”)
      5. (wild guess) the Monk Ichadon (said to be Jiso’s son), who was responsible (thtu his martyrdom) for Jinheung shifting Silla as a royal Buddhist nation.

  41. 41 james94131

    I started to watch the 1996 mega-hit kdrama First Love. Maybe someone who knows about 1975 Korean society can answer this question. In First Love, Sung Chan-ock (the sister of the 2 lead brothers) does not seem to go to high school even though her brothers and other young women go. Is there any particular reason for this?

    • 41.1 Rovi

      Women are not encouraged to chase after higher education, as they’reexpected to be house slaves for life.

  42. 42 knom

    Long shot but here goes, anyone know if CJ will ever release Han Ji Soo’s Round and Round version only? Last statement they gave was that they’re thinking of releasing it after that fiasco of Heize ft. Han Ji Soo. I’ve been waiting for a month for her version but I ended up with something else. Quite disappointed at CJ for throwing us this unexpected curveball.

  43. 43 spazmo

    rewatched Queen InHyun’s Man – i forgot the backstory so it was like a new watch… and it was just as fun and sweet and sad as the first time i watched it…

    loved the (real) chemistry between Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo — i wish they were still a couple… but also realized that i’ve enjoyed Yoo Inna’s roles, the other was her character in Secret Hotel.

    renoticed Kim Jin Woo – who is like a cross between Kim Ji Hoon and Song Joong Ki… where has he been lately… he’s rather cute.
    ; )

    • 43.1 Rovi

      LOL be careful since he shares names with the baseball athlete & the singer from WINNER

      His recent dramas include:
      -Remember – Kamg Seok-gyu
      -KBS daily “Strange Family” – lead Gu Yun-jae
      -Monster – cameo (ep.33) Park Jae-su

      Follow his IG @jinu0717

    • 43.2 Yashashree Jadhav

      Right! I absolutely love QIHM! It is probably one of my most watched dramas and definitely one of my all-time favourites! and I love the OST too!
      fun fact: if you buy the official OST , the package comes with a ‘copy’ of the talisman he uses to travel with their signs printed on the back!

    • 43.3 rlg

      I’m watching QIHM for the first time, and really enjoying it. Song Jae Jung sure loves her portals! (Nine, W) While there were many things I enjoyed about Nine, I do appreciate the humor in QIHM, and also the fact that the female lead has a lot stronger plot role. And so fun to see Yoo Inna again. I’m thinking a lot of people missing Goblin are watching QIHM again…

  44. 44 Trina Nguyen-Lee

    Hi, Happy Friday beanies!!! Is anyone watching Super Bowl this week-end. I might catch a glimpse with my family. I am not sure what to watch after I had finished watching Romantic Doctor Kim. Therefore, I am continue to watch Chinese Drama General and I. I like it so far. I am on episode 37. Those who watched Princess Weiyoung Chinese drama, please let me know what episodes to skip from 16-54. This way it will be much faster to skip the boring episodes aka filler episodes. ☺️☺️
    I hope everyone have a great weekend!!!

  45. 45 K

    In light of The Legend of the Blue Sea’s conclusion and the upcoming Bad Guys Season 2 later this year, I suddenly had a thought : What would happen if our Crazy Dogs were assigned to capture the cast in one of Jeon Ji-hyun’s 10 million movie, The Thieves? Sounds fun if we can have our favorite convicts going after a group of clever thieves..

  46. 46 redfox

    looks like there is a lot of re-watching this week.

    I rewatched IRY (AGAIN, YES. 34th time) – I can hear you say HOLY S***!

    and some parts of Reply 1988. the parents make me laugh a lot more this time around especially jung Hwans´ dad. and his very worn tank top – gosh, I just realized that is just like my dads´… and Sung Il and his soft heart with old ladies. He is like the middle aged version of Louis, can´t help buying things, but doing it to help the person instead…

    I also noticed that the dads are not as close-knit as the moms. they have more solitude and loneliness in them. we usually see their individual stories and less mutual interaction between the dads. do women form closer friendships, then? but their sons are very close-knit, though.

    • 46.1 owl

      Double whammy Gong Yoo watching Goblin and Coffee Prince – serious kdrama-ing.

      • 46.1.1 redfox

        I did that while re-watching Train to Busan. then I had CP on the side, cause otherwise he ending would just have been too painful.

  47. 47 Rach ^^

    The Goblin withdrawal is real. I cannot bring myself to start a new drama. I need help.

  48. 48 Fab

    Happy Friday all!
    I really wanted to share this with my fellow k-drama/move addicts! I’m literally about to watch the Handmaiden in a freaking cinema at my city’s film festival!! Big change from the mundane streaming. Hot here very early out of cheer excitement!

  49. 49 Fridom

    I am soo excited about Tomorrow With You! I realized it’s premiering today, and I am so excited for the Goblin-shaped hole in my hear to be filled <3 <3 Seriously the lack of dramas I want to watch right now is depressing.

  50. 50 kumoiwa

    I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY don’t understand how some people can just hijack a writer’s narrative, call her intended story bullshit, and then proceed to rewrite the storyline so as to fit their own interpretation of it. Like, what? You had no part in making up that universe, AT ALL. Stop taking Kim Eun-sook’s agency away from her and denying whatever story she wanted to tell.

    (This is about some incredibly amazing person on the internet who constantly keeps going on and on about how Sun is really Yeo and Yeo is really Sun, and like the entire world is so stupid because they didn’t spot the red herring and she’s the only one who did. Because she’s so great. And she needs to point out shit for people because ditto. What.)

    Ugh just needed to rant. There’s a fine line between alternative opinion and being obstinate to whatever the writer is saying. Come on.

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