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by | February 10, 2017 | 292 Comments

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is your Open Thread, which is here for you to chat about anything you want, whether it be drama-related or not. Nothing’s off-topic here! Spoilers may be rife, so proceed accordingly.


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  1. EZ

    The OT comes up later than usual now a days.
    Wasn’t someone here mentioned visiting south korea during end of 2016? I wonder how did the trip turn out.

    Has anyone tried korean beauty products? are they really much more effective than let’s say regular big brands? Any to suggest? face products work best ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Q: Do these celebrities mature more quickly? I think back to when I was 19/20 and then these idols or even young actors like suzy.. they are so much more mature amidst this insane stardom… and i couldn’t manage attention of morning roll calls..

    Q: How taxing is it emotionally.. like doing these close scenes with every other actor.. everyone is prettier than the next person in line…i wonder how parents and families deal with it.
    When does manager become everything over mom and dad..

    Q: fans whom you butter up all through your professional life are as fickle as they come
    they won’t take 2 seconds before moving on to the next eye candy or sensation.

    Q: Do we/audience psychologically try to balance out the positives of this insane wealth and populairty
    by restricting private lives of the celebs? Or are we just lusting after the seemingly perfect lives
    Stardom is unhealthy for so many stakeholders

    Was reading up on Cinderella Syndrome.. how it has become a mass reality for women and their
    expectations off the man
    Watched hapi mari..
    So unlike most of the Japanese drama that have a whacky sense of humour.

    And then anime seems even better.

    1. Any other suggestions on good japanese/ or any other language drama (barring old school, i think liar games was really nicely done)?
    started we married as a job but 2 episodes down not feeling it..dropped it

    2. Any other good romantic drama? or even completed mangas?

    3. Any new variety? although yay for JJY being back and RM last two episodes are so so
    much better.

    4. Umm.. did anyone follow the CIIT manga post the drama? How did the story end there?
    Really curious abt this one

    NOt watching anything at the moment.. suddenly after a year of being on one’s toe.. this weel was so
    devoid of drama enthusiasm.. not one series managed to grip my attention as yet


    Park hyung shik fever is so so so real. not sure how to survive till 24th and once that series gets over
    20 more episodes of him and then wait worth a year or two
    So finallycaught up with tomorrow with you.
    Shin minah – she is a perfect combo of sexy, cute, beautiful, pretty.. just so perfect
    and acts so cute..

    I love the color tone and directorial style..

    although my only question? Why is the male lead so celebrated here.
    Priori to this i saw him in signal.. where he was ok.. and in these two episodes also
    he didn’t exactly shine..he is ok..

    riding on signal’s laurels or is there other stuff worth the reference?

    • 1.1 Sancheezy

      I think We Married as a job has a specific theme that work best but can feel normal/usual too.
      So I think it worth to check more since the magnet is how the relationship developed and how marriage is told in bussiness perspective, is marriage as a job worthed for normal people?

      I think you may like
      Suddenly we getting married – Jdrama, it just starts.

      • 1.1.1 capt_blackdog

        I agree, I also suggest watching more of We Married as a Job. It turned out to be an unexpectedly feminist show, dealing with various issues: being a single mother, a driven career woman, an unemployed and seemingly unwanted/unnecessary woman. It touches upon self-worth and relationship growth, too.

        • Sancheezy

          Oh I also want to note that many bizarre and quote is a parody from popular show.
          It hilarious when you familiar with the other show but also quite confusing.

          • chanelboy

            Sorry for riding all ur comments beanies!

            I just want JB can read my comment or any of u who can answer:

            why OT didn’t have music attached to it anymore ??

            ok now i remember, now all recaps doesn’t have any single music attached anymore, last time still have. I know for now the expanded bean-army, will be tough to pick a song for every recaps, but JB, can u keep the tradition music just for OT? I miss listening to ur indie/catchy song and very nice at 2am reading thru OT with ur choice of music. nice friday nite :))

      • 1.1.2 EZ

        Ya.. i got the sense they were addressing the age old economics question of how true gdp is not measured because house work is not accounted for..

        and in general the plight of being a house wife.. just didn’t captivate me from romance/drama perspective..

        Guess need to be in a certain mindframe to watch it

        • Wyndo

          There is also the big self worth problem of the guy. He doesn’t even think it to be possible that someone might love him. I found it to be a rather interesting take. It was difficult for him to admit it to himself. I guess there are a lot of people like him.

      • 1.1.3 Barbrey

        Cheese in the Trap manwha is not finished yet. Writer was supposed to end it at 50 episodes for the fourth season but I think she’s milking the fame from the show. It’s now at 70 episodes and counting.

    • 1.2 capt_blackdog

      Re: Lee Je-hoon, since I’m currently watching Signal and my impression is still fresh. At first I didn’t really like him, thought he’s too intense and prone to overact, but eventually he grew on me. He has this certain charm (and good looks!) that slowly lured me in. I think he’s done quite well in movies, so maybe this fuels the hype, too.

      • 1.2.1 Yaya

        Lee Je-hoon’s looks sure made sit for 2 hrs of Tomorrow Without You.

        By the way, did he fixed his nose after Signal?

      • 1.2.2 Kiara

        Lee Je-hoon takes criticisms like a pro. Instead of defending himself, he makes improvement. There is always room for improvement even with veteran actors.

        Hope he is doing well in his new drama.

        • MyGirl2016

          Heโ€™s doing well in the drama.

      • 1.2.3 Taggie

        Overact in signal? His expression was actually monotonous in Signal. He wore the frustated look the whole drama.

        Well there are only few k actors who can actually show emotions vividly. At least Lee Je Joon was not expressionless like many of them.

      • 1.2.4 Barbrey

        I didn’t think he was goodlooking at all but he grew on me too. And for some reason I’m finding him very attractive in Tomorrow with You.

        • Yashashree Jadhav

          Me too! I don’t know what it is about him in Tomorrow with you , but I find him super attractive!

        • Puni

          Lee Je-hoon was good in Signal, but I wasn’t attracted to him or could picture him as a romantic lead. TWY is outstanding and has changed my mind. I’m loving Lee Je Hoon’s character and the chemistry with Shin Min Ah.

    • 1.3 Archer

      I am currently watching two new Japanese drama from manga, Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu and Tokyo Tarareba Musume. And also another new Japanese drama: A life, Itoshiki Hito. Those drama are still ongoing, so I can’t comment on the ending and overall story.

      • 1.3.1 EZ

        Thanks for the suggestion. Started tosuzen.. and absolutely love it.. i love the two leads.. and the story..

        for a change actress has a good dressing sense..and those specs.. super ute..

        I haven’t been able to find tokyo’s episodes.w here youw atching?

    • 1.4 Lin, Je Hoon's Defender

      Lee Je Hoon is one of my favorite actors along with YAI, CJH, PHS. I think he’s very talented and adds a level to intensity to his roles and characters that others find overacting but I find pulls me in and has me really feel for and further connect to his character.

      I’m loving him along with Shin Min Ah in Tomorrow With You, which after only two episodes is my drama crack (I have a thing for this kinds of melancholy, but still has a sprinkle of happiness and life lessons, sort of slow moving, not really this or that dramas i.e. ‘Dear My Friends’

      I fell for Je Hoon in his breakout role in Bleak Night (all three actors in that are so so talented and each character and the story will break you in a different way) and I have never looked back. I think he does better in movies than dramas. Check out Just Friends, Bleak Night, Architect 101, The Frontline, My Paparotti, and Phantom Detective.

      For dramas stay away from Fashion King and Secret Door (all the wasted talent *cries for Han Suk Kyu* and potential. boy does my bb pick sucky dramas). You have to watch Signal (yes, watch it again) and Tomorrow With You (only two episodes in).

      • 1.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        He shines a lot in movies, I started to find out more about him after Secret Door although couldn’t finished this drama until the end. I am glad that he does not stay away from drama.

        I dont know, but he is so charming and talented. Together with Shin Minah, they both look like a painting on the wall.

        • MyGirl2016

          I love that imagery of yours – โ€˜Together they both look like a painting on the wallโ€™
          So true. Both are incredibly cute.

    • 1.5 Cozybooks

      On Lee Je-Hoon, I really like him not just for his acting, but because he seems like such a genuine guy in real life. I’ve read a few of his interviews and I’m always impressed. But I like his acting too–it doesn’t feel forced to me here at all. I agree he was a bit too intense at the beginning of Signal, but that was also a conscious choice on his part according to an interview, and when viewer response wasn’t so great he changed gears.

      There are other things, he was incredibly praised for his role in Bleak Night, which I’ve never seen but I’d like to.

      • 1.5.1 Callie

        LJH is one of the only k-actors whose interviews I always search translations for. Dude just loves acting and telling stories so much, and it’s so apparent in the way he speaks and conducts himself. It’s refreshing compared to all the idols that are forced into it by their agencies or the ones that feel like they’re just in it to bring home the bucks.

        • Cozybooks

          Right? And then I laugh every time he talks about how he isn’t funny, or that people might think it’s boring that he loves to watch movies for the acting etc. because I think it’s totally interesting! He just seems like such a natural, real guy who loves to act. I’d love to get to know him in real life.

      • 1.5.2 MyGirl2016

        Daebak..Today is my day in OT! First SIG and now Lee Je Hoon! Iโ€™m pleased to see all the Lee Je Hoon love you guys.. (*Getting all misty- eyed)
        He may not be as versatile as SIG or Jo Jung Suk in dramas (comparing him to the lead actors of his current PDโ€™s previous works), but he certainly has a charm of his own. And I agree with everyone here who talked about his personality. His interviews are what impressed me more and thatโ€™s how I started fangirling him. @Cozybooks – real. Ya thatโ€™s the word. No pretensions and just so earnest. Itโ€™s such a rare quality to find in celebrities ( and in people in general!), so it makes him incredibly attractive in my eyes. And there was this instagram video of him helping a mum carry her pram up the stairs of Seoul train station. ๐Ÿ˜ Ergo my cutie pie is also a thoughtful guy.
        And it doesnโ€™t hurt having a gorgeous face, radiant smile and sexy voice to top it all off. ๐Ÿ˜

      • 1.5.3 Lin

        I really love his personality too. I enjoy watching his interviews. He seem nice, playfully, shy, caring, and also really genuine. He cares a lot for his craft and tries his best to always learn more as an actor and grow. He’s also really funny and respectful and just cuddly bunny imho.

    • 1.6 owl

      Hi EZ!

      Considering the questions you’ve posed, I think you might like “The Birth of Korean Cool: How One Nation is Conquering the World through Pop Culture” by Euny Hong.

      Chapter titles include: Before Cool, The Birth of Irony, Kimchi and the Cabbage Inferiority Complex, When Korea Banned Rock ‘n’ Roll, and K-Drama: Television and the Origins of Hallyu

      It is entertaining, informative, and fun!

      • 1.6.1 Cozybooks

        I think @May in comment 12 would like this too! (I’m definitely interested). Thanks, Owl!

    • 1.7 vkook

      For a good Japanese romance drama that’s not too wacky, i suggest Love Shuffle (2009) and Dear Sister (2014). Actually i watched many j-dramas in the last couple of years, but somehow only these two i can think of right now…

      I still read CitT, the english translation on Line Webtoon is still on season 3, but so far i think the drama had indeed stayed true to the webtoon (well except maybe for the latter episodes).

    • 1.8 Van

      Hey EZ! You should check out to learn more about Korean skincare! I’ve been lurking the site for awhile, but haven’t gathered enough money to purchase a bunch of the Korean skincare products on the site that I’ve been dying to try. It’s not that they’re THAT expensive, it’s just I wanna get into the 10-Steps Korean Skincare Routine/Regimen (I know, 10!), so I’m trying to make sure I can afford to splurge on at least the essentials of the 10-Steps, haha. I hear it really does work and it’s a lot of good stuff for your face and body, haha. Charlotte, the founder, writes a lot of detailed explanations about the benefits of the 10-Steps, so you can read into that, too. The site is easy to navigate and most, if not all of the products have easy-to-follow instructions on how to use and what’s it good for, too.

      • 1.8.1 EZ


        Thank you
        It is such a great site..

        really thank u

    • 1.9 yukari

      Hapi Mari is josei manga and that genre tend to be less wacky nor slapstick (Nodame is the exception). Other less slapstick manga adaptation are 5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made, Oishii Kankei, Real Clothes, Koizora, and many more (the first one manga hasn’t complete yet).

      The last complete shojo manga I’ve read is Last Game by Amano Shinobu, it’s so cute. Many said it’s similar with Special A, but I like Last Game more.
      Faster Than a Kiss is good too, even with a teacher marry his student premise, it’s not that dari and cute.

      I’m following Horimiya and eventhough many complaint that the story lead to nowhere, I don’t mind it. Yes, I drop a lot of shonen manga as the story keep dragging to nowhere (it’s including One Piece, Terraformars), but I like the slice of life side of Horimiya. It’s like Doraemon, I don’t care how it end or will it end, it’s like meeting friend and have a new conversation everyday.

      Which remind me that despite it’s popularity, Doraemon haven’t get it’s live adaptation (even Maruko, Kochikame, and Ranma had it!)

  2. MJUSIkurd

    Hi everyone,Its weird before they started I planned to watch Saimdang and Missing 9 on WED-THURS but for some reason I didnโ€™t watch them,today out of nowhere I decided to watch chief Kim and I like it lol its just so funny and weird.First time seeing NamGoong Min as a non villainous character and he just nails it what a funny watch am on episode 3 now am gonna binge watch it and then suffer the waitโ€ฆlol

    • 2.1 Sweet&Sour

      Well you didn’t really miss out, even though I’m not watching “Chief Kim”, but I dropped both “Missing 9” and “Saimdang”. I dropped “Missing 9” because it was ridiculous, and “Saimdang” because it was too boring.

      • 2.1.1 fan

        I think Saimdang got better this week. I watch all three and enjoyed them all, even though I also watch Cheif Kim first.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Agree. I love both Lee Young Ae and Yang Se Jong that I reluctant to say this is a boring drama.

          There are times you are willing to watch the shows mostly because of the casts. But overall I dont think this is totally bad production, at least for me. Although honestly, i always chose to watch Chief Kim first for Wed-Thursday slot.

        • The gonggirl

          You know it’s my first time commenting . I absolutely love both of them. Chief Kim is fricking hilarious and NGM is hitting it out of the park. I don’t know who has written it but it is very refreshing for an office drama. Saimdang got a lot of flack and I am sort of scratching my head. I think it is beautifully shot people say it looks dated, its colours are definitely muted but it doesn’t look old to me, maybe it’s my age , I think for the moment the plot is interesting and even SSH is doing a better than a handtowel job ( I must say I did have a giggle when i saw the comments, he does tends to be a one tune pony). So thumbs up. I do so enjoy reading all your beaners’ comments, your passion is so forthright I love it.

      • 2.1.2 Pinkyme

        Saimdang is not boring. I like how the writer paralleled the story of lee young as future and past self. It was very creative of the writer to create a fusion saeguk that involves art and how the director portrayed the past scene and future is harmonious. Pls do not judge a drama like that just because it does not match your cup of tea.

        One of the reasons why I keep watching k drama is because I love to discover how the plot and cinematography flow in a drama. It make me wonder why did they show the scene such way. How will the plot serve the story. Because I have to admit that these days this industry are getting crazier.

        I don’t think that I will ever be bored watching dramas. Haha.

        • MJUSIkurd

          i guess i will give Saimdang a chance once it ends.

        • Newbie

          Agree. I like Saimdang a lot so far and I esp. like the slow pace. It’s beautifully shot and Mr. Hand Towel acts uncringeworthy. Yes, he already ‘acted’ in his Chinese movie and he repeated it here again. Color me surprised.

          Just read, that they think of re-editing it, because it’s not leading the ratings. They already messed up Moon Lovers so let’s use today’s favorite words: Bad idea! Sad!

    • 2.2 lemoncello

      Chief Kim is my current K-drama character crush… lol. I love all this antics. Suddenly woke up at 2 am and could not go back to sleep. So, I ended up watching Chief Kim and hurting my stomach!

      • 2.2.1 MJUSIkurd

        Hahahaha…..he is so funny and very unpredictable i laughed so hard at episode two ending *SPOILER ALERT* when he fell and ended up saving the lady ,i replayed the scene for like 10 times.

      • 2.2.2 Shuerei

        Will watch Le Je Hoon

        Now I am a fan of:
        Park Hyung Shik. Park Hae Jin. Junho 2PM.

      • 2.2.3 Ar

        I nearly had a spit take today when watching episode 6 this morning during breakfast. With Chief Kim, even when you know something is going to happen and anticipate it, the actual execution is just amazeballs and freakin hilarious.

    • 2.3 happeyness

      I haven’t started Chief Kim yet – but now I might up it on the list!! But I might also wait for it to finish… haha

      Something I’ve noticed is that if I’m watching a drama that is currently airing, I tend to forget the nervous energy/excitement/happiness I feel by the time the next episode comes out. When that happens I push off watching it… which turns into I never finish watching the series. Coughcough this happened with Goblin coughcough. I remind myself to watch it but when I actually go to, it’s like ehhhhh. I don’t even remember what happened last time… I can keep pushing it off. I don’t know if it’s just me, or a reflection on the drama (maybe it’s got a slow plotline or something).

      In other cases I’ll start a drama that is complete (just so I can binge watch it!) and then I start to grow exasperated with the drama or want to skip some parts and just know the ending. I find myself looking for episode recaps instead.

      So somehow I turned this post into how I end up not finishing some dramas?? I guess for me, binge watching only works if the drama really hooks me.

      • 2.3.1 Greenfields

        Totally and completely agree with you on the subject of ‘continuing’ a drama – binge watch or airing. My k-drama life.

      • 2.3.2 MJUSIkurd

        Wait till it ends then and binge watch it, just dont skip it you wont regret watching it.

      • 2.3.3 chanelboy

        I like to binge watching!!
        But I need coverage for that! bcs i will be MIA for 48/72 hours, even 4 days, anti social, order food, showerless, more snack, and laptop is my bestie.
        SCARY HUH. DRAMALAND, ur spell is stronger then GOBLIN !!

        Btw, I need help & suggestion Pleasee chaebal..
        I want to watch these below list, but I scared it will be wasted :

        I Remember You (SIG & JNR) or Police Unit 38?
        I Remember You, Son of War
        High School King of Savy
        Good Wife… anyone watched? please rate!
        Reply forgot.. (the 2 later series)
        Moonlight by the Cloud (I super scared it will be just another cross dressing hijinx , I over it since To The Beautiful You ๐Ÿ™ they ruined my favourite JDORAMA ever Hanazakari no Kimitachie..

        • EZ

          1. Police unit 38 – cons are always fun.. first 3-4 episodes are slow so be warned. I remember you, personally is an alright show.. i watched it after it completed airing, so that’s a factor.. but strictly alright (the actors are all charming.. not an unpredictable storyline)

          2. IRY is less frustrating when it comes to decisions and choices of the characters. Son of War is soo good but soo frustrating up until ep 19.. anything our hero does gets counterattacked brilliantly and Namgoong is such an amazing villain

          3. Good wife was good.. despite watching it after following amercian series for 4 seasons at least (then got bored)..its a good enough adaptation. actors are all good. treatment is skillful.

          4. Personally i am a big big big big fan of 1988- it is also my first reply series. The episodes are really long but i enjoyed all storylines and wasn’t bothered.. but if you are going in only for the romance.. that isn’t the sole focus of the show.. its slice of life and capitvating

          people love 1997 – it is out an out about the romance and friendships.. so in that sense it offers something different.

          1994 – personally, only good thing about this series is chilbongie.. and other housemates.. the lead actress is meh at best..HOWEVER, still manages to grab attention

          MORAL OF THE STORY- start with any, you’d like all three..

          Moonlight by the cloud: lol i loved hanzakari.. and oguri shun is another level. None of Kdrama adaptations have ever managed to outdo japanese originals (looking at playful kiss, concerto, boys over flowers, liar games)

          moonlight by the cloud is alright (again.. i really do have contrary remarks on this one compared to most people here. Actors all great and they keep you busy.. but story wise, romance wise.. it was alright.. nothing out of the park.. but then if someone says stare at bogum’s face for 18 hours, i can definitely do that) .. i had to make real effort to watch every new episode.. its not that episode ended and i ‘d be desperately waiting for the next one..

        • happeyness

          I personally really enjoyed I Remember You (with SIG)! It’s got some mystery and romance. SIG’s character reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in a way – so if you enjoy that theme it might be good for you!

          I started but never finished Moonlight drawn by clouds… at some point I just got tired of the main female lead.

          And hahaha I watched To The Beautiful You before realizing it was a remake of Hana Kimi. After watching Hana Kimi (Taiwan and Japanese versions) I agree that those are a lot better then the Korean version!

          I can’t really speak to the rest of the dramas you mentioned as I haven’t watched them…


            The female lead in MDbC was probably the weakest part of the show for me, but not enough for me to dislike the show. I actually quite liked it. This was my first Park Bo Gum show and it made me into an instant fan of his. He has quite an amazing range of emotions as an actor. I love the gender bender aspect of it in that it’s somewhat close to Coffee Prince in how it treats the male character’s coming to terms with who he loves. As far as Sageuk dramas go, I liked how the politics play out in this. It was quite different to the few others I watched. Lastly, I really liked the second male lead in this. He was pretty cool. I liked this show.

        • harmonyfb

          I Remember You (SIG & JNR) or Police Unit 38?

          I Remember You was really good, especially if you ignored the ridiculous ‘romance’ plotline they tried to shoehorn in. The narrative is darkity-dark-dark (it’s about child abuse, murder, serial killers, weird loyalties, etc), but there’s a lot of sympathy for all the characters, even the evil ones (not to the point of excusing their actions, but in how it doesn’t shy away from the fact that some of the root causes are nurture, not nature…and vice versa.)

      • 2.3.4 sorrynotsorry

        I do both binge and watch airing dramas. The same thing happens with me re: losing interest as it airs. I think, for me anyway, it means the drama is not totally satisfying me at some level because some dramas I’m raring to go the minute I have time to watch. K-2 and Goblin are shows I didn’t plan to drop but ended up dropping because I just lacked the interest to continue. If I’d waited until they completed their run, I might have continued watching but hit the fast forward button a bit.

        Who knows, maybe someday I’ll go finish them up.

        • happeyness

          I dropped Goblin and K-2 too!

      • 2.3.5

        I tend to be the same way when watching currently airing dramas. I had to binge watch Hwarang the other day just to catch up for the last four episodes. The same thing happened with Goblin. Thankfully both shows are enjoyable, especially in the case of Goblin which is longer, so it didn’t seem tedious. If I’m not fully engaged in a show when I binge watch, I do the same and skip parts. Then there are shows that I love and binge watch in 2 days of less, or must keep up to date with and cannot wait for the tortuous week to roll around for just 35-60 minutes of enjoyment only to rinse and repeat.

    • 2.4 Yaya

      Whoah! Longest sentence ever!

      • 2.4.1 Yaya

        RE: MJUSIkurd’s comment.

      • 2.4.2 MJUSIkurd

        hahahah๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ i was in a hurry so that i can continue with my episode.

  3. lemoncello

    Happy Friday everyone!!!

    By the way, does anyone know OST for “Solomon’s Perjury”? Been looking for them anywhere but I could not find them… my favorite one is the song played by the end of final episode. Thanks!!!

    • 3.1 Callie

      Been looking for the SP OST for a while now too, but no luck. ๐Ÿ˜”

      It seems like when a show airs on a smaller cable network like JTBC or OCN, the OST is less likely to be released. It’s been months, and I still can’t find the complete OST for Police Unit 38 either.

    • 3.2 fan

      JTBC said that there wouldn’t be any OST release, because music director just did arrangement and adaptation on songs and used them. I read in JTBC board.

  4. fan

    Happy Friday! Even though I don’t have a crack drama at the moment, I am happy with shows offered to us currently. And I can’t wait for next episodes(7,8) of Defendant. Production team said even staffs were flabbergasted at shocking twists and it would surely give satisfaction to the viewers. PD also said Ji Sung was skipping meals to create believable image of death-row inmate. He is simply amazing.
    Another thing is that I am sad there will be no more child Gildong. PD of Rebels said the show is especially popular among female viewers in their 20-30’s, and they think that it is due to child Gildong actor Lee Ro-woon.heh. He is amazing when his acting experience includes only one show ‘Everything will be ok’ last year.

    Anyway there were more interviews with casts of finished shows.
    Seo Eun-soo(22) who played Pyo Na-ri’s young step mother in JI, and Yeon-hwa in Romantic doctor had an interview.[Star News] She just debuted in 2016, so she was happy to be in two popular shows. About Romantic doctor, Seo said she hoped the show never finish. “The set atmosphere was so nice that everybody said there would be no other set like this one. I started filming feeling happy and ended happily, and I didn’t want it to end. I thought many times I didn’t want to part from these people and ended up getting emotional. I teared up even when I was shooting a happy scene, and as soon as I finish my last scene, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It is really precious project for me. I don’t think I can ever forget this.”

    Seo said she wants to be like Seo Hyun-jin(OHYA). “Seo Hyun-jin sunbae-nim is great actress with excellent concentration and ability to immerse herself on the set. Watching her, I felt “Oh this is how the beauty of acting perfect looks like.” She is an actress who proves what is the most beautiful and shines. After the light turned off, she did consistently well to staffs and actors, and I realized how great sunbae-nim was. I’d like to be like her someday, I’d like to be remembered as great sun-bae even on personality-wise like Seo sunbae-nim. I tried hard to file her in my memory throughout the shooting.”

    Seo had one-sided crush on Yoo Yeon-suk in the show. “I should’ve worked better in scenes with Yoo Yeon-suk sunbae. I felt disappointed. I could understand Yeon-hwa’s feeling in the show because I had same experience. Since I knew what ‘love at first sight’ was like , I could relate to how she felt. But I don’t think I portrayed as I wanted. Yoo Yeon-suk sunbae-nim was considerate for a clumsy person like me many times. When he found me being nervous he played jokes on me, so I was grateful. He is not a person who tells you what to do, but a person who worry with you when you tell him your concern.”

    • 4.1 fan

      About Han Suk-kyu, Seo said, “On the set, everyone called Han Suk-kyu sunbae-nim Sabu-nim(teacher). He was Sabu-nim to me too, giving me lots of warm advice. When I looked dispirited, he tried to lift up my spirits. He said “How was your shooting yesterday?” or “What are you distressed about?” which made me feel at ease.

      To play her character, Seo went through some serious preparation. “Because I played the character who had malnutrition, I went on diet. Even after diet, PD-nim said I had to lose more, so I lost 4kg more. I studied scripts long and hard enough that I don’t think I slept more than 1 hour.”

      She is from Pusan and has Pusan accent (remember Reply 1997?).”I look I don’t use saturi, but when I talk to my parents on the phone, my saturi comes out. When I use saturi, I feel relaxed. I think it is really hard to fix saturi unless you really put your mind to it. I was nervous because saturi came out on the set by accident, but PD-nim said it was ok to use saturi because it could be melted into the scene. I was grateful.”

      Seo mentioned about her parents’ objection on her becoming an actress. “I may look like I had an easy life. But I had lots of part time jobs when I was young. When I said I would do the acting after I majored dancing in the high school, my parents objected to it, but now they are very proud of me. I am very grateful because they cheer me on… I think my thought about acting is changed doing projects. I’d like to be an actress rather than a star, and become good actress like sunbae-nims. I want to become an actress who is always prepared and wanted. Rather than acting in similar patterns, I want to become an actress people ask “Is she really her?” I am trying to show various images of me.”

      well, I was disappointed they didn’t pursue her romance line with cute nurse(Kim Min-Jae). Seo Eun-soo fighting!

      • 4.1.1 Kiara

        Han Suk-kyu is Kim Sabu through and through. He is an inspiration to many actors. I really really miss him but I’m excited that his new movie is coming out soon.

        The Prison: Han Suk-kyu and Kim Rae-won.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          This going to be good.

  5. Sancheezy

    I am totally busy but somehow manage to binge watch
    Rakuen – Jdrama
    It’s weird because I find it too slow but also intriguing. I like the core story is not about revealing big murder and return justice but more of a journey to find an answer.
    I really like how we have people that are supportive, support only few character and it feels that the character are real people.
    Hitoshi’s mom, the husband (both from the younger sister and the female protagonist just very supportive), the good lawyer who know how the ethics and others that behave as they have lives outside of helping the main story. Like they could care less if the mystery unfold, they are affected but not suffer more if it still uncovered.
    This is a weird things that even if the stor is a puzzled, I can symphathise with the characters.

    Plan to starts
    Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms – Cdrama

    • 5.1 yukari

      Rakuen is in my watch list too, but I will wait until it complete. My live airing jdorama is only Quartet as my watch list is still long with other completed drama and movie.
      Other reason is with Nakama Yukie, I prefer her in period drama than modern one. She has that kind of aura that emits an elegant and unreachable ojou-sama feels that suit period drama well. Trick was fun but her other detective drama Sakura is disappointing so for this one I will watch it in one go (it’s just 6 eps anyway).

      I plan to watch Three Lives too but movie version. I don’t think I will watch the drama version as I already has The Glory of Tang Dynasty in my list.

  6. fan

    Yoo Yeon-suk(33) who played doctor Kang Dong-joo in Romantic Doctor also had an interview. [Star News]
    He came back from the reward trip recently. “Yesterday exchanging greetings with staffs, I felt very sad thinking it would be hard to see these people again. It is not easy all staffs and actors doing shooting laughing. Shooting itself was not easy, but it left good memories so I feel sad rather than feeling relieved.” He had feedbacks like his project of life changed to this show from Reply 1994. “I feel hesitant to say my role-of-life is changed. I just think I gained another character to be remembered by people, and Chilbong-yi in Reply 1994 was not real me Yoon Yeon-suk. I think it is fortunate that I gained another character loved by people.”

    About Kim Hye-soo who played Kim Sabu’s first love Lee Young-jo, Yoo said “I have never met Kim Hye-soo sunbae-nim in person, so I was curious, and all staffs had high expectation. She said she watched all episodes. She said it was very nice she could play with us, and she was worried appearing in last part of the drama which had been good but had fun. We were grateful. For the scene she was with Han Suk-kyu sunbae-nim, I felt like it was a scene from a movie. It had different feel. I thought the power an actor gives out could be so much different. I was also shocked when I acted with her because she came thoroughly prepared for medical terms and surgery scenes.”

    Yoo was happy getting a couple awards with Seo Hyun-jin in the year-end awards ceremony. “We talked about it before the ceremony. I was asked if I could get only one of acting award or couple award, which one I’d like to have, and I said I hoped to get a couple award since we worked together. So I was very happy and grateful. Our show was not melo, so we couldn’t expect it much and I think that is why I wanted even more. Even though we didn’t have many scenes, I think we showed good chemistry.”

    Because team was so amazing, he hopes for season 2. “People were talking about it around the time the drama ended. I thought even if it is not a medical drama, it would be great if we could work together. I think (Kang Eun-kyung) writer-nim must had difficulties. It was more like writing 2-3 times. She examined scripts with consultation from medical professionals, modified, and came and checked with doctors on the set before doing shoots, so the whole process went through extra steps which required more time and attention than regular dramas. But there was not even once the script came out late. We always had scripts a week ahead before we actually filmed. If script comes out late with a medical drama, it would be very difficult, but she gave us scripts early and I thought scripts were amazingly tight. If writer-nim does season 2, I am willing to do it.”

    • 6.1 fan

      He worked with Han Suk-kyu before in a movie ‘The Royal Tailor (Sanguiwon)’ in 2014. “He gave lots of good advice. Since this time we had scenes face to face, I seemed to have gotten more advices. The one I remember the most is “Don’t act facing camera.” You concentrate and exchange the lines with oter actors, but there is a moment you become conscious of the camera. You have to think about that moment- he said. And he said not to act too much(overact?). He said about acting only 20 won(2cents) worth. Sunbae-nim said how about him act as much as 20 Won worth, and Yeon-suk act as much as 50 Won worth. And I understood exactly what he talked about.”

      Yoo said he didn’t know he would compete with Go Ah-ra(Reply 1994) in the same time slot. “I heard (Go)Ah-ra filmed for very long time- longer than expected. They filmed in the middle of summer having difficulties, so I cheered her on. I didn’t know they would compete against our show at first. Since our project received lots of love, I wanted Hwarang did good too. I told Jo Yoon-woo (plays pretty hwarang Yeo Wool Rang. He belongs to same agency as Yoo. Do you know he got the highest mark in the open audition for Hwa-rang role? Show should give us more of him for sure.) to do well during the year-end party. I thought he was the prettiest in the show. I think I told him he really looked pretty.”

      About high ratings they received, he said he didn’t expect it. “I’ve never imagined we could receive this much love. I was sure that we could make a meaningful project, a project we could relay something after the first scripts read meeting. But I couldn’t guess the ratings…When I film a show I never have a chance to think about it. I finished a musical before Romantic Doctor, and I took a break for 4-5 months, and I had time to think. Thinking back, I think that was the first time I took a break. I thought acting was the work I really wanted to do, but when I had this break all of sudden, I had this question. “Do I really like acting? It can be good, but there will be times it can’t, and would I still like to do this?” But I felt more thirsty for acting. After I did this project, I felt I like doing what I am doing, and even though there is no guarantee all my projects will succeed, I don’t worry much about it.”

      • 6.1.1 fan

        As the most memorable line, Yoo picked “Are you good doctor, or best doctor?”.”There were many lines, but there was a scene I asked Kim Sa-bu nim “Are you good doctor, or best doctor?” And he said “I am a doctor patients need the most now.” Doing that line, I asked myself. “Am I a good actor, or best actor, or needed actor by viewers? I think that was the most memorable line. It made me think I have to become an actor who is needed.” He continued, “I think when I first started out, I tried to become a good actor. I continuously tried to hear “There is this newbie actor who acts well. He is a capable guy.” When I received more love later, I became greedy to become the best actor. But now I think I want to become an actor who is needed in any projects. I think it would be nice if I become an actor viewers say “I want to see him acting again” feeling sad when I say I stop acting, and staffs and production team say “He is an actor really needed in this project.”

        Yay please do more dramas Yoo Yeon-suk! I still remember Na PD picked him as best brother-in-law material among all participants in his show. YYS must be some guy~

        • Sancheezy

          Thanks Fan, I love how he answer the question about best doctor and actor.

        • Ally

          Thank you for this. I’m glad the cast and writers’director were so prepared for the medical scenes in RTDK; it had a level of realism that I had never seen in medical dramas prior. I would be one to watch a second season–or third–or fourth. And YYS is exactly the type of “needed actor by the viewers.” I have all respect for him and look forward to his next project!

        • day_dreamer

          Thank you for the translation of his interview ๐Ÿ˜ขโค

        • tinz

          eeeee thank you so much for these trans! you make me want to go back to other open threads just to see if you have anymore translations hhahaha

  7. fan

    Lee Ji-hoon (29) who played Lee Min-ho’s step brother Heo Chi-hyun in ‘Legend of Blue sea’ had an interview. [Star News]
    He felt embarrassed about the comment he had his presence known in the show. “I am glad and happy to hear that I had screen presence in the show. I asked for help from PD-nim and did lots of thoughts about the part I was lacking in acting. More than burden I felt by playing an evil role, I feel my responsibility is increased on my next project.”

    He praised the chemistry among actors. “The set atmosphere was very good. I thought Jun Ji-hyun noona and Lee Min-ho hyung were hard to approach being Hallyu stars, but I was wrong. They were down-to-earth and laughed a lot and playful. I played jokes on them prepared to get scolded, but they told me I was like vitamin. I felt good because they said they laughed a lot when they filmed with me.”

    He has ChaDoNam(cold city man) image, but he said he was not like that. “Actually my personality is friendly and talkative. Especially I play cute to my male friends. At home, I am a son like a daughter. I can say it is the best condition living as an actor.” He debuted in ‘school 2013’ in 2012, and played in ‘You are the best,Lee Soon-shin’, ‘Golden rainbow’,’Blood’, ‘Six flying dragons’, ‘Goho’s night’, ‘Legend of blue sea’, and ‘Mirror of the witch’. “After I got out of army duty, I worked part time in a cafe in Yeoeuido. I worked on my dream taking KBS tour. And by accident I did audition for ‘School 2013’, and PD-nim told me I smell Jjannae (image of being pitiful, having hard-life, like Han Ye-ri character from AoY). That was when I stepped in the acting world and it has been already 5 years. I have special relationship with Yeom Jung-ah(Hong Joo in Mirror) sunbae and Kim Sang-joong(Amogae in Rebels) sunbae. Ever since finishing the Mirror I visits Jung-ah noona at home, or eat meal with Kim sunbae once a month. And I still keep in touch with SFD team and exchange pictures.”

    Lee said SFD where he played the minister Heo Gang made him grow the most acting-wise. “Shooting Six Flying Dragons, There was a lot to learn in acting. There are times I feel intimidated while shooting, and one time I realized I can’t keep acting if I keep feeling intimidated at such moment. I thought I had to think and prepare more to be able to keep acting. And because we had actors in similar age, many fun things happened. One day I went to eat meal with (Byun) Yo-han hyung and (Yoo) Ah-in hyung, and I sat with my beard on because I still had make-up on, and elders thought I was similar age of Jun Gook-hwan(played general Choi Young) sunbad-nim. Elders told me “You got old. We enjoy watching TV.” so we all laughed out loud.”

    • 7.1 fan

      Lee had many bromance line in shows, and he said he wanted to challenge a romance role next. He showed bromance with Yi Yi-kyung(Wow King of masked singer!!) in ‘School 2013’, Jo Jung-suk in ‘You are the best YSS’, and Yoo Ah-in in SFD.
      And he picked Song Yoon-ah(K2) as actress he wanted to work with. “Could I expect a romance genre as my next project? Regardless of my intentions I played bromance situation many times. The actress who I want to act with is Song Yoon-ah sunbae. I happened to see Song sunbae laughing on the street, and she looked just like an angel. I think it will be honor if I can act with her.”

      He said his life had changed after 5 years of acting. “The biggest difference is that I became very busy and the interest and concern from my company increased. I make more money now, and fans who were high school students when I debuted contacted me saying they got a job. I feel something when they do that, and I feel proud when I give money I made to my parents.”
      The drama ‘Legend of Blue sea’ means new beginning for Lee Ji-hoon. He feels burdensome after the show, but ready to work harder. “I will work hard like a cow and try to meet you in the awards ceremony in 2017. I will do my best.”

      Somehow I can imagine he does aegyo to other boys. heh. Lee Ji-hoon fighting.

      • 7.1.1 Gelai

        Love this guy. Deserving of all the accolades he receives.

        Looking forward to seeing more from him.

  8. happeyness

    Happy Friday!!

    Was wondering if anyone followed Taiwanese dramas?!?

    I randomly decided to watch The King of Romance and I love it soo freaking much. It has 8 episodes out now (which I thought was fine) but I caught up so quickly and now I have to wait for the slow 1 episode a week update.

    It stars Lego Li – who I first watched in In a Good Way (which I also love!). I’ve seen a lot of Taiwanese dramas – but haven’t been as enthralled by the recent ones. Anyone have a recent (like in the last year or so) Taiwanese drama to recommend?

    Also, after watching Oh My Ghostess, I thought Cho Jung-Seok looked very similar to Lego Li! Does anyone else see it??

    • 8.1 Sweet&Sour

      I started “King of Romance” too, and ended up watching the first 7 eps in 2 to 3 days (so I did a mini-marathon), and yes I am enjoying this super cute show! I hope ep 8 gets subbed soon. I also hope that the fantasy aspect just stays in the heroine’s imagination, because so far the drama is solidly good without any fantasy elements.

      I am also watching and really enjoying “Behind Your Smile”, it is 13 eps in.

      • 8.1.1 happeyness

        Yes, I agree that the “fantasy aspect” is not necessary at all. I like that it’s there, (mainly because I like the costumes for the before/after commercial breaks, ha) but I don’t think it needs to brought up anymore then it has. I don’t actually need to see them being their past selves or anything.

        I started “Behind your Smile” back when the series description was completely wrong and I haven’t forgiven the show enough to start it again haha. When I first started it, it said the male lead was cursed to immortality and his life was meaningless but then he meets the main female lead and his outlook changes… or something like that. All I know is I was getting very different vibes watching the series.

        • Sweet&Sour

          Yes the show has nothing supernatural in it, but it is a good show and the synopsis was wrong. So I hope you give it another chance ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Tara S.

            I am watching Behind Your Smile, too! I love it. It is a T-Drama but I don’t feel that the pace is too slow and the OTP have good chemistry. Like any drama sometimes it feels like they are beating the viewer over the head with the on going themes of revenge, redemption, love, duplicity etc but I can honestly say most episodes I am a bit surprised with the characters actions….this is the hook of the show, because even as the female lead is falling in love and unraveling the enigma of the man she is in love with, he is also changing due to their relationship but there are so many moments where you just don’t know if he is plotting or actually means what he is saying.

        • sorrynotsorry

          Yes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a synopsis be so totally wrong ever before.

          My issue with the T-Dramas is they are way too long for the story they want to tell, especially the Idol Dramas. Even for dramas with good set-ups, they just go on and on. K-Dramas do this as well but T-Dramas are worse.

          Having said that there are good ones out there old and new…MARS, Devil by My Side, Autumn’s Concerto (though still too long), and I’m giving Behind Your Smile a go and since it’s the same guy, I think it’s called Back to Seventeen or something like that…sorry can’t remember the title but it looks good.

    • 8.2 Sweet&Sour

      Also forgot to add: Other TW-dramas I’d recommend:
      Love Now (long show, has 72 eps)
      Down With Love
      Marry Me Or Not
      Autumn’s Concerto
      honorable mentions:
      Fated to Love You
      Office Girls
      Just You
      My Queen

      • 8.2.1 happeyness

        OO I’ve seen Fated to Love you, Office Girls and Just you.

        Down with Love is one of my favorites!! I loved the child actors so much.

        Thanks for the other recs!

        • Sweet&Sour

          Happy watching!

      • 8.2.2 evw09

        I recently discovered Autumn’s Concerto and it is such a good rainy day drama. It just makes you want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and get immersed.

        Marry Me or Not is Office Girls older sister. It’s well-written and mature. Even through the main couples antics, you still feel like you’re watching adults evolve into a real relationship. Tons of fun.


        Murphy’s Law of Love is really a good watch first time around. It’s really cute and a bit refreshing but watch it from arms length. It’s easy to see the flaws in the characters’ logic in this one.

        Drunken to Love You is a Rainie Yang drama that’s really cute. It’s a contract drama (which I adore) that moves rather briskly.

        Happy 300 Days and Love Myself or You are really cute. Both are nice, simple dramas without a lot of twists and turns. I’d consider them palate-cleansers. They’re what you want to watch right after something that’s emotionally draining but need something to tie you over until the next more interesting drama comes along.

        • happeyness

          Thanks for the recs!! I have’t seen Drunken to love you or Happy 300 days so I will definitely check them out! I do like a good contract drama!

      • 8.2.3 EZ

        Mars is such a relief for the SLS pain of hana yori dango..

        In all versions i keep falling for hanazawa rui..
        so this was such a bliss to find vick and Marbie together.. and well end up together in real life as well..

        It is amazing.. well casted, well acted..

        Did anyone watch the Japanese Mars? How is that?

        • sorrynotsorry

          I ended up loving the original so much, I haven’t tried the Japanese version. What I’m reading is most (almost all actually) consider the T-Drama much better though the female character in the J-drama is much closer to how she is in the manga.

    • 8.3 LizJ

      I haven’t been all that impressed with Taiwanese Dramas recently, but I believe “In a Good Way” and “Marry Me or Not” set the bar fairly high, and there have been few shows that have come even close to those standards.

      But…I am watching King of Romance and Behind Your Smile. Mainly because right now there’s a bunch of really suspenseful Korean dramas (Defendant, Missing 9, The Voice) and I need some lighter faire.

      • 8.3.1 happeyness

        Hmmm I think I’ve heard of Marry Me or Not! I will check it out – thanks!

        I agree with the recent theme of Korean dramas. I usually enjoy them but not recently… I think I like my suspense dramas with more romance and less amnesia lol. I haven’t started any of the recent k dramas except Tomorrow with You and Introverted Boss (which I dropped)

  9. Chi

    Funny that all actors go to awards shows want best couple awards

  10. 10 Gem

    I am currently going through a k-drama drought, for some reason, I have not been able to watch anything new past Kim Bok Joo diligently. I started a couple of things and dropped them for some weird reason. Word of advice needed from fellow beanies, do I start Defendent, Chief Kim and Tomorrow With You right away or should I wait a bit and binge watch later.
    Oh, and the only thing I watched recently was, the first from the 3 color fantasy series from MBC.
    I was skeptical but my instagram got flooded with the short videos of episodes so I gave in. Had no idea and I loved the first one. “The Star of the Universe” was a good short drama. Nothing to dramatic, too experimental but I felt really happy and sad but was overall very very satisfied with this one. I didn’t expect much from Suho but he was good, may not be the greatest but he did very very well. Is this his first time on a drama as a lead?? I am impressed. But the main star was Ji Woo, the girl’s apparently 19 and she is so good with emoting, dialogues and her skills. I am in awe, I cried buckets and smiled at the same time thanks to her. I hope to see her in more dramas. I don’t know, lesser known faces get ignored so much in casting but I do hope this girl gets he due because she is insanely talented. I do hope and really pray to see her headlining her own drama soon in any network whatsoever.

    • 10.1 Arashi

      Drama drought for me too! I had thought Introverted Boss looked good going into it, but didn’t like it from the first episode. The only things I’m watching are Behind Your Smile and Golden Pouch, but Golden Pouch has been taking a hiatus for like two whole weeks! Father, I’ll Take Care of You has a few nice plot threads, but most of it is shrill, and there are only two eps. a week. Sigh.

      Anything coming out soon that looks good?

      • 10.1.1

        I think Introverted Boss did some “introspection” based on viewer feedback and sliding ratings. It’s going to be tough for me to give it a second chance though. The female lead really turned me off big time and I find it difficult to believe that she would change that dramatically.

  11. 11 BoxFile

    Hello guys! Been waiting so eagerly for this thread, haha. I have done watching Shopping King Louie, and I am so proud to say that I am a certified and deeply in love with Seo Inguk! And currently in the middle of watching High School King of Savvy, and good Lord I am even fallen more deeper!
    Seo Inguk really is so good, and I am saying this even when I’m only watching his two dramas so far. I am totally fangirling with my friend right now, and I have been doing non stop research about him on the news and youtube for the past week. Thank you Beanies for giving such a true reviews about this such talented guy and what a sad year to be his fan. He is going to the military right?
    Shopping King Louie is such a fluffy and fun drama, and I am loving this puppy Louie so much. Oh how could a man acts so adorable and incredibly romantic chaebol like that? Must have been my first experience to encounter such awesome character in Korean dramas, plus his chemistry with the main lady; oh indeed felt so natural that I ended up loving every of their moments in this drama. Plus those old golden hits songs, what a pleasant surprise!
    High School King of Savvy hit off the mark for me! He act so confidently and convincingly as the 18 years old high school boy, and this is the perfect romcom drama after such a long time for me! How could I only know about this now? The OSTs, the supporting casts, the adorable and quirky OTP, oh I could go on for more and more. Lee Min Suk is my all time male lead character in dramaland; he has such awesome personalities! I love Min Suk when he is angry, when he is jealous and totally love him when he is being protective and romantic! Seo Inguk was 27 years old when he played this role right? Ah what an amazing actor, whom could blend to become perfectly fit for the character he played, and what I love even more is that he even add so much details into his roles, and I could totally see that in Louie.
    Sorry for my long rants, but this guy is even more awesome to watch off the screen(somehow he has this humble and warm personality with him, which my friend totally agreed with me haha). I wish for more brighter future for him, because i truly feel that he also deserved to be like those big Hallyu stars. Haha guys did The Kings Face did okay? I mean whether it is worth to be watch because I am planning to watch all his dramas this year haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.1 JWspazz

      u may try to watch Answer Me 1997/Reply 1997 as that drama was the one that make Seo Inguk gained fans through his good performance despite being a rookie actor at that time. other is Squad 38/ Police Unit 38, his charisma in that show made me fall more him. goodluck for marathoning Seo Inguk’s dramas. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • 11.1.1 BoxFile

        Thanks for the recommendation! Been planning to watch it right after I finish with High School King of Savvy, ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 11.1.2 ran

        Agree! If I’m not wrong Answer Me 1997 is the drama that gave him a breakthrough in his acting career. I first saw him through that drama, fell in love quickly, and then after that breakthrough he never disappointed me later with all his drama choices. I keep falling deeper and deeper for him in his every dramas.

        • BoxFile

          Me too! Me too! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • 11.2 EZ

      If i remember it right, weren’t you the one who asked for recommendations on SIG’s work and feedback on the actor.. adn ofcourse were flooded with posts of priases ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad you ended up “enjoying” his work

      • 11.2.1 BoxFile

        Haha yes that was me! ๐Ÿ˜

        • bbstl

          I love it! BoxFile, I hope you gave a deep bow of apology to your friend who was trying so hard to convince you of the SIG awesomeness! She must be so happy to have you with her on his love train now โค He’s the best.

          • BoxFile

            Yes totally hahaha. He is indeed awesome and I just couldnt believe he is already 30 years old. Are korean actors always looked that young? He is such a dreamy guy though, ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • 11.3 Delurker

      Hahaha you’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ . But I insist, go for I Remember You next; cool Seo In-guk will finish you off ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 11.3.1 BoxFile

        Yes totally! I dont know though, I have been planning to watch Reply 1997 before I go to I Remember You, but I might change that later haha(since you mentioned that drama show the cooler side of his). Oh I forgot to mentioned this earlier in my post, but Seo Inguk face really changed when he changed his hairstyles though, and he looked so good in suits! ๐Ÿ˜—

        • Delurker

          Doesn’t he? . I am trying very hard to be able to watch Reply 1997, but it is “not available in my region” (surprise), and download versions are all kinds of messy. Eventually, sigh… in any case, from the little I have been able to see, I think it will be a nice look at his beginnings, but the contrast will be more striking with IRY. Then again, you may be able to make your own decision by the end of Savvy :-p

          • BoxFile

            Yes indeed he is! Seo Inguk in suits is such a treat to my eyes! And it is so refreshing to see an idol, having such a normal body to boot! Normally they seemed skinny, but never thought it would be such an exciting experience indeed watching him with such meaty body. Drooling…..๐Ÿ˜

    • 11.4 ObsessedMuch

      Oooh I never check OT nowadays cuz Seo In Guk is so out of news but I am glad I did! I am always happy to welcome a new fellow SIG fangirl ๐Ÿ˜›
      When you are done with watching all his shows and variety appearances (Mari & me specially), go to random recap threads of any of his shows on Dramabeans (I Remember You, 38 Task Force, and Shopping King Louis recently, and King of High School and Answer Me 1997 from the old ones). You will find tomes of praises written on his acting ability, his looks, his sexiness, his cuteness, his singing talent, his goofiness in real life etcetera etcetera… Makes for a good read (and a good write as I remember contributing many comments :P)

      • 11.4.1 BoxFile

        ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ oh that is so true! At first his looks didnt get to me, but once I have seen his acting, he really is natural though. But by the way why there is always a comments that say he is underrated? Is that means in terms of his looks, his popularity or his talents though? Anyway me too! I am happy to meet another fellow Seo Inguk fangirls other than my friend, haha.

        • CS

          Seo InGuk is ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. There’s no going back now. You’re basically trapped. I’ve ran out of words to praise him….he is just ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

          • BoxFile

            Me too! I am the same too! Run out of words on how to describe my feelings about him, hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

        • ObsessedMuch

          Underrated because even though he is popular, he is not as popular as he should be (basically it is what we fangirls believe- fangirls of other actors might have a different opinion)

          Basically, to me, his acting skills are brilliant and he is sexy as hell, and even though it is accepted in Korea, he still is not considered one of the top leading actors. All this might change once he comes back from the army hopefully.

          • BoxFile

            Ouh is that so? But he has been in quite a lot dramas as the leading man right? I truthfully felt that his different looks is what gives his roles so much distinction, compared to other actors, ๐Ÿ˜. Given his young face, he could play a highschooler so effortlessly good but then, his looks can become mature and sexy as hell when he want to, just like he did in High School King of Savvy! He just keep taking my breath away, haha!

        • Delurker

          “At first his looks didnt get to me, but once I have seen his acting, he really is natural though.”

          Hahaha, told you so :-p ; if you remember, last week I said that given to choose between Lee Min-ho and Seo In-guk, I had no doubt, and you would see what I meant when you saw him act. So, see? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • BoxFile

            Yes I totally see and understand what you meant @Delurker! He is love…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • 11.5

      I first saw him in Master’s Sun where I thought he was OK. Shopping King Louie turned that OK into he’s awesome!

      • 11.5.1 BoxFile

        Me too! Me at first thought he was just okay, but now he’s undeniably and so irresistably charming! Lets not forget his singing skills though! I fall even more deeper…๐Ÿ˜—

    • 11.6 redfox

      I am so glad you like him this much! what comes to The Kingsยด Face, I found it enjoyable, Ingukkie is putting all his heart into the role. what I liked was for a first time in a sageuk for me the court officials were relatively quiet. in some sageuks there is all this “Please reconsider! Chona, chona! bla bla bla!!!” that it turns me off. There was more thinking and doing and less court noise here. it might not be that super-high-stake, bite-your-nails exiting, but it is better than the general opinion of it.

      If you watch I Remember You right after SKL & HSK, you will be floored by the polar opposite Hyun – mature and seemingly cold-hearted, but in reality with a generous and open heart. and he cooks and cleans – are you sure youยดll be able to handle it?

      • 11.6.1 redfox

        oh, and do watch the pet show “Mari and I”.

        • BoxFile

          Yes yes I will! Seo Inguk dramas, variety shows and songs has become one of top priorities in my life now(I sound like a delusional fangirl am I?) Haha ๐Ÿ˜

    • 11.7 MyGirl2016

      BOXFILE!!! I wish I could show you how my face was while reading your comment! I had to cover my mouth to stop the squeals of excitement and happiness from getting too loud ( coz my poor mother in the other room is under the illusion that Iโ€™m studying diligently and not wasting my time browsing Kdrama websites)

      I am so pleased that youโ€™ve decided to join us on the Seo In Guk train. And even MORE pleased that you adore King of High School Savvy – our unconventional but endearing OTP, the EXCELLENT supporting cast, and what youโ€™ve said about Lee Min Suk being your all time favourite male lead in dramaland – Thatโ€™s exactly how I feel too!!!โค
      And off-screen too SIG has this genuine, down-to-earth personality – which is another reason I adore him to bits! ๐Ÿ˜ You are lucky though. You have a friend in โ€˜flesh and bloodโ€™ to join you in all the squeeing.
      Reading your thoughts on SIG and KoHS – I feel that we have the potential to be dramabeans bffs ๐Ÿ˜œ

      Enjoy discovering more of our In Guk ssi!

      • 11.7.1 BoxFile

        Hahaha yes High School King of Savvy was the one that made me fall for him. What a pleasant experience to doscover that there is such a warm and heartfelt Korean drama like this, and I totally loved it when Seo Inguk doesnt lose up his character, well up to the current episode that I am watching at the moment. And oh! Oh the kissing scene! That cast kiss scene! I rewind it everytime, and I still get hot and lots of butterflies eveytime! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Now I know, that he truly deserved that Master of Kissing title. It gives me so much feels!

        • MyGirl2016

          โ€˜Warm and heartfeltโ€™ – thatโ€™s exactly what that drama was. Lots of depth and sincerity.

          Also now youโ€™ve got me all excited about that Cast kiss.
          *Off to find it and rewatch.*

          • BoxFile

            I have lost count on how many times i rewind that cast scene, haha!

          • MyGirl2016


  12. 12 May

    Hi, all! I’m late to the drama game. I started watching about 5 years but have watched so enthusiastically and become such an ambassador that I decided to write a Kdrama-inspired play for an actual theater. Can you believe that? I’m also in talks to lead a class around kdramas in the context of Asian American studies and am compiling a possible booklist. Anyone have any leads on books and resources? Of course, on my radar already is the Dramabeans’ Why Do They Do That? book and The Birth of Korean Cool. Links to books, sites, academic studies, or even pop culture to provide context would be much appreciated.

    • 12.1 Cozybooks

      I don’t know about suggestions for the booklist, but you might look into contacting the “Pop Culture and Philosophy” people. They do books about philosophy… and pop culture. I haven’t seen a K-drama one yet, you could help make it! And they might have some good resources for you too. ^^ Sorry I wasn’t more help!

      • 12.1.1 May

        Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t know about this.

    • 12.2 owl

      Also, Re Jane by Patricia Park.

      • 12.2.1 May

        Thanks for the recommendation. Will check this out.

        • Marina

          It won’t let me post the blog link. The blog is called Professor A.K.I.A. Talking.

    • 12.3 Marina

      Hi. You can learn about other blogs who cover Kdrama on this guy’s site. He is Korean and you can contact him on Twitter. Just FY, the guy is very humorous and open about making fun of dramas. He tweeted to me that Goblin is one very un-Korean folklore character, and even explained why.

      • 12.3.1 Marina

        Oops. Forgot the link. Sorry.

        • mary

          Hi, please take note from the commenting policy.

          Links and moderation. If your comment got held for moderation or didnโ€™t show up, there may be a few reasons. Most likely it got stuck in the spam filter, either because it contained links or because the spam filter got aggressive that day and did it by mistake. Weโ€™ll fish those out of moderation and approve them. Please donโ€™t try to outsmart the spam filter and post the same comment ten times, because then we have to deal with ten comments in moderation instead of just one.


  13. 13 evw09

    Recommendation(s) Request:

    Hi Everyone,

    1) Easy fluffy dramas. I finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo and the feels are still very real. Does anyone know of any more simple, straightforward, almost sugary sweet dramas to follow up with? I’m a huge fan of 9 Innings, 2 Outs.

    2) Remake suggestions. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Coffee Prince, of which, I’m a huge fan. It got me to thinking what would a remake of this classic look like. Thailand seems to be in business of making some really good Korean drama remakes (Full House, Kiss Me (Thai version of Playful Kiss). Could anyone suggest any Korean remakes? I recently finished 1% of Something and it was okay. REALLY COULD NOT make it through Fated to Love You and The Time We Were Not in Love.

    3) Repeat pairings. I’m a long time K-drama fan and plan to remain so but I have started watching dramas from other Asian countries. One difference I’ve noticed is that in Taiwanese and Thai dramas there’s a lot more re-pairing of actors and actresses. Could anyone suggest some repeat OTPs in K-dramas? The only couple that readily comes to mind is Park Shin-Hye and Jung Yong Hwa but even they would get an asterisk. (They were OTP in Heartstrings but not in You’re Beautiful.)

    Please and thank you for your thoughts.

    • 13.1 Sancheezy

      I think
      1% of anything 2017 version is about the sugary feelings.

    • 13.2 JWspazz

      1) have u try Marriage not Dating ? hahaa if u talk about fluffy that’s the only show comes in my mind.

      3) repeat OTPs of Kdramas that come to my mind at this moment is Ji Sung and Hwang Jungeum from Secret Love and Kill Me, Heal Me. and Hwang Jungeum got to pair with Park Seojoon in She Was Pretty (same case as Yonghwa & Park Shinhye). other is Eric & Jung Yumi (Que Sera Sera, Discovery of Love). Lee Dongwook & Lee Dahae (My Girl, Hotel King). Lee Junki & Nam Sangmi (Time Between Dog & Wolf, Joseon Gunman)

      • 13.2.1 EZ

        jhang nara and jhang hyuk

    • 13.3 Rudi

      I recommend Marriage Not Dating too for fluffy funny feels drama.

      Also Another Oh Hae Young <3 <3

    • 13.4

      I you watched the 1% of Anything remake, then yeah, that’s all I got for K-Dramas. Love O2O aka Just One Smile is Very Alluring is a C-Drama but relatively light and enjoyable.

    • 13.5 Delurker

      Funny, I found 2 Outs 9 Innings more pensive than fluffy; not sure what you have seen already, but going down the recaps list, these are the ones I liked especially, and fit the angst-free rom-com category:

      – Beautiful Gong Shim
      – Best Love
      – Bring it on, Ghost
      – Drinking Solo
      – Hogu’s Love
      – Splish Splash Love
      – SungKyunkwang Scandal

    • 13.6 harmonyfb

      Easy fluffy dramas.

      Oh, Marriage, Not Dating is a great one – it is HILARIOUS & still manages to have depth. Plus, the lead couple plays beautifully off one another. I can’t recommend it enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

      A much more shallow fluffy drama is “Panda and Hedgehog”, which is about bakeries and birth secrets. Very sweet and predictable (but cute.)

    • 13.7 Amilia

      Cantabile Tomorrow was both cute and fluffy, and a remake. I liked the original better*, but the remake was cute.

      *Nodame Cantabile was my gateway drug. Watched the anime. Then the live action. Never looked back. So much love!

  14. 14 Tweetiebird

    Happy Friday everyone!! Its been a really long week. I am so behind on my drama watching and feel out of it, trying to find a drama that will get me hooked, but feel I already watched all the cracktastic ones already. Look forward to reading people’s recommendations.

    My question to fellow Beenies is: Has anyone gone out with a guy that actually likes to do what we consider tropes in dramas? Mine is neither Korean or interested in Korean drama, but just the other day he wanted to put me in a shopping trolly and push me as we shopped….there is the matching colours/clothes request as well, one I was especially suprised by was heilding my eyes while I slept cause of the light. Terribly cute, but some of it is oh so not me ๐Ÿ˜€

    A follow up question is, especially for those with partners, does your passion for Korean dram’s wane as you develop a romance of your own?

    • 14.1 redfox

      speaking of shopping trolleys I just saw a couple going home like that along the street. their dog was sitting on the bag department

    • 14.2 Ally

      To answer your follow up question. I didn’t even know about Korean dramas until last year, after being married for 13+years. And it was my husband that introduced me to them. He was browsing Netflix and Hulu when he found a couple. We binged watched one and both of us were hooked. We’re both Asian, but not Korean, and grew up with badly subbed, bootlegged Chinese dramas into our native language. I vowed never to watch these when I had kids, as I saw them akin to low level torture as a child. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of dramas now, especially Korean. We still watch a Chinese drama now and then as well. So, long answer to a short question, my love for them has increased since having a true “romance.” My husband and I joke that our relationship follows all the Korean drama tropes, except for the amnesia trope–at least not yet! (And I’ve had a piggy back ride or two, match when we go to fundraisers, couples costumes, etc.) We have compelling careers too–both of us served in the military and are physicians. We were not “lovers at first sight,” had other romantic interests when we met in the military, had very demanding lives, but still managed to fall in love and stay in love after all these years and two kids later. Maybe when I retire, I’ll write a screenplay of our life and it’ll get produced as a Korean drama! I’ve definitely learned a lot from Dramabeans and the comments here about what makes a good drama vs a bad one!

      • 14.2.1 Ar

        Just curious: which kdrama was it that got you both hooked?

        • Ally

          This is my love, Eun Dong. It was just incredibly sweet how he waited for her. I fell for the little boy too. Something about little Asian boys makes my heart swell. I’m glad I have one myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 14.3 Ally

      Our displays of affection also definitely went up after watching Korean dramas together. Case and point: my husband sent me flowers this past week which is not so surprising. What made is memorable was that he asked the florist to incorporate buckwheat flowers into the arrangement and as anyone who has watched the first episode if Goblin knows, they represent “lovers” which is all he wrote in the card: LOVERS. So sweet and romantic. ( I later found out that he had to call 5 florists to do this and it took the last one a week to find buckwheat flowers!) So, with the right guy, your kdramas addiction may, in fact, become stronger!

      • 14.3.1 Ally

        Sorry for the typos! I typed this on the phone, waiting for my kids in car line. #lifeofakdramamom

      • 14.3.2 Van

        Omg, SO~ ROMANTIC~~~!! So many brownie points for your husband for being so sweet and a genius for incorporating your (guys’?) love for Goblin! Niiiiiiccceeee!

        His journey to find the buckwheat flowers reminds me of the actual story of the crew of Goblin having to find items that weren’t in season. Turns out the famous bouquet of buckwheat flowers were from this one crew member, whose mom actually grew in her own garden and that crew member brought it on set for them to use for the scenes.

        Gah, I hope I find a nice guy that’ll get me memorabilia from my fav kdramas, hahaha!

        • Ally

          Yes, he liked Goblin too, but mainly because of Kim Shin’s costuming, which he could totally pull off. We were both mesmerized by Gong Yoo’s acting, and just how he uses his eyes/face/voice, which is unique from any other Korean actor we’ve encountered so far.

      • 14.3.3 Jamie

        Thanks for sharing, Ally: That’s incredibly sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 15 Lizzie

    Been pretty depressed with everything having to do with politics.. my go to pick me up is always dramas. Glad there are some good ones rn!

    Missing 9 is just great and I love it…just not watching it tho..reading the recaps because of all the suspense kills me.

    Rebel HGD ๐Ÿ˜„ this one I am watching. I love it. Omg. Can’t wait for my questions to be answered…there are dozens. Aha.

    Chief Kim is my light one. I enjoy its wackiness.

    Hwarang I like, but could do away with the otp. I don’t care for them and kinda wish their romance took a back seat…for the rest of the show..

    Introverted Boss has gotten a bit odd for me now that they are trying to make revisions. I actually liked the show before..and now feel like the lead girl is more annoying because she is trying to be sweet.? I liked her crazy personality and how normalish she seemed when not in crazy mode. Honestly was confused that ppl didn’t like that it was so out there and not realistic at all…I thought that was the point? Meh. Who knows. I liked it but that’s only one opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And that’s about it. I do watch variety shows as well, tho mainly just knowing bros. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • 15.1 Cozybooks

      Missing Nine!!! I hope this show gets more love, because it’s one of my favorite two airing right now (Defendant being the other). But I think this one sneaks just ahead into first. I never knew Jung Kyung Ho could play scary so convincingly (just that snippet at the end/beginning was chilling).

      • 15.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        Yes! The show is quite good!! But I wish we got more of Jung Kyung Ho on screen though! He is given way too less a screen time for the hero of the show!

        • Cozybooks

          I hadn’t noticed that, I’ll have to look for it in next week’s episodes. It’s probably just because I really like the heroine–she’s done a great job so far, and I’m loving that she’s capable, strong, but not a one-girl show my any means.

          JKH is one of those actors I loved in one drama (Falling for Innocence) and then never found another project I loved of his. Not his acting, but the project itself. I’d watch Heartless City but I hear the ending is sad… I’m loving him here though!

          • ObsessedMuch

            We do have different preferences but I really loved him in One More Happy Ending. I mean that was where I first saw him (Thanks to Jang Nara for being the reason I watched that show). And I had finished Falling for Innocence and Heartless City by the time OMHE got over. He is in Time Between Dog and Wolf but I didn’t want to see a show where he was not the main lead.

  16. 16 korfan

    Hi Everyone! ……. I hope you are all doing well today!
    ย ย ย ย ย 
    Watched this week:

    Legend Of The Blue Sea – I have one more episode left to watch!

    Night Light –ย I actually like watching Lee Yo-won being all steely and determined.

    Chief Kim – Enjoying this more than I thought I would. The “intern” is cracking me up.

    That’s all for now. ……. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

  17. 17 LizJ

    Missing 9 plot prediction: I fully suspect that Joon-oh will be the last survivor to be found alive and it will happen as late as over halfway through the last episode. That tends to be how these things develop in KDramas. I would like to see him come back earlier and have to try and clear his name (as well as Bong-hee) as Tae-ho, due to CEO Jang’s support, appears to be as much of a threat to the survivors back in Seoul as he was on the island.

    • 17.1 Cozybooks

      That was my prediction as well halfway through our most recent episode. I also predict their relationship will have to develop a lot more in the past to compensate for it. However, I am always happy to be surprised, so I’m hoping they don’t go this route. After all, they’ve been fairly good at surprising us so far. (That construction death really got to me).

    • 17.2 Grapes

      I believe he’s alive too, I’ve never thought he’s dead. And after this week episode i am pretty sure he is.

    • 17.3 redfox

      at this point I wish there had been dinosaurs on the island to eat Tae Ho… but they might have eaten everyone else, too. That, or Bong hee would have domesticated them.

      excuse me for Disney-ing out a little, I just felt like we should soften the cruelty and chilliness a little. with cute human-eating non-scientific dinosaurs.

  18. 18 deathbychocolate

    It’s finally Friday, beanies! Although the concept of weekdays and weekend has long been vague to me since I started law school. Kdramas has always been my “pick me up” whenever I feel blue, sad, stressed and tired over school. But right now, I’m kinda in a dilemma. I’m in a slump. It’s my first time since I started kdramaland a year ago. The new shows does not interest me that much. I also tried rewatching old time faves but nothing seems to be working. Help me to get out of this please.

    • 18.1 Pinkyme

      Have you watch goblin. I bet it will help you.
      I also recommend you to watch chief kim and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo. It is very light and lovable also bring smiles to whoever who watch them.
      If you still feel in a slump them watch return of superman. It is a variety show. You never know what children could do to your life even though you’re just watching them on the screen.
      2 days 1 night is also recommended.
      Reply series is also fun to watch and never give you th e stress to keep on watching. The slice of life genre in them is amazing.
      Hope these recommendations help you somehow.

      • 18.1.1 bogoshipda

        To back up for Pinkyme, you can check out the link of youtube here for some awesomness of Goblin to shake it up!
        Sometimes a little handsome help you forget your school works. I was law student 10 years ago but dramas never failed me. :))) (thank you ourShintak for your channel if you’re also here in dramabeans!!!!!!)

      • 18.1.2 deathbychocolate

        Thank you @pinkyme and sunbae @bogoshipda. Yep, I’ve already watched Goblin. I think it was my last before the slump. I’ve tried variety but it’s not really my thing. Thank you for the recommendations though.

    • 18.2 Greenfields

      Me gad @deathbychocolate I only got into Kdrama after I entered litigation, but they are my pick-me-up as well! Stress-busters.
      It’s hard for me to get into a new drama usually, and I end up dropping most.

      Once you mentioned law school, I couldn’t resist speaking up. ^^

      • 18.2.1 deathbychocolate

        Hello sunbae. Yeah, the struggle is quite real. No one can really understand it unless you go through it and we all do what we need to do to survive. We call ourselves “Sparta”. Kdramas really helps me a lot during hell week. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š How was law school for you sunbae?

    • 18.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      Whenever you are in drama slump, try to find taiwan/chinese or japanese drama. Sometimes after changing the mode you will be able to find your interest again in kdrama.

      As sunbae, i wish you all the best in your law school. Maybe try to watch something light at the moment. i dont know your favourite gwnre, but a good and fluffy romcom can be a good stress reliever.

      I will watch romcom or something light if I am stress, but if I am in the right mode to watch drama, i will watch my favourite genre i. e melo, thriller or anything heavier than romcom.

      • 18.3.1 happeyness

        I second this! I started watching k dramas 3 years ago and quickly branched out to Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese dramas. I’ve even watched some Thai dramas!

        The first time was a little weird (after all, I was so used to hearing Korean!), but now I enjoy each for different reasons. I can also now recognize different languages – which I guess is a plus!

        But to get back to your post – there are some really great dramas out there. Not sure your preference, but you can easily google best Taiwanese dramas or Chinese dramas and find lots of lists ๐Ÿ™‚

        I commend you for going to law school! Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • kirin

          This is what I tend to do as well. I particularly keep an eye on Chinese dramas, especially the historicals.

          For those looking, I heavily recommend “Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”. It’s currently airing in dramafever and they usually have 2 episodes coming out each day from Monday-Friday. There’s something about this drama that is very addictive. I haven’t been this drawn in such a long time.

          For a similarly good drama that is complete, I really like “The Legend of Zhen Huan”. The lead actress is particularly amazing and just everything from the costumes to the story is so beautiful and well done.

          • deathbychocolate

            Thanks for the recommendations kirin. It’s time to test the waters. ๐Ÿ˜Š

        • deathbychocolate

          Thank you Happeyness. I’ll try it out. I can go with any genre as long as it’s a good watch Any great shows to recommend?

      • 18.3.2 deathbychocolate

        Hello sunbae. Thank you for the input. I’ll go ahead and try jdrama and cdrama. I’m a little hesitant before because I’ve read here that they have a different format(jdramas) and have a lot of episodes(cdrama) compared to kdramas.

  19. 19 JWspazz

    hello Beanies !! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    I just finished REmarathon Signal, and the feels hit me again. this is the first drama in my life that I can’t even skip even one second worrying I’ll skip any important fact. and the fact that Signal is exist make me proud to be a Kdramafan lol. though this is second time watching it fully, the thrill and suspence is just the same as first time watching it.

    remember the Hanwondong (or I mispell??) serial killer act by Lee Sangyeob in Signal ? his character left more deep impression for me when I watch the show again. he’s someone who’s being abused when a child and growing up without love. it pains me that he actually love the last victim he killed without knowing what is his feeling at that time. when the past changed, and in the future he takes a glimpse of the same girl (the last victim) outside from room when Park Haeyoung come visit. I love that scene the most. I love the fact that fate does changed, but some thing can’t be changed wholefully.

    after remarathon Signal, I watch Law of the Jungle in Samoa with Lee Sangyeob as the guest. I see a new light of him lolz he’s so clumsy and funny but weak in real life.

    wow I’m sorry too much blabbering lolz just want to share the feeling, hahaa.

    okay this is the final. the new variety show I’ve started is Newlyweds Diary with Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hyesun. did not find the full sub yet but watching it raw and some cuts with subs, you can tell how loveable they are. never come to mind that so-not-good-Blood-couple-in-acting can be this soooo sweet couple in real life. ohh, tonight is Episode 2 btw. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 19.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Lee Sang Yeob. ๐Ÿ˜ I liked him even before Signal but Signal, cameo in Doctors as well as This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair in 2016 made me as his fan. Looking forward to see him in a drama with Lee Jong Suk but looks like he will be playing secondary /supporting role again.

      Hope OCN or TvN will give him some thriller or romcom drama. He is talented actor.

  20. 20 Cozybooks

    Good morning, everyone! I’ve slept in a bit today, but I don’t have class so I get to actually enjoy that half asleep, fuzzy feeling. It’s great.

    I have a classmate who’s learning Korean because his new internship job is going to move him there. I was instantly jealous. ^^ But on the flip side, our class has started him watching K-dramas, which he now likes.

    As for my own drama watching:

    W–Two Worlds: I finished it again with my friend. I think it just got better the second time around. I also discovered that it’s a great example for Zen Buddhism. I wrote a lengthy-ish blog post about it if you want to read it, I changed the link on my username to connect directly to the post.

    Missing Nine: I was so happy when she slapped him. That just made my night. And I’m continually impressed with the directing in this show. It’s artistic without looking like it tries super hard, and it keeps us on our toes. I suddenly have the urge to watch his other works just for that.

    Defendant: Well, things got more interesting this week. I’m more invested in our main baddie now, which is good, but I’m still tuning out whenever he’s not dealing directly with Jung-Woo or doing something insane like ruining an athlete’s livelihood. And I’ve decided it’s just a given that every Kdrama evil dad keeps a golf club or cane handy to beat their sons with. It’s just a fact.

    Others watched: Voice (meh), dropped Hwarang, Tomorrow With You (cuuuuute).

    Any super good, non-violent, rom-com suggestions out there? I’ve been watching K-dramas with a friend of mine, but we’re down to the end of my list. We’ve watched: MLFAS, Pinocchio, Girl Who Sees Smells, Goblin, W: Two Worlds. The last three all had some kinda violent moments, and I want to shift gears a bit (but I’m not a huge fan of the super light, cute ones like SKL or WFKBJ). I know that’s picky. Any suggestions?

    And also, any Sei Shonagon fans out there? Not a drama, she’s a person–but she’s my new favorite person. The pillow-book makes me laugh so much. I’ve started making my own Drama-book for my blog, and I’d like some suggestions on things to put in there.

    Happy Friday, all!

    • 20.1 korfan

      Cozybooks –

      Regarding non-violent rom-coms recommendations, I know there are more but Marriage Not Dating a The Greatest Love came to mind immediately. ….. If you haven’t watched these, check them out and see what you think.

      But whatever you end up watching, happy viewing!

      • 20.1.1 Rudi

        Second The Greatest Love <3

        I had no idea of who Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won were and this drama made me such a fan of both of them.

        If you haven't watched it yet, try Queen In Hyun's Man. one of my favourite rom-com kdramas.

        • Cozybooks

          Lol I actually just finished watching the Greatest Love again, but I definitely want to watch it with her. And Queen In-Hyun’s man could be good! She does want to see more from Song Jae-Jung. Her words about W: “Whoever wrote this was brilliant. I hate them [for what they’ve done to my heart], but they’re brilliant.”

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            If your friend love W, he/she should check other drama from the same writer. I love Nine Times Time Travel too but it was not a romcom and tbh I preferred it more than W. QIHM was good too, i recently rewatched it because not enough of Yoo Inna in Goblin.

      • 20.1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        Agree with this suggestion. SKL and WKBJ also both not my type, although i did watched them. I dont know if 1% of Something will catch your interest, but for me it is better than SKL and WKBJ because I love more mature-romcom.

        If you are looking a bit heavy romcom with complex issues, maybe can try Oh Hae Young, Ms Temper & Nam Jung Ki (this drama actually not so much on romance, but it had lot of comedies and workplace drama) , This Week My Wife is Having an Affair and Kill Me Heal Me.

        I have read some suggested drama like Flower Boy Next Door, I did find this drama was entertainining but i have much forgotten how the drama was, except there was the first time I saw Kim Seul Gi and Go Kung Pyo. lol. Oh yes speaking of Kim Seul Gi, you may want to watch Splash Splash Love (just 2 episodes) . Gong Hyo Jin’s Pasta and Jealousy Incarnate ( Jo Jung Sok is ๐Ÿ’— btw in this drama ) are pretty good, although I wished JI was shorter.

        • Cozybooks

          Oooh! I hadn’t thought of 1% of Anything! I’ve wanted to watch this one, but haven’t yet.

          We watched Splish Splash Love together (she was like Wut? at the crossdressing, hah), and I did think of KMHM except I remember it being violent at times (I could be wrong).

          Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll put them on my list. And I didn’t know Go Kyung Po was in Flower Boy Next Door?! Maybe we’ll watch that… (I had to stop JI halfway because of him. I couldn’t stand to watch him become the second lead).

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Oh yes KMHM did have violents in some parts. im not a huge fan of Go Kyung Pyo but i quite remember him playing some supporting roles in Flower Boy.

          • Ar

            Kim Seul Gi and Go Kyung Po were hilarious in it, especially KSG!

      • 20.1.3 chanelboy

        Romcoms with fluffy love in the air??

        SASSY GO GO!!
        Repply 1997
        A Gentleman’s Dignity ( my all time laid back drama very punny, never gets old. How I wish Kim Eun Sok will make season2 ๐Ÿ™ )

        Salaryman (very quirky & deadpan funny)

        If u like family long drama :
        All about my mom

        • Cozybooks

          I’ve heard of Sassy Go Go before, but I’ve never even looked into it. I think I remember something about cheerleading? It could be good, thanks!

          And is it History of a Salaryman? I looked that one up, if it really is quirky deadpan funny I think I’d love it. Thanks!

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Sassy Go Go was good too, i am not a fan of high school drama but this one was entertaining. Reply 1997 was the only one from Reply series that I was able to watch and it was great as well. But maybe no rewatch ๐Ÿ˜…

            But I do love History of Salaryman a lot. Hmm. Now I think I should rewatch this drama. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 20.2 harmonyfb

      Any super good, non-violent, rom-com suggestions out there?

      Marriage, Not Dating. It’s hilarious, has depth, and stays funny throughout instead of devolving into melo.

  21. 21 CatoCat

    Watching DOTS Hindi Dub. I can easily understand this basic hindi. But after googling i found out it wasn’t even pure hindi. Overall not a bad dub. Voice actors do need to practice their pitch a lot more.

    @Yukari had started to some indian dramas and i was encouraged to follow Hindi Dub after watching a Post in my fb home feed. My 1st foray into indian subcontinent.

    @Satsuki in Last week of November or in 1st week of December talked about a Girl. I always wanted to reply to it. I have actually shunned or banned using that girl’s name. I want to forget her name too but mind doesn’t accept this proposition. There is a manga made on her tragic life too. I came across her story when i was reading an article about Psychology and violence and that article was more of Violence against women. There i did read about famous Hong-Kong Murder Case too. Find and Read about her at your own risk.

    I’m trying to remove her name like those fools tried to erase voldemort. Heck, Even Voldemort looks a noble man if compared against those savages. As usual in an unfair world Justice wasn’t served.

    Someone spent 3 months in South Korea and did shared her experience of Groping and Stalking and as usual we don’t see much news about such things in media. As they say the grass is always greener on the other side.

    6 episodes of Voice 6 – 1st episode sexual assault and murder, 2nd teenager girl escaping maniac,Physical + Mental Abuse of Women, Then Rape Video commercialisation

    I’m feeling troubled again and unable to digest so much of violence.

    • 21.1 yukari

      Oh honey, please don’t say that I encourage you to watch India tv series as you may end up with strong feeling to kill me! It has a lot eps but don’t expect something like watching dr Who or NCIS.
      I admit that in term of drama/movie watching experience, I can be a masochist sometimes, there are many occasion when I watch a very bad (and painful to watch) drama without skipping or FF button even I don’t know how many times I bang my head over how stupid it is as if I try to torture myself by watching it (luckily I don’t damage my brain so bad).
      But it’s good to expand my horizon so when I find a bad drama I can always say I’ve seen worse.

      What amaze me in India tv series is how they can make a simple matter as if it’s a big one (complete with dramatic music background), such as it seems like in laws can go as far as killing each other over who will get the first cake. But then good side on Indian series is in how they showcase their culture like marriage ceremony, holi, dilwali, etc (something that I miss from today’s cdrama and kdrama).
      And I just realise that indian series is the complete opposite of kdrama, not just the length but also that in indian series the male character is completely useless, it’s always the female who will do the thinking and even put it in action while the man is completely helpless in being push from one woman to other.
      Try Beintehaa or the first half of season 1 of Balika Vadhu, that’s it or better google for it’s full plot synopsis before you start to watch any indian tvseries, if it mention anything about daughter in law-mother in law relationship or supernatural creature just stay away from it.

    • 21.2 Appie

      The dialogues of DotS in hindi sounds extra cheesy. And sometimes they even change the dialogues a bit which takes away the original meaning of it.

      • 21.2.1 Appie

        The main problem of Indian serials are that the characters are pretty one dimensional. They are either too good in nature or too villainy. And the hate the villains have for the main leads have no roots. They just hate because they have no other purpose in the story. Also the relationships are fickle and a simple misunderstanding can lead to divorce and all.

    • 21.3 yukari

      On groping:
      may be it’s only japan who is so open on that matter. It’s even featured in their drama and manga, the “Beware Chikan” is also easily found. But still how people react to it is upsetting. Even in most manga, they kind of show that groping is sexy.

  22. 22 ET

    I am amazed by Choi Tae Joon who plays Tae Ho, the villain in Missing Nine. Actors who play villains and psychopaths tend to overact, even the very experienced ones. But this guy is doing a great job. He has got the evil look pat down. Contrary to actors who frequently try to look crazed or channel their most evil stare, CTJ just need to look nonchalant or smile in the middle of doing the evil deed. In one particular scene in ep 7, when he lashed out in anger at Jung Kyung Ho’s character, his fury was so real and looked out of control. I’ve never seen this actor in other projects so I’m surprised.

    On other topic, has anyone watched Black and White, a 2009 Taiwanese drama? I see some recommendations of TW dramas and they do pop up every now and then on OT, I don’t think anyone has mentioned B&W before. It’s directed by Tsai Yueh Hsun who also did Mars. I remembered when I watched this drama in 2009/2010, I was in awe. It was the first time I had seen a TW drama shot like a movie. The story wasn’t perfect but it was enjoyable and most of all, I was captivated by his cinematography.

    • 22.1 chanelboy

      Hi ET Anyongg!

      Choi Tae Joon is very green and rookie in drama land, he is still fresh from oven..

      I know his rose to fame’s project was ALL ABOUT MY MOM.
      He played completely diff charc tho haha.
      He was maknae, like agyo and has fluffy sweet loveline with Jo Bo-Ah. I thought he played as maknae was very on point, he nailed the amount he had given, & I could see his potential.

      Then, he luckily & unpurposely casted as one of host in KBS’s Hello Counselor.
      If u want to see him every week go check the shows. It aired every Monday night . hehe

      I watched Black & White bfore.
      I know! it was super old school vibe again talk abt TW awesome drama at its peak!! the drama was super hi-action movies at the time, & the cast! HOT! is like chaser & veteran in tone down drama.

      what i remember, the one main lead (not vic zhou), he is son of one famous respected senior movie director in TW, hence B&W was one of his debut/earlier project, & in all variety shows i watched, all hosts asking abt how he communicate with his Dad when in field, his Dad is like iron-heartless Director whom every guy respect fully.

      • 22.1.1 owl

        And, Tae Joon is currently on WGM with Bomi of APink where you get even more of a taste of his personality. The Hello Counselor casting was quite random as you mention – I thin the PD must have wanted younger blood in the mix and he is really a natural on that show as well.

      • 22.1.2 ET

        Annyeong chanelboy!

        I’m not much into variety but I have heard about how Choi Tae Joon is very different in real person. That makes him a even better actor.

        The bromance in Black & White was epic. I actually forgot about the romance although the two girls were cute. Sadly, it seemed that Vic and Mark fell out after the awards. I was wondering if all those BTS drama led to PD Tsai’s absence from the scene for a good 7 years. I wish he had done more shows.

      • 22.1.3 Catt

        Finally! Finally after 7 years I find someone(s) to talk about Black and White! Gosh I’d love if I could meet you guys sooner. Back in 2009 I felt super lonely because I was so hyped with this drama, yet none to share the feeling with me.

        This drama is epic. The casts are epic. It has plot holes, but what drama doesn’t anyway? If only the stupid award incident didn’t happen… :'(

        (But Vic redeemed the tension since he has won same award years later, though).

        My ultimate favorite OST is Guan Yu Wo Men (About Us) – Picks. It fits the melo scenes perfectly. I can spend a day just listen to the song.

    • 22.2 Rovi

      Choi Tae-joon was also in MBC’s “Prison Flower” & KBS Drama Special “Adolescent Medley”.

      The latter is that one which actually made me notice him (alongside Yoon Park & Kwak Dong-yeon…Lee Se-yeong is basically negligible).

      • 22.2.1 ET

        Yeah! KBS Drama Specials! Some of these are really gems. Thanks, I will check it out.

    • 22.3 Cozybooks

      Black and White is on my list of “good TW dramas” to watch, but I haven’t yet. Same with Mars. ^^ I’m glad you’ve liked them, it gives me confidence to watch!

      And I agree with Choi Tae-Ho. He’s definitely one of the more arresting villains I’ve seen recently. I like it because he hasn’t let the “villain” acting quite overshadow the “brooding top-star survivor” acting, if that makes sense. It makes it that much scarier to have a survivor who happens to kill people willy nilly rather than a serial killer who survived a plane crash.

      • 22.3.1 ET

        That’s the thing about his portrayal. I don’t see Tae Ho as someone who is always off the rocker or has the word “Crazy Killer” marked on his forehead. He looks normal and very believable when he shed tears at the press conference. Yet when he’s planning something nefarious, he is scary. Plus, his violent streak is very realistic. I often find younger actors unable to portray anger and violence well.

    • 22.4 Callie

      I haven’t been keeping up with Missing Nine, but seeing CTJ’s character, and how much people HATE him is so interesting/funny to me…Because he is such a marshmallow IRL and on variety shows like WGM, and Celebrity Bromance.

      • 22.4.1 latteholic

        And Hello Counsellor! It’s super weird for me because I usually watch Hello on Thursday night after Missing 9 (these days)

    • 22.5 Ar

      I loved Black and White! On tenterhooks the whole time, gaping and muttering “holy $h!t” all the time. Usually not a Taiwanese drama I recommend since it’s really an action/thriller/conspiracy drama and I’m so used to thinking of the romcom TW dramas.

      And the leading female characters were kickass, smart, and courageous, and talked like real ladies in their 20s and didn’t put on that breathy, high voice tw actresses sometimes tend to do.

      • 22.5.1 ET

        didnโ€™t put on that breathy, high voice tw actresses sometimes tend to do.

        LOL. I really cannot stand the high pitch, cutesy voice that TW actress have most of the time. Thankfully not in Black and White, I think Janine Chang was pretty and sexy and Ivy was cute as a button. Show didn’t try to force the romance although there was obviously attraction and one-sided crushes.

        Have you seen another TW drama like this? I’ve love to know. I don’t keep up to date with TW because most of them are idol dramas and rom coms. I don’t eschew rom coms and some of my fav ones are TW. I just don’t gravitate towards them.

  23. 23 Rovi

    Hi beanies!

    In my post last OT, I listed on who Sunwoo/Moomyung might be
    (I just thought of this)…

    1. Discarded royal Kim
    After initially toying with the idea that maybe Sunwoo might be Sammaekjong (ร  la “The Prince and the Pauper” with smidges of “Autumn Fairytale”‘s infamous our-babies-have-been-switched), I discarded it after seeing ep.17 preview.
    Now, I’ve upgraded it to maybe another of Jiso’s offsprings. Maybe possibly Jinheung’s full-blooded younger brother Sukheuljong (์ˆ™ํ˜์ข…).
    2. Mijinbu (๋ฏธ์ง„๋ถ€๋ž‘), successor to Wihwa as the 2nd pung’wolju…and future father to siblings Mishil & Misaeng
    3. Kim Yushin’s direct ancestor
    Makes sense since his caretaker Ureuk was a Daegaya refugee…and Yushin had royal Gaya blood in his paternal (Kim Seo-hyung) ancestry.
    This theory is currently prevalent to K-nets/viewers.

    Dunno if related, but this is also related to #1, as Yushin’s maternal grandfather is Sukheuljong (who also married his eldest full-blooded sister Lady Manho (๋งŒํ˜ธ๋ถ€์ธ)).

    So now I’m adding option #4:
    Wihwa’s son Ihwa (์ดํ™”๋ž‘), the future 4th

    There are many clues, but TBH I don’t know if they’re gonna actually fit…

    1. On ep.1 Wihwa was in prison for being “involved” with the previous king (Beopheung)’s concubines…
    (historically Wihwa was involved with not one but threemaripgan (๊น€์ž๋น„ ๋งˆ๋ฆฝ๊ฐ„), 20th king of Silla) was one of Beopheung’s concubines.

    (coincidentally, another of Beopheung’s concubines that Wihwa “sampled” is Lady Byeokhwa (๋ฒฝํ™”๋ถ€์ธ), coincidentally Wihwa’s maternal half-sister, is the maternal grandfather of Mijinbu, option #2)

    2. Moomyung was said to have been abandoned by his mother as an infant at Mangmangchon without even being named.
    Related to clue #1 (theory-brainstorming), once Beopheung & Wihwa fell out (concubine incident(s) aside), the mother must’ve escaped the harem compound of Wolseong Palace, & the capital Geumseong while pregnant, gave birth on Mangmangchon aided by Ureuk, told everything before probably dying of post-partum-related illness, and entrusted the newborn without even naming it (eerily similar to sageuk plotlines, e.g. “Women of the World” & “Queen Seondeok”).

    3. Princess Sukmyeong is shown as attracted to Sunwoo’s manliness (despite her duty to the bone-line), and even airs her jealousy to Ahro on how close they are despite being “siblings”.
    Besides Jinheung, Ihwa is another of Princess Sukmyeong’s husbands. Their children are: 2 daughters (grand-niece King Jinpyeong’s future concubines), Bori (๋ณด๋ฆฌ๊ณต, 12th pung’wolju), & Monk Won’gwang (์›๊ด‘๋ฒ•์‚ฌ, who is the source of the 5 teachings of the Hwarang).

    (any relationship weirdness is entirely the fault of the dubious & controversial yet…

    • 23.1 Rovi

      Oops dunno what happened

      In my post last OT, I listed on who Sunwoo/Moomyung might be
      (I just thought of this)…

      1. Discarded royal Kim
      After initially toying with the idea that maybe Sunwoo might be Sammaekjong (ร  la “The Prince and the Pauper” with smidges of “Autumn Fairytale”‘s infamous our-babies-have-been-switched), I discarded it after seeing ep.17 preview.
      Now, I’ve upgraded it to maybe another of Jiso’s offsprings. Maybe possibly Jinheung’s full-blooded younger brother Sukheuljong (์ˆ™ํ˜์ข…).

      2. Mijinbu (๋ฏธ์ง„๋ถ€๋ž‘), successor to Wihwa as the 2nd pung’wolju…and future father to siblings Mishil & Misaeng.

      3. Kim Yushin’s direct ancestor
      Makes sense since his caretaker Ureuk was a Daegaya refugee…and Yushin had royal Gaya blood in his paternal (Kim Seo-hyung) ancestry.
      This theory is currently prevalent to K-nets/viewers.

      Dunno if related, but this is also related to #1, as Yushin’s maternal grandfather is Sukheuljong (who also married his eldest full-blooded sister Lady Manho (๋งŒํ˜ธ๋ถ€์ธ)).

      So now I’m adding option #4:
      Wihwa’s son Ihwa (์ดํ™”๋ž‘), the future 4th pung’wolju.

      There are many clues, but TBH I don’t know if they’re gonna actually fit…

      1. On ep.1 Wihwa was in prison for being “involved” with the previous king (Beopheung)’s concubines…
      (historically Wihwa was involved with not one but three of Beopheung’s women)
      Ihwa’s mother is Lady Junshil from the Park clan (์ค€์‹ค๋ถ€์ธ ๋ฐ•์”จ), one of Beopheung’s concubines.
      Brief info: Lady Junshil’s mother Princess Junmyeong (์ค€๋ช…๊ณต์ฃผ), is the daughter of Kim Jabi maripgan (๊น€์ž๋น„ ๋งˆ๋ฆฝ๊ฐ„), 20th king of Silla.

      (coincidentally, another of Beopheung’s concubines that Wihwa “sampled”, is Lady Byeokhwa (๋ฒฝํ™”๋ถ€์ธ), coincidentally Wihwa’s maternal half-sister; the maternal grandfather of Mijinbu, option #2)

      2. Moomyung was said to have been abandoned by his mother as an infant at Mangmangchon without even being named.
      Related to clue #1 (theory-brainstorming), once Beopheung & Wihwa fell out (concubine incident(s) aside), the mother must’ve escaped the harem compound of Wolseong Palace, & the capital Geumseong while pregnant, gave birth on Mangmangchon aided by Ureuk, told everything before probably dying of post-partum-related illness, and entrusted the newborn without even naming it (eerily similar to sageuk plotlines, e.g. “Women of the World” & “Queen Seondeok”).

      3. Princess Sukmyeong is shown as attracted to Sunwoo’s manliness (despite her duty to the bone-line), and even airs her jealousy to Ahro on how close they are despite being “siblings”.
      Besides Jinheung, Ihwa was another of Princess Sukmyeong’s husbands. Their children were: 2 daughters (grand-niece King Jinpyeong’s future concubines), Bori (๋ณด๋ฆฌ๊ณต, 12th pung’wolju), & Monk Won’gwang (์›๊ด‘๋ฒ•์‚ฌ, who is the source of the 5 teachings of the Hwarang).

      (any relationship weirdness is entirely the fault of the…

      • 23.1.1 Rovi

        …dubious & controversial yet only source “Hwarang Segi”)


        Okay impromptu history lesson time…

        Seok Danse having a shady deal with Park Youngshil, as well as their behaviors as opposition ministers, is reminiscent of the early history of Silla.

        After Park Hyeokgeose founded Silla & became geoseogan, into his son Namhae’s reign Seok Talhae was “discovered”. Talhae married into the Park family (Namhae’s daughter), was offered the throne but deferred to Namhae’s son Yuri (3rd king), & eventually became Yuri’s successor (4th king). Afterwards Silla infrequently changed hands between Parks & Seoks…
        …tho it’s weird that by the drama timeline the Seok clan declined to the point of having a 4D alien as the family’s heir only one jin’gol member left…

        Around Talhae isageum‘s time Lord Ho (ํ˜ธ๊ณต, in the drama Banryu’s biological father) was supposed to have lived (discovered in turn by Talhae).
        Also, Lord Ho “found” the infant (becoming it’s adoptive father, similar to Banryu’s “two-father arrangement) who would be the ancestor to the clan who would eventually rule & dominate Silla until its fall to Goryeo.

        The dialogues say Nambuyeo (๋‚จ๋ถ€์—ฌ, “South Buyeo”) but in the KBS World subs it’s Baekje. Nothing is wrong…

        In 538 AD during (unseen in the drama) King Seong’s reign, he changed Baekje’s name to Nambuyeo (in keeping with the connection to an earlier Buyeo, i.e. Dongbuyeo of Kings Geumwa & Daeso), plus relocated the capital to Sabi (present Buyeo County).

        It looks like episodes 13-15 (amity storyline) weren’t as boring after all…one of King Seong’s daughters (a.k.a. one of the sisters of Crown Prince Buyeo Chang later King Wideok) became Jinheung’s concubine.

        It seems Jiso didn’t hold the regency completely at first (as well as Jinheung didn’t actually completely rule Silla, understandable due to his expansion wars).
        On Beopheung’s death in July 540 AD, Dowager Queen Bodo (๋ณด๋„๋ถ€์ธ/์™•ํ›„/ํƒœํ›„) first held the regency over the 15-year old Jinheung, only around 8 months later (March 541 AD) her daughter Lady Jiso became regent for her son for 10 years (drama-consistent with my observations), correcting my earlier mistake, but which cemented my theory that the drama timeline is around the first half of 550’s AD.

        Just discovered this tho…
        In ep.1, the proclamation notice for the institution & search of Hwarang potentials, 2nd-to-the-last line read ?ๅ…ƒๅไบ”ๅนด “15th year of ???won era”.
        The era which Jinheung inherited from his grandfather is the Geonwon (๊ฑด์› ๅปบๅ…ƒ) era, and its 15th year is equivalent to 550 AD.
        (once Jinheung assumed direct rule from his mother in March 551 AD, he changed the era name to “Gaeguk” (๊ฐœ๊ตญ ้–‹ๅœ‹), and from hereon Lady Jiso completely disappears from records until a random mention in 574 AD, around 2 years before her son’s death)

        • Ar

          Fascinating stuff! Thank you for the history lesson and in adding extra layers to our enjoyment of the drama!!

      • 23.1.2 Rovi

        Actually everyone should check out the Rang+stagrams at KBS catch-up. So funny…

        For anyone interested in following the cast thru their Instagrams:
        -Do Ji-han (Banryu) – @dojihan
        -Jo Yun-woo (Yeoul) – @w2798ccc (he has another account but private)
        -Kim Hyun-jun (Danse) – @kkimminam
        -Jang Se-hyun (Kangsung the jerk) – @tntn57877
        -Park Ki-hoon (Juki) – @gihooon
        -Kim Jin-tae/Jin Ju-hyeong (Janghyun) – @j.t_k1124
        -Jeon Beom-soo (Shin) – @swsw0616
        -Ooon from HALO (Kibo) – @08nnnnn
        -Lee Do-hoon (one of the hwarangs) – @d_it.hoon

        There’s another hwarang (Yeongshin) but he isn’t tagged. Also, Lee Da-in (formerly @xx_dain; Suho’s sis Soo-yeon) seems to have deleted her IG…
        One of the hwarangs (I think Jeon Beom-soo) actually worked with Hyungshik before…his twin brother in the Drama Special “Sirius”.

        LOL at “Manager Kim”‘s cartoon snippet of “Let’s take the money to Denmark.” *wink wink*
        Seems KBS dramas are the last to have the Choi Sun-shil Gate effect. (MBC’s “Rebel” is the first)

    • 23.2 Sweet&Sour

      Interesting theories, I always enjoy reading posts like this because I am not familiar with the history, so I learn from the comments. However I don’t see how they can explain all this with only 4 epis left and too many characters. Anyways I hope they focus on SW now, because I still don’t feel like I really know him because the writer hasn’t clarified his background yet (and I find this the most interesting part of the drama). I wish that Han Sung and Danse subplot was not there. I also find Aro’s father an unnecessary character, she might as well have been an orphan with such a negligent father. I also thought he would do something to fight the queen, but so far his character is just there to talk ambiguously and do nothing. Without the extra characters this drama could’ve been more focused, and better. Anyways I hope the last 4eps are good and focused. I don’t find JD that interesting anymore though I like him, because there is almost no mystery with him, even though I hope that the drama might throw some unexpected twists (I doubt it will happen). I continue to enjoy this show, and the main characters, despite its flaws it has that “it” factor. I like how manly PSJ looks here.

      • 23.2.1 Rovi

        TBH I blame the writing direction as to why the drama has such low ratings.

        Also, I agree with you that not too much is being revealed. Especially the main lead. Also as to why it has to take 17 episodes for Sammaekjong to finally grow a spine and balls.

        Another pre-produced drama failure in the making.

        • Sweet&Sour

          I wouldn’t say it is a failure because it has its interesting parts IMO, but I will say that it definitely failed to live up to its potential because it has too many characters, and wasted too much time in the first half on silly subplots and juvenile bromance that add nothing to the main characters’ and their journey. However I still like this show, and hope for SW focus, and that SW and Aro get a happy ending at least.

        • Ar

          I wouldn’t say it was that much a failure. Expectations felt sort of low compared to other preproduced dramas. It’s a youth drama. Rookie writer. Starred actors who were good but don’t really have a ton of star power (unlike last year’s youth sageuk starring Kim Yoo Jung or Park Bo Gum) or sageuk experience. Marketed as a drama about pretty boys since they’ve sort of reimagined Hwarang as the idols of Silla times. Sounded really corny. the promo posters looked really cringeworthy and flowery.

          All in all, it seemed like the first two episodes were better than initial expectations and raised my expectation. then the story eventually didnt progress much. So gotta bring myself back to the level of expectation I had before it started airing.

      • 23.2.2 Sweet&Sour

        Oh, and I also want to add that complete waste of time “dancing” subplot arc that wasted 2 episodes, when they could’ve been focusing on the interesting and important elements of the story.

        • Ar

          Yeah they spent 2 episodes learning about music and dance for a one minute dance routine that I couldn’t see very well.

          I was hoping they would use dance to develop a ridiculous looking but effective sword fighting style. But that never happened.

    • 23.3 harmonyfb

      THIS is my favorite part of these sageuks – all the impromptu lessons in Korean history (about which I know doodly-squat). ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you so much for going into detail about this stuff. :history nerd jazz hands:

  24. 24 Rudi

    Current dramas i’m watching are

    1. Chief Kim

    As much as I like Namgoong Min, his performance here reminds me too much of Beautiful Gong Shim. So I might put it on hiatus.

    2. The Thief who stole the people

    I like that (a) Hong Gil-Dong’s story is not again made as a Korean version of a HK kungfu movie (b) tells the background story shaping HGD values

    plus the child actor playing young HGD is a cutie!

    Cannot remember watching the adult HGD actor in any other drama though.

    3. Innocent Defendant

    My current fave! The plot is intriguing and the characters rounded.

    Was not a great fan of JiSung b4 even in Kill Me Heal Me, like him better in this drama and i think he’s overshadowed by the actor Eom Ki Joon here.

    I find myself looking forward to the next episode very eagerly although i mostly cringe at kdrama legal / courtroom antics.

    Plan to watch Tomorrow with You and waiting for a few more episodes before i start on it. Mainly because of Shin Mina as i’ve enjoyed the 2 dramas i’ve seen her in – My GF is a gumiho and Arang&The Magistrate (love SMN & Lee JoonKi combo).

    • 24.1 redfox

      well, you need to watch Yoon Kyun Sang (HGD) in Six Flying Dragons! Musa Moo Hyul is areally wonderful character, that you will want to cherish!

  25. 25 John

    Watching Rebel and Chief Kim.

    General & I

    Kodoku no Gurume SP. The food always looks so tasty.

    • 25.1 John

      Watched the KBS Drama Special, My Happy Home.

      Son Yeo-Eun is a lonely scientist who creates a cyborg in Lee Sang Yeob’s image. Part Sci Fi, part Melo, part Rom drama
      Makes for a good watch when you don’t need a whole drama.

      KBS has had some good drama specials lately.

  26. 26 Sen

    Anybody got a cure for Gong Yoo fever?

    • 26.1 Tris

      Coffee Prince rewatch?

    • 26.2 Ally

      See comment 28.

  27. 27 Sera The Ms Temper

    I am new fangirl to Junho 2pm lol. I love his acting in Chief Kim so far although i am not huge fan of kpop. But nevermind i will love him as an actor only. ๐Ÿ˜ So because of my new interest, I checked youtube to find anything else about him. I was totally forgotten that he did a variety show with Kim So Eun called as Music & Lyrics lol. So after watching it, i found them cute and kinda wish to see them to act together. I found it is cute that Junho was reluctant to call KSE noona (she is only one year older though).
    I watched Junho before in movies but never became his fan. But Chief Kim made me changed his mind about him. I still love NGM so much but I also love Junho.

    OK aside from that, I dont really want to bring this issue here. But I feel sad after read the current article on Hwayoung and her scandal with T-ara which was brought again recently. I dont know much about the stories and not interested to check out the details. But I hope her career in acting wont stop because of this. I like her acting and she is talented, but some rumours can be a fatal to anyone’s career. She is also have upcoming weekend drama, so I dont want to see she drop the drama or anything. Whatever it is, professionalisme is very important.

    • 27.1 WishfulToki

      Junho new fangirl here as well! He has a commanding, but also wacky side in Chief Kim. His crush is adorable, I may even develop SLS. I also looked him up on youtube and watched a few kpop videos. Reactions were diverse: Taec also idol? what? ignorant me.. after which I decided I prefer him as an actor.

      I’m waiting for Chief Kim recaps so I can keep fangirling lol.

    • 27.2 Ar

      I’ve never noticed him in 2pm and I’m sure I watched all the Again and Again videos like a bajillion times. He’s such a natural and is good at switching between puppy eyes to asshole eyes. And really embodies the character. Can’t believe he’s an idol.

  28. 28 bbstl

    Just one more year as Korea counts down to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! Lots of stuff to see at
    Including the story of SooHorang, the 2018 mascot. For fans of Hwarang, it turns out “SooHo” means protection. Hard to decide which is cuter, Hwarang SooHo or the Olympics white tiger ๐Ÿ˜‰
    There’s a story about the 2018 individual sports pictograms being developed to tie into the Korean alphabet as well.

    • 28.1 redfox

      didnยดt even know it was going to be winter olympics in 2018. Estonia will turn 100yo as an independent country, I hope weยดll win. the mascot is very cute, I donยดt envy the people who have to impersonate him though

      • 28.1.1 kitkat

        congrats on 100th anniversary! actually I couldn’t reconcile 100 years of independency with my history knowledge that estonia used to be part of ussr. and then my law loving father enlightened me that estonia being officially part of ussr was never recognized by international community, save for couple of countries. it was more like an occupation which then ended in the nineties. wow, the things I learn about world history because of dramabeans.

        • redfox

          yes, that is correct. we consider our independence unbroken, only suppressed by Soviet era, so that regaining independence in 1991 would be legitimate; otherwise we would also not be able to say there even WAS an occupation, cause Russia would claim we are a new country that, prior to 1940, didnt exist.

          anyway, our winter sports have had some troubles lately but I still hope we can get good places. I wish we had a good figure skater though, thatยดs basically the only thing I like to watch.

        • bbstl

          >wow, the things I learn about world history because of dramabeans.<

          Seriously. I didn't even know there was an Estonia until well into my adult years and now (since DB and redfox), every time I hear or read a discussion about "the Baltic States" and Putin looking at them sideways I get very angry and defensive on Estonia's behalf. ๐Ÿ˜พ Hey, redfox- the majority of Americans do want us to stand by our NATO commitments, please don't feel abandoned yet. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฝ I apologize to those for whom this is too political a thing to say here.

  29. 29 Ally

    So, spring is a busy time for my family, and I do not have the time to engage in a full drama series right now (and also still reeling from the emotional rollercoaster that was Goblin). Are there any movies that anyone could recommend for both husband and myself to watch together? Watched Gong Yoo’s The Suspect on Netflix this week which was entertaining, so if there is anything else with him, we both like his screen presence. We’re pretty eclectic, but I cannot do horror in the slightest. Thank you!

    P.S. @Sen (comment 25), if you find a cure, I’d be interested too. That man grips you and doesn’t even try to let you go.

    • 29.1 harmonyfb

      His drama Coffee Prince was great – it’s older, but awesome (so when you get time, definitely watch it.)

      Do you like heist movies? (Like “Oceans 11”?) There was a great one a year or so ago called “The Con Artists” (or “The Technicians”). It stars Kim Woo-bin & it was a lot of fun. I think Dramafever carries it.

      • 29.1.1 Ally

        I did watch Coffee Prince, binged-watched it over 3 weeknights 2 weeks ago after everyone was fast ๐Ÿ˜ด. He was very charming in this. Thank you for the other recommendation too. We love heist movies!

        • harmonyfb

          Too bad you don’t do horror, because he was really good in Train to Busan. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ally

            I may watch this. I had a colleague who loves zombie movies watch it first to tell me how scary it is. I internalize everything I see, and have nightmares about it for weeks (which may not be such a terrible thing if Gong Yoo inhabits my dreams for weeks on end ๐Ÿ˜‰). The last horror movie I saw was The Ring, and that evil little girl haunted me for a month. I vowed never to watch another horror flick after that. That was 15 years ago! I might have to break down and see this though. I wouldn’t even consider watching it for any other actor.

          • harmonyfb

            had a colleague who loves zombie movies watch it first to tell me how scary it is

            The really scary part is the tension as the characters try to protect those close to them. But the zombies are plenty scary – fast and wild-eyed.

            I love horror movies & loved it – I thought it was just scary enough to offset the human stories, which were the real narrative.

            A coworker who doesn’t care for horror movies found it less scary than I did, and referred to it as “more of an action flick”.

   But it does have Gong Yoo AND Ma Dong-Seok (one of my favorite actors), so you might want to give it a try. You can always stop part-way through.

          • redfox

            the zombies are cute though. and Ma Dong Seok is funny despite the situation.

  30. 30 orange

    I just want to post my love for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo here. I don’t think I will ever completely get over at how light and fluffy and satisfying the show is.

    I love it and I miss them so much ๐Ÿ™

  31. 31 owl

    T.O.P. and Junsu (JYJ) both enlisted on Feb 9 โ™ฅ
    Big Bang blues (*sniff*)
    Be well, you two. \/

    • 31.1 redfox

      I am more dreaded about Seo In Guk. who can we count on to deliver? it will be potluck. he is like a drama MacGyver, never fails.

      • 31.1.1 owl

        I know, right?

  32. 32 Sarai

    So, I feel like there is a lot of history/well-known mythology behind “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People” that I am clueless about. Is there anyone out there familiar with the story who would be willing to give me a basic background lesson about its most well-known aspects?

    • 32.1 WishfulToki

      I may get myself a copy of the Story of Hong Gildong because I am equally clueless. This is the book blurb from Penguin (

      “The Story of Hong Gildong is arguably the single most important work of classic Korean fiction. A fantastic story of adventure, it has been adapted into countless movies, television shows, novels, and comics in Korea. Until now, the earliest and fullest text of this incredible fable has been inaccessible to English readers.

      Hong Gildong, the brilliant but illegitimate son of a noble government minister, cannot advance in society due to his second-class status, so he leaves home and becomes the leader of a band of outlaws. On the way to building his own empire and gaining acceptance from his family, Hong Gildong vanquishes assassins, battles monsters, and conquers kingdoms. Minsoo Kangโ€™s expressive and lively new translation finally makes the authoritative text of this premodern tale available in English, reintroducing a noble and righteous outlaw and sharing a beloved hallmark of Korean culture.”

    • 32.2 Rovi

      WishfulToki provided the answer, but this is the more reliable answer…

      While “Rebel”‘s main lead is indeed Hong Gil-dong, which is based on the 17th-century semi-fantasy (because of magic)-fiction novel by Heo Gyun which tells the tale of a Robin Hood-esque thief against a tyrant…

      The Hong Gil-dong in this drama is not based on the novel’s lead.
      Hong Gil-dong here retains his Robin Hood persona, but this timr he steals not money from the rich, but the people’s hearts. Usually (because I have no access to the original plot), the tyrant is (Deposed) Prince Yeonsan-gun.
      I’m sure drama will featuresomething og his life being written whovh will be the basis of Heo Gyun’s novel…

      Source: as early as MBC’s Drama Awards, which showed the upcoming dramas. Papa Sillingi himself described his character, which I’ve typed above.

  33. 33 CatoCat

    Where is my comment? in moderation? hope it gets published. it’s for @Yukari and @Satsuki.

  34. 34 Allison

    I recently started watching J-dramas. So far I’ve seen Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu and From Five to Nine–I really loved both. Now I’m starting Siren for something different.

    I also started a Taiwanese drama for the first time, Refresh Man, but I found it kind of boring. But I want to keep watching because Aaron Yan is suuuper cute.

    And I’m behind on all my K-dramas this week, oops.

  35. 35 redfox

    Hi I was stuck in the archives, I just got out. I am not late, now, am I?

    Havenยดt been watching anything all week, cause I had too much stuff to do. I was embroidering and listening to music from Spotify, trying to balance out a rather male-centered playlist with some female voices on Spotify. Divine Brown and Morcheeba are love. I was so engaged with listening I accidentally embroidered with my hair instead of metallic thread. They look pretty much the same.

    and I have been walking at least 2 hours every night, cause it finally got cold (well, so and so, itยดs only -15C but thats a lot better than +3…) I am such a winter person, I spent 45 minutes in the yard of the museum in my sweater and felt quite heavenly.

    so, dramas will wait, but the perfect winter weather does not.

    been reading recaps during night, though. Trying to prioritize the order of urgency: Defendant, then Missing 9, then Hwarang.

    Question today, if anyone will even read this: dramas that induce evil desires. Like, you want something bad to happen to a certain character or just get in a devilish mood – are there dramas that release you Evil Self? Like, make you have thoughts that creep you out afterwards?

    • 35.1 WishfulToki

      Usually villains who are well portrayed bring out my violent side. Rebel is having that effect on me: ‘kill the sneaky, oppressive yangbans’. Hwarang is frustrating me to the point where I have devilish thoughts concerning the writer and director. I really also wouldn’t mind if the epidemic carries off Ah Ro’s dad, because his character just seems to stall plot development forever and ever.

      Gaksital made me toy with evil, because *mini-SPOILER* I always understood why Shunji was acting the way he was, and I was shocked to realise just how he (and me) could have fallen so low. Creeped myself out.

  36. 36 chi from Nig

    Q: How do I follow the Koreans or any other Asia dramas here in Nig without waiting for the recaps. some dramas are not being recapped.
    Q: In kdrama the children are allowed to kiss(this Is in the case childhood love dramas) I want to know if it is like that. I.e ,if it is allowed by the parents. cos here in Nigeria a high school student is not allowed to even have girlfriend/boyfriend that is in the romance love way. Even though they may have, they are being hidden by the kids to their parents.

    • 36.1 redfox

      there are other sites that sometimes do recaps, I think one is Couchkimchi, and our own Beanie Peeps does it. you need to search “… recap” and something might pop up.

    • 36.2 Lin

      I tumblr watch a ton of shows that isn’t being subbed or I simply don’t like but “yay beautiful gifs” That’s how I “watched” Goblin (couldn’t get into it but Gong Yoo is soo pretty so yay for gifs) Legend of the Blue Sea (bored me but again pretty gifs), Oh My Ghost (I dropped it midway through), etc. You can also twitter search the drama, and instagram search too.

  37. 37

    So, I’m watching Hwarang atm and as I kept watching I was reminded of The Man Living in Our House and Jealously Incarnate. I was reminded of those two shows because I really wanted and expected something different from them given the premise they presented only to be disappointed in the end that they went the traditional route. Why couldn’t Moo Myung keep being a brother and our lovable King get the girl, or Nan Gil remain a father, or the love triangle remain the interesting mess that it was in JI!? I really want something different from dramas today other than the norm. That’s one of the reasons why I loved 1% of Something (2016), because even though it was “light” it wasn’t bogged down by the usual crap. Dare I have high hopes for Strong Woman Do-Bong Soon?

  38. 38 MoonInPisces

    Has anyone watched the new C-drama “The Starry Night, The Starry Sea”?

    It’s a fantasy-romance revolving around a merman –has a “My Amazing Boyfriend + Legend of the Blue Sea” vibe.

    It’s based on a Chinese novel written by Tong Hua. I wish this novel were available in English…

    I’m hooked after the first 6 episodes… <3

    • 38.1 John

      MoonInPisces ~

      I’ll probably check it out this weekend.

  39. 39 harmonyfb

    Hey, y’all!! So, good news – bags of Dove peanut butter & milk chocolate hearts were $2 off at the store today! (Hey, small victories.)

    Bad: UGH. YOU know, you see the news.

    Let’s escape away to television together!

    My shows:

    Hwarang: I cannot stand Ah Ro. I want her off my TV screen. Also, I can’t even deal w/Ban Ryu. I expected him to come back from the mission 1000% done with his godfather’s nasty little plots, but…what? WHAT? Why even bother signaling character growth if you’re going to do this, writers? :stomps off:

    I was in a Korean market the other day & saw a brand of wine called “Hwa Rang”. My first thought: I bet they’re an advertiser!

    My Introvert Boss: I haven’t noticed an enormous difference in these last two episodes, although Hwan-gi does seem to be written a bit less crazypants, which is good.

    However, the female lead is still pushing all my buttons. What a jerk she is. And you know what, drama writers? I could buy Hwan-gi mooning after her from afar. But once he got to know her? He would definitely be cured of that crush. Because yeah, those bold extroverts look like they’re sailing effortlessly through life, and that seems attractive…until you get up close & realize they have no boundaries whatsoever. And we introverts? We have boundaries. People barrelling through them isn’t cute, it’s infuriating.

    My appreciation for Yeon Woo-Jin’s comedy acting is the only reason it gets another episode.

    Legion: US show; just started this week. OMG. Our Hero is a guy who’s in a mental hospital, diagnosed as schizophrenic. He sees things, hears voices. Unmedicated, he thinks he can control things with his mind.

    Trouble is, he’s right. And there are two government agencies out to get him.And the only person he can trust is himself and the girlfriend he had in the hospital.


    Library K-drama:

    Train to Busan has an ever-growing wait list. HAH. Who has their finger on the zeitgeist? That’s right, this girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I got in a copy of For the Emperor & it went out immediately. Turns out “Ultraviolent Korean Gangster Noir” is in high demand.

    I found out that YesAsia has Tattoo for sale (Song Il-kook as a serial killer! Kwon Hyun-Sang as a detective!), so I shall get to see it soooon.

    Also, hubby and I had our Valentine’s Day night out early & found a new Korean restaurant – they had great dolsot & fried chicken and the best radish. We were just about the only non-Koreans in there, which is always a good sign for good Korean cuisine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 39.1 bbstl

      Hi harmonyfb!
      You go, girl! โœŒ๐ŸฝFingers on the pulse! I love hearing about the Korean films and dramas that you’ve introduced succeeding so well.

      Congrats on the $2 saved on Dove chocolates, that’s a win. I’m with you all the way on the UGH and that’s why we need more chocolate! Happy Valentines Day โค

      • 39.1.1 harmonyfb

        Happy Valentine’s Day right back atcha. ๐Ÿ™‚

        My youngest daughter is doing a report in Social Studies about how other cultures celebrate Valentine’s Day & she asked for Korea.

        • TL

          One situation where dramas are sooooo helpful in our real life!

          • harmonyfb

            One situation where dramas are sooooo helpful in our real life!

            I know, right? So convenient. :laugh:

  40. 40 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Popping in from my way-too busy day to dive in and out of Open Thread. Am yet again judging writing contests (ah me!) and am reviewing the screener for the 2017 Oscar nominated shorts. So far, the films have been good but my fave is Enemies Within, a French film about an Algerian who has lived in France for most of his life but when he goes to get his citizenship he is treated like a spy. Oh my gosh! This is one harrowing movie. So hard to sit through and it makes me gnash my teeth at the villain. Nothing more hateful than a prejudiced official with the power to make your life miserable. So, if any folks in the USA gets a chance to see any of the 2017 Oscar nominated shorts, prepare for grief.

    I’m in kdrama heaven right now. The only thing that could make me any happier will be Choi Jin Hyuk’s time cop drama.

    So far, am loving the unexpectedness and the gravity of Rebel. Everytime I thought the expected trope would happen (sister going missing then turning up later unrecognized etc) it didn’t. Loving this writer.

    Chief Kim is fun and silly and I love how our hero is being dragged into righteousness and liking it. I hope he doesn’t end up in prison in the end to balance out his past crimes. I hate when Kdramas do that.

    Still Loving you is still totally rocking my world. My daily dose of wonderful yumminess

    Innocent Defendant is good. I like the villain and want him to be even more villainous.

    Voice is okay but weirdly forgettable.

    Tomorrow With You is seriously sexy. I’m actually understanding the attraction of Mina-shi. And Jehoon is ooh so sexy. He simply oozes gentle self-confident sexiness. Oh Jehoon, ooze away, ooze away!

    So glad my kdrama drought is finished with. Have a great weekend, all!

    • 40.1 redfox


      I agree on kdramas sending a hero into prison after all the lightyears theyยดve travelled still mad about Jung Do (38TF) but eh, he just chose self-sacrifice… still couldntt he have been pardoned …

  41. 41 LillaMy

    Have a great weekend, beanies! I have this song stuck in my head which I hope anyone can help me find out the name of. It’s the song Yoon Seo Jung sings in during the party in episode 20 of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. It also appears in episode 20 of Jealousy Incarnate when Hwa Shin and Na Ri sits outside the convenience store with Bum in the middle and Hwa Shin kisses his cheeks. It’s a trot style song and it keeps me going around humming cha-ra-ra-cha-cha-cha. Ring a bell, anyone?

  42. 42 Peeplimon

    Dear All Beanies
    I need some help in my real life. I’m a nursing student looking for work experience in S.Korea for 3 weeks. If anyone knows charities/organisations I can contact that are related to orphanage, children/adults with special needs, nursing schools/hospitals that a nursing student can work at to gain experience please let me know.

    I didn’t know where else I could ask advice from, my korean is basic so finding information has been challenging.
    Peace to all

  43. 43 Cozybooks

    It’s a happy moment when K-Dramas help out in real life studies. Me on my nutrition test:

    “Are Kilos bigger than Pounds or smaller? Smaller, definitely–Jung Woo said his Ha-Yeon weighed 16Kilos, and there’s no way a 5-10 year old could way less than 16 lbs.”

    See? K-Dramas are useful!

    • 43.1 Delurker

      Er, isn’t it the other way around? ๐Ÿ™‚ Kilos are double the weight of a pound (in my world, 1 lb = c. 500g.) . If Ha-Yeon weighed 16 Kilos, that means 32 pounds.

      • 43.1.1 Cozybooks

        That’s what I meant, haha sorry. One kilo gets you twice as much weight, so a smaller amount of kilos means the same amount of weight. So you need more pounds for less kilos (2.2 lbs for 1K).

  44. 44 dramas

    As a suggestion, to bring forth artists, I strongly believe that the team should consider the addition of cover-page competitions.
    Thus far, my experience as a drama-lover has been exposed to the many international fans on this site. My greatest thanks are for all the valiant efforts committed by the team.
    The creator(s) of the cover-pages are skillfully talented, but how about Beanies indulging in their own leisure to provide the grandeur of art?

  45. 45 Delurker

    Ok, working myself up to a little desperation over this “I want SHINee in Europe before enlistment begins”, so I’ll throw this out here even if silence reigns supreme afterwards. Don’t mind me, just fishing, one never knows :-p .

    It seems that the only chance of having Kpop acts come to Europe is to gather around a certain crowdsourcing site. This site has suddenly changed the rules so that you need to *live* in or near the country you are supporting in order to count towards an exorbitant
    50,000-point target (Paris had about 1,500 people signed up for SHINee, and only about 14,400 points now).

    Question/request/just sayin’ : would any Europe-based beanies like to contribute to the cause? The most successful candidate cities are Paris, Amsterdam and London these days.

    And now, posting this with the requisite spaces, just because the MV is quite spectacular this time:

    https :// www. /watch?v= P4Qyk9IBI2s

    Sigh, you wouldn’t regret it…

  46. 46 ninani

    Hi beanies! Hope u all have a great day!

    Something is really bugging me with Go Ah Ra’s acting in Hwarang. Her eyes to be exact. From ep 1, i thought that her character is blind! I really dont know how to put it but her eyes are kinda not focus or something.

    Does anyone feel the same about her eyes?

    • 46.1 ET

      I have not watched Hwarang but I sorta of get what you mean. I check out the recaps every now and then, mostly the screencaps and boy, her face weird me out. I have seen her looking absolutely beautiful and stunning in pictorials so I have no idea she will look like this in this drama. With those thick eyebrows, she reminds me of Red Bird without an angry look.

  47. 47 yukari

    Happy weekend beanies!

    I don’t realise that it’s friday till it’s over! I am on internet diet this week, a lot of ‘real’ things to take care, I don’t even touch komputer this whole week and only watch tv when I pass by it.

    Which make me wonder, is OT only a friday forum or Will you still check it even after weekend?

    • 47.1 Purple Owl

      I check until Monday usually.

  48. 48 Purple Owl

    Media this week

    My Sensitive Boss – next ep 5
    Nail Shop Paris – next ep 2
    Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim – on ep 5
    I’m loving it

    Good Morning Call – next ep 11

    Miss in Kiss – next ep 28
    I am in love with this Zhi-shu ge

    Tarzan and Jane – on ep 4
    Star Trek:TOS – on ep 19

  49. 49 TL

    Hey Beanies, sorry to make a plea for help, but I’m a fellow Beanie in need of advice. I’m really a Kdrama fan, but happen to have developed a fondness (with my teenage daughter) for ToppDogg the boy band. We would like to send them pizza or fried chicken, or coupons for such, or money their management can use to get them some pizza … you get the idea. I can’t find any detailed information for international fans, and I don’t know any Korean (other than the odd word picked up from dramas), so I’m hoping someone can give me some guidance. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and am down to (a) calling their management company where I may or may not be able to find someone who speaks English (b) sending fax in the same hope. Yes, I know I am crazy, but hope you will understand my crazy and help in my quest. Thanks!

    • 49.1 Delurker

      Have you tried international fansites? ๐Ÿ˜‰ This one gives an address:

      http:// /post/ 137285296819/reminder-new-address-for-fangiftslettersetc

      • 49.1.1 TL

        Thanks, I have the contact info, it’s more that I don’t know how to send them a pizza or coupons etc.

        • Delurker

          Domino’s seems to have a gift voucher option:


          Although it appears you need to register, and who knows what’s inside… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep looking…

  50. 50 amisyka77

    Got a new huge crush for Taiwanese actor LEGO LI.
    Accidentally discovered him in his ongoing drama King of Romance. It is only an episode a week so to kill time, checked on his 2013 In A Good Way and fell sooo in love with Liu Chuan. Just finished [email protected]

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