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Tomorrow With You: Episode 14
by | March 19, 2017 | 62 Comments

Everyone is on edge about the future this hour when danger gets a little too close for comfort. Even though this episode mostly feels like a preamble for the series finale, the underlying sense of unease still has me glued to the monitor. Some tough yet important conversations are shared, with necessary revelations driving the story forward. But no matter how bad things are supposed to get for our lovebirds, neither of them will lose hope that they can create a better future for themselves.


So-joon is taken by surprise when Director Kim approaches him on the subway. Despite his attempt to nip the conversation in the bud, Director Kim grabs his arm and the lights flicker off. Just as the man says he has something to ask him, So-joon vanishes, much to Director Kim’s alarm.

Meanwhile, Ma-rin removes the dash cam’s memory card from Director Kim’s car. Gun-sook has no intention of telling her husband and entreats Ma-rin to let her know once the footage is recovered.

Ma-rin is taken aback when she finds Director Kim waiting outside her house. She quickly hides the memory card, and Director Kim insists on waiting inside for So-joon. She makes small talk once they’re inside, asking how things are with Gun-sook. He says it’s the same, and reiterates that there’s something he needs to ask So-joon.

Director Kim shares how he ran into So-joon on the subway, only for So-joon to suddenly disappear. Ma-rin awkwardly laughs at the absurd story, and when he says he was definitely holding onto So-joon at the time, she asks if he wasn’t dreaming.

“Your husband isn’t normal, is he?” Director Kim asks persistently. Ma-rin agrees, “Of course not. He’s someone special… to me.” She tries playing dumb, but Director Kim can sense that she seems to already know about So-joon. Calling up a quick excuse, Ma-rin hints at Director Kim to leave, which he does.

So when So-joon returns home later that evening, he’s already been informed about Director Kim’s visit through Ma-rin. He’s astounded that she let that man enter the threshold of their home… and we see that Director Kim is listening in on their conversation in a car just outside the house.

Ah, Director Kim had planted a bug underneath the coffee table, and he hones in on Ma-rin wondering if the director has figured out that So-joon is a time traveler and takes the subway to travel to and from the future. It’s only now that Ma-rin learns that the director was recently fired, and she tells So-joon that Gun-sook made no mention of that.

So-joon bars her from joining him in the bathroom, so she keeps talking outside the door, saying how Gun-sook mentioned that she didn’t want to emigrate to Vietnam with her husband. So-joon opens the door at that mention, and Ma-rin says she thinks she knows of another reason why Director Kim might want to leave the country.

She thinks better of it and drops the subject while the signal drops from Director Kim’s radio.

As they lie in bed, Ma-rin comments on how shocked So-joon must’ve been during that close call on the subway. So-joon says it’ll be his word against Director Kim’s; plus he has no reason to be ashamed because time travel isn’t a crime.

Ma-rin can see through the tough facade, however, and that’s when So-joon admits he was a tiny bit scared. He assures Ma-rin that she has nothing to be worried about, but she fears that So-joon will be taken away to America and be experimented on like an extraterrestrial.

She does, however, admit that the scientists in America would be astounded to find a real-life human with superpowers, adding that people there think that they’re the only ones with superheroes. Lol. She pounds on the mattress in frustration, asking if she needs to teach someone a lesson. Scared, So-joon settles her back in bed, covers her mouth, and holds her tight.

He speaks with Director Kim over the phone, advising him to worry about his own present situation. Director Kim is fed up with So-joon’s arrogance, though he doesn’t pick a fight because So-joon isn’t an ordinary man. So-joon could say the same thing about him, and Director Kim settles for the idea that the world is awfully unfair.

So-joon warns, “hey, don’t hang around near my house or [those around me]” before hanging up.

Upon hearing of Director Kim’s plans to leave the country, Ki-doong suggests that they hand this case over to the police. While So-joon entrusts him to tackle this case, Gun-sook invites Secretary Hwang over to her home. She asks if her husband owns any land because he told her to travel to Vietnam first while he would stay behind to settle some affairs.

Secretary Hwang protests, saying that he doesn’t know a thing and says she can’t continue to call him here. Just then, one of Director Kim’s angry investors bursts through the door, and her men pilfer anything of value.

After talking to a business owner in a company-leased building, Ki-doong calls Se-young to ask her out for coffee. She says she’s busy working at the office, which confuses him since he can hear noises behind her. Se-young happens to be outside and tells him to wait in their usual cafe.

They both happen to be a good distance away from her office, so they both decide to run. That means they’re both breathless once they arrive at the cafe and ask each other why the other is out of breath. Ha.

She tells him to go fetch their drinks and cracks a small smile. He catches her smiling and calls her out for not being at the office when they talked over the phone. She says it seems like he ran here too, a fact Ki-doong admits to. She kicks him in response.

Se-young insists that she was in the office, only to cave moments later. Ki-doong takes her hand to feel his racing heart, and happily states that she ran here to meet him. Aww.

Ma-rin takes the memory card to a specialist, and is told that the data can be obtained by November 30, if it’s recoverable. She decides not to tell So-joon until she knows for certain that something valuable is on that memory card.

She’s then called out by So-joon’s lawyer and learns that So-joon intends to leave half of his assets in her name. The lawyer chuckles when she says she had no idea, because it’s not like So-joon knows that he’s dying or something. She declines giving her stamp on anything before first talking with So-joon.

Speaking of whom, So-joon is out with Mom, wondering if it’s time to try and find Ma-rin’s father. He asks if Mom has any trackable information on him, like an identification number or a photo, but Mom wants him to ask Ma-rin before going ahead with anything.

He insists on dropping her off at home afterward, though Mom is still ashamed by how she beat him up in the street. He smiles and calls her “Mom,” reminding her that he’s practically her child now. Mom pulls him into a tight hug.

So-joon is in a good mood when he returns home, where he finds Ma-rin sitting in his office, dazed. He wonders if she isn’t feeling well, so they both have some ginseng, and he comments that she looks adorable. She asks if there’s something he wants, and So-joon asks if he should track down her father.

Ma-rin wonders why So-joon would suddenly make her such an offer and walks away. Following her, So-joon says this isn’t that sensitive of a topic, but she wants to know why he’s suddenly acting this way—is he leaving for someplace soon?

So-joon says it’s because he knows she argued with her mother recently, but Ma-rin reminds him that she is his wife, and as such, she can tell when something is wrong. “Will something else happen to us?” she asks. So-joon denies it, but she mentions her meeting his lawyer earlier today, to which he asks if she shouldn’t be happy that he’s splitting his assets equally between them. Eeek, not the right moment to say that.

But everything feels so sudden to her, from the inheritance to how well he’s been treating her and his offer to find her father. She wonders what spurred this change, and So-joon replies that it’s because he thinks he’s been a lousy husband thus far.

He thought that being a doting husband would make her happy, and assures her that nothing’s wrong. But Ma-rin can’t shake the feeling that he’s acting like someone who will leave for a faraway place soon, and it’s only after So-joon affirms once more that he won’t be leaving does she let out a sigh of relief.

He jokes that this is what it must feel like to be criticized for being an attentive husband, and Ma-rin says she doesn’t need him to give her any assets or any other gifts. Drawing close to her, he asks, “Should I just breathe next to you instead?” She nods.

She confesses that she falls head over heels in love with him every single day. All she wants is a normal life with him where they wake up in bed together, he lets her know when he’s at work, and they go out on normal dates. He pats her head and asks what she’ll do when he’s gone, and she chides him for even bringing up something so scary.

Ki-doong speaks with a security guard who saw Director Kim frequent this building with another businessman, President Choi. He’s told that President Choi died on a solo fishing trip, having had too much to drink and drowned. He then immediately takes that news to So-joon, who remembers that Se-young’s father had mentioned President Choi’s name.

He instructs Ki-doong to tell the police to expedite the case, but the problem is Director Kim is already off the grid. He seeks out Doo-shik and asks if Director Kim’s wrongdoings stop with his embezzlement activities. He’s told that while the crime was committed, no evidence was ever found in the future, and Director Kim managed to leave the country.

Doo-shik hedges when So-joon asks if Director Kim also committed murder, saying that the late President Choi was a friend to Se-young’s father. He asks So-joon for his own theory, but So-joon can’t help but wonder if his own disappearance has anything to do with Director Kim.

Doo-shik finally admits that there is a connection there, revealing that So-joon disappeared while taking the subway back and forth in his own investigation on Director Kim. He tries to remind So-joon that tomorrow is November 30—all So-joon has to do is hold out for two days.

As So-joon leaves, Doo-shik wonders what could possibly be contained in Director Kim’s car’s dash cam. So-joon contemplates Doo-shik’s words in the car, specifically how the people he leaves behind will feel if he disappears.

Ma-rin freaks out when she learns that Mom is at their house alone. She marvels over the robot vacuum and immediately looks at the stairs when Ma-rin says she cannot go upstairs. Well, you shouldn’t have mentioned it then!

Ma-rin rushes out of the office and hurries home to find her mother wearing the futuristic sneakers and enjoying some virtual reality in So-joon’s office. She explains away the items as products in development, and Mom picks up a newspaper from the future.

She wonders if getting newspapers dated in the future is a privilege for the rich, but Ma-rin says it’s a prop, and Mom laughs that she thought So-joon was a North Korean spy. Like mother, like daughter.

They exit the office and sit down in the living room, where Mom says So-joon offered to track down her father. She divulges that she does have a photo, admitting that she lied when Ma-rin was young in hopes that would help her forget her father sooner.

Mom hands her the family photo from her wallet, saying that she was younger than Ma-rin now when she had her. But that’s exactly why Ma-rin is so upset, because her father abandoned his young wife and daughter. The reason Mom is showing her this photo now is because Ma-rin said she might resent her own father, and it didn’t occur to her how hurt she might be.

Mom takes her daughter’s hands and says that Ma-rin will eventually become a mother of her own. She encourages Ma-rin to find her father now, so that she can brag at how well she raised their daughter. Hugging her, Mom promises to be better if she’s fortunate enough to be reborn as her mother.

Ma-rin is still crying over her family photo when So-joon returns home that evening. She says she remembers what her father looks like now that she has a photo of him. She feels weird because seeing his face brings back memories, and when So-joon softly asks if she wants to find him and meet him, she shakes her head.

She’s unsure of how she feels, worried that she might be faced with disappointment if she meets her father in person. She worries that her father might be poor or seeing him will open up old emotional wounds in her mother or if her father will be happy to see them.

She hands him the photo to see… and So-joon realizes that he knows exactly who Ma-rin’s father is.

He does his best to keep his composure and heads out for some air. Ma-rin joins him and shares how she thought her life would always be tied to her child actor days. But now that she’s met So-joon, she finally feels like her life is in order. They both vow to live well together.

So-joon says he has something to confess and tells her, “Honestly, we were never fated to meet. You weren’t in my future.” There was no marriage in his future either, but then someone told him to go out with her. Ma-rin asks who that was, and he answers, “An ajusshi I know. You know, the other one besides me.”

She realizes that he means the other time traveler and wonders how that man knows her. So-joon doesn’t know either, but suggests that they go ask him together. He says that time traveler is rather odd, but is sure that Ma-rin will come to like him too.

She wonders if that means the other time traveler was their matchmaker. So-joon says yes, though the rest was of his free will. She’s still fixated on the idea that they were never fated to be, and So-joon explains that they changed their own fates.

Holding her hand, So-joon says, “I may not know what fate is, but couldn’t this be fate?” Swoooooon. He suggests that they go meet that ajusshi tomorrow.

She agrees in exchange for making their marriage official on paper, asking him: “Will you marry me?” He says yes, and they pinky swear on it.

Meanwhile, Director Kim realizes that the memory card in his dash cam is missing. He tracks down Gun-sook at So-ri’s place and demands her to return the memory card. She honestly answers that she doesn’t know where it is, which only incites her husband’s rage.

She then stands firm saying that she’ll use whatever is on that card as evidence to get a divorce. He hollers back at her to bring him the memory card this instant and is about to head into the building, but that’s when Gun-sook tells him that Ma-rin has the memory card.

Director Kim flies into a rage, and from the window, So-ri spots the couple bickering down below.

November 30, 2016. So-ri calls Ma-rin to tell her about how Director Kim screamed at Gun-sook outside her building last night. Ma-rin says she’ll take care of it and continues on her way to pick up the memory card.

So-joon finds a loving reminder from Ma-rin about registering their marriage today and meeting the ajusshi. He gets a call from Doo-shik just then, who waits anxiously outside the house. Before Doo-shik can say anything, So-joon divulges that he knows that Doo-shik is actually Ma-rin’s father.

He wonders how Doo-shik put up with his immaturity over the years, and why Doo-shik kept his identity a secret. But Doo-shik doesn’t have a moment to lose and tells him that he met Ma-rin last night because she was the only one he could talk to who knew about Director Kim.

We learn that Doo-shik traveled to the future to meet with Ma-rin’s future self at home. He quickly explained that he was from the past—November 29, 2016, to be exact—in order to help her and to save So-joon. “I only have one day left,” he breathed.

He was reluctant to ask Future Ma-rin about what happened on November 30, 2016, but he came to her because he was out of options. She told him that Director Kim left for Vietnam, and So-joon’s disappearance was confidential because of the fact he was a time traveler.

She shared that she had the memory card, but no one found out what was on it because Director Kim stole it from her before she could find out. Director Kim was charged for her kidnapping and his embezzlement activities, but never charged for murder.

He wanted to leave before the last train, and Future Ma-rin asked him to stop So-joon from taking the subway that day and to stop her from doing something stupid. Doo-shik promised to do just that, but before he could leave, she asked him, “Was it you who brought So-joon and I together… Dad?”

He nodded, and she asked him to meet her past self in 2016 because she thinks she wanted to see him then. Overcome with emotion, Doo-shik wiped away his tears and ran off.

Doo-shik tells So-joon that he thought it was enough to keep him away from Director Kim—he never dreamed that Ma-rin was in possession of the incriminating evidence against the man. He urges So-joon to stop Ma-rin, only to be told that she isn’t home.

Ma-rin picks up the memory card whose data was recoverable. As So-joon races to find her, we see what originally happened on this day: Director Kim kidnapped Ma-rin and used her as bait to incite So-joon’s anger. So-joon then engaged Director Kim in a brawl on the subway, and then fell to the floor, bleeding.

He arrives at the store one step too late as Ma-rin walks down the alley, examining the memory card. Director Kim sees her and proceeds to follow her. At an opportune moment, he starts running up to her, but that’s when So-joon appears and pulls her into an embrace. Oh thank god.

So-joon asks if she’s okay and looks around to see if Director Kim is anywhere in sight. Seeing the memory card in her hand, he scolds her for being so fearless. Around a corner, Director Kim breathes uneasy.

So-joon hails a taxi for Ma-rin and instructs her to remain home with the doors locked. He tells her to call him when she gets home and sends her off. He then doubles back to the alley, calling out Director Kim’s name.

But Director Kim is somewhere else entirely… waiting for Ma-rin as she arrives home.


Welp. Ever since Ma-rin passed by Director Kim’s car at the construction site, I feared that something might happen to her. His volatile behavior kept me on edge, especially after So-joon disappeared before his eyes. I was practically biting my nails when he came to the house shortly thereafter, worried that he might fly off the handle at any given moment.

Now So-joon is faced with another example of a soon-to-be event he has prior knowledge of, even if some circumstances changed slightly and he learned of Ma-rin being kidnapped mere minutes before it would’ve originally taken place. I admit I was getting antsy when Future Ma-rin told her father about how she was kidnapped that day, the day of So-joon’s disappearance. It couldn’t have been easy for her to meet her father for the first time so suddenly either, especially if she’d only seen him in a photo—I can only imagine that there were a myriad of emotions and thoughts running through her mind.

I really loved how Mom left to Ma-rin’s discretion on whether or not she wanted to meet her father. Not only that, I could feel her maternal warmth and love when she carefully brought up the topic and acknowledged that talking about her father would be a sensitive topic for Ma-rin. Mom is amazing in so many ways, and I cracked up at how she helped herself to check out every futuristic item in her daughter’s home.

It saddens me to think that Ma-rin wouldn’t be able to meet her father in the present day because of the kidnapping, though the idea that So-joon might actually disappear that day pains me even more. I wish the chyrons would teach us how far into the future Doo-shik and So-joon travel to more often, since without them, it’s more difficult to gauge how long Future Ma-rin has been without So-joon, and if she set up any plans to save him. But even if So-joon were to disappear for months, the future he first saw has him scheduled to die on March 25, 2019. My head spins if I try to think about which future belongs with which timeline, since there was a time when So-joon once traveled to the future and found his house free of wedding photos.

So to that end, I’m really hoping that the writing can tighten up the storyline as we approach the finale week. There seems to be a good chance that there will be at least three So-joons riding the same subway. Too bad we can’t get all three of them in one car to teach Director Kim a lesson without suffering from some dire consequence. Or maybe we can call on Mom to give him a knuckle sandwich.


62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ez

    finally mystery is going somewhere..

    although all of this is so pointless..

    if daddy dearest knew this is how SJ was supposed to go missing, he should have shared the information long time back..

    plot is quite think in this series. so many things happen unnecessarily just because no body talks to the other person.

    Ma Rin is frustrating to expect SJ to tell her everything but she doesn’t want to share her information/thoughts/hints with him

    • 1.1 biyathenoona

      I agree. The mystery is finally unfolding. This episode just dropped a huge hint about Sojoon’s disappearance.. but there’s only two episodes left. I hope this drama won’t drag us on with this suspense for too long. I still have so many questions about the plot, but I don’t want to overthink. I hope the writers can give us a great finale.

      • 1.1.1 biyathenoona

        I also want to find out the real story behind Marin’s dad. How did he become a time traveler and how did he find out about Sojoon in the first place? He was there at Sojoon and Marin’s accident site in the future waiting for past Sojoon to appear. He knew he’d be there. That’s how SoJoon met him. I have so many questions and I wonder if two episodes would be enough to resolve everything. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

        • Lin

          I have so many questions about ahjussi and if I ever pick this drama back up, I hope the drama would have answered them.

        • mardybum

          I wonder if her father was the one taking a picture of her on the subway when she thought it was Sojoon.

      • 1.1.2 Lin

        What suspense? Despite anything that happens dude comes back in 3 years and we get 2019 accident of doom and most likely time righted and reset.

        • EZ

          suspense of the show..as in fromw riter’s point of view..

          guess he got hurt..went into coma..a nd when he woke up it was 2019 already

  2. earthna

    On to the cute stuff: Kidoong and Seyoung are too adorable for words! Their cute scene at the cafe had me smiling for so long that my cheeks started hurting. At least we’re sure we are getting out of this drama with at least one couple with a happy ending. Speaking of couples, I wish Gunsook and Secretary Hwang will end up with each other. I feel like the show’s been hinting on that since the first time they were on screen together.

    On to the omg-why-are-you-doing-this-to-me stuff: SOJOON WHY THE HELL DID YOU LEAVE HER BY HERSELF?! I cannot understand why he would do that. I was finally able to let out a sigh of relief when he found Marin before Yongjin did and I was already cheering. But of course, he had to get her on a taxi alone and Yongjin eventually got to her. Fight me, Sojoon! Fight me!

    I’m happy that instead of feeling mad because he got manipulated by Dooshik, he was more grateful to him for changing his future to that with Marin in it. Seriously, both of their lives are completely different now to the kind of lives they’ve had originally. Marin also said that she was a bunch of inferiority back then and everything that she did got overshadowed by her Bapsoon character. Meeting Sojoon changed her and vice versa.

    Ahhh, how to get myself ready for next week. Last two episodes, you guys. I love tragic endings but this is the one time I’m desperately wishing for a happy one. Come on, drama gods, this couple deserve happiness after all they’ve been through.

    Thanks for the recaps, gummi! See you all next week! I’ll be at the front holding boxes of Kleenex for everyone.

    • 2.1 derf254

      Exactly to WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU LEAVE MARIN OUT OF YOUR SIGHT?? C’mon already! Is she going home in a bubble? I have a bit of resentment that you would leave se-young’s father alone too. Sigh, So-joon you’re adorable but you’re awful at police-cop time traveling. Just build a fall out shelter and house all your dearest friends and loved ones in there until after March 25, 2019.

      • 2.1.1 simsam

        It’s pretty understandable why everyone’s mad at So-joon for leaving Ma-rin but he was in a panicked state and probably wasn’t thinking straight. I do agree he should have gone with her and handed the police the black-box footage before doing anything else. But at that moment, he probably stayed behind to catch Yongjin in the act and put him behind him behind bars once and for all (you know, before he harms anyone else). It’d be pretty hard to catch him afterwards I reckon. I believe he thought Ma-rin would be safe and focused on catching the criminal (he’s gonna regret it in the next episode). Besides, it’s a drama, nothing ever goes right – especially in the last few episodes.

        • hyanggi

          Yeah, I tried reasoning with that, ’cause his desperation is apparent when he called out to Yong Jin. I’ll give him that.

          But still. WHYYY? My heart leaped to my throat at the last scene, because God knows how utterly enraged Yong Jin is now.

          • HelloBeautiful

            Can’t believe I’d say this, but that last 5′ was really dumb. It sounds errr okay on paper (although it’s still…. dumb. they could have done better!!), but the execution was really sloppy which made it seemed worse. SJ just came out from nowhere. Then they walked to find a taxi. SJ left MR (if he insisted to catch YJ, why didn’t he just call police? Urgh). The taxi dropped her not in front of their house. Then YJ came. The editing made it lost the suspense (at least for me). It probably would be less sloppy if MR arrived at home and everything looked fine until she entered the house where YJ was waiting there.

            I hope the last two episodes will be satisfying! *fingers crossed*

    • 2.2 astromantic

      I wish Gunsook and Secretary Hwang will end up with each other. I feel like the show’s been hinting on that since the first time they were on screen together.
      LOL so bad (but I agree)! He’s kind of weak and she’s strong-willed. It’s perfect.

      • 2.2.1 Slowkon

        No!! Guen sook is an unforgiveably traitorous friend. She blurted her friend’s name to her unstable husband in less than 2 seconds. Really?! After all that her friend has been there and done for her?!
        Cute Sec deserves better!

    • 2.3 Fangirl sy

      Yes to seyoung and kidoong! Their whole scene was too cute although the scene at the cafe could have been a bit more tighter. I’m rooting for them!

    • 2.4 hyanggi

      On Se Young and Ki Doong:

      Me tooo! I love that small smile Se Young did, and the abrupt poker face when Ki Doong caught her. Cute cute cute. Yeay for both of them, it IS pretty awkward for Se Young that Ki Doong knows her drunken confession and all towards So Joon, but she can’t go wrong with Ki Doong, you go girl!

    • 2.5 yhang

      The stress level I had while I watched this episode was unacceptably unhealthy.

  3. moraine

    CANNOT believe that So Joon ley Ma Rin go home by herself, all alone when he knows that psycho is gonna take her. Hasn’t he learned anything in the past 13 episodes? Ajusshi died because you planned everything to a T, then let him go by himself to the airport. Uuugh. It’s so frustrating.

    • 3.1 sigalltheway

      I asked him the same question again and again.
      Frustrating is the least that can describe my feeling.

    • 3.2 m3lon4

      Same. Can`t believe how careless SJ is. He has plenty of forewarning. DS pretty much told him the whole scenario and the exact date to be careful of. He just has to lock himself and MR in the house and be a hermit for 24 hours. What`s so hard about that? He knows how much is at stake and the terrible consequences if he let Fate plays out and yet he hasn`t learnt anything from the incident with SY`s dad. There`s absolutely no excuse for this stupidity. So darn frustrating!

  4. Yui

    I was just screaming WTF during the last 5 minutes of this episode. Park Hae-young would never have made the choices So-joon made lol.

    On the other hand, I’m glad that Gun-sook is finding a bit of solace in Secretary Hwang. And Ki-doong and Se-young are finally breaking that friendship boundary, baby steps.

    • 4.1 Yui

      It seems like the central conflict has now shifted from So-joon and Ma-rin’s coincidental deaths in 2019 to So-joon’s disappearance on November 30. I wonder if the show will spend the last two episodes, each on one conflict, or if the resolution of So-joon’s disappearance will negate their potential deaths in 2019.

      Personally, I’d prefer that they also spend time resolving the mystery behind their car accidents in 2019, because that’s what the show started with, and I’d feel cheated if we are just left hanging with just a satisfying conclusion to So-joon disappearance. For 2019 to happen, he would have to survive the subway mishap on November 30. The alternative is that he does disappear then and then find a way back to Ma-rin afterwards, which would make sense, given how Ma-rin of 2019 was so desperate to not let So-joon go because she’s afraid he would disappear again.

      • 4.1.1 ar

        I was thinking that too – that the new date to contend with is Nov 30, 2017 and not March 2019 anymore. I don’t remember when was the last time SJ traveled all the way to 2019. I wonder what the correlation is – if there is any- between the Nov 30 2017 disappearance date and the death date. If it’s Director Kim, I wonder why he would be coming back in 2019 to harm MR.

        I hope someone makes a chart of all the timelines when this is done!

  5. hades.red

    This was a really solid episode. It could have gone so many other ways given the ending of the previous episode that I was dreading to watch this one, but yay! It was filled with a ton of cliches and annoyances, but still, it was pretty good. I guess the worst offender was the cab not dropping Ma Rin all the way to the front of her house–or Ma Rin choosing to get out of the cab early–but in spite of this, our OTPs relationship has come quite far that it withstood the cliches. I mean, they could have done the whole So Joon getting upset at ajusshi bit and being hung up on how his love was not meant to be, but I love that they really are in love. It is for this reason why I think placing focus on registering the marriage here has so much more meaning since we thought that they didn’t register the marriage because they fell out or what have you.

    I just have to say Gun Sook sucks even more now for ratting out Ma Rin. Yay for Ki-doong and Se-young. Je Hoon/So Joon usually looks so good in the wardrobe they pick out for him; he wears the clothes well. Lastly, sooo…people see you board a train, but don’t see you vanish into think air unless they are either touching you or addressing you?

    • 5.1 Fangirl sy

      Same. I was like, I feel you girl, I know it must be traumatic to have such a guy for a husband but please think of Marin’s safety too! Or at least give her a heads up: hey girl, i just told my unbalanced husband that you have the card so i thought i might let you know. Ahhhh

  6. wandergirl

    I’m incredibly frustrated that So-joon left Ma-rin after getting all worked up and worried over her safety. I have to remind myself that this is all fiction and that in the end, thw drama gods are on our side, pushing for a happy ending. Fingers crossed!!!

    On another note… are we ever going to get more music from this show? I love, love, love that poignant instrumental playing when our OTP were taking a walk outside their house. Anybody know what’s the song title?

  7. ar

    I felt like my heart was going to give out in this episode, especially during the part where Director Kim had the house bugged and basically those last 10 minutes. UGH, WHY DID YOU LET HER GO OFF ALONE, SO JOON? Neither Marin nor So Joon should leave each other alone. I’m so nervous for them!

    Thank goodness there were all those cute moments with So Joon, Marin, and her mother and Se Young and Ki Doong. I’m glad So Joon took the news of Marin’s dad being Dooshik pretty well.

  8. Fangirl Sy

    Sojoonah, when in doubt, stick together! ALWAYS, stick together! Ahhhhh please don’t die!

    Also, mom probably isn’t the best out there but if the past few eps didn’t make her count as one of the better ones, I don’t know what would. Thanks mom, for acknowledging that Marin is an adult who could and should make her own decisions.

    Finale week here we go.

    • 8.1 Fangirl Sy

      Oh and I love that Sojoon quickly added that the rest was his own freewill. No room to doubt here that he was forced in anyway to fall in love and marry Marin. I think I would really miss watching this couple be their everyday newlyweds self.

  9. panshel

    Doo Shik is useless. Tell So Joon the mothereffing truth! Now is not the time to still be lying. And dammit, So Joon, why would you leave Ma Rin by herself? Go home with her! What makes you think you can take on Director Kim alone? And where the hell was Doo Shik? Now is not the time to still be hiding from your daughter. Today was so frustrating. Our time travelers are not very smart. There must have been newspaper articles about Director Kim being indicted for kidnapping the wife of MyReits CEO, no? This was the first episode where I felt the weakness in writing. Doo Shik simply asking Future Ma Rin what happened that day felt like a deus ex machina. He couldn’t have done this 14 episodes ago?

    Ma Rin is unbelievably perceptive; she knew So Joon was leaving. Normally, her suspicions would be labelled as paranoid — always being nervous when her husband is too good to her — but since we are in on his secret, it never ceases to amaze me how she is always right. Could their marriage perhaps already be registered as So Joon previously filled out the form? I was hoping their robot vacuum would have sniffed out Director Kim’s bug like a dog. Ki Doong and Se Young are adorable.

    What this show has taught us is the future is unchangeable, so with two episodes left, Episode 15 should be So Joon’s disappearance, while Episode 16 is our couple’s death. Prepare the tissues.

    Thanks lots for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 9.1 ez

      But miracles happen.. once in a while..

      and since miracles have not happened in a while… once is pending.. they won’t die

  10. 10 Missjb

    I think both of our time travelling make such a poor decision is purposely intent for the writers. They get used of having that kind of power their sense of solving problem has fade away because they use every decision they made by seeing the future

  11. 11 Kakakash

    Thank you for the recap gummimochi!

    I just wanna say: Gun-sook is the worst kind of person one could ever meet. I almost started to feel some affection for her, almost. Well, at least it was a clean break.

    Also, WTH So-joon! I have been defending him allll along as an extremely slow-learner, but earnest. Even when he was being an ass earlier in the show, I knew to expect it and knew it would be resolved by him learning the hard way. But in this episode, he could’ve totally used his better judgement. He just fell into the same trap twice; previously he learned that Se-young’s abeoji’s location of murder changed even when he tried changing events that led up to the supposed incident, so this time he shouldn’t have let Ma-rin out of his sight. Gaaahhhh damn it. Even so, I’m going to chalk it up to his condition of severe chronic stupidity, because come on: at least he tried. Unlike some people who sell out the people in their lives they supposedly call their friends *glares*…I’m looking at you Gun-sook.

    Well that was one hell of a setup. As gummimochi mentioned, I really hope that the writer gives us an excellent finale to wrap up this show. Looking forward to it.

  12. 12 Lem0nlime

    For some reason it seems that Do-shik does not know everything even though he is more experienced time-traveler.
    I mean we have seen him voice recording events and attempting to piece events together.
    One thing that I hate about his character is that he is not consistent. For example, why did he hide the part where Director Kim killed Se-young’s father?
    His character is just so secretive. We still don’t know what is up his sleeves.

  13. 13 Afii

    I’m at work so let me make it short:

    Doo Shik… Ahjusshi… You dumb dimbo…
    Dead detective from the past is better at saving life than you!

    P. S. Already prepare tissues after seeing the preview.

  14. 14 spazmo

    this is going to be the LONGEST WEEK until friday and saturday, omg……..

    • 14.1 HelloBeautiful

      (But actually every week feels really long for me hahaha)

  15. 15 Camille

    Stupid. You literally ran for your life to reach your wife before the bad guy gets to her, and then you proceed to send her home in a taxi, alone. Hahahahaha

  16. 16 irmar

    Sloppy, sloppy writing in the last couple of episodes!
    1. So Jooon knows he is going to disappear on November 30th while riding the subway. What would normal people like you and I do? Stay at home that day, stay away from the subway, and stick to your significant other. Spend the day watching movies, cooking or making love, or whatever. But so-called “common sense” seems to be not as common as one would think.

    (The same is true about the death of the Happiness chairman. He should insist on taking him to the airport himself. Or forget about the trip and just be with him on that day, from morning to evening, with some excuse. Or send him on the trip with the workers, and also go to that trip himself. Never trust other people to do exactly what you told them to do if it’s a matter of life and death)

    2. Ma Rin has seen the GPS addresses of the Happiness sites, and her suspicions have been raised. What would you and I do in her shoes? Go home and immediately share the information with hubby. Not her! Hubby had his own suspicions, when he heard about the death of the nice building buyer in a fishing “accident”. So if he also heard that, maybe he could have pieced the puzzle together. But no. She wants to “figure it out by herself”.

    3. Moreover, she just heard from her pianist friend that the psycho has gone bonkers over the missing black box. Nevertheless she goes calmly to get the black box from the shop, without a care in the world. And without mentioning anything to the husband.

    4. So Joon manages to save her at the last second from the psycho and, instead of taking her in his car and bringing her home – I would also stay with her – she puts her in a taxi. Without telling her about the danger so that she can be wary. Without telling the taxi driver “please take her just in front of the front door and don’t go away until she’s inside and the door locked”. I sometimes do that when I come home at night, with a little extra tip, and they always courteously oblige. By the way, why the taxi didn’t leave her in front of her house anyway? There is no reason on earth for that.

    5. Generally, although these two love each other, they don’t function as a team. Each one wants to “protect” the other from being sad, getting hurt. With the exact opposite result! Where some communication of information would be of great benefit.

    Of course he’s the main culprit there. Why not tell her of what he saw in the future, and then try to figure out a solution TOGETHER? But no, he doesn’t want to worry her, because he “sees her as a child”. How offensive and patronizing! As if he wasn’t worried sick anyway, with all his mysterious brooding style. She has already told him how stupid noble idiocy was that time when he wanted to leave her “for her own good”. (That part was very satisfying: are you listening, ye drama leads, past and future?)

    • 16.1 hyanggi

      Yes to bad writing. I generally love this couple a lott. But, I hate that they have to make bad decisions to move the plot along. I mean, we now see that So Joon *is* capable of being a rational CEO, he isn’t actually so dense. And Ma Rin has always been the more reasonable and logical between both of them. So I see these stupid decisions of them as simply plot movers. Sigh

    • 16.2 astr

      Nice summary.

    • 16.3 Azka

      I am already invested in this drama waaaay before it started, love it when it aired and will stick with it till the end. But the writing is really not the strongest part of the drama. I find TMY is better in the romance part (the realistic portray of marriage couple, the slice-of-life atmosphere, friendship and family relation) but it falls short when it comes to mystery and time-travelling bits.

      We all know what Marin and Sojoon are capable of with the brain of theirs as what we saw in previous ep. Watching them being stupid and clueless and all the plotholes just to move the story is really annoying :/ I love these characters to bits and when this drama use them as plot device? They deserve moaaaaaaar. And yes, So joon can be so dense at times, I hate him 😂 And what’s with all the secrecy GAH

      Crossing finger since I really have no idea how they will resolve the whole thing without making me wanting to pull my hair. Sorry for ranting on your comment! LOL

    • 16.4 Luc

      My thought: people have to make stupid moves for stuff to happen in this drama. I think common sense just went out through the window nearing the drama’s end. And I’ll be left cursing my omniscience. Maybe if I wasnt, I wouldn’t have predicted that bad stuff was gonna happen.

      But no, I don’t think I’d be that foolish and reckless. Knowing bad stuff was gonna happen, I would’ve taken the safest step to ensure survival.

    • 16.5 Missjb

      It does abit make sense he make mistake, he is learning all of this event all at once. Since we are not in his state we would think more rational. If I were him,. I will freak out first, since I have never experience this kind of thing lol.

    • 16.6 Lin

      All of this is exactly why I dropped the drama (ugh at me for dropping it the we only had like 6 episodes to go). When you think on many a things (including the superficial greatest love they trying to push between our leads) the writing is weak.

      The show also greatly lacks any sort of suspense which makes me unable to really care for anything that’s happening. We have been shown some things simply cannot be changed aka March 2019. What’s the point of all this dumb choices just to get to a certain point when we know that no neither one dies and even if he disappears he comes back in 2019!?!

      If the show took some ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Butterfly Effects’ of cheating one things really not being cheated at all and leading to dire consequences (save Seyoung’s father from that foreseen death, only to have him be killed infant of Seyong and have her hurt in the process or something). The show is so stale (how do you make time traveling and life and death circumstances so basic). Ya’ll the real MVPs for sticking it out.

  17. 17 Nadia

    Can’t believe the last two episodes will be taking me on an emotional roller coaster. Hated and loved this episode. I did not blame So Joon, why didn’t Marin let the cab driver let her out at her front four and wait until she was inside, instead she walks like she has all day. So Joon hopefully will give the card to someone for safe keeping. I hope SoJoon and DK survive. Looking forward to the final episodes.

    • 17.1 Luc

      Apparently, you have to make stupid moves for things to happen in this drama.

  18. 18 astr

    My overall impression of this series has taken a bit of a nose dive, since Director Kim has become more involved in the storyline.

  19. 19 Luc

    Omniscience is such a gift and a curse.

    As a viewer who knows what has happened, is happening, and will happen, I feel frustrated that everyone in the drama is so short-sighted and naive. Even our time-travellers. You know what could and might happen, yet you don’t have backup plans? And you go off on your own, send people to go off on their own, and not utilize the police or any form of security? I mean, here I thought So Joon is a millionaire and he doesn’t have any foresight to hire any kind of security details for himself and his wife.

    Bad things have to happen, but boy did I wish everyone was smarter with how they go about things in this drama.

    • 19.1 Ar

      We need drama characters who watch dramas ..and dramas from many genres…and go on blogs and message boards to discuss dramas and share theories, so they don’t do dumb things we usually see drama characters do.

  20. 20 missjb

    the whole point of the writers is, it’s your own fault. DOn’t dare to curse fate, because it’s your own decision! How many occasion that the writers tell our lead in their face something bad will happen? Even your self can’t control your own action when in certain situation, because That’s exactly our reaction when facing the real situation. That’s why it’s happen

    How many of us always talking “they are not making any sense, why they are doing that?” when we read news about car accident or bad event on internet or newspaper?

  21. 21 lunaticandra

    I feel like I am ten years older by the end of episode. The cute. The touching moments. The absurdity. The sloppy sloppy moves. The thrill. Those are eating me inside and I am basically wasted. I don’t have anything hopeful anymore at this point. Just a proper ending would do.

  22. 22 Ga

    Lesson to be SERIOUSLY learned 101

    When you, by chance, end up having significant proof of someone’s wrongdoing and that could make you disappear and your beloved one gets kidnapped, PLEASE, for the love of this universe, hand that proof FIRST to the police!!!! Gahhh… I am lucky I don’t have Bong Soon’s power, couldn’t imagine what would happen with my laptop!

  23. 23 Jasmin

    This episode is by far the most frustrating so they better give us a great finale. I have felt why some viewers say this show is slow-paced or dragging because some time-travelers are being so stupid it’s annoying. There are so many means to an end they both want: to be together happily for a long time, but they don’t plan ahead or try to find better ways to ensure security and welfare. Worst, which is what’s happening, THEY DON’T COMMUNICATE & KEEP SECRETS FROM EACH OTHER! I hope Marin’s father dies in the last episode together with Yong Jin because I’m so tired of both of them. Marin’s father don’t even have the balls to introduce himself to her daughter or son-in-law. I have so many whys for this drama. Ratings are so low because it’s always so frustrating. People like to be entertained, not confused.

  24. 24 HelloBeautiful

    I just want to point out the cuteness from our couple whenever they’re together, especially when they’re… on bed 😂🙊
    Is it only me or does anyone get blushed/fluttered/ shy(?) whenever SJ-MR doing a couple-y things? Because sometimes I feel like peeking into a real newlywed’s house/room 😂 Don’t know if it causes by amazing acting or the adlibs or the directing or the editing. I started to feel that way at around episode 3-4, when they had their 1st intimate scene, and it still happens eventhough they’re just holding hands or doing something that totally common and nothing to be swooned over lol.

    On to a serious note, I am a bit disappointed knowing that there miiiight be less interesting facts behind Doo Shik’s actions. At first, he seemed doing important things behind the scenes, and there would be good explanation (or TWISTS) about how he ended up doing what he’s been doing so far towards SJ, MR, or even Young Jin. But questions and more questions about him (although it’s just trivial) remain unanswered. For example, about his real plan to ‘save’ SJ and MR is still unclear, his motives to disappear from MR’s and Mom’s lives (maybe it’ll be explained later in the last two episodes), why he was being so mysterious to SJ when SJ visited the future and saw him being so different, etc etc. Now with him missing out the chance to share important information and to make plan to save MR with SJ makes his role seems just being put there by the writer to make SJ feels less alienated with his time-travelling ability. He seemed having more experience but he is also as uncertain as SJ when it comes to future. He just has more stable emotion than SJ. I hope I’m wrong though about the interesting twists. I hope there’ll be more suprises than predictable stuffs and river of tears for the finale (I still hope for e happy ending though!)

  25. 25 Peeps

    DooShik seems like a tragic character to me. If SoJoon was addicted to time-travelling, DooShik was obsessed… with “fixing” his daughter’s fate.

    So obsessed that he missed her growing up, so obsessed that he lost his present to her future, so obsessed that the tiny little girl he could give his life up for ended up becoming a stranger he dearly loved but couldn’t meet.

    Because of time-travelling, DooShik lost his life.

    • 25.1 Lin

      Eh. I don’t feel one iota of sorry for him. He chose, I repeat he CHOSE to abandon his family (with debt none the less) and play an omnipresent god when he shoulda just left well enough alone. Heck even if he had to do all that, why did he abandon his family!?!?!! (has the show explained this!?) So Joon has shown us (dumb as the writers make him) that one can choose to stay in the present while still traveling to and trying to change the future, so why didn’t ahjussi do that?

      Seriously, he can choke for all I care.

      • 25.1.1 missjb

        @lin : It’s a pity the writers not to choose to flash out Doo Shik character more. The actor playing him put a fine performances and the writers doesn’t use him that well. what a shame

  26. 26 DramaDazy

    Beanies have made lots of good points about plot holes and ill-considered behavior like sending Ma-rin home alone etc. I wish I could say I give weight to logic when I’m watching dramas but then I would have to suspend a big chunk of my enjoyment. 😉

    I am wondering if the drama will tie in the story of how Doo-shik became a time traveler and the shaman saying that both So-joon and Ma-rin ‘are neither dead nor alive’. It may appear that Doo-shik came to know about So-joon because he pursued knowing about the death of his daughter but the connection is murky (like other details… and is it poor writing that will never resolve the questions or is it intentional?)

    Side note: I am thinking that Gun-sook was not trying to throw Ma-rin under the bus, rather she was threatening her husband with someone who is more powerful (strength of character, honesty, kindness and endurance, which I think is how Gun-sook has always viewed Ma-rin – and that personal power is the source of her angst/frenemy-ness. So-joon – the rich handsome husband who is Yong-jin’s boss is frosting.

  27. 27 bunnykaye

    I’ve been a silent lurker for most of the recaps for this drama, and I’ll continue to do so, but…

    I also silently lurked at a KDrama streaming site and saw the comments. I WAS MIND BLOWN!

    Apart from those peeps, does anyone here realized that the 16th and final episode happens to fall on the 25?! OF MARCH?!

    Like seriously, I am mind blown. I only noticed this just now. Lolll

    • 27.1 bunnykaye

      *I meant 25th of March >_<

    • 27.2 mary

      Someone noticed it in the early eps. The comment was featured comment for that week. 🙂 It is awesome. But I’ll get mad at tvN if they make it an open ending like. I need our TWY babies safe AND happy!

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