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Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: Episode 8
by | March 20, 2017 | 324 Comments

No matter the ups and downs, I will always come back to this show just to get a few more moments of Bong-soon and Min-hyuk. I swear these two will be the end of me, but I suppose there are far worse ways to go than from an overload of heartfelt stares and cocky smiles. To counter the sweetness, our ever creepy Bride Collector is still on the loose, and while the cops try to step up their game, the kidnapper is already two steps ahead of them.

Episode 8: “One Step Closer”

Min-hyuk watches from afar as Gook-doo leaps to defend the “delicate” Bong-soon from one of Boss Tak’s underlings, Kwang-bok. Gook-doo pummels the heck out of Kwang-bok before Bong-soon rushes forward to pull him off… and accidentally tosses her crush a dozen feet away.

Luckily, Gook-doo doesn’t think much of it and calls in to report the attack. He apologizes for not taking Bong-soon home himself, but Bong-soon is more concerned to know if he’s ok (from her push). He brushes it off, saying that she’s so small that there’s nothing to worry about.

Gook-doo starts to drag Kwang-bok away, and the gangster puts up a fuss that he’s the one who gotten beaten up, so why is he being taken? Heh, Bong-soon daintily hands the limping man his cane and sticks her tongue out at him when Gook-doo isn’t looking.

As Kwang-bok is carted off, Min-hyuk reveals himself to Bong-soon and proceeds to follow her home, chastising her the whole way for making him worry. (Aw.) When they part ways, he calls out for her to report to his office tomorrow morning, bidding her goodnight with a cutesy wave.

Bong-soon, however, spins around and marches right back. She yells that she’s going to report him for making false promises since she caught his stalker, but he still hasn’t hired her onto the product development team. Cue bicker fight as Min-hyuk argues that they should catch the person after her first while Bong-soon snaps that he never intended to keep his promise in the first place.

Bong-soon even threatens to leave the company, but Min-hyuk grabs her arm. Taking a serious tone, he promises that he is on her side and will help her. Bong-soon reluctantly accepts his sincerity and heads home while Min-hyuk waves after her, smiling sweetly at her scowl.

Gook-doo questions Kwang-bok at the station, and the injured gangster can’t believe that he’s getting blamed after Bong-soon was the one to beat him up.

Overly protective of Bong-soon, Gook-doo doesn’t buy a word of the thug’s tales of being thrashed by the tiny girl. His team leader is more sympathetic, but then again, he just thinks that Kwang-bok is straight up crazy.

Kwang-bok keeps repeating that Bong-soon isn’t a normal girl, which just riles Gook-doo up even more, so they drag him off to lock him up in a holding cell overnight. Kwang-bok has a hissy fit over the injustice, screaming that he’s the victim and losing his dentures in the process.

Gook-doo sits down but immediately grimaces in pain — apparently he landed hard when Bong-soon pushed him. Still, he texts her sweetly to ask if she got home all right. Min-hyuk is also remembering Gook-doo’s valiant protection of Bong-soon and sighs that Gook-doo keeps pretending he’s just a friend to Bong-soon: “It bothers me a lot.”

At the Do house, Bong-soon’s family is up in arms about the culprit trying to take Kyung-shim from the hospital, and Bong-soon laments that she lost him again. Her father and brother try to reassure her, but surprisingly, Mom is extra sweet to her daughter, revealing the chicken feet (Bong-soon’s favorite snack) that she bought for her. Heh, Dad and Bong-ki look at Mom like she’s lost it.

The next morning, Bong-soon ruminates at how her dream was once to be a member of AinSoft, but now, she’s wanting to catch the kidnapper more and more.

Speaking of, as Bong-soon walks to work, the kidnapper watches her from a distance with a creepier than usual look. Crap, he knows her daily route?

Bong-soon finds a new laptop on her desk/playpen, but jumps about a foot in the air when she powers it up and sees a winking candid picture of Min-hyuk saved as the desktop background. Pfft. Guess we know who the computer is from.

Speak of the devil, CEO Ahn literally slides into the room with a bright, “Good morning!” He asks if she slept well, then grins as he adds, “I slept well too.” (Why is that sexy?)

Min-hyuk tells her the laptop is hers to use for developing her game, then he hovers around, clearly wanting to see her reaction to his picture. Ha.

Kwang-bok is released, but not before Gook-doo warns him not to go anywhere near Bong-soon or else, “I’ll make sure you can’t even crawl.”

News breaks of the kidnapper’s fourth victim (the pharmacist and third bride), and the police chief orders an open investigation on the case. As the newscasters speculate that the kidnappings are similar to other hate crimes against women, the kidnapper sits at a desk in the junkyard and reads the police report, smiling.

Bong-soon and Min-hyuk also listen to the news break, and Bong-soon thinks, “No matter how much time passes, crimes against weaker women continue.”

When Bong-soon takes a break from creating her character (is that a pink hoodie the character is wearing?), Min-hyuk sneaks a looks at Bong-soon’s laptop and snarls to see that she’s changed her background to a Jo In-sung picture… so he switches it right back.

Min-hyuk’s father pays his son a visit at AinSoft. He trusts Min-hyuk to handle the stalker matter on his own, but he instructs him to bring Bong-soon to the house so he can get to know her, ordering Min-hyuk to announce his engagement before the next stockholder meeting.

Heh, and Bong-soon jumps yet again to find Min-hyuk’s picture back on her computer screen.

The police station chiefs meet to share information on the kidnapper now that it’s a joint investigation. At the same time, the neighborhood ajummas also gather to form their own special committee to catch the criminal. We get a rundown on the details of the case as both teams discuss the clues.

A special police task force is put together to catch the Masked Man, but Gook-doo’s team decides they will still look into the case on their own, determined to solve it.

Over at AinSoft, Bong-soon gazes starry-eyed at the Development Office. Hee, Min-hyuk sneaks up next to her and startles her out of it, imitating her gasps fairly accurately.

The two return to the training ring. Now that Bong-soon can control her strength, Min-hyuk shows her self-defense moves and takes special pleasure in knocking her down. Bong-soon turns on the strength and gets her revenge, showing some moves of her own and kicking her boss’ butt across the ring. Well, she does have a wrestler for a father.

Bong-soon delivers some water (with a side of PPL) to the sore CEO, and the two go for a run. Min-hyuk jokes around a bit, and soon, they’re both smiling.

Oooh, a montage! Bong-soon trains constantly and slowly masters her strength while learning proper fighting techniques. Throughout it all, she thinks that there must have been a reason for God to give her these gifts, and swears that she will catch the culprit with her own two hands. “I am the Strong Woman, Do Bong-soon!”

Bong-soon’s high school kiddos get in a fight with yet another group of Boss Tak’s men, and unfortunately, the older thugs beat the stuffing out of the youngsters. The gangsters instruct the kids to call their boss, so one of the kiddos calls Bong-soon to come help them.

Bong-soon reluctantly arrives, and the kids instantly rush to her side, crying, “NOOOONIIIIM!” The thugs recognize her as the Do Bong-soon that’s been beating up all their cohorts, and the high schoolers cry like little kids to their mom, “They hit us!”

The lead gangster actually spits on Bong-soon’s shoe, then throws a punch at her. But thanks to her training, she easily dodges the blows and swiftly takes the men down one by one. She even uses her stone-flicking skills to knock out one of the gangster’s front teeth. Her underlings cheer and Bong-soon warns the whimpering thugs, “Don’t mess with my kids.” D’aww. She is their Noonim.

Boss Tak yells in frustration upon receiving the news that Do Bong-soon has beat up yet more of their men, and he screams that Bong-soon isn’t a woman: She’s their enemy.

Bong-soon visits Kyung-shim, who is almost ready to be released. She brings up the love triangle between her brother, Gook-doo, and Hee-ji, and pouts that when you like someone, you should stay faithful. Kyung-shim sighs at her naïve friend and wisely says that that’s not the way love works. “Love moves up and down like a seesaw.” She remarks that you never know: Bong-soon might even end up liking Min-hyuk.

Gook-doo meets with Hee-ji that night. He blames himself for making her feel insecure enough in their relationship to waver and apologizes, but he also admits that there is someone else in his heart as well. “There’s a girl that I start nagging as soon as I see her… She’s always doing foolish things, so I get mad at her. But whenever she’s sick or hurt, I really hate it.”

Hee-ji smiles sadly and says that he must like this girl a lot. Gook-doo apologizes again and tells her she can leave him with an easy heart. One love triangle ends, another begins…

Kyung-shim comes home to Bong-soon’s house, but Bong-soon is interrupted from playing nurse when Min-hyuk calls her out, promising to double her pay and instructing her to look nice.

Mom comes in to tell Bong-soon to go with her to pray at the temple, but Kyung-shim chimes in that Mom’s son-in-law is coming to pick up Bong-soon. Heh. Mom runs out to meet Min-hyuk and literally drags him inside. He tries valiantly to flee, but Mom guilt-trips him unabashedly to get him to join them for breakfast.

Eyebrows are raised around the table at the giant spread that Mom lays out, but she plays it off as though they always eat like this. She glares to get everyone to eat, and soon they’re all laughing. Min-hyuk watches the easy banter, smiling at the small but close family.

Not long after, Bong-soon and Min-hyuk sit at his family’s breakfast table, and it’s a stark contrast to the loving meal at the Do house. Min-hyuk’s father immediately launches into a potential daughter-in-law interrogation, asking what Bong-soon likes about Min-hyuk.

Bong-soon gives the generic, “He’s handsome” and “He has a good personality,” but nobody seems to buy it. As the wind blows across the silent table, Bong-soon goes for honesty instead: “Truthfully, he is crazy.” HAH! Dad yells, Min-hyuk glares, and the whole table holds their breath… but then Dad bursts out laughing, “That’s right, he is completely crazy!”

Afterwards, Dad talks to Bong-soon alone. He reveals that when Min-hyuk studied abroad he dated a lot of girls, but then when he came home, he hasn’t dated anyone, which worries him. He sincerely asks Bong-soon to take good care of his son.

During the ride back, Bong-soon wonders at Dad’s words about his son’s dating habits and how all her friends have said that Min-hyuk isn’t gay. The car beeps at her to put on her seatbelt, and when she struggles, Min-hyuk pulls over and leans in close to click her belt for her. The proximity creates a moment between the two, and they gaze at one another as the cars speed by.

Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon to visit his mother’s grave and puts flowers at the base of a tree while Bong-soon looks on. Thinking to himself, Min-hyuk tells his mother, “Mom, I have a person I want to show you, so I came together with her.”

The two walk along a river, and Min-hyuk tells Bong-soon about his mother’s favorite movie: When Harry Met Sally. He quotes a famous line from the film that men can’t be friends with a woman they find attractive.

Bong-soon muses that she must not be attractive since she’s just friends with “him,” but Min-hyuk answers that her friend actually likes her a lot. “Seeing you only as a friend is too hard to do. If the person who sees you is a man.” (*swoon*) He says that “her friend” is probably tricking himself into thinking that they’re just friends, or he thinks that keeping her as a friend is the only way to hold on to her.

(The dialogue here is really interesting, because the obvious conclusion is they’re talking about Gook-doo, but they haven’t actually said his name, so it could also be a cloaked reference to Min-hyuk.)

Bong-soon denies it since she’s sure they’re just friends, except Min-hyuk says that it’s easy for two friends to become lovers, “One person has to take a step closer to the other.” Then he takes a step closer.

With less than a foot between them, Min-hyuk nearly whispers, “This one step, makes the relationship change… like this.” He stares at her, his heart in his eyes, and Bong-soon looks back, realizing that something is changing. Kyaah! Okay, if anyone needs me, I’m the puddle of emotions over there on the floor.

Min-hyuk walks away, and Bong-soon gazes after him as her voice narrates, “One step. There wasn’t this one step in my relationship with Gook-doo. However, on that day, that person… took a step closer to me.”

Gook-doo’s team catch a break when they recover the black box from a car parked along the route the culprit took. The team watches the footage, and Gook-doo suddenly remembers Bong-soon’s statement that the kidnapper had smelled like gasoline and asphalt before taking off to check something.

The lead actor from “Blue Mustache and the Seven Brides” – the one who had his shoes stolen – arrives to give his statement. He says that his shoes were stolen during a company party, but there was no CCTV to catch the thief.

Gook-doo returns to the junkyard (which was near the last place they tracked the kidnapper) and smells the ground there. He checks with an employee who reluctantly says that his boss is overseas right now selling car parts, and that he goes abroad often.

On the streets of Do-bong, all the women travel in groups at night, shying away from any men on the street. However, one woman in a red coat leaves her home alone.

In his lair, the Bride Collector watches his monitors, and on one screen is… the police station!? Oh, crap. A flashback shows that when he went in to give his statement, he placed a hidden camera right in the center of the detective’s room, and now he can hear and watch everything that Gook-doo’s team does to catch him. Damn, he’s clever.

On a foreboding side note, one of the monitors is also tracking the solitary woman with the red coat as she leaves her house.

Gook-doo’s mom, Mi-hwa, is at the walnut shop again. She and Dad happily discuss one of her favorite authors, and she compliments Dad on his apron. Mom watches the two laughing through the window, then storms in, making Dad freeze in fear.

The women engage in passive-aggressive barbs against each other’s sons, but Mi-hwa gets the last word in before walking out. Dad stands up for the other woman, saying that Mom started it, but Mom yells at him for laughing and smiling with her. Dad has finally had enough and screams that he won’t stand by her anymore. He makes a break for the door, but Mom yanks him back.

Next scene, we find Dad shuffling around the bakery with tousled hair, a black eye, and a split lip from Mom’s beatings. Tears trek silently down his face as he covertly looks up the author that Mi-hwa had mentioned on his phone.

Looking for a new angle to deal with their mighty enemy, Boss Tak and his men assemble for a presentation by their company’s “brain.” This turns out to be a Steve Jobs-esque speaker, Charles Go (cameo by Yoon Sang-hyun).

He gives a rundown of the multitude of ways that Bong-soon’s family has beaten their company and recommends that the best way to redeem themselves is fight her, Dachimawa Lee style. Boss Tak Stands up to applause (Dachimawa Lee is a meta reference to an old school spy-comedy that Im Won-hee starred in) and Charles proposes that they have a grand showdown: Bong-soon versus the entire Taek Industries squad. Boss Tak agrees, but demands to know how to get Bong-soon to meet them.

Charles then reveals the oh-so-scientific method of voice phishing, introducing his… specialists? It’s another cameo, as Jung Chan-min and Lee Suji (playing themselves) shuffle onto the stage. (These two actors have a skit on Gag Concert where they pretend to do voice phishing.) PFFFT! These are the “brain’s” specialist? Actors who have never actually done voice phishing in real life?

Heh, Boss Tak and his men mutter, “Aren’t they celebrities?” and Boss Tak wonders if they’ve kidnapped them.

Apparently, Bong-soon’s kiddos filmed their noona’s butt-whooping from the other night, and one of the kids asks if they should post it. The leader snaps that their noona wants her privacy… but, of course, people should know about their strong backer. Up on YouTube it goes.

Bong-soon visits her brother to give him part of her first paycheck. Bong-ki thanks her and tentatively brings up that he likes Hee-ji, but that he probably shouldn’t meet her, right? Bong-soon gently agrees, saying it isn’t fair play, and to leave Hee-ji alone.

Still, Bong-soon gives her brother an affectionate head pat, calling him all grown up now. She heads out, and Bong-ki calls after her to wish her good luck in dating Min-hyuk, since he agrees with Mom that he isn’t gay.

Boss Tak’s men assemble, and Kwang-bok instructs them to bring all their baseball bats and crowbars. But Boss Tak arrives and yells at them for using weapons on a girl, calling it embarrassing. Kwang-bok begs him to bring the weapons since this is no ordinary girl, but Boss Tak just tells Kwang-bok to stay behind as he departs with his men.

Dad is currently dancing around the apartment after Mom left for a trip (presumably to the temple). In the midst of the celebration, Min-hyuk calls Bong-soon to remind them of their training today, saying that he’ll come pick her up.

As she’s getting ready, Bong-soon finally reads the letter from Grandma:

“To my pretty granddaughter, Bong-soon,

Our child has finally grown up into a young lady with a proper job. You don’t know how much I love you. I know that you cannot live normally like other people. Some might wonder why we are embarrassed by our own strength, but isn’t that how the world is? Just because you’re a little different or not up to standards, people will bully and hurt you. But Bong-soon, although I told you to not use your powers, don’t ever be ashamed of your strength. That is a gift from God for you to help this world.

I love you, our strong girl,

As we hear Grandma’s letter narrated, Bong-soon opens the cupboard containing her family’s history and takes out a dusty box. With tears in her eyes, she pulls out a familiar looking pink hoodie.

Boss Tak’s men bully Jung Chan-min and Lee Suji onto a stage where they’ve actually set up everything to match the actor’s comedy skit. The two try to point out that voice phishing is illegal and that they’ve never actually done it for real before (lol), but the gangsters just tell them to succeed this time, then.

Wearing the pink hoodie, Bong-soon heads downstairs and stashes a few walnuts in her pockets before training. Her phone rings and she picks up, expecting Min-hyuk, but it’s Jung Chan-min and Lee Suji. The actors tell her that they’ve kidnapped her mother and clumsily threaten her to meet them at the address they sent her, warning her not to call the police.

Bong-soon believes them and immediately freaks out. She tells Kyung-shim and instructs her to keep calling Mom’s phone while she goes to find her. She run off without seeing Min-hyuk waiting for her outside.

Kyung-shim and Dad manage to reach Mom and are shocked to find her very much not kidnapped. Heh, Mom snaps that if someone kidnapped her, she’ds just annoy them. Kyung-shim hangs up and immediately guesses that it was voice phishing.

Bong-soon arrives at some abandoned warehouses and starts frantically looking around. Min-hyuk calls her to rant that she’s late, but Bong-soon cries that her mother was kidnapped. Min-hyuk demands to know where she is, but she hangs up.

Dad calls Gook-doo and tells him about the setup, and Gook-doo immediately starts tracking Bong-soon’s phone. Min-hyuk also tracks (what I’m assuming is) Bong-soon’s phone, both boys rushing to save their indomitable damsel.

Bong-soon runs into the warehouse calling out for her mom, when suddenly, a cargo door slides open to reveal Boss Tak and two dozen of his biggest and baddest thugs. Bong-soon demands to know where her Mom is, but Boss Tak just laughs.

Kyung-shim calls at that moment to tell Bong-soon that Mom is fine and that she thinks Bong-soon was called out on purpose. Bong-soon just sighs, “Looks like it.”

Bong-soon hangs up as Boss Tak yells that they’ll no longer stand still after all she’s done to them. He tells her that it’s time to face each other, but first, he instructs her to kneel down so that they can get a video of her saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” Ugh, he laughs at his own cleverness.

Bong-soon nods, agreeing that they should. “But the person who is going to beg for forgiveness is not me, but you.” Boss Tak and his buddies all laugh, until Bong-soon takes out the walnuts from her pocket and casually crushes them with her bare hand.

Thinking about his own walnuts, Boss Tak looks slightly less cocky as he scowls at Bong-soon. She raises her hand and nonchalantly beckons them forward, glaring back. Refusing to back down, Boss Tak instructs him men, “Begin.”


What is the significance of the pink hoodie?! Before, I had just assumed that it was the identifier for Min-hyuk’s mystery angel, but it’s clear now that it means something to Bong-soon as well. If she’s saved it in that box — in the same cupboard as her family’s history books — then I have to assume it’s related to her strength in some way. She definitely remembered the bus crash that Min-hyuk referred to being in, so did saving the bus mean something special to her? Did she stop using her gifts after that? Will Min-hyuk notice that she’s wearing his savior’s pink hoodie? And now I’m back to once again counting the days until Friday.

I will say that I have a definite problem with Mom’s character. I was holding off judgement because she did have several redeeming moments with Grandma, and she was much sweeter to Bong-soon during this episode, but the way she abuses Dad is too much for me. She’s a bully. Her treatment of Dad is not just abusive, but textbook domestic violence. This poor, beaten down guy has been doing Mom’s bidding for over two decades, and when he finally gets the courage to yell that he’s had enough, she beats him black and blue. If the genders were switched and it was the wife getting hit, then the husband would have been hauled to jail by now. But because it was a woman doing the hitting, everyone turns a blind eye while Dad silently weeps in the corner. I appreciate that the show is trying to give us empowered women, but Dad’s injuries don’t reflect an age of equality, but one where the suffering has just swapped genders.

I continue to be impressed with our creepy kidnapper, though I’d really prefer it if he disappointed me and slipped up somewhere. Why does he have to be smart, too? Were the face mask and horror dungeon not enough? He actually planned to have his first bride be “saved,” all so he could pose as a witness, stash a camera in the precinct, and then steal her back. I thought we would catch a break with the shoes, but he was once again a step ahead. It feels like this villain is in a different caliber from the rest of the show: His story line and character are both clever enough to warrant a darker melodrama of his own, and our romcom cops are nowhere near his level. At least Gook-doo is sniffing around the junkyard, but I would feel safer if he brought some backup with him.

I really can’t wait to see Gook-doo’s reaction to what I’m assuming is going to be a warehouse full of thrashed gangsters and one unharmed, itty-bitty Bong-soon in her pink hoodie. Now that we finally know for sure that he’s carried a torch for Bong-soon all this time, I want to see if those feelings are conditional upon his image of her as a fragile woman, or if he can accept and love her as she is. However, given the strength of our main pair, I’m now fully convinced that there can be no one else for Bong-soon but Min-hyuk. I will always love my Ji-soo puppy, but I can honestly say that in this instance, I will be disappointed if Gook-doo gets the girl. There’s just something about watching Bong-soon and Min-hyuk together that goes way beyond what I was expecting from this show in terms of romance. There’s chemistry (hell yes!), but there is also such a connection between the two characters that when they’re in those intense moments together, all I can do is smile at my screen and giggle like an idiot. I don’t know if it’s young love, fated love, or true love, but I sure am in love with the two of them.


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  1. berries

    hmmm who is crazier??? minhyuk or bongsoon?? HAHAHA the family breakfast was hilarious

    • 1.1 Van

      I LOVED the scene where Min-hyuk joined Bong-soon’s family for breakfast because I KNEW they’d do like a special slo-mo moment of Min-hyuk being treated with care and him realizing what being part of a loving family is like. Gah, the slo-mo laughs and Min-hyuk’s reaction to all the love and genuine joy was precious! I snickered at the transition from that first breakfast scene to the next when they’re both at his house.

      • 1.1.1 s9313071e

        I thought the scene where MH joins the DO family for breakfast very common for a Korean drama, especially one that features chaebols. I am more enamored with the sound effects featured during the breakfast with the Ahn family. OMG! That is fantastic and has me in laughter.

        • Van

          You’re right, it’s definitely a very common scene, but it’s one of those cliches that I never get tired of because of the satisfaction and glee I get from watching the characters’ reactions, y’know? I don’t remember the sound effects of the second breakfast scene, so I’ll go re-watch it!

        • lunatic4kd

          YES!!! I died laughing at the craziness of the sound effects of the cold north wind blowing when they showed the brothers and their disapproval across the table! The sound effects person on this drama is a genius. Maybe the same one who did the sound effects for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo. “WHAT????!!!”

          • lunatic4kd

            Also, what’s DOUBLY adorable about this drama is that Park Hyung Sik is a Chaebol in real life. I said this in “Hwarang” comments, but his easy elegance and naturalness in the role point not just to his good acting but to the way he was raised: posture, casual self-assured sexiness, implied intelligence, self-confidence that needs no defensiveness…all of it. It’s also why he looked so naturally commanding as the King in Hwarang.

          • Hayley

            OMG that “WHAT??!!” got me every time! I would legit go back and replay it over and over.

          • Miranda

            I also loved Oh Hae Young’s sound effect: that low, warbling “Heolllll….”

          • jechoi1

            He’s actually not a chaebol in real life. Chaebol doesn’t just mean “rich,” it refers to a corporation that has some ties to the government (i.e., perhaps government contracts) and encompasses a wide variety of business interests. Samsung is a chaebol because it’s not just Samsung electronics, it’s also insurance, credit, etc. PHS’s father is a boardmember for BMW. It makes him rich, but he’s technically not chaebol, especially as there is no guarantee that the title will be passed down through the generations.

            I also think that PHS’s real personality is more that of adorkable. He’s been pulling off the coolness, but I think that’s more a manufactured image by his former agency.

    • 1.2 sylvia

      Ya know, by k-drama standards Minhyk is one of the least crazy heroes out there. No jerking the heroine around, no 24/7 angst fest (though how come no brooding shower yet lmao), no holier-than-thou noble idiocy (fingers crossed!), no therapist on stand-by or some kind of psychiatric disorder, no vampiric or immortal or alien or birth secret double identity. Just a doofus with a massive crush on a girl who he thinks is an angel guided to him by his mother. Oh and he says it like he means it. Yasss, kdrama, good job. You’ve come a long way since the days when true love was supposed to result in everyone floating belly up like dead fish.

      • 1.2.1 s9313071e

        Yes, doofus is the word. The writer has created the most ideal K-drama chaebol ever.

        • sylvia

          “most ideal K-drama chaebol ever”

          Agree! Though the ideal part comes from the inventiveness. This is one of the rare instances where a chaebol character’s chaebol status is *actually* a hinderance. Like normally the kdrama heroine suffers through “here’s a wad of cash now leave him” evil mother-in-laws and rich b!tch second leads, but through it all the chaebol part is supposed to add a veneer of desirability to the hero, because it affords him social prestige, status, wealth, power, and etc etc. But in Min Hyuk’s case his family background is actually no good. Most girls wouldn’t fantasize about marrying into a mob family who maintains a construction company at the front and does shady stuff on the back. So now the chaebol status adds an interesting layer/backstory to Minhyuk’s characterization without being just an empty attribute to satisfy the audience’s longing for escapism and fantasy-fulfillment.

          • Javinne

            Yes, I thought the same.
            She may be in dissadvantage marrying into a mob family, or shady rich family…. Yet hapily… He is too good for that family. So he will be a compensation.

            She likes money, but likes she said to her mom: we can be poor but live with dignity.I actually like that from her.

      • 1.2.2 charlie

        I also love how naturally ok he is with her strength. Like after training when she gives him the water bottle and he passes it back to her to open it for him. I don’t ever see GD being ok with him not being the all-powerful man in their relationship. Even the way he describes his love for her sounds patronizing: in his eyes she’s this silly puppy that cannot manage without him (grr). Contrast this with MH’s I’m on your side; if you want to go after the big baddie on your own I’ll do my best to help you succeed; I respect your choices and I’ll help you get what you want even if that it’s not me. BS would have to be the biggest idiot ever not to chose MH after all that.

        • RamyunIsTheName

          I honestly never noticed the water opening scene. I kinda thought of it as him just being in pain and making her help him but it sorta seems like he’s like we’ll you have strength so you open it.

        • Val

          I think that is the purpose of the love triangle. Showing which guy really appreciate her for what she is, as a strong woman. Will Gook Du see past the idealized version of Bong Soo he’s had for so long, or will he accept the strong Bong Soo? While on the flip side of the coin, you have Min Huyk who has no problem with the strong Bong Soo and even encourages her.

        • gadis

          There was a sense of matter-of-factness in the way Min-hyuk passed that water bottle to Bong-soon. He readily accepted the super strength as a part of her, but he never defined her by her strength alone. He always see her as a person, just with some added quirk like everybody else.

          • Luc

            I hadn’t thought of it that way. I thought that was just because Min Hyuk’s dominant arm was injured. But yeah, I think we can all agree that Min Hyuk has always appreciated Bong Soon’s quirk, and while it definitely freaked him out at times and made him fascinated and while to him it’s not normal, I guess he’s accepted it as part of Bong Soon that can’t be separated from who she is but that doesn’t define all that she is.

      • 1.2.3 Kakakash

        Wow sylvia, I could not have said it better! I think a big part of why we find Min-hyuk so sexy is because he respects Bong-soon and her abilities and never tries to change her. I mean, that has got to be the main reason for why Park hyung-shik is suddenly the hottest man alive to me when I just passed him off as cute before. This, and his acting.

      • 1.2.4 che che bureche

        Oh yes! (immitating the “oh no” of self thinking bong soon while training. she is SO cute!)

        i was thinking that there’s too much CEO (as in, CEO literally) as the main lead these line up of dramas. but only Ahn Min Hyuk is mature and dependable with regards to his leading lady… i would have thought that he’s gonna be one of “those” jerky chaebol leads with his hoverboard in the first parts but totally he’s a turn around.
        Takes care of his employee and girl . Check.
        Rational and nonchalant about his personal dilemmas . Check.
        Not the godly perfect guy. Check. (he has this realistic problems amidst his ‘living the dream’ or ‘almost there’ life)
        i like the way he’s problem solving his way through everything…
        contrary to the other CEO’s like shy boss (which was redeemed by the way near the end of it)
        and TWY, the guy even the girl is just so immature in their conflicts ugh. but good it’s ending already. (that show gets me depressed everytime i watch it that’s why i put SWDBS last in my line up for my feeling’s sake.

    • 1.3 EZ

      Why are male leads always devoid of family love… is that the only way to show worth of candy girl in rich chaebol’s life?

      Why can rich girls not sort the family issue for a rich guy..

      Although, harry met sally scene.. priceless.. its been ages since i saw a genuinely refreshing approach to confession

      • 1.3.1 Niceebelles

        Priceless indeed! Been looking for different eng subs to understand further what they’re saying. Thanks CandidClown for the amazing recap! Been waiting for your recaps too. Hehe. 😘

      • 1.3.2 s9313071e

        Frankly, I don’t think MH is that devoid of familial love. He does have love from his father, and respect to do what he wishes. I suppose when you have built up a gaming company on your own, you get even more leeway in terms of your choices, especially his choice of bride. Dad did not even object to her!!! How great is that? It seems he is more concerned whether she knows her son or not. I guess his stepmother and stepbrothers, not being related by blood, naturally become a bit distant from him.

        • TN

          I agree, I don’t think MH is devoid of familial love – his dad does love him in his own way, more now that he’s an adult. I don’t think he knew how to show him love as a child unfortunately so he grew up very lonely and you can see he is still a very lonely man, hence the way he likes BS’s family and friend.

    • 1.4 gadis

      I like how Bong-soon’s “Truthfully, he is crazy” speech could be interpreted in a very sweet way.
      “I know exactly what kind of person your son is. And I still love him, flaws and all” and maybe that’s the route his dad took. That’s why he just burst out laughing and accepted her easily.

      • 1.4.1 EZ

        irrespective of inferences..

        i am thanking my stars that two of the worst cliches are not in this drama..

        1. disapproving families
        2. jealous psychotic second leads.. (i’d take serial killers anyday over interfering mothers and fathers and exes)

        i don’t feel bad about hae ji also.. clearly GD wasn’t exactly the best boyfriend if you hardly meet.. so quite natural for her to fall for someone..

        PBY should stop interfereing though.. she is accusing the girl without knowing that GD broke up too and is not dissapointed

        PBY”s character is still annoying for me atleast.. the only nice thing about her is probably her strength and her insecurities owing to that.. there she is rational… but other than that,, shouting abusing others. .. is off

        • s9313071e

          She knew they broke up. GD told her as much at the police station when she went there to give her statement. She adheres to the belief that once you are boyfriend/girlfriend to another person, you should stay that way for life and not waver.

      • 1.4.2 siesta

        the whole “he’s a casanova in high school yet stopped seeing women for some reason” speech his dad gave, i guess it implied that minhyuk just stopped being interested in any other girl since his encounter with the girl in pink hoodie lol.. the timeline matches. i guess no other girl could live up to his real life superheroine aww

        his fanboy dreams coming true lol

        • gadis

          Oohh… Nice catch, siesta. It totally makes sense. For someone whose life revolve around game as some coping mechanism, meeting real life heroine would made every other girl pale in comparison. Guess that’s why he was so attracted to her even from their very first encounter.

        • azamions


        • s9313071e

          How sweet is that? And what are the odds of him actually meeting his dream girl 8 years later?

        • Javinne

          Wow, yes. So true i believe that is the case.
          I wonder What will he do or become for her (apart from what we can see) so that she also feels she loves him.
          I mean, because of her crush on GD and believing he is gay, she hasnt really seen him.
          I remember though when she finally saw him working, she was like Wow….
          But there must be other moments like that so that she falls for him too….

        • rentenmann

          Ooooh, thanks for putting the clues together! I missed that somehow. I like this! These two light up my screen anytime they’re together. *contented sighs*

        • Catt

          brilliant deduction!

      • 1.4.3 s9313071e

        I love how the father accepts MH’s choice of bride so easily. He isn’t the typical chaebol dad, who doesn’t like poor families or what not. I suppose he appreciates the frankness BS displays. After all, it’s not often people would say his son is crazy. And he is, in a quirky way.

    • 1.5 nada

      Definitely Ahn Min Hyuk lol

    • 1.6 duzylou

      I wonder if the reason Minhyuk wasn’t interested in any girls for a while was because he was in love with his saving angel?

  2. Lezah

    Argh yes, I need to know the significance! Is she wearing it for MH, or is she wearing it because it holds some other significance to her (like she will use her powers for real good now and not be afraid of showing them?)

    Can I just say that I love how everyone is silently rooting for BS and MH’s budding relationship? <: And how he walks her back at night because he's worried even though he knows she has super strength?

    – MH looked so adorably puppy-like when he bounced into the office and said good morning to her, and asked if she had slept well (I've replayed that scene at least 10 times)… and then she had to awkwardly wave him away as he reluctantly went back to his own desk. 😍 He looked like a puppy waiting for approval from his master, LOL!

    – BS is that shyness I detect from you as MH walks closer with that beaming smile on his face? 😏

    – And then those sneaky smiles that he gets on his face as he looks at her training? Aww. PHS acts so well with his eyes and small facial expressions.

    – I think the gangsters and them getting beaten up have sort of gotten a bit old? How many more gangsters do we need to seen beaten up and how many more "gross humour" scenes do we need to see of them toothless/all battered up? Do we really need a confrontation scene between Baek Tak and her in the warehouse at the end? I mean, shouldn't they have learnt by now that they can't beat her?

    – I really like the juxtaposition of her family vs his family. For a moment, MH looked SO happy and content, because he'd probably never felt such a warm family atmosphere since his mother died. (Do his brothers always have to wear different colours btw?)

    – THAT MOMENT WHEN HE CONFESSED TO HER "indirectly" by showing how friends can become lovers. And how she realized that between GD and her nobody had been willing to make that extra step forward (her because she was afraid of showing her true self and GD because… He never realized?). BUT bless his sweet soul, MH straight out told her he was willing to do it. He took a step toward her.

    • 2.1 inxomnia

      I have a feeling it could be the first time she’s remembered using her powers for a (good) purpose perhaps? Instead of just accidentally exerting too much force. Which is why Grandma’s letter resonated and spurred her to take it out again?

      • 2.1.1 sylvia

        yeah agree. saving an entire bus full of people + mother & child couldn’t have been a passing occurrence for her, especially since high school was the period when she desperately wanted to hide her powers so Gook Doo would think of her as a dateable girl. There must have been a reason she saved away that pink hoodie in a box and never wore it again.

      • 2.1.2 Lord Cobol

        But didn’t saving herself AND HER BROTHER from the kidnapper qualify as “good” ?

        • sylvia

          It is. But since she was also on the receiving end of the kidnapping, and since the other person involved is her own biological brother, there’s not much decision-making involved. She had to get them both out. It was arguably reaction and self-preservation.

          But the bus is different, seeing that she was technically a bystander not directly involved. This time she had to make the decision to step in (which had its own risks– what if she fails? then does her failure make her partially responsible for the disaster? What if she’s discovered and made public news? etc.)

        • Illena

          If you reference it back to the letter, I think it meant that all her life, she was told not to use her powers by her grandma. The kidnapper incidence probably brought about an aftermath where she was told not to use it again. The bus incident changed everything as she came out of hiding and used her power to save the truckload of people. Perhaps that’s why it’s defining.

    • 2.2 s9313071e

      I am guilty of replaying countless times the scene where MH slides into the room while greeting BS “good morning”. Everything, from the interaction to their actions, is just too cute.

      • 2.2.1 bbstl

        I would like to have him sliding in and saying “good morning!” like that as a gif I could see over and over 😍 .
        Gaah, what a cutie.

    • 2.3 EZ

      why wud she wear it for MH.. atleast sequence of scenes doesn’t seem to allude to that

      • 2.3.1 Dramaninja

        Well she was going to meet MH before reading the letter. And since MH also knows about the hoodie and remembers it well(painting, DBS noticed too), maybe she wanted to let him know about the bus incident as a first step towards opening up and accepting the ‘hero’ in her.
        To me that would make sense. Gotta wait another week though! 😞

      • 2.3.2 Lezah

        Yeah, ^ same as dramaninja, I was thinking if she wore it because she knew she was going to meet MH. So it would sort of have a double meaning? (1) She wore it after reading grandma’s letter and deciding that it was time to stop being afraid of showing her powers and use it for good, and also because MH’s training was to teach her how to harness her powers. So wearing it sort of showed that she was ready to take on that responsibility. (2) MH told her about the bus incident and his “angel”, and I think she would have remembered that (not every day that you stop a bus falling off a cliff, I suppose!), plus she didn’t get a chance to answer him because of the phone call. So perhaps she wanted to wear it too as sort of a reply to his “confession”? Ehhh I can’t wait for new episodes!

        • WalnutPie

          Ahaaa…right…she is supposedly meeting MH wearing that pink hoodie but instead run to save her mom…

          Like the possibility if wearing it to give MH the clue…”hey…I am the angel…remember me…the pink hoodie…”

    • 2.4 Serendipity

      Gangter beating scenes reminds me of Obelix beating Romans,gross slapstick humor I don’t like at all..

    • 2.5 siesta

      Bong soon’s pink hoodie is her superhero costume lol

      I think that’s the first time she used her power for something and mightve gotten in trouble over it with mom so she hid the hoodie just like hiding her strength

    • 2.6 gadis

      Bong-soon gradually become very self-aware around Min-hyuk. When she bumped into him in her house while in the middle of brushing her teeth, she was so flustered, it’s cute. While Min-hyuk just being extra cheery and flustered her further.

      • 2.6.1 Lezah

        Yes she’s adorable and he’s adorable too! She’s becoming more and more aware of his presence and he being so cheery and sweet (as he has always been!!) just continues to disarm her.

      • 2.6.2 s9313071e

        I love how awkward MH is around her family. Like, should I do something or should I stay put? When he meets her grandma and mom walking hand in hand, when he sees the mom in front of their house, and she pushes him in… it’s so adorkably cute.

      • 2.6.3 Kimchan

        Yeah i noticed that too, she is starting to be aware of minhyuk. Before she did not even care what appearance/ image she looks like to minhyuk. Now, she was just brushing her teeth then when she comes across minhyuk she was freaking startled ten quickly runs to the cr.
        So ☺ happy

  3. leila


    • 3.1 Fangirl sy

      Yes to this. Like 7 episodes ago lol

    • 3.2 endo

      Haha. Since the kiss is not here yet. I’m currently on repeat with this.


    • 3.3 Aya

      I was screaming that everytime they are on my screen ^__^
      The chemistry!! uhhh I can’t handle it..

    • 3.4 nada

      At this rate they’ll kiss at ep.10 lol, I hope so

      • 3.4.1 Luc

        Me too. I mean, a fan can hope! Just get married already! LOL.

  4. gina

    i really like the whole bong-soon and high school kids story line haha. its so cute how they call her “big sister” like some head of a gang, and she calls them “my kids” lol so adorable

    • 4.1 Miky

      Love their scenes to much!!!Hope they will also come all “Big Sister” on her when Minhyuk is around,i want to see his reaction so badly!!!

      I think the gang will upload that video of her beating those 3

    • 4.2 rentenmann

      I love it whenever they’re with their Noonim! How nice is it that they’ve taken up picking up trash as a regular thing? If Min-hyuk sees how Bong-soon has affected these kids, how much more in love do we think he’ll be with her? I’d love to find out! Come onnnnn, Friday!

  5. Yourunnie

    “. There’s just something about watching Bong-soon and Min-hyuk together that goes way beyond what I was expecting from this show in terms of romance. There’s chemistry (hell yes!), but there is also such a connection between the two characters that when they’re in those intense moments together, all I can do is smile at my screen and giggle like an idiot. I don’t know if it’s young love, fated love, or true love, but I sure am in love with the two of them.”

    I guess this what all Minhyuk-Bongsoon shippers are feeling right now, beyond their pretty faces and the obvious chemistry is that feeling of connection. I can’t wait for friday to come and the production team knows it, they’re so mean for not leaving a preview, totally leaving us hanging.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 5.1 gadis

      They’re so mean for not leaving a preview, indeed. But at least, those NG footages are super cute. They look like having a blast during shooting process.

      • 5.1.1 Luc

        I squeed hard at the scene where Bo Young hit the baduk board (that’s what it’s called, right?) but it didn’t break. The face Hyung Sik made when he realized what had happened and how he reached out and tried to hold her hand…. That was so sweet.

        I couldn’t find the JTBC behind-the-scene show that’s fully subbed. You know, that one where they interviewed the whole cast? But I thank DramaFever for subbing the short BTS clips. Everybody should watch them.

    • 5.2 Lord Cobol

      Look again at the stills in the closing credits. One shows the aftermath of the big fight. Preview-y enough.

      • 5.2.1 Leenie

        Yes! There were a few brief clips showing:

        1. DBS in just the pink hoodie (no black cover-up over it), standing alone in a pile of unconscious baddies).
        2. The crime boss and just one other gangster gaping at her from across the warehouse.
        3. Min-Hyuk and Gook Doo staring at her, jaws dropped.

        I especially like that DBS is wearing the pink hoodie, with nothing covering it up. Hopefully this will be a double reveal, with both Gook Doo realizing she’s Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and Min-Hyuk realizing that she’s his Angel.

        Can’t wait til FRIDAY!!

        • Dramaninja

          Sorry, but this was a spoiler for me.

          • Lord Cobol

            I deliberately didn’t say what the aftermath was, trying to remain spoiler-free, and figuring that anybody who cared could go (re)watch the closing credits for themselves.


            While I agree with the general concept of remaining spoiler free, and I personally don’t go off searching the internet for spoilers, I think that closing credits and any “next time on…” at the end of an episode ought to be fair game. They are part of the episode that we have (mostly) watched, and if they spoil anything it’s because the show-runner wanted it spoiled.

          • lunatic4kd

            Agree with Lord Cobol. It is incumbent upon ALL of us to watch the whole thing, including previews, if we choose. It’s not like previews are cut off of the broadcast for viewing on specific online networks. Scenes from previews are not true spoilers, per se.

          • Leenie

            I’m sorry Dramaninja! I should have thought of it from that perspective. I just ran with it since it was part of the Episode 8 broadcast. I just assumed everyone watches until the end. I’ll be more aware of the fact that some people might intentionally skip the previews. All the Best….

          • mary

            @Lord Cobol and lunatic4kd, previews are part of spoilers based on dramabeans policy though. 🙁

            Some of the recappers press stop on the player before it gets to the previews. I know! It surprised me too that some people do this. But apparently, there are some people who do (javabeans included). I also read some commenters say they skip previews because they’re misleading.

            So when we comment previews, we’re possibly spoiling the recapper and fellow beanies who make the effort to skip it.

        • Dramaninja

          Thanks for understanding @Leenie ✌

  6. bmore

    “but the way she abuses Dad is too much for me. She’s a bully. Her treatment of Dad is not just abusive, but textbook domestic violence. This poor, beaten down guy has been doing Mom’s bidding for over two decades, and when he finally gets the courage to yell that he’s had enough, she beats him black and blue. If the genders were switched and it was the wife getting hit, then the husband would have been hauled to jail by now. But because it was a woman doing the hitting, everyone turns a blind eye while Dad silently weeps in the corner. I appreciate that the show is trying to give us empowered women, but Dad’s injuries don’t reflect an age of equality, but one where the suffering has just swapped genders.” PERFECT thank you!

    Not just this show, but many kdramas. It’s so offensive how much physical violence in spouse to spouse and parent to child relationships. I want to think they are doing this to shock their audience. But I fear instead that they are justifying and desensitizing it and creating a culture where people will think this is okay. Like the psycho girlfriend trope.

    • 6.1 Kita

      The abuse just changed how I look at the mom and their society in general. It was appalling how everyone sees it happening and does nothing. It’s reminiscent of the 50s, where it was seen as normal to be done to a woman. I am hoping that he leaves her or at least gets help. It’s not normal!

      • 6.1.1 Dramabird

        I was super uncomfortable with the husband abuse too (especially the extent of it, with his black eye). I don’t necessarily think the show is trying to say this kind of female empowerment is ok. There are some really interesting gender dynamic questions being raised around violence between the genders and power in this show.

        You have the “normally” portrayed male against female violence in the criminal thriller aspect of the show. We have one evil male killer misogynist using his strength and intellect to dominate women and force them into compliance with his own agenda. The collateral result is women being afraid to walk down the street at night and the mothers banding together to walk women home to keep them safe. The girl in the red coat who ignores the safety protocol and walks outside, at night, with the headphones in ears, gives you the creeps because you know she is “setting herself up” to get caught. (We buy into the idea that women are “responsible” for the violence done against them). We are outraged at the male killer’s mistreatment… but we don’t think about so much as a gender issue.

        But then, the comedic side of the show makes us do just that by reversing the genders. Now, we have all these male gangsters getting beat up and being frustrated, perplexed and shamed. How can it be possible for their male strength and power to fail against a teenie-tiny female?!?! They are starting to be “scared”… the must rally together and hold a pep-talk, consult the “brain,” and do anything and everything to put an end to this “outrage” of their loss of power. It is even more ironic when you consider that the killer uses violence against the “innocent”; whereas our girl is using it against the “guilty” only in self-defence.

        The comedy begs the question: if they gangsters are so upset by the tiny girl taking away their agency and power… Why isn’t society at large SO MUCH MORE upset about the way males are using their power and violence against women on a regular basis.

        The husband abuse may also be a very intentional element and not necessarily making light of the issue. Instead, it leads us to question the use of power/violence in relationships and question what is appropriate/not appropriate. I think we are rightly supposed to conclude that it is NOT OK for the mom to beat up the dad or dominate him in that way (even if he is male and she is female). Just like it is NOT OK when men do the same.

        Anyways, sorry for the overly long ramble… But I really find this show interesting to think about. It’s got a lot going on under the surface of it’s over-the-top comic-book style comedy and hijinks.

        • Dramabird

          Another thought:

          Perhaps the dad moment was in the story to deliberately make the point that female empowerment should not come at the price of male empowerment?

        • Kbas

          Wasn’t it touched on during the 3 generation talk about possibly regaining your power after losing it? The mom said she had come to terms with not getting it back after losing it by abusing it years ago. I wonder if the reason she has not regained it is she continues to be a bully with her ordinary strength. Her self centered character has not changed since it led to her decisions to profit from her strength.

          • Dramaninja

            A+ to this. Mom has been clearly shown as a bully in the past and in many ways still is to Dad and DBS. She is self-centred, i hope she gets her comeuppance down the line.

        • Javinne

          “If they gangsters are so upset by the tiny girl taking away their agency and power… Why isn’t society at large SO MUCH MORE upset about the way males are using their power and violence against women on a regular basis”….
          First of all… you are right. It should be like that; except that we live in “a man’s world”, like the song from James Brown.

          On the other hand, i would not give too much psychology to the ganster’s reaction to their hurt pride, he he… 😂. This is all a maneuver from the show to keep some “baddies” causing trouble and making us laugh out loud, for they are losers! LOL.
          They will spend the whole show in between fights and the hospital until they learn their lesson and leave her alone….

    • 6.2 andy

      I was also very uncomfortable with the mom beating the dad up!! it definitely takes the gender reversal too far and makes an otherwise lovable character not very likeable. 🙁

      • 6.2.1 lunatic4kd

        After watching over 200+ dramas, I have to believe that the hitting of family members is a natural thing in Korea. Almost every single drama shows some sort of behavior like this, so I don’t think it is being shown to deliberately try to STOP the behavior on a national level, it is shown simply BECAUSE it is a natural behavior in Korea – even now. Maybe it will go away with the younger generation. It certainly is shocking to us in the U.S. and other nations. I remember being totally turned off when the so-called doctors (female) in Descendants of the Sun started hair pulling and I almost didn’t make it through Hwa-shin’s mom in Jealousy Incarnate beating him with the cafeteria tray after she saw him wearing a bra. I still can’t believe that the common acceptance of female Aegyo is the girl hitting the boy on the arm. Seems stupid to me…but normal for them.

        • Greenfields

          @luntaic4kd – that statement could be interpreted as being mildly offensive. You are, in essence, declaring that your way of life is the ‘correct’ and ‘normal’ way of life.

          There’s quite a bit of difference between the abuse Bong Soon’s father is put through or how Hwa-Shin’s mom behaved – and this happens in all countries including the US – and the casual/light ‘hitting’ we see, like your example of female ayego (Which doesn’t hurt the other person).

    • 6.3 Lolat

      Yeah. I’m sorry, show, am I really supposed to be rooting for this horrible woman?

    • 6.4 Miranda

      Mom is complex. I was totally ready to despise her, then kind of warmed up to her with her mom and her friends, then warmed up more with her trying to make amends with Bong Soon… But then she hit Dad and I’m going to be pretty uncomfortable if that’s meant to be a funny note. He was bruised and shaking, and I was surprised that Bong Soon didn’t even ask about it. I guess it’s normal in their house, which is terrible.

      It does probably show why Mom’s never gotten her powers back. Even when she tries to improve, she’s got a few layers of awfulness that are still there.

    • 6.5 Table122000

      I don’t like the mom character either. She is a controlling bully and this episode where she actually beat her husband was my limit. You could see the fear on his face, and you know it’s not the first time she has abused him. Of course, couples will have arguments, but it should never get physical-for men or women. The double standard here really bothers me because you know that if it were Bong Soons Dad who gave the Mom a black eye, he definitely would not be given a free pass on his behavior, nor considered a comical character. Thank God she lost her powers because if not, he’d be dead.
      I hope that the Dad leaves her and gets help, but I don’t see it happening. I hope that there are consequences for Mom’s actions-again, I doubt we’ll see that. The casual acceptance of physical violence against others-men, women, and children in Korean dramas is something that has always bothered me too, but it is everywhere. At school, at home, at the workplace. Case in point-at the police station, Gook Do’s boss was kicked by the police chief when being reprimanded about the handling of the case. No one says anything and it’s totally accepted as normal.

    • 6.6 Bea

      I think there is a message here that the people that exert violence never experienced it themselves so it’s hard for them to sympathize with the abused. Mom attacks dad but is too strong to be assaulted. Bong soon beats up the bad guys but didn’t seem fazed by the broken bones, or the amount of damage it caused. Thats why bong soon didn’t react to dad being beaten up. I think that’s the reason why bong soon hadn’t learn to control her powers until now.

    • 6.7 Bea

      I wonder if they show mom hitting dad as a message to say, look what if the roles are reversed. How would you like it if women incur violence against men

      • 6.7.1 AllPhryne

        That is an interesting point, I too was wondering, why doesn’t she moderate it. And rhere were no consequences. But as I get it, previously Bong Soon didn’t know how. Maybe the rules could not apply, but they might now.
        Also your point with reverse roles is good, but viewers are mostly women, does it even have the audience?

    • 6.8 rentenmann

      I cringed at this scene and its ending with poor Dad cowering, crying in a corner, with a black eye and busted lip. He’s terrified, just as our wonderful recapper stated. I hope he can get out of there and Mom can see what she

      • 6.8.1 rentenmann

        … and Mom can see what she’s doing to everyone. She needs a good set-down or I can’t like her even a little bit!

  7. mahoilam

    So many favourite scenes in this episode. My first would have to be the indirect confession though. I think for me it’s the first time that BS might actually realise that MH has feelings for her ahhhhh<3

    The relationship between BS and the gang always brings a smile to my face. I love love love how they look up to her and it's just another group of people to add to the growing list of people who love BS for who she is.

    I had a massive problem with how mum treated dad too. I don't really know why they've portrayed her like that and if that scene was for comedic effect bc tbh I didn't find it funny in the slightest.

    • 7.1 Leenie

      I really don’t think it WAS done for comedic affect. It wasn’t paced that way. It went straight from her grabbing him by his shirt collar to seeing him bruised, tearful and an object of pity among the neighborhood ajummas.

      I think it’s part of Mom’s story arc. She never got her strength back because she continued to be a bully.

      She’s already started to see some light in the form of her daughter. DBS’s impassioned, tearful speech seems to have struck it’s mark. Now she needs to grow and change in her relationship with her husband.

    • 7.2 siesta

      Not just the mom and dad scene, i have a massive problem with the shocking violence happening in this episode.
      – mom beating dad up? Disgusting
      – GD violently beating kwang bok when he was just talking to bongsoon? Police brutality
      – bongsoon flicking the gangsters’ teeth out after knocking him down? Unnecessary bullying

      I need mom to sit in a corner thinking about what she’s done and get professional help

      • 7.2.1 Javinne

        Agree, agree, agree…
        I think we have to sit the writer, production team or director of this drama, so that they understand it is not funny, actually it bothers the audience.

      • 7.2.2 Kai To

        Does Korea have high rates of family physical abuse? At least that’s the impression I have and that people accept it as normal.

        If it is, then my take is that the writer could be trying to shock people out of apathy when violence happen to women by showing men abused.

        The thought process would be like, “OMG, I can’t believe he was hit, that’s so unfair!” -> realise you’re being a hypocrite when you don’t get this riled up when you’ve seen women with a shiner/ bullied

  8. YY

    I LOVEEE the river scene. When he stepped forward “Like this”, I melted. Ah, just kiss her already, will ya.

    This episode had a few distasteful scenes for me.

    I didn’t like the father being beaten up by the mother scene. It was appalling and demeaning to see a man beaten up by his wife. Domestic abuse IS NOT FUNNY. Is it supposed to be funny having the man beaten up by his wife?

    I didn’t like the thug being beaten up and kicked around by Gook doo when he’s lying defenceless on the ground.

    I didn’t like the continuing focus on the thug with the missing teeth. I was relieved he had dentures but they fell out much too soon. Is it supposed to be funny?

    • 8.1 Lezah

      I feel like it might have been funny if it had been shown as a bit of simple smacking around (because goodness knows I sometimes give my friends a whack when we’re teasing each other and having fun) but it was distasteful to show a black eye and bleeding lip etc? (Especially when you see him dancing in such happiness when she’s gone). Domestic violence is never funny no matter who’s the victim, sigh.

      • 8.1.1 Maria

        That is actually the biggest failure of the show: Inappropriate and absolutely misplaced humor…
        I am not a fan of the “body malfunctions” scenes starring Kwang-Dok, but that is a personal preference. But then we had the cringeworthy gay jokes, then Mom pimping out Bong-soo…
        And while the rumors about Min-Hyuk’s homosexuality and the husband hunting can still be explained away with character logic, what about the cuddle-scene of the two trespassing thugs? Hard to explain, because it cements the view that “hey, two guys being physical, that’s weird/strange/funny/gross”.
        And now straight up domestic violence, narf.

        Dammit, show, I want to love you but you I feel disgusted by the narrative choice each time something likes this pops up.

        • Lezah

          Personally, I dislike the body malfunctions too, but that’s probably just a preference because I’m still recovering from a nasty wisdom tooth extraction… and it’s definitely not funny to not be able to chew properly. It was funny the first/second time but not that much for me anymore. Regarding the gay scenes, I’ve replied to comments about it in previous recaps before that I didn’t find it offensive because I myself live in a conservative Asian culture and it could have been portrayed much worse than it is. As it is, I don’t think the two thugs snuggling was portrayed as something “disgusting”, but rather, BS was shocked to see two people she had beaten up and tied up snuggling (surely not something you expect two people in that situation to be doing!). And Boss Tak/his cronies were more shocked with the sudden change in their behaviour (I compare it to if you had two friends of opposite genders and one day you met up with them only to find them suddenly snuggling and all touchy feely. I would be shocked too, regardless of their gender, LOL!)
          But eh… I was shocked with the portrayed domestic abuse of Mom and Dad. They’ve always been shown to be a bit of a henpecked couple with Dad being terrified of Mom but I guess this really pushed it beyond my “acceptable” boundary. I’ve witnessed a friend getting shoved around by a significant other before and while it didn’t result in any visible injuries, it was not funny for me.

        • hiromi

          + 1! Still, I’m staying for the cutness, but is strange when something disturbing like that just pops up, destroying my happy Min Hyuk times.

        • Lala

          While I do agree about the dad’s scene being abused by mom as distasteful (I found that ill-placed too despite being depicted in a comedic light), I think you all are being too sensitive.

          Please keep in mind that these gangsters had it coming, really. They abused Bong Soon first, didn’t they? I clearly remember these thugs slapping her. Or did you all conveniently forget about that part? They are strangers to her who bully weak people, so this “domestic violence” they experience is a form of self-defence.

          Plus, this endless talk about gay scenes aren’t done to offend gay people at all. You’d be surprised how gay people would find such scenes funny as well. I have gay friends who make fun of their sexuality as well. Stop taking these scenes out of context or stop watching the drama altogether. :\ Your taking the joy from those who want to fully enjoy the show.

          • Lezah

            Two wrongs don’t make a right, though, so it’s hard for me to agree that the thugs deserve to be beaten up just because they slapped BS around. Obviously they were wrong in doing that, but I can’t justify that they SHOULD be beaten up as a result.

            Though I do agree with you about the all the sensitivity regarding how homosexuality is portrayed in the show.

      • 8.1.2 asdf

        the deep black and blue marks and tears from dad really makes it difficult to justify mom’s actions in any form, humor or not. Mom was already grating on me for forcing bong-soon to practically sleep with her boss and complaining when she hadn’t. it’s just surprising and disappointing that they didn’t build more of the relationship of how mom and grandma are the only women who could relate to bong-soon with the pain of having a super power. i would have really loved to have seen the women handle being strong through the years in their male-dominated times.

        mom is interesting because she lost it and it was implied that that was a huge blow to her and her identity. perhaps she could have learned humbleness from it and perhaps we could have seen her be a yoda to bong-soon in some way to not follow in her steps.

    • 8.2 La Plume


      I think it was supposed to be funny but I was just disgusted. The guy’s already been beaten up, doesn’t matter that he’s a bully, there’s nothing funny in ridiculing somebody who’s already down. I’d say the show is bullying some of its characters for comic effect but they seem to have trouble where to draw the line.

      The beaten up husband was the worse of the whole episode.

      I like that show, but the humor has been putting me off for a while so now that the romance is stepping up I hope they focus on the cute and refrain from the rest.
      It seems my brain can’t help but remember the bad scenes… and there’re just too many.

      • 8.2.1 Allaroundfangirl

        True. I don’t get why the gangster gets so much screen time getting beaten up countless times (and have his teeth fall off). Show, please just stop. We get it, this is no longer even funny. We just want to fastforward those scenes with the gangsters. We want the scenes that show how BS would find and catch the killer, and not waste her time and strength with these guys. I don’t even get why the boss would change his mind from wanting to recruit BS to taking revenge again.

        • s9313071e

          I think the writer is slowly wrapping up the different threads one by one in prep for the bride-napper. First, the stalker issue gets resolved, perhaps this big showdown is required to resolve the mob issue.

          • YY

            The challenges are getting more and more difficult, the risks getting higher and higher with each face-off. So far, Bong soon hasn’t been hurt. I think the mob challenge is to show that the fights are getting harder and harder. Someone is going to get hurt, if not her, then someone she loves. I think she’s graduating to the Ultimate Challenge, the one-on-one fight with the Psycho. The game is on.

      • 8.2.2 YY

        The detailing of his injuries in horrific detail at the police interrogation room was supposed to be funny, I suppose. The early episodes kept showcasing his drool, his gums, his peeing in his pants, and on the floor, it just went on and on and on every episode, how much more grossness can they squeeze from this man, so please, just stop already.

      • 8.2.3 YY

        @La Plume

        Same here. I love the romance and the triangle, it’s the gross unfunny parts that rile me. I have been watching since the first episode, and haven’t said a word about those scenes, but this episode, the husband beating was way over the line. I couldn’t just watch THAT in silence anymore.

  9. No Way

    When Bongsoon had the Romeo Juliet dream, she was awoken because Minhyuk ran from her after she stepped on his foot and not because Romeo /was/ Minhyuk. Made me think that maybe, Bongsoon already knew there was a shift in their dynamics. The way she reacted to Bongki’s advice about dating Minhyuk only solidified this. I mean, she didn’t even flinch whatsoever.

    And don’t even get me started with her only wanted three sons but now the idea of having a daughter isn’t so bad. (yeah, I linked it with Minhyuk and how he accepted Bongsoon as she is –don’t ruin my delusion).

    Darn. I forgot the last time I’m this enamored with a Kdrama OTP…

    • 9.1 gadis

      I also attributed Bong-soon’s change of heart regarding having a daughter to Min-hyuk’s acceptance of her strength and his supportive attitude. After all, even her family told her to hide her gift and never use it. But here is a man who offered her a way to better control her gift so that she can use it for good cause. How can a girl’s feeling not wavered?

    • 9.2 s9313071e

      She might be becoming more aware of MH’s presence in her life. I am surprised though, she didn’t wake up when MH took off his mask, but when he ran away, limping from her strength.

  10. 10 Leena

    I’m so glad that you pointed out how horrible and disturbing the scene with the mom and dad was and the fact that it was played off as somewhat of a joke upsets me so much.This show just looks hypocritical if it goes from advocating for the end of violence against to using domestic violence as a punchline because the genders are reversed.I hope her dad and Gookdu’s mom get together eventually, he deserves to be with someone who treats him well and not that harpy.

    • 10.1 Lezah

      Might be problematic though, because aren’t Gookdu’s parents happily married? Hahaha. (Or at least they haven’t really been portrayed to be having a problematic relationship).

    • 10.2 CaramelBeurreSalé

      Mom is HORRIBLE. I commented in the earliest episodes how I can’t stand her character and the way she treats Dad, well it hasn’t changed. this episode made me SO freaking mad at her character and the writing concerning her. She doesn’t deserve Dad. How much more does he have to endure? She treats him like shit, beats him and even steps on him in front of people, humiliating him and all. UGH.

  11. 11 Sarai

    Min-hyuk is too adorable in this episode!

  12. 12 Fangirl sy

    when I was starting to warm up to Omma, she goes and beat Appa. And you are so right @candidclown Domestic violence is domestic violence, even if it’s the man who’s on the receiving end. I wish the show didn’t treat it so lightly.

    Also, gookdo, i get that the guy is a thug and is threatening to attack a “weak and fragile girl”. But dude, it should have been enough to subdue him and then cuff him. Throwing punches like you were ready to kill the guy was wrong. Maybe I’m a bit sensitive about the issue of police brutality right now but seriously, thank goodness for our heroine who still had the wits to shove GD aside before anything more serious happened. I’m glad to see her demeanor around GD improve.

    Episode is saved, thankfully, by one step closer. Heehee. Sometimes (read: all of the time), I really just want to give Minhyuk a hug.

    • 12.1 YY

      The police chief kicks the team members for not producing any results…he lashes out at them and it’s horrific to watch. So much violence.

    • 12.2 s9313071e

      I am also quite shocked at the violent manner GD attacks KB. Even though BS might be in danger, the guy is carrying a walking stick, for goodness sake, how dangerous can he be? A simple cuff would do the trick. But the way GD punches him until he is all bloody… excessive violence.

      • 12.2.1 bbstl

        Ugh, I get it that GD is ‘expressing’ his buried love for BS the only way he can, but way out of control, guys.

    • 12.3 noonanette

      Not saying this is an excuse, but I think the energy GD put into beating up KB had more to do with GD being surprised about the intensity of his anger that BS was in danger from anything, and less from the actual threat that KB presented. I think GD wasn’t expecting that, so he wasn’t i control like one would have hoped.

      I saw that as part of his awakening to his feelings, since he went to see HJ after the interview and had time to process.

  13. 13 inxomnia

    That confession scene is one of the best I’ve seen in recent dramas. It was beyond beautiful and just so impactful. Minhyuk and Bongsoon’s lingering gaze was just mesmerizing. Minhyuk’s tone and words were also so gentle yet heart fluttering. This is the first time in a long time where that one step and the sheer closeness was even more romantic than if they were to kiss. There was something about the way he took that step closer to her to let her know his heart, then turned to walk away from her and let her be the one to choose him… that really makes their future romance so convincing. It makes sense that that would be a moment where she starts to sense his feelings for her and re-evaluate how she feels about him too. I was holding onto my breath the whole time and seriously couldn’t look away. Seriously, I love it when the director has these gentler, romantic moments because it shows their connection beyond just chemistry and banter but a level of tenderness and understanding that is evidently missing between Gook Du and Bong Soon. I think Gook Du’s chat with Hee Ji reveals a tiny glimpse of why he’s so grumpy and overly protective around Bong Soon. The juxtaposition between the two guys is interesting and seems like a reversal between a typical lead and second lead? Minhyuk seeks to understand and know the real Bongsoon whereas Gookdo assumes he knows everything about her since they grew up together and is always trying to protect her as he thinks he knows what’s best for her.

    • 13.1 miew

      Totally agree with you that it is one of the more memorable and impactful confession in K drama for a while. And yes, the fact that they can send all the hearts aflutter (mine stopped for a while), without a kiss, but with poignant word “one step closer” and those tender and loving looks, just show how good the writing and acting were.

      I was not planning to watch this at all, but am now left waiting longingly for Friday to come.

    • 13.2 s9313071e

      Everything in that scene is done right. The gazes, the words, the tone… make the entire scene so earnest and heartfelt. I like that after his “confession”, MH steps away to give BS the space she needs to process his words. He doesn’t come on too aggressively on BS, but lets her arrive at her own conclusions without any pressure.

    • 13.3 bbstl

      Yes, yes and yes! The scene made me stop breathing while watching, again while reading CandidClown’s recap and now again while reading inxomnia’s comment 😂! Damn, Show!

      • 13.3.1 YY

        I love this scene so much. It was a moment of stillness, a quietness, a lull, with an almost dream-like, otherworldly, magical quality about it; it was as if they were the only two people in the world there, by the river; as if the whole world had faded, had dissolved into a blurry distant faraway realm, and THIS was the only reality that mattered, the two of them, looking at each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes, and the realization that this moment somehow was an important one, a kind of crossroads. From this moment onward, nothing would ever be the same again.

        And what a beautiful moment it was: the silence, the gentle breeze, the rustling reeds, the sunlight breaking up the water into a million tiny little ripples of light, and him gazing at her, with his heart, his SOUL in his eyes, and when he said, so very seriously, “Like this”, and took that short, so very important step forward, I died…

        • AllPhryne

          YY, you are quite a writer. I will just copy this for the moments when I cannot replay fav scenes and I will be content (and also constantly squeeing).

    • 13.4 Rheina07

      Suuuupppperr aggreee with this!!!

      I supper suppper super love the confession scene. It is the most romantic way, compared with confession using a kiss.

      I cant help myself to repeat that moment again n again. That moment is just so perfect, beautiful, sweet, and romantic.

      If DBS doesnt change in any way in next eps, then she might be A MAN 😂😂😂 or alien without heart

      Oh friday, why so long 😂😂

  14. 14 Egle

    There is so much Korean-ness oozing from this drama, that somehow I am willing to overlook its flaws, albeit they are making very uncomfortable at times. I don’t know if those uncomfortable moments were supposed to be funny, but I just take it as a negative commentary on Korean society (as the drama is obviously catering to those tastes), and just fold it away.

    On the other hand, the main couple is really something I haven’t seen in a long while, and I like it how the indirect confession scene for this episode felt stronger than any skinship or kiss scene could’ve felt. There was no touching, and it was tantalizing, but at the same time it showed how brave and considerate Minhyuk is. He knows that Bongsoon has feelings (or so she thinks) for Gookdoo, and he doesn’t force himself on her. He just put his heart on a platter because he (probably) couldn’t take it anymore, and now it’s up to Bongsoon to either take it or throw it away. There is something in the way he makes himself vulnerable that just got me screeching as I watched that scene. Albeit the sound that escaped my mouth wasn’t pretty, the scene definitely was. It goes up into my Top 10 fav scene list.

    Thank you for recap and waiting for more!^^

    • 14.1 louise

      There have been lots of comments about violence … I’ll post mine here because it fits with the “Korean-ness.” I think maybe I’ve become desensitized (or I am over-looking) the violence in k-dramas. When I first started watching, I was shocked at all the hitting and yelling, everywhere, in all kinds of relationships. I wondered if it was just exaggerated for entertainment. I wondered if Koreans liked to show fiery emotion. I wanted to visit Korea and see for myself what regular people were like. I still don’t know. I realize after reading the comments here that I wasn’t as bothered by the violence as maybe I should have been. I’m trusting the writer to work it out. If this had different actors, I probably wouldn’t be watching.

      • 14.1.1 Egle

        I have to agree that I must have also become numb to most of the things that shouldn’t be taken as “normal” over many years of watching K-dramas and being exposed to the Korean culture first-hand. But at the same time, I see Korean viewers raise their concerns over the very same issues that the international viewers are discussing (the JTBC viewers board has quite a few messages about the abuse), so I hope that soon enough this kind of portrayal will change, too.

  15. 15 momosan

    Can we talk about Mom for a moment here? I was willing to give Show a pass on most of the gay jokes if only because most of them were of the “it doesn’t actually matter” variety, and because our lead couple is just cuter than a pair of easter bunnies in a basket.

    Mom beat the living daylights out of Dad. He stood up for himself momentarily and she hurt him. She is an abuser. Was it supposed to be funny that a woman was abusing a man? Abuse is never funny. AND it is never commented on by the rest of the show.

    The only scenario I can see where this is remotely ok is if there are consequences, like Dad deciding to leave her. Or at least the rest of the show determining that this is not ok. Or is used to compare with evil Kidnapper, since it’s a different side to the same coin.

    If the Deep Hidden Meaning in this show is that violence against anyone is not ok, that might give it a pass if both evil Kidnapper and abusive Mom both get what is coming to them, while in contrast Do Bong Soon is using her strength for good. Maybe.

    Domestic abuse is not funny. I’m disappointed in you, Show.

    • 15.1 wildfly

      Why do you think the writers meant it to be funny?

      • 15.1.1 Maria

        Because there was no emotional impact on the rest of the characters? Both Bong-Soo and Kyung-Shim did not express concern, Dad did not leave the house and or complain, the next scene was a lighthearted dancing scene.
        The show glossed over the violence.

        • Wildfly

          Hm, not sure. They draw him quite a black shiner, something that’s supposed to shock people and it obviously had an impact on the viewers. All the show does from the beginning is to show how ppl who abuse their power get karmic retribution. And the dance had a ‘we finally got rid of the hated witch’ theme.
          And indeed HJY (mom) lost her powers and the love of her husband who starts to flirt with the writer ajumma looking for love & understanding elsewhere.
          That’s why I love how the show. It unobtrusively raises heavy social issues and answers them the same way, without having a pretentious voiceover some viewers expect to dramatically curse some characters with eternal damnation and are offended if the tone is more light. SWDBS shows all the important issues and allows discussion. That’s what’s important.

          • erinlibrarian

            I think the fallout is yet to come …. It’s a huge part of why Mom doesn’t have her strength back I think.

          • noonanette

            This. I’m hoping this is right.

            I’d rather see how this is handled on the whole, before jumping on Show.

            I’d like to think that Show is holding up a mirror to society and individuals and let them come to conclusions on their own.

            Show wasn’t exactly saying Appa was earning a beating. He was drawn to a woman who is the opposite of Omma – GD Omma takes the time to engage Appa in conversation about things that interest them both. They share a laugh, they commiserate about their children’s hardships, they’re being friends.

            I think I’ll hold off until the end to see how Show treats all the niggling issues, including the gay thing.

    • 15.2 s9313071e

      I am not sure if it is meant to be funny, but the bruises seem to be in line with Mom’s bullying character. Do you think she would let him off after he yells at her and opposes her so “bravely”?

    • 15.3 bbstl

      I’m one of the few who actually thought Mom was generally funny, as an old-fashioned character who said stupid things and set an example of how not to be. The idea that she’d actually give Dad injuries never occurred to me, and I gasped loudly at the sight of his face. Shocking. Beyond shocking that everyone in the show wasn’t shrieking, “what the hell happened to you, Dad?” Wow. I assumed Mom went away out of shame but I guess not?

      • 15.3.1 Maria

        This. The missing reactions and characters doing things that are morally questionable without it being adressed might go with the whole “heightened reality” feel of the show (let’s face it, the flying thugs are Looney Toons cartoon style), but the problem is that imho the “social issue” scenes are used clumsily – music cues, cuts, reaction shots of characters witnessing it.

        And so far, the characterization of mom has been flip-flopping between a comic relief character (someone old-fashioned and greedy that is annoying but whose motivations are familiar and not really hateable), someone faulty but sympathetic (the scenes with the grand-ma, apologizing with to her daughter with food) and one of those “mean bitch” stepmom types typically seen in makjangs.

        I am not expecting dramatic voiceovers – but what I am expecting is a clearer line. What is mom’s narrative function?

        Of course, I am also keeping my fingers crossed that there is some kind of fallout and that mom will get some comeuppance or karmic retribution.
        If the show manages to resolve all those “crossing the line” issues until the end of its run, I will clap and cheer.

    • 15.4 Sue

      This episode just left a sour taste in my mouth. When I saw the father all beat up, I couldn’t believe they were treating this whole situation so lightly. Bong Soon was even dancing around with him with his black eye clearly visible. It is ironic that she wants to help people with her powers, but she can’t even help her own father.

  16. 16 Wildfly

    The writers should make both boys bisexuals with DBS in love with both and let them live all together in MH’s villa. *dreamy eyes* Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Also it’ll satisfy all the different shippers and the LGBTQ community.

    I really want to keep GD. I agree with those who were quick to label him as misogynist, but his intentions are good, and GD seems adaptable. He just needs some help to get rid of his misconceptions about our minibuffy and they’ll live like one happy family, completing each other 🙂
    After all it was DBS who played along with his bias and fed him bs about her being weak, which probably motivated him to enter the police force to protect helpless females like her.

    • 16.1 bbstl

      I have a teeny tiny hope that Gook Du’s long-buried love will actually turn out to be for Bong Ki, but who wants to take bets that that will happen? Hahahahaha 🤣 not.

      • 16.1.1 Wildfly

        What a cute little ship you have there. I am totally on board XD

    • 16.2 Lala

      But what’s so wrong about being straight? The characters should keep their sexuality as it is.

      • 16.2.1 Wildfly

        Nothing wrong, just plain ol’ boring.
        We already have a lot of dramas with syrupy romance between Rich Ultimate Nice Guy and his ideal love. I am hopin’ this one would be at least a bit different.
        I am loving the show’s satire on society (or rather on the kdrama world) so i hopin’ it wont be our usual OTP what with them touching ‘taboo’ themes.
        But don’t you worry @Lala. you probably will get your usual stereotypical hetero romance. Portraying a leading bisexual or gay couple in a popular kdrama – we’re not there yet 🙁

        • taml

          Again, agreed. I don’t really expect any lead to come out as bi in dramaland anytime soon, but it’d be generally great to have more (healthy) bi presentation in media. Somehow I feel that guys get especially shafted in the bi department whereas, in the case of female bisexuality, it’s often introduced to titillate straight male viewers (i.e. fooling around with women, but only pursuing “real” relationships with men).

          I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, I can’t help but ship this OT3 based the on all-around good chemistry. And it’s way more fun to read all the m/m teasing as real because otherwise it feels frustrating and not particularly original to me. Humor shouldn’t aim to punch down people who are already marginalized in society. That’s too often just lazy and mean-spirited.

    • 16.3 taml

      Agreed. I’ve been happily shipping this OT3 for a while now.

    • 16.4 klm

      An OT3 would make me so happy! Something different for once in kdrama. Don’t get me wrong – Min Hyuk and a DBS are adorable together and could support each other well in romantic relationship… but I also believe they could embrace GD too and temper some of his overprotectiveness and of course teach him to share his feelings. He’d be the better for it.

  17. 17 Yanii

    I just wanted to say that I really love this show. I’ve been going through depression, the stress of my final year in law school and just really the roller coaster of life, so this show and Kdramas in general are my escape. They represent a happy hour (or so I’m looking at you tvn) to just turn of my brain and just unwind.

    I love this community of beenies too! I enjoy reading all your insightful and humorous commentary.


    • 17.1 bbstl

      Hi Yanii – so glad that kdrama is helping you! Isn’t a show like this just the right Rx? (I feel sort of weird saying that, what with the creepy kidnapper and all.) Assuming you’re on the US schedule – hey, you’re almost finished with school, good job. Depression sucks, you’re not alone, fighting!❤

      • 17.1.1 Yanii


        Thank you for your reply! Yes this drama is awesome! The creepy guy is totally weird but that storyline is somehow also intriguing.

        I’m actually from Australia so law is an undergraduate endeavour, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of tunnel! Thankyou for you’re encouragement! ❤️ I’ll keen fighting one Kdrama at a time 😂😂

        • Yanii

          Whoops what happened to my grammar! Loool I meant

          *the tunnel

          Can I even English? 😂😂

    • 17.2 Greenfields

      Kdramas are my escape from my daily life as a lawyer as well! 🙂

      Good luck with law school. I found school boring, but I enjoy my job (most of the time? Even though I have no life? Do I really enjoy my job?)

    • 17.3 nada

      I can relate, work is hard these days I really want to quit my job TT_TT At least the existence of this drama helps relieve some of my stress.

  18. 18 Mizminne

    Awww …. I just MH and her together. I love how much he loves her strength. I love hoch much he supports her in this quest to use her powers for good, how he is not threatened by ANY of it …how the way he views himself, his masculinity, his romantic interest in her his not contigent on her trying to be LESS than what she is. In fact he delights in her uniqieness, her overall personality … THAT ladies is a real man …even if he is prettier than most girls. And that is why he deserves her.

    In contrast GD just looks like a boy who does not knbow what he wants. Sure, now he has decided he like BD THAT WAY. But THAT is how you show affection, interest and attraction? By constantly berating, belitteling and bullying the girl you did not even know you liked, until another man came into the picture? URGH …. also the fact that he just keeps insisting that she is a little, fragile girl who cannot do anything on her own …completely ignoring any sign that might point to the opposite like her basically pushing him off her attacker, throwing him several yards through the air … but noooo sjhe could not hurt him, she is just a tiny girl …EYEROLL

    I love Ji DSoo, but I just can’t with his character in this drama. And if he gets the girl ..I’m gonna scream. GD does nit deserve her in aby way, shape or form.

  19. 19 paramount

    i’m glad everyone feels similarly about the scene with mom & dad. if the scene had ended with him trying to run away & her yanking him back… i’d be significantly less disturbed. it was also upsetting to me that no one else made any mention of dad’s black eye (kyung-shim or bong soon) which means it’s normalized for them. that’s super messed up -____-

    besides that scene, i really loved this episode. it sucks that this show contains some problematic plot points because i love it so much! i know it’s possible to love something & be aware of its issues, but it annoys me anyway. DO BETTER SHOW LOL

    • 19.1 s9313071e

      Yes, I was wondering why BS and KS didn’t make any mention of the bruises on his face. I would think they would have given him a boiled egg for them.

  20. 20 Stego

    Beanies!!! Ive been waiting o day for ths….i wanted to ask whats the tittle if the song that goes like.. I still love you love you love you…..the rest in in korean and the artist.been so curious i love the song

    • 20.1 Egle

      You probably mean
      정은지 (Jeong Eun Ji) – 그대란 정원 (힘쎈여자 도봉순 OST)

      (I don’t know the official English title 🙁 )

      • 20.1.1 peachtea

        The English title is Your Garden

      • 20.1.2 Stego

        Thanks egie

        • Stego

          Peachtea too

  21. 21 Moose

    Its too late for GD he is miles behind. BS and MH have already informally introduced each other to their families, have tacit approval and are informally engaged. Its not just about the girl anymore. He has to break this families thing up.

    I think GD is aware of BS’s strenght and has been playing along. Well..50% sure. He was throwing out bait in high school and she didn’t bite so he moved on. He is probably hurt she hasn’t confided in him. He can’t be in denial after being thrown like that.

    I didn’t want Ji Soo character to play lovesick puppy AGAIN! but dude you snooze you lose.

    • 21.1 s9313071e

      I am not sure if GD is aware of her strength. When he mentions to his friend that he likes dainty girls in a previous epsiode, he shoots a look at BS. He seems to be under the impression that BS is a dainty girl, and is dropping a hint to her that he likes her. Alas! She does not give a response, which might explain why he keeps moving on with different girls.

    • 21.2 Wildfly

      My impression is that GD is deep in the river called deNial about her strength as it doest agree with his worldwiev. Even when she pushed him in this episode and he literally flew away and probably had a helluva bruise, he seemed reluctant to add 2+2.

      • 21.2.1 bbstl

        Am I wrong to hope for a look at that bruise? I think Beanies need to verify how hard she threw him. For science. 😉

        • Wildfly

          Yes, totally. Collecting empirical evidence is an essential part of the research, we must do it, lol.

          • YY

            I don’t mind massaging the bruise while you guys look and collect empirical evidence. Anything to help.

  22. 22 aoiaheen

    I didn’t think it was possible to love Mun Hyuk anymore than I already did, but this episode did just that.

    I love his confidence in confessing to her. I loved thier connection in that scene, but what I really truly loved was that he told her that Gook do loved her. He didn’t try to hide something that would obviously hurt him. He wanted her to chose him for him not because she can’t get the guy she really likes.


    I think Bong Soon may have lost her powers. She just got paid that day. So she may have to get away from the bandits using the skills min hyuk taught her.

    I also think there’s a reason they showed the mother beating up the husband. As disgusting as it is and totally irresponsible to play it off as a funny scene, i think the mother bullying the husband is the reason that she doesn’t get her powers back.

    I almost quit watching the episode after that scene, but when I thought of it like that, it seemed to make sense.

    • 22.1 silkie

      I liked him, but now he’s starting to get on my nerves. MinH became textbook Mr. Perfect. Or should I say, Mr. Gary Stu?

    • 22.2 erinlibrarian

      The still at the end of the episode showed all of the this beaten up on the ground with GD and MH arriving in shock.

    • 22.3 Javinne

      I agree 100% with what you say.
      And yes, I also wanted to highlight that as well, that MH told her actually GD likes her very much, but he had to take a step closer to her, and (it is implicit) he didn’t, but he (MH) did it!
      There you go.
      Now she has to choose.
      Beautiful and fair.

  23. 23 niniko

    I think that theres similarities between how GD treats BS and how BS treats MH.
    just like GD doesn’t acknowledges BS’s strength because of stereotypes about womans femininity BS doesn’t acknowledges MH’s masculinity again because he isn’t acting like typical (stereotypical straight) male (we can remember her remarks about how man can’t like shopping or look that good). like gender stereotypes affect everyones judgment and and this shows how those judgments can be false.
    on the other hand I loove BS and MH together and true to be told i cant wait until kiss will happen 😉
    Oh in that scene with notebook i thought she would change MH’s photo with GD’s photo but was pleasantly surprised with her choice 🙂
    also can we and THE suffering of that poor gangster? my heart aches

  24. 24 peachtea

    I’ve posted this in a forum before but let me just post this again here because NO MOM, NO!

    BS’s voiceover in ep8 reflected on how historically women are always the victim to violence/crimes because they are weaker in power, she described it as the tyranny of the strong against the weak. As human, we shouldn’t abuse our power to bully the weak, never. She also found it unacceptable. Ironically, the abuse of power and the bullying is happening in her own home. Not sure how the father got the bruise but everyone will assume right away that it was her mother’s doing. That is domestic violence and I just pray that the writer is not trying to be funny about it. I feel very uncomfortable at the thought of BS’s mother physically abusing her husband, even if it’s a plot to make her go on a trip somewhere. The writer could’ve tastefully make the mother go away on a trip in anger without leaving a bruise on BS’s dad imo. I wish this scene happened in this episode just not for the sake of the laugh or to build up the events just to trick BS into BT’s trap. Hopefully the writer put these two scenes (BS’s voice over & dad’s bruise) together for a bigger purpose than humour.

    Btw, AMH is the #boyfriendgoals2017…last year’s title went to JJH(WFKBJ). And he is the nicest super rich guy that I love in a Kdrama other than Louie(SKL).

    And oh, there are so many charged moments between BS and MH in these 2 eps I melted into a puddle and evaporated into nothingness…so much drama lol. but but but what i like about it is that there’s no forced kiss! MH could’ve easily kissed BS if he wanted to during these moments but he didn’t. I love how MH’s attraction/love for BS and even his authority as her boss doesn’t make him feel entitled to owning her. As impatient as I am, I can wait for BS to fully accept him as someone she loves for it to happen. For now I’m praying once again that they didn’t go the forced kiss route most dramas are doing.

    Also the engagement! What will they do about it? Is it Friday yet?

    • 24.1 Lezah

      Love this! I was also thinking that he could have had many chances to kiss her but he’s giving her that choice. And I would LOVE it if she was the one who kissed him first. I can imagine his reaction. Hehehe.

      • 24.1.1 s9313071e

        Oh yes! BS kissing MH first would be gold.

      • 24.1.2 Table122000

        BS kissing MH first would be so great!

    • 24.2 Bea

      Lol he would have been desimated if he tried force kissing her

  25. 25 Moose

    There is lots of social commentary about violence against women … reclaim the night, empowerment of BS etc. So I don’t think Mom hitting Dad was just put out there carelessly. Mom is a bully by nature and thats how she lost her powers because of abuse.Lets wait for the writer to address it.

    • 25.1 Van

      Yep, waiting and hoping that the show will address Mom’s bullying nature and redeem her because most of the thing that she does/comes outta her mouth is so unacceptable.

      • 25.1.1 Niceebelles

        True. The bruises are quite obvious but only a few took notice that Dad was the one who’s lovey-dovey flirty with GD’s mom first. Any jealous wife would kill for that. I think 😉

        • bbstl

          Whoa, whoa, whoa. He’s interacting appropriately with a CUSTOMER. In a business of which Mom is a very interested owner $$$.

          • maimymlt

            @bbstl – Totally agree with you! There was nothing “untoward” about his interactions with a customer. Mom was WAY out of line!!

      • 25.1.2 KG

        I don’t think she deserves redemption. I think if it ends up with the two of them still together – it sends the wrong message.

        She lost her powers a long time ago and settled for dad as a result. How old is Bongsoon? Mid/Late 20s? If abuse is why she hasn’t gotten her powers back – she’s been abusing her husband for 20-30 years? Yikes. People like that don’t miraculously change and I don’t want TV shows pretending they do.

        I think I can forgive minor violence if it happens once or twice but the mother is portrayed as a typical abusive spouse in every way. Those people rarely if ever change.

        I’m going to be patient and hope things get addressed but I’m worried they’re just throwing out violence to try to be funny… and some if it isn’t funny anymore.

        The black eye and the bloody lip brought previous episodes rushing back: she has assaulted Bongsoon and emotionally abused her. She emotionally abused her husband, she controls the money and she doesn’t seem to much of any work (dad runs the business, daughter does the cooking).

        Another reason I’m worried the writers might not be getting/understanding it is because of something that was overshadowed by the abusive wife/mother:

        Gook Do comes in with a flying kick and then repeatedly punches the gangster with the missing teeth for being within 20 feet of Bongsoon. That’s police brutality.

        That’s not funny to me either. Maybe the gangster would have done something but maybe not. In any event – you restrain him, you don’t restrain him and then punch him in the face over and over until Bongsoon does the right thing and comes to the rescue of the defenseless, crippled gangster.

        Vigilantism is appealing and feels good but I guess my line in the sand is Bongsoon exacting revenge on gangsters/bad people (or doing something accidentally but that doesn’t permanently harm the victim).

        Sorry for the long post.

    • 25.2 Lolat

      I think you’re right that we need to wait. The thing that doesn’t sit well (as others have mentioned) is the way the characters in the show reacted to it (like Bong Soon), making it seem that this kind of abuse is normal to them. Not cool, show.

  26. 26 met

    I love this show.

    re Mom. It is really, really problematic that she has had a pass on beating up Dad. (I think a lot of it is she blames him for losing her powers–not a justification but a motive).

    My secret hope is for Dad to break up with Mom and end up asking out Gook-doo’s Mom (because it doesn’t seem like she is in a happy marriage either)… Mom should end up with Boss Tak because they are basically both bullies…

    • 26.1 Van

      Okay, yes to your secret hope because it’s kinda my secret hope, too! At first I thought Dad just admired and maybe harbored a tiny crush on Gook-doo’s mom, but the way he found solace in their conversations and when he researched the author she mentioned after getting beat up by Mom, I felt so bad for him and even thought of possibly how much more happier he’d be with Gook-doo’s mom.

      But honestly, I’d just like for Mom to realize her mistakes, apologize and promise to be a better person/mom/wife and not bully her family members anymore–verbally and physically (I can’t believe I have to specify that…). If not, Dad needs to confront her and tell her he won’t take her bullying anymore and talk it out.

      • 26.1.1 met

        Apology would be amazing! but they don’t have much in common… and Dad and Gook-doo’s mom have sooooo much in common!!!

  27. 27 Gem

    First the Gay thing, now domestic violence on a male….. None of that is funny. They are illegal and/or stereotype at its worst. The mother isn’t a little problematic, she is a whole lot problematic. There’s a reason she lost her strength and she hasn’t realized the extent of her misuse of her power after all the years. I hope a realization is coming on her part.
    All of that aside, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are just pure magic. I really don’t care about Gook Du. I see why the girlfriend dumped him, the way she did it wrong but I get the reason. Not a fan of his investigation skills either. No second lead syndrome here.

  28. 28 elvira

    No, Gook Doo, nagging is not how you express your love and care towards woman you love.
    I thought I’m going to suffer from second lead syndrome, but no, Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon couple is going strooooooooong… I love every scene that has both of them. So, this couple has the blessing from both patriach/matriarch of each family respectively, when can we make it official i.e. wake up both of you. Can’t wait for the next ep. This is the ONLY drama I look forward every weekend now on!

    • 28.1 Fangirl sy

      Same! I thought Id have sls here too, but nada. And for the same reasons as you do. Sigh, GD, be better.

  29. 29 sorrynotsorry

    This show is like the Forest Gump box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get inside. I don’t actually mean this as a compliment. I’m sticking with this til the end for the leads and moments like the one step more. However, it brings to mind a comment one of the recappers made about another drama wherein she was imagining how she wanted it to go rather than where the drama was going.

    This drama had so much potential but it is all over the place tone wise. This episode was all about the family and some of it worked for me. I have never liked the mom because she treated her husband with no respect, but this episode put it into physical violence and was treated as a joke simply because it was a woman beating on a man. Ugh.

    I sometimes wonder how this show would fare without the lead actors. Anyway, I’m hoping for things to gel now that the step forward happened. I wish they’d leave Ji Soo’s character out of it (a love triangle) because it seems so contrived and unnecessary. But anytime the two leads are together on the screen, I want to be watching I like them together so much.

  30. 30 Van

    This one step, makes the relationship change… like this.

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Kyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhh~!! Min-hyuk is so damn swoon worthy, omg. Such a babe. Haha. When he walked away after saying that and looked back at Bong-soon, THAT FACE. *_* They both officially ~felt something~ this ep! I couldn’t help feeling bad for Gook-doo, though… didn’t expect him to have liked Bong-soon all along??? He went about it the wrong way, so it’s really too bad…

    Anyways, it was so sweet of Min-hyuk to take Bong-soon to visit his mom. As for his dad, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how ACCEPTING he is of Bong-soon! I was expecting more questions about her and her family, more judging, more rejections and even background checks, but nope–none of that. He even had a real talk with her and asked her to take care of his son. Aww. :’) I’m glad he doesn’t give Min-hyuk and Bong-soon a hard time.

    As for Bong-soon’s mom, I can’t believe she beat her husband. 🙁 NOT COOL, MOM! I felt so bad for him when he was just standing there hurt and the only thing that seemed to be of comfort to him was to look up the author that Gook-doo’s mom told him about. Sigh, I feel so bad for Dad after this. Mom really needs to redeem herself because she’s been getting out of hand, but now she’s just a violent bully.

    Another problem I had with this ep was how abrupt the scene was when Bong-soon got the fake kidnapping call. It was so sudden and her immediate belief that her mom’s been kidnapped made me *face palm* I get that it’s her mom, but honestly, the first thing I’d do if I received a call like that would be to call my mom. Okay, so she had her friend call for her while she went out to save her mom, her friend called and found out her mom’s fine and it took her THAT LONG to let Bong-soon know? I thought how easy it could’ve been to call/text Bong-soon while she was in the taxi and tell her, “Hey, your mom’s fine/not kidnapped. Fake call.” I’m just glad that she’s a ~superpower girl~ and she’ll most likely be fine, but gah, Bong-soon, why so rash!?

    • 30.1 s9313071e

      MH’s father seems to be very respectful of his son’s choice. He seems more concerned that BS doesn’t understand his son. Unlike most of the chaebol dramas we have watched. I am quite surprised too, that he doesn’t interrogate her further and what not. That said, MH did establish his own company with his own means and is terribly independent, so I suppose Dad sees no need to question his son’s choice of bride.

    • 30.2 giantess

      I agree. BS should at least call her mom first and also call the police if she believes her mom is in danger. And MH was just outside waiting why did she call for a taxi? Sometimes the logic in this drama doesn’t make any sense. In this case they just made BS stupid so that they could bring up some street car racing between two male leads in the competition of who gets to the female lead first and again, BS beating up more gangsters to demonstrate how powerful she could be.

      • 30.2.1 siesta

        she DID call mom but she wasn’t answering, and i guess minhyuk just slipped out of her mind in panic.. then she went the opposite way so she didn’t see him waiting

      • 30.2.2 s9313071e

        Don’t you remember she told MH she doesn’t believe in the police anymore? She wants to catch the bad guy with her own strength. I suppose her not calling the police is an example of that as well.

    • 30.3 redfox

      it is all an example of Bong Soons´ mom using her power wrong and she uses all kind of power /authority wrong, it is a message that not everyone deserves to have power. wrong people with power do more harm than good. in the light of recent events in Korea (and USA…) I think it is somehow telling. maybe Dad should “impeach” Mom.

  31. 31 michykdrama

    Candidclown- thank you for your stellar recap! I LOVED IT.
    could really feel your excitement and enjoyment in it and as someone who is enjoying this show very much, despite it’s problems (like mom), I wanted to say a big thank you! This week and last week’s recaps were daebak!

    I am currently slightly (very) obsessed with Park Hyung Sik.

    It’s amazing how he can give those looks to Park Bo Young and she doesnt melt into a puddle of goo at his feet. That has got to be another one of Bong Soon’s superpowers.

    • 31.1 bbstl

      LOL that would indeed take a superpower. I started watching PHS yt videos yesterday 😳 so, I hear ya.

      • 31.1.1 michykdrama

        hee hee. The obsession is real

  32. 32 jane

    OMG! My heart literally stopped at the “one step closer” Scene. That was just pure magic and powerful! I’ve fangirled a lot of kdrama otp’s before but Bong soon and Min hyuk was just so special… Not just the chemistry which is amazing and electric by the way but that special connection of the characters! No to kissing, not even touching but they still manages to make our hearts flutter AF! LOL! AMH is literally boyfriend goals in every sense of the word…Such an amazing person..so brave to confess and play fair at the same time. Too bad in reality such man d rarely exist. And also kudos to PBY and PHS for bringing magic to our screens..very well executed especially the one step closer scene which I already replayed a hundred times! LOL!

    And I’m right with you with the domestic violence! I was disgusted by it! Same with the homosexuality issue! I hope they tone it down in the next episodes because it really is not funny at all!

  33. 33 Kafiyah

    I thought this episode was complete filler, nothing of note happened. It was very odd. Also the tone for this dramaas someone above said is all over the place, the transitions are not very good at all. Also isn’t the hoodie the same one she used when she saved MH on the bus. I might be wrong. Also the domestic violence was not it and hopefully there are reprecussions later on b/c it was not funny.The next time MH gets that close to her he better be kissing her, none of this almost confession. Hopefully the next episode is better.

    • 33.1 s9313071e

      I don’t think kisses would be any soon. MH doesn’t seem the type to force himself on another person when their heart is not with him.

  34. 34 Meow

    BONG-SOON AND MIN-HYUK! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  35. 35 gadis

    Welcome to the adorable, semi-awkward love awakening phase, Bong-soon and Min-hyuk!! Love how they turned so self-aware around each other, but still comfortable enough to be themselves.

    So many favorite scenes.
    -Min-hyuk’s super cheery voice: “Bong-soon-ah, work in my office tomorrow. Bye.” *cute wave* *crinkly smiley eyes*
    -Min-hyuk’s stuttering argument, trying to defeat Bong-soon’s sass
    -Giant winky face is absolutely more handsome than Jo In-sung
    -The pseudo-dating a.k.a. adorable training session
    -The awkward breakfast with in-laws

    Though I have to say that the “Take one step closer” speech and gesture may be the swooniest scene to date in this drama. And Bong-soon’s response about how there wouldn’t be that one step in her relationship with Gook-doo was so telling. I like how bold Min-hyuk stating his feeling while still giving space for Bong-soon to sort it all out. Their dating phase isn’t that far away anymore, it seems.

    • 35.1 s9313071e

      Did you notice how she doesn’t believe in the police anymore? She wants to catch the perpetrator with her strength. That is something MH would say.

    • 35.2 siesta

      The ‘one step closer’ scene must be the most romantic scene i’ve ever seen in dramaland- and there’s no skinship involved! i damn nearly fainted from all the FEELZ

      I cackled when minhyuk’s face suddenly showed up on the laptop screen XD that cheeky dork.. bongsoon nearly had a heart attack poor girl lmao

      • 35.2.1 gadis

        I noticed that Bong-soon just jump out in surprised, but didn’t throw out her usual rant about her crazy boss. She already accepted Min-hyuk’s oddball charm and quirky tendency. (And I have to say that I’m glad she choose Jo In-sung’s picture instead of Gook-doo’s.)

  36. 36 Sua

    Hey @candidclown just wanted to let you know but I think you missed the pictures that followed after the last scene… It was of her walking away like a boss after beating up the men and the priceless looks on Gook-doo’s and Min-hyuk’s face XDDDDD

    • 36.1 endo

      I think it’s the preview. We’re halfway to the show so i’m guessing they’re changing some patterns here like showing the BTS.

      • 36.1.1 siesta

        either that or we’ve already reached the liveshoot stage where they cant put out previews anymore until next week

  37. 37 Fish N' Chips

    One thing I really love about Min Hyuk is how he’s literally the only person who’s offered to support Bong Soon. Not just with what she wants to do in life, but in general too.

    Like her kids, as much as I’m sure they genuinely like her, really just want Bong Soon to be their personal street justice hero. The gangsters would love to have her on the payroll. Gook Du has been incredibly patronising with his long long list of all the things she must and must not do, so I’m pretty sure that even if he DID know about her strength he’d just take her on her family’s attitude of say not, show not, want not. You wouldn’t ever see him training her in self defence.

    And speaking of her family, they really are the worst offenders here. Yes, sure, they only want Bong Soon to hide her strength for her own good, but they’ve made that decision completley unilaterally. They’ve never sat her down and talked about it, never ASKED her what she wanted to do, never took her opinion into consideration.

    And as much as I’m sure they love her and want the best for her, none of them –not mom or dad or grandma or bong gi or even her best friend– have ever seemed to consider guiding her or helping her out during her struggle to keep a low profile. Bong Soon was pretty much just left her on her own and told to sort it out herself, with no support system beyond the occasional scolding when she’s caught using her strength without permission.

    In fact, Bong Soon’s whole life seems to have been this cycle of being underestimated and thus unsupported and thus unsuccessful and thus underestimated again. She didn’t do well in school, didn’t get into college, didn’t find a job — and while the biggest culprt for this is her own lack of motivation, things might have been very different if she’d gotten even half of the support her twin brother got. Instead, she grew up with hearing people constantly comparing her to her sibling or berating her for being unsuccessful or telling her to control her strength without showing her HOW. She’s been like a lone boat adrift at sea.

    Until Min Hyuk, and his adorably fervent efforts as part of Team Bong Soon. He sees her feel bad about her strength, and tells her it’s not her fault. He sees her deficiencies with English, and gets her study materials. He hears she wants to make a game, and gets her a laptop. He hears her say she wants to use her powers for good, and tells her he’ll help. He sees her unable to control her strength, and makes her a training schedule. He makes note of everything in her life that gives her a hard time and immediately reaches out his hand to support her as much as possible — without her even having to ask.

    Min Hyuk has been the only one who doesn’t constantly tell Bong Soon ‘you can’t do this’ or ‘you can’t do that’. Instead, he says, “Look, you could totally do this, you just need a little help.”

    And I suspect that those words are exactly what Bong Soon has been…

    • 37.1 Fish N' Chips

      *Gah, got cut off. To finish:

      And I suspect that those words are exactly what Bong Soon has been needing to hear for a very long time.

    • 37.2 s9313071e

      I like the list you have made about how MH is on team BS. It’s so sweet. Ahhhh!!!

    • 37.3 Cocoboo

      +1! Love your commentary!!! 🙂

    • 37.4 peachtea

      +1 yes to all of this!

    • 37.5 fibdib

      Team Bong Soon!!!

    • 37.6 redfox

      I think Min Hyuk has only had game characters as his support in life, helping him stay independent. His game company is his defence shield. But Bong Soon is slowly becoming a real-life version of the superheroine, whose poster is on the company wall. it is like she stepped out of a game… which was based on herself when she stopped that bus… and now Min Hyuk is about to complete the story by finding that out.

      • 37.6.1 bbstl

        oooh! Love it.

      • 37.6.2 redfox

        plus, he lost his mom, hence the need to make it a heroime not a hero; his dad´s a gangster, too, so not exactly a game character role model. Maybe he modeled it after the encounter with Bong Soon to compensate the loss of his mom, and it gets emphasized by having Bong Soons´ power travel the female line (mothers). so it is not so much about female empowerment, but the impact women ALREADY have

    • 37.7 spartaji

      gosh!!!!! this is exactly what i feel throughout the episodes! thank you for putting my feeling into words, you’re the best!

    • 37.8 Lezah

      I LOVE this comment! It really puts into perspective how much MH has supported her to be who she is and helped her to become a better version of herself :’)

    • 37.9 bbstl

      🌼🌹🌺🌸🌞 for @ Fish N’ Chips, fantabulous comment.

    • 37.10 siesta

      i love your list on how minhyuk supports bongsoon but i think we’re forgetting someone -kyungshim. we’re giving her too little credit. i feel like she’s done mostly what minhyuk is doing minus the training- and the sexy comments lol. she is accepting of bongsoon’s strength yet still liking her as a person and a friend. she’d even encouraged her to use it for good and not being ashamed of it. she was there for her rain or shine and she even noticed first that bongsoon’s heart might be wavering towards minhyuk

    • 37.11 Javinne

      WoW! You are wow so right.
      Totally agree with you. I like her family, buthe yes they have been helpless and passiv… or simply resigned and bias, that she cannot use her powers and try to be whatever else without them.
      No wonder she was lacking motivation

    • 37.12 Tresna

      I. Love. You.

      This comment is GOLD!!!!

    • 37.13 Pineapplegongzhu

      Really well done analysis, @Fish N’ Chips!! I could read this all day and not be bored.

      Love your commentary. Keep them coming!

    • 37.14 Kimchan

      + infinity

      I’m crying because of your comment….

      I really need someone like min hyuk in my life..

  38. 38 fab

    The bts bits were great! Keep watching after the credits. xD

  39. 39 oosiee

    In episode 7..when BS asked grandma if the power lost can ever be regained…didn’t it feel like a foreshadowing? Its Jinxed fellas!

  40. 40 Lanlan

    I just remember one of the old interviews of Park Hyung sik it was at that time the drama “that winter that wind Blows” was airing starring Jo in sung & SHK he was so crazy about that drama that he thought he really wanted to play as Jo in sung’s character he even dress up the way Jo In sung dress up in that drama while watching it..that’s why i was laughing at the scene where bong soon change the screen saver lols.

    • 40.1 bbstl

      Ha thanks for telling us that cute detail!

    • 40.2 m3lon4

      I was about to say the same thing! I died laughing when Jo In-sung’s picture came up. I bet PHS himself, and not PBY, who suggested to have JIS “cameo” in that scene. The interview was People Inside with ZE:A’s four acting idols, Im Shi-wan, Kwang-hee, Dong-jun and Park Hyung-shik. You can find it in YouTube with English subs. In it, he shared his love and admiration for JIS in TWTWB, and even re-enacted the famous cotton-candy eating scene. His band-mates, meanwhile, complained that he shamelessly considered JIS his “rival”, which makes this petty screen-saver changing scene 10 times funnier for the meta.

  41. 41 theIgorot

    I get it Mom is definitely not the best mom or wife and yes domestic violence is not okay regardless of who is doing the beating but I also don’t understand why do we question it. Do we always want the perfect mom/wife in our dramas? Mom from the very start has been portrayed as someone who is not a good person but she does have her good moments. All the bad things she’s done is happening in real life except for the super strength part. So no, I won’t complain and watch her character grow hopefully into a better person. If she doesn’t change, then that’s fine as well because some people can’t and won’t accept their flaws. I will not be ok though if the show doesn’t address her mistakes but so far we’ve seen how unhappy BS & dad are over mom’s treatment towards them.

    Bongsun herself can be a jerk if we think about it. She sometimes does not respect Minhyuk who is her boss. She can be petty & simple-minded as she said herself but I can overlook those because it’s those flaws that make her interesting & relatable as a heroine.

    • 41.1 sorrynotsorry

      But they played the domestic violence off as a joke. That’s the issue I have. If it had been dealt with in a serious manner, it would have been different. I don’t imagine they would have tried that with a man hitting a woman in the face a few times and thinking the audience should have had a chuckle about it.

      • 41.1.1 theIgorot

        I agree with you that playing domestic violence off as a joke is a no no however I guess we have different perspective in that scene. I didn’t laugh when dad was crying and I didn’t feel that the show was trying to be funny in that particular scene although the fight before that and the dance party that followed when mom went on a trip were all for laughs. Mom & Dad’s relationship is not normal and unhealthy so I’m hoping that this will be addressed before the show ends.

      • 41.1.2 theIgorot

        I rewatched the scene just to be sure and I noticed the background music made the scene comedic. That was disappointing.

        • Pineapplegongzhu

          Hey @theIgorot,

          I’m actually in agreement with your first statement, which is that the scene isn’t played for laughs. If you listen to the ajummas commenting on Dad’s injuries, they are entirely sympathetic. The dad’s body language and tears just scream tragedy.

          The background music to that scene is not full of pathos, very true. In fact, there is a lightness to it that doesn’t strikes the right note. But, I think Show was trying to depict the trauma without necessarily plunging us into depression alongside Dad.

          Emma Thompson once commented on a scene she was writing for “Sense and Sensibility”, saying it was a challenge to show that the characters were bored without boring the audience.

          I think Show was trying to depict the abuse without dragging us into the darkness of it. Perhaps they didn’t quite make the right decision, but I definitely think they weren’t making light of it, or making it a joke.

          I actually really liked your comment about flawed characters. That was totally on point.

          • theIgorot

            Hi. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t notice the background music the 1st time I watched it. As a viewer, I was moved by dad’s tears so the scene to me was not comedic. Anyway, I’m rooting for our main characters. For mom to see her mistakes, for dad to learn to stand up for himself, for BS to see the awesomeness that is Minhyuk & for GD to loosen up & meet a nice girl. I’ll gladly volunteer GD 😊

  42. 42 C

    About the romance, I believe PHS has crush on PBY for the longest time. He calls her goddess. He is her puppy in real life. And PBY is master of everything.

    I always wonder why DBS always in grama style clothes? Even if she is tiny/poor doesnt mean she cant dress like a girl?

    Anyone has problem with going up and down the page on DB? It keep jumping up while im reading nad difficult to scoll down as well

    • 42.1 Bad Cheese Cheddar

      I don’t know if they are trying to bring back the conservative 80’s baggy at the top but tapered and don’t quite reach the ankle pants. When she wears skirts and dresses I think she’s super cute. The pants though… never… even with a gun pointed at me.

      My issue is her hair. I know she’s supposed to look cute. But, She is so beautiful in real life and that hair is just killing the beauty for me. If feels like a 12 year old that tried on her mom’s clothes and forgot the curling iron/hair straightener.

    • 42.2 bbstl

      When Dad gave her money for clothes, she went out and bought a cute outfit. So it doesn’t seem to necessarily be a taste level thing. I wonder why she’s always dressed like from a different era as well.

    • 42.3 redfox

      grandma style is very in these days tho, a checkered vest would totally complete it with a retro laqueur handbag

      • 42.3.1 YY

        And an umbrella.

  43. 43 Lanlan

    Am i the only one who teared up when Minhyuk introduce Bong soon to his mom?

    • 43.1 Lanlan

      and they are wearing couple shirt arrggghhh

    • 43.2 endo

      Yesssss. That scene is definitely swoonworthy.

      I really thought that WFKBJ pairing is my HG pairing until this Drama. I actually love AMH and DBS more because even offscreen they seem to get along pretty well. Unlike NJH who looks so cold whenever you see him offscreen. Lol.

  44. 44 Kimchiaddict

    The way Minhyuk look at Boong Soon in the car, reflect love, lust and desire… 💖

  45. 45 Lord Cobol

    There are things I need to see next week:

    Bong-soon saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me” exactly like the gangsters wanted, but saying it to what’s left of them after the fight 🙂

    he texts her sweetly to ask if she got home all right

    Sometime after Gook-doo finally learns than Bong-soon can take care of herself, they just have to rub it in by having her text him to ask if *he* got home all right.

  46. 46 Pineapplegongzhu

    Many thanks for the speedy recap, @CandidClown

    Personally, I love this show and its characters, but I would have to disagree with a lot of the criticisms thrown Show’s way.

    Gook-Du isn’t a misogynist. He doesn’t hate or distrust women, he just has a very patriarchal view of gender relationships. But, obviously, what we are all waiting for is the “reveal”: when he realises Bong Soon isn’t his damsel-in-distress but a pint-sized Wonder Woman. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m eager to see how the Show will write his reaction.

    It would be too simplistic to say “Gook-Du cannot handle a strong woman.” We don’t know that (yet). It’s not just about how Gook Du sees Bong Song or how he relates to her, this is about his own self-worth as well. The real question is: can Gook Du accept the fact that Bong Soon values him APART from his strength? Can Gook Du realize that he has value; that he is WORTHY to be Bong Soon’s lover if she doesn’t need him to support/protect her physically? There are other reasons Bong Soon loves Gook Du, but can he accept that? Those are the interesting questions.

    But, it’s obvious that Bong Soon belongs with Ahn Min Hyung. She can be utterly herself with him, and @Fish N’ Chips is totally right: he invests in her in a way no one else has.

    Mom is a bully, but Show doesn’t gloss over it or makes it into a joke. To interpret the scenes of domestic violence as anything but atrocious is seeing something that isn’t there. I also don’t think Mom’s abusive behavior justifies Dad’s obvious flirting with Gook-Du’s mom (two wrongs do not make a right, you can’t justify adultery because of abuse). It may be understandable that he is drawn to someone who doesn’t bully him, but it still doesn’t make infidelity (even emotional infidelity) right.

    As @theIgorot said these are flawed characters – and that’s the point. If you had a story with perfect characters, would there even be a story? Are we interested in the story SWDBS is telling, or are we EXPECTING the story to show us perfect people after which we are to model ourselves?

    In fact, Mom’s bullying of Dad shows that abuse is not just gender-based: anyone can be a bully. Show also depicts that bullies all get their just desserts. What I hope to see is Mom REPENTING of her actions. She is the cause of her own misery, and that recognition has yet to be made (although, she did make a step forward after Bong Soon confronted her about her favoritism towards the twin brother).

    So far the Show still has me enthralled. I can’t wait until Friday!

    Favorite scenes? Hmmmm…..

    [1] Episode 6: the three-way jealous fantasies GD-BS-MH have, fearing the sleepover will turn into a love feast between the OTHER two parties

    [2] Min-Hyung’s confession w/ When Harry Met Sally… reference

    [3] Grandma kicking butt

    • 46.1 fibdib

      agree with you on all points.

    • 46.2 sorrynotsorry

      “adultery” Hold it, did I miss something?? I actually see the dad as being the henpecked abused husband who flowers a bit when someone actually shows him attention. Nag him if you must, but don’t abuse him and show shouldn’t have played it for laughs.

      Have no issues with Ji Soo or his part. He just seems like an oblivious, by the book, serious cop. They’ve given very little time to any serious character development.

      • 46.2.1 Pineapplegongzhu

        Hey @sorrynotsorry! Thanks for your response, and question!

        I’ll probably answer your question about Dad’s interactions with Mi-hwa in my reply to @La Plume since you’re both hitting on the same issue. But, I’d like to address your other comment about the scene being played to humor below.

        I personally did not think Mom’s beat up of Dad in episode 8 was meant to be funny. Listen to the ajummas discussing his injuries. They both express deep sympathy for him. His body language and tears show how traumatized he is. Everything about the scene where you see him with bruises and injuries suggests anything BUT humor. It’s meant to convey abuse, and that abuse is not okay.

        So, I have to admit i don’t see what you see. You seem to think that the scene is played for laughs when I don’t think it is. By contrast, the violence that IS played to humor are when the thugs and the high school gang get beaten up by Bong Soon. It may not be to everyone’s taste (even I would say I’m a bit squeamish) about them, but those are played for jokes, YET Mom’s interactions with Dad are not.

    • 46.3 La Plume


      While I disagree with what you wrote, I’ve got to admit you know how to argue your points.

      This being said, I just can’t say nothing about this:

      ” I also don’t think Mom’s abusive behavior justifies Dad’s obvious flirting with Gook-Du’s mom (two wrongs do not make a right, you can’t justify adultery because of abuse). It may be understandable that he is drawn to someone who doesn’t bully him, but it still doesn’t make infidelity (even emotional infidelity) right. ”

      I’d like to understand exactly where you see the emotional adultery here. Gook Du’s mother is a writer, he’s read her books and so far, we’ve only seen him discuss with her as a fan to a writer he admires. Any fan would be interested in what an author has to say about what ideas came to him/her when he/she wrote and apart from admiration I haven’t seen any thing from him. The fact that he admires Gook Du’s mom doesn’t mean he’s attracted to her.

      If mom’s jealous that her husband smiles to another woman and prefers her company, she’s got to change and that’s it but let’s not put the blame on a woman she’s obviously jealous of. She rants about her daughter not being very bright, yet it doesn’t seem that she tried to better herself either. I’d say that Bong Soon’s mother’s jealousy toward Gook Du’s stems from the fact that she is everything she isn’t. She’s the embodiment of success while she is not. It seems the fact she lost her power never taught her to be wiser and change her ways.

      I’d say, he should get a divorce.

      • 46.3.1 Bad Cheese Cheddar

        If they got a divorce then who would be nice to and protect Bong Soon’s emotions? The mom has never been nice to her in the past and the father snuck her money for clothing to cheer her up. He does she how the mom has Bong Ki as a favorite, so he has Bong Soon.

        • Bad Cheese Cheddar

          *see how

      • 46.3.2 Pineapplegongzhu

        Hey @La Plume! Thanks for your response!

        First, I think we should acknowledge that Mom and Mi-Hwa have a rather antagonistic relationship. There’s no indication of who started it, but certainly the Show seems to communicate that Mom’s dislike and jealousy of Mi-Hwa initiates the continued enmity. That’s fair.

        In regards to Dad and Mi-hwa, the two substantial interactions are in episodes 1 and 8. You’re right that they are discussing books/writing, but I find their interaction rather ambiguous.

        It could be Dad is just fan-boying. It could be they are just enjoying a mutual love of writing. It could be that Dad is just flourishing under a bit of warm attention. It could be Mom is just irrationally jealous of Mi-Hwa’s success and Dad is just the next battle ground. It could be that Mom feels threatened by Dad’s joy in Mi-hwa’s presence because it means she is losing control over him. Or, it could be that Mom is sensing Dad’s admiration is giving way to attraction (and she actually loves him and is threatened by another woman). Which one is it?

        There aren’t enough interactions or background to help us determine which it is. We don’t know if Dad is an avid reader and just so HAPPENS to also read Mi-hwa’s books. We don’t know if he JUST reads Mi-hwa’s books. We don’t know if Dad and Mi-Hwa are really soulmates. We don’t know if Dad has tried to share to his love of reading with Mom, only for her to dismiss him. We don’t know if Dad would naturally be interested in Alain du Botton if Mi-Hwa hadn’t suggested it: is his interest really because of the writer or because of Mi-Hwa?

        I think out of all the possibilities above, it’s a little bit of each. It would take too long to dissect each moment of interaction, but two things govern my belief that Dad’s admiration is creeping into emotional infidelity (1) how Mi-Hwa is portrayed because it shows (2) what purpose Mi-Hwa plays in the Show.

        The reason I don’t think Mi-Hwa in entirely innocent is the way the Show depicts her: romantic, wavy hair, really beautiful, and sensual. If the Show wanted Dad and Mi-Hwa to have a Platonic friendship, that would not be the way to showcase the character.

        Take a look at episode 1 (around 48:00 mins) when they introduce her with slo-mo, Latin music, and the other ajummas whispering about her. Mom is not the only one who dislikes Gook Du’s mom. Look at how attentive and upright Dad suddenly is at her presence. Look at Mi-hwa’s smile with the tilt of the head: a bit flirtatious. I would say Dad is definitely fan-boying in that scene; but look at how Mi-Hwa reacts. Her laughter isn’t exactly platonic, it’s flirtatious.

        In episode 8, again you see Dad and Mi-Hwa laughing, which could be perfectly harmless, except they both freeze the moment Mom enters the walnut shop in episode 8. They act guilty.

        I’m running out of room, so I’ll address (2) in the next…

      • 46.3.3 Pineapplegongzhu

        In regards to (2), my guess is that Mi-Hwa plays a crucial role in Mom’s development. Mom is a very important character in Bong Soon’s character arc, but in turn, Mom also needs to go through a transformation.

        We need to separate two things [1] awful characters who are glorified, their actions justified/softened/glossed over in order to make those characters ACCEPTABLE, and [2] awful characters who are necessary to help move the story arc/themes along; sometimes as a foil to our hero/heroine. I think Mom is the latter. I find her character centrally important – if nothing else, a very real reminder to DBS of who she DOES NOT want to become.

        Living examples of those suffering through the consequences of their own poor decisions/actions are powerful.

        We can all see that Gook-Du is in for a rude awakening; but I hope Mom will goes through something similar. What her actions all seem to point to is a complete denial of responsibility for her own “poor circumstances.” She blames everyone but the real culprit, herself. She’s completely blind to her complicity for the situation she is in.

        While I wouldn’t support Dad divorcing Mom and marrying Mi-Hwa, I’m guessing Mi-Hwa is meant to be a foil and a threat to Mom. This will afford Mom the opportunity to take stock and reflect upon her actions, and hopefully change.

        I do WANT Dad to put his foot down and tell his wife that he won’t be taking her abuse anymore – not unlike Bong Soon when she confronted her mother in episode 7. In fact, I think Bong Soon’s confrontation foreshadows the bigger confrontation/problem between Mom and Dad.

        What I’m trying to articulate is that a lot of people want Mom to get her comeuppance, and sure, she does deserve that. But, are we looking for retributive justice (really, just a nice way to say revenge), or restorative justice (where goodness, order, and love prevail)?

        A divorce may be what Mom deserves, but what good does it really serve? The family is still broken – and I definitely don’t think a Korean audience will go for that. If we really think about it, it’s not that we want the family to completely shatter, but we want the broken parts of the family to be healed – in this case, the brokenness is in the form of abuse.

        What would make the story more powerful is if it becomes redemptive. Can bad guys/bullies change?

        Will Gook Du realize Bong Soon’s love (or his self-worth) isn’t dependent on his physical strength? Can Mom realize that she actually has a pretty good life, and that she’s lucky to have such a loving husband – one she shouldn’t wish to control but to love/care for?

        Can people change their paradigm of the world to allow for a reality different from what they are comfortable with but which is nonetheless beautiful and wondrous in its own way?

        My hope is “yes, they can if they choose to”.

      • 46.3.4 Pineapplegongzhu

        @La Plume,

        I just realized I didn’t fully answer the (2) in my rant about Mom.

        So, given the ambiguity of Dad and Mi-Hwa’s interactions, the only real way to figure out whether or not there is emotional infidelity is to ascertain how Mi-Hwa is depicted and why (i.e. her purpose in the storyline).

        I personally sense that she is meant to present a threat to Mom, a great enough threat to Mom’s happiness (i.e. stealing her husband) that Mom has to reassess her actions and their consequences. Mom has to realize that more than blaming her husband for all her misery, she’s actually responsible for most of her unhappiness….and if Mom thinks she’s unhappy now, just WAIT until a REAL threat shows itself (in other words, Dad leaving her for her rival).

        Now, could this still be accomplished if Mom was just letting her jealousy blind her to the fact that her husband is just sympatico with Mi-Hwa, and really, there is no threat to her marriage? Eh….yes, but that would add another layer to the conflict: not only is Mom a bully, but she’s delusional. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. Why? There has been no indication that she is delusional.

        It makes a stronger plot if Mi-Hwa presents a real threat. And why not? As @sorrynotsorry said, Dad flourishes with a bit of kindness and attention. And because that attention shows Dad that he CAN have a relationship that is not abusive, he opens himself emotionally to Mi-Hwa. THAT is a threat that Mom cannot ignore….and what’s more, she can’t physically trample. Blossoming love cannot be crushed *physically*. It will force her to change.

        But, as I said before, no matter how abusive Mom is to Dad, it doesn’t excuse Dad for emotional infidelity. Is it understandable? Of course! But is it right? No. He made a commitment to his marriage, and should seek it make it HEALTHY.

        Infidelity doesn’t just “happen.” You don’t wake up one morning, look over and say “Hey! You’re not my spouse!” Infidelity happens slowly, subtly, unperceptively…step by step, decision by decision. So, when I say that Dad is emotionally unfaithful, what I’m pointing out is his trajectory.

        In this case, he is painted very sympathetically because he is abused. But, say he isn’t abused, just unhappy with his wife…and then seeks out emotional fulfillment in Mi-Hwa. Would you find that acceptable? I doubt it. It’s only because the abuse makes him tragic that we are allowing him some leeway in his interactions with Mi-Hwa, but I think that would be a bad move.

  47. 47 redfox

    Ji Soo seems to be in some sort of cursed cycle, like his karma has him repeat similar kind of fate and have his love lines doomed. Like a puppy version of Groundhog Day.

    • 47.1 redfox

      the Yoon Sang Job was hilariously… natural. Is it his actual side job?

    • 47.2 Len

      So true. I just wish he’d be a lead for once!

    • 47.3 Javinne

      Not completely true. In Fantastic he kept the girl. 😁

  48. 48 Lord Cobol

    Bong-soon daintily hands the limping man his cane and sticks her tongue out at him

    That was one of my favorite bits. Whatever you think of the “big” humor in the show, they handle the little bits nicely.

    • 48.1 Sam


    • 48.2 Burberry1986

      That’s true. Until now I still can’t get over that south korean flag on countertop

      • 48.2.1 siesta

        lol that flag was pure genius XD gook du’s confusion over it just makes it funnier

    • 48.3 s9313071e

      Why did she stick her tongue out at him? Did she recognize him?

  49. 49 Sam

    hello everyone 🙂
    although i’m hopelessly, absolutely and irrevocably in love with Hyung Sik oppa and totally ship the Min Hyuk-Bong Soon pair, i don’t really dislike Gook Du either. i quite liked the scene where he admitted to himself that he liked bong soon for a long time although she drives him mad with worry. sure that’s nowhere nearly as swoon worthy as Min Hyuk’s almost-a-confession, but it was the first time i saw Gook Du being, at least partially, true to his inner thoughts and feelings rather than lashing out/shouting/hitting someone.
    as for the best scene in forever, i can’t stop smiling even thinking about it… oh heart, be still; Min Hyuk was not saying that to you, so stop jumping about already!
    if someone gives me a time machine right now, i’ll forget all the important things and go straight to the weekends for my fill of cuteness-overloaded, honey-dripping awesomeness that is Park Hyung Sik oppa. wait, that is the most important thing, right? 😉 really, the show has got me hooked since day1 and i can’t wait to watch Min Hyuk’s thousand expressions like his cute giant winky face, warm happy face, gorgeous lovey-dovey face, funny shocked face, sexy genius-at-work face… i think i should stop right now before i lose another night’s sleep looking at his videos and pics!

    • 49.1 Valentina

      My thoughts exactly! I’m in love with Hyun sik . Seeing high society after watching all his videos and reruns of SWDBS ! Can’t get enough of Park Hyung sik oppa. Sign him up for school series too 😍 Can’t stop seeing him . Just waiting for Friday’s and Saturday’s now – don’t see any other shows anymore! That one step forward was amazing- best scene so far ! A real fresh way to confess 😍

    • 49.2 siesta

      i feel like minhyuk is rather similar hyungsik’s real personality. maybe that’s how he carries the quirky charm so well. he’s pretty 4D in real life too and from his interviews i noticed that he IS an expressive and animated talker. he talks with his whole face lol

      • 49.2.1 Sam

        yeah, i feel so too. but after watching his previous shows, i now believe he is an exceptional actor. no matter how difficult or different his roles are, he totally nails it. for example, hwarang and sirius. in hwarang, i felt his character had a lot of potential to grow, but he still managed to make me laugh, cry, blush, curse, and whatnot, simply with his acting. as for sirius, everytime he was on screen, my heart would just go out to him. even the way he delivered his dialogues, it made me really think for a while. i haven’t yet watched high society as it’s not available in my country, but i’m sure he’s just as good in that one too.
        as much as i like watching his shows, i love watching his interviews and bts too (although i seldom understand what he is saying) and so i totally agree with you. the ease with which he carries the quirky charm has to be because of his real cheerful nature and expressive face.

      • 49.2.2 redfox

        his surprised expression is good, it reminds me of Scooby Doo for some reason (remark from the series “redfox and her weird associations”)

  50. 50 Fab

    I agree with you so much when you express your opinion the mother’s behaviour.
    Feminists will probably enjoy seeing a man being a victim of violent domestic abuse practiced by a woman.
    Feminism is equality, isn’t it? This is what Feminists want.

    The mother lost her super strenght because she used it to physically abuse men who were weaker than her.

    Let’s talk seriously if Do Bong Soon did not have her super power she would be another physically weak female in the show and maybe a victim.

    There are people complainining about too much violence in the show but I see no problem. I’m no delicate flower.

    I like seeing how much the assassin is smarter than the police. The police is being so embarassing in some moments.

    I’m loving all the pretty and lovely moments of the show.

    So all the flaws are being passed on without bothering me.

    • 50.1 redfox

      no, feminists do not enjoy that. feminists would enjoy respect towards all on equal terms. and a mocha latte.

      • 50.1.1 AllPhryne


        • AllPhryne

          specially to mocha latte

    • 50.2 aoiaheen

      No. Feminists do not enjoy that. Feminists (both men and women) fight for equality not for dominance.

    • 50.3 bbstl

      Yes. This feminist wants equality for ALL people to have no violence against them, ever.

    • 50.4 Maria

      Nope, feminism = equal rights, equal opportunities, equal respect regardless of gender
      Feminism is NOT payback and turning oppression around.

    • 50.5 nada

      Nope, you got it wrong lol, the mother is abusive, I hope they adress it going forward since there’s still 8 episodes left

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