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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Mar. 13-19, 2017
by | March 19, 2017 | 114 Comments

This may sound like old news at this point, but Defendant once again climbed higher than it ever has before at 25.6%. It still has one week left to blow us away, and maybe to blow its own record away with another leap in numbers. But we won’t know till we get there, which is half the fun! (The other half spent waiting for the finale? Not so much.)

Otherwise, Introverted Boss finally put itself out of its misery at 1.8%, and I suppose we should be glad that it ended at sixteen episodes rather than twenty. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People seems to be holding onto its viewership, since its numbers haven’t been fluctuating for good or ill lately, but at least they’re in the warm comfort zone of double digits. Hopefully they don’t drop back into the dreaded singles.

In the middle of the week, Radiant Office began its run in the slot previously left behind by Missing 9, which wasn’t exactly the best lead-in the show could have hoped for. It didn’t win over new viewers between its first and second episodes, but there’s always next week.

As for the weekend, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon got so close to the coveted 10% mark (especially for cable), so there seems little doubt it’ll reach it soonβ€”maybe even as soon as next week, at the rate it’s going. More power to it.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Mar. 13-19, 2017

Ep. # Station Rating
Monday, Mar. 13
Perfect Wife 5 KBS 3.5%
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 13 MBC 10.6%
Defendant 15 SBS 25.6%
Introverted Boss 15 tvN 1.7%
Tuesday, Mar. 14
Perfect Wife 6 KBS 4.7%
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 14 MBC 10.4%
Defendant 16 SBS 25.4%
Introverted Boss 16 tvN 1.8%
Wednesday, Mar. 15
Chief Kim 15 KBS 18.4%
Radiant Office 1 MBC 3.8%
Saimdang, Light’s Diary 15 SBS 10.4%
Thursday, Mar. 16
Chief Kim 16 KBS 17.1%
Radiant Office 2 MBC 3.9%
Saimdang, Light’s Diary 16 SBS 10.2%
Friday, Mar. 17
Strong Woman Do Bong-soon 7 JTBC 6.8%
Tomorrow With You 13 tvN 1.0%
Saturday, Mar. 18
Father Is Weird 5 KBS 22.5%
You’re Too Much 5 MBC 11.4%
Father, I’ll Take Care of You 36 MBC 13.6%
Our Gap-soon 54 SBS 14.4%
Our Gap-soon 55 SBS 19.2%
Strong Woman Do Bong-soon 8 JTBC 9.6%
Tomorrow With You 14 tvN 1.1%
Sunday, Mar. 19
Father Is Weird 6 KBS 27.1%
You’re Too Much 6 MBC 14.6%
Father, I’ll Take Care of You 37 MBC 16.1%


114 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. allie

    go do bong soon!! hit that 10%

    • 1.1 nada

      They’re making history for JTBC, I love it

      • 1.1.1 Missjb

        I don’t love it since jtbc produce more quality drama but doesn’t get much rating wise. It will be discourage them to produce more fluffy show.

        • wapz

          I also fear this. Jtbc does make some good dramas but I feel SWDBS has way lot of fluff and is not particularly a strong story. However, the hype and constant increase in ratings can be due to the cast as well because I believe the show is good but not extraordinary.

        • Flightey Gazelles

          Uh, I don’t think so. Its not like JTBC hasn’t aired some duds before.

          I’m happy for their success. They deserve it. And I’m confident that they’ll keep on airing quality shows along with some misses from time to time…which is completely normal. Let them celebrate this one!!!

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            My wish, jTBC will continue producing quality drama and can bring the A-lister using the money they get due this drama’s success. Thats from the positive perspective. After all, they are doing business, no businessman will say no to profit.

          • Missjb

            I hope so. I hope they are not goes to easy route and still produce more quality show.

          • CQB

            Yes, I’m happy for them. Personally, SWDBS is one of those shows where the popularity has me scratching my head a bit, but I’ve felt that way about so many shows on the public stations as well as TVN over the years, and they all still produce the good, the bad and everything in between. I don’t see why JTBC would be any different.

          • Deb

            I think it’s because Bong Soon is a really fun rom-com that airs on the weekend and on top of that the leads are wonderful to watch together.

            I don’t think it’s amazing or anything and I’m not heavily invested in it but if I was sitting at home in Korea on a Friday and/or Saturday night, I’d absolutely be tuning into watch it because it’s a fun way to pass the time. I can see the ratings dropping if the show gets too angsty though.

        • Nerissa

          As a die hard ran of Park Boyoung, I must say the cast especially my affection for Jisoo, my loveee for Boyoung and giddy eyes at Hyunsik is the only thing that makes me wanna watch the drama. Cast is awesome sadly the story feels flat, I am not at all curious abt the story especially mystery part at all. Sad to say this I am watching this only for Hyunsiks cutee response to Bong soon and Jisoo. But thats really good so I tune in every week. But I am really suprised at ratings. Tomorrow with you is not really that bad story wise. The cast is good. Mystery is there. There are times I feel like facepalming at stupidity of characters. But I am really sad at tye bad ratings

    • 1.2 delurked

      I love that it was this show that made it πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • 1.3 Newbee

      Yayyyy to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!! I am love love loving it! The chemistry between PBY and PHS is electric.. I am able to overlook the jarred editing, tiresome ahjumma meetings, Taek guys’ gross humour and the not-so-blending sub-plots for these two. I am loving Bong Soon’s brother too. He’s quite a good actor.

      I overlooked mom’s behaviour and ignored it as fun because moms like that are very common in India. There are worst cases in real. That was till ep 6. When Bong Soon cried her heart out to her mother I really started hating the mother.(PBY really emoted well)!The way Ahn Min Hyuk and Bong Soon’s father connected affected me deeply. The scene wasn’t lengthy but it said volumes about dad’s deep love and care for Bong Soon and MinHyuk’s baby but sincere steps in the same path. When he said that he too cares for her, I melted.. and dad’s subsequent reactions double melted me. The training scenes and PHS’s subtle expressions of care, amazement and adoration for my puppy girl are beyond words. I can watch 20 more episodes of PBY and PHS bickering, loving, hating each other.

      When I started reading What we are watching I was quite tensed about about how our dramabeans overlords are gonna evaluate the show. But I was glad to know that they unanimously expressed their love for the show. And today I got up with the news that it broke records in viewership ratings.( not that I am too much into ratings. But more ratings, more love for our beloved actors). Sorry for the long rant! I was trying to keep the joy of finding a new crack in. But I am unable to control it!

      • 1.3.1 sue

        Bong Soon’s mom’s behavior is inexcusable. Would we laugh at a man that controlled his wife at all times; put her down at every opportunity ; didn’t let her have any money; made her work in their business by herself while he watches and scowls at any man that glances at her; and then beats her up after talking to another man? This scenenario can be presented as a way to way to explain her lack of powers, but to give it a humorous spin is just shameful.

        • Table122000

          Spousal abuse isn’t funny. Period.

          • Alessar

            True. It’s domestic abuse, outright.

            The strength the women of the family have is so phenomenal that it really is a “power that corrupts.” Consider the mom lost her strength for being a bully and other members of the family used it for self-gain.

            People keep saying Bong Soon is super sweet but … actually no she’s kind of a bully. She’s really careless with her strength, when she gets pissed she lashes out unthinkingly. The bad guys deserved to get stopped but… internal injuries? The lead guy lost 4 teeth, can’t walk right, and needs a catheter because he can’t control his peeing.

            Hyun-sik’s character shouldn’t have to be teaching her how to control her strength. She should know already.

            So it seems her mother really did NOT raise her well.

        • Newbee

          True that the mom’s behaviour with both her daughter and husband is too cruel to be a good humour. I guess the writer’s idea of humour is either being cruel to others or gross.

        • endo

          I was actually waiting for the recapper to adress this issue. With all those sensitivities about homosexuality in this show. I hope they won’t turn a blind eye on this one.

        • grey

          Bong Soon’s father is such a lovely man he deserve a better woman to be his wife than BS mother. I hate spousal abuse.

      • 1.3.2 arya22

        That’s it. I don’t like her, I think she’s abusive to both her daughter and husband. She’s so unlikable that I just can’t laugh about it and brush it aside like it’s nothing.

        • Wag_a_Muffin

          I’m hoping she will have her comeupance (spelling?) and realize how good her family is. I believe everyone can change for the better. I’ve watched some K-Dramas where the writer allowed a murderer to repent and be forgiven. Hopefully, in the end we’ll see that bitter/biased/nasty/abusive moms can see the light, too.

          But she’ll need to go through a lot of hell for me to accept it. I don’t like these last episode “I’m sorry I was a vile person all your life.” “That’s okay.” Hug/hug.

          This writer has shown actions don’t necessarily get consequences. Ie.) the thug working for the brother who didn’t get reported to the police and the brother/stalker who didn’t get reported to the police.

          “Sure you had someone shot at me with metal pellets. But he didn’t kill me so–it’s all good!”

        • anastassia


    • 1.4 gadis

      Rise, Do Bong-soon, rise!!
      I’m happy for my new crack show and happy pill.

    • 1.5 JBgirl

      Strong Woman is the only kdrama left that excites me and I find the other dramas boring. Still waiting for LJS and Suzy’s drama tho.

  2. Sera The Ms Temper

    Dear @HeadsNo2 Is it possible to include viewership rating for Super Family 2017 as well? πŸ˜‰

  3. siesta

    this comment by a knetz made me laugh:
    “Bong soon said ‘come on’ and the ratings really did come.’

    seems like even the ratings are afraid of BS’ strength lol

    • 3.1 Newbee

      True! Thos dangerous tiny fists I tell you!!!

  4. Shirleen

    No mention that Strong Woman Do Bong Sooon broke the drama ratings record for jTBC?

  5. bd5

    After being the lone cable powerhouse (tvN), JTBC and OCN have been coming on strong, whereas tvN has been faltering a bit, irrespective of the ratings for “Goblin” (which were not a great indicator of the quality of writing).

    Seems like “Introverted Boss” had its issues (including casting), but it’s a shame that TWY has been lingering at the bottom in ratings when it’s a pretty well written show.

    Took a few eps for TWY to get up to speed and unfortunately, it’s not the type of show that one can easily pick-up mid-way as things that happen in later eps are based on things that happened earlier (which is so refreshing – as so many K-drama writers just pull things out of the air for no rhyme or reason, except to “move the story along,” even if it doesn’t make much sense or seems very choppy).

    Hopefully, this doesn’t make the execs over at tvN try to take the “easy” route for ratings and abandon projects with good, promising writers.

    • 5.1 Greenfields

      I’m just catching up on Tomorrow with you. I put it on hold/dropped it after episode 2, but have now picked it up again – am on episode 5. It’s quite good! Very well written. I’m sad the ratings are low – I guess the slow opening put many people off (including me, almost).

      • 5.1.1 Yaya

        I dropped it on ep 2 too! πŸ˜•

      • 5.1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        Same goes to me. I dropped after epi 2 as well, then re-picked up it around epi 5 and now enjoying it.

    • 5.2 D

      I feel frustrated after many episodes. The show know how to make people angry.

    • 5.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      I hope jTBC and OCN won’t follow this step – in order to maintain the popularity and high rating produce low quality drama. I still have hope for TvN and jTBC to continue producing good drama -jTBC has Man To Man, Age of Youth season 2, TvN still has many drama like Chicago, Circle etc. Having high rating is great but to consistently producing good quality drama is important too, and that’s what make cable and public stations different. Strangely, being a cable girl last year, I found this year, I am drawn more to public stations drama. Still early to conclude anyway but this is based on my current situation. TWY is good but maybe the earlier episodes failed to attract viewers. It is not kind of drama that can be a hit, but I expected it can be at least around 2%.

      • 5.3.1 Flightey Gazelles

        I never thought I’d say this but, maybe TWY would have been better served airing at JTBC?

        No hype or expectations for humongous TVN ratings baggage coming with it. But I think the shows aesthetic would have been different on JTBC. Though I’m not watching right now, TWY is one of the shows I can’t wait to jump into and I like the moody cinematography the way it is, from what I’ve seen.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Not really sure. I always thought TvN has more audiences, so if it has low rating in TvN, will it be able to have better chance at jTBC? I don’t think so. If SWDBS is airing at TvN, probably already reached 15% or more by now.

  6. Que Sera

    i hope to see Defendant rating could reach to 30%, thats all im rooting for compare to the lowest kdrama ratings >>>

    • 6.1 Shalini

      Same! So excited for tomorrow’s episode!

  7. yhang

    man, strong woman do bong-soon is stroooong. no pun intended.

  8. Jazz

    I don’t understand how the ratings keep on increasing every week…i mean after a while there is only a set of people who are watching a show..so how?

    • 8.1 E

      Its the word of mouth. People keep talking about it more people curious to watch.

    • 8.2 Lala

      This is not a strange phenomenon and is very common in kdrama land. Look at MDBC for example. People tune in after after they hear positive feedbacks from the show

    • 8.3 Alessar

      People hear a show is great, they may catch up with online viewing too. So it creates new audience.

      I remember when True Blood was in its first season and blowing people away. Commenters on a forum I read were saying “I signed up for HBO, I have to watch this show right away!” and the ratings went up every single week.

  9. oneandthree

    Way to go, Do Bong Soon! The latest two episodes got my heart flutter. I am falling for Min Hyuk’s character!! *love* *love*

    Bong Soon, Min Hyuk is just a perfect guy for you! Love him back soon! πŸ˜‰

  10. 10 CatoCat

    Chief Kim’s audience will shift to Radiant Office in upcoming weeks so doube digits are possible for it. Perfect Wife will struggle through out its run.

    Well, i have dropped all shows but Chief Kim and ratings wise it is doing good.

    • 10.1 Grapes

      No guarantee, what if they switch to the next show, still 2 more weeks to know.

      • 10.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I really hope Radiant Office can get higher, at least around 7-8% once Chief Kim finishes its run in 2 weeks. Mystery Queen looks promising from its teasers, so I wish it will do well too.

    • 10.2 ET

      I am enjoying Radiant Office but not too optimistic about its ratings.

      Episode 2’s ratings wasn’t a good sign. It should have increased if the reception to the premiere had been good. If the ratings still stay low after 2nd week, it is quite impossible to be much different even after Chief Kim ends.

  11. 11 rosy

    I swear, nowadays i come here just to check do bong soo ratings..
    you have to get to that coveted 10%..lets make record for jtbc. fighting!!!

  12. 12 MissDaisy

    MBC channel need to be called “MBC Flop” seriuosly, i think the only hit they had the last 18 months was “W” and no more than 13% in ratings.

    • 12.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I don’t know what happened! They used to be the public channel with consistently strong ratings. And I like what their doing these days, more willing to experiment and open to different genres.

      • 12.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes I also like what MBC doing now too.
        This year, looks like MBC is focusing on their strength – sageuk drama since there will be three sageuk drama. I dont know if the other two will be something hit, but Rebel is doing well consistently at the moment.

    • 12.2 Que Sera

      That weekend MBC drama is also included, which its reached 13% above

  13. 13 VOT

    10% is way too easy for SWDBS to reach. Plus, JTBC already had a drama that reached 10% back in 2013 if wikipedia were to be believed. So JTBC drama getting 10% is nothing new.

    I thought PBY’s drama aiming to beat Reply 1988 and of course beating Rebel and Chief Kim along the way? Who know beating Defendant as well?

    • 13.1 VOT

      Sorry. * … was to be believed.

      • 13.1.1 C

        That drama was a 40 episodes drama. And of course DBS not gonna beat R88. The highest rating jtbc ever get in all program was 12%

        • Do Bong-soon

          How do you know SWDBS won’t beat R88? Are you a fortune teller? They are still 8 episodes left. Watch your words as this tiny and adorable Do Bong-soon is itching to smack someone with her fists.

          • C

            Because even Goblin didnt beat R88, and Goblin W A S H U G E. R88 benèfit that they have 20 episodes

          • Do Bong-soon

            Still there are 8 episodes left. Anything can happen in the dramaland when it comes to rating.

      • 13.1.2 C

        jtbs only have 4 dramas more than 4% since 2013 so IT IS A BIG DEAL.

        • VOT

          I think you’re reading too much into the comments. I didn’t say it isn’t a big deal. I just mean there is a JTBC drama that had reached 10% back in 2013 if wikipedia was to be believed. Chill.

          • C

            General Cable Drama Rating Date
            1 JTBC Strong Woman Do Bong-soon 9.603% 2017.03.18
            2 JTBC Childless Comfort 9.230% 2013.02.24
            3 JTBC Secret Love Affair 5.372% 2014.05.13
            4 JTBC Maids 4.725% 2015.03.28
            5 JTBC Firstborn 4.641% 2014.03.09
            6 JTBC Cruel Palace: War of Flowers 4.319% 2013.09.08
            7 TV Chosun Life Court (docudrama) 3.989% 2015.02.09
            8 JTBC A Wife’s Credentials 3.414% 2012.04.19
            9 JTBC My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week 3.351% 2016.11.18
            10 MBN Tears Of Heaven 3.305% 2014.12.28

    • 13.2 Que Sera

      Beating DFDT? You must be kidding

      Dont call that drama success if it aint reach 20% or above

      • 13.2.1 C

        Reply 1988 didnt pass 20% and it still very successful

      • 13.2.2 Sloth

        Isnt Dfdt from a public channel? While strong woman do bong soon is from a cable channel, so they have different standards in ratings

    • 13.3 Sera The Ms Temper

      I think to be fair cables rating are double than public stations – cables have smaller scale of audiences. jTBC drama did achieved the 10% but as far as I recall only once. The standard for jTBC drama’s rating for last year was around 2%-3%. If SWDBS can achieve around 15%, it is considered as a huge success for jTBC. The rating surprised me, but I believe more than 50% is contributed from PBY.

      • 13.3.1 SWDBS

        i respect your opinion but you should give credit to where its due..you cannot just say its because of PBY because even oh my ghostess whrere she starred opposit JJS they never hit 9% considering it was on TVN so i cannot accept that its all because of her. IMO

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I didnt say all from her, did I?

          • SWDBS

            No but when you said more than 50% is due to her i took it as if you are discrediting other cast too or maybe i’m just too sensitive coz some say its just all fluff but there other dramas which are more fluff than SWDBS but getting much higher ratings than what SWDBS is getting now.But I’m not going to name those dramas as others may have enjoyed it while i dont.

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            Like you said, you’re being too sensitive. I didnt discredited other casts, the other 50% also can consist other elements i. e the casts, etc. Besides, it is definitely from my point of view, based on my own observation and not on factual basis.

        • Flightey Gazelles

          She just said so, more than 50% was what she wrote. I’m not watching but I think so too.

          Its also a combination of several factors. Some ratings are hard too explain. For example, even though I really enjoyed High Society, I’m still surprised it earned high ratings.

          • SWDBS

            Can’t comment about High Society because i haven’t seen it..

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            You are right. That just my own view, and definitely not something conclusive -not that something I did the surveys or reserch before I said it.

            Agree with you, many things contributed to the rating. The contributing factors are kind of unique and different for each drama.

          • nami2

            I’d say the chemistry between both actors (PBY and PHS) plays a large role in the success of the drama. Like I said before, PHS is holding his own quite well alongside PBY and it’s praise worthy imo. Just read Knetz (Naver, Nate…) comments, they’re in love with BOTH : PHS and PBY’s characters/acting and sing their praises in every article. Both their names topped the list of the most searched celebrities on Naver.

          • Flightey Gazelles

            I’m not watching the show but it would mos def be a combination of their acting powers otherwise it would not the viewers reaction would not be as strong.

            And to hear that their chemistry is so winning just gladdens my heart.

  14. 14 dramalover

    i don’t understand why people fight over their drama ratings. Like TWY and SWDBS aren’t even aired at the same time people could literally watch them both in the same day. It’s just that TWY isn’t the type of drama a lot people may enjoy.

    • 14.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I don’t get it either. I understand lament your favorite show’s low rating but bashing another show’s success is…O_O just because you’re not into it.

    • 14.2 end

      because they felt attacked when people don’t like what they like,

      well it’s not an attack, it just preference and in entertainment it means what give most enjoyment’

    • 14.3 Cooler

      I was thinking the same thing as I read. People take it so personally. Fandom culture really puts the fanatic back into the term “fan.”

  15. 15 inxomnia

    Really happy for SWDBS! The cast are all doing so well and I’m really glad that it’s been well received in Korea and here. It’s such a feel good drama with all the addictive elements right. I’m constantly excited every episode and when it ends, I’m already thinking of re-watching the episode to relive the best moments… but there’s so many esp every time PBY and PHS are together. Sometimes, as viewers we just conveniently ship the leads together because we know they’re end game but here, PBY and PHS are just sooo adorable together with such electric chemistry that it’s hard not to ship.

  16. 16 Sera The Ms Temper

    Will Chief Kim exceeds 19% in rating? The casts promised to do something. Hee.. Junho said he will dance Hands Up and Namgoong Min will sing a balad song. They will distribute coffee to ppl in subway…

    • 16.1 C

      They already done the coffee.

      • 16.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes, i just noticed it.

        • WishfulToki

          Can Namgoong Min sing? Lol.

          I’d vote for a Myung Seok dance and some of their pizza. πŸ˜‰

          • Satsuki92

            There you planting ideas in my head. Now i need a scene of Myung seok dancing.

            And is papa John the next subway? It’s working tho. Every time it comes on, I really want a slice of pizza or those bread sticks with dips. Guess I’ll just have to settle for dominos.

  17. 17 Lisa_wackycashew

    So happy that SWDBS already broke JTBC records!! πŸ‘πŸ» Bravo!!

  18. 18 Danielle

    I don’t get nor understand the appeal of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I tried watching the show but good lord it was tough, I wanted to fast forward through so many scenes. I see people say that it’s funny but I am still waiting to laugh because truly the funny is not there. Personally, I feel that 50% of the reason as to why SWDBS is successful is because of PBY and maybe the chemistry between PBY and PHS does play a part as well. The drama clearly has writing issues, etc so while I am happy for PBY for this success, I can’t say that this drama deserves the ratings it’s been getting. SWDBS is overrated and may even be overhyped to me.

    • 18.1 end

      I’ve seen dbs get called overrated and overhyped,
      again it just popular
      I don’t see people graded their writing and editing of the idea as masterpiece or the best thing ever,

      it gives enjoyment when the comedy can be taken as face value while defending weak people against the strong,
      many comedy as I see also parody of another popular things is south korea so you may lost in translation,

      I think it deserves the rating, it’s 9%, haven’t even reach goblin wise to be this giant popular things,
      why become so negative for achievement?
      if people like it because of the pairing, then let it be,
      it’s a cute pairing played by cute actors, you don’t think the crew and the actors need a payoff for trying this kinds of drama?
      drama when woman is the powerful one, literally?
      if you don’t like it, then it’s okay,
      but to call it overrated and overhype when people around the globe are properly aware of the flaw and didn’t call it 10/10 or “a drama for certain mood” is a false observation

      • 18.1.1 lurker

        just want to ask something.. did goblin got critisized for being fluffy? if not is it because actors in that drama are A-listers? sorry did not watched it nor read any reviews on it.

        • WishfulToki

          No, if I remember correctly Goblin did not get criticised for being ‘fluffy’. In fact several people thought it was quite melancholic and tragic (fantasy genre). Most of the criticism on dramabeans was about the age gap between Ji Eun Tak and Goblin, and later on about the slow pace and excessive use of flashbacks. It’s cast was older than DBS so even when they acted cute the overall feeling was not that of a fluffy rom-com.

      • 18.1.2 lurker

        sorry did not mean my comment as a reply.

      • 18.1.3 Danielle

        What???? Also why are you getting so bent out of shape over my opinion and the comment that I have written. I didn’t say anything offensive so I don’t get why you are worked up.

        • end

          because I legitly saw the same type of comment last week
          and I don’t get why people fuss over some achievement when that popularity/achievement didn’t include promoting bad events,

        • grey

          Lol I think you sound salty that SWDBS have high rating while in your opinion it’s not that great. I personally thought that the show is not that groundbreaking either(some characters are annoying)but i’m happy for the rating for Hyun Shik’s sake.

      • 18.1.4 Lala

        It’s a light hearted, feel-good drama. I feel happy after watching each episode. It’s good for people who live a stressful life

    • 18.2 Sharreb

      I get evyone hav diff opinions n its ok to state them. At the same time it feels salty. N like u all have a purpose on raining on people’s parade. You cant expect to write comments like that n expect people wouldnt reply n rebutt yours..

    • 18.3 Joyee

      You don’t get nor understand because it is simply not your taste. (people have varying preferences & it is perfectly normal). It just happen that it suits some people’s humor and it did appealed to them which makes the show deserving of its 9% ratings at least for those who enjoy it.

      The words overrated & overhyped are overly used to describe this show’s success. No one praises it for being a masterpiece some even admits its flaws but still enjoys it nonetheless so it crosses out my definition of overrated.
      & with regards to the other, I don’t understand how come it is overhyped?

  19. 19 Annnsow

    Go, JTBC!
    very happy for actors who deserve love (Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Shik, Nam Gong Min) :).

  20. 20 Namamoo

    What happened to the beanies? Few years back i love reading all the comments here where everyone was so watchful about what they say. There were critisisms but were very objective and very midful of what others would feel. I loved this community back then. Feels like lots of lemons are sold here, there and everyone. Hmm..

    • 20.1 Sharreb

      Exactly i feel u. Theres less warmth n honey going around these days. Theres more lemons as you put it…and comments that are salty. I dont comment as much as i did befor too. Does t feel too good when people are out with a vendetta to rain on other people’s parade

      • 20.1.1 WishfulToki

        I find that this thread can get quite bitter. If someone says they don’t like a show, someone else jumps in to defend it. As Namgoon Min said in an interview on Chief Kim: ratings don’t tell you if a drama is good, but since it’s the most objective thing we can go by, then of course it’s nice to see high ratings.

        • Joyee

          Beanies have the liberality to say what’s in their mind as long as it stays civil and as much as possible, it avoids degrading other people’s choice. Everyone should be open minded enough to understand that we have different preferences. We gathered into one hub to discuss and understand others people’s thoughts not to hate on it.
          What good to one maybe awful to others or vice versa while some maybe nuetral about it. Everyone has the right to voice out their thoughts and since it is a public discussion, beanies can object or agree with it with reservations.

    • 20.2 Missjb

      Nah DB is always been a place full of critism. IMO around 2008-2011 there is alot of review full of salty comment and even make fun of a bad show. DB is now is getting softer if I must say!

  21. 21 Kenzaki

    I’m intrigued to know how they’ll capture the kidnapper in SWDBS. The police for now are very incompetent. They are a bumbling bunch. The police team need to learn from ‘bring it on ghost’ police team, they were efficient and know what they were doing. And gokdoo is always screaming at bongsoon, i’ve only seen him with a scowl on his face. I heard lots of good reviews about jisoo, but gokdoo’s characterization is making him one dimensional and i dont actually see the need for his character yet except for being bongsoon’s 1st love.

    I dont like the mom beating dad, i did not like bongsoon flicking out teeth from the gansters mouth. It was unnecessary and violent. Dad is too kind letting mum do whatever she wants. Bongsoon needs to learn to reign in her strength and manage her anger/emotions. I also did not like the part she spun the road bully car and overturned it with the car tyres dismantled, minhyuk had already warned the road bully, but bongsoon still went on and bring justice. In my opinion her view on justice is skewed.

    The writer seems to interject a while lot of violence and seems fine with it because the violent one is a cute girl (bongsoon). This needs to stop. No matter how you look, violence should not be promoted if without consequence. Bongsoon is just fine being violent and theres no comsequence for her actions. On the other hand, gokdoo should have been reprimanded for hitting the gangster without cause. The gangster was just talking to bongsoon and he let his fists fly. He was the one who should be lockedup not the gangster.

    The only character i can tolerate is minhyuk, minhyuk’s sec, bongki, dad and boksoon’s friend. Bongki despite being chased by gokdoo’s exgirl is a loving brother and son. Hopefully gokdoo’s ex will stop finding him. Dad is just lovable. Minyhyuk is a good ceo with good relations with his workers.

    I hope if the hype for SWDBS continues, it will feed the ratings for ManXMan after this! Hahaha. I want manXman to get explosive ratings! Park hae jin! Muahahaha

  22. 22 Sharreb

    If u r in SWDBS for the romance and that has definitely dialed up a notch pas t two episodes and along with it the major thing was character development. DBS coming into terms with her power n be confident and comfortable in it is important.she needs to be able to accept herself before any other thing. N im glad that is being addressed this week. Ep8 ends with the only screen shot preview. Ep9 wouldnt suffer to bad from drop on ratings since we know the trio will finally share d same screen space again. Like u put mpre power to the show.

  23. 23 Striving8

    Can someone explain to me the difference between cable and public channels?

    • 23.1 Kenzaki

      Public is free to watch, meanwhile cable you need to pay a subscription fee.

  24. 24 berries

    love swdbs!!!

  25. 25 Satsuki92

    Chief kim GO GO! I’m so sad my drama crack is ending in 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers that it can hit 20%. I realised as I watched the show, I tend to forget that Junho is originally an idol and not an actor. He’s hitting all the right notes in this drama. In fact, the whole cast is amazing. If people ask me why they should watch Chief Kim, I would answer – for the camaraderie of the cast. We have the obvious leads of course and Nam Goong Min aceing it as TQ’s psycho.

    Recently I’ve been in a office-drama mood. Might finally start on Misaeng and also Radiant Office. Though Ha Suk Jin in another prickly boss role makes me hesitate on clicking the play button. I love you oppa, I do! But I don’t know anymore.

    • 25.1 WishfulToki

      You won’t regret watching Misaeng, but it’s a world apart from wacky Chief Kim. I love it. It’s on its own level of awesomeness. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I’m hesitating about Radiant Office because of Ha Suk Jin. I still am not quite over his quality trash character in Drinking Solo (a drama where I loved everything except the OTP. Weird).

  26. 26 Afyf

    From the trend of ratings, I thought I discover this:


    1) For Monday and Tuesday, put a heavy, complicated and dark dramas. Why? because its the first and second day of working IRL. Everyone is serious and their brain is active so those dramas will automatically feels more appealing to watch.

    2) For Wednesday and Thursday, the dramas should be something between comedy and serious drama. Because usually there are too much work but most viewers are already waiting for weekend to come. Too serious drama will make viewers feel more tired (and want to flip some tables) but too fluffy drama will make viewers even more irritated. haha..

    3) For Friday and Saturday, put a romantic comedy, or fantasy drama; as its the time to relax and forget about work. Well, you know how you feel when its Friday.

    4) For Saturday and Sunday, obviously it is for family dramas. Weekend is family time, so put a drama about family to watch it together. (However makjang it is because it creates a chance to have a fun and active bickering with your sisters about the plot, until your mother smash your head with newspaper and scream: shut up! I want to watch this!! haha)

    and repeat…..

    • 26.1 C

      The rule is there is no rule.

    • 26.2 Yui

      no. 3 is the answer of SWDBS. People who keep talking sh*t about DBS just bcuz DBS isnt their cup of tea are super childish. You cant judge a preference. when the majority of Koreans watched DBS, who are you to judge or to teach them what kind of drama suit them???

      KDRAMAS ARE MADE BY KOREANS FOR KOREANS. if some get distributed to other countries, it’s just bcuz other countries like the story. THE STORY THAT MADE BY KOREANS FOR KOREANS. even a adaptation drama needs to be adapted into one culture.

      no.3 explained everything. very good explanation and totally agree.

    • 26.3 Yui

      sorry i meant, 1-4 explained everything ^^

  27. 27 laksanoods

    Am I the only one upset about Tomorrow with You’s ratings? I really don’t believe that they deserve a measly 1.1%, especially after that last episode! I’m just dying to see how everything turns out. I’ve also admired Shin Min Ah’s acting for quite some time and have enjoyed how beautifully everything was shot. It’s just so disappointing to see the outcome turn out this way πŸ™

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