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by | February 17, 2017 | 392 Comments

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is your Open Thread, which is here for you to chat about anything you want, whether it be drama-related or not. Nothing’s off-topic here! Spoilers may be rife, so proceed accordingly.


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  1. redfox

    how are you

    watched the movie Pandora. Good movie, but do not watch after eating or if you plan to eat that day, I, for one, threw up several times. way too realistic and I have lived the time when our men also were sent to Chornobyl after the accident there, so I kept remembering the news. it is terribly realistic, so if you intend to see it, be warned.

    what´s interesting is that a lot of things in the movie were very similar to The Tunnel and many other Korean movies: the dialogue carrying almost identical social criticism, the small folk repressed and neglected by authorities, clinging to money instead of moral values, decisions being delayed by bumps in the System, heroine separated from the hero, disoriented leaders etc. It is simultaneously a strength and a weakness of Korean movies, there is a noticeable pattern when they depict a crisis and the general message seems to be the same: the system is flawed and little people are trampled over, unless they take matters into their own hands. That´s basically what all such movies sum up to. Still, it is always done with perfection. But also, the president (Kim Myung Min) and the control room men, how to call it, was very much like Joseon court. Oh, btw, there was a secretary Kim in the movie.

    also found time for Defendant, continues to be mysterious and somewhat heartbreaking.

    Today we went to the JRCC center in Tallinn (Joint Rescue Coordination Center) and what they told us about survival at sea makes Missing 9 look a little… well, like a kindergarten outing. We didnt really see the hypothermia or anything… but I guess to induce more paranoia, it has to be a bit unrealistic. I would make a different drama based on the knowledge I got today. though we talked about slightly different situations, mainly air rescue at sea, which has its´ own complications.

    in other news, King Sejong Institute in Tallinn is offering a kpop dancing course. hmmm…. I am not much of a dancer but I must say I am tempted out of pure curiosity. Teacher supposed to be straight from Korea, I wonder who (not that I would know them by naem). There is only one Teacher I am truly interested in, tho.

    what is your level of curiosity about korean culture? will you satisfy with Wikipedia articles, watch documentaries and study tutorials, take part in something like a course or a workshop, or fly straight to Korea? and would you go to a kpop dance course or do you think it will be too hard…

    • 1.1 capt_blackdog

      Hey, redfox, we live in the same time zone, so I always see your comments before this sections is flooded with other beanies!
      If I had anything Korean going on in my city, I’d go there. We once had a pansori performance – it was uh-mazing, I sat there wide-eyed the entire time. Highly recommended. And as far as kpop dancing is concerned, I’d probably go too, but I feel like I’d be too old for that? Or is it just my insecurities talking and 30 is still young enough? On the other hand, my back is messed up, so I’d probably be too stiff (I couldn’t manage the body roll in my salsa class a few years back…).
      If you do end up going to those classes, do provide a detailed report! ^_^

      • 1.1.1 redfox

        thing is, I don´t want to be a nuisance with my zero coordination there. I think I should at least have some premise so that I wouldnt get in the way.

        • capt_blackdog

          It will probably depend on the level – beginner, intermediate, etc. If the class is for anyone and everyone, then coordination/experience won’t be an issue. Plus, dancing is very good for developing that pesky coordination!

        • Delurker

          I would be a complete embarrassment to myself and the human race in general, but I would sign up to any gym that did K-pop instead of Zumba; imagine goofing off to SNSD’s Gee… 🙂

          • Purple Owl

            Yassss! I want to rock out to Gee!

      • 1.1.2 mel

        Hmm I would love to take Kpop dancing cuz I like Kpop. Have you watched the YouTube channel 1MILLION Dance Studio? They look like they’re having fun. So I just took up drop in hip hop classes instead (times work better). I’ve only been to 1 class but it’s fun! And painful. Haha.

      • 1.1.3 mel

        Haha I’m 30 and went to a beginner’s drop in hip hop class. Was fun! But if your back is a Mess, might be an issue. Talk to your doctor and tell the instructor.

    • 1.2 Carole McDonnell

      I saw the J-drama Pandora. Will try to watch the K-movie

    • 1.3 yukari

      Hi Redfox!
      Finally someone mention on that movie.
      If you don’t mind, can you describe what kind of message or impression you got after watch Pandora. I’m not referring to directing or acting or plot, but the nuclear part, especially with your knowledge on Chernobyl.

      I have nuclear engineering background, btw. And it’s always nice to see other perspective on that matter.

      • 1.3.1 redfox

        ok… mind you, I don´t have a personal opinion on nuclear power as such if it is well-controlled and if the plants are closed before they become as old as Chornobyl was. But the nuclear waste is another problem, if we keep accumulating it, I dońt think we can avoid problems. as to the message from the movie, I think it didnt exactly stamp nuclear energy as bad, nor did it concentrate on the environmental aspect of nuclear energy, or its´ effect on peoples´ safety and wellbeing, really, despite the gorey results of the accident. it felt more like a study in crisis management. that was the main issue: obstacles in solving problems efficiently and hesitation with sharing information. and perhaps the blind optimism people have about certain things, which handicaps their decision-making skills. Human error and dependence on energy to the point where authorities are willing to risk lives by withholding information is a very real thing. that same thing was with Chornobyl: the actual news started to leak up to a week after the accident. first there was a week of silence.Yeah – it could have just as well been some other situation of crisis, like a ship accident.

    • 1.4 Cozybooks

      Well, considering I’m now minoring in Korean I’d say my interest level is fairly high. But I haven’t taken any courses other than college ones, and I haven’t been to Korea (yet). Someday I’m going to live in Taiwan and teach English, where I can fly to Korea of a summer and go to Jeju Island and learn how to make all the Korean food ever. At least, that’s the dream.

      • 1.4.1 Lord Cobol

        Wow. Almost something in common. I lived in Taiwan and taught English for 5 years — but that was 40 years ago.

        Where’s all that time travel when we need it ?

        • Cozybooks

          Lol right? Do you have a radio, maybe we could connect? Or some incense, I could go back in time and meet you while you taught…

    • 1.5 fan

      a kpop dancing course? heh- Go for it! Fighting!
      There was onc time they played Gangnam style in my aquacise class and I was so excited (Nobody knew the song tho)

    • 1.6 bbstl

      Hi redfox!
      I would definitely take advantage of the kpop dance class and at least go to the first one to see if you can meet other drama fans and k-culture fans (maybe you don’t even have to officially enroll until after trying it!).
      I took Korean language classes sponsored by the King Sejong Institute at a local Korean church on Saturdays. It was 60 Korean-American kids between ages 5-12 and … old white lady me. Pretty hilarious. They were exceptionally kind to tailor learning to my needs (and lack of Korean family in the home). Only my poor memory kept me from achieving conversational mastery (cough) but I had tons of fun, made Korean friends and got to gossip with my teachers who were watching the same dramas I was. And, I think, I helped them understand America a bit more. The King Sejong Institute has classes like this around the world even in small cities like mine, everyone can check it out.

      • 1.6.1 PakalanaPikake


        Thank you for mentioning King Sejong Institute. I just took a gander at their online learning website, and there’s lots of great stuff there, including webtoons of folktales and history videos. Very cool.

        • bbstl

          wow, I didn’t know all that stuff was there! I can’t wait to watch those videos about the fortresses and the place of Pyongyang in Korean history. And Jejudo. Thanks for telling us about this!

          For local k-culture contacts, especially language instruction, those in large cities will have actual King Sejong Institutes. For the rest of us some successful ways to find it are through Korean churches, groceries and restaurants and Korean or Asian student groups at local colleges.

          • PakalanaPikake


            You’re most welcome! I’m so glad to spread the joy. 🙂

            I happened across OnDemandKorea some months back, and have been watching dramas there. Their subtitles seem to be pretty good, but not all shows get English subs. They’re currently airing the docudrama CHRONICLES OF KOREA that looks dandy, but alas, this is one program that doesn’t have English subtitles. I think I watched the whole first episode raw anyway, and the production is really well done. It kind of reminded me of THE TWENTIETH CENTURY that Prudential Insurance used to sponsor, but with dramatizations instead of newsreel footage. ODK also offers variety shows and scads of documentaries, but few of them are subtitled, either. There’s one on Baekje that looks very interesting — complete with archaeological excavations — and I may watch it raw for the heck of it. (I loved THE KING’S DAUGHTER, SU BAEK-HYANG, and would enjoy learning more about the history.)

            FYI: KOREAN MUSIC IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA – April 8 & June 29, 2017

            64 PakalanaPikake January 28th, 2017 at 12:31 AM

          • bbstl

            Thanks so much again for this wonderful info. I will check out ODK and its shows with great interest. I’m especially interested right this second because of the nasty Baekje Crown Prince in Hwarang. Crazy how even bad characters in weak shows can teach us something!
            But what’s really taken my breath away is your link about the music, because Jen Shu is someone I know. We met the day after the election last November when she was standing in front of my airport with a big weird-looking instrument case that, upon questioning, turned out to be the gayageum. She was surprised that some random old blonde lady in the Midwest could talk about that. Or maybe not, because she is a very old soul and sees the connections everywhere. I was blessed to spend parts of three days with her after we met and I’m a different person. At any rate, omg please go see her in June without fail, she will do something that will thrill you. Many of her performances are available on YT and I encourage anyone else who might read this to look for her videos.
            After we met I so wanted to come to OT to talk about Jen but couldn’t really figure out how and I let it go. Now it feels like it’s come full circle. Shivers.

          • PakalanaPikake

            Aloha, bbstl!!

            So glad you got to see my late post about OnDemandKorea, and even happier that you got a kick out of the upcoming Korean music in NYC, even if you’re in the Midwest.

            How wonderful that you “happened” to meet Jen Shu and her gayageum and spent so much time with her. I’ve had similar serendipitous crossings of paths myself, and know what you mean. Talk about cosmic timing. All I can say is, God/dess / the Universe works in truly mysterious ways.

            I always have my antennae out for music and cultural stuff, although the chances of my trekking into Deepest Darkest Brooklyn or Manhattan are slim-to-none these days, even for the chance to hear live pansori or gayageum.

            I first attended World Music Institute events in NYC in the late ’90s when they presented slack key concerts by such masters as Ray Kane, Dennis Kamakahi, and Keola Beamer, in collaboration with the erstwhile Hawaiian Cultural Foundation. Hearing those cats in the concrete jungle was a blessing that transported me back to my time in the Islands at concerts under the stars at Andrews Amphitheatre at UH-Manoa — but without the jet lag.

            I hadn’t set foot in Manhattan in years, but made the effort last June to finally meet the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokulea during her 3-year circumnavigation of the globe. (She later sailed up the Hudson and traversed the NY State Barge Canal into Lake Erie!) I was in seventh heaven not only to meet the canoe and her crew during the Hawaiian Airlines outrigger races on the Hudson River, but to hear live Hawaiian music, especially hula kahiko (ancient). There were wonderful performances by local hula halaus and musicians and singers from the Islands, too.

            If you get a chance to experience the Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders in person, do it. They are terrific musicians and dancers. The kane / ahjussis in their malos are seriously fine. Brought me back to seeing Brother Frank Hewett and his halau kicking off the kane kahiko revival 30 years ago. Some of the dances are based on traditional Hawaiian martial arts, IIRC. Be still my heart. 😉

            Here’s a nice example of kane kahiko. The kumu hula’s name, Kaleo, is so apropos. It means “voice,” and his is wonderful:


            I used to spend a lot more time hanging around the Open Thread up until about MOON LOVERS last August. Have been doing way more live-watching and fangirling in the recaps ever since, so I’m rarely here. We were meant to chat this week. I’m hanging my hat these days at REBEL, SAIMDANG, TOMORROW WITH YOU, and VOICE, if you need to catch up with me. I’ll check back on this OT in a day or so. Blessings to you.

            Old college disc jockeys never die, we just segue out. 😉

    • 1.7 Makoto

      I watched Pandora last week. My friends had warned and told me that I would need boxes of tissue because it was really heartbreaking. It’s not that kind of heroic movie where people sacrificed themselves for the world peace. They were just ordinary people who wanted to protect their families.
      So, in order to prevent that tears, I watched it while eating. Because I was not that multitasking person. I couldn’t watch movie, eat and cry in the same times.
      But then, I proved wrong. When the movie got its second half part, I had to stop eating and all I could do was crying. My… it was really heartbreaking indeed. I needed 2-3 days to get over it.

      • 1.7.1 keiru

        I was crying for the last 30 minutes of the show. Kim Nam Gil is so cruel to his fans TT

      • 1.7.2 redfox

        well, I didn´t cry, but I already have a hard time watching regular medical dramas, but some scenes here were 10 levels up

  2. Lizzie

    Question: is cleaning your bathroom for 6-7 hours considered abnormal?

    I just got way into cleaning my bathroom and I just used a rag and a magic eraser. Btw magic erasers work wonderfully for clearing up water-stained glass doors..worked on them for 3 hours..i was a bit obsessed. Anyway it is now spick and span. And my body is an aching mess..

    But hey! Dramas! catching up with missing 9 and still loving it. 🙂 Need to watch the latest Chief Kim eps. Oh! and Rebel HGD!! gah. I am in love.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    • 2.1 WishfulToki

      It is perfectly normal as procrastinating – I do it once in a while to avoid writing the thesis. 😉

      Chief Kim is going strong, but my Yul crush received a blow this week, mainly because I don’t want him to go full evil. Ok, rephrase… I don’t want him to become un-interestingly evil. A conflicted villain is still ok. Though I wanted him to continue being cute. *sob*

    • 2.2 Wag_a_Muffin

      I’m thinking of installing a TV in my bathroom so I can soak in the tub as I watch my dramas. (I told my husband I may never emerge, or at least, when I finally do, I’ll be all prune-y and waterlogged.

      So No,

      cleaning your bathroom for 6-7 hours is a personal choice.
      And I commend you on your hygiene.

      • 2.2.1 fan


      • 2.2.2 PakalanaPikake


        Sounds like your own private Damiwon. Will that be with or without hot and cold running princes? 😉

        Take a tip from Queen Shouldn’tHaveHadKids, and strew plenty of rose petals while you prune-ify. With indoor plumbing, you won’t have to worry about getting the old mercury in the bathwater treatment at the hands of a duplicitous water slave. 😉

        • bbstl

          ‘Hot and cold running princes’. I want I want!

  3. Dalkiiya

    Hello beaniessss!!
    I’ve always been a silent reader here at dramabeans ever since I found this site a few years ago, i only watch kdramas often but have been part of the kdrama community for a long time, it played a huge part to me while I was growing up, so it holds a place in my heart which is why its always a great feeling coming back to it. so Im new with all of this commenting stuff, I hope we can all be friends. I love reading your comments guys, this is such a wonderful community where there are open discussions about each episodes and it feels good to go to a place where you know someone also feels the same way you do. Saranghaeee. Also Kudos to everyone here at dramabeans who was always part of my kdrama journey. You guys are amazing! More power to you guys!! *finger hearts*

    • 3.1 Lizzie

      Hi! *waves*
      I was like you for about my first year visiting the site..until I finally decided to join in on commenting.. I love how different perspectives and world views are presented here, in the smallest of things. Though my favorite discussions have to go to the affair dramas of last year. Loved reading those! 🙂

    • 3.2 Carole McDonnell

      Welcome! Dive right in!

    • 3.3 korfan

      Dalkiiya –

      Welcome! Glad you could join us!

    • 3.4 fan

      Welcome! I also enjoy reading recaps and witty comments at DB. Too bad that I don’t have enough time to hang out as much as I want.

    • 3.5 bbstl

      Hi Dalkiiya!
      Isn’t dramabeans the best? Glad to see you here 🙋🏼

    • 3.6 owl

      “finger hearts” – so cute! ♥

  4. gadis

    I just watched promo for animation movie Trolls and now I really want to see Park Hyung-sik and Lee Sung-kyung act together in a drama. They already have great chemistry with their voices alone. And it would be nice to see another rare same-height couple.

    • 4.1 Lizzie

      waaahhh they were the dubbed voice actors for that movie?? now I want to see it dubbed..

    • 4.2 fiddib

      same here! would love to see them act together!

    • 4.3 EZ

      Where do you watch the dubbed movie?

    • 4.4 Dalkiiya

      Saaaame!! As much as I love and ship Sung Kyung x Nam joo Hyuk i would love to see Hyung sik and Sung kyung in a drama together. I feel their chemistry too. Also, like I was telling my sister earlier, joo hyuk needs to step up his game seeing that Hyung Sik and Ji Soo has adorable bromance scenes in Do bong soon. Hahahaha

  5. Hallie

    I’m envying Park Hyungshik’s fans right now. They can see him in new drama right after another his drama end next week whereas I have to wait for months to see my favorite actor Lee Jongseok in drama again and there’s still no news about Park Bogum’s new drama 🙁

    • 5.1 Greenfields

      I have to agree with you – where is Lee Jong Suk?? >_< How much longer do I have to wait?
      Also, Lee Seung Gi. It'll be another year at least.

      • 5.1.1 Hallie

        I think Lee Jongseok starts filming While You Were Sleeping this month but i don’t know when the drama will air, anybody knows?

    • 5.2 rentenmann *SWAG*

      You know who else I miss? Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Soo-hyun. Where are they? I also have love for Lee Jong-seok, Park Bo-gum, and Lee Seung-gi. Come back, y’all!

      • 5.2.1 redfox

        the first do are doing movies.

        • rentenmann *SWAG*

          @ redfox Aha, thank you! Please come back soon to TV!

    • 5.3 gadis

      As a Park Hyung-sik’s fan, I’m definitely in my happiest place right now. Though I’m also still (im)patiently waiting for Daniel Choi’s return from military service. These 2 years feel extra long somehow.

    • 5.4 Cozybooks

      I’m on pins and needles waiting for While You Were Sleeping!

      • 5.4.1 monologue

        I can’t wait for while you were sleeping to the point that I’m even watching uncontrollably fond rn to see if Suzy’s acting changed much since Dream High. Why am I doing this to myself.

        I’m hoping VIP will get edited and released soon to tide us over TT TT

        • Cozybooks

          YES. I want to see VIP so bad. While I was re-watching W: Two Worlds I could see more how his acting changes to fit the roles, I’m excited to see him as a villain.

          I don’t know what to do about the casting for While You Were Sleeping, I want to give Suzy a fair shot, and I want to believe in the writer-director’s abilities to work with their talent and I mostly just really, really, really want to have new episodes of LJS on every week.

        • Hallie

          Suzy’s dramas that I had watched are only Dream High and Gu Family Book. I like her as Hyemi (and honestly I like the chubby suzy, very cute) but I don’t quite remember her character in GFB. I hope Writer Park Hye-ryun can write her character in While You Were Sleeping as likeable as Hyemi.

          • Cozybooks

            I’ve never seen anything with her in it, I’ve just heard some controversial stuff about her acting. I bet she’ll do great, though, and she’s worked with this writer before so I bet that will help.

    • 5.5

      Hwarang was my first show seeing PHS in. I mainly started watching it for Park Seo Joon, but after the second episode I fell for PHS and kinda forgot about PSJ. Unfortunately, due to pacing, lack for character dept and explanations, I kind of lost interest in his PHS’s character so that why I’m really looking forward to his new show where I hope he gets the girl.

      The funny thing about going through your favourite star withdrawals is that it can give you a chance to find new actors to fan over resulting in a cycle where you hopefully don’t feel a huge void in your life as much. lol.

      • 5.5.1 Who'sScruffyLooking

        You should watch High Society. PHS is the second lead but his romance with the second leading lady is better than the main couple, and they have a happy ending too.
        Even if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just watch when PHS is on and FF the rest.


          Will do. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Tired when watching Missing 9.. How this drama so promising at first but it came so annoying now.

    • 6.1 chanelboy

      Same, since ep 7-9, it was so sadd sadd sadd.

      everything went down about TAE HOON being evil.
      this is not LOST anymore, is not about missing & the issue of how they stranded in island anymore, is just about the hunter n the hunting down chasing.

      and, at least if u want to make this about that psycho route, make it fun shows! make them smart!
      Watching them makes our day even sucks!

      • 6.1.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

        It’s become more stupid now. The only good things that they don’t make Joon Oh lost his memory. So freaking annoying that all characters never help female lead (At the present). Polices so stupid too.

        • Greenfields

          This is quite depressing to read. It started out so strong and has so much potential.
          But to be honest, I began to fell the same way around episode 4 and by episode 6, decided to allow myself to fall behind, and watch it only when I have the time and motivation to do so. But if these are the reviews it’s getting, I’m going to take it off my list altogether.

          • gadis

            I was having a blast in eps 1-3 and then it started getting bloody. By eps 6, I was solely relying on recaps and comments and still haven’t found my will to continue it. I wouldn’t mind the killing spree if it was done in interesting story line. The one in this drama, though…

    • 6.2

      Well now I feel some additional justification for dropping it after the first episode. Phew.

    • 6.3 owl

      Agree. I actually started to recap Missing Nine but couldn’t continue as I completely lost interest. I tried hard to stick with it but…just wasn’t there for me.

      • 6.3.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

        I skipped many scenes when I watching. Just cut it to 12 eps. It’s too long and lagging because don’t know what to describe in 16 eps.
        And I see in dramawiki, it’s write:
        – Screenwriter: Son Hwang Won
        – Creator: Han Jung Hoon
        Son Hwang Won is the one who turn it to a mess.

  7. Sera The Ms Temper

    Just done rewatching Chief Kim from epi 1-8 today and I watched epi 7-8 twice also today lmao. After Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (also with name ‘Kim’) , i finally found something who really made me totally invested. Nam Goong Min is hilarious, love his frenemies with Junho – when CK annoyed him and him getting annoyed by CK lmao. Add one more, with Chairman’s son. I love female lead too, they made her smart as well. Epi 8 totally crack me up lol. I couldnt stop laughing.

    Another one I love Rebel too. After long time didnt find any interesting sageuk, finally something I love.

    Introverted Boss made me confused sometimes but still gave me the amount of humours that I need. Hwan Ki and Panda should win the Best Couple. I want to be the Panda and accompany him everywhere.

    • 7.1 Greenfields

      I’m only watching Chief Kim and Rebel from all the new shows.
      Chief Kim is indeed hilarious. ^^; Workplace humour always gets me – make me look at my own workplace with a lighter heart.

      • 7.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Workplace shows are always my thing – I loved Ms Temper, RTDK and now Chief Kim. And I am perfectly OK with less or no romance at all. 😅

        • Greenfields

          Completely with you on the absence of Romance.

          Also, Ms. Temper is on my to-watch list. Your handle clearly suggests that you recommend it. ^^

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Yes I am basically suggesting Ms Temper to everyone lol. Ok Da Jung (the female lead) is my girl crush. 😉

    • 7.2 rentenmann *SWAG*

      Hwan-ki/Panda couple for the win!!! I loved that whole sequence, so cute. And Chief Kim is quite the ride. The last scene in episode 8 had me dying laughing. Hey, if you’re put in time out indefinitely, may as well be comfortable!

      • 7.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Hwan Ki should get Panda for himself too. Wouldn’t it be so adorable ? lol.

    • 7.3 WishfulToki

      I’m with you on Chief Kim and Rebel. One is like fizzy drink and the other is like rich red wine.

      Chairman’s son is hilarious. He’s so afraid of Chief Kim lol.

      • 7.3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes I agree with you. Chairman’s son also embarrased on himself because he is afraid of Chief I want more scenes of them. They are hilarious. I love the Intern too. I like that in this drama, everyone is quite smart and not totally dumb or candy type.

        • rentenmann *SWAG*

          And that Goblin OST as the intern and the trampled-on maknae of Chief Kim’s group had me in stitches. There were so many funny scenes, I’m forgetting to mention them here. I’ll think of them later, of course…

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            The intern I referred was the one in Accounting Dept actually hehe. But yeahh the random Goblin OST lmao.

          • WishfulToki

            Yes, like that shower scene… rofl

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            @WishfulToki the shower scene will never be the same again. First he made us swooning but in few seconds everything becomes so funny.

      • 7.3.2 bbstl

        Episode 8 was so funny that I have to re-watch to catch what I missed while I laughed too hard. The Chairman’s son, who is that actor? We need to see more of him. And I’m so happy the show has high ratings because Namgoong Min has always been great to me but this will finally show Korea why he deserves to be a STAR. And seriously – omg, that shower? How did he keep it together???

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          The Chairman’s son actor has been always playing supprting roles and also funny characters. I have seen him in other projects but couldnt remember his name. He and that Intern Girl actually played a couple in one weekend drama, and both them always playing funny characters. They should made these two have more scenes here too.

          This drama actually has become a sleeper hit, I never thought this will get high rating but glad it made it.

          • nuwoy

            Yeahh.. The chairman’s son. Who is he? I’ve been googling him but to no avail.

          • fan

            Chairman’s son actor- His name is Dong Hwa (real name: Kim Hyung-kyu). He debuted in 2009, and did a few dramas including playing a resident in ‘Beautiful Mind’ last year. I remember him the most as Mantis in jtbc’s Last.

    • 7.4 capt_blackdog

      Oh man, after seeing these comments I have to start Chief Kim! I’m a fan of Namgoong Min, but have been waiting for more episodes to be out and for more free time to binge watch them all.

      • 7.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Imo, I love NGM in Chief Kim way more than I loved him in Gongshim… 🙂

        • capt_blackdog

          Really??? Heck, gonna watch the first episode as soon as I’m done with dinner!

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            I hope you will enjoy it!

      • 7.4.2 Cozybooks

        I know! I wasn’t super interested in the premise, but all this makes me think it’s really hilarious. I’ll have to check it out this weekend.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          When I saw the teasers, I wasn’t that interested but decided to watch for NamGoong Min. It is end up as my no 1 to watch now. Lol. Glad you will try it and hopefully you will enjoy it like us too.

          • stuffed

            LOL! I just had to chip in to say how much I agree with you. I wasn’t planning on watching at all. Not sure if the promo didn’t do the story justice because once you’ve watched it you are sure to be hooked.

    • 7.5 azzo

      Yes, Chief Kim is awesome, Namgoong Min as Chief Kim is the best thing really, I can’t imagine anyone else nailing this role other than him. Especially this week’s episodes killed me, I could not stop laughing, I think I’m gonna rewatch episode 8, too.

      • 7.5.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes I also cannot imagine other actor playing Chief Kim. Epi 8 really made me laughed non stop. I think my roomate probably thought I was going crazy lol.

    • 7.6 Carole McDonnell

      Seconding Rebel and NamGoong Min. I didn’t watch Introverted Boss, though. Not missing it, either.

      • 7.6.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes Yes!

        Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin) made me like Intro Boss but I dont really invested with the storyline. But will watch until the end, it is quite a fun to watch.

  8. azzo

    I miss Lee Seung-gi!

    I was listening to some music today and Jung Joonil’s voice in Goblin’s OST First Snow kind of reminded me of him and I realized I miss him. I’ve always liked him but never to the extent to go search and stalk his dramas but after the realization I’m planning to do exactly that! Does anyone know when will he be back from the army?

    Learned about Yoo Ah-in’s bone tumor, hope he gets well soon, I never thought twice about him until I watched Six Flying Dragons, one of my favorite sageuk dramas ever, everyone was great but I was blown away with his performance, I was wishing to see him again soon and in Chicago typewriter, but his health comes first, so if he rejects it can the offer go to Yoo Yeon-seok? I think he’ll be great for that role!

    In love with Park Hyung-sik and Lee Sung-kyung’s acoustic version of True Colors, can’t get enough of it, and now I want to see them in a drama together!

    • 8.1 gadis

      Ikr? Park Hyung-sik and Lee Sung-kyung gave me sooo much feels. I need them acting as a couple in drama soon.

      • 8.1.1 azzo

        Yes, let’s pray to the drama gods, we need a Park Hyung-sik and Lee Sung-kyung drama, please!

      • 8.1.2 Celine

        I wish for this pair to happen too!

    • 8.2 MyGirl2016

      Recently I have been missing Lee Seung-gi too. Weird because a couple of months after Gumiho I had totally forgotten about him. Now I am listening to his songs and rewatching bits and pieces of Gumiho.. and sort of craving for him? Craving might be a strong word. Just missing him..
      And I opened the dramabeans page to read OT and lo and behold – Lee Seung-gi (Not 1, but 3 🙂 ) on the header picture thingy (I don’t know what the technical term is!). It’s making me miss him even more. ha ha

      • 8.2.1 azzo

        It just feels so long since the last time we saw him in anything, I didn’t even know I was missing him until today, LOL!

        The headers (Yes, they’re called headers, rotating ones, hee) are a treat. I love opening the DB page and finding my favorite actors in the headers, always good to see beautiful faces.

  9. Carole McDonnell

    Hello all:

    Today is my son’s 27th birthday. Every year I hope and pray that God will give me a present by healing my son, and every morning I study my son’s behavior etc to see if he’s changed or improved. I listen for his voice. I do believe God’s working and whatever happens, whatever I see, all will be well. As Julian of Norwich wrote, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

    I’m saying all this and I feel so immature saying this but there is such a great joy in realizing the end of a story will be a happy one. To me, this is such a profound thing for my life and for my drama-viewing. Maybe I’ve gotten old but I can only endure all the angst and trials the characters endure if I know things’ll turn out well. During the first week of its broadcast, I made the mistake one day of looking at ​an interview about “Still Loving You,” the daily on KBS World TV on YouTube.

    In the interview, I found out (no spoiler) the ending of the drama. Pretty much. Those Kdrama interviews and synopses can reveal a lot. So I know who will be marrying who in this drama . Sometimes I leave a drama when the characters’ pain becomes too much, but because of the interview and synopsis, I can endure all the trials the characters are going through. There’s a great peace in having read the end of the book so to speak. Upshot of all this: I’m not worrying too much about the trials the heroine in “Still Loving You” is going through. It will all turn out well. And I have to believe that all will turn out well for my son as well.

    Currently judging some writing contests and had to wade through a writer’s depiction of black conversation. The blackcent, the vocabulary, ah me. I was gentle with the writer but I did kinda roll my eyes while reading it.

    Watching and loving: Rebel. Angst time, but the story has been so unpredictable in so many ways that I’m loving it. This entire thing has the greatness and vibe of Six Flying Dragons.

    Tomorrow With You: I’m dreading the vice-president’s attempt at corporate take-over. But if he’s attempting it, shouldn’t our time-traveler know about the takeover since he reads newspapers from the future?

    Voice: Uhm…I like this but it doesn’t grab me as much as it should.

    Good Manager: Fun, although it has so many storylines and characters that it seems choppy at times.

    Innocent Defendant: The villain is more interesting than the hero, which is a problem. The hero is merely a victim and nothing else. Of course I’ve had a crush on the actor who plays the villain since forever. So there’s that.

    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 9.1 Wag_a_Muffin

      I repeat this over and over,
      “It is all going to work out.
      It is NOT going to work out like you think it will.
      But it is all going to work out.”

      I pray for your son and for strength and comfort for you.

      • 9.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thank you. It’s hard at time but it definitely helps one’s mind and one’s spirit to expect good. As Browning said, “There’s a kindheartedness at the center of the universe.” I have to believe that all will turn out well.

    • 9.2 korfan

      Carole –

      Sending birthday greetings to your son. May he have a great day and a wonderful 27th birthday! ….. And yes, may all be well indeed.

      Ooo, the Six Flying Dragons comment piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to Rebel. I’ve certainly been hearing/reading positive things about it.

      Have a great weekend also!

      • 9.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I totally believe wishes affect the cosmos.

        Tons of Gravitas in Rebel. And nicely unpredictable. I didn’t recognize our Gil Dong at first. I kept saying, “Who is that? I know this guy?” Then, voila! Realized it was my big crush in SFD. Am so happy he has a lead role.

    • 9.3 Cozybooks

      Happy Birthday to your son! I’m sending up prayers that he’ll get better.

      As for knowing the ending, I’m almost the same way. I always tend to read the last page of a book first–not only to know if it ends happily, but to know if the characters have grown from their description on the back cover. Similarly, I like knowing that a drama will end happily. But if I read the end or learn the end right in the middle, in all the angst, I’m usually more likely to drop it if it’s still airing. “eh, I know they’ll end up happy, maybe I’ll tune in for the end then. But I don’t want to watch angst-buckets. So until then, I’m out.” That’s kinda my thought process.

      • 9.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        Oh wow, i’m just like that. I was happily watching Nirvana, and being totally happy that I was at last enduring a Chinese period piece…and then I made the dumb mistake of looking at the episode synopses. After that, I couldn’t watch it anymore.

      • 9.3.2 Carole McDonnell

        Oh, and thank you so much for your birthday wishes to my Gabe.

    • 9.4 Peridot

      Happy Birthday to your son, Carole :).

      I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please be well and take care.

      • 9.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks so much. Hope you and your sisters are doing well. Happy creativity!

        • Peridot

          We are doing all right :). Thanks for asking :)!

    • 9.5 Mermaid Scribbler

      Prayers for you and your son. Hang in there. You never know what discoveries can be made at any time and I personally believe that God can do anything. Easier to say than to live, so sending lots of hugs your way.

    • 9.6 owl

      Happy 27th birthday to your son, Carole ~

  10. 10 Greenfields

    I started K-dramas with City Hunter about 6 or 7 months ago, so I’m fairly new to dramaland.

    But something’s been bothering me since City Hunter. Lee Min Ho’s character was clearly a ‘hero’ in the traditional sense, but all of his wealth and riches came from the illegal drugs and arms trade conducted by his adoptive father in other countries! How come nobody has anything to say about this?

    I’ve noticed this trend in Korean dramas. Off the rop in The K2, the man killed plenty of people abroad, including an innocent police officer in Spain (opening of ep 1, the man was just doing his job – guarding the daughter of a Korean politician), but not once was he condemned for it. So long as he didn’t kill a fellow Korean, all was clearly, forgiven.

    • 10.1 Greenfields

      Off the top of my head, I remember that in The K2*
      (don’t know why it became off the rop)

    • 10.2 WishfulToki

      Speaking of a Lee Min Ho drama, I was surprised that in Legend of the Blue Sea his mother never found out he had become a conman…

      • 10.2.1 Greenfields

        Haha is that so? I dropped legend of the blue sea around half way through.

      • 10.2.2 Islander_58North

        I got the impression she had figured it out, but didn’t want to beat her son up over it knowing what a hard life he had.

    • 10.3 CatoCat

      Drugs allowed to be sold to any country except My own Country. Such patriotism. It brought into frame the notion of Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists. It was a revenge drama and i found no heroic in that c-grade nonsense.

      • 10.3.1 Greenfields

        Precisely! Thank you for putting it in perspective. Good terrorists and bad terrorists. My point exactly. A hero for some, the son of a group in organised crime to others. As one of the ‘others’, I have a fundamental problem with such shows.

    • 10.4

      If you’re looking for the bad guy to get their comeuppance in a K-Drama, you may be hard pressed to find it. It’s a really frustrating issue for me. I could kind of understand it in a sageuk if they haven’t taken a lot of liberties with history–which is one of the reasons sageuks piss me off half the time–but I really don’t get it in an original work. The worse offenders are those who completely gloss over the fact that the evil character has been a total #@*%! and the last episode has them being all happy. Argh!

      Have you seen Boys Over Flowers yet?

    • 10.5 Purple Owl

      Is Lee Min Ho’s character a hero in the tradition sense?

      I was so sure he was an anti-hero with a few sold “average” morals.

  11. 11 chanelboy

    Annyong Beanies!

    This week is a bless! I watched so many good dramas & figured out so many funny zanny hurt-my stomach laughed stocks!

    ost stay with me punch still hanging on my dead brain for 2weeks! this song seriously genius! Hazy mysterious & beautifully fits our deokgebi!
    all skits about goblin make me excited & click baited everything, Gag concert deokgebi, RM Sukjin Nose Goblin, Kwangsoo same Lanvin coat w/ Gong Yoo, how I move on??
    *this drama may not be the best written, but to be the “special drama” doesn’t need best formulas, the reaper goblin, ost, the witty banter, jokes & fashion, the daily routine of watching them , all that enough to bewitching me & the rest of us. See u again, u won’t drink the tea rite?

    I admit I’m wrong, very wrong. I used to be fed up of Nam Joo Hyuk, (dont ask why), I tune to 4times ep1, & can’t continue. until that day, I pushed myself & after ep 4/5, especially after they bcm couple, OMO I go crazy lalaland with them!
    Seriously I m so disappointed why the writer makes them fall in love at ep 11?
    not since EP 2? WHY?

    Seriously, if u fan of this lovely loyal group 7012, u shud watched this!
    is GEM! I, personally have stopped watched since 2016, I was busy & kind of bored of them apart of 3 group always, but this ep, I laughed, get adrenaline pump again at the end game, & the member seems try their very hard to win as well! u can tell! It feels like RM REBORN back to 2010 again!

    HAHA, i know, last year this drama was fuzzy waazzy and make its own hallyu wave in OT DB, i missed them as couple & partner in crime, shit, I want moreee of this cakes..

    Tbh, i only watched the rich family part lol, and so sad of them being bankrupt, but the most stupid charc arc is Jiyeon gold digger, I tot she is half want better life forherself half love her husband, but No, mm, the moment her husband family went down, she immediately left him to her friend house… I don’t even know why i invest my time in her story arc tho haha..

    lastly, can lovely beanies give me suggest & review:
    – i want a good revenge/money hunger sort of drama (not below 2011, it’ll be too old haha)
    – cute not boringg fluffy and mixed not just lovee drama (like kim bok joo)
    i watched sassy & dream high already

    I wanna try watching :
    *I remember you (since beanies said is good)
    *hwarang.. how about this?
    *nightlight …anyone??

    • 11.1 WishfulToki

      I’m not usually into revenge dramas, but the Princess’ Man had revenge and romance. Perfect.

      Cute and not boring: Hwarang started out like that but became bogged down with the love triangle. Instead try Chief Kim. It’s crazy funny. I also liked Beautiful Gong Shim.

      Reply 1997 and 1988 for cute+family and friendship+romance.

      • 11.1.1 Greenfields

        Second Princess’ Man. Also had one of the strongest female leads on television, and I don’t mean just Korean TV, but globally.
        Beautiful show. Strongly recommend (by me, at least). It’s not about hunger for money though.

        • Carryon

          3rd on princess man!! MCW was so awesome in it! I normally don’t watch sageuks but I really enjoyed this one.

    • 11.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      Good revenge drama – Try Nice Guy. Giant is my favourite but long episodes, but very worth it to watch. If you dont mind sageuk, Princess Man and Empress Ki probably good choices. I like female centric revenge drama , but not so much on prime time drama. So I choose daily drama instead.

      Night Light imo not that great, it could be a boring to watch depends on what are you looking for. Try Empire of Gold instead.

      • 11.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Secret imo actually a good watch. my all time favourite too.

        • gadis

          Secret is a great revenge drama. As long as you accept that the logic is perfectly make sense in their messy world. And it was a drama that almost fully operates on feelings. It’s sweeping in all its craziness and makes you completely forgetting the faulty logic anf occasional plot holes.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Yes agree with you. I was more into the characters,than the plot. The acting from the main casts also great.

      • 11.2.2 agoodheart

        Nice Guy is my gem!

      • 11.2.3 Sojuboy

        Green Rose based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Great Revenge Drama.

    • 11.3 kahaiyaa

      heartless city

    • 11.4 chanelboy

      @wishful toki
      i watched PM, yes its very nice hehe^^

      oh yes i want Chief Kim, but i will wait till it completed.
      I try ep 1 BGongShim, but I can’t get thru,hmm.. maybe next time.. thank u for ur suggest!
      Actually tried Jealousy Incarnate, but still stuck at ep 2 also kekek^^

      @Sera Ms Temper
      Hi Sera! remembered we used to be huge fan of LMIUD, lol.

      Oh yes empire of gold, thank u!

      I watched Midas, is a bit dull but i enjoyed silently watching, not so much fanfare inside but is okay. Is it Nightlight like Midas?

      Empress Ki will be full of dedication, I finished SFD, HWAJEUM, TDR, QSD, it drained me. I will find time 🙂

      • 11.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yeah remember the old good time kekeke. Midas probably a bit better than Night Light. I suggest you try it first, i loved the sismance between the female leads.

        Yes Empress Ki needs a full dedication. Happy watching Empire of Gold. That one also my favourite.

    • 11.5 Carole McDonnell

      Good Revenge Drama:

      favorite dramas

      Punch, Golden Cross, The Chaser, Syndrome. Syndrome is older and medical. I recommend Punch very highly

    • 11.6

      – cute not boringg fluffy and mixed not just lovee drama (like kim bok joo)

      It’s a C-Drama, but I liked Love O2O a.k.a. Just One Smile is Very Alluring.

      *hwarang.. how about this?

      Hwarang is good but a bit of a mess at the same time. It mixes humour and seriousness pretty well in the beginning but a lack of dept in the characters and pretty poor pacing prove somewhat annoying coming down to the end. It’s a watch but not a must watch in my book. I started watching it for Park Seo Joon but happily found Park Hyung Sik in the process–yay upside!

    • 11.7 owl

      Have you seen 38 Task Force (Police Unit 38)? money/revenge/hunger sort of drama, 2016

    • 11.8 Lainly

      Definitely watch I Remember You. Good suspense n acting. Park Bo Gum was awesome

    • 11.9 MM

      Not sure if i’m too late for this.. but I found Yong Pal my best revenge drama.

      Joo won is the name to rely on.. that’s no doubt. However, the drama itself does not deal with medical stuff as much as its name suggests. Kim Tae Hee is really good doing the vengeful role. Personally, this is my favorite sort-of-revenge drama.

  12. 12 Midnight

    Topic of unsatisfactory pre-produced dramas is quite hot these days. Currently rewatching What’s Up again and I seem to remember it was pre-produced? Wasn’t it? It’s fantastic every time I rewatch it. It’s magically good from every aspect imaginable. The story, the music, the directing, the casting, the characters, the small moments, the big moments, the beginning, the ending, everything.

    • 12.1 fan

      I think it was pre-produced. I still can’t believe the writer of Sandglass wrote What’s up. I mean What’s up is good – just so different from her other works?

    • 12.2 Midnight

      And I’m wondering about two things too.

      One, the director of What’s Up, there is no other credit to his name on the net, is that correct? Or does anyone know any other of his works?

      And number two,
      the actor playing the harsh sunbae, he isn’t listed in any of the sites naming the cast, but his role is much bigger and he acts much better than to be a one-time extra. Does anyone know who he is?

      • 12.2.1 fan

        I wonder who is the director you are referring to. Director of What’s up was Song Ji-won (2nd was Jang Mi-ja- both female) who was actually the writer Song Ji-na’s younger sister. She worked as assistant director for 10 years and her dramas include ‘Fashion 70’, ‘SeoDongYo’, ‘Painter of Wind’, ‘White Tower’.

    • 12.3 owl

      Love What’s Up, haven’t seen it in a while.

  13. 13 SLVR

    Hi guys, I am having a bit of a Chinese Drama moment now, and am watching two series, PRINCESS WEIYOUNG and PERFECT COUPLE (Tiffany Tang is so cute!)

    Can anyone recommend me any Chinese period/historical dramas with strong/epic romances? Thanks in advance!

    • 13.1 WishfulToki

      Hmm, not particularly ‘romantic’, but Nirvana in Fire is the best Chinese historical drama I’ve seen, once you get into it.

      Another one: Prince of Lan Ling. It has a sweet main couple like Princess Wei Young.

      Oh, and the original Scarlet Heart (avoid the sequel like the plague).

      Would love to hear other options. Anyone watching General and I?

      • 13.1.1 Akita

        I have to disagree on this one. Moon Lovers is an upgrade of the traditional kdramas. It’s pure art. It was poetic and elegant. Kdramas productions have stagnated for quite sometime. Most of the dramas are too cheesy and poorly produced. The excessive flashbacks have intolerable. They could have just make those productions 12 episodes than use repetitive scenes.

        I have the cversion. That is too outdated but that could work 10 years ago during the Taiwanese Fated To Love & Secret Garden Era.

        Moon Lovers is phenomenal and I found such an amazing actor Lee Joon Gi. The best Korean Actor I’ve encountered so far. Though I would say Jang Hyuk and So Ji Sub are amazing too.

        • Akita

          *Sorry Not Secret Garden.. I meant Meteor Garden.

          • WishfulToki

            @Akita: I think you misunderstood me. I was not referring to the Korean remake of the Chinese Scarlet Heart (Moon Lovers) but the second season of the Chinese Scarlet Heart (Scarlet Heart 2).

            For the record, I love Lee Jun Ki and enjoyed Moon Lovers!

      • 13.1.2 sorrynotsorry

        I’ll second Prince of Lan Ling and Scarlet Heart.

        I finished up General and I. It is solid without being fantastic. They didn’t do a great job setting up the romance and the way it is filmed with slow motion and too much green screen took away from the drama but it is heavy on the romance.

        Eternal Love/10 Mile Peach Blossom is excellent if you like fantasy. The pacing is fantastic and the story just zips a long.

    • 13.2 Kay

      The Journey of a Flower was my recent watch and I loved it.

      I am watching the General and I – which seems like it’s going to be an epic love story of sorts…I’m just a couple episodes in.

      I loved the original Scarlet Heart – just don’t watch the sequel, it was terrible.

      • 13.2.1 fan

        How about Sound of the desert? I liked Scarlet Heart too.

      • 13.2.2 Cozybooks

        I’ll second the General and I. I haven’t kept up on it, but I love it still (I just need more time). It’s a very epic romance by the teens episodes.

        • Lady Jaye

          I’m just gonna say that if you are watching General and I, watch for the journey, not the final payoff, because….. That’s a recipe for disappointment

          • Cozybooks

            What?! Does it not end happily?! I’m not watching if she/he dies. I can’t do that.

        • Bwear

          Wow.. Is General and I really good? It seems pretty well-received by international fans. But there are so many negative reviews on Weibo and Chinese netizens LOVE to bash it. I even see Wallace’s own fans saying that it is crap. The Glory of Tang Dynasty and Yang Mi’s Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms,on the other hand, are gaining lots of positive reviews. And popularity wise, the two dramas totally overshadowed General and I in China. I was actually surprised to find out that General and I just wrapped up last week.. I thought it had already ended several weeks ago, because there was hardly any buzz anymore since TGoTD and EL: TMoPB joined the competition and started airing.

          So who’s watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms here? =D

          • Mania

            Includes Spoilers

            I really liked General and I. I think a lot of the bashing that the drama received was because the storyline varied at times from the novel. Having both read the translated version of the novel and watched the drama, with just a few exceptions, I actually preferred the drama over the novel.

            The drama does end happily for the H and h. Both the novel and drama conclude the main storyline with a battle and a one on one fight between the H and the antagonist. In the novel the H defeats/kills the antagonist. However, in the drama H has to be saved by the h who causes the antagonist to fall to his death. In both versions the H/h become the king/queen of the newly united 4 kingdoms (in the novel the newly united kingdom was named Ting after the h, however, this aspect was not as clear in the drama).

            I think people were also upset that no epilogue was provided in the drama showing the other 2 couples who had happy endings.

          • sorrynotsorry

            @Bwear I think fans just like to pile on. General and I is not a fantastic drama, but I’ve tried out plenty of C-dramas that were way worse so maybe their were expectations were not met. I actually think production issues like the way it was filmed, green screen use and perhaps AngelaBaby being just ok had something to do with it. (I mean she did get better.)

            Having said that, Eternal Love is great so far but I’m only on episode 13 so there is plenty of time for it to go sideways but the acting, the way it was directed & the pacing are all very good… far.

          • Nat

            I actually started off liking General and I, but I dropped it at episode 21. The pacing was just too slow for me. And I mean so many scenes were literally at a snails pace, and I like faster paced dramas. Some situations in the drama also seemed too implausible to keep my attention. I like Chinese historicals, but General and I was just not for me.

            I’m really enjoying Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms though. My two complaints about it are that it leaves some story lines suspended for numerous episodes when I feel like they are central to the story. And then, some events are not completely clear – either that or the subtitles on DramaFever aren’t doing a good job of conveying what they are really saying. But a great show otherwise!

          • Bwear

            I know. I haven’t read the novel and I usually tend to avoid Xianxia genre (not really my favorite), so at first I was like.. HUH? What? I don’t get what’s going on..? Who is this dude? Who is that dude?

            LOL.. I actually had to ask fellow live viewers on YouTube (Croton Mega Hit’s Channel) to explain a few things to me that was making me confused (watching it with Chinese subtitles). One commentator was kindly enough to give me a better and clearer picture of the characters and the relationship chart. And after 20 episodes I finally understood why Mo Yuan and Ye Hua are kind of the same, but not the same, who Dong Hua, Tian Jun, Zhe Yan are and what their relationship and purpose is and so on. Also, why these folks have to be struck by thunder in order to level up LOL. Yea.. It took me a while to get the hang of the mythological elements haha. But I’m enjoying it to the fullest now!

            BTW.. Is it just me or is Yang Mi back to her gorgeous days again like few years ago when she was absolutely stunning in Scheming Beauty? She is beautiful as Su Su and Bai Qian.. She has a very ethereal aura (surprisingly), but also a subtle seductive fox-ey vibe (I think it’s her round alluring eyes?) that really suits the character perfectly because Bai Qian IS a fox. All the ladies are like super duper pretty tho. Like even Ye Hua’s mom is gorgeous! She reminds me of Sung Yu-ri and Lee Young-ae..

    • 13.3 Mania

      I just finished watching General and I and highly recommend it. Great romance with a wonderful H and a highly intelligent h. My only minor complaint is that instead of 10 minutes of flash backs at the end would have loved an epilogue featuring the 3 couples and the H/h cute son.

      I also really liked Sound of the Desert which has a great romance triangle. The h ended up with the one I was rooting for but you do feel a little bad for the other guy (haha who am I kidding – he got what he deserved for being a noble idiot).

    • 13.4 Deedee

      I would recommend you Shan Shan comes to eat/Boss and me and since you like Tiffany My Sunshine. It two rom com sweet and fresh with beautiful handsome and talented actresses and actors.

      You should really watch Love O20 which is a university modern rom com with fantasy elements. It’s a loveable drama.

      IF you like fairy-wuxia, I really really like Novaland. And for adventure wuxia Chinese paladin 3 and Eternal Love which is aired now. Eternal Love as an audacious and courageous heroine as main character.
      If whiny and unable heroine is more to you liking, I recommend The Journey Of a Flower.

      • 13.4.1

        I second the Love O2O recommendation.

        As far as period pieces go, I liked Wu Xin: Monster Hunter (Killer) quite a bit. I think there is a season 2 on the way.

        • Deedee

          Thank you for backing my proposition 🙂

          No I am wondering how can have I forgot WuXin??

          OP please, listen to and included Wuxin in your watch list for your own good. It won everyone I know who watched it over. It’s a republican drama with fantasy element like Demon girl if you prefer female heroine.

          Yes a second season is coming with exactly the same cast except the main heroine lead.It will take place in the 40s if I remember properly. There are some superb stills out there already.

          Forgetting WuXin, my bad! Thank you to mention it.


            No worries.

            I haven’t really heard anything about season 2, so I thought it was just a rumour or something. Yay season 2!

      • 13.4.2 Carole McDonnell

        Seconding Shan Shan comes to eat

      • 13.4.3 Mermaid Scribbler

        Ooo – Shan Shan/Boss and Me is my favorite.

    • 13.5 John

      SLVR ~

      The Legend of Zhen Huan is a good C drama. It is rather long but worth it.

      Another is The Little Nyonya.

      • 13.5.1 Deedee

        I second The Legend of Zhen Huan/Empresses in the Palace.
        I did not know the Little Nyona, I will take the recommendation and have a look on it!

        Well I will seem stupid to you but what does SLVR stand for? Google told me silver Diner, I guess it’s not that.


          I think John was referring to the handle/name of the original poster of the post we are commenting on.

          • Deedee

            Oh thank you, I was pretty slow!

  14. 14 Almet

    Hi guys!
    I just finished watching empress ki and I was wondering whats your thoughts about the ending … (SPOILER i guess) i kept crying for a long time after it ended.I mean did they really have to do the scene of the Emperor dying?

    • 14.1 Delurker

      My thoughts are, that whoever intends to watch Empress Ki will be much happier if they stop at the crowning. I wasn’t a fan of the last-minute surprise villains and the fast-forward into tragedy. Up until then, one of the most addictive dramas I remember 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Almet

        Everything that happened after she became empress was kind of unnecessary but still how would the emperor know that she wasn’t writing any letters to wang yu ?
        Anyway,when i was watching i kind of lost track of sungnyang’s feeling i couldn’t understand who was the one she had feelings for. I wasn’t sure that she loved the emperor until the last episode.

      • 14.1.2 WishfulToki

        I second this. And I still mourn the off screen demise of Tal Tal, just to make the tragic ending complete.

        • Almet

          Ahh, tal tal i liked him more than wang yu and the emperor.he was smart and quite.he and sungnyang would’ve made a great couple.

    • 14.2 fan

      I can’t even remember the ending. What I remember was the scene Ji Chang-wook and Ha Ji-won fell? in the water (with all the rose leaves) (later Ha Ji-won said her heart fluttered that time) 🙂

    • 14.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      Aha. I was OK with that tragic ending because I was quite biased with Wang Yu, so since he died, Emperor should die too lol. I think that was fair. But I was mad because Tal Tal died too. The ending that I wanted was both the main male leads died, and let Tal Tal stay with her until the end.

      • 14.3.1 Delurker

        I was Pyeha team all the way, but Wang Yu’s death was what started the unnecessary descent into kleenex territory; I could have done without it. He could have just returned home to nurse his broken heart. Tal Tal, on the other hand, sniff, sob…

        @Almet The problem I found with Sungnyang was she was played as strong, but also emotionally closed off; I couldn’t quite see her feelings for Wang Yu either. And yes, it was a bit frustrating that poor puppy Emperor had been pining for her for 40 episodes, and she never gave him the time of day romantically speaking… 🙂

        • Almet

          I was team pyeha too and i really felt for his character with all his insecurities, weaknesses and love for sungnyang.
          On the other hand wang yu felt quite flat for me i mean he hardly spent any time with sungnyang and if he spent it was off screen so i didnt feel his devotion the only thing that i felt about him was his bromance with his subordinates
          @kimkim danashiri was a villian i loved to hate and her brother too, but the big baddie (her father)was a cartoonish villain
          Anyway,it was an addicting drama,that I watched the 51 eps in a week !

      • 14.3.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        @Delurker @Almet Yes most ppl were Emperor’s team and I know that. That was part of writer’s weakness as well because the story became nonsense. But I was definitely OK with two male leads died. Emperor also not something that I can love. Yes he was cute, young etc but I just didnt really like him. . Wang Yu was the first one for me. So when Wang Yu died, i thought OK writer make Emperor die too. lol. But Tal Tal was the favourite one and hus death really affected me.

        Anyway, I believe Sung Yang loved those two, but she was blinded with her revenge in which I didnt blame her. Anyone in her place will do the same. Well this drama, since it is sageuk i was OK with the tragic ending. Empress Ki was a badass woman, she chose revenge over love and that’s certain price she needed to pay.

        • Almet

          Well at least she spent a few years with the emperor so i’m okay with what happened. Anyway,thanks for the discussion. ☺

        • Delurker

          Haha I see you were feeling a little revengeful yourself :-p . Yes, it may have been partly the story’s fault that Wang Yu spent so long away from Sungnyang (and again, that she was doing so little to help us see him through her eyes), but I just couldn’t warm to him…

          In any case, his death was unnecessary, and I hate manufactured tragedy. I don’t like tragic endings either, manufactured or not, which doesn’t bode well for me; currently in the last stretch of Six Flying Dragons, and history is quite the spoiler, sigh… :-p

          Oh, and @kimkim, I loved Tanashiri too; I am glad they gave her a good ending. D-mn evil mothers-in-law 🙂

    • 14.4 kimkim

      Baek Jin Hee as Tanashiri was my favorite character from that drama

      • 14.4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes definitely. I love her as Tanashiri. Baek Jin Hee and Ji Chang Wook should reunite in ay project in the future.

  15. 15 Ally

    This is only my second week here on OT, but have had fun, so I’m back.

    My husband and I have also not moved on from Goblin, and when I say Goblin, just insert “Gong Yoo” every time.

    So while we were watching the 15th episode for the upteenth time on Valentines Day:

    Me: You know, as much as I think Golbin is amazing (in terms of his acting, personality, and how beautiful he is) if he were to stand here next to you, I’d pick you every time. (Insert cheesy Valentines Day AWWWWE here).

    Husband: Don’t even kid around with me! If he were standing here I’d even pick him! And then give him to you and concede the victory!

    Me: *Rolling on the bed laughing and crying my eyes out*

    Moral of the story: Whether heterosexual man, woman or alien, everyone loves Gong Yoo! *see what I did there?*

    Second Moral: GONG YOO, MY HUSBAND CONCEDES. I have no rebuttal.

    Third Moral: My husband and I are probably the coolest people in the world, and although we are not looking for any new friends, if Gong Yoo appeared on our doorstep, we might make room in our circle for him. 😉

    And thank you for the ideas for names of the kdrama video club. I tweaked one and it’ll be perfect! It’s not even a taken URL, which I’ll be reserving soon 😉

    • 15.1 capt_blackdog

      Hey, Ally… You and your husband do sound like cool people! By the way do you watch all kinds of kdramas together? My husband insists on only procedural/thriller dramas with no romance if possible. I’d love to watch something romance heavy with him but he just goes pffft and turns on Blacklist/Homeland/Elementary/whatever..

      • 15.1.1 Ally

        The shows your husband watches, we’ve seen together too! We like action/adventure, suspense/mystery, and of course, romance! We also like pretty people, so see if you can find a romance that stars a really pretty heroine that he would be attracted to. My husband likes Yoona for whatever reason– *me rolling my eyes now*

        But we don’t watch everything together. He saw parts of K2 and I couldn’t get past the 1st episode. I’ve seen a couple where I thought the lead actors were pretty, and he couldn’t have cared less. There’s a handful that we both like. We’re really picky with dramas too–too little time in the day, and we’re crazy busy. LIKE. ALL. THE. TIME.

        Good luck finding something you both like!

        • capt_blackdog

          Haha, finding him an actress to like might be the biggest challenge. He’s very bad with names and faces! I know he liked Lee Honey and, if I’m not mistaken, Park Bo-young. Anyways, I’ll keep trying (especially since Western romantic shows don’t get the same *nope* reaction from him). Thanks!

          • Ally

            Have you tried the General and I? It’s a C-drama, and Angelbaby is gorgeous, if you can get past her name! LOL!

    • 15.2 Sen

      Dear Ally,

      Antidote to this Gong Yoo virus cannot be found.

      One who is dying by his smile. And dimples. And beautiful tears. And delightful laugh.

    • 15.3 korfan

      Ally –

      Yes. You and your husband win the cool people award for the week. Heh!

    • 15.4 chanelboy

      HI ally!!

      U, Ur husband, and Me and my sister, we shud join a group fanfire about Goblin seriously. HAHA.

      MY GOBLIN GONG YOO FEVER hasn’t go down at any degree at all!

      check my post #11. I wrote down how crazy I am with goblin.

      • 15.4.1 Ally

        I saw that! Glad to see I’m not the only insane one!

    • 15.5 Celine

      LOL at you and your husband and your admiration for Gong Yoo! He is indeed love!

      Speaking of Mr. Goblin himself, his agency just released a statement yesterday that he will be reviewing new projects around late March and will most probably do a film next, so no Gong Yoo on the small screen for quite some time for now. /sigh The woes of a film actor fan.

  16. 16 Cozybooks

    Good morning, everyone! I can’t believe how warm it’s getting. I’m ready for winter to be done–and it just makes me more excited to wake up and have it be light outside instead of black or indigo blue.

    Thanks to everyone (@korfan, rudi, Sera the ms temper, chanelboy, and harmonyfb) who gave me options for what to watch with my friend next–I presented the top few to her and (lol) and she wanted to watch Kill Me, Heal Me (which I love, so even though it’s the one with more violence I’m totally pumped to watch it again).

    I have a college talent show tonight, just a really low-key affair, so I’m going to perform twice. One is a real talent (a slam poem I wrote) and the other is my true talent: watching drama. I’ve heard from all and sundry that I’m hilarious to watch when I watch dramas, especially with headphones on, because I’m screaming and gasping and trying to cover up the screen and giggling and calling people names. I try to keep it to a minimum, but when Yeol is being murdered (M9) I just have to let it out somehow. So that should be good.

    I hear the Dramabeans party happened, how was it? Anybody have a crazy connection to someone they met online?

    I’m watching:
    Introverted Boss (This one is fast becoming a favorite, I’ve actually really started like her. I don’t know about romantically yet, but I think that re-group did wonders)

    Missing Nine (Yeol… isn’t coming back… and why for heaven’s sakes would you ever pretend to have amnesia ever?! And why, when you’re in China, does everything suddenly become incredibly over the top-dramatic?)

    Mars (the first episode was eh, and then what’s that teacher doing?! and then holy crap he has no reflection?! So I’m gonna keep watching.)

    Defendant (She’s alive! she’s alive she’s alive she’s alive! And I can forgive him for kidnapping her because he couldn’t kill her then and he’s not now. Just. Don’t. Die.)

    Now, the only question remaining is: what’s a good, dramatic drama I can watch for my talent? Something to get my whole range of emotions going in 30-45 seconds? I’m thinking W: Two Worlds (no-face scene) but I’m open to suggestions.

    Happy Friday!

    • 16.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Kill Me Heal Me will be a good watch for you and your friend! I am thinking to rewatch if I have a time.

      • 16.1.1 fan

        +1 KMHM

      • 16.1.2 Cozybooks

        Lol it’s one of my favorite dramas, if I can just remember where to mute for english swearing in the last episodes. I still find it funny how knives are blurred and Korean bad swears are bleeped… but guns and swords and English swearing is fine.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          KMHM is also another drama that we need to close my eyes for some illogical things, but I was drawn with Ji Sung and his various characters.

          LOl on the english swearing 😂

    • 16.2 Carole McDonnell

      Is that Mars, the old Taiwanese drama? I really liked that one. Right now it looks as if the only dramas you and I are watching in common is Defendant. May I suggest Rebel? If you can deal with dailies, you can try to marathon “Still Loving You” which is being shown on KBS World TV on their youtube channel. I seriously love this and it’s great to wake up to it every morning. And all the emotions are there love of the cuteness of the main couple, teeth-gritting anger toward a mean pitiful villainess, tense worry. IT’s only up to episode 54 now so you have time to catch up on it. “Tomorrow with you” is also very good. Very mature storytelling and likeable characters. I’ve never understood Shin Mina’s attraction. But now I do. I’m now a fan of hers. And JeHoon is seriously sexy.

      • 16.2.1 Cozybooks

        Oh, I forgot to mention I’m watching Tomorrow With You! I might use the next episode for tonight. And part of me really wants to try Rebel, but the rest of me is still getting into Saeguks. Maybe this one’s it?

        And yes, it’s the old TW drama. ^^ How did their drama tone change so much in ten-fifteen years? Everything these days is over the top, cheesy etc. This is nothing like that.

        • Carole McDonnell

          It is! It is! So far, I’m super satisfied with it. I’ve seen so many sageuks but this one has done more any others in recent memory to show the pathological entitlement of the aristos and how that worked with Confucianism. The profound horror with which the rich folks look upon any idea of equality or challenging the supposed cosmic order is palpable.

    • 16.3 korfan

      Cozybooks –

      Kill Me, Heal Me is a good one! I hope your friend enjoys it as much as many of us here did.

      I’m wondering about the Dramabeans party also. I hope a good time was had by all who attended. I’m so bummed that I could not attend.

      • 16.3.1 Cozybooks

        I know. Part of me wanted to drop everything, find a way to get there and meet everybody. The rest of me and my GPA said “stay here and do your HW. You can drama later.”

    • 16.4 chanelboy

      Hi cozybooks!

      ur welcome anytime <3

      U watching Mars?
      That drama is like, bad taste, pretty presented macaron sells in quirky downtown?

      The story was so good actually, perhaps taiwanese drama's percentage of cut to chase, anti-dragged story wasn't their forte.. so yeah.. take those out, 8-10 eps will be best for Mars. haha.

      It has everything in premise!!
      Ur sexy badass racer boy who has family issues (check)
      Ur introvert abused yet brave & matured anti-heroine (check)
      Backdrop story involving mid youth grown up groups & moto gp racing? (check)
      Two lead were in their stardom w/Second Lead Synd from Meteor Garden fever (check)
      Their chemistry is undeniable since they both dating due this drama shooting as well (check)
      SEXY SEXY ROCK N ROLL OST ! (check 100 points)

      • 16.4.1 Cozybooks

        Lol +100 on the OST. I love it. ^^

    • 16.5 Lord Cobol

      Yes, the party happened. It was fun. Bigger than I expected — I’d guess 100+ people (?)

      Lots of the minions were there too. I was really nice to see the faces that go with all those recaps.

      I keep waiting/hoping for an official post about it, including pictures. Hint, hint….

  17. 17 Aanikha

    Speaking about C-dramas , I want to watch one. The one I have watched is Love me if you dare and it was so good , I dreaded waiting for the next episode.

    I have read about Love O2O and its massive popularity , Is it worth giving a try? I don’t really want to watch a heavy drama , so if it is light and fun , it will work for me .

    • 17.1 fan

      Love O2O – It is light and fun and cute. You will enjoy it.

    • 17.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      I love When A Snail Falls in In Love too. Wang Kai is 💜

      • 17.2.1 EZ

        How is the othee wang kai drama? where his ex girlfriend is a wedding planner..and loses memory at the start of the episode.. resetting the whole love affair

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I watched Stay With Me but not sure to recommend it or not. He and Joe Chen are gorgeous to watch btw lol. I think it will be better if it is around 20 episodes only. My opinion if the amnesia plot came a bit later maybe it will be great since the drama has many episodes.

    • 17.3 Sia

      Love 020 is very light and fluffy, minimal or no melodrama/angst, i binged it over a weekend when i needed something fluffy,
      i can also recommend boss & me (aka shanshan comes to eat), its from the same writer and also pretty light and fun 🙂

      • 17.3.1 Aanikha

        No melodrama ????? No Angst ???
        Oh dear god , I am definitely watching it.
        Well, how about noble idiocy?????Is it there ?

        • Sia

          not between the OTP, but a very tiny bit between the secondary characters due to the progression of story line,but its not very annoying, its just there for a few scenes and then its gone
          watch it, also read the novel, that one is slightly more compact (the drama had some additional storylines), but damn good,

          lemme know if you end up loving it or not 🙂


            That was a pretty good description of what makes Love O2O so good. I would say this though, the drama by itself is nothing amazing, however the drama by comparison to what can be the hellish maze of hair ripping tropes what plague many K-Dramas is not really present here, and that makes this show awesome. You still have some annoying characters, and stupid issues, but the plot moves along well addressing issues as it goes in a satisfying way. It’s also a pretty progressive show given its target audience and location–pretty strong female lead who doesn’t become a shell of her former self later on, hinting at a gay couple which is better than nothing, and a pretty interesting final scene.

        • Cozybooks

          If you want another reaaaally fluffy C-drama (TW-drama?) try Murphy’s Law of Love. I really liked that one. ^^

          • Sia

            adding to my watchlist 🙂 i was craving for another fluffy drama, thx for the recommendation 🙂

        • alua

          Zero noble idiocy in O2O. The best thing about that drama is that the lead couple like each other and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks about that. There are lots of idiots (and clichéd characters) around them who try to introduce angst, but the leads actually have self-worth and fully believe in each other (and communicate!). Quote the lead guy: “Why wouldn’t I trust my girlfriend?”

    • 17.4 Kay

      Oooh, if you liked LMIYD then you’ll really enjoy “A Snail Falls in Love”. I believe both are based off of books written by the same author.

      Love 020 is pretty good, I never finished it though for some odd reason…but Yang Yang is gorgeous..I think it may have been the female lead, she annoyed me for some reason

    • 17.5 Mania

      I also recommend My Sunshine. This drama is based on a novel by Gu Man who also wrote Love O2O and Boss and Me/Shan Shan Goes to Eat. All three of these dramas are really good.

      I also agree that the main romance in Love O2O is completely angst-free (but in a really good way). So much so that this couple never once even disagreed or argued about anything.

    • 17.6 Deedee

      Love 020 is the epitome of light and fun. Go for it, you will have a super nice and cool entertainment.

  18. 18 fan

    Happy Friday! Glad for long weekend (Presidents’ day)!. I dropped Voice because I couldn’t enjoy the set up where people listen to a person dying/get attacked on the phone. Instead I watched some J-dramas (Legal high, Woman selling house) and a few family dramas I didn’t finish. I also watched jtbc Package tour variety which had Yoon Doo-jun (Splash Splash love) with other 3 Ajussi. They go on a package tour with regular people and this time it was Switzerland. There was this couple in their 30s from Woolsan (close to Pusan) and the man was hilarious in the way he was struggling with his meal (too much cheese-He needed Gochujang). He complained he thought it was summer, and it was first time he took an airplane (why he chose like 17 hour flight trip as his first overseas trip? lol).

    Anyway Lee Yo-won(Night light) had an interview for her new film ‘Yes, Family’- a family movie where she played second daughter Su-kyung, the head of family.[Star New]. She had played self-assured, independent female character in the shows like ‘Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi’ and ‘Night light’ already. “Thesedays there are no pure innocent female leads. That character disappeared. When I was in my 20’s, a pure and pitiful female character was the core. They were everywhere, but now they are hard to find. When I filmed ‘Yes, Family’, I happened to turn on the TV during a break and watched an old drama, and I found the female lead was so frustrating. So I think female characters have changed over time. The status of female characters changed too.” She also played strong characters in old dramas like ‘Daemang’,’Queen Sunduk’, ‘Surgeon Bong Dal-hee’, ’49 days’. “It is true that I was more attracted to those characters. I think I like an independent female character who has firm goal and works toward that goal. I have not felt a character attractive who wants a man does everything for her, like in simple melo. There were times when I still wanted to do a melo, but those projects didn’t get good response. I think non-melo genre fits me better.”

    • 18.1 fan

      Lee debuted when she was 2nd year in high school and worked as model of magazines and drama leads, and she married when she was 24 years old (2003). She is mother of 3 children but has kept working. About a question if she has no regrets about the path she took, she said “I am a type who doesn’t regret much. Once I decide on something, I don’t regret. Of course I imagine about a path I didn’t take- like the man in ‘Lala land’. With different path, I guess there wouldn’t be something precious to me right now, but I would have gained something else. As a care-free single, I could have made good money. But this is my fate. This is what I chose and I accept it as my road. I didn’t live my life planning and analyzing. Every moment I worked according to what my heart wants, and I lived personal life the same way. Others might think “Did she try to take a path different from other actresses?”, but that was not the case.” About being a working mom, Lee said, “I think I am in better position [because of flexible schedule]. Working moms who have regular jobs seem to have more difficulties. It is even more difficult especially when they can’t get any help.”

      Wow mother of three children – Two thumbs up for Lee Yo-won!

      • 18.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Thanks fan. I cannot wait to watch Lee Yo Won’s new movie. And yes a mother of three but she still looks young and like a single woman. 🙂

        • merry

          Indeed, two thumbs up for Lee Yo-won. I think she was Kim Rae won’s first love. He had one interview where he hinted on a girlfriend from the same industry and how he had to travel far just to bring her home.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Yes I read the same too.

  19. 19 fan

    Kang Ha-neul (27) had an interview for his new movie ‘Jaesim(Retrial)’ starring with Jung Woo(Reply 1994). It based on the true story of murder which took place in 2000 in Iksan. It is called ‘Iksan Yakchon ohgeori taxi driver murder incident’ and the case was also dealt in the TV program ‘Want to know it’ in 2013 and 2015. It caught people’s attention because they turned the witness into the murderer. The accused (Choi) received ‘not guilty’ verdict in the retrial in 2016. In the movie Kang played the man who was accused as murderer and spent 10 years in the prison.

    Q: How did you get to do this movie?
    A: I was a viewer who was interested in the case. I heard this was the movie based on that incident, so I wanted to do it.
    Q: It is not a big budget movie. You are not interested in show’s success?
    A: I can say I have never chosen a project because I was thinking about changing image or success. I just pick if scenario is good. My motto is ‘Enjoy doing it’. When I did the movie ‘DongJu’ it was so under budget that we didn’t even have much lightening. We even used lights from cell phones. I thought such situation was fun. I just want it to have a little over the break-even point. I just hope there is no sad situation.
    Q:The main story of the movie is about two men – lawyer and the inmate who spent 10 years in the prison. Lawyer role went to Jung Woo.
    A:Well, it was same in ‘Miseang’. I just do whatever role given to me. I think there must be a reason I am given certain roles. I heard Director-nim said even though I was known for easy-going image, my eye was not one of nice guy’s. When I first met him, he said “Kang Ha-neul ssi seems to have evil eyes.” So I said “Thank you”. The character was framed as murderer because of his worthless good-for-nothing personality, you know.

    Q: Movies based on real events have generated social concerns. Did you feel any responsibility doing this movie?
    A: I thought it was just a movie, not the real incident. I thought what was in the scenario was the answer.
    Q: Have you met the real victim?
    A: Yes. He came to the set to cheer us on. I tried not to talk about the case, and just had regular talks. I thought it would be arrogant of me if I asked how he felt that time, or tried to pretend knowing about the incident. I couldn’t babble about his 10 years like I knew. When He said to take care of him before he left, I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t even say I would make it well. I just thought I should do my best in acting portraying what was written in the scenarios. Lee Jun-ik director-nim said if a movie emphasizes the message, it could become another violence.

    • 19.1 fan

      Q: How did you try to portray your character?
      A: I hoped to show a good-for-nothing characer in the movie. I thought I should show a person who could be misunderstood with his rubbish image, so I added bridge in my long hair, added more tatoo, and wore earings.
      Q: I heard you got beaten up mercifully in the movie.
      A: It is more comfortable getting beaten. It is better to show reaction from the beating than doing the beating. When filming I felt at ease getting hit. The feeling coming in my hands or emotions helps the acting. I think I have natural talent because even I get beaten up, my face doesn’t get swollen. When filming of the scene ended, make-up team and medical team came running and checked my face to confirm if it was swollen. But they asked me “You didn’t get hit?”
      There was a scene Jung Woo hyung slapped my face and we filmed it about 20 times. Later on Jung Woo hyung said to slap his face too. My emotion ran high at the moment so I slapped him, and his cheek got swollen. We couldn’t continue, so I realized. “Oh I was born natural about getting beaten up”

      Q: You have many motto.
      A: There were times I had difficulties. I wondered if acting was my path a lot. I thought that while I was filming ‘DongJu’. My image put into camera forever and that is The poet Yoon Dong-ju? I felt burdensome. I thought “Why acting is this difficult?” There is no right answer to acting, but you have to show it like there is. I couldn’t sleep well, I even took sleeping pills. I was not happy, so I started to meditate. I had same thought when I filmed ‘Moon Lovers’. Later I started to think I should be happier. I thought at least I had to be happy when I was around people.

      Q: You are known for your nice deeds and being polite. There were times your heart-warming stories were broadcasted. In Radio Star, they talked about Kang Ha-neul and Park Bo-geum’s battle of heart-warming deeds. Do you feel burdened?
      A: If I pretended it, I would feel burdened. I heard about Park Bo-geum and only saw him from distance, but he looked like a really nice person. I am not a nice person. I just hope people who are in the same space with me are happy, and respect and polite to each other.

      Q: Are you dating someone?
      A: Not now. When I go to the set I leave my cell behind so that I can spend more time with people I work with. It seems that way I become distant with the person I date.
      Q: What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about you?
      A: I think the biggest misunderstanding is the kind image about me. I am not that nice. People just see me in favorable light. Many people think it is fake too. When I was younger, I even tried to explain to clear up the misunderstanding, but I thought “why should I? I should just keep doing whatever I was doing.” I just think it would be nice if everyone is happy.

      • 19.1.1 fan

        About the casting for the film, director Kim Tae-yoon said, “I heard Jung Woo was looking for a scenario. I fell for him in ‘Wind’. I thought his flippant image resembled the lawyer in this film. I think there are many actors who can act looking cool, but there are not many who can portray changes of mind effectively. I believed Jung Woo was that kind of actor. Kang Ha-neul is similar in the age of actual victim. Even though people think Kang is nice, I felt evil vibe from his eyes. So I tried to show a character started as someone who could be burst even at a slightest touch, but transformed to show real image of a young man. In other words I wanted to start from opposite of Kang Ha-neul’s image and end with his image.”
        About their acting Kim said “I thought Jung Woo was an actor who acted comfortably. But I found he was an actor who prepare incredibly in detail to act comfortably. Kang Ha-neul is opposite. He came prepared for shooting I am sure but didn’t show it. On the set he greeted everyone and enjoyed talking friendly with people. I worried thinking “This is such deep emotional scene, why he is so cheerful?” But once shooting began he completely immersed in the scene. His concentration was amazing.”

        I loved Kang Ha-neul (and Jung Woo) in ‘Youth over Flowers-Iceland episode’. He laughed so much and they were such great bunch to watch. Hope their movie hits Daebak!(It’s doing well-had box office sales #1) Fighting!

        • Greenfields

          I’m looking forward to watching this movie now.
          Thanks for the translation!

          I find it so interesting that Kang Ha Neul slapped Jung Woo back. His emotions must indeed have been running high. He has such a ‘good boy’ image, it’s nice to hear (read) about a more natural reaction.

    • 19.2 Grisham

      Why Lee Joon Ik didn’t get a reasonable budget? He has been producing for a decade now. Could it be he doesn’t want outside investor to meddle and dictating him what to do.

      His most successful movie was still The King and the Clown. That was low budget too and despite being shown to only to 300 theaters it earned 11millions admissions. 300theaters was too low… Some movies are shown or more or less 1000 theaters.

    • 19.3 Akita

      KAng Hanuel Is one of the serious actors in his generation. For his age he had shown mature acting as 8th Prince in Moon Lovers. Him and Lee Joon Gi as 4th Prince in the drama were a joy to watch.

  20. 20 BoxFile

    Done with High School King of Savvy and I Remember You. Anyone, I dont care whether Lee Min Suk, Lee Hyung Suk or Lee Hyun, can just take my breath away…😍
    By the way Seo Inguk, thank you very kamsa for being born into this world 😍😍😍

    • 20.1 Delurker

      Hahaha I love your reaction 🙂

      • 20.1.1 BoxFile

        15+ alpha hahaha, 😍

    • 20.2 Cozybooks

      That’s the way I feel about several K-drama actors. Thank you for being born, I feel blessed to have watched you.

      • 20.2.1 chanelboy

        is High school king of savy good??

        • BoxFile

          @chanelboy oh it is such a perfect of a proper romcom with such an endearing hero and such a quirky heroine. If you are not fond of noona romance, maybe it will not suit to your taste but this drama is so good to me(their OSTs, their acting, etc etc). Give it a try first, Seo Inguk is such a gem in this drama! 😁

        • Carole McDonnell

          seconding High School King of Savvy. The best OST ever.

          • BoxFile

            This has become my number one OST too! So much feels! 😍

        • Celine

          High School King totally took me by surprise. I expected to like it just fine or just enjoy it, but I ended up loving the characters and the story too (although the ending is less than perfect for me and that’s my only complaint). I actually teared up a couple of times. Give it a try. 🙂

      • 20.2.2 BoxFile

        Yes indeed haha!

    • 20.3 MyGirl2016

      ha ha.. BoxFile, I see that the Seo In Guk fever hasn’t gone down yet. 🙂
      Also, judging from your last week’s reaction to the drama I doubt you are really done with King of Savvy. 😉 Be prepared to return to it over and over and over again.. Esp now that Gukkie will head off to military soon and we won’t get to see him in any projects for the next two years. Ouch.. saying that aloud actually hurts..

      • 20.3.1 BoxFile

        It does hurt indeed, I am counting the days when he has to leave! What a sad year to become a Seo Inguk fan 😢😢😢

      • 20.3.2 Boomboompow

        Oh the dreaded M word, it’s gonna be a painful 2 years.

        • BoxFile

          Ah I feel the withdrawal symptoms already! And I believe its not going to be easy to wait for that goddamn 2 years, sigh….

    • 20.4 Boomboompow

      Seo In Guk really captured my heart in Savvy, he really acted his guts out in this drama. His comedic timing is also impressive and I swear, this guy has like more than 20 facial expressions. Most of them are hillarious and lots of them are oh-so-swoony.

      • 20.4.1 BoxFile

        Yes it was the same for me too! I totally noticed Seo Inguk in SKL because I have started with this drama first, but it was High School King of Savvy that sealed the deal for me. Somehow I truly loved how Seo Inguk portrayed his Lee Min Suk persona, full of charisma and nuances. Yet the chemistry he sold with Soo Young, I felt like they were real and makes me wanna live in their world. Wish I could have Lee Min Suk in my life, haha. T

  21. 21 Nana Premane

    Hello Beanies,

    Not much of a commenter myself (shyness oblige) but I really love this place. You all are my drama friends that I do not have in real life. Only because this is one of the rare website where people are so welcoming and well-meaning, and like to talk about brainy things and Park Bo-gum.

    What I want to talk about is running on my mind for a few days now and I wanted to have the opinions of people who can relate.

    I am a kdrama fan of 10 years (OMG I’m so old) I love it and I try to convert my friends as much as I can lol. As such I have been exposed to kpop, I listen to the occasional song but it is not really my jam.

    I have seen however many kpop fan on the Internet saying that we kdrama fans are not taking anyone that is a kpop fan seriously. That we can have an elitist mentality.

    That just bugged me quite a bit because I realise that I am somewhat guilty of that : against acting idols and against everything a kpop fan from a idol group can say in their defense. It just ring to me sometimes as if they are not rational. Because some fans are downright intense and I means really intense.

    I may be too sensitive about this but I just hate generalisation as I am subjected to it in my life.

    I just see that when some idols actor are not really well welcomed in the comment section, some arguments to defend them are ruled as a kpop fan and thus not taken seriously.

    I wonder if it has to do with the idea that we (and I mean I) have that the demographic of kpop fan is very young when its not necessarily true.

    Some idols actor are talented, some are not but then again some “real” actors are and others aren’t. What makes us so irritated with kpop idols and most importantly what makes us not take them seriously ?

    And again I mean I.

    (This point leads to another discussion where we could ask ourselves what makes an actor legitimate to even consider starring in a drama ? Is it sheer talent ? Will ? Acting class for at least 5 years ? Struggling for success for years on end ?
    BUT this is a discussion for another day I am sorry I love philosophing and I am starving for interaction on my favorite subject.)

    I wanted to share with you my point of view, because I will try not to be so prejudiced. It doesn’t mean I can’t say an idol actor is crap at acting just that I would give him/her a chance even though I am writing this with clenched teeth I think of all the good actors out there struggling to land a role on a drama (jk… or not).
    Maybe I am under the impression that idols do not work enough, I don’t know and I try to understand.

    What are your thoughts on this, am I the only one thinking about this ? If so I will reflect on myself XD.

    I love you Beanies and I would live to meet in real life ! Where are yall hiding ?

    • 21.1 vei

      I think the perception is stronger because idol get role pretty easily while generating way more buzz than rookie actor, mostly without any casting,
      I think idol that undergoes casting mostly proved them (like siwan, eunji, eunye, hwang jung eum, hyung shik, sooyoung and much more I can’t mention) to be just fine, especially on the part they get cast on,

      Idol came into the drama with fixed fans and some fan usually louder to show their support and it seems like they don’t care about the drama seriously, then even if they do bad, they’ll still get the cast if they still popular while that part could shined more if it was given to people who can actually act better,

      the example of missed opportunity for something better and greater

    • 21.2 Super Foxy

      Personally in my opinion, not all idol actors are bad. Park Yoo Chun, Im Shi Wan are the best examples that proves idol can act too. Try some of their dramas(Misaeng, Missing You) whereby their ability proves that if you have talent, idol or not, it would not matter at all. But there are idols who do acting, and whenever I watch them act, I just wish they should stick to what they do best; be an idol. Oh Seo Inguk is another example of idol actor who already passed his idol days, his acting ability also on the same par with actors who had long been in the industry. But sometimes talents are not enough, because being popular also one of the criteria to be chosen as the lead in dramas or films. Me myself for example, are not a big fan of kpop, but I always loved their OSTs in the dramas particularly. They always have beautiful OSTs, me think. Haha.

      • 21.2.1 fan

        (if this includes actress) I read Seo Hyun-jin was voted as #1 as the most successful idol actress.

    • 21.3 gadis

      Agree with other comments that it was somewhat easier for idols to get a lead role especially if they came from a strong agency. Of course, not all idol-actors are bad, but the trend nowadays that favors idols more might also contributed in the way people perceive idols who tried their luck in acting dept. And also, idols usually already have a very strong fan base, and some of them can be really vocal. Other people just can’t help it but add it as another negative point for idols and kpop. While not all kpop fans are like that, frankly it’s hard to find out which one is the fanatic fans. So when some people defend those idol-actors, they just got lumped into the same category.

      Actually, I am a Kpopers first befire I dived into kdrama world. And even now, I’m still wary whenever my two worlds collided. While I’m happy that some of my fave idols turned out to be a good actor, somehow I just prefer them to stick to singing, dancing, and doing variety. The criticism will always be extra harsh with their background as idols. And I feel like cuddling them away from all that.

      • 21.3.1 Nana Premane

        I agree sometimes the more noise kpop fandoms make the more we find it difficult to listen to them.

        But I think bias against idol actors has regressed now that we see so many talented ones.

        • merry

          In case you missed it, there was a discussion of this in Dramabeans recently. one of the top 10s.

          • Nana Premane

            Thanks I missed it 🙂

    • 21.4 Carole McDonnell

      Some singers are naturals at acting because performing onstage is like performing on stage. They take on personas for their songs. But some…not so much. I generally don’t mind if it’s a kpop idol in the lead. I’ve had moments where i will drop a drama if I think the story is all about showcasing the beauty of the actor…but that happens with non-kpop singers. Kdramas are overly-fixated generally on beauty and most leads are beautiful…that’s the only thing that annoys me. I’d like them to have more normal looking folks in lead romantic parts.

    • 21.5 Deedee

      Dear commenters, you are missing the point: the topic is not about the legitimacy of acting for an idol but the anti reaction coming from k-drama fans.
      The way some of you are answering proves that the question is really interesting.

      For me I really found this community a bit extra, snob and some of you may be really ridiculous ranting freewheel against idols as if the idol was stealer something from your pocket. But Koala is even worst so don’t worry you attitude is really the norm in the kdrama community.

      I don’t find the argument that the idol steal the spot from someone more talented valid at all because in the same way that being a idol is not about being a good singer, kdrama are not about finding the best actors.
      There are plenty plenty of terrible actors-actors. It’s really not necessary to focus only on idol-actor. And who knows if the role would go to a good actor and not a bad one when so many of them are so mediocre? K-entertainement you tolerance with bad acting is really concerning.

      Before being deemed as an annoying Kpop fan, I will disclose my preference for C-drama, who are my real jam. I am not a hardcore Kpop fan even if I know some songs.

      So what I am doing here since I find many of you guys narrow minded and judgy? Well I don’t come for you but for the articles who are admirable and I am grateful to the staff for their hard work.
      I am telling you that extremely respectfully. Feel free to ignore the troll and carry on your prejudiced and elitist attitude.

      Have a good weekend beanies!

      • 21.5.1 rest

        the statement for the thought as I see is
        “I am somewhat guilty of that : against acting idols and against everything a kpop fan from a idol group ”

        the commenters replied what they think of idol casting which in itself a reaction for the topic/statement above,
        how the idol casting generate buzz and how the drama fans see them,
        how they actually can understand that not all of them is bad,
        there’s the good one but when you looked at the lead role comparison which surprisingly have a lot of idols, it’s pretty low rated in performance than when they have actors,
        like asking the actor to sing,
        hyun bin practically make one song (can’t have you) more popular but people understand he was not an exceptional singer and he don’t release album regularly while most of the below average idol keep having drama filming with bad acting,

        it’s how the prejudice doesn’t come off without ground,
        you can actually point out that most of the new idol-action character is a made character which either a filler without need much acting or the leading lady when they are the “IT” girl.
        Because Suzy is more popular then Seo Hyun Jin or even Kim Seul Gi then the role goes to her, perhaps not a profit for both but a downside from making a good drama.
        Because IU is more popular internationally than Lee Bo Young or Mon Chae Won, that’s why the cast goes to her than casting newbie when they can’t get the actresses.
        When you said they didn’t steal the spot,
        no they don’t
        but they steal the potential of a good drama,

        you judged this community for their bias against but then you may haven’t seen how people also really divided into actors and actress itself when they get cast in a project, the reaction of Suzy casting is almost the same with jin se yeon casting which means people that watch the drama DO CARE about who get to play the role, smh

        then what is the question and the supposedly answer in your opinion?

        • Delurker

          I think you have spent much longer on your answer than you should have. When someone comes in throwing insults (“respectfully”, of course, that was actually funny) from the fourth line down, saying what boils down to “both idol and non-idol K-actors suck, I don’t particularly like K-pop, I am into C-drama anyway, goodbye”, they are not looking for an intelligent exchange of ideas. Please don’t enable trolls, we will all be happier…

          • Deedee

            This is exactly the kind of attitude that OP was talking about.
            And this is exactly why I used adjectif like snob, elitist and narrow minded. I am not asking you to have an epiphany but actually OP said she realised that kdrama fans community was seen by some as elitist and I simply agree that I see you like that too. I also explained why I disagree on the matter of idol acting. I guess you feel terribly insulted and I can be nothing but a troll.
            Thank you to level up to my expectations.

            I have never said the both idol and Kactors suck, like Trump you seem to have some difficulty to understand what you are reading. But it’s true that’s more easy to make point in distorting the reality.

            For the record if I shared that I was most into Cdrama and not so pressed about K-entertainment (even if I happen to enjoy it), it was for you to understand that I am not burning in the inside because I am feeling misunderstood. I have another passion in which I put more energy and it’s not a vibrant Kpop and kdrama fan who is talking.

            Unlike you I took the time to answer to you without calling you names.

          • Delurker

            “Feel free to ignore the troll and carry on your prejudiced and elitist attitude.” Essentially you were aware of how your post would look.

            But I refer to my other answer below.

        • Deedee

          I felt that the question was an invitation to introspect oneself about the reason why idol and Kpop community are not taken seriously and why do some of you despise them.

          I saw the answers stating that idol actors are like this and Kpop fans are like that, but not much analysis about. People was just repeating again the same thing they have always said about Kpop and idol without adding to the discussion. I stumbled about many comments like this already in this site.

          It seems to me that the questions were: Am I elitist? Why Am I like that? Why can’t tolerate them? Eventually: Why do I think my taste are better?
          It’s not in saying that the others deserve it that one completes a proper introspection. Imagine one asks oneself : Am I violent? And to conclude : Yes but I am annoy and they are shit, they deserve it.

          When you take Suzy has an example, you purposely choose the most extreme example. Even Suzy’s fans say “she is not that bad” or “she is progressing”. Few say “she is incredible as an actress”. And except Suzy, Yoona, Eunji and IU there are not may idols who get to be leading lady in public broadcast mini drama. Are one drama a year with the painful Suzy deserving of your feeling of righteous superiority?

          As for IU, I consider her like the category of idol who are bashed because they are idol and I can’t imagine Kim Seulgi as Hae Soo or Cindy. I find her good and she moved me with her acting. Plus Lee Bo Young is 38 and Moon Chae Won is 30 they can’t be cast for the same role than a 23 young woman obviously.

          And Seo Hyun Jin that you praised is an ex idol, even if she looks elegant and dignified. The same goes for Hwang Jung-eum who we are numerous to like.

          I didn’t understand that this conversation will be about listing the good idols actor again. Otherwise I would have pass.
          But If you enjoy rambling about why you are right and why idol actor are bad, please enjoy yourself.

          • Delurker

            I am not sure how this argument can be settled to your satisfaction. You attack commenters who dislike “bad” idol-actors, assuming that it is an elitist response to supposedly trashy Kpop, but examples of “good” idol actors aren’t enough to appease you, because, you say, you don’t want a list. So, is no one allowed to dislike an idol actor, under pain of being accused of elitism?

            Personally I am not invested in either side of the debate; aside from my undying love for SHINee (which doesn’t stop me from being slightly embarrassed to watch Minho), I know very few idols, and I have been both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised on finding out after the fact (say, D.O vs. Sohn Na-eun). With IU, I loved her in the Producers, loved her a little less in Scarlet Heart, so I do consider myself relatively free from Kpop prejudices either way.

            The thing is that you make very valid points. But I think it would be more productive to answer the posts that you object to, rather than stock up resentment, then launch a general attack at the forum at large, without quoting the offending posts. This way nobody can really defend themselves, or argue their position with you, and all that remains is the insult.

            Personally there are few things I like more than a good debate, but I honestly cannot take aggressiveness. It is not like these people are our family or friends, or are ever going to read these discussions and be hurt. And life is too short to develop an ulcer over strangers.

          • Deedee

            Oh please, stop playing the victim of a nuclear attack. It’s getting ridiculous.
            Well I like the fact that you are playing the better person “who can’t take aggressivness” and who is cool and detached, while I am an resentful assailant, because it fits my narrative and my impressions. But…really? Should you really do that?

            I am wondering if I should answer your post (while answering), because it seems quite difficult. You will imagine I don’t know which verbal attack coming from me and stray onto my aggressiveness.

            Plus you are either being dishonest in your statement or you really can’t understand what I wrote and what are my intents. It’s quite obvious for anyone being honest than I did not mean anything that you stated I did in your first paragraph. I can’t be clearer. I gave you all I have already. I will advise you to calmly read my comments again. Or not.

            So why did I allow myself to state my opinion in this thread with all this resentment that I have stock up in my heart are you asking in your third paragraph? Because I am a bully would you say.

            But actually I was participating to a conversation.
            There was a question and it was the right place to do it.
            Evidently I am not building a case against each person who dislike idol acting, and I am not here to call down them every time that happen.
            But when someone, like it’s the case here is asking : “Some say we are elitist, I recognise I can be like that, what do you think guy?” Well, in this case I will take the opportunity to speak my mind like you guys are always doing.

            And because there is not really a great way of telling people even when they ask that you find their community snob, I put a last phrase calling myself a troll to soothe my words. Of all the things I said, you chose to retain this one.
            I am reading dramabeans for years now and it’s the first time that I have an argument with anyone. I will return to make totally inoffensive comments.

            In conclusion let’s agree to disagree.

          • Delurker

            See, I don’t speak my mind often around here, and I am not doing it now out of a sense of victimisation. I am an occasional contributor rather than a member in spirit. And as I said, I am not invested in the debate itself; there is nothing for me to agree or disagree with. But I feel very protective of the harmony of the forum, because that is what I like most about it, so I had to object to some of the words you were using. Sorry for jumping to conclusions on your trollness. Anyway, I will also leave it here; it wasn’t my conversation to begin with…

        • Pepper

          IU was good in Moon Lovers. Hae Soo was her best performance so far. It was just Hae Soo was a complex character. And think, (1) acting against Lee Joon Gi and Kang Hanuel has made IU shortcomings too obvious. Esp LJG… The acting range he has shown in that drama was phenomenal. I’ve never seen such performance in kdrama yet. It was on another level. (2) And on top of that it was a Saguek drama.

          But I tell you she was good and I don’t think any actress would do any better than her.

      • 21.5.2 Carole McDonnell

        Acting is one discipline, singing is another discipline. Some people are good actors, some people are good singers, some people are acting singers, and some people are singing actors. I tend to like kpop and kdramas, in the same way that some folks like some American pop and some American dramas. If someone likes singing more than movies or movies more than TV shows, it’s not being elitist. It’s just having a discipline you prefer. I know I’ve cringed several times when I see some American singer doing an acting gig. (Please Beyoncé, do not act! Please no more movies!) But I wouldn’t call it elitist to say that she is not as good an actor as someone who has been trained in the acting discipline.

        Kpop is also only one part of Korean music. It’s aimed mostly toward the young. I like kpop but honestly I like trot and older Korean songs better and I would rather listen to Immortal songs rather than to the more modern Korean songs. It’s not elitist, it’s just my age. So I don’t think one can generalize.

    • 21.6 aym

      Hello, fellow long-time lurker who have also just started to comment.

      Is it possible that you have been influenced by the (I am assuming you are an international fan) mindset of the drama watchers in South Korea?

      First, different parts of korean entertainment, like any other entertainment from around the world, are catered to different parts of the population in general. And in general, idol stars are for the younger population while dramas are for the older. I think the average fans of dramas/actors/actresses in s. korea are, except for the middle-aged men and women idol fans, older than the fans of idols.

      And in a culture that puts great emphasis on age and respecting your elders, it’s easy to see why having an older target audience/being part of that older target audience could become elitist towards the entertainment targeted for the younger and its fans.

      Also, there is, in general, a subtle hierarchy within the k.entertainment. Actors/Actresses trump singers (both non-idol and idol) and singers trump tv personae/comedians. And even within Actors/actresses it’s movie actor/actresses > weekday prime time actor/actresses >weekend/daily actor/actresses. Non-idol singers trump idol singers; tv personae/comedians affiliated with one of the broadcasting networks trump non-affiliated ones.

      It is not very overt, there are a lot exceptions, and it seems to matter less these days, but it is definitely there, determining who is favored over who. which I think fans pick up and work into their own point of views/prejudices.

      What basically I am saying is, yes, I do think that there is sometimes a sense of elitism that drama watchers, both ones in s.korea and the ones here on dramabeans, have towards idol stars who act, but part of it maybe a reflection of the korean entertainment culture. That is not to say we should continue to never question or change our elitist views, of course.

      On a different note, there is a group that other commenters have missed: those who started off with acting, became an idol singer, and then started acting again. Examples are FT Island’s Lee Hongki, f(x)’s Sulli, Kara’s Seungyeon and Gyuri, and T-ara’s Eunjung. Are they idol actors/actresses then or are they just multi-field entertainers?

  22. 22 korfan

    Hi Everyone! ……. I hope you are all doing well today! ……. Waiting for a major rainstorm in my area!

    I hope that all those who attended the Dramabeans Anniversary Bash had a great time! Wish I could’ve been there.

    Watched this week:

    Legend Of The Blue Sea – Finally saw the last episode last night. I’ll give credit to Lee Min-ho in this, because his performance here was pretty good. ….. I had fun watching all the side characters too like Tae-oh, with what seemed like his 8 lines of dialogue. Heh! I also found the Jin-joo character getting more and more funny as the drama progressed.

    Night Light – It does have little moments where you can see that, had the writer gone in a different direction, it would be a totally better drama, but it’s not the case unfortunately. ….. I have to say the young chauffeur character, Tak, is kinda cute though.

    Chief Kim – Enjoying this so much, it’s the highlight of the week. Love, love, love the scenes with Junho! And he can certainly go toe-to-toe with Namgoong Min!

    Saimdang – Decided to give this a chance. If nothing else, then to see how this story starts. ….. Maybe it was the wrong day, or I wasn’t in the mood, but it appears I won’t be making the commitment to watch this regularly. I may tune in now and then. Maybe.

    That’s all for now. ……. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

    • 22.1 Carole McDonnell

      YAY!!! Another Chief Kim fan. NMG is just so good at comedy. Am so happy for him.

      I tried Saimdang but when kdramas try to do a “based on a true story” drama, they fill it with so many drama tropes and coincidences. I think I would’ve hung on if they hadn’t said it was based on a true story.

      I forgot if you like sageuk but Rebel is really quite good. As is Tomorrow With You.

      • 22.1.1 redfox

        I actually feel apologetic towards NGM for once thinking he should only do villains. I am almost considering sending a basket of apples. gosh, sorry! two dramas playing funny and eccentric.

    • 22.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      Hello fellow Chief Kim’s fan!

      Agreed on your opinion on Night Light. The show had potential to be a better show if it went to different direction. Maybe I should rewatch it again and marathon it.

      • 22.2.1 WishfulToki

        Thing is, NMG is not only good at comedy. He can suddenly pull out emotional stops within the overall comedy. When he mumbled that he’s just trash and should resign I almost cried. Remember that Doctor’s cameo appearance?

        He can also make his signature villain faces feed into the overall irreverence of his character. I can’t say how much I love watching this.

        • korfan

          WishfulToki –

          Oh my goodness, yes, his signature villain face! ….. You see it flash before your eyes for what you think is going to be a real intense, menacing scene …… then in the same moment you’re in the wacky, absurd zone!

          It all works.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          He is indeed a very good actor. Oh yes Doctors actually had many good cameos and he was one of them.

      • 22.2.2 korfan

        Sera The Ms Temper –

        Regarding Night Light, of course you can rewatch it/marathon it and see what you think the second time. ….. I actually don’t think the drama is horrible, it just could be better. I do like Lee Yo-won’s character, maneuvering to displace or reposition rivals, all while trying to protect the male lead as he tries to do the same, except his attempts come across as lukewarm because the writer didn’t give him much to do.

        I’ll keep on watching because even though it has its faults, I do want to see what happens.

    • 22.3 windsun33

      I had high hopes for Saimdang, but so far about half of it has just been reruns of all the same old “evil guys with funny hats” thing seem in so many “historical” shows. And after bringing in that tired old “controlling MIL that does not have a clue about what is really going on” trope, I am much less enthusiastic about it.

    • 22.4 Lord Cobol


      You aren’t in Southern California are you? The timing of your post would work if you were waiting for the same big rainstorm I’m hiding from as I type this.

    • 22.5 owl

      Hi Korfan,
      just dropping in to say that I thought the same thing about LMH in The Legend of the Blue Sea. Liked him a lot, and really liked how the kdrama wrapped up.

  23. 23 Carryon

    Currently on episode 11 of Goblin and it is still hard to watch and finish. I can not get into it. I do love GY but I am not feeling his chemistry with the lead girl. Their storyline is so boring to me. Now I have to finish just to finish.

    Where has all the good drama went? I haven’t watched a good one since Signal. Sigh.

    To each their own I guess.

    • 23.1 Ally

      Episodes 13-15 were my favorites. You’re almost there!

    • 23.2 WishfulToki

      Well, good luck with Goblin. Hang in there because things start moving in episode 12 (Honestly, I could have just watched from there and wouldn’t have missed much except the goblin-reaper bromance).

      Rebel feels like the best drama in a while, in my opinion. I am enjoying Chief Kim immensely, but it runs a fine line between crazy and uber crazy that may not suit everyone.

    • 23.3 MM

      You are not alone. I have stopped watching it since ep. 8. I tried twice after that to finish the ep but couldn’t. Couldn’t feel the chemistry between the leads. The plot is strange and so slow-paced. Perhaps I should endure it until ep. 12 as the above comment suggested. Perhaps sometimes later.. perhaps.

      I actually finished Healer, WFKBJ, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Romantic Doctor and Misaeng after stopping watching Goblin. All but Queen In-Hyun’s Man are very good and Misaeng is the best. Have you tried Misaeng? I actually cried buckets of tears.

      • 23.3.1 Carryon

        @ally But doesn’t it end at 16? Lmao! I’m going to finish it this wknd for sure then wait for Chief Kim to end. I do like NGM.

        @wishfultoki Yes the story moved so so slow. My bf and I have been playing on our phones while watching this series. That’s when you know you’re just not into it. 😅 Love the bromance for sure though! They’re so damn cute together!

        @MM Misaeng is my absolute favorite! It’s #1 on my all time fave! I could relate to it so much! Liked Nine, Cruel City, Bad boys, Teacher Kim, And coffee prince since it was my 1st drama. My love for GY started then. Haha.

        I feel you guys. I’ll keep trucking along. Thanks! 🤗

        • Carryon

          Also waiting patiently for defendant to end so I can watch it properly! I guess I tend to like more gritty dramas than rom coms 😂 Rom coms aren’t my usual fare but then again there aren’t many good ones.

        • Ally

          Yes, 16 episodes, so to clarify, I would actually sat 13-16.5 are my favorite episodes. I was ok with the ending, but not my favorite.

          • Ally

            15.5, not 16.5, lol!

      • 23.3.2 Islander_58North

        You didn’t like Queen In-Hyun’s Man? I consider it one of if not THE best of the fusion sageuks.

        • MM

          To be honest, nahh I don’t really like it. I think this is due to my personal taste that I am not into historical dramas. So perhaps the series itself shouldn’t be blamed for. I started watching it since its OTP is ranked the first in the DB favorite OTP couples.

    • 23.4

      As others have indicated, Goblin can be a tough watch. I also stopped watching it somewhere in the middle before I caught up for when the finale aired. My problems at the beginning were those ten or so extra minutes, and the slow pace of everything. However, it does pick up and moves pretty smoothly after a while. I enjoyed the bromance and the secondary characters have some depth.

  24. 24 FrabbyCrabsis

    I’m loving the recent explosion of drama on Netflix. There’s all sorts of stuff by jtbc in there, as well as Boys Over Flowers, and I had a mini freak-out when I noticed they’d put up Night Light as a Netflix Original!

    • 24.1 Cozybooks

      What?! They put Night Light up as a Netflix production? I’m not a happy camper if that’s the case.

      I’ll have to pop on and check out the explosion, though–I’ve been using drama sites for so long I’m almost never on Netflix anymore.

      • 24.1.1 FrabbyCrabsis

        I’m guessing they’re claming it’s a Netflix Original since they licensed it.

        “I bought it, so it’s mine!”

    • 24.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      I am a little lost, what is the implication when they put it as Netflix Original? I read that rhe title used it White Nights and the poster kinda cool too.

    • 24.3

      Oh My! I haven’t checked Netflix for Dramas in quite some times as I only ever really use DramaFever and Viki these days. You are right! They have put Night Light up on there as a Netflix Original under the name White Nights. I’m surprised that they have it as a Netflix Original, however I know there was talk that the were doing their own K-Drama pretty soon. They even have a few recent and popular J, C, and T dramas like My Little Lover, Ice Fantasy, and Murphy’s Law of Love respectively! I guess they are seeing how popular and possibly lucrative the market is becoming.

      Although Netflix helped me get into K-Dramas, I’ve developed a kind of loyalty with DramaFever and Viki, so I’m kinda looking at Netflix as the big bad wolf in a way.

  25. 25 amy

    The defendant is the only show I am currently following, so I thought I will have plenty of time for other things since 2 hrs per week is not a big deal. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. Since there were not many interesting shows running I ended up watching the old ones. I don’t know from where did they came since I haven’t heard their names before.
    I watched Wild Romance, Beyond the Clouds and also rewatched Pride and Prejudice.

    Wild Romance was totally hilarious. I didn’t have many expectations about the show anyway but I loved it. I don’t remember a time when I laughed aloud like this watching a Korean drama. The whole cast was superb and there were many nice characters and also a little mystery and twists. I just love lee shi young to bits. The secondary couple also shines by themselves, which is a rarity in Korean dramas. I loved how the show gave backstories even to the minor characters.
    I was searching for revenge thrillers and that’s how I found Beyond the Suns. It may have its flaws but I loved the show for its leads and their emotional complexity. The dialogues were so beautiful and not to mention the OST. I realised how much I loved that show when I tried to watch Taiwanese drama ‘Behind Your smile’. Though the story had the potential many things were not balanced enough for me. I wish they had the character arc and ’emotional complexity’ (I don’t know if this is the word I am intending) of Beyond the Suns.
    Rewatching ‘pride and Prejudice’ was so enlighting. Now that I know the whole story I began to watch each character in a new light. My heart was always with Dong chi. When I watched It the first time I was curious as to why Han Moo Yol was so bratty and spiteful to Dong chi. But the second time around I felt like pleading to her to tone down a little. I loved the drama for the themes it tackled; morality, lawlessness, justice…
    None of these dramas was perfect but I enjoyed it so much while that I wanted to mention it somewhere.

    Happy Friday Beanies.

    • 25.1 amy

      *so much that

    • 25.2 amy

      Again, Anybody watching ‘Wild Beat’?

    • 25.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      I loved Wild Romance and I really loved Im Jo Eun’s character there. Girl needs to back with some romcom and crazy role.

    • 25.4 SweetiePie54

      I loved Wild Romance. When it started airing I would get up at 4am so I could watch the livestream. Mind you I don’t speak or understand Korean lol. It’s not a perfect show and I think it was marketed wrong, but I really like it.

    • 25.5 MM

      Hi there..

      I just have one question here.. Is Defendant a good one to watch? I am afraid it will be very similar to the one I saw -Remember- Son’s War- so I am quite reluctant to watch it.

      • 25.5.1 amy

        Yes, So far it is good. I don’t think it is as Melo as Remember son’s war. It leans more towards the thriller genre so of course justice has to be restored.

        Try it once. If not for anything the acting is pretty solid.

        • MM

          Ok.. thanks for that! 🙂

          • Carryon

            Oh Remember was pretty good and also that Monster one with SIG and PBG! So so good 😊

  26. 26 Kay

    I feel like i’m still in #dramaslump

    Is there a way out!? *searches*…I guess it’s bound to happen….

    Currently watching General and I: I have seen neither of these actors/actresses before but the female lead is gorgeous (I think she’s angelababy). She looks like a CGI character! I’m only on the beginning episodes but it’s pretty good

    Hwarang: Hansungie died….man that was sad. That’s pretty much the only emotions i felt during the entire course of this show….it’s so flat and boring and yet there was SO much potential. That’s what bugs me the most, how much potential shows have and how screwed over we get as a viewer.

    • 26.1 gadis

      Hwarang was one drama that I wouldn’t mind getting a remake treatment by a more capable writer. It has so much potential and honestly, it could go from youth-coming-of-age drama to a more serious-and-tragic sageuk. I can’t understand why we only get this boring stuff.

      • 26.1.1 aoiaheen

        Yes, so much wasted potential in hwarang and I feel really bad because the actors are really good. The first two episodes were really nice and I’m so disappointed that it didn’t maintain that pace.

    • 26.2 WishfulToki

      Hwarang side effects: may result in hair loss and headaches. This drug is not an effective counter to drama slump.

      The above is my own prescription. My mother enjoys it because of the simple story line. I’m kind of worried that I’ve become too critical of dramas and can’t simply enjoy them regardless of their flaws.

    • 26.3 Mania

      I really enjoyed General and I. Wallace Chung is also marvelous in the c-drama My Sunshine.

    • 26.4

      This week Hwarang reminded me of how annoying it is when a K-Drama does not pace itself well and leaves too much for the end, trying to cram 100 things into 1 minute. It also reminded me of how cheated I feel when it takes 10 episodes later for me to get simple important information that I could have gotten 9 episodes earlier. How can you tell me that you can’t address these things in the average of 16 hours, seriously?!

  27. 27 Rovi

    Hi guys.

    Won’t be expounding on Hwarang for sure because everyone watched the recent episodes…
    Well, ARMY’s once again were proven right…Han-sung would die early because of his poster.
    DID NOT expect Moomyung’s true identity to be that shocking.

    Last…the writer is pretty clever tho…
    During the amity plot, remember the secret convo Park Young-shil had with Ban-ryu: to deliver a letter to Baekje’s Crown Prince Buyeo Chang.
    Turns out, prior to Hwarang, Kim Min-jun (Buyeo Chang) & Do Ji-han (Ban-ryu) already did a project together: Musudan, released March 2016…months before the drama started…

    Who’s watching Unnies’ SlamDunk season 2?
    Also, the latest scandal of an old 5-year old scandal…

    • 27.1 EZ

      What is his identity? I though he was supposed to turn out to be a cousin or at worrst illegitimate child of Ji Soo

      • 27.1.1 Hallie

        yes, Moo-myung is Ji-dwi’s cousin, he’s son of Jiso’s brother, Hwi-gyung.

      • 27.1.2 Rovi

        To elaborate:
        Moomyung turns out to be Kim Hwi-gyeong & wonhwa Junjeong’s secret son.

        In the drama, Kim Hwi-gyeong is one of King Beopheung’s offspring; seems to be the eldest child but due to a polio infection was not granted the right to be the heir.
        In real life Beopheung did have sons (2) but they were all sons of concubines; his only legitimate child was Lady Jiso, so that’s why he had his daughter marry his younger brother Ipjong galmun’wang for the perpetuation of the Sacred Bone.

        Junjeong meanwhile, was, according to the more reliable Samguk Sagi & Yusa, one of the original 2 Wonhwas (that preceededthe Hwarang but yes still during Jinheung’s reign).
        The other one, Nammo, was allegedly murdered by Junjeong.

        The big fuss in the upcoming last episodes is that by royal prerogative Moomyung has a much greater claim to the throne of Silla, as he’s the only son of the eldest child of the deceased king, despite Beopheung already willing that his grandson/slash/nephew Sammaekjong as the heir.

        The good thing about Lady Jiso is that at least she never had any ILLEGITIMATE children, despite her record of 3-5 husbands.
        Though I’m still holding out that Aro is Jiso & Anji’s child from the night before her wedding to her uncle Ipjong…

        • EZ

          I haven’t been watching the drama for long.. but didn’t the initial episodes kept reiterating how Aro looked like her mom.. facial features..

          and how Jisoo herself said that Ahro resembles her mom?

          Thanks for the other explanations

          • WishfulToki

            Maybe not Ah Ro, but her real brother…

            In Buzz Lightyear voice: Birth secrets, birth secrets everywhere!

  28. 28 SweetiePie54

    Hi Beanies!

    I hope everyone is had a good week. I went to the Dramabeans party last weekend and it reminded me how much I love open thread and discussing dramas with people so I decided to stop my lurking status (again) and join the fray. I delurk a couple times a year and then eventually stop commenting so hopefully I will be consistently active this time around. I’m only watching two dramas at the moment, but will likely pick up a couple more:

    JEALOUSY INCARNATE: It took about 9-10 episodes, but I really do love this show. I am about to start episode 20. I would have finished it this weekend by the Dramafever channel on Roku won’t load for me anymore. So frustrating Is anyone else having that issue. I could watch it on my computer, but I prefer a larger screen. So because of that problem I started watching…

    ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT: I was interested in this show when I first heard about it, but I kept forgetting to go to Viki to watch it. I’m already 9 episodes in and I started this Sunday. I just love the look of this show and I really love the lead characters. It’s not perfect, but I am hooked. I really do like Lee Sang Yoon and seeing him and Shin Sung Rok reminded me that I need to finish LIAR GAME. I was only 3 episodes in and I really liked it and then life got in the way so I didn’t finish it.

    • 28.1 korfan

      SweetiePie54 –

      You’re watching two great dramas!

      On The Way To The Airport is certainly a gem of a drama. Stylish and thought-provoking. Check out the episode recap comments. Everyone had alot to say!

      Continue to enjoy Jealousy Incarnate and Airport!

    • 28.2 bbstl

      Hi SweetiePie54!
      First off, welcome back!

      Secondly, I wish we could hear lots more about the DB Anniversary Party! Was everyone pledged to near secrecy or were pictures and comments posted someplace that I missed? I saw a few on Instagram but was really hoping to hear a lot more about the celebration.

      Third – ugh, that Dramafever 😡😡😡
      Hasn’t loaded for me since mid December on my Roku. After they announced that they’d fixed it all (a few weeks ago) I was able to watch 2 episodes normally but then it went right back to the endlessly loading. I receive endless return emails from them that they are working on it. Luckily I am prepared with a smart tv and the loading works 98% ok there so I can still watch on a big screen. Yay for redundancy, I guess? My friend also has the Roku problem.

      • 28.2.1 SweetiePie54

        I actually didn’t really take pictures at the party, but it was a lot of fun. There was a photo booth, yummy korean food and the congregating area was decorated nicely with balloons and pictures of various drama guys (Lee Minho, Park Bogum, Park Haejin etc all arouund). We mingled and then played pub trivia which was REALLY hard. Oh my goodness. I don’t know how anyone could have gotten all of the questions right. In between Girlfriday and Javabeans answered questions. All of the minions were there so it was great seeing them in person and they are so nice! I’m super shy so I sort of observed, but I did say hello to Girlfriday and Javabeans and spoke with them for a bit. It was really nice. No one in my real life watches dramas so it was great to talk with people face to face who love them as much as I do. They should do like a Dramabeans tour or something lol. OH and the cake was soooooo good. Seriously, some of the best cake I’ve had. 🙂 I

        For Roku, my troubles started in December and I could watch an episode, but then I would have to exit out the channel and go back in 2 or 3 times. I wanted to see if it would fix itself by uninstalling and reinstalling and now I can’t even get it to load. It’s so irritating. I emailed them and they are working on the problem, but who knows how long that will take. So annoying.

        • bbstl

          Thank you for telling about the party, I’m sure lots of us wish we could have been there! Hooray for ALL the minions attending, aren’t some normally even on different continents?

          Dramafever. SO annoying. How many thousands of people must be having the same problem, right? Two months and counting, SMH.

  29. 29 Purple Owl

    I’m getting ready to move. I leave next week. By next OT I’ll be in a different timezone.

    Are there any characters’ fashion you would want?

    I love Gong Shim’s wardrobe. Overall dresses, jumpsuits, and comfy shoes for life!
    Pajamas goes to Shim Chung. I do two days in a row with my pjs. But other than that, it’s basically what I already have in live. Just not designer.

    Media this week

    My Sensitive Boss – next ep 8
    In Love
    Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim – on ep 12
    Late to the party. I love this couple so much.
    I Hear Your Voice – on ep 2
    Good show
    Real Got7 – next s2 ep 2

    Miss in Kiss – on ep 29
    I am *still* in love with this Zhi-shu ge

    Tarzan and Jane – next ep 6
    Star Trek:TOS – on ep 18
    Liv & Maddie – next se4 ep9

    I’ll try to be back during the day and weekend but i have several goodbye events. In case i don’t return, see everyone next week!

    • 29.1 Hallie

      I don’t really put much attention to fashion in drama. Character’s fashion i remember the most is Jang Hyesung’s work dresses, tough it could happen because i rewatched I Hear Your Voice countless times but I do like her work dresses. In sageuk drama, i like Raon’s hanboks especially the one she wear in final episode.

      • 29.1.1 Purple Owl

        I was in love with Ra-On’s hanbok for the finale.

    • 29.2 korfan

      Purple Owl –

      Best of luck on your move! Hope all goes well!

      • 29.2.1 Purple Owl

        Thank you.

    • 29.3 bbstl

      Good luck with the move! Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. And plan to watch Chief Kim to see Namgoong Min working his magic on yet another fun character after you finish Gong Shim ❤

      • 29.3.1 Purple Owl

        Thanks you from the practical advice. I’ll use it.
        I’m not sure what my next Min drama will be. I kinda want to watch him scary. But I also want to rewatch Unemployed Romance.
        So…. one day

    • 29.4 EZ

      are eng subs available anywhere for miss in kiss

      • 29.4.1 Purple Owl

        I’m watching on Netflix USA

    • 29.5

      Move safely!

      I haven’t heard about Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim. Will have to check it out.

      • 29.5.1 Purple Owl

        Thank you!

        Another name is Beautiful Kong Shim.

    • 29.6 Lord Cobol

      What time zone are you moving to?

      At least you didn’t have to move away before the Dramabeans party 🙂

  30. 30 MM

    Hi there Beanies..

    This is my first time posting a comment in an open thread. So I am hoping I’m not typing something wrong here. 🙂

    This is just my random thought.. I just finished watching Misaeng and regret not having watched it a long time ago (sobbing.) The stills did look a bit boring.. and all comments suggesting it is a series mainly dealing with office work kinda put me off (is the phrase ‘put me off’ used correctly? I am still learning English now so I would be really grateful if my English is corrected by some kind beanies.) Anyway, I so love Misaeng. The series really puts me to tears almost every episode.

    And that’s it! hehe Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’ll be having a good weekend this week. 😉

    • 30.1 WishfulToki

      Hello! I have been reading recaps for a while but only recently started commenting. People around here are quite friendly – it’s usually not easy to judge when people are being ironic or not on an online forum, but I think most of the time we avoid miscommunication.

      Anyway, I just wanted to say that I only recently watched Misaeng because everyone kept saying how great it was. I loved it. I’m now watching Reply 1988, which everyone here recommends as well. 🙂

      • 30.1.1 MM

        Yes, many beanines said the community here is quite nice. I can certainly see that. 🙂

        I actually tried watching the first ep. of Reply 1988 (it is actually the year I was born in also tbh), but somehow I dropped it just like that. Don’t know why. But as many people recommend it it has to be good. So I’m thinking about watching it again sometimes later on. 😀

    • 30.2 korfan

      MM –


      • 30.2.1 MM

        Thanks! 😀

    • 30.3 bbstl

      Hi back, MM! and welcome, we’re glad you like us well enough to say hello. Your English is perfect, btw. You are making me admit a deep dark confession: I still haven’t watched Misaeng 😱 I KNOW! The last living Beanie who can say that. The first episode didn’t grab me and then everyone talked about what a difficult watch it is, how much they cried, it was so depressing, it was like living through all the worst parts of their own work lives, etc. I was already depressed and (unless it was starring Hyun Bin) why would I take a chance of adding more depression? LOL Apparently not hundreds of Beanies and ALL the Top 10 Lists.
      So, OK. Fine. I guess you’re the last straw, and now I’ll try it again. It’s on your head, MM! *stomps off to get kleenex*

      …will report back 😉

      • 30.3.1 MM

        Hello bbsti! 😀

        Reading your comment and others here really put a smile to my face. My smile was biggest when reading yours ’cause you kinda put a lot of feelings into it (e.g. capitalized word I KNOW, emoticons) so I kinda knew what you felt really well. And that’s very.. hmm active? 😀 Hehe fun to read actually.

        Hope you can enjoy Misaeng as much as I did. I know that some don’t really like it since I’ve seen some comments online. But it is a good series. It really got me.

      • 30.3.2 WishfulToki

        @bbstl: Confessions of a KDrama Fan hehe. I must be the only living beanie who hasn’t seen SIGNAL and REPLY 1988 yet. I don’t really go for thriller/suspense so maybe that’s why no Signal, but the promise of a gripping story is very tempting… I’m resolving that lack of Reply 88 as we speak.

        Also, Misaeng grows on you. I only really fell in love with it around episode 8. Also, Kang Ha Neul. I didn’t really cry, it just hurt sometimes, which is good in my book. I hope you enjoy it and do report back!

        • bbstl

          aaauugghhhh, you guys are killing me today! We are a club of two, WishfulToki because I have tried ep 1 twice and still not watched more of Signal, either 😵. I also don’t care about suspense and can’t be bothered to pay close enough attention to know if it’s thrilling or not so it seems like, why should I? It’s weird being this far out of the loop when people talk about the ‘best of the best’, but oh well. I don’t think LaLaland is anything extraordinary, either 😂 so I must be marching to a different drummer.
          HOWEVER 1988 is beloved to me, truly. WT(may I call you that?), I hope you are liking it and MM, I hope you’ll try at least 4 episodes before giving up. I remember it being a bit of a slow starter plus the episodes are soooo long. I loved those families and felt like I lived with them on that street. A word of advice: Don’t get distracted by trying to figure out who ends up being the husband, just go with the flow of the story and the relationships.

          • WishfulToki

            Thank you for the warning! I’ve seen Reply 1997 and was like ‘not again with the husband hunting’. It was pretty clear to me there, but not here… so yes, I decided to go with the flow. Never fear, I’m at episode 11 and won’t be dropping it. Have to say I love Jung Bong more than any other character (yeah Taek is cute but that’s it). My tastes are definitely not mainstream LOL.

            Ah… well, if you liked Reply for the relationships and stories you will definitely enjoy Misaeng. Feel free to call me WT – it’s so nice to have a nickname. 🙂

          • bbstl

            thanks, WT! I am a very lazy typist 😬 And please do call me bb if you like.
            I forgot to respond about Misaeng – yes, if Kang Ha Neul had been there from ep 1, I surely would have watched it long ago! 8 episodes sounds daunting but I’ve stuck it out that long before other shows clicked and if I’ll get character development as a reward, then yay 🎉

          • MM

            Ok I’ll make sure I watch Reply 1988 up to ep. 4 at least as you guys have suggested. 🙂 AND will also make sure I’m not paying any particular attention to finding out who the husband (?) is going to be.

            With regards to Signal.. hmm I actually finished watching it a long time ago and it was way too scary and dark for me. The plot is good, even great! But when talking about preference, it’s so subjective and it, too, did not suit me well enough. (I actually felt scared by one of the characters in the series for 3 days omg O_o .)

      • 30.3.3 PakalanaPikake

        *waves at bbstl*

        You are making me admit a deep dark confession: I still haven’t watched Misaeng 😱 I KNOW! The last living Beanie who can say that.

        Hey, you’re not alone! Last time I checked, I was still breathing, and I haven’t gotten around to watching MISAENG yet either. After seeing how often it was mentioned in the DB Top Ten All-Time lists and comments, I think I’ll be taking a gander before too long. My initial Kdrama watching was exclusively sageuks. 😉

        • bbstl

          👋🏽 waves back! Hellooooo my still-breathing Beanie friend! But … I started Misaeng last night and have watched two now and they were pretty great. It turns out I had only seen a little bit of the first episode (Kang Ha Neul did appear) which, btw, was really long. I already get why it’s painful to watch but/and why you want to not stop. And, as a sageuk fan, Pakalana Pikake- guess who shows up? Byun Yo Han! I love him from 6FD. But he’s looking like a diametrically different character here.
          So – I’d say, jump in, the water’s fine 🙋🏼

          • PakalanaPikake


            I replied to your response at the beginning of the thread re: Korean music in NYC area.

            You’re really tempting me to start MISAENG! Having finally gotten around to marathoning HONG GIL DONG and 6FD in the nick of time for the start of REBEL, I can appreciate your reference to Byun Yo Han. So he’s happy as a clam in this show instead of His Broodiness?! Presumably he doesn’t bring his toad-stabber to the office. 😉

            It sounds as if this show is another one that will tempt me to binge-watch. Must pace myself carefully. I went nuts last week and plowed through SECRET LOVE AFFAIR with Yi Bang-won and Gil Tae-me — speaking of 6FD — and just about knocked myself silly.

            I’m currently about half-way through a re-watch of HYENA. *wink wink* Shin Sung-rok is terrific in a non-villainous role, and Oh Man-seok and the rest of the guys are just dandy.

    • 30.4 harmonyfb

      (is the phrase ‘put me off’ used correctly?

      Yep! You can also say “I found it off-putting”, which I know seems confusing (English is weird, sorry!)

      • 30.4.1 MM

        Thank youuuu harmonyfb 😀 Loving you and your comment!
        Love bbstl’s encouragement as well! I’m not being biased here. 😉

  31. 31 Trina

    Hello all,

    Yesterday, I finished General and I drama. It was really good. However, I do wish they do something else than flashbacks on the final episodes. I am waiting few more episodes of 10 miles of Peach Blossom because even though I watched episode 12-14 so many times. I am impatient to see what happen next of BQ aka Su Su aka Yi Sin and Ye Hua/Mon Yua. I am caught up with Chief Kim and love it. I do miss accounting work before being a stay at home mom.

    I am happy being stay at home of three kids.☺️☺️ This week-end since it will rain in Southern California. We are just still going to unpack stuffs and hang out at home. I hope everyone have a wonderful week-end and be safe. ☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊

  32. 32 Dee Em

    Hey everyone, hope ya’ll are having a great week 🙂

    I’m from India, and I rarely get to see or experience anything Korean unless I’m connected to the internet. But recently, there was a Korean Opera visiting and I jumped at the opportunity. I ABSOLUTELY loved it, and they sand not only Italian opera but also Korean folk songs (I could only recognize Arirang).

    And I also discovered that there is a guesthouse nearby that is run by a Korean couple, and they cook authentic Korean hanshik complete with kimchi and soju!! My days are getting a lot better haha.

    Its funny and interesting at the same time how International K-Culture enthusiasts like myself jump at every single opportunity to experience something even remotely Korean. If only I lived in Seoul!

    • 32.1 EZ

      which city and which guest house

      • 32.1.1 Dee Em

        Pune- There’s a guesthouse called Arirang in Viman Nagar 🙂

  33. 33 MamaBowBear

    Hi, there!
    New watching this week by myself includes “My Shy Boss,” “Hwarang,” and “Tomorrow With You.” Backlog watching, also solo, includes “Squad 38” and “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

    Watching with my (teenage) daughter includes “Miss n Kiss” and “My Love From the Stars.

    Watching with my daughter, son (Teenage), and husband: “Liar Game.”

    I got addicted to Asian dramas several years ago and actually built a spreadsheet to keep track of them all, especially to recommend to friends (or not)! Does anyone else keep track of them this way?

    • 33.1 EZ

      lol i did..back in college.. on films though.. was super popular with the guys too..

      i just had the bizarrest of the movies listed..

      But somewhere down the line.. somebody got me onto Kdrama..

      and i seem to have lost appetite/patience/interest in every other country’s stuff..

      • 33.1.1 MamaBowBear

        Yeah, I was laid up from a surgery and “Boys Over Flowers” kept showing up in my queue. I’ve been hooked ever since!

        At this point, I watch mostly Korean with occasional Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan added into the mix. It’s funny when someone says “Oh, did you see (some USA show) last night?” My answer is “no.”

        Also added Korean food into my cooking. Thank goodness for H-Mart, though the nearest one is an hour away and we make special trips for it.

        • Bee

          It feels so long since I watched a tv series from the US! Honestly, I would like to find sth interesting, sth like Friends or Charmed, but I was burnt so badly by the last episode of HIMYM… we complain about the ending of some Kr drama, but in my opinion, nothing will beat that (after 9 years of watching their lives, one of which we spent happily getting ready for a wedding).

        • EZ

          lol..same mix here.. infact i used to watch k-movies.. but never really knew of their kdrama culture.. that’s a very recent thing.. i don’t find their movies so great either now (earlier i really used to like it)..

          but ya.. life has become all about 20-24 episodes of asian dramas primarily kdramas.

          I got my first gochujang.. and thnks to all the folks here who shared recepies.. but then i tried to taste the chilli paste from the pack.. and well.. it just tastes so so so different.. i couldn’t even attempt to make sthg with it..

          Did i miss sthg? m i not supposed to have it raw and cook it? .. i just was expecting it to be yummy.. or an easy to like flavour 🙁

          Gotta agree with bee below, there is dearth of good dramas on US TV.. specially comedy.. or even romance (everything seems to be abt some teenage girl fussing over cheating b’fs and gfs)

          • velvetake

            haha, yes, it is a strong taste. It’s better when cooked, definitely. I used to dislike it a lot, until I started using it with sesame oil (the asian kind). Most recipes call for sesame oil anyways, I just never had it until recently. The oil really gives it a better flavor. But it “the” Korean flavor, so if you’re not Korean it’ll definitely be unlike anything you’ve tasted better.

            Too long of a post lol…bottom line- use it to cook something…

    • 33.2

      Yay! I’m not the only crazy one! I recently made a spreadsheet to keep track of my dramas as well. It’s getting out of hand with the amount of details I’m putting in there, but hey.

      I’m also watching Hwarang and Tomorrow With You. WatchedMoonlight Drawn by Clouds and loved it. Same for My Love From the Stars, but not as much.

    • 33.3 chingoo

      Haha, I do this too! I use a Google Spreadsheet, and columns include Title, Genre, Year Released, Network, and Leads!

  34. 34 EZ

    Started watching New journey to the west.. and i can’t believe how funny it is..

    specially these new kids on the block… super funny from the very moment..

    Kyu (Superjunior guy).. is so so so funny in a passive way..
    AHJ is very very similar to JJY minus the aegyo

    ANd i can’t believe. do they make boys like these.. the guy has supermodel looks and really witty calm personality (Homerun).. and just look at him gushing over Ku Hye Sun.. literally every second of the day..

    and from little snippets.. she seems to be a very normal, next door plain and quiet girl ( plain in context of Kent..i mean she is super cute)

  35. 35 Bee

    Hi yeorobun! I don’t know if I came too late, but I would like to watch some Nollywood movies for the first time. Anybody has recommendations? Also, were could I find them? Oh, I like rom-coms ^^

  36. 36 Jenny

    Happy Friday!
    I’m working a night shift as usual so trying to stay awake here.
    Well in the quiet moments I watch drama haha.
    Jdorama watching Tokyo Tarareba Musume which I’m liking so far, it’s fun and I like all the characters. The one detail that though really stands out (maybe not in a good way) is Eikura Nana. You have Yoshitaka Yuriko and Oshima Yuko who are tiny compared to her and she has a more elegant feel to her compared to Oshima’s and Yoshitaka’s cuteness.

    Rakuen, very intriguing and suspenseful. Acting is great especially from Kobayashi Kaoru and Nakama Yukie. Haven’t seen the previous dorama (the prequel with a different story)

    Father I’ll take care of you
    darn it’s addictive, I was not supposed to watch another long weekend drama but I’m addicted.
    Now really eagerly waiting strong woman with Park Bo Young! it better be super cute

  37. 37 John

    Watching Chief Kim, Rebel and Saimdang.

    Finished watching C drama General & I.
    Will try to convince wife to watch Queen Insoo
    I watched Dongju:Portrait of a Poet with Kang Ha Neul.

    • 37.1 Carole McDonnell

      Oh, John, not watching “Tomorrow With You”????? It’s so good. So far, anyway.

      • 37.1.1 transient

        It’s so good. So far, anyway.

        Is that a disclaimer? 😀

  38. 38 windsun33

    Saimdang: This is a show that could have been SO much better, but instead chose to fall back on the same old cliches and worn out tropes of so many past dramas.

    From the description, I was hoping/expecting kind of an art/detective story with more actual true historical background. Instead what we got was a vile mothers group in the 1500’s, and the usual MIL in 2017 whose only goal in life seems to be to control her daughter in law and spends most of her time jumping to conclusions (one of the tiredest tropes on k-dramas).

    Very little, if any, delving into the actual art or the real history of the characters portrayed. Does not help that they did not even bother to get much of the “forensics” of art and fake art right.

    • 38.1 Carole McDonnell

      See…. that’s why I gave up on it after the 3rd (or was it the second?) episode.

  39. 39 harmonyfb

    Happy Friday, folks!

    We’re getting ready for a little family party this evening, as it’s my middle child’s 16th birthday (I swear, he was an infant five minutes ago!)

    Mmmm, cake!

    What I’m watching:

    Hwarang (or, my stupid-boy-band-show). I’m still very unhappy about the ridiculous turn the show took in the last episode. Writers, please plan out the plot in advance. Thanks ever so.

    I am happy about Ban Ryu & Soo-yeon, but not terribly happy about that clunky foreshadowing. (Dunno who that actor is, but he looks terribly sweet when he smiles. Awww.) I’m certain I’m going to be angry over the last few episodes, but I’ve come this far, I might as well ride it out.

    My Shy Boss: Wonder of wonders, it’s gotten better. The extrovert is less of an ass, the introvert is less of a confused mess, and the family dynamics are getting fleshed out a bit.

    Also, Yeon Woo-Jin is a joy to watch – his physical acting always makes me laugh.

    Legion: This is a US series on FX – it’s about a man hospitalized for schizophrenia who happens to be a powerful telepath/telekinetic, and what happens when he meets other superpowered people (and starts to explore whether he’s really sick or whether it’s just been his power all along.)

    The lead actor was in Downton Abbey (he played Matthew), and he is great in this – my parents used to have an employee who was schizophrenic & the actor mimics a lot of that man’s tics. The beautiful thing is that the audience doesn’t really know how much of this is true, and how much is hallucination, whether he’s really ill or just superpowered, or maybe even both.

    If you can find it, I highly recommend.

    I found out that Yesasia is now carrying the movie Tattoo (thriller starring Song Il-guk as a serial killer and Kwon Hyun-sang as a detective. Be still, my heart. Granted, I would have preferred those roles were reversed – I love Kwon Hyun-sang’s bad-guy acting – but I’ve been hunting for this film for a while now, so I’m excited about it.

    I’ll probably also order a Rocktigers cd for the library (Korean rockabilly band – to hear one of their songs, go to bandcamp & search for ‘Kimchibilly’.)

    To keep myself less stressed, I’ve been mentally casting some books.

    Specifically, The Goblin Emperor, which would make an awesome fantasy sageuk. What book are you dying to see turned into a k-drama?

    • 39.1 Carole McDonnell

      oh dear, I wrote such an annoyed review of Goblin Emperor that my editor didn’t run it. I loved that book in many ways — loved the goblin emperor himself– but hated the book as a whole because the “editor in me” just couldn’t stop fixing up some glaring writer errors. I think anything by Kari Sperring would make great kdramas.

      • 39.1.1 harmonyfb

        :laugh: It had a few issues, but I find the writing style very comforting. It’s my go-to comfort read.

    • 39.2 Jenny

      I’m watching Legion too!
      I am a huge comic book geek and loooved the Xmen growing up.
      I really like how different it is and I’m liking it more then Agents of shield.

      • 39.2.1 harmonyfb

        Isn’t it awesome? Well-written and well-performed. 🙂

        • Jenny

          It is, I do watch all the superhero shows (my faves so far has been the Netflix ones like Jessica Jones)
          But this is visually very different and it’s interesting to watch Dan Stevens outside his Downton Abbey role.

    • 39.3 PakalanaPikake


      Thanks for mentioning the Rocktigers! Korean rockabilly — very nice! I found a bunch of their videos on YouTube. They really know how to cook.

      If you’re a rockabilly afficionada, YT also has some vintage videos of Washington, DC’s own Tex Rubinowitz and the Bad Boys. What a find! 😉

      • 39.3.1 harmonyfb

        Thanks for mentioning the Rocktigers!

        That woman has a great voice for this music style, doesn’t she? Too bad they broke up. :/

        I love rockabilly & cowpunk – used to be a huge scene where I grew up. 🙂

    • 39.4 Ally

      I think you’ve convinced me to start watching Legion. I loved Matthew in Downton Abbey, and my husband says it’s a Marvel character too. Can’t go wrong with that combination!

      • 39.4.1 harmonyfb

        I was initially worried I wouldn’t like it, but it’s really good. Episode 2 was even better than Ep 1, which rarely happens.

  40. 40 Islander_58North

    Finally got over the hump in Ep. 4 of Saimdang, which was a heartbreaker, but then marathoned to ep. 8 and am fairly hooked on this drama.

    Awaiting the ending 2 weeks of Laurel Tree Tailors, it’s been an enjoyable run.

    I watch Defendant and Voice to keep my nerves shot and my body on the edge of the couch! Great acting.

    Chief Kim is a hoot and the pacing seems consistent. Rebel is keeping my interest. Lastly, I’ve only watched one episode of Tomorrow With You…hasn’t hooked me yet, but hopefully it will. Any idea what steaming site will have Strong Family 2017?

    • 40.1 velvetake

      Trying to figure out whether I should watch Voice or Defendant. Which do you like better?

  41. 41 Cozybooks

    Aahahaha that moment when I mix up the verbs to come out 나오다 (na’oda) and to be born 태어나다 (tae’eo’nada) on a test because they sound vaguely similar… I guess my photoshoot pictures were born very well.

  42. 42 Beanie Meanie

    Ha! And you thought that Kpop starts are “born”! Turns out, they are really crafted and molded to perfection, according to the story “The next K-Pop sensation could come out of New York City”, on the website

  43. 43 transient

    I will be away for a week starting tomorrow so I’ll miss Tomorrow With You, last episodes of Hwarang and the premiere of Strong Woman Do Bok Soon. How am I going to survive the week? TT__TT

    I want to see Hyunsik get beaten to a pulp by a girl TT__TT

    • 43.1 gadis

      Heh. Love your wish for uri Hyung-sik.
      It’s okay, you will survive. Just remember that you can have triple doses of Park Hyung-sik the next week you come back. And also you don’t need to pull your hair in frustration while waiting for Hwarang’s last eps (psst, that preview is extra worrying for our Silla warrior).

      • 43.1.1 transient

        Triple doses of PHS might motivate me to endure the week. I’ll just need to resist the urge to read up the recap on DB. Must fight the urge… must fight the urge…

        I don’t have much hope for Hwarang anymore, but to be deprived of the ending frustrates me.

  44. 44 Ally

    So, shocking reality post:

    Did you all see the headline about Kim Jong Il’s exiled son being assassinated? By 2 young women assassins on his way to Macau? It’s straight out of a movie. Now, to relate it to Dramabeans: Has anyone seen a movie/drama recently where art imitates life in such an uncanny way? I just saw The Suspect and that must actually happen to North Koreans.

  45. 45 Lizzy4e

    I was just watching Voice. And thought ” how fun would it be to watch java beans and girlfriend watch this and make comments?” (like mystery science theater 2000) I do not know if this has been suggested before or not but ladies this would be awesome! Please consider.

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