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OCN completes weekend lineup for 2017 with new drama from God’s Gift writer

OCN has been churning out some pretty good shows in its Saturday-Sunday slot, and they must be excited by the results, because they’ve announced a new drama titled Black to air in their weekend spot in October. This means OCN already has all of the dramas for that slot planned through the end of 2017. That’s some forward-thinking I wish other channels would practice.

Black is the newest project from screenwriter Choi Ran, who also wrote Iljimae (the Lee Jun-ki one) and God’s Gift–14 Days. The show will be a thriller — naturally, because, OCN — but it’ll have a fairly strong romantic element in that the main character is a grim reaper who inhabits a human body and falls in love with a woman. His love will break the rules of the heavens, and the grim reaper will… be erased from the memories of everyone on earth. Uhhh, spoiler alert? Wait, that can’t be the ending, right? Because, coupled with the writer of God’s Gift–14 Days, I’m feeling extremely wary about the ending of this show and it hasn’t even started yet.

The new fantasy-thriller hasn’t announced a director attached to the project, but reports are saying that the director of OCN’s Voice, Kim Hong-sun, is a likely candidate. He’ll definitely bring the thrill in thriller if he joins Black. Some of the cases of the week in Voice were absolutely terrifying, and I still get chills when I think of scenes like the little kid stabbed by his “mother” hiding in the washing machine and her finding him in there. *Shudder*

Clone thriller Duel will follow currently airing Tunnel, and we’ll get Rescue Me after that, the drama starring Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost) and Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang). Taecyeon will be one of a group of unemployed youths who hear Seo Ye-ji’s cry for help from an alley. Black will premiere after Rescue Me finishes its run and, then we’ll have the Bad Guys spinoff to round out the 2017 lineup. Whew, well, at least we know our weekends will be occupied by some quality thrillers.

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