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Top 10 favorite dramas of all time
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javabeans: And here we are, with the last of our 10th-anniversary Top 10 lists! Our initial goal in doing these Top 10’s was to celebrate our 10th birthday, and while we didn’t quite make all 10 fit into our birthday month, better late than never?

girlfriday: Since we’re 10 years old all year long, I think it counts!

javabeans: We do intend to keep writing Top 10 lists, but this puts an end to our Anniversary 10 Top 10’s for the time being.

girlfriday: Our last list is, appropriately, Top 10 favorite dramas of all time.

javabeans: We opened this one up to the rest of our staff, and it was fascinating to see not only which titles everyone picked, but also their reasoning for going that way. One person might have been influenced most by character, another by plot, another by emotional response.

girlfriday: I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s lists, so we hope you do too!



There are great dramas that can be excellent fun while watching, but they don’t make my all-time favorites list without this one crucial element: feeling that perfect (or close-to-perfect) sense of satisfaction at the end. These are the dramas that make me sigh in contentment, feel that every minute was worth it, and leave a warm glow for years to come.

1. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Captures the turmoil of adolescence, with bromance and rock music.

2. Princess’s Man: One of the fiercest, most resourceful heroines around. Thrilling and romantic.

3. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang: A sentimental favorite! Funny, sweet, and satisfying.

4. Soulmate: Witty, refreshing take on modern love with a breezy attitude.

5. Joseon X-Files: Smartly written, mind-bending plot twists, wryly funny, and unexpectedly moving.

6. Return of Iljimae: Achingly poignant, beautiful, wistful. Not one false step.

7. Gaksital: Epic. Intense. It’ll shred you up and stick with you for ages.

8. Dal Ja’s Spring: Relatable heroine, sweet romance, uplifting take on modern careers and friendships.

9. Story of a Man: Sometimes dark, sometimes zippy fun—capers, bromance, and a satisfyingly matched hero-villain standoff.

10. This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: Both cuttingly painful and cuttingly funny, interwoven with hope and understanding.



These are the dramas that burrowed into my soul and took up residence there, leading me down countless imaginary roads where their stories continued and I never had to say goodbye. My favorite stories are the ones that naturally lead me to write a second season in my head, because the characters just refuse to go towards the light.

1. Answer Me 1997: My era, my youth, my story.

2. Misaeng: This drama is how I feel about adulthood. This explains my reluctance to be an adult.

3. Coffee Prince: My ideal romance, if the world were perfect.

4. I Hear Your Voice: Pure addiction in drama form. My favorite cohabitation hijinks and noona romance in one.

5. Return of Iljimae: Sweeping origin story of a hero full of loneliness and pathos.

6. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Grade A beef rom-com comfort food. Nom nom nom.

7. Gaksital: Sometimes history is the best drama, and ordinary heroes are the most extraordinary.

8. School 2013: The only drama couple I ship in real life.

9. Splish Splash Love: Such a perfect little dose of swoony fantasy romance in such a small bite.

10. White Christmas: Left me scarred for life. Why do I keep rewatching it?



I always gravitate more toward dramas with both intellectual and emotional value, so these aren’t just my favorites, they’re also dramas I would wholeheartedly recommend without a moment’s hesitation as perfect examples of what K-dramas bring to the table that other forms of television media rarely can: an unmatched sense of pathos, a complete story, and the ability to both immerse and transport us.

1. White Christmas: Gorgeous, dark, twisty, what-is-the-nature-of-humanity masterpiece.

2. Chuno: Manes of glory and abs and Jang Hyuk, oh my!

3. Tree With Deep Roots: That villain reveal is still unmatched. Also, Jang Hyuk.

4. Liar Game: Best drama villain ever, best hero ever, best mind games. #sixseasonsandamovie

5. Six Flying Dragons: It’s like my fifth favorite drama wrapped around my third favorite drama.

6. End of the World: Death and disease on an apocalyptic scale? Yes please.

7. Conspiracy in the Court: Gripping, depressing, uplifting, unrelenting, masterful.

8. Punch: Amazing villain, deft storytelling, out of this world acting.

9. Heartless City: Dark like my soul.

10. History of the Salaryman: Truly one of a kind, offbeat and hilarious. All hail Yeo-chi.



Take one look at this list and here’s what you can learn about me: I like my heroes flawed, my villains smart, and the darker and grittier the dramaverse, the better. My demands are simple, but hard to meet when it comes to all-time faves, and these are the stories that have secured an eternal place in my heart.


1. Heartless City: Bros before hos, and sometimes drugs.

2. Signal: Can you hear my still beating heart now? Good.

3. Bad Guys: It takes one to know one.

4. Story of a Man: Brainy is the new sexy.

5. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy.

6. Punch: Sock it to ’em.

7. Liar Game: Go big or go home.

8. Soulmate: This is not a love song.

9. Kill Me, Heal Me: I can’t split my love for you into seven.

10. Autumn Fairy Tale: Won Bin, the original Oppa.



It’s difficult to articulate my subjectivity and natural draw to my favorite dramas, but my final picks ultimately depended on my chemistry with the drama itself. Something in the narratives of these dramas sparked my inclination to fall into the stories head first and remain captured by them through the end.


1. Signal: Waiting for the walkie talkie crackle from Season 2 to let me know that it’s happening.

2. Healer: Clever and lonely night errand boy with adorable alter egos finds people he’d risk his life to protect.

3. Answer Me 1997: A nostalgia for young effervescence that woke up the fangirl I never knew existed.

4. My Name is Kim Sam-soon: The original mortified and unapologetic heroine who strutted away all her haters. She was my idol.

5. Misaeng: Life will always be tragically incomplete, but at least we’re trying to complete it together.

6. Dear My Friends: When I grow up, I want to be them.

7. Gaksital: Epically treacherous. Epically revolutionary. So. Freaking. Epic.

8. Full House: Imagine younger Rain playing himself and adorably dancing to “Gom Se Mari” to cheer up his cohabiter.

9. Queen In-hyun’s Man: Just keep kissing the Joseon scholar until he figures out what it means.

10. Famous Chil Princesses: The family drama that made me want to live in a family drama. Maybe Lee Seung-gi and Park Hae-jin have a little to do with that.



I don’t really have any particular theme or reasons for my top ten, other that that these are the shows that have grounded and increased my love for Korean dramas for one reason or another. And it’s difficult to condense into one sentence why I love them so much, but I’ll do my best — basically, I just love them because I love them, and that’s all there is to it.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Favorite relationship, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung were perfect for each other in every way.

2. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Favorite boys, I’m still upset Eye Candy isn’t a real-life band.

3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Favorite first Korean drama, the one that started it all.

4. The King 2 Hearts: Favorite downfall of an anti-hero due to love, also favorite second lead (I love you Earnest Bot).

5. School 2013: Favorite bromance, no romance could ever hold a candle to the love between Nam-soon and Hyung-soo.

6. Queen In-hyun’s Man: Favorite time-traveler (Boong-do will always be my ideal sexy nerd).

7. Answer Me 1997: Favorite bit of nostalgia… who can forget their first boy-band crushes?

8. Coffee Prince: Favorite cross-dressing drama, and my favorite first kiss.

9. Arang and the Magistrate: Favorite fantasy, the lore and world-building are still unmatched.

10. Heart to Heart: Favorite show I’ve recapped, I can’t even really say why, just that I enjoyed every minute of it.



As a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” drama addict, “favorite” primarily means “watched more than once.” Likely drama candidates contain memorable characters, establish a sense of ownership after experiencing the debut of now beloved actors/actresses, and exploit my weakness for an ensemble cast filled with oddball personalities.


1. Answer Me 1997: “The reason I like you? … Because you’re you.”

2. What’s Up?: students filling my soul with their stories and song

3. Misaeng: the joy and pain of an exquisitely crafted drama

4. White Christmas: it’s not the holidays without Merry Mad Mir-eu

5. City Hall: Kim Sun-ah at her best, both comedically and emotionally

6. Story of a Man: platonic ideal of cat-and-mouse games (plus Park Ki-woong!)

7. Harvest Villa: goes to 11 on the “dark and quirky” dial

8. Flower Boy Next Door: Webtoon Editor is my patronus

9. King of Dramas: Jung Ryeo-won *heart eyes* and “What would Anthony do?”

10. Coffee Prince: Waffle Prince is the only prince I need



This list is fluid and ever-changing—it’s what I love now, with a slant towards recent shows because my memory sucks. It also doubles as my “shows I hawk to K-drama virgins”-list. For me, these shows transcend culture, language, and genre, to make a full meal for my hungry heart.


1. Signal: I don’t think I need to explain this one.

2. Healer: Just so heart-bursting and badass.

3. I Hear Your Voice: Hits every single sweet spot.

4. Two Weeks: Grand High Oppa, Lee Jun-ki.

5. Secret: I discover revenge melos. Where were you all my life.

6. I Remember You: Creepy, funny and bleeding-hearty.

7. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Aaall the bromance forever! Scraping my heart off the pavement.

8. Faith: I adore old-fashioned romances, especially when they involve sword-wielding warriors.

9. Dal-ja’s Spring: Also noona romances.

10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: And youthful romances. Everything about this drama is unadulterated joy.



If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only take ten dramas with me, which ten would I take? Here’s my list as of this writing, but I can’t promise that a new show (or a new-to-me, but old show) won’t cause an overhaul in the future.


1. Answer Me 1988: Wholly satisfying on so many levels.

2. Healer: Swoony hero + plucky heroine = consummate romance.

3. School 2013: Teenage angst, wrapped in a perfectly imperfect package.

4. Coffee Prince: Whether man or alien, love conquers all (harbinger of #9).

5. My Name is Kim Sam Soon: Sassy protagonist changes the drama landscape.

6. Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs: A favorite friends-to-lovers tale.

7. Sandglass: Deservedly the drama of the decade, possibly the century.

8. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Puppy love packs an unexpectedly emotional punch.

9. You From Another Star: No one’s immune to Chun Song-yi’s charms.

10. The Lonely Shining Goblin: Flawed, but if you’re in the mood for melancholy…



My favorites are relatively recent except for a few oldies in the mix. I generally gravitate towards human and/or dark dramas with deft writing; eye candy isn’t even a requirement for me anymore! Perhaps because of my quarterlife crisis, I have a preference for pathos over sunshine and rainbows.


1. Misaeng: Jang Geu-rae got me TOO well.

2. Signal: The two operative words will always be “must” and “watch.”

3. I Hear Your Voice: I finally understood that the noona romance hype is real.

4. This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: Writing and directing perfection.

5. The Producers: Behind the scenes drama never ceases to amuse me.

6. Dear My Friends: Aging is sobering, but there’s comfort in its universality.

7. Answer Me 1988: Warmed my heart like a mother’s home cooked meal.

8. Memory: Guaranteed inducer of catharsis. Didn’t mind crying in every episode.

9. Stairway to Heaven: My full-blown obsession with this one lasted many years.

10. Autumn Fairy Tale: Three beautiful actors + tear-jerking story = smitten K-drama neophyte, aged nine.



In the spirit of the Top Ten Countdown, I’ve divided my favorite dramas into ten categories. Granted, my selections may not be the best examples of their groupings, but when I’m in the mood for a certain type of show, these are my go-to choices.


1. Coffee Prince (Gender Bender): Proof that love is blind whether you’re man, woman, or alien.

2. Witch’s Romance (Noona Romance): The end all of noona romances. Plus, Park Seo-joon…

3. Healer (Action): Cheeky hero, plucky heroine, clever story, and beautiful action scenes.

4. I Hear Your Voice (Supernatural Twist): Adorable puppy love, and one of my favorite villains.

5. Descended From the Sun (Bromance): The main leads actually get out-chemistry-ed by the male leads.

6. Arang and the Magistrate (Fusion Sageuk): Awesome world-building and character development. And Lee Jun-ki is preeetty.

7. Queen In-hyun’s Man (Time Travel): An almost perfect show that redefines “long-distance relationship.”

8. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang (Old School): So, not that old school, but it’s the oldest of my favorites.

9. Secret (Melodrama): I watched, I cried, I angsted — rinse, repeat.

10. Scent of a Woman (Chemistry): Ignore the plot and just watch for any Tango scene.



I love dramas with memorable characters which is why I probably favor shows with an ensemble cast or scene-stealing side characters. Effortless rapport between characters is the essential element of a good show for me.


1. Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Wacky, mysterious, and utterly brilliant.

2. Jejoongwon: The quintessential story of a remarkable underdog.

3. The Chaser: The monologues are pure gold.

4. Giant: Epic.

5. Signal: Riveting and suspenseful.

6. Queen’s Classroom: A thoughtful and sophisticated depiction of youth and school.

7. Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father: Four masterfully crafted and darkly funny episodes.

8. Bad Family: The perfect balance of outrageous comedy and family love.

9. Answer Me 1988: A nostalgic tale about family and friends that transcends time.

10. Resurrection: Dark, intricate, and an exemplar in its genre.



Some dramas come and go, but these have stayed in my heart. I gravitate toward them because they’ve withstood the test of time, and I’m continually surprised by how much I enjoy them even after multiple rewatches.


1. Jumong: Best ruler origin story ever.

2. Hwang Jin-yi: Why I still try Jang Geun-seok dramas, despite all the flops.

3. Empress Ki: No man stands in the way of this female badass.

4. Full House: Celebrity’s contract marriage and Rain’s cute jealousy face. I’m sold.

5. Stairway to Heaven: Heartbreaking in the most painfully addicting way.

6. Ojakkyo Brothers: Warming like piping hot duck soup on a snowy day.

7. My Daughter Seo-young: Family drama where every subplot is heartfelt and rewarding.

8. Family’s Honor: I love you because you love a dead man – the catch-22 hurts so good.

9. Nice Guy: Ultimate prickly ice princess story, with a twist of revenge.

10. The King 2 Hearts: You can never have too much Ha Ji-won in your life.



I’m surprised (and kinda embarrassed) that my favorites are nowhere near my Top 10 Objectively Best K-dramas list. Looking at it, I seem to love shows with female characters that I either support, adore, or am in awe of.


1. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang: Still waiting for my Chun-hyang ♥ Mong-ryong reunion, Drama Gods…

2. Splish Splash Love: Only Algebra can make Sejong fall in love.

3. Prosecutor Princess: No frying pans of badassery, but Unni learns lawyering while staying fabulous.

4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Geol-oh’s hero hiccups + Yoon-shik/hee’s nerdery = Move over, Titanic.

5. My Girl: Jun-ki’s hair is the least funniest thing in this show, and that’s saying something.

6. Dream High: Adorable Robot Suzy as a plot point. What’s not to love?

7. Heartless City: Everyone’s here for the bromance, sismance, and sexy gang war music.

8. W—Two Worlds: Really shocking and amazing start. I don’t regret watching it.

9. Tree With Deep Roots: I didn’t know a language’s history can be this bloody (awesome).

10. Age of Youth: My subconscious was split into five and they became roommates.



Happy big one-oh, Dramabeans! Now with dramas, I tend to gravitate towards the outrageously weird (fantasy, slapstick, etc.). But as I get older, the slice-of-life dramas sneak their way into my heart and, inevitably, my favorites list. So yeah, I like weird. With the occasional sprinkle of ordinary.


1. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: This will never be dethroned from its #1 spot. Never.

2. I Hear Your Voice: Redefined love for me. OTP moments still leave me breathless.

3. You From Another Star: Magic. Reminded me why I’m so obsessed with fairy tales.

4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: So silly, loud, and downright wild. In other words, awesome.

5. Coffee Prince: The Disney of dramas – it’s just a classic.

6. School 2013: My go-to comfort show. It’s like a nice angsty hug.

7. Pinocchio: Can never have enough Lee Jong-seok. Or writer Park Hye-ryun.

8. Healer: Jumped on this bandwagon super late, but I jumped nonetheless.

9. Brilliant Legacy: An old guilty pleasure for me and my mom.

10. Age of Youth: My soul mate in drama form. ♥



When I watch a drama, I’m usually in it for the comedic hijinks and heart-fluttering romances, but sometimes I can’t help but factor in other elements like a heart-wrenching bromance or a terrifying villain. Therefore, my list is organized according to “the feels when” (TFW):


1. School 2013: TFW you realize your bro hated you because he loved you.

2. I Hear Your Voice: TFW your drenched puppy is so happy to see you that nothing else matters to him.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: TFW your boyfriend KNOWS he’s making your heart skip beats.

4. Protect the Boss: TFW “villains” are so hilariously ineffective that it’s endearing by the end.

5. You From Another Star: TFW Chun Song-yi brings out her rap game.

6. Master’s Sun: TFW skinship is the solution to your problems.

7. Descended From the Sun: TFW your boyfriend is a smart-talker but terrible liar.

8. You’re Beautiful: TFW you’re an ex-nun living with cute boys.

9. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: TFW your bro tries to stop you from getting yourself killed.

10. Liar Game: TFW you’re not sure who to trust in this world anymore.



I’m surprised to find a number of new dramas made their way onto my top ten list, but there’s no denying that the level of quality coming out of dramaland in recent years keeps surpassing expectations. For me, it’s about what characters stay in my mind and steal my heart.


1. Misaeng: Chief Oh is my favorite character of all time.

2. My Name is Kim Sam-soon: Oh wait, maybe Sam-soon?

3. Answer Me 1988: Crap, definitely Choi Taek.

4. Signal: Okay, let’s be honest, Lee Jae-han has his own list.

5. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: But… then what about meat-loving Mi-ho?

6. Oh My Ghostess: Kang Chef would never stand for this kind of indecisiveness!

7. Coffee Prince: Then again, Han-gyul would totally sympathize.

8. Autumn Fairy Tale: Look, Eun-suh had some real dilemmas, you’re being a baby.

9. My Girl: I know, let’s just drink away the confusion like Yoo-rin.

10. Queen Seon-deok: I meant to say, Mishil is the greatest ever… *gulp*



My favorite dramas have the kind of writing and acting that bring characters to life, so their journeys feel like my own. These shows follow their characters as they grow into their true selves, or fall in love with their perfect other halves—or both—and live on in my imagination to this day.


1. Misaeng: Has there ever been a more insightful, heartbreaking, glorious exploration of the human condition?

2. Signal: It felt like I didn’t breathe for sixteen episodes, and when it was over I wanted to do it again.

3. Coffee Prince: You never forget your first (drama) love—especially if his name is Choi Han-kyul.

4. City Hall: An intelligent, realistic love story between adults that’s also swooningly romantic.

5. Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident: A brilliant hybrid of revenge thriller and family melodrama.

6. Can You Hear My Heart: This family shattered my heart and put it together again, bursting with even more love.

7. Alone in Love: The various ways people love each other, and how to mend a broken heart.

8. Que Sera, Sera: A twisted, emotional love story that felt almost too real and vulnerable.

9. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Best coming-of-age music drama ever. Ever.

10. Tamra the Island: Park Kyu’s epic transformation is forever engraved on my heart.



Secondary relationships are what make a drama particularly memorable in my book, adding extra layers that give me much to appreciate long after the drama concludes. Great performances from a talented cast are a given, but it’s those special connections that give my favorites a significant edge.


1. You From Another Star: Funny and heartwarming.

2. Pinocchio: The dads hold a special place in my heart.

3. High School King of Savvy: A grandpa and his loving grandson.

4. Answer Me 1988: The veteran actors who played the parents.

5. Page Turner: Short but sweet!

6. I Remember You: Bittersweet bromance.

7. You’re Beautiful: So much angst!

8. Dear My Friends: Deeply talented cast.

9. Sassy Go Go: The sweetest triangle.

10. Scent of a Woman: Love this mother and daughter.


494 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bananachocolate

    Love all these lists <3
    I'm reminded again of the wonderful older dramas~
    I need to go check out Dal Ja's spring one day

    • 1.1 Poke salmon

      Ikr!! The lists bring back so many fond memories!! Famous Princess *swoon*

    • 1.2 Hokguan

      well, interesting lists, but I found so many titles are boring. Slow pace, I can’t tolerate that. This is my top 10:

      1. Punch
      2. City Hunter
      3. Sign
      4. Phantom
      5. My Love From Another Stars
      6. Gaksital
      7. Unexpected You
      8. Two Weeks
      9. I Hear Your Voice
      10. Pinocchio

      • 1.2.1 chanelboy

        I read some repeeated lists, here mines :

        wins my heart at Lee Min Ho hits his another second super stardom. Super chic and very current, modern, slick stylish and efffortlessly superb.

        Cheong Song Yi Baek Song Yi .. haha and her hermes bag hanging at car window . 10 stars

        Genius at its best. Laid back, funny, American style in Korean city.

        the Ost responsible for it, and Goong Yoo, and reaper

        Smoozy sexy Yoo Ah In and foxy smart ass Ok Jung

        I know, odd choice


        8. SASSY GO GO


        10. LIE TO ME
        (i know the drama sucks big time, but Yoon Eun Hye is my unnie spirit, & i cant forget how stylish n pretty she was in this. and 5 first eps was good and funnny

        • JuSo

          You know what. Incarnation of Money isn’t that odd. It’s actually also one of my favorites.

          • Tieres

            Incarnation of Money for the win!

        • Rach

          I love Yoon Eun Hye, too! I liked Lie to Me, too, and could never figure out why so many people said it was bad.

      • 1.2.2 JC from SJ

        There are a lot of good dramas listed, but a few seem to be missing:

        Jewel in the Palace
        Secret Garden
        Scent of a Woman

        I would like to see a list of “Might Have Been Great, But Something Happened…”

        Heard It On the Grapevine
        Queen Seonduek
        Trot Lovers

        and more.

        • Elgarmummy

          Yes, how can Jewel in the palace be missing?

    • 1.3 Jozie

      Mine are

      1. Coffee Prince
      2. Reply 1997 (Really, I see all of them as one overarching series so I am claiming all three. It’s the same universe after all))
      3. Nine: Nine Times Travel
      4. I Hear Your Voice – pleasantly surprised to see this one on so many peoples list. I thought I was the only one who adored this drama.
      5. City Hall
      6. My Lovely Kim Samsoon
      7. You’re Beautiful
      8. King of Dramas – not perfect but when it was good it was very, very good and I think everyone who has seen it views drama productions as happening like this.
      9. Splish Splash Love and Page Turner (they’re shorts so I’m putting in two)
      10. King 2 Hearts – for an example of really over the top that should have fallen apart but somehow managed to stay on the right side of entertaining.

      • 1.3.1 TrinPie

        I absolutely love I Hear Your Voice. That is also definitely on my top 10 list. I’m glad to see it is getting lots of love from other people also.

        If I were to make a list mine would probably be:

        Princess’ Man
        I Hear Your Voice
        Flower Boy Ramen Shop
        Oh My Ghostess
        You’re Beautiful
        My Love From Another Star
        I Need Romance 3
        Cunning Single Lady

        It is funny how some shows just latch onto you. Some may not be that great but they stick to you for whatever reason. Could be a character you love, a moment in the show that’s unforgettable or a romance you can’t forget. There are also very well done shows that I like but just doesn’t hold that magic for me. I loved Signal and it was excellent but weirdly I wouldn’t put it on my top 10 list. Yet You’re Beautiful which wasn’t the greatest show holds these sweet nostalgic memories for me.

        • chanelboy


          Second ur command Miss!

          it latch like won’t goodbye forever. stick for whatever reason even not be that great.

          It could be the experience itself while watching the show,
          the hype, community, the ost, the love struck deep at first sight, (even maybe they not that handsome after all haha).

          and super agree with Signal. It was the best perfect show, but it want in my top 10.

          TOP 10 is not about “the perfect best drama we’ve watched”
          it is about “drama that carved specially in our heart, that never goes away, like our lover. they never could be perfect, but we like them as it is.”

      • 1.3.2 dee

        You have really got the BEST OF THE BEST . These are my favs too , just my order would be a lil bit different. FIGHTING

    • 1.4 Zyn

      Well my treasures all the time are:
      1. My Girlfriend is Gumiho. First drama that I literally cried when i watched the ending (ep 15-16)
      2. Goong. My youth time
      3. Coffee Prince. Yoo Gong!❤️
      4. Secret Garden. My heart wretching
      5. Dream High. Oh my musical drama
      6. Queen In Hyun Man. Giggling so much
      7. Answer Me 97. My memories
      8. Angry Mom. Puppies love story ever
      9. Healer. Action romance gonna be so coooool
      10. Goblin. Gong Yoo!❤️

  2. berries


    • 2.1 hoppy

      yeeeeeeeaaaaaahh heeeaaaleer, that will always be my top1

    • 2.2 evw09

      Kinda surprised that Healer wasn’t on the lists more, but that might be my own bias.

  3. Haydn

    omg HeadsNo2…. yaaaas. 100% agree with Tree (muhyul), Dragons (baby muhyul) & Salaryman!

    funny how @ work today, I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the drama with the EPIC VERSAILLES YOO-nim… finally remembered. and kinda died just THINKING about the drama that almost killed me from laughing so hard. History of the Salaryman<3

    • 3.1 Haydn

      I think my TOP 10 would be….

      1) DaeJangGeum LOL I have to watch this at least twice a year… #foodporn XD
      2) JUMONG
      3) DAMO<3 (their OST is my favorite till this day…)
      4) Tree w/ Deep Roots
      5) Six Flying Dragons
      6) History of the Salaryman
      7) Signal
      8) Misaeng
      9) Goblin (goblinxgrimreaper feels)
      10) Queen Seondok (ah… Bidam…Alcheon…)

      • 3.1.1 dizzy

        Hi haydn, but we had such similad taste in dramas lol.
        Totally agree with janggeum,deep rooted tree, 6 flying, seondeok, and signal.
        But I’d prefer Bad Guy (mostly bcs kim namgil and han ga in), memories of bali (despite of suck ending), queen of classroom (hyanggi and kohyunjung just omg), beautiful mind (janghyuk and sodam too beautiful to be true) and master’s sun fill the rest of my list

        • Tatsu

          Glad that you mentioned Memories of Bali. I actually liked the ending even though it’s tragic. For a change it wasn’t the usual ‘and they lived happily ever after’.

      • 3.1.2 Sojuboy

        No one can compete with K-Drama in terms of quality 😀

        1. Tree with Deep Roots (Best K-Drama ever made!)

        2. Sandglass ( K-Drama that started it all)

        3. Princess’ Man ( Up there with Tree)

        4. Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-Gi (Brilliant satire on K-business world)

        5. K2 (Brilliant satire on Military Industrial Complex)

        6. Secret Garden (Cheezy but crazy effective)

        7. Jewel in the Palace (Simply brilliant)

        8. Uncontrollably Fond

        9. Will it Snow for Christmas

        10. Goblin

  4. Ceecile

    I’m surprised and delighted to see Arang and the Magistrate mentioned not just once, but twice! Truly an underrated drama.

  5. Sgisinta

    Waw thank you for including 4 seunggi’s drama on your list..
    1. King 2 heart
    2. Famous Chill Princesses
    3. My Girlfriend Is Gumiho
    4. Brilliant Legacy

    Seunggiyaaa please comeback with another good drama ^^

  6. Elle

    My all-time top 10:

    1. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
    2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    3. Tree with Deep Roots
    4. Weightlifting Fairy
    5. My Girl
    6. Goong
    7. City Hunter
    8. Mixed Up Investigative Agency
    9. Signal
    10. Gaksital

    • 6.1 Elle

      Honorable mentions: Prosecutor Princess, Resurrection, The Devil, Arang and the Magistrate, Time Between Dog and Wolf

  7. Erin

    Nice to see Dalja’s Spring up on your list ❤
    Most hilarious drama I’ve ever watched, and the romance is just so realistic. I miss Chae Rim 🙁

    • 7.1 Jozie

      I keep on meaning to check this one out, in a bit of a dram slump right now maybe this one.

  8. Chi

    Thats a long list of dramas to check out.

  9. missjb

    WHAH that’s a hard choice. I’m going crazy over prosecutor princess and You’re Beautiful when it was airing. You’re beautiful it’s the first drama I’m completely enter kdrama world after hiatus for so many years. But Now, I don’t think I can watch that drama with the same excitement. What do you mean for all time fav drama? It’s your fav drama that’s still stay with you until now? Or DO your most crack drama when you watched it but now it’s no longer the same is still consider your fav drama ?

  10. 10 hazuki

    My Top 10 K-Drama All Time

    1. Answer Me 1997
    2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    3. I am Sorry I Love You
    4. Coffee Prince
    5. Princess Hours
    6. My Girlfriend is Gumiho
    7. Full House
    8. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
    9. The Greatest Love
    10. Misaeng

    special mention: Age of Youth, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Winter Sonata^^

  11. 11 pigsnout

    These are such great lists! I never even heard of so many of these dramas (mainly older ones) but now I want to watch them all ♡

    Also it’s nice to see so much love for some dramas I love too, like Misaeng and 1997. And even for smaller dramas like Splish Splash Love and Sassy Go Go!

    To jb, gf and all the recappers, thank you so much and I hope 2017 will be a grand anniversary year for dramabeans ♡♡♡♡

  12. 12 cherkell

    Was organizing a stack of DVD-Rs the other day and came across my “Giant” rips. Man, what a show. Now to find 60 free hours to settle in and watch it again. Hmmm… 🤔

    Perfect way to wrap up The Book of 10s, so now it’s time to PAR-TAY. See you all tomorrow night in L.A.!!! 🍾 🍸

    • 12.1 Kiara

      I still remember hosting a ramen get together every weekend just to have friends over to watch “Giant” with me lol. Back in the days when the subs was slower.

      Jo Pil-Yeon (Jung Bo-Suk) you are still my favorite villain in dramaland.

    • 12.2 missjb

      Oh Giant,
      What A roller coaster ride… haha…
      The first 60 episode drama I’m willing to spend watching marathon, It’s crazy.

    • 12.3 wonhwa

      Giant is fantastic – you almost never get a show with that strong of an ensemble cast – even the no-name supporting characters are played by marvelous actors.

    • 12.4 dramabliss

      Giant – a 60-episode saga that I’ve rewatched in its entirety! so it must make it to my 10 top fav kdramas. Here’s my list, in alphabetical order:

      Answer Me 1988
      Bottom of the 9th, with 2 Outs
      City Hall
      Coffee Prince
      Master’s Sun
      Queen In-Hyun’s Man

      • 12.4.1 dramabliss

        Oops! I forgot to include in the list Tree With Deep Roots. That would make it eleven but WTH, that drama introduced me to one of my most admired historical figures – Lee Do, otherwise known as King Sejong the Great. The title is most deserved.

  13. 13 darcyM

    To 10 favourite k-drama blogs:

    1) dramabeans
    2) dramabeans
    3) dramabeans
    4) dramabeans
    5) dramabeans
    6) dramabeans
    7) dramabeans
    8) dramabeans
    9) dramabeans
    10) dramabeans

    I actually hardly watch k-drama anymore (thanks for that, Real Life) but I still check in at dramabeans almost every day, despite hardly ever commenting here. Dramabeans is a great blog, very helpful in enabling my addiction a few years back haha. Thank you everyone for creating and maintaining a great place to hang out and read about dramas, talk with others if we feel like it or just be a casual reader. Here’s to another 10 years of dramabeans.

    • 13.1 hoppy

      yeah dramabeans is the best, if its not db, its not a kdrama blog, db makes the difference. can’t live a day without checking in this site

    • 13.2 Rae

      Love you dramabeans…😍

  14. 14 Mischa

    My fave still remains Winter Sonata, the one that catapulted my obsession for k-drama and believing that there was once a mythical god that is Bae Yong Joon.

  15. 15 Silentkecik

    I feel betrayed watching Delightful Girl Chun-hyang on my country national tv because they cut the joseon part at end of every episode. Those were hilarious!!! I never watch kdrama on tv anymore. Better watch it online. HA.

  16. 16 Boomboompow

    Splish splash love! 💕

  17. 17 drivebyknitting

    1. Coffee Prince – my favorite gender-bender and probably my favorite OTP. Plus it was my first drama.

    2. Misaeng – my favorite slice of life drama. I feel like Jang Geu Rae and want to be Chief Oh.

    3. Biscuit Teacher Star Candy – my favorite noona romance. I will heart this couple forever.

    4. I Hear Your Voice – my favorite thriller-legal-supernatural-noona romance. Yes, that’s a genre now because I said so.

    5. Healer – my favorite thriller. It balanced a lot so perfectly.

    6. School 2013 – my favorite bad bromance. I’m with girlfriday. I ship them in real life.

    7. Shut Up Flower Boy Band – my favorite rad bromance. I love watching those boys love each other.

    8. Answer Me 1997 – my favorite throwback drama. It nearly parallels my life in a number of ways. So many it hurts.

    9. White Christmas – my favorite holiday drama. It’s a fun, wacky romp where everyone is happy and nothing ever hurts. I’m lying.

    10. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel – my favorite time travel drama. I love time travel shows – Korean and otherwise. This one has the tightest storyline.

    • 17.1 Middie

      I am so surprised that no one said nine: nine time travel. One of the best kdrama I watched in all my 7 years of watching.

      • 17.1.1 Midnight


    • 17.2 Jozie

      I also would have replaced Queen Inhyun with Nine. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Queen Inhyun but I thought Nine took everything but the romance up a notch.

  18. 18 Yuna

    My Top-10, in no particular order-

    1. Misaeng

    2. Punch

    3. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

    4. Answer 1988

    5. Tree With Deep Roots

    6. Mixed-up Investigation Agency

    7. This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair

    8. Queen Seon Duk

    9. Pinocchio

    10. Nine-Nine Times Time Travel

    • 18.1 gureum

      missed the chance to put Nine as #9 haha!

  19. 19 SJHyun

    YAAAAAS 5 DB staff added Shut Up Flower Boy Band in their top 10. I watch SUFBB whenever I’m in a drama slump and this drama makes me remember why I like kdramas. ♡

    • 19.1 SJHyun

      Also, how do you pick just 10? It’s… hard. I keep adding and adding, my faves just keep growing as the time passes.

      • 19.1.1 dizzy

        LOL. Mine too

      • 19.1.2 missjb

        Me too. It’s too hard I can’t list it down.

    • 19.2 Darnanggs

      Shut Up Flower Boy Band will probably be the only drama i watched 3x from start to finished and watched some favorite scenes gazillion times. So it’s the number 1 for me.

      2. Misaeng – I love you Chief Oh 😘😘😘
      3. Nine – Nine Times Time Travel
      4. Queen Inhyun’s Man – any time travel tales gets my vote.
      5. Healer – good chemistry between the 2 stars
      6. You From Another Star – when she dressed like a teen 😂
      7. Witch Romance – I’m an ajumma, So?
      8. What’s Up Fox – ditto
      9. Queen Seondeok – watched it for Mishil
      10. Winter Sonata – my very first drama, probably won’t be watching another drama of the same type or genre but this drama will always have a special place in my heart.

  20. 20 ☕️

    I realized that my most loved dramas are nowhere close to the most high quality dramas I’ve seen. In the end, I enjoy what gets me at the heart and that’s why everyone has different favorites.

    My Top 10 in no particular order:

    You From Another Star
    You’re Beautiful
    Dream High
    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
    Prosecutor Princess
    Princess’ Man
    Autumn’s Concerto
    A Love To Kill
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    Hotel King (for reasons even I’m not sure I understand)

    • 20.1 missjb

      Often times drama what we are love dearly doesn’t mean It’s a masterpiece quality wise. I can list my fav everyone seems to find it crap drama HAHA

      • 20.1.1 couchpotato_md

        So TRUE!!!

        Love Lee DongWook and Lee Da Hae!

    • 20.2 mary

      Yey! Someone else who has Prosecutor Princess in their list! ♥ ♥ ♥

      I feel like not a lot of people watched it, and if they did, it doesn’t really hit that perfect plot + acting all-around, so it won’t even fit into a Top 100 Best Kdramas List. But it was special to me because of the heroine’s journey. She was such a bad prosecutor at the start! The faces her prosecutor sunbae makes (and Lee Jong-suk as the office clerk LOL) whenever Ma Hye-ri makes a faux pas! LOL

      • 20.2.1 missjb

        Yess I really like it so much when I watch it, and still one of my fav till now.. But I don’t think it will make my top 10 fav now since I already watch so many that I find it better, but it’s still special to me, especially episode 11 onwards I just loved it

      • 20.2.2 ☕️

        I loved Prossecutor Princess for a lot of things but mainly how much I wanted to give up on it, didn’t, and realized what a gem it was. One particular scene that is still so fresh in my mind was when Hye-ri came to eat ramyun in In-woo’s house and how he snubbed her on purpose by talking to his friend on the phone. Something about that scene and everyone’s emotions really got to me. And then I was completely invested in what the characters felt and did. It was one of those dramas that either you loved or was meh over. I don’t know anyone who’s in-between.

      • 20.2.3 couchpotato_md

        Love Prosecutor Princess as well!

  21. 21 Sethemonfire

    I’m so happy!! I was kind of getting disappointed because even though I saw some of my fav dramas on the lists like The Princess’s Man and Heartless City, I didn’t see my ultimate fave. Then I finally saw Jumong at the top of someone’s list and I almost screamed. Who knew I cared so much?

    • 21.1 WishfulToki

      Yeah, I also had this huge grin when I saw it top tineybeanie’s list. Mo Palmo would be happy.

      • 21.1.1 Dynasty

        Yea, same here
        Jumong remains one of my all time favourite.

  22. 22 hanbin

    Shut Up Flower Boy Band is still my most favorite. Weightlifting Fairy is a close second. Those two were near perfect. Not a single episode was wasted. No fillers, and every conflict is worth it. No stupid characters either, and most of all, it tugs me right at the perfect spot.

  23. 23 Imbuk

    Congrats on completing the top 10 lists and 10 years of blogging, guys! Wishing you all more decades to come! Thank you for all the awesome lists.

    Though, I am only like twenty dramas old, the dramas that I have watched again when I felt down was coffe prince, healer and just you (taiwanese drama). I adored weightlifting fairy kim bok ju as well and I didn’t know Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs is a friends to lovers story beacuse after weightlifting fairy, I have been wanting to check out romances of that kind. Thank you for that, awcoconuts.

    Regarding coffee prince, I met someone yesterday who told me her friend told her not to watch it because it has all of kdrama cliches and I was like *gasp* and felt appalled. Its the drama that i have felt is one of a kind beacuse it also showed what happens after they got together, about loving and accepting themselves as they are and gong yoo as choi han gyul is amazing. Since, it was in a professional setting, I was unable to convince her without making myself look like a lunatic and also was short of time. But, the next time i meet her, I am going make sure she knows just what she is missing in her life. 😛

  24. 24 Yui

    Gotta make my own top 10 on blog inspired by db hehe

    Mine from kdrama :
    1. Signal
    2. Misaeng
    3. All about eve
    4. On air
    5. weightlifting fairy

    Rebel and voice are pretty good too. Wait until they finish.

    I wish i could add dots. I like the concept. No poor-rich storyline. No 3rd person. But then… Hmmm… I couldnt find a reason to put it on my top 5 haha

    • 24.1 Beanfan

      So glad someone mentioned “All About Eve”!! I haven’t prepared my list, but I’m thinking it would end up on there!

    • 24.2 Elgarmummy

      I was thinking about this show. May not be on my fav list, but my aunt was crazy about the show. She watched it like 50 times (not an exaggeration), playing it over and over again. She devoted all her time to writing tonnes of articles in Chinese about everything, just like drama beans but really obsessive, and constantly discussed new things with other netizens. But that was it. She didn’t watch any other Korean dramas.

  25. 25 Satsuki92

    So glad to see the dramas I love in some of the lists!

    What Laica said about Signal nailed it
    “It felt like I didn’t breathe for sixteen episodes, and when it was over I wanted to do it again” and I did do it again! So good. With each rewatch, I found that no lingering shots were done for naught. Everything was a clue and was tied up.

    I love this top 10 list, I hope you continue with it or have it as one of the weekly/monthly features!

  26. 26 Chandler

    Ahhh, this is so hard for me. But thanks to all these lists from you guys, I won’t feel as though I’m leaving certain favorites behind, with no mention at all.

    I still probably have to think of my final 10, but, for now, it warms my heart seeing so much love for Delightful Girl, MGIAG, TWDR, Splish Splash Love, Story of a Man, Princess’s Man (i just rewatched this & fell in love with it all over again), and several others. Even some love for Qué Sera Sera and What’s Up! Especially appreciating Lovepark for putting Mixed up Investigative Agency in her top spot. That is definitely in my top five.

    All my favorite Song Jinah, Park Yeon Seon and Hong sister’s dramas are so well-represented!

    • 26.1 Chandler

      Oh, lovepark. You also have Bad Family on your list? I’m so happy to see someone else still recognizing my old favorites.

      I think Flowers for my Life is the only old fav of mine that didn’t snag a place on any of the lists.

      • 26.1.1 PakalanaPikake


        I’m not sure if it’s in my own top ten list (because I can’t limit myself to 10!) — but I loved BAD FAMILY to bits when I watched it some months ago. A commercial transaction turns into a family of choice.

      • 26.1.2 birdscout

        A www, so sad that Flowers For My Life didn’t make it onto javabeans’ list. That had such a satisfying perfect ending.

    • 26.2 Flightey Gazelles

      Most of lovepark’s choices are ones I’ve never heard of but now I’m curios to.

      Oh God, more dramas to my astronomically growing To-Watch list

    • 26.3 Chandler

      Haha, finally nailed down a list, but since I noticed a lot of beanies cheating, I do so too, hehehe. Here it is:

      1. Mixed-up Investigative Agency (honorable mentions go out to all my other fav Park Yeon-seon dramas)
      2. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
      3. Princess’s Man
      4. Coffee Prince
      5. Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Answer Me 1997
      6. Story of a Man (+ Healer)
      7. Bad Family, Flowers for My Life
      8. Jealousy Incarnate
      9. Dal Ja’s Spring, Marriage Not Dating
      10. Qué Sera Sera
      11. Splish Splash Love (fav drama special, so I’m adding this in)

      Other dramas I will forever have an insane amount of love for: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Tree With Deep Roots + Six Flying Dragons, Queen In Hyun’s Man, What’s Up, Arang and the Magistrate, Signal, Misaeng, This Week my Wife, Weightlifting Fairy, Tamra the Island, Soulmate, Best Love, School 2013, Joseon X-files, History of a Saleryman, the list could go on and on.

  27. 27 anniemo

    1. Coffee Prince (Choi Han Gyul, I will love you forever!)
    2. Healer (I’m sorry City Hunter!)
    3. The Princess’s Man (epic, man, epic)
    4. I Hear Your Voice (I’m not big on the noona romance, Lee Jong Suk on his A game though…)
    5. Answer Me 1997 (when I need a good laugh, I watch him try to peal her cellphone case off with a fork. Her chasing him with a frog works just as well.)
    6. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (You wouldn’t think so, but this is the only drama on the list that ALWAYS makes me cry)
    7.School 2013 (and Nam Soon and Heung Soo where never parted again. You hear me fate?!?!)
    8. Master’s Sun (I’ll confess something blasphemous… I didn’t like Gong Hyo Jin until this drama)
    9. History of a Salaryman (I wish I could be as awesome as Yeo Chi)
    10. Bad Guys

    *Queen In Hyun’s Man would make it on the list if this were top 11. And I reaaaaaally thought W was on its way right to the top.

    • 27.1 annyeong

      4 out of your list are my faves!!! <3

  28. 28 mj loves dramabeans

    wow pretty much all of my top 10 are listed somewhere on the list (all but 1 I think)

    1. City Hunter
    2. I Hear Your Voice
    3. Secret
    4. Healer
    5. Faith
    6. You Who Came From the Stars
    7. Master’s Sun
    8. Cruel City
    9. School 2013
    10. That Winter the Wind Blows

  29. 29 Barbrey

    I like reading the lists! I have yet to see one in the OP or comments that matches me, though, as there are at least three on people’s lists I couldn’t finish or didn’t like. I think we should all publish our lists and see who comes closest. I’m looking for dramas right now that weren’t perhaps the most popular because I’ve seen or tried the most popular ones already. So it would be great to exchange ideas or recommendations with someone who likes the same dramas. Here are ten faves of mine. Note I have enjoyed some melos and sageuks for sure, but I primarily watch for the rom coms.

    1. Healer
    2. Greatest Love
    3. Emergency Couple
    4. Cheese in the Trap
    5. Jealousy Incarnate
    6. Boys Over Flowers
    7. Dream High
    8. Coffee Prince
    9. It’s Okay, That’s Love
    10. Master’s Sun

  30. 30 Kay

    Whoa, no Coffee Prince on Javabean’s list!? I’m shocked – it’s like I don’t even know you anymore, what happened to you…what happened to us.

    Okay, I’m being dramatic and totally kidding =P

    I think this is so hard…if I’d had to make a list off the top of my head:

    1. Goong (my first drama, and first love)
    2. Coffee Prince
    3. Full House
    4. My Girl
    5. Soulmate
    6. Brillant Legacy
    7. City Hunter
    8. Reply 1997
    9. Marriage Not Dating
    10. Pasta/Jealousy Incarnate (okay, I cheated and put two here)

    • 30.1 MapleSilver

      I must be the only person reading Dramabeans who is not enamored with Coffee Prince. Everyone else seems to have it on her list. But I am beyond happy that Javabeans includes This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair on her list. She expresses my own sentiment exactly about the greatness of this little show.

      • 30.1.1 missjb

        Well You are not the only strange one who don’t find Coffee Prince Special.

        • MapleSilver

          It was one of the earliest dramas I watched. And I am afraid to say this, but I cringed throughout the whole thing, until she revealed her true identity. Actually for cross dressing drama I enjoyed You’re Beautiful a lot more, no matter how silly it was.

          • Midnight

            Exactly my sentiments. And I tried watching it again very recently and it still made me cringe to the very end.

      • 30.1.2 SwoosieDerkins

        You’re not alone!! I thought it was an enjoyable watch, but I didn’t love it like everyone else seems to. One the other hand, This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair is just my cup of tea.

        • Alert

          Same here. It was fun, and hit all the right spots for me, and I like it – but not head over heels for it. So it’s not in my list too.

      • 30.1.3 siesta

        i only find the parts with the main couple and cafe crew interesting, mostly ffw’d the rest. but when it’s good, it’s good, so i’d forgive the boring parts.

  31. 31 spazmo

    this is like asking “who do you love more, mommy or daddy?”

    i can’t answer that, so these are my fav’s (my top 20), and in alpha order because i can’t rank them….

    Answer Me 1997
    Coffee Prince
    Dear My Friends
    Kill Me Heal Me
    King 2 Hearts
    Liar Game
    Marriage Not Dating
    Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    My Love From Another Star
    The Princess’ Man
    Queen InHyun’s Man
    Six Flying Dragons

    • 31.1 annyeong

      hey, that’s cheating!! (just kidding, I cheated too)

    • 31.2 hoppy

      hey that list is cool

    • 31.3 spazmo

      having to RANK them is like asking me “which of my babies are my favorites”…
      : (

    • 31.4 Flightey Gazelles


      She even named them alphabetically too, lol.

      I can’t even bear the thought of writing a top ten Kdrama list. It just feels so final, like this is the end and I’m listing all the best memories we had while we lasted.


      No I don’t want to. Perish the thought!!!

      I look forward to MORE Dramas to come that will come and replace my current favourites, move me deeply, make me starry-eyed and cry(don’t know when last that happened) and just make me giggly and squealy always. forever. I don’t wanna stop my addiction, I’ve barely even started.*cracks knuckles*

  32. 32 ratea

    waw, these are great lists..thanks for including princess’s man, queen in hyun’s man, healer.. and coffee prince is mentioned more than once. actually,some of the dramas mentioned, i’ve never watched before..but i really happy to see these lists..it will be my next drama lists to watch. and here it is my top 10 k drama all time

    1. princess’s man
    (my best saeguk ever)

    2. queen in hyun’s man
    (my best time traveller drama ever until now. no one can beat it :D)

    3. healer (my best action drama)

    4. weightlifting fairy kim bok jo (sweet,full of spirit of youth, about a dream, friendship and love)

    5. jealousy incarnate (rom com drama but it brought up great issue in society. there is good moral message in this drama)

    6. it’s okay, it’s love (psychiatric drama combined with love. such a unique drama)

    7. coffee prince (best ‘lead actress being a boy’ drama ever )

    8. Two weeks (it made me cried so much. my best family drama)

    9. arang and magistrate (my best fantasy drama so far. never imagine that this drama will be so good)

    10. prosecutor princess (my first law drama. and i got addicted with the story)

    • 32.1 mary

      Oh yay, another Prosecutor Princess fan! *waves*

      • 32.1.1 ratea

        hiii mary!!*waves*
        i’m so happy to see another viewers that love prosecutor princess too. yeayyy

  33. 33 ohmyaegyo

    Girlfriday’s description of Answer Me 1997, “My era, my youth, my story.” had me in tears.

  34. 34 Ava

    My all time favs:
    1. My name is kim sam soon
    2. Dear my friends
    3. Misaeng
    4. Liar game
    5. Princess’ man
    6. Beautiful mind
    7. Master sun
    8. Queen inhyun’s man
    9. Chuno
    10. Awl

  35. 35 UmbrellaMan

    Trying to think of my own top 10 is incredibly hard. There are just so many amazing dramas in dramaland!! I somehow felt vindicated that some of my faves were also their faves. I have good taste!! Hahaha.

    In no particular order (excluding top 3)
    1. Misaeng: best drama ever!!!!! It spoke to me.
    2. Shut Up Flower Boy Band
    3. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    4. Coffee Prince
    5. Six Flying Dragons
    6. White Xmas
    7. Signal
    8. The Greatest Love
    9. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
    10. Answer Me 1988

  36. 36 Lovedramas

    In no particular order cause I can’t decide – my favorites are-

    1) Queen of the Game – JJM and LBY
    2) moon embraces the sun – sucker for KSH and childhood first love and of course being king
    3) dong yi – JJH is charming
    4) best love – love love CSW and GHJ. So cute
    5) city hall – my favorite KES drama
    6) my name is Kim sam soon – hilarious and alpha female kinda
    7) full house – one of my first kdramas. Old school but still has its charm even though it’s totally unrelatable
    8) punch – wow!! So surprised how good it was
    9) Yi San – king and childhood friend turned to love and all the politics in between
    10) Misaeng – needs no explanation. Very relatable

    I am a creature of habit. These are the dramas that I rewatched so many times over – I can’t even count. They are my comfort go to dramas as opposed to the ones that I know are great dramas like signal, tree with deep roots.

  37. 37 Joy M

    That’s it. My takeaway from this list of lists is that I’ll watch Signal, Misaeng, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and maybe even Return of Iljimae as well. Thank you for including the rest of the staff! (Although I must say my tastes align better with girlfriday’s) <3

  38. 38 Shutupfan

    Shut Up Flower Boy Band is still one of my fond favorites. I loved the indie music theme. But I also watched the making of videos for SUFBB. That made me understand the major role of the director. I know I was naive not to understand before. The director took a whole cast of newbies (except Lee Min Ki not a newbie) and made them shine. Applause to the director.
    Lee Min Ki shone by being himself. Also think it was the truck of doom’s best performance. Wait, maybe the director should also be given credit for the trucks outstanding performance.

  39. 39 indie24

    These are the my top ten dramas that I can watch over and over again.

    1. Signal
    2. Queen In Hyun’s Man
    3. Heartless City
    4. Princess’ Man
    5. Nine
    6. Answer Me 1997
    7. Misaeng
    8. City Hall
    9. Greatest Love
    10. 38 Task Force

    Honoroble mentions: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Three Musketeers, Coffee Prince, Weightlifting Fairy, Bad Guys

  40. 40 AussieGrl

    Wow, this is hard, I started with my top 34 (my completed dramas list is up to 141) and had to cut it down. These are my current top ten dramas:
    1. Coffee prince (my first ever k-drama, and is yet to be beaten)
    2. Healer
    3. City hunter
    4. The greatest love
    5. Reply 1997
    6. Pinocchio
    7. I hear your voice
    8. I remember you
    9. Oh Hae-Young again
    10. Master’s sun

    • 40.1 kuppies82

      Oh another Aussie girl. Pretty hot day today huh.

      • 40.1.1 AussieGrl

        Haha yep, where abouts are you? I live in Victoria and it’s cooled down today, but the last few days have been hot. I hear that further north it’s bad though.

    • 40.2 Beanfan

      Finally! Relieved “Oh Hae Young Again” made it onto someone else’s list other than my own!

    • 40.3 alittlerythm

      So glad Oh Hae Young Again made it into someone’s list ♥

  41. 41 Lord Cobol

    Nothing gets on my top 10 list unless I liked it enough to watch it again. I mean the whole thing, not just the best parts, no fast-forward. Watching each episode a 2nd time while waiting for the next one doesn’t count either.

    1: Signal
    2: Queen In-Hyun’s Man
    3: Girl K (short shows are easier to re-watch)
    4: You From Another Star
    5: Master’s Sun
    6: School 2105
    7: Faith (beginning & end were worth the middle)
    8: Let’s Fight Ghost
    9: Splash Splash Love (short shows…)
    10: Queen’s Classroom

    Sandglass and Misaeng were at least as good and most of those, but I somehow don’t want to see them again — too depressing.
    Long shows have zero chance — no way am I watching 50+ episodes again no matter how much I liked some of them.

  42. 42 Cozybooks

    I could read top 10 dramas lists all day. It’s so fun to see what everybody likes to watch (or just what requirements they make for a top 10 drama). Like some, I realize there’s a difference between objectively well made and crack factor, but my top 10 are the ones that stick with me long after they’re over–they’re the ones I rewatch, that knew what kind of drama they wanted to be and went for it. I do tend to choose story over anything, with favorite actors as a plus.

    1. W: Two Worlds (Existential crisis + Comics + Lee Jong Suk and Song Jae Jung? Just yes. I’ve written too many words about this to accurately explain why it’s my favorite beyond: you are the key to my life.)

    2. The Greatest Love (Haaawrtbreak. Overcome! I’m laughing just thinking of it, which never happens for a show.)

    3. My Love From Another Star (As my first K-drama, this one has an extra golden shine to it.)

    4. Pinocchio (Truth, justice, and Lee Jong Suk. Reporting never looked so good.)

    5. Kill Me, Heal Me (Any man who can play seven people in one drama has my respect. It struck a balance between funny and compelling that I loved.)

    6. Entertainer (My boooyyyys I love you. And such tight storytelling, with so much to think about.)

    7. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (This is the one love twist I never saw coming in a million years. My heart is still recovering.)

    8. Signal (While a lot of my emotions tied up in this drama have since died down, I still think of it as the standard for cop shows.)

    9. Marriage Contract (I think they’re still my all-time favorite OTP. I just keep picturing them dancing at the end, her shoes off and crying.)

    10. I Remember You (Nature and Nurture are two of my favorite concepts, and it was absolutely mindblowing to discover them so well embodied in a K-drama.)

    • 42.1 Cozybooks

      I feel the need to make an honorable mentions Chinese and Taiwanese subset: Love Me If you Dare, Murphy’s Law of Love, and the General and I (ongoing, so I dunno about that one).

    • 42.2 annyeong

      Haven’t you watched I Hear your Voice yet? I think it suits your taste!

      • 42.2.1 Cozybooks

        I have, I really enjoyed it–but I of the two truth-themed Park Hye-Ryun dramas I like Pinocchio better, so it got the spot. ^^ It’s still pretty far up there, though! Kind of like how I love Queen In-Hyun’s man, but W and Nine made the top 10.

    • 42.3 siesta

      people would think of me as being a complete lee jongsuk trash but what can i say, his drama picks suit my taste and he always delivered

      i forget things easily so my faves would be dramas with either characters or plot that would stick with me, and ones i won’t mind rewatching over and over and not get bored.
      my top dramas is something like this (no particular order)
      1. Healer (perfect action drama)
      2. I Hear Your Voice (THE noona romance to beat)
      3. Pinocchio (i actually like In Ha’s character best)
      4. W-Two worlds (6 mind blowingly great eps)
      5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (yongha/geolroh)
      6. Misaeng (good kind of pain? lol)
      7. I Remember You (best thriller)
      8. What Happens With My Family? (only family drama i watched entirely. and rewatched for Dalbong/seowool)
      9. Weightlifting Fairy (boyfran goals)
      10. Sassy Go go (Yeol/Yeondoo = relationship goals)
      11. Faith (best of lee min ho for me)
      12. DOTS (yoo sijin. nuff said)
      13. SUFBB (ahh growing pains)
      14. Reply 1977

      special mentions for splish splash love (wonderfulness in a tiny package),School 2013 (THE bromance to beat) and Let’s Eat 2 (food porn)

  43. 43 juliesean

    Wow!! I agree with so many of your choices. Here’s my top 10, but there are really so many great dramas too.

    1) Signal
    2) Queen InHyun’s Man
    3) Answer Me 1997
    4) Answer Me 1988
    5) Goblin
    6) My Name is Kim Samsoon
    7) Jealousy Incarnate
    8) The Greatest Love
    9) Master’s Sun
    10) It’s Okay That’s Love

    • 43.1 indie24

      Your last four dramas are Gong Hyo Jin’s. I’m a fan so I’m happy with your choices. My favorite is of course The Greatest Love. Love her chemistry with Cha Seung Won. And Dokko Jin’s character is just hilarous and exceptional.

    • 43.2 chingoo

      Yay, finally someone else who put both Reply 1997 and 1988 on their Top 10! I’ve only been seeing one or the other on most lists, but both have my heart.

  44. 44 supah

    gotta love how you all have different tastes haha!
    lovepark! long time no see! ❤

    • 44.1 lovepark

      Supah!!!! 😀

      • 44.1.1 missjb

        Lovepark based on list, I think I’m more into your taste more haha….

  45. 45 Iluvjis

    I wanna play too:
    1) Mixed Up Investigative Agency
    2) Misaeng
    3) Signal
    4) I Hear Your Voice
    5) Sungkyungkwan Scandal
    6) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    7) Coffee Prince
    8) Answer Me 1997
    9) Healer
    10) Punch
    11) Dalja’s Spring (but only up to ep 12 or so)
    12) Goong

  46. 46 Mandy

    My top 10
    1.My Love From Another Star
    2.Moon That Embraces The Sun
    3.One Percent Of Anything
    4.City Hunter
    6.My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox
    7.Oh My Venus
    8.Descendant From The Sun
    9.W-Two Worlds
    10.Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

  47. 47 Kyla

    1. Princess’ Man
    2. King 2 Hearts
    3. School 2013
    4. Princess Hours
    5. Reply 1997
    6. Flower Boys Next Door
    7. Gaksital
    8. Arang and the Magistrate
    9. Moon Embracing the Sun
    10. City Hunter

  48. 48 Kiara

    I love my sageuks….and some.
    1. Queen Insoo
    2. Shin Don
    3. Conspiracy in the Court, Joseon X-files
    4. Sandglass
    5. Comrades, Giant, End of the World
    6. Jeong Do Jeon, Age of Warriors, The Great King Sejong.
    7. Sangdo, Princess Man, Eight Days, Chuno.
    8. The Immortal Lee Soon Shin, Emperor Wang Gun, Yi San
    9. Cruel City, The Chaser, My Beautiful Bride
    10. Heard it Through the Grapevine, Tree with Deep Root.

    • 48.1 pogo

      yayyyy someone who shares my Grapevine love!

      That drama is so, so underrated but it holds up fantastically. Can’t believe it premiered two years ago!

      • 48.1.1 Kiara

        Hummn I wonder who recommend it :). It was the best welcome back drama after a long break from dramaland.
        Got 2 An Pan-Seok dramas on my list. Still on the watch for his next project.

        • pogo

          hehehe I remember how enthusiastic Jon G. and I (among others) were about it on the OT, and can you blame us? 😉

          • Kiara

            Nope, I’d be joining you guys if I was around when it came out.

    • 48.2 Flightey Gazelles

      I bust out laughing at Kiara’s list, that’s cheating! But I can’t blame you when I’m not even attempting to write my own top ten list. I just can’t!!

      • 48.2.1 Kiara

        There is just not enough room for all my sageuks lol.

    • 48.3 wonhwa

      Finally started Queen Insoo since it now (almost) has subs and really enjoying it so far.

  49. 49 starswillshine

    Top 10 favourite Korean dramas (which are not ‘objectively good’ = guilty pleasure)
    1. Goong – Nothing tops this drama. Humour, romance and cuteness all rolled into one. Chaebol + Contract Marriage = LOVE <3
    2. Liar Game – SO ADDICTIVE. SO GOOD. Lee Sang Yoon is so cute with his bangs down and little puppy eyes and dimples!
    3. Two Weeks – Pure adrenaline rush + Lee Jun Ki = HEARTBEAT EXPLOSION
    4. Delightful Girl, Chun Hyang – My favourite Hong Sisters drama of all time despite its flaws, it's still SO GOOD.
    5. Reply Series – I love all three of them. Reply 1997 encapsulates my youth. Watching it when I was a teenager and watching it in my twenties give me totally different feels (even though it was only a span of 5 years). Reply 1994 gives me Chilbong. Reply 1988 gives me warmth and love when I was away from my family.
    6. 2 Outs in the 9th inning – UNDERRATED FRIENDS-INTO-LOVERS DRAMA. It's realistic and I love every second of it.
    7. Special Affairs Team TEN – Holding my breath all the time. And sometimes too bloody to watch. Gives me addictive thrills.
    8. Master's Sun – SO JI SUB!!! <3 Hong's Sisters speak to my soul sometimes.
    9. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Please give me a Joon Hyung. I need one. ASAP. I need him in 3 days time.
    10. City Hunter – 'Nuff said. Lee Min Ho at his finest.

  50. 50 estherr

    1. Gaksital
    2. Hong Gil Dong
    3. City Hunter
    4. Ojakgyo Brothers
    5. Two Weeks
    6. Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
    7. Boys Over Flowers (sorry, it’s my guilty pleasure)
    8. Unstoppable High Kick
    9. School 2013
    10. Hmmm..I’m not sure yet

    • 50.1 estherr


      1. Gaksital
      2. Hong Gil Dong
      3. City Hunter
      4. Reply 1988****
      5. Ojakgyo Brothers
      6. Two Weeks
      7. Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
      8. Boys Over Flowers (sorry, it’s my guilty pleasure)
      9. School 2013
      10. Unstoppable High Kick

      • 50.1.1 Serendipity

        Heartless City
        Secret Love Affair
        Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
        Gu Family Book
        Another Miss Oh
        A Thousand Day’s Promise
        Heart to Heart
        It’s Okay,That’s Love
        Five Children
        On the Way to the Airport
        High End Crush
        Beyond the Clouds
        The Greatest Love
        The Vineyard Man
        The Woman Who Still wants to Marry
        Marriage not Dating

        • kuppies82

          Finally someone who like The Vineyard Man. 😁

          • Serendipity

            Yeesss 🙂 A beautiful but underrated old drama,however the leads received the best couple award.

      • 50.1.2 Pastel

        After almost 4 years of drama watching (thanks to my friend who introduced me to boys over flowers) my tastes have become very picky. I often drop dramas half-way or less if they don’t have that spark for me.

        1. Signal – amazingly tight writing, directing, acting in my favourite genre.

        (The order is entirely random after Signal.)

        2. Hello Monster – suspenseful, clever and the bromance between Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum is the ult bromance.

        3. School 2015 – yes, I know but the chemistry between Sung Jae and So Jyun just gave me all the feels. I loved them too much.

        4. Weightlifting Fairy – sweet crack candy, warning: may cause diabetes.

        5. Solomon’s Perjury – slow start but the journey was really insightful, touched on many complex themes. Puppy Joon Young and Lawyer Ji Hoon held a half of my heart each. Truly a shame that it’s so underrated.

        6. Doctor Stranger – very strange (badum-tss) but Lee Jong Suk’s acting was everything. Even though I won’t be watching it again I just was so mesmerised by it at the time that I can’t leave it out.

        7. Hogu’s Love – the leads were lovely, the baby was so cute and the comedy was A+. I’m especially a fan of the scene where they filmed Hogu’s drawing process like it was a surgery.

        8. Answer Me 1997 – Seo In Guk again! (He may or may not be my fav.) It’s funny how I couldn’t understand how obsessive Eun Ji’s character and her best friend were over the kpop scene but now I have many oppas myself (BTS).

        9. Angry Mom – Badass mom-turned-high-school-student was a delight to watch. And who could forget Ji Soo #noticemenoona(ahjumma)

        Voice has so much potential but the red herrings and obvious police incompetence are big no-no’s. I hope by the end of its run it will prove me wrong and earn the 10th spot here. The upcoming sageuk with Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho is likely as well, because they are two of my favs and ik they won’t fail me. Let’s hope Tomorrow With You also does well.

        (I’m sorry but I’m not really into old dramas.)

        • Ammy

          Finally found someone who loves Hogu’s Love as much as me

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